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File 161395981212.png - (506.41KB , 1377x841 , Con-Quest - Return from the dead.png )
988758 No. 988758 ID: 04d001

--- The fog stirs, the wind wraps around the tower’s peak. The Lanturn keeps watch. As ever.
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No. 988762 ID: 04d001
File 161396022146.png - (597.89KB , 3442x4320 , [Keeper] 00.png )

>This is the intro scene or chapter 0. You will play another character once this introduction is over. During this segment, you can ask questions to gather information that will be valuable later on.

>Your suggestions and actions will still influence the plot although it won’t be immediately obvious. Information you ‘unlock’ here can be passed on to other characters who couldn’t know this otherwise. You will not be informed of what information is important or valuable. Claw at secrets and be curious.
No. 988763 ID: 04d001
File 161396025652.png - (644.80KB , 3442x4320 , [Keeper] 02.png )

No. 988764 ID: 04d001
File 161396027845.png - (523.79KB , 3442x4320 , [Keeper] 03.png )

No. 988765 ID: 04d001
File 161396033134.png - (1.00MB , 3442x4320 , [Keeper] 04.png )

>Lock-light. Mobile. Trapped and treasured. I can explore again.
No. 988773 ID: e51896

Where are planning to explore to?
No. 988775 ID: 094652

Use the light to scout your current area. Double check for traps and hazards, then mark the area as a defense point.
No. 988779 ID: b1b4f3

Who are you? What is the Barrows? How did you grab that light? Who are the Lanturns?
No. 988785 ID: e7c7d3

Anyone going to try to steal your light?
No. 988786 ID: b1b4f3

(also could you post smaller images please? 1300 wide or so like the first couple of images is fine)
No. 988789 ID: 04d001

(Ugh, Yeah my mistake- I batch saved the images and I misclicked the settings after the first set of three when I changed the canvas size. The rest will be fine.)
No. 988804 ID: 3ed3c3

>This little light of mine! I'm gonna let it shine!
Explore immediate surroundings.
No. 988805 ID: 04d001
File 161396592186.png - (238.88KB , 1380x847 , [Keeper] 06.png )

>I seek the few dead that mattered. I will travel to the true-tombs of the Barrows and pull life from them. I know where they lie, but the paths change. I will not get lost in the depths now I have surface light. The labyrinths will cringe from it and open to me.

>Fool thought. I have wrought fear into the frayling of the lighter levels. I am the danger here and the Lantern watches not. The depths threaten me with confusion alone. Thus the light.

>Ask a hooded thing it’s name? Pull my mask from me if you can, reach in deep so the bite merits chewing.
>This is the true world of passage, where grander beings thrive. Laws are malleable here, so my will alone traps the light. As yours could too, were you not an echo soon to pass. The Lantern will be happy to see you, query them why don’t you? You will be grandly illuminated as to their purpose.

>There are two true paths to choose from. One passes the Feast, the other the Dancers. Both will crave my light, if they notice it.
>Though I must be... cautious with such groups, with surface light, I will be safe enough. Safer than before.
No. 988807 ID: b1b4f3

Dancers sound cool.
What is at the top of the spire that reaches out of the Barrows?
No. 988822 ID: 094652

Feast has loot? Loot plz.
No. 988828 ID: 04d001
File 161398541225.png - (131.58KB , 1186x841 , [Keeper] 05 again maybe.png )

A Fat king and his spawn plant themselves in a once fine hall. He commands an endless dance for his pleasure. He thinks himself refined, I hear.
The dancers spin and twist in ways most cannot, for they are corpses one and all, husks drained by the Fat king and his daughters. There are worse fates I imagine, being drained by a troublesome daughter and dancing for her perhaps. I feel that thread is likely.

The tower was built for height, so I imagine a set of telescopes and sight lenses to peer down or track their surroundings. Some contraption to summon aid or to catch light as a signal. I have not entered the tower before, it is a hive of bodies tracking the Barrows yet too afraid to enter. Cowards, all.
If the Lantern were distracted I might find reason to enter, if just for the joy of the screaming.

The Feasters are giants who lust for satiation. They grow larger and more cheerful, trying to lull a visiting victim to pass nearer for a swift death in their maws. They are a humourous lot, so craving fullness that they eye each other’s emaciated forms, yet all terrified another giant will eat them were they to strike and be wounded, or expose themself too much.
It is possible they possess some item worth taking. Undigested treasure? White iron that failed to kill them? Any of them would be a worthy kill, but I will not risk my light for a chance at unknown treasure when my true prize is unguarded beyond them.
Past that, the passion of one single feaster, empowered by such consumption and unbound by the paranoia that chains them to their stones... I will not have such a thing hounding behind me.

That said, I revel not in the attention of either party. I recall the rotted stench of the Fat king's power and much as the strength and speed of the giants. I have not succumbed where other corpse kings have, thinking themselves invincible. No. I would pass noticed, yet I feel the threads, whosoever I pass will be angered in the future.
Although, quite possibly not at me...

Which to choose...
No. 988830 ID: b1b4f3

What are threads? What are you?
Hmm, I still want to go past the dancers.
No. 988831 ID: 594dc2

Go past the Feast - the giants will be wary of each other and not spare so much concern as you.

Are these the greatest threats you expect to see on your journey?
No. 988838 ID: e7c7d3

Let's head towards the dancers. Sounds like the giants would be troublesome whether we head their way or not
No. 988845 ID: 0fceea

Check out the festering Feasters.
No. 988846 ID: 0fbdcd

Pass by the giants. Even if they think they can capture you, they should fear your bite enough to worry whether wounds you leave would make them vulnerable to another.
...make sure you keep your back half in sight, though. Long boys like yourself are easier to snatch.
No. 988893 ID: 04d001
File 161406038998.png - (477.04KB , 1377x841 , [Keeper] new one.png )

Dancers, Feasters, Feasters, Dancers. What an undecided lot. Tallied all I trek the Feasters path.

Threads are the reason I fear not your questions. I know I will succeed, you will not sway me. I see the threads of possibility, the futures where choice breaks the web and threads become truths.
You must have died long ago to not recognize me from my claws, my powers, the title I claimed a brief moment ago. If I venture down far enough it will be amusing to find trusting creatures who know nothing of me.

The Lantern cannot harm me from their lofty position, high atop the monument of ignorance the cowards built. Unless a grand and silent monster has pulled itself up from the lowest depths I expect no more resistance. Though if such a thing emerged likely it would simply die again at my light, small as it is.

Practical advice ghost, I find myself surprised by it.
Your mind must truly have decayed for you to offer salient aid to me. Do you think I will bring you back if you help me?
No. 988896 ID: 04d001
File 161406068736.png - (280.26KB , 1377x840 , [Keeper] 07.png )

A stroke of luck, The giants have a guest they are entertaining. A tall woman bearing gems. Shortly they will be slavering over her meat, but for now they are jovial hosts. As distracted as they are they did not notice my ‘long body’ crawling through shadows on the walls of their home.

As the thread warned, my feet left scowerings in the walls I climbed, they will know of someone’s passing and grow angry. Who so ever passes next is at a terrible risk.

For now I pass into the Tombs.
No. 988900 ID: b1b4f3

You are... a corpse king? What is a corpse king? What did you do?
Why would we hesitate to offer aid? Who are we?
No. 988911 ID: 094652

>Your mind must truly have decayed for you to offer salient aid to me. Do you think I will bring you back if you help me?
You will bring us back to the surface. That is enough.
If we thought we could free ourselves on our own, we would show you the madness we accumulated in the shattered laws of reality within this damned place, annoying you and clouding your senses until you tripped on a thread tied to the whisker of a hungry beast.
But I suspect your demise would lead to our eternal entrapment in this place.
Lead us out. We can get back to killing each other after we remove 'eternally trapped in never-ending madness' from our list of potential fates.

I would suggest you open a tomb; you will need weapons and wards, and the dead of this dark care more about their rotting souls than their long-rusted weaponry.
Just be sure to read the names and look for stories to tell to your future minions. They'll be less irate when trading weapons for posthumous barding, I think.
No. 988912 ID: 53560f

We know nothing and you are the first we’ve encountered, offering knowledge freely no less. Whoever you are, we will aid you until we pass as you say we will.

We did not realise we were dead, is there anything else to know about what we are?
No. 988913 ID: 5df1f3

Do you imply it would be wiser not to help you? Or do you just mean you can't or won't offer us anything in return.
If it's the latter, you're wrong. You are entertainment. Being dead is boring, especially when you're stuck someplace almost nobody ever goes.
Are there any other threats ahead?
No. 988971 ID: 04d001
File 161413888607.png - (237.46KB , 1375x840 , [Keeper] 08.png )

I never thought a ghost would lose so much of itself to become... a wandering mind. Bodiless and knowledgeable, but possessed of some strange desire to accomplice whatever goal appeared before them. I am amazed to find myself, sympathetic.

You are the long dead, deep down enough into the Barrows that you are adrift as thoughts. The necrologist in me is fascinated by this. I read of something similar but it was described like a madness, voices ringing in the ears.
You display emotions and ideas, like abstracted- Ah there are many of you. Clumped together.

I thought to mock you for your ignorance, but that feels dull now I understand you more. A am the Keeper, the Corpse King of Spite, according to the tower. Flowery language for a tomb breaker and necrologist, I am no more a creature of spite than they are. I do accept the title of Corpse King though, technically incorrect but I like the sound of it. Most of my tales in books are embellished by bootlickers who weren't there at the time, but I did eat the Queen Trell's tigers, I am proud of that one.

Many would claim aiding my effort would be ‘evil’ or unnatural. If you are not morally invested, then helping me is a neutral act. Apparently, I offer you entertainment, obvious in retrospect that you’d have nothing to do before watching me. So for you, wisdom is perhaps just this.
The threats ahead are for me alone, once the tomb is broken, in moments, I will cast you away. You will be my distraction to the tower and the Lantern.

Ha, so you were angling for my aid. Aggressive too aren't we? I will send you back, yes, as it will upset the Tower. The Lantern may hunt you too, all pleasure for me.

You will lure some fool back here too, in time. Outfit them with weapons and send them at my throat, what fun we will have. Shortly I will send you, but for now, watch. I shall collect weapons, yes - a fine suggestion, but after I find my prize, that must come first.

Watch me bring the dead to life.
No. 988978 ID: 0fbdcd

I call dibs on first go at being alive again. Someone remind me to wear a helmet.
No. 988980 ID: b1b4f3

More like a Lich King then, I'd guess? What do you plan to do with your undead army?
No. 988982 ID: 04d001
File 161414250152.png - (222.33KB , 1348x837 , [Keeper] 09.png )

I am not building you bodies, you will attach to whomsoever strays into the path the wind blows you. Somewhere far, to draw attention. You will be as you now, but above.
Know this ghost - those above are not shielded as I am, nor are they prepared. You may be able to command the normal folk, if you speak in a rough unison. Make a mess for me, if you are so inclined.

Not a lich, no. I wonder who you were to know to suspect that.
I will restore life to few, I will take their secrets then leave them here, with swords ready. I will rule elsewhere. An army lead from the Barrows would melt in the light and I have no desire to rule here. I have not yet been caught, and I never will be.
No. 988983 ID: f33d4b

How have you chosen who you will restore life to?
No. 988984 ID: 04d001
File 161414446293.png - (270.76KB , 1348x837 , [Keeper] 10.png )

I currently explore my options. These coffins are so similar and the tomb is endless. I seek one who died a short few years ago. If this is the correct coffin among the many, then I have chosen to restore one secretive researcher who-
No. 988985 ID: 04d001
File 161414469681.png - (201.83KB , 1182x840 , [Keeper] 11.png )

No. 988987 ID: 04d001
File 161414486397.png - (156.07KB , 1182x840 , [Keeper] 12.png )


No. 988988 ID: 04d001
File 161414491193.png - (420.80KB , 1182x840 , [Keeper] 13.png )

No. 988989 ID: 04d001
File 161414497276.png - (179.18KB , 1182x840 , [Keeper] 14.png )

No. 988990 ID: 04d001
File 161414499155.png - (328.17KB , 1182x840 , [Keeper] 15.png )

No. 988991 ID: 04d001
File 161414502344.png - (324.18KB , 1182x840 , [Keeper] 16.png )

No. 988992 ID: 04d001
File 161414519083.png - (221.51KB , 1182x840 , [Keeper] 17.png )

No. 988993 ID: 04d001
File 161414521649.png - (292.21KB , 1182x840 , [Keeper] 18.png )

No. 988994 ID: 04d001
File 161414523736.png - (258.74KB , 1182x840 , [Keeper] 19.png )

No. 988995 ID: b1b4f3

We've been bamboozled!
No. 988996 ID: 151023

Goodness gracious, such a surprise as this is one to drive the onlooker to an unclean exclamation!
No. 988998 ID: 12b116

No. 989000 ID: e85a08

Time to react in an appropriately wholesome manner.
No. 989003 ID: 0fae41

Poor fghost's still a dried up husk, though. Ah well! I guess shadows really do die twice.
No. 989004 ID: 3ed3c3

>"I live...again."
No. 989012 ID: e51896

Well, what are you two doofus waiting for? get her outta that graveyard!
No. 989016 ID: 04d001

Ring's back - Keeper pulled her out from the graveyard.
WQ updating again, official. This thread is now dead. The CON is complete.
No. 989017 ID: 094652

... um.
This is a thing here? How is this a thing here.
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