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File 156393346605.png - (177.57KB , 533x700 , 10-1.png )
940228 No. 940228 ID: 7816e7

18+ adult content
Chapter 10: Heart of the Mountain

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/932953.html
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No. 952822 ID: 015bf2

Time for a bath!
No. 952826 ID: 529620

Breaking lurker status again to fucking commend the shit out toxo. There is a vast silent group fucking applauding you on every post. Just wanted you to know.
No. 953018 ID: c70ff4
File 157845657867.png - (113.98KB , 500x700 , 10-190.png )

“Certainly, my dear.” Gabe threads his fingers together and cracks his knuckles dramatically. With a wave of his hand, he opens a gate back to Delilah’s bathhouse. “Anyone else for a bit of a dip? Three Horns, you and your people are welcome to join us...”

The kobold leader steps closer to the glowing rift and eyes it cautiously.

“Just watch the edges, they’re very sharp.” Gabe warns.

Soon, the entire warren files in behind their leader to explore the strange new world beyond the gate. The group relaxes as the kobolds marvel at the glittering mosaics and shimmering pools, poking curious snoots into every corner of the building.

Thank you so much! I realize the lewder bits dont get many suggestions but Im glad people are enjoying them!
No. 953019 ID: c70ff4
File 157845658454.png - (79.14KB , 410x700 , 10-191.png )

Having had a nice post-orgy scrub, Casey dries herself off and steps out in search of Three Horns. After a brief search of the first floor, she heads upstairs. She finds the diminutive leader sitting on a balcony, legs dangling off the railing and face set with an expression of disbelief. She stares unblinkingly out at the dark sea.
No. 953020 ID: c70ff4
File 157845658819.png - (142.42KB , 500x700 , 10-192.png )

Casey puts her hand over the kobold’s; seemingly waking her from a trance. “Are you okay?”

“I- I heard the sound of water and couldn’t resist a look... I had no idea it would all be so... big.” Three Horns chuckles to herself breathlessly. “We- we have stories about the outside, but... I never could have imagined something so vast.” For all the dignity and confidence the kobold carries herself with, she suddenly seems very small and vulnerable. “Is this really the right thing for us to do? Life in the mountain... it was safe and simple.”
No. 953023 ID: 3ce8ff

ignorance is bliss because the truth is sad, and you can't go back, its kinda too late
No. 953026 ID: b1b4f3

Safe and simple can be all you need to be happy, yes. But there is more to the world, if they want to experience it.
If she's not sure, it might be best if they took it slow. Establish trade with the outside world, go on trips and buy books to learn more before committing to anything. Some of the more adventurous members may strike out early, some may take some time and prepare carefully. Some might never leave, and that's fine too. It would make sense for there to always be a kobold presence in the mountain. It is their homeland, in a way.
No. 953033 ID: 83bf07

Freedom seems scary when all you've known is a gilded cage. It's okay to be be scared but when you have support from friends like us, you can take on the world.
No. 953042 ID: 1d7c77

You all can clearly become good mages. A little portal study and the kobolds can leave and return as they like.

By the way, don't forget to let Flashing Feathers know what's been going on, he's probably worried. Don't forget your mission, either!
No. 953063 ID: c70ff4
File 157854212723.png - (122.89KB , 500x700 , 10-193.png )

“Its bound to be pretty scary, but you’ve got our support as well as the rest of the spirit guides. It might be a good idea to take things slow, establish trade with the outside and find your place in our society. The senders can teach your people gate magic, so they can come and go as they please.” Casey puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Its a big world to explore, but you have friends out here and-“ She squints into the distance, watching a curious silver ribbon twist through the air. “Speaking of friends, we might want to make some room.”
No. 953064 ID: c70ff4
File 157854213438.png - (256.84KB , 700x700 , 10-194.png )

A great, feathery thunderbolt strikes the balcony and lifts Casey up in a flutter of wings. Flashing Feathers rains down a flurry of kisses on the mouse; starting at her lips and trailing down to her breasts. Casey giggles at the affectionate god.

Bearer of my Blessing! It is good to see you safe! And my Most Beloved? He is here as well?”

“Everyone is safe, Flashing Feathers. Thank you so much for your help on the mountain. Are you tired from your flight? Do you need anything?”

He thinks earnestly for a moment. “Yes, but first I wish to see my beloved. I have missed him greatly and wish to ravish him. Is he inside? Would you bring him to me?” Casey looks down and notices the coatls twin cocks, already dripping with excitement.
No. 953066 ID: b1b4f3

Oh Cecil, you've got some blue waiting for you!

I wonder if Flashing Feathers has ever met a kobold before?
No. 953067 ID: 3ce8ff

lets not keep Flashing Feathers waiting.
No. 953069 ID: 15088f

Yes, his Most Beloved Cecil is inside and yes, you'll go get him right away. Pretty certain Cecil has been missing his beloved as much too. While you do that, Flashing Feathers and Three Horns can introduce themselves to each other. Maybe Three Horns could have some fun with Flashing Feathers, once he and Cecil have ravaged each other.
No. 953075 ID: 10c408

Politely introduce Flashing Feathers to Three horns while you head back inside.

Also ask if flashing feathers would be at all interested in also giving his blessing to gabe.
No. 953086 ID: 83bf07

Check Three Horns for starry eyes
No. 953090 ID: ce39da

“Ohhhhhhhh Cecilllllll~!”

Not for a lack of interest, I imagine; for me, it’s simply harder to come up with actual suggestions in the lewd scenes more helpful than “>>>” or “MOAR SEX.”
No. 953097 ID: 9fad0d

Yeah, definitely get Cecil in on this, and perhaps get Del, Gabe and Kol in on the "blessing" thing as well.
No. 953099 ID: a0dfd2


> Wish to ravish him.

Being a bit obvious about it, too. Has me wondering if it makes flying more difficult.

Well, let's introduce our friends, then send Flashing Feathers on his way. Maybe check in on the boys after? Gabe and Kol could probably use some snacks.
No. 953103 ID: 1d7c77

Well, sneaky-sneak one of your tendrils on in there and fetch him! Let Cecil have the first proper go, he has first dibs, then see if FF feels up to anything more. None of this adventure would have been possible without him, so you should all show some gratitude, but he did imply he's tired. Maybe something where the coatl gets to relax and get lavished a bit?
No. 953146 ID: c70ff4
File 157863287133.png - (174.22KB , 700x500 , 10-195.png )

“Sure thing!”Casey dislodges herself from the amorous serpent and waves a hand, “Three Horns, I’d like you to meet Flashing Feathers Joyous Blue of a Perfect Sky! He’s the reason we were able to explore the mountain in the first place.”

The kobold looks awestruck, still reeling from the size and speed of the ancient god in all his glory. Her gaze is drawn to the sapphire shafts slipping between his scales, which seems to break the spell. “A... pleasure to meet you sir.” She says with a smile and bows slightly in greeting.

The coatl acknowledges her in turn and dips his head. “It is an honor.” A look of concern crosses his features for a moment as he straightens up.

“Is something wrong?” Casey asks and Coatl sighs.

“My deepest apologies. I saw that you too carry binding magic. I spent countless years chained by a similar spell and the old fears die hard. It is through my Beloved and Blessing Bearer that I have been able to embrace this new world.” He bows his head apologetically, lowering himself to the kobold.

Stunned, Three Horns rallies herself and clears her throat. “Oh! Oh, its- um, its fine. I understand completely.” She touches the great, scaly head and he rises with a smile.

“Three Horns, lets go find Cecil, shall we?” Casey offers.
No. 953147 ID: c70ff4
File 157863287920.png - (140.59KB , 700x500 , 10-196.png )

The kobold joins her inside and after a beat mentions, “We should do something about the Old Master, shouldn’t we? We can’t just keep him locked up...”

“True, but we can figure that out later. Let’s just not forget about him, okay?” Casey sighs, adding another task to her mental checklist. “Oh, there he is- Hey Cecil!” She waves “You have a visitor!”

“I do?” The bowerbird throws on a towel and follows them upstairs. “I don’t believe I’ve sent word to anyone, who could- woah!”

The bird finds himself yanked out onto the balcony and into the coatl’s clutches.
No. 953148 ID: c70ff4
File 157863288497.png - (187.14KB , 700x388 , 10-197.png )

He glances down at the shafts and practically melts on the spot; overcome by the color of joy. A moment later he’s spun around and bent over as Flashing Feathers makes up for lost time.

“I- oof! Right here? A-are you sure? I-aaahhhh.-” His objections end with a needy moan as the tapered tips slide inside him. He looks over his shoulder at the last inch of blue between them before the snake god hilts himself in a smooth motion.

No. 953150 ID: 3ce8ff

that smile looks devious not going to lie
No. 953152 ID: b1b4f3

How romantic, making love in front of these moonlit waters. Ask Flashing Feathers if he needs anything more or if you should just give them some space.

>what to do with the old master
If we can't get him to cooperate by bargaining with him or simply explaining the situation at hand to see if he has any compassion for the city, we can use threats- either threaten to force him into a golem body for a while or outright Send him. That kind of interrogation is probably better done by Spirit Guardians rather than Guides though. ...come to think of it we really should report back to various higher authorities on what we found so they can make the big decisions. This is a bit beyond the original scope of the mission. Or is our group in charge of everything?
Well let's not forget why we went to the ruins in the first place. We need some mana for the Barghest. If the well is completely sealed then that's a dead end I suppose (and that would make sense since the First Guardians were victorious there) but we can at least look around for other things that might work, like some mana storage hidden somewhere.
No. 953153 ID: 15088f

Does that grin signal that Flashing Feathers is gonna pull something surprising? Perhaps he will take flight with Cecil hilted upon him?
No. 953154 ID: 83bf07

Now that's a view. Is there anything they need of us? Spare towels?

What a lovely moon though..
No. 953156 ID: 1d7c77

Hmm... you know, looking back a bit (/questarch/src/152938185272.png), I wonder if Flashing Feathers' tongue happens to be the same shade? I don't have such an eye as Cecil, of course.
No. 953182 ID: c70ff4
File 157871258255.png - (194.70KB , 615x700 , 10-198.png )

Flashing Feathers tests his partner’s readiness with a few shallow pumps of his hips. Finding things to his satisfaction, the coatl leans forward and rumbles to Cecil, “Are you ready Most Beloved?”

The bird gasps as Flashing Feathers grinds in a slow circle, feeling the twin shafts push against his walls. “Ah! Y-yes! Oh my Fates!” 

“Do you want me to-“ The snake leans forward to murmur something in his old tongue into Cecil’s ear, “-while they watch?”

Cecil goes rigid, the feathers on his head floofing before settling again. The blushing bird glances sideways at the pair of voyeurs before staring straight ahead. He swallows and, in a shaking, breathless voice, tells his partner, “Y-yes.”

No. 953183 ID: c70ff4
File 157871258726.png - (189.33KB , 700x600 , 10-199.png )

Casey pats the kobold on the shoulder, “We might want to find a seat. Wouldn’t want to miss this show.” They settle in together on a love seat, and curl up next to each other. “Are you guys going to need anything?” Casey asks, remembering the marathon session with the god a few weeks ago.
No. 953184 ID: c70ff4
File 157871259991.png - (116.22KB , 437x700 , 10-200.png )

“Mmm, perhaps. We will let you know.” In one motion, the coatl pistons in and out. Feathers and scales slap together and the bird yelps. He does it again, satisfied with the reaction. He does it a third time, establishing a rhythm. 

Mr Ochre’s knees wobble as liquid lust drips down his thighs. He dips his head to watch the slow hammering in action. As serpent withdraws, a glimpse of perfect blue sends joyful shudders through him that fills the ache left behind. The coatl sinks in and the color disappears as twin shafts fill him back up. The push and pull of the two mutually exclusive sensations saw along Cecil's desires like an expertly played violin.

Casey giggles, “You know, Gabe’s been dying to receive your ‘blessing’ too?” 
Flashing Feathers doesn’t look up from his steady pace, enjoying the clenching warmth of his lover's passages, “Mmm, that could be arranged. Would you like to see that Beloved?"

"-Gah!" Cecil arches forwards as a powerful climax wracks his body.

"Already?" Flashing Feathers grins, "But we're just getting started…"

No. 953185 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, if only Cecil could see through his own body... though I guess Flashing Feathers could do single penetration while leaving one dick out for Cecil to watch. I bet they do that sometimes. A mirror would work too.

I feel like Casey and Three Horns are gonna start idly fondling eachother while watching.
No. 953186 ID: 92f4e9

Would it be possible to give these two some time together first, and then invite the other two mouse boys in?
No. 953204 ID: 71c68d

Maybe its time to move the plot along though. The entire day has been full of crazy sex bangs. I mean what did the group originally set forth into the mountain for?
No. 953210 ID: e8fdb4

Don't be afraid to grab yourself a handful of kobold
No. 953431 ID: 2be85e

Dang all this rampant exhibitionism... is that what's getting cecil off?
No. 953472 ID: c70ff4
File 157905766422.png - (229.95KB , 664x700 , 10-201.png )

[spoiler]Cecil slumps against the balcony and gasps for breath. Flashing Feathers pauses his thrusts. “Are you alright, Beloved?”[/spoiler
No. 953473 ID: c70ff4
File 157905767982.png - (136.73KB , 700x500 , 10-202.png )

“If I may, its been a pretty demanding day. I don’t know if he’s up for the full extent of your endurance.” Casey points out. She squeaks as a pair of fingers tease between her thighs. She returns the gesture and spreads her legs for the kobold.
No. 953474 ID: c70ff4
File 157905769310.png - (218.09KB , 700x500 , 10-203.png )

“Is this true, Beloved?“

“Ah- I -hah- never- heh- could- keep up- eh- with you, my love...” Cecil admits once he catches his breath. “Maybe a bit- ah- slower.”

“My apologies, Dearest One. I was too focused on my desires, rather than your needs.”

Cecil feels himself being picked up and lifted off the ground. Flashing Feathers cradles the bird, who lays limp across his chest.

“Allow me to care for you.” The snake god slips one of his cocks inside with a sigh. The bird gasps as the shaft gently rocks in and out and relaxing against the cool scales of his partner.

“Oooh, oh my. Yes, this is nice. Thank you...” He glances down to watch the second shaft bobbing between his legs. His eyes filled with color, he remarks to his partner, Simply glorious... Remind me to have a mirror commissioned to make it easier to watch...”

No. 953481 ID: e7848c

Am I just crazy or is the shadow of the moon passing relatively quickly? Either way, it'd be really cool to see the silhouette of those two against the moon.
No. 953484 ID: 10c408

Last time the moon was shown in the thread, it was waxing crescent. It's been quite some time since then and the trip, so now it's mostly half quarter while still retaining a bit of waxing crescent shaping.
No. 953485 ID: b1b4f3

I bet Cedric could reach out and touch it.
No. 953491 ID: 5b0071

they spent several weeks preparing for the trip like sensible people
No. 953499 ID: 3ce8ff

I was more stuck by how the moon had a full light outline. Took my brain a moment to figure out it was a art style thing and was, in fact, just the moon.
Great art as always, nice that the dark side of the moon has a slightly different shade than the night sky too.
No. 953644 ID: c70ff4
File 157923425896.png - (224.58KB , 507x700 , 10-204.png )

Cecil adjusts his glasses and looks out into the night sky. “Its so lovely up here. I feel like we could touch the moon, don’t you?”

The coatl beats his wings, taking them higher. “It is all the more beautiful with you, Most Beloved. “

“Oh you and that tongue of yours.” Cecil chuckles. “I think I’m about ready for your ‘blessing’, dear. What do you say?”

He nods in assent, his thrusts taking on a determined, deliberate, pace. “Are you prepared, [color=red]beloved[\color]?”

Cecil watches intently, his fingers rubbing back and forth across his clitoris. “Mmm, yes! Give it to me, my dear!”

Flashing Feathers gives one final thrust, driving his hips up into his lover’s. He hangs at the peak of his arc as his orgasm surges through his length. Hot splashes of mana-infused cum fire deep within the bird, soaking his passage with ecstasy. Cecil throws his head back and moans, still fingering himself furiously and riding the tidal wave of bliss.

Color fills Mr. Ochre’s vision as magic spreads through his veins like fire. Limp and exhausted, he flops back against the coatl. Before passing out he utters one word: “Magnificent...”

No. 953645 ID: c70ff4
File 157923426437.png - (176.99KB , 700x700 , 10-205.png )

Flashing Feathers carefully deposits the sleeping Cecil on the crowded love seat. The others make room for the bird and settle back.

“Nicely done, Flashing Feathers.” Casey comments. She points to his other, still-hard cock, “But it looks like you’re not quite done yet. Anyone in particular you care to share that blessing with?” She giggles.

The serpent looks thoughtful for a moment before breaking into a toothy grin.

No. 953646 ID: c70ff4
File 157923426968.png - (272.77KB , 700x700 , 10-206.png )

End of chapter 10

Next chapter: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/954051.html
No. 953647 ID: 10c408

Well it took six threads but gabe can cross that item off his list.
No. 953672 ID: 9fad0d

Seeing as this last trip took us as high into the sky as you could get right now, maybe the next one will have them venturing within the deep oceans, got plenty of specialists for that, and i get the feeling swimsuits won't really be required.
No. 954040 ID: b7bdef

Is this the longest chapter ever? Certainly one of the most exciting! Love your work as always Toxo!
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