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File 156536306259.png - (48.06KB , 800x800 , 34-3-2434234323.png )
941931 No. 941931 ID: d91ef0

The apartment i lived in was as much difficult to move into a different part of the block, And theSequence of Eventsthat changed my life forever in the city.
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No. 941932 ID: d91ef0
File 156536392648.png - (58.78KB , 800x800 , noir 1.png )

"As usual,I wake up to the sight of neon signs flickered dimly, buzzed like a dying insect-Its starting to strain my eyes..Then and again-This doesn't feel normal at all!"
No. 941935 ID: e7c7d3

Should you not be waking up to neon lights outside your window?
No. 941938 ID: d91ef0
File 156536896432.png - (229.42KB , 800x800 , sdfsfdsfsdfdsfsdfsdfsdfsfsfsdfds.png )


>Should you not be waking up to neon lights outside your window?

"No. . .It was the spaghetti and meatballs all over the walls!,it was like a food bomb went off-More importantly-Who tied me up?. . ."

Maybe the mob had something to do with this. . .
No. 941947 ID: b1b4f3

Good thing you're in a wheeled chair. Try scooting off somewhere else- wait, are you even tied to the chair?
No. 941949 ID: e7c7d3

Maybe try using one of the forks to undo the ropes.
No. 941979 ID: ad51b8

did you piss off your Italian girlfriend or something?
No. 942010 ID: d91ef0
File 156540728281.gif - (775.43KB , 800x800 , Rko9uJHrGUkXMCUf.gif )

>Try scooting off somewhere else.
Good thing the mob forgot to tie my legs, I pull up close to the wall using all of my body strength to push myself.

S L A M !

The impact was enough to break off the cheap rope but left me headfirst on the floor-Youch!

"Heh, Good thinking me-I knew never skipping leg day would pay off!.. ."
No. 942027 ID: 2bc6c5

You still conscious there chief?
No. 942035 ID: d91ef0
File 156543210690.png - (112.98KB , 800x800 , fdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsfs.png )

>You still conscious there chief?

"Yeah, Nothin' broken yet-Let's scram before they come back with lunch!

"And i'll. . .need to call the chief in the morning about the mess, At-least before the cleaners call him first.
No. 942038 ID: d91ef0
File 156543276840.png - (98.60KB , 800x800 , hell.png )


"Rats, Those mobsters must've kept me overnight.

"The hallway itself gave off a bad vibe, Sure it was the P.D-But it was as crooked and corrupt as the city itself-Errr-Let's just go home before i monologue you to death."
No. 942039 ID: 3d1dd5

Looks like there's things all over the carpet. Got a torch?
No. 942042 ID: e7c7d3

If all the lights are out, then the fire escape at the window might be your best bet.
No. 942223 ID: d91ef0
File 156551153618.gif - (760.51KB , 800x800 , killer man.gif )


>Looks like there's things all over the carpet. Got a torch?

"Yeah, Military grade, Lithium-Ion battery-Slightly dented from a very difficult interrogation.

>If all the lights are out, then the fire escape at the window might be your best bet.

"Let's cut and run this joint."

I flipped the button, the torch's beam barely covered the end of the hallway but enough to get you a good glimpse at anything dim from afar.

Entering the fire escape he made his way down and got a cab.
No. 942235 ID: e7c7d3

Head over to your shady informant and get some answers.
No. 942243 ID: 05e505

So are you just so stealthy you cast no shadow or is that new?

Anyway yeah gotta be careful with them cabdrivers, never know who you're gonna get.
No. 942250 ID: b1b4f3

Consider that they didn't leave anyone to watch you, and you still had a lit cigarette in your mouth. Are you sure you weren't tied up for your own safety? Maybe you just had a really wild party in your office and it ended with you getting horribly drunk so you can't remember anything.
No. 942305 ID: d91ef0
File 156560089922.png - (51.81KB , 800x800 , ,kjjklkhhkh.png )

>Head over to your shady informant and get some answers.

"Wish i had any, The department can barely get anyone to spill in this town, Well except a bartender."

"Interesting theory..I don't remember celebrating anything though, Why would they leave me alone?, Who would waste perfectly good spaghetti!"
No. 942307 ID: d91ef0
File 156560110446.png - (95.33KB , 800x800 , cabdrive.png )

>careful with them cabdrivers, never know who you're gonna get.

"I suppose, Could be you're average Joe- Next minute he's some cab-banana-stealing-rash talking-serial killer."
No. 942318 ID: d91ef0
File 156561044671.gif - (1.58MB , 800x800 , e9cML3rh0vUZLCW1.gif )

And then he tossed me out.

No. 942320 ID: 3d1dd5

All that taxi cost was your dignity. Nice! Better dust yourself off and find that informant of yours.
No. 942321 ID: 3d1dd5

And by 'informant' I mean 'bar'.
No. 942329 ID: ce39da

Maybe work on not voicing your thoughts out loud.

Also, maybe think a bit, and realize you might be jumping to conclusions thinking it was the mob's fault. Think!

> Italian food.
> I can see why you think mobsters are responsible. However, that's nowhere close to proof.
> The door said "Private Eye."
> Tied up.
> Possible that ne'er-do-wells captured you, but...
> You said this was the P.D.
> Then was it your office you woke up in? Why would they take you here?
> Food on THE WALLS.
> What the hell happened there?
> No guards.
> Whoever tied you up is long gone. Odds of you being kidnapped are dwindling.

> Big mess.
> P.D.
> Tied up for no practical reason.
> Alternate theory: There was a wild party in your office.

Task: Maybe remembering what you were doing last night (or earlier this evening, whatever) will help greatly in figuring out what's going on.
No. 942341 ID: d91ef0
File 156563178823.png - (105.81KB , 800x1020 , crime template - Copy.png )

This is where it leads us to our main task,

You must complete the Sequence of the eventby figuring out who committed the crime by reconstructing the Sequence with frames. You don't have enough information right now, In the morning you can begin you're full investigation.

•You need at least 7frames.

•There are2 outcomes (This person or this person)

•If you think you have the correct sequence, Ask for the case file open and submit the number of frames you think is correct.(e.g-"")

-Frames collected so far
Start:The front of the PD.
-1 Hobbs escaping through the fire escape.
-2 Mobsters tie up Hobbs and light a cigarette for him.
-4 Hobbs rams into the door, getting loose.
-8 Mobsters flee the PD.
-11 Mobsters knock Hobbs out.

End:Hobbs Office vandalized with spaghetti and meatballs.
No. 942353 ID: ce39da

Ah, so you do remember something. Either that or many of the frames we already have are hearsay that might not be part of the actual answer. Still waiting on your self-testimony there. Maybe get your thoughts together after a dry night of drinking water (as getting wasted is the last thing we should be doing towards that end) before morning.

Can we lock in pieces of the answer? Like, I'm fairly sure that the last two frames are 4-1, at the very least. That part is pretty irrefutable. (Unless we need to keep frames open for more important events.)
No. 942363 ID: d91ef0
File 156564293354.gif - (99.01KB , 800x800 , 2143432432.gif )

After a dizzy, limp walk back to apartment,I crawled into the covers with the last of my energy.

And then, It's the day shift again. What am i gonna say to my boss?-Will my piers think im sort of loony?-I can't be, right?-It's the mob-It has to be, I'll-We'll prove them.

Day 2.
No. 942365 ID: ce39da

First things first, try to actually remember what you were doing before the black-out in your memory. Do you remember being knocked out, or is that just our assumption? And your last actions before the incident could be a clue.

Secondly, go make sure the vandalization is still there. You only sound crazy if you tell people you woke up in the middle of all that; that'll be need-to-know, and until then, you can just be cross with everyone with a "Who did this? This isn't funny!" attitude - I'm not throwing out the wild party/practical joke theory.
No. 942371 ID: b1b4f3

You need to gather evidence. There were footprints in the hall I believe, go check those out.
No. 942377 ID: d91ef0
File 156564971987.png - (121.26KB , 800x1020 , crime template - Copy.png )

> r e m e m b e r

Through intense thinking of anything that happened before the blackout, I, Remember i had to work after hours over a case file-It's still blurry to me, Let's head to the office while it's early.
+1 new frame.

>There were footprints in the hall go check them out.
"Right, footprints, They was all over the hallway last night it should be a good start."

-7 Hobbs working over-hours at the office.
No. 942407 ID: ce39da

> It’s been a night.
Obviously, check to make sure someone hasn’t cleaned it up since you were gone. Make sure to have a suitably surprised reaction prepared to transition into...

> I’m not crazy.
... Making a fuss and letting people at the PD know what’s up (omitting the fact that you had already seen it and in fact woke up in it) before you begin investigating proper - no one will think you’re crazy for complaining about the apparent vandalism performed on your office, after all. It’ll also explain the investigating you’re about to do ahead of time.

> Other suspects.
There’s the possibility that this was the result of a crazy work party or an office prank gone too far. Do you remember which coworkers were there last night? Even if they had nothing to do with it, they might have witnessed something.

> Checking footprints.
Good, do that. They’re the most obvious lead.

> Food.
That fine Italian cuisine didn’t just materialize out of thin air, and I doubt the facilities here can accommodate that kind of meal prep. If you can find, say, take-out boxes in the trash somewhere in the building, that could lead you to the restaurant that made it.

> The Case.
Try going over the ruins of your office to see if you can find what it was you were working on. A negative result can also be telling; if it was mobsters, it was most likely a smash and grab for whatever clues you had against them, and leaving a body would have brought too much heat.
No. 942469 ID: d91ef0
File 156574109184.gif - (1.41MB , 800x800 , fhjgjghjgjg.gif )

After a brief cab ride to the PD.
Bracing for the worst.
There's no one here, but a janitor doing his rounds on the ground floor.

Heading up, The office still looked to be untouched when i left it, Merely the ruins of the office

"While i'm here, I should clean the office so i can avoid getting a earful.

>The footprints.
Those Footprints during the night of the incident?, Gone. Even under the light- The black shoe outlines that once revealed something wasn't visible to the naked eye.

>The clues.
The Food that stuck on the floor and walls didn't show clear signs of anything incriminating left behind, However a delicious aftertaste(Memo:Do not continue to eat evidence.)

The case i was working on that night was a homicide file.[i]Don'Humpback'PullanoHis Henchmen got shot up by someone, Maybe when we wrap this up i can give you the case since you like playing detective eh?[b]

[i]Also there is this pill bottle, It's per-scripted to. . Me, It's labled as 'Stress relief', The side effects are hard to read, Something about sleep or psychosis.

After a while, The office is left spotless. I've successfully saved a poor janitor from such a mess...And probably cleaning duty from the Chief.
No. 942473 ID: e7c7d3

Did you yourself order those pills? Even so, perhaps they were used to knock you out.
Also, sounds like our main suspects are whoever didn't want you looking into Humpback's minions.
No. 942476 ID: b1b4f3

Call your doctor and ask about the pills. You need to know exactly what the side effects are.
No. 942484 ID: b1b4f3

You're also gonna want to ask the other people working here what happened. If there's any security cam footage you'll want to ask to look at it.
No. 942491 ID: ce39da

> Cleaned up footprints.
If there's no surveillance footage to check, I think questioning the janitor is our best shot at un-dissolving this lead. Do you remember where the footprints led?

> No clues ON OR IN the food.
No reason the food itself can't be a clue. Whether it was take-out, homemade, or in-house might be an important question to answer. Look in nearby waste bins for take-out boxes. If there's a breakroom, check its sink for Tupperware. If there's a cafeteria, check its kitchen. Again, I can't stress enough that food does not simply materialize. The "whydunnit" of it being thrown at the walls can also be a clue worth thinking about. The food is the proverbial smoking gun here.

> Case Files
Nothing is missing though, as far as we can tell. That's a point against it being mobsters. This looks like simple vandalism, maybe a prank gone too far.
No. 942512 ID: d91ef0
File 156574979205.png - (179.77KB , 800x1020 , crime template - Copy.png )


>The pills

Pulling up his doctors number from his phone-book, A short talk with the doc and we're up to speed about what exactly the side effects were.
According to him, They're ordinary stress relief pills-However it was recommended that it should be taken while under the supervision of a family member-Side effects include grapheme-color synesthesia, Fatigue, and including Intermittent explosive disorder- Yikes.

>The footprints

I tried looking for the prints again, but theres not enough light to catch any clear prints heading to anywhere, However there is a few strains of pasta scattered on the floor, After interrogating the Cleaner with a little enforcement, The guy kept sputtering that-'The place was locked up bla bla-You should've locked it up-I didn't wanna take any chances so i left him be, But he was dead close to getting one between the eyes.

>The Humpback Case file

And that's why Humpback's rival's are the perfect suspect, 'The Blue eyes' Mob make the perfect suspects to not only Humpback's mob murder, But the Vandalism, They're most known for having rackets in Restaurants, Specially in Italian ones. So it wouldn't be surprising if one of them drived by, Broke into the Station and roughed me up a little in their little Food truck.


After a little more digging around-The break room, Some offices-And then i found out that the back of the hot storage cupboard in the cafeteria, Today was supposed to be spaghetti and meatballs, Probably those mobsters took them too!.

All 6 Frames are collected
-3 Hobbs gets drugged by the mobsters.
-5 The mobsters vandalize Hobb's office with pasta
-6 Hobbs steals pasta whilst under the influence
-9 The Mobsters food truck Pulls up to the PD
-10 Hobbs consumes the Stress relievers
-12 Hobbs Vandalizes his own office, wrapping ropes around whilst under the influence.

You have the full complete set of Frames to begin reconstructing the sequence.
No. 942524 ID: b1b4f3

Okay one problem with the self-inflicted drugged rampage scenario: how did you tie yourself up? That's not easy. Try doing it with the ropes to see if you can.

NO-1 Hobbs escaping through the fire escape.
-2 Mobsters tie up Hobbs and light a cigarette for him.
-3 Hobbs gets drugged by the mobsters.
NO-4 Hobbs rams into the door, getting loose.
-5 The mobsters vandalize Hobb's office with pasta
X-6 Hobbs steals pasta whilst under the influence
-7 Hobbs working over-hours at the office.
-8 Mobsters flee the PD.
-9 The Mobsters food truck Pulls up to the PD
X-10 Hobbs consumes the Stress relievers
-11 Mobsters knock Hobbs out.
X-12 Hobbs Vandalizes his own office, wrapping ropes around whilst under the influence.

So we need 7 of these, let's see what combinations work here:
-7 Hobbs working over-hours at the office.
-10 Hobbs consumes the Stress relievers
-6 Hobbs steals pasta whilst under the influence
-12 Hobbs Vandalizes his own office, wrapping ropes around whilst under the influence.

That doesn't work. We only have four that match that story while taking place in the right timeframe.

mob drugging:
-7 Hobbs working over-hours at the office.
-9 The Mobsters food truck Pulls up to the PD
-11 Mobsters knock Hobbs out.
-5 The mobsters vandalize Hobb's office with pasta
-3 Hobbs gets drugged by the mobsters.
-2 Mobsters tie up Hobbs and light a cigarette for him.
-8 Mobsters flee the PD.

This is the only sequence that works, but the order isn't clear. The mobsters could have drugged Hobb or vandalized the office or tied him up in any order.

I don't see any way to get a second outcome, which contradicts the premise here. Annoying.
No. 942525 ID: 864e49

This what I got but it still doesn't fit, I may have 1 more then necessary.
No. 942527 ID: b1b4f3

Well, if you take out the Mobsters knocking him out, it works:

-7 Hobbs working over-hours at the office.
-10 Hobbs consumes the Stress relievers
-6 Hobbs steals pasta whilst under the influence
-9 The Mobsters food truck Pulls up to the PD
-2 Mobsters tie up Hobbs and light a cigarette for him.
-5 The mobsters vandalize Hobb's office with pasta
-8 Mobsters flee the PD.

It means Hobbs stole the pasta, but passed out from the side-effect of "fatigue" rather than do anything with it, and the mobsters came across him while there for other reasons (the other footprints in the hall) and decided to mess with him.
No. 942529 ID: b1b4f3

OR, maybe the mobsters drugged him in the process of doing whatever else they were doing, but didn't vandalize the place?

-7 Hobbs working over-hours at the office.
-9 The Mobsters food truck Pulls up to the PD
-11 Mobsters knock Hobbs out.
-3 Hobbs gets drugged by the mobsters.
-8 Mobsters flee the PD.
-6 Hobbs steals pasta whilst under the influence
-12 Hobbs Vandalizes his own office, wrapping ropes around whilst under the influence.
No. 942531 ID: caf1de

guys come on they were delivering the pasta for the meal today and Hobbs stole the pasta and they tied him up and messed up his place
they didn't knock him out he fell asleep
No. 942548 ID: ce39da

We know that 7-?-?-?-?-4-1 is correct beyond a shadow of a doubt. That leaves four slots for the actual vandalism to happen. The footprints being cleaned up points to the mobsters, but it doesn't explain why you had a cigar in your mouth. Also, if the food truck guys did it, they wouldn't need the stuff from the cafeteria kitchen. I agree with actually experimenting with being able to tie yourself up before coming to a definite conclusion though.
No. 942565 ID: b1b4f3

We can't use 4 or 1 because-
...huh, the final frame doesn't have Hobbs in it. I guess we *could* use 4 and 1.

Alright, if we're only using four frames for the time period before Hobbs woke up, then it's a bit simpler, but we *still* can't make a coherent sequence without the mobsters showing up somewhere. There are only 6 frames that don't involve them:

-1 Hobbs escaping through the fire escape.
-4 Hobbs rams into the door, getting loose.
-6 Hobbs steals pasta whilst under the influence
-7 Hobbs working over-hours at the office.
-10 Hobbs consumes the Stress relievers
-12 Hobbs Vandalizes his own office, wrapping ropes around whilst under the influence.

So I guess that proves the mobsters at least showed up last night, just not what they did.
Another thing to check: who are the pills for? Does Hobbs even remember buying them? If they're not his pills then the mobsters brought them, which strongly indicates they drugged him with the pills.
No. 942569 ID: ce39da

Hm... Perhaps they did show up to deliver the pasta that was supposed to be served tomorrow. That also partially explains the "whydunnit" of us stealing that pasta - we could have seen this and freaked out. Maybe our high ass decided to try framing (who we thought was) the guilty party with this little stunt to try and get a warrant?

I'm considering locking in at least one answer, format and all. However, before I do that, may I offer at least one suggestion: That getting a "correct" sequence that leads to one of the outcomes simply unlocks that for our final choice and doesn't immediately shunt us down that path?
No. 942579 ID: d91ef0
File 156581759769.png - (13.38KB , 494x525 , dsadsadadasdassad.png )

do you guys wanna just do a tally on who you think threw spaghetti balls all over the place
No. 942580 ID: 0fae41

One vote for YOU being the culprit.
No. 942584 ID: 864e49

My problem is that Hobbs throwing spget all over is tied ti him tying himself up.
If it weren't for that then I say he did the pasta and they tied him up (maybe to stop him being destructive), but we don't know if he could tie himself up and I can think of no reason why the guys delivering pasta would purposefully fuck it up.
No. 942591 ID: ce39da

Yes, we do have all the possible theories in place, but we don't have all the info necessary to pick one.

Did you feel roughed up when you came to? If not, that blows a hole in your mob theory.

Are you capable of tying yourself up? If not, then that blows a hole in the self-done theory.

Also, I think we're dumb; was it raining last evening? If it was, then that easily explains how a whole mess of different footprints (likely left by miscellaneous department workers as they went home judging by the wildly different places they were at) could disappear by morning while the sauce remained.

I'm leaning "you" for my vote because two of the three points against that theory ("no motive" and "disappearing footprints") have potentially evaporated. ("Tying yourself up" is still something you should test.) Another point against you is that the way your office was messed up seems too nonsensical for the mob (unless rearranging your filing cabinets is supposed to send some cryptic message). I also see it as the "safe" answer, as declaring your conclusion to the department would make you seem silly either way, and the only consequence of this is that you no longer have an obvious bias against the Blue Eyes for the Beluga case.
No. 942602 ID: fd2d31

Sure the bolognese bonanza wasn't a false flag warning by the Irish mob?
if you genuinely believed it was the italians, then worst case (for the irish) you'd start fearing the italians, which will mean to the irish that you're easy to "persuade", and best case, you'd be breathing down the italians neck while ignoring the irish.
No. 942682 ID: d91ef0
File 156590356762.png - (14.39KB , 335x395 , good job.png )

No. 942683 ID: d91ef0
File 156590372486.png - (10.04KB , 682x543 , sadasdadasdsa.png )

"Okay well-

"I suppose i did it, i guess-Should read labels next time.

"Now how about we go solve this murder case?

Case complete!, Although Hobbs goes unpunished you can have the satisfaction of getting the right answer.
No. 942686 ID: ce39da

> Ya did it.
Yeah, you gotta be careful about medicine. BTW, maybe don't be so quick to pull out your gun on possible witnesses. You're lucky if that poor janitor doesn't report you.

> Order of Events, for puzzle-solving posterity.
9 and 10 might be interchangeable, but my gut says that if the "fleeing" card can't be fit in, that means you can't have interrupted their delivery, which would have been likely had you already taken your pills, rather than the scenario where your drugged-up paranoid butt connected the nonexistent dots after they were already gone. This conjecture doesn't serve any purpose, aside from some closure on the posterity level. Then again, I don't think this one will have an official report.

> Murder Case
Give us the deets.
No. 942687 ID: b1b4f3

Oh good, there was a right answer.
Show us the case files!
No. 942776 ID: d91ef0
File 156599382774.png - (196.83KB , 800x1100 , 4392-01134.png )

Lots of shootings in the city don't really catch my intention, But this one caught my eye-We even got the guy in for questioning, Claims he's done nothing wrong-that's what they all say-Dirty criminals-Anyway i want you to take a look at the case in case i make any mistakes.

•There are 4 Outcomes

•You need at least 8 frames.

•If you think you have the correct sequence, Ask for the case file open and submit the number of frames you think is correct.(e.g-"")

Frames collected so far:
START:The front of Humpback's Racket Italian Restaurant, 'The Crooked neck'.

1.Blue eye member calling on the payphone.
2.Cat Veteran calling on the phone for police.
3.Humpback Manager calling on the phone to his boss.
4.Cat Veteran going back to sleep.
5.Blue eye member heading to the bathroom
6.Blue eye mob skid up to the restaurant, Armed and ready.
7.Humpback's gang are gunned down by the mob.
8.Cat Veteran trying to get some sleep.
9.Blue eye member reveals his pistol, Shooting the henchmen and the fleeing manager.
10.Blue eye member and the Humpback mob calmly eat dinner.
11.Cat Veteran takes shots at the Restaurant window.
14.Blue eye member flees the Restaurant.
15.Cat Veteran arms himself with a automatic scoped rifle.
16.Blue eye member waits in the bathroom.
17.Blue eye member takes gun from holster.

END:Both Humpbacks Henchmen and Manager lay dead, Ridden with bullets and pasta sauce.

"Oh, and if you need any help just ask-I've read this top to bottom."
No. 942787 ID: b1b4f3

Uh... I think we need more information here.
Is there any eyewitness testimony? Are there any recordings available? Who called the police? Who was arrested? (I'm guessing the blue cat member that fled is who was arrested) What did they claim happened?

Of note is that there's only 3 frames for the cat veteran that don't involve him getting his rifle. Unless we get another frame for him, that means he was involved somehow.

I can see three possibilities immediately: 1, the blue cat member did it. 2, the van full of blue cats did it. 3, the cat veteran did it. Not sure what the fourth would be, some combination of the others?
No. 942791 ID: b1b4f3

Do we know what caliber bullets were used? That one should be relatively easy to find.
No. 942793 ID: ce39da

We didn't get to see the initial investigation this time, so can you tell us what evidence led to each of those frames?

We should also know if any guns were found either on the scene or the witnesses.

You're sure the glass was broken outward?

The veteran called the police, right? What did he say happened?

What's the individual Blue Eyes member's side of the story? Go down and actually talk to him, and keep that gun holstered, geez! (You were prescribed stress medication for a reason, I imagine.) Give him a chance to actually get a word in edgewise.
No. 942801 ID: b1b4f3

OH, more questions:
Can we get the phone records for the manager's phone, the payphone, and the veteran cat's phone? Or at least the calls relevant to that time period.
No. 942813 ID: d91ef0
File 156601372093.png - (47.83KB , 800x800 , 32121312312313.png )

I took my time flipping through the file, mostly only for the interesting parts of course.

"Well, According to a little interrogation from one of the kind officers, He buttered out something about a phone-call-bla-bla-bla-Humpback guy-blah-bleh,-You can never trust those guys,Killers at the core, No recordings..yada yada..That old guy was the one who called the police during the gunfire he said, He was really calm about it though, Dead strange, Who got arrested?-Well it was that damn Blue eye snake, Course we held him in custody for murder and fleeing-And the funny thing is he's pretending he didn't do anything-AS he's covered in blood!,Hah!, Like i believe that nonsense."

"Oh yeah, some brass shells, No name of the tag or anything sadly over-wise i'd be eating lunch by now,They were quite small bullets though, Enough to break a sheet of glass."

"Well lucky me eh?, The investigators go out and collect the evidence for me while i just piece the puzzles together-Sometimes-Never got into trouble for it. Well these are just theory's, But i'm sure that at-I feel like i'm missing a frame though. Guns?,Yeah-Old guy owns one of them-Army automatic's, And we caught that punk with a pistol sticking in his pocket, Also the victim's carried guns, Pistols like the punk's. Oh yeah, that's how we got him. It couldn't be no one else in that room but him. And i don't feel like leaving, I'm cozy right here".

Hobb's takes a minute to flip through to the phone log
"Yeah, But i'm sure you'll not find anything important directly from here. There's the old man's call-Standard police call, And a irrelevant phone-call during work-hours, Don'Humpback'Pullano himself talking to the manager. Nothing important of course~".
No. 942816 ID: b1b4f3

SHELLS from small caliber bullets, sure, but what about the bullets themselves? Small caliber bullets would remain in the body or could be recovered easily from bullet holes in the scenery. Also, what kind of wounds did the victims have? Different caliber bullets leave different wounds-- large caliber bullets leave disproportionally larger wounds due to the physics involved.
This line of questioning will confirm what kind of gun was used to kill the victims. The shells being present in the restaurant only proves there were guns fired in the restaurant, not that those guns were used to kill the victims. It's still possible the veteran cat killed them, and they were simply returning fire.
How many of the guns had been fired, and how many rounds?

Gunfire during the veteran's call is actually very suspicious. In either scenario where the veteran was NOT involved, the gunfight would be very short, meaning the veteran would call after all the noise was over. This implies the veteran shot at the restaurant-- either having ducked down to call the police while the mobsters returned fire, or used his own gun during the call. ...or he faked the gunshots via a recording to make the police think the shooting happened at a different time? It's not solid proof of wrongdoing, but it's suspicious.

Phone records confirm panel 3 happened, then... When did the shooting happen? Do we have any evidence of the timeframe other than the police call?
No. 942818 ID: b1b4f3

Were any bullet casings found outside the restaurant?
No. 942839 ID: 864e49

So Four(4) possible scenarios:

Blue eyes eating with manager is a set up for a drive by.
Or something like that.

Blue Eyes does it himself.

Veteran can't sleep and looses shit over something and opens fire on restaurant.
Probably not this one as how would Blue Eyes not get hit.

Veteran goes PTSD after shots fired and shoots out window after Humpback already dead (maybe trying to kill Blue Eyes as he escapes?).

We need more info! At what times did the three phone calls happen, how many casings where there, where were the casings found, what relation did the Blue Eyes thug have with the manager and/or Humpback thug?
No. 942841 ID: 864e49

Keep in mind that the veteran is a VETERAN and his police call would probably not be the same as a civilian.

Also do the frames in the top and bottom rows happen concurrently?
Like does frame A1 happen at the same time as frame B1?
No. 942845 ID: ce39da

We need to know which of those guns were fired, and how many times.

Wait, considering that this was a shootout and not an up-close knife fight or something, wouldn't the fact that he was covered in blood mean he was right next to the victims and therefore LESS suspicious? We need some deets on the autopsies regarding how far away the shooter was.
No. 942847 ID: b1b4f3

There should have also been a gunshot residue test done on the suspect's hands.

For that matter, gunshot residue on the victims at the table would indicate whether or not they were shot at close range. No residue means the suspect is innocent. I doubt they could have shot back at that range without hitting the suspect.
No. 943023 ID: d91ef0
File 156621780956.jpg - (21.98KB , 442x519 , dsadsadasasdas.jpg )

"Shells, Let's see-Nope-Nope-Ah!, There's a small note about uh-uhhhhhhh, Those shells. Some fired bullet shells on the window, And some near the bathroom floor. Also according to the autopsy, The yellow one must've got it first, Right in his face and chest, Must've took him a few seconds to take in whats happening in his last seconds, The manager must've been running for the counter, Could be from the window-Or when he came back from the toilet, A direct bullet to the brain instantly killing him.The shots According the Veterans call, He heard one shot, Followed by four shots and the sound of broken glass, it wasn't enough time to start a full on gun fight-I guess you could say it happened so fast."
"Well, The first phone-call was around the work-hour, The shooting was after-hours. All of the frames take place during the night."

"Bullet casings start and end at the front of the bathroom door, to the window."
"A1 and B1 are from different suspects, Like the veteran and the blue eyed."

"Pasta sauce, Blood sauce and uh-Brain goo, Yeah.i dunno."
No. 943043 ID: b1b4f3

Ahh that's some good evidence. Someone INSIDE the restaurant did the killing, and they either fled to the bathroom while shooting or came out of the bathroom shooting. That puts the cat veteran in the clear, I think-- he must've grabbed his rifle but not used it.
Hmm. Any chance there was another person there that escaped alive? Like another humpback member? Otherwise the evidence strongly points towards the blue eye member.

I'm really curious as to why the blue eye guy thought telling the police about a phone call was important. ...maybe he's claiming self-defense because they were talking about killing him?
No. 943052 ID: d91ef0
File 156624713110.png - (59.58KB , 800x800 , 340234324.png )


"Y'know, We could just send this guy to the chair already, We got enough evidence. No one would think twice about some criminal, Or..If you really want-We can go over and 'have a chat' with him.

A)Send The Blue eyed member to the death penalty
B)Make him talk.
No. 943054 ID: b1b4f3

Oh I thought you didn't want to leave? Let's go interrogate him yeah.

Be sure to make him tell you his side of the story before you give him any information about your own investigation. You want to see if he contradicts any evidence.
No. 943126 ID: d91ef0
File 156631485296.jpg - (37.36KB , 885x772 , dasdsadad.jpg )

I proceeded to get the 'information' out of him, Got his side like you said, Kept shouting that the other guy did it while he was occupied in the bathroom, Very suspicious.
No. 943133 ID: b1b4f3

I guess this is one of those old-timey themed detective novels where beating up the suspect is fine.

What other guy is he talking about?
No. 943140 ID: 9876c4

You're gonna wanna tell me everything you can think of 'bout this other guy.
No. 943159 ID: d91ef0
File 156634700140.png - (213.52KB , 800x1100 , 4392-01134.png )


Apparently, He thinks that one of the Victims that caused all of this-That Humpback member shot the other one directly in the face, and then attempted to turn the gun on him

"Let's just wrap this up, I got better things to do."
All 3 Frames are collected

12-Humpback Member takes gun from holster.
13-Humpback member hears the bathroom door open
18-Humpback member shoots his friend in the face, fatally injuring him.

You have the full complete set of Frames to begin reconstructing the sequence.
No. 943164 ID: b1b4f3

Hey wait a minute, weren't we told this guy was covered in blood?
I don't see any bloodstains on him.
No. 943165 ID: ce39da

Honestly, this is just a big mess of shots to sort through from a puzzle-solving standpoint. What I am sure of is that the Blue-Eyes member shot at least one person - the Beluga Guy he's accusing. If he was in the bathroom and came out just as the initial crime happened, there's a good case for self-defense.

But then, there's the matter of the manager... He didn't mention him, did he? Ask if he knows where the manager got off to. If he doesn't correct you on the manager's status among the living, then he's definitely only guilty of manslaughter rather than mass homicide.

Also, in the future, maybe the whole "order of events" format is a bit too messy and cumbersome? You simply explaining the details of a case to us and letting us draw our own conclusions would more than suffice.
No. 943172 ID: b1b4f3

...wait a minute, there's a missing piece to the puzzle. What happened to the chef? You can see them clearly in the background of panel 3. Did they leave before the incident, in which case everyone else was hanging around after hours?

OH, also, ask why he was in the bathroom. Was he waiting for something?
His story matches the evidence, honestly. No reason for him to flee into the bathroom during a gunfight, so the casings were from him firing while leaving the bathroom. It doesn't outright confirm his motive or even clear him of killing the first guy, BUT his story also matches the reports of gunfire. One shot point blank, then four from an ensuing gunfight.

It would be easily possible to confirm his story based on gunshot residue and bullet trajectories but I'm guessing we don't have that technology available(can't even match bullets or shell casings to guns...).
No. 943194 ID: d91ef0
File 156639951266.jpg - (53.16KB , 1102x815 , asdadadadsaasd.jpg )

What's the point..This is a mess, If i can't do it why should i let some strangers do my work?(As much as i want to.) I'm playing with someone else's fate here..
"Yea i suppose, this case is a mess anyway, why don't we just do something else-. . .

knock knock knock

"Must be take out."
No. 943197 ID: d91ef0
File 156640146634.png - (87.10KB , 2333x2081 , 3243242342342.png )

"Have you ever ordered from 'The Chocolate pig?', They coat everything in chocolate that's meat, They even coat the chocolate-with fried icing butter block.

[i] Paying the delivery man, I took the stack to my desk to dig, I think i got some silverware still in my desk.
No. 943199 ID: ce39da

I never said you should give up! (Seriously, it feels like you only hear 1 out of every 3 things we say...) It's your case, you gotta close it. Again, ask the guy about the manager; there's a chance he doesn't know the guy is dead, and if so, that proves his innocence in his and the first victims' deaths. It's pretty clear that he at least shot the thug in self-defense, though, but hey, he won't get the chair for that!

I only suggested that the mechanical photo-wall of events puzzle system seems to overcomplicate what we're trying to do, which is solve crimes and catch criminals. Maybe the reason you asked for our help is that the way you organize your thoughts is a mess? Step back, discard the theories, and stick to the facts, and then we can start really focusing on the 'who' instead of finicky temporal puzzles.

Sorry if that hurt to hear, since I have reasonable confidence that you started this quest specifically to present these "Order of Events" puzzles, but we really are invested in the mysteries themselves.

... Also, wait, did we order takeout?
No. 943203 ID: e6f10c

Hold up. Did you order take-out? 'Cause if you didn't, I'd strongly suggest you gently place that package on the ground, exit your office and call the bomb squad from the nearest pay phone.
No. 943207 ID: 864e49

No. 943218 ID: b1b4f3

Hey wait what no. The cops are gonna send him to the chair and I'm like 90% sure the guy's innocent. Hell even 50% sure would be reasonable doubt.
Let me just say I disagree with this. You misunderstand what the overall puzzle appears to be- first, we gather facts and develop theories, then we test those theories by trying to piece together the panels. It was never JUST about the panels.

In this case, I believe the order is:

(top row)
(bottom row)
5, 18, 13, (missing panel here of blue eye killing the manager), 14

We don't have a motive for the humpbacks doing an internal hit though.
No. 943247 ID: d91ef0
File 156643640595.jpg - (78.46KB , 1102x815 , asdadadadsaasd.jpg )

"Yea yea, never give up-And i'm with you on that theory, Maybe you're onto something Snake boy might've actually just stepped into some sort of-Double assassination-Or something, I don't exactly understand how gangs work. And i get it,The puzzles aren't exactly fun, But its kinda the fastest way to skip the whole detective adventure, Or paperwork. ALS i ordered some takeout, Hope you don't mind.
OPENING the take out box roughly and violently as possible, He slowly peaked the lid open.

"BOOM!" He shouted

Turns out, It was a chocolate coated double fried buttered steak in a ball shape.
"Heheh, I might as well have somethin' let's just say its our little secret eh?"

"I'm a little muddled with you're example detective-cUnCh

"Yeah, That's what i'm worrying about-We would give him a self defense charge instead of double manslaughter and destruction of property, Whatever percentage-It'll effect the gang mostly. Shall we take it to a vote?
No. 943283 ID: 864e49

>a chocolate coated double fried buttered steak
Christ man you're going to kill yerself.

Motive: Taking care of a troublesome member while framing the Blue-Eyes.
If the manager had killed the blue eye he could have claimed self defense and blamed blue eye for the henchmen murder.
No. 943284 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah that works.
No. 943318 ID: d91ef0
File 156649051169.png - (18.86KB , 819x810 , 3454353445.png )

"Better than smokin'.

"So you want me to submit my report to the chief?, Once this Motive gets sent out,It'll be out my little hands.CrUnch

Is this the sequence you are satisfied with?
No. 943323 ID: ce39da

If you're referring to the sequence where the Blue-Eyes member is only guilty of one count of manslaughter acting in self-defense instead of three homicides, then yeah. He'll be locked away, but at least he won't get the chair.

(I realize I do have a habit of picking the "safest" solutions that minimize collateral damage if it turns out we're wrong.)

Also, what if we don't want to skip the actual detective work?
No. 943367 ID: d91ef0
File 156652906333.png - (49.15KB , 1198x1158 , fgdgdgdgdgdfg.png )

The next day goes by just like that,The Blue eyes member gets summoned by the court, I don't know where exactly he ended up to, But it won't be a chair-So that's good enough. No medal, No pretty blond by my side. Just-A pat on the back i suppose that's as close your gonna get to a celebration.

It's midnight, and i'm the only one in the station again, Working on more paperwork

Knock knock.

No. 943368 ID: 9876c4

(When Crap knocks, it's because someone didn't bother to chew properly. It's the kind of scent that just lingers into the night, and even then, the browned-out memories take a few flushes to go down...)

No. 943369 ID: b1b4f3

Check the peephole before opening the door.
No. 943386 ID: caf1de

are we gonna get spag'd again
No. 943400 ID: d91ef0
File 156657281429.png - (41.40KB , 845x1543 , asdadasdadas.png )

Taking my Licence to kill Revolver out, i got ready for whoever was outside my door.
"Not time for poop jokes"
"I can't see, They're right in-front of the door.
"Let's hope not.

The door creaks slowly open..The barrel of a gun enters the room first.

No. 943404 ID: 9876c4

Ask questions first, shoot later!

No wait, the other one.
No. 943414 ID: d91ef0
File 156658453546.png - (81.18KB , 1749x2579 , dsadasdasdasda.png )

>s h o o t
A thud and a splat, The mobster lays dead-Well it's time to clock out, Let's just grab a drink.
No. 943417 ID: b1b4f3

SIGH, more paperwork. Gather some basic evidence (check his wallet for an ID) then phone it in.
No. 943418 ID: d91ef0
File 156658629633.png - (25.54KB , 877x841 , dfdfsdfdsfds.png )

I didn't care anymore, It didn't matter anyway, Everything will just-Go back to normal like the day before-I'll wake up at my office tied to my chair, And the thick smell of Pasta, All over again, Again. And again-Oh look,The cinema is playing tonight and i got some spare cash on me, Let's watch something.

The cinema's lights beam bright as some of haven from the crime in the city, Oddly Clean. I'll let you pick the movie once we get inside.
No. 943424 ID: b1b4f3

What? Are you stuck in a time loop or something?
No. 943455 ID: d91ef0
File 156661012086.png - (572.50KB , 3700x1200 , 100105915.png )

"Pft, Don't act daft."

As i entered the cinema, A set of movie framed posters stood beside me, I suppose these are the movies are playing tonight.

"I've never heard anyone talk about these movies-Must be brand new, I'll let you pick Rookie since you're quite a expert of choosing."

A)The Hunting Bus: Oregon trail themed adventure involving 20 hunters trying to find urban legends

B)A walk across Rodiola: I don't know what this movie is about..There's a blue lable under it, 'The thrilling horror' it says.
The Venue for this film appears to be unavailable, Darn-Looks nice.

C)Finding belief: A deer attempting to solve the mystery of her missing father during the summer.

D)HUESO:A old 80's horror classic-5 people are being hunted by a masked killer in their small little town

(This is the end of Sequence of Events, So choose wisely!)
No. 943464 ID: 9876c4

If I just ate a fried steak and killed a man, I'd probably watch C and give things a chance to settle down.
No. 943468 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's go with C.
No. 943494 ID: d91ef0
File 156666650705.png - (818.16KB , 1500x1200 , daxcasdas.png )

C!, THE VOICES SHOUT FROM ABOVE, A bright blue beam obliterates hobbs and any trace of his life to god knows what, The beam shortly disappears leaving behind a broken ceiling and a traumatized cashier.
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