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File 146864925196.jpg - (440.27KB , 1058x720 , ChestDayTitleNem16.jpg )
101599 No. 101599 ID: 3009b4

Lovers of the body.

It is time once again to proudly treasure the chest and all the treasures the chest presents.

It is time for CHEST DAY 2016.

Pump up those pecks, buff up the breasts, show us the chests!

Previous chest days:
Expand all images
No. 101600 ID: 908ead
File 146864950771.png - (64.71KB , 1000x800 , stargazer_no_puns_needed.png )

Time to show off the goods. Here's a pair of melons for you all.
No. 101604 ID: 91ee5f

*facepalm* >_<
No. 101605 ID: 908ead
File 146867078309.png - (40.61KB , 1280x640 , nanogoo_mega_x_nano.png )

I hope you like memes.

Son... had a hard life.
No. 101606 ID: 908ead
File 146867081316.png - (26.64KB , 800x1024 , librarian_audit_chest.png )

Larro runs Audit Quest over on /qst/ but whatever.
No. 101607 ID: 908ead
File 146867088898.png - (25.43KB , 800x1000 , sarah_clothing_damage.png )

Look out Sarah, those zombies must have gotten too close!
No. 101608 ID: 908ead
File 146867093019.png - (32.52KB , 1000x800 , vagrant_waifu.png )

I think we can all agree Go'ran is a very lucky man. Elf.
No. 101612 ID: 3663d3

those are some high quality chests
No. 101616 ID: 2e2d71

Aside from the fact she left for a year after a single date, yes.
No. 101624 ID: ea2bfa
File 146869610283.png - (8.47KB , 1000x1000 , Chest Day I guess.png )

Hey, when she looks that good, how can't Sarah enjoy sunbathing?
No. 101628 ID: 13459b
File 146869815973.png - (287.46KB , 700x700 , voight kampff.png )

>"Is this testing whether I'm a replicant or a lesbian Mr. Springer?"
No. 101635 ID: 343850
File 146870743635.png - (607.09KB , 1250x1800 , NanoKeeper - Nanogoo.png )

There ain't nothin' "nano" about them.
No. 101637 ID: 343850
File 146870744830.png - (489.46KB , 1400x1900 , Morgan - Guardian Quest 2.png )

Why is it always the quiet ones?
No. 101638 ID: 343850
File 146870745943.png - (525.94KB , 1800x1600 , Dastrica - Polokoa Quest.png )

I'm pretty sure I went miles off-model here but whatever.
No. 101639 ID: 343850
File 146870749352.png - (826.64KB , 1400x1800 , Silva the Wicked - How to be an Overlord.png )

Sometimes bein' wicked is pretty grand.
No. 101640 ID: 343850
File 146870750104.png - (1.08MB , 1350x1800 , Alice - Bloom.png )

And sometimes watching over the high-sec prisoners ain't so bad, either.
No. 101651 ID: 13459b
File 146872190050.png - (104.50KB , 800x618 , wretchwaifu.png )

Precious goo catte
No. 101668 ID: 32d627
File 146878107353.png - (6.92KB , 500x500 , chest day.png )

WRETCH: hows these voidsy
WRETCH: i can crank em up or tone em down
WRETCH: just say the word uVVVo
No. 101670 ID: 398fe1

We have varied tastes, so show us both extremes. You can change them individually, right?
No. 101671 ID: 7d01b5
File 146878887695.png - (69.48KB , 800x600 , Chest Day 2016 - Rebecca Ironfin.png )

Side character that appeared once (for now...) in my own Shark Quest. Best candidate for this I think.

This might be late, but I didn't know this was coming up. Although it looks like "day" is just the name, not the rule?
No. 101672 ID: 5ba96f

The days all last until the next one start or people stop posting, whichever happens first.
No. 101673 ID: a4ec41

Enhance Knockers
No. 101675 ID: 32d627
File 146879176888.png - (7.70KB , 500x500 , wretchchest2.png )

WRETCH: i can be anything voidsy!! within reason but tits are super easy to shoop in n out
WRETCH: pretty sexy huh??
No. 101676 ID: 398fe1

No. 101678 ID: cd44ca
File 146880507666.png - (82.96KB , 500x500 , voidchestday.png )


VOID: But you're not the only one who can Enhance Knockers
VOID: Behold!
VOID: ... Can't we just shift our void body to begin with?
VOID: Sshh!
No. 101680 ID: cd44ca


Also wow pleasant surprise.

It's not that far off! Her chest isn't normally that big, but I've not been very consistent with it. Since she's a genetic prototype and her body needed checking for problems, there would have been a time when her, uh, mammalian functionality was being tested, which would caused some changes. So, you could justify it that way. Aside that there are only a few insignificant things.
No. 101686 ID: 265534
File 146881257263.png - (332.75KB , 1024x891 , Nopowerarmor.png )

Oh Kerra.
Some people just end up with bigger tits than others and some people end up horribly maimed in a Martian Separatist bombing as children.

Life is funny that way.

Kerra Silpher and Vela Gyrran from Incident Report.
No. 101687 ID: 163674
File 146881407099.png - (78.12KB , 500x500 , too small.png )

too small
No. 101696 ID: 8cc748
File 146883788283.png - (206.65KB , 700x700 , AMQH HIKKA TITS.png )

"Join my army, cute one"

Hikka (now Vijaya) the Dryad from A Most Holy Quest
No. 101697 ID: 908ead
File 146885115092.png - (34.39KB , 800x1000 , alice_protests_this.png )

Ah, that um, yes that, uh. Alice would like to protest. This is very inaccurate!
No. 101698 ID: 2a7417

Hey, don't knock(er) it til you've tried it. ...Come to think of it, you already have!
No. 101702 ID: 398fe1

The eyepatch is a good idea. Makes her look more approachable.
No. 101710 ID: 32d627
File 146888759737.png - (8.06KB , 500x500 , cjesy2.png )

No. 101711 ID: 595d54

Do it
No. 101712 ID: 91ee5f

Do it!
No. 101713 ID: ecd8ad

What they said.
No. 101716 ID: 9f3729
File 146889661547.png - (5.54KB , 576x648 , gamechangerbig.png )

These colors change everything
easily #2 gal pal now

This is technically more ass-centric but there's enough titty to count I'm sure
No. 101717 ID: 32d627
File 146890017593.png - (48.17KB , 500x500 , uh.png )

She is all encompassing and everywhere, and the second her tar-like slime hits any of your masks lips the world goes technicolor and hot. It burns but it's delicious, candy sweet and never enough- you're greedy and she loves it, watching you trip the fuck out with the most adoring eyes you've ever seen her make.
WRETCH: now you see things like i do voidsy!
WRETCH: isnt it fuckin sick
WRETCH: isnt it beautiful
WRETCH: dont you just wanna jerk yrself raw over this shit

enjoy the noncanon sort of porn you fucking animals

No. 101719 ID: be70b9

God sex.
No. 101720 ID: 9f3729
File 146890338720.png - (5.15KB , 512x576 , gamechangerbig.png )

i forgot her little stump tail, so now there's a version with and without
No. 101724 ID: 398fe1

I'm not sure what you were trying to do there but it didn't work.
No. 101725 ID: c441c1


It's beautiful.
No. 101726 ID: c441c1

crap it still broke just highlight from the beginning of the hyperlink to where their is a return space and that was the link.
No. 101729 ID: 013c12
File 146893674876.png - (140.31KB , 900x1000 , Penelope.png )

Penelope from The Dungeon of Eternal Torment.
No. 101730 ID: 3adcf8

Yooooo! That's really hot.
God bless you mortis.
No. 101731 ID: f562b1

Went into it and got http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb479/USS-Special/sad/crying/tumblr_lnu8eif4tX1qahuaf.gif~original
No. 101732 ID: c441c1

No. 101733 ID: 595d54

Check out the Embed function. Right below your post, between Password and File. You paste the image's URL in that field and hey presto, it shows up in your post. It also works with Youtube and Google links.

Although I think you probably shouldn't post images in this thread unless it's chest-related fanart, given the thread topic. So I'll disregard my own advice and just give a link to an example.

No. 101738 ID: c441c1

Awesome sauce. I figured that as long as I didn't upload it via the file button it should be fine because it is not in the board itself anyone could just scroll past.
No. 101742 ID: 265534
File 146896550419.png - (25.52KB , 865x768 , Kandi.png )

I'm not doing any of my mainstream chests. You will not even remember anything I do this year.

Kandice from PornQuest.
No. 101746 ID: d11a67
File 146896701997.png - (76.54KB , 400x500 , chest day.png )

fifteen men on a dead t's chest

yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
No. 101749 ID: e4f856

drink and the devil had done for the rest best contribution everyone else go home
No. 101751 ID: a4ec41
File 146897842997.png - (252.54KB , 800x800 , BotCC Big Chest.png )

You won't believe which Cosmic Champion bares it all!
No. 101754 ID: 91ee5f

It's only noncanon for now. Well get there eventually and then it will be canon!
No. 101757 ID: 3740b1

No. 101759 ID: 163674


storageposting in chest day threads is an ancient TGchan tradition

No. 101761 ID: b8810a

Hot monster dad!
No. 101763 ID: a4ec41

Gorgol showers under an icy waterfall every morning as part of his training regimen.
No. 101764 ID: 398fe1

It's super not allowed anymore though.

The OP forgot to state it, but you'll get FOREVER BANNED if you do that. Little t gets away with it since he wasn't warned.
No. 101766 ID: d11a67

little t is already a hardened felon who cares not for rules or regulations
No. 101768 ID: 163674

One of the few offenses that results in a permaban
No. 101769 ID: 9f3729

tbqh that seems pretty silly, it's a dumb predictable joke yeah but is that really banworthy
No. 101771 ID: 15a025

Almost missed the warning myself. Thanks!
No. 101772 ID: 398fe1

The sanctity of this holy Day must be protected from those who wish to mock it with blasphemous acts of furniture.

(actually I doubt the ban is really permanent)
No. 101773 ID: 3e8a9a
File 146899340937.png - (1.03MB , 1000x1250 , maolla-syrup-chestday.png )

hello please meet my original character waifu
mapela pancake
No. 101777 ID: 684a1e

Every year for 7 years is definitely banworthy. Steve shirts will probably be next.
No. 101778 ID: 908ead
File 146903121679.png - (47.16KB , 1080x900 , mahou_dungeon_chests.png )

Don't ask me how they were talked into this.
No. 101779 ID: 91ee5f

How were they talked into this?

Also, Questing Beast get down here and show off your manly chest!
No. 101780 ID: 8deaa7

It's an Attack on TIT-an.
No. 101787 ID: db0da2

>Steve shirts will probably be next.
Now that would be a travesty. You might as well ban reading notes and hugging things.
No. 101801 ID: 265534
File 146907416801.png - (378.85KB , 1024x857 , tiryatitya.png )

Tirya from Rainbow in the Dark.
Collaborations always last the longest.

Giant tits.
No. 101804 ID: d1fde2

If we are done complaining about box-based puns, somebody post one of the mimic girls already
No. 101809 ID: 908ead
File 146910505765.png - (19.50KB , 1000x500 , qb_chest.png )

Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies.

Stargazer suggested it as a show of solidarity for Deem's continued shirtlessness.
No. 101813 ID: b439eb

rub the belly!

then get bitten
No. 101818 ID: 684a1e

this tbh
No. 101820 ID: 398fe1

Wow this isn't crotch day
No. 101823 ID: 265534
File 146912586834.png - (313.07KB , 956x758 , ikkitits.png )

Oh look. Ikki found a footlocker full of gold coins and inside was also a smaller strongbox.
How fortuitous.
No. 101824 ID: 1ce6a6

use NIPPLES to pick LOCK
No. 101837 ID: 9fdb37

Is there an even smaller box inside?
No. 101839 ID: 2e2d71

It's okay, she still has more chests than chests, so no rules were broken!

What, no tummy-eyeballs?
No. 101843 ID: 907732
File 146915653134.png - (236.35KB , 600x600 , Sport.png )

Sport from that new questy The Zot Nebula.
No. 101844 ID: 91ee5f

Already?! That quest hasn't even existed for a full day and it's already got fan art?!
No. 101850 ID: 3009b4
File 146917498235.jpg - (107.59KB , 640x720 , Sami_ChestDay16.jpg )

Water-Spirit Boob-Enhanced Sami & Amy from Sami's Quest. I might fix this up and colour it but figured a black and white line drawing chest day contribution is better than none at all.
No. 101853 ID: 265534

I drew Oken's tits within 30 minutes of the start of Crash Quest. Kids these days don't know how to draw tits properly.
No. 101861 ID: a4ec41

Now now, there's no need to be bitter; we'd all like more fanart.

Be the fanart you want to see in the world.
No. 101862 ID: 91ee5f

I'm not being bitter. What made me sound bitter? The only thing I am is surprised.
No. 101869 ID: a4ec41

No, you're projecting!
No. 101871 ID: 7d01b5
File 146924226321.png - (17.46KB , 800x600 , Nouille Chest Day 2016.png )

Nouille is pretty cute. But here's a Chest Day pic that doesn't really depict it.
No. 101872 ID: 74ea6e

I dunno!
That's some pretty cute cleavage!
No. 101877 ID: 49f18e

thank you so much! receiving fanart is always my favorite sort of gift!
No. 101879 ID: 49f18e
File 146929790379.png - (174.96KB , 900x900 , AdventureFox.png )

you missed one of your super obscure characters! for shame!

also happy belated birthday!
No. 101884 ID: 49f18e
File 146930513336.png - (119.58KB , 900x900 , Bruce.png )

Bruce from Lostway
No. 101895 ID: d11a67
File 146933993936.png - (150.76KB , 600x600 , summer fun!.png )

an offering to make up for my earlier antics...

dog planet summer is tons of fun!
No. 101897 ID: 398fe1

All is forgiven.
No. 101906 ID: 2ec50f
File 146938983714.png - (183.47KB , 1050x1190 , toychest.png )

Toy has obtained new modifications! What do you think?

(completely non-canon btw, robots dont got tiddies. from Rebirth.)
No. 101912 ID: 256936
File 146940797454.png - (303.48KB , 800x800 , Warwick.png )

Blam! Warwick from Lostway.
No. 101926 ID: 9f3729

Counterpoint: Robots are of (probable) human design. humans like tiddies. humans would put tiddies on robots, meaning some robots have tiddies.
No. 101946 ID: 7f8550
File 146943978460.png - (130.76KB , 900x600 , DDDsuccubus.png )

Succubus from Diminutive Dungeon Delvers/Tiniest Wizard monster roster.
No. 101949 ID: ea2bfa
File 146944239229.png - (9.64KB , 1000x1000 , Hammer Chest Day.png )

Hammer: "Uh, Mod, what's this "Chest Day" you keep talking about?"
Moderator: "Shush and hold still. It's a tradition."
Hammer: "Alright, whatever."
No. 101959 ID: 05707f

Good stuff. Shame that the quest simply stopped out of the blue, I was really enjoying it.
No. 101964 ID: a4ec41
File 146950113122.png - (1.20MB , 3257x1200 , chest lineup.png )

You know what this chest day needs? A good old-fashioned chest lineup.

Will post colored version as soon as I can get it done.
No. 101974 ID: 91ee5f

Aww, poor Gorgol. He's all shy and nervous being the only guy in this lineup of ladies. But damn, I had no idea he was that tall!
No. 101976 ID: c43722

And yet he's so adorable, what with that blush across his face. ...And is he sucking in his gut too? 'Cause that'd be even more adorable.
No. 101992 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, his blush does make him more adorable. And I think you're right, he is sucking in his gut! XD
No. 101993 ID: f562b1

He might also be embarrassed that he's not got the biggest junk there... Lavender's got him beat.
No. 101995 ID: d1fde2

I cannot help but notice that smol doge is missing from this lineup.
No. 101997 ID: ea2bfa

Leave it to Apples to make a 12-foot tall lizard the most adorable thing possible.
No. 102003 ID: 2356d8

Everyone Khlar and onward is a little too tall. I'll tweak the proportions for the final. Gorgol is about 12' tall which should make him twice the height of Prima. In this picture he looks more like 16-18 ft tall.
No. 102004 ID: ea2bfa

This may make our attempts at lizard seduction a bit problematic. Or at least, it will be if we want to get to anything past heavy petting.
No. 102005 ID: 2356d8

I can go as low as 10ft but that's my final offer.
No. 102006 ID: ea2bfa

Fuck it, this is what they invented lube for. LET'S GO GIANT LIZARD BONING I GUESS
No. 102007 ID: f562b1

It's Apples we're talking about. Elasticity is a stat.
No. 102009 ID: a788b7
File 146955884845.jpg - (1.27MB , 1553x885 , WRONGTHREADASSHOLES.jpg )



It's bad enough using chest day as an excuse to post giant purple dicks. At least keep the unrelated discussion to the quests' actual discussion threads.
No. 102011 ID: 82ede9

w-what am i looking at here? is this the mod interface? what's with the unicorns? why are they on the right? what is the significance of "magic sea", "music prancer" and "moon bubbles"?
No. 102012 ID: ea2bfa

Sorry, wasn't thinking. Won't happen again.
No. 102013 ID: 1648fe

See: top center of the website. This is a list of style templates that you can choose from at any time, and the pony one assigns a random pony name to your ID. Enjoy Quest Chests in four exciting motifs!
No. 102088 ID: 265534
File 146970944071.png - (243.59KB , 1024x1238 , Growed.png )

Enough with the dicks.

Have some Karavi, all grown up, but still wearing that same top. It is no longer sufficient to cover her torso.
No. 102089 ID: ea2bfa

I don't think she'd even understand the concept of covering up, to be honest.

No. 102092 ID: 38685c

It is totally sufficient and nobody should ever suggest otherwise.
No. 102114 ID: a4ec41
File 146975659203.png - (1.10MB , 3517x1177 , chest lineup1.png )

Full color Apples quest chest lineup!
No. 102122 ID: 3009b4
File 146976953038.jpg - (223.41KB , 640x787 , TGCHanBlindDate_Saminude.jpg )

I was originally sketching this up for another concept with a modern Sami, had some issues to correct, long story short here's her boobs for Chest Day.
No. 102126 ID: 83648c

Hope her quest comes back sooner than later. Although Im a relatively new person and dont know if there was a reason for it stopping or not.
No. 102127 ID: 15fae4


vape up
No. 102134 ID: d7c559
File 146981836361.png - (497.67KB , 930x1152 , floatation devices.png )

In the previous chapter of Before the Storm the Deep Ones of Norskult demonstrated their resolve to keep fighting even in the face of a striking counter-ambush.

Such motivation is simple, like all the best sea raiders they'll kill and die for their treasure chests and pirate booty
No. 102141 ID: a4ec41
File 146983710754.png - (229.12KB , 800x800 , Chest Request 1.png )

Hackslash and Violet doing selfies :3
No. 102143 ID: 91ee5f

Who's Hackslash? I've never heard of her.
No. 102145 ID: a4ec41

One of Miasma's OCs
No. 102146 ID: cc08c7


Oh my god it's perfect, I love it! Thanks dude.
No. 102147 ID: a4ec41
File 146984312013.png - (252.15KB , 800x800 , Chest Request 2.png )

Boobsquish funtimes for Sharah
No. 102148 ID: a4ec41
File 146985334390.png - (413.07KB , 800x1200 , Chest Request 3.png )

Khlar and GG getting into a power level measuring contest.
No. 102149 ID: fd229e

Girls, girls, please! You're both pretty!
No. 102151 ID: 7b7ab3

And then they kissed.
No. 102174 ID: 20845b

Why do I get the feeling that it started over something really petty and is going to end with ridiculous shenanigans?
No. 102179 ID: fdcafa
File 146992069993.png - (688.25KB , 1200x1200 , OkenChest.png )

Oken from that quest where they crash.

She crashed again and got captured by slavers! She escaped and come upon a fire! But who made the fire?
No. 102180 ID: d3b853

>She escaped and come upon a fire! But who made the fire?
More importantly, why is she cumming upon the fire?
No. 102181 ID: 1f0577


... Where are you getting that impression from?
No. 102191 ID: a4ec41

It's right there in the post that she "come upon a fire."
No. 102195 ID: fdcafa
File 146992957236.png - (392.05KB , 800x800 , Morriga.png )

Some shark from some Bitey quest.
No. 102196 ID: 1f0577


Oh geeze, it was a pun? Groan. Groan at the bad pun and groan at me being stupid.
No. 102211 ID: 91ee5f

Wow, that's a blast from the past! I haven't seen her in forever!
No. 102219 ID: eda54c

What's a "The Hif Man" have to do to take his shirt off around here?
No. 102220 ID: 398fe1

Grow a chest.
No. 102227 ID: eb8ace
File 146996912784.png - (128.03KB , 403x713 , ken.png )

not sure if counts...
No. 102239 ID: a4ec41

Oh it definitely do!
No. 102240 ID: 8013df

Who is this character and what is her quest! Ive been trying to find it for Maker knows how long!
No. 102241 ID: 595d54

No. 102289 ID: b70770
File 147013233286.png - (175.53KB , 800x600 , Chest Day.png )

"W-wait! How is this supposed to help me fight!? My hands are behind my back!"
No. 102290 ID: 38685c

no the hoodie fights, you distract the enemy
No. 102300 ID: 2a7417

You may be asking yourself, 'Was this really worth a magic leaf?' Yes, yes it was.
No. 102308 ID: 24100f

You're now better balanced, and your moment of inertia is lower. Plus there's one less variable to account for. All in all, it makes your hoodie's job of fighting for you much easier!
No. 102385 ID: e852ab
File 147044148952.png - (487.94KB , 800x800 , Zanechest.png )

Zane from some Astranian Questies!

Someone walked in on her just after she got out the shower! Ohno!
No. 102392 ID: a4ec41
File 147049988545.png - (218.00KB , 800x800 , Chest Request 4.png )

The Archivist's BotCC fan character Beata compares chests with Princess Photon. It's not going well... for Beata anyway.
No. 102394 ID: a4ec41
File 147050665355.png - (250.87KB , 800x933 , Chest Request 5.png )

Goblin Queen riding in Battle Babe's cleavage for Gnuk!
No. 102395 ID: c290d1

No. 102527 ID: ca0e20
File 147085626983.png - (217.06KB , 530x600 , Chest Day 2016 - Rip.png )

I know everyone is at the beach right now, but I wanted to at least draw something of Rip for this thread. Probably to fill some male quota of some kind.
No. 102681 ID: db9b66
File 147114672248.gif - (44.19KB , 405x480 , hugocolorpartyhard2.gif )

Been saving the fixed version for this.
No. 102682 ID: 91ee5f

It's the Truffle Shuffle!
No. 102685 ID: 595d54

Shouldn't this thread be locked now that the next Day thread's out?
No. 102686 ID: 1f8505


Not really? If there's still stuff to add, it can be added.
No. 102688 ID: 595d54

Ah, thanks. I thought I remembered hearing that the days were supposed to end when the next one started. Sorry about the misconception.
No. 102691 ID: 398fe1

That was before Beach Day was a thing. I'm not sure Beach Day counts as a Day-interruption, since it's only three weeks after Chest Day.
No. 102710 ID: 3abd97

There's very little thread locking in /questdis/, really. It's pretty much the expectation people will move on when they should. (Although this does occasionally lead to some spambot or very later to the party reader bumping something years later).

And yeah, I wouldn't think beach day interrupts the body part days, since it's more about silly character interactions and authors drawing each others stuff whereas the body part days are more about aesthetics and/or porn?
No. 102775 ID: db9b66

After seeing that chain of replies form, this is a relief. I really didn't want to have to wait a year for the next Chest Day to roll around.
No. 102794 ID: 1f8505
File 147140616314.png - (720.69KB , 1609x1605 , Chest Day 2016.png )



Unfortunately, stressing out someone with telekinesis...
No. 102795 ID: 1f8505
File 147140617003.png - (860.35KB , 2000x1733 , Chest Day 2016 2.png )

...can have a severe backlash.
No. 102858 ID: 908ead

Silly Sarah, those aren't zombies!
No. 102914 ID: b7ba46

The blue one could be. Blue is a color dead people turn, right?
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