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File 161705780281.png - (102.56KB , 1000x900 , p0.png )
993735 No. 993735 ID: eedbeb

Part 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/989140.html

Interlude: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/991509.html

Your wings keep growing.
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No. 993736 ID: eedbeb
File 161705781730.png - (63.05KB , 1000x900 , p1.png )

You’re asleep, which is perfectly normal. Everything is as it should be and there’s nothing wrong.

What are you dreaming about?
-A high school dance
-An exam you didn’t study for
No. 993738 ID: 434eec

No. 993743 ID: 0fae41

A high school dance. Couldn't be more awkward even if you were in your underwear and hadn't studied for it.
No. 993744 ID: 031458

It Comes.

Į̵͇̲̫͐͋͂́͜͠Ţ̵̤̗͂̿͂̎̈͂ ̶̮̹̞̰͎͈̟̓̇̈́̅̕͘͜͝C̶̱͙̼̔̀͐̽̅O̴̢̖͖̰͇͖̬̎̋̈́́M̷̜̠̦̳̳̯̖̼͉͐Ḛ̵͗S̸̩̊̔̒͋̓
No. 993745 ID: 8a51ec

A dream about a high school dance can't possibly morph into something symbolic and/or prophetic.
No. 993746 ID: 81f034

A dream about your high school dance that went horribly wrong and ended up with a few of your friends dying in a freak accident.
No. 993747 ID: b1b4f3

Dream about taking over Duck's stupid angel body through sheer force of will.
No. 993753 ID: 1869f4

Yeah, let's go with dreaming of overpowering the duck angel.
No. 993756 ID: 3ed3c3

A high school dance.
No. 993765 ID: 094652

Jennings And Dancing, In Sitting a tree...
You are dancing with Jadis
No. 993769 ID: eedbeb
File 161707173558.png - (216.23KB , 1000x900 , p2.png )

>High School Dance

Alright, I suppose we must take a few detours before you tell me about Jadis.

You’re in the middle of senior prom, corsage on your wrist, in one of those self-conscious circles that your clique has formed. Your date is standing by your side, eyes on you.

Should we dance?

You never actually danced at your real senior prom, content to stand near the walls of the neat venue and talk, but surviving your twenties made you a lot more confident, and you start to nod along to the music.
No. 993770 ID: eedbeb
File 161707176352.png - (115.26KB , 1000x900 , p3.png )

While you’re moving your body roughly in time to the fresh pop song, you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn to see an odd figure swaddled in constraining bandages, bobbing their head to the beat. Unlike the other people in the dream, you can make out fine details in their face. They’re fucking pissed.

Excuse me sir, the lady is taken.

The stranger glares at Duck’s Head and shuffles through some dance moves that are a few decades old.

Sir, I insist that you leave or I will have to remove you with force.

Your date is about to punch the familiar stranger. What do you do?
No. 993771 ID: 094652

Dare your date to dance with the stranger. You're dancing with all the boys tonight!
No. 993773 ID: b1b4f3

Insist that if they're going to fight over you, it has to be a dance battle.

Try to figure out why the stranger looks so familiar. Old boyfriend? Creepy stalker? Magically bound to a body that's using them as a soul?
No. 993775 ID: 4eb01a

Well, might as well ask where you recognize them from.
No. 993776 ID: 81f034

It’s a dream, dance with the stranger
No. 993777 ID: b1b4f3

Also if it wasn't implied strongly enough from my suggestion, stop your date from punching the stranger. You're Strong, you get to choose who dances with you.
No. 993785 ID: 0fae41

Pin the corsage to their chest, right in the eye.
No. 993786 ID: 031458

Date or not that's no excuse to be a dick!
No. 993788 ID: 46a721

Oh, poor fellow. It looks like his shirt is buttoned too tight.
It may be best if we help him out of those restrictive clothes.
No. 993793 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, if you're date is going to be so violent so fast, then maybe they aren't a very good or trustworthy date. Clearly, you need to stop your date and hang with the superior stranger.
No. 993805 ID: 53560f

Their dance moves are abysmal but if there’s anything I know about people who dance terribly, it’s that they are way more into it.
Dance with the stranger, understand their groove, do the worst dance moves you’ve ever danced in your life.
No. 993820 ID: ce39da

"You know, for some reason, I was expecting your 'invasion of the mind' to be a lot more subtle than... whatever the fuck you expected to get away with here. Who's this guy, anyway? I don't remember seeing him. Are souls supposed to have a face?"

The quickest way to turn a mind invasion around is to be the one who's asking the questions here.

"... Wait, that's still my soul in there, even if you did absorb it, right? You couldn't let yourself in, otherwise."

Make your (angelic) self punch themselves in the face through force of will.
No. 993832 ID: eedbeb
File 161712762668.png - (160.76KB , 1000x900 , p4.png )

You stop your date’s arm and sternly tell it that jealousy is a bad look. You can dance with whoever you want, and right now you want to dance with the stranger.

The stranger leads you a short distance away, towards a group of dogs whose faces you don’t recognize. Your date follows despite your warning scowl and watches while you groove.

Why is that thing even here.

Your date is really getting on your nerves. The stranger nods in agreement and gestures towards the door.
No. 993836 ID: ce39da

"Beats the hell out of me. Hey, my soul's still in there. It's still mine - else you wouldn't be able to let yourself in like this - right?" Make them punch themselves in the face through force of will. "That's what I thought; now kindly fuck off. I'll take whoever this is over you, at least for now."
No. 993838 ID: 19da02

Try scarpering
No. 993839 ID: 031458

o.o It's eyes are on it's chest.
"Bruh what the fuck even are you?"
No. 993842 ID: 8a51ec

Our date is making this awkward, let's get out of here and converse our way into finding out what's pissing this stranger off so much.
No. 993843 ID: 094652

"I'm not your pleasure dispenser, and he's not your punching bag. Goodbye."
No. 993845 ID: b1b4f3

dogs: block Duck's path.
No. 993850 ID: eedbeb
File 161713927827.png - (74.74KB , 1000x900 , p5.png )

>Take control of Duck’s Head and make it punch itself

That’s too complex for what you’re capable of right now. You are asleep, in a strange lucid dream where you can’t talk, only tell. You’re aware that your date is not your friend and that they want you to take them to Jadis, but your other knowledge is hazy.
No. 993851 ID: eedbeb
File 161713929664.png - (123.86KB , 1000x900 , p6.png )


Now that you’re trying to pay attention, you notice that the stranger is floating, not walking. You can’t say where you know them from, but they seem trustworthy.

That soul identifies as male. Also come back here.

You feel like you’re moving through syrup and the stranger squirms impatiently. He seems to be restrained with several lengths of tight cord.

Do you:
-Keep running
-Untie the stranger
-Attempt to fight your date
No. 993852 ID: 0fae41

Untie that stranger. Maybe they're over it.
No. 993853 ID: 09bf84

Oooh untie the stranger it’s totally a bad idea but do it
No. 993854 ID: 3ed3c3

I don't know what untying the soul will do to Body, but fighting isn't a good idea as the angel has the advantage and running isn't going to work as this is all mental.
Come what may, freeing the soul seems like our only option.
No. 993872 ID: 46a721

Untying the soul would be really unpredictable thing to do, no to mention something nasty may happen to Body.

Eh, let's see what happens.
No. 993874 ID: 031458

Untie said stranger. DO IT
No. 993880 ID: ce39da

No. 993892 ID: eedbeb
File 161715211996.png - (140.80KB , 1000x900 , p7.png )

>Untie the stranger

You reach for the loosest cord and fumble at the knot with numb fingers. Once the stranger figures out what you’re doing, he leans towards you to give you better access.

Your date is a few steps away when the string miraculously uncurls and the section of cord falls away.

Unwise. I am tired of waiting.

Duck’s Head is still a few steps from you as you’re impaled through the chest.
No. 993893 ID: eedbeb
File 161715213855.png - (195.23KB , 1000x900 , p8.png )

Congratulations, you found the fastest way to wake up.

You blink, disoriented by the bright ceiling light in Margot’s room. Body is kneeling by your side, sagging and slightly cross-eyed, while Jadis stands at the foot of the bed, Cookie beside her.
No. 993894 ID: b1b4f3

Warn them that Duck ate your soul and is using that connection to invade your dreams.
Also tell them about the weird bound soul you saw.
No. 993895 ID: 031458

Uh... Hello?
Why's everyone staring?

As the soul was untethered at that point, it's unlikely we have that information.
No. 993898 ID: 0fae41

Whoo. Did anyone get the license plate number on that duck?
No. 993899 ID: 8a51ec

"Were you having a party?"
No. 993901 ID: 53560f

“Angels are looking for you Jadis, they got my soul and also I think I might have fucked with something I wasn’t supposed to while I was out.
Now that the warning of impending doom is out of the way, are you doing okay Body?”
No. 993908 ID: b1b4f3

Evelyn remembers being a soul. We have all the information we've seen during the non-interlude threads.
No. 993911 ID: eedbeb
File 161715937521.png - (102.07KB , 1000x900 , p9.png )

Your head feels stuffy and your tongue is dry.

“There’s an angel coming for you, Jadis.” you croak. “It’s related to the one we gave to Kibble and it took my soul and was in my dreams.”

Jadis sighs, resigned more than afraid. “I’m probably toast then. Had a pretty good run. You’ve been asleep for ages, we couldn’t wake you, even with magic. After I ran out of string I came back here and Kibble told me about what’s been happening. Even interrogated Duck a bit, though it’s basically catatonic with self-pity.”

You groan and try to rub your forehead, only to jerk on the thread connected to Body’s limp wrist.
No. 993913 ID: 8a51ec

We might want to be extra cautious about that string from now on, considering who currently has our soul.
No. 993921 ID: 7bd48e

Ask for a smoke. It helps you think.

Do we still have that werewolf infection? I wonder if we can use that to our advantage in some way considering Duck has our soul, and we can connect to it through dreaming
No. 993926 ID: 4eb01a

Thanks for the save, Bod.

what if an angel gets infected with the werewolf virus? would that cripple the magical ability?
No. 993928 ID: b1b4f3

Ok time to talk about the soul you saw in your dream. Was that Body? Couldn't have been, the soul identified as male.

Also Body are you ok?
No. 993970 ID: 1869f4

>>993928 It has been shown that the soul is not the same as the body and mind that harbor it in this story.
The soul probably identified as male because it is mostly made out of that werewolf dude.

We should check to see how Body is feeling. She seems a bit....stiff. Heyoo!
No. 994017 ID: b1b4f3

I know that. I'm framing my suggestions as if we don't know the information gained in the interlude.
No. 994026 ID: eedbeb
File 161721435099.png - (128.56KB , 1000x900 , p10.png )

You cover your face with your free hand. A cigarette would help you relax, but you’d think it’d be rude to light up in Margot’s room and instead you try to remember what happened in the dream.

There was another soul that had helped you, a tied-up guy that killed your sleep self to get you away from Duck’s Head. That had to be Body’s and by default yours, defending you against the invader.

Speaking of Body, the zombie is going through an exciting range of facial expressions, eyelids twitching and teeth gritted.

“Are you okay?” you ask. “I might have messed with your soul in the dream, er, I hope that didn’t break anything.”

“Uh oh.” says Jadis.

“Jadis, do you know if we could infect the angels with the werewolf virus? What have witches historically—“
No. 994027 ID: eedbeb
File 161721440302.png - (175.17KB , 1000x900 , p11.png )

Body lunges across the bed and you yelp as the string cuts into your wrist. Your weight slows her enough that Jadis can lean out of Body’s reach.

“All this FUCKING TIME.” the zombie yells. “I begged you to tell me if something was wrong, if there was something making me feel like shit, and you never FUCKING TOLD ME THAT I HAD A SENTIENT SOUL THAT WAS BEING CONSTANTLY TORTURED.”

Now Jadis looks scared, smile stretched in an apologetic grimace. “I assume it’s communicating more clearly with you.”

“Yeah it is! It’s screaming at me, and I—“ Body tears at her mottled skin and you see a few stitches break open. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU.”
No. 994028 ID: 9c1ef3

please tell me you have a kill switch for this exact scenario

not because I want you to use it, but because it's the smart thing to do when making a whole ass new life

...but you might want to use it, if you got it.
No. 994030 ID: 158c05

Jadis is dangerously close to murdering body If that happens, you die too.
No. 994031 ID: 8a51ec

Now seems like the time to ask Jadis what the hell the story is behind Body's soul.
No. 994032 ID: b1b4f3

Body no. Jadis, fix this. I'm going to assume you didn't know the soul was in pain. Why don't you fucking do something about it now that you do.
No. 994033 ID: 3ed3c3

Save it for when she's no longer useful.
We still need Jadis to fix us. I still need a soul, and you need a soul that's not alive and screaming.
No. 994034 ID: 6a3606

"Body, we can kill this asshole now, or we can plan and destroy a history-spanning pantheon of The Murderers of all time. We can't do both.
Besides, Jadis is deluded, I don't think she knew the soul she murdered was still conscious."
No. 994055 ID: ce39da

Restrain her: "Dude, you did me a seemingly counterproductive solid back in the dream, so here's me returning the favor. Do you really think this should be at the top of your priority list when we have the angelic apocalypse to contend with?" Point at Jadis. "Not that I'm gonna excuse you for your presumed crimes against magic; that's just a tomorrow conversation as opposed to a today one."
No. 994073 ID: eedbeb
File 161724621929.png - (201.65KB , 1000x900 , p12.png )

>Restrain Body

You don’t know the details of Body’s creation, though from what you know of Jadis it probably wasn’t pretty. That doesn’t mean you’re going to let Body kill her, and you grab the zombie’s right arm, the one that’s easiest to reach.
It’s surprisingly difficult. You are a STRONG woman and Body is…very angry.

“We need Jadis for the apocalypse, calm down, we can talk this out—“

Body snarls at you and pulls the meanest pair of scissors you’ve ever seen out of her pocket space and starts snipping at the string.
No. 994074 ID: eedbeb
File 161724623108.png - (154.51KB , 1000x900 , p13.png )

“Jadis, do something, make her stop!” you yell.

“Give me a second, there’s a kill switch I built into—“

Something invisible slashes across her face, cutting her eyes and flinging blood into the air. Cookie screams and Kibble crashes into the cramped bedroom, Duck in her hand.
No. 994084 ID: 820483

Tell Kibble Body and something invisible is trying to kill you and Jadis. Tell her to subdue Body and get you out of here
No. 994085 ID: 8a51ec

Go for the stitches in Body's other wrist, and tell Kibble there's something we can't see in the room trying to kill Jadis.
No. 994094 ID: b1b4f3

The soul is able to affect the physical world?! I wonder how well it could fight an angel warrior...

Anyway. Warn Kibble that Body's soul is attacking Jadis. Do your best to prevent Body from cutting the string.
No. 994106 ID: 1869f4

Tell Cookie and Kibble to take Jadis away while you try to calm Body down.
Tell her Jadis WILL pay for this after we deal with the soul crisis.
No. 994120 ID: afe7de

Is that Body's soul? holy shit. Ask Kibble to help you disable Body before you're knocked unconcious.
No. 994124 ID: 094652

"Body, I don't want to die again!"
No. 994144 ID: a4781c

tell body that of she kills Jadis we wont figjre out what she did or how to fix it.
No. 994151 ID: 8a8155

Body no! People die when they are killed!
No. 994216 ID: 422cea

Oh Christmas on a Cantaloupe I hope healing magic is trivial enough to fix burst eyeballs. Jadis must be in some godless pain now. Wrangle Body and attempt to damage the threads on her left arm so she drops those shears!
No. 994250 ID: eedbeb
File 161730671607.png - (209.22KB , 1000x900 , p14.png )

Kibble’s eyes sweep over the scene, taking in the struggle on the bed and Jadis dripping blood onto the carpet. You shove your palm between the blades to stop them from closing and manage to pull out some of the stitches in Body’s left arm.

Kibble’s chest cracks open and an enormous mouth snatches Body into the air. The scissors thump besides you on the bed and the zombie goes limp between the bare teeth, still scowling.

“What happened?” Kibble asks hoarsely.

You try to explain despite not knowing the details, stuttering slightly in the shadow of the mouth monster.

“I think Jadis was attacked by Body’s soul when she tried to use magic on it, she’s really hurt.” you finish.

Jadis struggles to her feet, face a mess of swollen tissue. You flinch when you see her ruined eye.

“Need my dad.” she spits.
No. 994256 ID: e51896

Kibble focus on keeping Body and Body's soul restrained
Cookie call Jadis' father
as for us, we need to talk to body and get his priorities straight on which is more important right now, revenge, or preventing the apocalypse, because if we don't stop the apocalypse, a lot of people's souls will end up like the soul he got, and end up like how your soul ended up with Duck.
No. 994268 ID: be4266

Body I get that you’re pissed, BUT if we don’t figure this shit out soon the world will literally end
No. 994293 ID: 44b7a7

Tell body you'll save her soul if she promises to help stop the apocalypse. Tell her you were in the process of doing that before Duck woke you anyway.
No. 994294 ID: b1b4f3

Oh? What's her dad gonna do? Wave a magic wand and make all this go away?
Tell Jadis she better have a way of fixing Body's soul. Eternal torture is not cool. "Unprecedented", my ass.
No. 994323 ID: 1869f4

Cookie, take Jadis out. I need to have a heart to heart with Body.
No. 994338 ID: eedbeb
File 161732809452.png - (169.03KB , 1000x900 , p15.png )

“Cookie, take Jadis to the living room. Call whoever she needs for help.” you say. It’s too crowded in this bedroom and the sight and smell of blood is making you queasy. You don’t have a high opinion of Jadis’ dad but he probably knows his healing magic.

Once they’re gone, you motion for Kibble to lower Body to eye level. A heart to heart is in order.

The cheerful, dopey cat you were so fond of is gone. Body scowls at you from between the monster’s teeth, unfazed by the jaws that could bite her in two.

“I’m not your enemy.” you say. “I get that you’re pissed, but we need to talk things through. If you’re suffering, I want to help, but you really scared me just now.”

Body droops for a moment, but keeps her defiant glare. “I just learned my entire life is a lie.”

“So what are you going to do? Kill Jadis? Will that make you feel better?”

“Yes.” She says stiffly.

“Can it wait until I have my soul back? I helped free your soul, at least partially, pay me back by being patient.”

The zombie snorts. “I’m not going to be around for that long. Mr. Lewis will put me down as soon as he gets here.”
No. 994346 ID: ce39da

“Look, maybe he will, maybe he won’t, but unless you have any ideas that won’t end prematurely with our mutual demise, waiting’s all we got. I imagine our odds increase significantly if you can just cool it with the whole ‘murder’ impulse.”

“New question; will killing Jadis pragmatically improve anything? Because if this is 100% emotion driving you here, there are better ways of acting on it. Denounce her, cut ties, press some actual legal charges, resolve to never forgive or at least never forget, etc.”
No. 994354 ID: b1b4f3

Ask Kibble if she'll help you protect Body. Maybe Mr. Lewis will be persuaded by the fact that Duck considered you and Body together to be a powerful entity? Maybe there's a potential edge to be gained against the angels if Body is kept alive, by researching the weird sapient soul inside her. Presumably this arrangement would include helping the soul so it's no longer suffering.
No. 994362 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, another thing we could do is LEAVE. Mr. Lewis can't kill Body if he doesn't know where we are.
No. 994367 ID: e51896

"I don't think her father is going to kill you. She takes great pride in her work, and I do not think she is going to tell her father about what you did, only help get herself patched up, and make it look like an accident or something. She doesn't want to be like her father after all.
No. 994434 ID: eedbeb
File 161737848769.png - (129.67KB , 1000x900 , p16.png )

“Is that true?” you ask Kibble.

The stoic cat shifts uneasily on her feet. “Jadis needs a medical witch she can trust.” she says evasively.

“Help protect Body while he’s here then, or, I don’t know, we can leave the apartment and come back later.” You look between the two sullen cats. “Come on, Body, we need to work together.”

There is a third option. You could let me talk to the father.

You startle, then realize that it’s just Duck.

Do you:
-Let Duck do its thing (please do not pick this option)
No. 994435 ID: ce39da

"No way in hell, duck." Just because he's personally 'lost,' that doesn't mean he's above being a spiteful dick. "Let's just go." (Staying might give duck the chance to try his shit anyway.)
No. 994440 ID: 3ed3c3

Let's take a leave of absence until things cool down. Then we can start trying to fix this shit.
No. 994442 ID: 094652

>Duck option
"I don't trust you after what you and your 'brother' did to me."

Leaving sounds good.
No. 994444 ID: b1b4f3

No. 994483 ID: f8fa51

Just leave. Better to sidestep the conflict than to rely on protection.
No. 994486 ID: 44b878

Give Body a hug and tell her you are not gonna let people hurt her.
No. 994487 ID: da89f3

>(please do not pick this option)

What if that was Duck's head that told us not to let ducks body talk to trick us?
No. 994491 ID: eedbeb
File 161740025813.png - (154.77KB , 1000x900 , p17.png )


Removing Body from the situation is probably the safest option, for all parties. You ignore Duck’s suggestion on principle.

“Let her go and we’ll get out of here. Someone can call Body if you need us.” you tell Kibble.

She nods and drops Body to the bed, along with a few shiny ropes of saliva. Body doesn’t reach for the scissors, and you carefully slide off the bed and crack open the door. You can hear Margot’s worried voice and the sound of duct tape being unrolled.

You make a beeline for the exit and hastily unlock the apartment door.

“Wait! Let me come with you.” Margot calls.
No. 994492 ID: 094652

No. 994500 ID: d6408c

No. 994508 ID: 3ed3c3

Please, yes. Do not leave us alone with the enraged, undead construct. It would be too awkward.
No. 994510 ID: eedbeb
File 161740734607.png - (138.05KB , 1000x900 , p18.png )

You slow your pace once you’re in the hallway so Margot can catch up. You haven’t interacted much with Margot, but she seems like a nice girl who doesn’t take any shit. Hopefully that makes her trustworthy.

“Body I am so sorry. I had no idea. I’m furious with Jadis and I want to make sure you’re okay.” Margot pants.

Body grunts in acknowledgement.

“If I stay with you, there’s a smaller chance you’ll be ambushed. Her dad is going to freak out, you totally blinded her and she can’t use magic unless her eyes are fixed.”

“Good. Hope it’s permanent.”

Margot makes a small choked noise, then addresses you.

“Where are we going? The city’s still in a state of emergency and we’re not supposed to be outside unless it’s urgent.”
No. 994514 ID: 3c38f8

We can take Duck with us and go to Evelyn's house.
There, we can try to find common ground with Duck to glean more information on this whole soul-snatching affair.

Also, we should tell Body that, know that she knows what was wrong with her, we can work on making things better.
No. 994515 ID: b1b4f3

Uh... what's nearby?
Is Evelyn's apartment close by?

Ask Body about how the soul can affect the physical world. Can she direct him to do that if, by some chance, we get attacked by an Angel or just some ruffian?
Shit, did we ever pay back that werewolf?
No. 994522 ID: 3ed3c3

Some neutral ground would be good. Someplace no one would think to look.
Is there a CVS or an equivalent thereof somewhere nearby? It's my experience that those make for good emergency sanctuaries.
No. 994526 ID: 031458

So Body. You dead-set on dying, or, assuming you could free the soul within you and live somehow, would you want too?
No. 994538 ID: eedbeb
File 161741965535.png - (87.99KB , 1000x900 , p19.png )

“Let’s walk to my place. It’s not very big but I have food and internet.” you say.

Margot sighs. “I’m sure we won’t have much time to enjoy it. Once Jadis is fixed up she’ll call and we’ll have to figure things out.”

“Yeah speaking of that, Body, will you die and your soul be freed if Jadis dies? Is that partially why you’re trying to kill her?”

Body gives you a calculating look. “I have a hunch that’ll happen, and my hunches are basically the soul talking at this point. Not sure though.”

You zone out during the rest of the walk, lost in thought. You and Body are tied together literally and figuratively at this point. Things are getting complicated and—

There’s a white speck against the blue sky, roughly above the café where you work. When you notice it, you feel a strange sense of disorientation, like you’re looking through a pair of parallel mirrors that are reflecting each other.
No. 994539 ID: eedbeb
File 161741966608.png - (166.12KB , 1000x900 , p20.png )

Hey buddy sorry we got off on the wrong foot—

You shriek and put a useless fist between you and Duck’s Head, who is very suddenly right in front of you. Instead of the usual stiff speech, it’s adopted an overly friendly tone that makes your skin crawl.

Spending time in that dream with you was really enlightening. We had a great time at prom. You know, I have a very strong interest in your current soul and I’d like to learn more about it. Help a pal out.
No. 994550 ID: b1b4f3

Well I guess the super important question that I've tried asking twice now is about to be answered.

No. 994552 ID: 8a51ec

"I'm sure you had a great time impaling me through the chest. And even if you didn't already make it clear you'll just rip my head off if push comes to shove, I don't know anything about this soul either."
No. 994553 ID: 3ed3c3

Can't help but notice it gets a lot friendlier after it loses. What? It's here to try and weasel information out of us? Cut some kind of deal? Whatever it is, forget it.
No. 994571 ID: 422cea

"I have the strangest feeling you destroyed my original soul, however that's even possible; And I don't know if you're up to date on how we mortals work, we kind of need these things to function and exist and everything you've done has only caused me and everyone adjacent to me pain and suffering.

I am way past the point of trusting you at this point."
No. 994603 ID: ce39da

> Weird ‘parallel mirror’ effect.
“... Wait, is my soul still ‘in there?’ Like, conscious and stuff?”

Switch primary perspective to the angel if you can - focus more on the angel’s senses than you’re focusing on your own body’s; it is time for big shenanigans.
No. 994617 ID: eedbeb
File 161746821788.png - (152.18KB , 1000x900 , p21.png )

You don’t trust Duck’s Head at all after it absorbed your soul and invaded your dreams. Since it’s not threatening you yet, you assume that it’s either scared of something or trying not to spook you.

“I don’t know anything about Body’s soul and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. You’d probably try to suck him out and leave us for dead.” you say.

“Who’s this?” Margot asks.

“The head of the angel we gave to Kibble, all grown up.” you say sourly.

“Oh. We’re going to die then.”

Don’t worry, friend of buddy. I am not here to suck anything out of anyone, just hang out with my bros. Get to know them better while maintaining the appropriate boundaries. Duck’s Head throws out its arms to demonstrate. While you stare, you feel a vague sense that your arms are outstretched as well.
No. 994618 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, he's linked to you. I think he can't actually fight you, because what happens to you, happens to him?
Which means... take your arm out of the string.
No. 994619 ID: 44b878

Can you put my soul back into my body, please? And explain to us why you are forcing souls to go to the moon?
No. 994624 ID: 3ed3c3

...Hey, Body? Punch me in the face.
No. 994628 ID: ce39da

Aha, a major flaw in the angel's current setup. Will into being the "vague sense" of punching yourself in the face.
No. 994630 ID: eedbeb
File 161747772971.png - (163.04KB , 1000x900 , p22.png )

You want to test your theory that you’re linked to Duck’s Head via your absorbed soul. If you can use the connection to hurt the angel, you’ll have an advantage for as long as it sticks around.

“Punch me in the face, Body.” you say out of the corner of your mouth.

“You’ve had enough head trauma recently.” deadpans Body, and socks you in the stomach.

You retch and crumple to your knees. You’ve missed enough meals that the vomit turns up clear and you hack yourself into disheveled exhaustion.

Why did you do that? asks Duck’s Head. Totally unaffected. Great.

“No reason.” you cough. “Mind giving me my soul back and answering some questions?”

I could, my good friend. But I’d rather exchange valuables for valuables. Answer my questions and I will answer yours, and once I have what I want I will return your soul.

You can now ask Duck’s Head any questions, provided you answer one of its questions first.
No. 994632 ID: afe7de

Ask what non Jadis related question it wants to ask.
No. 994633 ID: e51896

Eh, don't ask or answer questions, we'll think one up later. just go in your apartment. Duck can come in if he wants I guess. Tell him his old body misses him and is a inconsolable mess.
No. 994650 ID: 3ed3c3

Do you want to kill Jadis? 'Cause Body has dibs.
No. 994691 ID: e51896

Rephrase to if you want to kill Jadis, Body has dibs, no need to make that a question
No. 994706 ID: b1b4f3

I think we should string Duck's Head along and ask dumb questions while answering his in really vague and meaningless ways. Just like he did to our questions when he was a full body.
No. 994718 ID: eedbeb
File 161750326421.png - (140.14KB , 1000x900 , p23.png )

“Fine. We can’t get rid of you, so you might as well stick around. We could even reintroduce you to your old self later.” you say.

Wonderful. Duck’s Head joins you by your side. Though I confess, dear chum, that I have little to say to a lesser angel. Now please tell me who created you.

You decide to have a little fun. “My mom and dad had sex and didn’t use protection.”

Hm. I am unfamiliar with this subject. Were your parents witches?

“That’s another question bub. Here’s mine, do you want to kill Jadis?”

That was my intention, though I suspect that she has much to do with your condition and is thus a person of interest.

You shrug and lead the group to your apartment building and into your one bedroom apartment.
No. 994720 ID: e51896

Well, home sweet home you guess.

Idea: play poker with everyone, including duck. That way, you can read his tells to determine when he is lying or not with his answers and determine if he is being genuine with how friendly he is being.
No. 994722 ID: b1b4f3

Definitely keep giving Duckhead useless answers.
Next question would be, what do the Angels want from this conflict?
No. 994743 ID: 422cea

Sounds like angels are ignorant of the machinations of how mortals work... I question things.
No. 994747 ID: 3c38f8

"Why are you forcing souls to go to the moon? That ruins the lives of many, many people!
Also, your other half really feels bad for being left behind, I thought angels were famous for their simpathy."
No. 994813 ID: eedbeb
File 161757244283.png - (171.76KB , 1000x900 , p24.png )

Margot spots a deck of cards you weren’t aware you owned and coaxes the rest of you, angel included, into an animated game of Hearts. Duck’s Head behaves itself, even projecting its telepathic voice into the broader conversation. After some tentative pleasantries, Margot starts bantering like normal, even with Duck’s Head.

“You don’t know much about animals, do you?” she teases.

I do not. In my defense, I did not have much time to observe yesterday before I went to report.

You have the horrible mental image of a squat little angel peeping through your bedroom window.

“You can’t play hearts, we haven’t broken the suit yet.” Margot admonishes Body, who sulkily takes back her card. “Well Duck’s Head—can I call you DH?—I’m happy to show you around if you promise not to eat me or my brother’s soul.”

Yes, kindly take me to—

You interrupt before Margot lets anything slip about Jadis. “Responding to your last question, my parents weren’t witches or had anything to do with witches. What do the angels want from all this? Why are the scouts and soldiers coming to earth?”

Is that how you describe us? It is essentially accurate, the scouts find potential leads and the ones who promote the most promising information are promoted. As for what we want, I believe the highest honor is to serve our god well and be chosen to grow.
No. 994814 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, what does their god want?
No. 994818 ID: ce39da

Focus your senses and try to peek at DH's hand.

"Okay, so it seems like angels seriously have no context regarding how us mortals down on earth view things, so it makes sense how they'd think there's nothing wrong with yeeting the souls out of people's bodies while they're still using them. You do realize us mortals kind of need those to live, right? With that in mind, is it really such a mystery why we see you as the bad guys in all this?"

Fully prepared to A) have a point made to us that our souls are actually where our sense of self is - be prepared to retort with accusations of kidnapping rather than murder, then - or B) confusion born from DH lacking even the most basic knowledge of how life and reality both seem to work for us - in which case we'll help clarify that to use up DH's question for the round.
No. 994820 ID: 8a51ec

Wait, so DH doesn't even have any idea why this god wants peoples' souls? You'd think ascending to a higher form would incline you to ask more questions, like in general.
No. 994823 ID: 44b878

Mister Head, I know that obeying God is the single most important thing there is, but why do you hace to take souls out of people's bodies to do it?
No. 994824 ID: eedbeb
File 161758114462.png - (144.58KB , 1000x900 , p25.png )

>Try to peek at DH’s hand

You continue to deflect and provide unhelpful answers to DH’s questions. The angel’s tone remains calm, but you feel its frustration. Thanks to your still sore stomach, you know that the angel can’t feel what you can. Maybe you can focus and try to do the reverse?

To your surprise, you feel your vision slip and double. You close your eyes and find yourself staring at DH’s hand from the eyes on its chest. It has the Queen of Spades and is looking to drop it this round.
No. 994825 ID: eedbeb
File 161758116133.png - (91.27KB , 1000x900 , p26.png )

“You turn.” Body says, disturbing your concentration. You clear your throat nervously and drop a low diamond on the pile. Margot groans when she ends up with the Queen.

“Why is this god taking people’s souls?” you ask.

I responded to a variation of this question before and responded truthfully.

“Yeah, well, maybe you need to explain a bit more because I didn’t understand it. There’s nothing natural about it.”

On the contrary, DH snaps, Animals walking and talking is abnormal and your sad, short lives are only possible in the first place because of my god’s benevolence. Due to your kind’s eager increase in numbers, the drain on my god is unsustainable. One feels no pain when they lose their soul which is far more kind than the alternative which is convincing your governments to go to war against each other.
No. 994831 ID: 094652

What would need to be done to strengthen this god? What are the effects of splitting souls to distribute among the living? How do angels consume souls and why do they have that ability in the first place? What is your god made of and how do they create souls in the first place? What would be the consequence of a near-soulless being and would they be near-unconscious yet capable of menial / programmable labor?
No. 994849 ID: 422cea

Are they saying the creation of souls are a finite resource?

What's stopping a wave of infertility take over and just not let souls take hold of unborn mortals? It'd be very harsh but better than just stealing away souls that are kind of still being used... I feel the issue is God hasn't been appropriately rationing the cycle of souls.

War will be inevitable if enough of the nations suffer a loss in population that it throws them into social and economic chaos anyway!

Is there a Grim Reaper we can talk to or something about this?
No. 994850 ID: 031458

Are you suggesting that our souls are all a piece of god?
No. 994853 ID: b1b4f3

Huh. The God up there has a limited supply of souls... That's information that needs to get to the world governments. They need to restrict reproduction to keep population counts low, since even if Angels somehow lost this war there's a hard cap on population. Population getting too high might even KILL the Moon-God, which would... prevent new souls from being created, maybe? That's a world-ending scenario.
Also, this soul-sharing string method could be used to reduce the amount of souls used, if Angels cooperate to only take the souls that are not needed due to the soul share.

Anyway, that was extremely valuable information! You should throw DH a bone so he doesn't get fed up and leave. Explain what sex is and how reproduction works. Also, any deals regarding DH speaking to Jadis would involve a full non-aggression pact. No fighting, at all, on either side. DH doesn't get to kill anyone at all before or during the meeting, and for some time afterwards. That protection will of course be nullified if someone tries to kill DH.
We'll have to call Jadis or her dad to arrange this treaty.

Okay, next question, ask what kind of "leads" DH is looking into. As in, what specific information is valuable to the Angels and their God? I wonder if it's that they're trying to solve the limited-power thing, so their God doesn't have to cull the animal population. That's basically what Jadis was trying to do, wasn't it? Except, she couldn't get it to work and wound up cheating by stealing a soul. Also I guess Duck got highly rewarded for discovering the soul-share string, and was then sent to... kill Jadis? I wonder why? Wouldn't that be counter-productive? Maybe it was to steal her soul and thus the knowledge involved in producing the string? That's probably it.
No. 994855 ID: 53560f

So what you’re saying is we need to kill or enslave god and find a way to take his power for ourself to continue living?
Now we just need to find a way to actually do that.
No. 994863 ID: eedbeb
File 161759301395.png - (99.73KB , 1000x900 , p27.png )

>Kill/Enslave god

Probably not the best idea, but definitely an idea.

>Soul sharing

You’ve been sharing Body’s soul for a few days, and just had to sleep for 16 hours, not to mention the inconvenience of being stuck to another person. It might work in a pinch, but it’s not a long term solution.

>Souls are a piece of a god

Yes, that’s how you interpret DH’s words. Pretty wack.

“Why are you guys not freaking out?” you ask.

Margot shrugs. “I mean, I live with Kibble who’s kind of a demigod, so it’s not that big of a stretch. Magic has to come from somewhere and I’m sure people have theorized it’s coming from a higher power.”

“But the implications.” you splutter. “Everyone is in danger of getting their soul sucked out.”

It is not that easy. My god is…compromised. That is why I am interested in speaking with this Jadis to learn more about your very interesting soul, which is only my god’s on the surface level. She clearly has expertise in the matter from what I saw as my former self.

“You were going to kill her before.” you remind it.

Yes. This information is somewhat sensitive and we were concerned she could start causing problems.
No. 994866 ID: b1b4f3

Ok. Fine. DH can talk to Jadis over the phone. Easy solution.
He seems like he can only speak through direct mental connection which means someone has to be an intermediary, working as his voice.
No. 994867 ID: b1b4f3

Ok hang on a second though, is DH talking about YOUR soul, the one he absorbed? Or Body's soul that you're sharing? Is there something interesting about Evelyn's soul?
No. 994868 ID: 3c38f8

So want to talk to Jadis to see if there is a way to create souls without having to strech God's resources thin?
No. 994895 ID: cb6eac

But with my existence... Jadis has reason -and means- to develop artificial souls... Which could potentially allow your god to become whole again.
No. 994921 ID: eedbeb
File 161763904337.png - (132.46KB , 1000x900 , p28.png )

>Which soul is DH referring to?

The one you’re currently sharing with Body, aka the wrapped stranger in your dream.

>Discuss Jadis

“So you want to work with Jadis to find a way to create artificial souls.” you clarify.

That would be ideal.

“Friendly reminder that the resident artificial soul hates existence and wants to murder the witch responsible.” Body mutters.
No. 994923 ID: b1b4f3

Yes, clearly there is room for improvement. It's still the best shot we've got for peace.
No. 994924 ID: 44b878

Then we'll work to make your soul feel better. We don't want to create things that just suffer for us.

And honestly, Body?

If you weren't here the world would be a worse place to live in.
No. 994926 ID: 094652

"This research is dangerous and likely to get its scientists killed or crippled in gruesome ways. So problem solved."
No. 994927 ID: b90dc8

Well, fine then. Agree to facilitate discourse between Jadis and DH, but remain suspicious. You're more than just an "interesting soul", after all.
No. 994929 ID: b1b4f3

Only Jadis is aware of that at this point.
No. 994933 ID: 031458

Ah. He mentioned the lycanthropy but not how it happened.
No. 994937 ID: eedbeb
File 161765102661.png - (186.21KB , 1000x900 , p29.png )

“There’s definitely room for improvement and you can be there to make sure they’re being humane. If DH helps Jadis, she can make your soul feel better.” you say. “I want you to be able to be happy. The world is a better place because of you.”

Body puts down her cards and deflates. “I don’t like anything about this. Duck was a bastard yesterday, I don’t trust its head at all.”

You privately agree. It’s a hard balancing act between keeping the angel happy and keeping all of your new friends alive.

“Let’s call Jadis and see what she thinks.” Margot says quickly. “Or well, I’ll ask Cookie if she’s available.”

She pulls out her cellphone and starts texting furiously. DH peers over her shoulder like it’s never seen a phone before.

“Low frequency electromagnetic waves transmit information to cell towers that propagate the signals along the network and to the recipient.” Margot explains. “While we wait, can I get some water?”

Your stomach rumbles. You need to eat.
No. 994946 ID: b1b4f3

How about the whole group goes into the kitchen? I feel like leaving anyone alone with DH is a bad idea.
No. 994960 ID: 44b878

While folk is preparing food, let's take Body aside and ask her what her soul's name is and what it remembers of its mortal life.
No. 994968 ID: eedbeb
File 161766567716.png - (130.91KB , 1000x900 , p30.png )

The kitchen is tucked into the side of the living room, and you force DH to crowd into the tiny space with everyone else while you get Margot a glass of lukewarm tap water.

You have bread, eggs, and bacon in the fridge, enough for you and Body to share. To your surprise, Body declines the food. You’re getting used to seeing her on your other side since you switched the string to your right hand to help your cut left wrist.

Your mouth waters as you fry the eggs and bacon. Once they’re done you transfer the protein to a plate and sop up the remaining grease with your bread.
No. 994969 ID: eedbeb
File 161766569356.png - (146.51KB , 1000x900 , p31.png )

“So when I met your soul in the dream, DH said it was a guy.” you tell Body, mouth full. “Does he have a name?”

Body shrugs. “No idea. Can’t make out words, it’s more feelings. We can name him to make it easier to know who we’re talking about.”

DH is standing very close, eyes on your plate.

“What?” you ask.

I want some.

Do you give any food to DH? What do you name Body’s soul?
No. 994970 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah give DH some food why not.

Name Body's soul uh... god, Soul sounds so appropriate since it'd be Body and Soul but no. That's not a real name. Who the hell names someone Body in the first place!? Jadis that's who.

Saul, though, that sounds good. A real name, and close enough to Soul for the joke to work. Unless he hates the joke, in which case... Umbric?
No. 994971 ID: 44b878

Put food in DuckHead's mouth.

Let's name the soul.... Fritzroy. Cause we are in the fritz.
No. 994972 ID: 8a51ec

We should give DH some food to be courteous, but with what will that food be eaten? Where would a mouth be for a being with eyes in its chest? This is something that needs a lot of anatomy-related questions answered beforehand.
As for the soul, any outstandingly unconventional name would be best. Maybe "Torture" just to make Jadis squirm.
No. 994976 ID: 44b878

Johnny Barley, you forgot his chest has eyes *and* a mouth.

(Maybe also a nose but we can't tell because all the characters' noses are ommited)
No. 994978 ID: 8a51ec

My mistake then, but it still raises questions about how DH's inside parts work.
No. 994990 ID: 422cea

Is that thing on DH's abdomen a triangle shaped mouth outline, a hole, or a beak.

I can't tell anymore.
No. 994992 ID: 0b553a

Give DH food but you get a free question from it
No. 995004 ID: eedbeb
File 161768170724.png - (122.40KB , 1000x900 , p32.png )

“How does Saul sound? It’s kind of a pun on soul.” you suggest.

“Sure. I don’t really care.” Body replies. “Saul’s a real bitch to live with. Making things feel worse than usual.”

“Oh. Uh, is there anything I can—“


You turn to DH, whose neat diamond mouth is open and ready to receive a forkful of bacon and eggs. You oblige, feeling like a mother bird feeding its chick.

There’s a good deal of dry lip smacking and ‘mlem mlem mlem’ as the angel mashes the food into paste. At some point it decides that it’s done, and gently lets the slurry fall back on your fork.

Admirable texture. it says approvingly.
No. 995006 ID: 44b878

"Would you give me muy soul back, please? I don't want to strain Body's soul any further.
Oh, and sorry cutting un half yesterday."
No. 995008 ID: 0b553a

So what’s it going to take for you to give me my soul back, I’d like to, y’know, function without having to hold Body back.
No. 995009 ID: b1b4f3

DH can't actually eat. Makes sense. Sounds like he didn't taste it either, just felt the texture.

I kindof want to see if your sight sharing will work as DH goes to report back to his God, which means not getting your soul back just yet. You'd be the only living person having seen it, wouldn't that be cool?
No. 995010 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, maybe this would be a good time to ask DH why he spooked that spider kid. Was he trying to prevent you from getting more string because he was afraid of it? It clearly didn't work as a weapon in the end.
No. 995036 ID: eedbeb
File 161772282085.png - (143.35KB , 1000x900 , p33.png )

Margot’s phone rings and you drag your eyes away from the chewed up food DH spit on your fork.
“Cookie says Jadis wants to talk to the angel in person and not to bring Body cause her dad is still there.” Margot says.

Excellent. Let us go.

“I’ve told you everything I know, can I have my soul back now?” you ask. Your words are followed by an uncomfortable wave of nausea, and you gag on the rich flavors in your mouth. DH eating wasn’t that gross, why did you suddenly feel like crap?

The angel thinks for a moment. Yes, you have been adequately helpful. Place your hand on me to receive your soul.

Once you get your soul back you’ll be able to go to the bathroom by yourself, which is very appealing. You’ll be almost back to normal. Body shakes her head out of the corner of your eye.

Do you take your soul back?
No. 995039 ID: 031458

Yes but...
Actually, hear out bodies objection first.
No. 995043 ID: b1b4f3

>suddenly feel like crap
Something's wrong with your soul I think.

Don't take it. Use the sight sharing technique to watch what DH does during the meeting with Jadis.
No. 995054 ID: afe7de

Take it back, but also ask if they did something to your soul, maybe ask body why they’re uncomfortable with it? Though I guess it’s cause it’s YOUR soul and they’re upset you get your regular one back and body has to keep a crummy werewolf soul
No. 995059 ID: ce39da

Don't. The angel just did something to your soul that'll work to our detriment, and having eyes on the meeting with Jadis would be good.
No. 995064 ID: 094652

Ask for your soul in a jar that's sturdy enough to hold it for the next 100 years (average conditions pending).
No. 995069 ID: 3ed3c3

Something wrong, Body?
No. 995070 ID: eedbeb
File 161774384591.png - (102.94KB , 1000x900 , p34.png )

“Uh, actually, maybe you can hold onto it for a while. For safekeeping.” you say. Saul and Body are dropping some pretty heavy hints that getting your soul back from the angel would be trouble. Hopefully Jadis can find another way to give you a soul besides a transplant, otherwise you might be stuck like this forever. A happy thought.

DH shrugs. Whatever you wish. Margot, please take me to Jadis.

“Sure, you guys be careful while we’re gone, okay?” Margot says. She seems to be addressing Body in particular.

“Yeah.” Body grunts.

“I’m serious, don’t answer the door and have an escape route ready if they break it down.”

You’re left with Body in your tiny apartment and you put away your dishes and sit on the couch.

“I have a connection to Duck’s Head.” you say to Body. “I can see what it’s seeing and kind of tell how it’s feeling. I’m going to try to find out how Jadis is doing.”

“Okay. Is that why you asked me to hit you?”

“Yeah, it only goes one way for some reason. Or at least I hope so.” you reply.
No. 995076 ID: b1b4f3

So, where's the escape route?
No. 995099 ID: eedbeb
File 161775991923.png - (193.62KB , 1000x900 , p35.png )

>Find an escape route

Your apartment is on the second floor and it has a crumbling balcony that overlooks an old tree. You could conceivably jump over the railing and cling to the trunk, except you have a depressed zombie on one arm.

You light a cigarette and sigh. Margot is taking DH on foot, so it’ll be a while before they reach Jadis.

“I think you can tell I don’t have the strongest will to live right now.” Body begins.

You exhale a lungful of calming cancer. “Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“No, I mean, it’s mostly Saul making me feel like shit. I think he’s trying to tell me something. Like besides the fact that he’s in pain there’s also a lot of, uh, anxiety? Fear of being alive?”
No. 995103 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, Saul was able to claw Jadis. Can he grab a pen and communicate by writing?
No. 995106 ID: 53560f

He gave a strong enough warning when I asked about getting my soul back that I felt it through our link. If that’s how you feel all the time then I don’t particularly blame you, but still.
It’d be nice if we could actually talk with him and figure out what’s up with him. Maybe we could ask him yes or no questions?
No. 995108 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, ask Body why she thought it was a bad idea to take your soul back. Or was she just relaying Saul's feelings on the matter?
No. 995122 ID: 0b553a

See if Saul can interact with anything else, maybe write? Maybe figure out a way to get y/n answers?
No. 995171 ID: 44b878

"So why did you think getting my soul back was a bad idea?"
No. 995178 ID: eedbeb
File 161780923902.png - (157.69KB , 1000x900 , p36.png )

“Can we communicate with him somehow? He hurt Jadis, so can he hold a pen and write stuff?” you ask. Talking to DH has made you spoiled and now you’re expecting easy answers from all the mysterious beings in your life.

“I don’t think so, not unless it’s a magic pen. He can hear what’s happening and give me different feelings based on that. Let’s try some yes or no questions where anxiety is yes and sad is no.” Body says.

You finish your cigarette and fiddle with the still warm butt. “What about angry?”

“Angry’s the default.”

You can now ask Saul yes or no questions at the cost of Body’s mental health.

The street in front of your apartment is usually busy, especially on the weekend. Right now it’s deserted.

“When DH offered to give my soul back, I felt Saul telling me no, I think. Why did you think getting my soul back was a bad idea?” you ask.

“I told you.” Body says irritably. “I don’t trust it at all. You’d probably end up with eyeballs on your chest and feathers coming out your ass.”
No. 995190 ID: 44b878

"It'd give you something to laugh at." *nudge*

Now that we have the chance, we could focus to see what Duck's Head is doing and saying to Jadis.
No. 995197 ID: b90dc8

"Would taking my soul back hurt me? Would it hurt my soul to be reunited?"

"Does Jadis have more information on the technicalities of, or any scientific or medical theories about, reuniting me and my soul?"

"Is DH going to take advantage of Jadis's knowledge?"
No. 995198 ID: b1b4f3

>eyeballs on your chest and feathers coming out your ass
Would that be so bad?

As Saul if he thought taking your soul would harm you. If not, would it harm Saul? Maybe the string connection is what's keeping DH from just yanking Saul out of Body? If you got your soul back, you'd drop the string, meaning Saul's in only one body again and no longer "strong" in DH's eyes.
Alternatively, you could ask if Saul just... doesn't want to be separated from you for emotional reasons.
No. 995205 ID: eedbeb
File 161782762285.png - (88.83KB , 1000x900 , p37.png )

“It’d give you something to laugh at.” you joke. Body cracks a small smile. “Alright, let’s try this question thing since DH hasn’t gotten to the apartment yet. Once it’s there though, I’ll have to focus.”

“Go for it.”

“Okay, uh, first, is DH trying to use Jadis for something besides making artificial souls?” you ask.

“I can answer that one.” says Body. “Of course. It took Jadis ages to get me to work and I’m pretty sure she cheated in the end by using pieces of her own soul. You can’t just make something out of nothing.”

“Alright, would taking my soul back hurt me?”

Body is quiet for a few seconds, face screwed up in concentration. “No.” she finally says. “But like, a no with a lot of anger behind it.”

“Would it hurt you or Saul?”

The zombie slowly shakes her head.

“I guess Saul just wants me around for emotional reasons.” you say.

“No on that too.”
No. 995208 ID: b1b4f3

Well, if it doesn't hurt anyone to take it, then the reverse must be true and it must benefit someone to not take it.
Body? You? Saul?
Is it just so you can spy on DH with it?
No. 995209 ID: 031458

Couldn't Jadis figure out a way to extract small pieces of many souls and mush them into one new one at least?
I dunno how this shit works.
No. 995211 ID: 3ed3c3

Does Saul think he'd be more comfortable inside Evelyn?
No. 995240 ID: eedbeb
File 161784305987.png - (105.87KB , 1000x900 , p38.png )

Maybe Saul wants you to spy on DH? But the soul didn’t know you could do that before you told Body. You wonder how Jadis managed to get enough soul pieces when she’s made it sound so hard to take soul from a living person.

Saul’s answers only give you more questions. The situation is too complicated to figure out with a simple yes or no, and you wonder how else you can communicate. The last time you saw Saul was in your dream this morning, maybe if you fell back asleep he could mime out an explanation with his new tentacle arm thing.

Body nudges you to get your attention as two people in suits get out of a black car and start walking briskly towards the apartment. Looks like the mobsters are here.
No. 995255 ID: b1b4f3

Figures. Block the door to buy time. See if you can tie a bedsheet to the balcony to make it easier to descend.
No. 995267 ID: 8cb67d

How about lock the door and head for the roof? Or maybe hide out in the stairwell near your room and wait for them to come up the elevator and just slip past them?
No. 995271 ID: 9263d2

We could... always say hi?
Something tells me with what is going on in the world, there is a possibility that they might not be here for Body's head, but to discuss Something more important. I dont see them with weapons...
No. 995280 ID: eedbeb
File 161785390102.png - (153.02KB , 1000x900 , p39.png )

“What do you want to do?” you ask Body.

“Honestly, I’d like a quick death. But I have to be responsible, so whatever you think is best.” Body says.

Do you:
-Escape via balcony
-Talk to the mobsters through the door
-Hide on the roof
No. 995283 ID: 44b878

Better not greet them. Let's instead dress Body up to hide her stitches and see if we can avoid them seeing us.
No. 995285 ID: b1b4f3

Well one thing's for sure, Saul thought it was such a bad idea to retrieve your soul that he's willing to endure existence for longer to delay it.

If you try to talk to the mobsters through the door they're probably going to try to shoot you through the door.
It's better for them to think you escaped off the balcony. Tie bedsheets to the balcony, lock the door then flee to the roof before they get to the apartment. You'll also be able to tell from their reaction if they wanted to murder Body or not.
No. 995287 ID: afe7de

Okay but what if you just talked to them? (might be a bad idea but hey, bad ideas can sometimes be fun)
No. 995288 ID: 422cea

Is one of those a lobster mobster?

Maybe a crusty crab.
No. 995290 ID: 031458

Balcony, lets not get trapped here.
No. 995315 ID: 4e13f0

Escape through the balcony!
No. 995323 ID: eedbeb
File 161789688244.png - (182.36KB , 1000x900 , p40.png )


You duck inside the apartment and hesitate while you think. Hiding on the roof might work, but if one of the mobsters is a witch, they’ll be able to see Saul if they look around. Talking would be a bad idea since they want Body dead.

That leaves escaping off the balcony. You usher Body to your bedroom, throw the zombie the largest hoodie you own, and start stripping the sheets off your bed. Jumping to the tree is too dangerous and you can use the sheets as impromptu rope.
No. 995324 ID: eedbeb
File 161789689628.png - (161.84KB , 1000x900 , p41.png )

The mobsters don’t bother knocking. A heavy weight slams into the door, shaking the wall, and you hear the wood frame crack. You finish tying the sheet to the railing, test the weight, and start your unsteady descent, Body beside you.

There’s a distant crunch as your door breaks, but you and Body are already blindly running away from the apartment, praying that the mobsters are distracted long enough that you can get out of sight.

Where do you go?
No. 995328 ID: 4e13f0

you need to find allies. you need bodies and magic and advice. you're painfully aware of your vulnerability dragging the zombie along with you by the wrist as you flee the building. head straight for wherever DH and/or Jadis and Margot are most likely to be. it's time to organize.
No. 995338 ID: b1b4f3

We were told Jadis' dad is with Jadis so I think maybe we shouldn't go there. Optimally we want to go somewhere that's a really fucking good hiding spot so that you can focus to see what DH is seeing.

You could try hiding in a dumpster somewhere if you can find one that doesn't stink too bad. Like, one by a non-food-related business?
No. 995340 ID: b1b4f3

That's where we just were!
No. 995356 ID: eedbeb
File 161791628511.png - (170.82KB , 1000x900 , p42.png )

You may be strong, but you’re shit at cardio and once you reach an appropriate alleyway you duck behind a fragrant green dumpster. Body is similarly winded and pants while you catch your breath.

The mobsters could be on your nonexistent tail any moment since they definitely saw the sheets hanging off the balcony. Unfortunately for your adrenaline frayed mind, Margot and DH have reached the other apartment.

You can either listen in now and be interrupted later, or move to a safer location and then listen.
No. 995358 ID: 3ed3c3

Reposition, then listen in.
No. 995360 ID: 8a51ec

A dumpster in an alleyway is not the best place to hide, but those mobsters have definitely lost our scent by now. Perhaps we could tell Body to look for a better hiding spot while we're occupied with spying on DH?
No. 995362 ID: 031458

It's unlikely they'll check the dumpster immediately, but you'll have no way of knowing when it's safe to go, or where they ended up. At least right now you know they're some ways behind you.

Get to the closest place that's likely highly crowded.
No. 995371 ID: eedbeb
File 161792525793.png - (147.67KB , 1000x900 , p43.png )


You’d like to go somewhere crowded, but the emergency order means that everyone is still in hiding. The only other place with locking doors that you can think of is the café, which is hopefully closed.

You still have the keys and you lead Body through the familiar maze of side streets that leads to the alley where you lost your soul. After a quick check for employees, you let yourself in to the storage room.

You hunker down besides the coffee bean sacks. It took roughly twenty minutes to get here and you can hear a distant rumble of conversation. DH is already talking to Jadis.

“I’m going to spy on the angel.” you tell Body. “Bother me if it’s urgent.” She gives you a thumbs up.
No. 995375 ID: eedbeb
File 161792544078.png - (172.56KB , 1000x900 , p44.png )

>Be DH

You’re in the office alone with Jadis. One of her eyes is on magic mode and the other is normal, if a bit swollen. She looks nervous.

“I don’t understand.” she says.

My god is trapped in the moon by complicated magic. You will help me free them. The restraints are similar to what you created in the undead creature and if we work together we will succeed.
No. 995378 ID: 44b878

(Wait, Evelyn doesn't hace a tail? I thought she did. I'm having dime serious Mandela Effect over here)

I suppose we should continue listening.
No. 995379 ID: b1b4f3

Interesting, so the culling is caused by needing to retrieve souls to prevent the moon god from weakening too much, and on top of that the moon god is sealed away.
WHY was the moon god sealed away though...?
No. 995381 ID: 422cea

I'd really like to know the religious background of this world since it'd be nice to know what the mortal mythology is compared to what we're getting told here.
No. 995386 ID: ce39da

And that is... bad, somehow? Explain why your god being unable to leave the moon is bad.

And yeah, maybe explain who sealed him and why?
No. 995387 ID: 031458

Wasn't duck's head talking about killing half the population earlier?
If that happens society will collapse. Mid and more people will die. A true apocalypse.
We need to warm Jadis.
No. 995394 ID: eedbeb
File 161794035135.png - (164.01KB , 1000x900 , p45.png )

There’s something seriously wrong here. DH didn’t mention its god was trapped while you were talking earlier. You don’t doubt that there’s a population crisis, but you also don’t think DH is interested in creating artificial souls. It manipulated you into letting your guard down and now it’s cornered Jadis.

“Why was your god sealed in the moon?” Jadis asks.

For giving animals advanced bodies and minds. For giving you the gift of thought. It was considered an overreach.

“So, is another god keeping them there?”

Yes. They were meant to be bound in eternal sleep, together. Now my god has awoken and is understandably upset.

Jadis opens her mouth to ask a more questions but grits her teeth when DH steps closer.

Will you free my god? I trust you understand the magnitude of the situation and what I am willing to do to obtain your compliance.

“I assume that’s a threat.” Jadis growls.

Duck’s Head floats closer, and from your chest view you can see that Jadis is trembling.

No. 995395 ID: 8a51ec

Good heavens would you look at the time, it's time to inform Kibble about current events.
No. 995396 ID: b1b4f3

DH did say its god was "compromised". It's possible that DH wants to do both things- free its god, and create artificial souls so that its god doesn't have to be excessively fragmented.

Of course, if DH *can* lie, then it's possible the true situation is that the consciousness-god is trapped for more nefarious actions, and maybe splitting itself up like this an intentional ploy to free itself faster.
But if we can't trust the angels to tell us what actually happened... the only way we could possibly find out what to do is to continue spying on them, to see what they say when they don't know they're being observed.

You can't warn Jadis, or anyone else near DH. Not yet. Not until you've confirmed the motivations of the Moon God. You'll need to work in secrecy somehow.
Who else can you call? If you can talk to Jadis' dad somehow, and tell him about your spying ability and how crucial it is, maybe he'll call off the hit and also put some resources towards replicating your spying technique.
No. 995398 ID: 44b878

"Honestly, you are making it out like when your god is released, all souls will be reabsorbed so as to not be reimprisoned or something, so what's the point of threats if you are going to destroy us all anyway?"
No. 995417 ID: 031458

... if it's true that there are two gods bound up there, a creator and a warden per say, perhaps Jadis could start sourcing souls from the warden, whilst freeing the creator. That would prevent apocalypse. Though the methods would also involve anti angelic measures of some sort, as the warden may too have angels.
No. 995432 ID: 3ed3c3

It's high time Kibble ate this asshole.
No. 995443 ID: eedbeb
File 161798063923.png - (86.01KB , 1000x900 , p46.png )

“Sounds like releasing your god will cause problems for the earth. Why should I help you if you’re going to kill us all anyway?”

DH gives a hearty mental chuckle. My god would never destroy what took them so long to create. There will be necessary changes, but you and your loved ones will be fine.

There’s a thump on the office door, and the scrape of huge teeth on painted wood.

“It’s okay, we’re still talking.” Jadis calls.

Imagine my surprise when that greeted me when I arrived. What is it you call them? Ah yes, wardens. A fitting name, given the nature of their god.

Once DH’s words sink in, you’re wrenched out of your espionage by a jolt of anxiety that makes your heart race. You’re back in the dim storage room with Body, with Saul beating an affirmation into your aching skull.
No. 995445 ID: 031458

If Jadis goes through with this, the apocalypse will come. There are other... Possibilities, but not so long as Jadis has an angel putting a gun to his head.

This is bigger than you or Body or Saul.
DH Needs to die.

You need a weapon.
No. 995452 ID: afe7de

Hey body we need to get to that spider kid pronto to get some silk to kill DH with, he’s trying to revive a god and is threatening Jadis and it only sounds not good
No. 995455 ID: b1b4f3

"necessary changes" sounds bad. Any time DH has been vague like that, it's been to hide something. Though in this case it might just involve the artificial souls? Specifically saying "you and your loved ones" also implies other people would not be fine. I'm guessing once the moon god is free it will start strongly enforcing the population cap, and maybe magic would be outlawed in general to prevent any rebellion.

The Wardens must be servants of the god that's keeping the Moon God captive. Has anyone tried to communicate with a Warden? Maybe that's what we need to do. That, or somehow go to the moon and use forbidden magic to attract a Warden's attention so that it sends its minions there. Trigger some infighting between servants.
...huh, timmies can eat, but angels can't. I feel like that says something about the nature of the two gods.

Well, it sounds like we got information Saul wanted. Not sure how to use it exactly since we're on the run. Also now you're feeling Saul's emotions? Huh, how come he didn't just send emotions to you instead of Body when you were asking questions? Man, we really need a better means of communication...

I wonder if we can get Cookie alone somehow to use his magic sight to aid in communication? Saul doesn't hate Cookie, and he's the only other witch we know that's not trying to kill Body.
No. 995462 ID: eedbeb
File 161800601603.png - (178.59KB , 1000x900 , p47.png )

“What is it?” Body asks with a lack of enthusiasm you wouldn’t have thought possible. You quickly paraphrase the conversation you just overheard, on edge but also excited by your newfound knowledge.

“We need to stop DH.” you conclude.

We do?”

“Yes Body, Jadis has to play along or DH will kill people she likes, so we’re the ones who have to act. I think Saul wants to stop DH too.”

Body winces. “Yeah, he does. What’s gotten into you two? We’re supposed to be hiding so the mob doesn’t murder us.”

“This is bigger than both of us, we have to do something. Can you try to get in touch with Cookie or Kibble? Cookie can help us talk to Saul with his magic vision and Kibble has her Tim thing we could try to communicate with. Oh also we should get more silk to use against DH.”

Body takes out her old flip phone and hesitates. “I don’t want to give ourselves away. Let’s focus on one thing at a time.”

Do you:
-Call Cookie
-Call Kibble
-Go to Aaron the spider
No. 995465 ID: ce39da

We might want to talk to somebody before we go off looking for something that might not have a use in the end, but at the same time, I don't think anybody will be watching Aaron.

Then again, I doubt that'll change with waiting. We'll probably need to get Cookie before we can even try to talk to Kibble's timmy, either, so let's start with Cookie.
No. 995466 ID: b1b4f3

Kibble is right next to the door. Try Cookie first.

I don't know why you'd want more silk. Cutting Duck's head off didn't kill it. At best you can cut off DH's arms and wings. Though, maybe it would work as a net? Just capture the angel instead of trying to kill it.
No. 995470 ID: b23cc5

Body, get your hoodie back on in case we need to leave in a hurry.

Noe let's call Cookie, he may also let Kibble know what we are planning.
No. 995476 ID: 39e3dd

Call cookie, and

I mean having a weapon or restraining device is better than having nothing at all considering neither of you can do magics
No. 995477 ID: eedbeb
File 161802200642.png - (182.22KB , 1000x900 , p48.png )

“I think we should call Cookie first. Kibble’s distracted and we should find out what everyone else thinks.” you say.

To your surprise, Body silently finds the contact and hands you the phone. You bite your tongue as it rings.

“Body?” asks Cookie. He’s speaking quietly, like he’s trying to avoid being overheard.

“It’s Evelyn. Are you alone?"

Someone tells Cookie to put the phone on speaker. You hear “Uh, sorry Mr. Lewis, this is a private conversation. I’ll just go over here…”

“Sorry about that. This apartment is tiny and I can’t really get away from Jadis’ dad. I don’t think he’s used to people saying no to him. I’d be scared but there’s also this huge angel in the next room so I’m probably going to die anyway.” Cookie breathes.
No. 995478 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him he should get out of there. There's no reason for him to still be there, the angel doesn't care about him and Jadis is already mostly healed. The same goes for Jadis' dad come to think of it, but he'll probably stay put to keep tabs on his daughter.

Is there any way for Cookie to slip away, *not be followed*, then call you back to arrange a meeting somewhere? The angel is forcing Jadis to do something and you're pretty sure it's not going to be good. You want to stop it, but you need some help. Specifically you need more of the magic string. Does he know how to make it? Who other than Jadis knows how to make it?
No. 995484 ID: 3ed3c3

Can Kibble kill DH? If not, then we're going to need more of that string to garrote the bastard.
No. 995486 ID: 8a51ec

Garroting hasn't worked out well so far, we may have better luck simply restraining DH with the silk.
No. 995509 ID: fd1757

Tell Cookie to go meet you in a few hours at Aaron's place. He could tell Jadis' dad that he is going to try to get more silk again.
No. 995540 ID: eedbeb
File 161806651110.png - (155.94KB , 1000x900 , p49.png )

“The angel doesn’t care about you so you should get out of there. We’re trying to get more spider silk, meet us at Aaron’s place in an hour and make sure you weren’t followed.” you say.

You hear Cookie say something to Margot, the clink of keys, and a door opening.

“I’m out. I’ll drive around a bit first, but I probably have a tracking spell on me because I was in the same room as Mr. Lewis while he had his magic active. I wish I knew how to check for it, but I’m still a beginner.”

That’s a problem, but you’re not sure how to deal with it right now. While you think, Cookie stumbles over his next question.

“Body’s with you, right? Is she, er, still mad?”

“She’s fine.” you say. The zombie’s ears twitch.
No. 995559 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him it seems like the anger won't go away until Saul has some manner of closure, whether that is healing or freedom or death or revenge. In order of your personal preference.

The tracking spell can be worked around. The mobsters will have trouble pulling off a clean assassination if you're driving around. Cookie comes and picks you up at Aaron's place after you get the silk, then you drive while Cookie turns it into magic string and/or communicates with Saul. First priority is to ease the pain if that's possible, second priority is getting some input on our plan for stopping DH and also what we're supposed to do about the moon god.
Oh and now that Cookie's out of the apartment you should spill the beans about what DH is trying to do, and what it told you.
No. 995586 ID: eedbeb
File 161810647268.png - (118.60KB , 1000x900 , p50.png )

“We’re working on it.” you amend. “Saul—we named her soul Saul—seems to have his own agenda, and we were wondering if you could talk to him with your magic vision. Right now it’s hard to know what he wants.”

“Uh, as long as Saul doesn’t hurt me. Do you know what’s happening with this angel stuff?”

You summarize the situation and Cookie lets out a low whistle. “And you’re going to try to get more string to fight stop this thing and its evil master plan? Good luck I guess. I’ll help you get supplies but I can’t promise anything else.”

“Right, well, call us if you can’t meet. See you in a bit.” You hang up, a tiny bit disappointed by Cookie’s indifference, and hand Body her phone.

“Put the hoodie back on and let’s move. You lead, I don’t remember how to get there.” you say.
No. 995591 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, this is certainly looking bleak. How are we even supposed to use string to fight an angel?
No. 995592 ID: b1b4f3

Well optimally we'd do something like shoot it at him, with a net launcher or bolas.
No. 995634 ID: eedbeb
File 161815287934.png - (154.92KB , 1000x900 , p51.png )

While you walk, you keep an eye out for the mobsters, but your earlier reposition seems to have thrown them off your trail. That or they’re following Cookie around. Either way you try to relax your tense muscles as you pass by empty shops and office buildings until you reach the edge of the suburbs.

A trickle of self-doubt worms into your brain. How are you supposed to stop DH, an invincible angel, when you’re a normal person with only one free hand? Even if you get more string, DH won’t sit there and let you tie it up. Maybe you should accept you can’t do anything and save everyone the trouble.

“No.” says Body.


“Whatever you were thinking, Saul says no.”

“Huh.” you’re silent for a moment. “Thanks.”
No. 995635 ID: eedbeb
File 161815289495.png - (127.29KB , 1000x900 , p52.png )

You arrive at Aaron’s house with twenty minutes to spare. The tree and web are the same as you remember, sans the small spider.

“Should we knock?” you ask.

Body makes a face. “I’m bad at talking to parents, especially parents who think I shouldn’t be around their children. What if we just took the web on the tree? Aaron made it so it should still work.”
No. 995647 ID: 3ed3c3

We really shouldn't.
No. 995649 ID: 4f5d63

Approach and knock, tentatively. Have Body follow behind you so you don't freak out the spiders too much when they see an actual zombie approaching their house.
No. 995673 ID: b1b4f3

Huh, maybe the spider family has some tips for catching large and powerful prey?
No. 995687 ID: eedbeb
File 161818028939.png - (141.11KB , 1000x900 , p53.png )


“Let’s give it a try, I can use my customer service voice, and we’ll back off and maybe steal the web if they say no.” you say.

Body grudgingly follows you as you walk along the quaint path that leads to the front porch. You ring the doorbell and listen for footsteps.

An upper middle class looking spider answers the door. He adjusts his glasses and examines you, frowning.

“Hello, I’m Evelyn. May I speak to your son, Aaron? I’m in need of his expertise.” you say pleasantly.

“He said something about you yesterday. Said you brought something dangerous to the yard and it scared him.” the spider says gruffly.
No. 995744 ID: 0fae41

It was just a duck. A harmless misunderstanding.
No. 995745 ID: afe7de

We're really sorry about that. To make a long story short, there are uhm, strange beings around and we need more of your son's string to restrain them so they dont hurt anyone. We weren't trying to scare your son, but this creature we thought was harmless was telepathically trying to assault him, so we took action to prevent it.

The creature's not here anymore so he won't get harassed like that again, sorry again.
No. 995746 ID: e51896

Better give him details on what happened yesterday, including the apocalypse and stuff.
No. 995747 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you're very sorry for scaring his son, and you'd like to make it up to them if possible. It's vitally important that you get some silk. The world is at stake, possibly. It's complicated.
No. 995754 ID: eedbeb
File 161819851427.png - (129.33KB , 1000x900 , p54.png )

For what feels like the tenth time today, you summarize the events of the past few days, interspersed with generous apologies and assurances that the angel responsible for Aaron’s scare is now deeply depressed. Your desperation must come through, because the spider hesitates, hand still on the doorknob like he wants to slam it in your face, but won’t because he feels sorry for you.

He sighs. “Alright, I don’t want Aaron in any danger, so I’m going to give you the silk and then you need to leave.”

“Thanks, that would be great.” you say, relieved.

He shuts the door and you wait in silence until he comes back with a familiar spool of white thread. He drops it in your hand and you retreat to the sidewalk.

“I’m surprised that worked.” Body says.

“Me too.”

Body yawns and you feel your own soul sharing fatigue in the base of your skull. You push it away. You can’t afford to sleep right now.

Cookie’s clunker shows up a few minutes later and you clamber into the backseat with Body.
No. 995755 ID: b1b4f3

Well we don't have much time. We need to get this silk turned into magic string and we need to find an ambush spot and set up a trap somehow.
Ask Cookie for help planning and... for help with whatever turns this silk into something useful.

Focus to see where DH is now, Body can fill you in on what plan she and Cookie come up with.
No. 995766 ID: 4f5d63

Go over the details of recent events with Cookie as she drives. Begin to form a plan with her and Body about how to handle DH. Explain your theories about Jadis. Recruit Margot to your cause.
No. 995768 ID: e51896

Maybe we can bring Vlad in on this.
No. 995803 ID: eedbeb
File 161823863835.png - (126.82KB , 1000x900 , p55.png )

Cookie finds a secluded parking lot and stops the car. He turns around in his seat and opens his magical eyes. “Okay, the string might be tricky. I don’t have to cast any spells but I kind of, uh, take a chunk of my soul and put it in the thread.”

He pauses to squint at Body. “The few times I saw your soul before, he was all blurry. I can make out his eye and an arm I think. Doesn’t look happy.”

“That’s the Saul we know and love. Once we have the string we need a plan to trap the angel.” you say. You feel a brief sense of vertigo as you become DH floating above the city, Jadis in tow, before you shake the vision away.

Cookie frowns. “He wants me to undo his bindings. I don’t know what would happen to you two if I did.”
No. 995806 ID: 19da02

Fuck it. Rock and roll.
No. 995811 ID: 031458

They are already above the city.
If we don't act, the world as we know it will end.

No. 995812 ID: 4e63c3

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Consequences be damned. Cut the connection.
No. 995813 ID: 8a51ec

This is going to hurt.
No. 995815 ID: b1b4f3

>DH is flying
Well, the string's probably useless now anyway. No guts no glory, release Saul.
No. 995816 ID: eedbeb
File 161824909001.png - (185.77KB , 1000x900 , p56.png )

“Let’s do it.” you say. DH is in the air and Jadis could already be working on releasing the moon god. You need to do something right now.

“Okay, I think he’s weakened the ties already, I just need to pull—“

“Ow.” says Body.

You feel pure elation.

Chunks of flesh and scraps of cloth bounce off the upholstery and an explosion of blood soaks Cookie’s face. He spits instinctively and recoils.
No. 995817 ID: eedbeb
File 161824910573.png - (186.02KB , 1000x900 , p57.png )

A dark head emerges from Body’s destroyed torso, half its face wrapped a sheet of soul that’s slowly flaking away. You’re yelling, Cookie’s yelling, and the noise echoes in the car but doesn’t cover the wet sounds of breaking ribs.

Body’s hand is limp and your vision blurs as the scraps of soul evaporate into the air.
No. 995818 ID: eedbeb
File 161824911951.png - (185.18KB , 1000x900 , p58.png )

Your diagonal mouth makes raspy, congested noise as you try to scream in horror. There’s a paltry weight under your arm and your feet aren’t touching the ground.

You blink and clamp your mouth shut. You feel each thin eyelid slide across your four eyes. You can feel a presence that reminds you of home somewhere thousands of miles in space.
No. 995819 ID: 8a51ec

This is suck. Do we still have our faculties? Actually no, check on faculties later, we're the only thing preventing Jadis from painting the roof of a building red right now.
No. 995820 ID: 4e63c3

Oh shit. Take off, man, hit the skies immediately. Flap those wings!
No. 995821 ID: 3ed3c3

Who are we now? DH or Evelyn?
No. 995822 ID: 4e63c3

Also if you're going to be an angel for a hot sec, you better check on those genital rumors.... for science
No. 995823 ID: 5adc39

If we’re controlling DH now, drop Jadis “accidentally” and then pick her up before she hits the ground as an intimidation tactic.
No. 995827 ID: 19da02

Is this Evelyn?
No. 995830 ID: b1b4f3

Just think, we could have possessed DH if we had just taken off the string earlier.

Quickly tell Jadis you're Evelyn now, but also Body's soul just got released and is probably making a beeline for you. This might have gone better if only one of the two things had happened.

Or, if you're unable to figure out how to use the angel's telepathy, let's just go to the moon, and once we're near the Moon God, do the same string gesture you used as a soul, and indicate that she should kill it or tighten its prison or basically anything helpful that doesn't involve freeing it. Actually, maybe waking up the other god would be the best thing we could do.
No. 995835 ID: ce39da

Rip DH off your body before it takes back control!
No. 995839 ID: eedbeb
File 161825720426.png - (158.33KB , 1000x900 , p59.png )

You are Evelyn, you are Evelyn and you’re inside DH after watching your friend’s soul forcible exit her chest. Since Body no longer had a soul to power your brain, you must have fallen unconscious and woken up inside the angel. You don’t know why or how this works. You don’t know how long you’ll be in control before DH takes over.

“Uh, you were saying something about summoning the other angels?” Jadis says. “It’s kind of cold up here, so if you could finish the explanation that would be great, my toes are numb.”

Your mouth is an indent in your chest and you can’t push words past your nonexistent lips. You try to think your words at Jadis, but she doesn’t show any sign of hearing. How do you communicate with the witch?
No. 995841 ID: b1b4f3

Oh. It's cold. So, Jadis probably wouldn't survive being taken to the moon, she'd just freeze to death up there. Or suffocate because there probably isn't any air. DH's supposed plan wouldn't even work.

Go put Jadis down, back at her house with her dad. Hopefully they'll have enough manpower there to stop Saul before he kills you or Jadis, and enough witches witnessing that Saul can even exist to perhaps replicate him for use as a weapon against the Moon God's army. Try to write your name in the dirt so they know it's you.

Consider ripping off DH's wings. If this possession is permanent you want to keep them, if it's temporary you want to cripple DH as much as possible.
No. 995843 ID: 8a51ec

Time for the tried and true method of looping the end of an extremity around our wrist.
No. 995851 ID: eedbeb
File 161826402511.png - (150.38KB , 1000x900 , p60.png )

After some practice controlling your flight, including a sudden drop that makes Jadis shriek, you fly to her apartment and land gently on the sidewalk in front of the entrance. Jadis scrambles to her feet from where you placed her on the cement and you mime a string around your wrist.

“Evelyn?” Her eyes widen and her mouth drops open. She looks…kind of upset to see you and you try to reassure her with lots of waving and nodding.

“Where’s Body? Did something happen with her soul? The angel told me it’s not really a soul, and she’s more like what Kibble is, so that’s a whole mess I need to figure out.” Jadis sighs. “I’m really stressed. I lost the magic connection in one of my eyes and the angel’s been dragging me around. We need to stop them, if we can. I don’t think releasing a god is a good idea.”

You gesture to the door and float behind Jadis up the stairs to the now familiar apartment.
No. 995853 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, no shit, J.
Find a notepad or something and fill her in on the latest upset.
No. 995855 ID: 031458

I wonder if we can rip off our wings if we get some leverage.

Jadis needs to call Cookey. A notepad will do. or you know. Stab ourself and write in blood.
No. 995856 ID: b1b4f3

If you can get writing stuff, definitely tell Jadis that Body's soul has been released. It is physical, and is probably going to try to kill her. We can't stay here, it will check here. Gotta call Cookie and see if he's okay.

The information DH was trying to suppress needs to be released to the witches. Everyone with a scrap of power needs to know that souls are a part of a trapped god on the moon and the angels are trying to free it. This will require a coordinated effort to stop, and will probably involve making more Sauls and... Evelyns, if possible. Stolen angel bodies can be used to fight other angels on the surface, while Sauls will probably be used to fight them on the moon.

I wonder if you could carry Kibble up to the moon? She's our strongest fighter and the Angel God has no power over Timmies, unlike your stolen angel body. She'll need some protection against the cold, and possibly an oxygen tank. If possible Saul should be brought up there too, but it will depend on if he can be reasoned with.
No. 995872 ID: eedbeb
File 161827553599.png - (181.76KB , 1000x900 , p61.png )

You quickly obtain a notebook and pen and sit down on the sofa. Twin glares from Kibble and Jadis send the latter cat’s father into the kitchen with an impatient harrumph. Margot’s door is closed.

Jadis and Kibble lean over your broad thighs to read what you’re writing, as you scribble out a quick description of recent events. Your fingers falter when you scrawl a summary of Saul’s emergence. You don’t want to think of it as Body’s death, but there’s no way the zombie is still alive after that.

‘call cookie. Saul is dangerous’

“I’ll do that as soon as you’ve told us everything.” Jadis promises. “What can we do about your, uh, angel situation?”

‘can remove wings.’

“Isn’t that how you got Duck and Duck’s Head in the first place? If you pull a wing off it’ll turn into another angel.” Jadis says. Kibble nods in agreement.

‘tell other witches’

“Yeah, we probably should.” Jadis concedes. “Kibble here did some research, basically the only way to kill a big angel is to get a bunch of witches near them and mass cast time spells. Which is suicide, by the way, so don’t expect people to be thrilled.”
No. 995878 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe instead find some way to make this possession thing permanent? It sucks to not have your real body but this is better than letting DH run around.

Why does mass casting time magic work? Does the Angel disintegrate, or does it just cause a bunch of Timmies to eat everything nearby and the Angel winds up getting eaten? Or Kibble could try to eat anything you pull off. Or try to eat DH whole while it can't fight back. You'd rather not die, but... if you have to... Did Kibble see if eating Duck is possible? We should know for sure if eating an angel is possible, before we try even eating a wing.
...heh, why don't we go see what Duck thinks of the possession. Could try punching Duck a few times, see if it's possible for Angels to injure other Angels.
No. 995882 ID: 031458

DH told us both only part of the story.
If you release god, half of all people will die. Society will collapse.

If souls come from creator god, perhaps find a way to make them from Warden god. Delay apocalypse.

So long as I remain in control, I will cooperate with Mine and DH's destruction. Perhaps make process less suicide?
No. 995896 ID: eedbeb
File 161828451273.png - (153.35KB , 1000x900 , p62.png )

You tap the pen on your leg. You’d really like to incapacitate DH somehow and it sounds like the time spells are meant to attract Tim.

‘sacrifice myself to Tim in case DH takes control’

“Don’t be stu—well actually that’s not a bad idea.” Jadis amends. “You said DH took your soul, right? Since your brain got knocked out you probably ‘woke up’ in its body, like when you would control your soul while you dreamed. We’re okay for now, but eventually we’ll need to get your real self working again and that means DH will come back. How much you think you can handle, Kibble?”

Kibble’s monster pokes its head out from her chest and spits Duck into her palm. The small angel blinks at you. It’s covered in drool.
“Could handle a couple more this size. They don’t get digested.” Kibble mutters.

“Great, I’m going to call Cookie and Evelyn can decide whether she wants to give you some pieces.”
No. 995900 ID: b1b4f3

What if you don't get your real self working again? Just put the body on ice, will you continue possessing DH in the meantime? Shouldn't start pulling off wings if this can be extended forever.

Also flip off Duck.
No. 995935 ID: afe7de

Flip off Duck, see about icing your body, and hope that you'll eventually be able to get back in it before the world ends.
No. 995967 ID: 1f3395

try asking how the angels usually attack people and attempt that on duck? as long as you're careful not to sever any parts, maybe it'd be an easier way to dispatch angels?
No. 995980 ID: eedbeb
File 161833017591.png - (153.88KB , 1000x900 , p63.png )

>Flip off Duck

You’re less worried about DH after hearing Jadis’ theory, and you take advantage of the opportunity to give Duck the middle finger. It stares at you in confusion and dawning horror.

Jadis holds her phone in one paw and you listen to it ring three times before Cookie picks up.

“Hey Cookie, how’s it going? I have an angelfied Evelyn and Kibble here, you’re on speaker.” Jadis says cheerfully.

“Please save me.” Cookie whispers.

“Are you hurt? Where are you?” the witch asks.

“I’m at the strip mall next to the freeway.” Cookie takes a nervous breath. “I have no idea what’s going on, this Saul guy is absolutely insane.”

‘ask cookie about my body’ You scribble onto the notepad.

“I assume you left the corpses in the car?”

“Yeah, it’s a mess. You said Evelyn’s with you? She still has a pulse and but Body was torn apart. I cracked the windows but I had to leave them.”
No. 995981 ID: eedbeb
File 161833020106.png - (190.19KB , 1000x900 , p64.png )

Cookie hisses with alarm and you hear a loud, cheerful voice over the speaker. “Hey Cookie, my very best friend in the world, how does this look?”

“It’s fine. I don’t know clothes that well.”

“But is it like, slutty enough? I might need something that shows more skin, you know?”

“I’m on the phone.” Cookie says weakly.

“Alright, alright, I’ll go grab something from the lady’s section.”

There’s a moment of awed silence. “That was Saul?” Jadis asks, slightly muffled around her suppressed giggle.

Yes. He started acting like this while he was still pulling himself out of Body. I’ve tried to tell him about the situation but he’s only interested in clothes right now.”
No. 995989 ID: 8a51ec

That's... actually the best possible outcome? Avoid mentioning Jadis around Saul though, like ever. Probably want to interrogate Duck about a less suicidal method of killing angels before retrieving our body.
No. 995991 ID: 19da02

Try not to think about how you killed your only friend and instead tell Cookie to just play along for now. Saul doesn't seem directly dangerous.
No. 995993 ID: b1b4f3

Well, seems like being freed took a weight off his shoulders.
Ask Jadis how the fuck she managed to create a physical soul. You know how souls are supposed to be, and that is not it.

Also... maybe we should go and pick up the bodies now. The threat has passed. Is it possible for Body's brain to be saved, so she can get a new body someday, and a soul transplant from a deserving donor?
No. 995995 ID: 9c48ac

I... is it maybe a merging of Body and Saul??

In any case, he seems harmless (for now) so that at least is a relief.

... Angels are like... super souls, right? Could we, like... possess our body as DH? (And maybe also Body, if there's enough left to work with.)
No. 996020 ID: 71796b

Time to retrieve the bodies and maybe, just maybe, put our soul back in its placer.
No. 996027 ID: eedbeb
File 161834696694.png - (134.36KB , 1000x900 , p65.png )

Jadis snickers into her hand. “So you’re okay?”

“I’m traumatized, because Body frickin’ exploded in my face, but I don’t think I’m in physical danger. More concerned with judging tacky outfits and trying not to cry. Saul busted open the building doors, cause everything was closed, so he’s super strong, but he hasn’t shown any signs of aggression.” Cookie summarizes.

“Think we could stop by and grab the bodies while you distract him?”

Cookie groans. “Yeah. Please come back for me.”

“Great.” Jadis hangs up. “Feel up for a quick trip, Evelyn?”

‘ok. what is Saul?’

“No idea. Magic sure is wacky sometimes.”

‘how else can you kill angels?’

You gesture to get Kibble’s attention, then show Duck your question.

“It says larger angels can absorb smaller ones.” Kibble says slowly.
No. 996032 ID: 9a2966

Ah, so all you have to do is absorb weaker angels until you get big enough to challenge god.
No. 996034 ID: b1b4f3

No. 996035 ID: 53560f

Well there’s an option, though if we lose control of this body at any point then we have made a powerful enemy even more powerful. Personally, I say we’re fucked otherwise so lets do this, maybe figure out a failsafe or two if we can.
No. 996036 ID: b1b4f3

I guess we could wait until we have some string, completely tie up Evelyn, eat Duck and see what happens.
No. 996037 ID: 9f6a14

I feel like Eating duck is a bad idea...
No. 996040 ID: 8a51ec

Yeah, we're already aware angels are little shits. This could absolutely be a setup by Duck to get revenge and a reason to exist in one move. Regardless, getting the bodies back is more important.
No. 996057 ID: fd1757

Let's keep Duck around for the time being. It is best if we go retrieve Cookie and hopefully, hopefully, see if we can save Body somehow.
No. 996058 ID: eedbeb
File 161835774825.png - (157.11KB , 1000x900 , p66.png )

You consider eating Duck, but the way the little shit is staring at you makes you decide against it. You’d probably have to have a battle of wills for control of DH or something, and you don’t want to do that until you’re more prepared.

Jadis tucks the notebook and pen into her pocket space and leads you outside. She scrambles into your arms and you start flying towards the mall.

Cookie’s car is the only one in the lot, and Jadis shoos away the mobsters that have gathered awkwardly around it.

You peek inside. The spool of string, your unconscious self, and the corpse are all there. Jadis unlocks the car with a blink and starts dragging the bodies into her pocket space.
No. 996060 ID: fd1757

Let's go to comfront Saul, but before that...

Take a good look at Body.
No. 996064 ID: 0d5548

Confront Saul, figure out a way to chirp or something so you can at least answer yes or no questions without writing. Or maybe ask Jadis if telepathy is easy to do so you can talk like DH did before?
No. 996067 ID: b1b4f3

We should probably ask Cookie to find out if Saul still wants to kill Jadis before we go anywhere near him.
Also Cookie should tell Saul ahead of time that you're possessing DH, so he doesn't fucking brutalize your ass.
No. 996068 ID: 67ca9b

At worst, clapping your hands would make a noticeable sound
No. 996080 ID: b1b4f3

Yes and no can just be thumbs up and thumbs down.
No. 996086 ID: eedbeb
File 161836620862.png - (157.22KB , 1000x900 , p67.png )

Jadis takes out the same scary pair of scissors Body had tried to use on you this morning and cuts the string connecting your wrists. She also removes the scraps of hoodie from around Body’s shoulders. You rub your hands together self-consciously and stare at the juices dripping onto the sidewalk. Flies buzz through the air and walk over stitched skin.

The witch is all business, seemingly undisturbed by the death of her friend. You jerk your thumb towards the nearest boutique, doors hanging off their hinges.

“You want to find Cookie? I’ll wait by the car.” Jadis puffs.
No. 996087 ID: eedbeb
File 161836622916.png - (194.01KB , 1000x900 , p68.png )

It’s dark inside the store, fluorescent lights silent in their plastic housing. Racks of cheap outfits create a natural maze. Normally you’d be able to see all the way to the dressing room, but your eyes are lower than you’re used to. You step carefully through the store.

“Hey hot stuff.”

You jump a solid meter in the air. Saul is standing behind you, dressed in a blouse and wearing sunglasses.
No. 996089 ID: 67ca9b

Cross your weird angel arms, be the strong silent type.
No. 996092 ID: b1b4f3

Wave awkwardly.
Make a C-shape with your hand or draw one in the air, to indicate you're looking for Cookie.
No. 996094 ID: 6a3e9e

Sauls a weird soul creature try thinking at it, when that inevitably fails pantomime that you are looking for cookie
No. 996097 ID: 3ed3c3

I already don't trust Saul, so stay on guard.
No. 996098 ID: 031458

Saul is our friend and cookies.
We can trust him personally I think, but we should be ready to intervene when it comes to Jadis. I posit this apocalypse truce will be fragile and short lived.
No. 996108 ID: eedbeb
File 161837260344.png - (172.61KB , 1000x900 , p69.png )

You cross your arms to look cool and cover your eyes in the process. When you realize your mistake, Saul’s disappeared from your view, and you feel a tug on one of your shoulder feathers.

Your flight wings seem to emerge when you need them, and right now you have a few small wings sprouting out of your back. Saul tugs again and you unfurl one, annoyed.

Telepathy still doesn’t work. You motion to Saul and make a C-shape with your hand.

“Cookie? He’s said he’s using the bathroom. Didn’t get to show him my outfit. Do I look cool?” Saul asks, white, blunt teeth alarming close to your flesh.

You usually walk around naked so you’re not the one to judge. You give him a hesitant thumbs up.

“Nice. Are there any clubs around here? I have a lot of partying to catch up with. It’s been what, two millennia since I had the chance to hang with people. You lot aren’t humans but you’ll do fine.”
No. 996109 ID: 031458

Wait... What?
What... Is he?
2000 years?
What did Jadis do???
No. 996114 ID: 8a51ec

Okay, what the FUCK did Jadis put in Body? We really need to get some pointers about this telepathy thing as soon as possible, writing and gesturing is only so convenient.
No. 996118 ID: b68a26

Oh hey neat saul is the companion god to the moon god. Cam he just fix this whole soul problem?
No. 996121 ID: b1b4f3

IS HE A GOD?! The warden god specifically.

Well, okay, I see three possible explanations here, none of which would be possible for Evelyn to conclude since she doesn't have all the information:
1, the werewolf's soul getting stuck in Kibble's Timmie got it attached to the warden-god's essence, which basically pulled his consciousness into the soul. Possibly because it was damaged already?
2, the lycanthropy curse itself is associated with the warden-god, and one being separated from a body for long enough caused it to pull on the warden-god's consciousness.
3, the "soul" Jadis found inside the Timmie was not in fact the werewolf that died, and the pocket space led to the warden-god's consciousness. She accidentally captured a god.

Also this means the warden-god created humans, while the moon-god created sapient animals. Of course this was an overreach. The moon-god was treading on the warden-god's turf.
Where are humans now?

Anyway, indicate yes you can get him to some clubs. Then go find Cookie. You desperately need to tell someone about this right now and maybe you shouldn't bring Saul to Jadis just yet.
No. 996152 ID: 422cea

Humans? What's a human. What is Saul. 2000 years?

No. 996159 ID: ac83d3

Express visible confusion.
No. 996175 ID: eedbeb
File 161841638903.png - (139.80KB , 1000x900 , p70.png )

Saul is talking very little like a soul and a whole lot like a god. You stare at him. Now that you think about it, he kind of looks like a Tim. What the fuck is going on? How did the warden god get trapped inside Body?

He pats your elbow. “Don’t worry your pretty head about that, Evelyn. You’re in control of the angel, I won’t get in your way while you save the world.”

You keep staring. Why can’t Saul do something about it? Why wasn’t he doing anything before?

Saul sighs and shoves his hands in his pockets. “Okay, story time. There was a girl I liked, and I found this place and thought it’d be cool to show her. She got really into the animals and I was busy and kind of lost track of what she was doing.”
No. 996176 ID: eedbeb
File 161841641295.png - (151.38KB , 1000x900 , p71.png )

“One day I’m out on the beach and my buddies start getting sick. They die. They all die. I’m clutching a cocktail, kind of freaked out, when I see a bunch of wolf ladies walking around. Anyway, here we are.”

That didn’t answer your questions at all.

“Oh come on, it totally did.” Saul complains. “Look, I’ve got a lot of existence to enjoy before she runs out of steam or kills everyone, so let me take Cookie and get wasted.”
No. 996179 ID: 9a2966

... okay. Sure, why not, go nuts. If he's all out of hints and can't be assed to save your world, you guess you'll just do... something instead. Eat a bunch of angels, maybe.

What about poor Body, though?
No. 996180 ID: 8a51ec

Fine, fine. Could he at least tell us where to find this girl he likes before he goes? And how to dunk on angels while he's at it.
No. 996184 ID: fd4d13


we already know that, she's in the moon.

It's pretty clear that the moon god made the 'souls' that all the weird furries are using out of whatever was already around because Saul wasn't really paying attention after he showed her how.

Is Saul saying that if we just eat any other angels that show up for a while the moon god will eventually just sort of stop being a problem? Is there some kind of way to find other angels and get that over with because really it sounds like a huge drag to just wait and you'd rather get blasted on grain liquor with Saul in a world that's already saved.
No. 996188 ID: afe7de

Wait is he saying we can kill and consume angels enough that we can gain the power to kill and dethrone god!?!? Though maybe it would be a bad idea to kill your literal creator, what if no more of your species can be born again after this. This seems like a rough decision, press Saul for more deets.
No. 996189 ID: 9a2966

>dethrone god
To be fair, it sounds more like we gotta break into prison to shank god with a rusty angel shiv.
No. 996191 ID: 031458

Fine. We can party, just. How do we prevent her from running out of steam or killing everyone?
No. 996194 ID: b1b4f3

Oh. The moon god killed all the humans in order to make the sapient animals.
Well can't you just carry Saul up to the moon to put the moon god back to sleep?
No. 996197 ID: 3ed3c3

Okay, so.
The god responsible for this mess just decided that humans were out and furries were in.
Is that what I'm hearing?
No. 996221 ID: eedbeb
File 161843100934.png - (125.06KB , 1000x900 , p72.png )

You mull over your options. It seems like Saul went through a pretty rough time when all the humans were killed and replaced with sapient animals, and thinks you can handle the angel problem by yourself.


Being a mega angel sounds cool, but it would be easier if Saul fixed this. Except he won’t do anything because…he likes this other god? That’s a pretty silly reason.

“It’s complicated between us. We didn’t get a chance to talk after the whole xenocide thing, and I only woke up when Jadis trapped me in a flesh prison. Which I’m not too mad about, but she really should have let me go when she noticed I was there.”

Important decision time. You have two ways to stop the apocalypse and defeat god, while hopefully fixing the associated repercussions afterwards.

-Absorb the other angels that Jadis mentioned had been summoned to the city
-Work with Saul to figure out his feelings
No. 996225 ID: b1b4f3

Erm... the moon god stole the humans' souls and shoved them into animals to make them more like humans? That means the souls existed before the moon god came around, which means... souls aren't part of the moon god, and probably aren't part of Saul either since he would've noticed the switcheroo in that case surely. The drain must be associated with keeping those souls attached to animals instead of humans where they belong. I'm guessing souls dragged up to the moon are absorbed by the moon god, making her stronger so she can support more animals until the next culling?

It sounds like if you become mega angel, that will stop the soul sucking, which will eventually exhaust the moon god due to having too much power used up by the animals. Then what? Total extinction? Or will animals become humans? Your angel body might also wear out when the moon god does, though that will take a while.

If you do couples therapy, I'm thinking what will happen is that most of the animals will be given human bodies so that there's less strain on the moon god and also Saul is happier. They gotta share the world.

I'm gonna go with that option, let's help Saul make peace with his GF and come to a peace treaty. Also you'll get your old body back which is nice, since you can't exactly enjoy fleshy pleasures as an angel. No eating, no drinking, no talking, presumably no sex.
No. 996227 ID: fd1757

Body said Saul was anxious and afraid of going out into the world, why the sudden change in attitude?

Also, we miss Body a lot. :(
No. 996230 ID: eedbeb

to clarify:
humans never had souls. animals need souls because it's hard to create sentient life without cheating
Saul was scared of getting found out or exploited when he was trapped. Now that he's free, he's more chill
No. 996232 ID: b1b4f3

Huh, so... the moon god purposefully killed all the humans because she wanted only animals?! Sheesh.

That means there really is a soul limit we can't do anything about without Saul's help. Mega angel route would work until the moon god can't support any more souls and then ??? happens. Saul doesn't seem too bothered about everyone dying; I'm guessing he won't care about any potential disasters from hitting the soul limit.

I still wanna try to help Saul figure things out. Over a drink, of course.
No. 996235 ID: fd1757

Rez Body plz, then we party.
No. 996239 ID: dfbac0

Give Body to Jadis, she should be able to fix her up, or at least the flesh, Body is just made out of different parts, and Jadis has no reason to kill body because A) Body was sort of being influenced by Saul so it's not her fault, and B) Body's already kinda dead.
Just have Jadis put the meat together, make it living or in stasis or whatever, and see if you find some other way to get Body a soul or something.
No. 996242 ID: eedbeb
File 161845116083.png - (172.01KB , 1000x900 , p73.png )

>Work with Saul

In your 31 years of life, you’ve acted the couple’s counselor to several friends. Something about your height and tone makes people think you have your life together and know shit about love, and at this point you have enough experience that mending two gods’ relationship seems possible.

“Girl, I have to be a lot more drunk before I let you talk me into anything.” Saul teases.

Then drunk he shall be. You are going to party hard with a god.

Cookie emerges from the bathroom, eye red from crying. Saul slings an arm around his thin shoulders.

“Ready to get wasted, buddy?” Saul asks.

“I don’t drink on weekdays. Also Jadis said witches shouldn’t impair their abilities.”

“Oh, well, good for you.” Saul sniffs.
No. 996243 ID: eedbeb
File 161845118316.png - (144.49KB , 1000x900 , p74.png )

Jadis is leaning against the car when you emerge from the shop, Saul on one side and Cookie on the other. The cyclopean cat seems to be using you as a shield against Saul’s chatter.

Saul saunters up to Jadis and you see her tense. “How’re the eyes?” he asks.

“Can’t use magic with one of them.” Jadis says stiffly.

“Well that’s good enough for me.” Saul holds out a hand and Jadis gingerly takes it. “You got a place we can have a good time?”

“There’s my apartment or we could break in somewhere.” Jadis wrinkles her nose. “My parents have a mansion and they’re used to throwing parties, so if we want to go somewhere actually nice they won’t stop us.”
No. 996246 ID: b1b4f3

Hell yeah let's make a mess of the mansion.
No. 996248 ID: e12ff3

Party at the mansion, can angels drink? Can angels get drunk? If you do will you lose control?
No. 996249 ID: 67181a

Aint nothing wrong with a party, but if you peep any angels on the way over may as well gobble 'em up and get huge
No. 996250 ID: fd1757

Let's invite everybody!
No. 996257 ID: 3ed3c3

Are we just going to keep glossing over the fact that Body is fucking dead?
No. 996260 ID: eb15a3

Body wanted to sacrifice herself.
No. 996266 ID: 422cea

Body really didn't like their existence and I don't think bringing them back is going to work at this point. The consciousness we knew was part of the flesh body. If those enchantments stopped working when Body actually died, her brain's kind of rotting now... You wouldn't wanna try to bring that back.

Does Evelyn have any evolutionary control over the angel by the way?

I think it'd be cool if we could grow a cat-like head on that ducknub we got going, even if it's a faceless cathead.
No. 996267 ID: eedbeb
File 161845795286.png - (150.13KB , 1000x900 , p75.png )

You arrive at the mob mansion after following Cookie’s car as it passes through several layers of gated community defenses. The guards nervously point their guns at you, until Jadis talks to a pretty Siamese who ushers you all inside.

“I’m sending a car to pick up the crew. My dad is gonna freak.” Jadis says with a wicked grin. Personal chefs and servants quickly set up an impromptu bar and audio system. You hadn’t known Jadis was rich rich.
No. 996268 ID: eedbeb
File 161845797943.png - (246.24KB , 1000x900 , p76.png )

Your goal is to get 30 comradery points before the other angels arrive (12 rounds) or you pass out. Drunkenness is measured on a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 being sober and 5 giving you a 50% chance of fainting each round. Jadis will inject alcohol into your animal body to get you drunk. Each update is one round. Points will be tallied at the end of each update.

The following activities will earn you points:

-Be more drunk than Saul: +1 point per round

-Play a party game (never have I ever, truth or dare, etc.): +5 points, equal chance of being two or three rounds.

-Talk about feelings with someone (needs to be a different person each time): +2 points

-Have sex with Saul: +7 points and Cookie will never forgive you

Bonus points will be awarded for good advice and hot takes. Saul can read your thoughts but otherwise you will dispense wisdom via pen and paper. You can take actions that are not involved with getting points.
No. 996270 ID: b1b4f3

I think we should immediately take a hit of the old alkyhol, and talk to Cookie. Tell him you're so sorry about Body. You didn't want that to happen to her. You thought Saul would be intangible when he came out.
No. 996271 ID: 67181a

Get lit
Play twister
Maybe you can figure out how to manipulate the angel body form in the process
Maybe sneakily feel up saul even though you already know he'll know
No. 996272 ID: e51896

Talk to cookie about his feelings, about Body, and relationship with Jadis
No. 996274 ID: afe7de

Have a drink and play twister, you havent played twister in years! And maybe by doing so you'll figure out if you even WANT to have sex with Saul
No. 996279 ID: f8fa51

Numbers: If we assume that we spend every round drunker than Saul (unlikely to be possible), we still need to get 18 points in 12 rounds. Party games get us 2.08 points per round on average, so that's definitely doable. But we should aim to always be 1 point drunker than Saul unless he's at 4 points or more, then we can't risk it. Let's assume for the time being that we're not in any way interested in having sex with Saul, Cookie's approval or not; I'm certainly not seeing any reason we would be, and it's not necessary for saving the world, but I'm not averse to seeing how it plays out.

I like Twister. Let's go with that. A nice, entry-level, low-risk party game. Compare Truth or Dare, which ideally would require everyone involved to be a little bit drunk for maximum impact, and is definitely something to play later once everyone's loosened up.
No. 996330 ID: eedbeb
File 161850405426.png - (148.72KB , 1000x900 , p77.png )

You ask Jadis to increase your drunkenness by one level. Saul is currently sober despite having had two mixed drinks already. He’s already formed a lasting friendship with the bartender.

You propose a Twister tournament. Everyone will form teams of two and the tournament will last a total of three rounds (including this one).

You are on Team Pussy Smashers 69. Your first opponent is Team Mom. Saul chose both team names.

Choose the final position for the first game. (Left Hand Green, Right Foot Blue, etc.)

Round 1 complete.
Change in points: +1
Total points: 1
Drunk: Level 2
No. 996332 ID: fd1757

Right Hand Red, Left Foot Green, Left Wing Yellow, and talk of feelings with Kibble.
No. 996338 ID: dbe700

Right hand yellow
Left hand green
Left leg yellow
Right leg red
No. 996342 ID: b1b4f3

Right hand yellow
Left hand blue
Right foot green
left foot blue
No. 996343 ID: eedbeb
File 161852077057.png - (205.50KB , 1000x900 , p78.png )

> Right hand yellow
>Left hand green
>Left leg yellow
>Right leg red

Your angel body is inflexible, but strong. The assorted wings make little flaps to help you maneuver around the mat, and you handle the early game with ease.

Kibble quickly taps out, unable to keep balance with only three limbs, and Saul follows after with an exaggerated flop against your leg.

“I’m going to get some grain liquor.” he says. “Don’t lose, this is serious business.”

You finally outlast Margot, whose arms give out after an extended period on all fours.
No. 996345 ID: eedbeb
File 161852086464.png - (119.35KB , 1000x900 , p79.png )

Your next opponent is Team Sober Nerds Not That There’s Anything Wrong With Sobriety. Cookie doesn’t look like he’s in the mood for games, but Jadis nudges him towards the mat and stretches her wiry arms. A bottle of Foreverclear has made Saul playful and very bad at Twister.

Jadis winks at you and points at the guard holding the spinner. “I have a man on the inside. You guys are going down.”

You’ll need to cheat to win the tournament. What do you do?

Round 2 complete.
Change in points: +0
Total points: 1
Drunk: Level 2. Saul is also at Level 2.
No. 996347 ID: acd68f

Drink more, channel your inner psychic Angel abilities to distract Jadis by I don’t know, having Saul flash her?
No. 996348 ID: b1b4f3

We need to stay ahead of Saul. +1 drunk.

Use wings to "accidentally" tickle Jadis and Cookie.
No. 996349 ID: fd1757

Slap your butt in front of Jadis at a crucial moment when she's trying to keep balance.
No. 996361 ID: eedbeb
File 161853107006.png - (161.12KB , 1000x900 , p80.png )

>Get more drunk

Unfortunately, Jadis is busy with the game right now. She’ll top you off at the start of the next round.

>Slap your butt in front of Jadis at a crucial moment

Jadis has rigged the call outs so that you have to twist yourself in very inconvenient ways. You accidentally tickle Cookie’s nose with one of your wings and when he lifts a hand to sneeze his elbow brushes the mat. Despite all his talk of serious business, Saul is a giggly mess.

Once it’s just you and Jadis left, you unveil your bounteous angel behind when you’re sure she’s facing your back. She screams and shields herself from the holy glow.

You’ve finished the game. What do you want to do next?

Round 3 complete.
Change in points: +5
Bonus points (Winning): +1
Total points: 7
Drunk: Level 2. Saul is also at Level 2.
No. 996364 ID: b1b4f3

+1 drunk. Might be good to stay at 3, but we need to get there sooner rather than later.

Talk to Cookie about Body. He's obviously pissed at Saul for being so callous about it.
No. 996394 ID: eedbeb
File 161853999809.png - (145.15KB , 1000x900 , p81.png )

>Talk to Cookie

Once you’ve made sure that a stunned Jadis has upped your blood alcohol content, you find Cookie hunched against one of the marble pillars supporting the high ceiling laden with chandeliers. You take out your notebook and start writing, a bit sloppier than usual.

‘you okay?’

Cookie’s frown deepens. “I don’t know why we’re having a party.”

‘need to give saul a good time’

Cookie sighs. “I’m sure there’s a reason for that, but it all feels fake. Does nobody care that Body is dead? That we’re dealing with gods who could kill us as an afterthought?”

You shrug your shoulders. You haven’t really had time to process Body’s death, and with so many witches and monsters and gods around you were hoping that you’d get her back.

‘were you two close?’

Cookie rubs the corner of his eye. “Kind of. We were both on the bottom of the pecking order in the apartment. I know Jadis never wanted to teach me magic, but she strung me along to keep Margot happy. And Body tried her best but I don’t think Jadis ever liked her as a person.”
You’re properly drunk now so Cookie’s words don’t hurt as much as they would.

‘sorry. that sucks’

You need to move on, but you can reassure Cookie before you go.

Round 4 complete.
Change in points: +3
Total points: 10
Drunk: Level 3. Saul is at Level 2.
No. 996395 ID: f8fa51

Hot take: Hosting a party and your parents' house is cool, but cheating at a party you're hosting is pretty uncool Jadis. Are you uncool, Jadis?
No. 996401 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you'll try to be there for him. Things will get better.

Why don't we talk to Saul next? Ask him if he wants to talk about the moon god yet. If not, what about the humans?
No. 996404 ID: 8db9ae

Say you’re sorry that there’s been no chance to grieve or even process this.

Hopefully plan Saul works out and the gods/angels are stopped and you can like take a moment to breathe and sleep or something.

Speaking of Saul, see about flirting with him, you’re slightly drunk and kind of interested/intimidated
No. 996405 ID: ec49cf

Hug the Cookie
No. 996427 ID: e51896

Play "would you rather" with everyone.
No. 996430 ID: 6c85e8

You're not crazy. What you feel is real and valid. This shit is insane and nobody is acting right right now, you're just trying to make sure the world's still going to be here on Monday and this party you think is helping that happen. Stay strong. Things are going to be better.
No. 996498 ID: eedbeb
File 161858679275.png - (187.83KB , 1000x900 , p82.png )

You tell Cookie that things will get better, that everything in the last few days has been insane and nobody is acting normal. You’re not sure if your empathy comes across in your hasty scrawls, but Cookie gives you a small smile and you give him a gentle side hug before leaving to find Saul.

The god is leaning against the makeshift bar, holding a bottle of absinthe. Kibble is standing next to him, face crumpled in mortification.

“You don’t like Mother? How about Mom? Don’t tell me you want me to call you Mommy.” Saul says. “Oh hey Evelyn, we were just having a little family reunion.”

“Please don’t call me any of that. My name is Kibble.”

Saul must sense your confusion, because he takes a generous swig of poisonous green fluid and smacks his lips appreciatively. “Did ya know Kibble snagged one of my mouths a few years ago? She finished a space distortion right as she was about to get eaten. One in a million chance, so you know, bound to happen. Jadis thought she was taking the soul of some poor sap Kibble had ingested, but she also got the digestion processor mixed in there and that’s how I ended up inside Body.”

Kibble nods slowly, and the lines around her eyes ease.
No. 996499 ID: eedbeb
File 161858682070.png - (129.21KB , 1000x900 , p83.png )

You still have no idea what Saul is saying. It feels like you’re missing important backstory and a college education in magic. Why would Saul awaken inside Body if most of him was in the moon?

“God stuff. Uh, how can I explain it…We’re basically a gazillion of autonomous programs running in parallel, all connected and capable of intelligent adaptation. If you take a piece out of the framework that’s keeping it static, it’ll link back with the whole.” Saul drains the bottle and burps. “So I’m not the main body, but I am myself.”

You can talk to Kibble and Saul for another round.

Round 5 complete.
Change in points: +2
Bonus points (Cookie Reassurance): +1
Total points: 13
Drunk: Level 3. Saul is at Level 3.
No. 996504 ID: 54ce8b

Right. The werewolf guy's soul were the scraps surrounding Saul, who was the thing in the middle of the scraps. As long as we can get to 23 points by round 11, we can win by having sex with Saul in the last round I think. Even though nobody has genitals afaik so I'm not sure how sex works.

Play Never Have I Ever and hope it's 2 rounds.
No. 996519 ID: f960f1

Ask Saul of he can help Mommy- I mean Kibble go back to normal after all this over.
After that, let's play never have I ever.
No. 996523 ID: b1b4f3

Does that mean we could talk to the Moon God if we could separate an Angel's mind from its body?
No. 996528 ID: eedbeb
File 161860358774.png - (162.67KB , 1000x900 , p84.png )

You wonder if that means you could get a hold of the other god by messing with an angel.

“Doubt it. Like, we plan for that sort of thing and in the rare case that the programs are disrupted, they usually adapt. Kibble didn’t become me because the piece that she got reached a steady state and kind of turned her into a, what does Jadis call them, Tim.”

“You’re not going to change me back?” Kibble asks.

“Hell no, I’d be a terrible son if I did that.”

Kibble straightens up and smiles. It looks like Saul’s words have lifted a weight off her shoulders.

You finish your conversation with Saul and Kibble and suggest playing Never Have I Ever. You assemble everyone except Cookie for the game, which will last two rounds, not including this one. What are some things that Evelyn has never done?

Round 6 complete.
Change in points: +2
Bonus points (Kibble smiled oh my god): +1
Total points: 16
Drunk: Level 3. Saul is at Level 3.
No. 996529 ID: e46bc4

Potential ideas:

Never bungee jumped
Never had sex in public
Never traveled to another country (or city)
Never dyed my hair a rediculous color.
No. 996530 ID: b1b4f3

Evelyn has never kissed a girl.
Evelyn has never skipped leg day.
No. 996531 ID: 54ce8b

Never had sex in public
Never went scuba diving
Never eaten jalapenos
Never rode a motorcycle
Never skipped leg day
No. 996532 ID: fd1757

Never casted the Little Glowy Light spell.

Never eaten tacos.

Never punched a vampire.

Never skipped leg day.
No. 996534 ID: eedbeb
File 161861554896.png - (195.74KB , 1000x900 , p85.png )

>Never had sex in public.

“Oooh, I’m Evelyn and I’ve had sex.” Jadis says, rolling her eyes for effect. You’re a little hurt by the mocking tone.

“Hey, I’m sure people here have had sex besides me.” Saul argues. The god was the only one who put down a finger. You make a mental note that Saul isn’t all talk. You kind of want to flirt with him.

Kibble and Margot look at each other and shake their heads.

“Was never interested.” Kibble remarks.

Margot, who seems quite inebriated, takes another swig of rum and coke. “Society puts too much emphasis on physical relationships.”

>Never skipped leg day

Another flop. Everyone mutters about the indignity of Evelyn assuming they exercise.
No. 996535 ID: eedbeb
File 161861557275.png - (151.95KB , 1000x900 , p86.png )

>Never kissed a girl

To your surprise, everyone puts a finger down except for Kibble. Margot jabs at your chest with an accusatory glare.

“You’re telling me that a tall, muscular, cool cat like yourself has never kissed a girl?”

You shake your head and Margot makes a noise of supreme contempt and mutters something about the straights into her cup.

>Never punched a vampire

“Well, I hope not.” says Jadis. “There’s what, like twenty left? That’s like punching a famous painting.”

Round 7 complete.
Change in points: +0
Total points: 16
Drunk: Level 3. Saul is at Level 3.
No. 996538 ID: 3ed3c3

Never wondered what your own tongue tastes like.
No. 996539 ID: fd1757

Never created life.

Never killed people.

Never studied magic.

Never betrayed a friend.
No. 996540 ID: b1b4f3

Harsh... I dunno if that's the kinda vibe we want here.

How about:
never broke a mirror
never owned a pet
never went to a casino
never traveled overseas
No. 996549 ID: eedbeb
File 161862886519.png - (165.24KB , 1000x900 , p87.png )

>Never wondered what your tongue tastes like

Kibble is deeply troubled by your statement. “I have tasted my tongue. It’s raw meat and blood. Does that count?” she asks.

“Yes, but have you wondered what it tasted like, there’s a difference.” Jadis says.

“How can you wonder after you already know? Can you get the answer without asking the question?”

The game devolves into a philosophical debate and everyone splits up. Margot and Jadis go to a corner to talk, Kibble walks away in a daze, and Saul is wiggling his eyebrows at you. You can’t see Cookie anymore, he might have gone to the bathroom or the kitchen.

Round 8 complete.
Change in points: +5
Total points: 21
Drunk: Level 3. Saul is at Level 4. How did he get more drunk? You didn’t see him drink anything during the game.
No. 996551 ID: ff3e5b

Jadis probably raised it.
Confront her about it, but slightly tease her too
No. 996553 ID: f8fa51

There's no point getting more drunk now, we don't want to hit drunkenness 5. We have 4 rounds to get 9 points. That's going to be tight, but I think we can do it.
No. 996556 ID: b1b4f3

So, ask Saul about his ex.
No. 996559 ID: 8a51ec

Vouching for this, at least to learn more about the two of them. It looks like we'll have to give up on being drunker than Saul. If it really does come down to the wire though... would sex with someone besides Saul be worth comradery points?
No. 996571 ID: afe7de

Flirt with Saul, ask about his ex, also think how you would even consider having sex in this body, are there genitals? would he just be having sex with your actual body while you watched? Would he just be making out with your beak? is sex with a god something where you mind meld and fuck in the mindscape?
No. 996599 ID: eedbeb
File 161867147089.png - (145.70KB , 1000x900 , p88.png )

You hope Saul has been having a good time and is drunk enough to start talking about his ex. You wonder if Jadis somehow magicked his alcohol content higher.

“Naaaaw, I’m a god remember? It’s more about getting into the right zone, headspace, y’know. I could flush myself out anytime but things are heating up and I need the confidence.”

Saul slings an arm around your hips. “I’ll talk about furry girl if we go somewhere…more private.” He winks at you.

You’re interested but kind of intimidated. What would sex with this angel body be like? You don’t have any genitals or even a mouth.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to. We could go over there instead—“ he points at Jadis and Margot. “—and get those two to stop dancing around each other.”

You want Saul to explain what he has in mind.
No. 996600 ID: eedbeb
File 161867149498.png - (118.57KB , 1000x900 , p89.png )

“So if we were both gods, it would be uh, a project to produce offspring by coding a new program and spending a few centuries debugging it. Not interested in that shit. If you were human, er, animal, we could fuck like normal. Since you’re not, we’ll have to get creative.”

Saul takes your wrist and gently lifts it to his mouth. He bites the tip of your finger.

“We learned earlier that angels want to get more powerful. I bet it would feel pretty good if you absorbed me.”

Do you have weird god sex with Saul? Your drunk levels will both be reset to 1 before you do.

Round 9 complete.
Change in points: +2
Total points: 23
Drunk: Level 3. Saul is at Level 4.
No. 996601 ID: bc11b8

No. 996602 ID: fd1757

What if we play truth or dare?
No. 996603 ID: 9f1e2b

Almost to 30 and almost to round 12
Just gotta play truth or dare (probably 2 rounds)
And then speak to one more person and we should be fine

(or if we do not have enough points after truth or dare, sex with saul)
No. 996604 ID: 031458

No. 996609 ID: 6c227a

It's not that you are NOT interested, but.. now that you mention it Jadis and Margot HAVE been trying to figure their shit out for way longer and you want that to get resolved
No. 996612 ID: b1b4f3

That sounds kind of cool but you're worried Cookie will hate you if you do, and you kindof like him.
No. 996622 ID: afe7de

Truth or Dare sounds fun, im more of a voting for boning Saul tho.

That's a nice idea, but I dont know if you bumping into their relationship biz will fix everything, but who knows, give it a try!
No. 996624 ID: e51896

We can probably bone Saul during truth or dare, especially if we're lucky enough to have someone dare us to do it.
No. 996626 ID: f8fa51

Yeah, let's help out Jadis and Margot.
No. 996654 ID: eedbeb
File 161871325989.png - (148.99KB , 1000x900 , p90.png )

You take your hand from Saul’s teeth. You’re interested in the offer, but you’re not sure having sex with Saul would be the smartest move. Cookie would feel horribly betrayed and you have to think about your prospects post apocalypse.

Saul slumps a little, but gives you an encouraging smile. “No problem, I totally understand and I won’t hold it against you or anything.”

Another game would help ease the tension. There’s only four of you left after Kibble disappeared into the long hallway. You’re curious what Jadis and Margot’s deal is, and Truth or Dare would be the perfect way to get them to talk.
No. 996655 ID: eedbeb
File 161871329770.png - (146.16KB , 1000x900 , p91.png )

Saul trails after you like a lost puppy while you stride towards the short women. As you approach, Jadis cuts off whatever long winded rant she was giving and glares at you like you interrupted her presidential acceptance speech to the national magic association. Margot smiles and leans against the wall. You gesture to the floor.

The final activity for the evening will be Truth or Dare. The game will take the last two rounds. What will you ask Margot and Jadis?

Round 10 complete.
Change in points: +0
Bonus points (a mature conversation about boundaries): +2
Total points: 25
Drunk: Level 3. Saul is at Level 4.
No. 996657 ID: b1b4f3

Have lingering thoughts about domming the shit out of Saul. Or Cookie? Wait what about both at the same time... NO, back horny thoughts, back!

What were you talking about just now?
Do you think Saul is cute?
What's your deepest regret? Or most embarrassing moment.
(Margot) What do you think about Jadis? What do you like about her, what do you dislike?
(Jadis) What do you think about Margot?

Jadis/Margot kiss.
Do the chicken dance.
Kiss Saul.
Stick their hand in your useless angel mouth. You will of course gently nom when they do it.
Spank your magnificent angel ass.
Spank Saul. If he's into it.
No. 996696 ID: fd1757

Dare: I dare you lift me up.

I dare you to dance your favorite dance.

I dare you to resurrect Body.

I dare you to dab with the mansion's bodyguards.

Truth: Have you ever exposed yourself emotionally to someone?

What was your first date?

Who is your best friend in the world?

What's your favourite OnlyClairevoyants account?
No. 996723 ID: e51896

Dare Jadis to call her dad and tell him she loves him.
No. 996740 ID: eedbeb
File 161877059149.png - (152.98KB , 1000x900 , p92.png )

>Dare Jadis to tell her dad she loves him

“Ew, ugh, fine.” Jadis says. “I guess I should thank him for fixing my face even though he’s a clingy callous ass…HEY POPS!”

The bodyguards and servants all flinch at the shout and Mr. Lewis sticks his head around the corner. “Yes, dear daughter?” he says mildly.

“Come over here. I have to tell you something and I don’t want everyone to hear.”

The bowler bearing cat obediently walks to your seated group and Jadis gets to her feet to address him.

“Even though you and mom messed up my childhood by teaching me magic too young, and even though you’re an evil mob boss who smuggles drugs and kills people, you’re an okay dad. I know you just want me to be happy and safe and I love you.”

A surprised smile spreads over his face. “I love you too, Jadis.”

“And don’t expect me to come home or anything because I said that. I’m independent.”

“Of course.”
No. 996741 ID: eedbeb
File 161877067141.png - (131.62KB , 1000x900 , p93.png )

>Ask Margot what she thinks about Jadis, good and bad

Jadis looks more terrified than when she had been facing down a furious Body. Margot leans on one hand and considers the witch.

“She’s the smartest person I know and is used to making hard decisions that hurt people, but has a good heart. She’s an awful small business owner and still hasn’t gotten the hang of spot dodging after a year of trying to teach her.”

Margot takes a swig of water. “She’s my best friend.”

“Friend.” Jadis repeats numbly. You punch her in the arm encouragingly.

Round 11 complete.
Change in points: +0
Total points: 25
Drunk: Level 3. Saul is at Level 4.
No. 996750 ID: fd1757

Truth: What is your magnum opus?

Dare: Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
No. 996757 ID: e51896

Actually, why don't we have Evelyn do a truth or dare? Have Evelyn answer a very personal question to know more about our main character (not sure what though)


Dare: kiss the person in this party that you want to be in a relationship most with no warning or explanation. (Maybe Cookie! it was mentioned Evelyn found him cute in the previous thread, let ship em.)
No. 996763 ID: 506f7b

C'mon, dare Jadis to kiss Margot, or vice versa
No. 996768 ID: 12b116

Truth to Jadis: How do you really feel about Margot
Dare to Jadis: Tell Margot how you really feel about her.
No. 996812 ID: eedbeb
File 161878599796.png - (131.65KB , 1000x900 , p94.png )

“Okay Evelyn, it’s your turn.” Jadis shoots back. “Tell us the most embarrassing thing about yourself.

You put the tip of your pen in your useless mouth and gum at it in deep contemplation.

‘my parents are musicians’

“Oh come on, that’s not your fault.” Jadis complains. “What’s something on the level of accidentally trapping god and then choosing not to tell anyone about it?”

‘I smoke even though it’s bad for me. I don’t have a retirement plan. I like the flavor of decaf’

“Do you have any weird kinks?” Saul asks.


“That’s not weird, that’s basic levels of hot.” Saul throws his hands up in despair. “Why are you so normal?”

You squint at him. You wouldn’t say being an angel is very normal.
No. 996815 ID: eedbeb
File 161878615356.png - (99.22KB , 1000x900 , p95.png )

Jadis is next. The witch eyes you suspiciously.

“Truth.” she says.

“How do you really feel about Margot?” Saul asks smoothly.

“Right. Dare.”

‘tell margot how you really feel about her’ you write. A dirty move, but an effective one. Jadis inflates like an offended frog.

“That’s what I was trying to do before you idiots interrupted me! It’s not something I want to do in front of a god!”

Margot pipes in. “You were? I thought you were talking about magic morality.”

“I was getting there, I was going to tie it all together and apologize for everything I’ve done and tell you that I like like you—“ Jadis clamps her mouth shut like her words burned her lips. Her eyes swell with tears.

Margot smiles at her, soft and fond. “I like you too.”

“That’s, w-well, that’s good.” Jadis stutters. “Great. I guess you don’t care about all the crimes against nature then.”

“Oh I do. Liking someone makes you dumb. You know, like how it took you two years to make a move.” Margot says.

Jadis takes Margot’s hand. Before they can lean in for a kiss, a tall, thin lizard bursts through the doors and dashes to Jadis’ dad.

“Angels! They just appeared over downtown a few minutes ago. There’s enough to destroy the city, what do we do?“ he shouts.

Round 12 complete.
Change in points: +5
Achievement unlocked: The Main Character is Boring as Shit
Total points: 30

Congratulations, you obtained the necessary comradery points to earn Saul’s trust and got him drunk enough to fly him to the moon.
No. 996816 ID: eedbeb
File 161878618737.png - (197.43KB , 1000x900 , p96.png )

“Let’s go.” Saul says quietly. The mansion is a buzz of worried activity after word of the angels’ arrival. Margot and Jadis are holding each other in the middle of the enormous room, lost in their own world while Mr. Lewis barks orders to his men. You hope Cookie and Kibble are okay.

Saul leads you through ornate hallways, past several living rooms, and out onto a lush green yard. The sun is starting to set and you can see the pale moon on the other side of the still light sky.

You remember that the moon is very far away. How are you supposed to get there?

“You’ll propel yourself like normal. There’s a way to go really fast by compressing the space in front of you. It should only take an hour once you build up speed, I’ll show you once we’re past the atmosphere.” Saul says. He’s still smiling, but it’s forced.

You take Saul in your arms and unfold layers of interlocking wings. When you aim yourself towards the moon, you feel that ache of homesickness, and underneath, hear the cry of a trapped, starving creature that dislodged your soul in the first place.

You can ask Saul any questions during the flight. He also may need advice and encouragement as you get closer to your destination.
No. 996818 ID: 3ed3c3

Look, Saul. I know confronting your ex may seem like a daunting task, but people do it all the time. Just remember that you're your own god, and you don't need her nonsense in your life.
No. 996819 ID: 67181a

Apologize to saul for being so fucking boring, maybe once this is all over you can hang out with your own body and get up to some weird shit
No. 996820 ID: 094652

I can't think of anything better to say.
No. 996822 ID: 473bd8

What's the plan, Don Juan?
If we somehow manage to free you both from the moon, won't the gods who imprisoned you there put you right back in?
No. 996824 ID: b1b4f3

Fly me to the moon, and let me play amongst the stars...

Does the Moon God have a name?
Also it's about time we start thinking about what to say to her. She has to call off the angels immediately, for one. Secondly... uh, did she transfer the humans' minds into the new sapient animals' bodies or did she just kill them all to make space for the new population? It's hard to tell just how fucked up what she did was without knowing how it worked exactly.
No. 996826 ID: 53560f

So you said before that you only found the humans and then the other god killed them all to make us?
If that’s the case then DH was either lying or wrong about our souls coming from her.
No. 996833 ID: 473bd8

Tripper said a few posts ago that the godess just killed all the humans to make room for her Island of Doctor Moreau dealio.
No soul-stealing from the humans involved.
No. 996836 ID: eedbeb
File 161879383278.png - (52.43KB , 1000x900 , p97.png )

You pass through layers of clouds until the sky fades from light blue to empty black. Your wings are outstretched like you’re soaring, and you continue upwards until you’re among floating dust and occasional satellites.

Saul opens his mouth, probably to give you instructions, and no sound comes out. He frowns for a moment.

There, that’s better. Saul says, in your head. Cooked up a communicator module that matches yours, so now we can talk telepathically.

Saul shows you how to do the space crunch, which involves a lot of feather twitching and muscle flexing. You remember what Jadis said about magic being like painting a picture, and then you’re speeding away.
No. 996837 ID: eedbeb
File 161879388047.png - (134.54KB , 1000x900 , p98.png )

Sorry I’m so fucking boring. We should hang out once this is all over and get into weird shit. you think, in an attempt to lighten the mood.


Does your ex have a name?

Uh, no. We can call her Mary.

You can actually see the stars move around your frame of reference as you fly. There’s so many, and your sensitive angel eyes drink in their light.

Do we have a plan? Will the gods who imprisoned you get mad if you break out? Also how are we going to make new souls once Mary’s free? I hope she didn’t steal them from the humans.

The plan is we go to the moon and I link back up with my main body to talk to her. Might have to do some drilling to get to it. I don’t think anyone cares if we get free at this point, it’s hard to keep gods sealed, and humans never had souls, they didn’t need them to get their brains working. I don’t know what to do about the shortage, it’s up to her, really.

You mull over Saul’s words. Why did Mary kill all the humans then?

To make space for you, her beloved creations. Saul says bitterly. Maybe because she was jealous that I had so much fun with them. Maybe she just wanted to make me feel alone.
No. 996839 ID: b1b4f3

Well, that's something to talk about. We need to find out her motivations. It would be nice if she didn't do it on purpose... but I have a feeling gods never do anything on accident.

Well, she should know that her creations would not approve of what she did. You would not murder innocents to create new life, and you are sure that the vast majority of your kin agrees with you on that.

...I'm guessing Saul was sealed alongside Mary because they were fighting, and making a mess. Advise him to be firm with her and that she should take responsibility for her actions, but not to start another all out fight. The current situation cannot continue... but the solution can't be to just kill all the animal folk, either.
Would it be possible to fix the animal folks' bodies so they don't need souls anymore? Or transfer their minds into human bodies? Being in a new weird body isn't ideal, but people will just have to deal with it if that's the only way.
No. 996842 ID: 031458

What were they like... Humans?
No. 996845 ID: 71a995

I miss Body a lot....
No. 996851 ID: e51896

"Maybe... she can come visit us and have fun with us mortals and see the value in our lives in that way?"
No. 996852 ID: eedbeb
File 161880251877.png - (54.92KB , 1000x900 , p99.png )

Dude, it sounds like Mary sucks. Super toxic. You don’t need her nonsense in your life.

Saul curls up tighter in your arms. Chunks of rocks are hitting you as you fly, but they don’t seem to be doing any damage.

When I found this place and started hanging out with humans, I kind of got socialized, if that’s the right word. I copied the ability to feel herd emotions and she didn’t. Gods don’t usually have friends, most of the time we’re doing our own thing in space. I don’t think she understood what she was doing when she wiped everyone out.

The sunlight reflecting off the moon is doing funny things to your head. You’re remembering Body, sleepy eyes and stitches and croaky voice, and you feel like your heart is breaking.

Maybe she can spend some time on earth to learn empathy.

No. She needs to leave once she sets up a system to sustain life here. She’ll only cause more damage. Saul says firmly.

So how would that work? Can she transfer our brains into human bodies?

Saul is silent for a moment. It’s up to her. he finally replies.

The moon is rapidly approaching. Do you have anything else to say to Saul before you land?
No. 996853 ID: b1b4f3

Stay strong. Just a little more and we can all put this suffering behind us. A brighter future for everyone.
No. 996857 ID: 6c227a

Will um.. will YOU stick around though?
No. 996875 ID: fd4d13

So is there like, anything that we can do for Body? She kind of saved our life, and presumably if she didn't have to feel like shit all the time she deserves a better chance at being more than a bloody mess splattered across cookie's car
No. 996902 ID: 4f609c

We never did go clubbing.
Should you stick around, and should civilization not collapse, we totally should.

... We call you Saul. What did your human friends call you?
No. 996914 ID: eedbeb
File 161884808288.png - (107.96KB , 1000x900 , p100.png )

We’re almost there. you say in what you hope is an inspiring tone. Just a little more and we can put this suffering behind us.

I hope so.

Once everything’s open, we can go clubbing, like you did with your human friends. Did they have a different name for you? I know we call you Saul, but do you have a preference?

I’d like that, and I had a lot of names. Saul works fine.

The god stays quiet while you decelerate and touch down in a deep, broad crater. Your delicate feet leave perfect tracks in the silver dust. It’s cold, but not in an unpleasant way.
No. 996915 ID: eedbeb
File 161884810374.png - (133.26KB , 1000x900 , p101.png )

Saul scuffs his new shoes in the dirt. This is a good spot. I can feel her coming already.

Wait, before you go, can I ask for a, a wish or something? Can you bring Body back? She saved me, none of this would have happened without her, and she didn’t deserve to die. you say.

Tendrils of black and white energy ooze out of the ground and start to obscure Saul from view. Crap, did he understand what you said? You try to reach for him, but your angel body is starting to dissolve in the mist.

See you later, Evelyn. you hear faintly before you lose consciousness.
No. 996916 ID: eedbeb
File 161884811875.png - (105.88KB , 1000x900 , p102.png )

You wake up on the carpet of Jadis’ living room. Someone had the decency to give you a pillow and a blanket, though the covering plus your thick coat is making you overheat. Your muscles are sore and it almost feels like you have a hangover.

The TV is running Mash Brothers, and you hear voices on the couch to your right.
No. 996919 ID: 8a51ec

Did DH just get erased from existence? Sweet. Looks like we have our soul back too. This is a great opportunity for a prank to pretend DH took over our body.
No. 996921 ID: 031458

Jadis. Cookie. Open your magic eyes.
Something is going to happen.
It's out of our hands now.
No. 996928 ID: b1b4f3

>almost hangover
Well you WERE a bit drunk.

Go see who's up. Tell them shit's about to happen, if it hasn't happened already.
No. 996937 ID: 094652

Everything is going to change in a matter of hours.
Think about the last thing you want to do in this world before it undergoes a microapocalypse.
Maybe eat that last bag of chips in the fridge, use your life savings to buy some golds, and tell Jadis she's a jerk but she's your jerk. Then write your autobiography from start to end.
No. 996941 ID: 6b648e

Go over to whoever is playing games, and ask if we won.
No. 996942 ID: eedbeb
File 161886709809.png - (212.31KB , 1000x900 , p103.png )

You sit up, ready to warn Jadis that everything is about to change. Your words die in your throat when you see Body and Margot on the couch, gaming furiously.

“Oh hey, Evelyn’s awake.” Margot says absently while Body shrieks at the screen. “We thought you’d be okay after Body got fixed but I guess they got to you last. All the angels left and animals are going to start having human babies to fix the soul shortage.”

“I have a new soul, a real one.” Body squawks. “Instead of divine depression and existential angst I just got normal ennui now. Talk about an underwhelming anime power up, coming back to life didn’t even make me better at Mash.”

Your tongue feels like sandpaper and you yawn. “So it’s been a couple days since I left?”

Margot scratches her nose. “Yup. There’s water and food and stuff in the kitchen if you want.”
No. 996943 ID: 6b648e

Hug Body!
No. 996944 ID: afe7de

Guess Saul saved us all then, neat! Kinda weird that we're just gonna be birthing humans though, are animal people like us gonna die out? Where is that lovable scamp of a Saul anyway?
No. 996945 ID: f8fa51

Yeah, hug Body.
No. 996946 ID: 031458

If humans don't have souls...
Does that mean Jadis and cookie are going to be the last sorcerers?

The things they make and do in this life will be legend.

...Heh, maybe you should learn magic too, leave a mark on history....
Well, despite indirectly saving the world and all.

Oh and by the way, Did Saul ever return? I promised to go clubbing with him when we got back.
No. 996947 ID: b1b4f3

Haha, human babies. Well, that'll be an interesting time. And you know for sure that humans are going to try researching ways to get animal bodies since they'll have working examples of them via chemical preservation etc. Just gotta figure out the brain.

Congratulate Body on her new body, it doesn't even have scars does it?
Get some food and water. See if Cookie is there, and if he has anything to say to you now that you're back.

Also you walked on the MOON, bitches!
No. 996948 ID: 67181a

Did saul ever turn back up? You were really hoping to grind on him a bit once you got to be you again
No. 996949 ID: b084a1

You are saying all that so casually, like rewriting reality was just another day in the office.
No. 996951 ID: 094652

I take it back, ennui is the top god of this pantheon circus.

>humans don't have souls, magic, or an afterlife
>Humans and furries must coexist based on population rates
You still have a job to finish; making sure that racism is kept to a minimum.
But first: stopping thousands of mothers from smothering their children.
No. 996959 ID: eedbeb
File 161887513030.png - (155.99KB , 1000x900 , p104.png )

Despite the temptation of a cold glass of water, you get to your feet and lean across the couch armrest to hug Body.

“I missed you a lot. I’m really glad you’re back.” you mumble into her shoulder.

“Gah, your breath stinks. I’m glad to be back too, Jadis is behind on a ton of orders and if she doesn’t have me around she’ll get terrible online reviews. Even worse reviews than she already has.” Body says.

“Your new self looks great and you’ll do an awesome job with the business. Is everything really back to normal? Shouldn’t we be worried about animals dying out, or racism, or the fact that reality was rewritten?” you ask.

“Of course there are still problems, but it’ll get figured out.” Margot answers. “Saul’s been helping with the PR side and honestly we haven’t been too involved.”

Margot’s words make your heart skip a beat. “Saul’s here?”

“Coming over for dinner actually. Cookie’s making spaghetti.” Body says. “He’s a fun guy when he’s not crawling out of your chest.”
No. 996960 ID: eedbeb
File 161887513962.png - (232.15KB , 1000x900 , p105.png )

Thanks for reading!
No. 996963 ID: ee874a

This was a really fun story, thank you for sharing it with us, tippler!
No. 996964 ID: 12b116

two thumbs waaaaaaay up
No. 996968 ID: 3ed3c3

A fine time was had by all!
No. 996972 ID: eb1c48

this was fun
No. 997031 ID: 2f60e9

amazing, thanks so much!
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