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File 155993935327.png - (609.16KB , 700x600 , title.png )
935060 No. 935060 ID: 395c02

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No. 973896 ID: 36784c

I'm worried about asking Tyrsis to scare it away with fire. The glowstalks might end up pushing away his fire and make it fly in a different direction than where he was aiming.
No. 973961 ID: 3fd119

If it attacks, you and your mom can probably escape onto the stalks. Assuming it's safe to touch. But Tyrsis doesn't have that option and should keep especially safe.
No. 974184 ID: 663062
File 159693406936.png - (293.79KB , 900x600 , 166.png )

"Tyrsis! Can you use Shaia's Love to scare it away? I don't really want to keep sitting up here!"

I turn to him. "They scare pretty easily. Think it'd work?"

"Possibly, but I'm worried the glowstalks will push against the flames and make it impossible to predict where it ends up."

"If heat won't work, what about cold?"

"I don't know if my abilities are strong enough to like, freeze it. I'd also hate to kill it if it's just protecting a nest or something..."

"I'd like to avoid hurting it too, but we might have no choice if we're to save Mama."

"Let's try scaring it with flame first. If that doesn't work, just say the word and I'll do my best with cold."

Before committing to this plan, I consider other options...

>Giving it food might be a good idea.
Against any other threat that'd be a great plan, but tunnel-grubs only eat a specific type of mushroom that's toxic to slissas. The mushroom is easy to grow, making them good farm animals. They're normally very tame, albeit easily scared.

I don't see any obvious signs that this one's hurt, so it's likely protecting a nest nearby.

>Are the glow stalks safe to touch though?
If anyone would know...

"Mama! Did you touch any of the glowing white things? Are they safe?"

"Didn't you!?"

"Why would I randomly touch them!?"

"You had to climb around one to get through the doorway a couple rooms back!"

"I ended up digging around it!"


"I should have done that!"

So we did go the right way in the end. Mystery solved, I guess!

"Miss Kyra, did you feel anything at all while touching them? They seem to push against me and tsiki spikes!"

"They feel weirdly smooth, I guess? Other than that, not really!"

"Can you climb the one behind you and escape that way, maybe?"

"I can't reach the one above me, and the one behind me just goes to the ceiling!"

Looks like our best bet is to try scaring it off, or at least distracting it long enough for Mama to escape.
No. 974185 ID: 663062
File 159693407385.png - (300.78KB , 900x600 , 167.png )

I nervously approach a glowstalk, half expecting it to wrap around me or something. But like Mama said, there's no real reaction to touching it, at least from me.

I really hope that stays true as I do what I'm about to do.

I get my knife and cut into the glowstalk, cutting the end off.

"This'll be our insurance. If your flame doesn't scare it, this might do the trick. We just need to give Mama room to escape."

"Assuming it's actually scared of glowstalks. It could just be trying to intimidate her hoping she leaves. It's not like it eats slissas or anything."

"If the glowstalk doesn't work, then your flame will! There's no way both ideas would fail!"


"But if you're that worried about it..."

I make for the nearest tsiki spike and slice the end of it off as well.

"...I can use this as a weapon!"


"What, are saying you'd rather be the one using it?"

"No no, be my guest. But let's really hope it doesn't come down to that."
No. 974186 ID: 663062
File 159693407743.png - (280.61KB , 900x600 , 168.png )

With both hands full, I have no choice but to awkwardly sidle towards the tunnel-grub on two legs. Despite my almost comedic shambling, the insect starts to back away as we approach. Maybe I should have had Tyrsis hold the spike after all.

"It's working! I knew my plan wasn't crazy!"

"Thank the blessed Shaia. But it seems reluctant to back away further, and it's definitely not running away."

"If it had eyes, I'd accuse it of staring. Does this confirm that it's guarding a nest? In that case, why would it burst out of a tunnel? Wouldn't it understand that it's safer to leave a wall between it and us?"

"It's an insect. Not really capable of thinking in those terms."

"Come on, insects aren't that dumb!"

"They really are. But now's not the time; We need to focus on getting your mother to safety."

"Right, we can banter about the details later. Mama! Now's your chance!"
No. 974187 ID: 663062
File 159693408033.png - (228.25KB , 900x600 , 169.png )

"I... I can't! I hurt my leg!"

"What!? Why didn't you say that earlier!?"

"You didn't tell me what your plan was! You just started asking questions then climbed down!"

"You still should have-- nevermind! Which leg is it? Can you use the other three?"

"My hind leg! I could try to climb down anyway, but what if I fall?"

"It's not that long a drop! You'll be fine!"

"Despite my youthful appearance I'm not as young as I used to be! But if there's no other choice..."

:sq_optbubble_left:A: "There isn't! Just take it slow and careful, like you taught me!":sq_optbubble_right:

:sq_optbubble_left:B: "Tyrsis, go help her! I'll hold the tunnel-bug off!":sq_optbubble_right:

:sq_optbubble_left:C: "Tyrsis, hold it off! I'll go help Mama!":sq_optbubble_right:

:sq_optbubble_left:D: "Tyrsis, try to freeze it with Shaia's Love!" :sq_optbubble_right:
No. 974189 ID: 094652

No. 974190 ID: f8fa51

B. Tyrsis is taller and stronger than you, both of which should be useful here.
No. 974191 ID: e7848c

B, a
Test the waters first though. Have Tyrsis back away just a little bit and see if the bug advances. Depending on if it reacts more strongly when he retreats or if you do, that's who you should send in to help your mother.
No. 974193 ID: 739d6f

C, D I trust Tyrsis’s abilities more than anything. Definitely don’t leave her to get down by herself.
No. 974194 ID: b1b4f3

No. 974197 ID: cdabe3

No. 974217 ID: 0fae41

No. 974220 ID: dbd72b

B c

Whichever one of you is holding it off, the other one should help out Mama. Leaning towards Tyrsis because he's bigger and can probably catch her if she falls
No. 974261 ID: e3e7b5

Also seconding this, as Tyrsis is softer if Mama should land on him.
No. 974329 ID: 9c48ac

No. 974441 ID: 663062
File 159735671701.png - (282.72KB , 900x600 , 170.png )

"Okay! Tyrsis, I need you to go help Mama get down."

"And leave you with the tunnel-grub? That's not happening."

"I can hold it back with the glowstalk!"

"We can't be sure it's actually afraid of them. No, if anything, it's likely scared of my flame. You should help your mother and I... I'll keep it at bay."

"There's no guarantee your flame's keeping it back either! How about this: you go ahead and back up slowly, and we'll see if it advances towards me. If it does, we'll know it's scared of Shaia's Love."

"Huh. Normally I'm the one with the good ideas."

"Name one bad idea I've-- no nevermind let's just do the thing."

Tyrsis takes a few cautious steps back. I keep an eye on the tunnel-bug, which seems content to remain where it is.

I keep the glowstalk and tsiki spike front and center. In that moment, I can't help but notice their juxtaposition. Light and dark, pushing against each other even now. We still don't fully understand tsiki spikes, and it'd probably take generations to unravel the secrets behind glowstalks.

But in this moment they are all that stand between me and certain doom.

"Looks like it's working. Go ahead and help Mama!"


"Look, you're both stronger and softer than me. If she loses her footing, better she fall on you than me!"

"Thanks for the confidence? Right, let's just do this and get the hell out of here."
No. 974442 ID: 663062
File 159735672004.png - (254.07KB , 900x600 , 171.png )

I stare at the insect with my meanest scary-face to keep it from getting any ideas. I hear Tyrsis moving behind me, getting ready to help Mama.

"Okay, Miss Kyra! Just take it slow! If you stumble, I'll catch you!"

"Be a good boy and don't miss, okay?"

Good thinking, Mama! With the promise of being a good boy, Tyrsis will catch you for sure!

I hear some grunts and scraping sounds, likely from Mama climbing down. You can do it!


I'm immediately wrong!?
No. 974443 ID: 663062
File 159735672294.png - (371.93KB , 900x600 , 172.png )

"Oof! Gotcha!"

"Sssahahaha! Never want to do that again!"

Thank goodness.

"You okay? Hopefully more-so than my arms?"


There's an awkward pause, maybe? Why...?

"I didn't know you were so strong. Or soft."

"Oh, um... thanks?"

"Kliss needs to learn to appreciate what she has."

"But she doesn't have any fluff."

"Hsshsshss! Oh, you're just adorable! I could eat you up!"

"Please don't. "

"Flirt later! Tyrsis, get her out of there while I keep the tunnel-grub distracted!"
No. 974444 ID: 663062
File 159735672441.png - (251.12KB , 900x600 , 173.png )

"What? I was just... kidding...?"

"Kliss! Behind you!"

No. 974445 ID: 663062
File 159735672733.png - (224.16KB , 900x600 , 174.png )


It's not scared!

It's not scared!

:sq_optbubble_left:What do I do!?:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 974446 ID: b1b4f3

But... is it still aggressive?
You turned away, which means the glowstalk isn't pointed at it anymore; fix that. Hold the glowstalk in front of you and back away, be prepared to dodge or run if it turns aggressive.
No. 974447 ID: 0fae41

Toss the pointy things at its mouth, one after the other. Then run!
Get Tyrsis to carry you both.
No. 974450 ID: 5378af

How strongly are the tsiki spike and glowstalk pushing against each other?
If it is strong enough could you use one to launch the other if you push them against each other really closely?
No. 974451 ID: fa2754

Throw the glow stalk at it's mouth first! With your hand free you can quickly javelin the spike down it's throat!
No. 974452 ID: 3edd0d

Hold both the spike and glowstalk close to you, their points facing the grub!
No. 974454 ID: b099e2

Tell Tyrsis to run, first of all. Then you only need to distract the grub for a few more seconds while he gets a head start.

Whatever you do, do NOT try to fight it. Do what threatened animals do: try to make yourself look bigger and scarier. Wave your arms around and make loud scary noises at it. Try pointing the glowstalk at it again because that seemed to help before.

Hopefully it'll either be intimidated or confused, and either one will give you the chance to back away until you can safely run.
No. 974478 ID: dbd72b

Hold up the stalk and stand firm. Don't run, that invites chase. And don't attack, that might put a fight on your hands.
Firmly and steadily stand your ground, and let it back off. Don't move from where you are unless it lunges. Then and only then, as a last resort, bring up the spike.
No. 974635 ID: 99d5d4

These things don't have eyes, right? Can they see you somehow, or are they navigating by sound? If it's the second one, you can probably throw the spike away from you and keep quiet and hope that it thinks you've run a different way.
No. 974763 ID: 663062
File 159787522404.png - (227.46KB , 900x600 , 175.png )

>Throw the glow stalk at it's mouth first!
There's no other choice! I have to fight! I know I can't win, but I have to give Mama and Tyrsis an opening! TAKE--

>Whatever you do, do NOT try to fight it.
What am I doing!?

Jumping in without thinking is an easy way to get myself killed.

It's approaching cautiously, not lunging towards me. It's probably as wary of me as I am of it.

>How strongly are the tsiki spike and glowstalk pushing against each other?
The closer I bring them together, the harder they push against each other. They act very much like magnetic metal, except they repel regardless of orientation.

I could try to use one to propel the other, but I'm not sure that'd launch it any faster than I could throw it.

I slowly turn towards it, keeping the spikes in front of me. I make no sudden movements. It doesn't back away, either.

Okay. Tunnel-grubs are timid and easily scared, but I don't think this one's afraid of either of my 'weapons'. It's likely trying to protect a nest, and feels like a cornered animal. To get out of this situation, I too need to think like an animal myself.

"Tyrsis, I need you to take Mama and flee. I'll keep it distracted."

"Are you crazy!? No! We'll run together!"

Not like him to raise his voice.

"I'll be fine. I have a plan."

"But your plans never work!"

"This one will. Trust me."

Please Shaia let this plan work.
No. 974764 ID: 663062
File 159787522743.png - (306.12KB , 900x600 , 176.png )


I gesture wildly, making the loudest noises I know to make. I'm big! I'm scary! Be afraid of me!

I try to ignore the faces I can feel Tyrsis and Mama making behind me and continue.


It's starting to back away! I stay put, continuing my display!


Yes! it's backed up all the way to the tunnel it came from!

Okay! Now for the next part of my plan! I throw my weapons at the bug to distract it!
No. 974765 ID: 663062
File 159787523057.png - (296.28KB , 900x600 , 177.png )

No. 974766 ID: 663062
File 159787523388.png - (305.79KB , 900x600 , 178.png )

*Huff... huff...*

We managed to find a soft enough incline to scramble our way back up top. I worry the tunnel-grub could follow us up, but... I see no sign of it. Either it got scared the second I moved, or it's satisfied that its nest is no longer in danger.

Either way, we made it out unharmed.

"That... hah... that was..."


"That was fun!"

"I rescind my previous response."

"Fun!? We nearly died!"

"Yeah, but we didn't! That's the important part!"

"Hsss... it's been many seasons since I last heard those words."

"Also you have literally no room to talk! Why were you here by yourself!?"

She points to the path leading ahead.

"Your answer lies in there, the final room of the Old Path."

"What? Come ooon, just tell me! Please?"

"Okay, okay."
No. 974767 ID: 663062
File 159787523751.png - (565.40KB , 900x600 , 179.png )

"Your father wanted to make sure he got you something for your hatching day. His gift is in the next room. It's been waiting there all this time, hidden from public view until you came of age."

Oh, That's right. The letter at the graveyard mentioned her wanting to take me to 'their spot'.

"But after what happened, I wasn't sure you'd want to come here again. It even seemed like you might give up on adventuring altogether. I wanted to keep my promise to him, and maybe it'd help rekindle your passion."

"But... why? Don't you want me to give up and live my life here?"


"Not as much as I want you to be happy. That's why I didn't stop him then, and why I won't stop you now. Besides..."

She tries to move her wounded leg, but can only wince.

"...It's a mother's duty to make sacrifices for her children."


Words fail me.

I glance at the path forward. Thanks to the Tunnel-grub, there's another gap to conquer. It wouldn't be hard to climb across since it's near the wall, but Mama's in no condition to do any climbing. Maybe I could fashion a bridge or support using my ROPE?

But if my father left me something, it's probably very personal. Maybe it'd be best to have Tyrsis carry Mama to the clinic and continue onwards alone.

:sq_optbubble_left:A: "Tyrsis, take Mama home. I'll grab Papa's present then follow.":sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: "Tyrsis, can you carry Mama for a while? Let's check out the final room.":sq_optbubble_right:


:sq_optbubble_left:Is there anything I'd like to discuss with my companions before we finish things off?:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 974768 ID: 0fae41

No. 974769 ID: cdabe3

first, HUG EVERYONE this is super important!!!

then do B

(after you ask questions, i can't think of any right now though...)
No. 974770 ID: b1b4f3

A. You don't need to put either of them in more danger.
Though, you could go halfway and ask them to just wait here. You can fetch it and come back then go with them to the clinic.
No. 974774 ID: fa2754

Hug your mom and tell her you're glad to be family.

A. But ask them to wait like five minutes while you get a head start. You'll want to walk with them to the clinic if you can catch up.
No. 974775 ID: 2aa5f0

I feel like A would probably be the smart option here but I'm not sure they'll want to leave you alone either

So go with A but if they complain B wouldn't be to big of an issue.

>Is there anything I'd like to discuss with my companions before we finish things off?
well you noticed how flushed your mom got when Tyrsis was carrying her, you've said how you've been trying to find a date for your mom and Tyrsis for awhile now, maybe you could try to get the two of them to hook up! this is a joke btw
No. 974776 ID: f8fa51

Yeah, assuming it's not some huge puzzle or something and is just a gift, there's no reason for them not to wait for you. You can all go home together once you've got it.

Check if Mum is okay. You haven't really had time to pause since you encountered her, and if she's hurt it'll at least be nice to ask her how it is.
No. 974780 ID: 736b7e


It would be better for you all to go down together. They don't need to go with you to get whatever is waiting but they shouldn't leave without you there to help them down.
No. 974782 ID: a9af05


You don't know what your father's present looks like and you might end up missing it entirety! Your mom will be able to show you so you won't have to worry about not seeing the present.
No. 974783 ID: a9af05

For something to discuss, talk to them on the possibility of tying your mom to Tyrsis' back. That way Tyrsis can carry her and have his hands free so he can more easily climb.
No. 974784 ID: 9c48ac

B. Safety in numbers, and they should be there when you see it!
No. 974786 ID: 36784c


>Is there anything I'd like to discuss with my companions before we finish things off?
The glowstalks and how much they could push against the ketzas. Since Tyrsis feels a little push, imagine how much it would push a normal ketza.

>tying your mom to Tyrsis' back.
That sounds like it could work.
No. 975037 ID: b099e2

A, except instead of leaving with her right away, give Tyrsis the first aid kit before you go and have him splint your mom's leg or something. You'll probably be back by the time he's done and you can all leave together.
No. 975833 ID: 663062

Youtube version: https://youtu.be/dLPLGCx9EYQ
No. 975842 ID: f8fa51

Is that the end of the chapter?
No. 975849 ID: 2aa5f0

that was fun. See you all in the next thread.
No. 975852 ID: 36784c

Off to adventure!

The name of the video is “Slissa Quest Omega: Thread 1 ending”, so I’m pretty sure it is the end of the chapter.
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