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No. 10449 ID: 9294ae

Reposted for Reaver to look at~

Sir Bladetree, may I speak with you for a moment?

I will be honest with you, as you deserve nothing less, I overheard you a few nights ago as you struggled with making a decision.

I am not sure what your feelings are towards me and my sister, but I can sense that you are still conflicted.
You are bound by your duty as well as your honor, and you have to sacrifice one or the other.
I cannot imagine how this affects you, but...

I ask you, do you truly believe Raital and I to be evil? We are bound by blood and by our heritage, but does that make us evil?
I will not pretend that the love we share is holy, but it is real.
She is all that I truly have in this world, and the love I have for her runs deeper than any familial ties.
This I cannot change. I love her as more than just a sister, and I could never love her less than I do now.
Even if I could, I would never want to.

And though we may be the children of the Skullking, does that make us evil by association?
Despite our dreams and goals, are we evil simply because of who our mother is?
What of others then, born of powerful and noble lineages who go off and do evil? Are they holy because their parents are?

Raital and I are bound by a fate we can neither change or ignore, but are we evil for no other reason than the circumstances that befall us?

I fully intend to defeat my mother so that her evil can no longer infect this world, and so that peace can flourish once more.
However, if deep in your heart you believe that I am evil not because of my intentions, but because of my birth and my love...
Then I say strike me down now. If you believe me to be a bigger threat and an infringement upon good, then do your duty.
I want to see my goal through to the end, but if you see fit that I should die here and now then so be it.
If that is what must do, I will not hate you. In fact, I will thank you.

I cannot change who my mother is nor can I change the fact that I love my sister as more than just a sibling.
If this is the curse that makes me a blight upon the world, then please end it.
Before you decide though, please know this. I have always considered you a man of great honor, and a loyal companion.
I am proud to have fought alongside you, and to have called you friend. Your choice will not change this.


If alone with Bladetree:

Should these be my final moments I have but one request.
Please tell the others how proud I am to have served with them in this cause, and how happy I am to have called them friends.
Tell them I cherished our time together, and to continue on with their dreams and goals. I know they will succeed.
And though it may hurt you, please tell my dear sister that I love her. And stood firm in that even in the face of scrutinty.
Tell her I am sorry I could no longer be here, but that even in death my love for her remains.

If other companions are present:

My friends! If this is to be my final moment in this life, then know this.
I am proud to call each of you friend and to have fought alongside you. I have cherished our time together.
Carry on with your dreams, and be not afraid. I have fath in all of you, and you shall not fail.
And Raital, dear sister...I love you. More than anyone can ever imagine. Carry on for me, and know that even in death my love for you remains.


It pains me to ask you to make such a choice, and I would not if I thought it unnecessary.
So, Sir Bladetree, I now humbly ask you to do what you feel best. I will not stop you, nor will my opinions of you change. It has been an honor, dear friend.
No. 10450 ID: f98e0b

cool and all, but this is what the writefaggotry thread is for.
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