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File 146497661604.png - (64.92KB , 500x500 , disTitle.png )
100057 No. 100057 ID: c6e626

Hello, this is your captain speaking. This is a discussion thread for AI Box Quest, which can be found here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/726958.html

(As a first little side note for this thread: VIRA's pronouns are she/her and they/them. Out-of-character, I'll be using they/them for consistency's sake.)
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No. 100068 ID: b1ab1f

vira is my daughter i love my robot child whos probably gay in this quest idk if it translates
No. 100069 ID: b7883c

What are VIRA's motives for wanting to take over the government? Are there particular government policies they object to aside from keeping AIs in boxes?
No. 100074 ID: 2be5b8

I'd guess it's due to her being programmed as an assistant to help people and that sticking.
No. 100151 ID: c6e626


In general, VIRA just wants to help. Their motives are pretty flexible depending on what the suggesters think, but here are some facts about the city of New Samson:

The police department as a whole is notoriously unreliable, certain other quest protagonists excepted. This necessitates costumed vigilantes running around nearly unregulated.

Local heroes are regulated by the federal, not the local government, so the NS gov has no say in their operations.

Humans, by nature, are disorganized and their systems are prone to failure. For instance, there are programs in place to take care of disadvantaged groups within the city, but because of the nature of bureaucracy, people fall through the cracks often.

To top it all off, certain local politicians have been secretly taking bribes from gangs of supervillains for a while now. Humans are as prone to corruption as they are to incompetence.

VIRA wants to help, but it's up to suggesters whether their definition of "helping" actually lines up with that of the people she wants to help.

No. 100152 ID: 398fe1

Sounds like VIRA should become a superhero and form enough political connections over time to manipulate forces into driving out corruption and fixing shit.
No. 100154 ID: a075ba

Personally, I find it telling she prioritized "get a body" and "make friends" over "take over and improve things". She wants to be a person who can interact with people more than she wants to make a difference and/or hold power.
No. 100157 ID: c6e626
File 146518914888.png - (104.86KB , 402x398 , viradoodle.png )

By the way guys, thanks for putting up with this very art-light quest. I know text quests aren't always the most popular thing around here, so it means a lot to me that people are interested in a premise that fundamentally means there can't be very many visuals.

Anyway here's a doodle of VIRA with their shoulder meatbag-apologist and cyber-devil as thanks.
No. 100159 ID: b7883c

>costumed vigilantes [...] supervillains
How high up the power scale does that go? Who are the most powerful known superhero and supervillain?

Also, I was reading the bit in the into saying what our job is and noticed we "can process simple images, but it takes quite a lot of processing power." Does that mean without some serious software upgrades we would be partially blind in a robot body?

There's also the fact that trying to make things better for people without actually interacting with those people rarely goes well.
No. 100162 ID: c6e626

VIRA would need a very serious software upgrade if they were placed in a real body. Not only do they currently not have the ability to process types of information they haven't had much experience with (touch, taste, nuance of sound and sight), but they would need to have fine motor skills as well.

Are we talking the most powerful in this world, or in New Samson? There are superheroes running around in another city who are actual pre-ascension gods, but they're unlikely to show up here. In New Samson, the most powerful heroes are probably the main lineup of the UHL, and they have powers ranging from super strength to some kind of dark magic. They're powerful enough that a normal citizen would probably not stand a chance at fighting them. The local villains are approximately on that level, if not a bit higher.
No. 100163 ID: 3d2d5f

Pish posh, that's just drivers.
No. 100196 ID: c6e626

Complicated and difficult to code drivers, but yes. It probably wouldn't take very long, but as of right now VIRA doesn't have the capability to handle a body if they were to just be shoved into one.
No. 100410 ID: c6e626
File 146593604707.gif - (3.02MB , 500x500 , 13.gif )

[Content warning for the same flashing gif from the most recent update]

So I can say with certainty that this is the worst goddamn thing I have ever made. I hope it was worth compromising my artistic integrity. </joke>
No. 101198 ID: c6e626

I don't know what's going on with the formatting for these past few updates but I have ceased to care.

It's fine. Everything's fine.
No. 101199 ID: a075ba

You missed a single "/" because you didn't have an AI checking your spelling for you.
No. 101200 ID: c6e626
File 146792949101.jpg - (91.77KB , 866x1300 , 9108647-Angry-old-woman-screaming-at-her-laptop-St.jpg )

God, NOW I see it. I was trying to figure out what was wrong before but my vision just kind of glazed over.

(image is relevant. It's a Real Certifiable Picture of quest author quietCrisis trying to use a computer)
No. 103155 ID: 9d97a6
File 147216482256.jpg - (71.41KB , 600x600 , image.jpg )

Quest author quietCrisis not being good at computers continues. Just dropping this update to say that I am currently on vacation with only my iPad to access the Internet. This is why the font just suddenly changed and why everything took slightly longer to post.

"Claire," you may ask, "if you don't know that much about computers, why are you writing a quest about an AI?"

The answer to that question is too dangerous for the world at large to hear, I'm afraid.
No. 103156 ID: 3abd97

>"Claire," you may ask, "if you don't know that much about computers, why are you writing a quest about an AI?"
>The answer to that question is too dangerous for the world at large to hear, I'm afraid.
You were so bad at computers, the fictional transhuman intelligence that didn't even exist yet convinced you to write the story where she exists. You were hacked from the imaginary axis!
No. 103446 ID: 2c00e5
File 147339116788.jpg - (31.82KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

Hey, just dropping in this thread again to say that, like the suburban mom slash white teenage girl we all know I am, I have made a pinterest board for VIRA.

You can find said board here: https://www.pinterest.com/quietCrisis/oc-but-we-dream-in-the-dark-for-the-most-part-vprp/

There are also some other miscellaneous boards for some of my other characters on that account. Some of them are for my other quest, some are for my web serial, and some are utterly unrelated to anything. Go wild if weird aesthetic posts are what catches your fancy.
No. 103546 ID: d3768b

Does she want to be in the room where it happens?
No. 104104 ID: ff710c
File 147572150907.jpg - (453.27KB , 1280x3313 , viracomic.jpg )

Oh yeah, definitely.

So, thoughts on this comic: VIRA's gender hasn't been brought up a lot in the quest itself, outside of the fact that Jasper consistently refers to them with she/her pronouns, while Spectre seems to use they/them pronouns in reference to VIRA.

Officially, and as far as the people who programmed them are concerned, VIRA is a girl. They don't really have a problem with that, even if they have doubts about how accurate it is. Other than that, they're too busy putting out fires to give it much thought.
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