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File 158335977730.png - (138.71KB , 800x800 , 222.png )
957925 No. 957925 ID: 5fc3a0

>"You think you're in control?"
"I never said that, Pillet!"
>"Then you'd better get in control so that you can."
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No. 965871 ID: 86eb65

Oh man I have some big ass shoes to fill. Previous me was impressive.

Also sorry about all of that.

But you knoowwwwww. If that angry little goat had been kept in the loop a bit better maybeeee he would not have fucked up all your cool stuff?
No. 965872 ID: 695467

You had no idea past you did that, definitely an oops.
No. 965873 ID: 567477

"I guess I don't like people being... pinned to anything. Metaphorically or otherwise. Sorry for... well, for the questions frustration, anyway. I'd say sorry for blowing them up but I feel like if I had my memories I'd say I wasn't. I will say sorry for not cleaning up the rubble so you don't have to dig through it yourself, though."
No. 965874 ID: 470289

The sunglasses thing is still bothering me, did I break them at some point? I can grab you new ones.
No. 965876 ID: ed763f

I think if we try passing the buck on her, she'll actually try and pull Delli's head off like a wine cork.
No. 965877 ID: fa2754

And yet she still sticks around and waits for you every time you're gone. That's dedication. You know you're going to marry this vaguely fox woman, right?
No. 965888 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, I have the perfect response: "I don't remember doing that at all!"
No. 965891 ID: 9e3bd6

Idea: if power may not last, why not try to make other means of having power, like say that massive fuckoff superweapon satellite that is sitting in the sky? We can still arm and armor ourselves to the absolute teeth before we go out.

Lets not say this right now. This is probably the worst time to talk about that. We could ask later once everyone calms down though.
No. 965898 ID: 015bf2

Yeah. Saw that one coming.

Just shut up, stay mum for a bit and mull things over. Think about what actually might help out in this situation. Pillet's frustrated because of a fruitless search and here you are, bothering her for answers she can't give without the memory copies oldie you denied her.

What turns this around?

Well, offering answers, for one.

Point out that the raider tablets got found with careful searching by Phantom's gang of wonder-nerds. Maybe she should let 'em at what's left of the compound? Not that you don't think she haven't gone over the area with a fine comb a hundred times over, but...

The hope she had just makes sense. She was working together with paranoid, coward assholes who'd have backups for their backups as a final lifeline - who hid extra-durable stone tablets down drains just so someone could find them and taint her future image.

And ol' Delli must've just been nice and pissed off, leveling everything in sight. However thorough you were, since the founders made stuff real durable, maybe something survived, but slagged or buried in a way that made it look like just random detritus. But unless she's sorted through every single piece of rock and rubble, she'd never know.

's her choice and place. If she didn't want you there, you can imagine she doesn't want Phantom's people anywhere near. Frankly, you yourself don't want people having even a minuscule chance of getting the power negation technique, if for no other reason than to never have a repeat of 'the wheel'. But... she's done this several times now and come up nil. If it's there, she needs help to find it. If it's not there, it'll just be another fun excursion for team archaeology.

Like, seriously, they really enjoy sorting through rocks. If anyone could salvage the ghost of a miracle from that place, you think it'd be the professional dirt-botherers.
No. 965915 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158900318966.png - (91.66KB , 800x800 , 482.png )

"I love you too, but I don't remember doing that at all!" Her grip tightens. "Oof, I can make bad jokes too. I didn't think about the fact I might've blown it up, but I'm honestly not even surprised now that I've heard it. Anyway you think backing up my memories would turn me into 'one of them'? I'm not so sure."
>"It's not a chance I was or am willing to take."
"I did commit to wiping memories in a past life anyway, didn't I?"
>"I guess you did."
"And didn't you say people's underlying personalities didn't change?"
>"That was a simplification. People can shape themselves around life experiences. Different experiences, different shape. I'm not sure how you'd be if you lived a thousand years of watching everyone around you slowly forget most of what made them, them."
"Is that why you're... you?"
>"Maybe. I have no memories of my early life. The founders removed my own memories when I rebelled, save of course for memories on how to backup memories. That backup contained my life of studying that particular topic, but other memories got mixed in, so when I used that backup, I at least remembered more than nothing about life outside of town. But other than that bit... I forgot a lot. Shit happened."
"Yeah, hmmm... mayyybe if this mad old goat was kept in the loop better?"
>"Oh but you were. I told you so much. I even let you have directions to the memory bank! And then you followed them and destroyed everything. Which mayyyybe is why I was so reluctant to bring you there this time."
"Again, oof. Well... if you trust me again someday, maybe you can trust Phantom's crew on a later day, and they're real good at digging through mass rubble."
>"If we had all four keys and we were definitely going to open it... I wouldn't need the place anymore. But that's definitely not soon, seems like."
"Seems like. So I started some kind of dark age... is that why I reset myself?"
No. 965916 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158900320173.png - (93.67KB , 800x800 , 483.png )

Great, now that I see the lack of sunglasses on Pillet, I want to get her a new pair, but for now I focus up because she's got a lot to say.

>"No, I don't think you ever felt bad about fucking all that up even once. I don't even know if the full ramifications of what you did ever occurred before you forgot all about it, but whatever. That's why I said you killed off those founders harder than anyone has - it's not that they ended up any more dead than anyone else, but they had so far to fall. You destroyed tens of thousands of years worth of lives in that one act.
>"Afterwards, you wandered off and become a farmer. I set out to find you and hunt you down, which involved raiding the farms. I did find you, and that's what I called our "first" meeting. Sorry if that wasn't totally honest, but I didn't remember our time in the first rebellion, and you rescuing me and all that felt a little more... eh, awkward, than a meeting. Not like it was less awkward this time, 'cause... I approached you knowing there was a history between us you remembered, and you let me hang out at your house. I stole the directions to the memory bank and ran off with it. That was kinda fucked of me and I seriously still feel bad remembering that. But even after getting what memories back I could from the bank, it's not like I had anywhere to be, so I just sorta kept raiding. And those are the earliest coherent memories of mine that were worth a damn.
>"I'm sorry if all that was confusing, I wasn't even expecting to retell you the whole story. And I skimmed over the details since. Shit happened, and this is where we're at now."
No. 965917 ID: 465a14

sunglasses... what if gunglasses
No. 965918 ID: b1b4f3

Huh, Pillet's memories of you were erased? That must've been why you just left after rescuing her.
And now, Pillet's on the other side of things. Maybe that was part of why you erased yours... because you felt it was unfair to have more memories of Pillet than she had of you? Eh, maybe not. That doesn't seem like something that would bother you in the long term. It was probably existential fatigue or something.

Tell Pillet if the issue is watching everyone around you forget things, then... you can just forget things too? Like I said last post, only the important, strategically/tactically valuable memories need to be preserved in this situation, you don't need to remember everything. ...wait, she said memories can be read by someone who didn't store them. Can she store and then share advanced energy techniques with you? With everyone? Like, the ones suited for combat but not super dangerous ones that could turn the town to rubble or whatever. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would help, right?
No. 965919 ID: 695467

God damn, past your sounds like one angry goat, Delli. Just what did the founders do to make you believe you needed to wipe every trace of them from this world, damn the consequences?
No. 965920 ID: e2f5cc

If you could more or less forgive me for sending our entire society into a dark age, I don't find it hard to look past your heinous crimes of being a bit of a dick however long ago and not telling me things in case I flip out and ruin things even more.

While Pillet definitely could've explained a bit better as why she was so secretive, but that's a conversation for another time.
No. 965921 ID: 015bf2

"What, you feel bad about that? Eeeesh... don't think you did much wrong at all! For one, I was the one who broke trust by using those instructions first. And at the time you were probably confused as hell and wanting straight answers. Can sympathize.

Can also sympathize with... being annoyed at losing all of that. Heck, I'm annoyed at old me. But I think my heart might've been in the right place?

I might've been more in line with Phantom's thinking at the time. I mean, if we were gonna stay here anyway cuz' of aliens, why bother keeping any of the founders and their knowledge intact when they were clearly just gonna use it to do bad shit to us? Might as well burn it all down and hope for the best. Or something. Maybe I just wasn't thinking clearly. Maybe it was revenge for your lost memories... actually, yeah. That'd fit, too.

One question, though. How'd they mess with your memories if you were the designated memory meddler? ... oh wait. They probably used your memories to do it, huh."
No. 965922 ID: fa2754

And that's why you two will spend the rest of your lives doing right by each other. However long it may be. Forgive us one day, Pillet?
No. 965923 ID: 6d9569

“We’re both fucked up. We’ve both done bad shit, shit that we regret. Hell, I regretted it enough to wipe my own memory. But we’re both still here, and we have a chance, at life beyond the eternal cycle of the fog. We have a chance to do right.”

Honestly, the fact that the memories of the founders were destroyed is a good thing. How can you ever be free of the sins of your forebears if you purposefully keep them fresh in your mind? It doesn’t do anything but perpetuate pain and suffering that happened a thousand years ago, ancient hate and wrath carried eternally. I’m glad those memories were destroyed, the same way Pillet is glad she didn’t back up Delli’s memories.
No. 965934 ID: 86eb65

Man we had to do a long complicated dance to get back to the start didn't we?

Give her a big hug.

I am glad it turned out as well as it did. A semi fresh start for the both of us.

Now we just need to get Phantom on board with the idea of leaving and rebuilding society and maybe fighting aliens.
No. 965947 ID: ed763f

One question I've got. If the founders are dead, is it really fair to say I'm the same person what did all those things? I'm not trying to dodge responsibility for breaking things, I'm more wondering what that means for, uh, us?

...we don't have to talk about that here if you don't want.
No. 965951 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158904073370.png - (80.12KB , 800x800 , 484.png )

"Sounds like I was pretty angry back then."
>"Not too much, actually, just when you found me after trying to rescue me for so long."
"So... how'd they mess with your memories if you were the designated memory handler?"
>"A few of us had access to the memory bank, and the memories were in external containers. Maybe I'll show you the setup if I ever invite you to the memory bank, but it's a little weird to explain in person."
"Oh, right, you said memories can be read by someone who didn't store them?"
>"Yeah, I also said badly, like when I absorbed a founder's memory, it was like I dreamed it up. If you absorbed my memory on making memory backups, you'd have a damn good headstart over others on doing the same, but still nowhere near good enough to do anything with it."
"What if you made memories of someone who did a ton of energy training? That'd be a nice headstart for people who could use it."
>"I don't like it. Doesn't work that easy. You've been doing some energy training the last month right? Let's say we used that as a headstart. If I made a memory out of that, it'd be contamina - bad word. Uh... it'd include memories of you hanging out with phantom, sucking at video games, eating food, and other stuff you've done the last month. People would, to a fuzzy degree, get those life experiences. A bit of your own experiences and outlooks would be put into others. The only reason the lost founder techniques could be isolated is because, for a time, that's all we did. There were nearly no life experiences around the pursuit of our purpose. That's the only reason why we could, in good faith, bottle up a memory and call it 'immortality technique' and not 'life of immortal man, year 60xx through 7xxx or whatever. The labels were encrypted but whatever. Maybe it's why you blew up everything, you couldn't distinguish what memories were which, only which sections were devoted to which person."
No. 965952 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158904074769.png - (121.27KB , 800x800 , 485.png )

"If you can forgive me for blowing it all up, I can forgive you for hiding all this stuff from me for... why did you hide this stuff from me?"
>"Don't misunderstand! I have forgiven you. Unless forgiveness to you means I'm not allowed to get annoyed at all the missing information I can't tell you about now."
"You seemed pretty angry at me a minute ago." Still, that's a relief that my actions way back then aren't getting held against me now.
>"Aha, sorry. It's hard not to take it out on you a little bit, but I know I shouldn't. It was a long time ago, and it might have been for the best given the circumstances. There's a lot I don't know because of it, and for what I do know... I hid, yes, until now, because I did not expect you to take it well. Especially the part about how we might all die the second we open the town anyway. But look at you, not even batting an eye! Your chillness about the whole thing is making me feel dumb for hiding stuff."

I think I'd have something to say there but I lose my train of thought, so instead I give her a hug I've been holding out.
No. 965953 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158904077901.png - (134.64KB , 800x800 , 486.png )

>"Thanks for sticking around for me every time for so long."

Oh that turned this into a kiss.

Hm. Gunglasses. Maybe we should make more guns in case we do lose our energy when we remove the fog.
No. 965954 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158904080504.png - (99.01KB , 800x800 , 487.png )

Ah heck we're kissing right in front of Phantom! Maybe that should've waited.

>"Phantom!" Pillet calls out to her. "You're unexpectedly chill about all of this too, is there something else you guys know I don't?"
>"No." says Phantom. "And I am not that 'chill' about it. I'm silently making a very, very long list of concerns and gripes in my head. I am going to send it to you later, along with a list of things I want corroborated with you. If you wish to have the key, I recommend addressing them."
"Yeah, I want to get you on board with all of this."
>"... I've been thinking and reaffirming my thoughts about it. The key is bigger than me. You mentioned something about a town panel, right? We can have the town vote. We'll keep searching hard for new information and making information available for the town. We'll have debates and so on for awhile, and try to communicate our intents with fog dwellers. Then, in a few years, we'll have everyone vote. If at least... I'll have a number later, but tentatively at least 60% of people are in favor of opening the town, then I'll surrender the key even if I'm not personally convinced. Is that line of thinking agreeable?"
No. 965955 ID: 465a14

sounds cool
No. 965956 ID: 86eb65

Keep kissing and mumble out "Sounds good."
No. 965958 ID: e2f5cc

Yeah, 60% is a good number to start off at, but if like 50% of people really really want to leave while the other half isn't nearly as spirited in wanting to stay, or even vice versa, we'll definitely have to have another talk about things.

And uh, sorry about making out in front of you. I sorta want to ask if she's jealous but that feels like a bit of a dick move right now so we should save the Phantom bullying for later.
No. 965959 ID: ed763f

Sounds about right, time to prepare is the one luxury we have. We'll have do do some thinking about the voting; You want to prevent voter intimidation, but if you lean into that even a little zealously YOU'LL be intimidating people. We need to get it right and may only have one shot.

Fog dwellers... Delli, do you feel like paying it forward and pulling some other people out of the fog?
No. 965962 ID: a0dfd2


Make that number higher, but nothing outrageous. There's good reason people would want to stay, and we can appreciate that far more, now, knowing what's out there.

So that means we're going to have to work even harder to convince people not only that it's the right thing to do, but that they'll stand a chance at all. (And that might require restructuring society completely so that everyone has a better knowledge of energy -- and perhaps removing the gangs and creating proper administration)
No. 965966 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158904939602.png - (82.73KB , 800x800 , 488.png )

"Sounds cool." I say, halfway kissing still. I'll bully Phantom later by asking if she's jealous. "We can make that number higher, but nothing too outrageous!"
>"Hey," says Pillet, "Who's side are you on?"
"I just want to make sure it's fair, and I mean there's fair reason to want to stay in here! Specially with aliens out there that might kill us!"
>"S'part of why I hid info, damnit."
"No, bad! If we leave we're going to be as well informed as possible! I'm going to be a neutral party to make sure there's no complaints about the results. Is there a way I can help with getting fog dwellers to vote?"
>"If you get real good at sensing energy signatures, there's little bursts whenever people come back. You can fly over to them and try to talk to them. I'll help find people who can station themselves to do the same."
>"If I have your blessing, Delli." Phantom interjects. "I'd like to set up the television network stations to broadcast this. Both the data we've found, and the vote proposal. I'd like Soletta to be the one on TV since she's set up as mayor."
No. 965969 ID: 465a14

Still seems fine! Time to practice signature sensing with the judgmentor.
No. 965970 ID: e2f5cc

Yeah, if Soletta doesn't mind. Though I will want me and Pillet to be there just to make sure things are fair and the facts are straight.
No. 965971 ID: 86eb65

If it's ok with Pillet. This is her big secret stuff after all.
No. 965972 ID: 015bf2

Sounds fair. Slight majority rule supporting the decision would make you feel better about doing it. Ergh, though you don't want this whole thing to turn into a popularity contest (it might) and -really- don’t want a civil gang war situation out of it and people disrupting the vote to contest legitimacy. How’s Phantom think Crook and Finnigan is gonna deal with these news? They’re the only big names left and Pillet has been stepping on any new wannabe bullies, so as far as organized opposition to a fair vote goes they’re the only ones that come to mind.

Oh, and you’ll have to figure out a fair and hard-to-mess with voting system. How good and thorough is the current citizen census?

On the upside, now that you’re making this public people will have the chance to prep for it, and that could be pretty unifying. Some could brush up on non-power tech and techniques, in case we lose it and have to rehab a ruined world, others could sign up for, like, front line/exploration duty, and come up with ways to deal with other foreseeable but unlikely disasters (such as that ‘no oxygen’ thing she mused on earlier).

And if the vote’s no... nothing says you can’t survey why and see if it’s a matter of people being comfortable with the status quo or having a fear of the unknown, then address concerns better before having a new vote.

You won’t keep doing that forever, but this is as much getting the town used to the idea and starting to prep towards it as giving them a fair say in the decision.

That said, it’s not an easy issue to vote on. Like, how long we prep before opening could enter the debate, with some people probably wanting decades of prep. The actual thing to vote over should be planned to be specific and clear, like “on this date, we open the snow globe, go inside and turn off the fog, and whatever preparations made will have to do because there’s no way to properly prepare for every possible scenario without making changes to society that are at least as major as what turning off the fog would do”.
No. 965973 ID: ed763f

Sounds good, are there any eventualities we need to prepare for first?
No. 965976 ID: 015bf2

The network sounds like a good idea, but we should definitely lean towards dispensing just the facts... which you guess isn’t an issue with her. No, you’re on board, just be wary of the popularity contest thing.

And you don’t think you should be on there, representing your views. At least not forcefully. Everything you do and say would be scrutinized - is scrutinized - and if you blab the wrong thing in a debate or just in general people might decide you’re not a neutral arbiter, but the guy holding a gun to their head. And really, the degree to which you’re neutral is definitely nowhere close to fully, so as much as you’d want to be maybe that was a bad term and an indication of the way your fat mouth could get you in trouble.
No. 965979 ID: 9e3bd6

Lets, ah, lets do a rerecord of it. Using this as is is kind of candid.

...how are you filming right now, anyway?
No. 965980 ID: 9e3bd6

To prepare for an opening, lets try to form a cohesive military force in case we find a welcoming party on the outside.
No. 965981 ID: 015bf2

Like, you hope people really are fed up and disillusioned with the current system, because neither you nor Pillet have much in the way of public relations chops... that you know of. You’ll just have to deal.

Blowing yourself up and removing the power from the equation to show your sincerity could be an idea, but it seems bad to let the one potential powerhouse this place has not be that for the opening. Plus, Pillet’d strangle you, which, kinky, but more hardcore of a relationship than you’re up to right now. And yeah, you could pass of the power to Pillet, but... somehow you’ve got the impression that one condition of Phantom helping out with all of this is that not happening. And your opinion’d still carry weight as Pillet’s easily manipulable fogger boyfriend.

>recording this.
...wait. She’s been...

Uh. Every time? Even...?
No. 965985 ID: 015bf2

>Phantom is way into the truth and leaving records.
>It makes a lot of sense to get yourself recorded during private meetings - maybe even 24/7 - so you can later prove the sincerity of your actions to your cohorts or naysayers.


>Phantom would never ask anything of her subordinates that she'd not do herself.
>Soletta had sex with you because she wanted it. The precedent for doing something intimate was there.


>Ear rubs
>The first time you went out of public sight with Pillet, people panicked and had her call you. She sounded deeply uncomfortable.
Oh you have wronged this poor woman. With her own petard, but still!

>Humming in the spa like an idiot
>Every time you've acted like a doof
And she's wronged you!

Assume sucking on sour wrigglers expression. Note that the surveillance state is bull, and if it wasn't for the fact that THIS ONE TIME it will actually be proof solid of the sincerity of your actions, you'd... aagh, can't even say what you'd do now cuz' people could read into it! Being a public figure succccks.
No. 965986 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158906179903.png - (109.77KB , 800x800 , 489.png )

"When you say broadcast 'this', you mean..." I motion to me hugging Pillet. "You've been recording this?"
>".... That's diff - this is recorded yes but - don't make that face let me explain because you've completely mistook what I said! I meant I wanted to broadcast the data, and these ideas about the vote, with Soletta presenting the compiled data in a professional and coherent manner! Not us just talking about it candidly here - I would not reroute and reconstruct the entire layout of our our telecommunication network just to show the town a video of you two snogging one another!"
"Haha is that okay with you, Pillet?"
>"Showing us snogging or - ahaha sorry Phantom, yeah as long as I get a say in what exactly Soletta says on TV, the idea's cool with me."
>"I expected as much you would want a say." says Phantom. "You two, Delli. Soletta will have a script, and we'll review it in advance."
"Cool, that'll help me stay neutral even though sometimes I can't resist opening my big mouth. Yeah, like I want it clear that if we vote yes, there's going to be years of prep in advance, not just opening town the day after the vote. And there's maybe other eventualities we need to prepare for?"
>"Yes, there are going to be many details on a wide range of topics to consider, and the amount will only increase once the entire population is brought in to think about it."
"How are people like Crook and Finnigan going to take it?"
>"Does it matter?" asks Pillet. "Let 'em vote. If they disrupt the peace, blow 'em up."
>"Pillet, that will make it look like Delli is blowing up people who disagree. There are going to be politics. It's not going to be pretty. I'll make recommendations to minimize it, but it's not going to be perfect."
"And a good voting system! That avoids populary contests!"
>"Splice and I have experimented with voting systems before. We can bring that out. We can spend the time before the vote getting a proper census, too. Again, that will need many details reviewed."
No. 965987 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158906183558.png - (150.42KB , 800x800 , 490.png )

Pillet give Phantom a funny look.

>"Didn't you retire?"
>"Technically I'm not the leader of the mask gang, so yes, I did. Now I'm a researcher. I'm quickly turning into a civil advisor, apparently."
>"Have you been teaching Soletta about it?"
>"Somewhat. I'm telling her to take advantage of the fact that her job is relatively new, and she can ease into the position before taking on the whole town worth of duties. She's not as knowledgable as I'd like for someone in her position, but she's a quick enough learner. More importantly, she's good with talking to people and being between the rebels and me, an ex gang leader, has made her background look more well rounded to the public. So.... when I first heard Soletta was mayor, I thought Delli was just throwing a nearby friend onto the job without any thought put into it."
"Well uh you weren't wrong."
>"I didn't think so, but I also thought about it further, and realized there just weren't many good agreeable candidates, and hardly any arguably better than. She was a good choice even if the reasons for choosing her were, ehh, circumstantial and lacking. Alright. That's enough of that. Pillet, I'm sending you the lists I mentioned. Delli, you're welcome to say, but I can't think of anything I need you for"
"Then I'm off! To train energy and think about raising an army if we win the vote."
>"If we win the vote, but training the public will have no harm beforehand. Thank you for your help with all of this."
"Haha thank Pillet for finally opening up!"
No. 965989 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158906190562.png - (80.07KB , 800x800 , 491.png )

>"Thank...s. Pillet."
>"You're welcome, Phantom!"
No. 965990 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158906196134.png - (139.98KB , 800x800 , 492.png )

That about closes it out, so it's back to practicing with Judgementor as Phantom and others figures out the details.

Pillet realizes just how effective it is and sometimes joins in. Other than that, she gets busy rebranding the rebels as a military, and hopefully trains them as one too.
No. 965991 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158906206192.png - (244.04KB , 800x800 , 493.png )

One week later, we've agreed on the script for Soletta to read. It took so long that we barely got it in time for the broadcast, in fact the final script is so fresh off the printer that Soletta was just handed the paper copy with no time to make actual cue cards for the broadcast. Various participants show up in person to view the live showing, including Pillet, Phantom, and myself. Phantom's even started working with Pillet in person, and that's some big progress! Today though, she seems to try extra hard to keep her distance from Pillet. Either she wants to keep up appearances, or she doesn't like seeing Pillet with the sunglasses I got her today. Pillet with sunglasses might bring back a new bad array of memories.

We get the thumbs up that everything's ready, Soletta gets in place, and the broadcast goes live.

>"Hello everyone, This is Mayor Soletta, speaking live at the mayor's tower. If you're seeing or hearing this, that means that we successfully connected your local television and slash or loudspeaker to the network! If you're not hearing this, then that means you're not hearing this anyway." Phantom cringes, as despite her best efforts, Soletta wanted to say that so much. "The reason I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled broadcast is to address the matter of the fog, and a possible escape from town. Some of you might be wondering... if we lift the fog, will we die? And the answer is yes! Definitely. But, immediately? Hopefully not! But eventually definitely yes, but apparently it's not a done deal, and we're - "
No. 965992 ID: 5fc3a0
File 158906219091.png - (136.00KB , 800x800 , 494.png )

"Soletta! Stick to the script!"
>"Oops, I'm being told to stick to the script, which says that in two years we're going to hold a vote. There are arguments for both sides. Over the next two years, we're going to hold debates, hand out information about what we know, hold town panels, and all that good stuff. We want a well educated voter base, so I'm going to start reviewing recent finds on the founding of our town. I recommend paying attention, because it will be on the test."

There's not going to be a test, but Pillet wanted to throw that in so much. Soletta, for one second, makes eye contact with Phantom as she physically drops the script.

>"At this point, you may have a rising sensation of dread as you ask yourself, 'does that intimidatingly thick looking book have anything to do with what you're going to cover?' Why yes. Yes it does. If you just changed the channel, your feeling of dread has now realized its maximum potential as you now realize that I'm on every single channel. Strap in, citizen, because your favorite show is cancelled."
No. 965995 ID: 015bf2

Ah, nothing like a captive audience.

(Good thread, thank you very much for running it!)
No. 965997 ID: 5877dc

>next two years
I'd wait longer than that to read the next part.
No. 965998 ID: ed763f

Poor, Poor Phantom.
No. 966004 ID: 91ee5f

Pillet is gonna go deaf if she shoots her gunglasses!

Also, Pillet in a suit is pretty sexy. Don’t you think so, Delli? Go make out with her once the broadcast is done!
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