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File 155312642185.png - (236.66KB , 1039x709 , Episode 6 Title.png )
926537 No. 926537 ID: a451fc

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return
Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126175.html
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No. 926540 ID: a451fc
File 155312713068.png - (867.52KB , 1558x2128 , Boxing Training.png )

Your name is Roland Gallows Conroy, and you're getting pissed off. Yesterday you did a full day of training with Flint, the entire day was endless jogging, weight lifting, push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks; and when you got home you were told that apparently that Naos, the masked stranger you met a few days ago, is in league with the gang chasing Troy around and may be dangerous. All of that on it's own isn't too bad on it's own really, you even got to record a new demon thanks to Troy and have it as a specimen. What's adding to you're frustration really, is Flint.

This asshole comes to your house demanding another round of training, this time boxing, and refuses to use his left hand after the first ten minutes. Along with that you're getting your ass absolutely handed to you while he's got one arm behind his back. You have an audience to your humiliation also, Vol, Troy, and Reagan watch you from the sidelines.

FLINT: C'mon Gallows, this is a boxing match not a tickle fight.

You haven't been able to get a single hit on him, he blocks every one of your attacks and seems to hit you twice as fast as you hit him. You're not allowed to use Caesura so that just makes the whole thing harder. This is a great start to a day, and the fight isn't even over yet.
No. 926541 ID: b1b4f3

Try to hit him at the same time he hits you.
No. 926542 ID: 4c02cd

Suck it up.
No. 926543 ID: 094652

Punch slower with your left fist so you can break his rhythm with your right.

Also sweep the leg.
No. 926554 ID: 719d94

Pretend like you're that famous martial arts guy and punch him in the hand when he tries to punch you with it.

...more seriously, what's with that loose guard? How are you supposed to block anything if somebody could drive a whole truck between your arms?
No. 926555 ID: 10c408

You need to not telegraph your punches then. Also your stance looks like shit. Both arms up, hands = roughly raised in front of the lower half of your face, spread slightly apart.
No. 926571 ID: a9af05

>Flint came to Roland's house to train him more.
Hey, look on the bright side, if he came to you instead of you going to him, then that means he sees potential in you and wants to help you draw it out!

>Flint is only using one hand and is kicking Roland's ass
Think of it this way: if you can hit him or you force him to use both hands, then that's a victory!

>What do?
First of all, calm the fuck down! Getting frustrated leads to you getting careless and making mistakes.

With Flint not using one arm, he's wide open on that side, so that where you should be attacking! However, he knows that's what you're going to do, so he's not going to make it easy for you.

Also, fix your stance and get your hands up! You can't block anything with your guard wide open like that!
No. 926581 ID: a451fc
File 155314091624.png - (715.42KB , 1558x1064 , Boxing 3.png )

Your dad always told you there was no such thing as bad advice...then again he also told you the tooth fairy was real.

Flint's attacks are much faster than yours are, you also can't tell when he's going to attack so predicting them is next to impossible unless you guess, and one wrong guess leaves you open for more attacks

You give him a slower punch and then a quicker jab to try and break his rhythm. Flint blocks the first strike no problem, then ducks your second one just barely.

FLINT: Closer than before! Not too bad.

After he rises back up he immediately goes on the offensive giving you no time to attack his legs.
No. 926582 ID: a451fc
File 155314092355.png - (1.39MB , 1558x2128 , Boxing 4.png )

>What's with that loose guard?
>Your stance looks like shit.

You tighten up your guard, and bring your hands to your face. Flint, without winding up are even rearing back that far, throws a lightning fast hook at you. With your higher guard you manage to block it, but can still feel the force of the attack in your hands.

FLINT: So more defending? I guess it makes sense coming from someone who prefers to make barriers. I assumed you'd be a little more used to fighting hand to hand, the way you form fists from your caesura. Then again maybe that was just a poor guess on my part.

Two jabs quick jabs are thrown your way. Your arms sting from blocking the attacks, Flints punches pack a power behind them that you can barely hold back.

FLINT: Aetherial aura's allow many to utilize abilities that tend to shape around ones personality, even without the magic from Vol I'm sure you would've made shields regardless, but I know there's more you can do.

Flint throws a hay-maker that knocks you back a few inches.

FLINT: It'd be easy to have a giant fist fight for you, but a more skilled opponent would easily be able to read it's movements since it'd probably be really slow, not to mention the bigger it is the less dense it is also. You can go ahead and use Caesura now, but remember that this is still boxing...
No. 926583 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, time to start treating your caesuras like an extension of yourself. Toss out punches while simultaneously throwing out jabs with Caesura. Act like you've got three fists and you might do better.

Alternatively you could just trap him or his fist in a bubble and get a sneaky hit in like that, assuming he doesn't break out instantly.
No. 926585 ID: 91ee5f

>You give him a slower punch and then a quicker jab to try and break his rhythm. Flint blocks the first strike no problem, then ducks your second one just barely.
Good, you almost hit him that time!

He’s basically telling you that you’ll have more power if you use small Caesura Sharps instead of the big ones you’ve been doing.

>You can go ahead and use Caesura now, but remember that this is still boxing...
I think he’s telling you not to be cheap and try to trap him with your Caesura, since this is just boxing and not a fight for your life.

Well, if you follow his advice, using smaller, more dense Caesura Sharps will be better, so try to keep them the same size as your own hands.

Try doing that slower punch into a quick jab again. And when he ducks have a fist shaped Caesura Sharp do an upper cut right where he’s ducking!

>Alright, time to start treating your caesuras like an extension of yourself. Toss out punches while simultaneously throwing out jabs with Caesura. Act like you've got three fists and you might do better.
Yeah, that also works.
No. 926586 ID: 2202fb

Make yourself Caesura power-fists. When you punch, a fist-sized caesura fist shoots out of your hand.
No. 926593 ID: 0ab3ed

Try to have your Caesura fists act as an echo to your punches, following or leading them by just a fraction of a second.
No. 926622 ID: a451fc
File 155315384383.png - (796.60KB , 1558x1890 , Boxing 6-7.png )

From where you stand, you begin to throw small jabs at Flint knowing they won't connect or even be close to hitting him. Slowly, you approach him still tossing the small punches and keeping up your guard. Once you're close enough to actually touch him you make your move.

A slow left, a fast right, and a Caesura headed straight for his face.
No. 926623 ID: a451fc
File 155315384945.png - (738.71KB , 1558x1478 , Boxing 7-2.png )

You see a glimmer of surprise on Flint's face, but he's not nervous about your attack

FLINT: Oh that's a fun way to use that...let's see how far you can go.
No. 926624 ID: a451fc
File 155315386575.png - (768.44KB , 1039x709 , Boxing 8.png )

Flint seems to go entirely on the defensive when your attack begins. At first you're slow, attempting to draw out a hit with your slow-fast combo along with some stronger attacks you can afford to wind up with a third hand, but as the fight drags on Flint throws punches back at you. You pick up the pace forcing Flint to not only block but dodge much more often too.

Your fists fly in a flurry, you begin to advance on Flint forcing him to slowly retreat backwards. When he gets used to your current pattern, you begin to ghost your punches with your Caesura to mix it up; You'll follow up a punch with Caesura strike in the same spot, or immediately Caesura after you punch. Your onslaught fueled by the cheering of Troy and Vol who notices the sudden shift in power. Then something clicks inside of you, it's like something was uncorked and your body begins to overflow with energy...
No. 926625 ID: a451fc
File 155315387848.png - (810.81KB , 1558x1914 , Boxing 8-9.png )

Finally, amid all of the punches and dodging you see an opening. You bait Flint with the beginning of a slow-fast rhythm breaking combo. A slow left, then another, then you ghost a third slow left with a Caesura and throw a straight right at his face. He wasn't prepared, there's no way for him to dodge or block it...unless he uses his right hand.

Flint catches your punch and drops his guard entirely. A smile grows on his face, you don't think you've seen him smile.

FLINT: Congratulations Roland. If I was a one armed professional I would've been knocked out cold. How d'you feel now kid?
No. 926627 ID: 91ee5f

>How d'you feel now kid?
“I feel like something just clicked inside of me, like something was uncorked and my body feels like it’s overflowing with energy. And it felt awesome!”
No. 926633 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you felt some kind of surge of power, is that Aetherial energy?
No. 926645 ID: eeb7d9

All right! You are starting to learn how to use your Aetherial power. With this, both your body and your your Ceasura will be more powerfull.
Ask him if there is a catch in using Aetherial energy. What do we do now? What is next?
No. 926690 ID: a9af05

"I feel pretty good!"

Don't drop your guard yet, just in case he takes a swing at you to try and teach you to not drop your guard or something like that.
No. 926692 ID: d3602f

I feel a powerful aura. Aura... Aura. Oura. Ora. Ora...?
Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!
No. 926693 ID: 4cd23a

I guess at this point you can start doing some underhand tactics with caesura. Fist from behind their head, back of the knees for unbalancing, nut shots, and whatnot.
No. 926736 ID: a451fc
File 155321831604.png - (405.02KB , 1558x1064 , Exhausted.png )

The fight seems to be completely over, there's no need to keep defenses up. Flint has removed his boxing pad, and you remove your gloves and take a seat on a box nearby.

YOU: I feel...I...I don't know it feels like some sort of surge of power just ran through me! is this Aetherial aura?

Flint nods

FLINT: It is the first sparks of an aura yes. Guess taking another day of training after the last one was a good idea after all, I doubt this would've happened if we waited too long...This is a huge leap in your training. You've done very well so far kid, congratulations.
YOU: Okay...What's next? is there more to using an Aetherial aura?
FLINT: Now that you've managed to actually unlock your aura more of your training is going to involve meditation, focusing and strengthening your aura. There's a lot ahead of us but first give me your hand. The one with the sigil Vol gave is on.

You hold your hand out and Flint takes it, unwrapping your bandages to look closely at the demon rune that Vol etched into your skin.

FLINT:...Gallows, I'm going to erase this rune, sever your connection with Vol, and remove the demonic magic in your body. That includes your ability to use Caesura at all. You can say no to this, but if you do, not only will I cease training you, but you will never advance further in your skills. What do you say?
No. 926743 ID: 575ec0

Uh. Sure.
But, I'm pretty sure I managed to piss off the gang chasing Troy.

I'll be a sitting duck without magic, I need to get through this part as quickly as possible.

You gonna be ok with seeing me that much more until then?
No. 926744 ID: b1b4f3

...I'm willing to do it if that's what it takes, but if it involves Vol, he'll need to be part of the decision process.
No. 926745 ID: cbdfa8


your friends. they are your friends. could you leave them alone like this? you need time to think to speak with Vol.
No. 926746 ID: a9af05

Ask how he's going to remove it? He's not going to cut off your hand, is he?!
No. 926748 ID: b8ca3a

No. 926756 ID: a451fc
File 155322329659.png - (299.08KB , 1558x1064 , Sigil.png )

YOU: W-wait, why?
FLINT: A couple reasons. That rune let's you use Aether magic without too much effort, in short it's like training wheels for you. Sure as it stands you can expand on the efforts of the rune and create Caesura Sharp, alter permeability, or shield thickness, but beyond that it will stall you and hold you back. The rune is a set of instructions basically, the Barrier rune on your hand is to make a shield, so you make shields. Sure they may be oddly shaped at times, but still they're shields. You won't be able to act outside of the parameters of your instructions. Basically, you'll be stuck at your current strength until you remove it.
YOU: And what will I do without my rune? How will I make Caesura's without it?
FLINT: That's where your aura comes in, after some training you'll be able to make stronger, more specialized, Aether constructs. Along with the aid of the enhancement to your physique with the aura training, you'll be in a much better spot.

>Ask Vol about it
You and Flint call Vol over and tell him about what Flint wants to do.

VOL: W-what!? No! No! Dat's an awful idea! We got murders wit magic on our asses! I can't just let ya take away da best defense Roland's got!
FLINT: ...Vol are you aware of the range of your ability?
VOL: My music?
FLINT: No, the rune. If you get too far away from Roland it's going to stop working. The range is pretty decent, but in a serious circumstance where the two of you can't meet back up in time it could be bad. Not to mention he's got absolutely no way of getting that magic back from the rune if you die. last, and definitely not least, you are a weak magic user; that is not me being mean but it is the truth. The rune is drawing energy from your body to function making you weaker; you haven't said anything because you don't want Roland to worry and you like him having his own defenses, but in the end it'll be bad for both of you.
VOL: ...-I
FLINT: I don't want Roland dead either, this is entirely for his benefit and yours as well. It's for the best this happens.

Vol stays silent for a bit, but ultimately nods in agreement.

FLINT: Well that's that! Anymore questions before I do it kid?
No. 926765 ID: 91ee5f

>Well that's that! Anymore questions before I do it kid?
Just 2 more questions.

First, Vol, why didn’t you tell me this would make you weaker?! If I’d have known, I wouldn’t have let you weaken yourself just to give me magic!

Second, Flint, can any of this training work for demons? What you said about me and Vol getting split up makes me worry about him and I’d feel better if there was some way I could help him get stronger.
No. 926766 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, will we be able to learn other applications of Aether energy?
No. 926769 ID: b8ca3a

Back when we first got the demon mark, we also had the option of channeling it through music instead. Could we still learn that method? Would it get in the way of our aetherial training?
No. 926770 ID: b1b4f3

>I wouldn’t have let you weaken yourself just to give me magic!
Well I mean, I still would've voted for it. Vol just isn't as suited for using it in combat.
No. 926772 ID: 575ec0

He did tell us, sorta, he just didn't make a big deal about it.
No. 926776 ID: 2202fb

Okay, lets do it, but we need to get some body armor and a big gun, like a stoner 96 and some metal plating.

Vol also needs to start training.
No. 926777 ID: 2202fb

either with his powers, or if they are as strong as they are getting, then Vol needs to start practicing with guns.
No. 926793 ID: a451fc
File 155323458902.png - (250.50KB , 1558x1064 , Sigil3.png )

>Can any of this training work for demons?
FLINT: This is training to strengthen ones aura, demons cannot produce an aura, so of course it'll be useless to them.

>Will we be able to learn other applications of Aether energy?
FLINT: Producing shields and Aether constructs will be the easiest for you since the rune helped you get used to it, but it is very possible for you to learn more of course.

>We also had the option of channeling it through music instead. Could we still learn that method?
FLINT: The Devils Notes are an alternate application of demon runes, using them would involve having the notes etched into your mind, and as such would also interfere with your training. Though, when you get used to your aura, you can use music if you wish, I've seen it done pretty well.

YOU:...Okay, let's do this!

Flint takes your hand and places his palm over it, you can feel a burning sensation. The pain travels up your arm and into your chest. When it's done, the mark on your hand is gone.
No. 926794 ID: a451fc
File 155323459532.png - (975.92KB , 1558x1064 , Theeffort.png )

FLINT: Go ahead, try to make a barrier now.

You try to go through the same movements you did before to use Caesura, but it's much harder now. All of your strain results in a golf ball sized barrier with incredibly thin walls.

VOL: Well, now ya got no defenses.
FLINT: Yeah, but this is important if you want to get anywhere. It could take a while for you to get used to this, so if you do ever go anywhere in the near future take friends with you. Now that all that's out of the way do you want more training now? With you unlocking aura there's a lot more for you to learn. I'll be honest I'm a bit excited, plenty of people give up before or during this part. Unless you have more things you want to do instead of train that is?
No. 926795 ID: d3602f

Gotta train, we have to get back up to full power as soon as possible.
No. 926797 ID: 91ee5f

>more training or something else?
“Might as well keep training. Now that my Caesura has been weakened, I’ve gotta build it back up until it gets better!”
No. 926799 ID: b1b4f3

>golf ball Caesura, thin walls
Still useful. Compress it as much as possible and you can use it like a bullet. ...except you may as well have a gun for that in most cases.

First priority is getting Caesura back up to speed as a defensive skill.
No. 926830 ID: 2202fb

Have Troy grab his gun and take Vol out back.

Have him start training Vol in gunplay and conventional combat. Self-defense too.

If we have the cash, getting Vol a custom imp-sized rifle wouldn't be a bad idea. Something select-fire that shoots 5.7mm sounds reasonable.


We should get an SUV. We need something we can modify that can hold more than just ourselves. We should see if there are any pickup/SUV/APC/tankette chassis for sale anywhere.
No. 926831 ID: 2202fb

Seems like there is a lot of energy being wasted. Try channeling the energy through your tattoos like a circuit. If it works, that should help you take advantage of that energy that just dissipates.
No. 926833 ID: a9af05

Let's keep training.

Ask Flint if he thinks your tattoos will interfere or anything like that? If he questions that, you should tell him about your tattoos and what Reagan managed to decipher from looking at them.

>Teach Vol how to use a gun.
What he should be doing is training his blood shaping to get better at that.

Anything that doesn't involve him using what he's already got won't help him get better! Also, I kinda want to see if we can get him to evolve, like we did in the original D3, and using a gun doesn't seem like something that would help with that.

>Get a pickup/SUV/APC/tankette chassis
And make ourselves a slower and easier to hit target? I don't think so!

Besides we've already got something like that. It's called Troy's truck.
No. 926834 ID: eeb7d9

The faster Roland learns to use his Caesura again, the better, so training would be the best.
No. 926844 ID: 2202fb

Evolving would be neat, but Vol should still learn how to use a gun. That sort of skill is a necessity. I mean, this is the apocalypse.
Either way, he needs to start training.

>troy's truck
But we cant modify troy's truck. That is the main reason we should get our own transport vehicle.

Plus, suvs, pickups, and especially tankettes are pretty fast.

>easier to hit
Different vehicles for different roles.
Yes it would be easier to hit, but it would also have armor and possibly guns, and it would be enclosed.
No. 926848 ID: d3602f

Considering how much punishment Troy's truck is capable of taking, I think his modifications are fine.
No. 926850 ID: a9af05

>We can't modify Troy's truck
No, but Troy can modify his own truck if we give him the scraps to do so. Which is what he did after the Chucklehead fight, when we gave him some scrap.

>Yes it would be easier to hit, but it would also have armor and possibly guns, and it would be enclosed.
Like you said, different vehicles for different roles. Troy's truck already covers the tank role, Roland's Arges covers being the speedy vehicle.

The armor is covered with Roland's or Vol's magic. And why the fuck would we put guns on the Arges? Roland has demonstrated that his Caesura works better than a gun, when it comes to vehicle combat.
No. 926859 ID: a451fc
File 155329672327.png - (231.95KB , 1558x1064 , Thinking.png )

>Vol's training
You think about helping Vol use a gun
VOL: I'm already tryin' to learn how to use my blood better, do I really gotta add learnin' 'bout guns on top a' dat?

New vehicles and weaponry would have a hefty cost to them, and right now you only have 500 Cards which you doubt'll catch you anything high grade. You'd need to take jobs to make more money too, and those'll be hard to do if you lack Caesura.

>Ask Flint if he thinks your tattoos will interfere or anything like that?
>Try channeling the energy through your tattoos like a circuit.
You ask if your tattoos will interfere with your training.

FLINT: Those aren't runes meant to grant you magic so you should be fine. Your tattoo's don't seem to really interact with your aura at all.

>More Training
FLINT: Good, now we'll have to go to a different location for most of it later. However there is a little we can do right now...Roland, close your eyes and think of a color.
No. 926860 ID: a868af

Green sounds like a nice colour.
No. 926863 ID: 0ab3ed

dark green
No. 926867 ID: a9af05

>Do I have to learn about guns?
No, you don't. Just keep practicing what you're already doing.

>Close your eyes and think of a color.
No. 926868 ID: 575ec0

No. 926871 ID: a9af05

Actually, I changed my mind. I'm changing my vote to Red.
No. 926872 ID: cbdfa8

Vote change: red
No. 926874 ID: 2202fb


Red is such an angry color though. Lets go with something more mellow.

Like Yellow
No. 926875 ID: 2202fb

fuck, the official mellow-type yellow is completely unreadable here.
No. 926877 ID: b1b4f3

No. 926879 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm already tryin' to learn how to use my blood better, do I really gotta add learnin' 'bout guns on top a' dat?
No, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

>Roland, close your eyes and think of a color.

>Red is such an angry color though.
It’s only like that if you think about it like that.

I prefer to think of red as the color of passion and love.
No. 926880 ID: 4294c6

Green, like the secret sheep!
No. 926900 ID: eeb7d9

Red, red is a grat color!
No. 926903 ID: 080aaf

It's... green.
No. 926909 ID: a451fc
File 155332379844.png - (353.40KB , 1558x1064 , Mediatation .png )

FLINT: Of course. A very straight forward color, it's the most obvious choice for somebody just learning. It's the color of Aether Aura after all. Not to mention it's the color of blood, we most associate it with anger, but it can also represent love or passion. It's a very physical color.
FLINT: Now, relax your body, take deep breaths, and imagine a river running with red water. A running red river, imagine the sound of the water, maybe even the smell of it.

You do your best trying to imagine this, though you've only seen running rivers on video tapes you can still imagine one pretty clearly. You think about what it may smell like as well and try to bring that to focus as best as you can.

FLINT: You got it? Now, imagine the stream shrinking smaller and smaller. Deep breathes, and a shrinking river. Still running, but growling smaller until it is no longer a river, but water flowing down a small crack in the ground...at the end of this is crack and at the end of this ground is a cliff. Picture the small stream of red water falling over this cliff and dripping down onto your head and into your body.

This command catches you off guard a bit, but you imagine the water dripping into your body from the top of your head.

FLINT: Now I want you to imagine that this red water is not only filling your body, but is instead filling up one single part of your body. One limb or organ that it is falling into like a cup.

What part of your body do you imagine?
No. 926911 ID: a938aa

Your dick.

Your endocrine system.
No. 926913 ID: b1b4f3

My broken eye.
No. 926915 ID: 0ab3ed

No. 926920 ID: 719d94

Oh yeah, definitely gotta go with the eye that we keep covered up. Maximum chuuni potential.
No. 926921 ID: 066bfd

Let's go with something different from the usual. How about our neck? The part that our father's bandana is tied to.
No. 926922 ID: 575ec0

Seconding Endocrine System
No. 926924 ID: 2202fb

fourthing chuuni eye
No. 926933 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, let’s go for the eye we keep covered.

But if that doesn’t work, then I vote for the good eye that works.
No. 926934 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, fuck it, this is bound to be interesting.
No. 926938 ID: 2202fb

Sidenote: we should get a new wardrobe.
We still just kinda look like a mummy with a scarf.
No. 926940 ID: a868af

Seconding, what could go wrong?
No. 926945 ID: cbdfa8

our broken eye.
if that dsent work then go for the heart
No. 927017 ID: a45040

Go for the eyes! Either one or both of them!
No. 927032 ID: a451fc
File 155339318999.png - (349.68KB , 1558x1064 , Eye Focus.png )

>Your bad eye
You imagine the red water dripping into your bad eye. it actually starts to tear up a bit from this. Not only that but you feel a sort of strain behind your broken eye. It grows to become more and more painful as you concentration, you take deeper breaths and attempt to stay focused, but sooner or later the pain subsides into a new feeling. Something tingly and electric. Your bad eye aches constantly, but now the lingering pain is replaced with an intense energy. Soon the feeling doesn't just fill your eye, but your entire body as well...You open your eyes and find yourself standing ankle deep in a pool of red water that spans for miles under an inky black sky with no end in sight. You move to take a step forward, but before you can, Flint's voice shakes you from your vision.


The red water and black sky wipe away from your view and you're back in front of your house.

FLINT: Look at that, you've gotten the hang of it pretty well.

You look down at your body and notice that your aura is much solider, it covers more of your body and is much more stable. Without thought you attempt to make a Caesura, it's bigger now, about the size of a soccer ball, and denser too.

FLINT: Like I said, it involves more meditation than anything physical. That being said that doesn't mean no more exercise.
YOU: Oh thank god, I was scared I'd have an easy time for little bit there.
FLINT: Smartass, now that that's done we ought to to get a move on to our new training grounds. We ain't done yet. Anythin' else you gotta do 'fore we move?
No. 927041 ID: 2202fb

Couldn't hurt to ask if you could set up a training grounds at your house.


Before we leave, grab a gun. Something select-fire or semi-auto. Grab a hat too.
No. 927044 ID: 2202fb

Try forming body armor around yourself with caesura while you are here.
No. 927052 ID: b1b4f3

Ask about what you saw.
No. 927053 ID: eeb7d9

Can't think of anything to do right now. Let's go. Ask Flint what that red and black world was about, is that natural?
No. 927059 ID: 91ee5f

Ask if he wants you to get in his vehicle or if he wants you to follow him while you ride your Arges?

Ask if anyone is allowed to come with you? He told you earlier that you should take friends with you until you get used to this and you’re not used to this yet.

If he says you can bring someone, ask the others if they want to tag along? It’s ok if they refuse, since you’ll understand that they probably have better things to do than watch you do stuff.
No. 927075 ID: 575ec0

Troy brought me a demon that invades your dreams to kill and devour you in real life. It's also extremely friendly when it goes about this.
I... Don't know what I'd actually use it for.

Wanna see?
No. 927076 ID: 91ee5f

Also ask Flint why he yelled your name at you? Were you unresponsive or something?
No. 927081 ID: 066bfd

This is weird and comes out of nowhere, yet it seems oddly in character.
No. 927089 ID: 2202fb

Lets do this
No. 927151 ID: a451fc
File 155347168824.png - (263.68KB , 1558x1064 , Flint.png )

You definitely can't do that at your current strength.

>Before we leave, grab a gun. Something select-fire or semi-auto.
You only have your sawed off, and only one silver shell at that.

>Grab a hat too
There was only one hat in your house, and your dad wore it. You buried it with him.

>Couldn't hurt to ask if you could set up a training grounds at your house.
FLINT: If we could I wouldn't spend the time and gas driving you somewhere else.

>Ask Flint what that red and black world was about, is that natural?
FLINT: Oh that was just your mind creating a vision based off of your attunement with your aura. You got kind of spaced out there for a little so I had to shout at you a little to snap you out of it. It's normal when that exercise is preformed.

>Can we bring friends?
FLINT: No, this is private training. You'll be fine when comes to protection, I'll be driving you there. Anyway, c'mon we're wasting time here.

Flint leads you to his car. You say goodbye to Troy and Vol and take your leave.
No. 927152 ID: a451fc
File 155347169397.png - (690.49KB , 1558x2128 , ThePillarTreeCavern1.png )

You and Flint take off across the wastes. The drive is pretty silent, so you decide to try and ma.ke conversation

YOU: Troy brought me a demon that invades your dreams to kill and devour you in real life. It's also extremely friendly when it goes about this. I... Don't know what I'd actually use it for though.

You show him the entry in your journal.

FLINT: Nasty, I don't think it'd have any practical use, but then again you don't really know everything about that thing yet. I'm assuming you haven't dissected it?
YOU: No, not yet.
FLINT: Well, I don't really have much advise to give on this stuff. I'm glad to see the demon studies are going smoothly though...Were here.

After some time driving Flint begins to come up to the wall of the crater, and drives straight for it. You panic at first but as the car reaches the wall a large mouth opens up in the rocks and the car passes through it. On the other side you find yourself exiting out of a tree into a large cavern.

FLINT: This is the Pillar Tree Cavern. We'll be doing our training here.

Flint parks the car in the middle of the large stump in the middle of the cavern.

FLINT: So Roland! Out of curiosity, what would you say is your best quality? Would you call yourself fairly observant>
No. 927153 ID: b1b4f3

Well you try your best with your one good eye.
No. 927157 ID: ad51b8

>So Roland! Out of curiosity, what would you say is your best quality? Would you call yourself fairly observant

Is that a crack about me only having one eye? But to answer your question... I guess an open mind. Helps when trying to figure out what demons can do.
No. 927160 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm assuming you haven't dissected it?
>No, not yet.
“I was going to dissect it this morning, but then you showed up and started kicking my ass, so I’ll have to do it later.”

>So Roland! Out of curiosity, what would you say is your best quality? Would you call yourself fairly observant?
I’m kinda spilt on what we should say.

We could say that our best quality is being observant, since we kinda need to be observant if we’re going to be studying demons. Maybe even make a joke and say that we’re surprisingly observant for a guy with only one eye!

Then again, we could also say that our best quality is being able to build things. Roland managed to built a working flashlight and shotgun out of scraps. He managed to restore his Skipper with a bunch of scraps, before Ada upgraded it into the Arges. He even managed to help Ada make that robot and got it to work for a few seconds before it exploded.

So what should be our best quality: being observant or being able to build things?
No. 927166 ID: eeb7d9

Roland is also very adaptiative. You can throw him in a number of of situations and manage to get out of it mostly unharmed. It also gos with being observant and capable of building things out of garbage. So there, Roland is observant, a handyman AND adaptive. He is full of qualitys!
No. 927171 ID: 2202fb

Rol is creative. He is unconventional, and somewhat scatterbrained.
No. 927202 ID: d3602f

This. I wouldn't consider Roland observant seeing as he didn't notice that rock flying towards him. Not to mention the pictures Heretic has drawn of Roland absentmindedly while in danger.

We have been using Caesura quite creatively though. We've used it to defend, trap things, roll around in, make a jumping platform, flip cars, make fists and spikes, even cut angelic chains. If making a defense spell do all that isn't creative, I don't know what is.
No. 927204 ID: 91ee5f

Well when you put it like that, you make a good point.

Then I’ll also vote for saying that Roland’s best quality is his creativity.
No. 927208 ID: a451fc
File 155348817904.png - (67.59KB , 1558x1064 , The Graveyard Forest 3.png )

YOU: Is that a crack about me only having one eye?
FLINT: Oh, no I mean because-
YOU: I know I'm kidding...I feel like if I say more than one it'll make it seem like I'm bragging...I honestly don't think i'm that observant, but maybe I'd say more inventive? Uh, I can be pretty adaptive to what comes my way...I guess Creativity is my best quality.
FLINT: So despite your interest in the observation of demons, you don't find yourself very observant?
YOU: Well...not really, honestly sometimes I feel like I get too focused on one thing and ignore everything else.
FLINT: So I guess when you focused your Aether aura into your eye, it was because of an emotional connection rather than a characteristic association? I guess it's the same reason you chose red for the color. or maybe both were picked for arbitrary reasons.
YOU: We're those things important?
FLINT: They can be. Really they were more important to helping you create an image in your head to focus your aura. You're going to be doing more of that while you're here. With a more focused aura you'll have more access to energy with which to put into your body and barrier.

Flint motions you to sit on a nearby rock stump, relaxed, and with your eyes closed. More deep breath exercises.

FLINT: Certain colors can correlate with certain parts of the body. If I told you that the two options you chose, the eye and the color red, do not logically correlate well with your personality or with each other at all, Would you do the meditation with a different color and a different body part or repeat both options?
No. 927209 ID: 575ec0

I could adapt, then.

Maybe I should try with my Hands, and White.

An infinite canvas to work with.
No. 927210 ID: d3602f

Maybe no one thought of how the three connect?

The closest person to us has inspired us, given us passion and direction when we were blinded by sadness, and we'll use our creativity to reach our goals. I mean, he also has a red eye, and he's given us great tools that we've used to great effect through creativity.

And if that doesn't help connect them? Well, we're creative. We'll find a way to make the best of what we have, just like before.
No. 927213 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's try that.
No. 927222 ID: 5ba090

Thats a good point, red and eye are connected to us through Vol, I like that.

Also, can Flint actually tell what colours are associated with our body and is just letting us try to work it out for ourselves, or is he just being hypothetical?
No. 927224 ID: 235ba5

I mean... We're not exactly well informed on the whole aura situation, but the aggressive, somewhat irresponsible pursuit of knowledge is like our whole deal.

A red eye that pursues the truth of the world or smth.

also its fukkin sikk
No. 927226 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I agree with these.
No. 927227 ID: b1b4f3

He's already told us the meanings don't work. I don't know why you'd try to push that.
No. 927229 ID: a451fc
File 155349734473.png - (400.37KB , 1558x1064 , Aether Aura.png )

YOU: Yeah I think I would.
FLINT: Then go ahead then, redo it.

You go through the motions once again. Same color and same body part. You can feel your aura swell.

FLINT: Why did you decide to keep your first decision?
YOU: When I think of the color red and eyes I think of demons, and when I think of demons I think of Vol. He's been with me for my entire life. Plus, the pursuit of knowledge with reckless almost passionate abandon is kind of my whole things.
FLINT: Okay open your eyes.

You open your eyes, The wisps from your aura are flying a bit higher than before.

FLINT: The eye is normally linked to perceptiveness and insight of course, red is linked to security, and you're insistence on keeping to your choices despite the idea that they do not mesh together shows that you focus more on your emotional attachment more than the logical side to what belongs where. To me at least, really all of it is speculative.
YOU: So, does it matter that I chose a wrong combination?
FLINT: Well, I only asked If they were wrong would you change them. I never said that you were wrong outright. Now try to make a barrier

You hold your hands out and create a Caesura, it's gotten bigger and sturdier.

FLINT: It's not always about a sound logic, your aura's strength is tied to emotion. If you feel more comfortable following your own instincts then go for it. More importantly! I feel like having lunch. You don't mind getting me the ingredients right?
FLINT: Great! In this cavern there are a few foods I like to eat the most. At the very bottom of this cavern there's a forest of trees that all grow sour apples but one of them to the north grows ones so sweet and crunchy bring one to me; next, the the south There's a pool of crystal clear water, I'd like some of that to drink; and finally further under the forest there's a beast I haven't gotten to eat in a while, bring it here so I can prepare it. Don't take too long either!
No. 927233 ID: d3602f

A little weird, but okay.

I think get them in the order he gave: Apple, water, creature. I'm flexible with the first two, but the creature might need some preparation.
No. 927235 ID: 5ba090

How are you supposed to bring him the water? Do you have something to carry it in?
No. 927237 ID: d3602f

Caesura bowl (or ball), assuming he doesn't give us something.

Actually, now that I think about it this could fit in with our answers. The apples seem like they require some perception and insight to find the right tree. We need to be creative to get the water without a container. Finally, we need the power to keep our self safe/secure in order to defeat the beast. I may just be overthinking things though.
No. 927238 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, tricky tricky.
I guess we're gonna go in the order he said. Also note he didn't say to kill the beast- clarify that, do you need to bring it in alive?
No. 927255 ID: 2202fb

Dont ask this out loud, it seems kinda stereotypically naive.
No. 927257 ID: 91ee5f

>Well, I only asked If they were wrong would you change them. I never said that you were wrong outright.
>It's not always about a sound logic, your aura's strength is tied to emotion. If you feel more comfortable following your own instincts then go for it.
Ok, so there was nothing wrong with choosing red and our eye.

>food and where to find the ingredients
Finding these thing will be tricky, but getting them back up here will be the hard part.

>Also note he didn't say to kill the beast- clarify that, do you need to bring it in alive?
Yes, ask this.
No. 927258 ID: eeb7d9

An apple, water and a beast, coming right up!
Do i need to kill the third one, or do i just bring it to you?
No. 927262 ID: 2202fb

We remembered to bring pokéballs capture scrolls with us, right?
No. 927266 ID: 2202fb

Also, how tf are apples growing in a cavern? Is this some kind of weird dwarven mushroom cave apple thing?

Anyhoo, lets ride peaches down, assuming we have the scroll.
No. 927289 ID: 575ec0

Get the apple first. You'll want to be unencumbered while climbing to get it.
Take care of the beast second and the Water third. The water will need to be held in a Caesura, we won't be able to fight the beast while holding it.
No. 927300 ID: 91ee5f

>Anyhoo, lets ride peaches down, assuming we have the scroll.
I’m pretty sure when Flint said we couldn’t bring anyone with us, Roland would’ve just assumed that included Peaches and left him behind.
No. 927303 ID: 2202fb

yet we do have some things.

Heretic, can we get an inventory?
No. 927306 ID: a451fc
File 155355569937.png - (1.14MB , 1558x2128 , ThePillarTreeCavern 2-2.png )

>Kill the beast?
FLINT: I don't care, if you bring it back alive I'll kill it myself and cook it.

>Did you bring binding scrolls?
You reach own to take out a binding scroll but-
FLINT: Lookin' for these?

Flint waves a bundle of scrolls around in his hand.

FLINT: You'll understand if I don't want you relying on the skills of demons to help you right? I also took your gun too, not like it was going to do you any good. Also here, take this.

Flint tosses you a large piece of cloth, it's a shoulder wrap with a sigil on the back just like the one on his jacket. He also gives you a belt with a few pouches and some gloves.

FLINT: Don't take too long kid, or I might get bored and leave ya here. And remember! Even with how weak your aura is right now don't forget that it's important.

You nod and begin to climb down the side by hand, there are plenty of knot holes and branch stumps to grip onto as you descend. As you lower yourself, you get a good view at the canopy of the forest. Once you reach the ground you look around a bit, all of the tree's have sickly green fruit growing on them. Out of curiosity, you bite into one you find lying on the ground. it's disgustingly bitter, and mushy too. You spit it out, no wonder Flint won't take these. Look's like you'll be getting the apple first...but you aren't really sure where North is down in here. After some thinking, you dig through the pouch Flint gave you and find a compass inside! You're not so lost any more...
No. 927308 ID: a451fc
File 155355730695.png - (577.76KB , 1558x2128 , ThePillarTreeCavern 2-3.png )

and get closer to the wall, there's a large crack making an opening in the sheer face of the rock. In front of that opening however, you see a silhouette...You hear a feminine voice call out to you.

???: Hold it! Gallows right?
YOU: u-uhh...
???: Yeah, you're him alright. Doing some grocery shopping for Flint huh? That lazy bastard can never get anything for himself can he? Well anyway the tree you're looking for is down this crack, but I'm not gonna let you get by easily...
DAISY: Names Daisy Cutter! But you can just call me Daisy! You can get by me if you past one of my tests! and I have two tests for you to chose from.

Daisy raises one of her hands

DAISY: You can either rush past me and make it to the end without me stopping you, or you can simply tell me what number I'm holding up with my hand. Whichever test you pick you can't choose the other one afterwards. Okay?
No. 927311 ID: d3602f

Before we give our answer, I want to try something. Use our aura, and see if we can recognize the shape of her body without looking, specifically her hand. If we can feel, let's try the number. Otherwise, let's try to run past her.

Remember, this is supposed to train our aura. Every challenge is unlikely to be solvable without it in some manner.
No. 927312 ID: b1b4f3

I'll agree with that. She's likely to obscure the number somehow, it's not the easy option.
No. 927315 ID: 91ee5f

>Flint took your stuff
Roland, do you know what this means? It means that he’s insanely fast and he was holding back during your sparring match earlier!

Let this show you just how far the gap in power is between you and him.

>He also gives you a belt with a few pouches and some gloves.
I’m guessing one of those pouches also contains a bottle or some kind of container for the water.

>Gallows right?
“Wait, how did you know about me? Did Flint tell you about me?”

>use aura
If we do that, then we should focus our Nen Aura into our eyes to use Gyo some sort of “Aether Sight”.
No. 927316 ID: 094652

Can you use Caesura as-is to flatten her hand out so the correct answer is 5?

Oh wait she might cut a finger off just to prevent you from guessing the 'only' option.
No. 927317 ID: d3602f

She's probably strong enough to destroy our caesura at our previous full strength. As we are, it would be easy for her.

I'm pretty sure she isn't crazy though, so cutting off a finger is unlikely.
No. 927333 ID: a451fc
File 155357308851.png - (803.98KB , 1558x2185 , ThePillarTreeCavern5-2.png )

YOU:...I want to try and see what number you're holding up.
DAISY: So be it!

She puts up her left hand and holds up three fingers.

DAISY: What number am I holding up?

You know it isn't only three fingers, that'd be too obvious.

>Use your aura, and see if we can recognize the shape of her body without looking, specifically her hand.
You close your eyes and try to focus on her aura, it's hard, you have to walk a bit closer until you're within arms reach of Daisy. Once you're close enough you can make her faint aura out, but you can't make out any discernible number this way.

>focus your Aura into your eyes
You back away from her and try focusing your aura again, this time you repeat the meditation technique Flint taught you. You close your eyes, picture a river, make it smaller, draw it into your good eye this time and then open it. You're shocked by how black everything is, it's almost like you didn't open them at all, more importantly you can see Daisy's red silhouette in front of you with the number 43 hovering above her hand.
No. 927334 ID: d3602f

Well, there's our answer. Tell her it's 43, and continue forward.
No. 927335 ID: c1212a

Compliment her precise control of her aura.
No. 927336 ID: b1b4f3

Interesting. I wonder if the body part and color matters for this technique? Roland needs to experiment more later. I'd hazard a guess and say that the aether infusion enhances whatever body part you pick. If Roland were to pour the river into his legs he could run faster.
Not sure if the color actually matters... Maybe red is supposed to be used for defense, and a different color would work better for sight or body enhancement?
No. 927337 ID: 91ee5f

>43 floating above her hand
Ha! I knew that would work! I had a feeling this would be similar to how Biscuit trained Gon and Killua in Hunter X Hunter!

Tell her that she’s holding the number 43.
No. 927348 ID: 055cbc

"So is that like.. forty three, or do I count the fingers too, or what?"
No. 927363 ID: 5ba090

No. 927364 ID: 719d94

Looks to me like 43 over 3, which is 14 and a third. Though it could also be 3 to the 43rd power, which is much harder to do in my head.
No. 927368 ID: d3602f

You are definitely overthinking things. She said the number over her hand, there is no division or multiplication involved here. She's also here to test our powers, not our riddle solving skills.
No. 927370 ID: 2202fb

Oh, guess this cavern isnt just an abandoned, remote cavern. Flint took us to PaganWorld.
No. 927371 ID: 2202fb

We should stick with the chuuni eye, but adjust your bandages so they aren't covering it. That is probably why you couldn't aura-see with it. It is probably stronger than your other for this since we were already attuning based on it.

We can get you a (medical) eyepatch later to cover your eye when not in use.
No. 927373 ID: 91ee5f

>cover your eye when not in use
That’s stupid. Why would he cover his eye? That would make him blind!
No. 927381 ID: eeb7d9

>cover your eye when not in use
You can, like, close your eyes to do that, right?
No. 927393 ID: 575ec0

343 if I wanna be cheeky.
No. 927399 ID: a9af05

Tell her that she's holding up the number 43.

>Hunter X Hunter
So Heretic is taking us out of Jojo situations and is putting us in Hunter X Hunter situations? I'm ok with that.

Why would we cover his good eye? Doing that would make him unable to see anything.
No. 927404 ID: 2202fb

Cover the bad eye, ya fuckin dingus.

So right now the bad eye is covered up and is probably why the good eye could aura-see better, but if we uncover the bad eye, it will probably aura-see stronger than the good eye since we were using it first. Since it is a bad eye, however, we should cover it up when we arent using it to aura-see with a (medical) eyepatch (to complete the chuuni look).
No. 927407 ID: 2fb5cd

try to be like " Damn i didn't know you had forty three fingers." girls love humor.
No. 927408 ID: d3602f

Guess we could try that, probably wouldn't hurt. Worst, we're probably just as blind in that eye without aura.
No. 927409 ID: a9af05

If that does work, then we don't need an eye patch. Troy would call the fashion police to arrest us for stealing his style.

We can just do it like Kakashi does with his headband. Slide the bandages up and out of the way and slide them back down to cover the eye.
No. 927480 ID: a451fc
File 155365750603.png - (623.70KB , 1558x1064 , ThePillarTreeCavern6.png )

YOU: You're holding up three fingers, but above that there's the number 43. Would that be 46? Or maybe the 3 goes in front of that so it's 343?
DAISY: 43's just fine dude. Alright you can pass through.

Daisy moves over so you can walk through the crack in the cavern wall and walks beside you.

YOU: The way you control your aura's so precise!
DAISY: Thanks! I've been doin' this for 5 years now. I think I was just a bit older than you when I began training.
YOU: Do all pagans go through this stuff?
DAISY: Wouldn't know, I'm not a pagan. You aren't either right?
YOU: Well no, but I guess I'm always so close to demons people could mistake me for one. If you aren't a pagan then why did you go through this training?
DAISY: Well in this world going around without some form of protection is crazy, and sometimes guns just don't cut it. Especially with Saints and Voodoo users walking around. Unlike angel magic or voodoo, Aetherial aura doesn't solely rely on an outside source like an Angel or Lowa.

Daisy increases the aura around her body.

DAISY: Aetherial aura is caused by the small dregs of energy left over by Athmor's corpse. The primordial demon's connection to us allows us to use this power, but we don't have to make a deal or get lucky enough for him to allow us to use it, we can make use of it through hard work and training!

You and Daisy make it to the end of the tunnel, at the end there's a small cave where a large tree has grown, you can see shiny red apples growing in it's branches. There are a few fallen apples that seem to be in good shape so you pick up one, and decide to take a bite. It's hard! Like a rock in fact, the apples down here suck.

DAISY: Yeah Flint's got a jaw like a bear trap, he likes it when his food is basically inedible, the weirdo...So! How ya plannin' on leaving here?
YOU: What do you mean?
DAISY: If you want to enter or exit this cave through the crack you must complete a test! Did I not make that clear?
YOU: Fine! I can always look at a number again!
DAISY: Oh, no you can't. Sorry but I did say before whichever test you took you couldn't choose the other one afterwards. So in reality, I'm only giving you one choice. Make it past me without getting stopped and you're free to go!
No. 927481 ID: b1b4f3

pff, fine.
Alright do meditation to see if you can supercharge your legs. Shall we try green color for this? Or yellow?
No. 927486 ID: d3602f

Yellow is usually related to excitement and hyperactivity, so let's try that.
No. 927489 ID: 2202fb

"May I go past you please?"
No. 927499 ID: 91ee5f

>Yeah Flint's got a jaw like a bear trap, he likes it when his food is basically inedible, the weirdo...
“.....so those nails that I usually see in his mouth, does he eat those?”

>If you want to enter or exit this cave through the crack you must complete a test!
She specified that going through the crack requires a test. The way she mentioned that means that there’s probably more than one way in here that doesn’t require getting passed her. But that doesn’t mean the other paths are going to be easy.

Should you try to get past her or should you look for a different way out?

.....wait, why is she doing these tests? Did Flint tell her to do this or is there some other reason?
No. 927519 ID: eeb7d9

Ask her what she does here, what is her purpose?
No. 927520 ID: 575ec0

You know, if you want to go on a date you can just ask.
No. 927521 ID: 2202fb

"Want to come with me? You seem nice enough, and I am always looking to make new friends."

Companion get! (We can always use more manpower back at GHQ, once we start fortifying it{if we start fortifying it}.)

Try to talk to her about the demonology; see if she is interested. Ask her about herself. This is like a date, but you are trying for a platonic friendship rather than romance.
No. 927522 ID: 91ee5f

We need to focus on passing her test instead of whatever it is you’re trying to do.
No. 927545 ID: a9af05

Ask if you can have a little bit of a head start, since you're still new to this.

If she says no, then tell her that it didn't hurt to at least try asking.

Now it's time to try channeling your aura into your legs to try and out run her.

>Change color
I'm pretty sure that was only for a personality test thing Flint was doing and it has no effect on how our powers actually work, since Flint said that Aether Aura will always red.

I think the only thing that matters is how you use the aura, not what color you're thinking about.

No, none of this. This isn't the time nor the place for that.
No. 927548 ID: 2202fb

Im trying to make a friend.
No. 927551 ID: 2fb5cd

No. 927562 ID: a9af05

We're already on friendly terms with her. There's no need to do anything else to try and win her over.

The only thing we can do is impress her by passing her test.
No. 927760 ID: a451fc
File 155385418194.png - (2.64MB , 1558x2128 , YellowAura1-2.png )

YOU: May I go past you please?
DAISY: Nu-uh.

Well, no one can say you didn't try.

YOU: Why are you testing me?
DAISY: I love cornering people looking for apples in weird cave forests because it's fun, stupid. Obviously Flint's askin' me to do this.

>Yeah Flint's got a jaw like a bear trap, he likes it when his food is basically inedible
YOU: So he eats those nails?
DAISY: What?
YOU: Those nails that he's normally chewing on, he eats those?
DAISY: Pfft! No way...he doesn't...I mean that wouldn't make any...does he?

>There’s probably more than one way out.
That may be true, but from the look of things there's no other obvious way out of this cave aside from the crack Daisy is blocking.

>Do meditation to see if you can supercharge your legs.
You do the river meditation method, this time you try to imagine yellow water and you direct the energy to your legs. It feels weird to have so much energy in your legs. After you've finished charging your aura you leap forward, and the second your foot leaves the ground you feel a sharp pain in your leg and fall on the ground.

DAISY: Oof, you okay kid? You can't just go filling your body parts with Aura all willy-nilly and expect it to work. Your temperament saved your leg from completely breaking but you gotta be more careful!
No. 927765 ID: 719d94

"Well of course not, but you can't expect me not to try, right? I have to learn how this stuff works somehow." Groan as appropriate.

Once standing is comfortable, can we make barriers big enough to stand on and run over her? Have we ever tried supporting ourselves with caesura?
No. 927771 ID: 91ee5f

>Oof, you okay kid? You can't just go filling your body parts with Aura all willy-nilly and expect it to work. Your temperament saved your leg from completely breaking but you gotta be more careful!
“Oh, wow, it’s almost like I’m new to this and no one told me how to do any of this!”
No. 927773 ID: 575ec0

might as well use the good ceasara air walk.
No. 927778 ID: 2fb5cd

try bashing her on the head with the barrier.

or this
No. 927782 ID: 2202fb

Lets ask her how we might be able to get past her. I'd rather not hurt her cuz that is mean and i dont think she is as superhuman as Flint is.

This might be more straightforward than it seems. Lift your bandages and use your Aurasight to see if she put up a maze or obstacles or something.
No. 927810 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like this takes some finesse. Maybe you have to only put a little aura in there, or you need to put a mix of colors in there. Like, something for defense in addition to something for energy?

Ask her for tips. If she won't give you any, then just try the caesura bubble jump thing you're already used to.
No. 927825 ID: d3602f

Try this. It should at least give us an idea of her capabilities.
No. 927827 ID: 91ee5f

>Lift your bandages
He’s already got an uncovered eye. He doesn’t need to take his bandages off.
No. 927830 ID: eeb7d9

To learn how to walk some times you have to break a few eggs, right? No? Ouch...
No. 927836 ID: a9af05

>You can't go doing that all willy nilly.
"Well how was I supposed to know that?! It's not like I'm an expert like you or Flint!"

Then politely ask her if she can give you advice or at least tell you what not to do, so you don't end up snapping your neck or something.

>Use bad eye to see
He's got a good eye to use! Stop trying to get him to use his bad eye!

And after what just happened, we should probably not try putting aura in our eye for now, so that we don't risk damaging our only good eye.
No. 927838 ID: 2202fb

well, there goes the chances of chuuni rol being a thing.
No. 927854 ID: a9af05

Never was going to be a thing in the first place.
No. 927857 ID: 575ec0

Try pumping Aetherial energy into your tatoos.
No. 927866 ID: 4294c6

Aura Hamster Ball
No. 927885 ID: 91ee5f

We’ve lost the ability to do that. We can’t make any barriers big enough to do that until we get better at this aura stuff.
No. 927897 ID: 2202fb

cuts deep
No. 928008 ID: a451fc
File 155399933986.gif - (2.14MB , 1089x743 , Temperament Wheel.gif )

YOU: Well, it's hard to know how to do this if I'm new y'know? I put Aether energy into my eyes and this didn't happen what gives?
DAISY: Your eye isn't straining muscles to push your weight off of the ground. From the look of things you might not have focused enough energy into the right parts of your leg, your bone needs more than your muscles and tendons. Though most importantly your natural temperament color makes it harder for you.
YOU: Temperament?
DAISY: Yeah, your temperament dictates what areas your aura works best. I can tell your temperament just by looking at you, but not everyone can do that. It's a special talent only a few aura users know. Your main temperament color is Red: A color tied to the physical nature of the world, as such it's best suited for turning formless Aether energy into physical constructs. You wanted to empower your legs with aura to make them stronger? That's something more suited for Yellow temperaments seeing as it revolves around imbuing the physical with aura.

Daisy continues to explain the remaining temperament colors: Orange deals with emotion, Green deals with healing, Blue deals with perception and Purple deals with spirituality. White is the culmination of these colors that only true masters can utilize through years of grueling training.

YOU: So I can only do things suited for a Red temperance?
DAISY: No, the main color of your Temperament is Red, but you can learn different configurations to utilize different colors. Temperament equals the colors plus the configuration that connects them. The more colors you use the more variety in choices you'll have, but the less specialization you'll have. My natural temperament is Purple, and I utilize Yellow as secondary. As it stands, your temperament is Singular Red, but you have the potential to learn more. Do you understand now?
No. 928011 ID: b1b4f3


Hmm, I'd like to aim for red plus yellow and blue. That's a useful configuration. Red-green is tempting too but easier access to healing just means we're gonna get hurt more, narratively speaking.
No. 928012 ID: a868af

I like the ideia of Red and Blue, they're both nice colours.
No. 928019 ID: 2202fb

"Do you dabble in voodoo?"
No. 928025 ID: 91ee5f

>Your main temperament color is Red: A color tied to the physical nature of the world, as such it's best suited for turning formless Aether energy into physical constructs.
Hmmm, then maybe we should do it the way we did it when we got Reagan that bird: >>/questarch/911366 , >>/questarch/911367 .

Instead of channeling aura into our legs, we can put the aura around our legs.

Also, complain about how Flint never told you any of this.

>temperament colors
So if blue is for perception, then did we just get lucky using red with our eye earlier?

>Let’s aim for this color configuration
Yeah, that should be good.
No. 928027 ID: eeb7d9

In that case, we need to know what color does what, so we can use our Aether properly. Not that we will be able do it now, but we can start learning later.
For now we need to find a way to pass her. Unless we actually have to learn how to do other temperance things now, wich i doubt.
No. 928051 ID: 066bfd

Okay, most of the colors abilities seem to be straight forward (who knew Rascal was yellow), but what powers fit under "spirituality"?

On what to do, maybe feint and put a shield on her leg so we slow her down just enough to run around her?
No. 928052 ID: a451fc
File 155402429069.png - (1.69MB , 1558x2128 , The First Test 1-2.png )

YOU: I think I'd like to aim for red, yellow, and blue. That seems like a useful configuration.
DAISY: Oh the primaries. Yeah that's definitely a good combination! The only thing holding it back is the fact that your focus is split between the three instead of two.
YOU: Also, If blue is for perception, then why did using red with my eye earlier work?
DAISY: Using red?...Oh you must be using that river meditation thing Flint likes to do! That doesn't effect your temperament. It's more suited for focusing energy into your body parts then anything, it's also part of that test he does to open up your body's aura more. It seems like you're already accustomed to using blue temperament a little. That's good!

YOU: Uhh, out of curiosity do you have any knowledge of voodoo?
DAISY: Nope, don't know why you'd ask that.

>Instead of channeling aura into our legs, we can put the aura around our legs.
Simply putting the aura around a body part doesn't strengthen it, it needs to go in something...but when you think about the way you caught that bird you think of something. You have enough energy to place a Caesura around your leg, with enough aura left over to run it through the Caesura barrier and empower it. Daisy see's this.

DAISY: Oh! Look at that! You're able to utilize yellow temperament too! You're already doing so well. No wonder Flint made you his apprentice.

You push off of your armored leg and dash past Daisy with ease, it didn't even seem like she was trying to stop you. As you rush forward you switch the Caesura back and forward between your legs to keep moving forward, all the while running energy through it to empower it. It seems like you'll be getting out of here after all...until you hear something like a tapping? as if something hard was bouncing off of the ground and heading toward you. You get a bad feeling...
No. 928053 ID: 066bfd

Can you not see what it is? If you can't try using the magic eye to see what the heck is going on.

And if you have to get up high, try to wall jump.
No. 928061 ID: 91ee5f

>You push off of your armored leg and dash past Daisy with ease, it didn't even seem like she was trying to stop you.
That’s because she never said that she was going to physically stop you. Remember, she’s better trained than you, so she’s most likely going to use her aura to try and stop you.

>you hear something like a tapping? As if something hard was bouncing off of the ground and heading toward you. You get a bad feeling...
Yeah, like that.

She’s probably doing something similar to the number thing earlier, which means you can’t see it normally, you’ll need to get some aura through your eye to see it.

Although, since you’re not exactly good at channeling aura in multiple places yet, this means there’s a risk of getting caught when you stop putting aura into your legs to put it into your eye. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop moving!
No. 928064 ID: 58b4f3

You sure the noise is coming from behind you? She could've left something at the entrance in preparation for this test, so the noise could be coming from in front of you.
No. 928068 ID: b463f3

Okay, shrink the leg armor to just an exoskeleton frame so you dont need to alternate. Dont look behind you, just go fast.

Really fast.
No. 928070 ID: 575ec0

Charge eye with Blue, spin around, even though it means your gonna land on your ass. Ceasara your leading hand in the spin, swat away whatever she launched at you.
No. 928088 ID: eeb7d9

Maybe we should stop and find out what is coming towards you before it's to late. Use aura in your eye just in case there is something invisible up ahead, or behind us.
No. 928092 ID: 719d94

Hey, rather than using aura to empower our existing sight, can we form a perceptive aura somewhere outside of our body? It'd be nice to see behind us without having to turn around, hopefully while still getting a good enough view of the way in front of us that we don't trip or crash. So just toggle over into the 3rd person camera mode.
No. 928115 ID: 02be96

So is there no such thing as a black aura then?
No. 928121 ID: d3602f

Maybe we could sort of leave a thin "mist" of aura behind, and feel whatever moves through it?
No. 928126 ID: b1b4f3

If it's on the ground you need to be in the air. Jump then start kicking off the walls.
No. 928142 ID: a451fc
File 155408936797.png - (1.29MB , 1558x2128 , The First Test 3-4.png )

It's very clearly coming up from behind you!

Trying anything so new would require time and focus you don't have right now! Though these seem possible to preform, attempting them right now would slow you down in a situation where you don't fully know what's going on!

The object isn't obscured or invisible, it was just hard to see from so far away. Its...an apple? One of the apples off of the tree, it's bouncing off of the ground like it's made of rubber and approaching you quickly. Regardless of it's harmless appearance you leap away from it knowing full well there's more to it than you can see from a first glance. The apple lands on the area you were in and the ground is flattened, the apple lays motionless on the ground
No. 928143 ID: a451fc
File 155408937779.png - (1.32MB , 1558x2128 , The First Test 5-6.png )

You can hear Daisy's voice echo from the back of the cave.

DAISY: Wanna know how this ability works? It's made up of two separate uses of my aura each one dependent on my temperament. My first ability uses my yellow temperament to fill a small object with energy, causing it to bounce wildly every time it hits a solid surface, this ability is called Daisy Lane. My second ability uses my purple temperament to have an object draw in spiritual power from the earth below it, this ability is called A Daisy Through Concrete. Together, these two abilities allow me to create a bouncing projectile that draws in and stores more energy with each bounce that I can release at will...

Daisy pauses for a second, and you can see her silhouette crouch down and pick something off of the ground, most likely more apples.

DAISY: When I release the spiritual power in the object taken from the ground, it naturally wishes to return back to the ground. So it all rushes out and crushes anything that gets in the way. That's Daisy Chain. Do you get it?

From the cave's exit, Daisy tosses two apples at you. One bounces like the first one, but the second one ricochets wildly off of the cave walls toward you, possibly to catch while you're in mid air...
No. 928163 ID: d3602f

Wow, purple sounds pretty cool. If it wants to connect to ground, we'll give it ground. Grab a rock and try to throw it at the apple just as soon as she activates it, hopefully the force should be negated into the stone.
No. 928165 ID: 91ee5f

>causing it to bounce wildly every time it hits a solid surface
That also means that once she lets go of the apples, she can’t control where it goes. So if we give the apples a surface to bounce off of, we can direct them away from us!

>Do you get it?
“That you enjoy putting your own name into the names of your attacks?”

That can work.

Or we could also try using Caesura to bounce them away. Just do the same thing we’ve been doing, create a Caesura and quickly expand it to propel something.
No. 928169 ID: b1b4f3

The way she describes it, they're bouncing blindly. So just deflect them with Caesuras.
No. 928174 ID: eeb7d9

I don't know, it kinda sounds too simple. But it might work. The idea of using some rocks to attracts its energy sounds good too. We won't know until we try.
No. 928177 ID: 2870a3

arent our casuras still kind of weak? that attack crushed the ground and may well break the casura and injure us

(p.s. i dont remember most of the mechanics of it from hunterxhunter but this seems an awful lot like nen ;D)
No. 928183 ID: 91ee5f

>arent our casuras still kind of weak?
Then I guess we could make a hand to scoop up some rocks and fling them at the apples.

>hunter x hunter
That’s exactly what I was thinking!
No. 928185 ID: b1b4f3

Caesuras are generally... separate from Roland's body.
No. 928192 ID: a451fc
File 155410457791.png - (2.50MB , 1558x2128 , The First Test 7-8.png )

YOU: Yeah I get it, You enjoy putting your own name into the names of your attacks.
DAISY: Yeah! It's cool that way!

>If it wants to connect to ground, we'll give it ground. Grab a rock and try to throw it at the apple just as soon as she activates it
As it stands your Caesura is still weaker than it was before, grabbing rock out of the ground should be difficult with it the way it is. So, to increase it's strength you empower the caesura with your yellow temperament. This allows it to be strong enough to grab a chunk out of the ground and fling it backward without too much trouble. Though this draws in the attack and accounts for the bouncing apple, the ricocheting one is faster and slips past the rock.

>deflect them with Caesuras
You withdraw your Caesura hand and create a bubble to try and deflect the apple. You knock it away successfully, but the apple continues to quickly ricochet, bouncing off of the cave wall and hits the ground near you. It's not too close, so it only catches your Caesura, but the pressure on the bubble while still filled with energy causes it too violently burst and knock you on your back. You aren't hurt, just surprised. You can hear Daisy throwing more apples from the cave. From the sound of it it's only two apples bouncing instead of ricocheting.
No. 928193 ID: b1b4f3

Can you climb to the top of the cliff?
No. 928221 ID: 2202fb

Attempt to use blue with your eye to try and see a safe path out that the apples wont hit.
No. 928225 ID: eeb7d9

We should find a way to reflect them towards her, or just keep going. OR, try to use the impact of the apples to blown away towards the exit. We are good doing that.
No. 928244 ID: 91ee5f

>Yeah! It's cool that way!
Only if you’re a narcissist! Uh, don’t actually say that out loud.

>More apples
She said that it’s an at will attack, so she needs to see where the apple is to know when it’s close enough to you for her to activate the crushing part of her attack.

If you can block her line of sight, she’ll need to guess on when to activate Daisy Chain and hope she hits you.

So if you kick up a big could of dust, you could prevent her from being able to activate Daisy Chain for a while.
No. 928269 ID: a9af05

If she bounces them, the path needs to be pretty straight, right?

Make the ground uneven, so that they can't bounce correctly.
No. 928270 ID: d3602f

Maybe if we make a big enough hole, she'll be forced to use the walls to bounce, cutting off an avenue of attack?
No. 928336 ID: a451fc
File 155417098885.png - (2.05MB , 1558x2128 , The First Test 9-10.png )

>Try to use the impact of the apples to blown away towards the exit.
The only reason you were blown away the first time was because your empowered Caesura released a shock wave when crushed. Still, it's not out of the question to try again.

You're not trained well enough to do that. So far the most you can do is see hidden aura if you concentrate.

Creating holes deep and wide enough is a bit difficult, especially when you're being chased, but with enough work you create a few pot holes that'll hopefully slow the apples. Even if the holes don't stop them, maybe cutting off Daisy's line of sight will. You use a Caesura hand to kick up dust from the cave floor, enough to block yourself from her view and keep the apples obscured if they get too close. Soon you hear the apples get closer, and stop on the floor when they get near you. As you get up to run away you feel something hard hit you in the shoulder. Instead of bouncing or ricocheting this one, Daisy just chucked it straight at you. It doesn't hurt terribly, but your body feels sluggish.

DAISY: Didn't see that comin' did ya? instead of having an apple soak up earths energy with each bounce I channeled the earth's energy up into my body and then into one apple, then I just chuck it. The earth's energy in the apple passes right into your body and bounces around in there, slowing your body and making jumping off the ground harder. It's not that great though. I can't take too much energy from the earth right into my body or I might hurt myself and It takes a while to charge up also it doesn't do a lot of damage, so Daisy Chain's much better for offensive attacks. Still this abilities good for speedy targets who won't stand still.

You can feel your body vibrate with the earths energy, and you feel like it's a slight bit harder to leave the ground.

DAISY: The earth's energy is bouncing around your body like a bell. That's why I call this ability, Daisy Bell. Pretty neat huh? I only hit your shoulder, so you didn't get the full force of the energy, I won't make that mistake again.

You can hear Daisy throw more apples. Quick pounding on the cave's walls and floor, they must be fast ricocheting ones. The pot holes you created may have made bouncing ones more difficult to use.
No. 928339 ID: b1b4f3

What's keeping you from just smashing or cutting up the apples with Caesura Sharp as they get near you? They shouldn't be especially durable.
If you can heighten your perceptions somehow to predict where the apples will go, this will be a lot easier. Hearing or sight would work.
No. 928344 ID: 91ee5f

Check to see how far away the entrance is. Hopefully you don’t have to go much farther.

Perhaps getting a big rock, crushing it, and throwing all of the rubble in the direction of the apples, you’ll be able to knock some of them out of the way?

I mean, the apples by themselves are naturally really hard, as discovered when Roland tried to bite into one, so if Daisy is empowering them, then that’s probably making them even harder.
No. 928352 ID: 575ec0

Hold up. Ask her to pause right quick and return to the beginning.
Then ask if she could teach you anything about purple temperament usage.

If you could use purple temperament, you could potentially make a Ceasura that reinforces itself by absorbing the kinetic energy of whatever hits it.
No. 928357 ID: d3602f

Think you could push that energy out of yourself? Slowing down even a bit is going to make things harder.
No. 928383 ID: 91ee5f

No, we’re not going back to the beginning.

Besides, she already told us having too many temperaments weakens all of them. We’re already pushing it with using 3.
No. 928391 ID: 2202fb

Get knocked out. We clearly are going to be missing lunch.
No. 928416 ID: 575ec0

I was under the impression that she meant we would be missing the benefits of specialisation as with any skill, should we not focus on a specific thing.

Be that as it may, there are benefits to having an answer, even a weaker answer, to everything.
No. 928420 ID: 91ee5f

That’s still no reason for us to go back to the beginning. Flint might’ve told Daisy that we only get one chance and if we fail, then Flint will stop training us.

I’m not sure if that is true or not, but I’d rather not find out!
No. 928439 ID: a9af05

Maybe instead of trying to block her attacks, you should focus more on getting to the entrance to pass this test?

Because she said that you've gotta make it past her without getting stopped. And with this new attack that slows you down, if you get hit by it too many times, you might actually become unable to move at all, which will result in you failing!

So get up, put some aura in your legs, and start running!
No. 928445 ID: a9af05

Although, now that I think about it, Daisy told you that you've got the earth's energy bouncing around in you and she said that the energy wants to return to the earth. So maybe if you can somehow give your body a way to expel the earth's energy back into the earth, that'll help you not feel sluggish anymore?
No. 928453 ID: 1685b1

Push yourself off the ground using C-Sharp, like you did in the first round of the tournament!
No. 928496 ID: a451fc
File 155426521651.png - (1.08MB , 1558x1064 , The First Test 11.png )

There is absolutely no reason to go back and talk when the echoes make speaking to each other possible.

YOU: This purple temperance sounds pretty amazing! Can you teach me anything about?
DAISY: Not really! First off it's one of the more difficult colors to learn unless you're a natural Purple, and even then it's tougher than the others. Second, for you to be able to properly learn purple temperament you'd have to pick a new configuration. The colors lie in a wheel and the possible configurations you take limit how many you can learn and which ones. To learn Purple, you'd have to either drop Blue and add Green to your configuration, or drop Yellow and Blue to learn Orange. And yes, the more colors in your configuration the less power can go to each one, otherwise every Aura user would just take as many colors as possible.
DAISY: You're already doing so well with Red-Blue-Yellow! And doing all of this just to learn Purple, a color you'd have a much harder time to learn, seems like it could be more work than it's worth.

Honestly you kind of didn't expect Daisy to respond for so long, so you do have time to leg it more down the cave, Even with the extra weight from Daisy Bell you manage to get some distance. Doing anything other than running Aether energy through an armored leg isn't quite as fast. When Daisy realizes you're still on the move, you can hear the amount of bouncing in the cave increase. She's throwing even more than before, there are so many you can't tell how many or bouncing and ricocheting.

>Check to see how far away the entrance is.
With the extra distance you got distracting Daisy and using your Caesura to speed you up again you're actually quite close. Now that you think about it, the fact that the apples have more room to bounce now means they can gather more energy as they hit the ground, the impact will probably be stronger than the ones before!

>If you can heighten your perceptions somehow to predict where the apples will go, this will be a lot easier. Hearing or sight would work.
You focus onto your hearing to try and get a better read on the apples behind you at the cost of your speed. At first all you can hear sounds like rushing water, but soon your hearing clears and you can tell where the apples are hitting the cave walls. It's not as random as it was before, the spacing between the impacts on the rock is steady instead of random. None of them are bouncing, they're all ricocheting off the walls in a pattern!
No. 928498 ID: b1b4f3

Find the pattern, thread the needle and dodge them all. Stand still to focus if it'll help.
No. 928505 ID: 91ee5f

>Honestly you kind of didn't expect Daisy to respond for so long
Roland, let’s be honest, if she wanted to stop you, she would’ve stopped you already. She’s being nice and going easy on you. That’s why she responded for so long.

>you're actually quite close.
You’ve almost passed the test!

>None of them are bouncing, they're all ricocheting off the walls in a pattern!
Find the pattern and disrupt it!

Or you could attempt to have the shockwave push you the rest of the way out.

Wouldn’t that be bad?

Daisy told us her attacks are at will, so if we’re in the middle of all the apples she’s thrown, she’ll activate them all and we’ll get caught in the middle of the shockwave from all of them.

It’s still a better idea than what I’ve got, so we can try it if you want.
No. 928513 ID: b1b4f3

She has to see Roland to know when to activate the apple's gravity slam.
No. 928544 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. She can see him right now, right?
No. 928559 ID: b1b4f3

No. 928563 ID: 2fb5cd

this but standing still is bad juju
No. 928572 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, I thought the dust had settled already.
No. 928578 ID: a9af05


Nope, it's still there.
No. 928586 ID: 2202fb

If you can predict where the apples are going, you could use a small oblique caesura to deflect them just enough to avoid hitting you.
No. 928669 ID: a451fc
File 155441242923.png - (1.06MB , 1558x1064 , The First Test 12.png )

You stand still to focus on where the apples are going. At the same time you turn around and make a shield to defend yourself from the attack if it's coming toward you.

The apples ricocheting off of the walls burst through the dust in front of you clearing it away, next Daisy chucks another Daisy Bell apple at you, luckily it connects with your shield and doesn't effect it. What's more worrying is that the ricocheting apples have passed right by you. From the look of it they're going straight for the mouth of the cave.

You're so close to getting out of here. If those apples somehow cave in the entrance you'll be stuck here!
No. 928671 ID: eeb7d9

Maybe you can throw some apples back at her somehow? Make a slingshot with your aura and catch an apple?
No. 928673 ID: a9af05

>Apples have passed by you
>They might collapse the entrance!
Then you've gotta stop the apples, you've gotta dig your way out after the entrance had collapsed, or you've gotta dash straight through all of the apples!
No. 928692 ID: a451fc
File 155442998979.png - (2.69MB , 1549x3192 , The First Test 13-15.png )

You decide to attempt to throw the apples back at Daisy, possibly by making your Caesura barrier stretchy enough to fling it back after you catch it. Your rush forward to catch up with the apples and surround them in an elastic barrier. You manage to trap them stopping the opening from being destroyed, but Daisy still activates the energy in the apples sending them down and while you're still attached to the barrier flinging you forward and out of the cave entirely.

After a tumble and a collision with a tree Daisy exits the cave to meet up with you lying on the ground and slightly concussed.

DAISY: Oh man that was great! I though I had you there for a minute...You okay buddy?
No. 928699 ID: d3602f

I taste all the colors of aura!
No. 928701 ID: 575ec0

Raise a single hand with a thumbs up.
No. 928702 ID: 91ee5f

>flinging you forward and out of the cave entirely.
Good news, you passed the test!

>After a tumble and a collision with a tree
>lying on the ground and slightly concussed.
Bad news, it hurt like hell!

>Oh man that was great! I though I had you there for a minute...You okay buddy?
“I’ll be fine. Just give me a few minutes and maybe find someone that specializes in green temperament to heal me up.”

“.....hey, were there always two of you?”

After you recover a little, ask her what she would’ve done if you had chosen to run past her first, instead of the number thing? Would she have thrown rocks at you instead of apples?

Then ask if she can give you a recommendation on what to go for next on Flint’s shopping list? The crystal clear water to the south or the beast that’s further under the forest? And ask if she can give you better directions than what Flint told you?
No. 928703 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, say this!
No. 928724 ID: b1b4f3

Well that's new, I didn't think Caesura could stretch. Definitely a useful technique.

Tell her you're good. Then dust yourself off and get moving, you're on a time limit here.
No. 928743 ID: 719d94

Well, maybe caesura couldn't stretch... we're not working with caesura anymore, we're working with aether constructs we've based on caesura because that's what we're used to. Now that we're working under our own power and our own rules, it's going to be a lot more difficult but our options are going to get a whole lot wider for it. The future looks pretty exciting.

For the present, if you hit your head, check it's not bleeding, confirm that current events make sense to you, and make sure you can stand up straight. A quick check to make sure you're good to go before you get back on the trial trail.
No. 928752 ID: a451fc
File 155446495728.png - (461.64KB , 1558x1064 , The First Test End.png )

YOU: I can taste...ALL the colors of the aura...
DAISY: Oh it wasn't that bad you're not even bleeding!...Well not externally anyway. All in all you did a pretty good job!

You rise from the ground, not too badly hurt just dazed. You ask if Daisy can tell you anything else about where to go.

DAISY: Nope! I don't even know what Flint want's from you aside from the apples here. So, just do your best 'kay? I can't wait to see you improve!

You wave goodbye to Daisy and re-enter the forest. You have the apple, now you need the Water to the south and to face the Beast underground.

Where do you want to go first?
No. 928754 ID: 58ffd5

Water sounds safer so it may be the hardest
No. 928756 ID: eeb7d9

Nice magical gloves that change colors you got there!
Let's get the water first.
No. 928757 ID: 575ec0

Face the beast., Remember, we have to haul the water back and have been given no tools to do so. We might have to haule it in a Ceasura. Let's not hamstring our self during the beast fight.
No. 928758 ID: 2202fb

Suddenly red gloves!
No. 928762 ID: 1685b1

Face the beast.
No. 928763 ID: 91ee5f

>Where do you want to go first?
Let’s go get the water in the south.

Check your belt to see if Flint gave you anything other than that compass. He might’ve also given you a container to hold the water when you find it.

And since Daisy said that Flint likes his food to be basically inedible, don’t be surprised if the crystal clear water you’re looking for ends up tasting terrible.

Hopefully Flint got another person to test you standing near the water, otherwise you might not be able to find it! You need the training, so running into another person can only help you.

>no tools
Considering we had a compass in the belt that Flint gave us, it might be best to check the belt for some kind of container before claiming we don’t have anything to carry the water.
No. 928764 ID: 575ec0

Ok Then.
Check belt.
If belt contains canteen get water.
Else go beast.
No. 928765 ID: 2fb5cd

Tis time to face the beast!
No. 928766 ID: c47c5d

Face the beast!
No. 928779 ID: a451fc
File 155451322436.png - (1.98MB , 1558x3192 , ThePillarTreeCavern 7-9.png )

That's just your concussion playing tricks on you

After checking your pouches for something to carry the water with and finding a water-ski you head south to look for the water Flint wants.

The entire forest is almost silent as you trek through it. Most of the things living here are insects, a few of them are even demonic! Like this little centipede demon! You hold your hand out to let the bug crawl onto it.

YOU: Hey little guy!...you're not poisonous right? probably not.

A little part of you thought that taking up the mantle as a "demonologist" was kind of a knee-jerk reaction to what happened to your dad, but the more you look at and record demons the more enjoy it on it's own.

YOU: Now what do you do little guy?

Almost as if the demonic bug could understand you, the centipede's body extends with frightening speed and snatches a beetle out of the air. Wrapping around it's body around it and eating it.

YOU: Oh that's cool...I'm gonna call you a Lassopede, good thing Flint didn't take my journal!
No. 928780 ID: a451fc
File 155451323673.png - (733.21KB , 1558x1064 , ThePillarTreeCavern10.png )

After some time walking through the woods recording what you can about the newfound lassopede you finally reach the stream. You also place the lassopede in an empty pouch on your belt for later.

There doesn't seem to be anyone else around. Out of curiosity for the taste, you reach a hand down to cup some water into your mouth, but when your hands near the water the liquid parts and moves away from you. No matter how fast you move the water always eludes you...
No. 928781 ID: ad51b8

our new friend is adorable

also can you make a bowl or hell even just an small shield and pick the water up that way and poor it into the water skin?
No. 928782 ID: 575ec0

Pretty much this.

Also... What happens if you recreate the symbols used in the binding scrolls around Lassopede with a Ceasura?
No. 928788 ID: b1b4f3

This should be pretty easy, just capture some inside a caesura then press the waterskin to it and put an opening there to pour it in.
No. 928796 ID: eeb7d9

Ok, try to use aura to catch some of it.
No. 928805 ID: 91ee5f

Kinda reminds you of Gwyn‘s right arm, doesn’t it?

>water moves away from hands
Try using Aether Sight, aka blue aura in your eye, so you can attempt to see anything strange with the water.

Maybe it doesn’t want you to touch it because you’re dirty and the water wants to keep itself crystal clear?

>others saying use aura to scoop water into the water-skin
Yeah, seems like the most reasonable thing to do.
No. 928818 ID: a451fc
File 155453175950.png - (960.96KB , 1558x1064 , ThePillarTreeCavern11.png )

>Kinda reminds you of Gwyn‘s right arm, doesn’t it?
Yeah, it sort of does. Something to think about when you get home. There might be some connection if you could get a better look Gwyn's arm, did you ever figure out where she lived?

>Use Caesura
You try to enclose some water in a barrier, but again the stream moves to avoid it. Even before you make the caesura the water moves almost like it knows when and where you're going to create it.
No. 928819 ID: a451fc
File 155453178887.png - (532.29KB , 1558x1064 , ThePillarTreeCavern12.png )

As you sit thinking about how this river works and how you can possibly get the water you hear foot steps coming from behind you. From out of the forest a man walks toward the stream, cup in one hand and a bag in the other. He looks kind of out of it, like he hasn't slept in a while. He drops his bag and dips his cup into the stream without any trouble, the water acts normally and fills the tin mug. When he's done he looks at you.

???: Oh sorry, it's just I needed water for my coffee is all. You don't mind if I brew it here do you? This is such a nice clearing.

Before you can answer he already sits down and unzips the bag he brought with him.

WICK: Name's Wick, and it kinda looks like you're havin' a bit of trouble with the water here. It's tricky like that.
No. 928820 ID: d3602f

You think the water avoids aura? Maybe put a bowl or something in and back off?
No. 928821 ID: b1b4f3

If it's avoiding aura including what's in your body then just putting a bowl down won't help, it'll jump out of the bowl when we approach.
Instead, Roland would have to try to empty his body of aura so that the water can't sense him. I expect other aura-users would have a hard time sensing Roland too.

Also Roland should introduce himself.
No. 928824 ID: d3602f

Putting the bowl in is more of a test than an actual attempt to gather it. I don't want us to waste our aura if we don't have to, that could harm us for all we know. But there might be spots where our aura leaks from that we could try to patch up. Getting rid of our best weapon in a fight seems like a bad idea.
No. 928826 ID: 91ee5f

Introduce yourself and ask if he’s got any advice on how you can get the water.

>empty body of aura
I think it’s more about camouflaging the aura instead of getting it out of our body.
No. 928855 ID: a9af05

>Figure out where Gwyn lived?
I don't think you did.

>Can't get water
>Wick easily gets water
Ask him if he can help you get some water?

We already watched him get the water.
No. 928865 ID: d3602f

She said her job involved camping in the wasteland for long stretches of time, so I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't actually have a home. At least, not a static one.
No. 928867 ID: 2202fb

Say the water doesnt like you.
No. 928869 ID: 575ec0

Ask him how he did that.
No. 928903 ID: d9d8a7

punch him and steal water
No. 928904 ID: d3602f

punch water steal him
No. 928910 ID: 91ee5f

That seems like a very bad idea that’ll end with him kicking our ass.

Now that’s just silly.
No. 928942 ID: a451fc
File 155463682971.png - (253.09KB , 1558x1064 , ThePillarTreeCavern13.png )

YOU: The water doesn't like me...
WICK: Water doesn't like plenty a' people. It's just avoiding ya because it senses the Aetherial energy you give off.
YOU: Wha-How can the water sense that?
WICK: I did say it was tricky.

You chuck a rock into the river, the water doesn't move to avoid it.

YOU: I saw a fish in there too...
WICK: Yeah, it's cuz animals don't give off as much energy as humans and demons do...Well they can but it's under certain rare circumstances. Only people with control over their energy and aura can get water from this stream.

Wick begins to boil his water

YOU: So, what are you doing that's letting you get it?
WICK: You already met Daisy so you know about Temperaments right? Well, I'm going to teach you about aura techniques. Honestly they aren't that complicated but Flint thought it'd be easier to have both of us teach you separate fundamentals of aura...also he's lazy. Anyway, I'm just suppressing my aura is all. Basically you just gotta...How do I explain this like Flint would?...You gotta imagine the water...around your body and then drain it away or some shit. Listen I'm sorry I'm just really fuckin' tired, just try your best and put it in this

He tosses you a small tin mug

YOU: ...but I already have the waterskin.
WICK: Don't care, use the cup or you fail.
No. 928945 ID: 91ee5f

>It's just avoiding ya because it senses the Aetherial energy you give off.
>Basically you just gotta...How do I explain this like Flint would?...You gotta imagine the water...around your body and then drain it away or some shit.
So basically just hide your aura. Got it. Why do I get the feeling that the beast Flint wants you to hunt can also detect your aura? Because if it can, then it’s a good thing you came here first to learn this technique!

Before you start, you’ve got a question for him. Daisy said that Flint likes his food to be basically inedible, so does that mean he eats those nails that you usually see in his mouth? You really want to know if that’s true or not.

>What do?
Maybe instead of imagining a river, you should imagine a lit candle, with the flame being your aura. Then imagine the flame getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller, until eventually it’s smaller enough that you can just blow it out.
No. 928953 ID: d9d8a7

i second that
No. 928958 ID: 58b4f3

>Use cup or fail
You can just pour it from the cup into the waterskin when you're done.

Might as well try this.
No. 928959 ID: 903d21

love the Nen power system it's a good choice
No. 928962 ID: eeb7d9

So we just have to do the oposite of filling you up with aura/water. Imagine that the water that is coming from outside, is coming from you this time, and it starts to flow out of you, until you are empty, or mostly empty. Try that.
No. 928963 ID: 903d21

No I think your suppose to do the opposite of that and imagine the Aura inside yourself becoming closed off and keep it hidden within yourself
No. 929024 ID: a451fc
File 155468134395.png - (331.46KB , 1558x1064 , ThePillarTreeCavern14.png )

YOU: Umm...important question. Does Flint eat the nails he keeps in his mouth?
WICK: Oh definitely, eats 'em like fries with his burger. Flint actually ONLY eats metal, he still owes me for eating my car in one bite.
YOU: I-in one bite?
WICK: In one FUCKING bite!

You do your best to control your aura and somehow condense it into your body, shrinking it a bit as to conceal it deeper within yourself. After some concentration, you feel like you've lost a protective layer. The air feels uncomfortable on your body, and you have this strange feeling of vulnerability.

WICK: I can tell you're a little shaken. Suppressing your aura makes you feel just a bit naked, but it's also good for hiding your presence if you need to. Plus some attacks directly target the aura, and suppressing it is the best way to protect it.

You bend down and gather the water in the tin cup without much trouble

WICK: Though having a suppressed aura also dulls your senses a bit seeing as your aura is an extension your body that everyone, even non aura users, utilize. Also if you release your aura from being suppressed it'll be kind of exhausting, like finally breathing after holding your breath for a while. Basically you shouldn't keep your aura suppressed constantly.

Wick takes a sip of his coffee.

WICK: What's more important there are other techniques you can utilize as well.
YOU: Like what?
No. 929025 ID: a451fc
File 155468135286.png - (478.07KB , 1558x1064 , ThePillarTreeCavern15.png )

Wick points his finger at your cup and gathers his aura around his hand, The aura shoots out of his finger and passes underneath your cup pushing all of the water out of it and onto the ground.

WICK: Like that! I ejected some aura from my body is all, it doesn't hurt or really do anything on it's own though. It's called the Shoot technique, and it's mostly useful if used in conjuncture with ones temperament to create new abilities, but that's not important right now. What's important right now is you need more water.

Wick gets up from sitting, downs the rest of his coffee, and walks to the stream to refill his cup.
No. 929027 ID: b1b4f3

Alright this time fill the waterskin directly in the river and put the cap on immediately so Wick can't spill it.
No. 929028 ID: d3602f

I thought he wanted us to put it in the cup.
No. 929030 ID: 91ee5f

>Flint ate Wick’s car in one fucking bite!

You’d better keep doing what he said and use the cup. You don’t want to fail just because you thought doing it once with the cup was enough to satisfy him, right?
No. 929036 ID: 91ee5f

Also, this is probably another test. He wants to see if you can use the Shoot Technique to make him lose his water.
No. 929037 ID: 2202fb

"You are a dick. Daisy was a lot nicer, and she stoned me."
No. 929048 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t be an asshole to the guy that’s training us.
No. 929051 ID: a451fc
File 155469571169.png - (332.17KB , 1558x1064 , ThePillarTreeCavern16.png )

YOU: You dick
WICK: Is that really worse than Daisy pelting you with apples?
YOU: No, but still

You decide to try that shoot technique at Wicks cup, you gather your aura in your hand again and do your best to shoot it away from you quickly. You imagine like a water gun, and shoot the aura out of your hand at Wick. He immediately swings his hand and swats it away, even though the it went through your hands before.

WICK: Nice try, this is called the Solidify technique, and it lets me harden the aura around my body to protect myself. it's sort of like creating an Aether barrier, but a little different.
YOU: Wait, How're you using aura and keeping the water in?
WICK: In conjunction with Solidify I'm also using Shape to move my aura away from the cup and still use it! Now get your water again.

You gather more water in the cup

WICK: Try to spill my water. If yours spills lose, if mine spills you win. You get three chances, I only get one. Do whatever you want to get it done.
No. 929052 ID: eeb7d9

Make a faint with your aura and the use the Lassopede to break his cup!
No. 929054 ID: d3602f

Make a barrier around his cup.
No. 929056 ID: 91ee5f

So what you need to do is not completely suppress your aura. You need to both keep your aura out of the hand that’s holding the cup with the water and also keep some aura around the rest of your body so you can defend against Wick trying to spill your water.

Maybe instead of just shooting your aura, you can fling it around like a whip?
No. 929059 ID: b1b4f3

Try a scatter-shot or a big spray.
No. 929060 ID: d3602f

Oh, and keep to so that one arm is between him and your cup at all times so you can deflect his shots.
No. 929064 ID: 719d94

Maybe you could keep your aura away from your cup by concentrating it all around Wick instead and solidifying it. Don't scare away the water, your aura scares away his water, and a hardened bubble around Wick is tough for him to attack out of. If it works, that's *three* birds with one stone!

Probably won't work though.
No. 929066 ID: 2870a3

inb4 gon shows up at this rate :P
No. 929126 ID: a451fc
File 155476226881.png - (560.77KB , 1558x1064 , The Second Test 1.png )

You attempt to command your new lassopede companion, but it doesn't seem interested in going for anything that isn't food.

You advance on Wick to try and form a barrier around his cup, He go's on the defensive moving away from you, just out of range of your barriers.
WICK: Hey! I can do that too!

The aura around Wick's legs solidifies into armor, much like the way you used Caesura before, but he's somehow managed to make two separate barriers to cover both of his legs.

>Maybe instead of just shooting your aura, you can fling it around like a whip?
Shaping and moving your aura like this is completely possible, but it's slower and doesn't reach as far as shooting it. You can't completely separate your aura without shooting it...

You can't completely remove your aura from your body, and if you shoot it you lose control over it.

You fire off multiple jolts of aura from your hand in a scatter shot, but Wick manages to barely dodge them. Wick's armored legs let him move much faster than before, his speed seems to be capped by the fact that if he moves too fast he'll spill his water. After your attack, Wick readies himself to charge you, his aura collecting around his hand.
WICK: So, I know I'm gonna beat ya, but don't be too afraid to ask questions, this is a learning experience after all...
No. 929127 ID: d3602f

Okay, the shot can let us use our abilities at long range. We have yellow temperament, which means that we can imbue things with aura. Try shooting your aura into him, and have it run up his arm into the cup.
No. 929133 ID: a9af05

If he managed to barely dodge the scatter shot, then that means you've got a better chance of catching him off guard with it, since it's harder for him to dodge it.

>So, I know I'm gonna beat ya
Underestimating you is going to be a big mistake for him! But don't say that out loud, let him keep thinking that you can't bet him.

>but don't be too afraid to ask questions, this is a learning experience after all...
He's got a point, so you might as well ask him about something that'll probably end up saving your life later. Ask him about making multiple barriers.
No. 929136 ID: 91ee5f

>he's somehow managed to make two separate barriers to cover both of his legs.
He told you that the Shoot Technique, used in conjuncture with ones temperament, can create new abilities. So perhaps that also applies to the Solidify Technique and the Shape Technique?

Try moving your aura to your legs and creating separate barriers around both of your legs to help you move out of the way of Wick’s attack.
No. 929147 ID: 2202fb

Do a TOW missile-type thing. Shoot your aura, but leave the tiniest of strings connecting it to you so you have some limited control over it.
No. 929150 ID: b1b4f3

Honestly this feels like a waste of time. All you're learning is how to move around harmless aura.
Don't play the game again, just fill up the waterskin and go.
No. 929151 ID: 91ee5f

It’s not a waste of time if it helps us develop new abilities and not get killed when researching a dangerous demon or fighting off more of Channing’s goons.
No. 929188 ID: a9af05

Do you think would let us fill up the waterskin and leave that easily? Do you think Flint would allow us to continue training if we just quit in the middle of one of the lessons?

If you don't like this part, then instead of quitting, how about you give a suggestion that'll help us get through this part? The sooner we pass this test, the sooner we can leave the part you consider to be a "waste of time".
No. 929195 ID: a451fc
File 155484960509.png - (1.75MB , 1558x3192 , The Second Test 3-5.png )

Wick charges from his position and leaps into the air.

You fire at him thinking he can't dodge if he's mid-air, but he manages to use his barrier legs to kick himself out of your aura blast's way.

Luckily with him being so close, you can manage to keep a small string of aura attached to the blast and you use that to control it like a TOW missile.

You hook the aura blast around to hit Wick from behind and at the same time imbue your aura into his body. Once it hits you can feel it, and you do your best to try and move it to his arm.
No. 929196 ID: a451fc
File 155484961261.png - (1.02MB , 1558x2128 , The Second Test 6-7.png )

Before the aura can work its way into Wicks arm he tosses his cup and flips mid air. He focuses on the aura you gathered in his arm and forces it out and back at your cup spilling it's contents. Wick lands and quickly catches his cup again before any of the water spills out of it.

WICK: Wow, that was a lot closer than I would've liked for it to be! Good job kid, that was sneaky.
YOU: Thanks...also how are you making two barriers at once? Is that like a combination of Solidify and Shape?
WICK: Oh you mean Get Wicked? Yeah sorta, imagine your energy is like clay and you make barriers by using molds to make it. On it's own your barrier only has one "mold" to shape itself with, but if you use your aura to make more molds you can essentially make more barriers.

Wick demonstrates this step by step: His aura gets pushed to surround his legs, and the crackle of energy fills the space inside of it creating two separate barrier armor legs.

WICK: And finally! I use Solidify around my armored legs to make them even tougher! This makes armor like this even tougher than regular shields, I only use just enough of my Aether energy, say around 25% in each leg, so i have enough left over to use my real ability with when I need it!

Wick yawns and puts his cup on an even enough portion of the ground.

WICK: Anymore questions before you get a refill? You got two chances left, and that little close call also gives me an excuse to try a bit harder too.
No. 929197 ID: b1b4f3

Remember we're on a time limit? Wick's little game has almost no combat applications. Due to the time limit, it stands to reason that Wick's objective is to delay Roland by challenging him to a game he cannot win.

I don't think it's testing Roland's aura control, but rather his judgement.
No. 929199 ID: b1b4f3

So by forming multiple shapes with regular aura, you can force Caesura around all those shapes at once instead of just one projection? I don't really understand why Solidify works differently enough from a barrier to be used at the same time... What does he mean by "real ability"?

Also ask what's the penalty for losing the game.
No. 929202 ID: d3602f

Does everyone here name powers after themselves? Does Flint also have a similar naming scheme with his powers? If so, we should name that hamster ball power "Rolling, Rolling Roland".

I think for our next trick, we could try to jump high with both legs, and maybe try to make a simple net with our aura around him.

Why take us down here, and make us go through all these lessons on aura, and try to get us to undergo challenges that require using our aura, if he is just going to teach us about judgement?
No. 929208 ID: 2202fb

You like dogs, Wick?
No. 929217 ID: a9af05

Aww, you almost had him! Too bad this means that you can't do that again, he'll be expecting it.

He never said that you couldn't spill his water after your cup is empty. So maybe he'll let you pass if you can spill is water at the same time you spill his?

If you can get him to toss his cup in the air again, he won't be able to defend it, so you should be able to shoot his cup down!

>How to make multiple barriers
Go ahead and try that. Only instead of putting it on your legs, try making multiple arms in the air so you can swing them at him!

>Time limit
>Wasting our time
That's the point of this entire thing. Flint had Wick come down here to test us, so we need to pass his test within Flint's time limit.

So I say again, if you don't like it, give helpful suggestions to help get through it faster.
No. 929229 ID: 91ee5f

>Anymore questions before you get a refill?
Will it count as spilling my cup if I fill up my cup and drink the water? I’m getting kinda thirsty.

>Remember we're on a time limit?
>Wick's objective is to delay Roland
How is that any different than what Daisy was doing? She was also delaying us with her test.

>multiple arms
That could work, as long as they’re on the side away from the hand holding the cup.

But if we make multiple arms, should they be attached to Roland’s body or should they be floating around his real arm? Either way, that could help us with blocking and attacking at the same time.
No. 929233 ID: b1b4f3

>How is that any different than what Daisy was doing?
That involved actual combat experience and a goal that held direct significance in progressing through the apple task. In Wick's case, the cup is not needed and the "combat" is simply a competition of who can get their aura near the cup. The concepts being taught are useful but the context is not.

Now for the love of god stop pestering me.
No. 929236 ID: d3602f

If he wanted to, he could just blow up our waterskin with his aura. I mean, with the way the water works, we could probably do it and we're a complete newbie.
No. 929387 ID: a451fc
File 155496372256.png - (594.16KB , 1558x1064 , The Second Test 8.png )

YOU: So...Solidify is different enough from a barrier to be used at the same time?
WICK: 'Course. Solidify strengthens the aura around your body, Barriers are constructs made of energy.
YOU: Are Aether energy and Aether aura different?
WICK: Yes, If I had to describe it I'd say...Energy is the flame and Aura is the smoke. They're different as a whole.
YOU: Why didn't Daisy tell me that? It kind of sounded like she didn't know the difference.
WICK: She doesn't, she mixes those up all the time. She uses her ability more reflexively so she doesn't really need to properly visualize everything about the two. I feel like Flint only got her because she was the best second option. Not to say she's unskilled, she's just not great for a mentor role.
YOU: Oh...Hey, what did you mean by your "real ability"?
WICK: Oh it's nothing special. You'll find out soon.

>Will it count as spilling my cup if I fill up my cup and drink the water? I’m getting kinda thirsty.
Wick fully allows you to get a drink from the river. As you do so, he fires an aura blast into the river to splash you, just for the hell of it. Jerk, you fill your cup after you're done.

>Go ahead and try that. Only instead of putting it on your legs, try making multiple arms in the air.
You attempt the same technique Wick had done, and manage to create two arms on one side of your body. You "flex" your new limbs, you're used to having a third hand with Caesura, but two is much different. You manage to get them under control just a little, but you definitely need to experiment with them more. What's more important is the strength behind the arms, you feel like each one is almost as powerful as a fully dense Caesura fist!

WICK: Whoa, I wasn't expecting that. Well what's your first move going to be now huh?

Wick circles around from his previous position now standing to your right, but he hasn't picked his full cup up from the ground. His armor surrounds his legs as he readies himself for the next round.
No. 929390 ID: b1b4f3

I've got a few ideas:
One is, create a net of thin aura strings. As many as possible. Lay them out like tripwires everywhere, ready to send aura through the second Wick touches one.
Two: an advanced form of Shoot. You pressurize aura inside a barrier then pop an opening so it shoots out with increased force.
Three: try sending aura through the ground then into the cup.
Four: form two large hemispheres, wide enough so that the water doesn't react at the very center. Then you can put the cup in the middle to protect it. Disadvantage is it may take too long to set up.

Part of me wants to go full aggro and start chucking barriers at him to knock him on his ass so he spills the cup that way, rather than trying to make the water react. Escalation might not be a good plan though.
No. 929403 ID: 91ee5f

>but he hasn't picked his full cup up from the ground.
He’s obviously trying to bait you into shooting aura at the cup, trying to make you think it’ll be easy to just shoot at it while he’s not holding it.

>What do?
You can probably do multiple scatter shots at the same time with your multiple arms now. He won’t be able to dodge them all, but he might attempt kicking them away.

But maybe you can make the aura sticky, like a spiderweb? Then when Wick tries to kick it away, it’ll instead be attached to him and you can swing him around.
No. 929408 ID: eeb7d9

>he fires an aura blast into the river to splash you, just for the hell of it.
Hahaha. He sounds like a big brother taking the piss out of a little one. What a child.
This are all good options.
No. 929411 ID: 2202fb

What if we just put an aura lid on the cup?
No. 929413 ID: a9af05

>Wick left cup on ground
He's definitely trying to bait you into a trap.

>Sticky, like a spiderweb
If we're keeping with the Hunter X Hunter references, then you might as well compare it to Hisoka's Bungee Gum.

Pretty sure the water will jump out before we get the lid anywhere near the cup.
No. 929417 ID: 2202fb

Unless the water is semi-sapient, it should work like opposing magnets. While the water would move away from the aura, it wouldnt be able to get out without smashing through the cup. You dont put a lid on through the bottom, you put it on from the top. So what we do is form a disc above the cup and lower it down until it is sitting on top of the opening. All it should do to the water is compress it into the bottom of the cup.
No. 929419 ID: a9af05

After thinking about it, Wick said we only had to spill the water from his cup, he never specified that we need to shoot aura at the cup to spill the water. So maybe something as simple as slamming the ground to knock over the cup would count?

I highly doubt Wick is going to give us the chance to do that.
No. 929420 ID: a9af05

Also, if we do it, then Wick will also do it and it'll be much harder to spill his water. So let's not give him any ideas.
No. 929440 ID: 91ee5f

Spent most of the day trying to think up names for this multi arm thing we’re doing and I’ve narrowed it down to these 3 names:

Spider Arms

Asura Mode

Asura Armament

What do you guys think?
No. 929446 ID: d3602f

Beamed Quavers, because it's two eighth notes quickly played together. I'd also like to keep our music naming scheme.
No. 929551 ID: a451fc
File 155510709520.png - (1.17MB , 1558x1064 , The Second Test 9.png )

>One: create a net of thin aura strings. As many as possible. Lay them out like tripwires everywhere, ready to send aura through the second Wick touches one.
They'd only able to reach maybe a few feet from you, and Wick would be able to see them and jump over them.

>Two: an advanced form of Shoot. You pressurize aura inside a barrier then pop an opening so it shoots out with increased force.
That seems possible.

>Three: try sending aura through the ground then into the cup.
You gotta get closer to the cup to do that. It's a reasonable strategy, but heading for the cup seems like a trap already.

>Four: form two large hemispheres, wide enough so the water doesn't react at the very center. Then you can put the cup in the middle to protect it. Disadvantage is it may take too long to set up.
That...seems difficult, possible, but difficult. You're mostly afraid of spilling your own water by fucking this up.

>But maybe you can make the aura sticky, like a spiderweb?
You don't think you can do that, you did make it stretchy before but making it stickier seems a bit harder.

First things first you might not get a chance to do anything slowly since Wick is pretty fast. Second, you have just the faintest fear of the water just bursting out of the bottom of the cup if you do this. Maybe if you use a hand covered with aura over the cup, you can move more freely without worrying about it spilling so much though. It wouldn't completely seal it so getting knocked over or getting shot with aura would still cause it to spill, but you wouldn't need to stand so still.

>You can probably do multiple scatter shots at the same time with your multiple arms now. He won’t be able to dodge them all.
You fire another blast at Wick, this time using all three arms to fire multiple bolts of aura, you feel a bit light headed letting so much of it go.
No. 929552 ID: a451fc
File 155510710104.png - (866.85KB , 1558x1064 , The Second Test 10 (There's no reason for thi.png )

WICK: What are you shooting at me for? I don't have my cup anymore.

You didn't see him move, amid all of the blasts of aura he managed to get behind you. Before the scatter shot gave him issue, but now that he's not holding his speed back to keep his cup from spilling it's a breeze for him to dodge it. It feels like time's slowed for a second, you have just the slightest amount of time to counter what ever Wick's next move'll be.
No. 929568 ID: b9170f

Judging by how he's mostly used his legs I'm guessing he's about too kick so duck and use the aura arms to counter
No. 929571 ID: b1b4f3

Duck, slapping the cup against your chest as you do. Hold it there so you can dodge at full speed without spilling(much of) it.
Dodge closer to the cup. See if you can distract him by engaging him in a fight long enough to get close to the cup. By fight I mean of course use Caesura Sharp or outright punch him with your arms.

Actually hang on a second can't you just use your real hand to cover the cup, and use your barrier-arms for anything else you need to do? You can even Shoot through them. Heck I wonder if you can Shoot through any body part you want. Even non-pointy parts.
No. 929578 ID: a9af05

Do this!
No. 929586 ID: a451fc
File 155512150877.png - (2.72MB , 1558x2128 , The Second Test 11-12.png )

You immediately duck as fast as you can to avoid Wick's kick and pop back up to attack with your arms. You need to give these things a name at some point. Wick blocks your punches with his armored legs but the force sends him backwards into a tree. He perches on a branch, now sitting above you and further from his cup than before. Wick speaks to you from the tree branch through heavy breathing wiping sweat from his brow.

WICK: Ah! Those fuckin' hurt! I... I kinda felt that through my armor. Y'know I'm kind of jealous that Daisy got to just throw shit at you and not get slugged... I shoulda done a different test.

He stretches, Wick's acting more like he was the first time you met him.

WICK: Teaching you how to kick my ass sucks...*sigh*
YOU: It...just means you're a good teacher?
WICK: Why're you saying that like it's a question? Y'know what you haven't even passed yet so don't get cocky!
YOU: I wasn't-

Wick leaps off of the branch and into the air, he's now directly over you.
No. 929590 ID: 91ee5f

>You need to give these things a name at some point.
I stand by my name suggestions from earlier: >>929440 !

>He perches on a branch, now sitting above you and further from his cup than before.
With how fast he moves, it doesn’t matter how far away he is, he’ll zip right back over there!

But you should inch yourself closer to his cup so that you can spill his water!

>Wick's acting more like he was the first time you met him.
Then again, his speed must cost him a lot of stamina. He probably wearing himself out. Hopefully that means he’ll start getting slower.

>Wick leaps off of the branch and into the air, he's now directly over you.
You can probably use his momentum against him!

Grab his legs with your many arms, swing him around, and throw him!
No. 929591 ID: b1b4f3

He hasn't shown off his special ability yet. Move out of the way and try shooting the cup.
No. 929592 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, yeah, I changed my mind. Let’s just go for the cup after dodging!
No. 929622 ID: a9af05

>Name aura arms
I don't care what they're called, just don't put your own name in it!

But I think either of >>929440 's "Asura" suggestions would work.

>Wick directly over you
Pretty sure you don't want to be there. Dodge towards his cup and look for an opening to attempt to spill it.

You can probably throw him or punch him away to give yourself some more room to work with.
No. 929638 ID: 2202fb

Just grab him, then walk over and kick his cup.
No. 929673 ID: a451fc
File 155521846825.png - (1.87MB , 1558x3253 , The Second Test 13-15.png )

Wick kicks himself down to the ground, but you manage to roll out of the way just before he hits the dirt. You aim your arms and fire at his now undefended cup, but again Wick's higher speed out paces yours and he manages to intercept your blast before it gets too far. His body whirls around as he kicks the bolt of aura back at you while firing one of his own, you harden the aura around your unoccupied arm and swat away the deflected bolt and dash to the side to dodge the second one he fired. You feel an odd buzzing in your left arm though. You look over and notice the string attached to the aura blast he fired, he used your TOW missile strategy against you and managed to hit you directly in the arm. The water in your cup spills out onto the floor.

WICK: *huff*...and that's three! Sorry kid, you lose.
YOU: What? No that was only two spills!
WICK: Oh I'm counting the very first one...did I not mention that?
YOU:...You're kidding me.
WICK: Oh fine if you're gonna whine you can have one last chance, but only because I'm so nice. Now go get your water so we can finish this. This'd be easier for you if you took your last lesson to heart, but hey pass or fail it's the same to me.
No. 929674 ID: d3602f

Last lesson? Is he talking about the Aura sensing? Should we be sensing his aura to find how he's going to react?
No. 929676 ID: b1b4f3

Uh what? He outran the aura blast then kicked it back at us? That's ridiculous, it's like Shoot is useless for this purpose, and actively detrimental even.
No. 929678 ID: ad51b8

wait, have you been leading your shots before actually firing them that I could have seen if I been sensing auras? I thought this was about aura fine control meant to teach being able to manipulate ones aura while under stress and thinking on your feet?
No. 929684 ID: 91ee5f

>This'd be easier for you if you took your last lesson to heart
What does Daisy’s lesson have to do with your lesson?

Speaking of our previous lesson, we could do a few things here that we did during that lesson. We could try throwing chunks of the ground at him or kicking up a dust cloud to block his line of sight.

.....wait, have we only been using our Red Temperament this whole time? Because the previous lesson was about the different Temperaments. So if we’ve only been using Red this whole time, maybe Wick means that we need to also be using Yellow and Blue, our other 2 colors in our configuration? And not just one at a time, we need to be attempting to use them simultaneously.

Maybe we could do what Daisy did and inject Yellow aura into something to throw at Wick? Only instead of making the object bounce, we should make the thrown object harder for him to kick away.
No. 929685 ID: d3602f

Ooh, maybe we could fill something with aura and have it explode? At least some aura from the blast should reach the cup.
No. 929696 ID: b9170f

I think he may be suggesting we try to predict the shots like we did with Daisy or something similar
No. 929697 ID: 58b4f3

Or disorient Wick or knock him away long enough to spill his cup.
No. 929746 ID: a451fc
File 155528049653.png - (339.89KB , 1558x1064 , The Second Test 16.png )

YOU: It kind of seems like the Shoot technique is kind of...useless now? Seeing as you can just outrun it like that.
WICK: *huff* S-sure, using it's most basic form maybe, but it's not the only way to spill my water anyway.

YOU: By last lesson do you mean how Daisy taught me to sense aura?
WICK: Sort of but also not really, but that's not all she taught you is it? I mean your temperaments. You're only using 2 parts of it when you're configured for 3, Red for your arms, Yellow to make them stronger, but Blue's not really doing much is it.

Wick crouches to take a rest as you get your water from the stream.

WICK: Maybe if I explain my ability it'll help a little. Get Wicked isn't just speed and leg armor. My temperament is Orange connected to Red and Yellow. I supercharge my whole body to move faster and armor my legs to protect them, but that's just the first step to my ability. As you can see, using my speed tires me a lot like burning a wick from both ends, and once I reach my end I'll slow entirely. To avoid this I utilize the orange temperament, the one tied to emotion, and shut off the part of my brain telling me I'm exhausted, though you've yet to see me do it. Orange, Yellow, and Red all working together to make Get Wicked work properly.

Wick stands back up and stretches.

WICK: Red, Yellow, and Blue, all need to be working together if you want them the final result to be at full strength. Your control over your aura is well tuned, but you need to make it work with your temperaments for it to be effective... anyway you can make the first move, I've caught my breath for now.
No. 929751 ID: 4294c6

It sounds like your aura configuration is best suited to launching a projectile. Can you imbue a stone with aura, spin it around on a strand of energy, then perceive the direction you need to release it?
No. 929752 ID: b1b4f3

...sounds like we need to exhaust him and then keep exhausting him until he keels over. That's his weakness. He can keep up his supercharge for longer due to the orange temperament but it still runs out eventually.

So let's try this again, and turn it into an endurance battle. Play defensively, use your aura limbs to block... and see if you can use blue for real? I don't think we've been using it very well at all. Optimally you'd use it to predict his movements and dodge or block. You should also definitely use it to keep track of where his aura is, so he can't catch you with a string again.
Try using that pressure-Shoot technique I mentioned before just to force him to run around more during the fight.
No. 929754 ID: d3602f

We have red which makes aura into objects, yellow which allows us to imbue aura into things, and blue, which effects perception.

I have two ideas. On top of our speed, we could try to use blue to slow down our perception of time, giving us improved reflexes. Or, we could imbue him with our aura, make it into an object to slow him down, and make his perception feel that he's moving normally.
No. 929777 ID: 91ee5f

Blue is for perception, but so far, there hasn’t been a rule that said it needs to be our perception. Perhaps we can use our Blue aura to mess with Wick’s perception?

I forget, are the ears what helps a person keep their balance? Because if we mess with Wick’s hearing, wouldn’t he be stumbling around and unable to use his speed?
No. 929778 ID: 91ee5f

Or we could just mess with his sight and make him think he sees something that isn’t actually there. Kinda like a Displacer Beast.
No. 929815 ID: 2202fb

That sounds horribly detrimental to your body, like taking anesthetic while exercising.
No. 929826 ID: a451fc
File 155529654150.png - (2.84MB , 1558x2128 , The Second Test 17-18.png )

You focus as hard as you can on enhancing your perceptiveness in conjunction with using your new arms. If he's going to be moving faster than you'll have to o something about that. The easiest way you can think of doing this is to alter your own perception of time. This manifests itself on your Caesura arms as eyes on the palm of each hand. Moving your actual body proves a bit difficult when your like this, and past a certain point your vision gets blurry, but your immediate surroundings are still clear enough to make out.

Wick advances onto you. With your newfound heightened perception you make four arms to keep up with Wick, while making sure to keep your cup from spilling because of them. Wick goes completely on the offensive, he probably assumed you wouldn't be able to keep up even when using your blue temperament.
No. 929827 ID: a451fc
File 155529655212.png - (2.11MB , 1558x2128 , The Second Test 19-20.png )

As you block the onslaught, you gather aura in two of your arms, compress the armor and fire the aura out in concentrated blasts, The blasts are much faster when shot in this manner. Wick realizes his cup is wide open and dashes backward to block the aura shots, but only manages to kick one of them, and even then the extra power behind it prevents it from being kicked away with accuracy. The second blast still hits his cup, finally ejecting the water from the mug.

Wick see's this and collapses, exhausted and defeated.

WICK: Ah fuck...Okay you passed. Whew! I chose a BAD test...Oh well, looks like you learned something at least *sigh* that's good...Hey now that all the test is done I've been wondering. What colony you from?
YOU: Colony?
WICK: Yeah, what pagan colony. I haven't seen you in Crud City, and I don't think there's one in Dawnsprings. You from Drilltown's colony?
No. 929830 ID: d3602f

We aren't a Pagan, I'm afraid. Just some guy who wants to study demons, and help people coexist with them.
No. 929835 ID: 3940d3

I’m not a pagan, i’m a demonologist who realised studying demons is dangerous so I got cool powers to make sure I don’t get killed while working.
No. 929837 ID: b9170f

Can we ask him why it matters... Just to see if saying we aren't pagan is a good idea
No. 929840 ID: 575ec0

Aint from a Colony. Can't say I even call myself a Pagan. My father might have been but he never talked about it.

I study demons. Learning this magic helps me do that, and protects me when things get crazy.

I live on my own out past the outskirts of Dawnsprings.
No. 929851 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you're not a pagan. You're a demon researcher.
No. 929861 ID: a451fc
File 155530231855.png - (472.05KB , 1558x1064 , The Second Test End.png )

YOU: I'm not from any colony. I'm not a pagan, I research demons, I'm a demonologist!
WICK: What like an official one?
YOU: I mean...self acclaimed demonologist but...anyway what's it matter if I'm a pagan or not?
WICK: Oh it doesn't really! I mean Daisy isn't one either. It's just...weird is all...

You reach into the stream and draw some water into your waterskin.
YOU: What do you mean weird?
WICK: Flint's always been ordered to train rookies, from what I heard the old man never goes looking for work on his own. So the idea that he'd just decide to train an outsider makes no sense is all. Hell do you even know where we are right now? we're-

You hear a beeping noise coming from Wick's bag, he reaches inside and pulls out an odd looking walkie-talkie.
WICK: Yeah...Yeah he passed...What? Why?...Uhh, okay.

Wick puts the walkie-talkie away.
WICK: Forget the water kid we gotta get back to Flint.
YOU: Why?
WICK: Heck if I know, He asked if your lesson was done and told me to bring you back.
No. 929862 ID: b1b4f3

That's weird but okay. What was the third lesson going to be about?
No. 929863 ID: d3602f

So he actually sees something in us? Surprising, seeing as when we first met him he threw a rock at us and said he cringed at seeing us stumble around through that tournament thing in Crud City.

Before you go, take a drink from the water. What the heck does it taste like?
No. 929872 ID: 91ee5f

>Hell do you even know where we are right now? we're-
Where? Where are we?

>need to get back to Flint
“So, I’m not going to need to hunt that beast that Flint wanted me to hunt?”

Make sure you ask if it’s an emergency or Flint sounded worried or something so that you’ll know if you need to hurry.

I mean, it was actually a ball he threw at us, but yeah, he cringed so hard at us.
No. 929885 ID: eeb7d9

What were you talking about where we are, where is this place?
No. 929891 ID: 575ec0

Who knows. Maybe he thinks he can make a Pagan outa me.
Lets get back then.

Oh, We're in the Aether right now, right?
No. 929900 ID: a9af05

Then let's go back to Flint.
No. 929974 ID: 91ee5f

Can we ask some questions while traveling? Because there are a few things I’d like to know.

Has anyone made wings with their aura and tried flying? Were they successful or did they die when they came crashing to the ground?

Aura can be used to empower yourself and objects you touch, but what about other living creatures? If you have a friend that is a demon, Saint, or voodoo user, can aura effect them, have no effect, or would we accidentally hurt them?
No. 929975 ID: d3602f

One thing that I'm looking forward to with our new skills is using our Blue temperament to study the Aetherial energy in demons. Do certain demons have differences energy released? Is energy completely different based on demon? How exactly does that one rock interact with the energy? With Yellow and Blue, could we make our violin more effective at weaving the energy, improving our power in a duet with Vol?

So many fun possibilities.
No. 930005 ID: 2202fb

talk about the tattoos.
ask what the beast test was going to be so we get some idea of what that would have been.
No. 930020 ID: 91ee5f

>talk about the tattoos.
Why? I don’t think Wick would even care about Roland’s tattoos. It would also be a pretty weird thing to talk about out of nowhere like that.
No. 930023 ID: a9af05

>Is aura safe to use on these types of friends?
Yeah, I guess it is important to see if it's safe to do before we attempt to give someone a power boost and accidentally hurt them.

There is no reason to talk about this.
No. 930040 ID: a9af05

I've actually got questions of my own to ask Wick:

How did he expel our aura from his body? This is important to learn in case we run into an enemy that uses aura.

Is expelling aura the same as exorcising a demon from someone? Because if it is, then learning this skill will help us next time we end up taking an exorcism job.
No. 930042 ID: a451fc
File 155545719452.png - (549.88KB , 1558x1064 , ThePillarTreeCavern17.png )

You take a sip of the water in your water-skin. You've never tasted water so crystal clear. You continue to drink as you head back with Wick to meet Flint

YOU: We're in the Aether right? Seems like it'd make the most sense.
WICK: Kinda. The Aether has a view satellites that orbits it, small islands that can be as big as a USA state or as big as a moon. We're on one of those right now, pulled from the Aether and used as a training grounds using a ritual. You don't do this for a rookie you have no faith in.
YOU: ...And what's with the water?
WICK: No idea, I've been told High Demons use it to torture Low Demons. Bringing them to the brink of death from thirst and tossing them next to a stream of this water, since demons are constantly giving of Aether energy and can't control it, they'd have no hope of getting any to drink.

YOU:...So can you fly user Aura?
WICK: Yes, it's hard but yeah.
YOU: ...And Yellow temperance, can it empower living creatures? If you have a friend that is a demon, Saint, or voodoo user, can aura effect them? And more importantly, how'd you expel the energy I shot at you from your body
WICK: With proper training and knowledge over it yes, but doing that could have negative effects on a normal person, and I did that by targeting the foreign energy in my body and using shoot to get it out.
YOU: Do you think Blue temperament is useful to study the Aetherial energy in demons? Do certain demons have differences energy released? Is energy completely different based on demon?
WICK: Christ you ask a lot of questions. I don't know about any of that, I'm not a demon expert.

After some walking, You reach the tree where Flint is waiting, Daisy's there too.
No. 930043 ID: a451fc
File 155545723176.png - (256.32KB , 1558x1064 , ThePillarTreeCavern18.png )

WICK: Alright Flint, what's the news? The kid's passed both of our tests so what's wrong ?
FLINT: Just a little change in plans, and I wanted to make sure everyone was here for the announcement. Roland, you have a visitor.
YOU: W-what?
DAISY: You mean someone else is here?
FLINT: That's right, Roland you remember the red masked guy that beat you at the tournament a few days ago?
YOU: Naos? How is he here? That doesn't make any sense! and after what I've been told by a friend of mine, I don't even think he's really one of you pagans!
WICK: It sounds like a weasel's walkin' 'round Crud City.
DAISY: And just letting anyone in important places? I could get bribing someone to get into a tournament, but how'd he know we we're HERE?
FLINT: Well, since the establishment of this training ground required the aid of multiple pagan ritualists , and the approval of a higher up. The information can be intercepted if some one has enough hands in the system.
DAISY: ...So, what now? What does this guy want?

Flint gestures at you.

FLINT: He said he was,"Taking a break from work to see how his good friend was doing.". Said he knows for certain you'd want a rematch, and that you'd had enough time to get your act together by now.
WICK: Great, so now we gotta get this fucker outta here?
FLINT: We could...or Roland, you could deal with this guy yourself.
DAISY: What? Flint that's crazy this guy sounds like he's dangerous.
YOU: From what I heard, he's very dangerous.
FLINT: Well then, if you don't want to you don't have to do it, I'm sure the three of us could take care of him easily. Though, in the absence of time we'd have to stop the training, and I'd have to count it as a failure.
WICK: Wait, really?
FLINT: Wick you of all people know I only take on students I think are worth my time, if Roland can't handle this simple situation then I don't think he has anything else to learn from me. I'm a teacher, not a babysitter. So, what do you say Roland?
No. 930045 ID: ad51b8

>So, what do you say Roland?
why do you eat nails?

alright smart ass response dealt with, time to deal with red mask. Let's do this.
No. 930046 ID: b9170f

Welp guess it's time to go see a 'good' friend and show him what a demonologist can do.
No. 930048 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if you still have to do it without your gun and displacer beast.
No. 930049 ID: d3602f

Damn, we can't just throw away this chance, who knows if we'll ever get another. Looks like we're going to have to fight.
No. 930050 ID: c47c5d

I'm alright with beating the shit out of the red mask dude, a re-match sounds fair.
No. 930053 ID: 8d4593

I'd tell anyone else they were out of their mind...

But if you think I can take him, sure I'll do it.

You got a direction for me or is finding him part of the test?
No. 930067 ID: 2202fb

"I will have to take the failure since i have good information saying this guy could at the very least give you (Flint) a run for your money, and i know the difference between bravery and stupidity, cowardice and wisdom. I would recommend we all retreat since i dont want any of you to get hurt. This guy is a professional assassin, not just some punk. You either highly overestimate me (though flattering), or you, more likely, highly underestimate this guy. He isnt here to kill, he is here to incapacitate, capture, and torture me to get at my friend, well aware that you three are here. That isnt a mission you send some chump on.

I am sorry to disappoint, Flint."
No. 930068 ID: a9af05

>Naos is here.
Shouldn't we tell them what Troy told Roland about Naos? That he's the brother of a psycho named Channing?

Because if we mention this to them and they know who Channing is, then that will let them know how dangerous Naos is and it would kinda give them an idea of how Naos found this place.

>So, what do you say Roland?
"I say how the fuck did you eat Wick's car in one bite?!"

But seriously, yeah, you'll fight Naos.
No. 930070 ID: d3602f

Naos lost in the tournament, so I think Flint has seen how far his abilities can go. I don't think he lost on purpose either, since apparently he was a really sore loser. I trust him to know our limits.
No. 930078 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s go fight him.

Ask the others if they want to come watch? Or, if Naos brought friends with him, make sure they don’t interfere with your fight with Naos.

.....so, has anyone thought of any good names for our multi-arm eye thing we used against Wick?

No, not gonna say any of that. We’re not gonna run from this.

Besides, if Flint didn’t think we’d stand a chance against Naos, he wouldn’t tell us to go fight him.

>Explain who Naos is.
Yeah, we could try that.

>"I say how the fuck did you eat Wick's car in one bite?!"
That is something I would also like to know!
No. 930079 ID: eeb7d9

I have no problem TRYING dealing with Naos, but that is probably something that Troy would like to do. If we do beat him up, we should bring him to Troy.
No. 930083 ID: d3602f

Well, I suggested Beam Quavars for the hand. But with the addition of our ability to slow down our perception, I'm thinking "Adagio" or "Lento", which is considered to be a slow temp. Maybe the arms could be called "Quartet" and the slow down could be "Adagio"?
No. 930086 ID: 91ee5f

>Maybe the arms could be called "Quartet"
Yeah, but what if we want to use more than 4 arms? Or even less than 4 arms? “Quartet” wouldn’t fit if we were using anything other than 4.
No. 930095 ID: d3602f

Quartert->Quintet->Sextet etc. If we get a huge amount, we can just call it a concert or concerto. Solo piece accompanied by an orchestra.
No. 930107 ID: a451fc
File 155547643207.png - (234.97KB , 1558x1064 , Pop Quiz 1.png )

YOU: If you think I can do it, then I won't run away from this. I do have a few questions though, I assume I won't be getting my gun or my scrolls back just yet?
FLINT: No, if your training went well, you should have everything you need to take the guy on.
YOU: Right...also...did you eat Wicks car?
FLINT: Yeah. He bet I couldn't do it so I did.
YOU:...I-in one bite?
FLINT: What? No, That'd be ridiculous. It took me a while.
DAISY: So you do eat those nails?
FLINT: Sometimes.

Caesura Concerto, You like how that sounds

>You got a direction for me?
Flint points you to the other end of the large tree stump, there a door size hole is cut into the side of it with a set of stone stairs leading down. You descend.
No. 930108 ID: a451fc
File 155547643985.png - (456.17KB , 1558x1064 , Pop Quiz 2.png )

As you go deeper into the underground of the pillar tree cavern it gets darker and darker. Soon though, you reach the bottom of the stairs, and in the caves below small lights hover in the air. What you think to be some sort of demonic fire fly is really what looks like large fungal spores that stay afloat in the air and give off a red light. Before you can give them a closer look you hear a voice coming from above you.
NAOS: Is that him? The man of the hour! How've ya been Gallows!

Sitting atop a large stone pillar you see him. Naos is waiting for you.
NAOS: Oh c'mon don't give me the silent treatment after I took the time to find ya! I know you're itchin' for a fight but can't we just have a nice chat for a bit first? feel's like it's been ages! When I heard through the grapevine that you were gettin' work in to get stronger I couldn't help myself! I just had to see your progress.

Naos stands up
NAOS: Now I can tell from the attitude you must be aware of my purpose for being here in Crater. I know you're affiliated with Troy in some way, and I bet he's told you a lot about me. But this ain't even for buisness let's just forget all of that for a second! Let's forget about Troy, or Channing or all of that mess, and let's try to start out on the right foot starting with some much needed introduction.

He leaps down from the pillar, his fall broken by a gust of air. He gives an over exaggerated bow to you.
NOLAN: My name, my real name, is Nolan Randolph! It's a pleasure to meet you!
No. 930115 ID: d3602f

Did you have to hit me so hard in the match? If the pagans didn't have that bath, I could have been a quadriplegic. I'm not the type to hold a grudge, but that really hurt.
No. 930135 ID: 91ee5f

>But this ain't even for buisness let's just forget all of that for a second!
“So you’re not here to kidnap me and/or kill me if I don’t tell you where Troy is?”

>Let's forget about Troy, or Channing or all of that mess
“Kinda hard to do that when Troy told me Channing sent someone to kill him in his dreams! In fact, the only reason I know anything about you is because Troy didn’t die in his dreams. If he did die and was unable to tell me anything, then I honestly would be pretty excited to see you again.”

>My name, my real name, is Nolan Randolph! It's a pleasure to meet you!
“And my real name, believe it or not, actually is Gallows.....well, it’s just my middle name. Not sure if I really want to tell you my first and last name.”

“So how’d you want to do this? Fight to the death or until someone surrenders or is knocked out?”
No. 930152 ID: 8d4593

Roland Conroy Jr.

Forgive me if I have trouble putting aside our external situation.
No. 930160 ID: eeb7d9

Should we be giving our real name in front of pagans? I don't remember giving our full name to Flint nor any other pagan yet.

In any case, just fighting? He is going to have to be more specific, because last time he almost broke your back, and that was just a friendly tournament. We need to pay you that back.
No. 930161 ID: 2202fb

all this
No. 930181 ID: a9af05

>Caesura Concerto, You like how that sounds
Yeah, that's a good name! I like it!

How'd he even know you were here? Did he use his connections with Channing to find you?

No. 930188 ID: 235ba5

Introduce ourselves properly.
Fight him.
No. 930189 ID: a06807

Well, considering he's trying to set the things right even if he's kinda of dangerous, we should chit-chat a bit. Say your full name and ask how's life going for him. Where he went after the tournment, stuff like that, y'know?
No. 930193 ID: a9af05

Don't forget to also ask if he's here to try and recruit you for Channing's gang.
No. 930196 ID: 8d4593

I think we should enhance our perception right off the bat. If I remember the last fight with him correctly, he was stupidly fast.
No. 930210 ID: d3602f

That sounds good. Not slowing things down just yet, but looking at aura. Is there anything about him that stands out from Daisy and Wick with our aura vision? Might also tell us if he's preparing a wind attack.
No. 930260 ID: 44b16a

Introduce yourself with your real name too. That seems to be the logical next step.
No. 930261 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think giving your full real name to an enemy is a good idea, even in a world where names hold no power.
No. 930266 ID: 2202fb

just to remind everyone, names hold no power here As Far As We Know.
No. 930301 ID: 8d4593

I feel like Naos is just the kind of guy that likes to know the names of the people he kills.
No. 930310 ID: 2202fb

hey, i wasnt saying Naos could use our name, just saying someone out there might be able to.
No. 930355 ID: a451fc
File 155564637635.png - (644.28KB , 1039x709 , Pop Quiz 3.png )

YOU: Gallows.
NOLAN: You're still just gonna give me your pagan name?
YOU: I'm no pagan, that's my middle name: Gallows. You'll forgive me if I don't feel comfortable giving you my first or last name.
NOLAN: Oh is it? That's a scary name! That's a name that means buisness, even if it's only a part of the full thing.
YOU: How'd you find me anyway? You have pagan connections?
NOLAN: A few, lotta people thing pagans are tight knit, but plenty of 'em are willing to sell out allies for personal gain. Still, they're a lot better than those Bible-thumping Church heads that's for sure...
NOLAN: Y'know Channing's my half brother? Our dad was a Deacon for the Church, let me tell ya, all that holy-man crap is bullshit.
YOU: ...Yeah, I know that first hand.

He begins to walk closer
NOLAN: How about this? I beat you in our rematch, and you tell me your full name.
YOU: So it won't be to the death?
NOLAN: I've been killin' too much recently, I don't plan on takin' your life, but sometimes I get carried away. You remember don't you?
YOU: Yeah it's hard to forget. I gotta pay you back for that.
NOLAN: Oh! I'd definitely love to see you try that! Let's get started

Nolan takes a deep breath and the air around him begins to swirl, but afterwards he gently exhales and the wind stops.

NOLAN: Oh I almost forgot! I didn't even wait to see if you were on board with our bet. If I win, you tell me your full name, but what do you want if you win? Oh! and please do keep it reasonable all I want is your name after all.
No. 930356 ID: d3602f

Maybe how you got those powers of yours?
No. 930357 ID: b1b4f3

If you win... he has to leave Channing's gang. For real. No more chasing Troy, no more helping Channing.

I wonder... if you can make multiple aura arms, can you make leg boosters AND arms? What about full body aura armor?
No. 930358 ID: a06807

Considering he's just asking for a name after all, if Roland wins, he gets to keep Nolan's mask. I mean, that mask is cool as hell.
No. 930360 ID: d3602f

He said not to ask for anything big because he's just getting our name out of it. This, in my opinion, is really big.
Now that I think about it, we actually haven't seen his face in character. Probably would be good to recognize him without it in case he tries to fool us into leading him to Troy.
No. 930361 ID: 2202fb

He said reasonable.

Tbh, idk if there is anything that would be considered a reasonable equivalent that we want.
No. 930362 ID: b1b4f3

Well just seeing his face is a similar request.
No. 930363 ID: a9af05

"If I win, I get keep your mask as a trophy."
No. 930365 ID: a06807

Getting his rad mask is the most reasonable thing ever! Or something like that, at least.
No. 930367 ID: b1b4f3

Another combat technique: Deadly Shoot. Form some kind of cannon-like structure, make a separate barrier in a small but weighty projectile shape, use a pressurized Shoot to fire it.
Alternatively, use the same sort of pressurized aura to form a pneumatic piston arm to punch REALLY HARD.
No. 930369 ID: 91ee5f


>pneumatic piston arm
Another variation would be for Roland to shoot out a hand and use it as a grapple to pull himself out of harms way. Or to pull an enemy towards him.

And if it’s a hand with an eye on it, Roland can see through it and redirect it if the trajectory is off a little.
No. 930373 ID: b1b4f3

Ooooh wait I got a good one. If we win, he has to tell Roland why he wants to know his real name.
No. 930374 ID: 8d4593

This Shit Right Here.
No. 930375 ID: 5ba090

probably for reasons similar to Cenred's dream ability, he (or Channing) can target us with something if he knows our full name.
No. 930398 ID: eeb7d9

Yeap, i want his head. And by head, I mean his helmet/mask.

If we want something else, we will have to have another "sparring session" some other time. As long as it doesn't have to do with either Roy or Channin, or his agenda.
No. 930412 ID: b9170f

This sounds hilarious so yes please
No. 930426 ID: 58b4f3

After our previous encounter with Wick, increasing our perception helped us keep us with his speed. I'd like to think the same thing will help us here against Nolan.

This is definitely want we want.
No. 930545 ID: a451fc
File 155580637099.png - (671.49KB , 1558x1064 , Pop Quiz 4.png )

YOU: If I win... you have to leave Channing's gang. For real. No more chasing Troy, no more helping Channing.
NOLAN: HA! Boy you're gonna have to kill me if you want me to stop listening to Channing...I'd rather you kill me than make me take my chances on the run.
YOU: Fine...then the mask, I'll take the mask if I win.
NOLAN: Hmm, sure! Why not? Did you know it's the visage of Bar-Juchne? Anyway, I agree...hang on.

He takes out a notepad and pen and scribbles something down.

NOLAN: I'll make sure that's in writing just in case. I have a bad memory.
YOU: ...Why do you want my real name so bad anyway?
NOLAN: Because you won't tell me it.

He puts away the notepad and takes a slow deep breath as the air around him begins to kick up. The fungus pods are agitated by this and grow brighter rising to the cave ceiling. The dark cave begins to fill with red light. Nolan begins to approach you.
No. 930547 ID: 8d4593

Give yourself Ceasura gauntlets and arm guards... but make them capable of independent motion while bound at the hands. This way you can strike and defend with double the reach and none of the readability.

Enhance your perception of aetherial energy. Like you, Naos literally surrounds himself with magic. This should give you 360 degree awareness of him.
No. 930549 ID: d3602f

Remember, a lot of his power seems to come from being able to throw you around. Keep your footing firm on the ground. If you feel he's going to lift you up, put spikes on your feet and stick yourself into the ground.

Any rocks nearby? Try filling them with aura, and throw them with a sharp. Maybe it will make the stones explosive.
No. 930550 ID: b1b4f3

"Oh? You're approaching me?"
See if you can give yourself some boots that grab onto the ground. Or create tethers or something. You don't want to get blown around.
No. 930561 ID: a451fc
File 155581707007.png - (862.19KB , 1558x1064 , Pop Quiz 5.png )

You try to create heavy boots to keep yourself grounded, you slide a bit but after forming some spikes on the soles manage to keep yourself from being thrown around the cave.

>Enhance your perception of aetherial energy.
You try this, but it appears that Nolan isn't using aetherial energy! Which means his abilities must be the result of an angel. He's a saint.

NOLAN: Now Gallows, I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting you to be so ready to go along with my little game here. After knowing what I've done, I was sure you'd attack me on sight!

>Try filling rocks with aura, and throw them with a sharp. Maybe it will make the stones explosive.
You attempt to launch a rock at Nolan and make it explode, he dodges it easily, and you aren't even able to make it explode.

This apparently gives Nolan an idea. He takes a deep breath and whips up the air around him, this time picking up as many rocks as he can to launch at you. With a sharp exhale the rocks fly toward you. Most miss, but a couple hit you in the arm and shoulder drawing blood. Nolan cools it on the wind and stops moving forward, he points his hand at a trio of larger rocks to the side of him surrounding them with wind and slowly lifting them off of the ground.

NOLAN: Honestly I feel like you shouldn't have even humored my dumb "bet". Not a lot of people have, so why're you? A completely silent confrontation with the person trying to hunt you and your friend down makes more sense.
No. 930568 ID: b9170f

Because where the fun in that banter is much better
No. 930569 ID: 235ba5

I went from being a remarkably boring person to an aspiring demonologist in like... 2 decisions.
You're not that batshit insane compared to Channing's other goons.
You even said you'd try not to kill me.

Conversation seems sensible.

Also goofballs make conversation with the people they're fighting, and Roland is a goofball
No. 930570 ID: d3602f

It might sound a little silly, but I like to think we try to see the best in people. Just because we have opposed goals doesn't mean I want to hate you.

Now, make your aura into a hookshot so you can shoot into the floor/ceiling/walls, and real yourself in so you can get close.
No. 930572 ID: b1b4f3

He's a saint, which means his abilities are themed. You shouldn't expect anything but wind from him.
Also, he can't manipulate aura, which means you can invade his body with your aura all you want. Use a high-pressure Shoot with tow line, then attach a barrier to the line to pull him to you.
No. 930574 ID: 8d4593

While I've always loved a good fight, killing you will bring me no joy.

I just want to enjoy this while I can.

Go on the offensive
Slow your perception of time with blue,
Boost leg strength with yellow,
Keep the Ceasara cleats on and prepare a C Sharp style punch. Rush him head on, but dodge those rocks!
No. 930576 ID: b1b4f3

Oh and obviously you need to block those rocks with a barrier. Surely you can do so without disengaging with the ground? Or maybe you can just use Solidify to protect your body, if the rocks aren't too big. I'm not sure if you're skilled enough at forming multiple barriers to do so without releasing the ones you have already(the boots).

You could also try a weaker version of A Daisy Through Concrete to keep yourself grounded. You don't have the affinity for it, but surely you can do it a little bit?
No. 930577 ID: 2202fb

Fuck, he is using contracts of some sort. This is probably why he needs your name. Idk if this is demonic or something else, but suddenly giving your name may have much much higher stakes. It may be the safest just to kill him since we are already this far.
No. 930584 ID: d3602f

If he was using contracts with demons, we would have been able to tell with our Aura vision. It was also just stated that he was a saint.
No. 930585 ID: eeb7d9

I don't think that is really useful. He is a saint, true, but that means his angel wont like to have aetherial energy near it, so it will most probably block it or reflect it.
We have to physically harm him in order to stop his angels power.
What about making a shield? Can you do that? If you manage to get close to him, you can immediately transform it to add a spike or something to hurt him. We can't let him gain the range advantage.
No. 930590 ID: 91ee5f

>He takes a deep breath and whips up the air around him, this time picking up as many rocks as he can to launch at you. With a sharp exhale the rocks fly toward you.
It seems that he needs to inhale to lift things and he needs to exhale to throw things.

Roland just said that Nolan is a Saint.
No. 930611 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s try distracting him with conversation.

Ask him what the name of his angel is. If he asks how we knew he was a Saint, we just tell him that Channing seems to only send Saints to attack Troy. It’s making him pretty predictable.
No. 930628 ID: 58b4f3

Remember the high pressure Shoot you used to finally spill Wick's cup of water? Even though it fires harmless aura, if you used something else as ammo, it would be a pretty effective attack! For example, if you used a rock as the "bullet" when you fire the high pressure Shoot, that would do some considerable damage!

>Nolan prepares to throw 3 larger rocks
Depending on how big those are, you may either want to stand your ground and use Caesura Concerto to destroy them or, if they're really big rocks, you might be better off dodging out of the way.

If you choose to dodge out of the way, then using the grappling hook hand idea from here >>930369 might be your best option to get out of the way.

He's a Saint, not a voodoo guy.
No. 930763 ID: a9af05

Let's try a CCS to destroy the rocks when they come at us!

That stands for Caesura Concerto Sharp! The "Sharp" part is when you add spikes to the fists!
No. 930952 ID: a451fc
File 155607329787.png - (1.89MB , 1558x2128 , Pop Quiz 6-7.png )

You leap forward to evade one boulder, while crushing another with a barrier fist, you load the debris from the pulverized rock into your Caesura and fire them at Nolan.
YOU: It might sound a little silly, but I like to think we try to see the best in people. Just because we have opposed goals doesn't mean I want to hate you. Compared to Channing's other goons you're not that batshit insane.
No. 930953 ID: a451fc
File 155607331202.png - (3.68MB , 2305x2160 , Pop Quiz 8-9.png )

The rock pierces Nolan's leg and he kneels to the ground.
NOLAN: Nggh! Okay, you weren't around for it but I tortured and killed people at the behest of Channing. Quit acting like I'm somehow the least evil person that he's got at his disposal.

Nolan takes a deep breath and the wind picks up around his legs lifting him off of the ground

YOU: Speaking of which is there a reason a good portion of Channing's goons tend to be Saints?
NOLAN: Pure coincidence? Sheer luck? Hell if I know! They tend to work just fine 'til this shit started!

There does seem to be a connection between his breathing and his powers

The wind lets Nolan move around the air faster. He's effectively flying in the enclosed space. He swings down from the air and flies straight towards you.
No. 930963 ID: b1b4f3

If he's not the least evil person, who is? Aside from Troy, anyway.

Prepare your Concerto. Whatever he's planning on attacking you with, you should be able to either dodge or block it with that move. If the attack leaves him open afterwards, give him a whallop.
No. 930969 ID: 8d4593

How many of his lieutenants and friends is he willing to throw away?

Day after day, channing throws more and more people to their deaths against us. One man isn't worth this level of sacrifice. Channing's already lost, he just refuses to accept it.

Are you really willing to lay down your life for this man's temper tantrum?

Wouldn't you do things differently if you were in charge?
No. 930996 ID: 91ee5f

>There does seem to be a connection between his breathing and his powers.
The roar of the cheering crowd during the tournament probably prevented you from hearing his breathing last time.

Well, he can’t keep his breath held forever. Eventually he’ll need to exhale and that’ll cause the wind to die down.

>He swings down from the air and flies straight towards you.
He might be trying to pick you up and throw you to the floor like he did during the tournament!

Anchor yourself to the ground with 1 or 2 fists and use the remaining fists to intercept him!
No. 931001 ID: d3602f

Try to punch him hard in the belly, that should force the air out of him.
No. 931026 ID: eeb7d9

>They tend to work just fine 'til this shit started!
That is because they probably never fought sombody stronger than them. I have being getting my ass handed by strong people for a while now. Or almost being get kill by demons all the time.
No. 931029 ID: a9af05

>Connection between breathing and powers
Then if you make it difficult for him to catch his breath, then he'll have a harder time using his powers.

That could also work.
No. 931043 ID: 8d4593

Slow your perception of time, And throw up a shield that's too weak to stop his attack.

As he breaks through, dodge and beat him down with a Caesura Concerto.
No. 931044 ID: a9af05

>Slow your perception of time
I'm not sure that's how that works.

But increased perception helped us keep up with Wick's speed, so it should also help us keep up with Nolan's speed.
No. 931128 ID: e6c806

"I didn't say you weren't evil, just that you weren't batshit insane like the rest of Channing's goons we've met."
No. 931131 ID: d3602f

"Despite seriously hurting me, I can at least say you didn't do any lasting damage (surprisingly). One guy made me learn things about myself I never wanted to learn, and at the worst possible time too!"
No. 931244 ID: a451fc
File 155633257126.png - (4.37MB , 1558x3192 , Pop Quiz 10-12.png )

That's not something you need to say, think about, or even remember. In fact you don't remember anything! You have no idea what this could imply.

YOU: Don't you think this is a wake up call Nolan? How many of Channing's lieutenants and friends is he willing to throw away? Day after day, Channing throws more and more people to their deaths against us. One man isn't worth this level of sacrifice. Are you really willing to lay down your life for this man's temper tantrum? You'd be better off following Troy's example.

You toss up a weak shield in hopes that after it breaks, you can dodge and counter attack.

NOLAN: Making Channing mad can lead to things worse than death! Don't talk about things you don't know anything about!

You heighten your perception as Nolan's punch breaks the barrier, but as the shield shatters A cloud of dust kicks up and blinds you. When you open your eyes Nolan's not in front of you anymore but you can hear the wind kicking up behind you.

NOLAN: Channing's a lot bigger than both of us, and someone like me's got no business trying anything stupid. Troy'd be better off knowing his place.

A gust of wind slams into your back and blasts you onto the ground face first. You can hear Nolan land behind you and his footsteps get closer.
No. 931246 ID: b1b4f3

So far his attacks have been weak but he's moving around a lot. He's on the defensive, he's trying to figure out how much stronger you are.

Try a different kind of perception trick. Can you nail him with Shoot and then track the aura you've put inside his body? Dust clouds won't obscure him then.

Personally I wouldn't have made a weak shield, I've had made a spiked one.
Also just punch him already.
No. 931264 ID: 8d4593

Do this. Isfuse the shot with blue aura and do that Tow missile thing so it won't miss.

... Once it hits infuse the aether tether with yellow to strengthen it and then with Cesara empowered arms see if you can yank him over and punch his stupid face in.
No. 931269 ID: d3602f

I agree with the missile thing, but not with Blue temperament. You remember how you hurt yourself because you screwed up with using Yellow? Try to do the same thing on him, than while he's distracted shackle him to the ground.
No. 931285 ID: 91ee5f

>You can hear Nolan land behind you and his footsteps get closer.
I’m surprised he can still walk on his leg after we shot a rock through it!

I agree with the Yellow overflow thing, but instead of shackling him, let’s just start punching him.
No. 931306 ID: a9af05

Try putting aura around your legs and kicking at him!
No. 931420 ID: 58b4f3

The main thing you should focus on is not allowing him to take deep breaths. Disrupting his breathing will make it harder for him to use his powers.
No. 931536 ID: eeb7d9

I think we need to close distance with him, rish him in order to make it harder for him to have control over his breathing.
No. 931545 ID: 8d4593

You know, if pumping ourselves full of yellow energy willy nilly is dangerous, what would happen if we did it to Nolan?

If you manage to come into contact with him, no matter if your defending or attacking, try to charge as much yellow ather into him as you can.
No. 931695 ID: a451fc
File 155675680277.png - (3.00MB , 1558x3192 , Pop Quiz 13-15.png )

You fire Aether energy into Nolan's body, now it's possible to track him. His speed and dust clouds can't obscure him anymore and you keep up with his attacks, blocking and trading blows with him until you finally see an opening between his attacks.

You gather as much Aetherial energy as possible into a Concerto fist and as you strike Nolan right in the stomach release it into his body.
No. 931696 ID: a451fc
File 155675681822.png - (769.77KB , 1558x1064 , Pop Quiz 16.png )

The force knocks Nolan away from you and onto his knees, he struggles to catch his breath and the overload of energy into his body stuns him even further. Forcing that much energy through your fist leaves your body buzzing. Sharpening and focusing your aura for this long is starting to get a bit tiring, and having just expelled a large amount of energy makes the fatigue worse. Luckily you're still in better shape than Nolan is.

NOLAN: *gasp* Ha! Were was all this before buddy? They really put you through the fuckin' ringer at pagan school or whatever huh?

Nolan falls onto his back, with each weak breath he takes small swirls of air whip up around him, but immediately fall.

NOLAN: Honest to god *gasp* I think I've been slackin' on training. *cough* it's not like it's easy to find the time with the missions.
No. 931699 ID: a9af05

Does this mean you win? If so, go claim his mask as your trophy.
No. 931702 ID: 8d4593

Don't drop your guard, this could be a feint.
...But also don't hesitate to be civil.

The ringer? My tutors are considering this fight as a fucking test.

Speakin' of which, you look pretty out of it, Nolan. Got any fight left in ya?
No. 931704 ID: eeb7d9

Approach with caution, He might be still saving some power.

>Were was all this before buddy?
"Begginers look, some tell me. And yeah, they do kick your ass as way of training. But you get results, as you can see."

Be ready for anything and save energy, just in case.
No. 931705 ID: ad51b8

well to be fair, I only learned how to use magic a day before the tournament so it's been less then a week since I got my first spell. Plenty of things to learn when you're new.
No. 931706 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t let your guard down just yet.

>*gasp* Ha! Were was all this before buddy? They really put you through the fuckin' ringer at pagan school or whatever huh?
“I didn’t have any of this before, I just barely learned all of this today. In fact, you’re kinda interrupting my lessons.”

“Although, the guys that are teaching me decided to use you as a sorta Pop Quiz for me, so I guess you’re a part of my training now.”
No. 931718 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you could have hit him with more than one fist. He should consider himself lucky. Now he's gotta cough up the mask and get lost, unless he wants another beating.
No. 931723 ID: 60dfd8

Ask him if he surrenders just to make sure
No. 931736 ID: 44b16a

Try to conserve your aether for the rest of the fight. Don't use Aether Sight. If you really need to, only have one extra hand.
No. 931774 ID: a451fc
File 155684113879.png - (1.91MB , 1558x2128 , Pop Quiz 17-18.png )

YOU: I didn’t have any of this before, I just barely learned all of this today. In fact, you’re kinda interrupting my lessons. Really it's more of a pop quiz, they don't bullshit here.

You approach cautiously, reserving energy while still keeping your guard up.
YOU: So does this mean you give?

Nolan speaks through heavy breaths still seemingly exhausted from your attack.
NOLAN: I may be a little winded, but I ain't done yet. It's always important to keep something in your back pocket in-case you get caught.

Nolan's breathing suddenly stops, a gust of wind kicks up the dust around him. You're ready to sense the energy inside of him, but from the look of it the energy's somehow escaped from his body! You look around for where he's gone. You can still feel wisps of air pass by your face when suddenly the gust behind you grows more solid and you're grabbed in a headlock.
NOLAN: Surprise!
No. 931775 ID: a451fc
File 155684116472.png - (1.05MB , 1558x1064 , Pop Quiz 19.png )

The gusts of wind surround you and Nolan in a strong tornado. The two of you are launched upward into the cavern's ceiling, the whirlwind drilling through the rock and bringing you into the main body of the pillar tree cavern. You can see the large stump and the canopy below you as you rise up.

YOU: There's no way you'll survive this too!
NOLAN: I've survived worse! Give me some credit Gallows!

Your ascent begins to slow, Nolan keeps his grasp on you as you feel yourself begin to fall back to the earth and the wind begins to gather once again.
No. 931777 ID: d3602f

Zap his arms with Yellow to make him let go, then slow down your fall with wings. They don't need to fly, just be enough to slow your fall. Use Blue to sense wind direction to help.
No. 931778 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, you could easily make a parachute to avoid dying from the fall. Do that and make some aura gauntlets or something that you can use to hit him with to make him let go so he's the one that falls uncontrollably. I don't think he can outright fly, he just seems to be able to jump real good.
No. 931779 ID: 2202fb

Actually, lets try do do something different. Lets fall. In fact, lets fall as fast as we can and drag him down with us. When we are about to hit the ground, transfer enough energy into him to push off of him and negate the fall.
No. 931780 ID: 91ee5f

>You can still feel wisps of air pass by your face when suddenly the gust behind you grows more solid and you're grabbed in a headlock.
Ah, Nolan is kinda like Shackle. Just like how Shackle can turn his body into chains, Nolan can turn his body into wind.

Not this again! He’s gonna do more than break your back if this keeps going!

Materialize some Caesura gauntlets on your arms and break his arms to make him let go!

Or materialize the arms out of the middle of your back to punch him off of you!
No. 931781 ID: b1b4f3

Eh, well, as a combination of our two ideas we could make a kind of glider which would let us turn the downward momentum into horizontal, then we ditch him at the right moment to toss his ass into a wall while we pull up to brake.
No. 931791 ID: 2202fb

We should toss his ass into the ground.
No. 931792 ID: 2202fb

Actually, this wont work. He is probably planning on turning into wind right before we hit so he doesnt get injured.

Lets do the wing idea, but before we do that, lets try to make a caesura shell around Nolan to hopefully contain him regardless of whether he is wind or not, since ultimately, he isnt "wind," he is gas, and gas can be contained.
No. 931797 ID: eeb7d9

I like this one.
And tell him something like:"Well guess what, i eat explosions for breakfast!"
No. 931892 ID: d3602f

Feel like saying "I eat dangerous demons for breakfast" is better. It's more accurate.
No. 931903 ID: 91ee5f

>It's more accurate.
That Displacer Beast was pretty tasty.
No. 931944 ID: eeb7d9

Well you have a point there... But EXPLOSIONS tho!
No. 931962 ID: 2870a3

cant we just stab him? like with casura or a knife or something
or an elbow to the kidneys
No. 931985 ID: a9af05

>elbow to the kidneys
Now I'm imagining this as Team Four Star's Freeze vs Goku.

"Ah! Bad touch!" *repeated kidney shots*
No. 931988 ID: 8d4593

Use an extra arm spawned from your back to remove him from you. Reconfigure it into a tethered prison shell, reinforce it with yellow. Using a blue infused tethered shot, fire at the tree tops and home in on a sturdy branch or high trunk. Reinforce this with your remaining energy.

Swing to relative safety with the tethered shot, but release the tethered prison as you do, allowing Nolan to continue plummeting downward as his protective prison dissipates at the last second, causing him to crash violently into the ground.
No. 931989 ID: a451fc
File 155701295307.png - (2.35MB , 1558x3192 , Pop Quiz 20-22.png )

What? Why? Where's the explosion in this situation? Nothings really exploding at all here. It wouldn't make sense.

You guess that makes more sense, but this situation doesn't really involve demons either. You really feel like a one-liner needs to be relevant to what's happening. He tried this before and got you so something like "Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me?". But then that doesn't really sound all that bad-ass does it? Ah whatever, the moments gone.

You charge a Concerto arm with energy and shove Nolan off of your back, you turn the same arm into a bubble and encase him to keep him from slipping away again. You raise another Concerto arm and slam the bubble into the ground. Nolan's body crashes back down into the canopy below.

To avoid falling to your death, you create a parachute out of your barriers and float down to the ground.
No. 931990 ID: a451fc
File 155701298167.png - (1.40MB , 1558x1064 , Pop Quiz 23.png )

You walk over to Nolan's body, you think the impact might have killed him until he stirs. He's alive, but you're sure he's not going to be fighting anymore.

YOU: The mask. Hand it over.
NOLAN: ...No.
YOU: What do you mean no? I won. You made the bet yourself!
NOLAN: If you want the mask so badly...then kill me for it.
No. 931992 ID: 8d4593

He's not in a position to choose. Take that shit off him with a Ceasara arm.

If he wants to die so bad, he can do it himself.
No. 931993 ID: 4e16f6

Well, it's been a good battle and while Nolan's a bit of a sore loser, he's still respectable as fuck, if dude still wishes to stay with his mask, there's no real reason to get from him using force. Anyways, ask if he wishes any sort of medical help or anything before you go back to your training, he's bleeding a lot.
No. 931995 ID: 8d4593

The man was using the whole bet thing as pretense to murder us, like a predator playing with it's food. He just didn't expect Roland to be some sort of magical prodigy.

He doesn't deserve respect.

...Which puts us in a unique position really.
While were justified in showing him no respect, we could instead give him an enormous amount of it and plant a seed of friendship to be harvested later.

If we're gonna be respectful, I say go all the way. Be a sport and give him our name anyway, call your tutors, and get him medical attention right away. Even if he doesn't want it, he clearly needs it.
No. 932001 ID: a9af05

>Kill me
I'm not sure if we should. On one hand, we can go tell Troy that we killed the guy that killed his friend and show the mask as proof. On the other hand, would Troy be satisfied with us killing Nolan instead of letting him do it?

Then again, if we let Nolan live and tell Troy that we left him alive so he can kill him, Troy might get upset that we didn't kill Nolan.

Or we could just do a Goku vs Freeza thing, where we spare him and walk away, he attacks us, then we turn around and kill him.

Whatever we do, we should take that mask, no matter what.
No. 932010 ID: 2202fb

Keep him in a bubble.

Lets call Flint and Co. over to help with restraining this guy for transport. Lets keep him prisoner for now and see what Troy wants to do with him.

Take the mask, wear it sideways like one of those japanese carnival things.
No. 932026 ID: a451fc
File 155703046635.png - (710.12KB , 1558x1064 , Flying Colors 1.png )

YOU: You're in no position to choose, now give me-

As you reach forward to take the mask it cracks, and shatters falling away from his head revealing stitches that run across his face.
NOLAN: ...Sorry 'bout that. I guess you hit me a bit too hard. Should've expected that to happen really...

Nolan leans back and stares at the cavern ceiling.
NOLAN: Channing's footsteps are dead silent y'know...If either of us were ever caught making the slightest noise in the house when dad was trying to sleep it meant a beating, and with the squeaky floor boards it meant we were confined to our rooms until he woke up...Channing learned which floor boards squeaked the least, and soon learned how to move without making a sound all together.

Nolan removes the remaining half of his mask and tosses it to you. You catch it as he continues to speak.
NOLAN: I'm a whole 5 years older than him but he's the one bossing me around like I'm a kid...It's been like that my whole life, Channing's been the one to take the lead no matter what while I follow him. He killed our dad no problem while I hid like a coward and now I've been spending everyday since that point trying my best *cough* to get to the place he is.
NOLAN: Every move I've made has been a step towards Channing's rung the ladder...Why are you ahead of me already? How come I don't make any progress no matter what I do?

Nolan picks himself up off of the ground, you prepare yourself, but his posture and demeanor don't seem to suggest attack. You lower your guard, only for Nolan to suddenly grab you by the collar

NOLAN: If nothing I do leads to anything, than my life is worthless! I was a failure of a brother and I'm an even worse bandit! So just end me Gallows!
No. 932030 ID: 4e16f6

I've never been a good person with this type of talk, but my only suggestion is saying to him grow a spine. Nolan almost surplexed us with a god damned tornado and that was with a long time with no training, dude isn't even at his peak! We're just some random guy trying to make a silly book about the local devilish fauna, buddy at least should try take control of his own life instead of trying to be the best at something.

Honestly, in this moment, he's too worthless to even deserve a dead.
No. 932046 ID: 91ee5f

>Every move I've made has been a step towards Channing's rung the ladder...
If he wants Channing’s position as the leader of the gang, wouldn’t that mean that he’s gotta kill Channing to take his spot? Because I’m pretty sure Channing wouldn’t just give it to Nolan without a fight.

>Why are you ahead of me already? How come I don't make any progress no matter what I do?
He’s probably not making any progress because he doesn’t actually believe in Channing’s cause and he’s only sticking around because they’re related to each other. He might also be wanting to bail, but he can’t find a way out.

>If nothing I do leads to anything, than my life is worthless! I was a failure of a brother and I'm an even worse bandit! So just end me Gallows!
“I’m the wrong guy to be asking to kill you. But if you insist, then I guess I’ll kill you.”

Then make a gun with your fingers, point at his head, and say, “Bang!”

“There, I’ve killed you. Nolan, Channing’s half brother, is now dead. Give yourself a new name and go do something with your new life. I’m sure you’ll find something out there that’ll make you feel like you’re worth something.”

Then take the mask and whatever shards fell on the ground and walk away, while telling him, “See ya later, nameless stranger. Hope we can meet again as friends some day.”
No. 932048 ID: 719d94

When it comes to self-improvement, the inferiority complex isn't doing Nolan any favors. Hard to get better when you think of your defining trait as "worse than the other guy." Also yeah, training just isn't the same without real teachers.

Nolan just seems like a sad kid who got bullied by his brother into doing things he didn't want to do. He thinks he'd rather die than desert, but hey Roland's kept a Channing-fugitive at his place for a while and nothing *too* bad has happened because of it. Nolan could probably run too, if he was willing to risk it, but he's too scared. Maybe we can convince him.
No. 932049 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him he should try to be something other than a bandit then. There are plenty of other lives he could lead. As for why he's not getting stronger, you can't really say. There are a lot of things that can go wrong.

And no, you're not killing him. He's defenseless. The fight's over.

Take the shards too. Tell him you're going to put the mask back together. He should put his life back together.
No. 932053 ID: 59dacc

I don't think Gallows is the type to kill like this. You won the bet, and you got the mask. Might want to take the shards too, after.

Tell him that, someday, you might see me in Dawnsprings, and maybe I can tell you my name there.
No. 932055 ID: 066bfd

If you keep thinking of yourself as "Channing's number two" you'll never get anywhere. Whether you work purely for him, or work just to surpass him, you live just for him. Try to do things without thinking about him. Live for yourself for a bit.

Yes, I've beaten Channing's brother, and he was pathetic. I hope one day I run into Nolan the Saint. That sounds like a man worthy of respect.
No. 932056 ID: 8d4593

It's almost impossible to make progress in a direction you don't want to go.

You've been in your brother's shadow for so long, have you ever stopped and honestly thought about what it is that YOU want to do?

Take a vacation, Nolan. Get away from this place for a while. Far away. Don't come back until you've done some soul searching.
Come find me when you return. If you still wanna die so badly, that's when we'll have a real fight to the death.

I'll even do you a favor. I'll claim that I killed you, and use this mask as proof. You'll be free, Nolan.
No. 932060 ID: 3940d3

“No, if you need purpose that desperately then the job board in town is always full, but i’m not gonna kill you when you can obviously get better. Speaking of getting better, head into dawnsprings, go to the lila palast and ask for a peach, tell ‘em I sent ya and they’ll know what you mean. If you want to mean something then you should at least do with something in your belly.”
No. 932064 ID: 58b4f3

You're a Saint, right? If you don't know what to do with your life, ask your angel for guidance. They'll give you a better answer than anything I can give you.
No. 932082 ID: eeb7d9

I like this. He needs to find something worth living. Find some friends. Some realfriends. Get a hobby that isn't involve with his brother. I mean, look at Gallows. He just research demons, he is nothing out of the ordinary. He doeas odd jobs to get money, fix his ride, play the violin. Prety common guy. An most people just want that. Live a quiet life. He Nolan can do that too. He has the right. That is a good cause to die for.
We can be his friend, if he wants. We can help him out of this.
No. 932085 ID: 2202fb

For everyone's safety, including Nolan's, i think we should still imprison him for the time being. He has a rather distinct face and wont be able to hide long, especially in his current state. Additionally, he may have some dangerous info.


The reason he lost is because he was too aggressive and underestimated us. If he was more defensive, more of his body mechanics probably would have survived the encounter. Additionally, he is specialized; you dont send an elite sniper to clear a building if you dont have to. Nolan would be far more effective in a fight if he kept himself away from his adversary and attacked at range.

Anyway, right now, he is effectively a quadriplegic so we should stabilize him, call FlintCo, treat Nolan more thoroughly once they get here, and then figure out what we do from there.


When we get back, lets have a hole punched into one of the mask chunks and turn it into a necklace.
No. 932096 ID: 91ee5f

>When we get back, lets have a hole punched into one of the mask chunks and turn it into a necklace.
But the mask is cooler! Why would we turn it into a necklace?
No. 932097 ID: 8d4593

we could wear it as a pauldron
No. 932103 ID: 5ba090

yeah i like this idea. get him to start fresh, with a blank slate, far away from here.
No. 932104 ID: e6c806

"You've got no support. Look at me, you think I got this strong all by myself? Hell i'd be dead several times over without my friends. And i sure as hell wouldn't have beaten you if i hadn't just gone thru hellish training. Nobody gets anywhere by themselves." Then offer him your hand to help him up.
No. 932129 ID: a9af05

This seems good.

I'd prefer a mask instead of a necklace.

Wearing something intended for the face on the wrong body part doesn't seem like a good idea.
No. 932133 ID: d3602f

I don't feel that a mask fits our look.
No. 932136 ID: 8d4593

>Wearing something intended for the face on the wrong body part doesn't seem like a good idea.
It's like your allergic to cool.
No. 932144 ID: a9af05

Which is why we wanted it as a trophy, not something to wear.

No, I just prefer the pauldron to not be made out of flimsy mask material.

Also, "coolness" does not equal increased defenses. Function over fashion, that's what'll help keep us alive.
No. 932154 ID: a451fc
File 155718655997.gif - (1.34MB , 1200x820 , Bang Bang Pew Pew.gif )

YOU: ...You really want to die that badly? Fine.

Nolan let's go of your collar and crumples back to the ground. You put your finger up to his head and do a little shooting motion while making a bang noise with your mouth.
YOU: There! You're dead now. All of this is gone, and now you can be someone else. You can get away from Channing and do something worth while with your life.
NOLAN: ...Do you honestly think it's that simple?
YOU: Hey man you think dying will just fix all of your problems, don't get on me for my "simple" solution. Constantly comparing yourself to your brother and following all of his orders even if they make you unhappy seems like the real source of your issues. What's more is you lack support from anyone, I didn't get this way on my own y'know. Going through life essentially alone is a terrible way to live.

You kneel down to his eye level.
YOU: I know you're scared of your brother he sounds like a terrifying guy, but is this anyway to live? You need to ask yourself what you really want? because what you're after right now seems to be making you miserable.
No. 932155 ID: a451fc
File 155718658095.png - (302.67KB , 1558x1064 , Flying Colors 2.png )

NOLAN: I didn't come here to be lectured
YOU: You didn't come here to lose either but it still happened. If you don't want to listen to me then fine, but I'm not going to kill you.

You stand back up.
YOU: If there's anything you should take away from this it's to stop by Channing's brother Nolan, and start being just Nolan.

There's a long silence before you can offer him help or something for his wounds he turns back into thin air and floats away. You're left the victor, with the shards of Nolan's mask in your possession. Not really sure what to do with it, you have no intention of wearing it as a mask, making a necklace out of the shards sounds like a good idea though your dad's neckerchief already has your neck slot reserved, so maybe a bracelet? It's not really important right now. What's important is you return to Flint and wrap this training up.
No. 932159 ID: b1b4f3

I say just glue the pieces together and keep it as a trophy on your mantle.
No. 932166 ID: a9af05

>What's important is you return to Flint and wrap this training up.
Then let's get back over to Flint and ask him what you need to do next.

Exactly what I was thinking.
No. 932169 ID: 4e16f6

"See you later."

Time to go, honestly.
No. 932171 ID: 3940d3

I say when we get the chance we should modify the mask to me something useful, kinda like we did for our flamethrower but more utility.

Anyway head back up and declare your victory.
No. 932174 ID: eeb7d9

Rude ass mother fucker, at least say "bye"!
Anyway, task complitet, trophy gained. Let's see what the lazzy master thinks of our fight.

We can think what to do with the mask later.
No. 932176 ID: 1b963a

Before you leave these caverns, get some of that aura sensing water! It might help you make a demon-detecting thing along with the meteorite chunk. Seriously that water is useful.
No. 932177 ID: 1b963a

Before you leave these caverns, get some of that aura sensing water! It might help you make a demon-detecting thing along with the meteorite chunk. Seriously that water is useful.
No. 932178 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s get back to Flint.

Good idea!

Don’t we first have to take that to Flint?

>meteorite chunk
Speaking of which, did a Flint take that from us? I know he took our weapons, but I’m not sure if he took that.

But if it reacts to demons, maybe it reacts to their aura? Could we see what happens if we run a tiny amount of our own aura through it?
No. 932179 ID: d3602f

I think we left the chunk at home, we didn't have much reason to bring it with us.

Also, we touched it to our barrier and it reacted, so yes, it does react with aura.
No. 932181 ID: b1b4f3

We should ask Flint about the chunk.
No. 932192 ID: 91ee5f

>Also, we touched it to our barrier and it reacted, so yes, it does react with aura.
That was back when we had Vol’s mark, so technically it was his demonic magic we were using, not our own aura.

Now that we’re not borrowing Vol’s magic anymore, I’d like to try using our aura on the meteorite chunk to see if we get a different reaction this time.
No. 932206 ID: a9af05

I think we already did and he said something along the lines of, "Hey, don't ask me. You're the researcher, do some research." or something like that.
No. 932245 ID: 8d4593

... We just used an energy construct as a parachute...

We can use energy constructs as limbs...

Roland Should be able to make flight capable wings!
What's more, since Energy is weightless, sure, they'd have to be big, but not massive.

A two wing setup could provide massive speed and power, a four wing setup could provide precision control and perhaps even hover capability.

Of course, this'll take practice but....
I think our boy Roland should get on this!
No. 932297 ID: a451fc
File 155735085014.png - (806.20KB , 1558x1064 , Flying Colors 3.png )

You still have the waterskin with some of the water.

After the whole ordeal you trudge back to the tree stump. There your three tutors are waiting for you. Wick and Daisy seem to immediately relax upon seeing that you've returned relatively unharmed while Flint nonchalantly eats a rock hard apple, the sound of the crunching is absolutely disgusting.
WICK: Congratulations kid, you passed!
DAISY: I'd say with flying colors. Right Flint?
FLINT: Eh, I'd say it's more of a C minus.
YOU: Seriously?
FLINT: You took longer than I expected. Don't be too down 'bout it though its still passing so, Good job!

Flint gives you a small round of applause semi-sarcastically but Daisy and Wick join in with applause that feels actually genuine.
FLINT: Progress no matter how small is progress, kid, remember that.

As he says this to you he tosses a bag at your feet. Inside is a change of clothes along with some other stuff.
No. 932298 ID: a451fc
File 155735088196.png - (839.96KB , 1558x1064 , Flying Colors 4.png )

The clothes are similar to your original ones, but a bit better quality. On the back of the poncho is three triangles stacked on top of each other. Inside of the bag there's a knife and a smaller sack of 10 ball bearings.
WICK: Even with all of your trainin' carryin' silver on you's always a good idea. So there's a silver knife along with some silver ball bearings. Personally I feel like guns can be kind of unreliable so it's better the fling those if you need them.

Next to the silver stuff there's a phone.
DAISY: Flint told me you didn't have a phone, so I got you one of my old Tombstones. They can work without a network, but not gonna lie it's kinda shit. No camera, the audio can be spotty and it loses signal sometimes. it can still be useful though.

Finally there's a sheaf of paper along with some pencils and an eraser
FLINT: In case you run out.

After you change into the new clothes Daisy and Wick say their goodbyes, both wishing you luck in whatever you do. You climb back up the stump with Flint and enter his car as he starts it up.
FLINT: So! How ya feel now that you're all used to this stuff?
No. 932299 ID: d3602f

I can't believe I didn't actually realize those existed until now. Like, even though Nolan used a phone, I still didn't think they existed.

>How are you feeling
I'd say I can see why you expected me to get my ass kicked in the tournament if a lot of the people who entered are capable of this kind of stuff (good thing we didn't run into many of those). I can think of a few situations where this power would have probably made things a lot easier.

Hey, what does the symbol on my back represent?
No. 932301 ID: eeb7d9

I feel like everything is more easier but complex at the same time. Like i just took this big step on a journey, but i can't even see the end of it. And it feels great. I want to keep walking.
No. 932302 ID: a9af05

>On the back of the poncho is three triangles stacked on top of each other.
Ask what that represents.

Those will help!

Now you've got an excuse to ask Ada for her phone number. ;D

>Paper, pencils, erasers
Seems like he's expecting you to fill out your demon journal quite a bit!

>How do you feel?
I feel like I'm a little more prepared for whatever comes at me.

By the way, did Flint give you back your things that he took from you at the start of the test?
No. 932306 ID: b1b4f3

Ask what the symbol means.
No. 932309 ID: 8d4593

I feel like I'm a kid who just beat the shit out of a hitman...

It only gets crazier from here on out, doesn't it?
No. 932316 ID: 91ee5f

What numbers are already installed on it?

Since this is Daisy’s old phone, do we need to worry about someone calling it and looking for Daisy?

>So! How ya feel now that you're all used to this stuff?
I feel like showing off to everyone when I get home! But I’m not sure if I should.

Are there any rules when it comes to this aura stuff? Like am I not supposed to tell anyone about it or don’t go trying to teach anyone or something?
No. 932317 ID: 91ee5f

And Wick mentioned that it’s possible to fly with aura and I kinda want to do that after I get better at controlling my aura.
No. 932337 ID: a451fc
File 155737215744.png - (846.09KB , 1558x1064 , Flying Colors 5.png )

YOU: Prepared! Excited! Really I feel great!
FLINT: Glad to hear it, but don't get cocky just cuz you're a fast start. You're still a rookie, and I'm nowhere near done with you kid.
YOU: 'Course you're not...Hey what do these triangles on the back of my clothes mean?
FLINT: Seeking Knowledge. I thought It'd be fitting for you.

Flint drives out of the cavern, into the wasteland and back to your house dropping you off. Before he leaves, he puts his number into your Tombstone phone and makes sure to give you back whatever else he took.

You walk over to your house where Vol is playing darts at the front, You call his name to get his attention.
VOL: Roland! Finally! I was worried I'd hafta stay up waitin' all night fer ya to get back! Did ya get new clothes while you were...where eva' ya were?
No. 932338 ID: 91ee5f

Real quick, before you get distracted with talking to Vol, use Aether Sight to look around and see if you can spot Peaches before he ends up tackling you while he’s invisible.

Once you’re sure that Peaches ain’t gonna sneak up on you, excitedly tell Vol where Flint took you for your training! You actually went to a big jungle in the Aether!

And then show Vol the new trick you learned and summon up a few aura arms!

.....then tell him about Naos unexpectedly showing up and your fight with him. Tell him Naos’ real name and show him his mask that you got as a trophy for beating him. You didn’t kill him, even though he really wanted you to, and he kinda just.....left. You don’t know where he is or if you’ll ever see him again.
No. 932343 ID: d3602f

First, let's see what a demon looks like in aura vision. We should also use aura vision on that stone and silver to see just how aura reacts to them.

"You won't believe what happened, Vol! I got to go to a satellite in the Aether! Oh, and word of advice, don't dare Flint to eat anything, at least nothing we own."
No. 932355 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t forget to show Vol the triangles on your back and tell him what they mean.

>Oh, and word of advice, don't dare Flint to eat anything, at least nothing we own.
Specifically anything made of metal.
No. 932358 ID: 2202fb

jungle is kind of pushing it.


Well, now that we are done with that, lets put Vol through a gauntlet until something interesting happens.
No. 932361 ID: b1b4f3

"I was off learning to do THIS!"
Demonstrate your increased control of Caesura.

Ask him if he's made any progress with his own magic, now that he's not weakened from the pact or whatever.
No. 932387 ID: 8d4593

Hmm.. we should find Troy and tell him not to go anywhere alone for a while.
If Nolan doesn't report back, Channings gonna throw everything he has at him.

The final battle with Channing will soon be upon us.
No. 932392 ID: a9af05

Did your replacement clothes include a neckerchief? If so, since you're not gonna replace your dad's neckerchief, what did you do with the replacement one?

Tell him everything that happened and where Flint took you for training. Then show off your new skills because why would you not want to show off?!

We should also explain what happened with Nolan to Troy.
No. 932417 ID: eeb7d9

No. 932418 ID: d3602f

We've got a master storyteller over here.
No. 932419 ID: 2202fb

Seconding this.
No. 932420 ID: a451fc
File 155744362306.png - (966.83KB , 1558x1064 , Flying Colors 6.png )

YOU: You won't believe what happened, Vol! I got to go to a satellite in the Aether!
VOL: You went to da Aether??
YOU: Yeah but it wasn't too dangerous, and look what I found.

You show Vol the worm you found in the Aether.
VOL: Oh, one a' d'em things. Rol you didn't go all dat way to collect bugs did ya? Ya coulda done dat here.
YOU: No! I went to learn this!

You showily flex an arm and at the same time materialize a Concerto Caesura arm behind you, then another and another, much to Vol's surprise.
VOL: Holy shit!
YOU: Holy shit right? I learned a lot when I was away...I uh also got something important to tell Troy.
VOL: Free-loada's at da side a' da house listenin' to garbage.
YOU: He pays rent Vol.
VOL: Wat eva'.

>Let's see what a demon looks like in aura vision
You close your eyes, Demons look like a slightly brighter red smear of energy.
No. 932421 ID: a451fc
File 155744363523.png - (1.05MB , 1558x1064 , Flying Colors 7.png )

You walk over to Troy, who is sitting on a bean bag by his truck, wearing headphones. You tap his shoulder to get his attention.
TROY: Hey! Sup Roland! Have fun a Pagan school? Make any new friends?
YOU: Uh, Yeah actually, to both of those.
TROY: Well that's nice to hear. I tried playing darts with Vol but he cheats.

Vol shouts from around the corner of the house.
YOU: ...Gourd gobbling?
TROY: Yeah y'know like a pumpkin eater...Like cheater cheater pumpkin eat- Whatever. Did you want to tell me somethin'?

You show him the shards of Nolan's mask.
YOU: Me and the mask guy, Naos or Nolan, had a run in.
TROY: ...Well, from context clues I can assume you won.
YOU: Yeah.
TROY: And he's dead?
No. 932425 ID: d3602f

I'm afraid I couldn't really kill him, even though he was literally begging me. Guy has some problems, man. He lives in fear of his own brother. I felt like he was a bit of a victim of this whole thing, so I tried to convince himself to leave the gang, but I'm not sure how much effect it had.
No. 932427 ID: b1b4f3

Just say "probably".
No. 932428 ID: 8d4593

He begged me to kill him when he lost but... I refused.

He might end up not going back to Channing.
If he does... I can see him doing something stupid that could wind up with him getting killed anyway.

Either way, we're going to have a major fight on our hands soon. Especially since if they tracked me to the aether it won't be long before they find this place.

If there's anything you need to do to prepare, now's the time.

I guess the only question is, do we go about business as usual and wait for Channing to come to us, or do we bring the fight to Channing?
No. 932432 ID: 91ee5f

Explain that Nolan was a Saint with the power over the wind. Then explain the bet he made with you: if he won, you tell him your full name, because he only knows you by your middle name “Gallows”, and if you won, you get to take his mask. It wasn’t a fight to the death, just a “friendly competition”, as he called it.

You guys fought for a while and when you had clearly won, you told him to hand over the mask and he refused, saying you had to kill him for it.

You thought he was just being a sore loser, until he broke down and said that he wasn’t getting anywhere in life. Then he grabbed you by the collar and said, “If nothing I do leads to anything, than my life is worthless! I was a failure of a brother and I'm an even worse bandit! So just end me Gallows!”

You didn’t kill him and just lectured him on how if his life felt worthless, then he should get a new life that would help him feel like he was worth something.

Then he just turned into wind and blew away. You’re not sure where he is right now and you’re not sure if he’s left Channing’s gang or not.

Also, he’s Channing’s older half brother.
No. 932437 ID: eeb7d9

No, i just couldn't. He was just there, ready to take it, practically begging me to kill him. Channing fuck him up real bad over the years. He just follows him trying to surpass him, but fail miserably all his life. I know he has done some bad too, don't know what, but i asume the worst. Yet i couldn't bring my self to do it. Call me naive, but i think he can be "rehabilitated". Make him start again, away from his brother and his gang. I would like to think that.
No. 932450 ID: 055cbc

"no, but I think I broke him" is a good summary. Maybe don't go into too much detail about letting him go right away. Let Troy get used to the idea first, in the likely event that he flips out about it.
No. 932539 ID: a451fc
File 155754569070.png - (429.95KB , 1558x1064 , Flying Colors 8.png )

You explain everything that happened with Nolan at the Pillar Tree Cavern. The fight, his break down, and how he isn't dead.
YOU: Sorry Troy, I couldn't do it.
TROY: ...
YOU: Troy?
TROY: It's fine...I wasn't expectin' you to kill him really, and I'm glad ya didn't. Even with this little break down he's had, He still needs to answer for what he did, and I want to make 'em pay for it.
YOU: I'm also worried about Channing.
TROY: Man who here ain't?
YOU: You shouldn't go anywhere alone for a while.
TROY: Yeah...Things are gonna get a lot worse...
No. 932540 ID: a451fc
File 155754571264.png - (30.73KB , 1558x1064 , Rising Villain.png )

No. 932541 ID: a451fc
File 155754571919.png - (555.45KB , 1558x1064 , Rising Villain 1.png )

NOLAN: ..."start being just Nolan"...What does that even mean?

No. 932545 ID: a451fc
File 155754589978.png - (747.97KB , 1558x1064 , Rising Villain 2.png )

???: What does what even mean?
NOLAN: Christ!
???: Oh sorry! Did I startle you?
NOLAN: Y-yes! Fuck! your hands are freezing! Why are you out here?
???: Really I oughta be asking you what you're doing here, aside from getting drunk in the middle of nowhere. C'mon you know why I'm out here!
NOLAN: It's Troy right?
???: Well yes, and no! I need to meet someone else first, I don't think Troy'll be going anywhere though.
NOLAN: How many are left?
???: Enough.

No. 932546 ID: a451fc
File 155754594873.png - (503.01KB , 1558x1064 , Rising Villain 3.png )

NOLAN:...Hey, you ever wonder happened to-
???: Anyone who doesn't make it back isn't worth thinking about.
NOLAN: ...Right
???: Anyway, it seems like you had a rough time doing...whatever you were doing here. So you can head back if you want, you're lucky I love ya or I'd hate how much you waste time.
NOLAN: Sure Channing...Who are you going to meet anyway?
CHANNING: Someone important is all. Don't worry 'bout it.
NOLAN: ...Hey why are your hands so-
NOLAN: ...
NOLAN: cold.

D3: Slight Return - End Episode 6
No. 932555 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, good, Channing has disarmed himself. Now he’s not a threat to anybody anymore!

.....those are someone else’s arms and not his arms, aren’t they?
No. 932567 ID: eeb7d9

Yeeeap, wonder who tho. And who is this guy that might have not make it?
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