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File 146861902068.jpg - (127.90KB , 800x621 , image.jpg )
101560 No. 101560 ID: 36fdb3

Figured it's about time to make one of these, maybe give CeKay and anon a better spot for their lil debate. Discuss the quest or continue the cake vs rebellion feud or whatever
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No. 101563 ID: 7d01b5

This character is cute and seems fun! =3
No. 101564 ID: db0da2

I'm excited to tread the path of evil.
No. 101565 ID: 79a07e

Or we could not and she'd be a legendary witch who'd be respected for ages.
No. 101580 ID: db0da2

Why settle for just being respected when you could be respected and feared?
No. 101582 ID: f94c67

Because we can do that without blowing ourselves up our getting our master to come get us and drag us back with her obviously superior magic powers.
No. 101588 ID: 9f3729

Honestly? I'm throwing in with whatever path makes us a rad sex wizard, but in the fun weird way with like twenty-foot-tall phalluguardians and the mystic art of battle breasts.
No. 101594 ID: 47160d

Okay so even if we do go path of evil I vote we go cake route. I doubt our spell book is very strong so we must get into the mistress' good graces so we can have access to one with the power we need to be evil
No. 101682 ID: 3e182c

Pfft. Respect is just fear without fun.
No. 101707 ID: 79a07e


*sighs loudly*

Okay, fine, crow eaten, whatever.
She's still powerful if Danish is right, and we likely shouldn't go off half-cocked about the whole thing.
No. 102002 ID: 6c9de1

Letting yall know upfront the quest might not update for the rest of this week, going to be busy at this music thing. I'll probs be back into it saturday or sunday
No. 102022 ID: 9f3729

Sounds good to me. Take care of yourself, aight?
No. 102294 ID: 328d5c
File 147014154872.jpg - (89.80KB , 800x600 , image.jpg )

Fate hates me, probably no updates *this* week because I'm stranded on a mountain with no service and shit wi fi... Lots of doodling witches going on but not much else without the rest of my stuff

Besides these gaps in updates tho, what do yall think of the quest so far? Any questions or shit like that?
No. 102295 ID: bf8b66

>stranded on a mountain
No. 102296 ID: 908ead

It's been pretty fun so far. Everyone seems to be tumbling headlong towards disaster!
No. 102298 ID: 59bd8b

It's pretty good, I do have a question for the other posters in the thread though. Why all the agression towards Evelyn? I mean before we knew she was making zombies, we essentially threatened to break her nose the second we saw her. Just courious what made you want to take that route?
No. 102306 ID: 3e182c

This sounds like a mildly interesting story.

I may have suggested that.

Speaking of Evelyn though. Just How Metal is she?
Because she seems pretty metal.
I mean this on a scale of like...
From Bevis and Butthead-esk "hehe Zombies. C-Cool"

In her head at least, where would she land?
No. 102317 ID: db0da2

>Why all the agression towards Evelyn?
We're going to walk the path of evil, so disdain for the weak and foolish is essential. Plus, acting this way towards her firmly establishes ourselves as superior to her, which will make whipping her into shape as a proper minion much easier.
No. 102318 ID: 9f3729

Well, I was against it before, but now she's straight-up a necromancer, so I'm even more inclined to be kind to her since she can give us a bitchin' skeleton arm, maybe
No. 102764 ID: 6c9de1
File 147131258344.png - (262.97KB , 700x800 , Testing.png )

So here's the deal, gents

I'm in band camp starting this Friday, and the week after that finishes ya boy starts college. All this adds up to updates probably being very rare for the next month or so, until shit gets less hectic.

In other news though, I've finally procured a new laptop! I'm hella rusty but I think my digital chops will be up to speed after a couple days' worth of doodles.

Which leads me to ask, would a sudden change to digital art for updates and whatnot instead of traditional be a bother to you folks or would it be okay? Once I get settled in at Delaware it'll probably be easier to draw on this thing than with my traditional stuff
No. 102765 ID: 3abd97

Art evolution won't be a problem.
No. 102767 ID: 3e182c

Any art is fine...
So long as you watch the original American Pie before going to band camp.
No. 102768 ID: 59bd8b

The changing of the art is fine. It's your quest and I have no problem with you changing something that I feel is up to you.

If I'm honest though, one of the main reasons I looked at this quest was because of the art style. It reminded me of Suikoden 1 and nostalgia hit me and I liked what I saw so I stuck around. Good quest so far, don't sweat it on how long it takes though. You sometimes have to wait for good things.
No. 113648 ID: 6c9de1

Back in business for the next month or so, until my life stops for college again!
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