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File 156836031324.gif - (138.26KB , 1500x1200 , THE HUNTING BEGINS.gif )
944938 No. 944938 ID: d91ef0

A Oregon trail stylized RPG, A limited copy that you, the player have got your hands on.

Let's begin the Hunt!
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No. 944939 ID: 0efe8e

settings, always make sure you've got the settings right before you start a game.
No. 944940 ID: 3ed3c3

Actually, let's check the settings first. We may want to check our controls and make sure the graphics are how we like them.
No. 944941 ID: 9c4f92

Don't forget to set up the text speed. That's important.
No. 944942 ID: 094652

Make sure this isn't one of those "you die in the game you die in the meta-game" cartridges.

Check settings:
Subtitles for EVERYTHING
English Sub, Japanese Dub
Disable Parental Filter
Enable Gore Filter
Enhanced Edition
Enhance Knockers
No. 944944 ID: 9876c4

I can't help but wonder whether we'll be hunting busses or hunting from a bus.

That's going to severely affect my equipment choices.
No. 944947 ID: 977456

Better check the credits too, but turn on the euclidian and immemetic filters first.
No. 944962 ID: e7c7d3

Do a quick check around the computer room to make sure the teacher isn't paying attention. Though you're sure you could convince them that this falls under as an "educational game."

Then let's begin the hunt!
No. 944971 ID: 8306c1

Remember, this is just a video game, nothing that happens here will interfere with real life, or at least that's how it should be...
No. 944976 ID: d91ef0
File 156840787824.png - (13.57KB , 1000x1000 , 21353231.png )


The screen flickers to a new screen.

Brightness(Recommended you don't since this is on a 3 colour scheme.)

Gore(Some scenes depict a disturbing drawing, It's set on the highest one so you'll be able to see it in its full true depiction)

Family friendly mode (A setting to make the language less offensive to a more E rated, It's set on Hunter mode, The full experience.)

Voice Language (Surprisingly, There's only two more languages available-English and Canadian English Eh?)

VIBRATION (Extreme control vibrations, Might cause broken limbs and bad diarrhea)
No. 944977 ID: f7ff14

May God have mercy on us all, this is going to be a bloodbath!
No. 944978 ID: 0efe8e

Well this all seems in order, I suppose we should watch the credits, see if we recognize any voice actors, art directors, or any of the design team.
No. 944979 ID: 977456

Set voice language to English and try clicking on the three corners that don't have "back" and also scrolling beyond the visible options, page up and page downing, and doing so wile speaking in tongues.
No. 944980 ID: b3c4cf

Enter the secret code: PREY

So we play as a prey instead of the hunter :P
No. 944984 ID: 0fae41

Change settings to English and Constantly Violent.
No. 944985 ID: 9876c4

(Fear and loathing)
We're not here to play Paddington's Frottage Adventure.
No. 944987 ID: d91ef0
File 156841113455.png - (25.98KB , 976x984 , daad.png )

>Cheat codes?, Secrets?
Of course not, This isn't fnaf levels of secrets its a game from the 80's.

HOWEVER, A pop up comes up to confirm 'P R E Y' To be invalid.

You've discovered a Cheat code screen!

>Settings have changed to ENGLISH

>Vibration has been turned off.

Do you want to return to the menu?
No. 944990 ID: b3c4cf

Try codes:
No. 944992 ID: eeb7d9

>VIBRATION (Extreme control vibrations, Might cause broken limbs and bad diarrhea)
Care to run that one by me again?

Cheat code:
On the title screen, press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, A, B, START
No. 944994 ID: ad51b8

let's play
No. 944995 ID: 9876c4

No. 944996 ID: 0efe8e

Oh shit, a window that tells us if we get a code right? That means its time to break out every possible sequence of numbers and letters to see what works, but we should start with the common codes, like BIGHEAD, NIGHTMARE, or X-X!V''Q
No. 944997 ID: d91ef0
File 156841587293.png - (20.76KB , 976x984 , daad.png )

One sequence has been accepted.
The word Hunt.
Xp is doubled during Battles
Good job!

Want to start the game now?
No. 944998 ID: 692ca6

sure, let's get hunting
No. 944999 ID: b3c4cf

No regrets!
No. 945000 ID: 3ed3c3

The Hunt Begins
No. 945001 ID: d91ef0
File 156841752189.png - (54.14KB , 1500x1200 , Pick a hunter!.png )

Moving back to the main menu, You hit HUNT
Three options appear in the screen.
Select you're character!

Roll call (Default hunters.)

HUNTER CREATION ( make YOUR own hunter! )

Scenarios (Basicly DLC separate stories to choose from, A soilder , A girl and a apocalyptic survivor)
No. 945002 ID: b3c4cf

Roll call.
No. 945005 ID: 3ed3c3

>Roll Call
Let's see what's on the menu.
No. 945006 ID: 8fb3ba

Roll Call
No. 945007 ID: e3a17d

No. 945008 ID: 094652

View pre-generated hunters then create your own based on a template.
No. 945010 ID: 977456

Hunter Creation. Put all points into int and be a glass-cannon wizard(Mcguyvering Gadgets qualifies). That is always the best way!
No. 945022 ID: 9876c4

Probably this
No. 945038 ID: ce39da

This our first time playing? At least look at the roll call if we’re going in blind.
No. 945049 ID: d91ef0
File 156846635953.png - (192.79KB , 1000x1000 , defaultchoose.png )


A set of 20 Faces appear on screen, Once you choose one. The game begins.

Default Hunters come with their own ability's, disabilities and a profession to their stats. Hunter Creation will let you choose you're own including a profession to boost your stats.

[i]Scenarios will be less forgiving, and force you to undergo difficult perks,(Included with:Unexplained text, Loss of vision, the color blue and Canadian ghosts.)
No. 945051 ID: 0efe8e

I like the look of georgie.
No. 945052 ID: f7ff14

No. 945054 ID: b3c4cf

In order of my preference:
No. 945056 ID: 015bf2

Sydney or Georgie, as they at least appear to have (or could have) eyes.
No. 945062 ID: 8d4593

Jeffery gets me hard, but Georgie is my spirit animal.
No. 945066 ID: 9876c4

Teddy Jeffrey and Marty all look like consummate professionals.
No. 945069 ID: f2183d

View: Lyndon, Conny, Nick
No. 945074 ID: d91ef0
File 156849427948.png - (194.06KB , 1000x1000 , defaultchoose.png )


Is this the hunter you wish to be?

Y? N?
No. 945075 ID: b3c4cf

Hats with faces seem to be popular so... Y
No. 945076 ID: 977456

N We gotta be Sydney or Old Man Henderson Bryant.
Whoops, my bad!
>Canadian ghosts
We need to go back and get scenario.
No. 945078 ID: 9876c4

Is Georgie smiling, or is he very overweight with a blank expression?

if 1, swap for Teddy.
if 2, accept.
No. 945079 ID: ce39da

Might as well pick one. Y
No. 945088 ID: 8d4593

Oh he's deffo smiling.
I can't tell if He's an autist or a psychopath.
I hope for both.

No. 945096 ID: 15a025

No. 945100 ID: 0efe8e

No. 945106 ID: 977456

... Try the cheat code "Huntress".
No. 945107 ID: d91ef0
File 156853213527.png - (32.07KB , 976x1452 , Georgie!.png )

The Hunt begins.

Here's your hunters stats
Georgies stats

Carrier(Characters are defaulted with only two inventory slots, Georgie can have an extra slot.)

Loaded(During the game, You will enter a turn base battle with enemy's, Attack, Defend, Item, Flee and Move are your actions to compact against them and in this case-Georgie at the start of every battle, can increase the damage of an attack with his ranged weapon.)

Limp Leg(Moving in battle is your next important thing, The closer you are to the enemy-You're damage increases, All Hunters normally can move 2 spaces-Georgie suffers the disadvantage of only moving 1 space per turn.)

Trippy view(For unexplained reasons, Georgie will be constantly under hallucinations- This can be extremely annoying and damage your Sanity meter-Only using Medication can put the monsters at bay)

(If you have any questions then go ahead!, I can answer.)
No. 945108 ID: d91ef0
File 156853232253.png - (14.60KB , 1000x1000 , chapter1.png )

'The snowball Fight'

(Included with a short tutorial to battles, Choices and teammates!)
No. 945109 ID: 9876c4

I'm completely sold on Georgie now.
No. 945110 ID: 0efe8e

This is gonna be fun, let's go
No. 945111 ID: 977456

Oh yeah! Let's tut all over this orial! Snow has the best bears!
No. 945112 ID: b3c4cf

What are the victory conditions?
No. 945119 ID: d91ef0

It's 27 years before the Hunting bus, December 12th, After a heavy snow day everyone is gathered around for the annual snow fight-It's the last few left on the battle field, Your arch enemy's gathered in the middle of the cul-de-sac. They're looking for Georgie!

Hidden behind one of the houses as you ready your snowballs for the biggest fight, You look around hearing a voice.

-Two of your friends Billy and Sammie (Low XP easy)

-A crying fat kid (average XP medium)

-The bullies calling you out (high XP hard)
No. 945120 ID: d91ef0
File 156856556920.png - (87.97KB , 1460x1442 , snowday.png )

No. 945122 ID: b3c4cf

We can take on those bullies alone!
No. 945124 ID: d91ef0
File 156856780428.png - (21.10KB , 710x655 , JOJOREFERENCE.png )

( OKAY H A R D M O D E )


that sick burn took -1hp off you

Time to smackdown those losers!
No. 945125 ID: b3c4cf

We should definitely attack them pre-emptively. Knock out at least one of them.
No. 945138 ID: 977456

"Awww, cute line. Did your mother teach you that? No, wait, she's too stupid for that."
Am I doing this right?
Try to set an ambush. Snowball to the face then a shoulder-charge into their ribs before turning around to shoulder-charge another one into the wall.
No. 945141 ID: 9876c4

We need more snow.

Can we lead them under an awning or roof then topple it?
I oppose a straight up fight, as bullies tend to be big.
No. 945207 ID: d91ef0
File 156870194885.png - (129.60KB , 2636x2584 , uyhj.png )

The adults are encouraging the kids to go look for you, And they have heard the sounds of fresh snow crunches approaching, They'll be here in seconds.

(Sometimes if you choose the correct choice you can avoid battles)

-Reveal yourself (Enter the battle mode.)

-Hit the roof

-Throw a brick at them
No. 945209 ID: 77e37e

Brick- now, forever, and always.
No. 945210 ID: 0efe8e

We already know that Georgie is kinda "off" so I kinda wanna go for a brick inside a snowball.
No. 945213 ID: 9876c4

If we were Jeffery, we'd totally approach this tactically.

But yes, Georgie goes for Brick.
No. 945217 ID: 8d4593

Pack the brick in snow.
No. 945218 ID: 094652

Hit the roof with a rock and then sneak away.
No. 945220 ID: b3c4cf

This being a snow fight, I think throwing a brick at them would immediately get you disqualified.

I think that we should use the brick as a distraction. So the course of actions that I would vote on is:
1. Throw a brick to the other side of the house you're hiding behind. This will distract them and maybe make them take cover near the house.
2. Hit the roof while they're distracted. If we're lucky, it will cause the snow to fall down onto or near them, enhancing the distraction
3. Pre-emptive attack
No. 945247 ID: d91ef0
File 156875237910.png - (24.66KB , 1460x1442 , sdaadsadas.png )


There was no point pulling off some fancy spy trick to throw this brick at them.
It only took half of Georgies strength to throw the brick at one of the kids.

The brick cleaves the kids underdeveloped skull wide open, bits of flesh covered the ground by now.

There's no more cheering for the kids or the others-Only the sounds of wailing and screeching, Of course you got out of there since you don't want to be beaten to a pulp.

The memory of just a honest game was ruined because of a strange need to throw bricks, Maybe it was the thrill that got to you and maybe you got TOO into the game.

But you like playing those games.
No. 945251 ID: d91ef0
File 156875335296.png - (31.65KB , 1232x1088 , gfhfghfghfhg.png )

It's a day before the Hunting bus, Around the start of summer. Georgie is spending the morning by the cast iron heater's beautiful red flame.

A mailman has put a letter through the door, You're not expecting mail.

Feed it to the fire.

Get ready for work.

Read it.
No. 945252 ID: 9876c4

No. 945253 ID: b3c4cf

Georgie likes unexpected things. Read it.
No. 945254 ID: 0efe8e

Read that letter, the unexpected is the spice of life.
No. 945258 ID: 8d4593

NeW fRiEnDs
No. 945260 ID: d91ef0
File 156876051947.png - (58.44KB , 1232x1088 , adsadasdw.png )


Flipping open the letter, It was the application you signed up for summer. A bunch of poachers just going to a campground- that's what you think.

There's another knock at the door It's louder and urgent, who could it be?

Threaten them off with your trusty gun

Open it

Ignore the knocking
No. 945261 ID: b3c4cf

It's morning right now and the letter says they'll be here in the morning. Does this mean the ones knocking on the door could be them?
Also, if the Hunting bus is tomorrow, does this mean this letter is for some other trip, but just happened to arrive at this time? Hmm.

Grab your gun and open the door.
No. 945263 ID: 8d4593

Open dat door
No. 945264 ID: 094652

Grab your gun, then open the door but from the wall.
No. 945265 ID: 0efe8e

might as well answer the door.
No. 945273 ID: 977456

Open fire
Open door
Move object@door to fire
Enjoy barbecue.
No. 945347 ID: d91ef0
File 156883797405.png - (49.71KB , 1312x1240 , dasadsadasdasd.png )

>gun door

Georgie bursts open the door and pressed the barrel against the intruders head.

The old strange man screams in panic

You question why he is here.

He immediately calms down to explain if hes ready.

For what you ask.

The Hunting Bus.

Clearly excited as you are you pack your things and leave your cozy home to the bus down the dirt-path.
No. 945348 ID: d91ef0
File 156883844427.png - (8.74KB , 1000x1000 , hnvbnbvnvbn.png )


(a proper introduction to fighting and dialogue)
No. 945351 ID: f7633e

Ask if he's done this before.
No. 945352 ID: 977456

Ugh, rabbits? Hit the Any key to skip this scene.
No. 945353 ID: d91ef0
File 156884024924.png - (53.29KB , 1312x1240 , dwasd.png )

Have you done this before?

For decades ive worked for the Hunting Bus, It is our final summer together unfortunately-Some men put the main base into a investigation-By the end of Summer they'll catch us like prey.

You have no idea what this old mans on about.

You question him why even bother with a test?, Wasn't I the most experienced?

We're not hunting Rabbits, See that house over there?-We're going to give them a visit.

A lone cottage sits peacefully on the hilltop, No signs of any life though.
No. 945354 ID: 9876c4

Let's get a vantage point and use our game call.

Uh, it might have to be modified.
No. 945355 ID: a13082

Ask him what does he have in mind with "a visit". And why.
No. 945358 ID: b1b4f3

Details please. We gonna kill the people living there? Any particular reason?
No. 945363 ID: 977456

Sneak through the fog and climb the tree for an elite vantage point!
No. 945370 ID: 8d4593

"Sound's Fun."
Don't ask why.
Fun is fun, afterall.
No. 945386 ID: d91ef0
File 156887464102.png - (46.89KB , 1000x1000 , 43241-52 - Copy.png )


"You move up to the hill over there, I'll try and see if i can get a shot, My names Derrick by the way George."

A hunter usually performs two actions per turn. Georgie can only move short distances. Derrick can move faster, and reach areas in shorter turns.

Derrick carries a sniper can use his scope to reveal the inside of buildings, Highlighting enemy's and objectives-if there is a window or a open entrance that is.
No. 945387 ID: 977456

Well we can only move one unit anyway, so may as well take all of the movement debuffs. Crawl through the tall grass towards the house's door.
No. 945392 ID: a13082

End turn!
No. 945399 ID: 9876c4

Um yeah. Let's reveal the inside of the abode, then.

Absolutely no reason to break cover. This isn't melee (yet)
No. 945416 ID: 977456

>>945399True, but we get double-damage on the first shot. Less range equals more damage. We are slow so we can't control the battle's duration, so we need to focus upon damage efficiency with respect to time. Ergo: Blitz'em!
No. 945436 ID: cc1e4b

Reveal the inside and go from there
No. 945440 ID: d91ef0
File 156895068807.png - (41.92KB , 1000x1000 , 43241-52 - Copy (2).png )

Turn 1

Georgie moves up the hill

Derrick reveals the inside of the house

"I've got visual on one enemy, Armed."

(Enemys of the Hunting Bus come in all shapes and sizes, These enemies will not be able to see you unless you make the first shot or get in their line of sight.)

"Come down the hill and meet me halfway by the tree."
No. 945441 ID: a99707

Might be smarter to move along the top and towards the door? Will be harder to spot and you can cover the door if he makes a break for it.
No. 945442 ID: b1b4f3

Derrick: move to a good position, then both can open fire.
No. 945453 ID: a13082

Come downhill and hug Derrick.
No. 945533 ID: d91ef0
File 156910473731.png - (42.42KB , 1000x1000 , 43241-52 - Copy (2).png )

Turn 1 - Enemy turn - Turn 2

Enemy walks out of the house.

"Shit, he's coming over here-I'll take a shot!

(If a enemy sees you, they'll shoot you-duh, You will enter a limp state and lose 1 action point if you only-And loose 10hp each turn until your mended by a hunter/Use of a med-kit.)

(To see if a shot hits or misses, A coin toss will determine its outcome.)


"Save your hugs for after the fight georgie.
No. 945535 ID: a13082

Shoot the enemy in the knee.
No. 945536 ID: 9876c4
File 156910577988.png - (100.61KB , 500x500 , 156910473731-2.png )

>Double Dubs
Still learning the system but here's the gist of it.
No. 945699 ID: d91ef0
File 156930789740.png - (22.19KB , 823x949 , dsadasdsada.png )

Derrick gets lucky, and shoots the enemy between the eyes!


"Let's grab the goods in the house before his crew comes back.
No. 945700 ID: 094652

"I'm not going to ask about our targets' angsty history; we wouldn't be here if we didn't want to murder them. But I just want to know: do they know that we exist?"
No. 945701 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, get in there.
No. 945703 ID: a13082

His crew?
No. 945704 ID: 977456

Examine the target. Just check there pulse, review the wound, nibble a little, grab their wallet: standard kill-confirmation stuff.
No. 945713 ID: 9876c4

A loaded pistol might be useful in our line of play.
No. 945714 ID: eeb7d9

Are you any good with pistols? You can take those too.
No. 945754 ID: d91ef0
File 156940550134.png - (26.79KB , 713x704 , dsq1qdd.png )

"The Black canvas crew, Robbers, They've been robbing the area around your location." Derrick replied

You and the old man loot the house update down, It seems like this was one of the crew's small gathering posts with all the loot inside

You have obtained:
10 dynamite sticks
2 Large medkits
1 Pistol(Loaded)
and one chocolate bar

(Sidearms like Pistols will be in your backup if you need to take a target from a distance.)

"We should head back to the Bus, I should introduce you to the others."
No. 945756 ID: 7ebbf9

What's the chocolate for?
No. 945757 ID: a13082

Eat the chocolate bar and return.
No. 945759 ID: 9876c4

The chocolate is for woods survival.
No. 945763 ID: 094652

Bury the body halfway in the woods and set a trap using the dynamite. Come back later and claim wolf meat.
No. 945785 ID: 977456

Why wait for blasted wolf when there is long-pork right here and fresh?
No. 945839 ID: 094652

Because human blood has human hormones which means you're poisoning yourself with the most effective human-affecting neurotoxin in the world (but not practical because it takes too long to work and perishes quickly). Not to mention all the diseases, especially after you shot the brain.

Oh, and don't eat anything you shot with lead bullets.
No. 945988 ID: d91ef0
File 156968493718.png - (38.57KB , 2104x2256 , the bus.png )

>Eat chocolate bar
Upon opening it, It looked oddly darker than dark chocolate, Like oil black, Black enough that no reflection is on your hands, Biteing into it however felt suspiciously normal-Tasted like white chocolate...
You gain 5+hp.

The bus is camped at a open field in the forest, The old man leads you there.

"Go in and make yourself at home, We'll be moving to our next mission soon.

You step in.
No. 945989 ID: d91ef0
File 156968526004.png - (632.00KB , 2860x3192 , fgfdgd.png )

A loud distorted beep of an error rings out from the TV. The image is distorted-And text runs off the screen.

Georgie is freaking out
No. 945991 ID: 977456

>white chocolate
Ew. It is time to get our stomach pumped.

Regardless, this is Georgie's problem. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery.
No. 945993 ID: b1b4f3

Smack the TV a couple times.
No. 945998 ID: e6c422

Just think about your fireplace.
No. 946000 ID: 094652

Well whatever, yay for stat bonuses. You did eat a permanent stat increase and not a health potion, right? Right?!

>Loud bus
Sing along and cover your ears. If they don't care about their deaf tone, neither with you!
No. 946004 ID: 9876c4

Yeah, Georgie should sing along with whatever he THINKS the song in question is.

If you don't know the words, don't be afraid to make em up.
No. 946011 ID: b1b4f3

Song? What song? Are we reading the same update? Maybe there's some shenanigans going on...
Mine says:
"A loud distorted beep of an error rings out from the TV. The image is distorted-And text runs off the screen.

Georgie is freaking out"
No. 946021 ID: 9876c4

Kome thinks that Georgie can sing along to something and I decided to roll with it. IDK.
No. 946092 ID: eeb7d9

There's always a song hidden in the noise. Just have to pay attention.
No. 946224 ID: d91ef0
File 156996878814.png - (15.75KB , 1000x1000 , uhjhghjhjjh.png )

A violent shake and the color and imagery jolts back into the black white and red we all know, Georgie is surprisingly fine, With a bloody nose-You can taste the metallic from it.

"Hes alive!" The red bearded man said

>A song?

Georgie asks about the 'song' to the mustached man.

"What song?"

"The buzzing-the buzzing can't you hear?, The noises behind our ears are ever so near!"

Most the bus isn't paying attention to Georgie's questionable ranting-Maybe its time to stop.


Try talking to `The red bearded man`.

Talk to the Man with the mustache.
No. 946225 ID: a01d4b

The song, the song!
No. 946228 ID: b1b4f3

Talk to the beard.
No. 946231 ID: eeb7d9

No. 946233 ID: 9876c4

That's one mesmerizing 'stache. Lets try to make a friend.
No. 946239 ID: 977456

Cross your eyes.
No. 946252 ID: 094652

>What song
The RRROADTRIP song, duh!
No. 946427 ID: d91ef0
File 157018504695.png - (39.73KB , 1216x1194 , happy.png )


The ranting turned into just mad talking-barely readable gibberish-They see you for who you really are-A crazy old man.

There's a rule that states in the hunting bus if a hunter went crazy or rebelled they were to be killed on the spot to not disrupt the mission. They're arming up better get ready because your going into the biggest fight.

You are now hostile with the hunting bus.

Objective: SURVIVE
No. 946428 ID: 873687

Welp, this playthrough failed. Time to switch player characters!
No. 946431 ID: d91ef0
File 157018616826.png - (26.87KB , 1216x1194 , dfdsfdsfds.png )

Georgie equips his shotgun-Ready for the kill.

Most of the bus has left, Yavuz stays in the back of the bus.

(It'll be more difficult shooting enemy's behind cover!, Throw one of your dynamite sticks at the enemy!)
No. 946432 ID: 7ebbf9

How sturdy are these seats? Just shoot him through it.
No. 946435 ID: 9876c4
File 157018806302.png - (32.23KB , 1216x1194 , HB157018616826.png )

You fucking guys...!

2 actions, 2 tosses.
No. 946452 ID: 81cd19

Survive? That's simple. Get a hold of yourself.

Tell them it was a joke. Put the gun away and take a seat.
No. 946458 ID: 8d4593

I mean, he just threw two grenades.
Hop over the seat in front of you. You're still in range of those.
No. 946460 ID: 81cd19

That was a suggestion, not an update.
No. 946464 ID: 9876c4

It was late, and I should've spoilered, sorry.
No. 946465 ID: b1b4f3

God damn it are you serious?

Just kill yourself so we can start over with one of the predefined scenarios.
No. 946466 ID: 977456

We are really really close and using long-barrelled weapons. Even with our speed penalty I think we can charge and knock their gun out of alignment.
No. 946471 ID: eeb7d9

Well, if we didn't threw the dynamite yet, we can throw one stick but unlit, as a distraction. Then run away from the enemy. Or wait for him to get out of cover and shoot him.
No. 946474 ID: 9876c4

The issue is not the one armed man here, but the dozens outside.
A decisive response is required.
No. 946483 ID: d91ef0
File 157023206421.png - (22.43KB , 1216x1194 , vbnhvbnbv.png )

The Dynamite throw gets reversed, As the lit stick hits your face you realize that maybe you shouldn't of let your outbursts get the better of you, Even if you are Georgie.


The explosion extremely kills Georgie, luckily it barely left a dent on the bus, Only the bloody guts, the ragged cloth clothes and equipment of whatever is left of the crazed hunter.

As the dust settles, The player needs a new Hunter at the end of it all, And that would be Yavuz, The hunter who killed Georgie.

You are now Yavuz.
No. 946485 ID: 0efe8e

R.I.P. Georgie, we didn't deserve him.
No. 946486 ID: b1b4f3

Alright go tell the others the culling is finished, now's time for cleanup. Georgie was pretty big so you're gonna need help with that.
No. 946487 ID: 81cd19

RIP Hunter Georgie. We hardly knew ye.

Alright Yavuz. Check stats.
No. 946490 ID: eeb7d9

Hello there Yavuz. Happy to make your acquaintance. What are your abilities? Can you salvage something from the corpse next to you?
No. 946492 ID: 8d4593

Somehow the dynamite didn't liquify our insides despite the fact that we're in an enclosed space with it.

Are we some sort of tank?
No. 946496 ID: 977456

Well, first thing is first! Flex for the camera!
No. 946566 ID: d91ef0
File 157030356705.png - (41.63KB , 976x1452 , Georgie!.png )

Yavuz's Stats.

Light footed(Faster than the average speed.)

Quick-shot(Once your turn ends, enemies might miss their attacks, Yavuz can get a chance to dodge.)

Flammable Skin(Contact with flame or explosions are more lethal, Better watch out for them!)

Wait whos that?(Yavuz is being chased by a unknown individual,Cops?,Mafia?-Who knows.-You must be one step ahead of them at all times-Do not stop moving.)
No. 946567 ID: 8d4593

Oh dear lord. Georgie didn't die because he was crazy, this guy just thought he was ONE OF THEM.

Oh Yes.
This will be a clusterfuck.
Let's fucking do this.
No. 946569 ID: eeb7d9

Well, again, check Georgie's remains and take what ever is intact. Then inform your companions that the traitor is dead.
No. 946576 ID: 977456

Argh! Can't be still! Stillness is death! Musical Chairs Time!!!
No. 946577 ID: 81cd19

Good thing you're on a moving bus. So, where we goin?
No. 946583 ID: 9876c4

Help yourself to Georgie's belongings and whistle to get the bus moving again.
No. 946778 ID: d91ef0
File 157058117245.png - (26.27KB , 1000x1000 , dfsfdsfsfsd.png )

Georgie's mangled, burnt up body would be put into a shallow grave where no man would find them.
And of course, You being Yavuz-A bold fellow took some of Georgie's loot.
-1 Large med-kit
-2 dynamite sticks.

The bus moves along from the forest, heading to the nearby town of Vonkaknizar. A town that's only population comes from a nearby highway that has to pass through the town.

The old man, Derrick calls you over.
"Hey, Fat man-Look at the posts!"
No. 946780 ID: d91ef0
File 157058180685.png - (32.96KB , 1000x1000 , gvbnh.png )

Four job posts were laid on the table, The old man told you to pick-And the other vultures will take the other jobs.

A- A wanted man.

B- A missing woman.

C- A urban legend capture

D- A luxury item request (Unfortunately you ate it already.)

(Choose wisely. . .)
No. 946781 ID: 0fc120

C. The legend!
No. 946785 ID: eeb7d9

>D- A luxury item request (Unfortunately you ate it already.)
... Are you trying to take the piss?

>A- A wanted man.
Now this i like. Nothing better than a good old fashioned manhunt.
No. 946786 ID: 977456

B! We need to put that poor lost lady out of her misery.
No. 946788 ID: 9876c4

I like B. Nothing like a little uh...humanitarian work.
No. 946792 ID: 06341d

Go with A. C seems like a wild goose chase, while it's clear none of these guys are fit to do any sort of humanitarian work, thus when that old lady dies, it AIN'T gonna be OUR fault.
No. 946793 ID: 094652

A seems simple enough. You need better gear to take on better prey.
No. 946837 ID: d91ef0
File 157066387098.png - (89.48KB , 1668x1844 , dsfg21.png )

So you want to track down a man?
The rest pick their jobs and go their own ways to the town-Of course no one did the chocolate offer.

Three Hunters-Emmet(A tall duck breeder/poacher.), Isaak-(A old hermit with a itchy trigger finger) and Bryant-(An X-Military pilot during the Vietnamese war.) choose to join with you, as long you share the reward.

"We can try and catch him at his last known spot-A old laundry place. -Killers always go back to the scene of the crime."-Emmet says.

"Very man knows not to show their face in the town-He would be hiding somewhere up the mountain nearby."-Isaak says.

"Hey i swore my cousin saw him at the local bowling alley-Huge beard right?-Let's nab him on the spot!-Bryant says.

Who's decision do you want to go with?
No. 946838 ID: b1b4f3

Well he's not a killer and he doesn't have a huge beard.
Let's check the mountain.
No. 946839 ID: 094652

Make sure Isaak stays AHEAD of you.
No. 946840 ID: 8d4593

Emmet is an idiot...
Isaak's got the right idea, though the isolation puts you at risk.
Bryant is setting you up for an ambush.

Go with Isaak's plan, and get friendly with him while keeping an eye on Bryant. Once you're on the mountain, manipulate the old Coot into shooting Bryant. Predispose him to doing so by casting a suspicious light surreptitiously on Bryant as you get friendly with Isaak. Could be as simple as mentioning that something's just off with him. Shouldn't take much to work the old codger up.
No. 946841 ID: 9876c4

Assuming this is high attrition we should try to save Bryant, as he's the most salvageable PC.

Seems like we could hit the bowling alley on the way to the mountain, anyway.
No. 946926 ID: d91ef0
File 157084934038.png - (32.07KB , 1860x1800 , dssfd.png )

Isaak's plan.

Only a few feet up the hill and you spotted a eye-sore of a fortress, You can tell they're trouble by the guns and shady appearances.

From were you stand, They seem lightly armed with rifles and pistols-The front seems to be heavily guarded with a lot of henchmen.There's only one way out and that's the front gate. In the middle of the fortress stands a damaged tower of some sorts-Likely the bounty is hiding in there.

"We can pick them off from afar, they'll all be forced to go out from the front."-Emmet suggests

"He might have a backup plan encase there was trouble, We need to rush them by surprise so he won't have enough time to get away." Isaak suggests

"Jesus there's a lot of them!-hey why don't we use the boulders ON-TOP of the mountain eh?-We could destroy their fort in mere seconds AND get the bounty!-Or whats left of him." Bryant suggests

Who's plan shall you go with?
No. 946927 ID: 7ebbf9

Rush woo! Boulders are tempting but then it'll be hard to confirm the bounty.
No. 946939 ID: b1b4f3

Never rush a fortified position!
Try the boulders.
No. 946941 ID: 094652

You brought too many people for this job.

Do all three plans at once: Emmet begins sniping people, and when they take notice Bryant pushes a boulder, then you and Isaak bum rush the remainder. Push more boulders (or disarm them, that's very important) as needed, and regroup at the fort to finish off the stragglers.

Otherwise go with Bryant's plan. You get paid if he's dead, and no sense sending yourselves to die in a meat grinder.
No. 946942 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, all at once might actually work.
No. 946945 ID: 9876c4

Agreed. The time to win is before the lead starts flyin.
No. 946947 ID: d91ef0
File 157086613715.png - (106.61KB , 1928x1904 , 456556.png )

B o u l d e r s

The group heads to the tippy top of the mountain, and pushed the biggest rocks they could find-It required a little explosives but the payoff was worth it.

The boulders easily broke across the camp killing or destroying anything in its rolling distance. Explosions break out and quick gunfire.

You have successfully squished bounty.
No. 946949 ID: 9876c4

Guess we should go down and cut off a foot or an ear or something.
No. 946993 ID: 977456

Better confirm the Bon Scott impersonater's cause of death, and raid their surviving Akka Dakka collection.
No. 947007 ID: d91ef0
File 157092637884.png - (48.16KB , 1126x1082 , sdadasdasdasdsa.png )

The head was enough anyway.

All it took was brute strength and a dull knife to collect the reward, I'm sure the government would understand.

When the head was presented to the officals, they hesitated at first of: The fact that four men just came in and presented a bloody head, Or how they couldn't of just brought the body.

They promptly given you the money and sent you on your way.

No. 947009 ID: d91ef0
File 157092775211.png - (62.01KB , 1126x1082 , g2.png )

Just as you're about to ahead back to the bus, You spot a strange stone shrine. Five pure black stones, And a static television but you can see some images from were you stand, There's no outlet-Which is extremely worrying.

You're team is strangely disappeared too. Must've walked back to the bus.

Of course you knew this seemed like a trap, Walking once around the structure-Not a soul-You might should take whats remained.

Should you investigate the TV?
No. 947010 ID: 9876c4

Gotta know what happens if we do.
No. 947011 ID: eeb7d9

Sure, why not, a working TV in the middle of the forest. What could possibly go wrong?
No. 947012 ID: b1b4f3

Oh? Is this the end of the Hunting Bus quest already? I'm quite sure that TV will send us to HUESO.

It's up to the other suggesters if that's what we want. I feel like we should go a little further at least?
No. 947015 ID: 977456

The stones are black. Eat them!
No. 947020 ID: d91ef0
File 157093321129.png - (37.97KB , 1126x1082 , nhbnbmnbmb.png )

You took the TV.

Nothing supernatural happens, The TV's screen dims a number-Then blacks out.

You are okay.

You are Yavuz.

The TV gets sold for a decent price at $150 at a pawn shop-It's shuffled into the backroom for repairs.

You've got $4150, and feeling lucky that you aren't dead

Let's head back to the bus.
No. 947021 ID: d91ef0
File 157093419670.png - (131.63KB , 1126x1082 , bcnbbn.png )

The bus moves along the forest, Heading to the nearby down Vintinkab. A small-town isolated within the forest-Religious foke.

"Another job list!" The old man shouted.
No. 947023 ID: b1b4f3

That's either a 4 or a 11/1. 11/1 is the day after halloween, so that makes sense for a time limit...

Yeah? What have we got this time?
No. 947025 ID: d91ef0
File 157093694303.png - (83.19KB , 1126x1082 , bfhfhgfhfghf.png )

Three job posts were laid on the table, The old man told you to pick-And the other vultures will take the other jobs.

A-A bodyguard job.

B-A dog rescue

C-A strange funeral

(Choose wisely.)
No. 947026 ID: 8d4593

If it's posted here it ain't no normal dog.
This'll be fun.
No. 947028 ID: eeb7d9

We obviously have to pick the dog. B
No. 947039 ID: 977456

A: It is the most honest.
No. 947042 ID: 094652

A makes the most sense; you each get the same level of pay for more people and more people means less risk. Try to bring the whole bus along!
No. 947050 ID: 8d4593

But A wants a licensed firearm.
I doubt anyone on the hunting bus actually has LICENSED firearms.
No. 947052 ID: 9876c4

>4000 4 ways is better than 500 each.
No. 947058 ID: d91ef0
File 157099338328.png - (62.83KB , 1126x1082 , hjjhbmnn,mn,m.png )

A. The bodyguard.

The pastor of the church comes out to talk to, all of you.

"You are all here for the job?, Good-My Son Brian has been visiting a girl lately during the night. There is a residence that seems to be upset of my son's relationship with the girl."

They've taken away their only mother. Brian and his little sister Margret have been safe here up until now- They have found out that Brian is at my church-And are planning on taking him as well including his sister!-They're a big family-And they will all be here tonight to get him any means necessary!"

[b] "Please protect my church from these vengeful souls, I hope that god will be kind with the fate of our battle in this matter./b]

To make it simple, You and the gang will have to protect a child from a wave of a angry family, Every window and door has been boarded up but the front-They'll need to storm in through there.

four hunters suggest a approach.
No. 947059 ID: d91ef0
File 157099522730.png - (59.89KB , 1126x1082 , jklk,hj.png )

Four hunters suggest a plan, Nick-(A car dealer.) Lyndon-(A X-Private solider.) Quinton-(A technician) and Kristopher-(A old veteran.)Give you some advice to your next plan.

How about we give them $2000, That'll be enough for them to leave our friend alone, And we can get the full reward.-Nick suggests.

"Once we get rid of them, we're gonna need to go to their estate to make sure the whole party wont be coming after us."-Lyndon suggests.

"We only need to just kill the one's attacking, then we leave town as soon as the money is given to us." Quinton suggests

"I bet the whole town hates these foke, Why don't we tell the townsfoke to take on these troublemakers with us!-They will be overwhelmed!." Kristopher suggests

Who's Decision do you want to go with?
No. 947068 ID: 9876c4

Fanatics can't be reasoned with, and we're not being payed enough to wipe them out. Leaking the element of surprise is stupid.

Quinton's plan has no obvious holes, so that's my pick.
No. 947069 ID: 977456

Kristmas time!
>>947068 Surprise isn't much of a factor for a fixed defence.
Do the brats we're guarding know any more?
No. 947071 ID: 8d4593

Lyndon's right. The hunting bus has got enough enemies as it is, let's not leave loose ends here.
No. 947073 ID: 6f2e27

Supporting Lyndon's plan.
No. 947074 ID: 6f2e27

With the caveat, no non-combatants
No. 947084 ID: cc1e4b

No. 947088 ID: 094652

Hm. Bulletstorm in a church. This won't end well.

Here's an idea: how competent are the enemy at tracking? We should start by leading a trail away from the church; if it gets blown up we'll lose our payday. Then lead a false trail back to the fortress in all its gory glory. Finally, show them what happened.
No. 947123 ID: d91ef0
File 157110533612.png - (56.74KB , 1386x1550 , fdsfsfsdfsfsdfsd.png )

>No time for other plans, Lyndon's plan is NOW in motion!

"As soon as we take care of the attackers, we need to head up to the enemy estate-They'll need help.Isaak shouted.

Two trucks pull up to the church, You and Isaak rush out while the rest guards the inside.

No. 947124 ID: d91ef0
File 157110582938.png - (42.22KB , 1386x1560 , fg234 - Copy.png )

You and Isaak take cover in-front of a barrier, Four enemy's are parked out in-front of the church.

Objective: Kill the attackers
Keep Issak alive.
No. 947127 ID: 9876c4
File 157110687155.png - (110.39KB , 600x675 , Churchbat.png )

Let's keep it simple.
No. 947150 ID: 094652

We could aim for the cars, but they might not explode.

Shoot the guy out in the open and the guy on your right. They have the least cover. Then let your other partners shoot the guys in cover from above.
No. 947168 ID: d91ef0
File 157116340272.png - (31.66KB , 1386x1550 , dvbvbwefdsfdfsdfsdfsdfdsfsdf.png )

Yazuv headshots the enemy!

Yazuv fatality wounds the next enemy!

Isaak manages to land a shot between the eyes!

Isaak is out of turns

The remaining enemy shoots Issak in the shoulder successfully!
No. 947169 ID: d91ef0
File 157116381527.png - (42.24KB , 1386x1560 , fg234 - Copy.png )

Isaak will bleed out in 2 turns.

It is now you're turn.
No. 947172 ID: 9876c4
File 157116642502.png - (93.87KB , 600x675 , HB2.png )

Y, move and shoot from new position
I, Hunker down and apply pressure.
No. 947177 ID: d91ef0
File 157118031207.png - (76.18KB , 1386x1550 , dsadadadada.png )

You shoot the last enemy, And patch Isaak back to health

The both of you make a quick dash to the estate to help the others.
No. 947224 ID: d91ef0
File 157121604235.png - (48.97KB , 1386x1550 , gdhfhfhgfhfghfg.png )

> The estate burns in a glorious bright flame, For revenge-And the hunting bus.

"That was oddly quick, There used to be a lots of cousins and relatives from their tree-Now its as frail as mine." Isaak said

The job was done, most of you got out unharmed.

+ $8000
No. 947225 ID: d91ef0
File 157121670698.png - (26.27KB , 1000x1000 , dfsfdsfsfsd.png )

The bus moves away from the town, Although you helped a boy from presumably being killed by inbreds-But at what cost?-More lives wasted?

The night gets darker-And the Hunting bus pulls over.
No. 947226 ID: 047531

Hunt some dinner!
No. 947227 ID: 094652

> You saved the priest but massacred a family in 'self defense'.
This whole mission was screwed up from the start. But that's just casual Friday for the Hunting Bus.

> What do
Stop ruminating about the ethics of your work before the rest of the bus turns on you. But think about who is driving the bus and why that stick of dynamite didn't even leave a dent.
No. 947255 ID: d91ef0
File 157124960281.png - (78.90KB , 1386x1550 , hjkhjhjkhh.png )

We pulled over in the forest, Somewhere-It's hard to tell where it starts and ends.

I never thought about WHO was driving the bus, Or who ran this group, It was always very vague to us-That's what you'd expect from a vigilante/Bounty hunter group-Maybe that old man knows.

>H u n t

You are going to hunt, Alone.
No. 947257 ID: d91ef0
File 157124995434.png - (50.62KB , 1386x1550 , vbnbnmgmngmgghm.png )

You stop-Somewhere-There you spot it!-Prey!-A deer!-Shoot it!

S h o o t w a i t
No. 947258 ID: 8d4593

Wait. Listen.
Were you followed?
No. 947264 ID: d91ef0
File 157126183162.png - (67.38KB , 1386x1550 , who that.png )

You turned around hearing the sounds of a gun click in reload.

Could it be?. . .
No. 947265 ID: d91ef0
File 157126215908.png - (42.20KB , 1386x1550 , dsadsadsadsadasd.png )


No. 947268 ID: 9876c4

No. 947270 ID: b1b4f3

Take cover behind a tree, start putting bullets into the zombie.
Have you ever seen this before?
No. 947272 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah sure that makes sense. Ehhhh put a round in him and see what happens? If he doesn't die, just retreat.
No. 947273 ID: d91ef0
File 157126916189.png - (53.52KB , 1386x1550 , sdfsfsdfsdfsdfds.png )


"Georgie..But how!" for once Yazuv spoke

"While you was busy eating like the fatso you are, I was busy prepareing to kill you!, BUT ENOUGH TALK-Fight me like a man Yazuv!



C-shoot him
No. 947274 ID: b1b4f3

A. Never turn down a fisticuffs fight.
No. 947276 ID: 8d4593

No one planning to fight like a man actually tells their opponent to fight like a man.
No. 947277 ID: 9876c4

A. I want to see how this plays out.
No. 947278 ID: 18b0ae

B. Fighting like a true men involves bricks.
No. 947282 ID: 094652

Don't play his game. C.
No. 947283 ID: eeb7d9

Fuck you Georgy, you are supposed to be dead!
No. 947284 ID: 431e6c


Sometimes the simple option is the best
No. 947285 ID: d91ef0
File 157129662695.png - (48.53KB , 680x618 , dsadasdaasdsad.png )


You took out your own brick, Truly this was like fate meeting again.

"Come as close as you'd like." Georgie challenged.

Be warned that Georgie is an a experienced brick thrower- May god have mercy on your soul.

No. 947286 ID: b1b4f3

Use Quick Shot to throw first and dodge.
No. 947287 ID: d91ef0
File 157130033881.png - (41.97KB , 1386x1550 , fsdfsdfdsfsfsd - Copy.png )

You and Georgie are in the middle of nowhere, He hates your guts for blowning him up earlier

>t h r o w b r i c k

The brick bounced off georgies head like it was foam

"You're not leaving this forest alive."
No. 947289 ID: 8d4593

Protect your head! Hear he comes!
Try Knee-Capping him!
No. 947290 ID: b1b4f3

You lit that dynamite, Georgie. Admit to your own mistake.
No. 947291 ID: d91ef0
File 157130300237.png - (21.47KB , 1386x1550 , dasdasdasdadsa.png )

Georgie epicly throws a brick at your face, your nose starts to bleed

"Remember to hold your head up high to stop the blood, Hahahaha!


Your turn.
No. 947292 ID: 9876c4

You shouldn't have lit up that TNT, but you're not the one tailing me. You only started a day ago.
No. 947293 ID: 9876c4

I'd figure his torn face would be a weak point.
No. 947294 ID: d91ef0
File 157130375910.png - (36.60KB , 1386x1550 , hgfhgfhfhfghgf.png )

"You lit that Dynamite stick Georgie, You were insane!"

"IT WAS THE OLD MAN-HE WAS THE ONE WHO CALLED the SHots-He took all my stuff when we stole from that house!-


No. 947295 ID: 9876c4

Yeah. well. We don't trust him neither.
You need another, fat man?
No. 947296 ID: d91ef0
File 157130484260.png - (105.78KB , 2172x2156 , hhjmnhmhnmn.png )

"That's enough." The old man spoke up.

"See that's him-Traitor!"-Georgie spat out a tooth

"Why is this happening-What is going on."

"Just kill him, We got to go back to sleep." The old man demanded

"Gah, You can't kill me i'll kill you before you kill him! georgie..said

A- Kill Georgie

B- Question old man

C- Kill Old man
No. 947297 ID: 9876c4

(This really shouldn't be in my hands.)

But I'm with Georgie, because this is our Georgie playthrough. Do we know where to take the bus if we kill the old man?
No. 947298 ID: 094652

B) "Look, if he so much as looks at another brick, I'll set him on fire. But we should tie him up and give him to the authorities. The world needs more anti-insanity research and it needs test subjects."
No. 947299 ID: af1a4b

Kill georgie then question the old man
No. 947300 ID: eeb7d9

Didn't the "rules" said that all treators/madmen must die? How does that work? Because as i see it, we all are kinda crazy here. So i would need some parameters.

If the Old Man can provide me with that, yeah sure, I'll kill Georgie.
No. 947301 ID: b1b4f3

B. Kill him? Isn't he already dead?
What'd you take from Georgie, anyway? If he had meds this nasty business could've been avoided.
No. 947302 ID: d91ef0
File 157133911141.png - (65.61KB , 2172x2156 , ghjghjghjgjghjghjhg.png )

Just as you were about to do anything, The old man pulls out a pistol.

"You know what?, I don't even wanna hear it-The both of you are up to something!"

the gun fires
No. 947303 ID: d91ef0
File 157133927413.png - (69.70KB , 2172x2156 , fgfdgdfgfdgf.png )

"Nooooo!" Georgie jumped infront of you taking the bullet

Georgie is dead for realz yo
No. 947304 ID: d91ef0
File 157133931051.png - (54.55KB , 2172x2156 , ojljkhg.png )

"Eh, i dunno why he did that-Let's go back to the bus.

what do you do.
No. 947305 ID: 9876c4

...I'm not vindictive, I just wanted to Save Georgie.
We shouldn't trust him, but we didn't before. Ok.
No. 947306 ID: 094652

> Eh, i dunno why he did that
"Dude, he's crazy."

> Let's go back to the bus.
"Okay, but we're burning the corpse this time. I don't want him to come back again with a bomb jacket."
No. 947314 ID: eeb7d9

Man all this people is fucking nuts. Make sure he dies for good, burn his body or something.
No. 947315 ID: b1b4f3

The old man just tried to kill us and nobody's gonna even say anything?
No. 947319 ID: 0a7f21

Ahh, so you are having a bad drug trip.
No. 947321 ID: 9876c4

Been known to happen on long bus trips.
No. 947322 ID: 8d4593

Rules is Rules.
The old man's Crazy.
He's gotta go.
No. 947325 ID: d91ef0
File 157137546549.png - (46.29KB , 2172x2156 , ojljkhg.png )

GEORGIE COMES BACK from the dead-AGAIN!, And stabs the old man in the back-Causing him to fire in panic!

"heheheh-You're days are over old man.." He coughed

"How-But.." The old man studded

Whens this gonna end..
No. 947328 ID: d91ef0
File 157137599101.png - (131.50KB , 2172x2156 , DSFSDFSDFSDFS.png )

The old man and georgie fell flat to the floor, You stood for a minute encase any of them sprung back to life-It seemed like this was it.

You stand now alone, In the middle of the night with two dead bodies.

You feel sore.
No. 947329 ID: d6c0a8

Back to the bus. It's over.
No. 947330 ID: d91ef0
File 157137634782.png - (68.53KB , 2172x2156 , iuoiuououui.png )

uh oh
No. 947331 ID: b1b4f3

Well you can still stand, it must not be too bad. Patch yourself up. At least enough to make it back to the bus alive. Can't be that far away if the old man managed to find you, right?
If you sincerely doubt you can do that, you might want to search the old man to see if he's got some kind of quick fix.
No. 947332 ID: 9876c4

>You can save one hunter during a mission.
This is well within your wheelhouse. Bandage yourself with someone's clothes, and try to think of an explanation.
No. 947336 ID: eeb7d9

Do you know hot to extract a bullet and treat the wound? Because if not, you should probably go. Like, right now.
No. 947338 ID: d91ef0
File 157141118884.png - (38.22KB , 2172x2156 , dsadasdadadadasda.png )

You then realize, you got enough time to save at-least one person (including yourself) from fate with your medical skills.

The choice is yours
No. 947339 ID: ac7700

The pops pulled a gun on you out of the blue and started throwing accusations around, making it likely that he's the one actually behind something if he's that easy on the trigger with you (unless he's naturally trigger-happy), you should probably leave both of them behind, one of them is insane and the other sketchy
No. 947341 ID: b1b4f3

Georgie is definitely crazy and also an undead monster, the old man is probably crazy since he tried to kill you for basically no reason and apparently stole a bunch of Georgie's stuff. Save yourself then see if you can do anything for the old man after disarming him, just to interrogate him.
No. 947343 ID: 094652

Save yourself first, then loot both mens' corpses. If either of them is still alive or undead after all that, bring them to the bus and let the other hunters decide what to do.
No. 947347 ID: 9876c4

I don't think Georgie was ever undead, just strangely tough as nails.

So RP playthough, Yavuz would probably save himself.
If we're dedicated to our Georgie playthrough, this is our last chance to resume it.

I guess compromise and save ourselves. Then help the fat loon and leave him if there's time.
No. 947350 ID: 8d4593

Save ourselves.

Then patch Georgie up, even if he appears dead.
He'll thank us when he comes back to life again.
No. 947352 ID: d91ef0
File 157143069677.png - (124.09KB , 2172x2196 , dsadadsadsadada.png )

You resuscitated yourself, Bandaging up your bullet wound with strips of clothing.

You walked the direction the old man came from-Which was north. You've been walking for a while.

. . .

Where's the bus?
No. 947353 ID: b1b4f3

Seems like you got turned around. Try to find some footprints to follow.
No. 947354 ID: d91ef0
File 157143119466.png - (161.93KB , 2172x2196 , dsadaasdasdsasa.png )

Theres no end, No landmark-However the tree's are getting more and more dense.
No. 947355 ID: b1b4f3

I think I see the road ahead. Go there and look to see if you can spot the bus.
No. 947362 ID: d91ef0
File 157143835291.png - (60.40KB , 2172x2196 , fgdfgdgdfgdg.png )

You continue to walk forward to the 'road', It just revealed more road.

Why does it feel like it's getting darker?
No. 947363 ID: 094652

Equip your gun. See if you can find a way to set something on fire.
No. 947364 ID: 9876c4

Yeah, you need a torch.
No. 947369 ID: b1b4f3

What's in your inventory?
...it could be possible you're just going the wrong direction. Follow your footprints back.
No. 947370 ID: 8d4593

Behind You! Georgie! He comes!
No. 947375 ID: 0a7f21

It is getting darker. The bus is gone. No one is coming to save you. This is the end.

There is no Yavuz, there is no old man. You are Georgie, and you like to hurt people. The voices tell you to do it, but you'd probably do it anyway because it's what you do. And when your madness ran away with you, you killed yourself for a while to figure it out.

But you can't REALLY just kill yourself. Just like there's no bus, there's no killing the you in you. Maybe you can pretend to be someone more competent for a while, but you'll step off the bus again eventually.
No. 947376 ID: d91ef0
File 157144857036.png - (81.32KB , 2172x2196 , dsadasdasdasdsadasd.png )

Set something on fire with a gun?-or you're torch?
"I dropped it when i was shot, We might be somewhere were in the middle if it's this dense-I'm scared of starting fires-They easily burn me."

What do you have currently?-Are you going the wrong way?-Can you follow your own footsteps?

"A rifle, And the earnings from my rewards-We are somewhere in the wilderness-Finding that damn road again would be the most luckiest thing, And my footsteps?-I can barely see them. We're not in snow this is heavy grass and rocks."


"Georgie's dead, I think-But it should be hard for him to find us out here-He isn't a superhuman or anything i think he was just really lucky when i threw that TNT stick at him.

"What are you talking about?-I am Yavuz Red, it is my birth name-I will never be crazy like Georgie. Georgie let his love for killing and hunting get the better of him-There's no point of harming myself either.

Madness, seemed to have settled in just nicely-The sounds of the buzzing sounds came and round again like Georgie preached-Like a TV.

You hear it. right behind you.
No. 947377 ID: 0a7f21

Remember, it's going to tell you what you want to hear.
No. 947378 ID: 094652

Behind you. Whoever's been setting up televisions in the woods is at it again.

Request help. If there's no response, wheel the TV around like a flashlight and trace any wires back to their base.
No. 947379 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, you can talk to us? ...who do you think we are, Yavuz?
Approach the TV, but... be warned, we may not be able to assist for much longer. Taking that into consideration let me try to help you survive after we're gone with a few survival tips. I'm not sure if you're familiar with wilderness survival or not.

First off, I think you're basically just gonna have to wait for dawn. Walking aimlessly through the forest without a compass or the sun to keep a heading is likely to result in walking in circles. With that in mind, the other bus members will probably come looking for you. They will find the bodies, but they should come to the reasonable and correct conclusion that Georgie killed the old man. Try to stay in the general area, and either forage for food or hunt something. A campfire might be visible from a distance, you can set one up as a beacon to both hasten rescue and keep yourself from getting further lost.
You can use the gunpowder and blast cap from a bullet to start a fire, with the proper tinder. Taking one apart is a bit difficult but you may be able to manage it by bashing the casing with a rock. Alternatively you can try to find some flint and get a spark via the steel on your gun.
Water's your biggest problem. Once you have the fire going you may want to go looking for a stream.
No. 947395 ID: d91ef0
File 157145860797.png - (58.91KB , 2172x2196 , asdasdasdadasdadsa.png )

The TV looked brand new, Fresh 80's paint-Red-Like you're name-It could shine acres of land with its red aura.

There is no plug.

Must run on a battery. . .
No. 947398 ID: 0a7f21

Soak up it's lovely crimson glow.

But never, ever give it what wants. Remind yourself every time you see it to never, ever give it what it wants.
No. 947400 ID: 094652


Turn around and grab TV in the back.

Then turn around and turn off the TV in your living room.

Then turn around and turn on your Tushus Vivisectableus.
No. 947402 ID: b1b4f3

Fiddle with the knobs.
No. 947416 ID: 8d4593

Crawl into the screen Like a dead girl trying to escape.
No. 947424 ID: 9876c4

Disquieting as it is to find a TV running in the woods, it's still an emergency light source.

Keep it within eyeshot, and maybe it'll attract someone else.
No. 947433 ID: eeb7d9

What is up with tvs appearing in the middle of the forest?
No. 947445 ID: d91ef0
File 157154928888.png - (83.45KB , 2172x2196 , dsadadasdasdsad.png )

Doing the foolish thing, You've fiddled with the TV-In response a beam of light striked you down, Shocking!

Yavuz has been taken, Like the others-But we'll get to that some over time.
No. 947448 ID: d91ef0
File 157154985723.png - (48.44KB , 2172x2196 , kjlklkjlkj.png )

In the morning, The hunting bus crew came to realize that Four hunters went missing tonight, They managed to find the old man's body, stabbed in the back.

The hunting bus disbanded-Their last hunting bus together, Investigators on the brutal killers tried to pinpoint the remaining members to no avail, And the case fell into obscurity-to be never opened or found.
No. 947451 ID: 9876c4

No. 947452 ID: b988d6

Check score.
No. 947454 ID: b1b4f3

FOUR hunters went missing? We only know of three...
No. 947456 ID: d91ef0
File 157155407488.png - (80.04KB , 2172x2196 , fghfhfhfghfhf.png )

You died, Darn!

Eh, you was getting bored with that game-Too wordy.

You rummaged your room for another VHS tape
No. 947457 ID: d91ef0
File 157155438033.png - (56.42KB , 2172x2196 , dsadasdsadasdsa.png )

You took the coolest one out, 'Hueso', Maybe it'll be good.

E n d
No. 947490 ID: 9876c4

GG, let's test our busmanship again someday.
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