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File 126084090297.gif - (7.13KB , 800x600 , 779.gif )
91917 No. 91917 ID: 18b9f0

I don't know what's happening. I don't even know what we're saying. It's just words.
Just words.
Something's broken.
I wonder if it matters anymore.
Perhaps the sum of our actions will end up a terrible shout.
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No. 91920 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084100126.gif - (2.13KB , 800x600 , 780.gif )

I don't know where I am.
I wonder if I ever did.
No. 91923 ID: 9d07d9

Well... if we're still with you it's got to be the physical world, right?
No. 91925 ID: e024d0

Boss we are so sorry, we were just trying to help... we, there was a mistake, your poison, the table, Dompag bumped it, Finnie's aphrodisiac, we are so sorry, it was all a mistake.
No. 91926 ID: 51d0f5

No. 91927 ID: 15f6d6

Try to touch your eye.
No. 91928 ID: c5f90c

Stop being emo. Man up and demand the universe to tell you where you are! Handle it!
No. 91930 ID: 8d4c3c

I just hope you'll not see us in our physical form. That'd be terrible.
No. 91931 ID: e024d0

Muschio, who are we? what are we?
No. 91932 ID: 632862

Boss... we're sorry. We should've never brought up the idea of using poison. It's such an inaccurate method of attack, as we just saw. Everything went wrong.

I hope our faithful minions can administer the antidote in time.
No. 91933 ID: 1831fc



No, that won't work.

...Yeah, I'm lost too, Boss.
No. 91934 ID: f44349

Hello, Muschio.
I have an inkling of a suspicion.
But my lips are sealed for the moment.

I'm afraid this is our fault. We wanted to surprise you (heh, surprising ourself, what an odd thought)
But... Seems your surprise got mixed up with the poison meant for your new enemy.
No. 91935 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084125930.gif - (2.23KB , 800x600 , 781.gif )

If I can hear myself think, does that mean I am interacting with the physical world?
Does that make sense?
I cannot tell.

I don't know what that means.
Names flow in and out of my vision like specters.
No. 91937 ID: e024d0

What do you know? What do you remember?
No. 91938 ID: 15f6d6

Can you touch your body?
No. 91940 ID: 632862

I think, therefore I am.

Do you remember Finesse? Malto? The Orb?
No. 91947 ID: c1b520

Do you at least remember us Boss?
No. 91948 ID: fb5d8e

Could the killer be KARMA?!
No. 91954 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084166963.gif - (3.24KB , 800x600 , 782.gif )

I used to be... someone.
But who am I now?
Where have I gone?
Will I return?

I remember everything and none of it matters now.
Names and faces. Did they ever matter?
Have I been floating above this world all along?

No one sees what I see.
This is my blessing.
No. 91959 ID: c0f3bf

Does it suck?
No. 91960 ID: 2dd482

finnie kiss muschio
No. 91961 ID: c39b60

Man up, ffs.
No. 91962 ID: e0499d

no. It does matter. down there is a world that msut burn. It must feel this salvation
No. 91963 ID: c5f90c

Stop spouting emo poetry and wake the fuck up.
No. 91964 ID: 632862

What about your dream? Don't you still want to be the Devil?
No. 91965 ID: e024d0

You wished wickedness upon everything, why? Can you even remember what drove you to such madness?
No. 91966 ID: f44349

Of course it matters.
Don't you remember you PLANS.
Don't you remember that GOAL that drove you forward?


No. 91967 ID: 8ce2bf

Focus as hard as you can on earthly desires. Like sex.
No. 91968 ID: 34470e

The world will tremble at your feet. Wake up.
No. 91976 ID: f57e4b

Yeah, stop with the emo shit and grow a pair. wake up!
No. 91979 ID: 5d5878

No. 91983 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084220766.gif - (4.82KB , 800x600 , 783gif.gif )

I can feel it echoing all around me. The pieces of myself. All split and torn away.
I am the shell, I am the shadow. I am the imprint of a man.

I am a dog.

I am a figure.

>Can you even remember what drove you to such madness?
I am marked by darkness and by blood.
There dwells in this world such odiousness, it makes my heart sick.
Was I born to murder the world?

I don't know where this road ends, but I have chosen to tread it.
It is my road.
It is the only road.
No. 91984 ID: 35cea2

Looking pretty swiss-cheese there Mushy
No. 91987 ID: 632862

Pull yourself together.
No. 91988 ID: 6faa8c




No. 91994 ID: f57e4b

Ok, so I guess he needs to have some sort of revelation before he can wake up, and painfull as this trope is, it looks like we'll have to follow along with it.
No. 91995 ID: e024d0

You cannot live to Destroy again, again and again.

Life will not take to such a form for long. We must find a new form,

We have sought long to create, to build to grow.

Ever thing it its season, fire then rain, mountains from plains.
No. 92000 ID: c1b520

Boss are you forgetting who you are talking to? Boss, the only thing that matters is you. You will be- no, you are a god among men. And if they do not see, then we will make them see. We will make them see at the end of a blade, or within the fires of their own pyre. What matters here is not what others think, but what you think. And if others do not think what you think, then they will see. You were not born to destroy the world, you were born to lead the world into the light, your light. And if they do not see, then they will fall to there deaths in the pits of their own folly. Pull yourself together boss, the world still needs a light, and yours has not gone out yet. Wake up boss. We have a world to enlighten.
No. 92002 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084270579.gif - (4.08KB , 800x600 , 784.gif )

Yes. And so are you.
I remember when it happened.

I don't know what we're talking about. It's just words.

I left the ground and I floated above that world that never got better.
I got drowned in the sea of love.
And I know it's going to get wetter.
Maybe you are right.

Do you know what we are
We're like bad harmony.

We are good company, going down that road to ruin.
No. 92005 ID: e024d0

This one speaks well, a great Darkness comes, you have sown it, and you and yours shall surely reap, the dusk fades and men need lights to guide themselves against the coming of the angry night.

You, we, they, shall be an Illumination against this coming Dark, fire does purify the poison, seek the fire to purge away the haze for the clearer madness of sight.
No. 92006 ID: e0499d

that we are boss. But we're a harmony none the less
No. 92007 ID: ab04d4

You. Used. To. Be. Muschio.

You are still Muschio Malto. You can deal with pain. Or rather, you could.

This is a step beyond pain, I suppose. But can you not focus on it, drive it out of your body as well?

You Died.

So what?

You are above Death. You will defeat Death. You are the Devil. If you fall to something as weak as mortal demise, you will truly be unworthy of what you struggle for.

This is weakness. Weakness in its truest form. And Pain is Weakness leaving the body.

Grant yourself Pain. The greatest pain you can think of. The greatest pain you have ever experienced. Death. Loss. Defeat. Whether of your own, your empire, your family, I care not. Bring them up and experience the thousand lashing blades of your memory once more, each cut just as vivid as the first taste.

And then spit on your Pain, grind them into dust with your heel, smash them into oblivion. Purge your form of this unholy Weakness, force it out, filter your own body and demand that this shame leave you.

This world is impure. And you must clean it. An iron fist, to drive out this Odiousness that you speak of. You shall do this, and I shall assist.

You are indeed born to murder the world. You are the executioner, an end to this criminal existence. You will do, and it shall be right since you have decided to do so.

Your will is the only righteousness in this unclean world. This is your road, indeed. This is the true road of righteousness, of indulging yourself. You are the only one who you are ultimately responsible for. Ignore those others, maggots squirming on this mass of manure called the world. You are more than any of them.

For you are Muschio Malto. And Pain is a Blessing to you. Even if you are a shell, you will cleanse this shell and refill it with everything that drives you. Hatred. Evil. Pride. Greed. I care not. Make yourself the core of malevolence, an eye to the hurricane, the one who does but is unaffected by his doings.

Now wake up. Now. We will guide you.
No. 92008 ID: f44349

Pull yourself together!
so many broken pieces

I will not let you die like this, you incompetent fool!
fallen on thine own blade

open your many eyes and be blinded by the sunlight


No. 92012 ID: e024d0

The world needs eyes to watch, but who will watch the watchers? Can you watch us watch the world?
Dare we trust you?

Who are WE, from where did WE come?
No. 92013 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084309665.gif - (4.13KB , 800x600 , 785.gif )



I am Muschio Malto.
I am the creator of the new world.
I am the King of Kings.
And I will walk the road of the righteous to its conclusion.

I am a God.

I am a sculpture.
No. 92015 ID: 1831fc


You are nude.
No. 92016 ID: c39b60

That's right boss. Now you go out there and rule the fuck out of the world like the fucking God you are!
No. 92017 ID: 9d07d9


You are not a god.

You are the devil.
No. 92018 ID: e0499d

you are not a sculpture dear Muschio
You are the sculpture
It is time to sculpt Prince of Hell.
It is time.
No. 92019 ID: c0f3bf

You are whatever the hell you want to be, boss. Now wake up.
No. 92020 ID: e024d0

We need not accuse any more... our time is done of such matters, we have seen the darkness and there is no light at the end of broad path.
No. 92021 ID: 34470e

Awaken. Split the world in two.
No. 92022 ID: 632862

It's time now. Time to walk among the living once again and mold the world into something more.
No. 92025 ID: e024d0

Lambs upon the right, and goats upon the left.

A man is going round taken names.
No. 92030 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084353254.gif - (53.51KB , 800x600 , 786.gif )

No. I am not the Devil.
The Devil skulks in the shadows.
The Devil hides from the sight of the Gods.
The Devil holds domain over only the dregs of the world. The castoff that the other Gods have passed over.
The Devil subsists on leftovers.

I am not the Devil.
I never will be the Devil.

But one day
the Devil will fear me.
No. 92032 ID: 5d5878

That's our Muschio. Wake up, boss. You still have work to do.
No. 92033 ID: 6164e0

Then awaken, and begin your work, Malto.

Or is all this newfound clarity a charade?

PROVE your transformation with ACTION
No. 92034 ID: 34470e

Everyone will fear you.

No. 92036 ID: 632862

Yessss. Goal updated.
No. 92037 ID: ab04d4

Will you stop there? Is it only the Devil? There is more out there than that.

The Gods themselves shall fear you. You shall be a dark blight that none can control. You shall be a death rot, weakening those bonds of the core which, intended to hold eternal, shall not under your black stare.

Every existing and nonexistent thing shall fear you. The trees, the grass, the rocks, the dirt, the air. Your very step shall cause the matter that forms this pitiful universe to tremble away from your touch.

Let us be upon the path towards true transcendence.
No. 92038 ID: e024d0

No. 92039 ID: f57e4b

Yes! Revelation achieved! WAKE THE FUCK UP!
No. 92046 ID: e0499d

No. 92051 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084403724.gif - (4.17KB , 800x600 , 787.gif )

It seems that the world is still where I left it.
No. 92052 ID: e75a2f

You look like shit.
No. 92053 ID: 4553b2

Make sure you are wearing pants.
No. 92055 ID: 6faa8c

Holy shit boss. Holeee shit.

You look terrible.
No. 92056 ID: e024d0

Good for it. were are the all the people though.
No. 92057 ID: f57e4b

Though it doesn't seem like you are where it last left you.
No. 92058 ID: 8d4c3c

How many licks does it take to get to the delicious center of your tootsie ribcage?
No. 92059 ID: 632862

Cripes. You got worked over by that poison. Look around to see where you are.

Wait. Are you in a fucking coffin? Bust out of that shit!
No. 92060 ID: 1831fc


Check for Goblins. I hear they tend to appear under bed sheets.
No. 92061 ID: 5d5878

You should probably, by all logic, be dead by now. Shit, man. Oh well. Check around you if you have the strength to.
No. 92062 ID: e0499d

check for body parts
check irregularities in funtions
check if you can make sounds/talk

call for someone to help you out.
No. 92063 ID: c0f3bf

Well that's good, it would be awkward to check your pockets while pantsless.
No. 92067 ID: ab04d4

Are you in a box?

If so, good. We have past experience working with people incarcerated in boxes. It tends to be that those ensconsed by rectangular containers achieve the greatest destinies.

We're altogether not sure why.
No. 92070 ID: 352500

but it seems you are not where you left it
No. 92078 ID: e024d0

"They shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."
No. 92080 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084489042.gif - (7.17KB , 800x600 , 788.gif )

No, I am not in a coffin.

>"M-Master Muschio?! You're awake! Are you... how are you feeling? Can you hear me?"
No. 92082 ID: 8d4c3c

"Suck my dick, Finnie."
No. 92083 ID: 632862

Well, tell her the truth. You feel like crap, right?
No. 92085 ID: 1831fc

Try to get a hold of her hand.

Ask what was in the milk.
No. 92086 ID: e024d0

Everything hurts.
No. 92087 ID: c0f3bf

Ask if she drank it too.
No. 92088 ID: 34470e

Tell her you're feeling better than ever.
No. 92090 ID: f57e4b

Huh, forgive her or punish her, good question.
No. 92091 ID: 5d5878

"Pain is just weakness leaving the body... and it seems like there's a lot of weakness right now."
No. 92092 ID: c1b520

Uhh... unless you forgot Muschio I think Finnie was the one who tried to drug you. But I believe it was to get you to, how to say this... cure her "nymphs jynx" if you know what I'm saying. Well anyway, now that you know, I think I'll let you figure out a proper punishment...
No. 92093 ID: 632862

We already know what happened, guys. The herbs got mixed up. Finesse's special ingredient got sent to the spies, and Muschio got the poison.
No. 92097 ID: 82850b


"Woah...that was a hell of a thing."
No. 92098 ID: fb5d8e

it musta been an allergic reaction, bawz
No. 92100 ID: 352500

it seems you are feeling hunger
No. 92104 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084558676.gif - (7.19KB , 800x600 , 789.gif )

>Uhh... unless you forgot Muschio I think Finnie was the one who tried to drug you.
I have not forgotten.

"Finesse... what happened?"
>"M-master Muschio, please... it's not important now. What matters is that you're getting better."
No. 92105 ID: c0f3bf

Tell her the way to your heart isn't with drugs.
No. 92106 ID: 56d05f

Since she didn't take the chance to finish you off i guess she didn't want to kill you... so demand an explanation.
No. 92107 ID: 632862

First, get some food. Then ask for a report on what's happened since you passed out.
No. 92108 ID: e024d0

We understand. In fact we have come to a greater understanding of quite a few things haven't we boss? Let's eat, ask her for some food please.
No. 92109 ID: 5d5878

That's all well and good, but it's important you know WHY you need to get better in the first place.
No. 92110 ID: 1831fc

No. 92112 ID: 9d07d9

No. DEMAND to know what happened.
No. 92117 ID: f57e4b

What's with all the food asking? Muschio has allways been a skinny fuck.
No. 92119 ID: 49d6d7

I do believe you should concentrate on recovery, after that handling the matter with Finesse.
Ask for a meal.
No. 92120 ID: f44349

It seems quite obvious that there was a mixup.
Finesse had a... much less malicious surprise planned for you and it got switched with the poison intended for your new friends.

...I will let Finesse explain herself further.
No. 92121 ID: 6faa8c

"What matters now is whether or not someone inside our camp screwed something around. I doubt you would poison me, Finesse, and I asked for some poison to be made. This isn't your fault, but we need to find out who is!"
No. 92129 ID: 445c48

To be fair, she was trying to give you sexydrugs. Dompag's fucking around in the kitchen is why you're poisoned, and why that spy got laid instead of killed.
No. 92135 ID: c4fb38


Well our eyes have never been so sunken. And unless we had a stomach feeding tube installed our recovery is going to go a lot faster once we get some food energy going. And get a food tested, don't want any more drugs.
No. 92139 ID: 82850b


"You know, this could be interpreted as signs of treason."
No. 92143 ID: 352500

I hunger... for an explanation
No. 92145 ID: 01498e

Would this be a good time to suggest better label technology for the herbology lab?
No. 92146 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084672713.gif - (6.28KB , 800x600 , 790.gif )

If there's one thing I cannot stand
It's betrayal.

>"Master! You don't--!"
"What did you do to me?"
>"Hhkhh...! M-Master... I-...! D--didn't... mean for...!"
No. 92147 ID: 632862

Go easy on her, boss. We encouraged her, after all.
No. 92149 ID: f44349

Calm yourself.
It was obviously an accident.
She wouldn't have brought you back if she meant to kill you, hm?
Punishment can wait until you know exactly what happened.
No. 92150 ID: e024d0

No, wait, it was a mistake, She wasn't trying to poison you, we know, we were helping her. If you destroy her, they you must destroy us as well!
No. 92153 ID: c0f3bf

Well don't asphyxiate her! Especially since it impedes the ability to tell you just what happened.
No. 92154 ID: 56d05f

Choking doesn't help people explain.
No. 92155 ID: 426169

Kill the treacherous wench.
No. 92156 ID: 1831fc

Realize that you are still a little weak from the poison.

Also, realize there is an uncomfortable boner.

In your pants.
No. 92157 ID: 45be60

Finesse: Confess love. Or lust. Whatever.
No. 92160 ID: 1b3bf3

Loosen your grip aand give her a chance to explain, you can always snap her like a twig later. Savour the moment.
No. 92163 ID: 12fc66

Seriously, she could have killed you at any time. So it's obvious she doesn't want you DEAD.
However, an explanation will be forthcoming. You... deserve that much, boss.
No. 92164 ID: 4553b2

Muschio, pour butter on her.
No. 92172 ID: 43d730

I second this motion.
No. 92182 ID: 445c48


There's probably a thing of butter to your side.
No. 92185 ID: 5d5878

The butter is for later, after she explains herself.
No. 92186 ID: 8b7db1

Well, don't squeeze too hard so she can't even speak. But continue to demand for an explanation. Heck, she could have been trying to slip you a simple vitamin. What is unforgivable if that she thought it was best to SLIP IT INTO YOUR FOOD.
No. 92188 ID: de3db8

You'll never get to know what she did or why if you kill her. Just pointing that out.
No. 92195 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084787088.gif - (6.88KB , 800x600 , 791.gif )

"Tell me. Now."
>"It-- it was an accident. I swear! I put something in your food, but it -- it wasn't poison! It was just something I -- I thought would make you... n-notice me..."
"Then what happened to me?"
>"Ihhhkhhh! Ih... ihhh -- it must have ghhg-gotten mixed up with the poison Tislomer was ma-- hkh! M-making for your enemy!"
"Why should I believe that?"
No. 92198 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084790787.gif - (6.67KB , 800x600 , 792.gif )

>...because I love you!"
No. 92199 ID: 4553b2

...Let go.
No. 92200 ID: 445c48

Listen, we know what she was trying to do. We helped her! She was trying to drug him so he would bone her.

Bossman, Chill out. It was an accident. If it wasn't, we would have warned you.

However, for failing to bone you, I suggest you punish her with butter.
No. 92201 ID: c0f3bf

Muschio kiss Finesse.
No. 92202 ID: 8ce2bf

Keep choking her.
No. 92203 ID: 82167e

Boss, she just wanted you to notice her! Remember, YOU asked Tislomer to make the poison, and then it got mixed up when Dompag knocked crap over.
No. 92204 ID: e024d0

Becasue 'we' do boss, Remember when Dompag skewed up the herb table...

In fact here is a better proof, check on your enemy, I'll bet he isn't dead by a long shot!
No. 92206 ID: e024d0

No. 92208 ID: 445c48

I need to refresh before posting.

Let go. Fall asleep.

No. 92210 ID: 632862

Yeah, you should probably let her go now, Muschio.

Maybe you should think of your feelings towards her too.
No. 92213 ID: 9d07d9

We can vouch for this. She's telling the truth.
No. 92215 ID: 7139d7

God must be forgiving, Muschio. God must be loving.
No. 92217 ID: 1afd58

The Devil must be vengeful, Muschio. The Devil must punish transgressors.
No. 92219 ID: 12fc66

It's true boss. We've got a shard in her, too, remember? She's head over heels for you.
She was going to use a bunchof aphrodisiacs to get you in the mood. We... thought it would be funny, so we didn't say anything to stop it.
And then it turned out she put it in some wine, and... look, it was an accident, okay?
You're alive now! That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Right?

... I'll understand if you're pissed.
No. 92220 ID: 6faa8c

No. 92221 ID: 445c48

That's right.

Good thing we aren't trying to be the Devil, right?

Let go. Chillax. We vouch for her. Also you're really slow if you didn't know this.
No. 92226 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084844618.gif - (7.51KB , 800x600 , 793.gif )

No. 92227 ID: 18b9f0
File 126084848321.gif - (7.85KB , 800x600 , 794.gif )

"Leave me."
"I said get out."
No. 92228 ID: 1831fc

...Need to talk, Boss?
No. 92229 ID: c0f3bf

Tell her to get someone to bring you food. Damn you must be hungry.
No. 92232 ID: 445c48

No. 92233 ID: e024d0

Boss, speak to us.
No. 92238 ID: 632862

I guess anger is an understandable response. You do care about her though, don't you Muschio?
No. 92241 ID: 7139d7

She loves you. She's always loved you. She...just didn't know how to say it. How to let you know. Whe never really told you, Boss. I'm sorry.

Are you ok, Boss?
No. 92243 ID: 426169

If she doesn't leave, say "I despise you. I never want to see you again. Get out of my sight."
No. 92244 ID: e024d0

How about not.
No. 92246 ID: 8ce2bf

Maybe a hat would cheer you up, Boss? Maybe a few hats?
No. 92247 ID: 632862

We TRIED to tell him, but he didn't hear us.
No. 92248 ID: 445c48

That's right, you still need a snazzy hat. Get snazzy hats for all your minions.
No. 92252 ID: e024d0

So what is it you have always held against love? hmm Boss? Are we that part of yourself so excised?
No. 92253 ID: 82850b


Better do what he says, Finesse. You know him.
No. 92271 ID: e024d0

It's true isn't it... You are empty of love, because we took it all.

We are the Orb of Infinite Psyche... but Psyche did not originally mean 'the mind', did it?

Psyche was the mate to Eros. We are love. Foolish love.
No. 92274 ID: 905539

Would a butter hat make you feel better, boss?
No. 92288 ID: e3f578

Well, that would explain why we play matchmaker.

I assume you got the your mind separated shortly after leaving the Inzitta Citti or whatever for the first time? Before coming to Red Fang's? You had enough initiative to buy a sword and shield then on your own, hell even which dungeon to choose and everything.
No. 92290 ID: c0f3bf

He DID let her go...
No. 92303 ID: 632862

If she doesn't leave you should tell her "Go before I do something that I'll regret."
No. 92426 ID: 476456

well its not like you had any pressing engagements to attend anyway.

Granted you have every right to be pissed at the moment its better if you get some space.

Maybe have somebody put finesse on suicide watch (not dompag)
No. 92429 ID: 197650

Frankly, this is your own fault.
You missed her obvious hints, you didn't listen to yourself, and you didn't even listen to us, us, the orb of Infinite Psyche.
We knew how she felt all along and you didn't listen.

Maybe you aren't worthy of becomming the devil or beyond.
No. 92433 ID: 476456

Date rape is not the appropriate response 8I
No. 92434 ID: 197650

The point is that he let it happen the first place.
No. 92457 ID: 3b87aa

We don't want to offend our best minion. Add 'please.'
No. 92458 ID: e31b4e

We're punishing the wrong minion here.

It's Dompag we should go after. Fucker is alot smarter than he lets on and I think his justification for working for us for just board and shelter is suspect to say the least.

Soon after he starts working for us new enemies prop up. Then when we decide to poison the whole lot he makes sure we get poisoned instead and makes it look like an accident. I say we get out our old sleeping potion, use it on him and then it's time for some truly hideous torture and execution. For the execution I'm partial to the old death by a thousand cuts, tie up his limbs and use tourniquets and then slice him into thin small slices. Maybe eat some of it in front of him.
No. 92524 ID: 7ea1ff

Now sleep.
No. 92637 ID: e31b4e

Which is what this part of the orb has to do now.

I hope the other parts of our collective madness remembers who we need to focus our vengence on. Dompag knocked over the table with the poison and other stuff, then he helped the kobold alchemist to pick it up again. The fucker is smart and my money is on him being the one who poisoned us.
No. 92667 ID: 445c48

Nah, Poison doesn't seem Dompag's style. No class in poison. I think it were an accident.
No. 92669 ID: 7f79a7

Do you not realize why he is still upset? Even if Finesse's intentions were not hostile, she still sneaked about behind Muschio's back, and attempted to slip something into his food... whether it was poison or not, she still deceived him, disgracing his authority as "master".

As much as we'd like to see the two of them together, Finesse took the cowardly route to attempt to get close to Muschio. That doesn't necessarily mean that she's dashed all possibilities, but she better have some fancy 'splainin' to do.
No. 92672 ID: e024d0

Finnie is the only person who even cares for him apart from us. The only person who would really miss him if he were gone. She was waiting for him, though he should by all rights be dead, sending her away isn't right.

We are no longer on the downward path, but upwards. This means our choices are going to be harder, the role of the Devil is that of the accuser, the adversary.

But we are no longer on that path, we must learn something new, we must learn, to forgive?
No. 92684 ID: 445c48

Muschio hug Finesse.
No. 92711 ID: 6547ec

Man, what is wrong with you voices. Finesse just attempted date rape. It's not, say, burning a city down, but it's a start. If she can be faulted for anything, it's for having bad aim. What kind of evil mastermind doesn't think to test his food for poison, anyways?
No. 92713 ID: f158e4

Why test for poison when you can build an immunity to it instead?
No. 92715 ID: ce8534


When you can't even trust your own long-term subordinates, you may want to reconsider your hiring criteria.
No. 92718 ID: 632862

If we're going to have a taste-tester... I wonder if Dompag could do it. He said he can eat lava; would he be resistant to poison as well, but be able to tell if it was in the food?

If not him, then make the cook do it.
No. 92730 ID: 6547ec


Screw worrying about your henchmen. Gotta be ready for people who actually MEAN to poison you.
No. 92731 ID: 7ea1ff

Being a god does not mean one has to be nice.
No. 92732 ID: e024d0

Its certainly a good start though.
No. 92736 ID: 7ea1ff

Perhaps your view of what constitutes a god differs from my own.

While that sort of creative thinking is appreciated, the target in this case was intolerable.
No. 92742 ID: ce8534


What I meant was, if you're so paranoid that you even have to test food prepared and given to you by your own right-hand man, there may be a problem somewhere.
No. 92773 ID: 6547ec


That same right-hand man is one clumsy ogre away from a fatal poisoning. Stupid shit happens. A good evil genius survives. A great one didn't get poisoned in the first place. When a man is tired of checking his dinner for poison, he is tired of life.
No. 92833 ID: e31b4e

How can anyone miss that this is Dompags fault. The guy is alot smarter than the average ogre.

And if we check our orb memory we will see that he knocked over the table with the poisons and then helped the kobold to pick them up again. It may still have been an accident, which is why we do torture before execution.

And Finesse has some real potential. She decided to not let moral or ethics stand in the way of what she wanted. With a bit more coaching I would say she's prime material for a first mistress.
No. 92834 ID: 632862

Don't ignore Tislomer's part in this. Any alchemist worth a damn should've seen that the herbs were switched.
No. 93521 ID: 3b87aa

If we got the poisoned meal, does that mean our intended target...
We need to consult our little spies.
No. 93542 ID: 754774

Let her suffer in her guilt. She'll try to make it up to you. It will make her a better underling.

When you are feeling better some time in the future, you can dwell on what to do with her.

For now, concentrate on your goals.
No. 95062 ID: 18b9f0
File 126129717432.gif - (2.33KB , 800x600 , 796.gif )

No, I'm not mad at Finesse.

...well, I suppose I am. But only in the most superficial and reactionary way. I blame her for my condition, of course, but that's merely a reflex. In truth, I know it wasn't her fault.
Or rather, it was her fault, as well as everyone else's. The oafish clumsiness of my Ogre, the unprofessional oversights by my herbalist, the underhanded behavior of my second-in-command. All these are at fault in the same way. But they were merely cogs in the machine which led to this event, and I cannot blame the machinery for the mechanic's intentions.

This has revealed a greater problem among my staff, that of ongoing dissonance and broken trust.
But no, I am not mad at Finesse. In truth, I pity her.
No. 95063 ID: 6faa8c

We need to be more united with the staff. Get them to work together properly rather than as mere peices in a huge puzzle.

I hate to say it, boss, but they are more than tools.
No. 95064 ID: bde1b8

Well, only one thing can be done with a broken machine. Go fix it, boss.
No. 95065 ID: 6834bc

You pity her, Boss? Why's that?
No. 95068 ID: 9e9b47


The answer's obvious. Leave this rabble of oafs behind, bring Ash and go find a new group of worthwhile minions.
No. 95070 ID: e3f578

If only Finesse couldn't love could she reach her potential. A fine chain has been cast on her and there is nothing we can do on it as long as she's capable of these attachments.

Love is truly nothing but a burden. Thank god Barbakuras is so reliable a worker. Need more men like Barbakuras, we do. Nontheless, we should concentrate on getting healthy again. Hopefully Tislomer can whip something that can get us up on our feet. We still need to disable our enemies.

If your strong enough to get up Mushio, get the fuck up. We got work to do.
No. 95071 ID: 12fc66

They're all just people, boss. People make mistakes. Even if you picked through a thousand of the finest troops (which we hardly have the means to do), those people would still make occasional mistakes.
No. 95072 ID: d52f06

I don't think we've had enough quality time between everyone. I think you should attempt to have everyone learn to work in flawless tandem. I disagree, what has occurred was not like a machine at all, but different dominoes falling against each other, each one unique and totally separate, but by chance becoming part of a great calamity. We need to get Dompag to settle down, resolve Finesse's troubles, and move the damn 'bold's workshop somewhere where others would not easily interfere.
No. 95073 ID: 18b9f0
File 126129801957.gif - (6.87KB , 800x600 , 797.gif )

>We need to be more united with the staff. Get them to work together properly rather than as mere peices in a huge puzzle.
>I hate to say it, boss, but they are more than tools.
No, you may be right. It's no doubt my minions growing so distant from each other and from myself led to the mechanized nature of their actions, which in turn resulted in my poisoning. Again, cogs in the machine. The machine will have to be fixed, I suppose.
But the mechanic must also be unseated.

>Love is truly nothing but a burden.
Love is not a burden. A burden can be shouldered. A burden can be endured.
No, Love is a curse. A wretched, bitter thing -- a poison in itself, that taints all it touches. It corrupts and dissembles. One must only look at Finesse to see that much. A reasonable, level-headed woman turned to what for the sake of love? Look at what she has wrought... and why? Out of some misguided affection? Love turned a reliable ally into a dangerous saboteur. And this is not even an evil that can be harnessed: it's chaotic, uncontrollable, unpredictable. It simply ruins anything near it.
Love is the devil's own invention. A disease, caused by proximity, cured by time.
No. 95074 ID: 9e9b47


Maybe you need to just fire Finesse. Have Dompag escort her back home and hire someone new.
No. 95075 ID: f44349

Love is a fire, Muschio.
Left unchecked and untended it grows and burns and consumes.
One might hide from harm by extinguishing it but then where would you be?
Cold and in the dark.
You can run from fire all you like, but we all need to be warmed sooner or later.
No. 95076 ID: 18b9f0
File 126129895373.gif - (12.20KB , 800x600 , 798.gif )

Love is a madness that turns reasonable people to do stupid things, like Finesse just did. Indulging her is the wrong course of action.

>Maybe you need to just fire Finesse. Have Dompag escort her back home and hire someone new.
No, I can't fire her either. She has been a valuable ally so far, and now, she's lost and in need. Now that I know her true affliction, I should a way to cure her of her delusions.

But I must admit I have become disheartened and disillusioned by my efforts, and by my staff. The mistakes I've made -- are they recoverable? Is this salvageable? Worse still, is it worth it?
The fault, dear subconscious, is not in our minions, but in ourselves.
The important question now is, am I fit to continue?
No. 95077 ID: c0f3bf
File 126129899367.png - (84.54KB , 202x255 , Lovefreak.png )

You're not giving love enough good credit! Love keeps people motivated, especially when what they love is in danger. It strengthens them in time of need, sometimes even becoming their only lifeline to sanity. While yes, it can get out of hand sometimes, but if you work with it, love is the most powerful force in the world!
No. 95078 ID: d52f06

Too valuable. Monster gate, mechanical items, etc.
Talk to her boss.
No. 95079 ID: 6faa8c

Sure boss.

We just need to explain to Finny that, while she is a wonderful girl, with a brilliant mind, that... well, right now you aren't really in the mood for a relationship. Tell her to focus on her work with the energy she spent on you.

And yes, Mushio. You are very fit. You just need to work on management.
No. 95081 ID: 9e9b47


Hmm. One way to cure her of her delusions and get some new allies is to go over to her old village, burn the place down and enslave everyone. Or at the very least destroy any positive feelings she has for you. Perhaps destroy something that means something to her.
No. 95082 ID: 34470e

Are you fit to continue? Do you want to throw everything away? To become a nobody again? I thought you wanted to rule, to be a somebody.
No. 95083 ID: f44349

I never said you had to indulge her.
In fact, I agree that rejecting her would be the best course of action right now.
But there are more kinds of love than just romance.
Let her down gently. Show some kindness.
Friendship is love too.
And a friend you can trust is the most valuable thing in the entirety of existence.
No. 95084 ID: d52f06

That sounds like a great idea! Let's give her the perfect incentive to sabotage us out of spite and hate and not hold back this time! Yeah, Muschi can take it!
No. 95087 ID: 9e9b47


So we should go instead and gently explain that we aren't to be loved? That won't solve anything at all. If anything, it's very possible she'll keep up this foolishness and her feelings will grow.

We need to communicate that we aren't a good person. It doesn't have to be anything severe, maybe just the message that we will strictly be meeting on a professional basis for now on. Tell her if the issue of her feelings for us is brought up again, you will deal with it harshly.
No. 95088 ID: 18b9f0
File 126130003093.gif - (11.96KB , 800x600 , 799.gif )

I'm not going to sabotage Finesse's hometown. That's stupid. I have an alliance with them, remember?

>And yes, Mushio. You are very fit. You just need to work on management.
That's my point. It's my own state that's caused this divide. If I can't control a handful of individuals, how can I ever hope to manage an army?
It's my fault for not noticing Finesse's lovestruck illness earlier. Or perhaps, subtly, I did notice, and merely hoped that it would go away on its own.
I'm sure in time she'll get over her foolish crush. A little time, and perhaps it will pass. How long can one love from afar?
No. 95090 ID: c0f3bf

For now, you really need to focus on getting food, love can come later.
No. 95092 ID: 45be60
File 126130020252.png - (284.76KB , 720x1152 , love is power.png )

>love is the most powerful force in the world!

yes... yes it is.
No. 95094 ID: 6faa8c

>I'm sure in time she'll get over her foolish crush.
No, bad.

You need to tell her outright. A lot of women, expecially those deep in crushland, think silence is just an admission of not turning them down. You need to walk up, and TELL HER you are not interested.
No. 95095 ID: 6834bc

>How long can one love from afar?
A pretty long time, Boss.
You know this, and our proof is simple - because we are you. ...Sorry, Boss.
No. 95097 ID: 9e9b47


She's NOT going to just randomly get over her crush, even if you completely ignore the issue. If she was going to lengths to drug you into fucking her then maybe you need to go in there and tell her how things are before things get more awkward.
No. 95098 ID: 18b9f0
File 12613005283.gif - (8.23KB , 800x600 , 800.gif )

>You need to tell her outright.
I believe I just did that.

>She's NOT going to just randomly get over her crush, even if you completely ignore the issue.
I'm not ignoring it. But I should add, Finesse has only been working for me for a short time. You're right, I shouldn't rely on it -- but I'm sure her passing infatuation will fade soon.
No. 95100 ID: c0f3bf

Whether it will or not, only time will tell. You should let her cool off more, focus your mind on something else. Like getting food.
No. 95106 ID: c4fb38


Or expanding our kingdom. One way to get everyone to mingle more is for there to be more people to mingle with. Right now we have a rag-tag group of mixed races and nobody has the same profession, nobody has anything in common. I'm guessing our goals have also slightly changed, to something along the lines of restoring our throne and spreading our influence.
No. 95108 ID: 6d4c58

Mushio of course you can continue its the only way to reach your goal TO BECOME A GOD
A God of the TRUTH
A God that will remove the curse of "love" from this world
and we will help you
No. 95109 ID: 9e9b47


Take someone and go out to find some new blood.
No. 95114 ID: 18b9f0
File 126130128855.gif - (11.79KB , 800x600 , 801.gif )

Your opinions are love make it all too clear our own internal dissonance is as present as ever. A schism of time can make all the difference.

As for Finesse... I do not think I can face her at the moment. I should take some space until my anger and my disgust have subsided. I pity the poor, deluded girl. But all youths must have these fleeting crushes, that come as quickly as they go. I'll be sure at some point to confront her on the topic, and set things straight from now on. Regardless, she's only known me for a short time, so I imagine a short time is all it will take for her to get over it.
No. 95116 ID: c50a92

Maybe, though I doubt it. In any case, I'm sure we'll deal with it soon enough.

Anyway, Muschio, how long were you out? You look like you haven't eaten in days; that poison really did a number on you. Why don't you just head down to main hall for a bite, and maybe catch up on how the cogs are doing? We can't fix this machine unless we examine it first.

Oh, and Muschio, you mustn't forget that spy; your being poisoned means it yet lives. We'll have to remedy this, eventually, and it wouldn't hurt to start thinking about it now. In fact, we should question the goblins in the village where the spy was soon.
No. 95119 ID: d52f06

If you do run into her, dismiss her with a calm "We'll talk about this later. Return to work and don't worry about it." It should put her mind at ease, at least for a little while.
No. 95122 ID: bde1b8

You going to the local Plague Doctor's Convention, Muschio?
No. 95124 ID: 55e935

Our most immediate course of action should be to gain our bearings. Check on the status of our hold, determine how long we were out, check on the minions. THEN we can get on to the business of plotting, organizing, and restructuring our minions' interaction.
No. 95129 ID: 18b9f0
File 126130336336.gif - (6.78KB , 800x600 , 802.gif )

No, I'm going out.

I need some time away from all this. I need to rethink where I'm headed.

I'm disgusted by my minions at the moment. Not just for their incompetence. In them, I see my own failures.

I need time to think. Alone.

...as alone as I can get, I suppose.
No. 95130 ID: c0f3bf

Alone? I guess a trip to visit the tower is out of the question then.
No. 95131 ID: bde1b8
File 126130401238.png - (34.84KB , 800x600 , damap.png )

Go to this mountain here. It looks lonely, and testing your physical prowess while you're feeling so glum might improve your mood.
No. 95132 ID: c4fb38


I wanna see that castle to the south.
No. 95133 ID: 6834bc

Castle implies people - unless it's an ancient and abandoned one, which I doubt.
And I for one suggest staying the fuck away from the sparkly forest. There's probably elves in there or something.

So yeah, I'm gonna second the mountain, Boss.
No. 95137 ID: 197650

You are acting like a child Muschio, like you acted when you faced your rival.

These are small, natural things to experience, and you try to set yourself above them.
Finesse poisoning you was the fault of your own incompetence to realise how she felt, even after we and she tried to make it clear.

You blame your minnions for your own failings.
You are not a machine, and we all know you aren't nearly the devil. To think you can detach yourself from love like this is even more of a display of your own incompetence
No. 95140 ID: 18b9f0
File 126130912277.gif - (6.41KB , 800x600 , 803.gif )

>I wanna see that castle to the south.
That "castle" is the Kingdom of Northern Piacevole.
My old home.
I will not head there until I am thoroughly prepared.

>Finesse poisoning you was the fault of your own incompetence to realise how she felt, even after we and she tried to make it clear.
I've already acknowledged that, you fool! I am to blame for allowing my second in command to become so easily fooled by the dangerous affliction. I must be sure that she will see the error of her infatuation. But I cannot face her now. My anger over her deeds and disgust to her weakness would not yield a suitable confrontation. I should wait until I have calmed.

Very well. If I must wander I may as well have a destination.
No. 95143 ID: 6834bc

So, Boss, do we know anything about that mountain/mountain range? Its name, stories about it, or who or what may be there?
No. 95145 ID: 18b9f0
File 126130960656.gif - (7.73KB , 800x600 , 804.gif )

Mount Elembus is not a mountain. Rather, it is a bubbling volcano. I've heard that a certain people make their homes near it, or even along the face of its great rise. If you ask me, that would be the "stupid" people. I don't imagine a life of breathing ash and fearing an eruption is much fun. Though the lava flows, as I understand it, rarely reach ground level.

It's a cold night. The air is crisp and clear, and sound travels well over the rolling hills near the vault. Starlight shimmers down, guiding me on. I'll have to pass through the woods on my way, but a little scenery shouldn't hurt.
No. 95146 ID: c0f3bf

You didn't bring any weapons did you?
No. 95147 ID: 12fc66

Volcano, huh? Maybe they'll have hotsprings! You could do for a good relaxing soak.
No. 95148 ID: 6834bc

If they're dwarves, it may be that they're trying to use magma as a source of power. Probably pretty stupid of them, but the world likely won't be any worse off if a few more dwarves died.

If there's nothing interesting there, suppose we'll just pick somewhere else to go, right, Boss?
No. 95149 ID: 18b9f0
File 126131018694.gif - (6.60KB , 800x600 , 805.gif )

No, I suppose I didn't bring any weapons. I was in a hurry to leave, and just grabbed some heavy clothing for the night's cold and a few rations to keep me.

I've done some of my best planning in a hot bath, but that was before things hit their current, calamitous development.

Dwarves? I'm afraid I don't know much about them, save that they live in mountains and caves and become remarkably hairy. I would imagine it's not unlikely Mount Elembus houses some of these mountain folk.
No. 95150 ID: 6834bc

Huh. We must've picked up some information while rooting around in the minds of your minions or something, but from what I can remember; Dwarves are usually stout, proud (especially of their beards,) and have a great love of alcohol.
Given that they tend to make their homes in mountains, they're usually a mining race. And that means they're pretty good with metal, because what are you going to do with raw metals but fashion it into more usable forms?

...Anyway, hopefully you won't have any problems with them, Boss.
No. 95155 ID: 632862

I've also heard that these forts in the mountains are notoriously unstable, full of flammable materials and greedy, irritable dwarves.
No. 95156 ID: fb5d8e

Man you obviously just need to head into Sepia Town for a strong drink
Fuck mountains
Get wasted
No. 95158 ID: 6834bc

Oh, right... don't forget the tentacled monstrosities Dwarves occasionally find in mysterious caverns nearby precious veins of Adamantine.
No. 95234 ID: e024d0

Hey, hey Boss. You still didn't answer my question.

What the hell are we? I mean, 'we' apparently are heavily "infected" with this "plague" you deem love, yet you imply that we are some kind of externalized part of you.

I am sure you would be surprised to know that our primary task so far has been aiding people in their pursuit of love. If so are we some part of yourself that was cut out? Some emotion, process or idea?
No. 95247 ID: 24b5ea

You want to improve your management and the first thing you do is leave without telling anyone or grabbing any weapons. Great job.
No. 95305 ID: 51d0f5

Find a walking stick. One sturdy enough to hit people with and withstand a sword's edge.
No. 95482 ID: 73ad2b

Oh shut your trap.
No. 95490 ID: 01498e

So, Boss. If you're gonna go mope for a while, mind if we go check on the minions? We need to be sure this was a chain of accidents, rather than sabotage with plausible deniability.

...Also, we want to chew out Finesse.
No. 95525 ID: 18b9f0
File 126135698043.gif - (6.65KB , 800x600 , 806.gif )

Very well. If you wish to check on the minions you may do so.
The night is still and quiet and peaceful here. Perhaps I shall take a rest while you're gone.
It should help to clear my head.
No. 95526 ID: f21281

Stay frosty man. Don't get yerself killed.
No. 95528 ID: e024d0

I suppose we will talk, later.
No. 95540 ID: 632862

Uh... You're just going to fall asleep in the middle of the woods, at night? Unarmed? Maybe not a good idea.
No. 95542 ID: f44349

I wanna see inside Babrakus' head.
He is a mistery.
No. 95544 ID: 632862

Let's begin with Dompag. He seems to have started the chain of events that led to this.
No. 95545 ID: 6faa8c

me too
No. 95546 ID: 6faa8c

Wait no I mean Dompag
No. 95547 ID: e024d0

Finesse, I want to talk to Finesse.
No. 95564 ID: 5d5878

Yeah, we should probably have a chat with Finesse.
No. 95565 ID: 115e3a

Yeah Finesse or bust.
No. 95582 ID: 18b9f0
File 126136086471.gif - (12.84KB , 800x600 , 807.gif )

Eh? What are you doing?
I'm just eatin' dinner. What do you want?
No. 95584 ID: 1e1932


Just stopping by to say hi-DAAAAAAMN those are some fine posters you got!
No. 95585 ID: e024d0

Uhh sorry wrong room...

-please hold while your call is transfered-
No. 95586 ID: 5d5878

Well, looks like we're talking to Dompag.

Hey there. Care to explain the mixup with the poison?
No. 95588 ID: 1afd58

Hey Dompag.

Don't any of the women take offense at your crude, demeaning posters?
No. 95589 ID: 18b9f0
File 12613611587.gif - (12.62KB , 800x600 , 808.gif )

Crude? Demeaning? I dunno what you're talking about. They're artistic nudes. And there ain't nothin' wrong with the female body.
In fact, I can name about five things very right about it.
No. 95590 ID: e024d0

Only five? Anyhow that's no why we're here. What do you know about the poisoning of 'the Boss.'
No. 95595 ID: 18b9f0
File 126136153251.gif - (12.93KB , 800x600 , 809.gif )

Poison? I don't know nothin' about no poison. Is that why the boss is sick?

Look if this is about that thing in the herb room I already helped Tislomer clean it up. If I had a few more minutes I would'a finished up completely before she got back and she never even would'a known I'd been there. But I guess it worked out because she was all happy I helped her.
Score one for me I guess.
No. 95598 ID: e024d0

Please avoid messing with the herbs again, Muschio had a bit of an accident due to a mix up in some of the herbs. He got something meant for his foes I'm afraid.

Anyhow, must be going, as long as you keep the art tasteful in here I won't complain at all, but we have a lot to say and a lot of people to say it to.
No. 95602 ID: 632862

Oh also... Muschio decided to take a walk, and in his current state he forgot to bring his weapons. Also, he's not fully recovered. So, when you're done with dinner would you mind going out to the forest and seeing if you can make sure Muschio doesn't get eaten by a bear or something? That'd be cool.
No. 95606 ID: e024d0

Don't let him know though. He wants to think he's alone
No. 95617 ID: e3f578

Where'd you get the poster of the Lorhke?
No. 95623 ID: 8ce2bf

Maybe you should bring one of your posters in case he does see you.
No. 95655 ID: 51d0f5

Be aware that your boss woke up and is wandering around all sick and weaponless.

So, if he dies, does Ashedel take over?
No. 95668 ID: 7139d7

Wha...are we -trying- to get the bossed killed? For the love of hellfire and short pants, we are not going to tell Dompag that the Boss is weaponless, sick, and defensless in the wilderness.
No. 95684 ID: 632862

Uh, if Muschio gets killed, then Dompag loses his home and potential source of sexytimes. So I think this is a safe plan.
No. 95697 ID: 119b5c

Dompag ~ Have you noticed anyone new sneaking around, or rather, anyone talking to anyone new, besides yourself? Another thing, your interest in carnal desires is nice, but do you have any other pleasures? Perhaps something more tame?
No. 95800 ID: 445c48

Of course, we can't afford to leave the base undefended. Best tell Tislomer about ther whereabouts of the boss and have her bring him a sword or something when she's out on an herb run.
No. 95802 ID: 445c48

Or hey, what about one of those shadow guys, I forget their names. We could probably use one of them.

Did we get shards implanted in them, or are shards only for real people and not monsters?
No. 95935 ID: 18b9f0
File 126143159446.gif - (8.12KB , 800x600 , 810.gif )

No. 95936 ID: 2cbe3e


Well, YOU fucked up, huh?
No. 95937 ID: ad2c3e

Finesse.. I.. I'd still fuck you. ;_;
No. 95938 ID: 119b5c

Finny...You there girl?
No. 95939 ID: e024d0

Finnie, are, are you there? How are you? I-i warned you about the drugs.

The boss, he doesn't trust love. Doesn't trust it at all. He can be so, difficult, at times.
No. 95940 ID: 632862

Um... Hi.

Hey, um. I think Muschio might be receptive if you just up and told him you'd quit if he doesn't have sex with you.
No. 95942 ID: 1e1932


Should we leave you alone?
No. 95944 ID: ad2c3e

oh god this is terrible but effective
make him fuck the pain away
No. 95945 ID: e024d0

What? and become nothing more than another of his careless trysts and fancies? She should be more than that.
No. 95946 ID: 18b9f0
File 126143207435.gif - (3.79KB , 800x600 , 811.gif )

Don't you think I feel bad enough already?

No. I can't do that. I wouldn't leave, not even if he said that would never happen. I don't care.
No. 95947 ID: 119b5c

Look, you tried to pull a fast one. You knew the consequences of what would happened if it messed up.
No. 95948 ID: 6faa8c

Finnie, I'd hug you if I could, but...

Listen, I know it hurts to be rejected like that. But the best thing you can do for Muschio is to be the best you can be. Put your energy into helping him achieve his goal. If you can't be with him, you can still support him with all of your might, and that's what love is, right?
No. 95949 ID: 2cbe3e


Give up on him. Go and try dating some Goblin your size or something.
No. 95950 ID: 18b9f0
File 126143225613.gif - (3.80KB , 800x600 , 812.gif )

I know. I said I know.
I feel bad enough already, you don't need to rub it in.

I'm so stupid.
No. 95952 ID: 6faa8c

No. 95953 ID: e024d0

I think, I think Muschio fears love, because he cannot control it. I wonder if it stems to what happend to him when his family fell, or perhaps how we came to exist.

He has a deep need for control, and to love would take that control away from him. Make him feel helpless, and he can't stand that.

I don't know how or what can be done about this.

Know that some of us love you, we are a part of him he will not expel, even if he never does.
No. 95955 ID: 119b5c

Stupid isn't the word I'd use. Unlucky maybe. Not enough hands on work? Learn from it. Live with it. You still have a job here, your still #2. Boss is mad, but that happens. He's not dead, the rest of the gang is still here.

Stop crying in a corner. You'll have other chances.
No. 95956 ID: 632862

Well, on the bright side, he isn't actually angry with you about this. Everyone but Babrakus had a hand in the mixup, and he feels that you were too blinded by your feelings to really be held responsible.

In fact, he feels that allowing this to happen was his failure as a leader.

On the other hand, he also feels that love is a curse. An uncontrollable, dangerous emotion.
No. 95959 ID: 115e3a

Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best...

And...always look on the bright side of life...
Always look on the light side of life...

Nobody's dead, it wasn't your fault, the Boss will calm down. Let him blow off some steam. You, wipe those tears off your face. Hell, if you want some comfort, Dompag is sure to have plenty.
No. 95962 ID: 18b9f0
File 126143282425.gif - (3.95KB , 800x600 , 813.gif )

I don't need comfort from some big smelly ogre. I didn't want to hurt Master Muschio.
And now he knows and he thinks I'm stupid because I love him.

I loved him and I was waiting for this since I was a kid and now I finally told him and he thinks it's stupid.
I was waiting for that my whole life and he doesn't even believe in love.

I'm so stupid.
No. 95963 ID: 6faa8c

Finnie, you're one of the smartest girls I know. You just lost your senses. It happens to everyone.
No. 95964 ID: 115e3a

Muschio has led a harsh life. A life that's bound to stunt his emotional growth. It's no wonder he claims doesn't believe in love.

But that can change.
Finesse, you can make that change.
You just need to get back in the fight. Don't give up so easily!
No. 95965 ID: ad2c3e

No. 95966 ID: 632862

Hm. Is that so?

He figured that these feelings were only recent, and would simply go away after a while. In his own words: "How long can one love from afar?"

So I'm thinking maybe he doesn't quite understand love.
No. 95967 ID: 18b9f0
File 12614332399.gif - (4.00KB , 800x600 , 814.gif )

No. He's wrong. This isn't just a spur of the moment thing. I've been waiting for this since I was a little kid. I've been waiting my whole life.

He... he just doesn't understand.
No. 95969 ID: 6faa8c

Of course he doesn't finnie! He cut love out from himself and made us!
No. 95970 ID: e024d0


Love is indeed a strange madness huh? But it a beautiful madness. Would you believe that the Boss even used to have friends, a true friend anyway?

Who knows what happened to him, who knows what turned Muschio into the bitter if brilliant lunatic he is today?

But it will be okay, you got too desperate too hasty. Love leaps in where angel's fear to tread and you are so willing to be consumed by love.

He's gone off to think for a wile, he has been disturbed and has run to the wilds to hide himself from his own shame. We will try to work what we can on him, but he is a strange stone to work.
No. 95971 ID: ad2c3e

He's out now
You are second in command
You have time to prepare
Come up with a deliciously devious plan, girl
One void of variations that may ruin it
Play him a hand that he can't refuse
No. 95972 ID: 1e1932


Maybe you're the one who doesn't understand. It seems as though the one that you love is not Muschio, but the idea of Muschio. How well do you really know him, this man that you claim to love?
No. 95973 ID: 115e3a

Then MAKE HIM understand!
Don't believe in yourself! Believe in me who believes in you!
Your's is the drill that will pierce the heavens!

You need some serious image-uplifting. The dress you had earlier was a step up, but you still need that final oomph to get that femme fatale look going.
You need to impress the FUCK out of Muschio if you want his attention.
No. 95974 ID: 18b9f0
File 126143352523.gif - (4.01KB , 800x600 , 815.gif )

I'll make him understand.

I just got too impatient.
I've waited this long. I can wait a little longer.
No. 95975 ID: 2dd482

You need to get your rape-face on Finnie. Show Muschio what love is.
No. 95976 ID: 632862

Speaking of which... how did you know Muschio for so long? Was it by knowing his father?

We saw a vision once like that. The name 'Mojo' mean anything to you?
No. 95977 ID: 115e3a

No. 95979 ID: ad2c3e

finesse you are turning me on so much
this is exactly what muschio needs
No. 95980 ID: 8885a1

No anger! Thats the wrong emotion you're ttrying to pass.

Unless you wanna be his dominatrix or something.
No. 95981 ID: 131526

Well Muschio is a sociopath with no conscience. He doesn't care about anything but himself. It's impossible to get someone like that to love you back. He's never going to get help for it, he thinks it makes him strong, when what it really does is make him weak. He will never command respect.
No. 95982 ID: bf1e7e


You want him to understand?

Succeed. You're the second in command, you're in charge while he's gone.

Let's get something accomplished. Show him that you don't need him to believe in love.
No. 95984 ID: e024d0

Yessss, that's the look we love, that determined madness, staring into the dark abyss that has eaten your heart and demanding the dues of your sacrafice.

Also, 'we' have a task for you, we know so little about ourself,how we came to be, the full extent of our powers, we have glimpses and hints, but even the Boss won't tell us?

With the sample you have, perhaps you can make some sens of it. Also, the base, when Muschio comes back, it could be more.
No. 95985 ID: 01498e

For what it's worth, we talked with Boss. He's angry wth the situation, not with you. He still has the utmost respect for you and your work.

The real problem is that he doesn't seem to believe that love is anything but a threat, and thinks you just have some worthless and passing crush. We'll help as best we can, but any kind of relationship with Boss is going to take a LOT more time. He doesn't even know your village met his father all those years ago, in that mine incident.

For now, just support Boss as best you can, just like you always have. Love will find a way.
No. 95987 ID: 18b9f0
File 12614342129.gif - (5.45KB , 800x600 , 816.gif )

Master Muschio, I'll show you what love is.

Someday, I will.
No. 95988 ID: 8ce2bf

You don't want to do anything crazy like ordering a male stripper for Muschio.
No. 95989 ID: 12fc66

Poor Finnie. We were always rooting for you, you know.
I have no idea what that means to Master Muschio's mind. Maybe something interesting.

Muschio's planning to get back on track, with no distractions. If it's any consolation, he's not mad. So maybe we can help him with that?
If we take it slow, and get back in his good graces, maybe, if we're lucky...
A miracle can happen~

Cheer up, Finnie. We don't like to see you sad.
No. 95990 ID: 131526

You can't, unless you've got some way to implant it in his mind. All he knows is selfishness.
No. 95991 ID: 5d5878

>implant it in his mind
Recall exactly what we are.
No. 95992 ID: f44349

Muschio is deathly afraid of love.
So all the romantic gestures in the world will only push him away.
You want him to understand?
This is your chance, girl. He's lost faith in himself and his minions.
Rally his troops while he is away and do something amazing.
THEN he might start to see you as something other than a foolish girl.
No. 95993 ID: e024d0

>You can't, unless you've got some way to implant it in his mind. All he knows is selfishness.
>You can't, unless you've got some way to implant it in his mind.
>unless you've got some way to implant it in his mind
>some way to implant it in his mind
>implant it in his mind

No. 95994 ID: 632862

I have to agree that Muschio doesn't understand love. He may see it as an uncontrollable force, but that isn't true. He doesn't really listen to us when we disagree, though, so he's going to have to see outside evidence before we can change his mind.
No. 95997 ID: 01498e

For what it's worth, his biggest turn-on is victory, followed by excessive competance and badassitude. You're a tinker, go make something big and impressive. I hear whirling blades of death are in this season.
No. 95999 ID: 6d4c58

Yes prove to him love can not only be a hindrence, but a strength.
No. 96004 ID: 18b9f0
File 12614354426.gif - (2.76KB , 800x600 , 817.gif )

Maybe you're right.

...maybe I will need Dompag after all.
No. 96005 ID: 18b9f0
File 126143548268.gif - (6.03KB , 800x600 , 818.gif )

Ah, you're back.

It's very peaceful here. I've just been sitting beneath this pine. The air is so cool and crisp.
It's rather calming.
No. 96006 ID: c1b520

Boss, not to get your cloak up in a knot, but we may or may not have just screwed up getting Finesse off this whole "love" thing. In fact we may or may not have just amplified these feelings ten fold.
No. 96007 ID: 8885a1

And whatever she has in mind will involve Dompag
No. 96008 ID: 8ce2bf

Keep chilling out, Boss. There's probably no one around. Probably.
No. 96010 ID: 18b9f0
File 126143583296.gif - (6.60KB , 800x600 , 819.gif )

Oh, don't bother me with more complications. I came out here to get away from all that.
No. 96011 ID: e024d0

Shut your fat pie hole!

Nothing to worry bout here Boss, just us, doing or thing. Stuff at the base seems fine, Finesse even is going to see Dompag right now, maybe going to blow off some steam I'm sure.

oh have we informed you of his, tendencies yet?I'm sure there is nothing to worry about here.

Anyhow, Where to next boss?
No. 96013 ID: 51d0f5

Okay. Uh. Carry on, then.

I still think you should get a big stick in case someone jumps at you.
No. 96014 ID: 119b5c

Say Muschio. What do you want to know in the future?
No. 96015 ID: 8ce2bf

You should masturbate to get your mind off things.
No. 96016 ID: f21281

So, Boss.

What're your hobbies?
No. 96017 ID: 115e3a

So, Muschio, has there ever been a time in your life when you believed in love? Or perhaps even were in love?
No. 96018 ID: 632862

Okay, how about we talk about your childhood?
No. 96019 ID: 12fc66

Don't worry, I'm sure everything will work out. Just stay true to yourself and everything will be fine, boss.

Ooh, ooh, I know! Tell us a story!
We like stories.
No. 96029 ID: e024d0

A story about... Nan?
No. 96031 ID: 18b9f0
File 126143796998.gif - (13.00KB , 800x600 , 820.gif )

Yes, I did believe in love, once upon a time. But I also believed in will-'o'-the-wisps and the Bougen, and all manner of other wild stories told to me when I was young and foolish. Love deserves its place in children's fairy tales.

My childhood -- what's to say of it? That was the last time I could afford to have hobbies. I practiced fencing, studied architecture and mechanics, learned etiquette and formalities alongside war strategems and siege making.

When I fled my dying kingdom, that's when things became hectic. I found my way to Iniziare Citta and lived there in quiet secrecy for a while before it became clear the rebels weren't looking for me. My mind was fractured by a gypsy curse -- but you know this. The fragile part of my subconscious, that part which brews up ideas and decisions, that part which every man hears so constantly day in and day out, whispering passing thoughts to himself without even noticing its voices, which produces in him strange mental images and peculiar, fleeting notions -- that part is you. Ripped from my psyche and stuffed into this orb, a physical container of a part of my own mind I can never re-integrate.

It is a rather schizophrenic feeling.
To be honest, I believe there's an element of psychosis involved in all this.
No. 96034 ID: e024d0

>To be honest, I believe there's an element of psychosis involved in all this.

Ah, finally we agree on something, you are being honest here, and you are a functioning psychotic.

Anyhow, this Gypsy, who the hell was she, how did you piss her off so bad?
No. 96035 ID: 131526

Muschio; nobody respects you because you think of nothing but yourself. You act like a child, "me, me, me" all the time. Fear is not respect, and it only makes people hate you more. You are going about everything in a way that will only lead to greater and greater failure.
No. 96038 ID: 632862

Yeah, we forgot that stuff.

Hey, how long have you wanted to be a villain?
No. 96039 ID: f21281

Doesn't mean you can't take up new hobbies. Like whittling, or drawing. Although whittling would be easier, Babrakus could probably teach you and get you started out. You could carve so many wondrous things.
No. 96046 ID: 18b9f0
File 126143900331.gif - (7.67KB , 800x600 , 821.gif )

I have no interest in whittling. I have more important things to worry about.

As for my aspirations, I've wanted to be a villain since my -- hey... do you hear something?

>"I was alright for a while
>I could smile for a while..."

...that... that voice.
>"But I saw you last night
>you held my hand so tight
>as you stopped to say hello..."

It's so soft... so delicate and lyrical. That melodious, flowing tone. It's like the voice of a princess. Where is it coming from?
No. 96047 ID: 6faa8c

Soemthing tells me we're going to encounter all things you feed don't exist, boss.
No. 96048 ID: 01498e

Oh, thank gods. I was worried about that notion we were the part of you that could love. Now we know you're simply a fool.

If you can't figure out how to bend love to your own ends, there isn't much hope for you as an overlord.
No. 96050 ID: f21281

Well, Tislomer told us she likes to sing when she's out. Maybe it's her?
No. 96052 ID: 6834bc

Some fog or mist rolled in, Boss.
Be careful, we don't know if it's a normal person or some kind of supernatural being. And we don't know their intent.

Maybe nothin's wrong, but be careful all the same.
No. 96055 ID: e024d0

So, don't believe in love huh?
don't believe in magic? don't believe in fae or gods, well that's a pity all because they do believe in you...

and guess what they're going to do?
No. 96059 ID: 119b5c

Stay on Guard boss. Strangers in the forest aren't usually the friendliest of people, and one that sings, is quite confident in themselves that they can fend off it's dangers. Investigate with caution.
No. 96065 ID: 18b9f0
File 126143992216.gif - (6.45KB , 800x600 , 822.gif )

>"Oh, you wished me well,
>you couldn't tell...
>that I'd been crying over you
>crying... over you."

That voice... it's so strangely beautiful. Perfectly smooth. It stirs up memories of the court, young princesses of distant lands my parents would introduce me to. Their proper manners, impeccable dresses, all in hopes that this strange notion of love would one day in the future draw us together and unite two kingdoms.
I was too young to see their motives -- a mere child. Love was a mystery to me then, I had not seen its ugly face.

>"And you said 'So long',
>left me standing all alone...
>Alone and crying.
>Crying, crying, crying."

A noble voice.
A different time.

>"It's hard to understand,
>but the touch of your hand..."

No. 96070 ID: e024d0

All times are noble, it is men and their choices which are ignoble. You have brewed long in your inner darkness.

All songs must indeed end, but only so another song may begin. Do you understand?

Love can die, love can kill, but only love can die and in dying, give life.
No. 96073 ID: 18b9f0
File 126144053777.gif - (9.59KB , 800x600 , 823.gif )

>"...can start me crying."
No. 96074 ID: 1afd58

A siren song, almost?

Don't fall for it, muschio~
No. 96075 ID: 119b5c

Speak up first. I see someone bathing, and you don't want to be rude.

Comment on the song, and be honest.
No. 96076 ID: 632862

Try to identify the singer. It could be Finesse. The subject matter sure fits.
No. 96081 ID: 18b9f0
File 126144151356.gif - (8.66KB , 800x600 , 824.gif )

"Pardon me, madame, but I heard your singing..."

A strange, monstrous face reveals itself from behind the rock. It doesn't seem to match the melodic voice at all. And yet...

>"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't realize anyone was around at this time of night."
Her voice is still as delicate as ever.
No. 96082 ID: fb5d8e

No. 96083 ID: 34470e

No. 96084 ID: e024d0

Sometimes an ugly face or situation hides something better underneath.
No. 96085 ID: 632862

What the crap. Is that a bug? Squish it!

Wait, don't. Introduce yourself, ask who it is, what it's doing out here.
No. 96086 ID: 3b87aa

No. 96089 ID: c1b520

... what an interesting specimen...
No. 96091 ID: 51d0f5

"I could say the same to you."

Introduce yourself.
No. 96092 ID: 18b9f0
File 126144254833.gif - (10.59KB , 800x600 , 825.gif )

>"Would you like to come sit and talk a while?"

This is deeply disturbing.
No. 96093 ID: 2dd482

Go for it boss. No harm in sitting beside a lonely lass, is there?
No. 96094 ID: 6faa8c

fookin prawns!
Sure, why not? It'd be nice to tell someone about our issues.
No. 96096 ID: 119b5c

She's not going to get in your pants in the time it takes to have a conversation. Sit down. Have a nice chat.
No. 96097 ID: 115e3a

Hey, you need someone to talk to, she needs someone to talk to. No reason for it to be weird, just sit down and talk.
No. 96099 ID: b8a238

She'll steal your face, Boss.
No. 96100 ID: 115e3a

I <3 prauns!
No. 96101 ID: e024d0

Perhaps, be on guard though. It would be nice to listen to some music.
No. 96104 ID: fb5d8e

She is so hot
Fuck her
If she doesnt have a fuckhole (vagina, cloaca) tell her to spread those mandibles and fuck her cool smooth throat.
No. 96105 ID: 632862

Hmm. Hard to say if she's dangerous or not. Go sit down, but not directly next to her. Leave some distance so you have a chance to flee if she starts making moves to eat you.
No. 96107 ID: 6834bc

Hey Boss... is that a Rust Monster?
No. 96108 ID: f21281

You've fought a man who's hero theme was carpentry. You had sex with a woman who has swords for legs. You set an entire city on fire with flaming ugly cats, and THIS is disturbing?
No. 96110 ID: 51d0f5

Just talk to her. We're not asking you to stick your dick in her.

Well, okay, some of us are. But you should be used to that by now.
No. 96117 ID: fb5d8e

I am telling you to stick your dick in her, though.
No. 96124 ID: 18b9f0
File 126144398134.gif - (12.54KB , 800x600 , 826.gif )

I decide to take my chances, but I remain on guard. Despite her flowery tone, she does appear to be some manner of monster, after all.

"...I heard you singing. You have a voice like a Princess."
>"That's very sweet of you to say so."
"Did you lose someone close to you?"
>"Yes... in a way. But I just like this song."

She smiles, resting her head on one of four hands.

>"As long as we're sharing compliments, you're awfully cute for a monk."
No. 96126 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask her to go skinny dipping with you.
No. 96127 ID: e024d0

Let her think what she wants, we have no reason to correct her.

Also ask her to clarify what she means by 'in a way' (I know that some insects are pone to eat their mates in the throes of passion, and while I say that love is something you could learn t appreciate, that specific kind of 'love' certainly won't help.)
No. 96128 ID: f21281

Yeah, I would advise against screwing her. Anthropomorphic insects have a tendency to keep the "devour their mate" schtick of their more feral brethren.
No. 96129 ID: 6834bc

Ask her for her name - might as well be polite. And maybe ask what she is, making sure she knows you don't mean to offend.
No. 96134 ID: 51d0f5

"I'm not a monk. I'm just cold."

Ask what she is.
No. 96138 ID: fb5d8e

Ask her you've been hurting too and if she wants to have some wild no-strings-attached sex to forget about it for a moment.
No. 96140 ID: e024d0

Sounds bad man, losing one's head here could literally mean losing one's head.
No. 96141 ID: 429638

Just make sure you're staying at least a little suspicious of everything. Letting your guard down was what got you into this mess, after all.

Especially if whoever she lost comes back angry. You're in no condition to fight an eight-foot-tall anthropomorphic stag beetle or whatever the hell kind of man she dates.
No. 96142 ID: 139c5b

"Did you lose someone close to you?"
>"Yes... in a way. But I just like this song."

She probably ate him.
No. 96144 ID: 18b9f0
File 126144514161.gif - (8.82KB , 800x600 , 827.gif )

"My name is Muschio Malto. If you don't mind me asking... what... and who are you?"
>"My name is K'miele. As for what I am... well, your intuition served you well. You see, I am a Princess. Or at least, I was once."
"What happened?"
>"...Times change."

"...Yes. They certainly do."

She sighs softly, looking over the water with a sad smile.

"Tell me, what are you doing out here tonight?"
>"What is anyone doing, Muschio?"
No. 96146 ID: 131526

Let's find out what species this bug is. It's obviously quite larger than it should be. Is there sexual dimorphism? Is it even female? Are we sure? Can we see its vaginal opening to make sure?
No. 96149 ID: e024d0

Running away from our past it seems, away from what hurts.
No. 96151 ID: f21281

"Running away from their problems instead of facing them head-on?"
No. 96152 ID: 6faa8c

Is she a Formian?
No. 96153 ID: 131526

Perhaps tell her we are wandering abroad because we can't manage a simple group of employees due to our clinical narcissism. Or we could lie.
No. 96154 ID: bf1e7e


just seeking a little peace of mind.
No. 96164 ID: fb5d8e

No. 96169 ID: 18b9f0
File 126144670621.gif - (9.45KB , 800x600 , 828.gif )

"I suppose I'm out here to think. To find peace of mind. But perhaps I'm just running away from my past. Things are so different now. When I was young, I thought everything would just work out if I kept at it, if I just tried to keep on doing what I was doing.
...I didn't ever expect they would be like this."

>"Everything changes, Muschio. But the world will never be exactly how we wanted it to be."

"I know... I know that, but... I just...
Sometimes I just want things to go back to how they were."

>"If there's one thing I've learned, Muschio, it's that the lives we lead are made of glass. And when they break, everyone tries to put them back together. They try to fix all the shards in perfect place, like a giant puzzle. But it'll never come together in the same way."

She gives a knowing look over the water and trails her fingers across the still surface.

>"And you can't be afraid of making something new."
No. 96171 ID: e024d0

A good point, the broken must be forged anew, it cannot be the same tool it was.
No. 96177 ID: fb5d8e

"Something new like a babby with you, am I right? Let's copulate."
No. 96179 ID: f44349

...Sage advice.
You should listen to this one.
No. 96182 ID: 9e9b47


That's stupid! You're stupid! If you were so smart how come all your shit's gone? Fuck you, creepy bug!
No. 96186 ID: 488063

The problem, of course, is that broken glass requires heat to make something; that or it just gets all over the floor and cuts up peoples feet.
No. 96187 ID: 18b9f0
File 126144768512.gif - (9.68KB , 800x600 , 829.gif )

"Perhaps you're right."
No. 96189 ID: c1b520

que spontaneous makeout session as dictated by overall fan base followed by confused interruption based upon the severe lack of a proper orifice.
No. 96192 ID: 18b9f0
File 126144803381.gif - (8.60KB , 800x600 , 830.gif )

No, she is wise, and she had a kind way about her, but K'miele does not interest me that way. Her insight touches me in a way some tawdry physical encounter could not.

With every step forward, I believe further that this trip was a good idea. But before I can return home, there is still someone I must see.
No. 96195 ID: 632862

Okay, I'll bite. Who are you going to meet?
No. 96196 ID: c1b520

And that would be...
No. 96222 ID: bf1e7e


Muschio, are you going to see the gypsy who cursed you?

What caused that t o happen, anyway?
No. 96227 ID: 0b18ab

Oh, maybe you'll let us in on your plan.

Wait, I thought we were supposed to be the ones making the decisions? But we don't even know what you're doing half the time and you only sometimes do what we say...
No. 96235 ID: e024d0

An who is that, may I ask?
No. 96247 ID: 18b9f0
File 126145075194.gif - (14.61KB , 800x600 , 831.gif )

Do you obey every passing whim that enters your head?
Oh, wait. That's probably a bad example, since we're the same person.

Please, forgive me for not narrating my every conscious thought, but I'm sure you'll see, if you have patience.

>"Ah, welcome to Elembus Springs, weary traveler. Have you come to enjoy a soothing soak in the hot water baths?"
"Yes. I have the coin, if you have the accommodations."
>"But of course, honored guest! Please, just follow the path. I will procure a towel for you."
No. 96248 ID: c1b520

this place seems familiar almost like we helped someone get laid here once.
No. 96251 ID: 488063

No. 96253 ID: e024d0

Xom is running the springs it seems.
No. 96254 ID: ab04d4

inb4 hot springs scene with that bug girl
No. 96256 ID: 01498e

If anyone starts bleeding nasally, run and don't look back.
No. 96264 ID: c1b520

Silly fool, if such a thing happens we must comfort them to the best of our abilities.
No. 96281 ID: 632862

Okay, we'll be patient then.
No. 96289 ID: 18b9f0
File 126145248511.gif - (11.42KB , 800x600 , 832.gif )

This is much better.

Yes, I'll keep an eye out for any suspicious bleeders. I'm sure that's a top concern at the moment.
No. 96290 ID: 632862

Splash the water a bit.
No. 96291 ID: 1e1932


Submerge. That always feels awesome.
No. 96292 ID: e024d0

So how did you know about this place?
No. 96295 ID: 18b9f0
File 126145318460.gif - (11.60KB , 800x600 , 833.gif )


I used to come here when I was younger, still in the royal court.

Like I said, some of my greatest thinking has been done in a hot bath.
No. 96296 ID: 1afd58

Don't think too much about Arabella's luscious curves, or Ashedel's sculpted thighs~
No. 96298 ID: e024d0

What are you -erh- are we thinking about?
No. 96302 ID: 632862

What can we do to bolster your fearful image in the future... hmm. Perhaps hire some highwaymen under your banner and have them raid small towns?
No. 96304 ID: dfafbc

Or perhaps drop the villany that goes nowhere and build a kingdom.
No. 96309 ID: 488063

Extend the attempted work of your father farther, building a powerbase that is more acceptable, then use the resources from this to finance your aims.
No. 96326 ID: e024d0

His father's work was shattered, the kingdom lost, but a new work can be done.

You know why she loves you right? It started because of the honor and caring of your father's rule. It grew from your drive and ambition.

But it was never your goal that was great.
No. 96330 ID: 18b9f0
File 126145529180.gif - (13.03KB , 800x600 , 834.gif )

You know, perhaps you have a point. Power is, in many ways, more enticing than headless evil.
But evil is a means to an end, and that end is power. Morality to one in my position is simply a blockade, an obstruction to the realization of true opportunity. In the real world, one must be flexible. An idealist will not survive in a pragmatic world.

Good is weak. Yielding. Vulnerable.
In the battle between good and evil, evil will always triumph.
No. 96334 ID: e024d0

Then why does the devil hide?
No. 96337 ID: 9e9b47


Look, it's your childhood friend, The Riddler!
No. 96338 ID: 1e1932


We'll just see about that.
No. 96340 ID: 632862

Hey, is that who you were coming here to see?
No. 96342 ID: 6faa8c

Ah, but to put forth the pretence of good, and avoid battle altogether... that is the way of the real bastard.
No. 96343 ID: dfafbc

But needles evil only gets people against you. Be careful.

Also say hi to your bath partner.
No. 96348 ID: 488063

You can grab the powerbase of displaced loyalists, and use them to aid in the construction.
Use your father's reputation to gain trust, that easily lost commodity, and you should be able to make yourself at least a minor king.
No. 96349 ID: 15f6d6

You really suck at "being evil" Muschio. Maybe you should practice what you preach and try to gain power purely for power's sake instead of actively trying to "be evil," which is pretty fucking stupid if you think about it. Truly evil people are either totally amoral or think that they are doing good.
No. 96353 ID: b8a238

You got company boss - why not indulge in some conversation? It served you well earlier.
No. 96361 ID: 18b9f0
File 126145606070.gif - (12.13KB , 800x600 , 835.gif )

Hm? No, I came here to see the attendant, so that I could take --

...say... is that...?

I don't believe it! I just -- I don't believe it!

"Sir Ridder?"
No. 96362 ID: e024d0

Good can survive, where evil fails to thrive.
No. 96363 ID: 131526

Evil does not always triumph. Pragmatism does. Evil destroys itself from the inside.
No. 96364 ID: 34470e

Ridder? Who's that? One of your classmates when you were young?
No. 96366 ID: b8a238

Who's this dude, boss? Someone you used to know?

What can you tell us about him?
No. 96367 ID: 7139d7


We are Muschio Malto.
We will be the creator of the new world.
We will be the King of Kings.
And we will walk the road of the righteous to its conclusion, you and I.

We will become, we are, a God. We shall be so that no devil in the world will fear us. Remember, Boss. Remember your childhood.
No. 96369 ID: 131526

The words of a delusional maniac, for sure. Not a ruler.
No. 96374 ID: e024d0

The Devil did not start out trying to be the Devil, he tried to be God, to overthrow the seat already filled.
No. 96375 ID: f21281

A question for you, boss.

Can evil exist without good?

Can good exist without evil?
No. 96376 ID: 1e1932

Why the hell are we trying to preach to a brick wall when we have more important things to be thinking about right now? Like this guy who the Boss somehow knows?
No. 96379 ID: 9891a9

Exactly what this voice said. We have more pressing concerns at the moment.
No. 96386 ID: 632862

Hey, who is this guy? Could he be a potential threat?
No. 96394 ID: a3b36a

Remember, Muschio...

Friends change. They can get led astray. be careful with your words as you get reacquainted with your old acquaintance. Who knows whose ears his lips speak to these days.
No. 96398 ID: 7139d7

He was our friend! We should trust him. Heck, tell him everything - how messed up our love life is, how our goals are so...strange. Come on, we need to vent and this is our childhood friend here.
No. 96400 ID: 18b9f0
File 126145789871.gif - (10.46KB , 800x600 , 836.gif )

A threat? HA! No, not at all! This is Sir Ridder, a knight of my family's court back when our Kingdom was still thriving. He's roughly my age -- and in my youth, he was a close friend. True, he was only a knight, and the advisers discouraged me from playing with him, but I didn't mind bridging the nobility gap. After all, Ridder was a truly respectable friend, a confidant who I felt I could actually relate to. He was a bit stern in his training, but he wasn't the stuffy blowhard most of my 'noble' friends were. A true friend, and an ally if ever there was one.

He seems surprised to see me.

"I'm just relaxing, the same as you, Sir Ridder. My god, I haven't seen you since the break of the Revolution. It's such a relief to see you alive! I worried about you, old friend. Has time treated you well?"
No. 96402 ID: c0f3bf

Dip lower into the water, if he notices how thin you look he might get all worried over you.
No. 96404 ID: 34470e

How'd you meet him?
No. 96405 ID: 1e1932


Woah...you actually look...HAPPY. And not in the sadistic way either.
No. 96408 ID: c4fb38


He was a Knight in the Malto court.
No. 96410 ID: e024d0

I know it's odd isn't it.

I must be odd to feel happy, perhaps is even feels... good?
No. 96412 ID: 34470e

Let me rephrase that: What is the exact circumstances you met him in? Were you introduced to him by someone or what?
No. 96422 ID: 632862

He seems to be freaking out, Muschio. Perhaps you should make sure he knows the revolutionaries don't care about you.
No. 96428 ID: eaec5a

Oh god cover your eyes.
No. 96430 ID: 445c48

When you get a chance, kiss him. We're also working part time for someone who wants to see some homogay love between you and Ridder here.
No. 96533 ID: 8ce2bf

Is he the reason you don't believe in love, Muschio? Is it because of the taboos of your relationship with him and him being torn from you before you could go to the next step?
No. 96561 ID: 96dac0

He's freaking out. Assert your authority, tell him to settle the fuck down.
No. 97695 ID: eaec5a

Ask Ridder to start serving under you again. Inform him of your plan to take back / create your kingdom.
No. 97987 ID: badf27

Order him to servic--I mean, serve under you again.
No. 107927 ID: f90703

Soooo, y'back from the dead yet?
No. 108254 ID: 18b9f0
File 126309338820.gif - (12.69KB , 800x600 , 837.gif )

I appreciate your help -- I truly do, as this ever-present guidance has served me well -- but I believe I know well enough how to speak to my old friend.

I'm not going to ask him to join me. My friend Ridder is a man of strict and absolute morality, and as I am certainly questioning my own drive into the darker realms of the human ethical spectrum, a strong way to start would be to avoid roping my friend into the darkness I've sown.
I wouldn't corrupt a man like this. He's my friend. I owe him better than that!

And yet, all he can seem to concern himself with are--

>"Prince! Prince, we have to get you to safety! If the revolutionaries find you..!"
"Revolutionaries? My dear friend, do you think we're still children? The revolutionaries have long since abandoned their hunt for me. So come, tell me of your travels! Do the women still throw themselves naked at your feet whenever you pass? Ha ha, what a grand birthday party that was!"
No. 108257 ID: 34470e

Uh, party? What happened there?
No. 108259 ID: 18b9f0
File 126309363699.gif - (9.04KB , 800x600 , 838.gif )

>"I do undergo a number of advances, yes-- No, listen, I have seen these revolutionaries near Iniziare Citta, they are still very hostile towards Malto loyalists. Prince, please understand that you are the last in the bloodline. Your safety is of the essence. Where do you stay now?"
Ah, it's just like old days. He's so worried about me. It's refreshing to see someone care about my well-being, even if he is being awfully silly going about it!

"Come now, Ridder! I live under my own authority, and I've managed quite well for myself all this time, haven't I? The new government is hardly concerned with me. Now tell me, what ever became of that bandit girl you apprehended on your earlier hunts? You know, the one with those freckles and the ears...? I heard rumor you two were going to elope, you know!"
No. 108260 ID: cf41a7

Note that you are unlikely to be the last of the bloodline anymore... considering your recent practices anyhow.
No. 108264 ID: 8ce2bf

Tease him by saying that even the boys wanted to throw themselves at his feet, and that even you had a crush on him when you first saw him, he will totally blush.
No. 108267 ID: e0499d

quick! Ask Ridder about what he's been up to recently!
get him to stop questioning your situation
No. 108268 ID: 18b9f0
File 126309406538.png - (107.41KB , 800x600 , 839.png )

Every time I think he's going to finally calm down and talk like a friend...
>"Really now? I wonder how those rumors got around. I mean we--"
He seems to snap back to it.
>"No, prince, PLEASE! Who do you stay with now? Is it a noble house that has taken you into their protection? Prince, your situation is dire!"

This is out of hand, now. I've got to snap him out of his panic.
Without even thinking, I dart my hand out and --

No. 108271 ID: 17fc61

Offer him an exchange of questions.

He answers one of yours, you answer one of his.
No. 108276 ID: 632862

What? Everything looks different suddenly.
No. 108277 ID: 9d07d9


Too formal.
Just let him know that you're in a safe, secret location in the company of some loyal protectors.
No. 108280 ID: 17fc61

I doubt he'll actually accept that, and will just insist on handling things himself. He's security minded, and people like that have to be in control.
No. 108282 ID: 18b9f0
File 126309451050.gif - (11.13KB , 800x600 , 840.gif )

It's strange, I know, from an outside perspective, but trust me, if anything can snap him out of it, it's that.

"Sir Ridder! I'm a grown man. The assassins of the crown have long stopped seeking me, because I no longer have any connection to the crown. The dogs have been called off, and I live under my own power, under my own freedom. I appreciate your concern, and I know your intentions are sincere, I truly do. But you must believe me: I'm fine. I'm not in danger. No more than any man in these times."
He seems to settle a bit at this, finally relaxing his battle-ready pose. So I continue, as long as I have his attention.
"I know you, Ridder. I know you will always honor your duties. But the time I needed [b]an armed escort just to buy candy at the store is long since passed. Today, you are my dearest friend -- not simply my guardian."
He is quiet a moment. In his softening features I again see the face of my old friend, with whom I spent many days discussing the world over a sugary drink and a fistful of gumroot sticks.
No. 108284 ID: 8ecfd4

I agree with this.

And Mushio, just because you have given up evil simply for the sake of evil doesn't have to mean that you need to give up on your ambitions.

But I agree with your opinions on Ridder. He is not a tool suited for what may lie ahead. Morals can be useful so long as they don't get in the way and he would certainly get in the way if hard choices had to be made. It's better to build up something more stable before we risk inviting him into our ranks.
No. 108289 ID: 6faa8c

Yes. Let us shift towards asking about his progress.
No. 108292 ID: 17fc61

Frilly collars do not suit you.

They do not suit anyone.
No. 108298 ID: 18b9f0
File 126309507280.gif - (12.90KB , 800x600 , 841.gif )

He seems back to his old self. Who would have known that old callback would still hold its old power?
>"I-- I apologize, prince. I should have known that you have grown into a capable man. Perhaps I have been stuck in the past as you have moved on to greener pastures, without a doubt leading your own followers now. It.. It is good to see, Muschio, my friend. How are you?"

But his compliments make me wonder. My meeting with that monster at the lake, my failures with my own minions... Am I truly successful? Or am I bumbling through blindly?
You said yourselves, these failings are none but mine.

I pause for what seems like a very long time. The world is quiet and warm and still about me, and the night passes in its silence.
I want to be frank with my old friend, but of course, there are some details I must omit.
"...It's as you say, Ridder. I've been trying to unite... some peoples under myself. But in my drive for power, in grasping for the shadows of what I had expected, I feel I've lost sight of the substance. And now I'm not even sure of what I'm doing, or where I'm going. And on top of everything, I feel I can't even trust my own men. These are my failings, through and through. But in all my training I never faced anything like this."

Maybe this was all a mistake after all. Perhaps the loss of my kingdom was a sign. I've made a grand mess of my minions.
"I wonder if I'm even cut out to be a leader. Perhaps it was better when I was on my own."
No. 108303 ID: 17fc61

Maybe you should ask the Kobold for advice.
No. 108305 ID: cf41a7

You were always much better hero than a villain my lord... if I may say so. Hero's... they can be glorious, even when they fail, a villain, they are only great 'if' and while they are winning.
No. 108306 ID: 17fc61

Your minions are fine. It's you that's the problem. You don't really plan ahead or see the big picture, which is a bad trait for someone that wants to be a leader.
No. 108308 ID: 17fc61

So, why DO you want to be a villain? You should be old enough to know there's no such thing as a "villain," only people with opposing goals. Why shove yourself into a stereotype?
No. 108311 ID: cf41a7

It's because in his experience.. the villains won! The rebels deposed him, he lost everything... so they must have been right.. no honor, no glory, just blood and hell.

But the story isn't over is it?
No. 108319 ID: e23d5d


I think planning is our job.
No. 108322 ID: 17fc61

Half-heartedly parading into his old village on his own and getting slapped around wasn't our idea.
No. 108323 ID: 18b9f0
File 126309578355.gif - (11.38KB , 800x600 , 842.gif )

>Your minions are fine. It's you that's the problem.
>Why shove yourself into a stereotype?
That's precisely what I'm SAYING.

>"I can not believe that, Muschio."
To my surprise, Ridder nearly jumps up with uncharacteristic passion in his words.
>"You are a strong and charismatic man. You always have been made to lead others, to help those without a dream find one and work together under a grand cause like your father used to do. Remember how we used to watch him sit with the soldiers while the nobles snorted? I have never pictured you to become any different, Muschio. Loving and beloved."

...He raises a strong point. My father's power was founded on many things, and the Malto name was always known -- and sometimes looked down on -- for its associations with the 'lesser' folk. The subracial clans, the soldiers and the common men, all welcomed with open arms as one of our own.

"Maybe that's just it, Ridder. Maybe I've forgotten how to care for my constituents, my men and my soldiers. Maybe I've become so lost in this grab for power, my real problem is I've forgotten to care about my workers."

Have I been so blind? The poison sewn in my ranks -- was it really as simple as neglect?
Have I become the very Ivory-Tower noble I've always despised? Grown so distant and detached from my own underlings, rather than living amongst them, sharing their hopes and dreams?
By the Gods!

"If I had ignored the men society called beneath me, then you and I would not be friends, Ridder. And now, perhaps more than ever, I'm thankful that we are."
He smiles slowly, a warm and earnest expression on his face. He and I may not see eye to eye on everything, but I know nothing will ever set us at odds. Our friendship is made of sterner stuff.
"You have a wise man's way about you, friend. I've always said it. You are so focused, so driven, so silent. It draws the women to you, no doubt. But a man of your ambitions could find a grand following from souls of all races, genders, and creeds. You may not be of noble blood, Ridder, but I have always believed you would make as capable of leader as any white-haired noble."
No. 108326 ID: c6f0c1

Stalker spotted!
No. 108329 ID: 17fc61

You're just overwhelmed by the scope of what you've made. The only thing that's really gone wrong was the poison swap, which you know wasn't out of malicious intent. And you were even aware of that before it happened.

None of this is unmanageable. Finish brooding and head back home.
No. 108330 ID: c0f3bf

Maybe you guys could both be kings or something. Also you DO know there's a female kobold directly in front of you, right? You should tell her she's in the wrong bath.
No. 108332 ID: 476456


Well to your luck your subordinates still have the impression that you have some concern for them.
No. 108333 ID: 2dd482

ask him what he's been up to lately already
No. 108337 ID: 17fc61

The goblin village being subverted by this unnamed enemy could do with some empathy.

Really, all the surrounding provinces could use our aid, to ensure they won't be turned to your enemy's cause. A good start would be visiting the local sub-races within the forests and mountains and their towns to gain their support.

You know, without burning them down.
No. 108338 ID: 17fc61

I don't think that's female. Just a very erect male nipple.

Which is unsettling.
No. 108343 ID: f7bc42

That would be an excellent empire-building step. Cementing an alliance with the nonhumans of the forest.
No. 108348 ID: 18b9f0
File 126309661086.gif - (11.81KB , 800x600 , 843.gif )

My friend's smile quickly fades as uncertainty replaces assurance.
>"S-surely not me, prince. I- I greatly appreciate your praise.. but I come from a line of mercenaries. My way is that of armies and war, cruel as they be. I.. could never guide a community to prosperity."

"Ridder, listen to me, my friend. In my youth I saw many an ambitious young man who one day hoped to hold some legion beneath his command. I saw aspiring Kings-to-be and frizzle-haired Rulers in the making, but never once did I see as driven and powerful a young man as yourself."
This is one subject of which I have been sure for quite some time. Ridder could have been a General, if he set his sights low. I firmly believe he could be one of the greatest Warrior-Kings this world has ever seen, if only he could see his own potential.
"You're a born leader, Ridder, and you can't keep living down simply because you view yourself a mercenary."

I can see it now. His eyes seem to burn with inspiration.
"You were built for grander stuff, my friend."
Perhaps he can't see what I see, but at the least, I must push him to open his eyes.
"I believe in your abilities, Ridder. And once you've arrived, there won't be a man in this world who can stand in your way."
A pat on his shoulder. A knowing smile.
"Well, except for me of course!"
A laugh he doesn't share.
He seems too deep in thought to joke. But perhaps this means he may yet take my advice to heart.
No. 108356 ID: 34470e

I propose a contest: Whoever becomes King first wins.
No. 108357 ID: ebea88

In b4 Ridder becomes the final boss, risen to King status
No. 108359 ID: cf41a7

Maybe a leadership of two thrones?
No. 108362 ID: 34470e

Is that allowed?
No. 108368 ID: cf41a7

It been done, even the Roman Empire tried for a will... they had other problems though (mostly the fact that the thrones were over a thousand miles away from each other.)
No. 108369 ID: f2b2b3

"Allowed?" Well, there's no one above a King, so who would say if it wasn't?
No. 108370 ID: 18b9f0
File 126309758476.gif - (12.63KB , 800x600 , 844.gif )

He seems to have taken it to heart. I can see he is still apprehensive about taking center stage, so accustomed he is to following orders, but I know he could make a grand leader if he put his mind to it. It would certainly be a more welcome appointment than any of dozens of other kinds and barons these days!
Our allegiance is resworn, and we shake determinedly on our friendship, and our aspirations. I feel we have both taken away some grand insight in this fateful meeting.

>"Thank you. Thank you, Muschio, my dear friend. I.. I will not let your trust be in vain. May our followers march side by side one day."
Yes -- oh no. Our minions! How could I ever march my men alongside his? He would see me a villain, and how could he face me again? What would that do to him, the betrayal of his oldest friend to the forces of darkness?
I feel a very sudden urge to get back to base and finally put my affairs in order. It has been a long time coming.

But for now I will have to avoid the possibility of joining forces. I know he must expect me to ask him along, but how can I like this? I must retain my secrecy, for now.
"Yes, one day! I -- well, as I said, I'm in a bit of disarray right now, or I'd ask your support now. But ah, I'm sure someday we'll unite under a common banner once more."
Thankfully, he seems agreeable to this.

>"Certainly. I have no intention to rush you: My aid will be available at a moment's notice. Let me draw out where my current base of operation is. You may visit when you find the time-- But perhaps in about a week would be best. I confess that it is not the most presentable right now."
"Excellent! My friend, this was a most fortunate encounter. I'm so glad fate has crossed our paths again. And with this, I shall be sure to see you again, in short time."
No. 108371 ID: 34470e

Okay. Both Muschio and Ridder will become kings. However, the loser of the contest has to crossdress.
No. 108375 ID: 18b9f0
File 126309780417.gif - (12.65KB , 800x600 , 845.gif )

I feel I've learned a lot from this exchange. And it's good to know my old friend is still alive and well. But he has driven me towards something better, and I feel the urge to whip my underlings into shape. I can no longer dwell on my mistakes -- I must strive forward towards a stronger future. And what better time than now?

"But now, I must be off. Your words have inspired me. I return at once to my men!"
>"The very best of luck, my friend. May we meet again very, very soon!"

Ah, and something in the wind tells me we will.
No. 108376 ID: 6834bc

Ech, boss, I hate to even think about suggesting it, but...
...Maybe changing sides, movin' away from the whole 'evil' thing would be somethin' to think about - especially if you're ever gonna work more closely with this old friend o' yours.

...That, or gettin' him to change his views on things. I dunno which would be easier, really. It would be a damn shame if the two of you became bitter enemies, boss, that's for sure.
No. 108377 ID: 34470e

Uh, what about that person you were going to meet? Or do you not care about whoever it was? Wait, was that person the kobold?
No. 108379 ID: 9d07d9


Evil is more important than friendship.
No. 108382 ID: f2b2b3

I've yet to see any suggestion that we're actually evil, other than our penchant for claiming that we are. The most evil thing we've done is the accidental and bumbling burning of a village, killing some evil men, defending ourselves and accidentally helping others.

Ridder would have no problem allying himself with us, unless he has some bigotry against Goblins or Ogres, or something.
No. 108383 ID: f7bc42

Don't worry so much.
As you know, as he himself has attested, your father treated the monstrous races fairly.

And certainly, as your friend, any ally or minion of yours should be cast in a favorable light by him.
No. 108384 ID: f7bc42

Also, that third occupant in the bath has been watching YOU, specifically, it seems. Be wary getting dressed.
No. 108385 ID: c0f3bf

That's pretty arbitrary, isn't it?
No. 108455 ID: 3416ec


Muschio, man, you gotta work out or something. Put some meat on those bones.

Go find a town that sells Powerbars or weight-gain powder.
No. 108501 ID: f2b2b3

By the way, K.D. Lang is gay. Don't know what that means for the centipede girl, although to be fair, she only did a cover.
No. 108571 ID: 18b9f0
File 126311269644.gif - (10.58KB , 800x600 , 846.gif )

I stop off at a familiar Goblin village on the way back to the Vault. I didn't realize how hungry I was, I suppose. I had more pressing matters on my mind.

That run-in with my old friend has certainly given me a lot to think about. About my path, my goals, my methods.
To begin, I'm certain I need to be more in touch with my underlings. I've been too distant, too often a boss, too infrequently a true ally, a compatriot. That will change.
Further, my grasp for power has been limited in my tired morality plays. Maybe I've been thwarting 'good' for the sake of thwarting it. A more entrepreneurial approach would be to ignore morality altogether, and take the pragmatist's way of simply doing whatever is more advantageous or profitable.

I don't know. Perhaps evil isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Mind you, I'm not about to go goody-goody on this, but it's an odd thing, being too ashamed of my actions to relate them to my oldest friend.

Strange things are in the wind tonight.
No. 108572 ID: 632862

Perhaps your motivation for evil was more rooted in emotion than you want to admit.

What made you decide to be evil, anyway? When did that start?
No. 108573 ID: 6faa8c

Congratulations, you have officially graduated from "Card-carrying villain" to "Vile Bureaucrat". You may pick up your Lawful Evil certificate in the mail or at your nearest Evilco dropbox.
No. 108575 ID: c1b520

lawful? Seems more neutral evil to me.
No. 108576 ID: c0f3bf

True, but if you base your actions solely on profit and advantages, you could wind up losing all care and reason for why.

You might need to find a balance of some kind...
No. 108577 ID: 18b9f0
File 126311309912.gif - (8.55KB , 800x600 , 847.gif )

When I leave the Goblin village, a low cloud cover has moved in, and beneath the starless night, a veil of darkness draws over the world.

This morality stuff is all very confusing.
All I know is, at the very least, I want to attempt it. I want to be able to visit my old friend without any dark secrets on my conscience. At least, without any recent dark secrets.
No. 108579 ID: 632862

Well, what'd you do that was really evil? And I mean on purpose. The burning of the town was accidental, you managed not to actually bury that one guy alive, and killing an intruder to your fort intent on murder is hardly an evil act. Even poisoning the enemy spying on you didn't work.

Then again you haven't really done any GOOD acts on purpose either.
No. 108580 ID: 51d0f5

Ignore the naysayers. A lust for power is a far greater motivation than a desire to twirl your mustache and torment children. You don't even have a mustache. Or children.

Finish your meal and return to the vault.
No. 108581 ID: c1b520

Whatever boss, it's all your choice in the end. We just help you out when we can. :3
No. 108583 ID: 9891a9

Do be careful on your way back, wouldn't want to end this trip on a sour note.
No. 108584 ID: 18b9f0
File 126311368954.gif - (9.22KB , 800x600 , 848.gif )

Well if nothing else, I should attempt it in preparation of my visit with Ridder.

So there it is: Starting now, and for at least until I visit my old friend, I will keep my nose clean. No more evil!

I return home to find Finesse waiting up for me.
>"Master Muschio! Oh, it's good to see you return! I've been waiting for you."
"Finesse, I'm very tired, and it's very late..."
>"I have something special for you! I know you'll like it."
No. 108585 ID: c1b520

...well? Go see what it is.
No. 108586 ID: c0f3bf

This may be clothes. Give her a bit, it could be monumentously worth it.
No. 108588 ID: 632862

Well. Whatever it is, she needed Dompag's help. Maybe she needed his muscles to lift something? Actually she's got her eyeglass on so I think this is something mechanical. I don't think she will have anything unpleasant in store for you. Quite the contrary.
No. 108589 ID: 3416ec

Be sure to apologize for your outburst; you were just frustrated at the time.
No. 108591 ID: 9891a9

What could she have been up to while we were out? She sounds rather excited, so brace yourself for something awesome.
No. 108594 ID: 18b9f0
File 126311397247.gif - (13.16KB , 800x600 , 849.gif )

"Allright, Finesse. What is it?"
>"No, not here! I can't show you here. C'mon, let's go to the bedroom."
No. 108595 ID: 426169

Follow her, it's not she'll let you go to bed before you look at her present.
No. 108596 ID: 632862


I think perhaps you should try to find out what's going to be in the bedroom before you go in.
No. 108597 ID: 3416ec

I like the protractor banner. Tres chic.

Anyways, tread with caution. Surprises in the bedroom are usually of... carnal nature.
No. 108601 ID: 18b9f0
File 126311479145.gif - (12.94KB , 800x600 , 850.gif )

"Finesse, it really is too late for surprises..."
>"No no no, c'monnn, just a little further. It's gonna be great. You'll LOVE it."
"Where is everyone?"
>"Don't worry about them. They're probably off havin' a good time."

"...Finesse, are you drunk?"
>"A lil' bit."
No. 108604 ID: c0f3bf

Don't look at the chalkboard, don't look at her face. Just keep tiredly ambling...
No. 108605 ID: c1b520

Stop stalling and just go.
No. 108607 ID: 6faa8c

Just humor her.

After all, you said you would be closer with your minions compatriots, correct?
No. 108608 ID: 51d0f5

If you refuse, she'll only keep bugging you. Follow along.
No. 108613 ID: 9891a9

Say, I wonder what happened to the aphrodisiac wine we overheard Finnie talking about a while ago...
No. 108614 ID: 5c3cfc

remember when she was the apathic one and you were the proactive guy? Those were the days
No. 108615 ID: 18b9f0
File 12631152337.gif - (9.80KB , 800x600 , 851.gif )

>"C'mon Master, in here... c'mon, c'mon..."
No. 108616 ID: 18b9f0
File 126311531481.gif - (7.93KB , 800x600 , 852.gif )

>What do you think, Master? Does this make you... happy?"
No. 108617 ID: 632862

What? What is it? We can't see!
No. 108618 ID: 6d4c58

ib4 everyones dead
No. 108619 ID: 5c3cfc

inb4 guro
No. 108620 ID: 3416ec


Well, judging by the wide-eyed stare and the hair standing on end...

A slinky negligee?
No. 108622 ID: f44349

What did she do?!
Turn the camera orb! We can't see!
No. 108623 ID: 51d0f5

Dead leferran?
No. 108629 ID: 6547ec

Fingers crossed for a hostage. Anti-Malto revolutionary, stray adventurer, something that could only be used for evil.

A cat would be fine, too.
No. 108632 ID: 18b9f0
File 126311623992.gif - (12.05KB , 800x600 , 853.gif )

>"Well? Well? Aren't you impressed? I thought it up, and Dompag did most of the work! Isn't it great? Don't you love it, Master Muschio?"
No. 108633 ID: 9891a9

Erm...What, specifically, is it?
No. 108634 ID: 476456

"I uh......he uh....we uh....what."
No. 108635 ID: 51d0f5

Anyone you know?
No. 108636 ID: 632862

No. Get her out of there. We're not doing this.
No. 108637 ID: f44349

No. 108638 ID: 6d4c58

So Muschio this is the deciding point
Thank her, for her effort,but explain it was unnecisary and let...lovely woman go.
Thank her, her then ask them to leave.
No. 108639 ID: 6faa8c

Tell the others to leave. Shoo them out, but do NOT make clear your objection now.

Apologize to the woman for the misunderstand and talk with her.
No. 108640 ID: d2ea61


Yes. Sexy tiem!
No. 108641 ID: c0f3bf

Ask her exactly what it is you're looking at?

You're too tired to deal with this stuff right now...
No. 108642 ID: 5c3cfc

No. 108646 ID: 6547ec

...Demand to know why she isn't blindfolded.
No. 108647 ID: 632862


Well, what the fuck are we going to DO with her?
No. 108648 ID: 6d4c58

Did not see that coming? You are a master of the quest as always sir.
No. 108652 ID: 18b9f0
File 126311705150.gif - (5.22KB , 800x600 , 854.gif )

...There's no mistaking it.

That's Princess Vittima.

Daughter of the current King of Northern Piacevole.

My old Kingdom.
No. 108654 ID: 51d0f5
File 126311711875.jpg - (53.81KB , 500x500 , ridderdad_NA.jpg )

No. 108671 ID: 5c3cfc

a fitting name
No. 108692 ID: 8ecfd4

Well isn't that increadibly interesting. Thank Finesse for a job well done. Now we just have to figure out what to do with her. Executing her for her fathers crimes seem a bit to extreme and simply letting her go make all that effort useless.
No. 108739 ID: 1619d6

Neutral time! No rape, no letting go, but ransoms! Ransoms for all!!

... Though it would have been better if she hadn't seen Muschio's face, Finesse.
No. 108743 ID: d86f15


She's cute.
And tied up.
...Let's see just how well you can stick to that whole "no evil" idea of yours, shall we?
No. 108750 ID: d1210a

>daughter of current king
>those who marry nobles usually share their titles in some form or other
No. 108752 ID: cf41a7

Oh wow... uhm, yeah, it looks like your organization is gong to have to be clued in on the whole "alignment shift" thing you just had.

No. 108755 ID: 020b6c

Doesn't anyone wonder how Finesse... Ah... Persuaded Dompag to help? Especially since we already know Dompag's obsession?

No. 108761 ID: 7065b7

Oh Finnie... Finnie, Finnie, Finnie.

You just can't catch a break, can ya kid?
No. 108766 ID: 339fea

Best course of action is probably to talk with the princess. She's of the nobility, so we can expect her to have a reasonable awareness of the wider political situation at the moment. It may be pertinent to try and learn something about this violent anti-Malto group Ridder encountered; while the revolution was a long time ago if there are any zealots out there we don't want to be caught flat-footed.

Otherwise, be a gracious host. Good manners cost nothing, and a little style never hurts no matter what you ultimately decide to do.
No. 108779 ID: 9d07d9


That's not going to make her forget she's been fucking kidnapped
No. 108788 ID: 25672a

If it's anything like our world nobles kidnapping each other should be rather common. The problem here is revealing Muschio is a threat, so for now i'd say keep her captive and see what she's willing to reveal about the kingdom. Without torturing. And in a decent room.
No. 109012 ID: cd50fc


Say "No, Princess Vittima, I expect you to dine!"
No. 111601 ID: 934ef5

I don't know, it might. I would sugest specifically recount the events of the day, minus incriminating details and specifics about Riddler. Talk about how he got there and his change of heart about things.

Freeing her is probably the best course of action, I can't imagine Dompag was all that subtle about it. If the kings men track her back we're in deep shit. Apologize about happened and ask her about her story, maybe there is a way to make it up to her and help her besides just letting her run off.

Hmm... I wonder if we can communicate with her directly?
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