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File 146992304819.jpg - (23.98KB , 400x300 , Mudy_Quest_2.jpg )
102182 No. 102182 ID: 6e506e

Hey guys. I'm not really sure if this is the right place to ask, and I'm sorry if it's not, but I'm sorta new sorta not new to the whole questing thing, as well as this site in particular.

I learned about questing years ago through weavers art when I read rubyquest, then moved only divequest and stuff, and also Mudyquest from there. From what I can tell, these are fairly well known quests and are considered a very high quality.

However, I have no idea where exactly I go next. If I click "Archive" or "Graveyard" (not sure what the difference is yet) there are so many goddamn quests with no easy way of seeing what they are about or a description of the main story. From what I can tell, there is no rating system either, so I don't even know if something is any good, or total garbage. I couldn't find anyway to determine length of a story either, and if it had a million chapters or just one. Sometimes I just wanna read a short story while on break or something but I have no idea what I'm getting myself into here.

Is there any easier way of sorting through stuff? Can you guys please give me some recommendations as to what I should read next? I read ruby/mudyquest years ago but I don't read quests often and would like to get into it more. Couldn't find a recommendations list either but maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

No. 102184 ID: 91cfcf


"Major Completed Quests" might be a good place to start. Also, author pages and quest pages are a good way to easily access quests/threads if you know authors/quests that you like. I recommend everything by Lagotrope, except the original CheeQuest if you're intimidated by walls of text, everything by Brom, and a bunch of stuff by RML if you don't mind unfinished quests. Jukashi is also great, but he's usually too busy to update. Weaver's also good, check his page.
No. 102185 ID: 91cfcf

Oh, and avoid Unnatural Selection too if you want shorter stories, I forgot about it because it's honestly my least favorite. The plot is ridiculously convoluted.
No. 102186 ID: 90f3c0

The archive is for completed thread, whereas the graveyard is for abandon threads. You're going to have a hard time digging through either directly, you be browsing through the wiki instead.

Start off with the major completed quests list: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Major_Completed_Quests
It's not very comprehensive, and is missing a ton of great quests that were never finished, but it's a place to start.

Also check out the pages of authors who's quests you've enjoyed, chances are they've written more.
No. 102187 ID: 9f3729

By all rights, Weaver is usually the one most people should start with. Him and Brom make a lot of really solid quests, with weaver being one of the originators of the whole genre.
The other two (Iirc) are Andrew Hussie (jailbreak) and the Drew the Lich guy, who's currently just making kinda-meh porn on tumblr now unfortunately.

Also, the difference between the graveyard and the archive is that the graveyard is for unfinished / dead quest threads
No. 102188 ID: 90f3c0

UNSE is totally worth it for the Belenosian Interlude, and some of the later rounds are really good as well. A lot of the early very gamey stuff is not that interesting to read through now, but that can be skimmed through easily enough to get to the good stuff.
No. 102189 ID: 91cfcf

Another post because I didn't think this through, but the pornverse version of UnSe is actually pretty good and worth reading if you don't mind some porn in your plot. I'd say it's about 70% plot and 30% porn overall, with runs of each.
No. 102192 ID: 398fe1

It's also missing a few big quests that WERE finished, like (imo) the Pixel Adventure sequence.
No. 102194 ID: 24100f

The problem with maintaining the Major Completed Quests list is no one is really sure what to do with it.

There's extensional questions like "Where do we draw the line so this isn't just a list of every completed series quest" and "what makes a quest major, anyways." Also "why aren't there any one-shot or text quests in here, should there be?"
No. 102198 ID: db0da2

This is all you need.
No. 102202 ID: 15a025

>Couldn't find a recommendations list either but maybe I'm not looking hard enough

I don't think there is one. If there isn't, I'd be up for working on one with someone.
No. 102212 ID: 6e506e

Plus one vote to divequest.
No. 102214 ID: 1f0577

Hmm... I wonder, how easy would it be to describe quests by genre? Like, by what their main intended appeal is supposed to be? Story quest, horror quest, romance quest, comedy quest, puzzle quest, mystery quest, exploration quest, character building quest, "civ" quest, et cetera? A lot of quests would fit a couple of genres, but it still might be useful for thinking of recommendations, since we don't have to think of just "best quests" but best quests within a genre.
No. 102215 ID: b1960b

the best quests are fuck quests
No. 102216 ID: 9f3729

it seems to mostly just be multi-thread long quests that started and ended.
No. 102221 ID: 908ead

Actually good point, it might be fun to make up some more list categories on the wiki just to help find similar quests.
No. 102222 ID: 9f3729

Genres would be a good idea, yeah. Some kind of ranking system would be ideal for those genres but I'm not sure that's so feasible for a plethora of reasons.
No. 102223 ID: 90f3c0

In addition to being hard to implement, any kind of ranking or user rating system is just asking for all kinds of bullshit drama.

An informal listing were people post the quests they like along with a brief synopsis would work better. Either in the form of wiki page, or an "official" Recommend Some Quests thread. Both would have their advantages.
No. 102224 ID: dfdb1e

Some time ago I was having this exactly same problem but after reading a lot of random quests I conclude that there is a lot more good material than I would imagine to be possible. Maybe I just got lucky.
No. 102226 ID: 7d01b5

First time I came across the Major Completed Quest list, I was under the impression that they were quests that people were a buzz about when they were updating and people remembered fondly. Quests where minds were blown. And after seeing that the first quest on the list was supposedly the very first quest ever, I also assumed the list included quests that are notable for special reasons.

I'll admit that there's no real metric to decide that though. But I guess it would be good if the list was also a list of completed quest that one would "have to read", if they wanted to get up to speed with the whole questing thing. Like what are the veterans of the site almost unanimously thinks that people should read that are also completed.

Anyways, those are my thoughts on the list as someone who recently were - and considering the apparent state of that list, still am - in that position of trying to catch on notable quests of the past. Actually I've only finished KaraQuest some days ago, so I'm still early in that list, anyway.
No. 102228 ID: a107fd

I'd recommend reading through ITQ from the beginning, and then trying to figure out which quest a given interesting character was from.
No. 102229 ID: d1f5f1

I don't have a grasp on the what and why of the major completed quest section, other than requiring multiple threads and basically doubling as the recommended quest list (it is easier to recommend quests that actually finished.) But on the topic of one shots, that would likely fall under the category of all completed quests:


Note that I don't know how up to date this is.

>Like what are the veterans of the site almost unanimously thinks that people should read that are also completed.
Apologies for my cynicism, but I feel that if we gathered up all the things the veterans agreed on unanimously, we'd have a world with an awful lot of nothing.

I agree with this, namely about the rating system. I think there has been a recommend-some-quest thread before, but it doesn't have the sticking value over time. It may be lost in the catalog somewhere provided I'm remembering correctly in the first place.
No. 102230 ID: 24100f

>Note that I don't know how up to date this is.
"Completed Quests" is probably the most up to date category, because it's really easy to mark a quest as completed, usually the same day it happens. (And it doesn't happen very often, either).

There's a bigger lag in removing a quest from "Running Quests" and marking them as either "Dead" or "On Hiatus". It can take a month or two of inactivity before a thread gets buried in the graveyard, and then someone still has to make the rounds and update the wiki pages.

Want a tip on how to find which quest an itq character comes from, if you don't know?

Copy the post number, paste it into the search bar in the wiki. Since quest pages link to itq posts, the search should find the post number there, and return the quest page.

(This may not work on posts too new to have been linked yet, or really old posts where the ID number was changed by some forgotten magic).
No. 102233 ID: d1fde2

Man, nobody talkin about Gnome, the OTHER guy who helped start questing, and did a bunch of good stuff since then. Including seminal work in that massive Rastin-Vresch unified setting which touches everything from Dive Quest to The Protagonist Dies

I mean, he's the dude that drew the dang image that tops the dang quest advice thread pinned at the top of this dang board.
No. 102237 ID: db0da2

>really old posts where the ID number was changed by some forgotten magic
I've been meaning to ask, what the heck is up with that anyway?
No. 102238 ID: 595d54

The site got updated to keep up with higher traffic than was originally predicted when tgchan was first created in the days of yore, and part of that was a change to how posts were organized to allow for more post numbers, essentially.
No. 102256 ID: 7d01b5

Yeah, "unanimous" is a pretty strong word. That's why I tried to add an "almost" to make it lesser but "almost" is a pretty weak word.

I guess I was trying to mean something along the lines of, people keeps mentioning certain quests as being great in disthreads and etc. I guess those would be the ones to consider, at least the completed ones. And I dunno if there's anyone that decides anything on these sites. Seems like the mods are the highest authority here, so I dunno, lol.
No. 102320 ID: 395c02

Mostly mirroring that Major completed Quests is usually a good starting point, at least for the historical value behind some of them.

From there, you could run through "completed quests" above and just see if any of them look interesting to you.

Quest ratings are a dangerous road, and even quest recommendations can leave a lot of people out. Some people do pretty good stuff but you never think to mention them, you know?

I'd think of this as a journey you can partake in any way you want. Explore, find what sings to you. Have a good time of it!

(Come to think of it, I wonder what would constitute a major quest? Just what is the number of threads between "mid-range" and "major"? Indeed, a less dangerous bit of quest categorization could be separating them by rough length, but that requires wooorrrkkkk)
No. 102347 ID: fa842c

How many short quests have made the list, and how many really long ones have NOT made the list? I think there are examples of both, but I cannot check at the moment.
No. 102348 ID: 395c02

Who knows!

The fun thing about wikis is literally anyone could spend the time fixing things up if they wanted. Could be me, could be... you!

no, no, not you

No. 102349 ID: 595d54

Literally anyone who manages to get an account, specifically. Has the process been updated or is it still "apply and hope the guy in charge isn't too busy to approve your account"?
No. 102350 ID: 395c02

not gonna lie i don't pay any attention to the wiki

if I actually do come out of semi-retirement I guess I could look into making the wiki more wiki-ful
No. 102351 ID: 24100f

>How many short quests have made the list
Literally zero.

Assuming we're defining short quests as "things that wrapped up in a single thread."

>how many really long ones have NOT made the list?
Some? Depends on what we're calling very-long versus long. (And again, there would have to be some metric so the major quest list doesn't just duplicate everything in the completed quests category).
No. 102352 ID: 24100f

That's been fixed. It's now really easy to get an account. No longer does a human admin have to approve your account creation (and said admin never knowing when he's supposed to unless he remembers to manually check the "needs approval" list like 5 clicks down because there wasn't an alert or anything helpful and gosh that system was terrible).

All you need is an email and the ability to read a capcha.
No. 102353 ID: 7d01b5

I made an account not long ago and I think it's automatic. Unless they reverted it back to the old way. Either way, I don't remember taking long making a wiki account. Felt as standard as all the other site I make accounts to cause everything needs an account. Which is why I don't remember specifically how they handled it.
No. 102355 ID: 395c02

Well then!

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