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File 126081280489.jpg - (235.24KB , 750x750 , 1Title.jpg )
91466 No. 91466 ID: 15f6d6

http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/66402.html Part I.

There is a sense of righteous fury when I kill. A fire burns in my heart, and destroying the monstrosities only makes it burn hotter. In the heavy mist all sounds are muted, the bark of my pistol is swallowed as completely as the low moans of the monsters. All I hear in my earpiece is a static hum, but I am not alone. Soon, my pistol will mutter dry clicks instead of shouting bright fury, but Vengeance still burns in my heart, and my fire will not be so easily quenched.

It would be nice if I had a plan, though.
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No. 91467 ID: f4963f

Hope that armour's really good, bub.

Hell, if it is, crowd surf. FOR JUSTICE.
No. 91468 ID: c1b520

You should probably get out of the open. Possibly barricade yourself near a weapon store of some sort.
No. 91471 ID: 15f6d6
File 12608148488.jpg - (175.60KB , 750x727 , 2.jpg )

Hello? There is somebody else out there? I thought I was the only one left! What unit are you with? Where are you located? I thought this was it for me.

>sounds of heavy breathing

Just a sec. I'll try and make my way out of the square.
No. 91472 ID: 597b9b

We'll discuss this later. Just get to safety and see if you can lose that posse of yours. They seem a bit too clingy.
No. 91473 ID: c1b520

S'all coo' beakie, take your time.
No. 91474 ID: fa19bc

Doesn't your suit have any close combat weapons, like claws or retractable spurs and shit?
Also, are you still some kinda crow?
No. 91477 ID: 15f6d6
File 126081699480.jpg - (145.81KB , 750x750 , 3.jpg )

A crow? What the hell are you talking about? I've got the same standard body armor as everybody which means a combat knife unless its gotten torn off or something. What unit are you with again? Where are you?

The mist is getting really thick here, it always is between the buildings.

Which way should I be heading? Is there actually an extraction somewhere? I thought for sure this was it for me.
No. 91479 ID: e024d0

Afraid we cannot provide an EVAC at this time, we suggest you take shelter in a more enclosed area.
No. 91480 ID: c1b520

The good news is, there is an extraction team on route to your location. The bad news is, it's not for you. So GTFOOTM!
No. 91481 ID: fa19bc

So did you lose your knife? If not, why are you pistol whipping those things instead of knife stabbing them?

Look at that thing up there, the purple thing.
No. 91482 ID: 119b5c

Shit! Big thing incoming! Get to the side!
No. 91484 ID: 597b9b

What unit are you part of? Where is the rest of your squad? And on a different note, take cover! We're detecting a large anomaly on route to your position.
No. 91485 ID: 15f6d6
File 126081888486.jpg - (141.70KB , 750x750 , 4.jpg )

I didn't want to get taken down trying to grab my knife. I think it might still be there.

Oh sonofabitch its a goddamn Manta! Where are you, across the square? I'm glad you spotted it, otherwise I would have been toast! Oh shitballs, a fucking Manta! It should clear out some of these nulls, though, thank God.

I'm 4th Infantry, but all of my squadmates are dead and our transport is totaled. I don't know how many of us are left, altogether. There is something like 6.5 billion nulls now, I think. I was ready to make that number ever so slightly less. We haven't heard from our commander in months, so we just decided to move in and kill as many of these bastards as we could before the end. Not going out with a whimper and all that.
No. 91488 ID: fa19bc

More information on Creature:Manta needed.

Keep getting away, we need to make some long term plans. And you probably can't concentrate with all those nulls around.
No. 91489 ID: c1b520

Okay, now we have a plan. Kill as many of these Nulls as possible. Yes, this'll work. Okay Beakie. I'm in on this. What you need to do is find a place to hold out in. We can't help you if your constantly being swarmed.
No. 91490 ID: 119b5c

We are a...special detachment. Observation and research only. Unless you have a jump between buildings, you might not want to go into a building for evac purposes. When the Manta is clear, can you hide from the Nulls, clear the street? We've had observation that the park is mostly clear of nulls. You might want to head there.
No. 91491 ID: 597b9b

What can you tell us of the situation outside of the city limits? Are you familiar with any way of dealing with Manta?
No. 91504 ID: 15f6d6
File 12608207976.jpg - (118.93KB , 750x750 , 5.jpg )

If there is a Manta outside I've got to stay inside somewhere. Only three or four got in here with me, I'm taking care of them now. With my knife even.

Is this some kind of test? I mean, everybody knows about the Mantas. First the mist showed up. Wherever there were big cities and stuff, basically, anywhere where it would be hard for it to dissipate, then people started turning into nulls. A couple years later, the Mantas just started showing up wherever there was lots and lots of mist. They fry the nulls and grab any reds they see, but they're pretty indiscriminate as far as we're concerned. They weren't at first, when there were still enough of us to matter, but now I think they just don't notice us.

You can stop calling me Beakie. My name is Susan Blackfeather. I think this is some kind of hotel? I don't know how possible it will be for me to get to the park. I'm going to need a really good plan.
No. 91506 ID: c0f3bf

Would you happen to be a crow? Because that would be interesting.
No. 91507 ID: c1b520

Sorry, can't comply. So long as you keep that helmet on, your Beakie. Also have you ever played a game called "Left 4 Dead"?
No. 91509 ID: faf1b0


Right. We're holed up and watching you by way of a probe, so all we can offer is a little recon and advice. Don't look for any backup here-Jesus, soldier, we thought everyone here was finished.

Park's cleaner than some places, but it's got pretty shit cover. You know this town? Get your ass to a munitions shop if you can. You're going to need something a little more colourful than that pea-shooter if you plan on living past tomorrow.
No. 91513 ID: 119b5c

Is your armor intact? The mist will probably negate any advantage you could get by going upstairs. As for plans, You need to depend on yourself, and your own strength for this. Check under the counter, be aware that there might be more nulls in here then you think.
No. 91514 ID: fa19bc

Well, we'll need an overview of the area.
Short term goal: More Dakka
No. 91515 ID: 597b9b

Ignoring my comrades' birdbrained quips, what are you looking at supply-wise? Think you can wait out the manta's assault on the nulls? If you're lucky you'll end up with a clearer shot to the park.
No. 91530 ID: 8b7db1

>Is this some kind of test? I mean, everybody knows about the Mantas.

New policy in Ops: Assume we know nothing. We apparently lost a a rather large group in Japan since they, quote, did something that command knew they couldn't do, endquote. But the two survivors knew they could do whatever it is that they did, so we are opening up more ground trooper dialog to avoid making such mistakes again.
No. 91533 ID: 15f6d6
File 12608224923.jpg - (61.11KB , 750x750 , 6.jpg )

The Mantas ignore nulls while they're still, but when they start moving around, the Mantas burn them up. It might take an hour at the most. My body armor is fine. As for supplies, I've got about 12 hours of air left and some rations.

I don't think evac to the park is a great idea, but I can do it if you think its the best plan. The park is pretty much right in the middle of the city though, and I've got to get away from the mist altogether before it is safe to take off my helmet.

I think we're having communication problems, though. Are you asking me if I'm a crow? Is that a codeword for something?

Looks like a coffee mug, some bullets and a computer tower are down here unless you can spot anything else. If your using a probe, can you still get feed from my helmet camera?

The mist is heavier than air, but there is tons of it down here. I've never been to this city before the nulls started showing up, if that's what you mean. I don't know where any stores or anything are.

If climb up and I'm inside, there shouldn't be any mist, but I don't know what good that would do either. I'm grabbing the bullets and reloading my nine.
No. 91539 ID: 119b5c

Gotcha. We're trying to figure out where to put you so that you can rest, while we piece together something of a plan to get you out. How long have you been alone?
No. 91549 ID: fa19bc

Is there any place to go for you.
Military bases, underground bunkers, stuff like that.
No. 91551 ID: 632862

I spot something else off to the bottom left of your viewable area, on the floor.
No. 91564 ID: 15f6d6
File 126082442314.jpg - (179.30KB , 750x750 , 7.jpg )

Wow, now that you mention it, I've been on my feet fighting nulls for almost eight hours now. I have no idea how long I've been awake for, probably at least 30 or so hours. My blood is still singing, but as soon as my adrenaline wears off I'm gonna crash.

Nice. So I guess the camera in my helmet is still working. It looks like some kind of note.

I... I'm not sure what to make of it.

Damn, it's dark in here.

Our bunker is about 50 miles outside of this city. It's abandoned now, seeing as how I'm the only one left alive. It's got power, water, clean air and plenty of food. Especially for just one person.
No. 91567 ID: e75a2f

You said you had 12 hours of air left.

Basic needs first, man: Do you have a way to refill your air supply, or if not do you know how to? And do you have any food or water with you or know where to get some that won't fuck you up?

For that matter can you even take your helmet off to eat in the first place? Will you need to go find someplace with clean air or do you have a method of eating that doesn't require removing your helmet
No. 91570 ID: 8b7db1

This might be worth follow up on, especially if that place is secure. Might be supplies you can use in there. Though if there isn't, you might want to begin heading back to your bunker, least you run out of air.
No. 91571 ID: 632862

I think following the note's instructions may be a good idea at this point. It's not like nulls have any lips anyway.
No. 91575 ID: fa19bc

For some reason I don't really trust that obvious trap. It's obvious written by a crazy person.

Do you have access to transportation?
No. 91578 ID: c88bbf

Umm, it's fifty miles ouside the city and we don't know where she is exactly.
No. 91582 ID: e3f578

Well, the reason we're asking if your a crow is that... well this can't be to far-fetched because for gods sake we got flying extra-dimensional whales flying around having sex and zombies all around. I'm going to be honost. Somehow, in some way, we got into contact with a talking crow. He wanted a lady friend to notice him but kidnapped by a horny space whale in a curious commotion.

So we're confused, we don't know jack shit about what is going on. Up is down, left and right aren't directions anymore, and we got whales flying around kicking ass and making babies. Nothing's right man, nothing's right. I know that we do know something however. We're good at this advice shit, and buddy, we have a whole lotta brains to advice all over the wall.

555-ORBS baby. It's all you'll ever need.
No. 91595 ID: 2cbe3e

Follow the advice of the mysterious note in a whimsical manner.
No. 91599 ID: 15f6d6
File 126082650919.jpg - (60.14KB , 750x750 , 8.jpg )

As far as supplies, I can refill my air if I could find a source of untainted air. If I got high enough up in a building it might be safe. The mist is what changes you, and like I said, it's heavier than air, but not by a whole lot. Its around 5 or 6 feet deep at least in most of the city, and the air is generally kind of hazy here, but it seems fairly clear inside this hotel. I've got about two meals worth of food, and some water. I'd have to take my mask off to eat, yeah, but I think you need prolonged exposure before you turn, but I don't know how long or anything.

I'd need to find transportation to get back to the bunker. I'm not even sure if I can get out of the city. Our transport is destroyed. We hadn't heard from anybody in months, like I said, so we figured there was no one left. We didn't intend to come out.

I am hearing you over the headset in my helmet. None of that stuff about whales or crows or anything makes any sense, but I guess I should just accept this and move on. Maybe you are ghosts or something. Who knows? At this point I'm exhausted and for some reason I am no longer interested in letting myself be killed.

Well, this must be the air vent...
No. 91601 ID: 2cbe3e


Is there something puddling on the ground there?

If not, try to open the air vent.
No. 91602 ID: 632862

Wait. Something's on the floor off to the left of the vent. A claw?
No. 91605 ID: faf1b0

Be careful, soldier. Could be that a red picked up some gloves and a pen. Could be that someone in here is hoping to earn some gear for themselves the dirty way, or they were before the city went to shit. Listen careful before you make any moves.
No. 91607 ID: fa19bc

Air vents are never a good idea.
Try at least to find your own way to the generator.
No. 91620 ID: 15f6d6
File 12608279538.jpg - (106.93KB , 750x750 , 9.jpg )

Shit! Good eyes. There was a null down there!

Yeah, it could be a red. I don't know my way around this place at all though. I don't see any other doors down here, and the stairwell is concrete. There may have been other doors in the lobby, I don't really know. There was an elevator up there, but I doubt it works.

I don't hear anything, but I think I've accidentally made my presence known.

I'm open to suggestions at this point.
No. 91623 ID: 632862

Go in the vent.

Hey, are reds usually hostile? They can talk, you know.
No. 91629 ID: db9957

Use the airvent, go in gun-first and be ready for anything.
No. 91630 ID: fa19bc

Maybe I'm stupid, did you ever actually say what reds are?
Cause if so I missed it.
Do you have any special skills or tools we should know about before you confront whatever wrote that note.
We can only really help if we know enough.
No. 91642 ID: 2cbe3e


Make sure your elven eyes are kept sharp and alert for danger.
No. 91643 ID: faf1b0

Rip it apart. If you can identify its sex, all the better. If it was a lady, it could've written that note before everything went to pot.
No. 91644 ID: 15f6d6
File 126082960952.jpg - (86.91KB , 750x750 , 10.jpg )

Okay, this seriously seems like a worse and worse idea. crawling through here is extremely loud, there is no way I can do this sneakily.

This thing was just a null. I think it used to be male.

I haven't explained reds, but some of your buddy seem to know what they are. Some of the nulls peel apart like oranges and turn into reds. The reds are active all the time, and they can make the nulls around them active too. The Mantas collect them. I've never heard one talk. I knew they were smarter than nulls, but that isn't saying a lot.

I can see another vent up ahead. Should I try to peek though or just get out as fast as I can?
No. 91648 ID: 632862

Peek through first. Forewarned is forearmed.
No. 91658 ID: fa19bc

Ok, now that I know about reds.
Shoot to kill if you see one.
They are clearly the enemy from what you just told me. Making nulls active for example.

Go fast, whoever is behind the vent already heard you.
No. 91667 ID: f21281

So was there a generic kneejerk military reaction akin to "NUKE EVERYTHING?"
No. 91673 ID: c88bbf

if taking a peek won't endanger you then do it; otherwise just bust through
No. 91687 ID: 15f6d6
File 126083229284.jpg - (121.96KB , 750x750 , 11.jpg )

I'm gonna be cautious here. Okay, I don't see anybody.

>"Heyy.. I c-can hear you there."

The voice sounds strangely... wet?

>"Don't shoot. I t-think I have a way to escape... If I try to leave, the... the monster wants to grab me, but I have found a thing."

I hear something drip. Uh..
No. 91691 ID: 119b5c

I'm callin' it, it's a red. Whatever is in there.
No. 91696 ID: 632862

I told you the reds could talk. They're intelligent. It looks like there's a bunch of stuff between you and it, so try entering the room. It should be relatively safe.
No. 91703 ID: fa19bc

Kill it, trust me on that. It's going to betray you.
And if there's actually something to see you can look at it without a hostile monster around.
No. 91705 ID: 34470e

How do you know reds are evil? They could just be trying to save their own, um, redness.
No. 91706 ID: 964033

Talk more with the Red.
No. 91707 ID: 119b5c

They come from being Nulls. Who don't seem like the friendliest of things.
No. 91708 ID: c0f3bf

It can talk intelligently, this is good. Ask if it wants to attack you.
No. 91710 ID: faf1b0

Oh Christ, we're sympathizing with the enemy now, are we? Trust me, soldier, it's us or them and don't you forget it. This one might be useful for now, but don't you start getting any wrong ideas. Don't give it your name and don't ask if it has one. Remember that it's these sonsofbitches who made this situation what it is.

Now get out of the vent and keep your guard up. There might be nulls around.
No. 91712 ID: 445c48

True, but we came from apes, and if you've ever watched planet of the apes, you'd know that apes are assholes.
No. 91728 ID: 445c48

Do we even know it's a Red? I mean, it's got hair, it's talking intelligently, it isn't trying to eat you, look at those eyes...

Sure, there's a bit of red on it, but that could be blood. This is a dangerous town, after all.
No. 91729 ID: 119b5c

Your right. It might be an entirely new threat. Shoot it quickly.
No. 91733 ID: 15f6d6
File 126083419036.jpg - (58.41KB , 750x750 , 12.jpg )

Man.. you guys are sharp. Yeah, its clearly a red. If it really does have a way out, though, I guess I'll keep from shooting it.

I've never actually seen the reds do anything except for get grabbed by the Mantas. We had no idea they were intelligent.

"Hey, Don't move, and don't try to attack. I've got a pistol, and I'm coming out of the vent. Tell me if there are any nulls around here."

>"I a-am hiding, from the blimp monsters. with tentacle. You help me, we c-can escape. Have found part of blimp-monster, think I c-can make it open hole in space. Need to b-bring it to roof. Need help. Can't drag it out to s-set up without blimp catching me. You d-drag out, I can make it open. W-we escape. D-disguise will not work long on blimp."

huh. okay. I have no idea how to approach this.
No. 91734 ID: 445c48

No, no, no need for that yet.

Besides, wouldn't it be better to save ammunition? Go along with her for a bit. If you need to, stab her in the head.
No. 91738 ID: 119b5c

Okay. don't hurl. It's wearing a face.

Susan, what do you think? We've seen the Mantas pick Reds up, and it is telling the truth when it says it's being hunted.
We've also seen it go...
Nevermind. Just know that it will probably work. What's your thoughts Ms.Blackfeather?
No. 91741 ID: c88bbf

let's go ahead and get out of the vent.

We should find out more about the red's motives.
No. 91754 ID: 445c48

I vote trust. While it is doing something disgusting and wearing a face, it needs you to get out of here alive.
No. 91759 ID: fe0817

Ask for more details, as to how it/the portal/blimp will help us escape. I am also inclined to say to trust him/her. As well, ask if she left a note for us upstairs. To confirm, compliment her on the beautiful thumbprint she/he left on the note.
No. 91817 ID: 8b7db1

Okay, think of it this way: Imagine if you get her back to a lab. You could find out how this mist changes people. You could help find a cure.

How does being the woman that helped save humanity sound?
No. 91859 ID: 15f6d6
File 126083858936.jpg - (173.75KB , 750x750 , 13.jpg )

It makes sense that the reds might be afraid of the Mantas. We've always just shot them. It pulls ... something out of a box. I don't see what choice I really have, honestly.

>"This... you carry. Get on roof. Must be outside in mist to use. All blimps need mist to fly, to open, to make fire. A blimp was wounded. It fells. I t-took a piece. Can use to open gate. Blimps will spot me. Will grab. I wi-will not be grabbed."

There wasn't really a "nuke everything" moment because the mist started appearing everywhere. We didn't know it was harmful until it was far, far too late. Most of the world just looks abandoned, until all the corpses start standing up.

As for a cure, I don't know. The nulls are rotten. I don't think they would last long if they were brought back to life. It's worth a shot, though.

"You left the note, right?"

>"Y-yes. was hoping to find unaltered humans to help. I feel a s-song in my blood. C-can use the song to open hole."
No. 91860 ID: faf1b0

Its got valuable info, so you'd best play nice for now. Make it spill the beans. Where does it think you'll be escaping to? What's it mean about a hole in space?
No. 91884 ID: e75a2f

Nice MGS style handling of your weapons there.

The thing they don't tell you in video games or in basic training is that if anything were to cause you to fall forward that knife could go straight into your gut.

Of course if your "catch your fall with your hands" reflex is fast enough it doesn't matter.

Anyway, I'd take the red up on his deal. Just be reeeeeal careful about what happens.
No. 91885 ID: 43d730

No. 91887 ID: 119b5c

So Susan? Are you going to try this, and see where it leads? If not, I'm sure we can work out something a lot less...bold. I don't trust the thing, for whatever reason.

This may not end well for you. This may lead to even worse troubles. However, this is a chance to learn a little about whats happening.

...Or find a way to destroy them all.
No. 91889 ID: c88bbf

Ask it if it remembers anything from before
No. 91906 ID: 1831fc


I wonder how well that style would work with a Khukri?

Ask if it's willing to carry it up if it'll make any nulls stay back. You mentioned earlier the Nulls react to the Reds? Maybe it can do something about that. We'll be taking the stairs in this building. You go first, followed by the Red.

God knows if there are any Nulls (Or anything else) up there.

Look, does your suit have anything in the way of a SitRep or NavCom on it? It'd be useful to know now. We might have a bit... newer model. I think. Maybe older.
No. 91918 ID: 15f6d6
File 126084093089.jpg - (87.39KB , 750x750 , 14.jpg )

"So, where are we going to be escaping to?"

>"D-don't know. Away from here."

"Do you remember anything from when you were human?"

>"R-remember being bitten. Remember shadows. Like a dream. Staring at sidewalk. Moving, like p-pulled by a string, when unaltered humans came near. Whole time, w-was trying to wake up, to clear head. E-eventually, awakened with two others. Blimp comes. I hide. I run to as deep a p-place as can find. Make plan."

I was never formally trained by the military or anything. I learned tactics from playing video games. It's amazing I've lived as long as I have.

If I'm doing this, now is the time. I have to grab the wheel and run out to the middle of the roof. I've never seen nulls on a roof before, and the Mantas always ignore us. I am not sure what is about to happen, but if you have any ideas, now is the time to share. Am I doing this?
No. 91952 ID: faf1b0

Dammit, Blackfeather, don't talk to it unless it's necessary. It might be intelligent, but it's still us and them. We'd all be better off forgetting what we just heard.

Make sure to refill your air before you do anything drastic. You're in for a bumpy ride no matter what happens.
No. 91956 ID: e0499d

fill air
ready gun
get ready to run for cover/hiding
No. 91958 ID: 119b5c

Are you Human?
No. 91977 ID: c88bbf

let's make a run for it then. Don't refill the air unless you're sure it's clean.
No. 92024 ID: 15f6d6
File 126084339739.jpg - (84.62KB , 750x750 , 15.jpg )

I don't trust the air up here. There is mist right outside the door.

Of course I'm human! What makes you think I'm not human? I'm getting the hell out of this city.

Here goes!

Oh shit something is happening! It's reacting to the mist!
No. 92027 ID: 632862

Incoming Manta, 3 o'clock.
No. 92029 ID: 119b5c

Nevermind. Bad news. You have company.
No. 92068 ID: faf1b0

Shit. Get the thing to sing the song of its people or whatever it was going on about before.
No. 92114 ID: 15f6d6
File 12608457576.jpg - (204.97KB , 750x750 , 17.jpg )

I don't think the Manta's seen me just yet.

Holy crap! The red just tore it's heart out! Oh shit, I..

What the fuck? What now? It's coming this way!
No. 92123 ID: 632862

Wait. Something's happening. Also don't worry, the dead need no internal organs to function. For some reason. Just keep steady and use the portal when it shows up.
No. 92124 ID: 1831fc

Why is your pack blinking "Not Human?"

Shit, this better work. Or else that Ghoul is getting three in the head.

Mossad technique, of course.
No. 92167 ID: 15f6d6
File 12608471658.jpg - (112.11KB , 750x750 , 18.jpg )

Shit shit shit shit shit!

Ohgod what is happening?

How the hell did you guys see the back of my backpack?! Dammit, I can explain-
No. 92171 ID: faf1b0

Yeah, I think you better.
No. 92173 ID: 1831fc

Say again! We're losing you! Respond! Didn't catch that last part about explainations!

...mother fucker they always do that.
No. 92176 ID: 445c48

We're magic, that's how. OoooOOOooo
No. 92235 ID: 15f6d6
File 126084861753.jpg - (282.45KB , 750x750 , 19.jpg )

I... I lied to you.

We didn't go into the city because we hadn't heard from anyone.

We went because we'd all

Begun to



Thought that if you knew I was no longer


You wouldn't help me.

We weren't becoming nulls, though.

We had become

Something else


I'm sorry.

I guess I don't need this anymore.

No. 92237 ID: c1b520

No. 92239 ID: 43d730

Don't worry, we're a talking invisible camera angle that occasionally manifests as an orb and tries to make people cross-dress and try incest.
We... We were both lying when we got into this relationship.
No. 92245 ID: 632862

Wait. You didn't become a Null, which means you didn't become a Red either. What are you?
No. 92256 ID: de3db8

>A crow? What the hell are you talking about? I've got the same standard body armor as everybody which means a combat knife unless its gotten torn off or something. What unit are you with again? Where are you?

>Are you asking me if I'm a crow? Is that a codeword for something?

Wh- Why would you lie to disembodied insane head voices!? D:
No. 92260 ID: faf1b0

Sorry, Blackfeather. Looks like there are no honest people left in the world after all.
No. 92261 ID: 445c48

Goddamnit Beakie. We wouldn't have cared if you weren't human! We'd still have called you beakie though.

Infact, I don't even remember your name. You're Beakie from here on out.
No. 92268 ID: 15f6d6
File 126085005356.jpg - (144.05KB , 750x750 , 20.jpg )

This sucks. I'm a total coward.

We were all supposed to die.

I'm seriously sorry, crazy voices,

But when I heard you...

well... there was no one else to make sure

That I carried out the plan.

Because we didn't want to spread

Whatever this new infection is.

I... I don't know what we are.

Well, what I am. Nobody else was too much of a coward to die like we were supposed to.

Susan Blackfeather is my name.

I guess I am still Susan.

I'm really sorry, guys.

No. 92273 ID: 1831fc

Third eye, turned into a crow, or four eyes, beaked mouth.

Calling it now.
No. 92275 ID: 632862

Turn around, we can't see your face.
No. 92276 ID: c0f3bf

You're still human to us.
No. 92280 ID: 445c48

Don't look too bad there, Susan.

Any time you have that helmet on, though, you're Beakie.
No. 92289 ID: faf1b0

(Alright, everyone here lean to the right. We're swinging this camera angle around!)
No. 92318 ID: 15f6d6
File 126085218011.jpg - (337.28KB , 1000x1000 , 21.jpg )

Okay, okay, I'll let you see.

But I'm not human.

How can you call me human

when I have become



No. 92320 ID: f4963f

Aww! You're cute! :D

Don't worry, Susie. We still like you.
No. 92322 ID: 34470e



No. 92323 ID: 1831fc


No. 92326 ID: 632862

I don't really see why this is so bad that all seven of you wanted to go off yourselves rather than risk spreading it.
No. 92328 ID: f44349
File 126085246043.png - (109.87KB , 391x273 , wat_.png )

No. 92329 ID: de3db8
File 126085248164.png - (9.23KB , 707x228 , 1259831508103.png )

No. 92330 ID: c1b520

B-B-B-Beakie... You're not... a Beakie... *world begins to shatter*
No. 92332 ID: faf1b0

No. 92333 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126085297959.png - (17.78KB , 962x679 , }8I.png )

I'm sorry. What?
No. 92335 ID: 445c48

Well, it could be worse.

At least little girls will love you.
No. 92338 ID: 5696d4
File 126085362287.png - (28.75KB , 600x400 , sanya troll face.png )


Well this was interesting.
No. 92339 ID: 445c48
File 126085370176.jpg - (58.06KB , 450x600 , Hairchange.jpg )

Also, change your hair. Picture related.
No. 92341 ID: 632862

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KXf3kwjKQ0 PONY!
No. 92343 ID: f158e4

No. 92346 ID: 159f4e
File 12608544346.png - (57.81KB , 280x365 , yay what.png )

No. 92353 ID: c1b520
File 126085523812.png - (3.27KB , 315x237 , Rowstun.png )

No. 92354 ID: 964033
File 126085552026.gif - (5.55KB , 80x80 , DS browraise.gif )

What the fuck you guys want I'm in the middle of catching Giratina!
No. 92359 ID: 34bfdb
File 126085614734.jpg - (79.40KB , 640x610 , giratina_origin.jpg )

Thanks for the distraction suckers!

No. 92361 ID: 964033
File 126085638246.gif - (5.63KB , 80x80 , White scar threat.gif )

No. 92381 ID: 34470e
File 126085868089.png - (14.44KB , 425x425 , THAT3.png )

No. 92456 ID: 43d730
File 126088403626.jpg - (39.33KB , 450x268 , Fulloffuck.jpg )

Ceaver, I'm mad at you, because I laughed until I wet myself and now I can't wear lucky underwear to this exam.

You horrible person.
No. 92468 ID: 51d0f5

Awww, that's cute.
No. 92473 ID: 7d87d9

You can get another shot after beating the Elite 4! Bring Wobuffet!
No. 92483 ID: 5d5878
File 126090088848.png - (119.06KB , 425x474 , wut.png )

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