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File 147836976847.png - (155.02KB , 380x484 , canyoureallyevencallthisaniconitdoesreallylooklike.png )
105359 No. 105359 ID: 4423df

Maybe it's not appropiate to make a disthread so soon, but I really wanna hear what you guys think of SamQuest so far.

If it sucks that's cool you can say it.
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No. 105376 ID: f4989a

It doesn't suck, is that just your thing asking if your quest sucks? Because it doesn't. It actually reminds a lot of Divequest (which I'm assuming you are a fan of as well with that wanted poster of Muschio). So far my biggest question is what does Sam look like under the mask and will that have some kind of effect on the story if we ever do see his face.
No. 105377 ID: 4423df

I can't really shake off the feeling it's maybe a bit boring since I only update like two panels and then I leave people to suggest. My biggest concern is the characters, are they likeable or are they flat as a piece of cardboard? I don't really get much feedback and if I it's from friends, and even then they just say "it's cool" or "it's good".
No. 105378 ID: f4989a

I think you are selling yourself a little short there bud, you're only half a thread in and you're giving yourself a hard time over it. As for the update schedule, its fine dude. One thing that many questers are used to is slow update schedule because you guys do this for fun or a hobby or whatever, it's not your job to do this. Your characters aren't flat either, we just don't know a whole lot about them. Honestly though I think we can blame that on the questers though, because not once have we really asked "so what's your story" beyond Sam's mask and how he got it so if the characters seem flat it's because we don't know them yet. But therein lies the beauty of quests, let it develop on its own. Stories like Ruby Quest didn't start as a survival horror story, but it became that later one from one idea Weaver had and it blossomed from there. Let your story do the same, you already did this with where we are now so let's just see what will happen. I can however tell you what not to do, if there is a puzzle or some sort of situation that is unclear, don't make it a "guess what the author is thinking" puzzle because those suck and leave a lot of people frustrated as how to proceed. A don't quit without good reason either, one thing that always makes me sad is when a story that I am invested in stops without reason. So just take it easy Zenge, believe in the Anon that believes in you!
No. 105385 ID: 34c437

SamQUest has been a good quest, and there isn't much more to say.
So far everything has been expected, similar to what we saw before. There is nothing wrong with that: narratives need to be enjoyable, not some sort of situationist manifestation. The problem is: what are we suppose to talk about?

If, however, you allow me to speculate, there are plenty of elements that can develop in interesting and memorable ways, and I'm sure you will have opportunities to try different ideas if you want.
Starting with the protagonist: Sam doesn't have one simple and easy to get behind objective, but his goals are easy to sympathy with. He want to be accepted, he want to find a place he can belong to, that is a problem everyone can understand and work very well for the path of exploration this quest is current in. Later that can become a problem, but by then you can give more direct motives. (example: in Journey Quest Demesi was aimless until he got involved with Tav fight.)
we don't know a lot about him, and that leave a lot of room for development. For now many of the unknowns are doubts and mysteries in the narrative, which is good to create interest from the reader. We should naturally learn about Sam as he interact with others.
As far as we can tell Sam is a normal person. He doesn't have questionable morals, he seem mostly sane, he have reasonable desires and fears... in other words, he doesn't need uncommon explanations to how he become the way he is. I'm not saying that because it would be better if he was crazy, but the way he is the is little reason to question how he become the person he is.
The mysterious elements around him are: the mask and stone, magical objects that can't really be explained because they're magical; his isolation at the beginning, suggesting he was ostracized or lost someone; and the need to cover his face, the most curious characteristic that could have many different reasons.
The wolf mask isn't just a disguise, it is a replacements for his face. Why is that? Maybe he considered himself ugly or he suffered some form of disfiguration, making him fear rejection from others. Maybe his face is know for some reason, making the new identity a way to live as someone else. Maybe it's a problem of identity, he doesn't feel like his face represent who he is so he try something else in the hope that this will feel more genuine.
Of course Sam isn't the only one we don't know very well. The kobolds living isolated in a dangerous place bring many questions as well as the despairing and the current signs of violence. There are plenty of mysterious elements to speculate the same way I did with Sam, but if we don't have reason to believe they are guiding us to something different than what we normally expect there is little motivation to point them out.
No. 105389 ID: 4423df

Thanks for the feedback. I'm happy people are reading it and enjoying it enough to keep on suggestin' stuff. Sam's mask was originally just for his design to be a bit more unique but as I developed his character more I decided to give it a bit more of meaning and reason to be there.

>What are we supposed to talk about?
I made this thread mostly cause I want feedback and see if people like it or not.
No. 105430 ID: 283f1f

Here's a bit of food for thought when it comes to your characters. You know that your characters are developed enough as people that your readers will start assigning them theme songs that fit who they are. I know you probably have an idea of who they are and can probably give them a theme, but when other people are doing it that means two things. One is your characters are likeable, and two is they have the depth that you have been searching for.
No. 113090 ID: 8365f6
File 149900543677.jpg - (73.89KB , 552x862 , Sam_Bday.jpg )

A bit of fanart done by my great friend Basklin. I figured some of you would like it.
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