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File 125018314185.png - (36.70KB , 800x600 , 124640647774.png )
1022 No. 1022 ID: 9ded94

I can't possibly be the only one who'd be VERY interested to meet Mudy's father.

In fact, it's the clear number 1 of things I'm looking forward to in this whole Quest. I mean we're talking about a guy who seduced a fucking LORD OF DARKNESS AND THE INCARNATION OF ULTIMATE EVIL and apparently is the one from whom Mudy got his incredible charisma and silver tongue.
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No. 1023 ID: 1afd58

Guess which quest will never be continued :Dc
No. 1024 ID: 726445
File 125018381352.jpg - (112.81KB , 450x353 , 1196501590184nr1.jpg )

No. 1026 ID: 9e9b47
File 125018531358.jpg - (54.02KB , 630x414 , sw5vader.jpg )


Search your feelings. You know it to be true!
No. 1027 ID: 9ded94

For some reason, despite the fact that there's absolutely no support for my theory, it's absolutely stuck into my mind that his pops is a skald. As in, like a normal bard except that he plays battle songs. He's so badass that he can pull out similar city-destroying shit than Totenkopf with the POWER OF ROCK.

I reckons it'd be pretty awesome.
No. 1032 ID: f44349


Now I can't get the image of Mudy fucking DESTROYING the Skullking's army and defeating the Skullking herself by ROCKING THE FUCK OUT out of my head.

"...B-be ye angels?"
No. 1037 ID: 9ded94

Oh no no, Mudy will never follow the destructive footsteps of his father. That'd ruin his Badass Normal status.
No. 1091 ID: 9ded94

Oh, this so better become canon.
No. 25846 ID: 071184

Bumping thread because it has too few posts.

Also I guess MudyQuest is kind of cool too.
No. 25847 ID: 3416ec


Mudy Quest was discontinued, lad. Sorry to break it to you.
No. 25851 ID: b1e451

ok I am going to take advantage of this necromancy by asking a question that bugged me.

Assertion: Skullking was once kobold but is also demonic.
-Skullking + Kobold dude = full kobold, demon-blooded, Mudy.
-Skullking + Some dude = Raital, half kobold, half something, demon-blooded.
-Skullking + Other dudes = Other blutjagers, demon-blooded, but who have no kobold in them at all?

If they share the same mother, and both Mudy and Raital are half kobold, shouldn't they all be half kobold? The only answer I can come up with is that, I dunno, the skullking is running out of demon juice when it comes to reproduction, so they get weaker as they go along, and her kobold side asserts itself more? Seems sort of unsatisfactory.
No. 25852 ID: e3f578

this discussion oh my god yeeeessss it may be dead but still feels so good to reminisce about. Alright, her running out of demon juice may be true but I reckon the other three bluts were actual demons and their demonic energies took prominence over the skullkings or she has some form of ability to manipulate genetics in the womb for planned children and those last two kids were totally accidents.

Or Reaver had something to reveal about the bluts before the quest got burnt out.
No. 25855 ID: 071184

Yeah they were talking about how Mudy embodied Skully's weakness or whatever, so he and Raital could be part of Skully's kobold self getting through, with most of the other Bluts being mostly half demonic and half of their father's race.

Also I think Mudy should start chugging gallons of Raital's noseblood to gain at least a moderate level of power. That and delicious nose tears, you must taste them.
No. 25857 ID: e3f578

My biggest question is how she developed a goddamn accent to talk nice in when she's not angry, like when she talks to Mudy as though he's Calvera. Doesn't she drop it when she's angry with him in flashbacks? Which means she's... like making impressions of Calvera's accent. Man I'm jonsing for Mudy Quest and his cute little adorable diplomacy and optimism.
No. 79746 ID: 57848b
File 139261271536.png - (144.01KB , 800x600 , THAT\'SALLIWANTTOKNOW.png )

I have a question.

(Look at the pictures now, the question is in there).

I MEAN SERIOUSLY, I know at one point they are shown to be asleep, but by god, there must have been SOMETHING on that roof that make them fall asleep while staring at it!
No. 79749 ID: 067034

You're about four years too late, mate. No questions will ever be answered ever again about this quest.

I can give you an answer, maybe. A flying snake. Yeah. A flying snake. That's all.
No. 79750 ID: 57848b


4 years is hardly enough time to allow such a fantastic story to be forgotten, my quest loving friend.

As for the flying snake, yeah I suppose that's possible, but for them to fall asleep while watching it seems a little off. I like to think they were watching a dangling tomato on a string or something and just questioning life like "Vhy iz das tomato there? Vhy iz it on a ztring? Iz it fake?". All while perfectly understand what each other is thinking.

I swear every time I see the two of them do practically anything I hold my head in my hands, rock back and forth violently while saying "WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK" out loud while questions go through my head. I think I did this like, a good 9 times through the quest.
No. 79751 ID: 57848b

I also have another question, how can I make it so I am notified by email or whatever when someone makes a post here? I'm assuming you did not just see my post randomly by chance since, you know, I just made it and this has been empty for years. That would be insane.
No. 79752 ID: 2fc3e9

Serious question: do you know how bumping and pages work?
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