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No. 10425 ID: 28e6d5

For the first time in months, I kicked my own ass into gear and wrote something. Enjoy.


It was a dark, blustery night. The sound of rustling leaves echoed throughout the Forest of Dread in a great symphony, as the crisp night air blew through the dense foliage. Deep within the maze of vegetative overgrowth, a massive fortress loomed, formed out of jagged stone which menaced with spikes of obsidian. Wind beat mercilessly against the fortress walls as the full moon shone brightly overhead, bathing the land in dull blue light. Somewhere within that hell of stone among the trees, a lone soul lay in bed, staring out at the radiant moon in silent dejection.

Mudy groaned as he turned in his bed, forcing his eyes away from the moonlight shining in through his window. It was the middle of the night, he was exhausted, and yet he couldn't get himself to sleep. No matter how much he tossed, turned, or counted sheep, his mind refused to grant him the sweet grace of the land of dreams. "Come on..." he thought to himself, nuzzling his cheek against his pillow as he forced his eyes shut for the some-dozenth time. "Sleep...sleeeep.....sleeeeeeeeeeep! Come on!"

Mudy's eyes bolted open as a light creaking sound filled his ears. The door to his room was slowly opening. Turning his head towards it, Mudy stared in horror as the door swung open, revealing a dark figure standing over the threshold. Mudy remained absolutely still, daring not to move a single muscle, lest it incite the figure into lunging at him and tearing him limb from limb.

"Mudy...?" the figure said in a faint, feminine voice.

Mudy's horror instantly disappeared, replaced with surprise. "...Raital?" he dared to whisper into the darkness.

The figure slowly approached the side of Mudy's bed, stepping into the path of a trail of moonlight. The pale blue light illuminated the face of a beautiful half-kobold with short brown hair and piercing red eyes, a lone beauty mark punctuating her left cheek. And though it was difficult to see in the dull moonlight, it appeared as though her cheeks were flushed a deep red. A white tank-top and a pair of kitty-pattern panties adorned her nubile body, instantly sending Mudy's heart all aflutter.

"Am...Am I waking you up?" she asked, turning her head downcast in what Mudy could only assume to be an attempt to hide her furious blushing.

"N-No, I can't sleep..." Mudy's voice slowly trailed off, leaving them both in complete silence for a few moments. "Is...there something I can do for you?"

Raital was silent for a moment, before finally finding the proper words. "I...I can't sleep either, so I was..." she paused, reaching up with one hand to wipe a small trickle of dark liquid from her nose. "I was wondering if I could...sleep...with you."

Mudy blinked, staring at Raital as the words slowly began to register in his mind. "Sleep...with me?" His cheeks began to heat up as his imagination began to kick in.

"No? Okay goodnight then," Raital said in a single breath, already halfway out the door.

"Hold on!" Mudy cried out, freezing the boldling in her tracks. Turning her head slightly, she glanced over her shoulder at him, waiting for him to continue.

"I...I don't mind," Mudy managed to stammer out, scooting over and lifting the bedsheeds next to him.

"Oh..." Raital whispered, turning on her heels to face Mudy. "...okay..." Making her way to the side of the bed, she climbed under the covers and lay next to him. Mudy's cheeks lit up as her head came to rest on the pillow, her face hovering mere centimeters from his own. Staring into each other's eyes, they remained absolutely silent for what seemed like an eternity.

"...I'm going to sleep now," Raital said flatly, shutting her eyes.

"...O-Okay..." Mudy said after a brief pause, looking downcast in embarrassment. Daring not to say anything else, he simply lay there in perfect silence, resting one hand over his heart, which pounded in his chest as though it were trying to force its way out. "How am I supposed to be able to sleep NOW?" he thought.

However, as time wore on, his heart began to slow back down, and his body slowly relaxed. Mudy could feel his eyelids growing heavier, as the world began to blur around him. "I guess..." he thought as his eyes slowly closed, "it's kind of relaxing...sleeping with...someone..." rubbing his cheek against the pillow, he let out a small yawn as he drifted off to sleep.







Mudy's mind was unceremoniously dragged back to the land of waking as a tingling feeling resonated through his nose. Groaning softly, he shifted uncomfortably in his bed. "I wanted to sleeeeeeep," he whined in his mind as one eye slowly flickered open to determine the source of the sensation.

His eyelids shot open, all feelings of fatigue gone from his mind as his eyes befell the scene before him. Raital lay next to him, resting one hand on his cheek as she slowly rubbed her nose against his. The sound of rustling bedsheets and Raital's soft whimpers and gasps gave him a good idea of where her other hand was. Mudy's heart raced as he remained absolutely still, daring not to indicate that he was awake. The sensation of her nose against his seeped through his body, sending shivers down his spine. He could feel his breathing grow deeper as his cheeks began to burn with radiant heat.

"M-Mudy..." Raital whispered into the darkness, "Ohhh Mudy..." He could see her body tense up as a gasp of carnal delight escaped her lips. Mudy's legs shifted in irritation as his boxer-shorts grew increasingly uncomfortable. "S-So soft..." he heard her whisper. His heart raced, making his entire body tremble with excitation. "Smell...so sweet..."

Finally, Mudy could resist no longer. One hand slowly slid over to Raital, shaking with anticipation as it came to rest on the boldling's thigh. Raital gasped in surprise, her eyes shooting open as she pulled her face away from Mudy's. "Wh-What are you-?! How long were-?! I wasn't-!" she blurted out, as though trying to make several excuses and accusations all at once.

"Shhhhh," Mudy whispered, cutting her off as his fingers traced along her thigh. Leaning forward, he gently pressed his nose against hers as his hand wandered behind her back, coming to rest on her rear. A gasp of surprise escaped Raital's lips. "Mudy...?"

"F-Forgive me, Raital..." Mudy whispered, clearly embarrassed by his actions but unwilling to stop. His other hand came to rest on her hip, as he slowly pulled himself closer to her. Although Raital's body remained tensed, he saw her make no attempt to stop him. Taking it as a positive sign, Mudy slowly started to rub his nose against hers. For several moments, Raital remained frozen in shock, simply laying there as the young kobold had his way with her.

Then, the shock began to fade, and Raital felt her body begin to relax. Rolling her eyes back, she let her eyelids flutter closed as she leaned into the noserub, her hands wandering onto Mudy's back to pull his body against hers. Her nose slipped away from Mudy's, as Raital leaned in and pressed her lips against his, pushing her tongue into the surprised kobold's mouth. Letting out a muffled yelp of surprise, Mudy blushed deeply as her soft tongue squirmed within him. After a brief moment of shock, he eagerly leaned into the kiss, sliding his tongue against hers. Raital's hands came to rest over Mudy's, as she led them under her shirt. The white fabric of her tank-top lifted, exposing her bare skin as Mudy's hands wandered up her belly.

Mudy pulled his lips away from Raital's, a trail of saliva connecting the lovers' tongues as they breathed heavily. "Mudy..." Raital whispered between deep breaths, slipping her hands away from his.

"Rai...tal..." Mudy answered, his hands continuing on their own, slowly pulling her tank-top up and away. Lifting her arms, Raital allowed her top to slip off, making Mudy blush as his eyes befell her bare chest. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she gently pressed his face between her petite cleavage, sending a shiver down Mudy's back as his sensitive nose rubbed against her soft flesh. Savoring this delightful feeling, his hands wandered down Raital's sides, trailing his fingers along her curves, before coming to rest over her panties. Hooking his thumbs against the soft fabric, he slowly began to pull them down, inciting a small gasp from Raital's lips. Shifting her legs, Raital slid her panties down her thighs, to her knees, to her ankles, before kicking them away, letting them crumple to the floor in a heap.

Mudy's boxer-shorts quickly followed suit, leaving both boldlings completely bare. Mudy remained still, his nose still pressed against Raital's chest, too apprehensive to take the next step. "Do..." he stammered out, "do you want...?"

"I..." Raital said reluctantly, "I guess...B-But don't get any wrong ideas! It's not like I..." Her voice slowly trailed off, as she lost the will to finish the sentence. "I..."

"It's okay," Mudy assured, gently running his hands along her back, "I know."

Nodding quickly, Raital rolled onto her back, pulling Mudy over her. "Very well then." Resting her hands on his back, she pulled him into another kiss. Eagerly returning the kiss, Mudy let his hands wander down to Raital's thighs, gently parting her legs as he rubbed against her. Shuddering in anticipation, Raital wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him close. "...Be gentle..."

A loud gasp escaped the two boldlings' lips, as Mudy slowly moved forward. Gripping the bedsheets tightly, Raital bit her lip to stifle her whimpering as she felt him push until he could go no further. Resting his hand over hers, their fingers laced together as they remained still, savoring this new feeling.

"Does it...hurt?" Mudy whispered after a long moment.

"Only...Only a little...D-Don't stop..."

Obediently, Mudy began slowly rocking back and forth, sighing in satisfaction as she gripped him tightly within her. Arching her back in ecstasy, Raital held onto Mudy's hand tightly, her free hand wandering to the nape of his neck to pull his body against hers. Nuzzling against her, Mudy continued his rhythmic thrusting, gradually building up force.


"Y-Yes...Just like that...Nnnhh! F-Faster!" Raital's hands gripped his back tightly, her fingers digging into his soft skin as he rocked back and forth with vigor. A small trail of blood dripped from her lip as she bit into it, trying desperately to continue to muffle the sounds escaping her throat.

However, as time wore on, she could feel herself losing to this primal desire which spread all throughout her body. The pleasure within her was beginning to mount, quickly hastening itself towards a climax. Mudy's thrusts became more rough and erratic as he to quickly approached his peak, panting softly as his fingers dug into the bedsheets.

"I-I'm going to..."

"M-Me too..."

Finally, Raital could hold it in no more. Arching her back, Raital shrieked in ecstasy as her peak hit, sending surges of carnal delight through her body. Mudy gasped, feeling her clamping against him, gripping him like a vice. This final act pushed him over the edge, making him cry out in pleasure as his climax hit, his life-giving warmth bursting into her.

For several long moments, the lovers soared high in their pleasure, before their peaks quickly began to fade away. Raital's body relaxed, releasing its death-grip on Mudy. However, he made no attempt to pull away, instead wrapping his arms around her back and holding himself against her in a hug. Returning the hug, Raital nuzzled her cheek against the top of his head, her breath coming out in deep panting.

"That...was...satisfactory," she managed to gasp out.

"Y-Yeah..." Mudy answered, smiling complacently. "...'Satisfactory.'"

There was a brief pause.

"So..." Raital began, breaking the silence, "Does this mean...you're mine now?"

Mudy thought for a moment, pondering her words. Then, he replied, "I guess...I guess it does."



"Hey Mudy?"

"Yes, Raital?"

"I lied. I do...kinda...sorta..."

"...You do?"

"A little."

"...A little is good."



"...Thank you...Mudy."


And then Mudy was asleep.
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No. 10426 ID: 1afd58


Also: decent writefaggotry~~
No. 10427 ID: fb5d8e

And then Mudy was asleep. ULTIMATE ENDING
No. 10428 ID: f98e0b

So would that make the kid
1/4 demon?
No. 10429 ID: f98e0b

rub rub rub
No. 10430 ID: bde1b8

<Reka>Just came back to read MudyQuest. ... I guess Hans and Gunther are getting a promotion!
<Gnome>Unfortunately for us
<Gnome>They will tell the worst bed time stories
<Gnome>"Ze little red ridink hood vas taking zese apples to her grandmata"
<Gnome>"Zey were honeycrisp apples, too"
<Gnome>"Ah yes, ze sweetest of ze apples!"
<Reka>Oh god.
<Gnome>"Ach so tasty. I vould kill for ze honeycrisp apples right now."
<Gnome>"So ve came upon zis Red Riding Hood, and ve held her at bowpoint."
<Reka>They'll describe apples in such succulant delicious detail. And then Mudy will be unable to sleep. Because he'll have this sudden craving for apples. And then he'll fire both of them.
<Gnome>"Ach, yes, and zen we be takink her delicious apples."
<Gnome>"And zen we be makink an apple pie!
<Gnome>"Oh yes, Hans has ze best applie pie recipe"
<Gnome>"You makink me blush, Gunther!"
<Gnome>"Don't be so humble, Hans!"
<Gnome>"Vell, ve vill be sharink ze applie pie vith ze Red Ridink Hood"
<Gnome>"Ach yeah, as vay of apology for takink her apples, yeah"
<Gnome>Mudy: "Isn't there supposed to be a wolf in this story...?"
<Gnome>"Ach, so sorry sir, so sorry."
<Gnome>"Ve shot it, it vas gettink in ze way of ze pie making"
<Reka>I can't believe you're still going. WHY CAN'T I STOP LAUGHING
<Gnome>"So zen ve helped ze red riding hood get to her grandmata's house"
<Gnome>"And everyone vas happy."
<Gnome>"Her Grandmata vas so grateful. She gave us an entire apple tree."
<Gnome>"Ach, zat vas ze happiest day of mine life."
<Gnome>"Mine too, Hans. Mine too."
<Gnome><In Unison> "ZE END!"
No. 10431 ID: 1afd58

I humbly suggest we put all writefaggotry in here this thread. At least, all Mudyquest ones. Hiro, your story is canon in this one's history, even if this one will probably not even be possible canon in the actual quest.

Taikah fapfic is hard to write. It's sorta sad.


So much had happened. Silvermoon, Darkmoon, Raital, Kuhral... Mudy found himself counting time by the women he'd met. He was surrounded by them. Still, every time he thought of a new one, his heart ached for the old.


When he'd kissed Kuhral, mostly as a stall for time, he had felt his heart break, and could almost feel Raital nearby. The collar had snapped off, and Kuhral had suddenly become almost angry, breaking the mood. Mudy now found himself on a cart with three blutjaegars, as they traveled to the last place Raital had been spotted. There was no way out. Luhra Luhra was too smart for him to talk his way to freedom. He was trapped.

All this came back to Mudy as he sat leaning against the cart wheels, across from the monstrous face of Taikah. Kuhral and Luhra Luhra were out hunting food for the evening, and had only been gone a scarce few minutes, but Mudy couldn't help but look over his solitary companion.

She was tall, taller even than a normal human height, completely dwarfing Mudy. Her body was perfect, as though it had been created solely as a way to entice any male instantly. She displayed either out of pride or simple ignorance, and rarely bothered to even pull her cloak around her. The small campfire that Kuhral had made lit her body now, casting dancing shadows over her pale flesh. Taikah, for her part, only sat and stared. Mudy wasn't sure she was staring, but her posture seemed to suggest it. Her face... less so.

Her face was strange. No eyes, no nose, no mouth. Only a twisting miasma of distorted flesh and impossibly dark holes. As soon as one hole seemed to take shape as a mouth or an eye, it would deform and twist away, as another black void tore itself out of another area. Mudy wasn't sure if she even had facial expressions, let alone how to read them.

Mudy squirmed around, trying to get comfortable on the hard ground. Taikah stirred, and her scratchy, groaning voice called out "MUDY... STAY... STAY WITH TAIKAH"

Mudy froze instantly, not wanting to anger the monster. She pronounced his name strangely, "Moo-dy" instead of "Mew-dy". He didn't know if there was much point in correcting her, but he was curious about her, as he was about most things. "Taikah? Why are you keeping me here?"

Taikah moved her head slightly, as though she wasn't expecting to have to talk. Her voice carried a vague hint of irritation, as though Mudy's question was stupid. "KUHRAL SAID... LUHRA SAID... TAIKAH KEEP MUDY HERE."

Mudy sighed. She obeyed them fully and rarely questioned what she was told. He decided to just learn about her instead of trying to talk her out of his imprisonment. "Uh... why don't you wear clothes, Taikah?"

Taikah's monstrously large hands moved slowly, with hesitation, touching the fabric of her cloak. She remained silent.

"No, I mean, the rest of you. You're all uncovered. Everyone can see your... girl... parts?" Mudy wasn't quite sure of what the correct terms were.

Taikah didn't seem to sure either, moving her hand across the middle of her torso, as though feeling for what Mudy was saying. The tips of her claws traced across her skin, splitting it and leaving thin red trails across it. "GIRL? TAIKAH IS... GIRL? KUHRAL SAID... MONSTER..."

Standing quickly, Mudy walked over to the confused creature, carefully watching it's large and terrifying hands. She jumped slightly at first, but then seemed to calm as it became apparent that Mudy wasn't running away. He hesitated only slightly, and then placed his paw carefully on top of her right breast. He was careful not to do anything even close to caressing it, just pointing out its existence. "See? These, and the... um... that, between your legs. They make you a girl. They are really pretty, actually."

The monster looked downwards, at Mudy's paw, and then tilted slightly, regarding Mudy again. "YOU ARE... GIRL TOO?"

Mudy shook his head slightly. "No, I'm a man-... well, a boy. I don't have... " He patted her breast here. "these, and also I have something different down there."


The woman suddenly moved quickly, her claws pressing Mudy to the ground. Her left hand fit neatly over his entire body, the clawed tips digging in to the ground. Her strength was immense: Mudy couldn't move at all. Her right hand moved carefully, tracing a line in the air over his body, as though she was uncertain of how to proceed. Finally, she moved it lower, and tugged with one finger at his elven skirt. Seemingly exasperated after only a moment's frustration, she ran the claw itself down the front of the skirt, rending cloth effortlessly. She paused a moment, looking at the panties that still encased him, and then carefully tugged them away. She regarded his genitals, and he looked down as well, surprised to see that he was aroused.

Taikah gently moved a claw, running the side of the claw against the side of Mudy's manhood, as though thinking. "IS... DIFFERENT. WHY?"

"Um... let me up... please?" Mudy struggled against the woman. A moment of hesitation, and her claw released him. He stood. He looked down at his clothing, and shrugged. It was useless without the bottom anyway. He removed his shirt and gloves, leaving himself as bare as his companion.

"See, I'm different. Um, you're a girl because yours goes in, and I'm a boy because mine goes out. Uh... it's really... delicate so don't cut it with your hands... ok?"

Taikah moved slowly, her actions full of uncertainty and doubt. "YOU SAID... MUDY SAID TAIKAH... WAS PRETTY."

Mudy nodded. It wasn't entirely accurate, he'd said her breasts were pretty. But still, he didn't want to anger her.

The monster paused, looking at Mudy. Her right hand moved carefully around his back, picking him up softly off the ground and pulling him to her. His face was pressed against her warm chest, and he felt his toe press against something warm between her legs. He felt the vibration in her body as she spoke. "MUDY... PRETTY TOO... SOFT... WARM... INVITING..."

She sounded like she was having trouble putting her thoughts into words, falling back on established phrases she'd heard. Mudy tried to squirm away, but realized a moment later that moving his foot was only rubbing against her more sensitive areas, if they were sensitive on this thing.

Taikah seemed to tense when he stopped moving his foot. "MUDY... WHAT WAS... THAT FELT... NEW."

"Um... it's... I know that girls like it when... well, some girls like it when that's touched." Mudy paused a moment, and then started moving his foot again, this time a bit more deliberately. He felt the muscles in Taikah's abdomen tense slightly, then relax.


Mudy stopped moving after a moment, uncertain of what he was doing to this girl. He spoke hesitantly. "Please let me go. It's hard to breathe."

The woman released him, carefully lowering him to the ground. Her posture changed, as she leaned back slightly, still regarding him. "MUDY? TAIKAH... NOT... SURE... ... TAIKAH... MUDY..."

Mudy walked closer, standing beside Taikah and looking into her... eyes. He wasn't really sure where he was supposed to look. "Listen, Taikah... I don't know if we should do that. It's for people in love."

Taikah sat more upright and tilted her head slightly. Mudy felt her claws move over him, as she brought her hand over his head. Her palm gently patted him twice. "TAIKAH... LOVE? MUDY... DID... THAT... SO... MUDY LOVE TAIKAH?"

Mudy wasn't sure how to respond. He didn't want to anger her, but didn't want to lie to her. He thought for a moment, and felt that staying alive was perhaps more important than staying completely honest. "Mudy, uh, I... do love you, Taikah. Um, you're very... pretty."

Taikah moved again, quickly pulling the surprised kobold close to her, and pressing her face against his in some imitation of a kiss. She had no lips or even a discernable mouth, but Mudy tried to be accomadating, pressing his lips to the closet hole. The hole suddenly seemed more stable, and Mudy felt something like a tongue enter his mouth. He fought back the revulsion, and did what he had with Kuhral a day ago, bearing the kiss as best he could.

A few moments that felt like unending hours later, Taikah pulled him away, her face arranging itself into an eyeless, mouthless... something... that Mudy could almost recognize as a happy expression. Mudy hesitated a moment, then carefully put his arms around her, holding her close, his snout nuzzling her neck. He felt her hand press against him tightly, and felt her sigh contentedly. Her voice seemed softer, as though she was calmer. She sounded almost human. "Mudy... want... want to use foot...?"

Mudy smiled, finding someone more inexperienced than a blutjaegar in these things must be impossible. He let go of her and moved downwards on her body, crawling along it. He stood on the ground between her legs, and looked at her. She seemed to be waiting for him to do something. "Um, no, normally you don't use feet. Um, maybe my hands? I guess, people use... um... "

Taikah looked at Mudy carefully, then her face shifted as she seemed to have an idea. "BOY? MUDY HAS... USE THAT?"

Mudy couldn't deny, looking over her body, that it was inviting. He thought back to that night with Raital... it was fun then. Could this... monster really feel for him? Did he have any right to deny her the possibly singular chance to ever feel this way? He moved closer, using his hand to massage her. Taikah reacted immediately, her body tensing.

"Mudy... feels... good again..." Taikah's hands dug into the ground, her body seemingly starved for stimulation.

"It does feel good, Taikah." Mudy surprised himself with his eagerness. This woman seemed so honest and so simple... she couldn't be lying... She must actually feel for him. He moved his hand a bit more quickly, eliciting a quiet gasp, followed by a long, low moan.

"UuU! Uboooaaaa.... Mudy... keep... go fast..."

Mudy slowed, and then pulled his hand away. He felt... happy with this woman. He was also happy that he was small, hopefully small enough to make this completely painless for her. She watched him with curiosity, and Mudy felt strange that he could recognize the emotion in her face now. He stepped forward, and lowered himself to his knees, placing his head on her, just under her breasts. "Are you sure? It's only your first time once, Taikah."

Taikah nodded, with one hand gently rubbing Mudy's head. "Yes... Taikah love Mudy... love Mudy..."

Mudy smiled at her, and then moved his hips, pressing slowly into her. She gasped as he penetrated, then relaxed as he slid inside. She was so much larger than he was, so much so that there wasn't much tightness, but she was warm and velvety. His mind flashed back to Raital, but she had left him so soon after their night together. He was with Taikah now. He began slowly, thrusting in and out, carefully waiting for a reaction from the woman.

Taikah's breath quickened as Mudy started moving faster. Her hand pressed him close, and she spoke with a quiet desperation. "Mudy... Mudy love... so good... Taikah love Mudy..."

Filled with confidence from her evident enjoyment, Mudy continued, speeding up to increase her stimulation. "Mudy... I mean... I... love you too, Taikah. I love you too."

Her voice grew louder and hoarser as her body tensed. "MUDY.... FEELS GOOD... SO GOOD LOVE... SO WARM... WARM INSIDE TAIKAH..."

Mudy felt her body tense, and suddenly her hips bucked against him, and she let out a loud moan of pleasure. The sudden bucking and tightening pushed him over the edge as well, as he thusted once more, deep into her. The two were locked in their deep embrace for what felt like forever, and still not long enough. Finally, Mudy's mind returned to him, and he pulled away slowly, then crawled up her body, laying his head between her breasts. "Did you like it, Taikah?"

Her hand pressed him to her, and she seemed to almost coo with happiness. "Taikah... love boy... love Mudy. Love... it."

Mudy yawned, suddenly exhausted. "Taikah, I love you too. I'm so tired. Can I sleep with you?"

Taikah patted him gently. "Yes... Mudy sleep... on Taikah... Taikah love Mudy..."

And then Mudy was asleep.
No. 10432 ID: 1afd58

Hahaaha chapter seventeen started and completely invalidated the fapfic. I am leaving it up regardless.
No. 10433 ID: 227d44

A haiku by Mudy:

Kuhral just kissed me
Her lips are so inviting~
Oh shit it's Raital
No. 10434 ID: c73b9f

No. 10435 ID: 1afd58

Mudy the Bard waited. The lights in his box blinked and sparked out of the dark. There were blutjeagers in the world. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for chapters. His warnings to Prince(ss) Silvermoone were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.

Mudy was a blutjeager for six months. When he was young he watched the nosebleeds and he said to mom "I want to be on the good team mommy."

Mom said "No! You will BE KILL BY BLUTJEAGERS"

There was a time when he believed her. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the locked box of the arcana storage he knew there were blutjeagers.

"THIS IS... TAIKAH..." the crystal ball crackered. "YOU... MUST COME WITH TAIKAH..."

So Mudy gotted his heroic speeches and talked down the wall.

"HE... GOING TO CONVERT... TAIKAH" said the blutjeager.

"I will shoot blood at him" said the Luhra Luhra and he fired the rocket nosebleed. Mudy spoke eloquently at him and tried to play him music. But then the drama fell and they were trapped and not able to flirt.

"No! I must lay the blutjeagers!" he shouted

The well of truth said "No, Mudy. You are the blutjeagers"

And then Mudy was a Latral.
No. 10436 ID: f98e0b

oh god I lol'd
No. 10437 ID: bde1b8

That was wondrous.
No. 10438 ID: 1afd58

This is a fic with a pairing generated by the #EroticQuestFanfics thing. However, since it isn't a crossover, I'm putting it in here.

It's... sad. Also desperate. Possibly sort of a bonerkill. Be aware.


It had happened so quickly that it was over before anyone could even react. Mudy, in all his naivete, had believed Stormplague to be deceived. He believed him to be gone to the mountains to look for some fictional dwarven hermit. The party had arrived at the gates of Firewater with little fanfare or further difficulty. Darkmoon was in the process of speaking with the gate guards, plainly irritated with their disbelief of her identity, when Stormplague had struck.

Later, when he thought back to the moment, Mudy could never remember seeing Stormplague move. He could only remember the blades. The metal, shining in the sun, the light tinted red as the blood leaked from Raital's chest and neck. Her face, that last moment of horror as she felt her body go numb and the life flow from her, the wordless goodbye as he rushed to her side, and the tormented wail that rose from his throat as he felt the last of her ebb away. All those things... and the blades.

What could have been a joyous return to Firewater suddenly became a funeral march. The bodies of their compatriots were carried through the streets, the slaves and lesser elves being called forth to mourn loudly the loss of these friends of state. Mudy did not find solace in the forced cries of grief and anguish. He only stared at the ground, sitting at the side of Princess Darkmoon Dagger, the only other survivor. Stormplague had left a note that they were spared only because they were to suffer for their lies and deceit.

Mudy couldn't remember the formal introduction to the king. He couldn't remember what he said, or how he convinced them to aid his diminished group against the skullking. He couldn't remember explaining how he and Darkmoon had become betrothed, which seemed to be the impression of the court before they had even arrived. He couldn't remember the feast laid out for them. He couldn't remember the beautiful servants, selected from the King's harem, bathing him and dressing him in a flowing nightgown, custom crafted to his size by the royal tailors. He could only remember the blades.

He found himself, as suddenly as waking up from a dream, in the royal bedchambers of Firewater. Dark, silken sheets covered the large soft bed, draped with thin, translucent curtains. The torchlight bathed the room in a flickering, dim glow. Mudy turned, jumping slightly as he saw Darkmoon sitting on the bed next to him, her knees huddled to her chest, staring at the bedsheets. She was nearly nude, clothed only in a near-transparent nightgown similar to his. Her voice was hoarse, and her face streaked with tears. "He's gone. Vhy vas he taken from me?"

Mudy hesitated, unsure of what to do. He had known Darkmoon for quite some time, comparitive to... the others... but he had rarely spoken to her outside of commands. Slowly, he moved towards her, and placed his arms around her stomach. She jumped at his touch, but allowed him to hold her. Her body shook with a sudden sob. "Prince... vhat vill ve be doingk? Toten...Totenkopf and Raital... both are gone from us."

Mudy nodded, for once out of words. He didn't know what to do next. Anything he had to fight for was already gone. Darkmoon allowed him to hold her a moment longer, and then gently lifted him from the bed, pulling him onto her lap and holding him to her chest, pressing him against her. Mudy opened his mouth as if to speak, but no words came.

"Prince, be forgivink me if I am beink too veak. I am just needink someone for holdink right now." Darkmoon's hands were warm on his nearly bare flesh, and her bosom pressed against his cheek was comforting somehow. Too large to pretend she was Raital, but the sensation was similar enough that if he closed his eyes, he could almost lose himself for a moment.

"Darkmoon... I'm... I'm sorry about Totenkopf. I... I should have been able to stop Stormplague." Mudy didn't know what the right thing to say was. He felt her hands clench around him as he spoke Totenkopf's name.

She shuddered slightly, as though trying to keep herself from sobbing. "Is not beink your fault, Prince. I should be becomink less veak soon. In him I had son and lover. Both are beink gone forever."

"My... sister." Mudy sighed. She was gone.

Darkmoon paused, and loosened her grip on him slightly. "Ve are to be sleepink in same room vhile in Firevhater. You were beink very insistent on this."

Mudy hesitated. He wasn't exactly sure what he'd said to make it happen. "I just... needed to be with someone I... trust. Everyone is gone."

The elf smiled slightly, and gently ran her fingertips along his snout. "You are remindink me of him, Prince. He wanted to be like you. So much hero worshippink."

Mudy forced a weak smile. "You... are soft like her. You smell like her. You're so strong..."

He saw what was happening, and his mind raced, unsure of whether to stop before it happened. Darkmoon lowered her face, and he stood on tiptoe on the bed, moving closer, closer, the final inch electric with anticipation. Their lips pressed together, both of them with eyes closed. The kiss may have started slow, but Mudy felt the dark elf suddenly intensify, pulling him against her tightly. Her tongue aggressively pushed past his lips, and for a moment he was reminded sharply of Raital's aggressive lovemaking.

A moment later, they parted lips, but Mudy was pressed again to Darkmoon's chest. He felt a hand moving up his thigh, and smiled weakly. It was so familiar... "Rai... tal. It's... I missed you."

The princess paused a moment, and then continued moving her hand along his thigh. When she spoke, her voice was soft and slightly slow, as though she wasn't really even there. "Totenkopf. You are beink so good to me. Alvays vith the niceness and lovink."

Her hand reached its destination, and she hesitated only a moment before she began rubbing him. Mudy's body reacted instantly, though he kept his eyes clenched shut. One hand moved to Darkmoon's breast, gently pressing and massaging. "Raital... just... like that..."

He felt her lips press against his head, in a gentle kiss. "Let me rubbink you, darlink. I vill make it better."

A few moments of silence passed. Time was hard to fathom, pressed to her body, her hand working his body expertly. In his mind, he was with Raital again. He could see her face, he could smell her body, he could feel her touch. A familiar sensation rose in him. "Raital, I'm going... Raital, I'm-"

He was shushed by a quiet sound from Darkmoon. "Be goingk ahead, Toten. It is beingk okay."

Mudy stopped resisting, and felt the woman shudder as the results of her actions splayed across her breast. She kept rubbing for only a moment after he finished, and then moved her hand to her lips, licking the few drops that had fallen there. She smiled sadly. "Is almost the same, Prince. When I am closink my eyes, is almost like he is beink here with me."

He smiled, and moved slightly, tilting his head back and kissing her gently on the lips. "Darkmoon, I... I don't object to the wedding your father plans. We've both lost our first loves. Maybe we can... help each other make it through."

Darkmoon sighed, holding him to her still as she lay back in the bed, her chest still glistening in the torchlight. Her flesh was warm, and her hands were so reassuring. She patted his side gently. "Prince, I vould beink honored."

Mudy rested his head against her breast, and let the warmth and comfort overtake him.

And then Mudy was asleep.
No. 10439 ID: 227d44

Just fucking watch. Reaver's going to make this cannon.
No. 10440 ID: bffa2a

... You horrible monster.
No. 10441 ID: fb5d8e


...Oh wait, you said 'cannon'. Nevermind.
No. 10442 ID: 227d44

Wait, did my misspelling actually help us for once?

Fuck year
No. 10443 ID: 3fa7b7

And then Mudy was asleep.
Way to steal my closing lines. >:|
No. 10444 ID: 1afd58


It was... uh... an homage?

Both Taikah and Darkmoon fics ended that way~
No. 10445 ID: bde1b8

<Meshia>Hans and Gunther might just know everything there is to know about apples
<Meshia>But can they see why kids love Cinnamon Cruch Swirls?
<Ark_the_Legend>"Is it ze apples?"
<Espresso>"Ze apples und ze CINNAMON"
<Ark_the_Legend>"Zere aren't any apples in those, Gunther."
<Ark_the_Legend>"Zen why do people like zem?"
<Ark_the_Legend>"Let uz eat ze Applejacks instead."
<Ark_the_Legend>"Zis does not taste like apples."
<Ark_the_Legend>"Zere will be blood."
No. 10447 ID: 3fa7b7


(the sun rising over the horizon)


(a dwarven fortress burning as a cloaked figure watches in the foreground)


(armies of drow and high elves marching)


(a drow and a high elf locked in combat)
("Nothink good comink from foreigners! Nothink!")


(several hooded sillhouettes, some wearing witch hats, standing in the foreground as the Claw of the Skullking menaces in the background)
(Stormplague draws his three swords, as sillhouettes of dismembered individuals appear all around him)
("All who oppose the Skullking shall be stricken down like the parasites that they are!")


(Calavera sits behind his desk with his hands intertwined as two skull-soldiers stand at his sides)
(Lucinus stands in the foreground, a wide grin across his face as sillhouettes line the outside of the elven temple, their eyes glowing bright red)
(Hans and Gunther stand among the bodies of dark elf guards)


(Mudy placing a Robin-Hood hat upon his head)


(Mudy standing before Calavera in a defiant manner)
("You are but a rat out of itssss hole!")
(close-up of Mudy with a determined look on his face)


(Mudy caught in a choke-hold by Raital)
("I am not you. And for that I am forever thankful.")
(Darkmoon cradling a dying Totenkopf as Stormplague looms over them)
(Axebeard's eyes grow bloodshot as her grip tightens around Darkbeing)
("I would rather be weak than exist in a world where your corruption rules.")
(Silvermoon stands at Lucinus' side, looking sadly down)
(Raital stares up at the night desert sky)
("I will always believe in you...")


(The Skullking holding Mudy in the air by his throat)
(Mudy dodging to the side as Calavera's eye-beams tear past the screen)
("If you wish to die a revolutionist, you shall!")
(Raital catching an unconscious Mudy)


(Mudy and co. staring out over the desert, Firewater shimmering in the distance)
(Mudy throwing aside his witch hat, his cloak blowing in the wind)
("I make my own destiny.")


(Mudy crashing through a stained-glass window)

No. 10448 ID: 227d44

This is a crappy song edit of "I Could Be Wrong" by Tim Wilson.
Song is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gIW_OZR1yM&feature=related


I guess I'm tired of my teammates asses not doin' a thing in a fight,
And I'm tired of Raital's ass tryin' to rape me every night,
And I've just about had it all with Cala-fuckin'-vera,
Tired of lookin' at Bladetree's ass and Axebeard Gold-fuckin'womb.

Luhra-Luhra could fuck up an anime fair.
Just proves that you can be bishie, and still be a fuckin' queer!
I'm tired of Stormplague's ass tryin' to kill my woman all right,
I'd fire Totenkoph's ass for not doin' a fuckin' thing,
Dagger, Hans, and Gunther's ass, I'm about tired of hearing of them,
And I'm about ready for Reaver's ass to run outta fuckin' pens.

I'm tired of everything that needs a key.
Everybody loves Driblis...except for fuckin' ME!
I'm tired of that Ruby's ass for prancing around a Lab,
And I could pretty much give a damn what your damn fanart looks like,
It'd be nice if Primus' ass could learn how to draw something,
And I'm really wish that MindQuest's ass would choke on a chicken wing.

Fuckin' Reaver getting a bunch of atenntion,
and I'd kick that Double Fag's ass,
I'd like to watch Velenor's ass without worrying about ol' Pete,
And I'm resolved to tell /tg/'s ass where the fuck it can fuckin' go,
I'll be the first, the second, tellin' the old board what the fuck they can fuckin' do,
It'd be fun to watch old moot's ass get assraped by a Jew,
I'm tired of my own ass for singing this fuckin' song,
There's a lot of people's ass that I'm tired of, but this song's too fuckin' long,
And I could be wrong...

AHHHHHHHHH I could be wrong...
No. 49920 ID: b074b8

No. 79748 ID: 57848b
File 139261307057.png - (144.10KB , 800x600 , IJUSTDONTUNDERSTAND.png )

I have a question.

(Look at the pictures now, the question is in there).

I MEAN SERIOUSLY, I know at one point they are shown to be asleep, but by god, there must have been SOMETHING on that roof that make them fall asleep while staring at it!
No. 100332 ID: 818eac

telepathicly communicating with calvert or whatever the fuck is' name wuz bruhv
No. 100333 ID: 495ff6

That is some hardcore gravedigging
No. 100385 ID: b17b81

Was wondering why this had popped up.

It's a shame he's gone really, I liked Reaver's works a fair bit.
No. 100460 ID: 9f3729

Same. He left before I got here, but I know he's doing original content doujins on tumblr now though, so he's doing aight.
No. 100519 ID: 99a64d

Do you have a link to that?
No. 100520 ID: b17b81


He was just doing individual(no comics or series) trap/messy art last time I saw it and that's not really my thing. Will be neat to read whats been up since then.
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