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File 126089942882.png - (88.37KB , 700x700 , c12-1.png )
92477 No. 92477 ID: fb5d8e

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No. 92478 ID: fb5d8e
File 126089950865.png - (123.22KB , 700x700 , c12-2.png )

"That's where they keep all the confiscated weapons. I shall distract the guard. You grab what you can and meet me behind the next large tree. The entrance to the Trollbarrows isn't far from here."
No. 92479 ID: 8ce2bf

Grab what you can and meet her behind the next large tree.
No. 92481 ID: 5d5878

Grab your spear for sure, and possibly a decent short sword or other close-combat weapon.
No. 92482 ID: 0ccc56

Wait for the distraction to take place.

Also, title suggests massive troll problems in the caves.
No. 92485 ID: 538d9b

Trolls ain't so bad. The look like the Olsen twins did when they were babies, and you can rub their hair for good luck.

At worst, it'll run up and scream "SAGE! SAAGE!!" at you, then grin an ask if you mad.
No. 92486 ID: 0ccc56


Those are just the normal trolls. We're preparing to meet their KING.

Or Cthulhu.
No. 92487 ID: 43c525

This, and I like the close combat weapon, but see if you can find a small crossbow aswell, that would be invaluable.
No. 92493 ID: fb5d8e
File 12609036756.png - (122.47KB , 700x700 , c12-3.png )

I sneak around while Petal calls out to the guard.

"Hey there. Too cool to join the festival?"
"Wow, Mad Petal~ What are you doing outside of your home~"
"I'm recruiting rebels for my grand coup to reestablish the old elven ways. Why don't you come along, non-seeder?"
"Haha, oh, Med Petal~ Guarding the weaponheap is my punishment~ I'll be at the Seed Festival next week. Why don't you come along~? I'll Give to you first if you'd like~"
"Wow, the very first of many! That makes me so moist."
"Oh, Mad Petal~ You scoundrel~"

I easily locate my spear. The banner has not been touched. I would also take a light crossbow, but I am far more proficient in longbows. I take one longbow, a quiver of arrows, and a sword.
No. 92494 ID: 0ccc56


Increase distance to the guard in a silent manner and move to the next big tree to meet Petal.

Make sure she is able to get away from the guard without him doing any stupid things.
No. 92495 ID: e024d0

Next Week? Its that damn long? Hell? Elves have more stamina that one gives them credit for.
No. 92498 ID: 2819cf


Good god, elves are so passive-aggressive.
No. 92499 ID: 43d730

We need to burn down the elves at some point for overuse of the tilde.
No. 92500 ID: 5d5878

Like I said, time works different to elves. It's a damn good thing we didn't try to wait until it was over to talk to the druid.
No. 92501 ID: fb5d8e
File 126090636532.png - (129.26KB , 700x700 , c12-4.png )

When I make my way to the next tree, I notice that the guard is keeping Petal occupied with conversation.
I knock on my breastplate to create a distraction.

"Hey, did you hear that? I'm going to investigate. You remain here to protect the weaponheap."

With a quick dash Petal joins me.

"Thanks. They can keep talking for years if they feel like it. The barrows are right this way."

We sprint through the undergrowth to the base of a particulary old looking tree. A large gap is formed between its roots.
But as we approach it..

No. 92503 ID: fb5d8e
File 126090655824.png - (119.88KB , 700x700 , c12-5.png )

..the figure of a female elf becomes clear.
Petal whispers to me.

"Oh no.. It's High Druid Sunbud."

"Ohoho~ Mad Petal~ Did you finally misbehave~? Everyone was so eager to see you join the festival~ How disappointing~ And you have company~? Why, is that an outlander or a beloved Elvenfriend who misbehaved a little~? My, my.. So tell me, what did you two do to deserve your little trip into the Trollbarrows~?"
No. 92504 ID: 2dd482

these elves are clearly evil. they dedicate themselves to the wickedness of the flesh, arbitrarily punish the members of their society for nothing, and refuse to let anyone leave.

Spear the knifeears.
No. 92505 ID: 65ce72

"I constructed her a chastity belt and she did not refuse to wear it."
No. 92506 ID: e024d0

"Why we were just headed to the Trollbarrows... see you later, or not I suppose. Hopefully not."
No. 92509 ID: 2819cf


"I pulled out, and she let me."
No. 92511 ID: 6495a3

I think honesty may be the best policy here. Something along the lines of, "I tried to leave while Petal was responsible for watching me." Bonus points for phrasing it bettor and describing it more intricately without lying.
No. 92514 ID: 0ccc56


Also say that you are not allowed to participate the festivities, so nobody will look after you for the next... well however times flowing there.
No. 92515 ID: 119b5c

Yes, because we saw how well they end up otherwise
No. 92516 ID: 7ea1ff

My first instinct is to kill, but that strikes me as unwise. So I guess say you're in trouble for working with metal.
No. 92519 ID: fb5d8e
File 12609101836.png - (111.67KB , 700x700 , c12-6.png )

Yes, I do get the impression that these people are evil. But this kind of evil.. isolating and controlling.. I do not know how to deal with it. Like the corruption in Sepia Town, the tyranny of Wonderseed goes over my head.

I will be honest with her.

"We are heading down into the Trollbarrows."
"Yes, but why~? You have to deserve your punishment~"
"I tried to leave while Petal was supposed to watch over me."
"Well, that only gives Mad Petal the right to be down there~ Mad Petal, get over here and undress. You, visitor, you stay with me until the festival is over~"

Petal obeys the High Druid and moves into the entrance. She hesitates to strip, looking to me for an alternative.
No. 92520 ID: 476456

well, if you outright refuse she'd probably...uh...well...

send you to the trollbarrows.
No. 92521 ID: 65ce72

Look, just punch a tree or something. That usually makes them angry.
No. 92522 ID: 476456

Oh oh, i know go.

"I would but BLArGHAHLg" and make faces at her.
No. 92523 ID: 7ea1ff

Do it.
No. 92525 ID: 917cac

Refuse to stay with her until the festival is over. That might get her to send you to the Trollbarrows.

I don't know how you're going to keep your weapons though, you could just try running in.
No. 92527 ID: 43c525

She is a high druid, these elves seem powerfull from what we know, if you feel it would be too gruesome to just kill her, consider at least rendering her unconcious before she can take any further action, any movement and any word or syllable, even whisper could be part of a spell. Better to just be rid of her before she can become a problem.
No. 92529 ID: 0ccc56

Spear thrust. Of the deadly type.

The elves hate to leave their forest, you'd be save from persecution.
No. 92530 ID: e024d0

"I can't let you do that High Druid... I'm afraid I plan on leaving too, and I'm taking my stuff, if that means descending into the bowls of the earth itself, it can't be any more suffocating than they cloying madness of this deceitful wood.

So step aside or I may teach you the reason your ancestors delved the earth to find the strength hidden within it."
No. 92532 ID: e3f578

Tell her you feel an honorable obligation to be punished with her for it is your code of honor when it is your fault in the first place. Bow like a true knight of honor and dignity.

"I beg you, let me follow my code!" Make it sound as serious as possible to make it look like there is no compromise. If so, then ask her if you can keep your weapons and armor on. Say you are constantly paranoid, especially of the rumors of Trolls within the barrows.
No. 92533 ID: 2dd482

Spear. The. Knife-ears.

How to remove the evil? remove the head of the body.
No. 92534 ID: 6495a3

"She has been a gracious host despite my actions. I am obligated to share in her punishment, as it is my doing."
No. 92535 ID: e0499d

... the best we can do is get into more trouble.
Or we can be honest (once more) and say we wanted to see what the inside of the trollbarrows were like, that she tried to hold you back, but eventually gave in

That keeps the truth... kinda...
No. 92536 ID: 5eff20

Move in close as if to join her in the out-making and then snap her neck.
No. 92539 ID: eb5fcb

Merely insist to stay and let her go to the festivities, go down to the barrows when she have left.
No. 92540 ID: e75a2f

Deck her in the face and keep moving.

Hitting a woman in the face is unchivalrous, sure, but think about it.

1) She's a bitch.

2) She's ordering another woman to strip in front of you, which is also unchivalrous and highly indecent.

3) She's an elf.

4) It will give her reason, by these elves twisted logic, to send you into the Trollbarrows.
No. 92541 ID: 445c48

No violence. That would not be a good idea.
No. 92542 ID: 119b5c

What do you do with tyranny? Defy it.

Did you not fail your Lord? Do you still have a duty to this land and all in it?

I say it's time you say No.

This is madness to our eyes, and you should not stand for it. Do you want to be noble? Stop sneaking around. Stop dithering in the shadows. Stop trying to think your way around a problem, when the most obvious solution is to strike back.

Of course, then again, you are weak, and would never amount to anything. You had your chance, you failed.

Hell, as a voice in your head, I'm even starting to despise you.
No. 92544 ID: 445c48

We are not particularly in a position of power here. It would not be a good idea to arouse the ire of a high druid, who we know have some power. We do not know the full extent of this power. It is not good to attack without information. It could be that their only power is in illusions. Or it could be that they've become incredibly tough bastard and could kill you on the spot by having a tree grow out your ass or something.
No. 92546 ID: fb5d8e
File 126091462954.png - (113.08KB , 700x700 , c12-7.png )

"Seeing as I caused the trouble it is in the honor of my knighthood that I should share the punishment."
"My my, how chivalrous~ But no, she failed her duties. You're just a visitor~"

I would never hit an unarmed woman unprovoked. Not with spear, sword nor hand.
But I can not abandon Petal just as I have gained her trust.

"Forgive me, madam."
"What fo--"
No. 92547 ID: fb5d8e
File 126091468823.png - (99.83KB , 700x700 , c12-8.png )

"--HMMFF HMFF--!!"

"Well done! Now when you're done fondling her, we can go!"
No. 92551 ID: 5d5878

You heard the lady, hop to it.

And remember kids, violence is never the answer. It is, however, a helpful step along your way to that answer.
No. 92552 ID: 445c48

What... exactly are you doing there?
No. 92553 ID: 119b5c

Lead the way. We will follow.
No. 92559 ID: 2cbe3e


I think he's performing the Heimlich Maneuver
No. 92561 ID: 0ccc56

No. 92563 ID: fb5d8e
File 12609164439.png - (85.63KB , 700x700 , c12-9.png )

I drop the druid into the bed of flowers and rush down the barrows with Petal.

"Lead the way."
"Great, because I just know so much about the Trollbarrows, right? I'm just going by your theory of flowing water, so let's try to go down until we find some."

We pass several groups of naked elves who stare at us in disbelief. They are the same distance apart each time, suggesting the depth they are send to plays a part in how severe the punishment is supposed to be.
Soon we've left all them all behind us.

No. 92564 ID: 445c48

No. 92565 ID: e75a2f

Man, Elves are pretty fuckin stupid.
No. 92566 ID: 5d5878

She's starting to get on my nerves, but compared to the other elves she's wonderful company. Ah well. Continue onward, be wary.
No. 92567 ID: e024d0

Rather snippy isn't she. Reminds me of a proper High Elf. But then that's where she has been learning all of her knowledge from I suppose.
No. 92581 ID: fb5d8e
File 126091912833.png - (147.79KB , 700x700 , c12-10.png )

We continue going down and down.
The rock smooths and moistens the further we go in. It occurs to me that these caves have been completely hollowed out by the flow of water and would surely collapse if it wasn't for the enormous roots that break through the solid rock.

The path we follow abruptly narrows. It leads into a anticlimatic dead end with naught but a small pool of water. The only flow are two small streams of water pouring down from one side.

"..So what now?"
No. 92582 ID: 2dd482

Into the holes you go.

Try not to think of Sticks while you're squeezing your way into that tight passage, Ridder.
No. 92583 ID: 476456

you could try widening the opening but it could have catastrophic results..
No. 92584 ID: de3db8

Either try widening the opening or go and try to find some other stream.
No. 92588 ID: 276781

Check depth of seemingly shallow pool/puddle. You may need to go for a swim.
No. 92589 ID: 632862

Was there no other path available? It seems the only way forward is through one of those openings in the wall.
No. 92597 ID: 5d5878

Is that pool as shallow as it looks? Check.
No. 92598 ID: fb5d8e
File 126092184946.png - (138.97KB , 700x700 , c12-11.png )

The holes in the walls would be difficult to even reach with how smooth and slippery the rocks are, let alone climb up it against a constant stream of water.

I check the depth of the pool. It is indeed alot deeper than it seems.
The water must be flowing away below the surface.

No. 92599 ID: 6164e0

How long can you hold your breath, Ridder? And how long can Petal hold her breath?
No. 92601 ID: 5d5878

Well, looks like it's gambling time. You a good swimmer?
No. 92602 ID: 632862

How strong is the current? Perhaps the best swimmer should strip down and scout ahead to see how far you need to go before it opens up to another cave or something.
No. 92603 ID: 8ce2bf

Looks like its time to ditch the armor and see if you can find anything down in the pool.
No. 92606 ID: 0ccc56

Could you throw a glowing fungus into the water and see in which direction it flows?
No. 92607 ID: 34470e

You might be right for once. Might be.
No. 92609 ID: 445c48

Toss in a glowing mushroom.
No. 92615 ID: fb5d8e
File 126092321041.png - (127.25KB , 700x700 , c12-13.png )

I shall enter the pool and see where the water leads to. Then I shall return for my Petal and my gear, for which I will need a way of moving it through the water.

I remove my armor.

"Hey, hey, the festival is back on the surface."
"I am going to see where this pool leads."
"Oh. I'll keep an eye on your things."
No. 92616 ID: e024d0

what about that entrance near the Petal's head? The one with Water flowing out? is that large enough to squeeze through?
No. 92622 ID: 445c48

Maybe you should have warned her before you disrobed.
How unchivalrous of you.
No. 92625 ID: fb5d8e
File 126092415877.png - (107.44KB , 700x700 , c12-14.png )

The pool turns out to be a large tunnel going down further. I can feel the underwater current being enforced by other stream coming in. I imagine that if I kept going like this I would be pulled along at high speeds.
No. 92626 ID: 6d4c58

Disrobbing is not unshivalrous, it is the thoughts one has while disrobing that are unshivalrous.
No. 92627 ID: 6d4c58

Can you see any source of light or anyway to surface?
No. 92628 ID: 43c525

Well if the water is flowing faster, it means it is going somewhere, likely to a large cavern (where there might be little to no air) or some sort of waterfall, though that's just my guess.
No. 92629 ID: c50a92

This could get dangerous. I recommend the use of a rope or something similar if we plan on continuing down this tunnel, though I can't think of something you could use at the moment. You may just have to forget about this pool, unless you think you can outswim the current.

I don't see many options outside of this one, though, now that you KO'd a goddamn High Druid.
No. 92630 ID: be5ec8

Full Adventure Mode: Get in fully dressed, hope it carries you outside.
No. 92632 ID: 34470e

Petal's going to be sniffing your armor once you get back, you know.
No. 92635 ID: 632862

Hm, sounds like if you kept going you would be unable to return. I think it's best if you turned back while you still can and informed Petal.
No. 92639 ID: e024d0

Hey a grate, looks manufactured too.

I would check it out, at least see if its loose or anything.
No. 92641 ID: bb3e66

Yes, go back and inform Petal. Then, don't let her go first. Rather, get back in the tunnel before she disrobes. It may be "women first" but it'd also look very unchivalrous if you stayed to look at her while she disrobes. Considering you will still be in the water, you'd be at the perfect place to see her vagina. How unchivalrous and embarrassing for her.
No. 92835 ID: 445c48

Toss down a glowing mushroom to make sure it doesn't do anything like return to the top or flow out those holes there.

Fukken elf magic
No. 92843 ID: fb5d8e
File 126097299161.png - (102.13KB , 700x700 , c12-15.png )

It will be dangerous to don all my equipment and then try to swim. I will have to come up with a different way of taking it with me. The same may go for Petal, though her gear looks considerably lighter.

I swim up to the grate and test its toughness. It breaks away immediately. It must have been rotten down here for quite some time.

No. 92844 ID: 632862

Looks like you're not having much trouble with the current there. Briefly go back for air and then explore beyond the grate to see how far it is.

If you could find some rope long enough, you could pull your gear through that way...
No. 92846 ID: 906dd6



Don't attempt to swim through right after dealing with the grate. Swim back, take a breath of air and only then go through the grate.
No. 92865 ID: 119b5c

The more time we linger, the more danger we'll be in. That way looks blocked by a root of some sort. We might have to go the other. And your right, full armor does sound dangerous, however, it's one of the few things we have. Swim back to Petal, grab your gear. We need to figure out how to get out of here in one piece. Although, if the arch-druid is out, wouldn't walking out be an option? Naww...The coot will be up and mad soon enough.

On top of all that, we have to figure out how to convince petal to jump suicidally into the stream.
No. 92866 ID: fb5d8e
File 126098282328.png - (128.23KB , 700x700 , c12-16.png )

I turn back for air, then go down again to investigate the tunnel I just opened. It leads me back up, finally opening into a small pool.
The room I am in has four holes with the same kind of grating, and one tunnel going further up. A small stream trickles down it.

No. 92867 ID: 119b5c

any chance we can make it here with our armor and Petal? This might be a better spot for her to wait then outside. Better to get off the elf-dar before they really come looking.
No. 92868 ID: 632862

I just thought of another possible way to get the armor through. Get a bunch of stuff that floats and stuff it in the armor, then let it just float up the tunnel.
No. 92869 ID: 5d5878

What in here would float, though? Maybe the mushrooms?
No. 92871 ID: e9b708

You could also take the armer a reasonable distance drop it to the bottom, get more air and repeat until you get it to where you want.
No. 92872 ID: c5a914

That might be where there are actual trolls. Better bring the weaponry.
No. 92889 ID: 15f6d6

It doesn't seem too far from the first cavern to this one. Bring your gear in a couple of trips and inform Petal to come along. The passage with the water dripping down it is probably worth investigating, but you should get armed and armored first.
No. 92890 ID: 6164e0

Hm... are those mushrooms glowin brighter in here, or is that due to the lower level of ambient light.

Either way, uproot one of the mushrooms, and toss it in the water, to test what kind of reaction it could have.

Then pluck another mushroom if the first became to waterlogged, and slowly use it to shine light down each of the barred tunnels. Check the upper right one first, as it looks to be already broken, before proceeding counterclockwise, using the mushrooms to try and glean what you can of the contents of each of these tunnels before removing the obstructions. It is VERY important you stay quiet whilst doing this, on the off chance trolls are present.

Then, before actually opening any grate, go back, and work with Petal to get both of yourselves and your equipment transferred over to this new location. If there are troll, having arms and armor would help.
No. 92896 ID: fb5d8e
File 126099404636.png - (128.54KB , 700x700 , c12-17.png )

I toss one of the mushrooms into the pool I came from. It floats gently in a circle.

I pick another mushroom to look through the grates, beginning at the top right one and going right.
Behind the grates are small damp chambers. Three of them are empty.
The last one appears to have a sitting figure in it. As I lean closer to see what it is a voice accompanies it.

No. 92897 ID: fb5d8e
File 126099407532.png - (85.86KB , 700x700 , c12-18.png )

"What's this..? You're not an elf.."
No. 92902 ID: 1831fc



"...No, I'm not. And I'm kind of certain you are a troll, and possibly dangerous. Why are you locked away down here? Did the Elves do this to you?"

Keep an eye on this one. I have a strange sense he might know something about the arcane.

Maybe that's just me.
No. 92904 ID: 2cbe3e


Ask him for his name, and tell him yours. Just because he's a Troll doesn't mean you should be impolite.
No. 92905 ID: e75a2f

I hope his name is Nearl.

Nearl the Troll.
No. 92906 ID: e024d0

Hello, how did you end up down here? A friend and I just on our way out of Everseed or whatever those fellows call it up there. Figured the tunnels have to go somewhere.

I supose you must be one of those 'Trolls' those lotus eaters upstairs were talking about.
No. 92911 ID: fb5d8e
File 126099629981.png - (89.30KB , 700x700 , c12-19.png )

"I am Sir Ridder, knight-errant. Who are you? Did the elves lock you down here?"
"I am King Salabim! The elves stole my crown and my kingdom, and killed all my children. I am very lonely here. Every week during the festival one of the druids comes to taunt me about my inability to reproduce!"
No. 92912 ID: b1e5ec

Have babies with him.
No. 92916 ID: e024d0

Sounds like something those dicks would do. You'll be happy to know that I only recently endangered the High Druids ability to reproduce then?

A solid blow to the gut does wonders on the elven attitude. I am currently smuggling a rebel from their forest outside and I would mind causing these decadent Fae a little more annoyance.
No. 92917 ID: c4fb38

Hmm, sounds like this little cave leads back into the Elf place, or close to it. Our way out might still be through the other water tunnel.

Or, ask if he knows about the enchantment on the forest.
No. 92920 ID: 2dd482

so that explains why that high druid bitch was in the trollbarrows.

Ask him how long he's been down here.
No. 92925 ID: fb5d8e
File 126099872844.png - (129.42KB , 700x700 , c12-20.png )

"I am trying to escape from the elves right now. What do you know of the enchantment that seals Wonderseed?"
"It's very dangerous! I lived with many children between the roots together with the elves, until they sealed everything off. Then we could not run anymore!"

Suddenly my ears twitch at the sound of footsteps echoing from up the tunnel. It sounds like they're still far away for now.
No. 92926 ID: 445c48

Fukken Elves.

Goddamn, how long does this festival last, anyways?
No. 92927 ID: e3f578

"Quickly, do you wish to escape with me? You can swim right? Or at least allow me to help you get under the water long enough to get you where my other friend is? I need someone who can navigate these tunnels and I will gladly help you."
No. 92928 ID: b1e5ec

You are not aware of time here.
No. 92929 ID: 1bf9a2

Explain that it was your plan to flee by following the water stream. Aks it if it wants to come along.

If possible, try to free the creature from behind the bars.
No. 92936 ID: fb5d8e
File 126100088387.png - (133.65KB , 700x700 , c12-21.png )

"Someone is coming... It was my plan to escape by following the current. Do you want to come along?"
"Oh yes, oh yes! I want to make children again!"
"Very well."

I look over the grate. It is made of wood, but too strong for one man to break.

"Push these bars while I pull them. On three.. two.. one.."

With loud cracking and shattering the wooden grate succumbs to our combined strength. King Salabim falls onto the ground before me.

The footsteps stop for a moment, then pick up in speed.

"Salabim? Salabim, what was that noise, you filthy troll?!"
No. 92939 ID: aabaf9

No. 92940 ID: e75a2f

Get Salabim back inside his cave, get all the wood stakes except for one inside the cave as well to hide them, and press your back up against the wall next to that ocergrown root to the left of the opening. It's growing next to the cage closest to the tunnel.

When the druid exits the tunnel and passes by you, Jam it straight into her navel. If you hit the right spot you'll sever the aorta and cause him/her to bleed out in minutes.
No. 92942 ID: 1bf9a2

Oh heck oh heck. Whoevers coming probably won't be amused to see Salabim free and about.

Prepare to ambush near the entrance and get ready to knock out another elf (making sure you don't kill her/him).
No. 92943 ID: e024d0

How about we run like hell instead, with both of us naked of Iron they will be more able to work their wicked elven magics and thus it would be wise to retreat into the water at this juncture.
No. 92945 ID: e75a2f

We can't let that druid go back and raise the alarm. That would mean fighting through the entirety of Wonderseed, as I don't believe that tunnel opens up where everyone assumes it to.
No. 92946 ID: e024d0

A good point I suppose, but they will hate us more if they discover we have killed one on their High Druids as well as releasing the Tollking.

We don't want to antagonize them to the point that they go Vietnam Voodoo Viscous on our camp and the neighboring towns.
No. 92947 ID: 1bf9a2

Yes, if we just flee, Salabim's absence will surely be reported. And if they search for Salabim they'll possibly find us too.
No. 92950 ID: fb5d8e
File 126100307441.png - (134.65KB , 700x700 , c12-22.png )

I think it may be too late to prevent outright hostilities between me and the elves, but it is true that if Salabim's escape becomes known our escape will be even more difficult. I shall disable the coming elf to buy us some time.

Salabim does not take the time to get up. Like a slippery eel he vanishes into the pool of water.
I rush up to the entrance of the tunnel just as an elf peeks his head through. I grab his arm and wrap his toga around his head like I did with the High Druid. Hopefully it will keep him immobile and unable to use magic long enough.

No. 92951 ID: e75a2f

Better make sure Petal is ok.

She might not know what to do when a troll bursts out of the water.
No. 92954 ID: e024d0

Try and shove him in one of those cells. Perhaps that will keep him occupied a shot time?
No. 92955 ID: e0499d

I say...
You hid behind something and have the king stay there. Then when the Elf is doing his reprimanding and crap, go assassin on the elf and knock er' out.
No. 92958 ID: 1bf9a2

Petal? Inform the Troll that there's an elf in the party ASAP. He has every reason to hold a grudge against elves and the least we can use now is disorder among our group of escapees.

Follow Salabim into the water and return to Petal. Warn everybody of each other's presence.
No. 92960 ID: e024d0

This sounds like a rather good idea.
No. 92965 ID: e75a2f

Also of note is all the naked elves at the entrance to the barrows. Considering our King Troll kept going on about how he wanted to reproduce, and the fact part of the punishment involved stripping, I think I get why the barrows are punishment.

AKA prepare for Rape, and hope Petal hasn't been taken down yet.
No. 92968 ID: fb5d8e
File 126100426246.png - (125.56KB , 700x700 , c12-23.png )

I rush into the water and struggle against the current back to Petal to warn her.
When I reach the surface of the pool, Salabim is not present.

Petal tilts her head.

"You sure can hold your breath for long."
No. 92971 ID: e024d0

Tell her you let loose the Troll King to serve as a distraction, however she should be careful because you neglected to mention that the person you were escaping with was also an elf.
No. 92972 ID: 8ce2bf

oh also i found this guy and put his toga over his head
No. 92973 ID: 1bf9a2

Tell her briefly what happened. Ask if she saw something in the water that might have been Salabim. Also ask her if she noticed any sign of elf activity while you were underwater.

Tell her that you might have found a route to escape, but it could be problematic to take your gears writh you.
No. 92984 ID: fb5d8e
File 126100587096.png - (119.85KB , 700x700 , c12-24.png )

"The underwater current accelerates deeper in the tunnel. I suggest we take the chance and let it drag us along. Hopefully we will reach the outside before we suffocate."
"That has to be the best escape plan I have ever heard."
"The problem will be taking our equipment along. It may sink or be pulled away from us."
"But I'm sure you've got a plan for that too."
"On my way down the tunnel I came across a smaller tunnel that lead me to a captive troll who called himself King Salamin. I freed him to join us escape, but I see he must have gone downstream already."

Petal gasps and covers her mouth.

"You're kidding, right?"
"No. Why?"
"You freed the trollking!"
"He said the elves took his kingdom and killed his children. He is the last of his kind. I assumed he--"
"You assumed he was just the greatest guy ever?! The Trollking steals babies from their cradle and turns them into his horrible trolls! And you freed him!"
No. 92986 ID: e024d0

Seemed like a good distraction. I'm really just making this up as I go along. Why, do you actually have a plan?
No. 92987 ID: f21281

Everything exists for a reason in the natural order of the world. Perhaps Trolls are the way of curbing the elven populace so that they do not overpopulate their regions and put a burden on their resources. A ying to your species yang, if you will - two opposites, keeping each other in balance.
No. 92988 ID: 2819cf


"Are you sure that's not just elven propoganda?"
No. 92989 ID: 632862

"Damn. I'll have to recapture him, then."
No. 92990 ID: 8ce2bf

Well is stealing babies really a bad thing?
No. 92991 ID: 6d4c58

*sigh* well it looks like before we leave we'll have to right a wrong. Tell her you shall make sure to slay the troll king if it comes down to it.
No. 92992 ID: b08879

Hey, he seemed like good distraction. Remember to bring this point.

Dont mention that you disabled the guards, though, although you´ll want to sound an alarm at the festival.
No. 92995 ID: e75a2f

Do you know of this for sure or is this something the druids told you?
No. 92996 ID: 445c48

I'm sure he's learned the errors of his ways. He's had his crown taken, his children killed, he's been imprisoned. I doubt he will do the whole "Babystealing" thing again.

He might just run an orphanage.
No. 92997 ID: c50a92

He steals babies? Seriously?

Okay, that sounds like your typical load of shit told to demonize the enemy, who, in this case, would be the trolls. If it's true though, then we'll be sure to shank the bastard later.

Anyway, he was a nice distraction. Proceed to get the hell out, making sure, if nothing else, to hold on to your irreplaceable banner.
No. 93000 ID: 476456

It wouldnt be too hard to necessarily convince him to leave, i mean the elves caught him once.
No. 93003 ID: e024d0

Do we really want to take him with us? I mean sounds like hew would be better stuck inside the woods with the elves if that's the case. Let them reap what they have sown.
No. 93004 ID: 1831fc
File 126100733489.png - (774.82KB , 800x600 , BABIES.png )



No. 93011 ID: fb5d8e
File 126100854245.png - (30.72KB , 700x700 , c12-25.png )

"Are you sure that this is true? It may be propoganda from the high druids to have you hate the enemy."
"Yes, the enemy, the hordes of trolls laying siege to our beautiful kingdom. And they're invisible to boot! Trollking lore dates back to archaic times. Noone agrees on where he came from, but they all know that he steals babies at night and somehow turns them into his children."
"Then I have to capture him again."
"Don't worry, that should be quite easy since he can't leave Wonderseed-- Oh wait!"

Petal rubs her head and sighs.

"Well, it's not like fighting evil involves a lot of baby making. Right?"
"N.. No. No, it shouldn't.."
"...I'm not even going to ask. So how do we follow the cradlerobber without losing our stuff?"
No. 93012 ID: 632862

Grab the wood from the broken prison to use as flotation.
No. 93013 ID: 426169

Return to the prison, and fill one of your cloaks with those mushrooms. They float.
No. 93014 ID: 8ce2bf

Ditch your armor and just bring along your banner spear. Your armor is too heavy to bother with.
No. 93016 ID: 426169

Actually, this would also double as a source of light.
No. 93028 ID: fb5d8e
File 126101071264.png - (35.29KB , 700x700 , c12-26.png )

Good thinking! That should work.

"We put all of our things in my skirt, then add these mushrooms. They should give the buoyancy needed to keep everything from sinking directly."
"..Does that mean I have to strip as well?"
No. 93029 ID: 632862

Uh... That depends on if she can swim in that armor. It is lighter than ours...
No. 93033 ID: e024d0

If you would prefer I shall go ahead and give you some time, unless of course you feel like swimming in your armor?
No. 93035 ID: 0a190d

>invisible trolls
No. 93036 ID: 8ce2bf

This is no time to be shy, we need to get out of here and find the troll king.
No. 93039 ID: 1bf9a2


Not necessarily, if she is able to swim. If not... well, she doesn't want to stay, does she?
If she feels uncomfortable swimming in her undergarments, she should tell you how she wants to proceed elsewise.

Continue to conduct the plan.
No. 93040 ID: 5eff20

"Not unless you want to~."

Do it in that annoyingly sarcastic elf voice.
No. 93049 ID: 445c48

No. 93051 ID: ba41e5

Promise not to look.
No. 93054 ID: fb5d8e
File 126101239747.png - (27.99KB , 700x700 , c12-27.png )

"Only if you feel it to be necessary. Your armor looks a lot lighter than mine."
"No, it will be dangerous if it gets bogged down with water. I suppose I have no choice."
"I promise not to look."
No. 93059 ID: fb5d8e
File 126101312990.png - (123.79KB , 700x700 , c12-28.png )

We stack our belongings in the length of my skirt then add as much mushrooms as will fit. I close the package tightly with ours belts.

I hit the water first. I try to streamline my body to get as much speed from the current as possible.
The package slows me down only slightly. It still sinks, but keeping it from hitting the bottom requires little effort on my side.

Soon enough the currents strength increases to where we are unable to fight it. Now we can only hope this speed will bring us to a surface.

No. 93060 ID: 1afd58

hope that speed will bring you to a surface
No. 93061 ID: 5aa60d

hope Petal can keep up
No. 93063 ID: 1bf9a2


Uhm, if you want to get speed from the current, you should probably not streamline your body...

Good luck, by the way.
No. 93064 ID: e0499d

well... we can at least hope that the troll king repays our kindness later on... (... that's really hopeful...)
No. 93065 ID: 426169

No. 93313 ID: fb5d8e
File 126106215554.png - (156.61KB , 700x700 , c12-29.png )

As expected, the current pulls us along at increasingly greater speed.
My lungs begin to ache just as I see a slowly growing light.
I give a last kick against the bottom and break through the surface, gasping for air.

The current continues to pull us along towards bright light.

No. 93314 ID: fb5d8e
File 126106216985.png - (174.85KB , 700x700 , c12-30.png )

Bright daylight.
No. 93318 ID: 632862

Brace yourself against the sides of the exit and ease yourself down, rather than falling on all those rocks and shallow water.
No. 93333 ID: 15f6d6

Try not to crack your head open on the rocks below like an overripe melon.
No. 93341 ID: 7f1887

Shoot limbs outwards in all directions, maybe you'll succeed in not falling and breaking something. Don't worry about your inventory, too. There's nothing particularly fragile in it, and you could always look for it later.
No. 93345 ID: 119b5c

In before Elf up our arse.
No. 93349 ID: c50a92

>>93318 >>93341
This, but before doing so, yell something like "Grab on to something!" back to Petal to avoid nudity-based shenanigans.
No. 93351 ID: 013cc0

Well, that depends on what she grabs on to.
No. 93361 ID: fb5d8e
File 12610739628.png - (84.05KB , 700x700 , c12-31.png )

I kick off to accelerate one last time, then jump towards an outhanging root.

The pack of equipment tumbles down the waterfall. Hopefully nothing will be damaged.

No. 93362 ID: fb5d8e
File 126107399917.png - (84.85KB , 700x700 , c12-32.png )

I managed to grab onto the root and cling to relative safety.
Petal is not so lucky.

No. 93363 ID: 632862

Grab her hand!
No. 93364 ID: 2dd482

quick, lower your legs! maybe she can grab onto them
No. 93365 ID: 7f1887

Forget the Elf. She was never on your side to begin with.
No. 93366 ID: 8ce2bf

Grip the root with your thighs and hang upsidedown to grab her.
No. 93378 ID: fb5d8e
File 126107643972.png - (33.18KB , 700x700 , c12-33.png )

Without thinking I grab her wrist as if it's a natural reflex.
Using her momentum I swing her around and pull her onto the root.

No. 93379 ID: fb5d8e
File 12610764637.png - (98.64KB , 700x700 , c12-34.png )

She's safe.
No. 93381 ID: c0f3bf

And incredibly embarrassed. Ask her if she's alright, maybe if you ignore it your nakedness will just go away.
No. 93382 ID: aa7791

Compliment her nice tits.
No. 93383 ID: 632862

Ask if she's okay. Blush politely and look away.

Time to figure out how to get down safely, now. Climb the root up, perhaps, then climb down one of the longer roots.
No. 93393 ID: fb5d8e
File 126107766371.png - (82.64KB , 700x700 , c12-35.png )

"Are you alright?"
"Y-yeah.. I'm fine."
"Let's climb up and find a safe way down. Hopefully our gear got caught in calmer waters."
"Y.. yeah. Yeah."
No. 93395 ID: f91e71

Have full view.
Of a smart,
beautiful, unclothed lady.
Clutched in your arms.

See her embarrassment.
Feel yours.

Inappropriate erection, go.
No. 93396 ID: 632862

Don't stare at her naked butt.
No. 93399 ID: 2cbe3e


That sweet elf vag is like less than a foot away from your face.

Look up, damn you.
No. 93403 ID: fb5d8e
File 126107866942.png - (97.58KB , 700x700 , c12-36.png )

Thank you, Voices, for allowing me to indulge myself in these lewd desires, but should I wish to share an intimate moment with Petal it will be in a much different situation.
I prefer to stay focused on the task at hand and not make the level of awkwardness any higher.

We travel downstream. It's not hard to find our things.

"What a surprise! It's all completely soaked. So what do we do? Are we going to keep moving or wait until our things dry? ..You look like you've got a fever. Caught a cold?"
No. 93404 ID: 7f1887

Just shake yourself off like a dog. You can do that, right?
No. 93405 ID: 2cbe3e


"I was embarrassed because the voices in my head keep commenting on your body."
No. 93406 ID: 632862

Hey, I said not to.

Uhm. You should probably let your clothes dry before wearing them, so as to not get hypothermia or something. You should both sit on opposite sides of a rock to ensure privacy.
No. 93407 ID: 15f6d6

If the weather is nice now, you should actually let your things dry. You don't want to get sick.
No. 93408 ID: 632862

Also thank her for her concern and say you're probably fine.
No. 93410 ID: c3df09

>What a surprise! It's all completely soaked.

Jesus, woman, are you ever off??
No. 93421 ID: 55e935

Good call. Shake the water off like it's nothing and this whole mess is no problem, leaving Petal soaked and feeling awkward.
No. 93422 ID: fb5d8e
File 126108103441.png - (73.03KB , 700x700 , c12-37.png )

I am not a dog. I am also not going to lick myself clean.

The bright afternoon sun rises high in the sky. Things should not take too long to dry.

"We should let our clothes dry first. We can sit on opposite sides of this large rock so we can enjoy some privacy."
"Oh, good call. No offense, but I can't relax like this."
"I completely understand."

"What is it?"
"I can't believe we're actually out of Wonderseed. I didn't think I'd ever leave that place."
No. 93424 ID: 7f1887

Pull your hands out of there Ridder. It's not the time for that.
No. 93425 ID: 2cbe3e


Masturbate furiously while trying to hold a normal conversation.
No. 93426 ID: 476456

"Refreshing isnt it?"
No. 93427 ID: c3df09

She was giving us a lot of grief about leaving the place before - ask her if she feels better about going with you now.
No. 93428 ID: 8ce2bf

Lay out spread eagle for MAXIMUM SPEED DRYING.
No. 93429 ID: 632862

I bet the Trollking is thinking something similar right now.

"Can you think of any way we might be able to retrieve your things?"

Also ask her if she knows anything else about the Trollking that might help in tracking him down, and if the Druids will have any luck doing it themselves.
No. 93432 ID: e3f578

"Are you glad? Will you miss your family? I know you disliked your government but surely someone was important to you in your old home?"

We'll need a mage expert next time going back. We do not want to do that again. A mage might be able to pierce through the illusions hopefully.
No. 93434 ID: fb5d8e
File 126108249728.png - (72.19KB , 700x700 , c12-38.png )

"Do you feel better having come with me?"
"Absolutely. You're my knight in shining armor! ..No, that's a bad example.."
"Don't worry. I am glad I could help you. I look forward to working together."
"Me too. And to think I almost stayed because of my research."
"Do you know any way we can get your things?"
"Not at all. I'm still surprised we even made it out."
"On another note; What more can you tell me of the Trollking? Specifically, how can I locate him?"
"I'm not his best friend, so I can only tell you the basics. The Trollking is an immortal fey, who can't have children of his own, since, well, he obviously doesn't have a Trollqueen. Driven mad with jealousy and spite, he steals newborns from their cradle and turns them into cabbages, which later 'hatch' into his troll children. Then the High Druids took over the old elven empire and sealed it off, and it wasn't long before they managed to corner the trolls and the Trollking. They didn't kill him because he's the only one of his kind."[/b]
No. 93435 ID: 476456

New mission, get troll king to start orphanage.
No. 93437 ID: 3fecfb

I approve.

On a completely unrelated note to anything at hand, i think Ridder's agility would make him a great unmounted fighter with just a bit of training. Maybe Black Fang can help.
No. 93439 ID: 445c48

Maybe an Unplanned Parenthood Baby donation center in Sepia town?
No. 93440 ID: 632862

It would be an interesting solution to get the Trollking to not steal babies, but adopt orphans instead. Seems rather unlikely though since he's supposedly insane.

There's also the problem of once captured, how to deliver him to the elves without getting trapped again.
No. 93442 ID: e0499d

I think that if we find him, we should just convince him to join by promising to find him a TrollQueen if he comes with us... on the condition he doesn't change children into his babies.
No. 93443 ID: 445c48

Fuck the Elves. If it weren't for Petal, I'd advise torching their fucking orgy forest.
No. 93447 ID: 476456

He's pretty old, I don't think he wants to spend his fading days traipsing about with some knight.
No. 93466 ID: fb5d8e
File 126108632233.png - (74.03KB , 700x700 , c12-39.png )

"Will you miss your family? I know you disliked the high druids, but was there anyone close to you?"
"Family doesn't mean much in a society where all children are made in giant orgies. There were some who I held dear, but I discovered they weren't quite who I thought they were.."
"I'm sorry to hear that."
"Frankly, I'm sick of Wonderseed elves. That reminds me, aren't you a Leferran? The books said that you were confined to the Far North by the barrier."
"I was born here. I don't know how my parents got on this side."
"What did your parents do for a living?"
"They were mercenaries, then Lord Malto of North Piacevol granted them their knightly titles for their bravery beyond call of duty."
"It sounds like they are very noble."
"They are."
"Do you ever see them any more?"
"They disappeared during the revolution that ended my lord's reign and forced me into exile."
"..Oh.. I'm sorry."
"It's fine. I work hard to live up to their and Lord Malto's honor."
"That's quite admirable."
"Thank you."
"..Well, it looks like our clothes are dry. Shall we move on?"
No. 93467 ID: d74b5c


Torch it anyway! Fire good!
No. 93468 ID: 2dd482

clothes yes, but you both still look a bit wet. No sense getting dressed if you're just going to get them wet again.

This is really just an excuse to see more elf sideboob, I have no suggestion to contribute.
No. 93470 ID: 3fecfb

Get dressed and get going.
No. 93471 ID: 5d5878

Sounds good. No point in wasting more time.
No. 93472 ID: 632862

Yes, let's. See if you can find the Trollking's tracks along the river's shore.
No. 93474 ID: 15f6d6

You should probably fuck first.
No. 93475 ID: 445c48

We've already invited her to our place. Let's hope Iegsip can make whatever she's making stretch for another. Unless elves don't eat meat.

What do elves eat? Ask her. If we were still working through the ring, we could have had Iegsip prepare something for our guest, oh well.
No. 93479 ID: fb5d8e
File 126108752982.png - (86.01KB , 700x700 , c12-40.png )

Searching for tracks in the mud is a brilliant idea. It should tell us which way the Trollking went.
Sadly, I have no tracking skills. I wouldn't be able to tell the Trollking's track apart from any other.
Iesgip has the required knowledge and experience, however. She should be able to find out where anything has been.

We equip our gear and head off into the woods. Here, outside Wonderseed, moss grows normally again. I'll be able to navigate us home.

"Petal, what do you eat?"
"..Why do you ask?"
"If you will be living with us then we will provide your meals."
"Oh. I'm willing to try exotic cuisine."
"Very well. Our cook is quite skilled."
"I'm not worrying."
No. 93486 ID: 632862

Make sure she knows who we're working with. I imagine Black Fang would be quite a surprise, for starters.
No. 93487 ID: d74b5c


Mention how your 'cuisine' is indeed exotic.
No. 93488 ID: 6d4c58

May want to inform her of the group she will be rooming with.
No. 93489 ID: 7418d6

Petal seems open minded, but we probably shouldn't mention to her that our colleagues include a goblin, two kobolds, and a gnoll, who knows how she'll take it.
No. 93491 ID: 2cbe3e


You mean, we should just let her discover in a few hours and THEN freak out about it?

Just tel her about the other companions you have. Why be ashamed of them.
No. 93492 ID: 34470e

Then just tell her you're working with unique individuals.
No. 93494 ID: e0499d

No. 93498 ID: fb5d8e
File 126109036380.png - (147.79KB , 700x700 , c12-41.png )

"As you will soon see, I work with a variety of unique individuals. Please don't be alarmed by them."
"Our main warrior is Black Fang, a gnoll former mercenary. He is rather intimidating, but won't hurt anyone in the group. Our alchemist, with whom you may find yourself working the most, is Grek, a goblin former tinkerer. She has invented a way to superheat metal."
"Really! That is interesting."
"Indeed. Our herbalist, trapper, tracker and cook is Iesgip, a fine and trustworthy kobold. She is very driven to help in the fight against evil. From the same background comes our carpenter Nakraska. He is very laid back and doesn't make himself known most of the times. Last but not least is Sticks, our master of stealth and locks. She used to be a halfling, but was turned into catfolk by magic recently. She has taken it quite well, luckily.
"That's good to hear."
"Ah, here is Iesgip now."
"Sir! You have returned just in time for dinner, sir!"
"Good afternoon, Iesgip. Do you think there is enough food for an extra person?"
"Sir, yes, sir! Sticks left for the day! She said she will return tomorrow!"
"I see. Well, please meet our newest member, Petal."
"Ma'am! I am Iesgip, at your service!"
"Likewise, Iesgip. Nice to meet you."
"Ma'am! Sir! I better get back inside to finish setting the table! Please join us as soon as possible! Sir! Ma'am!"
No. 93501 ID: 445c48

Promote Iegsip
No. 93506 ID: 455d6f


In b4 Ridder finds out the ring is a molten heap of metal.
No. 93518 ID: f91e71

Update Iegsip on the Trollking affair.
No. 93563 ID: 632862

I think we should wait until after dinner to get Iesgip's assistance on tracking the Trollking.
No. 93567 ID: fb5d8e
File 12610957328.png - (84.99KB , 700x700 , c12-42.png )

That evening everyone met during dinner. I informed everyone of the circumstances: The possibly hostile elves and the renegade Trollking. After that I let them speak freely amongst themselves.
As expected, Grek and Petal had the most to talk about. I hope that their combined knowledge will not only result in extraordinairy arms, but also in a strong friendship between the two women.

Sticks' absence goes mostly unnoticed. Perhaps her presence here was too short to make an impact.. or perhaps I'm just trying not to think of her.

Dear friend, wherever you are and whatever may have happened between us, for good or bad: Good night.

No. 93570 ID: e024d0

Hmmm I wonder where she got to? She didn't say anything about leaving before she handed of the ring did she?
No. 93572 ID: 5d5878

>too short
I see what you did there...
No. 93622 ID: 445c48

Yes. That was just mean, ridder.
No. 93649 ID: e498ea

She's probably off spying on some boys. Just wait a while, she'll get carried away and get in trouble.
No. 93699 ID: 456d73

>Nebraska blushing

Uh oh... I think Iesgip may be the target of affection for a certain bold whether she feels the same way or not.

Is the ring still in tact? We need to get inside his head...
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