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File 147885245740.gif - (203.58KB , 500x375 , FloppyAttack.gif )
105525 No. 105525 ID: 08ea7f

Given recent events, I feel aspects of the over arching plot I had in mind might feel a little... too close to home and controversial, if that makes any sense. It is weird seeing reality imitating (if only in certain tones) aspects of my quest.

I won't lie, part of me feels like axing it. It is a dystopian depiction and I think regardless of our affiliation that we need unity and hope.

Another part of me feels like I should continue, maybe "adjusting" it a bit. I enjoy creating stories and making stupid pixels (FYI, this ain't my art)

But, I want your folks opinion first before I decide on anything. I can't promise you that this is what I'll accept, but I still want to hear it.
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No. 105528 ID: 9f3729

Let me guess, trump would have been president?
I'd say keep the plot, just swap out for an original, dystopiafiction is still pretty great and you could easily roll with some kind of reverse-illuminati fixer group or something to help give it a lighter tone.
No. 105530 ID: 91ee5f

Please don't stop this quest. After all of our hard work in making that robot, I'd like to at least get far enough in the story to interact with it for a little bit before you decide to stop.

But, if you really feel like stopping, then I guess there isn't much we can do to stop you. It's your decision.
No. 105534 ID: 08ea7f

Nah, nothing like that. Not even an erzats Trump came to mind.
No. 105538 ID: 15a025

If you enjoy what your doing, keep writing.
I've felt the quest has been pretty fun so far.
No. 105603 ID: 08ea7f
File 147923825979.jpg - (161.08KB , 611x790 , 1984.jpg )

Alright, after giving some time to myself to think and I decided I was being an unabashed, unmitigated, and admittedly hyperbolic weenie.

I'm officially opening this quest back up! Updates forthcoming.

Now, who wants to see bad, pixel duck bewbs?
No. 105611 ID: 3abd97

>Now, who wants to see bad, pixel duck bewbs?
Um, we do?
No. 105618 ID: 08ea7f
File 147927374583.gif - (56.46KB , 320x320 , WhyDidIDo.gif )

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