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File 146552611135.gif - (18.59KB , 500x500 , 2f_fanart.gif )
100245 No. 100245 ID: 163674


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No. 129468 ID: 891b91

Thanks again for pixeling her, she looks so cute in your style!
No. 129513 ID: bcc41d

Gotta say, yeah, that's a good look on her.
No. 129668 ID: e7c7d3
File 156065058612.png - (46.24KB , 1280x1024 , pennyemilsfanart.png )

In trying to develop courage to start my own quest, i did some fanart of two of my favourite protagonists: Penny and Emils!

I hope this works. Despite lurking on this site for years, I have no idea on how to do anything.
No. 129669 ID: d24c68

> hope this works. Despite lurking on this site for years, I have no idea on how to do anything.
Don't worry about it, my dude. I don't think anyone actually knows what the hell is going on here. And jeez, if you can draw like that I'd say you've got a marked advantage whatever you do. I'm rooting for you.
No. 129670 ID: 3d1dd5

They came out pretty cute!
No. 129671 ID: e7703b

Don't worry too much about it, most of us start off bumbling about until they get something they're comfortable with.

Also, this is nice, I'm always happy for fanart
No. 129672 ID: 891b91

She's adorable, thank you for drawing her! That's a very nice Emils as well.

>In trying to develop courage to start my own quest
Go for it! It can be pretty stressful early on, but once you hit your stride it's really rewarding.
No. 129673 ID: 8346a9

try not to overthink it.
the first quest is for experimentation.
just start and have fun with it.
No. 129674 ID: 5c4e53
File 156073357268.png - (631.21KB , 1043x914 , DeadDust_Penny.png )

Being the dumb that I am I only realized teegee does DeadDust today, absolutely had to doodle Penny & Roz after reading the quest threads
No. 129675 ID: 5c4e53
File 156073359496.png - (506.87KB , 1002x1029 , DeadDust_Roz.png )

No. 129676 ID: 5c4e53
File 156073374863.gif - (699.60KB , 583x623 , DeadDust-Roz-anim2.gif )

Seriously, the animation style in that Quest absolutely stole my heart ♥
No. 129680 ID: 891b91

Thanks again for drawing them, you really did them both justice!
No. 129681 ID: 726b70

I like this in how it presents Penny with leaner proportions, which makes her look more like an average height adult person. I also like how we can see her with more feminine features than usual. In some way, one could mistake her for an older version of herself, perhaps even Penny's mom hehe. Of course, we know that Penny is already an adult.

A great rendition of Roz. We have yet to see Roz doing sexy poses in the quest, so I love your take on this side of her here. I certainly can never tire of seeing Roz's assets :x

I agree that the animated art is lovable and that it gives the quest an extra layer of depth. Of course, your own attempt at animation is awesome as well. Less wigglier? More fuzzier? Not sure how to describe it, but I like it so... good job!
No. 129707 ID: 75ea94
File 156113137351.png - (3.68MB , 1600x800 , Pilon fanart finished800px.png )

I'm kinda new to digital art but I bought a drawing tablet to improve my work! This is my first picture using it I mainly wanted to find out how it works. Also, I thought that the asteroid from the asteroid quest would be fun to do!
No. 129710 ID: 5fc3a0

Oh dang that is some good improvement and a good pilon, thank you!
No. 129713 ID: e7c7d3


Oh wow! If that's you trying out digital then I'm excited to see what you can do once you are used to it!
No. 129757 ID: 370ae6
File 156159813084.png - (424.34KB , 801x852 , oops, drew them too small.png )

>Penny's mom
...well. Now I kinda wanna draw them both. Like, I'm pretty sure in a world of freely available fullbody changes they probably don't look very much alike but...

And Roz is, well, she's very much Roz and I love that big floofy monsterlike design teegee did so I had to, and I had to again. And thanks!

No. 129759 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156160000523.png - (176.68KB , 900x660 , Rufus Final.png )

Rufus from Moot Point https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
No. 129761 ID: 891b91

Thank you again, you really do her justice!
No. 129825 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156225038517.png - (970.54KB , 1280x1032 , FGD Comic Page 01 Final.png )

wow it's a lil nsfw comic with them quest boys frisbee and gazebo
No. 129826 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156225040381.png - (1.01MB , 1280x1031 , FGD Comic Page 02 Final.png )

wow it's page two
No. 129831 ID: 18fe5b

Gee, LawyerDog. How come your mom lets you draw two pages?
No. 129847 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249357183.png - (380.01KB , 700x720 , FrillsbyFenceNips.png )

There's a load of stuff from past like year and change I never got around to posting in here so here's all that stuff.
Frillsby & Gallsby from https://tgchan.org/wiki/Frillsby_and_Gallsby
No. 129848 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249364416.png - (1.02MB , 1280x960 , PitRaffleFinal.png )

Pit and Pit's cow orker are Neumono, Neumono are from Lagotrope!! Pit works as an air traffic controller.
No. 129849 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249369427.png - (280.96KB , 600x1000 , Frillsby Junk.png )

Frillsby again
No. 129850 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249374457.png - (231.24KB , 1000x1000 , SaintDook.png )

Saint Duke the Second from https://tgchan.org/wiki/Dragon_Romance
No. 129851 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249377047.png - (521.32KB , 900x662 , Sleepy Frillsby.png )

No. 129852 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249379171.png - (285.34KB , 1080x760 , FrillsbyCFBSquad.png )

No. 129853 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249385118.png - (181.31KB , 726x622 , frry dodles 5b.png )

Frillsby, Mayor, and Ceo all from https://tgchan.org/wiki/Frillsby_and_Gallsby
No. 129854 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249391564.png - (496.66KB , 1280x840 , FG69.png )

frillsgay and gaysby
No. 129855 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249393835.png - (650.33KB , 1280x780 , Ligma FandG.png )

gaysby and frillsgay
No. 129856 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249396141.png - (388.32KB , 900x672 , GallsbyVote.png )

he good
No. 129858 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249411820.png - (305.47KB , 880x700 , Fenpose.png )

Fen's from Fen Quest by Fen Lago https://tgchan.org/wiki/Fen_Quest
No. 129859 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249422823.png - (967.06KB , 1280x1280 , 3dAssortment001b.png )

Wowie zowie 3D Fen's gettin' his armor and everything and a bonus 3D Vabrelius head
No. 129860 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249434635.png - (354.85KB , 960x864 , previewfenanim.png )

Completed 3D Fen and his armor, made for Lagotrope so that he could have a reference for Fen's armor.
Turntable: https://gfycat.com/pepperyillinformedgilamonster
No. 129861 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249450509.gif - (8.38MB , 600x600 , VabreliusJackinFA.gif )

Vabrelius 3D model from https://tgchan.org/wiki/Frillsby_and_Gallsby
Gifs suck so here's a twitter video version: https://twitter.com/CmdDog/status/1080617736319979526
No. 129862 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249461266.png - (327.84KB , 1200x920 , Cool Vabrelius.png )

Vabrelius again!!
No. 129863 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249467692.png - (575.24KB , 980x860 , Fen2pt8.png )

but what if 3d Fen was lewd
No. 129864 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249469180.png - (549.67KB , 980x860 , Fen2pt8horny.png )

what if
No. 129865 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249475744.png - (404.04KB , 800x680 , 3DNateFA.png )

The boy spinnin' here: https://twitter.com/CmdDog/status/1094916414643847168

It's a 3D Toxoglossa boy! Nate from Conspiracy of Wasps https://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Conspiracy_of_Wasps
No. 129866 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249481976.png - (332.75KB , 1280x750 , Teebagginyall.png )

Teebaggin yall. Liptons, on da rocs
Nate from Conspiracy of Wasps by Toxoglossa, but he's got junk on his face this time.
No. 129867 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249485531.png - (201.36KB , 940x970 , Villi Winner.png )

Villi won the CFB contest he did it
No. 129868 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249492141.png - (221.33KB , 900x810 , FenNomination.png )

Fen but he has armor on his body whoa
No. 129869 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156249503692.png - (172.79KB , 780x858 , FenCloseFinal.png )

And this Fen is the last of the recent stuff I didn't post here woo
No. 129872 ID: eeb7d9

Now THIS i like!

Now... this i REALLY like!
No. 129907 ID: b1b4f3
File 156273715651.png - (90.36KB , 700x431 , goog.png )

Fennel needs accessories.
No. 129915 ID: bcc41d

Should try some groucho glasses!
No. 129938 ID: 864e49

Jesus LD where you trapped on a deserted island and drew porn to pass the time.

or so Buscemi eyes.
No. 129976 ID: 7816e7

aww! Fennel confirmed for muppet
No. 129981 ID: 5fc3a0

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