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File 157160700705.png - (309.86KB , 1024x768 , Title.png )
947489 No. 947489 ID: ca2950

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No. 987610 ID: 7616a2

Yeah, well, it won't heal the damage you caused, so, if you still have plenty of munitions you can just keep shooting at it. Or try to be sneaky-beaky like.
No. 987611 ID: b1b4f3

So it went behind cover or something?
All you can do is go back in and use the cover against it (like I suggested before)
No. 987613 ID: ce39da

Time to set up overwatch, then. Shoot them when they come into sight, type up an update for the internal message board on the situation, and wait for someone to come and fix the problem from the other direction.
No. 987617 ID: 8a51ec

We should call people specifically qualified for combat situations like this, and not fight the murderous creatures single-handedly like some kind of irresponsible frat boy arsehole
No. 987623 ID: 9a2966

Yup. Wanna go fetch backup? Not sure the appropriate authorities are taking this seriously for whatever reason.

Also, look around in the snow. Any tracks of other monsters? Some could be creeping around in town if this has been open for long.
No. 987631 ID: 5b0071

You gotta call the cops.
If someone hasn't already on account of you two shooting in the open. How close is town anyway?
No. 987636 ID: 094652

You scouted the area. Now call the military to neutralize the boss while you practice sniping small fry.
No. 987736 ID: 4bd103

We are going to get arrested...

Hell, even if we don't call the cops, we will probably get arrested.
No. 987746 ID: a59168

Get the grenades.
No. 987882 ID: 6c227a

Maybe you grab one of the ones out of the field you shot earlier, drag it back to the police station, and explain there are these weird things running around and you followed tracks back to the facility, which looks empty and there's a big one. Also you haven't heard from your mom.
No. 988446 ID: ca2950
File 161368843470.png - (161.85KB , 880x768 , town38.png )

The authorities are blowing me off, trying to cover it up as a fire and something must be going on that's keeping them from dealing with the thing the size of a truck stomping around in the loading bay.

If they can't manage the monsters, they won't be sending anyone to arrest us.
Worrying about getting in trouble when said truck-sized monster is still nearby seems like a failure to prioritize, anyway.
No. 988449 ID: 591062

So what exactly is the situation? If the military is still covering this up, it would imply that they are still confident in their ability to contain these things. Are the authorities complicit or unaware? If they don't know about this, might they still send people to investigate the multiple gunshots?

What is actually happening right now and where is everyone?
No. 988451 ID: ce39da

Well. Crap. You have to close this door yourself.

That means operating the door controls from the inside.

One problem at a time, though. Deal with the immediate monster threat now, ponder who (if anyone) should seal themselves into the nightmare monster facility later.

The plan doesn't change much; focus on taking out whichever's faster - the big one or the little guys. Retreat further along the wall out in the cold once it draws near. Split up; whoever it chases should focus solely on running, and whoever it doesn't will focus solely on shooting.
No. 988454 ID: b1b4f3

Go in there and use the containers as cover to keep the monster from getting to you while you shoot it.
No. 988515 ID: fc3860

You have time.
You should better equip yourselves.

Duct tape a sharp blade to the big firearm.
Get plastic sports pads/guards to make it tougher for the buggers to melee you.
Molotovs? This place probably has good ways to deal with fires.
Maybe bags of marbles to slow these guys at key spots.

Stuff like that. You're clever, I bet you've got a few ideas.
No. 988522 ID: a59168

Get back in there and try using the boxes in there to bypass it.

You can try to split up inside. The monster will go one way, and the other person can then shoot it in its back to draw attention, allowing both of you to pass it and enter the facility.
No. 989257 ID: ca2950
File 161439389404.png - (164.56KB , 1024x768 , town39.png )

I move up into the door. I can't see any sign of the big one, but a bunch of little ones are milling around in there.

"Keimi! Be careful!" Alex calls after me.

"I'm just looking. Don't worry."

Hmm... I wish I had more training than watching that action movie last night.
No. 989260 ID: 0fae41

Really, really make sure that thing isn't waiting for you inside. Then try and sneak past these small fries, this isn't a chokepoint and bullets ain't cheap.
No. 989261 ID: b1b4f3

Peek around the corners. If the small fries rush you, shoot them.
No. 989271 ID: ded098

Shoot the small fries, DO NOT peek inside that’s one easy way to get eaten by a giant monster just out of eyeshot.
No. 989315 ID: e2f5cc

slowly maneuver around to the right of the door to see if there's anything in your current blindspot to the left
No. 989326 ID: 42f146

Guerilla tactics?
Shoot 1, maybe 2.
Tactical retreat.
No. 989330 ID: ca2950
File 161445944151.png - (85.80KB , 1024x768 , town40.png )

The left front corner looks clear, but the one standing in the middle is making noise now.
It probably noticed me, since I'm kind of in the open.
No. 989345 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, great. They're lookouts. Well, rush off to the side into cover so they can't see you anymore.
Keep peeking around corners, trying to find the big one. Also don't forget to look at the ceiling.
No. 989353 ID: a59168

Was there a way to get in there without being noticed?

Tell Alex about the plan. Whatever it is :o

I think it might be a good idea to take out these spotters.
No. 989390 ID: afe7de

Maybe shoot the small fries and look up at the ceiling and hope it doesent come crashing down on top of you.
No. 989446 ID: d34603

Got a shot? How's ammo? If you've got some to spare, take care of smaller targets that advertise themselves, and more importantly, you. You can always go back to the cold if things get too hot, and you should abuse that for all it's worth while you can. Fight smart, not fair.
No. 989463 ID: 5b0071

A scout and a distraction. Shoot it. Don't need its noise covering up freaky critter movement in the darkness.
No. 990081 ID: 15a025

Shoot the little bugger.
No. 990441 ID: ca2950
File 161529331246.png - (97.12KB , 855x768 , town41.png )

The two hoppity things that are visible get shot down before they can do any damage and we're all clear, except for the giant thing that's obviously still here somewhere and who knows what else.
No. 990442 ID: 680982

Let's gooooooooooooooooo
No. 990447 ID: e51896

Hiw did we lose track of such a giant creature...

Wait a moment...

Look behind and above you. Maybe it crawled on the wall/ceiling
No. 990469 ID: b1b4f3

Reposition. Then wait and watch where the lookouts were. The big one should arrive where the noises happened.
No. 990515 ID: 894419

Def check the ceiling. In a horror movie/game that would be the most dramatic place it could be. The camera could get a shot of you moving forward oblivious to the hulking monstrosity descending from behin. Keep that head on a swivel; avoid death by trope!
No. 990578 ID: afe7de

Check the ceiling for a monster ambush.
No. 993596 ID: ca2950
File 161697591587.png - (273.76KB , 1024x768 , town42.png )

I look up and don't see anything on the ceiling, but don't see anything crawling around up there.
There is some more hiding behind the containers, though.

Keimi is attacked by a hopper!
The attack misses.

Keimi attacks the monster.
The gunshot deals 53 damage.
The hopper is slain.

The giant thing skitters out from behind the container piles and rushes at Alex!

Alex shoots the monster for 68 damage.
The giant monster slams into Alex.
Alex is critically hit for 45 damage!

Alex now suffers 20 stamina drain when he takes an action.

He manages to shoot it, but it smashes into him with its big tusk things.

"Alex! Are you alright!?" I yell.
Alex is staggered, but manages to stay on his feet.
"Yeah, I'm just a little bashed up. Don't worry."

Alex starts moving again and seems to be able to avoid that beak. It's too awkward to get him while he can still move.

It's really starting to sink in how super dangerous this is.

"Should we run?" I ask.
"We should be okay. I'm just starting to get the blood pumping."

Alex: Health 90/135 Stamina 112/127 Keimi: Health 90/90 Stamina 155/155
No. 993600 ID: b1b4f3

Another round of gunfire, try aiming for its eyes. Also avoid crossfire.
No. 993617 ID: e51896

Alex: shoot eyes
Keimi, is there any way to climb those large crates like a ladder? if so, see if you can get to higher ground and shoot from up there. Otherwise, shoot from behind. Or do both!
No. 993618 ID: afe7de

Alex: Back up, it's too close, you're not sure you can take it down with a shot from this close without suffering more.
Keimi: Find high ground and fire a shot at it.
No. 993632 ID: dcdd1c

Woo, yeah! Eat that guy! Just keep rushing him and flail your tentacles some more. You've got this!
No. 994040 ID: 8090b2

How do you fight a monster that has no health bar? This fight is rigged! Also, why does Keimi have higher stamina than Alex? Is she actually good at some physical activity?

Alex get some distance and only shoot once you're safely outside melee distance.
Keimi try to stay behind the giant thing and shoot it in weak point, its pooper.
But if another round of shots doesn't slow it down, we should just run past it and into the lab. Since it's bleeding, it would probably die off soon anyway.
No. 994044 ID: ca2950
File 161723070780.png - (115.31KB , 700x768 , town43.png )

I get up on the containers while Alex falls back. Now I have a good vantage point to shoot the thing.

All I have to do is line up the shot.
No. 994045 ID: ca2950
File 161723079737.png - (52.57KB , 947x534 , town44.png )

Three loud reports echo through the warehouse, which is strange, because I only pulled the trigger once and I don't have that many bullets loaded.

All the shots slam into the creature, at least.
No. 994046 ID: ca2950
File 161723094657.png - (123.61KB , 1024x768 , town45.png )

The creature sputters and shakes and collapses on the floor with a wet thud and starts leaking copious amounts of slimy, green ichor which forms a large pool around its body.

I think we won and nobody got hurt... You know, too much.
No. 994051 ID: b1b4f3

Alright see if you can patch Alex up a bit. And finish off the stragglers.
No. 994052 ID: ca2950
File 161723259030.png - (214.06KB , 1024x1127 , town46.png )

I can hear footsteps coming closer and a female voice calling out.

"What the hell are you doing? I am really sure you're not allowed to be in here at the best of times."

I think we might be in trouble, but she doesn't look like she's military. I'm pretty sure she's a Hunter.

It's weird that they would call in outside help for something like this and it makes it hard to get a read on the situation.
Is it not as bad as I thought and they're just having a few mercenaries do the dirty work or is it worse than I thought and they need to reinforce their numbers with outsiders?

Nothing about this seems to be handled very well.
No. 994071 ID: 92b744

We believe the military is covering up what happened in the university. We saw these things trying to get out and no one was doing anything about it, so we took care of it. Also My mother and her secretary were in the university when this happend, and i plan to find out what is going on and save them.

Also, fuck this things, they almost killed me.
No. 994095 ID: df76b1

touch fluffy tail
No. 994139 ID: 19da02

This. Times a million.
No. 994159 ID: 5cc67d

Oh wow, would you look at that, i didn't notice the big red letters saying end of FUCKING chapter.
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