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File 156720200534.png - (70.45KB , 800x800 , 1-59105114.png )
943895 No. 943895 ID: d91ef0

A deer digging through her old fathers stuff to find out why he went missing
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No. 943898 ID: d91ef0
File 156720266741.jpg - (75.90KB , 745x786 , adfa.jpg )

Your names Adrian, It's the end of summer and its gonna be your first day back at high-school, and oh my god brad is gonna be there and your gonna love it-

Your stupid little bro Alex throws some old letter at you.
"UGH, A.L.E.X SHUT THE DOOR, Oh cool a letter i bet its from that fancy highschool im going to."

Do you wanna open it?

[b] A)Totally.

[b] B)U h , no.
No. 943899 ID: 18f1c5

It's important to open letters.
No. 943901 ID: 977456

Contrarianism Rules!!!
No. 943902 ID: eedf41

Im hopeing you get that letter open.
No. 943903 ID: e7c7d3

If it was important it would say so on the front!

Go chase after your brother and give him noogies.
THEN open the letter.
No. 943906 ID: a9af05


>Go chase after your brother and give him noogies.
Do this.
No. 943907 ID: b1b4f3

Why do you call him A.L.E.X?
No. 943964 ID: d91ef0
File 156723798845.png - (123.45KB , 800x800 , 5634562.png )

o p e n t h a t l e t t e r

"To Cliff Buckley, You have been unable to give $200 rent for your self storage unit, The contents of the storage will be given back to your last address If you have any problems further please call us."

"Huh, The old dead man still has some stuff?, sweat maybe its like a pool table or maybe money!"

Right, Two objectives- Locate your brother and eliminate him sliently, Then- We get the goods.
No. 943967 ID: ad51b8

call first and see when they're dropping off the goods, then give your brother $20 the day they're suppose to come and tell him to go see a movie or something. Then find out if any of the stuff that is coming back is worth anything and if so find somewhere to hide it so your brother won't find it. If it's worthless dump it in your brother's room and say it was for him and therefor his problem. This way you don't have to worry about people asking too many questions if your brother were to disappear.
No. 943970 ID: 977456

This sort of stuff always has something cursed in it. Bring a dowsing rod to dowse for curses.
No. 944016 ID: b1b4f3

Call them and find out when the stuff's coming.
No. 944048 ID: d91ef0
File 156730208912.png - (133.17KB , 800x800 , 5-2592094093.png )

Heading out you toss a crumbled up twenty into his room, Basically bribing him for 5 minutes to shut it.

"Yea, i don't BELIEVE in that curse emo stuff, Maybe we can call the number-


Some weirdo delivery guy tosses a small box of my fathers stuff at me, doesn't even say sorry GOSH what a jerk.
o b j e c t i v e c o m p l e t e
No. 944049 ID: d91ef0
File 156730234418.png - (160.21KB , 800x800 , 5450-4920432.png )

Okay so THEN i brought all of that junk to my room, and like. There was a bunch of papers and this file book, some ashtray,A photograph and a bottle.
"See anything worth investigating?
No. 944051 ID: 015bf2

Popping the cork and sniffing the bottle without reading anything sure sounds like the right move. Right?
No. 944052 ID: b1b4f3

Check the photo first.
No. 944059 ID: ad51b8

start with photo, then papers and then book.
No. 944069 ID: 977456

It is no swimming pool of gold coins, but you could try rolling around a little on your loot.
And check for secret compartments in the box.
No. 944100 ID: d91ef0
File 156737313261.png - (136.41KB , 800x800 , 4-02-52=525.png )

"Right lets just check the stupid photo first".
A group photograph of soldiers,And above it taped is a short list, Cliff Buckley is written above 'PV2'.

"This was probably when i was around three, before he wore glasses."
No. 944101 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, papers next.
No. 944102 ID: d91ef0
File 156737443329.jpg - (275.53KB , 881x810 , gfdgdfgfdgdfg.jpg )

"Yea course."

I might as well just try the bottle, Ew this Vodka stuff has lost its taste, now it just smells like nail polish yuck.

"Let's see, Jeez these are all Behavior slips and warning slips-Most of them are disorderly conduct."
No. 944103 ID: b1b4f3

What, warning slips from the police? Or during his stay in the army?

I guess check the file folder next.
No. 944124 ID: d91ef0
File 156742120834.gif - (196.57KB , 800x800 , dsadadsadadsa.gif )

Just as you was going to check the contents of the folder, The world slowly dulls and slips into a lifeless color. Something isn't right.

"W-Whats happening?"
No. 944125 ID: 094652

Okay, don't panic. Just go outside and take a few deep breaths.
No. 944126 ID: b3c4cf

It's that vodka, isn't it? That must be some good stuff.
No. 944127 ID: 8d4593

Seek out the corpse of your brother.
No. 944135 ID: ad51b8

...how much of the stuff did you drink?
No. 944139 ID: d91ef0
File 156744508722.gif - (452.60KB , 800x800 , hfjkdfhjj.gif )

"I only drank like a bit, this is like hell!"

Noticing the window, Black strikes of lines like rain went down, It felt like static from a television, And you can hear the faint sound of buzzing around. You're starting to hyperventilate hearing the sounds of stomping nearby.

Fight or Flee?
No. 944140 ID: 469f5e

Farkinā€™ ruuuhn!
No. 944141 ID: b3c4cf

It feels like a good time to stretch your legs.
No. 944144 ID: e7c7d3

It's not fleeing, it's making a strategic retreat to see if fighting is a good option.
No. 944145 ID: e3e7b5

Flee. Your ancestors evolved for this. Try to get a destination of A Safe Place in your mind and head to it as fast as your tiny deer feet can take you.
Also do *not* run up the stairs. This is not an Eighties slasher flick.
No. 944146 ID: 8d4593

Kick backwards.
Then Flee.
No. 944148 ID: d91ef0
File 156745330094.png - (58.94KB , 800x800 , fsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfs.png )


With nowhere to run, your only way out was a ledge-way, The monster attempted to catch you from escaping, but you were too slick.

And then, Blackness.
No. 944155 ID: b3c4cf

Turn on the lights.
No. 944158 ID: 977456

Cast magic missile at it!
No. 944159 ID: d91ef0
File 156745735432.png - (74.37KB , 800x800 , 434354.png )

Its a bit late for that.
A sickening thud, and it all ends here.
No. 944160 ID: b1b4f3

From... falling 3 feet?
No. 944161 ID: 49b1b7

are we dead?
No. 944162 ID: 422cea

RIP Adrian, you died like you lived, an unempathetic asshole.
No. 944164 ID: b1b4f3

Well I guess we found out why he went missing.
Signs point to the "vodka" being homemade hooch and it being tainted. The disorderly conduct was from him drinking it and hallucinating. I'm guessing the faulty brewing process he was using produced a really REALLY bad batch in the end, and some of it was in the bottle. The rest was drunk by the father, who proceeded to get even worse hallucinations and he probably ran off into the woods to die to a bear or something.
No. 944165 ID: d91ef0
File 156745952229.png - (115.09KB , 800x800 , 1412321321312321.png )

I forgot to say something important, Adrian room is on the second floor, Oops.

Yep!, The fall instantly killed Adrian in mere seconds.


You've cracked the code Sherlock!, Adrian might be dead, but at-least we figured out why he went missing.

Dus end's the tail for Adrian, A short-Quest that led to a pointless outcome.
No. 944166 ID: 015bf2

Alex, check on that weird noise.

Adrian, check if you can't find your dad in the afterlife and inform him of the unfortunate way in which he ensured your demise.

Also, drinking the nail polish hooch was your decision. Don't try putting that on us. You should never drink from unknown bottles. 's bad.
No. 944167 ID: d91ef0

No. 944170 ID: 015bf2

FINE (ding belief)
No. 944183 ID: 977456

Haunt Brad, try not to be pervy about it, fail.
No. 944185 ID: b3c4cf

Nothing makes sense. This ending sucks.

Give Adrian a rez. Or at least a burial.
No. 944186 ID: b1b4f3

Well nobody said to jump out the window either. This was really pointless.
No. 944293 ID: 864e49

Um a fall from that height wouldn't necessarily be lethal, especially if they're drunk.
No. 944298 ID: e6f10c

It looks like there's a raised brick edging to the path that she hit her head on. That coupled with all the blood really points to it being a fatal head injury.
No. 944326 ID: 8d4593

Pfft I've fallen frem things higher than that.

I guess they just don't make them like they used to.
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