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File 160124534337.jpg - (257.04KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom.jpg )
977359 No. 977359 ID: 12b116

You are part of the Secret Extermination Command

You control a squad of Constructed Organisms, each with useful biological powers.

Your job is to monitor and command your squad to exterminate paranatural threats to Gray Lake, an amazing and prosperous city. It is extremely important that the people of Gray Lake aren't aware of the somewhat unfortunately common paranatural threats, and so officially, you don't exist.

Do well, and you will be assigned more C.Orgs, or even be able to commission specific gene combinations, and reap the probably-existent benefits of being part of a secret government organization.

Do poorly, and your squad will be recycled and you'll have to get a real job or something.

This is your first assignment. Your commander has informed you that a local business is a front for evil cultists. As far as HQ is concerned, everyone in the building is a threat.

Your cameras go live as your squad enters the building.
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No. 1002052 ID: fd4d13

Cash in that Lurleen Date

Kayree should help in the hopsital so she can spend time with Eilie since Eilie got hurt real bad.

Fucc and noot are up to something but I want to see what it is so they should still bunk together.

Rockit with either Danovin or Baetriss is fine, They all seem to get along.

Qay with Viivean, she's gregarious so might help to welcome sluggo to the team

Yiann with Sinthee because they're big
No. 1002054 ID: 0fae41

Nice, a sneaky C. Org. We're halfway to being equipped to go on night missions.
Well, even the best friend can't stand Zarah. never change, Z. Actually, please try.
Good news, Rockit's alright. She helped keep Vivi and Kayree safe.

4x Harpoon gun
1x Heavy Harpoon Gun
5x Flechette Rifle
1x Heavy Torpedo launcher
3x Heavy Harpoon Equipment
1x Forked Catalyst
1x Blood Plasma Rifle
1x Harpoon gun
1x Heavy Harpoon Gun
1x Large Heavy Harpoon Gun
1x Flechette rifle
1x Torpedo launcher
1x Heavy Torpedo Launcher
3x Torpedoes

-Kayree assisting Joannifer
-Rockit assisting Mary K
-Sinthee assisting Lurleen
-Danovin and Zarah
-Fucc and Noot, what are they getting up to...
-Yiann and Baetriss
-Ix and Viivii
-Qay alone

Date: Lurleen! As a guy.
No. 1002056 ID: 96c896

Kayree and Joannifer (gives her extra time to visit Eilie! also she's very tough which should help her get along with Joannifer)
ViiVeean and Baetriss.
Ixander and Lurleen, I feel like Ixander should stick with a guaranteed good time.
Yiann and Danovin
Rockit and Zarah. We don't know if they'll get along or not, and Rockit has really good morale so she can suck it up if need be. Also they both dated the commander so maybe they have something in common to talk about?
Fucc and Noot
Qay and Sinthee
No. 1002057 ID: 96c896

Oh and yeah date Lurleen, as... male.
No. 1002077 ID: 01031d

We promised Lurleen that date, would be mean to not comply. Also I would send Kayree to visit Ellie (and maybe send her with a gift of our part)
No. 1002080 ID: 094652

Kayree and Joannifer
Rockit and Fucc
Baetriss and Viiveean
Zarah and Mary
Yiann and Noot
Ixander and Danovin

>Qay, Yiann(Monstrous)
>Credits spent on redundant crap instead of upgrades
>Large stockpile of weapons
... We should negotiate with other C.Org units, in fact, let's discuss renting or trading our equipment in exchange for research.

Date: Lurleen, Girl
No. 1002102 ID: 2f43c1

Date the Frilled Demon as male. Or would that be an interrogation? An interrogation date!


No. 1002106 ID: 96c896

Now that we have access to the species list and the traits associated with them, we should take a poll, asking our units how they feel about the possibility of becoming BIG, via Monstrous Form. They now have Yiann and Teevin as an example of what would happen, so they can give an informed opinion on it.

Rockit, Kayree, Ixander, Danovin, and Sinthee all have Monstrous Form or Improved Monstrous Form on their lists. They should be asked about it. They should be told that the transformation heals all missing bodyparts.
Baetriss and Qay have Improved Alien Anatomy on their lists, which will make them LONGER but also take away their legs, or do something else with their legs I'm not sure about. Maybe Baetriss would get a bunch of tiny legs? Should ask them too.

Their responses? Well, they can give a short answer and also a number on a 10 point scale, 1 being the most strongly opposed to it and 10 being strongly for it. Also, they can say if they want to wait until they're injured or not.
No. 1002107 ID: 6c227a

after this adventure I wish to keep:
3 Harpoon Guns
2 Heavy Harpoon Guns
1 Large Heavy Harpoon Gun
3 Heavy Harpoon Equipment
2 Torpedo Launchers
1 Large Torpedo Launcher
6 Torpedos
3 Flechette Rifles
1 Forked Catalyst
2 Blood-Plasma Guns

Which I believe means we can sell/donate
5xHarpoon Gun
2xHeavy Harpoon Gun
2xLarge Heavy Harpoon Gun
4xHeavy Harpoon Equipment
3xLarge Torpedo Launcher
8xFlechette Rifle (we already had one)
1xForked Catalyst
No. 1002108 ID: 96c896

Well I was going to wait until the official time to donate/trade but here's my list just in case it goes through now:

Alright we uh, need to trade in or donate the vast majority of that pile of loot.

2 harpoon guns
2 torpedo launchers
2 forked catalyst
2 large torpedo launcher
2 flechette rifle
2 heavy harpoon gun
2 large heavy harpoon gun
2 blood-plasma gun we really need to keep these, we can't make more even if we donate them!
4 torpedos
4 heavy harpoon equipment

3 harpoon gun
1 large torpedo launcher
4 flechette rifle
1 heavy harpoon gun
1 large heavy harpoon gun
1 torpedos
1 heavy harpoon equipment

3 harpoon gun
1 large torpedo launcher
4 flechette rifle
1 heavy harpoon gun
1 torpedos
2 heavy harpoon equipment
No. 1002109 ID: 96c896


Since we get to buy normal stuff with credit after we donate them at least once there's something we should do:
1x Energy Katana

Because, well, due to its dual wield property working with itself, you can use two at once. I figure that's important enough to donate it so we can buy them.
No. 1002169 ID: 6d11da

This sounds good. I want to be sure we have a good variety of guns available for the next underwater mission.

Donate half the surplus items (rounding up) and sell the rest.
No. 1002170 ID: 6d11da

Roommate changes:
Vay with Zarah.
Rockit with Baetriss.
Yiann with Sinthee.
Ixander on his own for now.

Kayree helps Joannifer.
Danovin helps Mary.
ViiVean helps Joannifer.

Date Lurleen.
No. 1002177 ID: 12b116
File 162242762469.jpg - (394.87KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom107.jpg )

You decide to trade and donate some equipment:
1x Harpoon Gun
4x Flechette Rifle
1x Heavy Harpoon Gun
1x Large Heavy Harpoon Gun
1x Forked Catalyst
1x Large Torpedo Launcher
1x Torpedo
1x Heavy Harpoon Equipment

4x Harpoon Gun
1x Heavy Harpoon Gun
1x Large Torpedo Launcher
4x Flechette Rifles
1x Heavy Harpoon Equipment
1x Torpedos

Kayree is spending time with Joannifer Cross in the hospital.

Fucc and Noot are roommates.

Zarah and Qay are roommates.

Ixander is spending time with Lurleen Gray.

Sinthee is spending time with Yiann.

ViiVeean is spending time with Baetriss.

Danovin is spending time with Rockit.

Now it's time to go on your date with Lurleen!

>Lurleen Gray likes you! She's glad you're going on a date with her!

"People rarely have trouble finding me in a crowd," Lurleen says coolly when you approach.

She keeps her gloved hands hooked in her uniform belt.

"So, what do you have planned for us?"

The following facilities are currently available:

A) Ice Creams parlor - A small place with booths. Fairly quiet and intimate.

B) Skating Rink - Sit and watch or skate around. Unfortunately, someone has yellowed the ice and the skating rink is closed.

C) Arcade - Loud and busy, full of games.

D) Dinner Restaurant - Fancy food, formal atmosphere.

E) Your room - Hang out and watch movies, or ... What the everloving fuck?! You got a message this morning that somebody pissed on the floor in your room! It's being cleaned though.

F) Pool - There's the big pool, and the hot tubs.

G) Race track - Loud and busy! Watch the cars go 'vroom!'

H) Spa - Spend some time getting a massage and a mani/pedi

I) Bar - Eat bar food! Loud and casual. Dance! Booze!

J) Art Show - Relaxed and quiet.

K) Sport complex - Watch people or play basketball, volleyball, or fence. The equipment room was liberally splattered in piss, and so the complex is closed.

L) Theatre - Watch a stage play.

M) Arts and Crafts - do some pottery or make a painting together

N) Strip Club - Boys, girls, or both!

O) Costume Party - Get drunk and wear stupid outfits! A cosume party is scheduled for this evening.

P) The Other Bar - This one has live music and pool. A lot smaller and less busy than the previous bar. The other bar is closed due to a urincident.

Q) Festival - Play games and watch the fireworks! There's not currently a festival going on.

You also need to chitchat with her on the way there. What do you ask her/talk about?
No. 1002180 ID: 1d109c

hey! there's a costume party on! that could be fun
No. 1002182 ID: e51896

Costume party!
(maybe have other characters in the party dress up as other quest characters)
No. 1002183 ID: 0fae41

How high are you - I mean, hi, how are you Lurleen. Let's get to know our quartermaster! Does anyone help you out besides the C. Orgs we send your way?
O. We shouldn't miss this costume party! The pool is a good alternative.
No. 1002184 ID: 8483cf

Costume party!!!
No. 1002185 ID: 1d109c

compliment her stylin outfit, use this as an excuse for why you aren't looking her in the eye
No. 1002187 ID: 96c896

She looks like a serious lady. Or maybe she's just disciplined? Don't forget to look at her face while you talk to her.
D is a safe choice. Unless eating is awkward for her... would she use extra long eating utensils?
J could work too.
Or M! But maybe that's too much like work for her?
Ask her if she has a preference.

Ask her what stuff she likes her job, and what's her favorite weapon. She was excited about that weird gun, did she learn anything cool from it? You think guns are cool, and swords are cool, especially katanas. Hopefully you can get some more anime as fuck weapons to use on missions.
If she doesn't want to talk shop during the date that's fine.

Does she have any hobbies?
No. 1002205 ID: 094652

D, M - Show you can be formal, see if she can be creative.

>There's an E in Pee
Okay, now this has become an outright security breach. They invaded your room, the place with all your future plans.
Call up the other commanders and schedule a joint meeting about C.Org discipline. It was cute at first but if they're barging into the commanders' rooms, they could be a traitor doing vulgar pranks to mask infiltration and sabotage.
No. 1002208 ID: 2f43c1

Art Show or Theatre for the lady with the gloves. Talk about the Nautilus pistol.
No. 1002220 ID: a38353

Costume Party!
No. 1002265 ID: 12b116
File 162250376409.jpg - (417.04KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom108.jpg )

"How hi-" you restart, "Hi! How are you! I was wondering if any C.Orgs outside of Unit 4 help you out," you say.

>Lurleen likes the savvy question.

"Yes. I handle requisition for Units one through five."

You tell Lurleen you want to go to a costume party with her!

>Lurleen is disappointed and unimpressed by your choice of activity.

"That sounds much more like something you want to do than something you'd think I would like," Lurleen says. "But I'll give you the opportunity to prove me wrong."

You make sure to make eye contact. You feel like your neck is going to hurt at the end of the date. "I really like your stylin outfit!" you say.

"I find them to be functional and comfortable," Lurleen says. "Style is not something I consider overly-much."

"So, what do you like about your job?" you ask as you walk toward the clothing area where costumes are being made available.

"Properly maintained weapons, armor and equipment save lives," she says. "My C.Org species makes me wholly unfit for fieldwork, but I am glad I can still contribute meaningfully to the success of my fellow C.Orgs."

She answers instantly, without a moment of hesitation.

"So," you continue, "What's your favorite weapon? And did you learn anything useful from that weird gun I donated?"

>Lurleen seems excited to talk about this!

"It was extremely interesting," Lurleen says. "My preference is for automatic weapons, because the methods of action and components often require somewhat more cleverness and precision than other types of weapons. That Nautilus Pistol is from a different reality, and the magazine appears to be entirely organic, grown from a solid piece of chitin, although it can still be easily reloaded. You see, the follower ... "

You kind of zone out as she talks about it. Once there's a lull, you pipe up. "I like guns too," you say. Lurleen's eyes are bright! "And swords!" you continue as her expression becomes a bit more neutral, "Especially katanas!" and there it goes. "I hope we can find some more cool anime weapons," you continue as the remaining joy and interest drains from her expression.

"So, do you have any hobbies?" you ask.

Lurleen seems to perk up a bit. "I'm very fond of engineering, machining, and, this may sound a bit odd, on a small scale. I prefer to keep my space mostly available for work, so the things I build are often miniatures, which require some problem-solving to construct on a much smaller scale than intended."

You seethe about the pee bandit a bit to yourself, and decide to mention it to Lurleen.

>Lurleen approves of your anger, especially when you point out what a security breach it is to have some random C.Org break into your room.

"I agree. I appreciate that you've had your C.Orgs look into it in the past. I'll be sure to pass along any information I discover, seeing as how you're actually upset instead of waving the business off as some sort of hilarious prank. Whoever it is better hope I'm not the one who catches them."

"I'd prefer if you select my costume for me," Lurleen says, looking down at you coolly.

You're getting close to the area that's been set up to pick out costumes. What kind of costume do you pick out for yourself? For Lurleen? There are some broad categories, but feel free to look for something specific too, within those categories:

A. Something saucy? Sexy Librarian, sexy nurse, sexy soldier, sexy hot dog, sexy executioner, sexy cultist, sexy tax attorney, and many other sexy costumes are here.

B. Period wear? Do you want to be a flapper? A debutante? A hot dog vendor? What about an ancient philosopher or a southern belle? There are many other historical costumes here.

C. Animal Costumes? Some bits and bobs to make one animal look like a different one! Very inclusive! Dogs, hotdogs, birds, reptiles, fish, arthropods ... they're all here!

D. Funny Costume? A toilet! A terrible pun! a taco! A funny hot dog! A giant penis! All sorts of large, bulky, absolutely hilarious costumes are here.

E. Cosplay? Anime, manga, cartoons and comics are popular enough around the facility that there's a selection of various supplies that can be used to recreate a few popular characters. You could even cobble together something from a more obscure source. Characters from action, drama, horror, hotdog, and romance genres are all represented.

F. Black Tie? Black formal wear and white porcelain masks. The masks are fairly varied: some are animals, some are distorted human faces, some are hot dogs. For that traditional, classy look.

Most importantly, do you pick a couples costume so that you and Lurleen will match, or do you pick something different for each of you? Specify if the two costumes you pick are a couples costume. They don't have to be, even if both things you select are from the same genre.
No. 1002268 ID: 01031d

I would say matching F, Maybe B if there is something gun related as war uniforms. Lurleen doesn't seems to like fooliness and a masquerade can be prety elegant.
No. 1002269 ID: 96c896

Oh? Is she interested in figurines? Some of the models from mech shows have a lot of parts but maybe that's not what she meant. Wait, she saw your room, does she think you share any interests? Tell her you hope it wasn't too weird, you've realized by now you're more into anime than most people here. Maybe everyone.

Obviously the commander is going to wear E, Cosplay.
Lurleen would probably want F, formal wear.
No couples costume. You don't know eachother that well, even if it would be neat to wear some kind of formal-esque cosplay like Tuxedo Mask.
No. 1002272 ID: 2f43c1

Steampunk style (I'm not sure if this is B or E). Would probably be to her liking as an engineer.
Couples. Each costume will look unique of course.

Such a costume would also be an interesting topic of conversation, since I'm sure she could think of a few additions to add to her costume (even functioning ones) that would make it look even cooler.
No. 1002274 ID: 0fae41

I think it would be good for both of us to catch a limited time event. Don't worry, we're getting practiced at selecting the right loadout for C. Orgs.
Couples costume, F: Lurleen with a fancy swan mask, the commander as a goose. Canada goose for a matching black & white combo. (The swan is the longest neck in the combat-capable C. Orgs I can think of.)
So, the race track's more your speed? Do they give tours of the garage after the race? ...How does the base fit an entire race track, are the cars miniature or is it a secluded booth at one? Anyway, let's see what these costume parties are about.
Not to name any names (Rockit mentioned this while drunk, after all), but it would seem miniatures are a shared interest among the base personnel. Perhaps we could build a model railroad?
No. 1002275 ID: 1d109c

Dress as a pair of artillery men, perhaps WW1 machine gun team, or if she wants something more fun a revolutionary war cannon team.

she might appreciate dressing in a combat role where her physical traits wouldn't be a problem.

she seems to really like talking about practical stuff, maybe discuss your problems with some of HQs mission requirements, or your plans for managing your REQ.
she might even be interested in some research plans and other command ideas
No. 1002277 ID: 1d109c

Sempai, I know you want to dress her like one of your anime girls, but now's not the time, her guard is up. gotta suppress that power level
No. 1002278 ID: 094652

Your costumes need to be ironic commentary.

You know that racist multimedia series about kids enslaving monsters and making them battle each other? The one that managed to indoctrinate an entire generation of kids into thinking slavery for the greater good and love is okay? Cosplay as those, but completely switch the roles. If a monster is stereotypically portrayed as a dumbass, play them as an intellectual. If they're portrayed as slow and lazy, play them as hyperactive. If they're treated as a com-mon, give them a historical backstory with grand exploits and harrowing adventures.

Remember, all the monsters in that series are technically one species (hence the 'interspecies' breeding the series is famous for). Your statement is one of equality, that all the monsters in that series deserve to be free and treated as first-class citizens with individuality, that it's wrong to think that a kid's show has all the answers when they involve subtle slavery and rampant discrimination.
No. 1002282 ID: 0fae41

Better couples costume idea, you go as a mecha and her in the mecha pilot's uniform. Whatever franchise you can find.
No. 1002286 ID: fd4d13

Lurleen would almost certainly prefer to dress innperiod wear (b) from these options. She seems like the sort to appreciate the details amd specific, intricate craftsmanship of oldnmilitary gear more than looking nice, since *she already said that she prefers clothing for function over style*
No. 1002294 ID: 96c896

Oh right yeah, B would include military uniforms, so she would probably like those better than formal wear.
No. 1002333 ID: 864e49

If we choose cosplay she can go as a mech warrior and we can go as protag with gunsword and fifty belts.
No. 1002366 ID: 12b116
File 162260081412.jpg - (359.13KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom109.jpg )

You pick matching costumes, and after almost choosing some anime outfits, you go with historical military costumes instead.

Lurleen's expression is neutral the whole time. You can't really tell if she approves of these decisions or not, but she seems to like the costumes, anyway.

"I appreciate you're making an effort to appeal to me," Lurleen says.

"You know, if you like putting together little things, there are some cool mech models you might like," you say.

Lurleen seems to consider what you're telling her. "That sounds interesting," she says sincerely.

"Would you rather have gone to the race track? Can you go check out the garage? How does that fit in this place anyway?"

"Space isn't a concern. This facility is ... extremely large," Lurleen says. "I don't see why you would be prevented from going to the garage. I, personally, however, am not really a fan of the races. I'm slightly curious as to why you think that would appeal to me."

You also mention that some of your C.Orgs also have an interest in miniatures and float the idea of getting together and building a model railroad or something.

"I'd be interested in that. Why don't you have someone you think would be interested come and assist me, or spend time with me later." You can see a little crack in her cool demeanor, a smile teasing the corner of her mouth and her eyes taking on a bit of sparkle instead of icy disdain.

You discuss some of your problems with HQ's requirements and your plans for your Requisition and research.

>Lurleen seems impressed by your decisions going forward and your focus on upgrading your armor and weapons.

You're all dressed up and head to the costume party area. It's a huge ballroom decorated with glittering chandeliers and votive candles set around on various tables. There's a dance floor, several tables full of victuals, a big seating area full of comfy couches, and a bar. You're also pretty sure Noot and Fucc are over there?

Do you:

A. Drag Lurleen out onto the dance floor?

B. Drag Lurleen over to the food area?

C. Drag Lurleen over to get drinks?

D. Drag Lurleen over to chat with various people?

E. Drag Lurleen over to hang out on the couches?


F. Tell Lurleen you're going to get food/drinks for both of you and then go see what Fucc and Noot are up to?

Make sure you keep the conversation going!
No. 1002368 ID: 0fae41

Well, racecars are intricate pieces of machinery dedicated to going in circles very quickly. We're working off our limited knowledge base, which so far includes exotic tech, complex machinery at replica scale, and your very professional manner. We sense you like your time spent efficiently, so we'll make sure it's well spent.
>Why don't you have someone you think would be interested come and assist me, or spend time with me later.
That's a very discreet way to use our knowledge, I like it.
F. We should keep an eye on what our squad is up to.
No. 1002377 ID: 96c896

C, also see what Fucc and Noot are up to.
No. 1002400 ID: 1d109c

D: but definitely check in on Noot and Fucc. Lurleen liked how we took the pee bandit seriously.

let her know that Fucc and Noot have been acting suspicious and it might be a good idea to check in on them.

Maybe talk about the new issues housing the Frillber.

Also ask about the possibility of expanding barracks space. since we're full up
No. 1002421 ID: 2f43c1

She looks the same as before -_-

Get the drinks with first. Talk on the topic of her past experiences with parties. They probably aren't great, so try to make her feel better by telling her that you're really happy she came along. Then ask her if she recognizes any base personnel here and if she'd like to go and greet them / introduce you to them. This would also be another good topic for the conversation; who are the people she respects or dispises and why. Lastly, ask her if she knows how to dance and if she'd be comfortable doing a little bit of that. That's what people normally do at parties, right?

Observe Fucc and Noot but try to avoid them noticing you staring at them. They likely won't recognize you since they haven't seen you before. Lureen also isn't fond of Fucc so I think her interacting with the two would spoil the date.
No. 1002575 ID: 12b116
File 162277124877.jpg - (382.24KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom110.jpg )

You explain that you'd just thought with her interest in machinery, the cars would interest her.

"You just watch them go in circles," she says. "It's loud and fairly obnoxious."

You tell her that you sense she likes to spend her time efficiently, so you'll make sure it's well spent." She nods.

You ask about expanding barracks, and the bit of trouble you're having with the Frilled Demon.

"I honestly don't approve of fell sorceries, but I understand why people think they're useful. As for barracks space, it's possible that I could find some rooms to allocate to you as part of your requisition."

You ask her what she thinks about parties.

"I just don't care for loud rooms full of obnoxious drunks," she says.

You notice Fucc and Noot. They've been acting awfully squirrelly, so you decide to check on them. Rather than lying to Lurleen about it, you decide to just tell her you need to check on your dudes over there.

>Lurleen greatly approves of this course of action.

"Please do. I respect your dedication to your C.Orgs," she says, heading toward the drink table.

The first thing you notice are that their pupils are absolutely enormous, their irises reduced to little slivers.

"Oh shit, it's the Sempai," Fucc says.

"Just be cool," Noot says with a bit of a drawl.

"Hey commander sempai," Noot says. "Come here often?"

"We aren't up to anything," Fucc says. "Just normal party-enjoying."

What do you say to them?
No. 1002577 ID: 1d109c

Tell them you have no problem with their Cheech&Chong situations, as long as they don't get up to activities related to their costumes
No. 1002580 ID: 0fae41

Oh, it's just some responsible drug-having. Just keep it away from our table, please. Return to Lurleen with food and drinks.
...Did they spike the punch.
No. 1002582 ID: df2fd6

>Did they spike urinate in the punch?
No. 1002584 ID: 96c896

Tell them their outfits suggest otherwise. ...oh they're high. Ask them what it is. Nothing dangerous, right? And it won't affect them negatively when it comes time for a mission? Those are our main concerns. A secondary concern is their source. They might be stealing from Joannifer's supplies, and that's not allowed. If Joannifer is selling it to them that's fine, even if she's not supposed to be doing it. If they're getting it from an outside source then we need to be sure it's not a security breach.
No. 1002585 ID: 64fb66

Lureen is a bit of a stick in the mud. Let's shoot for professional bonding and friendship over romance, I'm not really digging it.

These guys are cosplaying A Clockwork Orange lmao. Maybe say, "You're wearing the wrong costume to be playing out Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, guys. Do your thing, just keep it safe and sane."
No. 1002593 ID: 8b7282

Emphasize that you distance yourself from admonishing individual behavior, especially since this job kind of sucks, but if they use unapproved-for-combat stims in a mission you're going to find the Dismiss button. Remember, it's only an addiction if it prevents you from doing your duties / being yourself.

Ask how relationships among the other C.Orgs is going. Remind them that they can suggest who they want to bunker up with, like Kayree and Eilie have done.

Any thoughts about the Frilled Demon? A vivisection would be a disturbing waste, you're thinking about training her to perform complex tasks so she can earn you some credits. You don't trust her to become an underwater combatant; it's not that she can't be reformed, it's that the Middle-Management Demon was a woman-child who probably ordered her sorcerers to implant Manchurian suggestions in all their minions because corporate dickery has a quota.
Also, fair warning for everyone in the organization: if anyone is caught urinating in the Frilled Demon's tank, they are to be shot on sight. You're not risking a rampage from a pheromone reaction.

For now, you've got an itinerary the size of Teevin of tasks that haven't been completed, so you can't give them leave to take on side jobs for now.

Finally, ask them if they know where to get armor research. Those plate carriers are expensive.
No. 1002597 ID: 1d109c

hurry back to Lurleen and to the punch to make sure it hasn't been spiked with anything
No. 1002606 ID: 2f43c1

Tell them that if anything bad happens at this party for whatever reason, the two of them are no longer going to be roommates... unless they tell you about it beforehand, in which case it's fine since you're not one to ruin a good prank.
No. 1002878 ID: 6c227a

sigh, whatever, it's a party. Just keep it together boys. I don't want to have to reprimand anybody.
No. 1002896 ID: 12b116
File 162319258298.jpg - (385.14KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom111.jpg )

You look over at Lurleen.

"Take your time," she says. "I appreciate you taking this opportunity to do something useful," she wanders off toward the refreshments.

You give your lads a disapproving look.

"I hope you aren't up to anything related to those costumes," you say.

They click their heels together and salute.

"'Course not, Commander," Noot says.

"No ultraviolence planned," says Fucc.

You ask what, exactly it is that they're on.

"Shitloads of Acid, Commander," Fucc says. "Just ... shitloads of it."

You ask where they got it from.

"Been makin' it in our room," Noot says. "Full disclosure, we may or may not have put a bit in the punch for funsies."

You ask them how their fellow troops have been getting along.

"Uh, Sir, we've mostly been doing shitloads of drugs," Fucc says.

"Full disclosure, we also may or may not be fuckin'" Noot adds.

Fucc elbows him in the ribs.

You ask them what they think about the demon you captured.

"Uh, if I can not get demon-caring duty, that'd be great," Fucc says.

"Same," Noot says. "Weirdo scar lady said something about how she needs to torture more people before she can unbind it from those guys and be able to control it."

"So, uh, are we in trouble?" Noot asks.

How do you reprimand your troops?

Do you tell anybody that there's lysergic acid diethylamide? Just Lurleen? Everybody?
No. 1002897 ID: bc11b8

Be honest with yourself, would you give all of your C.orgs LSD? Because that's what you're doing by not letting them know about it.


Do not tell anyone about the acid. Tell them you may or may not let it slide this time.
No. 1002898 ID: 0fae41

Next time, don't get anyone high without asking them first. If this causes complications when mixed with combat stims, we'll have to crack down harder.
Tell Lurleen: Don't drink the punch.
No. 1002899 ID: 8233ee

Mention something that would sound profound to them, like you always found it odd how the edges of you vision have a fisheye effect, kind of like a camera, then just excuse yourself. The resulting overthinking and panic will be punishment enough.

Normally I’d say let it happen but that shits not going to kick in for a couple hours, people are going to be peaking after going home and unable to sleep or eat and not know what’s going on. That can lead to a lot bad panicking. Like, really bad. As fun as I think it would be to say nothing see the resulting chaos, it’s pretty much 100% a terrible choice. Time to crash a party.
No. 1002900 ID: 094652

>"Shitloads of Acid, Commander," Fucc says. "Just ... shitloads of it."
"I wouldn't give a flip. But then,"
>"Full disclosure, we may or may not have put a bit in the punch for funsies."
"Urine Sanitation for this week. If you didn't confess I would have assigned you to demon-watching and Urine Sanitation for two weeks. Now if you excuse me, I need to prevent this party from developing acid-related mental health problems."

Immediately go to the punch bowl, spill it on the floor, and declare that everyone who drank the punch should go talk to a doctor because the pee bandit... well.
No. 1002901 ID: 96c896

>drug lab in their room
Wasn't expecting that. I know meth labs are fire hazards due to vapors coating surfaces near the equipment, not sure about the residual chemicals involved in making LSD.

>LSD in the punch
Uhhhhhhh I think that's a problem... Lurleen's gonna get some punch isn't she. We should warn her.
How long ago did they do it? Do we have time to get a new punch bowl and inform those who drank the spiked punch? No need to say who's responsible I think.

>how do you reprimand them?
Well they don't want to be on demon duty, so put them on demon duty. The demon is going to be a problem for at least two work periods I think, since we don't know the binding ritual yet. Assuming Zarah gets the ritual info next torture sessioninterrogation, we'll be able to do the ritual during the mission after next, which will still require a work period spent taking care of it. Fucc goes first since he's been around longer and should have known better.
Also I have no idea what other punishments we can give out. Extra physical exercise? Janitorial duty? In theory we could split them up as a punishment since they like eachother, but Noot is the first person to really get along with Fucc. How about we tell them if they cause any more serious trouble they'll be split up. In this case, spiking the punch with drugs was the serious trouble, not doing a bunch of drugs on their own. So long as they're fit for duty at mission time they can make drugs for personal use I guess.
What do the regulations say about this? What would happen to them if HQ found out? What would happen if HQ finds out we didn't tell them?
No. 1002913 ID: 456938

Say you won't interfere with what they do with themselves but they can't be drugging other people. As such they need to fix this situation the best they can by getting rid of the punch then warning and assisting as nessisary anyone who may of drank any. This deals with both the punishment and damage control.
No. 1002914 ID: dfe77b

Better warn everyone
No. 1002920 ID: 5197cb

Be the party pooper. There's a clear distinction between what your troops might get into, and roping others into it without their knowledge.

Split them up for a bit, and let them know they'll be working hard investigating the pee bandit and helping the base personnel until they get back in your good books.
No. 1002923 ID: 9b127b

Drugging your team mates is neither fun nor cool. shame the shit out of them for their terrible behavior.

making your own recreational drugs is incredibly unsafe. they could seriously harm themselves or others, and you need your whole team to be operating at peak performance.
even just being under the influence might affect combat aptitude and risk lives.

let everyone know. make sure no one drinks the punch, and send everyone who has to the Joaniffer for medical assessment.

Tell Fucc and Noot they are not going to be roomed together, perhaps ever. if they weren't C.Orgs they'de both be fired on the spot.

this is not a funny prank, this is not acceptable behavior. They need to be made an example of.
and severely punished for their reckless endangerment of themselves and others

everyone should know what Fucc and Noot did, so they know dangers of accepting food or drink from them
No. 1002924 ID: 5b0071

doesn't that stuff cause permanent brain damage?
actually.. do we even know what it would do to so many varying C.org types?
unless we've got some kinda sci-fi detox program these two may never be fit for duty again. Hallucinogens and guns do NOT mix.
No. 1002926 ID: ca2950

No. 1002932 ID: 2f43c1

Sex, drugs, what's next? Rock'n'roll?

I was thinking that maybe the two could supply you with LSD, but I'm not sure what you could use it for.
Joannifer? I don't know what medical condition this drug could be used to treat so I doubt she'd find it helpful. More likely it would just anger her further.
Zarah, would she have any use for such a drug during her interrogations? Hmm. Hallucinations, illusions, increased sensory perception, wakefulness... oh, suggestability. Yeah, there does seem to be potential here.

So yeah, my vote is to get Zarah some LSD to see what she can do with it. Heh, it might even boost her magic power.

The immediate problem is, of course, that Lurleen mustn't find out about this. Given how strict she is, if she learned that your troops are doing illegal drugs with your approval, her opinion of you would drop sharply. Even telling her about the spiked punch would be a bad idea because she could easily infer how you came to possess this information.

Reprimand these two by limiting their drug consumption. You may allow them to go on a trip once per week at most, under the following conditions:
- no one else finds out about their drugs
- they're never seen in the public tripping out, like right now
- they supply Zarah, and her alone
You can't have your C.Orgs be in anything but optimal condition for the missions.

As for Lurleen, do what you can to inconspicuously guide her away from the punch (might want to hold onto the reprimand if there's rush). For instance, by suggesting some other drinks, asking her to come greet random people and whatnot. In the worst case, tell her you hate punch and seeing her drink it would make you barf, or that you saw someone spit in it.
No. 1002934 ID: 96c896

I wish we knew if this was the kind of party where people would be psyched to have LSD in the punch.
No. 1002946 ID: fed3dc

Bang, zoom, straight to the gene pools!
No. 1002949 ID: 094652

Damnit, you drank the punch.
No. 1002955 ID: fd4d13

If the lads want to trip out on their own time that's fine, but they can't be drugging people without consent. Gotta do something about that punch.
No. 1002956 ID: 27edeb

This is a guaranteed way to turn Lurleen off entirely. She's pleased when we're an effective leader and we have every reason to believe she'd see this as a major transgression that you propose we leave unpunished.

Dump the punch, inform punch drinkers about the issue, and immediately begin investigating whether there are increased risks of mental penetration when drug use happens in proximity to remnants of dark magic and psionics. This facility is housing things that might just be given a chance to abuse drug-induced stupors and quashed mental fortitude.

As for punishment, I don't have any specific suggestions but they should thank their stars you aren't the type to immediately jump to court marshaling.
No. 1003103 ID: 12b116
File 162336404668.jpg - (396.84KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom112jpg.jpg )

You decide you're going to have to tell people what happened. First, you admonish your C.Orgs.

"This is supremely irresponsible," you say. "I don't mind so much what you do with each other, as long as it's sane and doesn't impact your ability to serve, but you absolutely cannot be putting fucking LSD in the punch at a party."

"You're lucky you told me. If I had found out and you'd lied to me about it, it would be substantially more unpleasant than what you're goin to have to do."

You keep in mind that discipline is largely left entirely up to the commanders, and you're given extremely broad discretion in how to punish your C.Orgs, although they can request a transfer if they're being mistreated. That's the only instance in which a punishment would be looked over by anybody else, and their transfer would be denied if it were determined that the punishment was warranted.

You will consider switching their room assignments, and you'll remind yourself to give them punishment detail if they don't go on the next mission.

"First, you're going to go over there and explain to everyone what you did, and I'll be watching. Depending on how I feel after that, there may or may not be additional punishment."

Both of your C.Orgs look sick, but they salute and say "Yes, Commander!" simultaneously.

You also consider whether having LSD available could be beneficial. If you let Noot keep making it, it could be useful in interrogations or possibly mental health rehabilitation.

You consider that the current situation might be especially horrible for Noot and Fucc if they're also tripping balls, but oh well. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Lurleen walks over to you, a little smile on her face.

>Lurleen approves of how you handled the situation.

"That's well done, although I imagine this will not be the full extent of their punishment," she says.

You make sure they're doing what you said, and they seem to be explaining to everybody what happened.

That being said, other than the crowd near the punch bowl, the party is still technically going on.

Do you:
A. Ask Lurleen to dance?

B. Mingle?

C. Go sit down and chat?

D. Leave with Lurleen and do something else?


Are you going to let Noot keep making LSD?

You gotta keep the conversation going with Lurleen as well. What do you talk to her about?
No. 1003104 ID: 67181a

Noot can keep making LSD thats cool, honestly its rad that he already knew how.

Maybe you and lurleen should blow this pop stand, but do make sure Noot and Fucc aren't going to start freaking out since theyre pretty stressed out while tripping.
No. 1003105 ID: 67181a


Also tell lurleen that no, this isnt the full extebt of their punishment; but you're going to need more time to think of a full punishment that will both be effective for these two while also not hampering the squad's operations.
No. 1003106 ID: 8233ee

C, and ask her if she wants to stay here or not. Might be better to leave or just go for a walk.

You’re college dorm scientists can keep making LSD on the condition they do it in a lab and spend the same amount of hours helping with lab work. Making it in their own room is just asking for some freak accident to happen where one of them gets juice spilled on someone and makes them insane though skin absorption. LSD “overdose” isn’t something you can fix with a stomach pump, that shit can make them
Insane if they’re working on it without safety equipment. What they do on their own time don’t matter but if they’re peaking and need to be sent out on a job that’ll be a problem. That shit dosnt fade off fast, they’re high pretty much all day after they take it, and won’t be sleeping or eating while they’re on it. That’s not good for a soldier to be fucked up all the time. At least it won’t make them dizzy on the job or anything.
No. 1003107 ID: 9b127b

Ask her to slow dance, she's in a good mood

state that you do intend to punish Noot and Fucc further but don't know where to begin
discuss C.Org punishment, since HQ has absolutely no protocol or standards for that find out what she thinks would be appropriate for a variety of situations.
No. 1003108 ID: 0fae41

Ask Lurleen to dance. Take the lead in this waltz.

As it's something he does when he's not working on other assigned tasks, might as well let our soldiers have a useful hobby - responsibly. Let him continue making it. (He better not switch to ketamine if we bunk him with Yiann.)
Chat with Lurleen: What's the deal with research points? Are there technologies you're sitting on until we recover enough new ones to show we can make a return on the investment? I wonder what you've got sitting on your workbench now...
No. 1003114 ID: 9b127b

actually, she seemed really intend on the refreshment table, ask if she wants to go find some LSD free Food/drink
No. 1003116 ID: 96c896

We have to stick around a little bit to make sure Fucc and Noot remain stable.

Ask her what kind of punishments she'd dole out. You've got some ideas, but it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion.
What kind of food does she like?
Where would she have wanted to go instead of the costume party?
Does she get along with the other staff members? Any tips on getting Joannifer to hate you less? The improved armor set will help keep your C.Orgs out of the hospital but it's gonna be a while before you can outfit your whole team.

Let Noot keep making LSD, since as we stated there's nothing inherently wrong with it.
No. 1003166 ID: 2f43c1

>a little smile on her face
Is it possible that Lurleen is into BDSM?

I think a dance would be a good idea. If she holds you firmly and likes to lead, or if she lets you do that, her behavior during a dance would tell you quite a bit about her.

Let Noot keep making LSD.

Talk with her on the topic of punishment. Offer for her to punish the two next time.
No. 1003174 ID: 6c227a

>Is it possible that Lurleen is into BDSM?
I think I'm gonna need TWO data points before considering that theory, and way more relationship hearts before approaching the topic even obliquely
No. 1003188 ID: 12b116
File 162345748715.jpg - (331.02KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom113.jpg )

Firstly, you decide that you're going to let Noot keep making LSD, but you're going to make sure there's some ground rules: they need lab space if possible, safety equipment definitely, and when they do drugs, somebody needs to be around who isn't tripping just in case something goes wrong.

Secondly, you ask Lurleen for a dance.

she sighs heavily and rolls her eyes.

>Lurleen is not impressed by your decision.

"This seems, again, more like something you'd want to do than something you think I'd enjoy," she says.

Before you can ask her if she just wants to leave, she grabs your hand.

"I suppose I'll humor you, though. I suppose it's expected at these sorts of things." You feel yourself being dragged onto the dance floor for a waltz. You had intended to take the lead, but Lurleen preempts you.

She's taller even discounting the neck, and your smaller hand is enveloped by her larger one as she begins to sway her hips. You feel her other hand lightly against your side, gently guiding you along with her.

You're glad you're wearing gloves so she can't tell how incredibly sweaty your hands have suddenly become.

"I intend on punishing my C.Orgs further," you say, hoping to recapture her interest. "I have some ideas, but I'd like to hear your opinion as well."

>Lurleen likes that you asked for her opinion on this.

"Well, I think punishments are very individual things. It's not necessary to punish them uniformly." She takes a moment to think. "I only know Fucc. I think some punishments carry the risk of lasting resentment, so I would take a more mild tack and make him do chores that he finds unpleasant, but that don't require any particular skill, because I suspect he will not express his best effort on a punishment detail."

"Noot comes across as soft to me. I think he is afraid of future punishment and will want to make a good impression on you." She purses her lips. "As I'm not a Commander, it would be overstepping to suggest something specific, I feel."

She pauses as she considers something.

"I will say," she says with a hint of coyness, "if you want to send one of them to help me during the next mission, I'd be happy to take a firm hand with him." There's something in her eyes that you find just a teeny bit frightening. "I feel I could make either one of them a bit more ... tractable." Her grip on your hip becomes a bit more firm as she likewise gives your hand a little squeeze.

You decide perhaps a change of topic would be wise.

"So," you say, "What can you tell me about what I don't know you have? I'm prepared to continue proving I can make a return on investment, but I'd like to know what's waiting for me."

>Lurleen likes this topic.

"Well, you've made a good enough impression on me this evening. I intend on reducing the cost of most of your requisition items as I feel you'll make good use of my materials. I'd also be willing to go on another date if you donate one of those blood plasma guns, or any other unique item you have. For the most part, you should keep rare or unique items, and credit items are mostly for more generic equipment that you might not have encountered yet. I also intend on making more barrack space available, along with a retraining station that will let you remove potentially unfavorable skills from your C.Orgs. Only C.Orgs though."

You ask if she gets along with the other staff and if she can give you any advice for getting on Nurse Joannifer's good side.

"I get along well enough with most of them," she says somewhat evasively.

"Taking care of your Troops is the main thing that Nurse Cross is concerned with. Buying cybernetics for your injured troops, and most importantly, actually retiring Rank 5 C.Orgs are the best ways to earn her favor," she says. "Otherwise, it just takes time, and minimizing the C.Orgs that end up in her care."

The song begins to gradually fade out, and you notice that Lurleen has been waltzing gradually toward the exit.

She releases your hand.

"Thank you for the pleasant evening. Be prepared for your requisition to be more efficient next time you have occasion to spend it," she smiles and tousles your hair and gives you a little kiss on the top of your head.

>You made a reasonably good impression on Lurleen respects you! She does feel that you don't really understand her personality very well.

Requisition costs have been lowered across the board!

As for your other C.Orgs:

Kayree gets along well with Nurse Joannifer!
Kayree spends time with Eilie and both of them say good things about you when they aren't kissing on each other.
-> Kayree likes Joannifer
Joannifer makes good use of Kayree's medical knowledge.
-> Joannifer likes Kayree
-> Joannifer likes Eilie
-> Joannifer no longer hates you and merely dislikes you!
-> Joannifer thinks you could use A combat stimm (Hero Juice) for your next mission only!

Fucc and Noot are boys being boys!
Noot thinks Fucc is pretty cool.
->Noot loves Fucc
Fucc thinks Noot is pretty cool.
->Fucc loves Noot

Zarah and Qay don't get along!
Zarah is somewhat disgusted by Qay's genital arrangement.
->Zarah dislikes Qay
Qay is fairly upset by the crotch check Zarah gave her.
->Qay dislikes Zarah

Ixander gets along with Lurleen!
Ixander feels like Lurleen 'gets' him, and he feels calm around her.
->Ixander loves Lurleen
Lurleen appreciates that Ixander knows what she wants before she asks for it.
->Lurleen respects Ixander.
->Lurleen thinks you could use one jetpack for your next mission only.

Sinthee and Yiann sort of get along?
Sinthee likes that Yiann sits there and listens to her talk.
->Sinthee likes Yiann
Yiann seriously doubts the veracity of Sinthee's stories.
->Yiann dislikes Sinthee

ViiVeean and Baetriss get along!
ViiVeean just rolls with Baetriss's snark.
->ViiVeean likes Baetriss
Baetriss was annoyed by ViiVeean's loudness at first, but likes that she can take a joke.
->Baetriss likes ViiVeean

Danovin and Rockit get along!
Danovin makes sure to protect Rockit's smile.
->Danovin loves Rockit!
Rockit enjoys being pampered.
->Rockit likes Danovin!

Nobody spent time with Mary, but it seems like Mary also isn't around ...

Now it's time to pick a mission!

1. Extrapsace Mercenary Work: The Kobold and the beautiful
The Scions of the Dragon want your troops to invade another world and capture kobolds for them.
Difficulty: Medium
Opposing Force: Kobolds from another reality
Mission Type: Capture Enemies
Special Danger: Hordes of enemies
Special Reward: Recruit a Dragon troop

2. Suburban Commando
A group of raiders is attacking the outskirts of Gray Lake
Difficulty: Hard
Opposing Force: Cult of Pure Love
Mission Type: Defend the point
Special Danger: Civilians present
Special Reward: Bonus Gene Points

3. Extraspace Mercenary Work: Lords of the Beneath
A group called the Lords of the Beneath want your troops to invade an enemy stronghold on their world and cause as much damage as possible.
Difficulty: Hard
Opposing Force: Scions of the Dragon
Mission type: Hit-and-Run
Special Danger: Hordes of enemies & Cold
Special Reward: Bonus Requisition

HQ has determined that the Heretical Terratomorph needs a more careful approach and is temporarily making that mission unavailable.

C.Orgs from Unit 1 did an excellent job for the Scions of the Dragon!

You'll be able to select your C.Orgs and equip them after you select the mission.
No. 1003189 ID: b2db17

We've got a lot of pretty green troops and a dragon would be neat. I say the kobold capture.
No. 1003190 ID: 094652

>HQ has determined that the Heretical Terratomorph needs a more careful approach and is temporarily making that mission unavailable.
Oh thank fuck.

>Zarah is somewhat disgusted by Qay's genital arrangement.
>Qay is fairly upset by the crotch check Zarah gave her.
Admonish Zarah for sexual assault. Congratulations, she gets to go on a mission instead of enjoying her torture sessions.

>Mission Select
Kobold Capture. This should be easy, get some LMGs and capture foam, have the tank on a jetpack.
No. 1003192 ID: 0fae41

Mission 1. Dragon troop!
No. 1003194 ID: bc11b8

No. 1003196 ID: 8233ee

No. 1003197 ID: 9b127b

2, I don't like dragons nor kobolds
No. 1003198 ID: 96c896

>dragon mission
Let's do it! It's even medium difficulty! We just need to bring some foam guns and batons. Two real guns should be enough to soften up the horde. Yiann would be a good pick here. We don't have armor for him but Monstrous Form comes with damage resistance on par with basic armor anyway.

I'm thinking Kayree, Yiann, Baetriss, Danovin with Sinthee in reserve, but we're not deciding yet.

Hey now, we can't start looking at missions as punishments. We must be impartial when picking troops to send, both for the sake of the mission and for the sake of our C.Orgs' morale.
No. 1003216 ID: 5b0071

1 to break in the new guys

it would probably be best not to attack a group the C.orgs have worked with/for in the past.
No. 1003219 ID: a38353

Capture Kobolds!
No. 1003250 ID: 12b116
File 162353569966.jpg - (175.77KB , 1000x750 , Sexcom114.jpg )

You have three special items for this mission only:

Hero Juice - This item is a one-use combat stim.
The troop under the effects of this stim cannot be Shaken and is immune to Calm checks from large creatures.
The troop gains a bonus Aim and Calm, but sometimes may not follow orders and will act recklessly.
The troop cannot be Injured or become a Casualty while the stim is in effect, but once the effect ends, they will make any appropriate death or injury checks with a very large bonus to prevent Injury or death.
This item can be used on troops who are currently Injured or Casualties.

Jetpack - This item prevents the equipped unit from taking falling damage. It can be also be used for an action to move an unlimited distance in a straight line in any direction, including into the air. It can be used for this purpose a limited time based on the unit:
Small Frame: 5 times
Normal/Alien Anatomy: 3 times
Large Frame: 2 times
Monstrous/Improved Alien Anatomy: 1 time

3xPortable Gate Relay - this one-use item can be deployed for an action. It creates a gate on the spot that can be used to return to the Sexcom base.

You decide to take an Extraspace job to kidnap Kobolds!


There are five types of kobolds:

You gain increased rewards for each type captured, and must capture at least one to succeed in the mission. You can also capture eggs for increased rewards. This will require you to explore the kobold kaverns.

To complete the mission, you must return to the Extraspace gate that your troops deploy from or use a Portable Gate Relay.

Capture Foam Guns or Stun Prods could be useful on this mission, although you were warned that the kobolds are armed and some possess magical abilities.

Who do you bring and what do you equip them with?

Eilie must recuperate. ViiVeean, Rockit, and Ixander should rest instead of taking any other action.

Your units that aren't going on the mission or resting can do one of the following each:

You must assign one troop to care for the Frilled Demon.

If Noot or Fucc are sent to assist Lurleen, she will 'make them more tractable.'

Assist Lurleen for a possible bonus item
Work with the Corporate Cultist prisoner for magical insight "I wanna do this," Zarah says, "I think I can unbind that demon with a little more work!"
Work with the Cult of the End prisoners for cybernetic insight (one person can be assigned to each prisoner)
Help Joannifer for a possible bonus item (drug or stim)
Go to the spa for a morale bonus
Perform a Rite (Zarah only)
Take part in a rite (With Zarah)
Investigate the pee mystery to possibly gain more clues
No. 1003252 ID: 9b127b

Fucc, feed frillbert (as punishment)
Noot, recieve Lurleen punishments
Zarah, interrogate prisoner to learn how to unbind demon (right now it's still under enemy control!)
Sinthee, Pee bandit investigation, this is only getting worse and Lurleen really wants us to solve this.

Viiveean should rest
Ixander should Rest
Rockit should rest

Kayree, Qay, Beatriss and Yiann on mission with Danovan in reserve
No. 1003260 ID: cd0fd8

No. 1003262 ID: 96c896

Kayree, Yiann, Baetriss, Danovin, Fucc, Noot, Qay, Sinthee and Zarah are healthy. Most wounded corgs should rest right now, but there's more work to be done than usual because of the demon...

Fucc gets to work with Lurleen. He's the Bad Influence, let's take her up on the offer to make him more obedient.
Noot should be put on demon duty as his punishment.
Zarah needs to continue magic-related interrogation, she can choose which one to interrogate. Not much point in making Noot an initiate this turn since we don't know how to rebind/unbind the demon yet and the other spells aren't really that great.
Danovin can work on the pee mystery, since he and Yiann are the only other units with Animal Senses and I'd rather have Yiann in the mission.
Rockit said she was fine with working wounded so have her work for Joannifer. I want more drugs.

For the mission:
Kayree, Yiann, Baetriss, Sinthee, with Qay in reserve. We want strong melee units here. Baetriss is especially optimal for this mission since she can carry both a CFG and a real gun.
Kayree should use an assault rifle, and carry a trauma kit. Baton for melee. Basic plate.
Yiann should have the plasma katana and CFG, and carry a trauma kit. No armor available.
Baetriss can have an assault rifle and CFG, and carry a Portable Gate Relay. Also, use a baton in the CFG's weapon slot for easy CQC. Agility frame.
Sinthee can have an LMG and carry ammo. Baton and Improved plate.
Qay can have a Sniper Rifle and carry Hero Juice. No armor available. (Improved Alien Anatomy requires Heavy plate, but has no weapon restrictions) I want to see what other sniper-specific skills there are, this is a good way to do that. The reserve unit showing up with hero juice can let us keep the downed unit in action with very little risk, regardless of if a medic gets to them first.
In general: the big melee units are fast and able to capture or kill. Yiann has Leggy alongside Monstrous frame so he's very fast. Baetriss should be able to keep up ok with the agility frame. Kayree can suppress ranged units and perform her usual role. Sinthee can eliminate priority targets with her powerful weapon, and the armor will keep her going despite being rank 0. Qay comes in to prop up whoever's downed, preventing them from being downed again, and can snipe dangerous targets... although I think a sniper rifle is overkill here.
We have a gate so returning home will be easy. Not sure why they gave us three...? Is the portal only open for one action, requiring all units to be in movement range of it to evac with only one use? In that case we could potentially give Sinthee a shotgun instead and have her carry another gate just in case.
No. 1003263 ID: 64fb66

I agree, Noot should take care of the demon as punishment and Fucc needs to be made more tractable.
No. 1003264 ID: 0fae41

Fucc, go 'help' Lurleen.
Noot, demon duty. Make her sparkle!
Zarah, keep learning how to train our demon.
Qay, investigate the bandit that pissed in my room!

on mission:
Bae: Sniper, capture foam + katana, agility frame, jetpack.
Kayree: Stinger rifle, basic plate, trauma kit.
Sinthee: Flechette rifle, Camo Suit, stun prod.
Yiann: Blood plasma rifle, improved plate, return portal.
Danovin on reserve. Shotgun, basic plate, Hero Juice.
No. 1003265 ID: 96c896

Yiann is monstrous and cannot use the blood plasma rifle. The only ranged weapons we have that fit monstrous units are the Large weapons we got from the underwater mission- the large heavy harpoon gun and the large torpedo launcher. The large heavy harpoon gun can be used out of water but it doesn't have as much range.
The only other weapon choice we have for monstrous units is the plasma katana, which can be used by anyone.
No. 1003320 ID: 96c896

Oh I forgot monstrous units can also use the Capture Foam Gun. Probably because it's shaped like a fire extinguisher and doesn't require you to fit your finger in the trigger guard or hold the grip properly with an oversized hand. Like the problems Neumono have with their big mitts!
No. 1003336 ID: 6c227a

Actually, put Kayree in reserve for this one. This is as easy a mission as we are likely to get, we should take the chance to give some of our other corgs some combat experience. Yeah she has that skill that lets reserves level too, but they'll have less opportunity to qualify for the cool skills. Kayree has no particular close quarters skill anyway.

(Or more accurately, I don't want her to level to 5 and be up for retirement quite yet. Eilie needs to retire with her <3)
No. 1003341 ID: 96c896

Kayree will get a unique skill at rank 5 if we have her in every mission until then.
No. 1003344 ID: 0fae41

Just file the goddamn trigger guard off, there's nothing safe about a demonic parasite weapon anyway...
With better disthread info, it's easy enough to switch the BPG between Yiann and Baetriss. Gives her two high power guns, but she can use the sniper to conserve health, plus she has a talent for overwatch with it.
No. 1007904 ID: 9ce839

Zarah cultist, Noot demon, Fucc Lurleen, Danovin pee

Armor: Camo Suit
Weapon: Stinger Flechette Rifle
Item: Trauma Kit
Armor: Birthday Suit
Weapon: CFG + Energy Katana
Item: Ballistic Shield
Armor: Agility Frame
Weapon: CFG, Sniper
Item: Portable Gate Relay
Armor: Improved Plate Carrier
Weapon: LMG (Gotta bring some firepower just in case)
Item: LMG Ammo
Sinthee (reserve)
Armor: Basic Plate Carrier
Weapon: Blood Plasma Gun
Item: Jetpack

Was thinking Sinthee's low light vision might be better on this mission, but we got Kayree's improved animal senses and Qay is better.
I'm assuming that using any explosives in the caves would be a Bad Idea™. Lightning Gun would probably also be useless. Hmm. Something tells me that these kaverns are gonna be filled with traps, so getting in melee range might be problematic. Can Improved Animal Senses detect traps? If not, then it might be a good idea to swap Qay and Sinthee.
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