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File 147451154347.gif - (1.53MB , 300x100 , PogoScroller_Final_JumpForward_CroppedTo300_1.gif )
103782 No. 103782 ID: 9f3729

So nappist commissioned me to do a banner for tgchan here that should be up by tomorrow.
After consulting with dylan, I found it pertinent to make a banner thread.
Could be a neat way to spice up the board some, ay?
Ideal banner size should be 100 high and 300 wide as dylan's mentioned to me!
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No. 103783 ID: 15fae4

i don't like it but i'm just me so idc do what you want
No. 103785 ID: 9f3729

(you're able to suggest your own though, hence the thread!)
No. 103786 ID: 15fae4


i dunno
i think the site's fine as-is and doesn't need any banners
the idea doesn't strike me even as a very minor thing

but again you shouldn't hold my opinion in very high regard, i don't
No. 103789 ID: ac47fc

Who are all these characters?
I'm not sure I understand the relevance to the site.
No. 103790 ID: 71d443

All of these (spare Drew the Lich, the first quest) are quest author personas. Name them all for a secret prize!

The prize is spending too much time on tgchan
No. 103791 ID: 60ac68

i've been here since 2010 and i have no idea who the hell any of these representations are meant to represent
No. 103792 ID: 9f3729

In order from right to left and excluding pogoman, which represents tgchan in anon form (commissioner specified blue plaid suit):
TGWEAVER, BROMELIAD, TROUT, APPLES, RML, TOX (top), APOLLO (bottom), and of course the first quest character DREW THE LICH
No. 103793 ID: 71d443

A simple green text on black field text parser with the prompt 'Please suggest an action.' and typing and erasing some stereotypical and off the wall suggestions could be a simple banner. (Read note, hug Tom, eat dwarf, enhance kn- etc.)
No. 103798 ID: 3d2d5f

Nothing personal, but if you put an animated gif like that at the top of every page, I'm just going to get annoyed and adblock it. Especially on mobile.
No. 103804 ID: ac47fc

Hey yeah that could work nice, you could have the text on the left and maybe a quest character/author avatars either still or animated on the right.
cause lets face it most of the memes of this site are text or visual gags and we don't really big on the author persona thing, its more about the characters and our interaction with them that counts.
That and author cliches
and porn

Also I'm not quite sold on the /quest/ guy, the suites fine but why the pogostick? I think he needs a good old fashioned crusader helm and maybe a bright yellow tie.
No. 103805 ID: f562b1

I think the banner would work on the frames or homepage. Of course, I don't use the frames, so I'd never see it.
No. 103809 ID: d71f54

if there's an animated banner put at the top of every page I'll ban everyone on the site so that they don't have to deal with it
No. 103810 ID: 32d627

im for this idea! nothing wrong with a bit of decor
No. 103812 ID: 60ac68

As someone who uses this site on a mobile phone PLEASE GOD NO DON'T DO THIS
No. 103813 ID: 5ef86a

I don't think it's a good idea to put characters on a banner like this, because there's just going to be a huge debate over which people are relevant enough to be on the banner. The current selection is really really bad, I feel, and I don't know that there's any way to pick a set of people that won't make someone just as upset for reasons of "why is the site being represented by this guy I've never heard of when this other guy I like isn't even mentioned". A banner without any specific characters on it might be fine, but putting people on them is just asking for trouble.
No. 103814 ID: 2a7417

>this guy I've never heard of
>tgweaver is there: rubyquest
>drew the lich: the first quest

i crei ever tim
No. 103815 ID: 60ac68

>drew the lich was the first quest
Citation needed on that, it's debatable. Something Awful probably got there first.
No. 103816 ID: 395c02



Though in semi seriousness what would you even put on a banner otherwise?

This idea seems ....
No. 103817 ID: 2a7417

It's a little more detailed than our own explanation, but the point is it is conditionally "the first quest" (on /tg/)
No. 103818 ID: 5ef86a

Support the coup today, imagine a banner with thirty slinkoboys on it.
No. 103819 ID: 395c02

Wait hang on actual serious pondering:

What if we had fancy images to put in place of "Quest-discussions" and such at the top of the page? Like, it's still that text, but all ~pretty~

This might actually be a neat idea....maybe? Hmm.
No. 103821 ID: 60ac68

Presumably due to the ancestry of this site. The clue is a little in the name. Tgchan began as a splinter community away from /tg/ for reasons that boil down to /tg/ becoming rapidly inhospitable for quests. We haven't really had any association with /tg/ for years since, though.

If you wanted to go with the first quest on tgchan, though, that would be Sue Quest by Typo/Teedash. The first quest specifically on Kusaba, The End by Ed Pastry.
No. 103822 ID: 5ef86a

Why do we care about a quest done on a different website, anyway?

It sounds like the best way to handle something like this is just to let anyone who wants to submit a banner, presumably no more than one per person, and just randomly cycle through them.
No. 103823 ID: 60ac68

really at this point you might as well open the floor to a frontpage-image style "anyone who cares about having a banner submits their own banner with their own stuff on it"
No. 103824 ID: d1f5f1

I'm putting in my opinion to keep away from fancy animated banners. I'm not actively against low-flare, easy on the eyes banners that are either not or barely animated, but I don't think banners at all would add much.

I do also feel that putting specific characters on a banner like this will have inevitable backlash. TGChan has steady examples of projects involving selections of authors/characters like this, and I can't think of a examples similar to this that came without sour results.
No. 103825 ID: 60ac68

about being on a banner, I mean
No. 103826 ID: 60ac68

also get a load of this chump who remembers when frontpage images were a thing and forgot they aren't a thing anymore wtg cirr
No. 103827 ID: 395c02

.............. I'll allow it.


dylan seems like he doesn't want to deal with this so does that put me in charge i didn't ask for this

i don't even know how to code it to be random unless kusaba can just sorta do that
No. 103828 ID: 2a7417

Because it's part of the history of questing, and like Cirr said, tgchan came out of /tg/. We're a continuation of that tradition.
No. 103831 ID: 60ac68
File 147457164923.png - (1.69KB , 300x100 , cirrquestbanner.png )

here is a banner that represents the True Cirr Quest Experience of things always being finished
No. 103832 ID: 595d54

Why do you hate people on mobile
No. 103833 ID: 9f3729

Why not just put it at the bottom of the page?
That way you won't need to look at it unless you scroll all the way down
No. 103843 ID: 394ba6


that kind of violates the point of a banner i think it's sorta all or nothing

i vote no to banners in general but if they're gonna be there they may as well be at the top
No. 103844 ID: 44bc30

I think I'd vote not against banners, too. They seem more like they'd be a distraction than anything.
No. 103846 ID: defceb

I'm voting pro-banners because I like the idea of having them made by the community, regardless if know about the characters present or not.
No. 103847 ID: b073ca

I vote for battle standards, so that mine enemies might know the name of he who has trampled them.
No. 103848 ID: 9f3729

count me in too, I am biased because I made one but I think banners are a good idea for more rewarding content creation. I'm sure we'll wind up seeing worse ones fade from use after a while.
No. 103855 ID: 37f049

While I can see the argument for complicating mobile browsing, I think it's weird to complain that someone who goes to the effort of making a banner will use quests they like. I get more of a 'Oh, I know that guy!' feeling from looking at banners like this.
No. 103860 ID: f562b1

As somebody who browses sites on mobile: As long as the banners aren't oversized and can actually be shrunken down to fit the page's current width, it's fine. Really, the only thing we should need to worry about is a really long line of text with no spaces that extends the page width.
After all, I am a dumb who does not know how to adblock, so I get banner ads all the time, and those get shrunken down on the sites I frequent, meaning I have nothing to worry about.
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