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File 126084704048.jpg - (346.02KB , 800x600 , CBSF-Title copy.jpg )
92162 No. 92162 ID: c88bbf

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No. 92165 ID: 35cea2

No. 92170 ID: c88bbf
File 126084719079.jpg - (242.92KB , 1000x600 , roadblock.jpg )

We have been traveling the road for nearly a day, when Dribliza stops upon the crest of a hill.

"There's a roadblock down there, should we stop, try to weave through, go offroad, or do you have a plan?"
No. 92174 ID: 15f6d6

We are going to fucking sing our way through.
No. 92175 ID: 66e906

It's unmanned? Investigate.
No. 92178 ID: 964033

Let's go offroad for a bit. It's uninhabited right?

We should check for mines all the same.
No. 92179 ID: 632862

We can't, that ability is still on cooldown.
No. 92180 ID: 5d5878

Of course you have a plan, you're a glorious example of the perfect race.
No. 92181 ID: de3db8


I think that one slightly brighter pixel on the hill to the right is a secret! Go check it out.
No. 92216 ID: d95141

We will get through with our sheer charm!
No. 92231 ID: 66e906

Oh yeah, check if there's anything on the power pylon to the right. I think I see a black speck.
No. 92250 ID: d95141

Yeah, if there's something there, check it out.
No. 92306 ID: c88bbf
File 126085176998.jpg - (161.13KB , 1000x600 , buggy chase.jpg )

It is most assuredly not unmanned

I shall inform Dribliza that we are to bypass it.

I can't see that far!

I now have reason to believe it was a spotter!

A vehicle has overtaken us and has its lights pointed in our direction! It appears to be painted in a green and gold color scheme!
No. 92310 ID: b8687a

Sergals! Clan Shigu remnants probably!

Or at least one can assume, green and gold...

Wait, does that mean raiders? Ask Dribliza if these fellas are friendly or not! And floor it!
No. 92312 ID: 632862

Well if it overtook you that means it's faster than you... and it looks like it has a gun turret.

Maybe it would be a good idea to stop and see what they want.
No. 92319 ID: 7d87d9

How the hell can you assume that.

Either way we are SCREWED.

No. 92331 ID: b8687a

Surrender, play the song of your people.
No. 92342 ID: 66e906

No. 92370 ID: c88bbf
File 126085697591.jpg - (152.51KB , 800x858 , inventory-amadoobus.jpg )

We can't outrun them, that's for sure. I'll instruct her to stop!

Here's what I have!
No. 92371 ID: 964033

Take out the bomb and threaten to blow us all to smitheroons if they get too close.
No. 92383 ID: c88bbf
File 12608593291.jpg - (134.95KB , 519x494 , adorable commando.jpg )

As soon as we stop a tiny green fellow jumps off!

"What you in such a hurry for, driving around with no lights at night?"
No. 92384 ID: 964033

Say "Oh! Thank goodness, we thought you were raiders..."
No. 92386 ID: 159f4e


"No hurry officer, just going for a drive."
No. 92387 ID: 66e906

"Why did you block the road?"
No. 92394 ID: 4553b2

"This thing has lights? I was unaware."
No. 92420 ID: 45be60

No. 92436 ID: 6550ad

Just put your cool face on.

Problem, officer?
No. 92437 ID: 4553b2

Shush, we're playing dumb.
No. 92449 ID: e3e35f

"It's dangerous out here and driving around without light is better then attract the attention of raiders. It isn't that dark anyway."
No. 92528 ID: 7ea1ff

This is the only possible course of action.
No. 92537 ID: e0499d

this plus telling him of the song of your people.
No. 92538 ID: edabbc

Yeah sure.
Cops just love that kinda hippie bullshit.
No. 92558 ID: de3db8

This. Absolutely, this.
No. 92595 ID: 6013f3
File 126092113718.jpg - (39.05KB , 469x428 , coolface.jpg )

No. 92660 ID: c88bbf
File 126093206081.jpg - (92.12KB , 666x452 , trollface.jpg )

I put on a grotesque visage and ask if there is a problem! He steps back and says,
"What th- Alright you two, get out. We need to go over you with a Traveler scanner, and you certainly look like a Traveler. One of them has been causing trouble around here lately."
No. 92661 ID: 15f6d6

What the hell is a traveler? If you aren't one, then I guess them them scan you.
No. 92662 ID: 35cea2

No. 92665 ID: 632862

Ask what a Traveler is. That sounds like an odd term to put emphasis on.
No. 92671 ID: c88bbf
File 126093394182.jpg - (135.02KB , 519x494 , adorable commando.jpg )

"What then is a traveller, good sir, other than one who travels?"

Don't play stupid with me, either come down to the checkpoint and get scanned or there's going to be some trouble, and it won't end well for the both of you. We will escort you down."
No. 92675 ID: 632862

Oh fine, then. Follow the adorable little fluffy guy. We can ask again at the checkpoint after they've scanned us.
No. 92694 ID: 0bc3ea

So what is this thing, some kind of fairy-sergal?
No. 92698 ID: 632862

No. It's a Mok. Like Telwis and Telmis.
No. 92699 ID: c88bbf
File 126093830846.jpg - (156.44KB , 1000x600 , moktruck.jpg )

A fairy-sergal? I've no idea! They seem to be of a cautious nature. They have a large vehicle with very bright lights mounted atop it.

"This one looks like he's from Elsewhere for sure, never seen anything like it. "

"It's a weird looking one, that's for sure. The scanner will tell us for sure, is he in the truck?"
"Yes, I'll have him sent out at once...*kssh*Terven, send out the scanner, we got a live one.*kssh*"

I say! They mustn't know that I can understand every word they are saying, or they'd not speak so rudely!
No. 92700 ID: 0bc3ea

A what like who and who?
No. 92701 ID: 82167e

Looks like it might be a race from Deep Quest, if I'm recalling correctly. (The Mok, which Telwis is one of.)
No. 92702 ID: c0f3bf

Well don't jump to conclusions, they might just be jerks.
No. 92703 ID: 0bc3ea

Reprimand them for their rudeness in their own language. Shit will be HILARIOUS.
No. 92723 ID: c88bbf
File 126094075087.jpg - (121.21KB , 598x600 , scanner.jpg )

I begin to reprimand them for acting rudely but I've been interrupted! An awful droning sound fills the air, as if several dozen badly discordant buzzing instruments are all playing a single note as loudly as possible!
Dribliza cannot hear it, it seems. I can barely hear anything! A bizarre looking robed grotesquerie floats forth from the vehicle. It has some sort of buzzing electric lamp that it uses to speak with, which I can hardly hear. There is a chittering, clicking sound that is emanating from it, which sounds clearly like speech! It is saying "Traveler, small size, sensed. Does not seem threat." It's very hard to understand, as it's like two voices speaking it in two different languages, one the chittering sound, and one buzzing out in the language of the small folk.
No. 92728 ID: 632862

Cover your ears and complain about the loud noise.
No. 92756 ID: 7ea1ff

It appears to be a cyborg ghost cunt. Punch it in the clit.
No. 92758 ID: c88bbf
File 126094470521.jpg - (214.49KB , 795x600 , scannerface.jpg )

I do so, and it comes up to me and chitters "That one is not a Traveler, yet it can speak with this one. "

There is no additional voice this time, but the droning is still awfully loud!

I believe that course of action is not a wise one, it seems dangerous, though I cannot say exactly how.
No. 92759 ID: 632862

Wait, is it saying the goblin is the one it sensed being/having a Traveler?

Ask what a Traveler is. Also ask what kind of being the scanner is.
No. 92771 ID: c0f3bf
File 126094739173.jpg - (9.06KB , 360x270 , scanners.jpg )

Unfortunately, we already know...
No. 92837 ID: 15f6d6
File 126096703213.jpg - (71.61KB , 480x360 , sp_0814_02_v6.jpg )

We need to teach some lion cubs to give abortions. Only Satan would have sex with a goblin.
No. 92861 ID: 2cbe3e


Ask what it is, or even if it's alive.
No. 92878 ID: e024d0

Or an Elf
No. 92919 ID: 51d0f5

Introduce yourself. Say you are a Doobie and you can understand everything they're saying and you think they're being very rude. Demand an explanation.

Tell your goblin friend that now would be a good time to give you your instrument, because the tone of negotiations is growing... sour.
No. 92956 ID: 364846

ask it what it wants and what this little green guys are.
And look after your partner.
No. 93188 ID: c88bbf
File 126102473388.jpg - (128.50KB , 649x600 , let me sing you.jpg )

"The Traveler is inside that one this one is unable to trace the Traveler to its origin it is alive

This One is a [unintelligible] they wish to avoid instabilities with other Travelers as some of Travelers can weaken things that should be strong and strenghten things that should be weakened

I ask what the meaning of this rudeness is, they seem surprised I can speak to them in their own language while Dribliza passes me my instrument. What is my motive for playing, though? It's not too clear here.
No. 93198 ID: 15f6d6

You need to play a song that spreads peace and understanding and alleviates suspicion. Aren't all men brothers, in the end, despite species or gender? Play to foster understanding and bring people together! That is what this world needs - togetherness!
No. 93200 ID: e024d0

So, cause a hippy revolution?
No. 93205 ID: 7d87d9

We might not want to play the song yet... Suddenly taking out our keytar may frighten them and the last thing we wish to do is to anger these little green things who may become rather hostile and harm us or our perfect ride.

Or worse... Damage the keytar!
No. 93207 ID: de3db8

Yeah, don't sing them the song of your people just quite yet.
No. 93230 ID: 4553b2

Repeat the question, since they didn't answer. "What is the meaning of this strange phrase?"
No. 93231 ID: 159f4e


instead, explain you are an ambassador from your people and must know many tongues.
No. 93232 ID: aba0a3

Sing the song while your keytar gently weeps.
No. 93233 ID: bf1e7e


Your motive for playing is communication. Through the majesty of your song, this tangled web of words will attain clarity!
No. 93234 ID: c88bbf
File 126102926558.jpg - (209.82KB , 795x600 , scannerface.jpg )

I ask it about the green creatures, it says they are also travelers from long ago.

They are looking a bit confused, they are arguing over whether or not the Scanner could be wrong.
No. 93235 ID: de3db8

Ask them what a traveler is.
No. 93238 ID: c88bbf
File 126102980987.jpg - (133.29KB , 1000x600 , song04.jpg )

The word it used passed around my understanding, like unto air over the wing of a swallow!

I turn about, and get everone's attention. They stare at me with a puzzled look.

No. 93240 ID: c88bbf
File 126102983594.jpg - (225.77KB , 1000x600 , song05.jpg )

No. 93241 ID: c88bbf
File 126102987354.jpg - (226.48KB , 1000x600 , song6.jpg )

No. 93253 ID: c88bbf
File 126103227325.jpg - (168.33KB , 1000x600 , lotsa moksa.jpg )

They all sit down, docile, and stare enraptured. I can hear the sound of Dribilza yelling over the vehicle's engine: "Get on!"
No. 93254 ID: 15f6d6

Jump back in yur tub Amadoobus. It's time to hit the road. We don't actually want to mess up any of their stuff, we just want to show them the power of song!
No. 93257 ID: 51d0f5

First ask what a Traveller is.
No. 93275 ID: d1701a


This Quest = Best Quest
No. 93279 ID: e3f578

Throw the "horns" while driving away. It's when you put you hand in the air while your thumb holds down your middle finger and your pinky and index finger are extended.

It's the sign that you just rocked out loud or somebody in the vicinity did so. Do this anytime something awesome happens.
No. 93292 ID: 6550ad



Keep one!
No. 93293 ID: d1701a

No. 93316 ID: e2020c


lol, agreed
No. 93348 ID: cec64e

you're right that is fucking cute
No. 93358 ID: 632862

"Thank you, everyone! I'll just be moving along now. You've been a great audience!"
No. 93452 ID: c88bbf
File 126108500219.jpg - (141.89KB , 1000x600 , lazy goblin.jpg )

This is by far the best idea, if I stop playing they may turn hostile again!

Dribliza stops after it gets really dark and says she isn't driving any more and for me to go look for shelter. She gets off, sits down, and starts eating.
No. 93458 ID: 632862

Ask her about her baby.
No. 93459 ID: 15f6d6

You need to find out what impregnated her. If whatever is inside of her is a "traveler" it might be bad.
No. 93463 ID: 632862

Be polite about it.
No. 93465 ID: 632862

Is there some guy standing in the background over on the right?
No. 93473 ID: 632862

There's some depressions or rocks or something in the hell on the left, too. Take a closer look at that.
No. 93500 ID: c88bbf
File 126109044246.jpg - (32.04KB , 1000x600 , chimney.jpg )

No, it looks like an old chimney.
No. 93503 ID: c88bbf
File 126109050043.jpg - (58.89KB , 1000x600 , driblizaface.jpg )

I will tell you something if you give me that thing again. And find a place to sleep. I'm sick of sleeping in this tent.
No. 93505 ID: cec64e

does that ride have lights? use them.
No. 93510 ID: 2cbe3e


Give her your instrument, grudgingly. Then go out and try to find a place to sleep at.
No. 93512 ID: 632862

Well okay, it's not like you can sing again anytime soon. Hand over the Instrument. Also, if that's a chimney that means there's a house over there. You can sleep in that.
No. 93525 ID: c88bbf
File 126109249849.jpg - (100.65KB , 1000x600 , chimney2.jpg )

It doesn't we seem to have neglected to attach that part!
Dribliza is quite fatigued and wishes to rest, anyway.

I suppose I could, perhaps some useful information could be acquired.

Well I suppose there was a house here once, but there's naught but a chimney remaining.
No. 93528 ID: 632862

Inspect the inside of the chimney.
No. 93534 ID: 51e377

Check every single nook and cranny of the chimney and the surrounding area
No. 93556 ID: c88bbf
File 126109506599.jpg - (49.85KB , 1000x600 , chimney3.jpg )

This is completely nonsensical! There isn't a thing in here but some old burnt out ash- something moved!
No. 93558 ID: 15f6d6

Dig that out! Get Dribliza over there and dig that little fucker out of that fireplace.
No. 93559 ID: c0f3bf

Tell Dribliza.

Brace for impact.
No. 93561 ID: 34470e

Carefully remove some of the logs.
No. 93562 ID: 632862

Wait, is that a rat or something? Step away from it. Don't get bit.
No. 93569 ID: 7f1887

Find a poking stick. Poke it with the poking stick.
No. 93584 ID: c88bbf
File 126109684944.jpg - (74.50KB , 411x600 , uglycat.jpg )

No. 93585 ID: 43d730

Are those... Scorch marks?
No. 93587 ID: 15f6d6

You must take the ugly cat. You must. It will become your trustworthy sidekick.
No. 93590 ID: e024d0

hmmm, where have I seen this face before, I'm sure its irrelevant and played no part in legends of yore. Take it with, I'm sure its been here a long while.
No. 93592 ID: 5d5878

My god, the evil involved in burning down a town has sent it into an entirely different universe.
No. 93595 ID: 34470e

Take the arsoncat as your pet.
No. 93600 ID: 7f1887

Pour some liquid rations on the cat to clean him up, you hygiene freak. After that, take it to back to camp to Dribliza.
No. 93602 ID: 456d73

Crisis on Infinite Quests
No. 93607 ID: e0499d

examine chimney for interdimensional portal?
No. 93611 ID: e024d0

I think we may merely be looking at a historical site. probably nothing else significant. Simply a reminder of past memories, and the onward march of history.
No. 93722 ID: c88bbf
File 126111391879.jpg - (117.74KB , 1000x600 , doobieface3.jpg )

I don't think pouring water on the beast will entice it to follow me. Perhaps a more suitable arrangement could be deciphered?
No. 93723 ID: 34470e

Will butter do?
No. 93724 ID: 6faa8c

maybe if you either covered your hands, or got someone else to hold it?
No. 93731 ID: 51d0f5

Just offer it some water. Find a suitable dish and pour some water into it.
No. 93735 ID: 456d73

Uglycat is a proud woman with a rich heritage and needs not your damn pity.
No. 93740 ID: c88bbf
File 126111675413.jpg - (254.34KB , 1600x653 , comboinv.jpg )

I don't think we've got anything to catch it in or even bring it water with...
No. 93748 ID: f1015a

Just let it be - if it wants to follow you, it will. Cats are capricious beasts.
No. 93752 ID: c88bbf
File 12611186254.jpg - (58.25KB , 500x506 , driblizaface.jpg )

>A secret has been revealed!

I ignore it and start to walk away, and sure enough it follows me back down the hill! Dribliza's face comes alight when she lays eyes on the unfortunately built creature!

"A cat!? Where'd you find him? Oh, wow, you're an ugly little guy aren't you? And covered in soot, too! YOu didn't happen to find any shelter did you?"
No. 93754 ID: d4ba48

Set the cat on fire. This is the only true course of action.
No. 93756 ID: c0f3bf

Tell her you found it in the chimney. Unfortunately probably not that good shelter.
No. 93758 ID: c88bbf
File 126112027246.jpg - (64.22KB , 1000x600 , lazy goblin.jpg )

I most certainly will not! What kind of knave, nay, villain, would do such a dreadful thing?! Why, to even think of something that deplorable to visit on a cat; no matter how malformed its appearance may be!

I believe she can tell from the soot the thing's covered in, but I inform her nonetheless. She does not seem keen on building a fire, even if it's far from the road. She'll not tell me even a bit of her story if I cannot find somewhere to sleep.

My night vision is rather poor, I'm not the best at finding things in the dark. Should I look about anywhere else? >>93754
No. 93759 ID: 9e9b47


Well there's the two smudges off to the left, and the smudge off to the right.
No. 93760 ID: c0f3bf

Go to the left smudges.
No. 93761 ID: c88bbf
File 126112160870.jpg - (90.23KB , 1000x600 , house.jpg )

There's an abandoned house on the hill, and a small copse of trees further down. I can go get Dribliza immediately or inspect them further.
No. 93762 ID: c0f3bf

Check the house real fast.
No. 93763 ID: 9e9b47


Let's open the door and look in at least. Call hello.
No. 93764 ID: 337e8a

check out the house first, wouldn't want to mess up our "trust" with her.
No. 93765 ID: c88bbf
File 126112279756.jpg - (179.74KB , 1000x600 , room1.jpg )

inside the house there's a hearth, and another room with nothing in it. There are some fresh ashes in the hearth and an iron bar to hang a cookpot from, but nothing else.
No. 93766 ID: 34470e

Examine the iron bar and the hearth.
No. 93767 ID: 9e9b47


Look for a pokin' stick to poke around in the hearth with.
No. 93768 ID: c0f3bf

How fresh are the ashes?
No. 93769 ID: 66e906

Inspect the ashes, maybe dig around a little
No. 93772 ID: d4ba48

First things first: Is there anything in the house that will burn?
No. 93776 ID: c88bbf
File 126112578458.jpg - (84.55KB , 1000x600 , hearth.jpg )

The hearth is a rather simple style, with an iron bar set in the walls to hang a cookpot from.

I haven't got a stick of any sort; I could wander to the trees and look there for something. There's not a bit of firewood around.

Had I to guess, and I do, I'd say the ashes are less than a week old.
No. 93778 ID: 476456

interesting, might be commonly settled in, be prepared for visitors.

go get dribliza, she has some splaining to do.
No. 93789 ID: 632862

On the outside of the house here, there's a brick near the bottom that's a different color than the ones surrounding it. Inspect it.
No. 93793 ID: 51d0f5

Well, looks straightforward enough. Get Dribliza.
No. 93980 ID: c88bbf
File 126118500155.jpg - (82.64KB , 1000x600 , convoy.jpg )

I'll check on that in a bit. There's quite a caravan of vehicles driving down the road! One of them is stopped near Dribliza! Should I investigate or wait for them to leave? This appears to be the last bit of the caravan!
No. 93981 ID: 15f6d6

Wait for them to leave. They look like trouble.
No. 93987 ID: 5586f3

How good is your throwing arm?
You could throw your bomb on one of the smaller vehicles to create a distraction, its up to the fat bitch to use the opportunity.
No. 94008 ID: 632862

Go down to investigate.
No. 94029 ID: 9e9b47


She may need help. You are honor bound to help the woman and her hellspawn baby or something.
No. 94047 ID: c88bbf
File 126118795019.jpg - (84.45KB , 1000x600 , lazy goblin.jpg )

I hide in the gully opposite the vehicle! She seems to be talking with them!
No. 94054 ID: 15f6d6

Did all the rest of the vehicles except for that one leave? If so, go up and see if she's OK. Try to be stealthy and see if you can't hear what they're talking about.
No. 94058 ID: 632862

Looks like hugs to me. Can you hear what they're saying?
No. 94082 ID: c88bbf
File 126118942331.jpg - (104.85KB , 1000x600 , solid rabbitflatfishdragonsnake.jpg )

"Ohh thank you for your help! A poor pregnant woman like me, all alone with my cat out here in the hills with no food *sniff sniff* oh let me give you a hug!"
No. 94084 ID: 1afd58

Ah, so she's with child, not just fat.

Well how useful.
No. 94089 ID: 15f6d6

She is about to jump this dude. Get ready to assist (somehow). Don't reveal yourself.
No. 94096 ID: 632862

Okay, wait for him to leave. Sounds like she's either going to kill the guy or just take a food donation.
No. 94101 ID: 9453b5

can you grab into the truck from the other site or is someone in it?
maybe you can steal a weapon or something
No. 94108 ID: c88bbf
File 126119072235.jpg - (104.81KB , 1000x600 , solid rabbitflatfishdragonsnake.jpg )

I can definitely hear more of them tottering about in there, and the engine is running. If they are indeed armed it would be a foolish endeavor to try to sneak into the back. The last one has headed back into the vehicle, and the door is closing.
No. 94111 ID: 15f6d6

Just back off. Seems like she's got the situation under control.
No. 94129 ID: 632862

What's that grey thing sticking out the back?
No. 94132 ID: c88bbf
File 126119151075.jpg - (55.37KB , 500x506 , driblizaface.jpg )

"Ha! Can you believe that? I got a bunch of food off of those filthy little bastards! Did you find somewhere yet? I really need a shower after that. "
No. 94137 ID: 337e8a

tell her just that empty dirty one room "house"
No. 94138 ID: c88bbf

((the hydraulic arm for the tailgate))
No. 94140 ID: 337e8a

also the copse we didn't check yet if she's not into that house.
No. 94149 ID: 632862

We found a house! It's got a fireplace, we just need wood for it.
No. 94150 ID: 1afd58

You should tell Dribliza that you definitely don't respect her less after listening to her whore out her appearance for some food.
No. 94164 ID: c88bbf
File 126119399818.jpg - (200.21KB , 1000x600 , drbiz again.jpg )

"Do you want to check anything else or do you want to talk now? I really wish we could find a pump or something. The thought of touching those awful little things makes me feel dirty."
No. 94168 ID: 632862

Check the copse. Maybe there's a water pump there.
No. 94175 ID: 9e9b47

Check the brick outside. the miscolored one.
No. 94177 ID: 15f6d6

I guess go check the brick. Maybe we should check out the copse of trees as well. There might be something good there, like water.
No. 94187 ID: c88bbf
File 126119637725.jpg - (100.79KB , 1000x600 , block.jpg )

It does seem a bit loose, but I'm having all sorts of trouble getting a proper grip on it to pull it out!
No. 94190 ID: 15f6d6

Use your umbrella to pry it out.
No. 94198 ID: c88bbf
File 126119714526.jpg - (129.45KB , 1000x600 , block.jpg )

Hmm, I'm having a bit of difficulty. It's certainly loose, but it doesn't want to budge out of its resting place!
No. 94199 ID: 632862

Poke the hole in the brick with your umbrella.
No. 94208 ID: c88bbf
File 126119810127.jpg - (141.47KB , 1000x600 , wont fit.jpg )

My umbrella is not exactly shaped to go inside such a hole.
No. 94211 ID: 1afd58

use your snout
No. 94212 ID: 632862

Well, I think we're missing the proper tool for this. Maybe a twig or something... Anyway, head to the copse for now.
No. 94216 ID: 15f6d6

Yeah head to the copse. We can come back to this later.
No. 94219 ID: c88bbf
File 126119921717.jpg - (93.69KB , 1000x600 , pears.jpg )

There are a few trees in a circle here. Judging by the rotten pears on the ground and the unrotten pears on the branches, I believe it's safe to assume that these are pear trees!
No. 94221 ID: 34470e

I thought they were Orange trees.
No. 94223 ID: 632862

Is that green glob on the ground near the tree on the left a pear, too?

Look for firewood. And maybe a narrow twig. Ideally one that's straight on one end and hooked on the other.
No. 94225 ID: 632862

I mean the tree on the right.
No. 94226 ID: 632862

There's kindof an odd root formation up ahead, too. Like the roots grew around something.
No. 94406 ID: 6ce535

Looks more like a mango
No. 95368 ID: c88bbf
File 12613452062.jpg - (57.97KB , 1000x600 , pear is no more good.jpg )

Well I suppose one could get philosophical and debate whether or not a rotten pear is still a pear, but I haven't time for that.
No. 95376 ID: 632862

oh GOD.

Forget I asked! Just find some firewood then.
No. 95380 ID: 3879b9

Give it Dribliza, I think gobbos like that kinda food.
No. 95389 ID: c88bbf
File 126134614983.jpg - (221.87KB , 1000x600 , knothole.jpg )

She seems to put up with whatever she has in those cans, but I don't think she would like a rotten pear.
The root on the far tree has a knothole in it.
No. 95391 ID: 6faa8c

Reach inside.
No. 95395 ID: 3879b9

Use your umbrella to poke into it.
If there's nothing dangerous in it check it for unexplainable stuff.
No. 95405 ID: c88bbf
File 126134731967.jpg - (221.04KB , 1000x600 , knothole2.jpg )

The knot was simply fitted tightly into the hole! Someone has hollowed it out, and hidden a small key inside!
No. 95407 ID: 632862

Sweet. Take that thing.

Is there anything else of note in the copse? Maybe a water pump or something?
No. 95412 ID: 3879b9

If there's nothing else get some pears and dead wood and go and back
No. 95419 ID: c88bbf
File 126134846758.jpg - (61.44KB , 610x349 , amadoobus making out with lol wut pear.jpg )

There are some delicious pears which I suspect we shall have for our supper. But that can come later. Now, to find where this key fits.
No. 95422 ID: 1afd58

Perhaps it is the key to Dribliza's heart.

But probably not.

Is there a door nearby that is locked?
No. 95423 ID: 632862

I'm thinking it fits in the weird brick we found earlier.
No. 95424 ID: 3879b9

Maybe some chest somewhere that's buried under a off color pixel or something.
No. 95425 ID: 34470e

The key might be to the block we tried to remove earlier.
No. 95431 ID: 15415c

it's surely for that hole in the brick
No. 95467 ID: 51d0f5

Yes, try it on the brick.
No. 95469 ID: c88bbf
File 126135256270.jpg - (111.55KB , 1000x600 , block.jpg )

The brick falls out as soon as I turn the key in it! There is some contrivance inside with a stone plug and a wooden plug.
No. 95470 ID: 51d0f5

Inform Dribliza that you have discovered marital aids for her pleasure.

Wait, no. Pull the stone plug out of the wall.
No. 95471 ID: 632862

If you can pull the stone plug out, do so. If not, try pushing it further in with the wooden one.
No. 95484 ID: c88bbf
File 126135407542.jpg - (102.67KB , 1000x600 , block.jpg )

I cannot fathom a normal person being able to accomplish this by hand, but Doobie strength is far above normal! I've pushed it in until I hear something thud, and leave a bit of the wooden one standing proud if I need to remove it later.
No. 95486 ID: 15f6d6

go inside to see what dropped.
No. 95487 ID: 632862

See if anything's different inside.
No. 95488 ID: 3879b9

Check out if you accidentally crushed Dribliza.
No. 95489 ID: 15415c

this part of the wall seems to be under the floor. maybe you opened a trapdoor. go in
No. 95517 ID: c88bbf
File 126135671085.jpg - (202.37KB , 1000x600 , room1.jpg )

"What did you do? there's a hole in the floor. You should go first."
No. 95518 ID: 1afd58

There wasn't a HOLE here, but it's HERE now.
No. 95519 ID: 15415c

No. 95521 ID: 632862

Go check it out!
No. 95569 ID: c88bbf
File 126136009365.jpg - (191.08KB , 1000x600 , room2.jpg )

It leads to some sort of underground chamber with stone walls. There is a well here, some bunks, some cans of food, and crates! It looks like the upper hatch can be closed and locked from the inside. If the panel were closed, there would be no way to find it!
No. 95570 ID: 1afd58

Looks like a good place to hide out for a bit if you need to.
No. 95571 ID: 632862

Is there anything on the very top of the bunkbed?
No. 95574 ID: 337e8a

check the crates, what's inside?
No. 95575 ID: 34470e

Check under the bunks.
No. 95576 ID: 15f6d6

loot everything.
No. 95578 ID: c88bbf

((>>A secret has been revealed))
No. 95587 ID: 15415c

say: "time for some good night stories Dribliza"
No. 95607 ID: c88bbf
File 126136230575.jpg - (169.21KB , 1000x600 , boxes.jpg )

They appear to be full of clothes? What a quandary! Why ever would there be boxes of clothes hidden under a house?
No. 95616 ID: 744624

Wait, I know what this is - as the gobbo if she knows anything about an underground railroad.
No. 95618 ID: 1afd58

I don't know. Are any of them yours or Dribliza's size? Might be good to change.
No. 95621 ID: 2dd482

search through them, they might have hid something amongst the pile of clothes.
No. 95631 ID: 51d0f5

Try to determine what species the clothes are for.

Look around for books our journals or something.
No. 95643 ID: c88bbf
File 126136453049.jpg - (97.71KB , 454x600 , mumu.jpg )

There are all sorts of clothes, but no notation of any sort.

She has heard of a railroad, but never an underground one.

It seems that it is exactly what it appears to be. No weapons or gold or anything! Aha! A backpack! I can certainly use that!

"I found something you can wear"

What!? I will most certainly not wear such a thing, it looks like it was designed for an astoundingly obese person!

"I could probably find something to change into, what kind of disguise should I be looking for?"
No. 95645 ID: 1afd58

...Would some maternity clothing be a good choice?
No. 95647 ID: a1ac99

Try rephrasing railroad as, "a way of moving slaves or illegals around unnoticed," and see what her reaction to that is.
No. 95648 ID: 51d0f5

Try to find some clothes that fit you and aren't tasteless.
No. 95782 ID: 131526
File 126137503233.jpg - (46.06KB , 228x541 , yes it does.jpg )

"Yeah, now this all makes sense. There must be some kind of organized effort over here to get people away from those nasty little kobolds. We should probably lock things up properly once we leave. "

"Well this isn't what I had in mind, it looks like a fat lady dress. It could do I suppose. I'm not driving around in this."
No. 95783 ID: c0f3bf

There aren't any doobie clothes around perchance?
No. 95785 ID: 51d0f5

"You could hem it. Or cut it?"

Become concerned that a big pile of used clothes could also imply some kind of serial killer...

Look around again for clues. If there aren't any, might as well sleep here for the night.
No. 95897 ID: 632862

What about a leather jacket? Or just a jacket. And some cargo pants.
No. 95905 ID: f66d3c

looks good she could go as nun
No. 95906 ID: 5390f0

Or Amish.
No. 97137 ID: 131526
File 12616096934.jpg - (81.20KB , 565x600 , sack o tits.jpg )

"Ok, so what do you want to know?"
No. 97141 ID: e024d0

What exactly is it inside of you? The child I mean, is there something unusual about it. The scanner seemd to imply that you carried one of 'Travelers' they were looking for.
No. 97153 ID: a8a989

Tell us a little bit about the surrounding area. Things like the lay of the land, recent history and notable events, local populations, that kinda stuff.
No. 97184 ID: 131526
File 12616154921.jpg - (127.85KB , 1000x600 , real map.jpg )

Well, we are about eight hours or so down the road from Fish Town. The mountains are called the Mellow Axe, and off to the east there's the Noiseless Forest, which is were we came from, and further east there's the Fenced Desert. The Lakes of Sin are to the south a bit, and there's a couple of forests and mountains to the west. The kobolds came here twenty or thirty years ago, when I was a little kid. The've managed to get rid of all the humans, and they're fighting the, umm, Fair Folk way over by the Rainy Forest. That's far in the east. Here they are building up their towns and starting to industrify everything. The little Moks came after the kobolds and started building their own electricity plants and stuff.
No. 97192 ID: 131526
File 126161596982.jpg - (66.51KB , 1000x600 , sad worm eating a goblin.jpg )

Umm, well, umm...

OK I'm not pregnant. Well, I don't think I am, anyway. I mean, I've done it plenty of times, but this, uhh, started about two years ago. I don't think anybody stays uh, pregnant for two years. It, umm, well, it, umm, I don't know. Sometimes it moves. I don't know what to do. It could be some kind of really special child. I've kind of gotten used to walking around like, uhh, like this. I feel, well, kind of lighter than I umm, used to? It's kind of scary, when I think about it sometimes, at night. But, umm, I don't want it to leave or anything. Just, well, not knowing, it makes me kind of nervous.
No. 97193 ID: 632862

Ask her if she's had any strange experiences in the month before she noticed it.
No. 97195 ID: c0f3bf

Amadoobis hug Dribliza. Then ask what species she's done it with.
No. 97196 ID: e024d0

I somehow doubt that it's a 'special child', you need to get that checked out. For all you know its something horrific like whatever was under that mask and all that equipment with the Moks.

Like a parasite of something... Perhaps it is just some kind of child with an unusually long gestation and you are serving as an incubator of sorts, but even then there could be dangers involved.

You need to see a doctor, a good one, a trustworthy one at that! Also you need to avoid those Scanners, I think they could consider it a future threat.
No. 97199 ID: 947a28

Any more information about the Fair Folk.
And where so the Mok stand? They seemed Ok, I guess, and are probably the only one with some firepower around.

Anyone else who might be willing to help with that rescue shit we've going on?
Are those weird mute Bikers me meet before maybe mercenaries?
No. 97210 ID: 131526
File 126161952250.jpg - (73.06KB , 1000x600 , dribliz again.jpg )

"Hmm, it's strange. I can't really put a time on when exactly it started growing. I could have had it in there my whole life and it just started growing a few years ago."

The situation is not dire enough to warrant that!

"Well, there was this one time, with this, umm, adventurer. He wasn't a goblin, I think he was human, but I was also a bit err, well, I'd had a bit of wine that night. Different people can't interbreed anyway."

"I don't know where I can find a doctor, umm, well a good one anyway. There might be some of those sy-what's-their-names around but the thought of getting involved with one of those makes me kind of sick. You shouldn't do that kind of stuff to people; putting machines in them and stuff. Besides, doesn't a parasite make you all sick? I just get hungry and tired more often, but I don't feel bad or anything, not like if you have the worms. Come to think of it I haven't really had them in a long time. Besides, he scanner thingy said there wasn't a threat!"

"We don't really talk about the Fair Folk, we call them that because they are so pale, and it's better not to mention them specifically. They used to come looking for us, to do the most horrible things, like eating children and you know, like, umm, pulling out your eyeballs, and , umm, that kind of stuff. That's why we were never supposed to go into the woods alone, or travel too far to the east. Past the badlands, that's their country. The kobolds don't seem afraid of them, with their bombs, and artillery, and giant war machines. I hear that you can only kill them with iron that was forged cold, though. Maybe those nasty little kobolds will get what's coming to them. "

"The Mok stand under everybody else, heehee. But really, they mostly just come around, and make stuff, and sell things to people besides kobolds."

"If we could get in touch with whoever set up this place, they could probably help. I don't know where to find them, though. They aren't here."

"Those mute guys, They're assassins. People to stay clear of. They move silently, and supposedly won't stop until they've gotten their target."
No. 97211 ID: 35cea2

Ask if there are any humans left in the world. The kobolds seem to have killed most off, but maybe a few are hiding out somewhere.
No. 97212 ID: c0f3bf

It's true, he didn't seem to think it was a threat, but others might not be so generous. It can't hurt to figure out what it is, can it?
No. 97215 ID: 947a28

Have you already checked the bed and crates? Especial under the mattresses.
What is that on the wall behind the well, also look into the well.
No. 97228 ID: 131526
File 126162521920.jpg - (74.28KB , 498x553 , sleep time.jpg )

"*yawn* Might be. Somewhere away from here, though. "

"I dunno. I don't really want anybody to shove something up there, you know. "
No. 97229 ID: 1afd58

>not wanting anyone to shove things up there

Amadoobus, you have something you want to shove up there, don't you? Why don't you get on that?
No. 97232 ID: 131526
File 126162652998.jpg - (184.96KB , 1000x600 , room2.jpg )

There doesn't appear to be anything under the bed, and on the far wall there are various foodstuffs. The well has water in it, as well as a rope and a bucket for retrieval of said water. That's what's to be expected in a well, is it not?

The crates all contain clothes. We've gotten what we wanted from them and closed them back up so as not to make a mess. Should I do anything else with them?
No. 97234 ID: 632862

You could try looking behind the crates?
No. 97236 ID: c0f3bf

No, instead shut the hatch leading up (after checking it can be opened from down there of course) and see if she's ready to sleep.
No. 97240 ID: 131526
File 126162743954.jpg - (82.83KB , 1000x600 , dobicode stare.jpg )

How crude! I'd never think of such a thing. She does not exactly have the rotund but sleek form so perfect to the Doobie! She has a bit of the "rotund" part down, I suppose. So ungainly though. And the way her eyes are oriented, it's simply not right!

I haven't checked behind the crates, but the hatch is made to be opened and closed from the inside, and well hidden from the outside. Dribliza is snoring softly.
No. 97243 ID: c0f3bf

Sleepy tiems?
No. 97379 ID: 68b0b4

i don't think someone would hide a secret in a secret ... Good Night.
No. 97385 ID: 71004f

Or at least that's what they want you to think!
No. 98151 ID: 31675b

GOOOD morning ... what's the status?
No. 105221 ID: 74fd41
File 126266622973.jpg - (166.28KB , 1000x600 , panel copy.jpg )

The next morning I move the top crate aside to reveal some kind of cabinet! There is a combination lock on it, though! This looks complex, surely there must be some sort of clue around here somewhere!
No. 105226 ID: 632862

Check behind the other crates, and examine foodstuffs closer.
No. 105261 ID: 74fd41
File 126266872370.jpg - (224.30KB , 1000x600 , room2 copy.jpg )

Hmm, there's not much behind any of the food cans or anything.
No. 105275 ID: 632862

Is that a hole in the wall to the left of the safe? Try using the key on it.
No. 105303 ID: 632862

Check the beds, like under the mattress or on the very top of it.
Or go upstairs and check the room that had nothing in it.
No. 105308 ID: 74fd41
File 126267037196.jpg - (35.68KB , 513x443 , pit.jpg )

No, that's just a pit in the stone. There is nothing notable about anything on this side!
No. 105309 ID: 5d5878

We are in a secret, trying to figure out yet another secret. Awesome. Check for marks on the wall anywhere.
No. 105328 ID: 34470e

Check for any loose floorboards as well.
No. 105344 ID: 6547ec

Spin the dials; find out what kind of system we're working with. Does it only go up to 3 dots?

...Those cans on the shelf aren't arranged in any particular way, are they?
No. 105357 ID: 74fd41
File 126267223270.jpg - (55.06KB , 414x322 , lookaround.jpg )

The floor is stone, so no chance of anything there.
They spin horizontally and have one, two, and three dots on them. There is nothing of note on the walls or cieling, nor is there anything behind the cans. They seem to be in order of what kind of food is in them.
No. 105359 ID: 67c611

Brute force that bitch. I don't know the exact number of possibilities but it's got to be 81 or less and that isn't bad.
No. 105360 ID: 34470e

3^9 is 19683.
No. 105374 ID: 09d5c4

check the bunks ... maybe someone carved the code or something else in the wood.

if not BE THE FIRST :D

No. 105375 ID: 632862

Examine the ladder, and the side of the hatch that is our ceiling.
No. 105385 ID: 74fd41
File 12626746425.jpg - (30.49KB , 551x512 , rod.jpg )

Looking at this; >>105360
I don't think it would be feasible to do such a thing.

It doesn't seem wise to go about carving names on things that others may see, now does it?

I've found the pin that was keeping the trap door closed! There is something written on it!
No. 105422 ID: 632862

Try this:
No. 107005 ID: 74fd41
File 126285046881.jpg - (93.44KB , 1000x600 , panel.jpg )

It clicks! The door to a small safe opens!
No. 107009 ID: 74fd41
File 12628506053.jpg - (191.19KB , 800x858 , inventory-amadoobus.jpg )

Inside there are some tools, Three of which can be used by someone with normal hands, the other one is made for someone with tiny hands. There are boxes of little brazen cylinders with 8.5 M M stamped on them, and a rolled paper!
No. 107015 ID: c0f3bf

Read note.
No. 107017 ID: 632862

Ask Dribliza if she knows what the tools are used for.
No. 107018 ID: 34470e

Read note
Hug Dribliza
No. 107032 ID: 74fd41
File 126285245746.jpg - (88.39KB , 800x800 , map.jpg )

>A secret has been revealed!

It appears to be a map! I feel we shouldn't be frittering away time with all this hugging business!

"Shooting people!"
No. 107035 ID: 632862

Well, Dribliza can take one of the guns and some ammo. You don't know how to aim one of those things, do you?
No. 107054 ID: c0f3bf

Dribliza doesn't have small hands does she? Tell her you've got two shooting people tools she can use, and that you're keeping one for yourself.
No. 107127 ID: 98da5e

the broken line looks like a save route.
stick to it if your vehicle is able to use it.

Ask Dribliza if she can use this tools you found.
No. 107180 ID: a86cde
File 126290086667.png - (10.80KB , 164x152 , what.png )

Maybe I'm illiterate, but I have some serious problems deciphering this.
No. 107182 ID: c89b56

I'm guessing Power plant?
No. 107243 ID: 98da5e

pur plant .... the pic looks like a facility ... i guess there is no point in visiting it.
Maybe if it is a Power Plant and we have to take the power down for some reason.
No. 107249 ID: 98da5e
File 126290842927.jpg - (59.31KB , 800x800 , 126285245746.jpg )

i took a closer look on the map ... what could that be?
No. 107265 ID: 632862

Unlikely. More likely there's a secret in the next destination along the railroad.
No. 107334 ID: 74fd41

((The illegible text and random squiggly line are because I drew this at three in the morning.))
No. 107384 ID: 74fd41
File 126291719110.jpg - (102.86KB , 626x531 , Dribllizwcat copy.jpg )

"I'm not good with guns at all."

I wonder if taking these weapons would be a good idea or not. I certainly have never seen anything of the sort! It's time to be off, what shall I take, besides food and clothing?
No. 107385 ID: 98da5e

well that "random squiggly line" looked quite a bit like a question mark. lol
No. 107400 ID: 35cea2

Go ahead and take the guns and ammunition, no reason why not to. If you need to get rid of them you can always just chuck them wherever.
No. 107407 ID: 9e9b47


I say bring one gun and some ammo, and encourage Dribliza to keep one too. A gun can always come in handy if things get hairy.
No. 107411 ID: 632862

Leave the guns there for those who are more experienced in their use. This is, after all, a house which is used frequently. Also put the map back.
No. 107422 ID: 35cea2

Actually, on second thought just take one normal sized gun.


Has a point, though I think we should have at least one for self defense.
No. 107497 ID: 74fd41
File 126292345451.jpg - (495.26KB , 1600x900 , comboinv copy.jpg )

Dribliza is going to have to leave some of this stuff behind if we want to take any guns. Most of it is food and candy she took from the kobolds.
No. 107516 ID: 98da5e

leave the food and candies in the right pocket there ... take a gun and a box of ammo
No. 107560 ID: 74fd41
File 126292710348.jpg - (493.84KB , 1600x900 , comboinv copy.jpg )

Ok, anything else?
No. 107566 ID: 632862

Looks good.
No. 107567 ID: 445c48

Bring that red pistol in your right hand, drop or eat one candy, and bring more ammo. Use the stack on the ground to max out both stacks of ammo you're bringing.
No. 107569 ID: 45be60

red pistol is for tiny hands. And this is plenty of bullets for someone who will not be using them to solve all their problems.
No. 107575 ID: 445c48

Well, uh, whoops, I haven't been reading the quest, the red pistol just looks cooler.

Top off that stack of bullets, at least.
No. 107582 ID: 74fd41

((the only one made for small hands is the revolver without the extension on the grip and trigger guard, like Emma got. ))
No. 107587 ID: 445c48

Having not read the quest, Can we rotate items in the inventory? If so, Bring the Red Pistol, wield whichever gun you feel comfortable with. And then top off the stack of bullets you have.
No. 107607 ID: 74fd41
File 126293372361.jpg - (113.97KB , 706x600 , dribliz is somewhat stupid.jpg )

" I don't know how to use this, it looks complicated. I'll stick with the normal gun. I can't figure out where the bullets go on this one. Can we stop wasting time here?"
No. 107630 ID: 74fd41
File 126293714466.jpg - (146.85KB , 1000x600 , cat in the tub.jpg )

>No suggestions

We've locked everything up and set back off! I have to hold Dribliza's abominable cat! The wretched beast turns to face me and emits something could possibly be a "meow" had it been passed through a cracked earthenware jar as an amplifier. There's something on the edge of my hearing that I can't quite discern!
No. 107631 ID: 74fd41
File 126293734392.jpg - (286.85KB , 800x600 , CBSF copy.jpg )

No. 107633 ID: bf1e7e

There's one heck of a smoke/dust/something trail coming up from behind that hill. I think something is tearing ass down the rode towards you, and probably something pretty big. Might be best to get out of the way.
No. 107655 ID: e75a2f

The cat's left eye has mutated into a lovely shade of blue.

No. 107706 ID: aba0a3

Normally cats like that are blind in that eye.
No. 107711 ID: 67c611

That's umm.... that's a meow.
No. 107753 ID: 5d5878

On the right.
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