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File 158779821505.png - (1.50KB , 64x128 , TitleCard00.png )
963499 No. 963499 ID: e7703b

The endless void.
Filled with star matter and space.
Where dreams live and die.
A place where you will find your future.

You are a newly graduated [Captain], and will have to choose your vessel and history.

> The Year is 3200 since the founding of the [United Galactic Federations], Founded between four races:

:VSIHuman: [Humans]
The Human, with their command over [Magitech], are numerous and adapted for survival.
Sadly they are unable to directly manipulate [Mana], and are in turn, immune to direct [Mana] manipulation.
Each human is granted a Casting Assisting Device, or [CAD], to perform any function that requires [Mana].

:VSIDragon: [Dragons]
The Dragon, with [Mana] flowing though their bodies, are capable of using [Mana] to change their bodies.
As a Dragon grows in power and age, [Mana] crystallizes into horns formed along their body.
Every dragon forms a symbiotic bond with a [Mana Core] that assists them with controlling their [Mana].

:VSIAutoma: [Automa]
An unforeseen effect of [Magitech] has created sentient life.
The Automa were granted a seat in the [UGF], and the [Quantum Intelligence], Maddie, was reluctantly volunteered to be the sole representative of the Automas.
Unfortunately there is little to differentiate between an Automa and a Drone, so any Automa are requested to volunteer to be registered citizens.
New Automas do not own their original chassis and are required to be reinstalled into a chassis for their own customization.

:VSICore: [Cores]
[Mana Cores] are known to become sentient. It is unknown when a core becomes sentient, and sentient cores can produce more sentient cores.
The offspring of a Core can also develop to be their own individual. Similar to the Automa, any core that wishes to be a citizen are required to register if possible. Core Citizens often create a body of their own, of various shapes and sizes.

Please decide on the form of your vessel.

> There are currently three locations to choose from:

[UGF AC532], Asteroid mining outpost, [Luddie]
A mining colony owned by the [Starrunner] Corporation, Luddie is a city built far from the reaches of the [UGF].
The people only care about profits and paychecks, and the location makes it good for black market deals and pirates.
The void is filled with rocks and scraps, ripe for the picking for Miners and Scrappers.

[UGF Starseed 2832], Colony Starship, [Carol]
The Carol is the UGF's newest [Starseed Ship]. Manufactured with new [Dimensional Displacement Technology], The Carol is the smallest [Starseed Ship] in service. Filled with enough facilities to support and terraform a planet, as well as the population to support it, The Carol is a science and military focused colony ship, with plenty of sponsors to support it.

[Makar.4.1], Fourth planet of the Makar solar system, [Hanoi]
Situated between the Dragon and Human home stars, Hanoi is the second major starport built to provide repairs and supplies for the long voyage between the void.
Home to the richest and the poorest, Hanoi has a vast gap between the classes. Will you forge your way to the stars, or bury yourself with scrap and steel.

Please inform us on where your story begins.
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No. 963534 ID: e96198


No. 963535 ID: ce39da

Dragon, Carol
No. 963539 ID: e7703b
File 158782188965.png - (561B , 32x32 , VSIcon.png )

Choices tally:

:vsihuman: 6
:vsidragon: 4
:vsiautoma: 4
:vsicore: 2

:vsiluddie: 7
:vsicarol: 3
:vsihanoi: 5

Your story into the void starts you as a [Human], living in [Luddie].

> What will your back story be

- Increased [Supply] when scavenging.
- Reduced [Crew] space.

- Increased [Supply] when harvesting.
- Increased [Crew] costs.

- Reduce [Supply] costs.
- Reduce [Ship] capabilities.

- Increased [Supply] space.
- Reduced [Ship] maneuverability.

- Reduce [Crew] costs.
- Reduce [Supply] space.

- Increased [Ship] Attack.
- Increased [Crew] costs.

- Increased [Crew] Space.
- Reduced [Ship] defenses.

- Increased [Ship] maneuverability.
- Reduced [Crew] space.

What would the past tell us about you.

> What are your abilities:

- Increased combat capabilities.

- Increased affinity for machines.

- Increased affinity to mana.

Decide your path.

> What would your vessel look like?
:vsigm: Male
:vsigf: Female
:vsigh: Hermaphrodite
:vsign: Null
No. 963540 ID: 5a05f7

Explorer, Herm, Manamancer
No. 963541 ID: 9caba2

I could try to think about what might be best, but since little to nothing is known I might as well vote based on what I want.

Manamancer (fightan could also be neat, but magic.)
And finally: Hermaphrodite
No. 963542 ID: f56a2b

Merchant, Manamancer, Null
No. 963543 ID: 2aa5f0



No. 963544 ID: e51896

Merchant mechanic male
No. 963546 ID: 015bf2

Orphan, Scavenger, Combatant.
No. 963547 ID: 015bf2

No. 963550 ID: e96198

Scavenger - Combatant - Male
No. 963562 ID: d63ea8

Scavenger, Mechanic, Male.
No. 963563 ID: e4abe1

manamancer male scavenger
No. 963565 ID: 0fae41

Female Scavenger mechanic.
No. 963572 ID: ce39da

No. 963575 ID: e7c7d3

A scavenger Mechanic who is female
No. 963633 ID: b1b4f3

Explorer, Manamancer, female.
No. 963656 ID: fa2754

Male combatant explorer
No. 963693 ID: 3316ed

Male Scavenger
No. 963705 ID: 9c48ac

Mercenary, manamancer, Null
No. 963769 ID: c8996f

Male, Manamancer, Explorer.
No. 963777 ID: e7703b
File 158788077837.png - (561B , 32x32 , VSIcon.png )

Choices Tally:

Scavenger 8
Explorer 6
Merchant 2
Mercenary 1
Orphan 1

:vsiAMana: 7
:vsiAMech: 6
:vsiAComb: 3

:vsiGM: 9
:vsiGF: 3
:vsiGN: 3
:vsiGH: 2

:vsihuman: :vsiGM: :vsiaMana: :vsiluddie: Scavenger

As a [Manamancer], you have increased space to slot in runes and are more proficient in spell crafting, and have the freedom to craft your own spells.

The following runes have been added.
[Target] = Self - Other
[Velocity] = Direction
[Duration] = Time
[Polarity] = (Positive or Negative)Reverses Element or Modifier

> Please pick one element. More can be gotten later.


>Select two groups of modifiers

[Push] + [Pull]
[Heal] + [Harm]
[Find] + [Hide]
[Glow] + [Shade]
[Expand] + [Contract]
[Enchant] + [Empower]
[Strengthen] + [Weaken]
[Barrier] + [Bind]
[Manipulate] + [Control]
[Summon] + [Repel]
No. 963785 ID: e7c7d3


[Push] + [Pull]
[Manipulate] + [Control]

Get us some lightning whips!
No. 963786 ID: c8996f

[Lightning] then [enchant/empower] with [manipulate/control] go for a bit of a mage that's great for interactions with electronics.
No. 963787 ID: e51896


[Summon] + [Repel]
[heal] + [harm]
(good combination to heal whatever we summon)
No. 963794 ID: 5a05f7

Summon+Repel and Push+Pull Earth.
No. 963797 ID: b1b4f3

[Barrier] + [Bind]
[Summon] + [Repel]

Wall of air is a neat concept, and summon+repel is emergency air supply or creation of vacuum.
No. 963803 ID: 6e6f32

I will second this Artificer/Technomancer Route.
No. 963810 ID: fa2754

Hell yeah we're going to go the route of technomancer. Born from the scraps of an outlaw mining post you're going to claw your way up to the top. Or at least comfortable living.
No. 963818 ID: 2aa5f0


[Enchant] + [Empower]
[Strengthen] + [Weaken]
No. 963824 ID: ce39da


[Manipulate] + [Control]
[Find] + [Hide]

Being able to hide our electronic presence has some real potential if we ever need to make some more questionable runs.
No. 963833 ID: e96198

I'm liking this idea, it has my vote.
No. 963859 ID: d63ea8

[Earth] as the element.
[Push] + [Pull] and [Expand] + [Contract] as the modifiers.

With this we might be able to remotely unearth rubble and other such debris without putting ourselves or allies in harm's way.
No. 963860 ID: 9c48ac

a human male? Are we even on /quest/ anymore??

That does sound real cool.
No. 963863 ID: dce46f


[Expand] + [Contract]
[Strengthen] + [Weaken]
No. 963926 ID: 9caba2


Expand + Contract
Heal + Harm
No. 963946 ID: 5877dc

Air Summon Strengthen
No. 964002 ID: e7703b
File 158803451594.png - (561B , 32x32 , VSIcon.png )

Choices Tally:

[Lightning] 8
[Air] 3
[Earth] 2
[Water] 1

[Manipulate] + [Control] 7
[Enchant] + [Empower] 6
[Summon] + [Repel] 4
[Push] + [Pull] 3
[Expand] + [Contract] 3
[Strengthen] + [Weaken] 3
[Heal] + [Harm] 2
[Find] + [Hide] 1
[Barrier] + [Bind] 1

Random Generated Traits:

Avan Dashkev
-Race: [Human]
-Gender: [Male]
-Class: [Manamancer]
--Slots: 3
--CAD: Homemade Tablet Type
-Background: [Scavenger]

-Physical Characteristics:
--Age: 19 years
--Height: 1.5 m
--Weight: 68 kg
--Eyes: Brown
--Skin: Pale
--Hair: Auburn

-Registered Runes:

Would you like to make any changes before it's set?
No. 964004 ID: 2aa5f0

looks fine to me
No. 964005 ID: e7c7d3

I can accept these democratic results
No. 964006 ID: b1b4f3

I guess that's fine.
No. 964008 ID: 967250

Go to the store and purchase black hair dye and a bitchin' set of goggles.
No. 964010 ID: 6da93d

Can we up our height to 1.75 meters? 1.5 is a bit short.
No. 964011 ID: e96198

I forever hold my peace and make no changes.
No. 964012 ID: 015bf2


Slight builds are good in the cramped quarters of a spaceship.
No. 964013 ID: d63ea8

The polls seem clear. I accept this choice as well.
No. 964086 ID: 5877dc

Change age to 119 years old.
No. 964097 ID: ce39da

[Negative]. We're okay with these settings.

Cancel that order; as we are a human, such a clerical error would likely render us an invalid.
No. 964106 ID: 6e6f32

Change CAD to Homemade Optical (Augmented Reality) type.

Hacker Specs/Goggles.
No. 964107 ID: 5877dc

What makes you think humans who'd be in the future age of space travel wouldn't be able to live longer than 100 years?
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