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No. 1 ID: 28e6d5

ITT we ramble amongst ourselves about Mudy Quest.
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No. 123 ID: fb5d8e

No. 124 ID: f98e0b

That...could work, but then it's likely that as soon as the jeering and alliance-breaking begins in earnest, Raital will massacre all present due to how in wuv she is with Mudy. Which would probably ruin our chances of an alliance with the Dark Elves in the first place. Maybe teaching her music could distract her?
Whatever we do we should do it soon. I miss confident, Kamina-esque Mudy, who's been replaced by trembly victim-shota Mudy as of late.
No. 125 ID: d2ea61


Me too. Now he's weak, inefficient and completely incapable of doing anything worth a damn.
No. 126 ID: d2ea61

No. 127 ID: fb5d8e

No. 128 ID: b250ae

And nothing of value was lost. Amen.
No. 129 ID: b754c3

Go fuck yourself.
No. 130 ID: 7383e3


Our father was Rudy Mann.
No. 131 ID: d85eeb

Reaver trolls us again ._.
I'm done guys
No. 132 ID: 45afb1

Something tells me we are going to have to team up with Calavera again in future. He may be evil and a total jerk, but I don't think he likes sharing the throne of most evil person ever with the Skullking. Plus hes kind of a rival now and if RPGs have taught me anything about rivalries, eventually you will have to work together.
No. 133 ID: 72ee5e

Agreed with 85. Also what does everyone thing of intermezzo 2. the lovers illdignified. In terms of the Raital is under puppet strings theory anyway.
No. 134 ID: 45afb1

Reaver's erotic fantasies. Why? I have no better conclusion. Sorry dude but some of that stuff just doesn't seem like Raital.
No. 135 ID: 72ee5e

Most likely true. Reaver should cut that out lol.
No. 136 ID: 9a71e2

Obviously, we need to get her vaginer demons exorcised.
Or get her into really strong bondage gear and cart her around until we find out who's doing it.
No. 137 ID: 45afb1

To give him credit though, it is entertaining. But still it would be nice if he just said it was a cut scene or something, I mean that's all it really was.
No. 138 ID: bffa2a

Eh, Raital is not a problem. It's plot point in developement for future where we will try to solve it. I guess having it as centerpoint for couple chapters was disheartening to some considering Mudy's levels of epicness have fallen off into utter nothingness during it. I found this threading water a bit depressing myself too. With upcoming probable party splitting (Dagger/Tote) danger level will increase and mayby story will flow again. This last chapter went pretty well tough nothing epic went down. Finger crossed.

In short I'm not at all upset about Raital being a fiend succubus that Mudy happens to love to death (in contrast to bleeding nose shy girl some want her to be *cliche*). I'm a bit upset at Mudy's utter impotence against everything as it has come to be. Man up Mudy and power up.

Also trolling.
No. 139 ID: a531d8

I think the worst part of Mudy Quest is that Reaver just picks whichever suggestion he likes the most and often not what majority likes/what's actually interesting. He's really good at speed doodling and all but c'mon, try something different once in a while. Well, that along with trolling and Raital.
Also, Darkmoon Stiletto sounds like a pretty cool guy. He reminds me of Tommy Lee.
No. 140 ID: 45afb1

Once again I'm backing up Reaver on this, granted he is a troll sometimes, as this recent chapter has proved with the whole sword dropping thing, but as he also proved is that he does his trolling for good reason. Yes its annoying on occasion, I don't know how many times I yelled at the computer after he did that, but if he hadn't chances are we never would have found Queen Darkmoon. And honestly if I was in his position at that point I probably would have done the same thing.

But trolling and RRing aside, I once again have to vote for Rapier. His a militarist, and seems to be a very friendly one at that. Plus Dagger trusts him, and if she does, I do. And although everyone has said it already, we know he will follow us against the Skullking.
No. 141 ID: 3fa7b7

Personally, my vote goes to Halberd. She would probably be just as likely to aid us in our fight against the Skullking as Rapier, and her diplomatic tendencies may help the Dark Elves in the long run. If Rapier were left in charge, they would probably just go right back to their blood feud with Moonshine after this Skullking business is over.

Although I bet Rapier WOULD make a good commander for their military forces.
No. 142 ID: 13034c

The problem with Rapier is that he's an expansionist. He may be a good choice now, but in the future, he'll cause problems. Also, he'll be a lot tougher to influence than people seem to think. He's strong-willed. And he might be Calavera.

Halberd is unlikely to want to fight the Skullking, though she could be a good leader to the elves.

Honestly, I feel like Stiletto might be the best choice, just because he's laid back and unlikely to change things too much.
Of course, that's only if he's capable of getting his act together in time for war. Otherwise, he sucks.
No. 143 ID: d4c3c0

The peace loving one might be a good choice. Then tell the others that they will act as his closest advisers.

He'll do what is best for the dark elf kingdom, and he won't be a giant douche to all the other civilizations when we've beaten the skullqueen.

Hopefully we can convince him to take military action in defense. Make sure to stress defense rather than an outright attack. That's all we need.

Regardless, we need to spend more time with all the people to see which of them makes the most sense for a ruler.
No. 144 ID: d4c3c0

Also, don't worry about Raital so much, guys.

the .5 sequence was obviously a dream. She's not that obsessed. Calevera has a good point. We are just upset WE aren't in control every moment, and that just makes Mudy a douche if we act on that feeling.

We could stop Raital's extreme advances as easy as.. being over eager! She'll cool off if we grow more comfortable. She's reacting to our nervousness. That's all.
No. 145 ID: f44349


We need to stop trying to "fix" Raital. Every time we try to 'talk' to her she just hears what she wants to and things get 'worse.'
We just need to let Raital be Raital. Quit reacting so much and eventually she'll cool down.

Also I honestly I can't see why people are complaining so much about her.
I think her ridiculous affections are cute. :3
No. 146 ID: bffa2a

Apparently, I somehow left out the praise in my post and it sounds more negetive when it was meant to be positive feedback. Sorry, it was nighttime. So, in addendum let me add a tongue in your cloaca to counter that:

Hey, Reaver. Really enjoying your quest and it really dosen't deserve all the criticism. You're doing a great job especially considering your horribly tight schedule. An update a day, what's up with that? I have been enjoying your quest from start and will enjoy it to whatever finish. Roll with the punches man, they can't touch you.

P.S. I like Raital.
No. 147 ID: 670155

Using the power the queen gave us.

I propose forming a new council, sending each one of them a challenge to join it(we already trust rapier, so his challenge will be removing his mask to make sure its not calavera), one that forces each one to come to grips with the fact that they need to cooperate.

Also Raital is getting better, when have we gone to sleep and not ended up in a hellish nightmare.
No. 148 ID: 13034c

100 She didn't give us that power. Abusing her authority is not likely to gain us any friends.
No. 150 ID: d5e43b

The Raital rape stuff is OUR FAULT. We manipulated an emotionally vulnerable person again and again because it suited our ends. All we would do was talk about how much we loved her when she was feeling bad, but other than that we just ignored her.

Mudyquest was about social interaction from the beginning. We can't expect our social actions to not have consequences. Hell, we chose to seduce her in the first place, and we are the ones who chose to fuck her.

I think the way to fix the situation (based on clues Reaver has left in the game as well as generally not being a dick) is to treat her like a person instead of a child with bad habits. We need to both take the initiative as well as doing something both public and romantic that isn't sexual.

She is emotionally abused, and even though we say we love her, we just want her to stand in the background and shut up when we don't need her powers. Because we manipulated her into joining through love, that isn't going to work, and is why she's been getting more violent and crazy. If she figures out we've been manipulating her this whole time (and she will if we don't do something, which is why the situation has gone from cute to creepy-its a warning that we need to fix it) she will murder the fuck out of Mudy.

Being mean isn't going to work, its just going to upset her. Every time we've upset her by being standoffish and then re-seduced her, she's gotten crazier and more clingy. This is not the solution.

We need to have a Raital day where we just go do nonsexual stuff outside in public. Next time she tries to molest us, we need to molest her right back. It doesn't matter whose around or what is happening. If we don't show her that she is super important to us, she is going to go totally crazy and start murdering people.
No. 151 ID: fb5d8e

You guys make me so proud.
No. 152 ID: 3c5986

Choo Choo
No. 153 ID: 97084c

What we need to do about Ratial

Follow that guy's advice. RETURN HER AFFECTIONS. Don't be rape victim. Don't play psychologist. JUST RETURN HER LOVE.


Also, seems the peacenik is TOTALLY USELESS. Shoulda known he'd be the useless as hell type of I WILL SIT IN ONE PLACE AND DO NOTHING TO TRY TO MAKE A MOVE TOWARD PEACE pacifists instead of the good "lets try to actually make people see a better way" pacifist.
No. 154 ID: c42be6

I wasn't exactly saying to to be a rape victim, and I was most certainly not saying that we shouldn't start being more affectionate. Stiletto's advice was much better, of course, but I think that making sure that we stop doing anything that could make Raital think we don't want to be with her, in any form, is also important. And right now, that means we should stop telling her to stop trying to have so much sex. ...Wow, that sentence is complicated, but I'm not sure how to phrase it any more simply.
No. 178 ID: dc3ed5

Am I the only person who never had a problem with the way Raital acted?
No. 181 ID: f98e0b

No. 184 ID: 961ddb

I don't see what the fucking deal is. I can't possibly see Mudy being the aggressive one, so it's really the only way it *could* have worked.
No. 186 ID: d2be38

I gotta ask.. is there an archive for Mudyquest? Imean, an index? I cant find earlier parts of it in the /quest archive/....
No. 187 ID: 63f46a

Earlier chapters were in same threads.

1st part:
2nd part:
3rd part:
Have fun.
No. 201 ID: 9a71e2

Is the BIG FAT CAT TAT SLAP initiative still underway?
No. 203 ID: a1aeb4

It better be!
Slap dem titties, Mudy. Slap them like you MEAN it.
No. 204 ID: 73f747

>Most boring and useless protagonist ever
No. 205 ID: a1aeb4

Herp a derp
No. 206 ID: 0d5afc

Mudy is the closest to the Skullking in blood... Maybe he had the most potential and was *kept* weak by his mum to save her own ass?
No. 207 ID: 9a71e2

Would explain the bigass sword, yeah.
No. 208 ID: 03e0ff


We discussed this. Return her affections! She won't cool off over night though. Keep at it.

No. 212 ID: 8a66e4

Awww, look what we did! Raital's acting all detached now...
No. 213 ID: 45afb1

She still loves us the way we love her, she just doesn't know it. :3
I say we go back to the song and dance plan, you know have some quality family time.
No. 214 ID: 6faa8c

Let her tsun tsun tsun, she'll be back to us sooner or later. Arguments are important in a relationship, they help set boundries and facilitate communication. She still cares, she's just grumpy.
No. 215 ID: bffa2a

Mayby Reaver needs a ">cutscenestart" notification just like ">animatoo". Would inform people not to post huge blocks of text right now and subsuquently get pissy when none of it gets even a glance. Also ">cutsceneend" to inform that you can start pouring out that novel again and stop resorting to one liners.

Then again I think that might be unneccesary as Bladetree scene was just bad design. Should have just taken the suggestions and leave everyone with impression that he was really considering the words. Then with everyone giving respekt and symphatising with our new friend: BAM! Raital fucks it all up and you're back to square one. Would have given a real rise of reaction instead of the apathy it got as most were still pissy their epic persuasion speech was ignored. You just have to hide the rails a bit better I think. But what can you do if you run this on a daily schedule, some design is bound to lapse at some point.

Hopefully the writefags will recover from publisher rejection and write new novels.
No. 216 ID: 1b9d99

WIELD ME RAITAL! The last chapter made me cringe somewhat.
No. 217 ID: c42a37

Then you're taking this far too seriously. MudyQuest has been silly and absurd since the beginning, it's not some epic piece of serious business.
No. 218 ID: 45afb1

Can't say you are right either though. Mudy Quest isn't Silly and absurd, and neither is it srs bsns. Its all of the above twisted together to make the most awesome adventure since Dorf quest! (I say Dorf quest because it was the most recent one to end that held on to the early aspects of Ruby quest.)
No. 219 ID: 1b9d99

Please tell me you're joking... I'll bet Mudy Quest would get furry spammed to hell and back on regular /tg/
No. 220 ID: db097e


What does that have to do with anything? This isn't regular /tg/.
No. 221 ID: 1b9d99

Well, in more plain terms, if it was as good DQ it would do well outside of tgchan and I don't see that happenin
No. 224 ID: 6faa8c


DQ succeeded mainly because it was pushing the envelope so hard and it had DORFINESS to back it up.
No. 229 ID: e5d95c

129 Are you suggesting that MQ's BOLDNESS is somehow inferior?
No. 230 ID: 45afb1

I would think that DORFINESS and BOLDNESS are two different subjects, one that pertains to the more violent side of awesome, and the other that pertains to the more natural side of awesome. Either way they are at equal levels of awesome while remaining on two opposite sides of the chart.
No. 356 ID: fb5d8e

Hello champs. Let me make an official statement.

I got bored of Mudy Quest, so it's on hold before I ruin it for myself. It might never be finished at all.
I am having a good time with The Romanticar right now, and I will be leaving for a month in little over a week.
Anyway, I never plan, so nothing is sure.

Thanks for enjoying, and I hope you will find something equally satisfying to do with your evenings.
No. 359 ID: d8f564
File 124923278643.jpg - (8.80KB , 184x184 , Ramba Ral is displeased.jpg )

>It might never be finished at all
No. 361 ID: 227d44

I completely understand. Were you just bored from drawing the same thing over and over? That happens to me a lot.
No. 363 ID: 82167e

Take your time - but I think I speak for everyone when I say we're all hoping to see you return to it eventually. Thanks for all your hard work!
No. 365 ID: bffa2a

Enjoy your vacation. Don't abandon Mudyquest. In that order.

Really enjoyed it thus far and I really want to see where it all leads. Please come back.
No. 366 ID: 6faa8c

I'm a little sad to hear that, but what the hey, you've been working hard.
No. 390 ID: 2cbe3e


This is really discouraging. The archives here are less the /quest/ archives and more the MudyQuest archives. A work like this would be an absolute shame to be left uncompleted. Nay, a tragedy.
No. 422 ID: f44349


Guys, I miss Mudy Quest. :<
No. 1002 ID: 2cbe3e


Sorry to bump an old topic but I just reread Mudy Quest. Really, I can't even go back to some of the other quests anymore. Especially Romanticar. There was just so much going on that there was always something to look forward to. I mourn.
No. 1034 ID: d58a3c

Reaver, please, we need you to finish Mudyquest. ;_;

Mudy's legend cannot be left half-sung. The little boldling deserves at least that much.

You don't have to grant him closure this instant, but promise us he isn't gone forever? Please?
No. 1036 ID: f44349

Reaver's on vacation, bro.
He won't be back for like a month.

However I second this sentiment. :<
No. 1038 ID: 9ded94

Whenever Mudy Quest does come back, if it does, the first thing we should do is to see whether we can give an entire day to Raital.

Start the day with some hot loving. Then make a dare: if she can go the rest of the day without sex, without a single fondle or bad touching or seduction or suggestive gesture... then we'll give her something that's even better than that. If she succeeds, then that's great. Spend the whole day with her, show her the other nice aspects of a relationship, and reward her with something really nice once the day's over. If she fails... make it really clear how disappointed we are of her. Show a really sad face.
No. 1039 ID: 726445


I dunno, I kinda like the current status of their relationship. Now we can focus more on the actual quest. We should just keep going on, and see what happens.
No. 1040 ID: 9ded94

You're crazy. She's clearly abusive and obsessive, and this very well might turn out extremely badly unless one of them does something about it.
No. 1041 ID: edade2

And clearly the best way to do it is to treat her like a bad puppy.
No. 1042 ID: 9ded94

Maybe not, but sticking with the status quo would be bad too.

I think all we need to do is to just show our love for her more. Follow Darkmoon Stiletto's advice (It was Stiletto, right? I get those royals mixed up often...). We've been rather reluctant for most of the time, not to mention been gone from her for a long time before that, so her reaction is pretty justified.
No. 1073 ID: 9ded94
File 125036604551.png - (29.26KB , 800x600 , 124811686161.png )

See that hand print?

That hand print is the fucking hottest thing ever. Honestly.
No. 1079 ID: bde1b8

Why? Because its the wrong hand for any conceivable palm that would be that far over on the bed?

I bet they were playing blood twister.
No. 1085 ID: 9ded94

No, it's just... I can't explain it, it's just is.

Although that probably IS one of the reasons, that it's not supposed to be like that. That handprint alone speaks of how rowdy the last night must have been.
No. 1096 ID: a3b36a

I wonder what the new dynamic between Kuhral and Raital would be like regarding our dashing hero.
No. 1100 ID: 9ded94

Kuhral realizes she's way too young for him, and probably won't really try. She'll still tease him, though.

I rather wonder about what Raital thinks of us managing to seduce absolutely everyone without even trying, though:
"So far, there's been a transvestite, a giant worm, a hedonistic dark elf, and two of your own sisters."
"Well... If it bothers you, I can say that there's never been and there never will be anyone else but you in my heart."
"Oh, I'm so relieved! I thought you might have left me for that giant worm!"
(Raital really only needs a bit more sarcasm mode and a bit snarky personality, and she'd be pretty much my dream girl.)
No. 1186 ID: 9ded94

Okay, there's something that's been bugging me for a while now, and I think we should find out an answer to this as soon as possible:

Kobolds are born in litters. So why doesn't Mudy have any twin brothers or sisters?
No. 1187 ID: f98e0b

Skullking ate the others.
No. 1188 ID: 9ded94

But why didn't she eat Mudy as well? From what we've heard, he wasn't supposed to be one of her spawn, fathered by the most powerful men in the world and trained to become all-mighty destroyers since childhood: he was just an accident. Why was he spared?
No. 1189 ID: f98e0b

I don't really know, it was just a joke.
Still, cutebolds always reminded me of rodents and they do that sort of thing.
No. 1190 ID: 9ded94

Joke or not, it just might be true: she could simply have absorbed them for more power or sacrificed them to some dark gods, or something similar. She's evil enough to do that kind of shit.

But it still doesn't explain why Mudy was spared.
No. 1211 ID: a3b36a

My theory is that Raital is his twin. Only, fraternal. Mudy got the skullking's recessive 'kobold' gene, Raital got the 'fiend' gene. Raital popping out first would make her his elder sister. After all... no ages have been mentioned for them, right? Just relative power levels.

But, it's just a mad theory. Feel free to pay it no mind.
No. 1236 ID: 9ded94

Hmm. Might I be the only one who has looked further upon those cards at the beginning of each chapter and what they mean? Maybe it's just me, but they do often match up.
No. 1554 ID: 1afd58

It will never be continued :Dc
No. 1561 ID: 448a65


>Saying it will never be continued
>Time of post hour or so after it continued

Wait what? My sarcasm detector is broken..
No. 1584 ID: 9ded94

Okay, now that I've finally gotten to read the lost chapter 31, I really think we should ask someone else about Raital. She seems to get unreasonably angry whenever we bring up her throwing Bladetree out.

We should talk to Bladetree. Try and find out if there are circumstances we don't know of in the incident. Or at least ask for girl advice: he'd seem to be the second-best choice for that right after Rapier, who obviously isn't around.
No. 1585 ID: 9ded94

I think the problem is quite simple: Raital just doesn't have anyone else in her life than us. Back home nobody cared about her at all, except her little brother - until he vanished too, leaving her all alone. And Bladetree and Axebeard are Mudy's friends, not Raital's. She literally cares about absolutely nothing aside from him, and she unreasonably assumes us to be the same, that we shouldn't care about our other friends at all, that she should be the one only thing in our lives.

Solution: get Raital friends. Have Axebeard invite her for an ale or something. Try to get her appreciate other things in life than Mudy. Fill the void in her head that has so far been only inhabited by her brother.
No. 1587 ID: 7eda8b

>Have Axebeard invite her for an ale or something.
Obvious in hindsight....
No. 1588 ID: 9ded94

Has she ever even TALKED to anyone but Mudy? Aside from the time she was supposed to talk to Bladetr-

Did she even talk to him at all? Or just wordlessly chuck him from the worm?
No. 1593 ID: 7eda8b

GMs should avoid NPC-NPC conversations anyway. It shouldn't be a surprise that most NPC conversations are with us.
No. 1594 ID: 2cbe3e


He's got a point though. DOES Raital do anything with any of the group except us? That's not really healthy behavior. I think it's less Reaver not showing Raital's interactions, (after all we see Bladetree+Goldwomb hanging out, as well as Totenkopf and Dagger even though they're a couple) and more the fact that Raital... obsesses on Mudy a little bit. Well, a lot bit. I think there's something in the idea of getting her to be friendlier with the rest of the party.
No. 1601 ID: 6faa8c

Next time we find a bar, HUGE PARTY and then sneak away and observe.
No. 1613 ID: 9ded94

She'd follow us. We need to hook her up with Axebeard and Bladetree first, then sneak out.
No. 1615 ID: 43d730

If we really want to mess things up, we could always forge a kidnapping, but that's a level of dickery I don't want to touch.
No. 3015 ID: bffa2a

Dead forever now. I am horribly sad.
Stealth posting it here just to get it out.

No. 3016 ID: bffa2a

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

fuck fuck fuck fuck

fuck fuck fuck

fuck fuck



Okay, worked this time.
No. 13096 ID: 6cd631

No. 79747 ID: 57848b
File 139261299849.png - (144.03KB , 800x600 , IMEANCOMEONSERIOUSLY.png )

I have a question.

(Look at the pictures now, the question is in there).

I MEAN SERIOUSLY, I know at one point they are shown to be asleep, but by god, there must have been SOMETHING on that roof that make them fall asleep while staring at it!
No. 126871 ID: daffb0

1) 9 years
2) It's considered rude to dig up old threads like this, because:
- 2a) It creates a brief moment of raised and dashed hopes for other people hoping for more
- 2b) It pushes newer stuff down the front page
- 2c) Even if they're still around many artists/authors do not like being reminded of old incomplete (failed) projects, especially ones so old that their tastes have likely changed and their skills have probably improved to the point that looking back on it they see a lot of embarrassing flaws
3) For reasons best left unmentioned a reminder of this quest in particular is a reminder for some people of things that are kinda awkward
4) You did it three times
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