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File 156546157927.png - (265.82KB , 720x720 , 00.png )
942044 No. 942044 ID: 49c504


(i can only afford cheap alcohol or this would be highquest :( )
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No. 942045 ID: bddb0f

Drink drink drink!
No. 942046 ID: 3f4cc5

Take a shot for every suggestion related to beer or drinking.
No. 942047 ID: 30e54d

The first thing you should do after getting hammered of course is to begin action against the state. After all, you drink whiskey while they drink champagne! Once you're nice and sloshed you should begin rabble rousing by way of a baseball ball upon the parked cars of the oppressors.
No. 942048 ID: 49c504
File 156546210128.png - (327.96KB , 1097x911 , 002.png )


gluggg glgug glug, this beer tastes like a slug

upgrading to a bottle of gin i found in a cupboard soon. i have like NO tolerance. alcohol poisoning quest


praxis quest
No. 942049 ID: 49c504
File 156546259960.png - (585.96KB , 997x836 , 004.png )

Show me the fucking state. WHERE THE FUCK IS IT
No. 942050 ID: 8d23f0

drink water to cut the alcohol poisoning.
Also watch a youtube compilation of funny porn quotes because who doesn't love bad acting in porn
No. 942051 ID: 3f4cc5

Haunt the streets. Get the cryptid status.
No. 942052 ID: 75cf31

seconding drink water and become cryptid.
No. 942053 ID: 1dbaf7

find a sports car to bash, odds are the owner's an ass
No. 942054 ID: 30e54d

Yes you are going in the right direction now. Don't you see the state is all around you. That streetlight represents the state, so do all those mailboxes. I bet there are a few decently expensive sedans and SUVs dotted about. Those represent uhm... Let's call it systematic class disparity. Yes that sounds good. Time to enact social change upon those symbols!

After all tomorrow you might be homeless, but tonight it's a blast!
No. 942055 ID: 49c504
File 156546352357.png - (171.82KB , 837x808 , 006.png )

No. 942057 ID: a3b9db

Add your friend Timmy the Toaster to the bathtub
No. 942058 ID: 610296

develop gills and make the ocean your home
No. 942059 ID: 30e54d

Slow down, don't drain that tub yet. You've got a bath full of profit here. Forget what I said about the state. It's time to make some fucking money.

Quick, get on twitch and start Hocking your concentrate to desperate weirdos
No. 942060 ID: c49ece

Make your own mixed drink out of things that you have
No. 942061 ID: a3b9db

Create a ramen franchise from the deer stock you've made
No. 942062 ID: 49c504
File 156546405092.png - (280.46KB , 870x728 , 007 james bond is a pissboy.png )

they cut the power to the flat. and im done drinking water back to alcholicus now


i read the bread book. i dont remember much rn and i dont wanna look it up?? like theres a whole thing about the guys who made machines and trains and stuff. According to that i should just beat up the capitalists and leave the machines in tact for the workers, yeah? so where are the capitalists, are they still in jeffrey epsteins island??? fucking tell me what to do CUNTS
No. 942063 ID: 610296

combine gamer girl bath water with alcohol and drincc
No. 942064 ID: 49c504
File 156546417130.png - (119.50KB , 1014x591 , 008.png )

No. 942065 ID: a3b9db

Everything made by corporations is your enemy. Destroy anything not homemade in sight.
No. 942066 ID: a3b9db

Especially the Wonder Bread. Wonder Bread is evil.
No. 942067 ID: 1dbaf7

avenge jeffrey epstein
No. 942068 ID: d4f99a

find the nearest amazon warehouse and break the workers out
No. 942069 ID: 30e54d

The revolution starts at the ground level. You need to dismantle the tools of the oppressors. Find a traffic sign and spray "eat chungus" atop its face. That will send a message to the powers that be that you are not to be ignored
No. 942070 ID: 49c504
File 156546453239.png - (133.44KB , 719x728 , 00999.png )

No. 942071 ID: a3b9db

Very good. Free the nipple, free the means of reproduction. Shaming sexuality is a tool used by the elites to oppress and divide the lower classes.
No. 942072 ID: 49c504
File 156546486249.png - (340.58KB , 950x767 , 009999999.png )

quest complete ✅
No. 942073 ID: d4f99a

destroy ass with bat to celebrate your new status as a nsfw quest protag
No. 942074 ID: b1b4f3

Smash some trash cans!
No. 942075 ID: 30e54d

Yes we have made a big impact tonight! Now to go home and post the pictures on Reddit and obtain Clout.
No. 942076 ID: 49c504
File 156546518158.png - (190.49KB , 978x875 , 0099999999999.png )

your suggestions are all bullshit so im going to celebrate my victory by dancing instead. i am now anprim
No. 942077 ID: 49c504

wait this ones ok
No. 942078 ID: 1dbaf7

Discard bat for being a twisted corruption of nature’s beautiful form, pick up rock
No. 942079 ID: a3b9db

Kill me
No. 942080 ID: 49c504
File 156546567698.png - (371.87KB , 1211x743 , 010.png )

shut the fuck up prdx5

No. 942081 ID: 30e54d

Now you live as a beast. Truly free. You must claim your territory and defend it from other drunks. Puss upon a street light light and swing at people walking past. Such it the way of the lobster
No. 942082 ID: 2df440

Oh no the full moon is out! Turn into werecreature of your choosing
No. 942083 ID: 1dbaf7

dig through the trash it could have good shit
No. 942084 ID: a3b9db

Now, use your souls to level up your ATK
No. 942085 ID: 49c504
File 156546598974.png - (152.84KB , 946x761 , 009999999999999.png )


No. 942086 ID: 1dbaf7

flip a fucking car
No. 942087 ID: 9876c4

Fight a badger
No. 942088 ID: a3b9db

Not enough drinking for a drunk quest. Either steal some alcohol to fuel the revolution or kill a billionaire and drink his blood
No. 942089 ID: 30e54d

You are freer now than you have ever been. Truly the beast has outthought the man.
No. 942091 ID: 49c504
File 156546651458.png - (157.89KB , 567x770 , 00999999999999999.png )

ok i read this as AK? and i know nobody sugggested it but it is MY Fucking quest. so i am joining the kurds.

im still in austria, but you know, im...

in cosplay.

i can feel myself sobering up. i need to expropriate alcohol pronto or this quest will end. where go.
No. 942092 ID: a3b9db

America deserves to get stolen from
No. 942093 ID: 9876c4

If you're Euro, go to a McDonalds and demand all their beer. And most of their toys.
No. 942094 ID: 1dbaf7

Get out your portrait of Öcalon, use it as motivation for the conquest of beer
No. 942095 ID: d4f99a

go get that gin you were talking about, and then go piss on hitler's birthplace
No. 942096 ID: b1b4f3

Procure some fine wine. Sip it with class- GUZZLE IT DOWN
No. 942097 ID: 30e54d

I argue that it is Noble to enact violence for a noble cause. No one must get in the way of your intoxication. There is alcohol somewhere in this distopia, and it is just for you to seize it for your own needs than let it be used by villains
No. 942098 ID: 49c504
File 156546708679.png - (360.31KB , 779x831 , 009999999999999999.png )

fun fact i was born a few minutes away from there!! wowee

id love to go to america but its ON FIRE. i could go to the embassy here maybe. do they keep a bunch of lassos and hamburgos in s big freeezer
No. 942100 ID: a3b9db

American embassies are full of oil, hamburgers, lassos, and racism. Destroy the fascists inside and claim the precious loot.
No. 942101 ID: 36a670

Unite the proles.
No. 942102 ID: 49c504
File 156546758317.png - (362.12KB , 1334x917 , 0099999999999999999.png )

ok im on my way let me just make a quick detour
No. 942103 ID: 49c504
File 156546764991.png - (128.60KB , 1313x973 , 009999999999999999999.png )

No. 942104 ID: 30e54d

Yes it's a shame we can't do anything about that fire but it is a part of our culture I'm afraid. The American embassy is required to keep an emergency supply of keystone light in order to act as cultural exchange.
No. 942105 ID: 49c504
File 156546784395.png - (118.26KB , 647x696 , 0099999999999999999999.png )

ok now im ready. restocking on alchohol irl too so reply with ideas or w(e. can someone google where the american emabssy in austria is for me because i dont have a phone on me
No. 942106 ID: 1dbaf7

It’s in Vienna
No. 942107 ID: 610296

it's in my pants
No. 942108 ID: 5a5548

yes it resides in beautiful, picturesque Vienna, which certainly contains many landmarks that I would recognize if they were depicted here.
No. 942109 ID: 49c504
File 156546859052.png - (144.11KB , 949x734 , 0099999999999999999999999.png )

Oh thanks! let me just- oh.
No. 942110 ID: 49c504
File 156546862857.png - (645.92KB , 1626x830 , 00999999999999999999999.png )

oh nice vienna yeah ok. ill just walk over there

here we are! this must be the embassy!
No. 942111 ID: 0e023c

Find a wolf and marry it, you are one of the pack now.
No. 942112 ID: d4f99a

You have an AK, a baseball bat, and a BAC above the driving limit. I don't think we have to tell you what to do here.
No. 942113 ID: 610296

g-g-ghosts!!! get out of there quick!!!!
No. 942114 ID: 5a5548

ah yes, it must be summertime. you are getting close to the Keystone Light now. be careful as Americans are easily frightened by sudden noises and socialized programs. my advice would be to keep your hands visible, preferably grasping at either side of your belt buckle as you exclaim "Yellow there! ope, I'm gonnnnna sneeeeeak right by you there and grab a couple of brews."
No. 942115 ID: 49c504
File 156546940195.png - (256.75KB , 735x977 , 00Yeeehawwwww.png )

"Howdy fellas! Black people, am I right? Y'all wouldn't happen to have any good ol' moonshine stashed out around in 'ese here parts?"
No. 942116 ID: 49c504
File 156546940881.png - (645.92KB , 1626x830 , 00999999999999999999999.png )

No. 942117 ID: 5a5548

you've successfully infiltrated them. look at how happy they are to meet a contemporary. now is a good time to steal some rocky mountain filtered piss water.
No. 942119 ID: 0e023c

Steal the Declaration of Independence, they'll become a British colony again.
No. 942120 ID: 9876c4

It's ok, all racists are secret furries.

Sing them one of your soothing german sonnets.
No. 942121 ID: 0e023c

Sell them your Bathwater
No. 942122 ID: 49c504
File 156547031253.png - (189.76KB , 765x458 , sasdassssPNG.png )

You know not what you ask, wench. No need to commit gamercide.
No. 942123 ID: 5a5548


seconded. this is what you obtained that quest item for. it is time to cash in on your e-femininity.
No. 942124 ID: 49c504
File 156547064223.png - (398.53KB , 1028x795 , sdawdwadaw.png )

the kekistani warrior is willing to exchange [GAMER DOE BATHWATER] for [THE UNITED STATES TREASURY]

(this is in the vienna embassy ofc)
No. 942125 ID: 0e023c

Now's your chance, steal the Declaration of Independence and make them a British Colony again. Nothing would piss them off more.
No. 942126 ID: 5a5548

don't get too excited. that's not worth nearly as much as the United States debt, but you should be able to trade it at a gas station for some wine coolers in a variety of fun bottles.
No. 942127 ID: 49c504
File 156547085878.png - (165.48KB , 1242x613 , sdawdwadawsd.png )

No. 942128 ID: 9876c4

I don't think they keep it in Vienna.

Visit a totally legit surgeon and get extra livers implanted.
No. 942129 ID: 1dbaf7

Use the treasury to buy every brewery, pub, and alcohol distributor in Europe, make them all worker-run, and grab some booze from em
No. 942130 ID: 49c504
File 156547117555.png - (264.12KB , 786x740 , constipooption.png )

its actually all just debt, so i got scammed.

i did get the constitution out of it though. shame its a bunch of bullhockey. should've planned for a ideologically coherent and opposed parties, dumbasses.

what now???
No. 942131 ID: 1dbaf7

If that’s the original constitution then the US government, by order of God, must follow whatever is written on it. Rewrite it to make America socialist and give you beer
No. 942132 ID: 5e3ad2

Roll a joint with it
No. 942133 ID: 5a5548

be careful, that's a living document! it must be treated with utmost respect and care for it represents the beliefs and foundation of our peo-

wait a second is that semen? who came on the fucking Constitution? it appears that 238 people simultaneously ejaculated upon this document! and recently, at that!
No. 942134 ID: 49c504
File 156547157392.png - (93.33KB , 878x760 , we thrw arwwrtzle.png )

ok done

i already TOLD you i dont have weed or i wouldnt need fcuckni g alcohol

any additional articles?
No. 942136 ID: 0e023c

Monogamy is illegal

Kill all hets

uwu'ing is mandatory

Free public guillotines
No. 942137 ID: 5a5548

yes good finally a decree to answer the "Gamer Question".

you should be legally able to obtain unlimited free booze now. if only we could get you to the shores of this great country so you could enjoy said unlimited free booze...
No. 942138 ID: da65d6

Marx beards are mandatory.
No. 942139 ID: 5e3ad2

Demand weed
No. 942140 ID: 49c504
File 156547270457.png - (129.80KB , 1128x769 , we thrw assdasdwePNG.png )

armerica is autopia now yeah??
No. 942141 ID: 49c504
File 156547297003.png - (110.31KB , 1140x526 , we thrw assdsdsdffffePNG.png )

oh there we go
No. 942142 ID: 5a5548

Truly a perfect state now. we shall live as primordial gods in our new weed and booze filled Orgyocratic Hedonist commune.
No. 942143 ID: 49c504
File 156547299966.png - (137.97KB , 1180x713 , we thsssssdffffePNG.png )

oops did THIS just get political
No. 942144 ID: 0e023c

Be Crime

Do Gay
No. 942145 ID: 5a5548

well he certainly seems to be enjoying himself. you see, everything worked out well in the end, and no one important got hurt. I call that a victory.
No. 942146 ID: 49c504
File 156547345011.png - (186.81KB , 802x855 , ggss.png )


but its only midnight and im lowkey horny ngl
No. 942147 ID: da65d6

Go get some dick and/or pussy then. The new America must be full of em.
No. 942148 ID: 5e3ad2

Dance to celebrate your freedom from the shackles of the bourgeoisie
No. 942149 ID: b1b4f3

Join a gay pride parade there must be one somewhere.
No. 942152 ID: 49c504
File 156547469683.png - (364.61KB , 1088x914 , qeesst.png )

wow lok at all sthese cuties. who do u want to date
No. 942153 ID: 2df440

Double date with shade and bicycle?
No. 942155 ID: 9876c4

Obviously Harold.
No. 942156 ID: da65d6

Throw down with emerald.
No. 942157 ID: 0e023c

You know Emerald likes to be tied up, obviously her.
No. 942158 ID: a3d11a

all of them of course
No. 942159 ID: 49c504
File 156547511753.png - (92.54KB , 517x455 , asdasdasdasd.png )

guys i only have so many parts please
No. 942160 ID: 5e3ad2

Challenge emerald
No. 942162 ID: 2df440

You have enough parts for everyone, if you’re willing to push yourself.
No. 942163 ID: b1b4f3

Looks like the choice is Emerald.
No. 942164 ID: 49c504
File 156547539049.png - (98.41KB , 457x560 , emmmmm.png )

ok emerald it is

...on second thought
No. 942165 ID: 9d50cc

If it's part efficiency you're worried about, Bicycle's tiny size is maximal!
No. 942166 ID: 5e3ad2

Don't back out. You're dead if you show weakness
No. 942167 ID: a3d11a

give smoochies. eldritch monstrosities deserve love, too
No. 942168 ID: fcaca9

Don't be a coward.
No. 942170 ID: 3f4cc5

Date the Shade from Ethquest.
No. 942173 ID: 49c504
File 156547589145.png - (257.21KB , 1006x730 , dddas.png )

"Hey. so, uh.

...come here often?"
No. 942174 ID: a3b9db

Give her The Shoulder Touch! It always works!
No. 942175 ID: db868e

No stealing from Tim
No. 942176 ID: 5e3ad2

Lick her eye to assert dominance
No. 942177 ID: 2df440

Ask how cat and bird are doing these days.
No. 942179 ID: 49c504
File 156547682176.png - (219.15KB , 975x791 , em1.png )

shoulder touched.

"how are your frifnds?"
No. 942180 ID: 49c504
File 156547684783.png - (223.29KB , 959x771 , em2.png )

she says:

"a rubyquest refernece in 2019 is kinda cringe sis"
No. 942181 ID: e51896

See if you can draw a large triangle around Emerald's third eye on her forehead, just so we can amp up the cringe.
No. 942182 ID: 2df440

>.< that is absolutely false
No. 942183 ID: 2df440

Do this and hum the xfiles theme
No. 942184 ID: 49c504
File 156547731247.png - (207.56KB , 855x764 , em3.png )

No. 942185 ID: 49c504
File 156547745768.png - (248.35KB , 995x807 , em4.png )

"are you done?"
No. 942186 ID: 2df440

*gasp* what about some rosy red cheeks??
No. 942187 ID: 2df440

*gasp* what about some rosy red cheeks??
No. 942188 ID: 49c504
File 156547826658.png - (162.46KB , 867x808 , hhgfdsfgjhzulil.png )

im dying
No. 942190 ID: e51896

No. 942196 ID: e5e15e

Show her your superior mating ability by flexing.
No. 942201 ID: b1b4f3

Stop posting cringe GOSH
flirt with the shade. It can be anything you want it to be
No. 942230 ID: 96ec74
File 156553368563.jpg - (131.95KB , 800x450 , Hero-Skeleton-800x450.jpg )

No. 942232 ID: 96ec74
File 156553560491.png - (201.18KB , 1039x652 , dab.png )

bonus tho
No. 942233 ID: 3e9573

Good end.

Until someone starts practicing black magic.
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