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File 161175797699.png - (55.87KB , 500x500 , cookiequesttitle.png )
986362 No. 986362 ID: b1ffbb

Welcome to Cookiequest, a magical tale of horror! Potentially NSFW, this quest will have blood, gore, death, dark themes, and maybe sexual content depending how things go.

Discussion Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134762.html
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No. 986363 ID: b1ffbb
File 161175854236.png - (40.00KB , 500x500 , cq1.png )

A pink female dog named COOKIE is having her first day at ROSEWOOD UNIVERSITY. She's so excited! She's especially looking forward to joining a club and making tons of new friends.

She wants to CREATE THINGS: drawing, creative writing and poetry, music, pottery, she isn't picky. But with all these classes on her schedule, she's going to have to be careful and pick only one club. She doesn't want to fall behind on her studies!
No. 986364 ID: 4e85d4

What's the most popular clubs!! Do you have any romantic interests already signing up for a club?
No. 986365 ID: 07ed53

Pick a club that has one-too-few members and will lose their club room without recruiting you. For the memes.
No. 986366 ID: e85a08

Become a club treasurer and create fat stacks

Sewing club.
No. 986368 ID: b1ffbb
File 161176172160.png - (39.28KB , 500x500 , cq2.png )

Cookie is new here--the only person she knows is her best friend KIKI.

Now that she thinks about it, didn't Kiki mention starting a club? It's gotta be this one, since Kiki mentioned how much she wanted to be a writer.

Oh no! Judging from the taped message, it looks like it's not doing too well. Cookie could be last member it needs to save it from being canned.
No. 986369 ID: 07ed53

This seems like an excellent idea. Go save Kiki from certain doom.
No. 986370 ID: 10c07d

Well of course we should help our best friend out by atleast giving her club a try
No. 986371 ID: b1ffbb
File 161176325819.png - (17.94KB , 500x500 , cq3.png )

Cookie doesn't want Kiki's club to fail! That would be a horrible start to college! Once her classes are done, Cookie heads on over to Room 301, close to where her World History 101 lecture was.

Cookie decides to bring a few things with her.
No. 986373 ID: b1ffbb
File 161176502956.png - (25.87KB , 500x500 , cq4.png )


Cookie has a BLUE SPARKLY NOTEBOOK that she hasn't written in yet, and a MATCHING GELPOINT PEN to take notes with. She's got her LAPTOP and its charger and her CELLPHONE is in her pocket.

Kiki opens the door.
No. 986374 ID: e51896

Exhange hellos, enter, plug in your laptop, observe the other members in the club, try to find somebody hot to flirt with.
No. 986378 ID: 10c07d

Exchange your hellos with Kiki and try to figure out why the club isn’t doing too well
No. 986380 ID: 95f88a

Get the grand tour from Kiki.
No. 986385 ID: 07ed53

hug kiki
No. 986396 ID: b1ffbb
File 161179980546.png - (31.51KB , 500x500 , cq5.png )

Cookie greets Kiki enthusiastically with a hug. "It's good to see you! Is this the literature club?"

"You're in the right place!" Kiki said. She has a small shy smile. "It's a little small, but we're happy to see you! Feel free to introduce yourself to everyone!"

Who does Cookie talk to first?
No. 986397 ID: b1b4f3

Talk to the black sheep.
No. 986399 ID: 894419

Snail(?) Man down in front!
No. 986400 ID: 12b116

Ask Kiki to give you the deets on the other members. Deets is short for details.
No. 986401 ID: b1ffbb
File 161180128895.png - (20.42KB , 500x500 , cq6.png )

Cookie asks Kiki to give her the "deets."

"I think it'd be better to let each member speak for themselves." Kiki smiled.

Cookie decides to speak to the squirrel up front with the closed laptop.

"Greetings, madamemoiselle!" the squirrel says. "The name's Marshal."
No. 986402 ID: b1b4f3

Ask what kind of books they've been reading.
No. 986403 ID: 8a51ec

Get on a first name basis with Marshal
No. 986405 ID: 6800a5

Nickname him Marshmallow. Because he seems like a mellow dude.
No. 986406 ID: b1ffbb
File 161182009791.png - (34.10KB , 500x500 , cq7.png )

"Hi Marshal! I'm Cookie!" Cookie beams. "I hope you don't mind if I call you Marshie. 'Cause you're like a big squishy marshmallow!"

"Hehe... thanks. I don't mind at all."

"What books have you been reading?"

"Oh, the usual. We're starting Wuthering Heights for European Classics of the 1800s. Ahh, how I'd much rather be studying Shakespeare..."
No. 986407 ID: 894419

Oh man, Wuthering Heights! It may be a classic but that sure doesn't mean its a fun read eh? Whats your favorite piece of Shakespeare work?
No. 986408 ID: b1ffbb
File 161182159497.png - (29.20KB , 500x500 , cq8.png )

Cookie, perhaps miraculously, has never read Wuthering Heights. She only knows the hit Kate Bush song.

"What's your favorite Shakespeare?" she asks. "Any particular comedies you like? Tragedies? Historicals?"

Marshal clicks his teeth a bit. After a moment of silence, he sighs in defeat.

"Okay, you got me. The only Shakespeare I know is Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth from high school. I haven't even seen Shakespeare live. I'm a poser."
No. 986409 ID: 894419

Yeah but everyone who says they read classics and Shakespeare is, you're in good company here.
No. 986410 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, well, whatever, what have you actually been reading then?
No. 986412 ID: 58bba5

Reassure him that his tastes are still valid!

Also, ask him what he thinks of college so far. (And/or tell him he's cute.)
No. 986420 ID: e51896

Ask if he wants to reenact a scene from romeo and Juliet.
No. 986423 ID: 86aaf2

Don't flirt so overtly. You don't know him yet! Consider doing these things, blush, and try for a more subtle way of flirting with him!
No. 986424 ID: b1ffbb
File 161184179575.png - (34.26KB , 500x500 , cq9.png )

"It's okay!" Cookie reassures. "I don't know all of Shakespeare either. That doesn't mean we can't still like his work! After all, Shakespeare's for everyone! My favorite is A Midsummer Night's Dream. It's so magical and fun! I'm sure someday campus will hold a production and we can all watch together!"

"That would be nice!" Marshal says. "Hamlet is just so cool... and the mystic of The Scottish Play, both in and out! I know everyone's tired of Romeo & Juliet, but man, Mercutio's the best."

"I love Mercutio! He's my favorite!" Cookie squees.

"Forget Romeo, man. Mercutio is where it's at. Not to mention there's Tybalt, the Prince of Cats..."

"My favorite Shakespeare is Titus Andronicus." the black sheep pipes up.

"Hmm. Don't know that one." Marshal shrugs.
No. 986425 ID: 8a51ec

Tell the black sheep you're not familiar with it either but would love to hear what he thinks, and ask about his name when you get the chance
No. 986431 ID: 86aaf2

Wait a minute. Isn't that the really violent one that was somewhat written by a friend of his or something? I remember hearing one of the plays was like that, and that name sounds familiar. Hasn't it been, like, super controversial for centuries? Or am I misremembering, and it was a different one?
No. 986433 ID: ce39da

"That's one of the more violent plays, isn't it?"

Bring up the possibility of doing Shakespear at some point with Kiki. Maybe suggest something you're fairly certain no-one here (including yourself) has read; the Henriad tetralogy. If covering a series is out, maybe the Tempest? It's not fully a comedy or a tragedy, so it's less likely to put off anyone with a clear preference between the two.
No. 986453 ID: b1ffbb
File 161187909364.png - (20.94KB , 500x500 , cq10.png )

Cookie doesn't know Titus Andonicus either. But that's okay. She's sure to know after a few days at the club!

Time to meet the black sheep. She introduces herself as Muffy.

"Cookie, right? It's nice to meet you!"
No. 986455 ID: 12b116

hug Muffy
ask what she likes about that play
No. 986460 ID: b1b4f3

Ask about the play.
No. 986477 ID: b1ffbb
File 161190740347.png - (22.33KB , 500x500 , cq11.png )

"What's Titus Andronicus?" Cookie asks.

"Ohhhh, man! It's Shakespeare's darkest and goriest play ever. Like, you got your usual murders, but you've also got amputations, someone's tongue gets cut out, there's a gruesome rape scene that's played for horror instead of titillation, and there's cannibalism. Like, someone gets cooked and served to another person out of revenge."
No. 986478 ID: 894419

Damn, Titus Andronicus sounds awesome!
No. 986490 ID: e2f5cc

No. 986491 ID: 86aaf2

Whoa, that sounds metal as fuck.
No. 986493 ID: b1ffbb
File 161193050101.png - (23.82KB , 500x500 , cq12.png )

"Wow!" Cookie exclaims, eyes brimming with awe. "No wonder I never heard of it in high school. I had no idea Shakespeare could be like this!"

"You'll never hear a peep out of crusty professors about Titus." Muffy says. "Though to be fair, it'd get any high school teacher fired. Still, it'd be the coolest class ever! So much better than the garbage I had to read, like the Scarlet Letter. Blech!"
No. 986495 ID: d63ea8

Titus Andronicus is Shakespeare's version of a slasher film.
No. 986499 ID: 8a51ec

What about The Most Dangerous Game? Practically anyone who's ever graduated from high school has had to read that at least once.
No. 986500 ID: 07ed53

Ask her what she likes about it
No. 986503 ID: ce39da

"Haha, yeah, I'm also more into 'A Study In Scarlet' than I am 'The Scarlet Letter.' But to be fair, it was pretty fun to follow the mystery on that one. I don't normally go in for gore for gore's sake."
No. 986505 ID: 86aaf2

"Even though I'm not really into gore for gore's sake, I can understand the attraction. Splatter films, as a sub-genre of horror films, for example, are an art form like any other, ya know?"
No. 986509 ID: b1ffbb
File 161197571414.png - (29.20KB , 500x500 , cq13.png )

"Haha! I think we can agree A Study in Scarlet is WAY more fun!" Cookie giggles. "I'm actually a bit squeamish when it comes to horror myself. That doesn't mean I won't read anything scary though! I liked A Most Dangerous Game a lot. And I love Poe too!"

"Poe is a genius, hands down." Muffy agrees. "I can understand if horror isn't everyone's thing though. It's just... I relate better with the darker stuff, you know? I'm actually taking a Russian Science Fiction class this year."

"Oh wow! That sounds way out there!"

"We're starting with Pushkin, then starting The Fatal Eggs by Mikhail Bulgakov. The professor figured he'd warm us up with a few shorter novels before moving to the big stuff like WE by Yevgeny Zamyatin."

"That's so cool! I'm taking a fairy tale course this year."

"Sweet. Hey, I know a prank you can do to wake up Sherb. It works every time."
No. 986510 ID: b1b4f3

A prank? Nothing too mean I hope.
No. 986511 ID: 8a51ec

You hope it's the harmless kind, especially if he's implying it's a prank he pulls on Sherb often.
No. 986521 ID: 10c07d

Go along with the prank
No. 986524 ID: b1ffbb
File 161200294053.png - (14.23KB , 500x500 , cq14.png )

"A prank?" Cookie asks. "It's not mean, is it?"

"Naaaaaah! All you gotta do is press an ice cube to his neck. No biggie!" Muffy assures. "I mean, food works too, but unless you got a spare snack on ya, that requires money. At least ice from the ice machine is free."

Cookie looks at the sleeping goat. He just looks so peaceful... but he's going to have to wake up so he doesn't miss club activities.
No. 986525 ID: 10c07d

Ice the goat
No. 986526 ID: a38353

don't ice the goat, a prank probably isn't the best way to meet someone for the first time.
No. 986527 ID: b6e369

>"I mean, food works too, but unless you got a spare snack on ya..."

I mean, your name is Cookie... so... you can be his snack ;)
No. 986540 ID: b1b4f3

Get something from the snack machine and wave it under his nose.
No. 986549 ID: 8a51ec

Best case scenario he finds your wordplay funny and ignores the erotic part of whatever maneuver you'd be pulling off, "worst" case scenario you give him a boner
No. 986612 ID: b1ffbb
File 161208112258.png - (31.80KB , 500x500 , cq15.png )

Cookie searches around the floor in search of forgotten coins and finds two quarters. She adds them to her inventory and heads into the hallway.

She finds the ice machine, which is next to a drink machine and snack machine. If she looks closer, she can see one of the snacks is loose and thiiiiiiiiis close to falling down.
No. 986616 ID: b1b4f3

You gotta shake it.
Just remember not to shake it so hard it falls on you.
If you can't shake a free snack loose, buy the same snack so you get two for one.
No. 986617 ID: e51896

Get some M soda and ice.
No. 986636 ID: 10c07d

Kick the machine so it falls. Just make sure no one sees
No. 986637 ID: 270bc9

Hit the coin return, I've gained many a spare dollar by hitting the coin return on a machine. If that fails, shake it till you make it.
No. 986788 ID: b1ffbb
File 161226221564.png - (39.53KB , 500x500 , cq16.png )

Cookie does her best to shake the machine, but the snack is stubborn and doesn't budge. Cookie uses her TWO QUARTERS to force the snack out, and she gets TWO CHOCOLATE BARS in return. Yay!

She heads back to the club and opens one of the chocolates for Sherb, bringing it up to his nose for him to sniff.

"Wake up sleepyhead!" Cookie says. "I'm Cookie. I'm a friend of Kiki's! It's nice to meet you, and I'd hate for you to miss out on club!"

Sherb chomps away at the chocolate bar, then yawns and smacks his lips before opening his eyes.

"Hello." he smiles. He's soft-spoken and not at all irritated to be awakened; it's as though he just finished a nice dream.
No. 986789 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if he had a nice dream. And what books he likes.
No. 986791 ID: 8a51ec

Ask Sherb if he had a nice dream
No. 986795 ID: 894419

Tell sherb he's adorable
No. 986853 ID: b1ffbb
File 161237654863.png - (15.80KB , 500x500 , cq17.png )

"You must have been dreaming about your favorite book." Cookie smiles.

"Haha, not really. Just strawberries." Sherb says. "I actually like any book that puts me to sleep. Which uh... sounds like a bad thing, does it? I just like stuff with a lot of descriptions of nice cozy places, which puts me in a mood to dream."

"Okay everyone!" Kiki calls. "I'd like your attention please! I'd like to give everyone their first prompt!"

((What prompt does Kiki offer?))
No. 986854 ID: b6124b

Write a eulogy for your favorite character
No. 986859 ID: e7c7d3

Go Dr. Suess, write a story based on two rhyming words.
No. 986920 ID: ce39da

Draft a clever whodunnit solution. ("It doesn't have to be murder if you aren't comfortable with that.")
No. 987026 ID: b1ffbb
File 161256411941.png - (15.31KB , 500x500 , cq18.png )

"I'd like to welcome you again to the literature club!" Kiki smiles. She seems a little shy, but her love for writing clearly shines through. "I know you want to get started right away. So I thought as a way of getting to know each other and our writing, we'll begin with this prompt!" She takes a dry-erase marker and writes Eulogy on the board.

"Write a eulogy for your favorite character! They can be from any media you want, and they don't even have to have died! I'll be giving everyone 30 minutes to write, then we'll be sharing what we've got! I'll be joining too, so you won't be the only one with stage fright." She chuckles softly. "I'll tell you once we reach the ten and five minute marks. That way, you'll have time to find a good wrapping up point."
No. 987027 ID: b1ffbb
File 161256421475.png - (20.78KB , 500x500 , cq19.png )

"Is everyone ready?" Kiki asks. Everybody nods. "Then let's write!"

Cookie opens her sparkly blue notebook, her matching gel pen uncapped. Ooh, it's been so long since she last written anything! What character should she write for? Her ultimate favorite? A character she felt sad for? A character the other club members will recognize? It's so hard to choose!
No. 987033 ID: e7c7d3

A character that Cookie had a crush on
No. 987034 ID: ce39da

A eulogy is meant less to mourn someone's passing and more about celebrating their life; you'll write better for a character whose life, achievements, and survivors you're most familiar with. And honestly, you don't need to shoot for a character your clubmates know; if your eulogy is well-written, they'll know who your chosen character was even if this is their first time hearing of the guy.
No. 987061 ID: 094652

Remember the most soul-crushing tragedy you've ever read and say you're sorry that nobody was there to tell them how unfair their life was designed for the amusement of a worldwide audience
No. 987084 ID: b1ffbb
File 161262159907.png - (16.31KB , 500x500 , cq20.png )

Cookie remembers now. Eulogies were written specifically to praise someone, right? It didn't need to be sad! Cookie scribbles as though she caught a muse like a fairy in a bottle. Eventually, Kiki calls out ten minutes, then five...

A ringtone jingles from Kiki's phone, signifying the end of the session.

"Time's up!" Kiki says. "Finish your last sentence, then we can gather round and start reading!"

Kiki straightens up her own piece of paper.

"Who wants to go first?"

Cookie. Marshal. Muffy. Sherb. Kiki herself. Who ends up taking the plunge?
No. 987085 ID: 10c07d

Kiki is the head of the club right? She should go first
No. 987096 ID: e7c7d3

Let's hear Marchal
No. 987099 ID: ce39da

Let Kiki go first.
No. 987439 ID: b1ffbb
File 161289771704.png - (18.35KB , 500x500 , cq21.png )

"Kiki's the president, she should go first." Muffy suggests.

"Yeah! Let's hear it for Kiki!" Cookie cheers.

"All right." Kiki nods. "This is more of an essay than a true eulogy, but I hope you like it all the same."
No. 987443 ID: b1ffbb
File 161289804923.png - (79.61KB , 500x500 , cq22.png )

Kiki reads out loud:

The Prodigy

Matilda was my hero growing up. She grew up in a family who considered her a mistake and her intelligence a burden, but it never snuffed out her curiosity and love of learning. She fought back against her cruel father, and eventually overthrew the tyrannical Mrs. Trunchbull, but she wouldn't have done it alone.

In the absence of a caring family, she met other people who supported her: the librarian, her friends, and none other than her teacher Miss Honey. Matilda had a power no one else had, and she chose to use it to empower the weak, frightened, lonely, and oppressed.

No. 987444 ID: b1ffbb
File 161289817075.png - (19.57KB , 500x500 , cq23.png )

That alone gives me the hope that one day, a lowly cat like me can do the same.
No. 987447 ID: 8a51ec

A calm and not completely distracting bit of applause for Kiki
No. 987457 ID: e7c7d3

No. 987514 ID: e529cc

I too support this
No. 988557 ID: b1ffbb
File 161379072805.png - (27.55KB , 500x500 , cq24.png )

"That was wonderful, Kiki!" Cookie cheered. "I love Matilda! We used to watch that movie together all the time, remember?"

"That's right!" Kiki said. "I thought you might like that, Cookie."

"Matilda is a real badass." Muffy said. "You got good taste, Kiki!"

The boys agreed and also applauded; Marshal with a grin, Sherb with a small "Yay!"

"I'll go next." Marshal said, unplugging his laptop and carrying it with him. "Hopefully my first masterpiece will live up to your expectations." he chuckled sheepishly.
No. 988560 ID: b1ffbb
File 161379111676.png - (97.24KB , 500x500 , cq25.png )

The Liberation of Sisiphus

Once there was an angel without wings. She did her best every day to do the Lord's work and perform good deeds, but no matter what miracles she brought or how much the lives of mortals changed for the better, it was never enough to earn her those coveted limbs of flight.

One day, the angel came across an unusual presence. A mermaid floated through the air as though she were a bird rather than a fish; she introduced herself as a daughter of the air, one of the many ethereal beings that fly without wings. As all angels know, a mermaid cannot obtain an immortal soul unless they have received the love of a human. If she was dead, why hadn't she turned to sea foam?

No. 988561 ID: b1ffbb
File 161379159335.png - (98.01KB , 500x500 , cq26.png )

The angel listened to the mermaid's story. Her eyes lit with wonder as the mermaid spoke passionately about the surface and her dream to live among land, and the prince that she had fallen in love with that motivated her to make her wish come true. She winced as the mermaid explained a sea witch cut her tongue to give her legs, and each footstep was like treading on the sharpest of knives--the mermaid simply smiled and said it was worth the pain just to be with him. Alas, the prince loved another, and he and his bride gotten married. The mermaid had to choose between killing the prince and reuniting with her family, or sparing his life in exchange for hers. She couldn't bear to destroy the prince and his bride's happiness, so she plunged herself into the bloody sea.

"You must've been rewarded for your kindness and sacrifice. So why are you still here?" the angel asked.

"If the daughters of the air perform good deeds for 300 years, we will earn an immortal soul," the mermaid said. "We fly unseen into the homes of children. If they are good and deserve the love of their parents, God takes a year off our trial. But if the child is naughty, we must shed tears of sorrow, and each tear adds a day to our trial."

No. 988562 ID: b1ffbb
File 161379187902.png - (63.09KB , 500x500 , cq27.png )

"But that's not fair!" the angel cried. "There will always be naughty and cruel children in the world, and your good deeds and sacrifices shouldn't be negated because of the terrible actions of somebody else! To think that God would rather punish those without a soul with a promise of love and acceptance that will never come! The sweet embrace of death is better than being strung along in eternal suffering of false hope. I won't accept it! You have suffered long enough!"

White wings burst from the angel's back, and she took the mermaid's hand to fly her into Heaven...

No. 988564 ID: e7c7d3

Was that a eulogy, Marshal, or a formal complaint?
No. 988565 ID: b1b4f3

Cool. Is it the mermaid's eulogy, or the angel's? God does not take kindly to rebellion...
No. 988566 ID: 094652

You're a writer, Marshal, not a psychopomp.
No. 988772 ID: ce39da

I wouldn't say anything obliquely rude; I'm sure someone else will point out how it doesn't really fit the format of the prompt.

"Ohhhh, so 'Sisiphus' refers to the futility of- ohhhhh... I mean, honestly, I wouldn't put it past Mr. Anderson to have known exactly what he was doing when he left The Little Mermaid's ending open to those unfortunate implications."
No. 988780 ID: b1b4f3

I don't agree that it's a sisiphian task either.
Good kids are more common than bad kids, and it's unlikely a child of air will weep a full year's worth of tears for each bad child anyway.
No. 989008 ID: b1ffbb
File 161414845640.png - (21.47KB , 500x500 , cq28.png )

"That was so pretty!" Sherb said. "I like it a lot! I'm glad those two can have a happy ending."

"It's all well and good, but how is this a eulogy?" Muffy asked. "Is it about the mermaid or the angel?"

"I kind of lost track." Marshal said. "It's sorta difficult writing a eulogy in a short story format."

"I'll admit, you did stray from the prompt a little, but that's okay! Going on tangents is normal, and beautiful things can come out of it!" Kiki said.

"What I want to know is whether or not they come back for the other daughters of air." Muffy said. "Is there gonna be a revolution after this? Are they going to battle God?"

"Man, that could lead to a whole bunch of new stories." Sherb smiled.

"Oof, I didn't think that far ahead! I was just thinking about the mermaid and wanted her to have a true happy ending." Marshal hesitated. "Yeah, it uh... came off more as a rant than a eulogy. Sorry about that."

"Cookie, what do you think?" Muffy asked.
No. 989009 ID: e51896

"I'm impressed that you were able to write all that quickly in the span of 30 minutes."
No. 989010 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's do some real analysis here.
The Little Mermaid was his favorite character- someone who literally went out of her element to seek love, and foolishly made a deal with the wrong kind of person to do so. But someone else got there first, as it were, and so she sacrificed her own happiness to make sure her love interest was happy. That part of the eulogy essentially complains that it will take way too long for her to be happy again.
I wonder if Marcus had a crush, but his crush fell in love with someone else?

Tell Marcus that you admired the Mermaid's courage and it's sweet of him to want to give her a happy ending. But you don't think it's that bad for her. She has hope, and you think the balance of good and evil is in her favor.
No. 989049 ID: ce39da

"Well... I don't think her task is one she needed to be bailed out from. Especially since she already has a major ally; Anderson~! In fact, he recruited a whole army of readers to help save her already~! I mean, if you were a kid hearing the story he wrote about the little mermaid, wouldn't you want to be a good boy or girl, for her sake?"
No. 990560 ID: c9a3cd
File 161539545204.png - (27.27KB , 500x500 , cq29.png )

"I think it's sweet!" Cookie said. "I used to write stories all the time as a puppy where I saved characters from dying like Mufasa and Littlefoot's mother. I don't think Hans Christian Anderson meant to torture the mermaid. I think he wanted her to be happy too! We're going to study Anderson later in my fairy tale class, and I'd be happy to tell you anything neat! I think they'd be interested in your story too, Marshie!"

"Hehe, thanks." Marshal blushed. "I think I'll keep this for myself though. It'd be weird if other people saw my work; this is for the literature club only."

"I guess I'll go next." Muffy said. "Sorry if this sucks. I'm not used to the 30 minute thing yet."
No. 990561 ID: c9a3cd
File 161539574051.png - (66.03KB , 500x500 , cq30.png )

The Meek Shall Inherit the Asteroids

O Battered Carrietta
You were the star no one wanted to shine
So they belittled your luminescence

They snuffed out your light
Degraded your shine
They roared as you bled
Laughed as you cried

For one night only
You offered your shine
A beauty briefly glimpsed
A pearl before swine

No. 990562 ID: c9a3cd
File 161539580780.png - (53.60KB , 500x500 , cq31.png )

Tarnished into
And you bled

Society is a farce
That doesn't deserve your shine
Your light becomes a blight
To punish our crimes

The cruel possess the moon
And hog the sun's shine
But the meek shall inherit the asteroids
And end the moon's time

No. 990564 ID: 07ed53

I think the poem's pretty good!

It's Carrie from Carrie, right? I think we all can sympathize with her unfair treatment from pretty much literally everyone around her. I've only seen the movie so I dunno how the book ends, though.
No. 990588 ID: b1b4f3

Muffy, are you ok? I'm sensing some anger that isn't just about Carrie.
No. 990637 ID: e51896

pretty much this
No. 993285 ID: b1ffbb
File 161682995275.png - (25.70KB , 500x500 , cq32.png )

"That's quite an evocative poem, Muffy!" Kiki said. "I always felt sorry for poor Carrie. She deserved so much better."

"I agree." Marshal said. "Are the space objects you mentioned a reference to the asteroids Carrie brought down upon her house in the book?"

"Yeah, actually!" Muffy nodded. "I thought I could do some cool imagery with that."

Cookie and Sherb liked the poem too--they agreed Carrie itself as a story was more sad than scary, like a Cinderella story gone wrong. Bolstered by the discussion, Sherb heads up to the front of the class next.

"I hope this is okay!" said Sherb. He yawned before he began to read.
No. 993286 ID: b1ffbb
File 161683000453.png - (136.59KB , 500x500 , cq33.png )

No. 993287 ID: b1b4f3

Throw something at him to get him to stop.
No. 993288 ID: 094652

Calmly walk out of the room and consider which cosmic horror story Shurb is trying to write an eulogy for.
No. 993289 ID: e51896

look over at the other club members, see what their reactions are. If they act like nothing is wrong, get worried about your mental health.
No. 993294 ID: b1b4f3

Well if we're not gonna stop him at least cover your ears.
No. 997100 ID: b1ffbb
File 161897963293.png - (26.70KB , 500x500 , cq34.png )

What was that? Cookie was listening to Sherb when his soft voice crackled like a spitting fire before dissolving into an odd shrill beep. Were her ears ringing? She looked around at the other members of the literature club: Kiki was smiling, and Marshal and Muffy looked normal too. Was she the only one hearing that awful noise?

"Cookie? Are you okay?" Cookie blinked and Sherb was looking at her with concern.
No. 997101 ID: e51896

Tell the truth. Tell them what happened, and you think you need to see a doctor if you're hallucinating.
No. 997102 ID: b1b4f3

Ask the others what they heard.
No. 997128 ID: 86aaf2

Ah, I think I may be experiencing auditory hallucinations.
No. 997135 ID: ce39da

"Um... Could you guys tell me what Sherb's eulogy was about? I sorta spaced out there."

If they ask whether you're feeling alright, a simple "no, I don't feel so good" should do just fine.
No. 997163 ID: 094652

"I need to go to a hospital now."
No. 997164 ID: 86aaf2

Yea. Something along the lines of "I'm experiencing extreme, unexpected, and distressing auditory hallucinations and need medical attention."
No. 997224 ID: b1ffbb
File 161906186794.png - (28.27KB , 500x500 , cq35.png )

Cookie has never had auditory hallucinations before! She doesn't want to seem rude to Sherb, but she's got to tell him what's up.

"I'm sorry, but did you hear anything weird? Like something going on from another classroom maybe?"

"I don't think so." Sherb replies. "Are you sure you okay? You look kind of pale."

"I swear I heard something!" Cookie says. "I don't know, maybe I'm not feeling so good. It's weird, I was fine before!"

"Should we walk you to the clinic?" Sherb asks.

"I'm feeling better now! It's well... if it happens again, I'll go." Cookie frowns. "I'm sorry for spacing out."

"It's okay. Would you like some ice? Maybe you have a headache."

"Oh no, I don't need any. Thank you though!"
No. 997225 ID: b1ffbb
File 161906277288.png - (29.26KB , 500x500 , cq36.png )

Cookie takes her sparkly blue notebook and heads to the front of the class. Maybe she'll feel better after she reads her poem!

"I don't want to leave the literature club without sharing my writing first!" she beams.
No. 997226 ID: b1ffbb
File 161906290138.png - (78.09KB , 500x500 , cq37.png )

Never Forgotten

Despite the betrayal and heartache
Despite losing your friends and family in one
dreadful night
Despite the thievery of your music
Despite the massacre of your song
Despite the loss of hope and respect and love
You never lost your heart

You remembered her
You never let go
You were hurt, humiliated, and shamed
But you remembered her
And she remembered you
The true you

No. 997227 ID: b1ffbb
File 161906293671.png - (59.65KB , 500x500 , cq38.png )

I won't forget you either!
Your love
Your sacrifice
Your humble nature
Your smile
Your bravery
Your compassion
Your generosity and empathy
Your loyalty
Your courage

You will be remembered for all those things
And you will be remembered by me

No. 997228 ID: 6e8c51

Take a deep breath to try not to cry after reading that. What you wrote is somewhat personal to you.
No. 997230 ID: b1b4f3

That's a very traditional eulogy style. Straightforward. I wonder how the others liked it?
No. 997933 ID: b1ffbb
File 161951708291.png - (26.66KB , 500x500 , cq39.png )

Maybe it's the stress from the weird noise earlier or that everyone seemed to like her poem, but Cookie sniffles a little, her eyes getting watery. Like Mama Coco, she was close to her father growing up and he disappeared mysteriously--only in Cookie's case, she was fifteen. His case had baffled the police for years and they long since given up, and there wasn't a day she didn't miss him.

"That was wonderful, Cookie!" Kiki beams. "That was very touching."

"I have no idea what movie that's from, but it's very sweet. Good job." Muffy says.

"It's from Coco." Sherb explains. "It's the Pixar Day of the Dead movie. It's really good. Just like Cookie's poem!"

"Yeah, uh... good." Marshal says. He doesn't look so well.
No. 997941 ID: ce39da

... It looks like Marshal went through a similar glitch, although it's probably best not to assume outright.

"Er, are you okay, Marshal?"

If club time is wrapping up, maybe both of you should go to the nurse's office.
No. 997967 ID: b1b4f3

Ask Marshal if he heard it too.
No. 998084 ID: b1ffbb
File 161961852977.png - (30.96KB , 500x500 , cq40.png )

"Are you okay, Marshie?"

"Oh thank god, I can hear your lovely voice again!" Marshal looks paler than his fur. "I thought I heard something too. While you read your poem, your words got completely covered up by this ringing noise. You know those old telephones with the circle dials in some classic movies? I don't know where it's coming from, and I swear I never hallucinated in my life!"

"This is horrible!" Cookie cries. "So it's not just me? I don't know what's going on!"

"We should try to calm down." Kiki says, though her voice is shaky. "Has anyone else heard anything strange while we were reading our eulogies?"

Neither Sherb or Muffy heard anything.

"You should probably head over to the clinic." Kiki suggests. "Club is almost over, so you wouldn't be missing much."

"I don't know where it is though." Marshal answers.

"Me neither..." Cookie says. After all, it's her first day here! She doesn't have the map fully memorized yet.

Who should take Cookie and Marshal to the clinic?
No. 998088 ID: 47034a

No. 998098 ID: e7c7d3

No. 998101 ID: 19da02

No. 998103 ID: f28519

No. 998146 ID: ce39da

Kiki. If not her, then Sherb.
No. 1003635 ID: b1ffbb
File 162406462311.png - (30.42KB , 500x500 , cq41.png )

"I know where the nurse is. I can take you there!" Sherb offers. Kiki and Muffy wish Cookie and Marshal well as they follow the pastel blue goat out of the room.

"It shouldn't take long. The clinic is close to the science buildings, and the nurses there are really nice."

"Have you been to this school before, Sherb?" Cookie asks.

"It's my second year! So I know a little of my way around." He opens the door leading out of the building.
No. 1003636 ID: b1ffbb
File 162406470271.png - (149.56KB , 500x500 , cq42.png )

"Sherb?" Marshal asks. "Is it normal for Rosewood to snow this early in August?"
No. 1003637 ID: b1ffbb
File 162406475138.png - (18.41KB , 500x500 , cookiequesttbc.png )

Cookiequest, Chapter 1

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