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File 159823560928.png - (1.04MB , 6000x6000 , 1.png )
974951 No. 974951 ID: 5f8e56

Welcome to Magic Elevator Quest!

You are on a Quest to explore the Dungeon of the Magic Elevator! An Ancient Artifact of unknown origin, and unknown potential.

But First we need to identify ourselves.

1. Race (Human, Kobold, Elf)
2. Profession (Sorceress, Witch, Priestess)
3. Element (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth)
4. Temperament (Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic)
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No. 974953 ID: 6e6f32

No. 974963 ID: e7c7d3

errr.... choleric? Can't remember which humour relates to what
No. 974965 ID: e51896

No. 974966 ID: b5fb67

No. 974967 ID: 745eba

No. 974969 ID: 5f8e56
File 159824156129.png - (574.56KB , 3000x3000 , 2.png )

Your Name is Coral Dagwood.
You've just graduated from your Community Wizard School, and have set off to become an adventurer.

In this little fortress, Fort ThisPlaceIsNice, you've heard rumors of a magic artifact plagued with dangerous creatures, preventing most from unearthing it's mysteries.

Unfortunantly, you need 50 gold to apply for an Adventurers Warrant from the local Guard, before you can set off legally.
No. 974975 ID: 5f8e56
File 159824233184.png - (598.17KB , 3000x3000 , 3.png )

There are a couple points of interest,

A message board, a Market where many gossipers can be overheard, a tavern, a church, and you may be able to ask for some bounties to hunt at the city guard.
No. 974977 ID: 8b4574

Check in with the guard first. Would pay to know what is and isn't above board for odd jobs.
No. 974979 ID: e7c7d3

Gossip is always true, go see what you can hear
No. 974980 ID: 5f8e56
File 159824434690.png - (452.99KB , 1800x1800 , 4.png )

You ask the guard about local laws.
[Local Law Pamphlet] This item will prevent you from accidentally taking Illegal Actions. If you want to commit Crime please specify.

While there, you acquire a stack of current bounties. Many of which seem dangerous and out of your scope. However you find 3 reasonable ones.


FlimFlam, Serial Con-Artist, 10 Gold Alive.

Henry Hairy, Vandalism, Public Nuisance, 15 Gold Alive.

Slim Stinkman, Assault, Jail Breaking, 45 Gold Alive, 25 Gold Dead.
No. 974983 ID: 5f8e56
File 159824521544.png - (203.00KB , 1200x1200 , 5.png )

You activate one of the magic abilities of your staff. the Crystal comes to life and flies off into the crowed market gathering information and the latest gossip.

After about an hour it flies back and settles in the staff. After reviewing the footage, you learn there is a Wizard in the tall building in the east side of the fort. this Wizard is looking for skilled adventurers for dangerous jobs.

You also hear there is something troubling the head Priestess at the local church, but she wont open up to anybody.

Beyond that, there are the typical rumors you've heard all before.
No. 974984 ID: b1b4f3

Let's see if we can get some info on Flimflam. Description? M.O?
No. 974997 ID: 19da02

check out the priestess. You need to know what her rack situation is.
No. 975039 ID: 5f8e56
File 159833339242.png - (394.90KB , 1200x1200 , 6.png )

On your way to the Church, you check FlimFlam's Bounty.

[Appearance Unknown]
[Considered a master of disguise]
[Con Artist: Repeated offenses of Selling Donkeys disguised as Ponies. Among other misrepresented livestock.]
[Operates out of the nearby Smaller Villages]
[10 Gold, Wanted Alive]

Coral: "Hello, I understand you may have troubles an Adventurer could help with."

Head Priestess: "I may, and you might look an Adventurer, but what credentials might you have?"

Coral: "I'm a Certified Witch, from the MudTown Wizarding College."

H P: "I haven't heard of them, although everything I've heard about the other Wizarding Colleges has been bad, I suppose that is a good sign."

H P: "There have been reports of new kinds of Undead coming from the Glass Ruins nearby, although this hasn't been a problem in the past, the amount seems to be increasing."

Coral: "You suppose somebody may be experimenting in the ruins? Personally I came here to investigate for Magic Artifacts."

H P: "In that case, you came to the right place. Whoever is behind this must have the aid of a powerful artifact. As all but one of my attempts to divine what is going on, has been obscured."

H P: "All I know thus far is a Symbol, a Crowned Skull."

Coral: "Right, I'll find this Crowned Skull and destroy it."

H P: "No, it may be too dangerous to act so directly. For now just gather what info you can, and report back to me. I can pass the info to the head of the guard, who will likely offer a handsome reward."

[You obtain directions to the Glass Ruins, as well as directions to the nearby Smaller Villages]

Coral: "I should mention, I don't have an Adventurers Warrant yet, would you be able to help me apply for one?"

H P: "I'm not at liberty to handout the churches funds, but I can talk to the guard about giving you a discount, as to the importance of the mission at hand."

[30% off the Price of an Adventurers Warrant, now 35 Gold]
[[Provided you accept the Crowned Skull Quest]]
No. 975043 ID: b1b4f3

Accept the quest.
Are there any villages closer to the ruins than this town is? We could go gather info there, and check out the horses too.
What kind of spells can you cast? How is a Witch different from a sorceress or priestess?
No. 975136 ID: 5f8e56
File 159849935170.png - (135.86KB , 1200x1200 , 7.png )

You Ask around town about the Nearby Villages and find out that Nearby Villages is the name of a Village that is Nearby this Fortress, but is not as nearby the Ruins. Even still, you head out to Nearby Villages to search for FlimFlam.

I will Add the Following to the Wiki for future Reference.

I have One Magic Ability granted by my Patron:

Misfortune! - Once per day I can cause an enemy to suffer a sudden influx of terrible luck, for a short time.


I also have a number of Spells Granted by my Patron:
Currently I have Two Spell Points to spend per Day.

Zero Point Spells:

- Patron Call - Contact's our Patron for advice. Often Cryptic and Non-Specific help.

- Read Magic - Allows us to read Magic Text's that are not meant to be read by mundane individuals.

- Fatigue - Helps with insomnia, a very common problem among witches.

One Point Spells:

- Minor Healing - Heals Minor Wounds.

- Arcane Diagnostics - Determines many Adverse Afflictions on individuals.

- Sonic Blanket - Muffles the noises coming from an individual.

- Find Water - Using a Stick, we can find nearby water sources.

- Mudball - Fling's a glob of Mud at an enemies Eye's, obstructing their vision

- Summon Helpful Creature - Summons a creature that MIGHT be helpful.


Witches Form a pact with Ancient or Powerful Beings, in return they get a familiar through which they channel occult power.

Priestess' gain Divine powers through their devotion to their deity.

Sorceresses are magic. Rather, their bodies are magic, and they use themselves as a Catalyst to instigate Magic Abilities.

No. 975137 ID: 5f8e56
File 159849946234.png - (298.11KB , 1200x1200 , 8.png )

Upon Arrival, you notice a peculiar man.

Coral: "Hello, I am interested in finding a Horse Seller, more specifically, a Pony Seller."

Peculiar Man: "Ponies you say? You have come to the right Man, I know all of the Pony Sellers around town."

Coral: "That would be very helpful thank you."

[The Peculiar Man Changes tone to sound more suspicious of us.]
P M: "Based on your visage, I suspect you don't want any ordinary Pony. I suspect you could Magic up one for yourself? What interest exactly do you have in Ponies around this place?"

Coral: "Uhmm.."

1. Honesty - We're looking for FlimFlam
2. Lie - I can't magic up a horse
3. Wildest Dream - I WANT A PINK ONE!!
4. Other - Define Please

No. 975143 ID: b1b4f3

Where is your familiar?

4: tell him you might be able to summon a horse but it's not reliable, and it would be a bit taxing as well. Ask why he's so tall. Is he wearing stilts?
No. 975156 ID: 19da02

This is a good idea.
No. 975213 ID: 0daee1

Yeah go with that inconsistent horse explanation.
No. 975259 ID: 5f8e56
File 159867437102.png - (189.92KB , 1200x1200 , 9.png )

My Familiar is a Turtle, I keep him in my pocket.
He's Shy and doesn't like to come out much.

Coral: "You see, magic Horses are a bit complicated, and casting those spells are pretty demanding, so I can't always rely on Magic Horses. So I thought I would get a normal Pony, as a much more reliable transport."

P M: "..."

Coral: "What's it to you why I want a pony?? Who are you to interrogate me? What's with the LUmps? Are you wearing stilts? SHORTY!"

[The Peculiar Man turns red.]

P M: "I'm trying to help a stranger find a Pony Seller in our LOVELY Nearby Villages Village, and you start poking around under my Robes?"

Coral: "Oh, uh, sorry.."

P M: "I wouldn't want to bother my neighbors with your attitude, I'll sell you a Pony myself, then you can be on your way. 25 Gold, that's a better bargain than you deserve."

1. Admit we have no money
3. "I wanted a Pink Pony.."
4. Other - Define Please
No. 975264 ID: b1b4f3

That looks very much like a donkey. I wasn't expecting to meet Flimflam immediately like this. The mane and tail are fake. Probably. Might want to take a closer look to confirm, before you...

4: Push Flimflam over and sit on him before calling the guards.
Can't exactly move quickly on stilts, and that long robe would get in the way if he ditched the stilts.
No. 975303 ID: 5f8e56
File 159875932050.png - (283.74KB , 1200x1200 , 10.png )

Coral: "I'm not too sure about this 'pony'.."

You pull on it's main, and a clump of fur sticks to your hand.
The Peculiar Man Gasps. But before he can run away, you Tackle him to the ground, with a loud CRUNCH!!



After several minutes Two Guards run up.

Guard A: "What's going on here?"

Guard B: "Why are you sitting on this man?"

Coral: "He's FlimFlam, the Con-Artist that's been dressing Donkeys up and selling them as Ponies."

P M: "WHAT?! I am NOT FlimFlam!" "Guards, this lunatic has been harassing me! I demand you arrest her!!"

The Guards help you and the peculiar man up,
Coral: "Check the 'Pony', you'll see it's really a Donkey."

Guard B walks over the the pony to investigate. After a moment, he's removed the fake Main and Tail, revealing it is a donkey is disguise.

Guard A: "It's a Fake, and what's with the stilts?"

Guard B: "A disguise I presume. This must be him."

P M: "No, I'm INNOCENT! I bought that Pony just and hour ago, I didn't know it was a fake!!"

Guard B: "You, Witch, do you have anything to say?"

1. He tried to sell me the fake pony, Reward please!
2. Believe him - Tell me about where you bought the pony.
3. Other - Define Please
No. 975304 ID: b1b4f3

1. It's up to the guards to check on his side of things anyway.
No. 975325 ID: a9af05

1. He even told you "I'll sell you a Pony myself."
No. 975339 ID: 5f8e56
File 159882446522.png - (272.01KB , 1200x1200 , 11.png )

Coral: "He tried to sell the Fake Pony to me,"

Guard B: "That's enough evidence for me,"

[Guard A gut punches the Peculiar Man, knocking him out]

Guard B: "Sorry for the trouble.."

Coral: "No problem, there's a reward for his capture right?"

Guard B: "Ah, I guess I better pay you."
[The Guard gives you 10 Gold, and takes FlimFlam's Bounty Page from you]

Guard A: "Let's hurry back before he wakes up."
[The Guards walk away]

No. 975340 ID: 5f8e56
File 159882468054.png - (104.06KB , 1200x1200 , 12.png )

[10/35 Gold for Adventurers Warrant]

On your way back to the Fort, you check the Bounties.

[Henry Hairy]
[Dwarf, Bald, beardless]
[Late Evening, mourning the loss of his Beard]
[Vandalism, Public Nuisance, Public Intoxication]
[Found in the streets of Fort ThisPlaceIsNice]
[15 Gold, Alive]

[Slim Stinkman]
[Unknown, Small Humanoid]
[Assaults Drunks, Steals Garbage, Regularly Clogs Toilets especially at the prison.]
[Assault, Jail Breaking]
[Takes Shelter in the Sewers of Fort ThisPlaceIsNice, Surfacing between 1am and 4am]
[45 Gold, Alive]
[25 Gold, Dead]

Who should we Capture next?
1. Slim Alive - Difficult, but we'd be left with 20 Gold Spare.
2. Slim Dead - Medium Challenging, Exactly the amount we need.
3. Henry Hairy - Moderate, 10 Gold short of what we need.

And how should we prepare?

No. 975426 ID: 19da02

Slim alive. Let's gather as much info as we can and also make sure we have manacles/rope so we can restrain him.
No. 975444 ID: b1b4f3

See how much the needed supplies would cost to capture Slim. If it's 30 gold or less let's try taking him alive. Not like our spells are particularly lethal anyway.
No. 975527 ID: 5f8e56
File 159910749051.png - (242.77KB , 1200x1200 , 13.png )

A set of manacles with a simple lock would cost us more than our 30 Gold Budget, not to mention or 10 Gold we actually have. However, a 15ft length of rope cost only 1 Gold, so we settle for that.

It hasn't been long enough since I last used my Staff's Scouting Ability, so we'll have to go the old fashioned way..

Sneaking and Eaves Dropping!

Most people manages to elude your presence, but the Drunks are much to friendly, which is exactly to our plan.

After stalking many an drunk, you learn that many of them are scared to walk down a specific road, those that live nearby are willing to walk an entire extra block just to avoid it.

As you learn of this consistency, the sun rises, our queue to head to bed.
We find an Inn near Questionable Ally, and get some rest before we continue our hunt the following night.
[-1 Gold for a Room for 10 nights]

No. 975528 ID: 5f8e56
File 159910769647.png - (233.35KB , 1200x1200 , 14.png )

As the sun sets you go camp out on Questionable Ally.

Relatively Quite through the night, on occasion you'll notice a stray Drunk sneaking loudly through the Ally.

As you grow Drowsy from the boredom, you Activate the Scouting Ability of your staff so you don't miss anything..

You're woken up by a scream, but it's too late, nothing is around.
You hurriedly check the footage on your staff.

You see a small shape dragging an unconscious man by his leg, as he's being dragged into the sewers he regains consciousness, and starts to scream.
Then you see yourself wake up and panic, and are reminded how dangerous a tired mind can be.

2. Follow the Thing into the Sewers
3. Grab another drunk as new bait
4. Other

No. 975572 ID: e7c7d3

2.) After the thing!
No. 975598 ID: 5f8e56
File 159918800920.png - (195.46KB , 1200x1200 , 15.png )

Without a moment to spare, you jump into the sewers, and immediately regret not getting Nose Plugs. Since a Man's life is at stake, you attempt to. Breath.. Less..

There's no screaming to follow, but you make out the sound of dragging in one of the side tunnels, amid the flowing water and chittering of rodents.

You proceed cautiously, as one wrong step and you're in for a very bad night..

No. 975599 ID: 5f8e56
File 159918811289.png - (213.62KB , 1200x1200 , 16.png )

After not too long, you manage to catch up to the thing.

It's about half the side of the man, and appears to be having enough trouble keeping the mangy rats off the man. You elect to follow him for a while, see if you can find his hideout.

Along the way, step on some unidentified goop and loose your footing.
Barely catching your self and stifling a scream, you look over to see the Thing still dragging along.

As you regain composure, you let out a loud, "OUCH!!" a Rat has bit your tail.

The Thing looks right at you,

then RUNS! leaving the man behind.

1. CHASE IT!! - Though the Drunk Man might not survive the swarms of rats on his own
2. Check on the Drunk Man/Bring him to safety - the Thing will get away
3. Kill the Rat - I hate the sewers!
4. Other

No. 975602 ID: b1b4f3

Throw a healing spell on the Drunk so he'll wake up and survive, then chase the Thing!
No. 975679 ID: 5f8e56
File 159926999316.png - (264.03KB , 1200x1200 , 17.png )

You Cast Heal Minor Wounds on the Drunk!
[-1 Magic Point, 1 Magic Point remaining]

The Drunk's Wounds Forcibly start to close, and as he wakes up in pain, he begins vomiting what Alcohol is left in his system. The Rats are scared away.

Deftly maneuvering around this scene, you run down the Tunnel and around the corner--


You're splashed by a wave of goop!
[You've become sickened, you will suffer penalties on any activity that requires prolonged concentration, also you have a chance of inducing vomiting by over exerting yourself.]

Standing before you is a Menacing looking Small Man Covered in Goop.
His exact features are hard to discern, though you have Dark Vision, you've also grown accustom to Day Light.

1. Try to clean off the goop - This will give the Goop Man a Chance to act
2. Attack! - How or What weapon - Moderate Chance of Causing Vomiting
3. Cast a Spell - You only have 1 Magic Point left for the day, make it count! - Small Chance of Causing Vomiting
4. Other
No. 975682 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think mud ball will work since he's wearing glasses.
Cast summon helpful creature.
No. 975722 ID: e7c7d3

1.) Remove the gross
No. 975728 ID: 8fab7a

Hmm.... use Misfortune on Goop Man!
No. 975738 ID: b1b4f3

Oh that's a great idea.
No. 975770 ID: 5f8e56
File 159942997319.png - (167.31KB , 1200x1200 , 18.png )

As the Thing spins around, you shout "MISFORTUNE!"

He Immediately slips and falls into the sewage.

Flailing about, and choking on the sewage, manages to find his way towards the walkway. Just as your start to feel the effects of your sickness.

You hurl directly on him, knocking his glasses off his face.
Overwhelmed with Gross Misfortune, he's knocked out and dragged by the current.

the Current is slow, so you have no problem keeping up.

1. Jump In and drag him out - ... (Good Chance of inducing sickness)
2. Use something to fish him out - please specify how/what (Low Chance of inducing sickness)
3. Go with the flow - hope he wakes up or floats closer to you (risky) (No Chance of inducing sickness)
4. Other
No. 975772 ID: b1b4f3

He looks so peaceful, happy... serene...

We can tie the rope into a lasso and fish him in.
No. 975986 ID: 5f8e56
File 159971407866.png - (344.90KB , 1200x1200 , 19.png )

Combining your 15ft of Rope with the Knot Tying skills you learn in the Wizarding Academy, you make a Very Nice Lasso.

Unfortunately, the lessons where more about visualizing the flow of magics than it was about knots and their uses. It takes several attempts to Catch the Thing, but eventually you manages to pull him in.

You have about Average Strength, so you can drag him with ease, but hauling him out of the sewers may prove difficult.

No. 975987 ID: 5f8e56
File 159971413554.png - (344.99KB , 1200x1200 , 20.png )

As you're dragging the Thing along, you notice the Drunk you saved earlier.

Coral: "HEY!" "Could I get some help over here?"

The Drunk turn and looks at you in fear,
He slowly nods and shuffles over.
You can tell he is cured of what ails him, but the pain of Forced Healing has left him sore.

Drunk: "Th-thanks for saving me, but please don't cast another spell on me.."

Coral: "I'm sure that can be arranged," "if you help me get this guy out of here."

The Drunk nods and pick up the Things Feet.

No. 975988 ID: 5f8e56
File 159971418469.png - (259.09KB , 1200x1200 , 21.png )


You find your way to the Guards Station, and are greeted by a very tired guard.


Coral: "Me," "And this guy."

Tired Guard: "This AINT A BATHHOUSE! Why don't you go jump in the lake??"

Coral: "I know this 'aint' a bathhouse, I'd like to turn in a bounty."

Tired Guard: "A bounty? I was not informed of such a smelly bounty, Where was he, IN THE SEWERS?"

Coral: "Yes,"

Tired Guard: "..."

Coral: "This is Slim Stinkman, I have a bounty page here."
[You hand over the bounty page]

Tired Guard: "Just my luck, this looks real enough, I'll have to take him."

Tired Guard: "We'll have to run an interrogation and collect evidence before we can pay out such a high bounty. Where can we get a hold of you."

Coral: "I'm at the Agreeable Inn by Questionable Ally."

No. 975989 ID: 5f8e56
File 159971424741.png - (225.65KB , 1200x1200 , 22.png )

The next morning,

Some guards arrive and give you the reward.
[+45 Gold]

Later in the day, the Owner of the Agreeable Inn takes you aside to thank you for taking care of Slim Stinkman, and promises to always have a room available for you.
[You are not reimbursed the 1 Gold you've already payed]

You go Apply for an Adventurer's Warrant, and are swiftly accepted, on account of your contact with the Head Priestess, and the great service you've done for the Fort in capturing Slim Stinkman.
[-35 Gold, Get Adventurer's Warrant]
[This Warrant allows you to Legally Explore and Profit from delving into the local Ruins. There is a small Tax placed on your earnings, but that's the price you pay for staying on the right side of the law.]

Later that Night,
Your Otherworldly Patron expands your Magical Abilities.
You feel yourself grow a bit more accustomed to life as and adventurer.
[Character Growth will be discussed at beginning of Chapter 2]

Chapter 1 Complete!

No. 976061 ID: 19da02

Nice! We did it~
No. 982696 ID: f2320a

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