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File 146784070324.png - (25.50KB , 285x256 , stretch.png )
101121 No. 101121 ID: af6e04

Heya guys! I figured I'd make one of these thingies instead of filling my quest thread with spoiler tags.

I haven't been able to keep up the update pace I was hoping for. I'm trying my best though. Any thoughts on the quest so far? This is kinda my first quest and I'm mostly just winging it heehee
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No. 101124 ID: 7d01b5

It's pretty silly amusing, which I enjoy. =3
No. 101128 ID: af6e04

Aww thanks! <3 I'm glad you enjoy it. I love your quests!!

Ooh something I gotta ask. Is the constant capslock annoying? If so I'll cut it out
No. 101130 ID: 2f5847

I don't mind it. And it seperates our protagonimp from everyone else.
No. 101132 ID: 694798

The capslock doesn't annoy me, though it does make me think that the hammer imp is
1) constantly yelling
2) a possibly primitive being

regardless, I think the quest is pretty goofy, even if I don't participate in it.
No. 101139 ID: af6e04

Cool! That's the main reason I did it, to make dialogue less awkward.

Yep! All of the above, and also very hyper. She doesn't have an indoor voice. Thanks for checking it out
No. 101443 ID: af6e04

Sorry about no update yesterday. I'm having some computer problems

I tried out a new brush (again) on the latest update. I'll probably do this a lot til I find one I like??
No. 101449 ID: 53929e

For the 2% of people who didn't get the joke:

No. 101482 ID: af6e04

Jean-Henri is perfect. I was tempted to go with Bagelsqueeze though.
No. 101484 ID: a98071

I feel like using bagelsqueeze as a general purpose euphemism for adult and complicated concepts.

e.g. You bet your sweet bagelsqueeze
No. 101500 ID: 6c7a4d

What program are you using for your animation?
No. 101519 ID: af6e04


When I first started the quest I used Pencil2d. It's an open source, lightweight program specifically for 2d raster animation. I wouldn't recommend it though cause it's still in the early stages. It's missing a lot of vital features and lacks stability.

After a few updates I moved to Krita. Krita's primarily for painting but it just recently got some nice animation features. It's not ideal but it works! And it doesn't crash all the time


Both programs are free!
No. 101520 ID: af6e04

By the way! One reason I started this quest was to try to get better at animation, so I'd definitely like to make the majority of updates animated. If there's ever an update that's not animated it's probably cause

A. I only had like fifteen minutes of free time that day and wanted to stick to my promise of daily updates

B. Nothing visually interesting happened so it's not worth making an animation

Usually it's a mix of A and B. Just letting you guys know. I hope you don't mind!
No. 102094 ID: 8b52d1

Heya fellas. Sorry about no update yesterday. I probably wont have time to do one today either. Ill be back at it on friday though! Ill bring plenty of orphans.
No. 105632 ID: 9876c4

Necromancy most foul, but I continue to love this quest and it's quick updates.

Plot tension and unbridled insanity are interwoven extremely well!
No. 105633 ID: af6e04
File 147936446935.png - (5.12KB , 400x300 , lilfrog.png )


Thanks RaccoonGuy. With all of your suggestions you've probably written almost as much of this quest as I have.

Have a tadpole because I'm too tired to update right now
No. 105640 ID: 9876c4


I'm glad I saw the potential early. And grateful my ideas could be used in a coherent fashion. You're doing great.
No. 105690 ID: 3e182c

I just wanted to say, when I saw frog guy shot the imp -sassin with his blood eye thing, i found my self with a giant stupid grin on my face.
No. 105697 ID: 13d7b7

Thank you <3 Will do!
No. 105923 ID: af6e04
File 148013663402.png - (2.03KB , 400x300 , wizardmoth.png )

I'll be busy for the next several days so updates will be sparse probably. Have a scribbles and some lore instead.

The Wizard Moth is one of the few species with innate magical potential in the Underground. These powers are elevated to almost godlike levels after the larvae metamorphosizes. They only live for a day while in this state though. Many Wizard Larvae have tried to find a way to postpone or prevent the metamorphosis but their efforts have always proven fruitless.
No. 105992 ID: 383927

So what levels of magic are we dealing with as a sort of constant or baseline here? High fantasy? Low fantasy? No real fantasy level, just wizards happen sometimes? Also, sort of along with this question, rather than postpone their metamorphosis, why not just achieve god like power and with it extend their life span through magic, or like hop in another body or slow time or something like that?
No. 105993 ID: af6e04


Kinda high fantasy but actual magic users are rare.

Theoretically it's possible for them to extend their lifespan through magic. But wizard moths tend to abandon all rational thought in the search for a mate, so none have managed it yet.
No. 105994 ID: af6e04
File 148031154005.png - (6.04KB , 400x300 , basilisk.png )

More lore! Contrary to popular belief, a basilisk's stare does not turn creatures into stone. Instead it causes every blood vessel in their brain to rupture and their muscles to seize up as rigor mortis immediately sets in. Basilisks also have the ability to eject a powerful stream of foul-smelling blood out of their eyes, and their vision is excellent.

There is no known creature that can survive a basilisk's stare. Because of this, basilisks are known as one of the most dangerous apex predators in the underground. Their strength is greatly diminished in the dark depths of Hell, however, where most creatures don't have eyes.
No. 106003 ID: 383927

Frog is my best friend and I love them. I'm very glad we're all blind and can be friends with them, I just hope there's no mirrors in Jersey.
No. 106040 ID: 9876c4

Frog is indeed a good egg, and my and Riotmode's misnaming him was one of the better running gags so far.
No. 106071 ID: af6e04

Best family forever! I thought it would be a lot more fun to roll with it than try to correct you.
No. 106073 ID: b9aa79

Thank you for allowing us to find our own fun rather than force a world upon us ! The best game masters are ones that use their platform to let their players express themselves rather than a platform to show off how cool they are, and I think you've got a good mix of letting us have fun while also letting us know there can be very real consequences to said fun, like say having a husk burst out of you. Enjoying this quest immensely and looking forward to anything you make in the future, like lonely ranch or like something Jamesleng ran since you mentioned being interested in doing such. Sending you as many positive vibes as I can muster ! I hope you have as much fun running Hammer Imp as I have reading it!
No. 106078 ID: af6e04

Thanks Santova. When I started this quest, all I really had was 'imp with big hammer' so I'm glad the suggestors could come up with a cool direction to take it haha. It has been very fun but kinda tiring. I think I won't do animations for my next quest.

I'd like to make a sequel to Lonely Ranch but we'll see. I definitely want to run the text quest but I think I need to plan out the setting a bit first.
No. 106296 ID: 764bab

Hehee you guys just can't decide whether you want to kill the Husk or not. The vote has been tied both times it came up. So conflicting!
No. 106304 ID: 9876c4

Well, you could always invoke imp-xecutive fiat.

Of course, such toss-ups are like flypaper for new readers.
No. 106317 ID: 383927

Enter the tie breaker
No. 106674 ID: af6e04

Sorry for the big break in updates guys. I had a hard drive die on me so my main computer's been out of commission. Things will get going again real soon though, once I get all the secret santa stuff wrapped up.
No. 106703 ID: 24aec8

Good luck w computer stuff that sounds hard!
No. 108416 ID: af6e04
File 148625737030.png - (41.38KB , 779x673 , zenge2.png )

zenge drew this! "yeah you're pretty but you'd look prettier if your face kissed my hammer"
No. 108417 ID: af6e04
File 148625749825.png - (13.18KB , 588x565 , zenge.png )

This one toooo !!
No. 108423 ID: 9f3729

No. 108444 ID: 9876c4

No. 108445 ID: af6e04

Do not make fun of Jean-Henri's angry nostrils.

Is there anybody who realized those dots were eyes when they first started reading the quest? I want to know
No. 108446 ID: af6e04

weren't* eyes
No. 108575 ID: d234fc

Not until someone pointed it out to me, but I would say that's a mark against me, not against the art. My eyesight isn't impressing anyone back home
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