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File 160052733355.jpg - (201.52KB , 1000x750 , inkeeper 01.jpg )
976705 No. 976705 ID: 12b116

Disaster. An absolute disaster.

The trampled remains of the giant loaf of fancy Alustran bread from Aldenhead are scattered across the floor, covered in vomit, blood, and even less savory fluids.

Almost none of it had actually been eaten by the guests when some gnome had tried to run off with it.

Then the drunk had tried to stop the gnome, then more patrons decided to assist, then the brawl began in earnest.

In the process, the bread got destroyed.
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No. 985872 ID: dcf013

I would try out her cooking and dancing for one day each to see how well she does that. Once there are a lot of guests around of course. Otherwise as a server, and occasionally a maid if the place is low on manpower.
No. 985883 ID: 0fae41

Yeah, true. If it's one job per pay grade then server is more visible to customers than a maid. I like her current outfit more, though. Stop being a prude to your sister, you know what this business runs on!
No. 985995 ID: 6c227a

Server seems like a safe bet, but ask for a cooking sample, to see if there is novelty enough to drive traffic.
No. 986187 ID: cc0880

I think paying her to do bigger things for special occasions is the best use of her time and our money, but I also posit that we might take commissions for her services.
Wealthy patrons being able to request the catering or dancing of a daeva for special events works out profitably for everyone involved, and depending on how astronomical her prices for such services might be there remains the potentiality of serving as a middleman between her and wealthy individuals seeking spellcasting services.
No. 986188 ID: cc0880

Also just go halvsies with Eth for the goat.
No. 986202 ID: 12b116
File 161152342159.jpg - (442.18KB , 1000x750 , inkeeper 22.jpg )

You come up with a plan:

Have her as a server most of the time to get people in the door, and then have certain days where she cooks or dances. That way you can gauge interest and have some time to advertise before you start spending a substantial amount of money. You also consider, if she draws people in in the first place, allowing wealthy patrons to 'commission' her services, requesting catering or dancing for a substantial fee. Seems reasonable, although it probably won't be profitable until she has a reputation.

You aren't really woried about getting Albah her goat yet either, so you'll figure it out later. Maybe go halfsies with Eth.

Now that everything is mostly taken care of, you have some time before guests start arriving.

You decide who you want to spend it with:

Nainah: Help your younger sister neaten up the front room and see how she's been doing lately.

Kafia: Help your older sister in the kitchen and see what she thinks about the current situation.

Alis: Help your younger brother tidy up the living quarters and see how he's handling things.

'Larisse': Talk to your new worker to learn more about her.

Something else: Head out to do something else (please specify.)
No. 986203 ID: 6f7a5a

spend time with Larisse
No. 986204 ID: 0fae41

No. 986205 ID: 4846e9

Hang with your little brother, help him out and ask his opinion. Internally question how he's your brother since you're two entirely different species.
No. 986209 ID: b1b4f3

IMO get Albah her goat yourself. Having her around will be useful in case some ruffians come to try to steal your devata.
No. 986212 ID: ca2950

You've had your whole life to talk to your siblings. Talk to Larisse
No. 986213 ID: dcf013

I guess this would be a good time to inform Larisse of the reasons behind you venturing into her temple and how you're in a pickle because of your inn's ruined reputation.
No. 986214 ID: 6e4236

Maybe asking your older sister what she thinks about the situation would be wise.
No. 986215 ID: ce39da

Help Nainah. The only evidence of last night's brawl will be the police report and the guests' foggy memories. Plus, if your younger sister has been "up to" something, that might spell a new lead for attention-grabbing features.
No. 986254 ID: dccdd0

Larisse seems like the right option.
No. 986269 ID: 2aa5f0


check on family, see how they're doing
No. 986541 ID: 12b116
File 161203846318.jpg - (223.14KB , 1000x750 , inkeeper 23.jpg )

You decide to hang out with Larisse.

You tell her about your bread and the disaster that occurred.

"Ah! Tragedy! Perhaps you should have asked for a more useful boon, instead of one that will cost you money!"
She smiles.

You wonder what you should talk to her about or ask her.
No. 986542 ID: 0fae41

Hey, you have to spend money to make money. There's opportunity in this series of unfortunate events yet.
What will you do with mortal currency, 'Larisse'?
No. 986543 ID: 6f7a5a

Flirt, complement her smile
No. 986544 ID: dcf013

Tell her that this was definitely the best wish you could've chosen, after all, you'll get to look at her for free for a while year.

You can talk to her about:
- her family, assuming she has one
- her current occupation, and how did she obtain experience for the tasks as hand
- rakshasa, how to protect yourself and others from such evil
No. 986546 ID: c09f5e

Odds are, her arrival would lead more supernatural clientele to your inn. Which would kind of sound like fun, to be honest.

You may have heard of spirits in disguise spending the night at an inn, in secret. They left great boons for great service, but also terrible curses for terrible service. Is there any truth to it, or was it a tall tale told by your parents to behave yourself in front of guests?
No. 986548 ID: 094652

Explain that you intended to build respect with her by showing you can turn this hovel into a hotel with equal parts luck and strategy, and not endorsed slavery.
More importantly, you did not want to get addicted to pissing off powerful people.

Discuss her interests and a schedule for her work hours. You can't use her like a dispensable coin-operated golem, especially since she can shake up the city on her free time.
No. 986551 ID: 12b116
File 161204495772.jpg - (496.35KB , 1000x750 , inkeeper 24.jpg )

You ask what she intends to do with mortal currency

"Cruelty! To peel back the curtain in such a way! It is a price that must be paid in accordance with the boon!" Her grin gets even wider.

You tell her she has lovely teeth in what you think is a flirtatous way.

"Nonplussed! How very forward of you!" she says, and flips her hair with one of her many hands.

"Well," you say, "I think this was the best boon I could have asked for. After all, I'll get to admire you for a whole year!"

"Wickedness!" She exclaims, laughing, "Pretending to be a gentleman until I was alone with you!"

More seriously, you ask her about her family.

"Unfortunate!" she says, "That matter cannot be discussed with you."

You ask her how she'll know how to do all the various tasks you expect of her.

"Ah! So cruel!" She says. "Of course, I will rely on my spiritual power in accordance with your boon. Other than the dacing. I'm quite good at dancing."

You ask about rakshasa.

"I shudder!" She says. "Rakshasa are spirits that are adept at illusions and can change their shape, although in their natural form they have long fangs and blue or green skin. They gain spiritual power through consuming raw flesh, and are powerful warrors as well. As spirits, they must abide by agreements they enter into, and can be relied upon if they can be negotitated with. Because they gain spiritual power through consuming raw flesh, consuming the flesh of a deva or a devata is a goal that many persue. They can be protected against with the normal wards and mantras that hold spirits at bay. I have heard some of them are friendly with mortals, although all of them have a strong bloodlust."

You talk with her about stories you've heard about spirits in disguise visiting inns and giving great boons or curses depending on how the guests were treated. You ask her if there's any truth to that and if her presence would attract spiritual guests.

"How sad!" she says. "As I am now, I do not seem as a spirit, and will seem to be a mortal in all spiritual ways. I don't think my presence will truly attract others like me, and typically that would not be to your advantage!"

You tell her that you want to build respect with her and show her how you can make improvements and do well for yourself and your family with your own wits and strategy, and of course, a little luck.

You think to yourself that you'll benefit far better treating her like a person instead of a thing you can benefit from.

"How dire!" She says. "Such a noble goal!" She giggles behind her hand.

You ask if she has any hobbies or interests.

"I am very fond of silkworms," she says.
No. 986553 ID: ce39da

"And... you find those interesting? How so?"

Also, ask her if there's anything we can do to make her service here comfortable.
No. 986554 ID: 27edeb

Ask her what it is about silkworms specifically that she is fond of. Also, ask her if she has any stories she loves to tell or memories she likes to reminisce about. Possibly, you could offer up one or two of your own, something a little sappy about playing/fighting/playfighting with your sisters.
No. 986555 ID: dcf013

Silkworms huh? In what way? Tell her you'll try to obtain some if she turns out to be... a boon for your inn.

On the topic of dancing, tell her that you'd love to see her dance someday, of course, due to the agreement, you can't ask her to do that for free. So the pleasure is going to have to wait for the right opportunity. But hey, maybe she'll learn to like other types of jobs as well in the meantime.

If rakshasa consume raw flesh to obtain spiritual power, what does she do to obtain hers?

I think that would be enough for this meeting. Go back and check on the inn and your siblings.
No. 986557 ID: 163037

Ask if her favorite part is the worm or the silk?

are they common around these parts, if so promise to get her one
No. 986558 ID: 0fae41

Oh, silkworms are neat. Maybe you could set up a terrarium for them in your room. (Not sure how hard it is to buy them in this setting, though.)
What else to talk about. The temple? Who used to come there?
No. 986559 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, this means you should ward the inn against spirits. The Rakshasa won't be able to enter, and she'll be unaffected.
No. 986560 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, ask her if she has any special requests, and if she knows of anything else you can do to protect her from the Rakshasa.
No. 986561 ID: 094652

Remind her that as a businessman, you can haggle deals in the marketplace without losing favor. So, while her wages are her own, she can consider consulting with you if she wants something expensive but doesn't know if it's at a good price - or a good idea at all.
Of course, if she already knows how to raise hell with some particular purchases in specific areas, you won't judge much.
No. 986565 ID: 2aa5f0

well I guess ask if she knows any of those wards to keep a Rakshasa at bay and what she likes to do with silk worms.
No. 986570 ID: 6e4236

Ask her about her likes and hobbies. Let's become friends with her.
No. 986641 ID: 12b116
File 161210673627.jpg - (268.55KB , 1000x750 , inkeeper 25.jpg )

You ask how she finds them interesting.

"Wonder! They lay between three and four hundred eggs," she says.

You ask if that's specifically what she's fond of.

"Surprise! The eggs hatch within 14 days," she replies.

You ask if she has any stories she'd want to share with you. You tell her about the time Nainah wanted to put khol under her eyes when she was really little, and ended up making goblin handprints all over your mom's bedroom. You and Kafia tried to clean it up before mom found out, and, well, you all ended up in trouble. Except for Alis, who'd spent the time laughing at the three of you.

She sighs. "Joy! Silkworm moths cannot fly, and must be assisted in their survival once they emerge from their cocoons."

You ask if she likes the worm or the silk better.

"Tragedy! To properly unwind a cocoon, it must be boiled before the silkworm moth emerges, killing it, because the enzymes that the moth uses to form a hole through which to emerge will break the strand up into smaller strands of random length, which are less useful and more difficult to make into thread."

You consider getting her a silkworm. They're fairly common as pets, mostly for little kids. You don't remember you or any of your siblings ever raising them, but they're commonly in the market.

You remember Alis had a pet beetle, but if you recall correctly, Nainah, who was very little at the time, had eaten it.

Time to change the subject!

You tell her if she wants you to negotiate for something she wants in the market, you can do that for her. You're fairly good at it.

You ask her about the temple and who used to come here.

"Unpleasantness! I've been trapped alone there for so long, that it's a bit hard to recall."

You ask if she has to consume anything to get spiritual power like the rakshasa does.

"Implications!" She says, "Rakshasa and rakshasi both can in consume flesh to increase their spiritual power permanently. Most spirits do not lose spiritual power and have no need or ability to replenish it. Why? Did you have materials you thought I'd like to consume?" She smirks.

You ask her if there's anything you can do to protect her, the inn or yoruself and your family from the rakshasa.

"Unfortunate!" she says, "There is nothing you can do!"

You ask if she knows any of the wards that would be effective.

"How Terrible!" She says, "I do, but cannot use them currently with my body as it is."

You know that the Prince of Denebeid exerts a spiritual presence that cloaks the city and typically alerts him to the presence of spirits, somewhat protecting people inside the city from their power. You think some gurus and some of the Exemplars are capable of using spiritual power. From what you've heard anyway. You've never really needed a service like that.

Well! It looks like the sun is going down, so customers should be coming in soon. You have to decide what you're going to do after you finish talking with Larisse.

Help Nainah and Larisse serve

Help Kafia in the kitchen

Help Alis run the counter

Go out into the city to find information about rakshasa or wards
No. 986643 ID: 2aa5f0

>Help Kafia in the kitchen
No. 986648 ID: dcf013

>the enzymes
A strange word which the Innkeeper definitely doesn't understand because it's too sciency.

>the worm or the silk
She doesn't answer the question tho.

>Did you have materials you thought I'd like to consume?

I wonder what the guests will think about each other when they'll be hearing such exclamations coming from all over the place.

>what you're going to do after
Not sure which job it is, but I think it would be good to be one of the first people to talk to guests, to inform them about the new face.
No. 986654 ID: 0fae41

Help run the counter.
No. 986677 ID: 270bc9

Help out Kafia, get her read on the situation.
No. 986742 ID: e7c7d3

Help Kafia
No. 986802 ID: 503f83

Be a server, lead by example.
No. 987927 ID: 12b116
File 161324474844.jpg - (299.55KB , 1000x750 , inkeeper 26.jpg )

You decide to go help Kafia in the kitchen.

A lot has happened, and you want to find out how she feels about this.

Kafia is the older of your two sisters, but still about a year younger than you. Even then, she's always been mature and reasonable, and you've often come to her for advice.

The smell of cooking food wafts up from the ovens as she tends to them.

"So, Kafia," you say "How do you feel about the new hire."

She taps her chin with an unoccupied finger.

"Obviously, I'm concerned about the devata," she says. "But I also trust you, and it's probably going to be good for the inn."

She pats the floor next to her.

"Come sit with me. Help me with the vegetables."

You sit on the floor next to her, the heat from the ovens washing over you as you help her. You'd been kind of worried about how things are going and what could happen, but Kafia's trust in you makes you feel like everything is going to work out.

Is there anything in particular you want to ask her about?
No. 987935 ID: ce39da

"I won't pretend it wasn't a harrowing journey to get her on board. I... I was on the winning side of a rather lethal confrontation. The enemy group was hunting for her on a Rakshasa's bequest, but I still can't help but feel like I did something horrible when I felled one of the humans among them."
No. 987936 ID: c09f5e

This seems like a good time to discuss how all of you came to live together.

This can't be the first time your adoptee/adopted family has taken in a stray to work here. You turned out well, and get along with each other, don't you?
No. 987940 ID: 2aa5f0

I guess ask if anything interesting happened while you where away. I doubt it but it doesn't hurt to ask.
No. 987950 ID: a59168

No. 987964 ID: 0fae41

You hope so too, but others might be jealous of that success. You know a Nariphon that might make a good bouncer.
No. 988046 ID: 12b116
File 161333133682.jpg - (167.44KB , 1000x750 , inkeeper 27.jpg )

You had been trying not to think about it, but here in the kitchen, the weight of what happened in the temple hits you.

"I killed somebody," you tell Kafia, who gasps, turning to look at you.

"We fought with the group of people the Rakshasa sent to hunt Larisse, and I ended up killing one of the humans in the group. Albah killed one too." You'd stayed calm at the time, although Albah seemed not to care at all about taking a life.

Kafia stands up, wrapping you in a comforting hug and leaning her head against your neck. Her skin is smooth and cool, and you feel her four arms pressing you against her.

You think about how you came to be part of the family. From what you'd been told, you were found as an infant, and Sairebal and Sedi, a childless couple, had taken you in and adopted you as their own.

Almost like a good luck charm, Sedi had gotten pregnant very soon thereafter. Your parents, because they are your parents as far as you're concerned, love you and trust you, and you've grown up with your brothers and sisters.

You were just as thankful to have them as they were to have you.

You separate and make some small talk as you help Kafia with the food. You can hear the bustle beginning outside as the inn begins to fill with customers.

You think you're definitely going to get the goat for Albah. It might be valuable to have a bouncer who is now immune to spiritual power as a guard if the Rakshasa comes calling.

But that's another problem for another time.

It feels like the day has drug on for half a year, and you can't wait to finally sink into your bed and sleep.

No telling what excitement tomorrow will bring.

The Innkeeper's story concludes ...

for now.

Thank you for playing!

No. 988057 ID: 295128

And thank YOU for the adventure!
No. 988072 ID: b1b4f3

More arms means better hugs.
No. 988106 ID: 2aa5f0

Thank you for running
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