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File 153464563882.png - (271.96KB , 700x600 , 1.png )
897839 No. 897839 ID: c1eaac

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single demon in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a spouse.

Or, at least, a friend with benefits.

Hearts Goetia might get NSFW. Or just real weird.
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No. 918518 ID: 986b2d

No. 918528 ID: c1eaac
File 154811157149.png - (175.28KB , 700x600 , 95.png )

"Very clever, Your Highness," you say, with a wry sort of lilt to your voice. "I would give you a hand, if Lord Camio hadn't just given you two."

There's a long silence, during which both Camio and Satan stare at you.

"Hell's teeth," Camio says, eventually, a smile lingering around his lips. He takes his cane back from you, shaking his head, looking almost disappointed. "That joke was awful."

Satan bursts into laughter, very nearly doubling over from it. He's wiping tears from his eyes when he finally straightens up, and he claps you on the shoulder, hard, baring all of his fangs at you in a grin.

"Camio's right!" he gasps, apparently delighted. "That was really good! Holy shit!"
No. 918529 ID: c1eaac
File 154811158339.png - (74.84KB , 700x600 , 96.png )

Satan takes a deep breath, then, composing himself in a matter of moments, before turning to address Jasper and the rest of the nearby nobles.

"Lord Camio's hands are free of his transgression, now, so I don't want to see any of you talking badly about him for what happened here," he says, sternly - in a tone that almost dares anyone here to cross him. "And Jasper, you can go. Just make sure I don't catch you near that angel, or any of our other guests from Heaven."

"Of course, Your Highness," Jasper says, bowing as he backs away into the crowd.
No. 918530 ID: c1eaac
File 154811160824.png - (283.34KB , 700x600 , 97.png )

"Anyway," Satan says, after a beat, turning back towards you. "I don't think we've been properly acquainted. I'm the king. Satan."

"Well, yes, Your Highness," you stammer. "I know that."

"Right, of course," he says, waving off the objection. "And you're a Hethson. There are so many of you I can never keep you straight. Remind me which one you are?" He pauses, then glances between you and Camio. "As long as I'm not interrupting anything between you and Lord Camio, of course. I'd hate to overstay my welcome."

Satan is being awfully nice to you, considering the tension between him and your family (on account of the whole assassination thing). You still don't know what all of that was about, exactly - it was far before your time, and you don't see your uncle much. But maybe Satan has some ulterior motive here? Or he's just being capricious, as you've heard he can be. Or maybe he doesn't have a grudge anymore...but that seems out of the ordinary, for a demon.

Either way, best to proceed with caution, even if your bad joke did seem to win you some favor.
No. 918533 ID: c211e4

glasya-labolas, the party sibling
No. 918534 ID: c375e8

we're glas and we're just hangin out! i think it's fine to be friendly right now even with the assassination thing, starting a fight with satan seems like a really bad idea for obvious reasons and we obviously don't want to kill him
No. 918535 ID: 7e9c89

that could have gone SO much worse. let’s be a little flirty! introduce urself, drop hints ur looking for some fun, he seems to be amused by us so we can afford some lighthearted banter! “of course you’re not interrupting, your majesty, i’m learning so much about how to handle court!”
No. 918537 ID: 7e9c89

i didnt actually realize i accidentally punned again. mYbe dont wear the hand thing out but if anyone else has a good one..
No. 918538 ID: 10c408

It sounds like he's being capricious. Explain that you are around about in the middle out of all of your siblings and figured it was time to get out from under your mother's shadow.

Don't ask about the assassination thing. Or bring it up. Even if it was before your time talking about it is still a Bad Idea.
No. 918559 ID: 158da5

Agreed with all of this, but start with "Well, I'm Glasya-labolas. Glas to my friends."
No. 918574 ID: 70df1e

tell satan that youre the hethson with all the hand jokes. youre just getting a HANDle on court but as long as you dont get too HANDsy with anyone, you think you'll be fine. Satan did just teach you a valuable lesson about keeping your HANDS to yourself.
No. 922586 ID: c1eaac
File 155072637803.png - (120.50KB , 700x600 , 98.png )

"Of course you're not interrupting, your highness," you say, carefully maintaining a friendly smile. If Satan is amused by you, then you're probably out of the woods for the time being, so it shouldn't hurt. "I'm Glasya-Labolas. Glas, if you prefer it. I'm one of the princes. A middle child."

"Right, right. Glasya-Labolas," Satan says, as though he had any idea what your name was before this. You highly doubt he keeps tabs on every demon in Hell - he did just own up to the fact that he finds you and most of your siblings essentially interchangeable.

"So, a middle child, huh?" he asks, before you can get another word in edgewise. "What brings you to court? Looking for marriage prospects? You might want to set your sights a little higher than Lord Camio." He drops his voice into a sort of stage murmur. "I don't think he's exactly the marrying type."

Camio snorts. You glance at him, expecting agitation, only to see him still looking gently amused. Somehow, attacking Jasper seems to have improved his mood.

"I'm just trying to make a name for myself beyond my mother," you say, both because it's true and because you're not sure you want Satan to know anything you think about Camio. It might be better that way, for now. "And I have my own estate now, so I'd better start courting eventually, before all the eligible nobles of the court are snatched up."

Satan laughs. "You're witty! I like that in a demon."
No. 922587 ID: c1eaac
File 155072641372.png - (87.56KB , 700x600 , 99.png )

A soft noise from behind you alerts you suddenly to the fact that Eae is still standing there. They look guilty to have interrupted, twisting the fabric of their dress in their hands for a moment before speaking.

"I don't mean to be rude, but -"

"You aren't being rude," you assure them.

"Well, that demon is coming over here, and they don't look very happy," they say, a little miserably.

You turn to look.
No. 922588 ID: c1eaac
File 155072646234.png - (27.79KB , 700x600 , 100.png )

No. 922589 ID: c1eaac
File 155072648449.png - (175.09KB , 700x600 , 101.png )

No. 922590 ID: c1eaac
File 155072649146.png - (232.75KB , 700x600 , 102.png )

Uh oh.
No. 922591 ID: 986b2d

We love Camio and all but this is terrifying and if he can be between us and Or then by ALL means.
No. 922592 ID: 810fd3

can you say 'uh oh.' They about to drag camio and glas out of here by the ears lmao. I suggest you step out of Or's path, maybe closer to satan tbh, seems safer.
No. 922593 ID: c1212a

Ask if that's a rhetorical question. Take the hit for Camio.
No. 922594 ID: 2af340

seconded :v
No. 922595 ID: c375e8

well we could deflect satan a bit but i think we're fucked here, folks!
No. 922596 ID: 70df1e

> glance around frantically for the other angel that fixed Murmur's memory earlier because it sure seems like we need him right now.
No. 922598 ID: 70df1e

alternately just straight up drag camio behind satan. hes the king of hell cower behind him and hope his powerful aura spares you. that or that ornias doesnt see you behind his big horns
No. 922599 ID: 270774

No. 922602 ID: 10c408

No. 922604 ID: 158da5

Thank Eae for the heads up. And then >>922593 . Say that it was your fault, that you should have been clearer and that it all worked out. It'll be a memory in a matter of weeks.
No. 922648 ID: 7e9c89

eae giving us a headsup is something we should remembwr and thank them for when we’re not crisis mode chsksl. hiding sounds great
No. 922669 ID: c0641d

pokerfacepokerfacepokerface "What scene?" POKERFACE INTENSIFIES

If she objects; "No, seriously, this 'scene' you describe officially, literally didn't happen. It's an un-scene; as in, so it was un-seen by everyone, by order of the court. Stop being silly and relax. Lord Prince Satan, Lord Camio, do you have any notion to offer to these fancies?"
No. 923151 ID: c1eaac
File 155105908616.png - (178.27KB , 700x600 , 103.png )

In the moments before Ornias reaches the small group you're standing in, you duck behind Satan in hopes that he might shield you from their wrath. Camio gives you a quizzical sort of sidelong look - you worry that he might be angry, but then he inclines his head slightly in a nod, like he understands.
No. 923152 ID: c1eaac
File 155105910111.png - (159.29KB , 700x600 , 104.png )

"WELL," Ornias says as they finally come to a stop in front of you, their voice shrill. "What do you have to say for yourself, Camio?"

Satan clears his throat. "Duchess Bathinson, if you'd only relax for -"

Ornias turns to him with murder in their eyes. "No."

"Perfectly understandable," Satan wheezes, like he's just been punched in the throat.
No. 923153 ID: c1eaac
File 155105911725.png - (119.32KB , 700x600 , 105.png )

"Glasya-Labolas asked me to provide a distraction to stop Jasper from speaking to an angel," Camio says, as Or turns back towards him, tapping their foot impatiently on the marble floor. "He didn't say what sort of distraction. I took it upon myself to choose."

"I see," Ornias says. They look slightly less like they're about to murder one of the three of you, but still awfully annoyed. "Well, I think it's only fair to take you back with me before you decide to cause any more distractions."

Camio shrugs, an amused little smile twitching at his lips. "As you wish."

"And you," Ornias says, catching your eye over Satan's shoulder. "You're going to have to learn not to give him any ideas."

You press your lips together and nod, figuring it's best not to say anything.
No. 923154 ID: c1eaac
File 155105913377.png - (282.84KB , 700x600 , 106.png )

"So," Satan says, as Ornias drags Camio off to rejoin their group with Eligos and Murmur. "That went well."

"It certainly...went," you agree hesitantly, stepping out from behind him.

"And now you're stuck with me," he says, with a laugh. "Unless you have something better to do. I wouldn't be offended."
No. 923155 ID: c1eaac
File 155105914241.png - (25.49KB , 700x600 , 107.png )

You smile politely as you consider your answer, and glance over to where Eae was just standing, in hopes of thanking them for warning you about Ornias. But they aren't there anymore. In fact, you don't see them anywhere nearby. You think you catch a glimpse of them heading out of the room, though, into one of the hallways. They seem to be following someone who has them by the hand, but you can't tell if they're going willingly or not.

> Stay with Satan.
> Find Eae.
> Something else?
No. 923157 ID: 70df1e

tell satan you spy with your little eye.... an angel being kidnapped in his court! you both might as well investigate together. it never hurts to have the king of hell on your side
No. 923158 ID: c375e8

well it's no use keeping eae from jasper and not going to check if they're ok now. promise a rain check to satan and let's follow
No. 923198 ID: 2af340

follow that angel!! it'd only be polite to say thank you! (also, maybe flutter your eyelashes at satan a lil bit ;3c ;3c ;3c)
No. 923209 ID: 158da5

No. 923214 ID: 10c408

I agree with this, hopefully it's not the amnesia angel dragging Eae away.
No. 923245 ID: 23b9a0

take satan by the hand and lessgo.
No. 923246 ID: 23b9a0

>> 923157 was supposed to preface my last comment
No. 923265 ID: 270774

i like this plan. let’s get into mischief together. maybe say the kidnapping thing jokingly enough that if it’s NOT jasper, or if it is and we can’t prove he had ill intentions, we don’t look like we were swinging baseless accusations around
No. 923373 ID: c1eaac
File 155114859863.png - (190.31KB , 700x600 , 108.png )

"As much as I would like to, Your Highness, there's someone else I'd like to catch up with first," you say as politely as possible. There's no point in trying to keep Eae with Jasper just to let them get abducted immediately afterwards. Assuming they are being abducted. You're not sure, but better safe than sorry, right?

"No sweat," Satan says, waving off your manners with a sense of dismissal that only the extremely rich and noble can afford to have. "We'll see each other again sometime, I'm sure."

"Of course, Your Highness," you assure him, and set off for the door you saw Eae disappearing through.
No. 923374 ID: c1eaac
File 155114860715.png - (78.89KB , 700x600 , 109.png )

You step into a long hallway with no Eae in sight. Undeterred, you keep walking, figuring that there's only really one way Eae could have gone - until you get to the end of the hall, where it splits into two branching passageways. Both are dimly lit. You think you hear footsteps from farther down the left hall, and you can definitely see two demons lounging and chatting in the right one, possibly intending on getting intimate with one another.

> Continue down the left hall.
> Ask the demons if they've seen anyone.
> Something else?
No. 923392 ID: b1b4f3

Option 2.
No. 923398 ID: 270774

it shouldn’t take too long to ask if they’ve seen anyone. we should go down the left hallway even if they say no, though
No. 923401 ID: 70df1e

check out the demons. Maybe you know them.
No. 923404 ID: 2af340

No. 923410 ID: 483287

ask and then left! maze tactics should work okay for a castle?
No. 923471 ID: c1eaac
File 155122838168.png - (201.37KB , 700x600 , 110.png )

"Excuse me," you say as politely and as softly as you can, trying not to draw any more unwarranted attention to the two demons in the hallway. One of them glances towards you with idle interest, but neither responds right away. You don't recognize either of them off the top of your head, but they're definitely nobles, and not servants.

"Have you seen an angel around here?" you ask. "Maybe with someone else?"

"There's a few angels around here," the demon looking at you says, sniffing with contempt. "A few too many, if you ask me. Ever since the war -"

"I meant, have you seen an angel come through here," you clarify, hastily. "Through this hallway."

"Sure," the other demon says, finally turning her attention towards you. "I think I saw them a few minutes ago. They went that way."

She gestures towards the hallway to your left.
No. 923472 ID: c1eaac
File 155122838983.png - (92.43KB , 700x600 , 111.png )

You nod your thanks at the couple, and head down the left hall, chasing the sound of footsteps as they get farther and farther away. Satan's estate must be huge, you think, for someone to sound so close and yet be so far away that you haven't spotted them yet.

Your chosen path twists and turns and eventually ends at a fork that leads to what looks like two very different, larger halls. One is...you're not sure. It looks like an atrium of some sort, but the ceiling is so high that from here, you can't quite make out what's inside. You can see decorative columns, at least, and a shiny marble floor. The other is down a short flight of stairs and looks to be filled with weaponry, suits of armor, and other paraphernalia from the war.

You can hear voices in the distance, but can't judge what direction they're coming from.

> Travel through the atrium.
> Travel through the armory.
> Turn back.
> Something else?
No. 923473 ID: c375e8

call their name, maybe? if we don't get a response then i'd say atrium.
No. 923498 ID: 714b14

armory!!! COOL SWORD TIME!!!!
No. 923499 ID: b1b4f3

No. 923508 ID: 2af340

depending on who might've taken eae we could use a cool sword
it's armory time babey!!
No. 923509 ID: 70df1e


i dont think jasper is gutsy enough to try to murder an angel in satans own mansion. for one who would be there to like, prepare/cook eae? i think the armory is out because of that.

assuming it is jasper i mean. we dont know for 100% certain i just dont trust him
No. 923514 ID: 483287

oh armory PLEASE
No. 923515 ID: 158da5

If we're preventing people from leaving with Eae, the atrium is probably the better choice. Armories don't tend to have easy access to exits.
No. 923517 ID: c1eaac
File 155125059984.png - (81.41KB , 700x600 , 112.png )

You step into the atrium.

It's just as large as it looked from the outside, with a high, arched ceiling that looks to be made of windows, to let the sun stream in. You're a little surprised this room doesn't get used more for social functions - it's certainly beautiful.

As you look up towards the windows, you notice the feathered decorations ringing the uppermost border of the room. You almost mistake them for taxidermy birds at first, until you work out what you're actually seeing.

Wings. Angel wings. Enough to make a complete ring around the room, stretched end to end and pinned up to the walls. The eyes on them - you've never seen eyes on angel wings before, ever - are all open.

All looking at you.
No. 923518 ID: c1eaac
File 155125060979.png - (281.75KB , 700x600 , 113.png )

It must be a trick of the light.

Don't you have something more pressing to do, anyway?

> Continue on.
> Turn back.
> Recall the fate of the seraphim.
No. 923519 ID: 70df1e

> Recall the fate of the seraphim.

wasnt that angel earlier a seraphim? the one who helped us out with murmur??
No. 923520 ID: 70df1e

wait i forgot we dont remember him so let me rephrase my suggestion: hey glas do these wings remind you of anything
No. 923521 ID: c375e8

we've seen eyes on angel wings just once before. recall the fate of the seraphim
No. 923533 ID: 158da5

I want to find Eae. Continue on.
No. 923539 ID: 7e9c89

recall the seraphim!!!!
No. 923585 ID: 2af340

>recall the fate of the seraphim
No. 923612 ID: c1eaac
File 155130973177.png - (208.31KB , 700x600 , 114.png )

As you continue through the atrium, you try not to look at the wings, and distract yourself by recalling a history lesson you once had on the first war with Heaven.

The seraphim were watcher angels, guardians appointed by God, and it was considered good fortune to have one in a battalion during wartime. The eyes on their wings let them see around themselves at all angles, making them both unmatchable defenders and excellent spies. It also made them a target. The first one in a group that demons would aim for. Their wings were distinct, and demons often took them as a trophy, an ornament to hang on the mantle.

The ranks of the seraphim dwindled. The last of them, a group of spies in Hell, were sent to infiltrate the court and bring back intelligence on Satan and his advisors. To steal back documents and letters Satan had brought with him from Heaven, and to keep the angels one step ahead of the demons’ maneuvers. They were caught, and held as prisoners of war for some time before Satan ordered them to be put to death.

According to your tutor, their wings used to be displayed on the outside of the palace - a taunt from Satan to Heaven. He probably moved them inside, once the war was over.

God never appointed any other angels to the position. Maybe out of fear for their lives, or because the seraphim had been an experiment to begin with, and the experiment had failed. But that was the last of the seraphim, so far as anyone knows.
No. 923613 ID: c1eaac
File 155130973966.png - (136.05KB , 700x600 , 115.png )

Still a bit lost in thought, you arrive on the other side of the atrium, to find yourself once again faced with a choice. The entrance to your left looks as though it dead-ends in a small, darkened library with no one inside. The passageway to your right is just that - a long passageway, with doors that presumably lead to other rooms in the palace.

You hear voices, and an airy laugh, from somewhere down the hall.

> Investigate the library.
> Proceed down the hall.
> Turn back.
> Something else?
No. 923627 ID: 2af340

head into the library
it's a dead end so we can turn back easily if it turns out nobody's in there! :Oc
No. 923632 ID: 270774

yeah, library is an easy check so we might as well make sure we don’t miss anything
No. 923637 ID: 986b2d

Yeah I also vote library!
No. 923652 ID: 70df1e

Focus! We're on a mission here! Follow the voices to try to find Eae. We have no time for empty library shenanagins!
No. 923672 ID: 10c408

Hallway. We can't afford to waste time like this.
No. 923874 ID: 98c63e

library!!! more lore..
No. 924090 ID: c1eaac
File 155163672408.png - (96.64KB , 700x600 , 116.png )

You duck into the library, just to make sure no one's in there. It's actually more of a small study, and everything seems to be coated in a fine layer of dust, like no one's been in here in decades, or maybe even centuries. That's normal, you suppose. Most noble demons don't use every room in their estates, or they section off certain wings for guests, or servants to stay in.

Most of the walls are lined with bookshelves, with the exception of the far wall, which houses an elaborate writing desk. There's nothing on the desk except for a stack of what looks like blank sheets of parchment, and a bottle of ink. Above the desk are four paintings - well, three paintings, and a frame with a damaged canvas in it.
No. 924091 ID: c1eaac
File 155163674084.png - (183.15KB , 700x700 , 117.png )

You draw a bit closer to the desk, and slowly realize that the three intact paintings each depict one of the archangels. You recognize Michael at the upper left, and Raphael, dressed in demon fashion, underneath of her. You have to assume the upper right painting is of Gabriel, though you've never seen them in person.

The desk seems to have drawers that you could rifle through if you wished, unless that would be pushing your luck. You're pretty sure Satan wouldn't notice if anything in here was missing or out of place, but you're also losing time you could be spending catching up to Eae.

> Snoop.
> Leave.
> Something else?
No. 924107 ID: b1b4f3

>rummage through Satan's desk?
Uhhhh... probably shouldn't.
No. 924116 ID: 70df1e

we're on a time crunch so how about we stuff anything that looks interesting into our pockets and then run down that hallway and we can look at it later?
No. 924138 ID: 57f319

Leave. Snooping is just asking for another conspiracy to worry about and it's best to take those one at a time.
No. 924188 ID: 2af340

No. 924190 ID: 73c479

yyeah, I think we should just get going.
No. 924199 ID: 10c408

That's the wrong way to approach this. There are some bets you just don't take and rifling through the demon king's desk and HOPING that he didn't notice it is one of them.

just, leave the library already. We're still trying to find Eae.
No. 924217 ID: 98c63e

i’d LOVE to snoop but we need goodwill at court, and ww need to catch up to eae just in case. let’s hurry
No. 924241 ID: c1eaac
File 155166190378.png - (30.75KB , 700x600 , 118.png )

You decide not to press your luck as far as rifling through Satan's things is concerned. Heading out the door of the library, you make your way down the long hallway full of doors.

You notice that one of the doors at the other end of the hall is ajar, just slightly. There are...concerning noises coming from it. You push it open, just enough to peer inside.
No. 924245 ID: c1eaac
File 155166198568.png - (184.08KB , 700x600 , 119.png )

You see Jasper in the room, first, and he sees you, too. The two of you lock eyes, and you find any words you might have been hoping to say stuck in your throat.
No. 924246 ID: c1eaac
File 155166199311.png - (145.92KB , 700x600 , 120.png )

At least you've found Eae.
No. 924247 ID: c1eaac
File 155166200145.png - (103.17KB , 700x600 , 121.png )

> Help Jasper.
> Close the door.
No. 924250 ID: 2af340

close the door
eae's just having a snack :)
No. 924253 ID: 270774

oh. uh. well.

give a thumbs up before closing the door
No. 924255 ID: 98c63e

.....close the door. maybe apologize for intruding
No. 924256 ID: 57f319

I don't think this is acceptable either. Ask Jasper if he is a cannibal. If yes, by nodding or word, close the door and run for safety. And help.
If no, close the door, remove your jacket, fling open the door and whip your jacket at Eae.
No. 924258 ID: 02e2dc

does this count as irony

i mean i'm all for leaving jasper in the lurch but uh. maybe letting a... man eating angel... lurk around down here is a bad idea. i guess help him
No. 924267 ID: 70df1e

lets help him so that he'll owe us a favor later. as ironic as it is to see him getting eaten by a demon eating angel, it would be like, really bad if we let eae go and it got tied back to us later.

don't fight eae though, just grab jasper and book it.
No. 924268 ID: 3491f3

Im on team "this is fine." Justice.
No. 924271 ID: 10c408

"...Good night, Jasper you reprehensible piece of shit." Close the door and fucking leg it. We're done here.

I guess someone in heaven has been paying attention and sent Eae to have Jasper eliminated.
No. 924272 ID: c375e8

sorry buddy, i don't know if we want to fuck with whatever eae is. let's get out of here
No. 924351 ID: 2a8a08

close the door. veeery slowly. then book it.
No. 924454 ID: c0641d

Leave him to his fate, but don't just keep this to yourself. Go get Satan.
No. 924465 ID: 10c408

The whole point of investigating jasper was to prevent a new war with heaven from kicking off because Jasper wouldn't stop eating angels.

If we go and fetch Satan like this- (assuming he isn't already aware somehow) -then Jasper's karmariffic death could still instigate it and that little shit doesn't deserve being responsible for a brand new war.
No. 924495 ID: c1eaac
File 155175748065.png - (83.95KB , 700x600 , 122.png )

You look away, shutting the door as you do so. Maybe this is irony, you think, walking as quickly as possible back towards the court.
No. 924497 ID: c1eaac


CONTINUE TO CHAPTER TWO: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/924496.html
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