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File 146844460442.png - (6.34KB , 600x600 , Discussion.png )
101472 No. 101472 ID: ea2bfa

It's all in the name, folks! Discuss Devils! Speculate on your buddies' Vices! Argue over which is best Devil Wife! All this and more, right here!
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No. 101476 ID: ea2bfa
File 146844840916.png - (4.52KB , 600x600 , Upcoming Dood.png )

Look at this canine jerk. Waving at us like he's an upcoming character or some shit. What does he think he is, a deity or something?

...what? He's exactly all of those things?

No. 101477 ID: 398fe1

Try using a line width greater than 1.
No. 101478 ID: ea2bfa

Thanks for the tip.
No. 101479 ID: ea2bfa

A couple minutes of trying out a thicker line later and I just want to say I wish I could hug you, anon.
No. 101481 ID: 398fe1

No problem, bro.
No. 101489 ID: a075ba

Important questions we missed by almost-murdering our way past the tutorial:

What do devils need to survive? (Do we need to eat? Gather souls? Foster our element?)

So we're actually here in the normal world to prey on people, right? I mean, that's what one would assume, but we already know that assumptions lead to massive gaping unintended chest wounds.

How to go naga. Also how to go full snake. Come on, how are we supposed to turn into an adorable little snake and curl up under a heat lamp between betrayals now. Shapeshifting is important!

Anything and everything about how devil society works, especially as it seems we accidentally broke a rule already.

How the rest of everything sees devils, and what things are a danger to us.

How the heck the devil pit works.

Whether other devils actually consider vices. If farming it for power is considered reasonable, or slowly letting yourself be consumed / destroyed etc.
No. 101490 ID: ea2bfa


Devils, like all Monsters, have varying ways of sustaining themselves. More humanoid Devils, such as yourself and Fool, require food and drink to survive.

What you do in the normal world is your own business. I will, however, be providing suggestions tomorrow.

You'll learn how to go Snake, I promise.

Devils are too free-willed to have much of a society. They're more like roommates that just so happen to be willing to kill for one another. They stick together mostly for safety's sake.

Everyone hates Devils. Mortals hate Devils because they're Monsters. Monsters hate Devils because they see Devils as undeserving of their power. Gods hate Devils because... Well, they're embodiments of divine Fear. There are obviously exceptions, but it's probably easier on yourself to hide what you truly are.

The Devil Pit is the area of The Wild Place where all Devils spawn. Typically, Devils either climb out themselves or get pulled out while still unconscious.

A Vice is simply something that provides you power for indulging it. Due to the clan-like nature of Devils, they're usually okay with you taking it out on anyone that isn't another Devil if it won't cause too much trouble for them.
No. 101492 ID: a075ba

Oh, neat, thanks. Didn't actually expect to get that answered now, I was more making a list of questions we'd have to try and figure out / ask the contact Fool mentioned.
No. 101740 ID: 2e2d71

Heaven's been mentioned in Deity Quest, like it's an actual physical place like the wild place and normal world. (Even though the intro seemed to make a big deal about the world having two halves). So what's going on there?

What happens when a god dies? We know devils have limited immortality (they will eventually respawn so long as their god and corresponding fear still exists). There seems to be something similar with other monsters (although I'm not clear if it's the same monster coming back over and over, or just new individuals of the same species / type spawning, except maybe the more unique and powerful ones?).
No. 101741 ID: ea2bfa

Heaven is a portion of The Normal World. You can only access it through either powerful magic or by dying and living a virtuous life. Nobody's sure what happens to souls that don't make it to Heaven.

For the most part, Gods are completely immortal. They can die, but it's always temporary, and they can generally choose when to come back to life after a short period of recovery. Powerful enough Monsters are capable of slaying Gods altogether, and young enough Gods typically take an extremely long time to recover. Thankfully, no God has ever been permanently slain. Nobody really wants to think about what would happen too hard.

Other Monsters, when slain, will generally have a period where they can't be brought back no matter how potent the thoughts that spawned them are. Weaker Monsters are typically spawned as completely new versions of themselves. However, due to their general lack of personality, this doesn't mean an awful lot. More Unique Monsters, such as Babel or Death Of The Author, will create perfect copies of themselves when respawned, though the methods through which they respawn tend to be different.
No. 101743 ID: 2e2d71

>gods never die
Bit of a potential overpopulation problem there, since they also reproduce.
No. 101744 ID: 3663d3

it seems slow, and they don't seem to need food. so the limit is space to put people.
No. 101745 ID: ea2bfa

Gods reproduce on an as-needed basis. They require permission to reproduce, and are only granted the ability if The Judge approves. Usually new Gods are born in "Batches", when The Judge sees some roles that need filling and no Gods are available to do so. It's why you and Aria are the same age, for example.
No. 101817 ID: 4e9864

If it wouldn't reveal information you don't want to reveal yet: are Devil Quest and Deity Quest set in the same continuity, or just in the same setting?
No. 101819 ID: ea2bfa

The two stories are happening at more or less the same time, yes. There are maybe a few days of separation, perhaps even a week or two, but they happen in the same "timeline", so to speak.
No. 101947 ID: ea2bfa
File 146943979378.png - (15.16KB , 1000x1000 , Horseman.png )

No. 101948 ID: ea2bfa
File 146944047799.png - (19.28KB , 1000x1000 , Our Heroes.png )

Okay, I'll freely admit, I'm just screwing around with my tablet. I'll probably start a draw thread or something if this goes on any longer.
No. 101953 ID: 398fe1

Oh god Hammer looks like he has a tiny face for a mouth.
No. 101954 ID: ea2bfa

Yeah, I need to get better at art. But hey, practice makes perfect!

...damnit now I can't unsee it.
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