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File 146903819822.png - (196.20KB , 2100x1500 , titlecard_.png )
101781 No. 101781 ID: 3f8abc

Ooh boy I had planned to make this after chapter one but now that I think about it that make no sense. So sorry for not posting it sooner!

Hello! Along with discussion amongst yourselves, I can answer any questions about what’s happening in the quest, or about characters or how the world works and so on. And if anyone has feedback or anything, that is greatly appreciated ^^

In the quest, I am planning to reveal information about the world through conversation or information-finding instead of any exposition. However, I can post lore/world information here if anyone is curious about certain things. Most of the information here will be shown in the quest as it goes along, but here it can be typed out in full informational form for anyone who wants to see. Not spoilers, just world information.
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No. 101782 ID: 3f8abc

The next chapter will take place in a town, so it will have much more NPC interaction, custom goal-making, and world-showing than it does in the current chapter, chapter one. So for any feedback saying that there should me more of those, I agree with ya completely ^^
No. 102896 ID: 2ec50f
File 147163072608.png - (605.84KB , 2217x1208 , rebirth4.png )

Back to updates! Woo! Sorry again for the hiatus there, but it should all be on a regular schedule now. The confrontation between the pit monster and Toy is finally here! I just want to say that I am really glad people like this quest and are inputting into it; when I started, I was very unsure of the whole thing and didn't want to put much faith in it; but now, I am glad to work on it and glad to see where it goes thanks to you peeps! Yay. I hope we can all enjoy it.

Silliness abound in the answers to the last update, made me giggle.

I made a picture thing of something that will appear in the next chapter. I like making things like these so I might post them here every so often.
No. 102897 ID: 2ec50f
File 147163088097.png - (438.52KB , 1024x768 , screenshot.png )

Oh and yes, I will be doing color in the chapters from hereon. I started with the grayscale somewhat to have a style, somewhat because it was in a dark cave, and somewhat because i wasn't sure if i would keep going with the whole thing and didnt want to put in too much effort trying to color. But! About halfway through the quest, I just couldn't wait to color, so that'll happen next thread~

Another picture, a fake screenshot sort of thing just because. I like doing those.
No. 104108 ID: d11a67

I truly hope this updates soon; I adore the dynamic between Toy and KO!
No. 104135 ID: 6f901f


Your quest is my favorite on here. You have no idea how much this means to me. It means so much, thank you thank you thank you <3

The past few weeks have consisted of me either being incredibly busy with projects or being incredibly painfully bedridden-ly sick.

I plan to update either today or over the weekend.

And yes. Little comments like that are always the height of my day! Yay. Thank you. I am glad you, and everyone else playing, are enjoying the quest. :)
No. 104235 ID: 7a0bf0
File 147631140516.png - (249.93KB , 2100x1500 , rebirth.png )

An image that I made, but couldn't find a place for in the pacing of the last update.


Chapter Two awaits!
No. 108545 ID: 0f26cb
File 148651978888.gif - (1.70MB , 862x741 , output_Pa0IaN.gif )

A simple animation for a simple robot.

I apologize over the absolutely humongous delay. My time for this had been shrinking more and more and on top of that, I was without a personal computer for half of the time.

I want to work on this again and hope I can do so soon. Thank you all for playing so far! You're great, and I hope I can continue this again for you soon. :)
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