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File 146811400965.png - (112.26KB , 1024x768 , start.png )
101314 No. 101314 ID: f34ceb

for: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/734623.html
I'm honestly just doing a quest for the second time ever so I figure discussing it with others could be helpful to me. Maybe improve how I work and all, and just interact with readers and other authors. Heya!
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No. 101316 ID: 7d01b5

Hello! Protagonist is cute so I'm already on board for now, heheh. =3
No. 101317 ID: f34ceb

Thank you omg!! I was worried people would get annoyed with no name or gender being apparent yet, but I guess not!
No. 101318 ID: 398fe1

Well amnesia is a bit cliche at this point but it's not a big deal.
No. 101319 ID: 7d01b5

Not having a name right away seems to be potentially tied to the plot, so I don't think it's annoying in that regard. And no apparent gender is not that big of a deal, I think, haha. But that's what I think anyway. To me, it's all fine!
No. 101320 ID: dfdb1e

I would find very interesting if, in the threatening environment of this quest, personal information of the protagonist, like name, never end up been told or confirmed. Even the most basic notion of identity is unimportant when fearing for one's own life.
No. 101321 ID: f34ceb

It's tied in to this part, kind of!!

Also somebody just compared this to a cross between Nanquest and Amnesia: The Dark Descent and I am unbelievably happy. I am extremely flattered by that comment, since Nanquest is my favorite quest. Thank you, if you're reading this!!

I was honestly kinda scared I was doing badly at first, but that fear appears unfounded now! I'm glad EerieQuest is decent haha!
No. 101322 ID: 7d01b5

Yeah, NanQuest is pretty good. EerieQuest's start might be decent, but now you have to make sure the quest stays interesting. =P
No. 101323 ID: f34ceb

I'm going to do my best with it! There are twists that await, some of which may be very odd and surreal
No. 101325 ID: db0da2

I think it would be interesting if personal information like names ended up being a valuable resource. Kinda like in Spirited Away with the name stealing thing.
No. 101326 ID: f34ceb

All this speculation about what's going on with names is so cool to me! You all have very interesting ideas regarding it!!
No. 101329 ID: f34ceb

So, a major weird thing just happened here.
No. 101362 ID: f34ceb

Back again today with updating!! I hope EerieQuest is still interesting to you all
No. 101365 ID: 7d01b5

Lol, yeah, don't worry!
No. 101367 ID: f34ceb

I'm glad!!! I always hope people get as interested in my stories as I do myself
No. 101368 ID: e18721

Good stuff so far, Keep it up!
No. 101370 ID: f34ceb

Thank you!!! There's plenty of story left, so rest assured I will be keeping it up!

Any guesses about the shadow cat from anyone? I'm curious about what you all think
No. 101371 ID: dfdb1e

I love stories with multiple enemies that work differently, so I'm really interested in the possibility of one type of paranoia for dark areas and another for light areas. Good work on that.

I do have some issues with some things.
Like how the character is apparently aware he is in this for the long run and don't even consider sprinting for possible exits (that would obviously be blocked because of the genre). He also seem to know he eventually will be capable of defending himself even though he have no idea what he is dealing with.
Other problem is how fast some questions got answered. When facing the threatening unknown the reader may have questions, doubts and speculations. It's important that those are responded, but you may want to milk the mystery a little more or you may end up without questions to be answered.
No. 101373 ID: f34ceb

Thank you for your input!!! It's stated one of his interests is paranormal investigation and such, which can lend itself to being genre savvy about these situations. Even so, I do see your point.
As for the speed, I also understand what you're saying here! I'm going to try and improve the pacing of events from here on out!!
No. 101374 ID: dfdb1e

That is a good explanation. Just be careful to not make this world feel natural to Joel. If you do the story will become more action than horror. (Maybe that is what you want)
And to clarify: I don't mean there is anything wrong with the answers you gave.
No. 101377 ID: f34ceb

Our second NPC has appeared!
No. 101394 ID: f34ceb
File 146826975005.png - (327.00KB , 2527x2765 , 776656786.png )

Figured I'd post my warmup drawing from today!
No. 101396 ID: 7d01b5

He's all sad! D=
No. 101397 ID: f34ceb

Well, he is trapped in a place like that
Can't necessarily blame him
No. 101398 ID: 7d01b5

Haha, yeah, I guess so. =P
No. 101409 ID: e18721

I'm not a big fan of too much romance in quests, especially ones where the characters are in constant danger.

But take my opinion with a grain of salt, I'm think I'm in the minority about this.

Regardless, everything is still great! Keep up the good work, again!
No. 101415 ID: f34ceb

Thank you!!! Good to know things are still interesting and enjoyable!!
I'm trying to take everything between the two carefully for now!
No. 101418 ID: dfdb1e

As the only person promoting this romance in the suggestions, I want to apologize for the possibility of my interference may had changed the focus of the story to something no one else is interested.
I'm normally not a fan of romances in those kind of stories, but in this case I got a little enthusiastic about the idea. Mostly because it's a trope that can be played with. You could argue that it already is the case since the love interest is so different from what you would expect.
I must admit that I would enjoy an optimistic result for this couple, but the thing I want the most is for the protagonist to be manipulative.
I'm just explaining myself to you to know if you want to avoid my bullshit.
No. 101419 ID: db0da2

I just want to say that although I haven't suggested anything related to romance yet (priorities, y'know), I fully support everything in this post.
No. 101421 ID: 398fe1

I think it's cute.
No. 101422 ID: b1960b

Romance in QUESTS?????
No. 101423 ID: db0da2

Is that even legal?
No. 101425 ID: f7b4e5

Faggot who doesn't like romance checking back in. I can 100000% get on board with manipulation, I think that's a really interesting angle.
No. 102898 ID: ca0e20

Hope this didn't die yet.
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