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File 154582204895.gif - (5.89KB , 500x500 , EthQuest2.gif )
915048 No. 915048 ID: fc3e27

Main Theme:https://youtu.be/QtX5W7QzHpw

Session Quest. I'll be updating frequently over the next two weeks, if there's interest.
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No. 915049 ID: fc3e27
File 154582207746.gif - (7.93KB , 512x512 , 1.gif )

You're fast asleep.
No. 915050 ID: 90f3c0

Wake up.
No. 915051 ID: fc3e27
File 154582277251.gif - (5.72KB , 512x512 , 2.gif )


Reluctantly, you open your eyes.
Something's standing over you. Menacingly.
No. 915052 ID: fc3e27
File 154582324083.gif - (4.58KB , 512x512 , 3.gif )

It's dark, masked shape, holding a weird knife.
No. 915053 ID: 556258

Roll out of the way.
No. 915054 ID: 20afab

must be a nightmare, go back to sleep.
No. 915055 ID: 90f3c0

Well shit, you're not in a great position to defend yourself. Roll away from the attacker.
No. 915056 ID: 4d6185

Grab your pillow to stop the knife!
No. 915057 ID: fe4f01

No. 915058 ID: 080aaf

Pillow parry!
No. 915060 ID: fc3e27
File 154582499829.gif - (7.13KB , 512x512 , 4.gif )


You grab your pillow and hit the stranger with it as hard as you can! They seem startled, and drop their CROOKED KNIFE.
No. 915061 ID: 4d6185

Hit them again!
No. 915062 ID: fc3e27
File 154582564484.gif - (9.52KB , 512x512 , 5.gif )


You prepare for a second blow, the red haze of battle filling your lupine mind.
No. 915063 ID: 4d6185

Swords replace pillows!
No. 915064 ID: 080aaf

Grab novelty foam sword off the wall for dual wielding.
No. 915065 ID: df950c

it's a fucking pillow, grab a proper weapon.
go for the sword on the wall, going for the knife will leave you open,
No. 915066 ID: fc3e27
File 154582624446.gif - (9.01KB , 512x512 , 6.gif )


Despite not knowing what foam is, you grab your ARMING SWORD. The enemy cowers.
No. 915068 ID: df950c

do try to defeat them without killing them or letting them escape. some answers would be nice.
and don't let them grab the knife! if they go for it use the opening to strike
No. 915069 ID: 90f3c0

They seem pretty pathetic for an assassin. Maybe this is some sort of misunderstanding.

Identify your opponent before you kill them.
No. 915070 ID: fe4f01

quick, flip on the lights and see who's attacking you
No. 915071 ID: becba8

Demand explanation under threat of violence! Just in case this turn out to be your weird room-mate/relative.
No. 915072 ID: 080aaf

Pillow first and ask questions later.
No. 915073 ID: fc3e27
File 154582814866.gif - (12.33KB , 512x512 , 7.gif )

[Animated] The assassin shivers on the floor, watching you with that blank mask. You can't quite make up your mind on whether to strike or not. There's a chance this is just Reno playing a prank on you.

Hang on.
No. 915074 ID: fc3e27
File 154582816338.gif - (6.77KB , 512x512 , 8.gif )

No. 915075 ID: df950c

kick the knife away, tell them to drop the mask and hood.
tell them to move slow and keep their hands where you can see them.
No. 915076 ID: 017879

Are lizards bad?

Also, is that a pool of blood and something (or someone) on the ground, past this individual?
No. 915077 ID: fc3e27
File 154582933923.gif - (3.62KB , 512x512 , 9.gif )


Lizards are supremely bad. That this is even in question disturbs you a little.


You decide it's better to be safe than sorry. You kick away the dagger, and ask the stranger to unmask themselves. They sit up, and slowly, perhaps a little dramatically, reach for the simple metal oject.
No. 915078 ID: fc3e27
File 154582963241.gif - (8.19KB , 512x512 , 10.gif )

"Enjoy your final breath, you dirty royal lapdog!"
No. 915079 ID: fc3e27
File 154582966871.gif - (4.55KB , 512x512 , 11.gif )

With a reptilian screech, the disgusting creature pulls a long messer from its robes and lunges at you!
No. 915080 ID: 080aaf

Cut him in half.
No. 915081 ID: 017879

Toss the pillow to disorient your foe while dodging their charge, then finish them.
No. 915082 ID: fe4f01

throw pillow at it's face and while it's distracted run your sword through it. Try not to kill as I would like to know WHY it's here but won't lose any sleep over it if you do take them down.
No. 915083 ID: fc3e27
File 154583058614.gif - (11.69KB , 512x512 , 12.gif )


You don't have time for fancy pillow tactics! You go with the first thought that comes to mind, and cut the assassin in half.
No. 915084 ID: fe4f01

whelp... time to make sure he was the only one and find out what the hell is going on around here.
No. 915086 ID: 080aaf

Look for other attackers, look for your gear, look for- who was in that other bed? Are the barracks under attack?
No. 915087 ID: 91ee5f

Better go check and see who that puddle of blood behind the lizard belongs to.

Also, why are lizards supremely bad?
No. 915088 ID: fc3e27
File 154583162003.gif - (8.89KB , 512x512 , 13.gif )

You're standing in the BARRACKS, where you went to bed last night. Not the regular barracks; this room is for novice Spireblades. Wolves in training to become royal bodyguards.

There was only one attacker. He was very efficient.

That was, until very recently, Cuthbert. Your best friend. You decide to worry about the gravity of this later.

Lizards are supremely bad because of Shit Like This.
No. 915089 ID: 080aaf

Did he drop any good loot?
You should raise the alarm after confirming you are not trapped in a dead end.
No. 915090 ID: fe4f01

well fuck, better go alert the base that an assassin got in and killed all the new bloods. Also should probably get dressed.
No. 915091 ID: fc3e27
File 154583326130.gif - (12.53KB , 512x512 , 14.gif )


You check the lizard's corpse while mentally running through a checklist of things to do now. Raise the alarm, first of all.

The creature doesn't have anything good. There looks to be some more shitty daggers and small knives, and some satchels with weird lizard food. Looks a bit like dried crickets. There are also two big glass bottles with a pale green fluid inside.

You make a mental note to change into your armour as soon as you can.
No. 915092 ID: df950c

behind you
No. 915093 ID: 080aaf

Hide under the bed! Maybe they haven't noticed you yet.
No. 915094 ID: eeb7d9

Hey, i am late for the party, but i spy with my little eye SOMEBODY BEHIND YOU!

You can totally trust me despite my name, i guarantee. Speaking about names, exchanging names is the way to trust each other, so, what's YOUR name?
No. 915095 ID: fc3e27
File 154583453857.gif - (8.47KB , 512x512 , 15.gif )

You're glad you asked! Your name is Eth (Though you usually sign Ð) and you're well on your way to becoming the best warrior in this entire bloody kingdom. You're gonna be Reno's personal bodyguard when she's finally crowned, come what may. The only other wolf here who could possibly steal that from you is dead now, and-
No. 915096 ID: fc3e27
File 154583457378.gif - (7.03KB , 512x512 , 16.gif )

"Eth. What the fuck is going on."

...Nevermind. She isn't dead.
No. 915097 ID: 080aaf

Lizards, what can I say?
Hm. You two should probably alert the rest of the guard now. And cleanup crew.
No. 915098 ID: fe4f01

Lizard snuck in and killed everyone in their sleep. Woke me up before finishing me off so I finished him instead. Didn't see any more in this room but that doesn't mean you should let your guard down. Also going to alert the base now and try to find a moment to slip into my armor.

Where the hell were you?
No. 915099 ID: fc3e27
File 154583685096.gif - (51.24KB , 512x512 , 17.gif )


You explain the situation to Thorne as best you can. The direwolf seems to accept it as truth easily enough; there's enough evidence, and she doesn't dislike you quite enough to suspect you of murdering your peers.

"You're right. Go alert the guards, I'll check on the King. Nobody sends assassins to the Spire just to murder some wolves."

She begins pulling on her chainmail, when the PALACE GUARD bursts in, their timing as perfect as ever. [Animated]
No. 915100 ID: 080aaf

Halt! What's today's code phrase?
No. 915101 ID: fc3e27

Disthread now at https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/127013.html![/spoiler]
No. 915102 ID: 91ee5f

She looks like she’s touching herself instead of putting on her chainmail.

>Palace Guard bursts in
At least you don’t have to go very far to warn them.

Go ahead and get your armor on while telling the guards what happened.
No. 915103 ID: fc3e27
File 154583860365.gif - (10.29KB , 512x512 , 18.gif )

The guards inform you that there are intruders all over the palace, and seem a lot more distraught at the murder of the most talented warriors in the entire kingdom than either of you is. While they argue with Thorne, you decide to slip into your armour yourself, taking care not to look like you're touching yourself.

You can either wear your standard issue uniform, or try to throw together something more... specialized.
No. 915106 ID: becba8
File 154585242557.gif - (13.20KB , 512x512 , 154583860365.gif )

I'm too slow to come up with something good in the rhythm this quest is advancing, so I will just keep with the tradition.
No. 915108 ID: 9aeab1

Hmm. I dunno, if you have a standard issue uniform, I'd expect that to be designed to keep you alive pretty well. Also, I kindof suspect that if you're a trainee, you don't have a lot of extra specialized gear lying around. Thooouuugh, there ARE a lot of dead people lying around, with no use for their gear anymore. Perhaps standard issue, but with a helmet and additional protection from the back, since you're expecting more strike-from-behind assassins?
No. 915109 ID: 152b62
File 154585763244.gif - (4.77KB , 512x512 , 19.gif )

With something of an anticlimax, you realize your only other item of clothing is a meme from a disthread from 2009. A little disappointed, you slip on your trainee armour.
No. 915110 ID: 152b62
File 154585922139.gif - (10.13KB , 512x512 , 20.gif )

Your armour fits snugly.

You're technically the highest-ranking soldier here, alongside Thorne(Who might rank slightly higher, by virtue of having a bigger sword). There are a number of options available now: You could go check on the Royal Family, you could hunt for any remaining lizards, or you could think of something completely different to do. Your choice.

A) Royal Family
B) Scour Palace
C) ____________
No. 915111 ID: e51896

B. Thorne was going to check up on the king, so there is no need to check on the royal family if she is going to do that. Best to lower the number of intruders.
No. 915112 ID: 87353e

B. Search the Palace. How good are you at tracking? If you can back track the route the lizard through the palace that might lead you to more of them. Get a whiff of that lizard scent in your snoot and follow where it goes!

But if you can't do that, then just think about from where you would try to break in to the palace if you were a dumb lizard and go there.
No. 915113 ID: 9aeab1

Welllll, it depends slightly. It seems you have kindof a rivalry with Thorne, so A choice would be to...check on the royal family better than she does. Buuut, that's kindof childish, and probably won't even work well. Pick your battles, I guess. Yeah, if you can, like, figure out where they came from, that'd probably be pretty good. (Or if you can rack up a higher dead-assassin score.)
No. 915114 ID: b40378

No. 915115 ID: a9af05


Let Thorne go check on the King like she said she was going to do earlier. You go look for any remaining lizards.
No. 915117 ID: 91ee5f

No. 915118 ID: a62780

This whole debacle screams 'distraction' to me, if the purpose was to assassinate the royalty surely all the intruders would be converging on them instead of splitting up to wreak havoc?
If there are royal guards to spare to send to the barracks, then the royals are likely well enough defended already and this attack's true purpose is elsewhere.

Hunt down what lizards you can, with any luck you'll find a clue as to their true purpose.
No. 915119 ID: eeb7d9

B, you are a wolf, you and your friend are the best of trackers. Use your sensitive sense smell to find those smelly lizards, or the blood in their daggers.
No. 915121 ID: fe4f01

No. 915142 ID: 1a6f80

No. 915143 ID: 080aaf

A. The royals come first in every situation. Also safety in numbers.
No. 915146 ID: f5910f

You sound like a sheep, not a wolf. B. Go hunting. Root out the enemy's plans. If possible track down their leader and tear out their throat.
No. 915147 ID: 080aaf

Wolves hunt in packs.
No. 915149 ID: ae9bd9

C. Schlick furiously


But srsly, go somewhere where you can grab some decent armor or at least a helmet and then check the royals.
No. 915150 ID: d31fab

No. 915170 ID: 9712ff
File 154589931044.gif - (7.67KB , 512x512 , 21.gif )

A bitter morning dawns. Light begins to fill the Royal Palace and its Spire.
No. 915172 ID: 9712ff
File 154590084288.gif - (9.89KB , 512x512 , 22.gif )

You discuss with Thorne for a few minutes. A part of you really feels like you should do your one duty on this world - protect the royal family- but in the end, you decide to go after any remaining lizards, if you can.

The captain of the guard marks their path on his map with his own blood, which impresses you.


The red path shows which rooms have already been checked and cleared.

The guards are all heading up to the Royal Chamber, to assist Thorne. Where will you go?
No. 915173 ID: 080aaf

Check the great hall, then head for the waterworks. Take a sample vial - with their sneaky tactics, the water source is another place they might hit.
No. 915174 ID: 40df11

Oh that's a very good point, they could be trying to poison the castle's well or the kitchens to be sure they finish the job!
No. 915175 ID: 9712ff
File 154590587151.gif - (11.04KB , 512x512 , 23.gif )

You decide to add to your mental checklist, and head out into the hall.
No. 915176 ID: 9712ff
File 154590587711.gif - (14.08KB , 512x512 , 24.gif )

No. 915177 ID: 080aaf

Motion for the king to get down! The assassin could see him through the window.
No. 915178 ID: 9712ff
File 154590746239.gif - (110.07KB , 512x512 , 24-J.gif )


You motion frantically at the king. The king, being composed primarily of canvas and vegetable oil, and being twelve years in the grave, doesn't take notice.
No. 915179 ID: 080aaf


...Tackle tail.
No. 915180 ID: 094652

Can you stab through the wall into the assassin?
No. 915181 ID: 9712ff
File 154590834455.gif - (7.48KB , 512x512 , 24-j2.gif )


Since it's solid rock that has stood here for about eight hundred years- no. You cannot.
No. 915182 ID: 9712ff
File 154590935039.gif - (6.09KB , 512x512 , 25.gif )


You creep closer, readying your sword, prepared to strike if need be.

No. 915183 ID: 9712ff
File 154590938213.gif - (8.56KB , 512x512 , 26.gif )

No. 915184 ID: 080aaf

Uh. Are the guards okay?
Take left entrance to grand hall.
No. 915185 ID: 017879

Uhhh. Quick, construct a barricade out of lizard corpses!
No. 915186 ID: 9712ff
File 154591001373.gif - (10.94KB , 512x512 , 27.gif )


Most of the guards are just fine, and still back in the barracks! The ones who came here appear to be less fine now.
No. 915187 ID: 9712ff
File 154591048947.gif - (5.98KB , 512x512 , 28.gif )

One of the lizards hisses at you, calling you "Skulking mammal filth". He raises another WEIRD KNIFE with his free hand.

What will you do?

D) __________________
No. 915188 ID: 080aaf

Stand your ground, for king and country!
No. 915189 ID: 2de4b2

..that's a lot of lizards.
you might need backup for this.
No. 915191 ID: bddb0f


This is a relatively narrow corridor, you're armored, they're, clearly, not. Stand your ground, but holler like hell to get Thorne or one of the guards to back you up. Bow wow.
No. 915192 ID: 66ec08

yeah, stand for now but yell for help, and be ready to run if none comes. you easily bested the other lizard who was here with a PILLOW — their weapons are worse than yours and they’re just generally worse at combat than you, but sheer numbers will overwhelm you eventually.
No. 915193 ID: fb1002

Stand your ground but do not underestimate them. They did take down some gaurds here after all.
No. 915194 ID: 9712ff
File 154591735141.gif - (10.03KB , 512x512 , 29.gif )

You know your training, so stand your ground, raise your shield, and ready your blade. Before you get a chance to hark for support, though, one of the assassins lunges at you with his knife, the blade clumsily gouging at your arm.

You're a competent warrior, but this enemy is unpredictable and you're outnumbered.

Your cry of pain draws allies from the Barracks.
No. 915195 ID: 080aaf

A fighting retreat it is, then. Draw them down the leftwards corridor!
No. 915196 ID: 9712ff
File 154591972512.gif - (7.01KB , 512x512 , 30.gif )


You stumble backwards, the pain fading into a dull thud as adrenaline rushes through your body. Thorne and some of the guards catch up to you, and you feel a little safer. Your attacker scrambles back to the safety of his group.
No. 915197 ID: 9712ff
File 154591981805.gif - (3.94KB , 512x512 , 31.gif )


The one you take for the leader says:

"Enough. We are here to rout out this wretched impure monarchy, not to toy with dogs."

He hisses something in a reptilian language you don't recognize or understand, and the cloaked figures begin backing away. There's a terrible scuttling sound.
No. 915198 ID: 9712ff
File 154591995036.gif - (9.75KB , 512x512 , 32.gif )



A massive insect with a reptile rider. It blocks your way as the assassins filter down the corridor, heading for the Royal Chambers.

[This is a BOSS BATTLE. You can now issue orders to both Eth and Thorne.]
No. 915199 ID: 080aaf

Start with slicing off a weakpoint: the antennae!
No. 915200 ID: 9712ff
File 154592068807.gif - (5.51KB , 512x512 , 33.gif )

No. 915201 ID: 080aaf

All the more reason to disarm it.
No. 915202 ID: 66ec08

does any of your backup have ranged weapons? having them go for the handler while you attack arms/legs would be good if we assume the isopod is gonna be less dangerous without guidance.

i’m assuming thorne’s corner is Brute Strength, so she can run point with you.
No. 915203 ID: 91ee5f

How the fuck did they get that into the palace?!

Stay away from the mouth! Try to cut off as many arms and/or legs as you can!
No. 915204 ID: 70be57

Do a tactical roll to aid the incoming charging attack. If you time it just right you may end up under this thing where you can hit its weak point for massive damage
No. 915209 ID: 20afab

is that a lizard riding it?
did anybody bring a ranged weapon?
No. 915211 ID: 9712ff
File 154594345764.gif - (11.39KB , 512x512 , 34.gif )


There are no ranged weapons in the palace; bows are generally impractical in narrow corridors. There are several bowmen in the city guard, but those aren't much use now. Apart from a ballista on the ramparts, that's really it.

In your party are: ETH, who is wounded, carrying an ARMING SWORD and KITE SHIELD. You are agile and extremely proficient with your weapons.

THORNE, carrying a CLAYMORE. She is stronger than most bipeds, and very swift.

CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD, who is wounded, carrying a PIKE and BUCKLER. He is moderately proficient with his weapons.
No. 915212 ID: 080aaf

Thorne aggros the bug while you flank. The guard captain and his pike can thwart the rider.
No. 915214 ID: 9712ff
File 154594382677.gif - (9.79KB , 512x512 , 35.gif )


The enemy party consists of a GIANT ISOPOD and its RIDER. The former has use of several large arms and mandibles, but is inhibited by the rider; the latter has a SCIMITAR.
No. 915215 ID: a9af05

Do this!
No. 915216 ID: 0c3c2c

Okay, Isopods have two critical weaknesses: Their plates only go in one direction, so getting behind them allows you to push blades through easily, and their hydraulic musculature means if you can puncture their limbs they'll almost immediately lose pressure and be paralyzed.

The downside is their hydraulic strength means they'll rip you apart in a grapple and those jaws can snip right through toughened leather and chain.

And you are in a corridor. Do not be in a corridor. Tactically withdraw into anything but a corridor.
No. 915217 ID: 930d12

Agreed. Thorne goes in first, Eth gets behind the isopod and splits it's attention, and the captain focuses on the rider.
No. 915219 ID: 9712ff
File 154594545872.gif - (7.65KB , 512x512 , 36.gif )


You try to see if you can flank it, but the ISOPOD is blocking the corridor! There's no safe way around it right now. No member of your party has sufficient GIRLY PHYSIQUE.


You consider withdrawing. You could either back away, towards the great hall and waterworks, head to the east, towards the barracks, or split up.
No. 915220 ID: 20afab

well, one could go to the corridor on the right, the slug thing will have to choose a corridor to go down, meaning the people in the other corridor have it flanked.
No. 915221 ID: 080aaf

The great hall has several doors that lead behind the thing. Back up.
No. 915225 ID: 9712ff
File 154595118142.gif - (12.81KB , 512x512 , 37.gif )

MUSIC: https://youtu.be/dVYfiZfGDvU

The three of you back away to the south, towards the waterworks and great hall. The lizard urges its mount onward, and it scuttles after you unnervingly, scratching and denting the hardwood floor.
No. 915226 ID: 9712ff
File 154595183497.gif - (9.49KB , 512x512 , 38.gif )


You reach a crossroads.

ETH is bleeding quite badly. The RIDER laughs.
"Running away!? Some guards you are!"

The ISOPOD clicks irritably.

(North for Great Hall; South for Sewers.)
No. 915231 ID: a9af05

Go to the Great Hall. There's more room to move and you can get behind the enemy!
No. 915232 ID: c4c64c

Eth, Thorne, how much do you know about isopods and fighting tactics against them? Was this covered in your training? Outside the aforementioned weaknesses in their armor and gooey insides losing pressure if stabbed, what else can be used against them?

Also, heading toward the Great Hall seems like the wiser choice as the sewers likely have the same space restriction problems that we're in now. Let's get it out in to the open where there is space to maneuver.
No. 915234 ID: eeb7d9

the capitan should be the most experienced, he should have a good advice on how take out these foes. I think going to the Great Hall should be more advantageous, having more space to manuver around the isopod.
No. 915236 ID: 9712ff
File 154595385264.gif - (9.25KB , 512x512 , 39.gif )


You head north, to the Great Hall!

The... Second floor of the great hall.

This is the SOUTH BALCONY. There's a little more room to maneuver than the corridor, but not much. The drop to the lower floor is about twenty feet.

You think back to your basic training. Most of what was covered was one-on-one combat, and tactics centered around helping an untrained person escape a dangerous situation. But you vaguely remember something about giant insects.

Ferocious creatures, but not very intelligent. Even tamed, they are easily distracted by food or bright lights. Separating the head from the body runs the risk of making it a frenzied, panicking tangle of razor-sharp limbs. Or maybe that was giant mantes...?

You hear it scuttling closer.
No. 915237 ID: c4c64c

Doorway leading right into a balcony? Anything nearby that can hastily be used to trip the creature as it comes out of the door and send it flying over the edge?
No. 915238 ID: b1b4f3

You can surround it here. Try to frenzy it and get it to fall off the balcony with its passenger?
No. 915242 ID: 9712ff
File 154595586409.gif - (12.41KB , 512x512 , 40.gif )

This thing has like five hundred legs. You're not sure tripping it is physically possible.

You, THORNE and CAPTAIN get to either side of the doorway. ISOPOD draws closer, still making a clicking sound!
No. 915244 ID: eeb7d9

Divide and conquer? You and the captain take one side of the balcony and Throne can take the other, she looks like she can take it. It will have to expose his back and his rider to either of the you.
It's limbs has flesh exposed, maybe trying to hit it there could work.
No. 915245 ID: c18c89

Slice off whatever it sticks out.
No. 915256 ID: 9712ff
File 154595922736.gif - (16.46KB , 512x512 , 41.gif )


The ISOPOD bursts through the doorway! It lets out a silent screech. Your arm throbs with pain.
No. 915257 ID: 9712ff
File 154595928856.gif - (10.02KB , 512x512 , 42.gif )


THORNE slices off one of the ISOPOD'S giant arms! It barely seems to notice, but the RIDER yells angrily.
No. 915258 ID: 9712ff
File 154595937355.gif - (20.06KB , 512x512 , 43.gif )


CAPTAIN tries to take advantage of the situation, and lunges for the RIDER!

The second arm catches him square in the chest. CAPTAIN is mortally wounded. His pike is crushed by thrashing legs.
No. 915259 ID: 9712ff
File 154595943710.gif - (10.11KB , 512x512 , 44.gif )


The ISOPOD seems confused, trying to decide between the free meal the captain represents and the orders it's receiving from the RIDER.

What will you do?
No. 915260 ID: a81cb9

time to silence the rider. use your chance
No. 915262 ID: a9af05

Take out the rider!
No. 915264 ID: c18c89

Thorne has the best shot to take out the rider, Eth can stab the creature in the side. Probably slice it open like a sausage if it doesn't wiggle around too much.
No. 915266 ID: 235ba5

get that rider.
also get the captain's hat later.
its cool
No. 915268 ID: eeb7d9

Deal with the rider! You can take down that thing later with more reinforcements.
No. 915277 ID: 9aeab1

If you can dispatch the rider, do so. (Can you just...throw stuff at him?) If you see an opportunity to slip past or over the isopod (seems like it'd be hard pressed to attack you if you're on its back), probably do so - remember your primary duty is to defend the royals, and currently there's a mob of assassins headed that way. Alternately, is there a different way there?
No. 915280 ID: 080aaf

Rider first. Without commands, it's nothing more than a wild beast. Thorne's on the off hand for both the enemies' blades. Eth, start attacking the legs!
Guard captain... keep looking delicious.
No. 915290 ID: 8e6b7b
File 154599804849.gif - (13.80KB , 512x512 , 45.gif )


The captain looks like a fuckin snack.
No. 915291 ID: 8e6b7b
File 154599935661.gif - (13.07KB , 512x512 , 46.gif )


Both you and THORNE go to town on the enemy's legs! When you strike close to the base, several of them come right off. It's weird, like slicing through soft cheese. The ISOPOD snaps out of its confusion, and turns to go after THORNE!
No. 915292 ID: 8e6b7b
File 154599941586.gif - (12.69KB , 512x512 , 47.gif )


Seizing your chance, you scramble up onto the wildly thrashing creature's back! The RIDER, currently screaming at THORNE in his native tongue, doesn't notice.
No. 915293 ID: 080aaf

Lizard kebab!
No. 915294 ID: 8e6b7b
File 154600043765.gif - (15.54KB , 512x512 , 48.gif )


You have no trouble killing the enemy instantly.
In death, he squeezes the weird feeler-reigns, and the ISOPOD screeches in pain. It begins thrashing violently.
No. 915295 ID: 080aaf

Oh so *that's* where the antennae went. Get ahold of the reins and start probing for vitals with your sword.
No. 915297 ID: 2755f5

stab isopod in head
No. 915301 ID: 90f3c0

The best way to keep it from thrashing is a sword though the brain.
No. 915304 ID: ae9bd9

Drive the bug off of the balcony. It is long so you should be able to jump off of it before it falls off.

Also tourniquet your arm if you haven't already. You cant afford to lose consciousness from blood loss now.

Try to salvage the captain's armor for yourself as best you can.
No. 915315 ID: c18c89

Where those feeler thingies go to should give you a good idea where its central nervous system is. Stab it quick and deep 'cause you're going to need a handhold when this thing starts trying to buck you.
No. 915322 ID: eeb7d9

Ok, two ideas: Try controlling it to make it calm the fuck down, or stab its brain, if you can, you should have a clear hit to the head.
No. 915323 ID: 094652

Drive the centipede into a corner where it can chill until the guards can make a makeshift cell.

Or just stab it in the brain.
No. 915325 ID: 0c3c2c

Stab the Isopod at the base of its antennae until it ceases vital function.
No. 915326 ID: 20afab

tell thorne to get back and start stabbing
No. 915397 ID: 9876c4

Even in numbers, a weakling is a weakling still.
No. 915459 ID: c7c0c5
File 154610583761.gif - (12.09KB , 512x512 , 49.gif )


You grab it by the feelers. They're warm and fleshy, and pulse gently in your fist. The creature doesn't react.
No. 915460 ID: c7c0c5
File 154610590147.gif - (8.73KB , 512x512 , 50.gif )


So you go for Plan B, and thrust your ARMING SWORD deep into the base of the creature's neck, severing the antennae!
No. 915461 ID: c7c0c5
File 154610591884.gif - (15.69KB , 512x512 , 51.gif )


The ISOPOD goes ballistic.
No. 915462 ID: 20afab

thorne, you're up!
No. 915466 ID: c7f906

Ride the tiger. Better to stay on top than under-...pleopod? Whatever it uses to walk. Don't get walked on.
No. 915469 ID: c7c0c5
File 154610921738.gif - (10.66KB , 512x512 , 52.gif )


You try to stay on top, but the dying creature rushes forward madly! The railings splinter under the force of impact, and the Captain's corpse is further mutilated. The world tumbles, sickly.
No. 915470 ID: eeb7d9

Jump out of the way, you fool! Thorne, catch her!
No. 915472 ID: b1b4f3

Jump off to the side, try to grab the balcony railing since your momentum will carry you forward.
No. 915473 ID: 91ee5f

Eth: Jump off the Isopod! Preferably, jump to the side where Thorne is!

Thorne: Catch Eth as she jumps off the Isopod!
No. 915474 ID: c7c0c5
File 154611082345.gif - (11.89KB , 512x512 , 53.gif )


You can barely think! You're PARALYZED!

Something grabs your arm.
No. 915476 ID: 0d5ab6
File 154611151967.gif - (8.71KB , 512x512 , 54.gif )


Thorne to the rescue.
No. 915479 ID: 20afab

what happened to the bug?
also, i think it's time for medical attention. thorne, get the two of you somewhere relatively safe and stop eth's bleeding
No. 915481 ID: 91ee5f

Use your other arm and grab the ledge to pull yourself up.

Or just give Thorne your other arm and let her pull you up.
No. 915482 ID: 0d5ab6
File 154611308361.gif - (11.80KB , 512x512 , 55.gif )

You find some scraps of cloth from the Captain's old cloak, and fashion a makeshift tourniquet and bandage. Your arm is throbbing painfully, but this will do for now.

The isopod is twitching and writhing on the marble floor below. Its legs slowly snap into place as it dies. It stops moving.

Thorne says the Royal Family is probably in serious trouble.
No. 915483 ID: 20afab

eth, be real. are you in condition to keep fighting? are you in condition to stand?
you may need to send thorne alone. seriously, can you even swing a sword?
No. 915485 ID: df5c09

>eth, be real. are you in condition to keep fighting? are you in condition to stand?
If the royal family is in danger, then it's Eth's absolute duty to get up and protect them with all she has left. Now, if there was a way to quickly heal, that'd be good to have right now, but I dunno if anything like that is available.

>seriously, can you even swing a sword?
Do you even have your sword or did it go over the edge with the giant isopod? Because you won't be able to fight without a weapon, which will mean a quick trip to the armory first to rearm while Thorne goes ahead.
No. 915487 ID: 0d5ab6
File 154611449298.gif - (8.50KB , 512x512 , 56.gif )


Can you fight? Can you fucking fight?
You have been preparing for this very moment for seventeen fucking years. Since you were three. Thorne is strong and all, but you are NOT going to let some northern bitch fuck this up. Or worse, steal your glory.

Yes. You can fight alright. Besides, Princess Reno has at least a rudimentary grasp of healing magic. If she's still alive (GODS let her still be alive), she can patch up your arm.

Your sword is lying a couple of feet behind you. The corpse of the RIDER has that scimitar, but the grip looks too small to be comfortable. Worst comes to worst, you're prepared to fight with fangs and claws.
No. 915488 ID: c4c64c

Get to the Royal Family quickly, but quietly. There were a whole lot more lizards in that hallway than the rider and you don't want to alert them that you're on your way back. They probably assumed that you were taken care of by the isopod.
No. 915489 ID: df5c09

That's the spirit! Now, get up, get your sword and get running to the royal chambers! Oh, and keep the scimitar in your off-hand as a backup blade. You'll have to hold it since you don't have a better place to stow it.

There anything in the armory worth risking the time for a detour? Like, something that could take out a group of those lizard fucks if they're bunched up in a hallway? A grenade or firebomb or flamethrower rune or something like that?
No. 915490 ID: c7f906

What about the captain's shield, can you grab that as well?
No. 915498 ID: 0d5ab6
File 154612030788.gif - (10.13KB , 512x512 , 57.gif )


There are a number of items lying around. You can take two, a maximum of three with you.

Your own ARMING SWORD and KITE SHIELD are in good condition. The Captain's BROKEN PIKE TIP and BUCKLER would both make for decent equipment in a pinch, faster to wield but less effective than your own. The STRANGE SCIMITAR is difficult to use, but in fine condition.

Your right arm- your sword arm- is weakened and badly injured. Your left arm is fine. Your clothes are drenches in blood, weighing you down significantly. You're a little dizzy, but feel ready to fight.
No. 915500 ID: c7f906

Can you half-sword with your blade? It seems like your standard kit is the best. Maybe take off or wring our your tabard? Stash the pike tip in your belt?
No. 915502 ID: e3a778

Keep your own sword and shield. The arm we’ll just have to deal with, and I would say to lose the blood-soaked clothes for mobility but I don’t think you can afford to give up the padding. Let’s go!
No. 915503 ID: 080aaf

...Can you wield your sword left handed? If so, just take the scimitar (the rider was wielding it left handed anyway) and ditch the shield. Sheathe your sword for now.
No. 915508 ID: 91ee5f

Keep your sword and shield. Put the broken pike tip on your belt.

You and Thorne know this castle better than the lizards, so you guys should know the quickest route to either get ahead of that group of lizards and block their path or get to the Royals and stand there waiting for the lizards to show up.

So which way are you ladies going to go from here?
No. 915523 ID: 0d5ab6
File 154613301803.gif - (13.45KB , 512x512 , 58.gif )


You decide to stick to your standard gear, and stuff the broken tip of the pike in your belt.

There's one route to the ROYAL CHAMBERS, and one route only. Up the stairs and down the corridor. There are always guards posted there, as well as your teacher, YOGH. If the lizards havent broken through and killed the royal family already, you and Thorne will be able to take them from behind, and trap them in the corridor. if.
No. 915524 ID: 40df11

Speed is more important than getting perfect surprise. Head there quietly but quickly.
No. 915525 ID: 080aaf

Get a charge in against the lizards. The hallway will limit their numbers advantage just like before!
No. 915535 ID: 0d5ab6
File 154613843454.gif - (1.13MB , 512x512 , 59.gif )


[Animated] The two of you rush up the staircase!
No. 915537 ID: 0d5ab6
File 154613853208.gif - (9.62KB , 512x512 , 60.gif )


It's rather cramped. You can hear clashing weaponry, grunting, and shouting from the end of the corridor.
No. 915538 ID: b1b4f3

An excellent opportunity. Start killing assassins from behind.
No. 915539 ID: 094652

Sneak up behind the two and pull them away from the group. Threaten Seppuku if they don't explain the basic details. Then throw them down the stairs. Continue forward, stealth takedown until you're spotted, and use the narrow chokehold to your advantage.
No. 915543 ID: 080aaf

This, but without wasting time on interrogation. You do that after you thin the crowd, not before.
No. 915544 ID: 017879

This is the perfect opportunity to open a productive and mutually respectful dialogue wherein you discuss your differences and set them aside for a future of harmony and peace.
No. 915548 ID: fe4f01

sweet, time to preform a pincer move.
No. 915552 ID: 91ee5f

Eth and Thorne: Start stabbing those assholes in the back!

No, that’s a stupid thing to do when there’s that many enemies. You only do that if there’s just one or two guys.
No. 915556 ID: c7f906

Stealthily kill as many as you can, ask thorne to cover you once one gets wise and turns around. Remember, stab into the neck sideways, then push the blade forward through the throat. They're probably all wearing those weird masks so don't bother trying to muffle the face.
No. 915557 ID: 930d12

As long as you haven't already failed your duty, this is an incredibly advantageous situation. Enough so that you can take a second to minimize the pain attacking them would give you. Brace your sword and start stabbing.
No. 915591 ID: 0d5ab6
File 154617238430.gif - (10.40KB , 512x512 , 61.gif )


You decide to stay away from interrogation tactics for now, and do your best to kill as many of the bastards as possible. It goes well; the entire horde is focused on the fight at the end of the corridor, and those hoods must muffle sound quite a bit.
No. 915592 ID: 0d5ab6
File 154617415571.gif - (12.77KB , 512x512 , 63.gif )


It doesn't take long before you've taken out most of the assassins! Finally, a group of them converge, and form a circle between you and your unidentified ally. The fighting comes to a standstill.

LIZARD LEADERS confront you. Their resolve is palpable.
No. 915594 ID: 080aaf

That kind of courage deserves a thrown pike to the face.
No. 915599 ID: e86223

don't forget to strike intimidating pose as you do so
No. 915600 ID: 91ee5f

Just because you’ve got them surrounded, that doesn’t mean you’ve won yet! A cornered enemy is a dangerous enemy!

Keep your guard up so that your arm doesn’t get cut up anymore than it already is and prepare to finish them off!
No. 915602 ID: 930d12

I think the broken Pike would be better served used like a dagger in dual-wield with the sword. It might not be long enough to throw well while broken.
No. 915607 ID: 91ee5f

If Eth’s shield can be strapped to her arm without having to hold it in her hand, then she can do that. Otherwise, she’s gotta keep her shield in one hand.
No. 915609 ID: eeb7d9

I your shield the kind that straps on your arm or the kind that you have to grab by the handle? If is the first option you can hold the broken pike with your good arm.
Anyway, i think you should attack after Thorne, she is big, you can hide you attack behind hers.
No. 915622 ID: ae9bd9

Have thorne cut them down since she has more armor. Stay behind her and cut down the ones that inevitably (unless they are completely incompetent) try to flank her. It isnt as glorious, but this is mortal combat, not a game.
No. 915624 ID: c7f906

Thorne goes first. You can exploit when the enemy overextends themselves. Assuming Thorne doesn't just hew them down like wheat.
No. 915641 ID: 0fff3f
File 154621906109.gif - (7.16KB , 512x512 , 64.gif )


You come to your decision. Diplomacy is not an option; you scarcely even consider it.

Your heart has hardened a little.
No. 915643 ID: 0fff3f
File 154621929169.gif - (8.71KB , 512x512 , 65.gif )


You and Thorne slay the rest of the reptiles.
No. 915644 ID: 14334d

Secure the room, then check on the Royal Family. Get them out of there as soon as possible - with no remaining lizard assassins in stabbing range, the enemy's best bet at salvaging this operation is to detonate any explosives or cannons and hope they hit someone important. Make sure they miss.
No. 915646 ID: 0fff3f
File 154621995854.gif - (16.43KB , 512x512 , 66.gif )

An immense silence settles on the room.

The only sound is the rattled breathing of your mentor, Yogh. He collapses to his knees.
No. 915648 ID: fe4f01

whelp, go make sure he's ok
No. 915649 ID: c4c64c

Have Thorne move to check on the family, stop and make sure Yogh isn't beyond help, and then join her. He looks pretty rough, but the safety of the Royal Family has to come first.
No. 915651 ID: b1b4f3

Go see if he's okay, find out if the royal family is secure.
No. 915657 ID: eeb7d9

Before you go near him, identify yourself, exhaustion might have blinded his senses. Or his bloodlust. He looks like someone who loses his temper like that.
No. 915661 ID: 080aaf

Yogh takes priority for princessly healing magic.
No. 915662 ID: df5c09

Station Thorne in the doorway to block anymore from this direction and guard Yogh and run to check on the royal family. If they are secure, tell them Yogh was seriously wounded defending the entryway and ask Princess Reno to please hurry to heal him as best she can. Hopefully that'll stabilize him until he can be taken to a fully skilled healer.
No. 915665 ID: c7f906

Call out, rush to his aid.
No. 915668 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t just stand there, go help him!
No. 915685 ID: 20afab

oh shit, is this the mandatory cliché mentor dying in your arms moment?
No. 915716 ID: ac8b4a
File 154626790461.gif - (10.87KB , 512x512 , 67.gif )


You tell Yogh it's you. He barely reacts, and simply draws long, panting breaths, his chest rattling horribly.
No. 915717 ID: ac8b4a
File 154626852775.gif - (15.22KB , 512x512 , 68.gif )


Reno is good enough at cuts and bruises. It looks like his entire chest is slashed open, though, and from the sound of it, he's already beyond even a professional's talents.

Both of you motion to help him, but he motions you away with surprising vigor.

"Stop. Both of you, listen."

He coughs a fine red spray.

"I've failed my duties. The king is dead. There are lizards all over the palace by now. The walls and the other wings have fallen."

He pauses, and turns his eye on both of you.
No. 915718 ID: ac8b4a
File 154626863808.gif - (6.48KB , 512x512 , 69.gif )

"Take the princess and her sister to safety. They're the last of their line now. I'll stay here and guard the King's corpse to my end, as I vowed all those years ago. You two were my best pupils; don't fail me now."
No. 915719 ID: 91ee5f

>Take the princess and her sister to safety.
So he meant to say princesses, as in more than one princess, right? Don’t correct him out loud, I just want to know if that was a mistake.

>You two were my best pupils; don't fail me now.
You’d better do what he says and run away with the princesses.
No. 915720 ID: 8c745f

Right then. The captain will distract the lizards protecting the kings corpse.

Idea, what if you, thorne and the 2 princess disguise yourselves as the lizards for an easy escape? Take 4 masks and robes off those dead lizards and wear them as a disguise to fool the other lizards that are still alive and escape.
No. 915721 ID: 270774

digging the disguise idea, let’s do that. tragic roadtrip time!

keep a stiff upper lip for yogh’s sake. thank him for everything.
No. 915722 ID: ac8b4a
File 154627248153.gif - (7.54KB , 512x512 , 70.gif )


You tell Yogh thanks. He grunts.

Reno and Dana appear in the doorway. You've never seen the princess look so helpless; she's wringing her hands. Her little sister is shivering.

R: "E-eth?"
No. 915724 ID: 270774

experience immense relief that they both look physically unharmed, but do so in an appropriately condensed and warrior-temperament-repressed way. we gotta go
No. 915725 ID: 930d12

I wonder. Maybe only the crown princess has those responsibilities, maybe she's not legitimate.

Kneel, at least to be on level with Dana. Tell them you're sorry about the king, but they don't have to worry about themselves now. Also ask for some magic, even though it's definitely not bad.
No. 915726 ID: ac8b4a
File 154627346028.gif - (9.30KB , 512x512 , 71.gif )


You're about to offer stoic sympathies, when Reno breaks down and hugs you tightly. She's warm and smells of terror.
No. 915727 ID: e51896

Poor girls.

After you check on Dana, It is time we get these two to safety before more of those lizards show up.
No. 915728 ID: b1b4f3

Would her healing save Yogh? Or at least let him live longer to kill more lizards?
No. 915730 ID: 475080

So what ways do you guys know how to get out of the castle
No. 915732 ID: eeb7d9

Check on them, make sure that they are as calm as possible, it's going to be a long night.
What options do we have to escape this place? The safer the better, we have two critical vips with us, we must keep them as far of danger as possible.
No. 915734 ID: c7f906

You've got your entire life to freak out about what's happening, don't do it in front of the kids.

Now, how to get them to safety? Is there an emergency exit, or are we going to have to fight our way out?
No. 915735 ID: a0bb07

you need healing to fight at full capacity.
after that it's time for sneaking. what are our options, in terms of getting out safely and unnoticed?
No. 915763 ID: 930d12

Yeah, still need a heal. And planning an escape route would be a good idea.

And look her in the eyes and tell her she has nothing to fear. Not with the two of you here.
No. 915774 ID: 0c3c2c

Hug her back, pick up the kitten and lead the Princess to the nearest secondary secret exit. If you can't find a secondary exit or escape tunnel, use a second story window.

Time to go 'home'. A village without lizards will be harder to infiltrate.
No. 915794 ID: 270774

No. 915795 ID: 080aaf

Spam the E key until she fixes your gash.
No. 915796 ID: c7f906

Don't forget to ask if she's hurt.
No. 915800 ID: eeb7d9

>Spam the E key until she fixes your gash.
What reference is this from? i can't tell.
No. 915805 ID: 094652

1. Don't leave Reno here to die. If he were guarding anything important that could further the assassins' plans, you'd understand. He's guarding a CORPSE. Even if he doesn't make it past a hundred steps, he's still useful as a trap spotter or as bait, not to mention all the remaining lessons he could teach you before he dies. And you do NOT want to fight his zombified corpse later in life.
2.Get some explosives or incendiaries and put them right next to the king. Light the fuse right after you leave. This way, he'll take some more assassins with him even after he's dead.
3. Look around the room, ask both princesses if there's anything left you can take with you. Also explain you're reasonably confident you will survive at least the rest of the week, but any extra gold, supplies, or maps could extend that reasonable confidence time to over a month.
No. 915816 ID: e51896

Team Fortress 2 (MEDIC!!!)

We can still consider the disguise idea >>915720
though it might be hard to hide the little sister as she is too small for a disguise.
No. 915840 ID: ac8b4a
File 154634034011.gif - (12.13KB , 512x512 , 72.gif )

Girls? Reno is older than you.

You kneel down and try to comfort Dana. She doesn't really react. She's usually a cheerful bundle of energy, so this is unnerving.
No. 915841 ID: ac8b4a
File 154634062011.gif - (6.56KB , 512x512 , 73.gif )

You ask Reno of either of them are hurt. She says no.

Reno thinks for a moment, then says she knows of a single exit.

"There is a single secret exit, through the old catacombs. Some sort of spell is necessary to open it... The entrance is in the armoury, I think."

You suggest putting on the lizard's cloaks and masks as a disguise until you get there, and she says that's probably wise.

You tell her to be brave.
No. 915842 ID: ac8b4a
File 154634072602.gif - (6.58KB , 512x512 , 74.gif )

She smiles, weakly.
No. 915843 ID: 080aaf

But wait, they'll spot you by your lack of scaly tail! You'll just have to borrow some. These guys aren't using theirs any more.
No. 915845 ID: ac8b4a
File 154634131979.gif - (10.47KB , 512x512 , 75.gif )


You show her your wound.

She says it looks pretty bad. She'll need half an hour at least to fix it up. You should probably get to safety first.
No. 915846 ID: 0c3c2c

Okay, head for the catacombs. Make cat puns to distract from the horror.
No. 915847 ID: 20afab

with the way it's bleeding i'm surprised you're still conscious. stop bleeding, get to safety, then heal properly.
No. 915848 ID: fe4f01

alright, hoods and mask then get the fuck out through the secret passage. Someone hide the kid in their cloak as I doubt they have lizards that small attacking and try to keep the royalty in the middle of the group so if you get attack from the front of behind either you or Thorne can deal with them while your charges stay relatively safe.
No. 915849 ID: ac8b4a
File 154634316752.gif - (5.98KB , 512x512 , 76.gif )


You dress up. Reno carries her little sister, to let you two fight if need be. Thorne says she'd prefer to go in first. Keeping your charges in the middle, that makes you last.
No. 915850 ID: ac8b4a
File 154634331479.gif - (9.42KB , 512x512 , 77.gif )


You turn and start on your way, starting to think of a joke to lighten the mood, when something tugs at your hem. It's Yogh.

"Eth. Hold on. You were one of my best students, but you're no student anymore. Keep them safe in my memory."

He coughs.

"The lizards... Someone LET them in. Through the front gate. They found safe passage into the city, and then into the castle. Don't trust anyone you meet. That's all. Go now."
No. 915851 ID: 0c3c2c

Accept your master's final advice, but nurture the hope in your heart that it was a lonely cabal. Head for safety.
No. 915853 ID: fe4f01

well shit, time to gtfo.

Maybe once we get out of this city we can head north and figure out what to do from there. Thorne has family that way right?
No. 915858 ID: 91ee5f

>The lizards... Someone LET them in. Through the front gate. They found safe passage into the city, and then into the castle.
Not to be rude or anything, but it was kinda obvious someone let them in.

How else do you think such a big group got in so easily? Especially when they had something like a Giant Isopod!

>Don't trust anyone you meet. That's all. Go now.
Thank him for everything he’s taught you, say your goodbyes, and start heading for the armory.
No. 915861 ID: eeb7d9

We'll find the traitorous bastard and give them a fate worst than death, sir, we promise.
Then surely there are multiple people involved, a much bigger conspirancy, with multiple conections and resourses to make this work without anyone noticing.
But first things first, let's get the royal family out of here.
No. 915862 ID: 930d12

Give him one last yes, sir, and get moving. Don't make it too obvious that you're guarding anyone.
No. 915871 ID: c7f906

I swear it. Thank you, for everything.
No. 915912 ID: 080aaf

Don't believe him.
No. 915918 ID: e2dc7c

you should be nice to the lizards maybe they are cold
No. 915920 ID: 094652

"I don't care who betrayed us and who stayed loyal. All who threaten the safety of the princesses will be dealt with. Slowly.

Let's go-"

Set the king's corpse on fire. While he's in shock, knock Yogh out and take him with you.

See, if you bring him with you, you can show the other lizard assassins that you were busy getting the captain of the guard to the interrogator to find out where the princesses left. You can also deploy him on-site as a one-time distraction, which is pretty much what he wanted anyway. Or if he dies you can put traps on his corpse and leave him somewhere for the lizards to die over. And if he WAS the traitor and feigned mortal injuries just so you'd deliver the princesses without them committing suicide or something, then you have him right where you want him. And if there's a chance he could get help you'll take it.
No. 915921 ID: 2202fb

Idk if we need to shock him, but if he has lasted this long, his organs are probably fine and is just losing blood. Wrap all of his wounds and have the princess start healing him ASAP. Have Thorne carry him during this process so you can escape. This will mean that you are effectively going to have to guard everyone solo, but if done right, we might just save him (ofc he will still be out of action for the forseeable future due to injuries).
No. 915922 ID: 2202fb

Remember, she only needs to stabilize him, she doesnt need to completely heal everything. Just staunch the bleeding. If there is a fire nearby, you could quickly cauterize the wounds.
No. 915925 ID: 91ee5f

None of this.
No. 915926 ID: edfbdc

We can't. If he can't move on his own he's too big of a liability. We need to be at full strength to protect the princess and her sister, and carrying a dying man would have at least one Fighter out of the picture.
No. 915927 ID: edfbdc

Not that I wouldn't want to save him, it's just that to do our duty we can't risk anything.

Also, very agreed.
No. 915928 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him to die well.
No. 915999 ID: 2202fb

We dont need to fight our way out. We just need to get out. Imo regardless of whether we take Yogh, we should try to sneak out and avoid combat.

If we do sneak, we should be able to take him with us.

I suggest we sneak over to the servant's quarters and have one of us dress up in servants clothes. If we have Yogh, we can wrap him up in a blanket and call him laundry. We then go to the secret entrance. If anyone asks where we are going, we can say that the servant is showing us a secret safe room where royals may be hiding.
No. 916036 ID: e63e6d
File 154652458044.gif - (13.56KB , 512x512 , 78.gif )


You consider some sort of extravagant theme to take Yogh with you, unwilling to leave behind your old master. Sensing what's going on in your mind, he stands up, shakily.

"Eth. I'm not going with you. I'll die within the hour, and I'm keeping my bloody oath. Go."

You give him a last "Yes, Sir.", then turn and follow the others. [Animated]
No. 916037 ID: e63e6d
File 154652534913.gif - (7.63KB , 512x512 , 79.gif )


The four of you shuffle down the stairs and back into the corridor. Reno and Dana's fear is palpable, but you think lizards have poorer olfactory senses than you do? You remember hearing that somewhere. It can't be helped now.

There are sounds coming from down the corridor.
No. 916040 ID: 080aaf

Get Reno to hide. Ambush and go for the silent takedown, either they're lizards or you're dressed as one.
No. 916041 ID: e51896

Throne is leading the way. Suggest to Throne we look before we leap. If we attack and it turns out to be a guard who survived instead of a lizard, there could be problems especially since we are in disguise.

That said, I think we should stay stealthy and only attack if we are found out to not be lizards.
No. 916042 ID: e63e6d
File 154653324031.gif - (8.52KB , 512x512 , 80.gif )


You tell Thorne to go check around the corner in a hushed voice, and she does. A tall lizard in a strange mask almost bumps into her. It sounds jovial. A dark light fills the corridor.

Is it done, brothers?

Behind the lizard are perhaps a dozen others.
No. 916043 ID: 080aaf

Is what done?
No. 916044 ID: e63e6d
File 154653362978.gif - (8.39KB , 512x512 , 81.gif )


The lizards laugh.

No. 916045 ID: c4c64c

It's too risky to try and fight them with your charges so near, but this might be a leader of whatever this cult is, and leaders usually have vital information. Stay quiet and listen. See what their next move is.
No. 916046 ID: 727dff

Just nod
No. 916047 ID: 080aaf

Okay, now that we know our voice fools them, tell them a lone warrior stands guard over their corpse-king. The throne is no more.
No. 916049 ID: e51896

I wouldn't say that. If we say that, he might tell us to get back up there and kill the gaurd. A simple nod should suffice.
No. 916050 ID: 20afab

it is done. they all lie dead in a pool of their own blood.
No. 916051 ID: e63e6d
File 154653590689.gif - (9.93KB , 512x512 , 82.gif )


You nod.

The lizard makes a strange sucking sound.

EXCELLENT! We will go and check the corpse, and if he is still alive, ensure our... Contact is rewarded. This is a great day for our people. Get to the kitchens, you lot! No longer will we suffer dry and dusty locusts! No longer will we drink the juice of succulents!

The lizard laughs and claps you on the shoulder, before marching toward the steps. The guards follow.

A resounding silence fills the hallway, punctuated by their echoing footsteps and Dana's quiet sniffling.
No. 916052 ID: 080aaf

Get outta there before the snuffling is overheard!
No. 916053 ID: 91ee5f

>Get to the kitchens, you lot!
Of course they would celebrate by eating your food.

>No longer will we suffer dry and dusty locusts! No longer will we drink the juice of succulents!
And if that’s what they’ve been eating the entire time, I don’t blame them for wanting to raid the kitchen.

Anyways, it’s time to go. Keep moving towards the secret exit in the armory.
No. 916054 ID: e51896

if anyone asks about the sniffling, claim it is allergies.

But yeah, make it look like you are going to the kitchen, and when no one is looking, head for the secret exit.
No. 916057 ID: a9af05

Keep going towards the armory.

When you get there, make sure you get armor and weapons before you leave.
No. 916059 ID: e63e6d
File 154653974667.gif - (5.97KB , 512x512 , 83.gif )


The soldiers move on. You head to the armoury.
No. 916060 ID: 727dff

You should first peek in the armory in case someone's inside and see if they're friend or foe
No. 916061 ID: d887c0

Well, they're in for a nasty surprise.
Keep moving. The sooner you escape, the sooner you can turn your thoughts to matters of revenge.
No. 916062 ID: 727dff

Also seems like Donna is shivering scared. Put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her and Whisper everything will be okay
No. 916063 ID: 727dff

No. 916065 ID: e63e6d
File 154654583347.gif - (15.84KB , 512x512 , 84.gif )


You decide not to touch the frightened child hiding under a robe without warning.

You check the armoury. Most of the good weapons and armour are gone, and some stuff is scattered around on the floor and tables. There is no obvious other door. There are no enemies nearby.

Thorne bars the door and pulls her cloak off.
No. 916066 ID: b1b4f3

Alright good time to stop and get healed, then get some equipment your wards can use. Maybe upgrade some of your own since it's not like anyone else on your team is gonna use this shit.
No. 916067 ID: a9af05

>There is no obvious door.
Duh! That's why it's called a secret passage!

Also, it requires magic to open it, so you're going to need the princess' help to find it.
No. 916068 ID: 080aaf

Behind the map.
Good time to loot anything left not nailed down, maybe burn/grab any sensitive documents they overlooked. Get Reno a shield.
No. 916070 ID: b50bde

It's clear that the revolutionaries have snapped from living in a hellhole with ^&*( to eat for generations. That doesn't excuse them from destroying their own infrastructure with terrorism and then blaming another race for continuing to starve, but something needs to be done about their justifiable grievances.

Note to the princesses that when they get back on the throne, they're to expand supply routes across the deserts.

... Kind of amazing they've survived on cooked locusts and plant juice, though. Maybe you'll teach your citizens their ways of survival when the survivors of your onslaught finally surrender.

Grab the map, continue to bar the doors until you find the secret door.
No. 916071 ID: ad51b8

ask the princess where the door is an get going.
No. 916073 ID: e63e6d
File 154654895264.gif - (8.86KB , 512x512 , 85.gif )


You search for any sensitive documents. The only document of any kind you find are these EXTREMELY LEWD WOODCUTS, which you don't really have a way to burn.

The desert lies to the south of the Kingdom! They rebelled, and have been eating locusts since. Serves them right.

Reno says she doesn't know where the door is! In this room somewhere.
No. 916074 ID: c4c64c

Describe woodcut. Save woodcut for later reference.
No. 916075 ID: 094652

Okay two important questions: how long ago was their original rebellion, and how many of the deported CIVILIANS supported the revolutionaries when they were deported?

But for certain, neutralize the ones that are currently trying to kill you all.

Keep these. It's going to be a looong trip.

Take another look at those two statues. Try posing them in the same manner as the woodcuts.
No. 916076 ID: c7f906

My guess is behind that wall map or one of the flanking statues. Unless Thorne just found it right now.
No. 916077 ID: e63e6d
File 154655145422.gif - (14.40KB , 512x512 , 87.gif )

The map is set into the wall. There's not really much behind it.

Man, you don't know that! You're a cool warrior, not a history scholar. That all happened hundreds of years ago.

You stealthily add the LEWD WOODCUTS to your inventory.

Reno is already busy with the statues, it seems.
No. 916078 ID: e63e6d
File 154655154938.gif - (13.07KB , 512x512 , 86.gif )


There are no worthwhile shields around; only giant tower shields made for bucks and oxen. You do find a SPIREBLADE'S ARMOUR, though!

You take the opportunity to clean yourself off.
No. 916079 ID: c4c64c

Since you seem to be out of immediate danger, have Reno take a look at your arm finally.
No. 916080 ID: e63e6d
File 154655297152.gif - (9.94KB , 512x512 , 88.gif )

Looking good!

Reno says she'd rather get out of danger. This is gonna take half an hour, at least.
No. 916082 ID: b1b4f3

Well I guess they could start banging on the door. Is there anything Reno can wear for additional protection or is she already suited up? I can't tell if her clothing is decorative or protective.
Once that's settled, let's join the search for the hidden passage.
No. 916083 ID: edfbdc

Well one thing's for sure. If it's been hundreds of years, these aren't even the people who rebelled. Can't really judge them for that. Also can't explain this attack with that, so something else is going on.

Okay, help find the way out, or you'll ruin your new clothes with your blood before you can enjoy them.
No. 916084 ID: e63e6d
File 154655469687.gif - (9.50KB , 512x512 , 89.gif )


It's mostly decorative, and pretty light; but it's heavily enchanted. Most of the actual protecting is your job, though. Dana's clothes are just clothes. No special charms for a bastard.
No. 916085 ID: 080aaf

Whatcha readin, boss?
No. 916086 ID: c7f906

Any clues there?
No. 916088 ID: e63e6d
File 154655641308.gif - (9.62KB , 512x512 , 90.gif )


Reno tells you not to call her "Boss".

"But yes, I do have... Something. It says that 'When night is at it's darkest and dawn seems an impossibility, blood from the royal line must fall on the lake at the center; look for the... the southward arrow and the westward pendant', I think. Or... some such."

She frowns at the writing.

"It's very old."
No. 916090 ID: 40df11

So they need royal blood at the centre of the lake at midnight and those last two things are to help find the right position?
No. 916092 ID: 080aaf

Sure thing, chief.
The map is the key... try dabbing a bit of the princess's blood on the lake where the rightward statue's pendant and the overhead arrow's directions intersect. Hope it's pure enough for whatever enchantment this is.
No. 916095 ID: e63e6d
File 154655725173.gif - (5.96KB , 512x512 , 91.gif )


Reno casually reminds you that your only duty on this earth is keeping all her blood inside her body.
No. 916096 ID: c7f906

Alright, southward arrow is the design above the map. 'westward pendant' could maybe-not-probably reference the bean-shaped lake with two rivers, making it look like a pendant, to the top left of the map; 'Lake at the center' is probably one of the two circles right smack central to the map, probably the top one. Have Reno interact with it and see if 'royal blood' is figurative and doesn't have to involve pricking any fingers.
No. 916097 ID: 094652
File 154655735266.gif - (88.80KB , 512x512 , 154654583347.gif )

Seems straightforward: douse the lamps, then use the princesses' blood to draw two lines, one from the bow and arrow and one from the pendant hanging on the statue on the right.

...seriously? Who's Dana's mother then?
No. 916098 ID: 080aaf

Can't bake an escape tunnel without breaking a few eggs.
No. 916099 ID: 094652

but we kind of need a genetic signature from you or Dana to activate the special magical lock to open the door specifically designed to keep YOU alive. Unless you want us to prick Dana's finger instead."
No. 916100 ID: 90f3c0

The blood part probably isn't literal. Just have her touch the appropriate spots on the map.
No. 916101 ID: e63e6d
File 154655952594.gif - (21.03KB , 512x512 , 92.gif )


Reno humours you.

She asks if there are any other silly map-related things you want to try out.
No. 916103 ID: 080aaf

Okay, we made a statue cry. That's progress.
...Did anything else happen? Is that a smear or a sleeve shadow?
No. 916104 ID: bddb0f

Nope, it looks like that did the trick.

Check out the crying statue to the right.
No. 916105 ID: c7f906

Reno get back, the statue is weeping.

What's got Dana shook?
No. 916106 ID: b1b4f3

Statue's eyes lit up. Check it out.
No. 916107 ID: e63e6d
File 154656022448.gif - (6.37KB , 512x512 , 93.gif )


The statue's started weeping. Only the right statue; the left is still the same.

You assume Dana's a little put off by her father's death, which she witnessed about an hour ago.

Reno's mother died in childbirth; the identity of Dana's mother has always been cause for rumours, but you find that sort of thing tasteless. She's a good kid, and you love her like a little sister.
No. 916108 ID: b1b4f3

Poke the eyes?
No. 916109 ID: c7f906

I thought she was staring at something particular, poor kid...

Now try moving the statue.
No. 916110 ID: a9af05

This is when you tell Reno, "I told you so."
No. 916111 ID: 080aaf

See if its arms move? Man, I hope it wasn't just a distress beacon.
No. 916112 ID: eeb7d9

Well, it did react when she touch it. I think she is part of the puzzle somehow.
No. 916116 ID: 094652

Hm. Looks like we're getting somewhere. See if putting Dana's hand on the lake activates the other statue. If not, douse the lights in the room, like the code said.
No. 916117 ID: e63e6d
File 154656255538.gif - (12.77KB , 512x512 , 94.gif )


You and Thorne try to move the statue. It doesn't budge.
No. 916119 ID: b1b4f3

Hmph. Maybe there's a second step we need to perform? Check the eyes of the statue that isn't crying.
No. 916120 ID: 094652

>+5 Sexual Tension
Stop that, Eth. There are children present.

Analyze the statue's 'tears'. What color and viscosity?
No. 916121 ID: e63e6d
File 154656320336.gif - (6.14KB , 512x512 , 95.gif )


Thorne lifts Dana up to the lake. For a brief interval when nobody's touching it, the tears are gone; then they reappear, in exactly the same fashion.

You can't reach easily. From what you can tell, there are no eyes; just flat stone, cast in shadow.

It's autumn. You're in heat. You can't help it.

The tears are the same colour as the ambient light in the room; they don't seem to be liquid, more like... the darkness around them is shadow, and the tears are just regular light? They certainly don't give off any light of their own.
No. 916122 ID: 080aaf

Okay, try holding her hand there while we douse the magical ambient lighting.
No. 916123 ID: b1b4f3

When the eyes are lit up, look where it's looking. There's no other writing on the statues?
What's near the lake? What's the lake's name?
No. 916124 ID: c7f906

Is that circular bit indicative of anything, like a city? Turn and see what the weeping statue is looking at?
No. 916125 ID: e63e6d
File 154656377212.gif - (4.61KB , 512x512 , 96.gif )


The eyes are blank. There is no other obvious writing.
No. 916126 ID: 12b116

What's on the pendant Reno is wearing?
No. 916127 ID: c7f906

What's that just south of the lake?
No. 916128 ID: e63e6d
File 154656422149.gif - (5.22KB , 512x512 , 97.gif )


A very pretty opal. It doesn't seem relevant here. You admire her excellent taste in jewelry.

The Capital, and the Spire, which you're currently in.
No. 916129 ID: a9af05

Only one statue is doing something because you followed the instructions on that stature.

Try reading the instructions on the other statute to see what the clue is to get it to also do something.
No. 916130 ID: c7f906

I think that was the only statue to have instructions. Maybe try touching the crying face? Only other thing I can think of is if the light doesn't come from the statue, but from somewhere else, you should look for the light source.
No. 916132 ID: e63e6d
File 154656520702.gif - (6.16KB , 512x512 , 98.gif )


The other statue has no writing!

Reno says that if you're quite done staring at her royal bosom, she's willing to let you prick her finger and try the blood thing. But only if you're sure it'll work, and if you go through with it, you'll owe her one.
No. 916134 ID: c4c64c

Take the deal, offer suggestive rewards.
No. 916135 ID: 0c3c2c

The statue is weeping.
No. 916136 ID: 080aaf

Sure, it's just a flesh wound.
No. 916137 ID: e63e6d
File 154656589612.gif - (6.30KB , 512x512 , 99.gif )


You accept the deal in the most suggestive voice you can manage, and wink at your princess. CRITICAL HIT!

Reno blushes.
No. 916139 ID: c7f906

Get the smalest sharp thing you can find, like a pin or needle. Even a dagger will probably shed more than you need.
No. 916141 ID: 0c3c2c

Just have her use her sharp teeth to draw a little blood.
No. 916143 ID: b1b4f3

Mouths aren't sanitary. Tip of a rapier or other pointy sword should work, so long as it's clean.
No. 916144 ID: d842f4


It's the middle ages, disease is spread through miasma, let the girls have their fun
No. 916145 ID: 270774

fang prick is obviously the only acceptable way to do this after you led with suggestion. go get em eth
No. 916146 ID: 91ee5f

Are you sure you’re allowed to have sex with your princess?

Unless.....you’ve both done it before? Which would make sense, since you’ve both known each other for years.
No. 916147 ID: e63e6d
File 154656926192.gif - (9.41KB , 512x512 , 100.gif )


You prick the Crown Princess' index finger in a horrendously lewd manner. Her finger tastes good. Thorne looks on in disapproval. Reno blushes.
No. 916148 ID: e63e6d
File 154656928337.gif - (7.45KB , 512x512 , 101.gif )


Your heart has grown more PLAYFUL!
No. 916149 ID: 12b116

wipe it on the lake now
No. 916150 ID: c7f906

Promice to kiss it better once we're all out of here.
No. 916152 ID: 556568

Hey, on the plus-side, if you're able to be this frisky then the blood-loss probably isn't too bad.
No. 916153 ID: e63e6d
File 154657022314.gif - (5.09KB , 512x512 , 102.gif )

Actually, you are feeling pretty lightheaded. It might be more serious than it feels. You promise Reno you'll kiss it better later, which earns you a brief snrk.

Reno wipes her thumb on the lake.
No. 916155 ID: b1b4f3

Did anything new happen?
No. 916156 ID: 91ee5f

>Thorne looks on in disapproval.
Hey, you had your chance to do suggestive stuff and you didn’t do it! It’s your own fault that you missed out on a chance to flirt with the princess!

Hooray for a stat boost in playful flirting!

>Reno wipes her thumb on the lake.
And? Did anything?
No. 916157 ID: 0c3c2c

Dang. I was hoping that would be a secret passage or something. This ancient riddle could have been more helpful.
No. 916158 ID: c7f906

...What happens if somebody else puts their hands on it?
No. 916159 ID: e63e6d
File 154657150662.gif - (64.34KB , 512x512 , 103.gif )


The room rumbles.

No. 916160 ID: e63e6d


Thanks for reading the quest so far guys! It's been fun! I'll start a new thread tomorrow. Until then, I'd love to hear feedback at https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/127013.html

Good night!
No. 916194 ID: 91ee5f

And you said that there wasn’t anything behind the map. Looks like you were wrong about that!
No. 916199 ID: 9c5835

more like lying!
how can we trust you again, deer?
No. 916203 ID: e63e6d

Merely depicting what the character sees, babe.

Trusting me may have been your first mistake
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