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File 156451132315.png - (357.99KB , 1920x776 , SkratQuest 1.png )
940934 No. 940934 ID: 465a14

welcome to skrat's stream, ok so for anyone who's new Skrat is the king of arkots and he works as a space cop, these are his scape ccop buddies

Crash is dead and Skrat is sure she is in heaven

Okvil is some kind of "bara aeromorph" according to online comments Skrat will not repeat

Bako is trouble

Killer likes potato chips

Kitol is a doctor he is always very tired but also a nice person

Trains is a cyborg she always has something interesting

Tracy is big, like, bigger than the biggest Skrat knew

there is nothing to do for cop work patrols already ended and skrat has no one to interrogate

what do

I joked that I should make a quest about Skrat's stream viewers voting on what to do and was told "Do it coward" by several of my players. This quest will be intentionally awful as befits an arkot and will last until my regrets become too powerful, I run out of interest, or Skrat accomplishes something interesting.
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No. 940935 ID: f0a059

No. 940936 ID: 0fae41

Climb Tracy and claim her peak for the arkots.
No. 940937 ID: 465a14

skrat is in the precinct he only sees his coworkers and a bunch of boring furniture he will not describe, he already searched it for anything interesting and found nothing
No. 940938 ID: f0a059

find another arkot community to become king of so you're two kings and therefore emperor of the arkots
No. 940939 ID: 8d23f0

visit crash in death monster heaven
No. 940941 ID: e37afb

Yes this one
No. 940945 ID: b1b4f3

Turn off f.lux
No. 940946 ID: 465a14
File 156451209533.png - (115.89KB , 1920x776 , SkratQuest 2.png )

the people have spoken, Skrat easily climbs Tracy and will not tell you of all the difficulties he had, do not watch the stream VODs to find out about them anyway

he is now the biggest thing ever, arkots reign uncontested


also Skrat is eating oranges while wearing orange sunglasses

how does Skrat go there Space-Google Maps won't tell him

Skrat is on the Canopy, it is a very big asteroid they built holes in, he is already king of all arkots on the Canopy so that's basically everything that exists already, right
No. 940947 ID: 736b7e

Third for claim Tracy for arkotkind.
No. 940948 ID: 465a14

unfortunately Skrat can no longer see his other coworkers from this height, only Tracy

who knows what depravities Bako is up to now that Skrat's watchful eye is no longer on him
No. 940951 ID: 61b5e1

Find weaker amtsvane to round up as vassals.
No. 940952 ID: 736b7e

Instruct Tracy to gather all your friends up.
No. 940953 ID: e37afb

Okay now that you're up here you get to be in charge of Tracy.
No. 940958 ID: 0fae41

This. We're going to Arkot town.
No. 940959 ID: 465a14
File 156451283756.png - (297.66KB , 1920x776 , SkratQuest 3.png )

Tracy rounded up the other officers but when skrat told her to find weaker amtsvane she found another one and started talking with her Skrat doesn't think this is vassaling and also doesn't think tracy noticed him hitting her to make the vassaling go faster

also Titty and Spin are here, Titty is Bako and Okvil's girlfriend she is innocent but Bako corrupts her, Skrat sympathizes

Skrat doesn't know who Spin is but he feels like he is in danger now
No. 940960 ID: 465a14

skrat also doesn't know why the other amtsvane is T-posing or showing panties it is probably an evil amtsvane anti-vassal ritual
No. 940961 ID: 0fae41

She's attempting to show her dominance.
Tracy kiss Qual
No. 940962 ID: 736b7e

instruct newsvane to gather more friends.

Also maybe someone to save you from that weird-looking thing
No. 940965 ID: b1b4f3

Ask who Spin is.
No. 940966 ID: 465a14
File 156451370433.png - (403.54KB , 1920x776 , SkratQuest 4.png )

Tracy and Qual take everyone offscreen to kiss, it is probably very lewd and skrat wil lspare his viewers' poor innocent eyes plus his mom said he wasn't allowed to do lewd things on stream for a week after he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG MOM

he tries to call his friend Peel who is not a criminal and has never been arrested to hack the evil Spin thing and save skrat but Peel tried to use a real motorcycle instead of his DoDgE sCoOoOoOoT for one and could not control the power, now skrat is sure he is dead because he crashed

it is tool ate and now everyhting is spinning and Skrat can feel his bits shutting down, he is losing consciousness hopefully he will not die thanks for watching please donate to skrat
No. 940967 ID: 465a14

also Peel is covered in green because miklik blood is green but Skrat is too unconscious to tell you that
No. 940968 ID: 8d23f0

ask trains where death monster heaven is machines are smart and know stuffs
No. 940969 ID: 8d23f0

>donate 4 eggs to skrat kingdom at P.O. box Police station nation
No. 940970 ID: 736b7e

Get someone to fix Peel's motorcycle.

Also maybe stop Peel from dying.
No. 940996 ID: 86eb65

This is Slander!

Skrat is suing everyone involved!

Skrat will see you all in space court!
No. 940998 ID: 465a14

It's libel, Skrat.
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