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File 160978058746.png - (954.41KB , 550x500 , tvd_000.png )
984843 No. 984843 ID: 11f77a

Potential NSFW. Death may occur here.
This is the quest where you play as everyone but a certain character. We’ll call that special character ‘the catalyst’. Whether you help them out or work against them is up to you. No metagaming would be nice. But we’ll see how the demo rolls.

Some Rules:
• In a room full of people (e.g. a police station office, gang of thugs), you’ll only roleplay as two characters at a time. If there’s a mob (e.g. zombies, hive of alien bugs), you can roleplay them as one entity (e.g. pillage, march down the street, run away from the kaiju, etc.).
• The game may immediately end when the catalyst either dies or achieves its goal. Or perhaps something else that comes along to give the story a proper resolution.

Let’s begin.
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No. 1037310 ID: 8c9f91

He's temporarily blinded. This'll probably be the best shot we have to do serious damage.

Grutter: Go for the eye. Scratch, poke, slice, do whatever it takes to make him completely blind.
Fletch: Distract. Watch out for the cyber-arm of course, but if you occupy the hostile, the odds of successfully removing his vision go up.
No. 1037311 ID: e5709d

And be careful; he may have some obscure cybersensors that can give him partial sight even if you claw his remaining eye out. He hasn't made it this far as a reaper by being easily blinded.
No. 1037370 ID: dffb75

Grutter attack the head. Try to rip off his antennas and stab out his remaining eye.
Fletch attack from behind and kick him in the testicles/whatever he has down there. That might put him to the ground.
No. 1037425 ID: c00327

Go for the riot shield to use it against him. Not sure how exactly tho. I guess you could push/pull/twist it in such a way that the guy would lose his balance and fall in the water, and then you could run.
No. 1037537 ID: 15a025

Grutter's best equipped here to stab and gouge this dude's eyes out. Hopefully we can blind him, maybe even rip off his antennas.

Fletch: Dude's stomach is bare and exposed. Use them claws of yours and try to dig into his stomach. Hopefully that'll further damage and slow him down.
No. 1038478 ID: 11f77a
File 165816296783.png - (228.88KB , 550x500 , tvd_123.png )

Grutter gallops to the distracted hunter. He uses the shield to leap upwards and attack the zepher’s face.
Feeling his weight on the shield, the robotic arm swerves--the relicynth hooks a hand around the neck like a pole to segue into an awkward piggyback. His nails dig into the exoskeleton of the vitruvian’s throat.
The zepher hunches and rolls his shoulders to try and throw Grutter off; it’s a rodeo as the shield attempts to swat him. Grutter leans to the right to avoid the haymaker; he regrips on the vitruvian’s head with nails digging into softer skin, bloodletting and hoping to scuff up his opponent's vision.
No. 1038479 ID: 11f77a
File 165816317381.png - (231.03KB , 550x500 , tvd_124.png )

The Vitruvian responds predictably, but there’s enough thrashing for his shield to wedge under Grutter. His hands grab his thin wrists and he flips him over.

Forced off, the relicynth’s nails cut deeply as they rip the bounty hunter’s flesh, cutting across his eyebrow and cheek bones. Blood pours down the left side of his face with the mud still staining him.

With his hold on Grutter’s wrist, the zepher slams his robotic arm down and smashes across two nails, breaking them.

“AAAAUGH Fuck you! You bastard!!”

Designate your next attack
No. 1038482 ID: e5709d

Kick the ports on his midsection! Don't worry about your limbs, you can get shiny cybernetics if you live!
No. 1038503 ID: 15c72a

Fletch, pick up those nails. They are now shivs. Use them to stab this guy. In the eyesocket, preferably.
No. 1038505 ID: 3aa06e

This, Fletch aim for the eye. Approach from the back but watch out for his right hand. Ideally with him tangling with both of you Grutter should be able to escape so you can either finish this or run assuming he's blinded.
No. 1038558 ID: dabe38

Drat, objective failed for now. His vision is still covered, but also still can be used if uncovered.
On the upside, that head wound proves that he bleeds, and whatever bleeds can die. For all the vaunted cybernetics, there are still vulnerabilities and vitals that could prove lethal. Plus, the blood from the wound should impair his vision even if he removes the mud.

Oh, I guess we're out of the lake, too. Figures, water might have dampened the shield strike, though it also would have brought up the issue of drowning...

Grutter: Get away from grapple range for a second. He'll either attempt to find where you're located or go back to getting rid of the mud. Either way, there will be an opening for a second run at the eye.
Fletch: Everybody else has the right sort of idea with a shiv or dual shivs. Getting the eye would be a good target of opportunity, but with the hostile's temporary loss of vision Fletch is effectively an RPG rogue with stealth on and a perfect shot at a backstab for critical damage. Perhaps the best spot would be the spinal cord at the top of the torso, to avoid the exoskeleton further up, but also the cybernetics below. On success, this would paralyze. On failure, the hostile's strengths and weaknesses get a little revealed.
No. 1038728 ID: 899c9f

Bite the hand that grabs you!
No. 1038766 ID: 11f77a
File 165837468787.png - (260.88KB , 550x500 , tvd_125.png )

>Kick the ports on his midsection!
>I guess we’re out of the lake, too.
The fight is still a few steps from the pond. You watch him bleed over you--and anything that bleeds can die. First you need to make some distance...
Grutter uses both feet to kick into the metallic sternum of the zepher—with enough hard jabs it manages to bend one of the cylinder attachments and makes the Vitruvian take a few steps back. There’s a brief, sharp noise like the release of air under pressure--and more of that tarry substance sputters from the creases of the cylindrical module. The zepher inhales, a wheeze like something caught in his lungs, but spits whatever’s out.

>Fletch, pick up those nails
>Aim for the eye. Approach from the back.
Fletch attempts to swipe and stab for the eye again. The vitruvian’s height alone makes the attack tricky, and after the previous attack on his face he keeps his head high and away. Like the leg sweep, he’d deny the same tactic twice. Catching glimpses of the ichorynth in his peripherals he thrusts an arm to block the hand wielding the clipped talon.
The Vitruvian promptly thrusts his knee into Fletch’s gut, forcing him to dry heave before a second strike to throw Fletch backwards.

Designate your next attack
No. 1038823 ID: 1075e3

Farah: taser to the neck.
No. 1038893 ID: 5b1723

See? Spinal cord was a better target for Fletch.
Problem is, it's too late now since the eye mud's gone and Fletch is no longer behind the hostile.
>Port damage
Huh, wheezing is unusual. Wonder if the cybernetics are acting as life support to a degree.

Getting low on dirty tricks to use, but there's one for this scenario.
Obviously, throwing mud at the eye will fail. He knows to be ready for it, and that shield will easily block a wad of mud. Which means if he raises his shield to his high-up head to do just that, his legs will be completely undefended.
Several options to follow that up.
1) Go between legs to get behind, then shiv the spinal cord below the cybernetics but above the hips to paralyze the legs.
2) Shivs go into knees.
3) Grapple legs
Option 2 seems best, because success would screw up the hostile's ability to purse, therefore allowing the two to flee.
No. 1038932 ID: 15c72a

>stabbing the eye didn't work because we tried that before
So we can only attack a bodypart once? What kind of horseshit is that?!

Whatever, stab him in the kidneys.
No. 1038940 ID: dccdd0

At this point I can't tell if this fight is supposed to be winnable. If he is the "catalyst" then he has higher plot armor then us.

I guess at this point we should consider a retreat until we find a way to elude him off world have a better sure fire way to kill.

Grutter stab then dude in the leg or foot to slow him down and whlie Fletch grabs the money. Then both of you make a run for it.
No. 1038946 ID: 899c9f

Give those antennae a good yank. Aim for the base, it's hard to miss.
No. 1038952 ID: 3aa06e

Grutter, break one of his arms. You guys are getting grabbed too much. Grab a hold of his right arm and apply pressure to the elbow to stretch the joint till it breaks. Use your body weight if you're not strong enough.
No. 1039057 ID: 15a025

Our options are running low here. I feel at this rate we're not making it out alive.

The only thing I can think of is pulling off a cross up on this dude.
Grutter, try to use that acrobatic strength of yours to jump to the other side of this dude. We need to pin him between the two of you as best as possible. He seems to be conditioned that we're going for his head, so it should grab his attention enough to give Fletch time.

Fletch: Use Grutter's short distraction to get those shivs. If his back is turned and focused on Grutter, go for his spinal cord. If he's facing you still, go for the legs and hope Grutter can back you up.

If we can launch an attack from both front and behind, we might be able to land some significant damage. He can't focus on both sides at once.
No. 1039336 ID: 11f77a
File 165888573522.png - (276.08KB , 550x500 , tvd_126.png )

“Get away from him!!”

Before the Vitruvian stomps after Fletch, Grutter lunges and grabs his right arm in attempt to break it. In their current position, the boys flank the zepher--dividing his attention. Grutter tries to stay behind him as he spins, pressure applying to hopefully pop his elbow.
In the struggle, the Vitruvian shifts his arm down to loosen Grutter’s hold, and juts an elbow back up to an uppercut against the jaw. In the disorienting blow, his hands snap to Grutter’s temples.

From behind, Fletch plunges the relicynth’s talon into his back to strike a kidney. The zepher makes a guttural yell and retorts.
The mechanical arm of the Vitruvian releases its heavy riot shield. The metal slate thuds against the loose, marshy grass. The arm’s three-pronged digits branch out and grab Fletch by the throat. Gradually, he lifts him off his feet.

We are done here...
No. 1039337 ID: 11f77a
File 165888580014.png - (226.51KB , 550x500 , tvd_127.png )

The Vitruvian head-butts Grutter with a loud pop. The relicynth fumbles with weak eyelids as the zepher maintains a grip on his collarbone for another series of punches. Fletch struggles to reverse the grapple on his throat, barely able to breathe and watching his friend diminish strength.

Grutter falls backwards into the pond.

“I commend you, relic.” he grumbles with phlegm in his lungs. “You’ve been on the vulgar rush before, I see that. Tonight you offered to keep the rush alive. No one ever reaches the end of its treacherous roads. The desert moth... still waits.”

“No! gruugh--Noooo!” Fletch hollers with a hoarse throat.
No. 1039338 ID: 11f77a
File 165888593895.png - (285.94KB , 550x500 , tvd_128.png )

The Vitruvian grabs Grutter by the scruff of his outfit and dunks him under. The weight of the bounty hunter makes it difficult to squirm out from beneath. Grutter’s claws sprout and swipe from the water, yet the effort is fruitless--even if a claw digs into a shoulder.

How had everything before gone so fast? Why now, does the world crawl in your final minute? You remember the vulgar rush when you were younger. There were stories of the horrors involved--but a rite of passage that juveniles make for themselves. Yet you once went down the same path as your neighborhood friends seeking a name. It is a treacherous road. But like many, you can only go so far before settling where you stop. One cannot return to their old lives, and you joined Yeager’s armada. You killed under his orders. Met Fletch along the way, sharing similar circumstances. Everyone you worked with still carries the guilt on their shoulders--only the most maddening creatures can detach themselves from reality after the vulgar rush. Someone like Yeager.
Maybe you deserve this--you definitely weren’t a saint. Especially under Yeager.

You think of the arid planet that was your home and its vast, unending wastelands. Canyons and pillars that were once the beds of great oceans. And now you feel the water. The water that soothes the bruises. The water that cleans you.
No. 1039339 ID: 11f77a
File 165888604428.png - (154.58KB , 550x500 , tvd_129.png )

The police try to pinpoint the origin of gunshots in the forest. It has been several minutes since a party has departed. On her way, Farah hears some commotion and splashing around.

She had not come alone in the forest--there are several search teams scouting the wood, the closest officer would only be about 50 meters away looking in another direction.

Farah sees through the dark branches and comes across the pond...
No. 1039340 ID: 15c72a

Farah: Yell at him "POLICE! Get your hands in the air!" while training your gun on him and getting close enough for a good shot.

Fletch: he's still got that nail in him. Kick it deeper. You can also try kicking at the joints of the arm carrying you.
No. 1039341 ID: e5709d

Fletch: "He... *gaurk* killed... Nirrn. KILL... *HORGH*"
No. 1039342 ID: 99c1a0

>even if a claw digs into a shoulder.
Obviously - after all, the proper target would be the wrist to force the grip to release. Duh.

So, it appears that the hostile isn't keeping Fletch very far away from himself. Perhaps if the hostile were to turn away to, maybe, see who's yelling at them, Fletch would have a shot to kick the face. Extra points if he finishes off the eye.
No. 1039559 ID: 15a025

Fletch: "I'm not going to let you drown him!"
Do whatever you can with your free limbs. Beat on him, kick him. Anything.

Farah- That ichornyth's life seems to be in immediate danger. Don't alert the assailant of your presence, try and use your gun and shoot the metallic limb off to free them.
No. 1039630 ID: 11f77a
File 165929684252.png - (307.06KB , 550x500 , tvd_130.png )


Farah raises her gun, training her sights on the zepher who gradually rears his head up following the sound of her voice.

“Drop everything and put your hands up where I can see them!” she orders. She shines her light to see a half-burnt bleeding mess. At first the chupian couldn’t figure what the hell she was looking at. What was clear was an ichorynth currently being strangled by some mechanical arm, and noise of a recent struggle in the pond.

The Vitruvian turns his neck with sharp yellow eyes locking on Farah. He looks pale and sick. He rises from the pond. How a creature could even stand, looking like that, she thinks. Tark has described his thousand-yard stare; it’s unmistakable. This could be the zepher he had to let go. Who knew all the chaos that followed after.

“This is outside of you, chupian.” he stifles to breathe steadily with whatever composure he has, “You don’t know what you’re stepping into.”

Fletch grunts out his words, teeth clutching. “Don’t lis’sen to him! H-He... killed her--! ghrrk Killed N-Nirrn! S-Stop him!” He’s struggling to kick at the Vitruvian, but he is helpless like one would present a pet by the scruff. "My friend... he's drowning!"
No. 1039647 ID: b0b5f8

Was that a threat?
Give him ONE chance to step away from the puddle and his victims. If he fails to take it, you'll have to take the shot.
No. 1039648 ID: e5709d

Farrah: "Last chance. Release your hostages. Let me arrest them.
Or I will invoke my right to kill threats to civilians.
3... 2... 1."
No. 1039669 ID: 12b116

shoot this fucker if he so much as twitches at you, he's extremely dangerous
No. 1039712 ID: 0d00ee

Tell him he’s surrounded. There’s teams of police all around. One shot would alert the dogs on him
No. 1039913 ID: 8a5496

Put a hole in the other half of the cybernetics attachment. Both as a warning, and to assist the drowning guy.
No. 1039919 ID: 11f77a
File 165955671033.png - (246.45KB , 550x500 , tvd_131.png )

She attempts to reason. “You’re about to be surrounded. Release your hostages--let me arrest them!”
The Vitruvian huffs a bit--there’s slight effort to inhale from his damaged carapace. “It’s not my choice to spare them.”
“You don’t have to do this!”
“Hmmgh.” He almost suppresses the slightest smirk; the attempt forces him to contain a bloody cough. “This was their doing. They decided their fates.”
Farah casts her arm back in the direction of the road. “Fates? Is that how you justify killing the lady at the store?! Or the gullusk? Was all that destruction necessary... for this?!”
“They contributed to pave more road for these two.”
“Contributed?! That makes zero sense! You can’t make that an excuse!”
“That isn’t an excuse. That’s just what it is.”

She stifles to even come with an answer. Her immediate thought was that he has spoken like a true psychopath. In his own world and rules.
He senses her hesitation: “It's time to keep moving...”
No. 1039920 ID: 11f77a
File 165955683470.png - (258.03KB , 550x500 , tvd_132.png )

Fletch kept struggling throughout the conversation, swinging his legs until he gets enough momentum to stomp on the talon.
“Fffuck you!”
Pain surges in the zepher’s lower back; he flinches from the kick as well and growls. The talon pierces through the other side.
In an instant Farah shoots at the mechanical arm instead of his torso; bullets spark against its steel and a few wedge in its wiry innards. The arm malfunctions, the grip is easier to pry out of and the ichor is let go. Fletch faceplants on the soft and muddy ground and rolls away.

Gunfire alerts nearby officers. The light from their torches flicker through dense trees with confused yelling on what’s going on.
No. 1039921 ID: 11f77a
File 165955692539.png - (177.11KB , 550x500 , tvd_133.png )

A handful of police emerge from the foliage and shine on the Vitruvian in the center, who slouches on his knees in some fugue expression from the blood loss. He faces the pond and ignores everything around him, something churning in his mind. With a slow exhale his eyelid closes and he keels over from the heavy weight of exhaustion.

Fletch has scrambled to drag Grutter’s limp body out from the pond. The police already hound them as Fletch attempts to resuscitate. Not a lot of drowning happens on Daatuteph, he hopes he knows what he’s doing. At first he’s forced aside to keep his hands up, but Farah is able to put her coworkers at ease once the zepher is accounted for.
No. 1039922 ID: 11f77a
File 165955715408.gif - (652.26KB , 550x500 , tvd_133b.gif )

“Someone call an EMT over here! We have injured people!"

"Go! Go!”

"Start pressing his chest!"

"Sir! There's another--!"

No. 1039932 ID: 11f77a
File 165956323105.png - (239.43KB , 550x500 , tvd_134.png )

Anjan comfortably watches the tube.

It’s late. Mali is finally asleep. You’d probably be in bed too but you’d rather be up when your wife returns. Plus it’s a classic movie that’s broadcasting on those oldies channels. Something about the Tripod War a few centuries back. Interesting stuff.
You’ve been eatin’ a bowl of rice-berries when you hear her come in. Even when you can’t see her from your spot you can assure it's her from the usual sounds of her routine: jangling of keys into a basket, scuffing of feet into a mat, and just her long sigh after a workload.
No. 1039934 ID: e7c7d3

Turn on the lights. Time for a happy greeting and hug!
No. 1039935 ID: 8e5a95

Hug her, apologize for staying up late to wait for her. Ask if she's still good for karaoke tomorrow, maybe she and you can sing a naked colors song when we go there.
No. 1039951 ID: 2cb437

Well, it appears all that's left is to fabricate a cover story for the cops. Get a lawyer before saying a word, though.

Fletch shot at the Zepher on camera, seemingly without provocation, no getting around that one.
However, given the Zepher's actions, there should be legal mitigating factors. Fletch could say he heard of the Zepher by reputation, so was well aware his life was threatened.

Shifting gears, Grutter's "stalker" was Stobor or one of his henchmen, though they never found out his motive. Fleeing from the law was because he was afraid Stobor bribed the cop.

Stobor must have figured out Fletch had ties to Grutter, so grabbed Fletch to get to his pal. Semi-fortunately, the Zepher got to them before Stobor could get them to a safehouse to do whatever mobsters do.

Fleeing the gunfight that ensued, they hid out in the park, though not before noticing Stobor grabbing a briefcase. He still had it when he attempted to off them to eliminate witnesses. Semi-fortunately, he only shot once before the Zepher got Stobor, emptying his mag. Out of ammo, the Zepher attempted to off them with his bare hands. He almost had them until the cops showed up.

Should be the basics. Slight hole if any cameras caught Grutter with the briefcase, but it's generic enough that could pass it off as being identical.

Play up the sob story if the cops push. "Oh, we're not proud of what we did, but we wanted to leave all that behind! We just wanted a peaceful life, to let the paranoia of our previous lives subside and we'd leave behind all vestiges once it did! Who knows how long that will be now!" Softie judges eat up lies of that type, even from hardened criminals that show no sign of ever reforming.
No. 1040001 ID: 18c052

Oh yeah, in response, Farah playfully teases Anjan by implying that Anjan wants her and him to strip while singing a Naked Colors song at karoke, leaving Anjan embarrassed, trying to explain he just likes their music. A good laugh is had.

Farah says the arrest she made was kind of a big deal, so much so, it has to be kept confidential for now, so she cant talk much about it. But one thing is for certain, she does NOT want public recognition for the arrest, for her family's sake.
No. 1040060 ID: a3629a

Comfort her, busy day. Hope she doesn't come injured or something.
No. 1040113 ID: 11f77a
File 165967811227.png - (190.68KB , 550x500 , tvd_135.png )

Anjan creeps up from his sofa and softly walks to the hallway. She’s facing away--a perfect moment to slide up for a hug as she hangs her coat.
It was flawless.
“Honeeeeey, you’re home.” He says, “I haven’t even noticed the time and I can’t believe how late it is--even for me!” A kiss to her cheek. “Will you be busy tomorrow?”

There are strange things that happen while on duty. Strange in a silly way, a peculiar way. Stories of minor offenses and foolishness from the common citizen which makes a great laugh with the boys. Tonight’s case was... undefinable. In that short time she spoke to the Vitruvian, with what Tark has heard earlier, the universe feels a little more complicated to explain.

In his light embrace she turns in his arms with her nose bunting his. “I may skip work tomorrow and stay home. I feel I might sleep in for the morning. I’m so fatigued right now after driving all over the city.” A yawn. “I’m heading straight for bed. Is Mali alright?”
“Oh he’s fine. He’s been asleep for several hours. Say, I took the time to download some music on the app for karaoke. Naked Colors is kind of the rage nowadays.”
“Oh, they’re that pop duo, right? I haven’t been paying attention to anything on the radio--I won’t know the words. We can stick to music from Alp Daga.”
“It’s a duet, though! You can just mumble when the words come on the screen!”

She has no energy to talk; she has left it at the door. “We’ll see about tomorrow then. I’m too tired to think. You can finish watching whatever you were--”
“Oh no! I wasn’t... it’s just a documentary. Let me turn it off. I’ll meet you in our bedroom.”
No. 1040114 ID: 11f77a
File 165967818427.png - (201.43KB , 550x500 , tvd_136.png )

You make a sweep of the living room. TV off. Crumbs under the rug. Future-you will deal with that. Bowl straight in the sink. Future-you will deal with that, too. You tip-toe up the stairs to not rouse your child across the parents’ bedroom.

She’s in her nightgown, flattening the sheets before sitting down. “I think Tark is finally retiring.”
“Deputy Tark? The tall guy?”
“Yeah, he mentioned something like that for weeks. But tonight it sounded like he meant it.”
“Good for him, then. I smell a promotion though~”
“Tch, Deputy Farah? That’s a long way away. I’m fine writing tickets.”
No. 1040116 ID: e51896

Well, it's already been several years since she joined the force, so you'll never know...

But agree that writing tickets is for the best, if it means she won't be staying out late as a deputy. The family is happy just the way things are now.

Nothing more to say, but give each other a kiss goodnight.
No. 1040123 ID: a7c21f

Seconded, this said it better than me.
No. 1040170 ID: 11f77a
File 165975607065.png - (220.84KB , 550x500 , tvd_137.png )

“Well it’s been several years. You’re bound to step up.” Anjan slips under the covers, nesting himself next to his wife. She looks like she hasn’t lied down in 30 hours or so; she sinks into her pillow and stares at the ceiling.
“Hnngh... I’m just not in a rush is what I meant. I know I brought it up but, I don’t want to linger on work anymore.”

Anjan fastens the sheets to cover her.

“I love you Farah.”
“I love you too, Anjan.”

They smooch goodnight~
No. 1040171 ID: 11f77a
File 165975619406.png - (4.62MB , 1564x1563 , tvd_final.png )

At last, we reach the END of THE VITRUVIAN

Thank you for participating in the demo.

A more conclusive epilogue could happen in the future.
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