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File 153445965916.png - (295.41KB , 800x525 , title.png )
897413 No. 897413 ID: 270774

This quest is R18.
disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
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No. 897414 ID: 270774
File 153445967777.png - (201.24KB , 800x525 , 1.png )

It’s been five years.

Five years since Ricardo woke up as a monster, with only vague memories of a blur in the darkness, the panic of being overpowered, and pain.

From that five years he’s managed to find two things: a photograph, and a name.
No. 897415 ID: 270774
File 153445969799.png - (251.82KB , 800x525 , 2.png )

The photograph was taken in 1942, according to the scrawl on the back, and that same scrawl is what gave him the name Pascal. He’d pieced together enough information to feel confident in the veracity of the clue - that there was a vampire by that name living in L.A. around the time that he was turned, and that said vampire had left soon after, suddenly and without explanation - and most importantly, there was the fact that any time Ricardo brought him up, voices lowered, eyes shifted, and the subject was quickly changed.

Ricardo had learned quickly that vampires are not typically hesitant creatures. They were tactless and haughty, at least enough to impress upon him from the beginning that he was an unsightly failure within a system: a ward abandoned by his sire, a new vampire who would receive no education or sponsorship. That they suddenly grew tight-lipped whenever that sire was mentioned told Ricardo all he needed to know.

The rage comes in waves.
No. 897416 ID: 270774
File 153445971663.png - (140.33KB , 800x525 , 3.png )

For years, now, he’s meditated on that photograph, burned it into his memory, and imagined what lays on the other side - his sire, the one who condemned him to hell, living it up. Hedonistic enough to abandon the responsibility of raising a ward despite the cultural taboo, and apparently powerful enough that no one would say anything about it --

The thought makes Ricardo sick. He wakes, he trains, he feeds, and he stares at the photograph every night, hard enough that he hopes one day his gaze will burn holes in it.
No. 897417 ID: 270774
File 153445973098.png - (95.05KB , 800x525 , 4.png )

But before that happens, Ricardo makes a breakthrough. Lips looser than most, a handful of Pascal’s acquaintances - servants, perhaps - who were easily intimidated enough to give up a location. Pascal had left L.A., but never the country. It’s of no consequence to him what will happen to them when Pascal finds out they surrendered the intel. Ricardo tracks him to the eastern seaboard, and the closer he gets, the more violent the anger throbbing beneath his skin grows.

He knows he can’t beat him. Especially not when, as he’s been thoroughly reminded, he’s had no proper upbringing in a life of newfound monstrosity. Anything he knows - hunting, shapeshifting, avoiding detection - he’s taught himself, clumsily and angrily, through trial and error and endless frustration. From what he’s managed to discern, even through the community’s reluctance to talk, Pascal is the ward of a major vampiric house. He has no chance.

That’s fine by Ricardo, though. Pascal took his life. The least he can give him now, as reparation, is death.
No. 897418 ID: 270774
File 153445975032.png - (176.50KB , 800x525 , 5.png )

Ricardo arrives at the address well past midnight. He hasn’t fed in days, but it doesn’t matter. Everything will be over soon, anyway, and his incandescent rage will fuel him in a way that blood never could. He’ll go down fighting. He’ll at least make sure to put up enough of a struggle that Pascal - the name curls around his lips, laden with hatred and disgust - will never forget him. And -

Wait. Ricardo blinks back to the present, his snarl fading slightly as he surveys his surroundings. He double, then triple checks the address.

This can’t be right.
No. 897421 ID: d5a0aa

Listen to your instincts. Find a quiet spot, hunker down, and surveille the scene to gather more clues.
No. 897422 ID: 290936

What's wrong?
No. 897423 ID: 8b438a

what is this place? check it out first. you might wanna run in guns figuratively blazing but let's keep it safe for now
No. 897425 ID: 3443bd

kick the door in baby!
No. 897426 ID: a62780

Wait... Surely those rats you got the details from didn't lie and send you on some wild goose chase did they!?
No. 897427 ID: 965ac1

Slow your roll, baby. Scope your situation. If this is the wrong place, then you either got turned around in your anger or those dead idiots gave you bum info. Is there something else wrong? Place look familiar? What?
No. 897431 ID: 5402ba

what's wrong with the address? follow your instincts
No. 897439 ID: 0f15ab

It couldnt hurt to check the place out, right? Is there a window you can look in without drawing attention?
No. 897444 ID: 194b7a

nothing like a dramatic entrance
No. 897445 ID: a307f1

This place isn't flashy enough to be where Pascal is. Seems like you got bad intel.
No. 897446 ID: 270774
File 153446738296.png - (88.14KB , 800x525 , 6.png )

It’s just…. an apartment complex. A shitty apartment complex. There’s no way Pascal has been living somewhere like this all this time. Ricardo had been picturing a penthouse, a manor, something disgustingly opulent, anything but this.

It had been implied, many times, that the penalty for abandoning a ward is death. Had he underestimated the severity of that threat? He’d assumed, based on the way other vampires demurred any time Pascal was brought up, that his sire was untouchable. Maybe he was wrong, and the transgression really was bad enough for even a vampire of Pascal’s standing to be driven into deep hiding.

Ricardo hunkers down in the darkness, watching the block of crumbling apartments, and waits. But every second feels like a minute and every minute feels like an hour and after five years, five years of struggling, he has no patience left.

He knows he needs to listen to his instincts, but his instincts all say KILL.

Ricardo can’t wait any longer. If he’s wrong, if he was tricked, then that just means the hunt will have to resume. But if he’s right, he wants the fruits of his labor, and he wants them now.
No. 897447 ID: 270774
File 153446739404.png - (122.26KB , 800x525 , 7.png )

His footsteps are heavy. The first door, the entrance to the block, is kicked down without effort. This, at least, he was prepared for. His weight training, all these years, involved bench pressing cars.

The unit he was given is on the second floor. That door flies off the hinges, too. A tip he’d been given, from one of the terrified traitors: If you destroy the door, you don’t need an invitation to come in. It counts as an open space.

The room is filthy, but he barely has time to take it in. At the splintering of wood, a figure jolts upright in the bed pushed up against the wall.

A clattering of Heineken cans comes with the movement, displaced by the blanket. Dark hair, pale skin. Ricardo’s breath escapes his teeth hot and forceful.

“Euuuuhh…. oh, shit. Ehehehe.”

Ricardo freezes.
No. 897448 ID: 270774
File 153446740868.png - (103.11KB , 800x525 , 8.png )

The figure pushes his hair out of his eyes. “Ah, no. You found me.” The voice isn’t at all what he imagined. It’s high, reedy, heavily accented - Balkan, but he can’t narrow it down beyond that. Of course he’s fucking European. “That was fast! Ehehehe! I’m embarrassed. I should have move earlier.”

Ricardo wants to fly across the room, wants to stop the flow of nonsensical words by crushing his throat, but - he can’t move. He can’t breathe. Nothing that he’s seeing or hearing computes.

“Euhh, hang on - I’m sorry, I’m sleepy, ehehe, I sleep in -” The vampire, the one who cannot be Pascal, pulls himself out of bed. “Give one second. There. Now I can look at you.”
No. 897449 ID: 270774
File 153446742154.png - (102.37KB , 800x525 , 9.png )

A beat, as he considers him; then, a sigh of palpable relief. “You look strong! And healthy. And I pass my sexiness onto you, you look sexy.” The smile the vampire flashes Ricardo is bright and genuine. “And angry,” he adds, and then the grin wavers. He averts his gaze, pressing his fingertips together gingerly. “That’s good. I was worried you will maybe be sad, and then I wouldn't know how to talk to you.”

He scratches the back of his ankle with one foot. “I had practice all these things to say to you, maybe, when you catch me, and now I can't remember. But I’m talking and talking and you probably don't care!” The smile’s back, not an expression of emotion so much as a sheer reflex. It just seems to be what comes easiest to him. “You want to kill me, yes?”

The vampire shifts his weight, his gestures fading back to self-consciousness; the entirety of his carriage through the few moments since he got up has been an ebb and flow of buoyant excitement and sudden embarrassment. “It’s rude of me to keep causing you inconvenience, after I’ve already made you so much trouble, but I’d like to go outside, maybe? I think it would maybe be a little depressing, to die in messy room.”

This can’t be right. This isn’t right.
No. 897451 ID: 290936

You still want to kill this poor excuse of a sentient blood sucking leech? Look at him, the man has absolutly no dignity.

But yeah, still inside. Dude can totally escape or do some weird shenigan outside.
No. 897452 ID: 8b438a


anyway smash him into the floor
No. 897454 ID: d419ea

No, kill him where he stands
No. 897455 ID: 194b7a

( aww he's cuter than i thought he'd be! unless it's an act, in which case still cute )

rough him up a bit /then/ drag him outside to kill him!
No. 897456 ID: 3443bd

ask him what the HECK is going on here
No. 897457 ID: a307f1

Ask him what his excuse for turning you and then fucking off is.
No. 897458 ID: 1e85c5

...Really? No epic standoff? No final struggle?

...Eugh. Such a vengeance would taste like ashes. I think, perhaps, you can at least go outside. If it turns out that this whole thing is a ruse and he's playacting, then you can at least expect it and fight him with some dignity after he springs his trap instead of...of...whatever THIS is.
No. 897460 ID: bf1602

what's that necklace about? is it anything to do with him turning you or others?
look at his terrible little face. take him outside, but maybe hold off on immediately executing him
No. 897461 ID: ddc815

batista-bomb this morherfucker so hard he explodes into bats
No. 897466 ID: 0f15ab

He seems oddly okay with all of this? If you had anything you wanted to ask him, now would be the time. Why did he leave in the first place if he knew youd find him eventually anyways?
No. 897468 ID: a94e23

You’ve still got that photo right?
Check that the face matches up and maybe ask if it’s him just to be sure.
There’s no way this is the right guy.
No. 897469 ID: c1be4a

Drag him outside!! Notice how tiny his nice wrists are!! Maybe you should tie him up once he gets out there?
No. 897471 ID: 1931d8

Pick him up by the scruff of the neck and drag him to one of your vampire info sources to ask "what the fuck is this."
No. 897475 ID: d887c0

Explain to him that every fiber of your undead being is bound tightly with animalistic rage and confusion. You want to eviscerate him in the most unimaginably sick way imaginable; pound his face into a puddle of gore. However, you also want to know exactly what the fuck? From waht you've gathered, he's supposedly this stone-cold vampire badass. A modern-day Dracula. A real "Vae victis!" type. Instead, he looks like Fisher Price's "My Little Vampire." A reject from some dumb vampire version of Glee. A vamplet.
No. 897479 ID: 66a4cc

Grab the back of his head to assert your strength and attempt to intimidate him. Try not to notice how soft his hair is.
No. 897486 ID: 270774
File 153448269938.png - (141.60KB , 800x525 , 10.png )

“No,” Ricardo rasps. He’s shaking with rage, and the only way to quell it is by closing the gap between them with one long stride. His hand closes on the other vampire’s jaw. “No. This ends here.”

“Ah! Uh! Okay!” The vampire scrabbles at his wrist, his voice going high and frantic. Under Ricardo’s grip, he feels soft and fragile. He wonders if landing a real blow on something this small and weak would even feel satisfying. “Wow! Okay! So you are really just going to go ahead like this! Well!”
No. 897487 ID: 270774
File 153448271209.png - (119.17KB , 800x525 , 11.png )

His babble is insufferable. Ricardo tilts forward and slams them both against the floor, one smooth movement, leaving the other pinned. The other isn’t breathing, even though Ricardo was waiting to hear him sound winded; on the other hand, Ricardo himself is panting, the action of breathing something vestigial that he hasn’t yet trained himself out of.

He could crush this man’s skull like an eggshell, he realizes. But he doesn’t. Even though this is all wrong, even though something must be out of place here, he needs answers.

“Why.” Ricardo hasn’t blinked, not since he entered the room. “Why did you do this to me.”
No. 897488 ID: 270774
File 153448272466.png - (104.99KB , 800x525 , 12.png )

There’s a longer pause than he expected. The vampire - not Pascal, he won’t believe that it’s Pascal, he can’t even think it - tilts his head to the side. “Because I was hungry. And you were there.”
No. 897489 ID: 270774
File 153448274088.png - (103.00KB , 800x525 , 13.png )

Ricardo’s next breath leaves him in a rumbling, ragged exhale, breaking hot over the other’s face. It takes him a moment to collect himself, to will himself to ask his next question rather than just decapitating him. “But you didn’t just feed. You turned me. And then you left.”

Not-Pascal blinks, and then his gaze flicks to the side again. He’s starting to look embarrassed again. “It was an accident.” His hands have gone soft on Ricardo’s wrist, aimless and devoid of any strength. “Maybe this makes it worse, I don’t know. I wish, eh - I wish maybe I could say I could tell you will be fine on your own, or that I knew you would find me and it was test on purpose, or something like this.” All his smiles are different, and this one is rueful. Ricardo can’t stand any of them. “But. It was accident, and then I ran away because I was scared. That’s all.”

He inhales, then exhales, then throws his free hand up in the air. “Sorry!” The hand stays up for a moment, fingers extended, then falls limply back to the floor. “Sorry I am not cool.”
No. 897490 ID: 270774
File 153448275760.png - (130.71KB , 800x525 , 14.png )

It’s wrong. It’s all wrong. Ricardo releases him, and for some fucking reason the other doesn’t take the opportunity to scramble away. He lays there, docile, as Ricardo digs the photograph out of his back pocket.

His hand shakes as he holds it up. The truth outlined in it is impossible to bear, but he can’t look away.
No. 897491 ID: 270774
File 153448276885.png - (116.17KB , 800x525 , 15.png )

“Ehhhh.” Pascal finally shifts, propping himself up on his elbows. “What is this? What are you- ah! Hey!”

The photograph is snatched out of Ricardo’s hand, in a movement too fast for his eyes to track. Pascal looks at it, and then he screams.

“Who gave you this?!” He rears back, the photograph clutched to his chest. “No! Agh, no! I’m so embarrassed! This is terrible photograph! Look, I am not even smiling! Is this what you have thought of me this whole time? This gloomy thing?” All the thickened blood from a prior meal has begun resolutely pumping itself into his face, and he presses the photo over it, rolling onto his side. “Noooo. I look like nun in this. I look like tax collector.
No. 897492 ID: aedfd9

What DO you do for a living then
No. 897494 ID: 1931d8

Okay we have got to make this guy shut up. Gag him with something? Make him eat the picture? Pull his tongue out?
No. 897496 ID: d887c0

"LISTEN TO ME, YOU LITTE PARASITE! I have been through Hell and high water tracking your evil ass down. I've done things that will haunt me forever. All in the interest of wreaking revenge on the monster responsible for my curse. Now, you are going to put up a fight or start begging for your worthless life or I swear to God I will force feed you your own balls before I rip your fucking diseased head off!"
No. 897497 ID: 7e9c89

"it's not that bad a picture."
No. 897499 ID: bf1602

you're also a lot better dressed in the picture. what HAPPENED to you?
No. 897513 ID: b86ace

nothing about this feels right. he’s... definitely not what you expected—maybe he never was? how do you even begin to reconcile the Pascal you concocted to the Pascal that Is? in any case... i mean. it’s not THAT bad of a picture.
No. 897514 ID: 6245ba

oh my god, so annoying. shut him up. make him eat the photo. something
No. 897515 ID: 7f3fc1

This.....What even is this? Just...tell him its not to bad?
No. 897516 ID: a62780

welp, anger's gonna skyrocket and plummet all over the place

You've been hunting for a monster that doesn't even exist, there's just this... melancholy little shit, literally lying around waiting for you to come knocking.
No. 897523 ID: ff82d2

Tell him to pose in a way he'd want to be seen then.
No. 897527 ID: dbf422

What is he doing complaining about the picture? Boring stereotype or no, he's currently half-naked in a shitty apartment hiding from vampire police. He should be so lucky to be a Dracula stand-in, in the picture.

Why was he so scared of you turning that he'd rather risk execution?
No. 897529 ID: a94e23

This... there’s no way killing him would be satisfying. He’s a coward who panicked and ran when he made a mistake rather than fucking deal with it like a sane person.
Clearly however, he is not sane; he is more interested in appearances than the fact you came here for revenge.
I suggest roughing him up a bit, if you don’t get any satisfaction from beating the shit out of him then we probably won’t get any from killing him either and should try to figure out some way he can pay us back for fucking with your life like he did.
No. 897534 ID: bb78f2

You look like the dignified, selfish, rich bitch we were going to murder. Not... this. We would have preferred a stereotypical old fashioned Dracula to this.Our rage for you has been sullied by DISAPPOINTMENT.

If killing him seems to distasteful, we can probe Vampire Dad's mental weakpoints.

Point us to the nearest pomp Dracula we can murder.
No. 897555 ID: 270774
File 153452788092.png - (131.54KB , 800x525 , 16.png )

“Enough.” Bewilderment is fighting the anger coursing through Ricardo, and it’s starting to win. It’s not that his anger is weakening; his confusion is just overpowering. He sits back, keeping Pascal’s legs pinned. He thinks about screaming at him, or at least telling him to shut up, but instead he just sags slightly, staring at him in open exhaustion.

“It’s…. not that bad of a picture.” He has no idea why he’s said that. The rest of it comes out unprompted, too. “And at least you’re dressed in it. Dressed well. That’s what I was expecting to find. Not -”

Ricardo gestures, loose and violent. “Not this. You melancholy little shit.

Despite the fact that it immediately bleeds into an insult, Pascal lights up a little at Ricardo’s opinion on the photo. “Really? You think so? I’m glad you think it’s not too ugly, I was worried - oh, but you know, I apologize already for not being cool-”

“That’s not the issue!” Ricardo shoves his hair out of his face, eyes burning into the other beneath him. “What happened to you? I heard you were from a prominent family! People were too scared to even talk about you! I was expecting - some kind of Dracula. Someone who-”
No. 897556 ID: 270774
File 153452789989.png - (95.68KB , 800x525 , 17.png )

He’s interrupted by laughter. Pascal is laughing. Ricardo stares at him, stunned.

“Dracula? Vlad Dracula? You expect the voivode? So angry at me, and yet you come with flattery!” He’s laughing so hard he can barely get the words out, photograph dropped in favor of holding his hands over his mouth. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Really, I am not trying to make fun of you! I know this is serious!”

“Then get serious,” Ricardo growls.

“I’m trying!” Pascal gasps. “But - scared of me? You think other vampires are scared of me? Stupid boy! They are embarrassed!”
No. 897557 ID: 270774
File 153452791335.png - (129.14KB , 800x525 , 18.png )

Pascal sits up, at least as much as he can while still pinned at the waist. He’s redfaced from laughing. “If I were really powerful, they would want to talk about me lots! But now, no one even wants to speak of me, because it is embarrassing for anyone to think they are too familiar with me! This is my standing now.” He sighs, finally coming down from his brief bout of hysteria. “Yes, you appear before Pascal Cosovei, sired by the Lord Marquess Constantin Bathory, carrier of the House of Bathory and servant to the throne of Transylvania.”

Pascal stretches, and then reaches across the floor to an unopened can of beer. He pries the tab open with one fang. “But my name is shit now,” he says, conversationally, “and my standing is shit, and so I suppose this makes you shit as well.” He takes a long, slow swallow, eyes never leaving Ricardo’s face. “My sire dismissed me. I haven’t seen him in over seventy years. You know, it’s always these yellow-haired American boys who cause me so many problems. Maybe I’m cursed.”
No. 897558 ID: aedfd9

Well fuck, that's a lot to think about. Ask him for a beer while you figure out what to do next
No. 897561 ID: bf1602

am i the only one you were hiding from?

maybe we should get pascal to clean up his damn mess. feels like that'd be adequate punishment for his fuckheadery
No. 897563 ID: 95e220

Liking blondes isn't a curse, Pascal, but being saddled with vampirism is.

You owe us big time.
No. 897564 ID: 2e3701

Oh boy. Why is your name shit, now? Also get off him. If he tries to run or anything stupid you can catch him no problem.

Beer is a good idea, too. Take his beer.
No. 897565 ID: a62974

Take pity on him or something, get him clean or whatever, this is too sad to watch
No. 897567 ID: a62780

Well this throws the plans for the rest of your life out the window, can't really go out in a blaze of righteous anger against this guy if he just sort of rolls over and dies.

Hell, I'm starting to suspect this is actually some sort of assisted suicide scheme.
No. 897568 ID: d887c0

He called you shit. Take his beer and punch him in the face.

The monster you've been hunting is just some shitty, little runt with no standing. He didn't turn you for some grand scheme or sick, twisted joke, but because he's a completely and utter fuck up who doesn't know when to stop sucking.

You could and probably should kill him. It won't be as satisfying as you had hoped, but at least it'd be done. But then what? Walk outside and wait for the dawn? Try to make the most out of your unlife?

You've spent so long hunting that you've never given any thought to the aftermath. Now your prey lays before you, disappointing and practically begging you to kill him.

You could keep him alive and force him to be your servant. Being your personal, immortal pain toy around sounds like some good vengeance.
No. 897570 ID: 5402ba

you need a drink too to deal with this. but seriously, guys, there's not much point in killing him
No. 897573 ID: bd5c42

I agree that there's not much point in killing him. It would feel too...pathetic.
No. 897580 ID: ff82d2

Proclaim that you're his new master. Ricardo the First of the Deadbeat family, heir to the throne of the Whateverland. And that his life belongs to you, whether you decide to kill him now or later.
No. 897584 ID: bb78f2

Slap his shit. He doesn't have the right to smile.

Goddamn fool is ruining this.
No, fuck it, we're killing your sire now. We blame her more now. You're not worth the time. If we're your trash, and you're her trash, then we're also her trash.

We're killing your sire. We'll figure out what to do with you if we succeed and both live.

First, you're training us that training you didn't do. Then you're telling me her weaknesses so we have a shot at this. I don't care if its been 70 years.

If you refuse, then you're of no use to us, and you knows what that means. If you agree, maybe you can find some way to kill us before we do the suicide mission.

Welcome to House Ricardo, new rising star of the Vampire Underground. I refuse to be refuse. I will be my OWN Dracula.
No. 897618 ID: 2ff745

Yep, let's roll all these ideas up into one big one: take his beer, slap him, tell him you're his master now and that he has to train you like he was supposed to from the beginning, and then we're using that training to kill his sire. Sounds like a plan to me!
No. 897622 ID: dbf422

He can fuck right off. Just because he's shit doesn't give him the right to call you shit. You haven't fucked up and embarrassed yourself or hid like a coward. Hell, not like you care about standing, but offing him could net you some. He's nothing but he has notoriety of a sort and he did break a law, that's not nothing.

Instead of insulting you for ignorance he explicitly was the cause of, he should be doing anything to make his life worth your while.
No. 897630 ID: 0d6acf

Good gosh golly he is cute though
No. 897652 ID: 8b438a

No. 897665 ID: a94e23

Okay, he works for us now till the day he dies.
No, he isn’t getting paid for it.
If he stops or refuses then you kill him.
That should start him on the path to making up for his shit since killing a shitbag like him ain’t gonna be satisfying in the slightest.
No. 897695 ID: 7f3fc1

First, Get a drink, Second, Get a drink, Third, Get a Goddamn drink your life is and always has been a lie.
No. 897738 ID: 270774
File 153461051915.png - (152.43KB , 800x525 , 19.png )

Ricardo pries the beer from Pascal’s hand and drains it.

“Hey--” Pascal begins, and Ricardo crumples the can in one hand, drops it, and slaps him.

He’s expecting to to send Pascal tumbling across the room - he’s put other men through walls before. Instead, his head just snaps sharply to the side. Ricardo’s hand stings. The surprise isn’t enough to throw him off, though.
No. 897739 ID: 270774
File 153461053986.png - (116.46KB , 800x525 , 20.png )

“You don’t get to talk about curses with a smile on your face,” he snarls. Pascal doesn’t lift his head. “You think you’re cursed? You’re the one who cursed me. For fucking eternity.

He stands up. His shoulders are tight, every muscle in his body flexed into angular tension. “There’s not even any point in killing you. Even though the way you’re acting makes me think you want me to. But you owe me. You owe me an entire lifetime, and a death. So that’s what I’m taking.”

Pascal still hasn’t moved. Ricardo wonders if maybe the blow did more damage than it seemed, but it doesn’t matter to him. “My name is Ricardo, and you’re mine now. Forever. You’re going to teach me everything you should have from the beginning.”
No. 897740 ID: 270774
File 153461055942.png - (159.79KB , 800x525 , 21.png )

“And then,” Ricardo breathes, “when I have the strength I deserve, which is the only fucking thing that could be any use to me in this life, I’m going to use it to kill your sire. And if we survive that-”

Pascal is upright. There was no transitional movement that Ricardo could track - he was sitting on the floor, and then he’s suddenly standing. His leg swings in a black blur and Ricardo bounces off the floor like a tennis ball.

He hits the wall hard enough that the drywall cracks. All the wind is forced from his obsolete lungs. His head is ringing.
No. 897741 ID: 270774
File 153461058701.png - (102.03KB , 800x525 , 22.png )

“I want to be angry at you,” Pascal says. Beer cans are rolling away from his feet. The air pressure in the room, somehow, is increasing - until Ricardo’s ears pop and the ringing stops. “I want to be angry, for you to threaten my house and my master, and in such crude language.”

The ends of his hair lift slightly, even in the absence of any breeze. He wets his teeth. “But I see now it would be like getting angry at a dog that pisses on the floor. You’ll kill my sire? I should be angry on the Lord Marquess’ behalf? For what? What threat are you?”

He takes a step forward, one thumb hooked loosely in his waistband. “You want to threaten me with ‘forever?’ You think to threaten me with time?” Pascal tilts his head back. There’s an easy sway to his posture. “You don’t know what time is.”
No. 897742 ID: 270774
File 153461062126.png - (171.30KB , 800x525 , 23.png )

Ricardo struggles to his feet. Pascal’s leg moves again, one graceful arc, and when the underside of his ankle connects with Ricardo’s shoulder he hits the floor again. “Do you think I’m old?” Pascal asks, lightly. “I was born in 1771. The Lord Marquess blessed me when I was twenty. Now I am two hundred and forty-seven. Is this old to you?”

Ricardo wheezes, furious at himself. He doesn’t know what’s worse - that this could have been some kind of act that he fell for, or that Pascal’s own assessment of his strength was genuine - that the vampires he’s dealt with until now, all unaffiliated with the great houses, were the tip of an iceberg. Pascal continues, unbothered, as he pushes himself up on straining arms. “And how old are you, eh? Idiot boy, with eyes not even red yet? Stupid ill-mannered boy with brain of dog? Twenty-five? Thirty? What does it matter? Numbers so small mean nothing to me.”

Pascal squats down on his haunches, to put himself at Ricardo’s level. “And how long has it been since I sired you? A year?”

“Five,” Ricardo rasps. Even when he couldn’t manage to reply to anything else, this he can’t let go. “Five years.”

“Five years,” Pascal echoes. “Was it hard? Did it feel long? Is five years a long time?”

Pascal’s hand sinks into Ricardo’s hair and rips his head back. His nails are long. “I slept through most of it.”

He laughs, and this time it’s not like his laughter before - nothing nervous or even genuine. This is hard and inhuman and tilted towards anger. “And you threaten me with forever? You think I will be yours forever? You overestimate yourself and you underestimate eternity. Idiot boy. In twenty years, you will be tired of being angry at me. And in forty years, if you still think of this as a curse, if you still hate what you are, your mind will go soft. I see it happen a thousand times. And yet you tell me you’ll care to hate me for eternity?”

Pascal leans down, tilting his head. His breath is cold against Ricardo’s mouth as he considers him, eyes lidded and dull. “I know vampires who are five thousand years old. Do you think they suffer? Does this horrify you?”

His hand suddenly shoves backwards, pulling Ricardo’s head further back, his neck curved in a wide arch. The snarl on his face is doglike. “They live in PALACES, you stupid fucking infant.” The windowpane closest to him creaks and then cracks. “They are waited on by vampires ten times my age, and those vampires are waited on by ones five times my age. You think they are burdened?
No. 897743 ID: 270774
File 153461065963.png - (100.19KB , 800x525 , 24.png )

His free hand comes to grip Ricardo’s chin. “It’s because you think like a human. I know. You think you are a human to whom something awful has happened. You think you are a human with bad luck.” His voice is dropping, now, though it isn’t softening. “Shall I tell you what a nuisance I was to my sire, when I was your age? Because I thought I was a human with teeth?”

The backs of his eyes reflect light like an animal caught in camera flash. “I wouldn’t feed. Every time he hunt for me, I wept. He had to pry my jaws, to make me drink. He did this because he loved me. And for what? Why did I act so ungrateful to him, do you think?” His head tilts a little further, hair tumbling into his eyes. “Because I was stupid infant who still felt human. Because I thought he had cursed me. I cried and I wept and I tell him I would rather die than live like this. And do you know what my Lord Marquess said to me?”

His nails dig into Ricardo’s skin. “Then go die.” He leans closer, the tip of his nose tracing Ricardo’s jaw, up to his ear. “A vampire without desires is a corpse. A vampire who does not want to live is a corpse. You hate me? You hate what I have done? Then lay in the dirt, like the corpse you are, and die.”
No. 897744 ID: ff82d2

This is your chance. Punch him with all your might. The difference in strength can't be this large.
No. 897745 ID: 6245ba

ugh, fuck this dude. if he's so much smarter and better than you, then why did he spook and run away from his responsibilities?
"oh, i'm a ~big old vampire~ and i can't even deal with having accidentally sired a vampire~" so stupid.

is he going to take responsibility now? or is he just going to go on about how you're a stupid baby and you know nothing (which, again, is his fucking fault)?
No. 897746 ID: aedfd9

moan sensuously
No. 897747 ID: 65a882

then why didn't he just die? would have saved us a lot of trouble
No. 897749 ID: ddc815

no, seriously, batista-bomb this fool
No. 897750 ID: 0d6acf

Forget punching him, headbutt him in the nose!
If you're going to get beat up anyhow, may as well make use of the close quarters.

He's mocking you, but there is no shame in your youth and recent mortality.
No. 897756 ID: 830ac8

actually looking attractive about now.
No. 897758 ID: d887c0

What? He wants us to turn around and say "thanks for turning me into a bloodsucking parasite"? "Thanks for dragging me unwillingly into a damn nightmare?" "Thanks for rudely forcing unlife onto my unwilling corpse?"
He wants us to abandon our humanity? Look forward to an eternity of listless, aimless indulgence while the world just keeps in grinding by? To enjoy this shit?
Fuck him. Fuck him and his sire and his entire undead race of parasites.
Even if we should live to see 50,000 years, we will never forget this. If anyone has a right to espouse the lasting power of hate, it's us.
No. 897759 ID: dbf422

This and more.

Though it is nice to finally see the person you were expecting. The villain you needed. A different type to be sure; but he's got monologues, contempt, and strength enough to hate him for. Maybe you aren't hot shit, and maybe you need to learn that quick, but he doesn't deserve all that pride.
No. 897760 ID: a62780

This might be time to have a good chuckle: There he is, finally, there's the guy you came here to confront. This is what you were ready to deal with.

Screw you Pascal. Sure you might be right; I'm young and don't have any proper perspective on this vampire stuff, I can thank you for making sure of that.

But that doesn't mean I am wrong; You do owe me. I didn't need to go through the last 5 years alone, looked down on by anyone that could have helped, because you fucked up then ran.

I might have gotten carried away there and I might have come here expecting to die, but you look me in the eye and tell me I'm a corpse.
No. 897763 ID: 2ff745

On one hand, I feel like we should learn our lesson about trying to hit him. On the other hand, I don't think he'll kill us, and it might be a good idea to figure out exactly how much trouble we're in. So yeah, try punching him again, as long as he's putting himself in point blank range.

Also, ditto on this. It's his fault we don't know any of this stuff, so he doesn't get to mock us for it.
No. 897770 ID: bd5c42

Oh, fuck this. Are you supposed to thank him for abandoning you to an eternity of nothing and nobody because he couldn't be assed to stick around? He has no right to chide you about immaturity for how irresponsible he's been.
No. 897775 ID: bb78f2

You think not drinking blood and being able to die is what makes human's human? You telling yourself you're not human anymore? I'm not human. That's dumb. It's that fucking pride to call yourself something else that makes me think you're not human, and it's infectious. From your sire, to you, to me. Old me wouldn't have tried making a slave out of you just there. Old me would have respected someone so wirey as a person.

All that immortal wisdom should have told you not to leave your cute blonde snack on the floor. 200 or more hundred years couldn't stop you from breaking one of the biggest mosquito taboo's imaginable. All that power and experience you just showed me won't make you a less of a deadbeat.
No. 897776 ID: 2e3701

Summon what anger you have left and spit in his face. Point out that it's his fault you don't know shit.

Ignore inexplicable boner.
No. 897779 ID: 7f3fc1

Fucking finally, no more kinda sad pretty boy! Real villain time.
No. 897786 ID: 914f96

Shake yourself out of his grip and stand up. He’s the pathetic one here, still loyal to and pining after a master who’d abandoned him & unable to take responsibility for his actions. And he’s mocking us?
No. 897789 ID: f0088f

ricardo i have a suggestion: moan a lil bit. just a tiny little
No. 897792 ID: 71cd8c

you are way out of your depth here. here’s the guy you wanted to fight, but now... now there’s no way, right? like holy shit. he’s so much stronger and faster and better than you.

maybe you do want to be taken under his wing. maybe a bit.
No. 897824 ID: ec59ef

you have your desires, and those are to kill him for taking your human life away from you. you didn't GET anyone looking after you, hunting for you, feeding you! you had to go through all of that yourself! how DARE he act like he understands just because he got yelled at for being an ungrateful little shit?

spit in his face.
No. 897892 ID: 270774
File 153465523477.png - (172.58KB , 800x525 , 25.png )

Pascal’s hand tightening in his hair drags a low, involuntary groan from Ricardo’s throat, and he really wishes it hadn’t. He decides to do the first thing that comes naturally to him, which is to ignore his inexplicable boner and spit in Pascal’s face.

This was a mistake, because Pascal just raises his eyebrows. He reaches up to wipe it off with his fingertips, slow, and then the same fingers smear their way down Ricardo’s snarling lips. He pries Ricardo’s mouth open, his thumb firm and slick against one of his lower fangs, and spits into his mouth in retaliation.

Ricardo is trying really, really, really hard to ignore his inexplicable boner, but circumstances are bleak.
No. 897893 ID: 270774
File 153465525959.png - (92.59KB , 800x525 , 26.png )

He needs to think of something to do, fast, so he punches Pascal in the gut as hard as he can. Pascal gasps, his head dropping onto Ricardo’s shoulder, but doesn’t release him, so Ricardo shoves him back and headbutts him in the face. This, finally, elicits a satisfying crunch and a lapse in his grip, enough for Ricardo to shake him off. “Why didn’t you just die, then?” Ricardo pants. “Would’ve saved me a hell of a lot of trouble.”

He realizes, with his consciousness somehow lagging behind his face, that he’s grinning. That doesn’t make any more sense than the erection. But he guesses that this is sort of a relief - to find that Pascal does have some fire left in him, despite all appearances. That he comes from something. That this wasn’t a complete and total waste of time.

Pascal is straightening out his broken nose with his fingers, getting it to set in place as it heals on the spot under his touch. “I wanted to,” he snaps back. “But of course he wouldn’t let me. I was monitored, always. In one room for five years, until he no longer had to force me to eat. And then always within the castle for the next five, until he knew I wouldn’t try to run, and then I could hunt for myself.”

What Pascal is describing is hell, and Ricardo knows he never would have wanted it. Still, somehow, absurdly, it makes him angry. To have to listen to him so casually describe the kind of guidance and structure that was never even on the table for him, twisted as it might be. The smile drops.

“Hey,” says Pascal. He sniffs and wipes blood off on the back of his hand as his nose finishes knitting back into place. “Why can’t you hurt me?”
No. 897894 ID: 270774
File 153465529094.png - (108.42KB , 800x525 , 27.png )

Honestly, that’s what Ricardo wants to know, too. He just glares in response.

“I mean it,” Pascal says, insistently. He steps forward, quickly, and suddenly his hands are moving up Ricardo’s abdomen, firm and inquisitive. “I broke bones?”

Ricardo hisses when his touch sends shooting pains up his ribs and tries to shove him away, but Pascal deflects his hands, brow furrowed in concentration. Ricardo thinks about baseball as hard as he can. “Why have they not healed yet? And when you hit me, just now, that should have gone through my guts. BAM, like that, and come out the other side. I was prepared for that.”

Again, as he has been over and over again in this short span of time, Ricardo is thrown off by Pascal’s sudden change in tone. “And earlier, I should not have been able to kick you around so much,” Pascal continues. He’s almost mumbling to himself more than speaking to Ricardo. “I was upset. I didn’t think to stop, even though it was strange. What’s the matter with you? Are you sick? When’s the last time you ate?” He grabs Ricardo’s wrist, sniffs at it, then wrinkles his nose and recoils. “And what have you been eating?”

Ricardo snatches his hand away. “I don’t know. A week ago. What does it matter? I don’t hunt until the hunger is distracting. I’ve been too busy. Busy hunting you, not that it’s done me any damn good.” The pain accompanying his inhales is slowly ebbing, a much more gradual change than the nearly instant renewal of Pascal’s broken nose. “And I have whoever I can find. Vagrants, usually. Other drifters.”

Pascal makes a face, halfway between disgust and horror, and Ricardo lets out a shapeless noise of frustration. “If you’re thinking about shitting on me for it, don’t fucking bother. It’s your fault I don’t know how to live like this. I figured everything out my damn self. I’m not gonna listen to you belittle me for the results of your own failures.”
No. 897895 ID: 270774
File 153465530621.png - (98.01KB , 800x525 , 28.png )

The other blinks, then sighs, plopping back down onto the floor. Ricardo stays standing. “Well, you’re right,” Pascal admits, though his tone doesn’t sound particularly apologetic. “Ugh. But you have a talent for making me lose my temper. I’m not so cute when I’m angry, so I try to be more easygoing.”

“I don’t care about that.” Ricardo crosses his arms. “Are you gonna take responsibility for it? Or are you just gonna keep trying to make me feel stupid over shit that’s all on you?”

“Well, what am I supposed to do?” Pascal snaps back. “I cannot train you now, knowing what you intend with it. Not only because it is betrayal, but because it is ridiculous. I am not the Marquess’ only ward. He has over sixty. And I am of the weakest! I was only chosen for my superstar beauty, you know!”

Pascal begins counting off the obstacles on his fingers. “And even if you became strong enough to get past my covenmates - and this is so unlikely - then what? I tell you already. My master would take one look at you, and see that I have not learned any better about men like you, and he would--”

Pascal’s eyes widen a little, and his voice trails off, the remnants of the sentence slowing down as he distractedly completes it. “He would…. take my head off…”

He presses his fingers to his lips, back to mumbling in a way that seems far more like thinking aloud than making conversation. “It’s true. This would be so horrible that certainly he would be angry enough to see me himself, even if only to punish me… maybe he would kill me. No, to bring this awful boy, acting this way? Certainly he would kill me. But if it were by his hand… and at least I would get to see him one more time…”
No. 897897 ID: 270774
File 153465533715.png - (101.79KB , 800x525 , 29.png )

Suddenly Pascal turns back to him, his expression sunny. “Yes, okay! You are my master now!”


“I revoke the house of Bathory and betray my lord! From now on, I am devoted only to …. ah…. euuuhhhh.” Pascal pauses, tapping his fingertips together. “What was your name, again?”

“......... Ricardo.”

“Yes! Oh, yes, okay. Yes, I belong to Ricardo now!” Pascal nods, one animated bounce of his head, with an air of immense finality. “We’ll make you huge and very strong! And I’ll do anything you like, okay?”
No. 897898 ID: 8b438a

well that certainly went a way. can we have another fucking drink
No. 897904 ID: bd5c42

I second the drink. Strongly.
No. 897909 ID: 2e3701

That’s suspicious. Articulate your suspicions. Also ask what you’re supposed to get out of being his master, like he just said, his only above average trait is his looks.
No. 897911 ID: 5b8b2e

how hard is ricardo scale of 1-10
No. 897914 ID: d887c0

Dump his stupid ass and get on with your unlife. You aren't going to be his assistant for suicide by sire. This has all been a tremendous waste of time and energy.
Maybe you can start some sort of club or union for disenfranchised fledglings. Give the unfortunate newly undead the help you never received. Raise a kinder, gentler generation of nightwalkers. All done in the name of spiting your sire and grandsire, of course.
No. 897917 ID: 270774

we're sitting at a pretty brutal 8.5
No. 897918 ID: ff82d2

>We’ll make you huge
Tell him to get on his knees and start the succ then. That would definitely make you huge.
No. 897919 ID: 2e3701

Dayum. With this kind of vampire does that still mean blood flow and how sensitive are vampires to blood

(Can pascal smell his boner)
No. 897920 ID: 270774

blood flow yes, detectable by smell no. (if you have additional undead boner logistics questions they can go to disthread, i just answered the first one here bc i figured it might impact decisionmaking.)
No. 897927 ID: bb78f2

Can I have food, for one? Drinkings nice and all, but goddamn do does a steak sound nice. Even if its a work around. Dribble some human blood on it, hopefully we can still enjoy flavor if cooked well.

Also bath I guess. If we stink, we stink.

I'll also be honest, I HAVE been thinking of finding some white collar criminals to munch on. Any hypno tricks we can work?

Also to clarify on Pascal's infury confusion earlier, did he and his sire ever fight like that? Might be a Sire-childe thing no one really knows about or understands because a fight's rare.
No. 897932 ID: 6245ba

...well, this whole day has been a rollercoaster. let's definitely get another drink, and then make this shitty little man get you some decent food so you're not so weak anymore.
he's about as predictable as uh, something that is very unpredictable, so you don't want to get kicked around like a sackdoll if he changes his mind yet again
No. 897934 ID: 914f96

What do you remember about the night that made you a vampire? You’re pretty sure whatever first drew you to Pascal hasn’t changed
No. 897935 ID: dbf422

I mean, I was sure that the assault on the Marquis was just a bout of megalomania. But even if you don't really care about it, if he helps you get stronger you can just dump his ass and do whatever you want eventually. Don't need to commit to helping him commit suicide and probably betraying you last second. You were going to use him anyway, just hold off on deciding what he's going to be used for.
No. 897942 ID: f0088f

you want something to eat or drink. or both. changes his mind fast, yes? what happened to you'd get killed, it was a useless mission? what do /you/ get out of this.
No. 897945 ID: aedfd9

Decline. This is just about the least trustworthy thing he could say. Stay here for the night to patch up your wounds, and leave tomorrow to strike out on your own - unless he can convince you otherwise. Maybe via that boner.
No. 897953 ID: a02c00

"Why should I accept you as mine?"
No. 897968 ID: 2ff745

I'm assuming we overheard everything he was just muttering to himself about his sire, so . . . alright, his priorities are completely messed up, and he definitely has a screw loose when it comes to his sire, but honestly this is the closest thing we're going to get to a proper upbringing as a vampire. We should accept, and we can always bail later if things get weird. Or weirder.

Gruffly demand a blowjob. You know, just to check if he's being serious about all this. Just checking.
No. 898085 ID: 270774
File 153472810375.png - (98.50KB , 800x525 , 30.png )

>unless he can convince you otherwise. Maybe via that boner.
>Gruffly demand a blowjob.
>Tell him to get on his knees and start the succ
No. 898086 ID: 270774
File 153472811431.png - (169.72KB , 800x525 , 31.png )

No. 898087 ID: 270774
File 153472812615.png - (163.66KB , 800x525 , 32.png )

>́̀>̡̕͝GRŲ͡F͏̵F̡҉L͠Y̛͘ ̧D͠E̴̵M҉͡A͜͠N҉D͠ ̸Ą̕ ̴BL̡͠Ó͘͢W͏̡J͏͡Ơ̶͟B̸.̛
>̨͖̫̯̖͕̟̫͝͞>̖̺͚͖̠̯̭̖́T̵̨͈͈͍E̵͕̗̻̣̭L̶̛͙͇͕̤͓͓̰̣͞L̖̙ͅ ̢̼̰̭̞͟H̢̡̳̼̥͍̞̪̗͍̤̕I̵̬̥̘͎̼̥͓̗M̝͖͎̖͔͕̣̟ ̢̮̯͓͖̮͟͟T͞͏̬̱̟ͅO̬̗̦̜̕ ͓͚͉͡G̬͢͠E͈̭̠̺͉T̢̰̺͕͉́ ̶̧̫̻̟͚̘̩͘ͅO̢̗̮̞N̶̠̪̱̜̲̫̮͘ ̸̲̼́͘Ḩ̵̛̱ͅÍ̢̗͈̲̻͎̬̱̘̩S͈̥̞̣͖̪ ̴̲̻K̰̀͟͟N͈̹͕̥̦̺E̷̢̦̳̭̗͎͞E̬͖͇S̡̜̥͇̝̜͎̕͠ ̕҉̞͕A̧҉̪̮̻̀N̢̧͙̙̞̰̩͍̙Ḑ̱̻̳̦̟̙̕ ̛҉̣̞̹̦͈͈̝̪͚Ś̷̘̲͚̲̗̖̣̦̦T͈̝̩̺̘̳̹͎̀͜ͅA̵̖ͅR̢͔̜̫͞T̢͝͏͈ ̢̙̝̱̫̘͚̣ͅT̮̬͔̪̺ͅH̶̦̯̖E̢̗̘̝̝̘̯͉͡ ̺͔͝Ṣ̷̩̲̮̻̣̖́͞U̩̳̣͟͢͠C҉̝͎͜C̷̜̠̤ͅ
No. 898088 ID: d887c0

Don't look at me. I didn't suggest it.
No. 898093 ID: 51d5a1

You heard nothing, just ask the men to clean his damn house.
No. 898096 ID: c1be4a

Gruffly demand but in like a consent way for the dikk 2 be succ
No. 898098 ID: 0d6acf

Guess you're going to be learning a little something about desire, here. ;^)

Congrats on convincing him to help you! Remember that though the offer itself seems sincere, Pascal probably wouldn't make this decision if he wasn't confident he could retain control of the situation in some way.

If you choose this path as well, you will be spending a lot of time with this beautiful vampire.

Check in with your emotions for a sec before listening to your dick. Giving yourself some time to process the shift in tone might be important.
No. 898099 ID: 270774
File 153473515464.png - (117.80KB , 800x525 , 33.png )

“Ricardo,” says Pascal.

Ricardo blinks back to awareness. “What.”

“You looked like you were dying.” Pascal looks a little amused. Ricardo shakes off the last of his distraction and tries to focus.

“I don't trust you,” he grumbles. “What's in it for you? No, you know what, I don't care. Maybe you really do just see it as a suicide mission, and that makes no difference to me. But what's in it for me? Why should I accept you as mine?”

Pascal kicks back on the floor, scooting back until he’s leaning against his bed, and rolls his eyes. “Just a moment ago, you are giving me your grand speech, of ‘Oh, Pascal, you are mine now, I am your master, forever,’ and now you stand here and say ‘Why should you be mine?’” He blows a bit of hair out of his own face, with a noise that’s almost a snort. “You make no sense.”

“You just told me you have nothing going for you but your looks,” Ricardo points out. “How am I supposed to benefit from that?”
No. 898100 ID: 270774
File 153473519572.png - (86.49KB , 800x525 , 34.png )

Pascal flicks his gaze up to him again, dull and exasperated under heavy lashes. “Are you stupid?”

“No,” Ricardo replies, instinctively, but Pascal is already barreling on.

“You must be stupid. I cannot even say you are dog-brained, because even a dog knows how to fuck.” Pascal props his chin up on his hand, sighing. “And it must be terrible for you, right? You’re only a few years turned. Even if you are only feeding once a week, afterwards you are probably feeling tormented. Maybe this is why you are always making such a horrible face.”

“I’m not making a horrible face,” Ricardo protests, but more than anything he’s unnerved by the fact that somehow Pascal has accurately pinpointed an issue he has been having and resolutely ignoring for the past five years. Feeding comes with an intense period of … distraction, afterwards.

“You make horrible faces,” Pascal insists. “And you are so ill-tempered, and I bet it’s because you are not taking care of it. When is the last time you had sex?”

“None of your fucking business.”

“When,” Pascal repeats, and somehow Ricardo can tell he’s not going to drop it. He exhales, loud and rough, and stares out the cracked window.

“Ten years.”

“Well, you see, no wonder y-” Pascal stumbles over his own words and does a double take. ”What?!”
No. 898101 ID: 270774
File 153473522043.png - (82.10KB , 800x525 , 35.png )

This is not a fucking conversation Ricardo wants to be having. “You heard me.”

Pascal is gesturing wildly. “I cannot understand how you have lived this whole time as a vampire and not done anything for it! You will go mad!”

“I don’t -” Ricardo doesn’t understand why he’s even gracing this with a response, but Pascal has a kind of frenetic pace that’s difficult not to be caught up in. “I’ve been busy. And focused. On you, again, I’ll remind you. Besides, I don’t have to have sex to - to take care of it, my hand is just as good-”

“With that awful photo?!” Pascal shrieks. “That photograph where I look so terrible?!”

“I TOLD YOU IT ISN’T THAT BAD!” Ricardo roars back - and then he catches himself. “And I didn’t say I did it to the photo! Christ!”

“But - wait. Wait. I am not understanding this.” Pascal holds both hands out, as if he’s trying to bring the conversation to a screeching halt, but at the same time he’s the only one barreling forward. “But if I am doing this math, and I turn you, euuhhhhh, what, a year ago-”

“Five years,” Ricardo snarls.

“Five years, yes, fine, it is the same thing - five years, yes, then that means for five more years while you were a human you were also doing no fucking! None!” Pascal sounds scandalized. “You were going to die! Did you have no sense of urgency?! You’re so handsome! It doesn’t matter that your personality is bad! It is easy for you! What’s the matter with you? What were you doing the whole time, huh?”
No. 898103 ID: 5b8b2e

aw, he thinks you're handsome!!!
No. 898105 ID: b54723

you were jacking it off, duh. That's what you've been doing.

What, is Pascal going to try to prove that having sex is better than jacking off? Is he?
No. 898109 ID: 51d5a1

That's turning into a comedy show. Time to go back to home or a bar before everyone gets horny.
No. 898110 ID: 70df1e

taxes you were doing taxes and it sucked
No. 898112 ID: d887c0

Firstly, yes! He was going to die - eventually! He was mortal! Unlike vampires, they don't have a glut of time to fritter away on meaningless indulgence.

Secondly, he was living his life. Doing normal, human things for normal, human reasons with normal, human problems. So, again, thanks for fucking that up, Pascal.

Thirdly, keep your backhanded compliments to yourself, you goddamn, piece of shit twink. If you don't like his personality, then fuck off. He wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you.

Fourth and finally, his sex life is none of your fucking concern. He could be asexual for all you know. How dare you judge Ricardo while you lay here in squalor, touching yourself to memories of your former master force-feeding you his undead dick?
No. 898114 ID: aedfd9

Say something stupid and in denial like "I've never jacked it to your photo" or "I'm not horny for you right now" or "please don't try to have sex with me, I love being an edgy intense loner who's not horny all the time"
No. 898117 ID: bb78f2

Man, we had work to do. Bills to pay. Your human years were't even IN a recession period, hell it probably wasn't even in America. You're from before the 9 to 5 work week, hell you're from before even the Great Depression. You probably can't even get your head around how computer's work.

We couldn't figure out a budget, let alone a sex life.

What do you do for a living Pascal? What pays your rent? Being disowned, I bet you don't get an allowance from your vamp daddy.
No. 898124 ID: d887c0

>I bet you don't get an allowance from your vamp daddy.
Blood sugar daddy cut him off!
No. 898127 ID: 8da8a1

"Uhm... stuff?"
No. 898129 ID: 343e2d

See if telling him you prefer making love to come with love will freak him out, particularly if it's true.
No. 898132 ID: c1eaac

"...I was busy."
No. 898135 ID: 31eb45

Ignoring his question entirely, let's consider what potential use a disgraced art-piece of a sire is.

Assuming that we haven't exited any kind of critical developmental period these past five years, we can probably get some basic improvement to our understanding of abilities, ideally including any aspects or applications we haven't been able to figure out on our own. He can also probably give us a better idea of how feeding correlates with strength, in terms of frequency, volume, quality, etc.

His contacts are presumably mostly cold at this point, but he's probably got at least some stale information. His response when we initially found didn't make it seem like finding a new place to stay would have been a hurdle in and of itself, even if he didn't get around to it, which implies that either he's got someone or multiple someones who he can still rely to bring business to, or he's got some way to cheat in that regard, which in turn means we might have access to something like that as well, which could be useful.

It's also possible that making a show of Pascal picking us back up after abandoning us might be enough to repair one or two relationships, which could get us ins with other vampires that we might be able to leverage into further training or access to some kind of resource. Information about, like, anything else freaky besides vampires existing in general would also be something he could potentially give us, assuming he has it.

Even including all of that, he seems more like a liability than an asset. He can't be trusted to reliably act on orders or in our best interest, which means he doesn't have much value even as just a second body to do things with. I have to agree with a previous thought of ours, that once we've gotten past this wall of a first encounter and drilled him for the basics and any leads we can get, leaving him behind, and possibly even trying to evade him if he follows, maybe obscuring our descent from him if we can figure out how, seems like the most reasonable course of action.
No. 898142 ID: dbf422

You're picky, sue you! Just because you could've had sex didn't mean you wanted to just have sex.
No. 898145 ID: ff82d2

No wonder Ricardo is so strong. His balls are about to burst! Wait, that shouldn't make any sense.

Anyway, Ricardo shouldn't give in yet. He wouldn't make a good Tsundere if he already did it on the first meeting.

Tell Pascal that after you ex left you that you had problems with relationships and that it's none of his business and it's not like he can do anything about it. Speaking of exes, shouldn't you get angry over how Pascal is fine with dying just to see his ex- I mean, his sire again? Is Pascal already cheating on you? You should totally be jealous right now. Also, ask him what's so special about his ex that Pascal would do all of this.
No. 898147 ID: a62780

Reasons! Then a whole new one happened about 5 years ago.
No. 898155 ID: f0088f

i've done taxes and i've picked up wood whittling. i've never fucked in my whole life i've never been hornay is that how you say it all i have is a grudge and a small collection of wooden elephants i've whittled
No. 898161 ID: 49500f

ive been abstinent as a test of strength. im building my endurance
No. 898172 ID: 270774
File 153479018008.png - (92.53KB , 800x525 , 36.png )

Ricardo hadn’t really thought about why the past few years of his life (his actual life, the human one) had been a dry spell, and despite how ludicrous this interrogation was he finds himself actually considering it.

No. 898173 ID: 270774
File 153479019481.png - (68.24KB , 800x525 , 37.png )

“You know, I think we should see other people.”

“What? Why?”

“Uh… you know, this has been fun and everything, and you’re a great guy, but I just don’t think we’re... compatible, okay?”

No. 898174 ID: 270774
File 153479022680.png - (109.33KB , 800x525 , 38.png )

“Maybe we can swap numbers and do this again sometime.”

“Uh - haha, um, no, that’s okay!”

No. 898175 ID: 270774
File 153479024106.png - (95.58KB , 800x525 , 39.png )

”What’s all this about? I thought everything was fine!”

“Ricardo, you’re bad in bed.”

No. 898176 ID: 270774
File 153479025765.png - (116.16KB , 800x525 , 40.png )

It’s no good. Ricardo has no idea. He can’t think of any reason in particular.
No. 898177 ID: 270774
File 153479027621.png - (79.84KB , 800x525 , 41.png )

“I was busy, okay?” he finally snaps.

Pascal is laying on the floor again, kicking his legs aimlessly. “With what?”

“I - stuff! Human stuff. Taxes, and work, and - and budgeting. Normal, human things. So thanks for fucking that up.”

“Wow, what a loss,” Pascal drones.

“Well, what have you been doing, huh?! How do you pay rent?”

Pascal blinks at him, bewildered. “Rent what? What would I rent?”

“You- but then how do you- you know what? You know what? Fuck it. Whatever.” Ricardo sits down on the floor as well, across from him, exhaling roughly as he hits the floor. “I still haven’t decided if we’re going ahead with this shit, alright? But for tonight, I need a fucking drink. And I’m starving.”

“Of course you are! Hungry boy.” Pascal scoots forward and pats Ricardo on the cheek, ignoring the scowl that the gesture pulls up. “But I am nearly out of beer, and of course we will need to go out for feeding. Maybe we hunt and then see a bar, hm?”

“Fine. I don’t give a shit.” Ricardo’s not sure what possesses him to say what he says next, nor is he sure why he hasn’t brushed Pascal’s hand away. The corner of his mouth quirks up, hostile and sarcastic. “In the meantime, you might as well make yourself useful and suck me off or something. S’long as you’re saying that’s all you’re good for, right?”
No. 898181 ID: 270774
File 153479048468.png - (136.83KB , 800x525 , 42.png )

“Okie dokie,” Pascal says. Ricardo chokes. Pascal’s suddenly halfway in his lap, pushing him backwards, his hands making short work of his belt. The room pitches forward like a braking car.

“Hey- hey, hang on--”

“Mm.” Pascal buries his face along the swell between Ricardo’s legs, and what little expression Ricardo can see through his hair is smug. “Hey, you have a nice reaction! To be this hard even when you’re so hungry.” Ricardo hears his zipper dropping and then Pascal’s mouth is open against the fabric, his tongue applying heavy pressure. Ricardo’s brain short-circuits entirely.
No. 898182 ID: 270774
File 153479051098.png - (125.41KB , 800x525 , 43.png )

He’s not sure how many seconds pass before he snaps out of it, but it was brief enough that Pascal hasn’t gotten under his briefs yet. His hand fists in the curls of the other’s hair and he yanks him off unceremoniously. The noise Pascal makes when he does this is not helping.

“It was a joke,” Ricardo hisses. His tone isn’t convincing and he knows it. The look Pascal is giving him through his lashes suggests that he feels the same way. “I was - checking. If you were serious about this shit. That’s all. Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“Your dick is even further ahead of me, though,” Pascal points out. Ricardo groans and drops him, eyebrows knitting as Pascal breaks out into a peal of giggles. “Whatever you say,” he sighs. He gets to his feet and pats Ricardo’s head absently. “You’re disgusting right now anyway. Go take a shower, or even humans will be able to smell you coming. Ehehehe.”

The bathroom is the only other room in the apartment, and Ricardo slams the door. It’s bigger than he expected from a place like this, with a wide counter clustered with Pascal’s belongings. It seems like he never bothered taking down the mirror over the sink, so it hangs there uselessly, reflecting nothing.
No. 898183 ID: 270774
File 153479052534.png - (98.69KB , 800x525 , 44.png )

Fuck. Shit. God DAMN it.
No. 898184 ID: cfa068

jerk off in the shower because that's not going away buddy
No. 898185 ID: 5b8b2e

agreed!! jack off so you can deal with pascal without dying
No. 898186 ID: aedfd9

Punch the mirror and let pascal lick the blood off your knuckles
No. 898187 ID: b4a294

beat that meat before you die dude
No. 898188 ID: ff82d2

Check out Pascal's belongings.


Use them as you see fit.
No. 898196 ID: d887c0

Masturbating may be a good idea. You don't have to be proud of it, but you need to focus, and that undead slut is getting in your head. Flush him out.
Then, when that's taken care of: hurt yourself. Doesn't have to be much, but you need something to refocus.
Remember your loss. Remember your rage. Remember the cold of death and the emptiness of undeath. Dwell on the revolting immortality that little bastard forced on you. How he raped your soul and twisted it into something ugly and wrong.
Let hate be your sword and contempt your shield.
No. 898201 ID: 29ccce

Don't beat yourself up over it. Snoop in Pascal's stuff to distract yourself. When that inevitably fails to work, jack off. You've gotta be clearheaded for the hunt later.
No. 898202 ID: 4e48e8

orrr you could take a cold shower. I mean I'm just saying.
No. 898203 ID: e3feb1

No. 898204 ID: b0b5d0

Take a shower, sing show tunes loudly off-key in the shower, do not think about the cute twink in the next room and how much you wanted him to be someone else.
No. 898207 ID: b443a2


it's okay, ricardo, it's okay! pascal will make you huge and very strong and good at fucking, and then when you're the fuck master you'll get back at him
No. 898212 ID: 51d5a1

Take a shower and sing opera.
No. 898222 ID: c1be4a

Attend the Hog
No. 898231 ID: f0088f

rummage through his shit, his shampoos and if there's any, cabinets. you deserve to know what his hair smells like.

i know this is very out of character for me but: resist your hog. cold shower it, dog.
No. 898234 ID: 0d6acf

Good to know! wow

Take some time to let the hot water soothe your muscles and wash the stink off. Jærk it, definitely,

and catch your breath.

Whatever 'distraction' after feeding means, this sexy vampire is going to be present this time. Getting a handle on yourself now is crucial to keeping your cool later. The night's just getting started
No. 898236 ID: a62974

Swallow your pride and make Pascal teach you how to have good sex, it's a skill that could become handy later
No. 898237 ID: 270774
File 153480980899.png - (72.88KB , 800x525 , 45.png )

The only thing that can distract Ricardo from his full intention to mercilessly beat his meat into submission at first opportunity is his curiosity. Most of the items on the counter are just toiletries and cosmetics, things he doesn’t recognize or understand or care about, but there’s a varnished hardwood box sitting right in the center. It seems that it normally locks, but it’s so stuffed full that when the lid rests the box is still slightly ajar. Ricardo lifts the lid and finds it full of photographs and opened letters, the latter of which smell lightly of cologne.

Maybe this is a bad idea.
No. 898238 ID: 194b7a

its almost definitely a bad idea.. do it anyway
No. 898239 ID: f0088f

really bad idea. but those are probably sexy love letters, and those are full of information. do it anyway.
No. 898240 ID: c1eaac

It's a great idea! Let's check out those photos.
No. 898241 ID: a62780

A terrible idea. So only indulge it a little bit; don't bother with the letters, check a photo though.
No. 898242 ID: aedfd9

There's no way this is a bad idea. Read all of them and get lost in reveries.

...maybe beat your meat if they're sexts.
No. 898243 ID: 8b438a

if they smell like cologne they are definitely love letters. god pascal it's 2018
No. 898245 ID: bf1602

snort that cologne and firmly crank that fuckin hog
No. 898246 ID: 5b8b2e

does the cologne smell like pascal???
No. 898257 ID: 270774
File 153481809537.png - (97.76KB , 800x525 , 46.png )

The photos are at the bottom of the box, and the edges are slightly soft from frequent handling, but well taken care of - the surfaces are still glossy and none of the corners are folded. Ricardo flips them over and reads the writing on the back of each one, but all of it is concise.

P&T, 1920.
No. 898258 ID: 270774
File 153481810848.png - (123.80KB , 800x525 , 47.png )

P&T Christmas 1937
No. 898259 ID: 270774
File 153481812227.png - (102.55KB , 800x525 , 48.png )

P&T NYE 1941
No. 898262 ID: 270774
File 153481824623.png - (85.09KB , 800x525 , 49.png )

Ricardo opens the letter on top of the stack. The cologne that wafts off it is masculine and spiced, nothing like Pascal’s scent. This, too, is soft from frequent folding and unfolding - one of the seams along which the letter’s sheets have been folded seems perilously thin on the first page, and he handles it carefully. It’s postmarked from New York City.

June 18 1926
I miss you like hell but you know that already. I worry about you being on ships all the time. If you ever went down on one of those things you know I’d roll my pants up and wade out there myself, right on the ocean floor, and carry you back myself. One of these days I’m gonna learn to be a pilot and when you need to go back home I’ll fly you there the two of us, round trip special express.
Speaking of I’m sorry about that spat before you left. I didn’t mean to yell at you. I just lost my head when you told me you still weren’t meaning to tell him about us. I have to admit I just don’t understand it since I tell Jim everything, and if he ever tried to lord over me like that I’d knock him into next Tuesday, and we both know it. But I want to understand your point of view. Maybe someday I’d like to meet him, even if not as your man. I figure when you think so much of him he can’t be so bad.
Back home here everything’s going well with the boys. We’re running rings about the cops and business is booming. I know you still don’t understand it, but try to think of them like a coven, even if they’re human. To tell the truth I’ve been thinking about turning some of the ones most close to me, if they want it, but I have to ask Jim for advice first. Really the thing is I can’t stand the thought of losing some of them once they start asking questions about me not looking any older. Some of the boys are already making jokes about it lately and I don’t know what to do but to laugh along.
I know there’s more I meant to tell you but my thoughts just keep coming back to how much I miss you. I miss your laugh but I even miss the way you get mad and cry over nothing. Most of all I miss how you like to act tough but all it takes is a little bit of my hand to make you all shaky and--”

Ricardo abruptly decides to stop reading this one and flips through the rest. They’re all along the same lines, with no particularly outstanding information. There’s more than one mention of disagreements over a third person, but almost always these mentions are apologies for arguments - the letters are overwhelmingly affectionate.
No. 898265 ID: 3443bd

No. 898269 ID: aedfd9

...Put them back. And maybe be a little nicer to Pascal, since he clearly has a rich inner life. God, Ricardo, why don't you have a nice boyfriend like that by now?
No. 898271 ID: 29ccce

Hmm! The original photo you have of Pascal was dated 1942. Are any of the photos or letters in here dated in the same year or later than that? Also, when you put everything back, try to put it back the way it was when you found it.
No. 898272 ID: f0088f

NYE 1941, huh? and in 1942 he was sad, gloomy and by himself.

try to put things back the way you found them instead of just shoving them back like i know you want to. ugh, now you HAVE to crank your hog.
No. 898273 ID: d887c0

Ricardo, seriously, my dude. This is a bunch of bullshit you don't want or need. Just knock out the window turn into a bat and fly your dead ass out of here. No amount of freaky, pseudo-necrophilic butt-touching is worth this crap.
No. 898274 ID: 8b438a

this might be the other blond american he was talking about, and he seems like a prick if they were constantly arguing. might be worth making a note of for later?
No. 898275 ID: a62974

Forget sex-Talk to Pascal about his ex, maybe he could be of use if you want to learn more about the situation you and Pascal are now in
No. 898277 ID: 4ac654

yo didnt pascal say he had a thing for/bad luck with blonds?? and arent you blond?? wait ooh my god. are you (one of) Pascal's rebound(s) after the Original Blond broke up with him???
No. 898283 ID: bb78f2

Haha a foxy grandpa almost sucked you off
These really sell how old this dude is. Christ, you hear about vampires living forever and don't really believe or understand it, but once you see the b&w pictures you realize this guy could have easily had a love affair with your grandpa or even great grandpa.

Ahh, yeah, imagine it now. This tiny little dork and fucking 20's you, your grandpappy in his prime. Bonin' and groaning.
No. 898286 ID: b0b5d0

Focus on unsexy thoughts as you get yourself clean. Scrub that intrusiveness away. Maybe consider how you might be able to give the kid a hug.
No. 898312 ID: ff82d2

>no particularly outstanding information
What do you mean? Don't the letters include stuff on how Pascal likes to be touched? I think that's highly important to know. Yep, you should keep it in mind the next time you're dealing with him. Or yourself.
No. 898355 ID: 2ff745

Man, have we seriously had the wrong impression of Pascal all these years just because we happened to get our hands on a photo where he was moping post-breakup? I wonder how different the hunt would have felt if we'd been referencing one of these instead.

Retain illicit information of Pascal's preferences from the letters, crank hog in shower.
No. 898367 ID: 3b63d3

your meat is calling you. beaaaat your meeeaaaat
No. 898380 ID: ee2d6e

how can you have any pudding pascal if you don't beat your meat
No. 898460 ID: bf1602

your HOG, ricardo

you gotta CRANK it
No. 898461 ID: 270774
File 153490266039.png - (83.63KB , 800x525 , 50.png )

Ricardo rummages through the photos and letters again to check if any of them are dated later than the picture in his possession. None of them are, but going through the box again turns up one he missed the first time - probably because this one is just a slim folded card, rather than a multi-page letter in an envelope. This one is dated earlier than all the others, in very early 1919. The front of the card says “Happy Birthday” in script, and has been scratched out twice and replaced with a handwritten “Sorry.”

Mr. Cosovei,
I’m writing this to apologize for the things I said to you at the party on Saturday night. It was inappropriate and ungentlemanly of me and I sincerely regret it. Also I’m sorry that it made you so mad that you took my head off. Thank you for giving my head back instead of killing me. I hope one day I can learn from your example and be the kind of gentleman you are. Alright by now you probably aren't reading anymore if you didn't just throw the card away when you got it so I'm going to write whatever I like. My sire put me up to sending this and I think it's stupid. I said what I said and I’ll say it again because I’ve always spoken my mind and I’m not gonna stop for a highnosed dewdropper like you or for anyone. You’ve got the finest damn ass I’ve ever seen on a man and you beat out plenty of dames too with the legs to match. Fuck you sir

Ricardo snorts. The sound and feeling of his own laughter has become so foreign to him that he startles himself.
No. 898462 ID: 270774
File 153490270298.png - (85.02KB , 800x525 , 51.png )

….Then Ricardo decides to quickly revisit certain passages of the other letters to retain the details better. Just for the hell of it.

In late 1919, “Now that I’ve found out about that spot at the base of your neck that drives you wild you’ll get no peace from me. I’ve been trying to court you properly since that’s what you like but it’s hard on me when you sound so nice just from kissing you--”

In 1932, “It’s making me crazy that you’ve been growing your hair out lately. I’m a fool for those curls of yours but especially when they're bouncing around your pretty face while you’re on top of me. I know you like it best that way too and when you get back I’ll--”

In 1939, “I want you to be careful this time because I’ve been reading in the papers lately that there's a lot of unrest over in Romania right now. I know you don't pay any attention to human politics but it could affect you. I know you hate when I fuss like this but I just want you to stay with other vamps as much as you can and try to stay off the streets--” Wait, this isn't sexy.

In 1941, “Whenever I sink my teeth into you, you feel so sweet I could just start crying. I don't know if maybe that's just me feeling you echoing in me. I’m not the type of guy who gets easily moved and folks say I’m not in touch with my emotions whatever that means but with you it's like something in me breaks down and I’m all full of these words I never had any use for before. Before he turned me Jim warned me this life can get real lonesome and I didn't really worry about it then, but now it just makes me wish that he’d meet somebody like you because I’ll never be lonesome my whole life. There could be a thousand wars and maybe I can only stay friends with humans a few years at a time but there's nothing on earth that could keep me away from you. Nowadays I don't even feel restless when you're in Europe since I know you'll come home to me anyway. It’s easy to be patient when you have eternity. Now I’m just using up paper and ink but I love you so much I can't stand it and when I get to talking about it I can't st--”

There's a sudden BANG on the door, Pascal’s hand slapping it impatiently from the other side. “Ricardo! You have been in there for so long and I have not even heard the water start!”
No. 898463 ID: 270774
File 153490273665.png - (88.68KB , 800x525 , 52.png )

Ricardo fumbles with the letters, trying to put them back the way they were when he found them, but they all look the same and he hadn't particularly been paying attention.

“You know all of my cosmetics and perfumes and things are in there so when I am not ready when you’re done, don't blame me!”

“I’m-” Ricardo yanks his shirt off, scowling. “I’m getting undressed!”

On the other side of the door, Pascal is laughing. “If you are having so much trouble with it you should have asked me to help you!”

“Shut UP.”

Once in the shower, Ricardo cranks his hog with brutal efficiency.

Like with most things in this vein, he has absolutely no technique, and he doesn't care to. He makes a fist, tightens it, and goes as hard as he can until something happens. It is not sexy or fun or even particularly satisfying, but once he finishes the formerly overwhelming static rushing through his head clears up, and right now that's all he can reasonably ask for.

He lets out a low sigh of relief, reaches for one of the half dozen shampoo bottles clustered on the shelf, and - it smells exactly like Pascal’s hair.

For some fucking reason, the undead boner from hell is back with a vengeance.
No. 898465 ID: 270774
File 153490279558.png - (84.81KB , 800x525 , 53.png )

Ricardo angrily beats his meat twice more, then one more time for good luck, and when he finally comes back to his senses, he realizes Pascal has put on music in the other room. The fingers of his left hand twitch, unconsciously - he knows it. It’s some song from a film noir, with a melodramatic but pretty melody, something he added to his busking repertoire ages ago. Like most songs, he learned it by ear, so he knows the lyrics, too, just from ceaseless repetition.


Singing isn’t his strong suit, but he can carry a tune, at least - or it’s more like his internal sense of pitch won’t let him be off-key. It starts as an idle hum, then a mumble, and before he knows it he is singing along, albeit quietly.

The knots in his shoulders loosen. He’s starting to relax, slightly, for the first time in - well, in recent memory. He’s been sleeping under fucking bridges. Not that his current circumstances are ideal, but the more he thinks about it, it was stupid and hotheaded to think that getting crushed into the ground would have been ideal, either-

Ricardo blinks. His hearing is incredible. So is any other vampire’s. There’s a voice singing along with him, filtering through the door and through the rush of water, high and accented. He huffs, bewildered, and stops immediately, slamming the water off. Pascal stops, too, dissolving into giggles at the realization that he’d been caught.

Unbelievable. Ricardo towels off his hair with the same violence of any of his other gestures, grumbling to himself.
No. 898466 ID: 270774
File 153490282525.png - (81.41KB , 800x525 , 54.png )

When he comes out into the main room of the apartment again, a towel tight around his hips, he’s unfortunately greeted by Pascal trying to bounce his way into a pair of jeans that are far too tight for him.

“Oh, finally.” He looks over his shoulder, but doesn’t stop bouncing. “Hey, why did you not tell me you like music?”

“Everyone likes music,” Ricardo replies incredulously.

“But I can tell you like it so much. Not just idly, like some people. Music has been so good, this past century - or, euhhhh, we are already in the new one now. The century before this one. Is it 19th? Because all the years start nineteen-something-- no, it is the 20th. The music in the 20th century was very good, the whole time.” Pascal does a particularly aggressive wiggle and finally manages to pop himself into the pants. Ricardo has never been more glad for preventative measures in his life. “Anyway, you cannot borrow any of my clothes, because I will not have you stretching them out. Don’t you have anything besides what you came in?”

“Uh.” Ricardo had dumped the duffel bag he’d been carrying around with him before coming, because he had fully intended and expected to die. “Well.”
No. 898475 ID: f0088f

you don't, huh :/ such a shame :/ bet he doesn't own a washing machine :/ looks like you're gonna have to be butt naked :/ tragic
No. 898480 ID: 8b438a


god we definitely cannot fit into his clothes. are we going naked?
No. 898481 ID: aedfd9

Underwear party!!!!!
No. 898488 ID: c1be4a

Find another giant man and eat him plus take his clothes. Get ready to party by pre-drinking ya know?
No. 898489 ID: d887c0

Oh, for fuck's sake. Ricardo, you are young and horny, and this little bitch is using that against you, you fucking moron. Pull your balls outta your metaphorical purse, get your damn clothes on, and get the Hell out.
No. 898491 ID: dbf422

That butt was clearly there as blatant manipulation. Pay it no mind.

There's gotta be a nearby laundromat, just steal something from there. You'll get looks but if you can whether them from Pascal, you're immune.
No. 898495 ID: 8aef06

this is the perfect time to ask pascal abt any past beaus—maybe he has some sentimental clothes he couldn’t bring himself to get rid of?
No. 898496 ID: 8aef06

also congrats on the cranked hog, my dude
No. 898503 ID: 23bff5

dude chill out can it get any more obvious this is a porn comic. the twink aint going anywhere just get used to it
No. 898508 ID: c7e625

Comment that you're well aware you wouldn't fit his clothes he doesn't fit his clothes. Also tell him he can put up with you being less than attractive until you mug some human and take their clothes, unless he has a better idea.
No. 898511 ID: a62974

Just have sex with the twink already! Learn how to seduce and pleasure men already you buffoon!
No. 898526 ID: 3b63d3

go out in the towel, find someone about your size, steal their clothes
No. 898538 ID: a94e23

It’s no big deal, just wear the clothes you came in with, if pascal doesn’t like it then how unfortunate for him.
No. 898555 ID: 270774
File 153495222222.png - (98.52KB , 800x525 , 55.png )

“I know I won't fit in your clothes. You don't fit in your clothes,” Ricardo points out.

“I do! I do. These are supposed to be tight.” Pascal brushes past him for the newly vacated bathroom, and Ricardo holds his breath when his hands pass over the box - but Pascal doesn't seem to notice that anything is out of order.

Subtlety has never been his strong suit, and maybe bringing this up at all is pushing his luck, but Ricardo can't help but see an opportunity to probe after the letter writer. “What, you don't have any souvenirs from other men? Somebody else’s clothes laying around?”

Pascal pauses. Ricardo can't see his face, because it doesn't reflect in the mirror. It only lasts a split second, and then his motion resumes - he’s loading his fingers up with mismatched rings, and these do have a reflection, just like his necklace. “No, I have nothing you can wear.”

That phrasing sounds like a carefully constructed loophole, but Ricardo is quickly distracted by watching him. He holds one pointer finger up against his face, the rings marking the corner of his mouth in the otherwise blank mirror, as a reference point as he dabs rouge in the center of his lips. All these actions are done absently, the well-established compromise of vanity with inhumanity. The same is done to facilitate mascara, floating rings marking the corner of each eye. “You get used to it, things like this,” Pascal says suddenly - apparently he could feel Ricardo’s eyes on the back of his head.
No. 898556 ID: 270774
File 153495224836.png - (77.68KB , 800x525 , 56.png )

He finishes quickly and slips past Ricardo again, this time to snatch a polaroid camera off his dresser, and he holds it out at arm’s length and snaps a photo of himself. The flash makes Ricardo snarl in surprise, the involuntary noise fading slowly as he blinks the stars out of his eyes. When he can see again, Pascal is idly waving the photo back and forth, waiting for it to develop.

“I’ll just wear what I brought. And when we hunt, I’ll take someone my size, so I can have their clothes,” Ricardo decides. Pascal glances at him, unimpressed.

“This is not a good way to choose your food, but what can I do? I know you will not listen to me. You had better eat neatly, at least.” He holds the polaroid up to his nose, considering it. “Hm. Yes, I am so handsome. Good job on being handsome, Pascal!”

The photo is discarded on a haphazard stack of identical ones, apparently one per day, and Ricardo stares. It took him a year of legwork and threats to get his hand on one picture of Pascal, and here was a pile so huge it was threatening to collapse. He realizes, dimly, that he doesn't really remember what his own face looks like.

“Get dressed quickly, Ricardo!” Pascal pats his arm absently, rings clinking where his fingers meet. “Bars will close before we are finished eating.”
No. 898557 ID: 270774
File 153495226056.png - (86.13KB , 800x525 , 57.png )

He’s ready in a fraction of the time it took Pascal, and then they're outside in the cool night air. Pascal seems to be in good spirits.

“There is a bar close by, but we can't go to that one, because they have this long mirror hung up behind the bar,” Pascal tells him. “Too risky. So we will have to walk a little farther. But then we will be in busier part of town, good hunting grounds.” He clasps his hands behind his back, tilting his head as he regards the other. “While we are walking, I’m sure you have lots of questions, because you have so much catching up to do! You can ask me anything you like.”

this next update is gonna be absolute textwalls. i wanna give you guys a chance to go ham on finding out worldbuilding, vampire mechanics, etc, so if you asked a question before and it wasn't answered because i couldn't work it into an update, feel free to repeat it now.
No. 898560 ID: 6b39da

Why am I so HORNY all the time???

(Real questions: what things are fatal to vampires, tell us more about the different houses, and can we seriously turn into a bat?)
No. 898561 ID: 3b63d3

hey, whats up with the big ass pendant
No. 898565 ID: aedfd9

Is there a way for a vampire to live on their own, unconnected to any of the court drama or to other vampires? (Because that's obviously what Ricardo wants.) (And it must be what Pascal wants too, otherwise why would he be hiding all alone in a shitty apartment without any beautiful person to keep him company.)
No. 898567 ID: dbf422

You mentioned my eyes, that they aren't red. Are they supposed to be?
Do classier people have better blood? Is there an easy way to know you're getting good blood from a target?
Is eternity really that easy to appreciate? Especially if you don't have anyone to share with.
No. 898588 ID: a62974

Do vampires have an special abilities like magic? How do they shift-shape? Do they get stronger with age as well?
No. 898589 ID: a62974

What hurts vampires?
No. 898590 ID: 0d6acf

He turned you by accident. How does that work?
No. 898594 ID: 8aef06

are there vampire hunters? should we, like, be worried abt that? also what’s up with the gaudy necklace
No. 898599 ID: ff82d2

"Why are you ok with dying just to see your sire?"

"Top or bottom?"
No. 898604 ID: 2ff745

If vampirism is supposed to be hidden, is it really okay for you to be running around in public with bright red eyes and fangs and pointy ears? Are there any other taboos we need to know about besides abandoning wards? Why did your sire dismiss you?
No. 898608 ID: d887c0

So, if you're planning on actually, no joke killing people tonight, then how exactly do you A) justify it to yourself outside of "vamps gotta drink, yo," B) plan to do so without tipping folks off to the presence of vampires in their community, and C) plan to avoid attention from the authorities?
No. 898609 ID: 8bbc59

How many vampires are there? How secret is their existence and are there repercussions for breaking that secrecy? Why are they secret when they're stronger and faster than humans and are their predators? Are there non-humans other than vampires? Why is his dick like this? Has anyone done science to work out why they don't show up in mirrors? Why do crosses make him sneeze/burst into flame? What's Pascal's favourite band? Do alcohol and drugs have an effect on vampires, I'm guessing yes from the presence of beer, so are there vampire narcotics, too? How does Pascal escape from those pants (in case there is an emergency and Ricardo needs to release him from them, they seriously seem like a hazard)? How many bats is it normal to turn into?
No. 898636 ID: c1eaac

What's your sire actually like, Pascal?
No. 898639 ID: bb78f2

Is regular food an option at all (Ricardo might know it already, but no harm asking), with a workaround like dripping human blood off of a steak for flavor if vampires have deadened tastebuds? I know it won't feed a vampire's thirst but social eating is occasionally fun and I'm curious if regular food even HAS taste and flavor.

Give us important info on not getting caught as a vampire, like do we show boy temperature if using temperal vision goggles, show a pulse, etc. besides the reflection being a reveal.

What is Pascal's source of income. That technically did get asked but not properly answered.

Hypno powers for feeding, do we have them? Any weird powers besides the strength and speed I mean? Blood magic?

What's Pascal's favorite vampire media thing? He play Vampire: The Masquerade? Love him some Interview with a Vampire? Is there a real Dracula? How and why did said Dracula let Stroker even hint at his existence, assuming he could stop him in the first place? If Drac was dead before Stroker wrote his book, how did Stroker first learn of vampires, particularly Dracula? Was Stroker a vampire? What celebrities are vampires? Keanu Reeves?

Big vampire taboos besides the one he did to you.

Other monsters to worry about. Need to know about potential werewolf feuds.
No. 898672 ID: a62780

What is a good way to choose food then?

And uh, dammit, look you probably have a better idea of what I don't know than I do.
No. 898675 ID: 270774

for everyone's info - it's okay to ask about stuff ricardo already knows/probably already knows. questions that are already within his realm of knowledge will be expanded on in detail in the update.
No. 898708 ID: 70df1e

ask pascal what most sires are supposed to be doing re: teaching the vampires they turn. like, what have you been missing out on? how do other vampires act as sires, and why is it so bad to be abandoned by one in the eyes of vampire society?
No. 898714 ID: d887c0

>potential werewolf feuds
Nah, man. Werewolves are all a bunch of furries with wish fulfillment.

It's the MUMMIES you need to watch out for. Sandy bastards just don't know when to quit.
No. 898717 ID: a307f1

ask him what his dicks like
No. 898778 ID: a62974

Do vampires like bloodplay? How kinky are vampires?
No. 898785 ID: 6d9fef

why are vampires so darn horny all the time?! is there a scientific reason for this damn boner
No. 898828 ID: aedfd9

Is "being good at sex" one of the things a vampire sire is meant to teach new vamps?
No. 898835 ID: 270774
File 153509194049.png - (75.39KB , 800x525 , 58.png )

Ricardo considers his own knowledge as he tries to decide what to ask. There are some things he already knows, either from trial and error, experience, or from the stunted and reluctant crash course he was given by the first vampires in the community who found him, back in L.A.

>Is regular food an option at all?
Ricardo has tried, desperately, over and over again, to eat solid food. It makes him violently ill every time. Eventually he found that he can chew food and then spit it out without swallowing, just to get the feeling of eating normally; he was nearly addicted to doing this at first, but over time, it’s become less and less appealing. Conversely, blood has become more and more satisfying to him over the same time period.

>can we seriously turn into a bat?
Shapeshifting is the only ability Ricardo heard of within the first year, and so is the one he fixated on. He figured out the bat form within eight months. Since then he has achieved two other transformations: a partial one into a mountain lion, mostly centered on his teeth and hands, and most recently, smoke. He is uncharacteristically smug about the latter accomplishment.

>How exactly do you justify killing people to yourself?
Over the course of the past five years, Ricardo has killed and eaten over three hundred human beings. He does not care.

>Do alcohol and drugs have an effect on vampires?
From what Ricardo has observed, getting drunk is a vampiric international sport. He’s heard very little about drugs, but has definitely made his way through dens where the vampires around him seemed to be on something.

>Is there a real Dracula?
Pascal has now mentioned Vlad Dracula as if he were a real person, referring to him as the voivode, and calling a comparison between the two of them flattery. Ricardo has no fucking idea what that means.

>why is [ward abandonment] so bad in the eyes of vampire society?
Ricardo is sure there might be cultural nuances he’s missing, but the majority of the vampires he’s met until now have not been shy about letting him know that 1. they believed he would die very quickly without a sire, and 2. that he would never adapt or be accepted into vampiric society. He also found it extremely difficult to control himself during early feeds, and had to move from city to city frequently to avoid detection. His assumption has been that abandoning wards is considered cruel and irresponsible, both to the ward and towards other vampires in the area.

>Is there an easy way to know you’re getting good blood from a target?
>What is a good way to choose food?
Ricardo is assuming these things will be answered when they hunt together tonight.
No. 898837 ID: 270774

suggested listening: https://loopvideos.com/GMeaJI1jLyk
No. 898838 ID: 270774
File 153509199925.png - (37.50KB , 800x525 , 59.png )

>He turned you by accident. How does that work?

Pascal’s keeping pace with Ricardo’s long, aggressive strides. Ricardo doesn’t look down at him when he finally breaks the silence.

“How do you turn a vampire?”


“And what I mean by that,” Ricardo interrupts, “is how did you turn me?”

Pascal’s steps falter a little, but he quickly catches up again. “Do you really want to know this? Maybe hearing about it will upset you, don’t you think?”

“You said I could ask anything I like. And I want to know how you managed to do something like this by accident.”

Pascal glances up at him, then sighs. “I say you can ask whatever you like. Perhaps I won’t answer, if it is something I don’t think you need to know, and I don’t want to talk about it. But this, you deserve to hear, so I will tell you. But it is not my responsibility if hearing about it upsets you.”

He cracks his knuckles behind him as he walks, his back bowing with the stress. “A few years ago-”

“Five,” says Ricardo.

“You are so particular about this. Five years, then - five years ago I was, euuuuh, how can I say it - ehehe. Well, euhhh, you know this thing you do, sometimes, when, euh, you do not want to get out of bed! Ahaha. And so you simply stay in bed, completely unmoving, for, euhhh, you know, entire day, or - or perhaps sometimes in this case for weeks at a time. You know how it is! Ahaha!” Pascal tucks his hair behind one of his ears, but he’s walking so fast that it simply bounces loose again. “Well. I was doing this. And I had gotten it in my head, ahaha, that maybe I just did not want to get up ever again, and of course then my sire’s voice is in my head saying if I have no desires then I am just a corpse, and so I tell myself maybe it is just time to die. Ahaha!”

“Stop laughing about it,” Ricardo growls.

Pascal looks up at him again, and though Ricardo doesn’t meet his gaze, he feels like Pascal’s eyes are giving off tangible heat. “Then what do you want from me? Shall I feel sorry for myself?” His heels click crisply on the cement, no longer having any trouble keeping pace. “I hate that. I would rather decide it’s funny.” He turns away, eyes forward as he continues. “The point is that when I was on the brink of starvation, when maybe I would have died if I stayed there for one more day, it is as if my body said to me, No, Pascal! Stupid boy! I have had enough!

They pass under a row of streetlights, closer set than the ones on the streets by Pascal’s apartments, and as they walk under each one their shadows reset and rotate like rewound video loops. “And so I am out of my mind with hunger. I am like an animal, and I do not know what I am doing. My legs are carrying me without any thought.” Pascal’s arms swing as he walks, light and loose. “And it is as I said. I was hungry, and you were there.”

Ricardo’s fists tighten at his sides, but he says nothing. Pascal sighs.

“Normally, it is very difficult to drain someone in one feeding, every drop, and to spill none of it. Especially from large prey, like yourself. Vampires will fast when they are thinking of siring - not to the point of madness, as I did, but until they can almost not bear it. And it is normal to spill some blood on the ground before you feed, if you do not intend to sire - this desecrates the body, and then it cannot be transformed. I thought of nothing, and I did none of this. I drained you without thinking, every drop, without ever removing my mouth, and so the transformation began. I did not think to destroy your body. I was hungry, and you were there, and I did not realize what I had done until the next day, when I had come to my senses.”

They walk in silence for a few more seconds, with Pascal’s footsteps the only noise, repetitive and sharp like the ticking of a clock in an empty room. “I did not go back to destroy your body before the third day because I could not remember where I had found you, and because I was frightened. I knew I could not properly raise a ward, and that if my sire found out I had sired a ward without asking, and from common stock, there would be no chance of him ever accepting me back. And so I will tell you, Ricardo, honestly, that I hoped that if I left you, you would die.”

Ricardo’s head is buzzing with white noise, but he finds, miraculously, no additional anger. It’s not possible to be any angrier than he’s been in the past five years.

“I am being punished for it already, by your survival, so I don’t care much for your anger at me. And you must understand at the time I was still thinking of you as a human. Food. What did I care if another of them died? They are like flies.” He smiles, faintly. “I tell you already you will find my side of it upsetting. But now you have it.”
No. 898840 ID: 270774
File 153509203201.png - (80.37KB , 800x525 , 60.png )

>are there vampire hunters? should we, like, be worried abt that?
>Are there non-humans other than vampires?
>Other monsters to worry about?
>If vampirism is supposed to be hidden, is it really okay for you to be running around in public with bright red eyes and fangs and pointy ears?

The only way to push past this is to just move on. Again, the only thing that can outweigh Ricardo’s emotions is his curiosity. “So. The chance of someone noticing we don’t have reflections is too risky.”

Pascal blinks at him, apparently surprised by Ricardo’s lack of response to the former topic, but he takes it in stride. “Yes, it is something that cannot be explained away.”

“But you’re walking out here with bright red eyes, and your ears are pointed, and your fangs are obvious. And that’s fine?”

Pascal laughs, and for once it isn’t mocking. “Ricardo, you would not believe how safe it is to be a vampire, in this modern day. Since perhaps 1910, it has been so easy. What is that saying - ‘The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled is to convince the world he does not exist!’ This is what we have accomplished. You would not believe how much humans will overlook, to continue to believe we are not real. Especially in the cities! To not have a reflection, this is something they cannot ignore. It frightens them. But my appearance? Ricardo, you will not believe how easy this is. It is ridiculous. I found this trick - I need only tell them I am Gothic, and they wave it all away with no convincing. Gothic! For what! The Visigoths and the Ostrogoths were so far ahead of my time! And yet they nod and accept it easily.”

“That’s not-” Ricardo starts, but Pascal is still barreling onward.

“And there are no vampire hunters, anymore. We have wiped them out, since the turn of the last century. I mean, certainly, there are some - but they work alone, or in small groups, and they have no real knowledge passed down to them, because we have destroyed all organized hunters already. They try to learn about us through written knowledge only, and so much of it is fiction. Other humans treat them as if they are fools, for believing in us, and without real knowledge or any support from others, they are easy to kill.”

Ricardo mulls this over. “And other threats? If vampires are real, what else? Are there-” He feels stupid even asking this. But he would have felt stupid asking about vampires, before all this. “I don’t know. Werewolves?”

“Werewolves? You do not need to worry about werewolves! They are not dangerous!” Pascal laughs. Ricardo does not particularly have time to process this extremely casual confirmation of their existence. “They do not bother us. Werewolves think that we smell of death and decay, and they are afraid. If they try to contest us, we quickly overrun their hunting grounds, and they are mortal, so they are easy to kill, too. It does not matter how easily and quickly they can reproduce. A small and weak vampire like me could kill a pack of werewolves on my own, even while injured or hungry. Ah, but there is little overlap, anyway. I do not see them often. Paradise for a vampire is a busy city, where humans kill and abduct each other often, and so we can blend in - werewolves prefer to hunt in remote areas, where humans travel alone and disappear in woods or mountains, or where animal attacks are common. And they do not need to feed on humans, anyway. Many choose to live only on animals. It is disgusting, but I cannot judge them for doing what is easy. They are simple and stupid and weak.”

Ricardo is struggling to keep up. “Okay. What else? Any other fictional - ugh. Formerly fictional creatures I need to worry about?”

Pascal lays his finger on the side of his nose, smiling up at him. “Ricardo, you are worrying too much about tiny details. Yes, there are many many things that are not human, and they live among us. But, Ricardo, nothing will threaten a vampire. They smell us coming and they flee. We reign.”
No. 898841 ID: 270774
File 153509207176.png - (42.85KB , 800x525 , 61.png )

>How secret is our existence and are there repercussions for breaking that secrecy?
>what things are fatal to vampires?
>What hurts vampires?
>How do you feed without tipping folks off to the presence of vampires in their community?
>How do you avoid attention from the authorities?
>Why are we secret when [we]'re stronger and faster than humans and are their predators?
>Give us important info on not getting caught as a vampire

“But we have to be somewhat cautious, right?”

“Oh, yes,” says Pascal. “Of course, they cannot enforce every little thing. There are vampires who keep humans as companions - I do not understand this, but it is common. And what does it matter, if they are quiet? It is when you make a scene that you are in danger, and not from humans.”

Pascal looks at him again, and this time he grabs his sleeve, to command his attention. “Ricardo. This is the first and most important thing I will teach you. The most dangerous thing to a vampire is other vampires.”

Ricardo opens his mouth to reply, but Pascal’s face is more serious than he’s ever seen it. He wets his lips instead. “Alright. Are you going to expand on that?”

Pascal doesn’t release his sleeve. “All of this business about salt and garlic is nonsense. A stake in the heart will only kill you if there is no one there to pull it out, and to lose your head will only kill you if there is no one to put it back - this is why we live at least in pairs, always, but of course now that there are no vampire hunters, these things do not happen. And what human can take our head off, without a silver blade and years of training? What human could get close enough to you? What human could remove your heart, and then to wait for your body to die, and then destroy your heart so you cannot regenerate from it - especially if you live with a companion, as we are meant to, who will retrieve it for you? Humans are only dangerous to you in groups, with training and knowledge, and we have taken this from them.”

His hands have now transferred to holding Ricardo’s elbow, and Ricardo is too absorbed in the inflow of information to shake him off. “I will tell you in what way humans are dangerous. They are dangerous because when their own begin to die, especially in ways they cannot explain, they panic. They are dangerous because when their own die, they become obsessed with finding out why, because they do not want to be next. Humans are dangerous because they are curious and persistent.” Pascal’s tone, like his expression, is more serious than it has ever been before. “And if you trigger this panicked curiosity, you will make other vampires angry. This is why humans are dangerous.”

Ricardo can’t tell if they’ve been walking for a long time or not. This is more information in a few minutes than he had managed to piece together from five years of eavesdropping and inference. “I will tell you about it, Ricardo! I will tell you stories so you know I am serious,” says Pascal. “Ones you have maybe heard about. In the late 1800s, in England, there was a vampire who fed as he pleased, and he caused panic in London. I think he was of no house. Even vampires use the name he used among humans, just calling himself ‘Jack.’ He made the humans so frightened that it was nearly impossible for any other vampire in the city to feed cautiously. It took them less than a month to find him and kill him.”

That’s a mystery solved, Ricardo thinks dryly.

“Even nobility are not exempt from this,” Pascal continues. “One of my own house! My sire’s own cousin, the Countess Elizabeth Bathory, fed as she pleased, far more than she needed, and with frivolous brutality. She was not at all cautious, and rumors spread quickly, and the panic among humans was enough that many correctly guessed at her vampirism. Being nobility of course she could not simply be murdered, but she was locked in a room and starved to death. They say she survived four years without blood, even so, because she had fed so opulently before.” Pascal pauses, tilting his head. “I think that is just a story, though. Even a very old vampire cannot survive more than five or six months, and she was not much older than I am at the time. But what I mean to tell you is that if you disturb the hunting grounds, you will never be safe from the wrath of other vampires! That is why you must be quiet and cautious, and eat no more than you need. Maybe humans will never catch you, but vampires who are being made to fast because you have caused uproar will find you, and they will be angry.”

“Okay, okay, got it. Don’t make other vampires angry by risking a scene.” Ricardo cracks his neck. “What else? There have to be risks, besides starvation and murder.”

“Well, yes. But they are easy to avoid. You will live forever if you are careful.” They’re crossing a bridge, now, and Pascal’s eyes flick to the side. “Learn to fear water, Ricardo.”


“I know. To a human it is the most harmless thing in the world. And you will find that man made things - like a shower, or a bathtub, or, euhhh, man made canals, fountains - these things are harmless. But a river, or an ocean, a waterfall - these things you must be wary of.” Pascal’s hands are tight on his elbow until they’ve crossed to the other side, and then he relaxes. “If you fall into natural water, you will sink to the bottom right away, and you will be unable to do anything but walk on the bottom to get out. But even this you will be unable to do, because you will be mad with pain. Especially in running water, anything with a current - rivers are the worst, and the ocean is as bad. You will be unable to think, or to reason, or to do anything to save yourself - but of course you will not drown. If you fall into a river or something, I will be unable to walk in and save you, and you will suffer forever. Do you understand?”

“I -” Ricardo exhales. “You know, this is the kind of shit I wish I would have known earlier.”

“And this is why I say to you I thought certainly you would not survive,” Pascal replies lightly. He giggles then, nervously. “To travel between America and my home, I used to need to take these long boat journeys, over and over again. It was so frightening. I was mad with fear, the entire time I was on the boat. All I could think of was if the ship would wreck, maybe, and that would be the end of Pascal.” He then changes the subject, brightly. “Of course you have found sunlight will not kill you!”

“Yeah. Spent a good month or two avoiding it, though, no thanks to you,” Ricardo scowls. “It does hurt, though. Gives me a headache. And I can’t see in it.”

“Yes, that’s true. But you’re young, and so it doesn’t really hurt you. Vampires who are very old, maybe two thousand years or older, for them sunlight can be truly dangerous. This is one of the reasons for the system of wards and sires. You cannot defend a castle if you are always asleep and vulnerable in the daytime! But if you have young wards, who are resistant to sunlight and can function in the day - even if it hurts them - then you are safe, you see?” Pascal presses the fingers of his free hand to his lips, smiling. “But it is still better to stay out of it. The less you expose yourself, the longer you will last without it harming you. But I love sunshine, and so I go out in it more than I should. Probably it will become dangerous to me when I am only five hundred or so.”
No. 898842 ID: 270774
File 153509211062.png - (32.05KB , 800x525 , 62.png )

>what are most sires supposed to be doing re: teaching the vampires they turn?
>how do other vampires act as sires?
>Are there any other taboos we need to know about?
>Big vampire taboos besides the one he did to you?

“So everyone else was supposed to know this already,” Ricardo points out. “Normally I would have learned this from the beginning.”

Pascal grins bashfully. “Well, yes.”

“And when you talk about sires, it always sounds like they’re the masters, and wards are servants. Is that how it always is?”

“Mostly,” Pascal says. “At least in the Cradle - euhh, this is the term for, euh, it is hard to explain - the collection of the houses, in eastern Europe mostly, but also Spain and Italy and some houses in France participate - it is the collective of vampiric authority to which I belong. And for these houses, the system of ward and sire is very strictly held, and it is always one of service and loyalty. Sometimes for others, a sire and a ward can be as mentor and student, or very rarely as lovers - even more rarely than this, like a parent and a child. But never for vampires of the Cradle.” He considers, then his cheekbones tint. “Well, as lovers, maybe a little. It is very common for wards to fall in love with their sires. So common that there are lots of jokes about it. But it is not taken seriously.” He grins up at him. “Luckily you will never have to worry about this, since you hate me!”

“Yeah,” Ricardo replies bluntly. “Anyway, what other important things am I missing? Taboos, like what you did to me?”

“Euhh…. there is only one thing worse than to turn a ward and then abandon it, and that is to turn a child.” Pascal’s tone is a little grim. “It is cruel. The body will stop, but the mind and the heart grow. We are not meant to have children, but vampires in their desperation will try to do this, like playing dress-up with a doll. Always, the ward with the body of a child will go mad, maybe in as little as a hundred years. You cannot ever have a child - this is something we must accept, and so we grow our lineage by siring wards. To try and bend this is forbidden.”

“Makes sense.”

“The other thing that is forbidden is to turn someone who is on the verge of death, by natural causes,” Pascal continues. “This is only because too often something will go wrong. They are already between planes - to try to overlap this, with the transformation, this is inviting disaster. Too often they end up, euhhh, empty - like there is no consciousness in them. Or something has gone wrong, with death doubled on death, and then you create a vampire who does not regenerate properly, and is suffering always, but who cannot truly be killed - to attempt to destroy the body does nothing. Then there is nothing you can do for them. This is cruel, too.”
No. 898843 ID: 270774
File 153509213273.png - (83.87KB , 800x525 , 63.png )

>Why am I so HORNY all the time???
>Why is my dick like this?
>why are vampires so darn horny all the time?!
>You mentioned my eyes, that they aren’t red. Are they supposed to be?
>Do vampires get stronger with age?
>Do vampires have any special abilities like magic?
>What is Pascal's source of income?
>Hypno powers for feeding, do we have them?

“Well, I don't have to worry about that,” Ricardo mutters. “I’ll never turn anyone.” He racks his mind for more questions, and finds them quickly. “Earlier, you said something about my eyes not being red. Are they supposed to be?”

“Oh! Well, yes, but it is mostly just an expression.” Pascal waves his hand loosely. “Euhhh, there is an English phrase like it… what was it…” He suddenly snaps his fingers in triumph. “To have wet ears! Your ears are wet! It means the same thing!”

“I don't know what you're fucking saying,” says Ricardo.

“Is just meaning you are so young! They will turn red when you have fed enough. Your body is still changing!” Pascal pats his arm lightly. “This is also why you are always so horny.”

“I’m not always horny-”

“I hear you in the shower already, stupid boy. It is normal! The appetites of a vampire are different than a human, and you are adjusting.” There's a bounce back in Pascal’s step again. “It doesn't lessen, but you'll learn to control yourself. And you’ll grow stronger, too. There is a lot to look forward to.”

“What about-” This is another thing that feels stupid to ask about. “What about powers. Abilities. Things like shapeshifting.”

“Oh! Maybe I can teach you to do the bat!” Pascal exclaims. “Or maybe not. I am not so good at the bat. It is the second form I learned, and I do not have the affinity for it, and so when I try to do the bat, I am too big, and the head is the wrong shape, and I cannot fly, so-”

“The bat bores me,” Ricardo interrupts, bewildered. “Had it in a year. I figured out others, too.”

“Really?!” Pascal is bouncing, still clinging to his arm. Ricardo scowls. “That is so exciting! How advanced! Ricardo, I am so relieved! To have more than one, this means you have an affinity for it! Ah, I’m so relieved. Everyone chooses the bat, because it is convenient and small, and bats do not look out of place anywhere in the world, and I really mess up when I did not take it first! So I’m so relieved to hear you can do it!”

“No thanks to you,” Ricardo repeats, irritated. “You keep saying affinity. What does that mean?”

“Euhhhh, well, a vampire may have potential for some ability when they are turned. We call it pricepere. Some are simply far advanced in physical strength, some are like you and can shapeshift into many things, and hold this transformation for longer-”

“And you?” Ricardo cuts in. “What can you do?”

Pascal laughs, sheepishly. “Oh. Ehehe. Well, to cement my being so good for nothing, my affinity is for hypnosis, ahaha.”

He blinks, uncomprehending. “How is that - isn't that useful?”

Pascal releases Ricardo’s arm, going back to swinging his hands lightly. “Well, now that I live by myself, among humans. It is an easy way to hunt, and to find places to stay, and to avoid detection if I get into trouble. But I remind you I was never meant to live this way! I am a Bathory. I was meant to stay always in the Lord Marquess’ castle. So what good is an affinity that can only be used on humans? When I spend all my days around vampires, and my food is brought to me, subdued?” Pascal smiles at him, ruefully. “Besides, even for wards who do not live always in their sire’s homes, to hunt using hypnosis is looked down upon. It is for the lazy and weak.”
No. 898844 ID: dbf422

Was Ricardo less than heroic as a human, or is the sociopathy new?
No. 898846 ID: 270774
File 153509229942.png - (14.65KB , 800x525 , 64a.png )

>How many vampires are there?
>tell us more about the different houses
>Is there a way for a vampire to live on their own, unconnected to any of the court drama or to other vampires?

“Hm.” Ricardo doesn’t know how long they’ve been walking, but he isn’t tired. He’s never tired, anymore. They’ve passed several clusters of bars and nightclubs, and they’ve kept walking each time, because they aren’t finished talking. “So if other vampires are the only thing I have to be worried about, how worried do I have to be? What’s the spread?”

“Ah, I cannot possibly estimate,” Pascal says, shaking his head. “But in any developed city, I think I can say there will be at least a half dozen vampires. Of course, this is for tiny cities. The larger the town, the more and more vampires there will be. And this is only the estimate for American cities. We live more thickly together in Europe, because of the coven system, and because of the security the Cradle affords us, and because many sires do not allow their wards to leave the city or country in which their estate is.”

“Tell me more about the Cradle,” says Ricardo.

“Ah… I can tell you a little about the families. They all participate in enforcement and in organization of all vampires in their jurisdiction, and vampires who have spread from Cradle families are all considered still to be part of it, even ones who live abroad like myself. Many, many American vampires can actually trace their lineage back to the Cradle, and thus are still under their authority.” Pascal tugs on Ricardo’s sleeve again, a little hesitantly. “This applies to you as well, though I know you will hate it. Technically, you are the property of the Lord Marquess.”

“The hell I am,” Ricardo snarls immediately.

“You see! I know you will hate it. But they probably will not try to force this too much, because you are not particularly desirable,” Pascal says. Ricardo furrows his brow a little at that. “Euh, but yes, my house of course is the house of Bathory, beloved to the voivode, and one of the most powerful. The Lord Marquess Constantin is the current head of house, and is set to become a Prince of Transylvania if he reaches his one thousandth birthday in the voivode’s good graces. There are also the Medicis, who have much influence in western Europe and in the United States, and the Romanovs, who control much of the vampiric territories to the east of the Balkans.” He pauses, and his eyes lid. “And also there is the house of Habsburg, who are of pig shit, and look and taste and smell of pig shit, and who have earned nothing that they have, and whose blood is sewer mud dressed up in jewels.”

“Uhuh,” says Ricardo. “What’s all that about?”


“The Habsburgs. Why do you hate them?”

“Oh!” Pascal waves his hand absently. “I don’t remember! Ahaha! But of course I do hate them, because they are enemy to my house, and it is a travesty that they are allowed to continue in the Cradle at all, but I suppose their influence cannot be contested.” He tilts his head to the side, his hair bouncing against Ricardo’s shoulder with each step. “Oh. And I suppose there is the house of Babenburg, but to tell you the truth, I do not know why they are considered a house, because ‘they’ are only the Duke Cecil Babenburg of Vienna, alone, and he has no real vampiric lineage to speak of, and only some two hundred wards who are all of common stock! Really he is only a mercenary company, and - oh.” His hand flashes up to cover his mouth, and he gives Ricardo a look laced with mischief. “He is close friends with the Lord Marquess. Perhaps it is better I don’t say things like this.”

Ricardo returns the look impassively. “And what about if I don’t care about any of this shit? How do I opt out?”

“Euh…. well…. for me, I cannot. Ahaha! But … it’s like I said. You could, maybe.” Pascal is winding a lock of hair around his finger, eyes on the sidewalk as he thinks. “Of course my aim is to one day be taken back by my sire, when you tire of this silly idea of killing him. But of course you would not come with me. I would tell him I have no idea where you are. And many vampires in this country live disconnected from the Cradle, even if that is where their lineage lies, because once you are far removed enough from bloodlines that need to be preserved, they will not waste time or resources to track you down, and you can live as though you were sired outside the Cradle entirely. Vampires in this country tend to move from city to city constantly, and they congregate not in covens made of wards of the same sire, but in loose groups called dens, which are based only in location, and are temporary… and you will only contribute to a den as much as is convenient to you, instead of being bound to it always, the way wards of the cradle are bound to their covens. If this is an idea that pleases you, it is something you could do.”

He releases the lock of hair, and it bounces away from his face, lifted by the dark breeze. “Of course, I could never live like this, so I don’t think of it. I think only of returning to my sire’s side, now.”
No. 898847 ID: 270774
File 153509232521.png - (74.13KB , 800x525 , 65.png )

>What's your sire actually like, Pascal?
>Why did your sire dismiss you?
>Why are you ok with dying just to see your sire?

“You keep talking about him.” They’re finally reaching the center of town, where lights spread out down below a sloped two-lane street like a spiderweb. Their footsteps pick up a little on the steep incline. “This sire of yours. But what kind of person is he, really?”

Pascal is quiet for a while. Ricardo can only see his eyes on every other step, when his hair sways out of his face and the streetlamps catch his fluorescent retinas. “He is beautiful,” he says finally, quietly, “and he is powerful, and he pursues his desires without mercy.” Pascal has worked his hands into his back pockets, and as he steps down the inclined sidewalk he seems almost weightless between footsteps. “This is all a vampire needs to be. He is the essence of vampirism, and he has perfected it.”

None of that is impressive to Ricardo. He’s not sure if it’s human to vampire culture shock, or if he and Pascal are just so fundamentally different that they’ll never be able to see this the same way. Pascal glances back at him, eyes large and glowing in the dimness.

“We will probably meet vampires who will say they disapprove of him. There are people who disagree with the way the house of Bathory raises wards, or how my master places his leisure above all things.” Again, when his head moves, his retinas catch the sparse light like camera flashes. “But you will find no wards more loyal to their sire than those of the house of Bathory. None.”

“But you said he dismissed you. Why?”

Pascal turns away and his hair lifts, weightless again, as they descend a short flight of concrete stairs. “This is another thing I do not feel like talking about, but that I feel I owe you. You may as well know my other failures.” They round a corner, and there are more lights at the end of the street, clustered and blurry.

“I have told you already that Bathory wards do not leave the ancestral home - only if they are emissaries, or if they are part of the military force. There is no reason for someone like me to ever leave the Lord Marquess’ side. But of course when the emissaries and guards and soldiers come back, they were always telling stories of the outside world, and how humans move so quickly, like - well, there was no word for it then, but like fast-forward, everything changing constantly just because they can do it, and it was so fascinating to me. I wanted very badly to see it. And because I was beloved to the Lord Marquess, he was indulgent with me, and when I begged him to let me travel, and told him about how excited I was, he made an exception that had never been made before. He told me I could have fifty years to travel as I pleased, as long as I had an attendant, and as long as I returned to him once every year.”

Pascal’s voice is a little distant, clipped and short, and Ricardo has to listen a little harder to hear him now than before. “This was unheard of. There was a little unrest through the house, but I was very spoiled, and he denied me very little. It is as I said, I was very afraid of traveling by sea, so to take that journey twice a year was daunting to me when what I wanted very badly was to see the new world especially, but I decided I would do anything to be able to see the world on my own.”

He pauses for a second to get their bearings, then leads Ricardo up a side street, another sloped one, to reach a spot from which they can survey the busy street below. “There isn’t much else to say. At one point, near the end of the fifty years - well. It is not that I forgot. It was very close to the end of the year, and there were - just, ah, I don’t know, it seems so stupid now. Just stupid little things, I wanted to do and see, that I would have missed, and - he had been less attentive to me the last times I visited, and I thought maybe he would not mind.” They reach a paved outcropping with a railing, and below them, people mill between bars and restaurants, with globe lights strung between each side of the narrow street. Pascal grips the railing in his hands and leans forward. “I sent him a letter saying I could not make it back in time that year.”

His laugh is soft, nearly swallowed up by the chatter and bustle below. “Stupid. Such a mistake, only someone truly stupid and useless could make. What he asked of me was so simple. Of course he was furious with me, to be so disobedient and ungrateful. I was called back immediately, and punished. And then he told me that if I could not even be bothered to come back once a year, then I did not deserve to come back at all, and so I was cast out then.”

Ricardo watches his back, which seems even smaller than usual silhouetted against the glow of the storefronts. He can’t understand any of this. “And you would be willing to die? For that? To see someone like that again?”

Pascal relaxes against the railing. “When I was cast out, he told me that perhaps in one hundred years, if I were to learn to behave myself, perhaps he would take me back.” Then he’s laughing again, the same airy one as always, and the heavy aura that had been hanging around him dissipates immediately. “But I am impatient, and to improve myself is too hard! If I can just see him once more, I will be satisfied. That’s fine for me.”
No. 898848 ID: 270774

No. 898849 ID: 270774
File 153509236764.png - (64.50KB , 800x525 , 66.png )

Ricardo doesn’t know what to say, and his head hurts, anyway, from too much information in too short a time, and all of it essentially destructive to the foundations of his understanding of the world. He tries to think of something lighter to ask.

>Top or bottom?
>How kinky are vampires?
>ask him what his dicks like
>Do vampires like bloodplay?
>Is "being good at sex" one of the things a vampire sire is meant to teach new vamps?

These questions float immediately to the top of his mind, but thanks to his Preventative Quadruple Hog Crank technique earlier in the evening, he resists.

>What's Pascal's favourite band?
>What's Pascal's favorite vampire media thing?
>whats up with a big ass pendant
>what’s up with the gaudy necklace

“Hey, Pascal. I’m gonna ask you some personal questions.”

Pascal turns around, leaning back against the railing, still laughing. “This last question was so personal already! What else can you pester me with?”

For some reason, the conversation right before they left has been sticking in Ricardo’s mind. “What’s your…” He’s inexplicably having a hard time getting it out. “... favorite band.”

Pascal’s expression opens in surprise, then collapses into giggles. “Catching up on so many years of knowledge, and this is what you want to know from me, now? Stupid boy.” He turns his head to the side, swaying slightly as he thinks. “This is too hard. I have to think of two hundred and fifty years of music, now. I am too lazy for this question. Ah, just anything I can dance to! I like to dance better than anything else in the world.” A pause. “Except maybe to fuck!”

“Alright,” Ricardo grumbles, trying to nip that one in the bud. “Not what I asked.”

“Well, how about this.” Pascal’s grinning. “If you put a stake to my heart and make me choose, I say Mindless Self Indulgence.”

Ricardo snorts, in spite of himself, and again the feeling of it is startling. Pascal has relaxed entirely. “Okay, how about this. All that fiction about vampires, you like any of that? Read it? Any Bram Stoker under your belt?”

“I will tell you what you can find under my belt,” Pascal replies, with an immediacy that seems almost rehearsed. Ricardo groans.

“Answer the question.”

“Okay, okay. You know, I loved that movie, Interview With The Vampire. It was hilarious and it got lots of things right. Besides this… hm. You know, I also loved that Twilight series, only because it was so funny to me that it so brazenly just made things up. And for once the vampire in it was a real asshole.”

Pascal saying “asshole” in English is somehow Ricardo’s breaking point, and he lets out the first real laugh in five years. He covers it in a cough, looking away quickly, and Pascal is looking far too eager to jump on that slip-up so he quickly looks for a distraction. One of the flashing lights below them is catching on Pascal’s necklace.

“Hey, one more thing. What’s up with the pendant?” Ricardo nods at it, curtly. “Magical artifact? Source of all your vampiric power?”

Pascal freezes, a little surprised, then smiles broadly. “This silly thing? No. I just like it. Is my favorite.” He walks over to Ricardo, holding it up in his hand. “Look, it is just a cheap little thing. The gem in the center is only glass.” He taps it demonstratively with one long nail. “When I was younger, I would never wear something so gaudy and cheap-looking. I thought too much of myself. Now I don’t care. I think it is fun, and it suits me. So that’s good enough.”
No. 898850 ID: 270774
File 153509238227.png - (88.45KB , 800x525 , 67.png )

>Is eternity really that easy to appreciate? Especially if you don’t have anyone to share with.

Ricardo can smell the perfume off Pascal’s neck, and from this close he’s looking down at the other’s eyelashes fanned against his cheeks, two dark crescents. He doesn’t like him, but right now he doesn’t hate him, either. He might just be tired. “You keep saying vampires live in pairs, at least. You also keep casually saying you might want to die. And then you keep talking as if immortality is a gift.”

Pascal doesn’t look up at him. “All these things can be true at once. I can be going through - how do you say it. Ehehe. A rough patch.”

“Is eternity really that easy to appreciate?” Ricardo keeps staring down at him. Part of him is hoping Pascal will look up at him, only so he can try to read his face. “Especially if you don’t have anyone to share it with?”

Pascal’s thumb moves once over the surface of the pendant, then he drops it. It bounces noiselessly against his chest. “There is no happiness for me outside of my coven,” he says, simply. “I cannot find happiness with other vampires. It is useless for me to try.” A laugh, again, loud and aimless. “So it is good I am so self-absorbed! At least I enjoy thinking only of myself.”

Ricardo can’t think of anything to say. Pascal bumps lightly against his side, and he doesn’t shove him away.

“You know. If you ever gave up this stupid idea, and instead just decided to try to live on your own, once I have taught you enough for you to get along.” Pascal still isn’t looking at him. “Maybe you will hate this idea, because you think being a vampire is so terrible, but don’t get angry at me for offering, okay?”

“Mm,” says Ricardo. He’s not going to hand out any get-out-of-jail-free cards tonight.

“Sometimes, when young vampires want to - when they want to have a loved one join them,” Pascal begins, slowly. “A lover, or family. It is very difficult. It can be dangerous. They do not know how to do it well, and it is very hard to turn someone that way - when it’s someone you care about, and they are crying out in pain, to not stop, and to make sure you drink all of them.” Pascal twists his fingers together, idly. “If there was anyone like that, who you wanted to have with you in this life. I am already in trouble for siring without permission. A few more is nothing. I could do that for you, and then you could live in happiness - they would not hunt you. They’d be satisfied with me alone.” His hair is obscuring his face, even when Ricardo tries to crane his neck back to read him. “It is nice to have someone, for always. And I owe you.”
No. 898852 ID: 2e3701

Tell him you couldn’t do this to anyone.

But thank him for the offer, it does sound like it means a lot for him to make it.
No. 898859 ID: 5cd369

well, ricardo doesnt. uh. have a lover, really. and turning /another/ person without their consent wouldnt be in line with our human morals. but hey! youre both alone! that means you can stiiiick togeeeetheeeer for now
No. 898860 ID: a62780

Does Ricardo even have someone like that?
It's a weirdly thoughtful offer, even if it never gets taken up.
No. 898861 ID: 3b63d3

so like, he left your body somewhere in the street for three days? did no humans see you and go "hey, there's a weird bloodless corpse over there, what's up with that"? did other vampires pick you up or something
No. 898868 ID: a62974

300 people in five years? HOW?
No. 898875 ID: a62974

I feel a little bit bad for Pascal now...but not much
No. 898876 ID: 368c51

That's 300 victims in 260 weeks; not impossible if he stuck to the homeless and moved around fairly frequently.
No. 898877 ID: dbf422

Ricardo isn't turning anyone. And if he was, he'd ask first, stupid as that might be. But that's never going to happen anyway.

Hmm, I also have thoughts on hypnosis but it doesn't seem the time right this second.
No. 898883 ID: a62974

Because of the craving thing, do vampires need to eat constantly or once a week?
No. 899090 ID: 270774
File 153525616525.png - (31.60KB , 800x525 , 68.png )

The offer disgusts Ricardo. Still, it seems sincere - and he doesn’t feel bad for Pascal, but he does feel like there’s a lot about him that he doesn’t know. He stops himself from snapping about it.

“Even if I had anyone like that, I would never do this to them.” He shifts away from Pascal, slightly, and whatever unnamed tension had been sitting in the other’s shoulders breaks and falls away.

“Well, then! Let nobody say I did not offer, and when anyone you like begins to grow old and die, you don’t come crying to me.” Pascal grips the railing again and stretches backwards, until he’s grinning at Ricardo upside-down. “Are you hungry?”

Ricardo rolls his shoulders, slow and aggressive, his head held low like a dog’s. “Yeah.”

“Ahaha! I thought so. Here, we hunt now.” Pascal straightens up again and leans forward over the rail, surveying the street below. Ricardo comes to stand beside him. There’s a beat of hesitation, in which Pascal’s fingers reach up to toy with his own curls again. “Does it bother you? Feeding? The way it used to for me?”

“No.” Ricardo finds himself irritated by the way Pascal’s fidgeting always ends with his hair in his eyes - his hand twitches, an urge to push it back into place, and he resists. “It’s them or me. I have to eat. And it isn’t my fault that I’m like this.”

“Ah, how cold!” Pascal smiles into his hand. “But that must be easier for you, then. The guilt was nothing but trouble for me.”

“I’m not interested in the morality of it,” Ricardo mutters. “It’s how things are. Everyone does what they have to to survive. That’s how it was when I was alive, too.”
No. 899091 ID: 270774
File 153525617889.png - (146.07KB , 800x525 , 69.png )

Pascal is chuckling softly at him. Ricardo doesn’t care for that shit at all. “So this is when you’re gonna actually teach me some useful things, right?” He glances to the side, and Pascal’s eyes are moving too quickly for him to track, skittering between each individual human milling through the loose crowd. Whenever’s Pascal’s gaze slows, he tries to follow it, to see what caught his attention, but the moment is always too fleeting.

“Not yet,” Pascal replies, finally. “First I want to see the damage, ehehe. To see what I have to teach and unteach.”

He spreads one arm out, laying out the street of bars and restaurants, like a host showing off the spread at a banquet. “So, you show me! Select prey and hunt as you always do.”
No. 899093 ID: 8b438a

we need new clothes so. someone around our size
No. 899094 ID: aedfd9

Someone our size. Tell them you uh, saw a lost wallet on the ground and you want them to go look at it. In this alleyway. Alone.
No. 899099 ID: 2a4856

Well, your usual fare of the homeless and forgettable isn't going to work. So, scope out your options, keep an eye out for someone your size in decent clothes who looks like he might be up for a good time with someone broody and rugged.
No. 899101 ID: a17473

pick someone handsome and stylish. like you!! you need a good outfit to impress pascal
No. 899102 ID: 70df1e

someone around our size is a good start, or someone wearing very baggy clothes. a wallflower type of person would be good, someone who isn't too noticeable, or won't be missed.

lying doesn't seem to be a strong suit, so maybe wait for an opportune time to grab someone and pull them into an alley, or lure them away from the rest of the crowd? its dark, and people can't see well, it doesn't have to be perfect.
No. 899108 ID: dbf422

Somewhere loud. Find someone your size and wait to see if they go to the restroom. Follow them, check for others, wait for them to finish, then choke them out. You want those clothes blood free so get those off before you feed.
No. 899123 ID: bb78f2

Well we went after vagrants, so find the strongest hobo.
No. 899135 ID: c9d659

no homeless people, their clothes likely wouldnt be good. and nobody thats in a group.
that big guy crossing the street, maybe? lets follow them
No. 899154 ID: a307f1

With clothes shopping as a consideration, maybe the big guy in the middle of the street there, heading into the building. Maybe tail him into the crowd and wait til he heads to the bathroom and hope you luck out and he's alone in there. There is, however, a lot of potential for sloppiness there.

If you want it to be quick and easy, there's that guy sitting against the wall far off from everyone. He looks like his life sucks, maybe he wont put up too much fight. Plus he looks easiest to isolate.

I also dont like the looks of the guy in the top left, leaning against the railing. He just looks like an asshole, I kinda wanna kill him just cause I hate him.
No. 899177 ID: 2ff745

The guy in the middle of the street seems bigger than average, and like he's alone. It might complicate things that he seems to be heading into the building on the corner, which is crowded, but it's more important that we be careful than fast. Tail him and see if he seems suitable - if not, we can find someone better inside.

If we can do this without talking to anyone, all the better, because Ricardo is . . . not great at that. But we might have to do some skill-building here.
No. 899267 ID: 270774
File 153538547239.png - (148.37KB , 800x525 , 70.png )

The guy alone on the balcony of the club across the way looks like an asshole, and Ricardo kind of wants to eat him just because of his asshole vibes. But he’s small enough that his clothes won’t be useful, and the balcony has a few other people there - it’s quiet enough that nobody would be able to go up there unnoticed, but has enough people that it’s a complicated number of witnesses.

There’s another man who looks more like Ricardo’s normal fare sitting on the sidewalk closer to their perch, drinking out of a paper bag - but his clothes are worse off than Ricardo’s own, and at any rate, an easy kill like that isn’t going to impress Pascal--

Ricardo catches himself and shakes the thought off. This isn’t about impressing Pascal. It’s about dinner and a change of clothes.

His eyes finally settle on someone crossing the street - a man his size, seemingly without a group, pretty well-dressed and in good shape.
No. 899268 ID: 270774
File 153538548132.png - (134.36KB , 800x525 , 71.png )

Ricardo wants that damn jacket.
No. 899269 ID: 270774
File 153538549417.png - (97.62KB , 800x525 , 72.png )

He follows the mark into the club, which seems popular, but not crowded enough to be hellish - although any concentration of people at all is too much for Ricardo, frankly, and that’s an atittude that was true for him in life, too.

The man he’s tailing settles alone at the bar, and Ricardo flounders as he watches him signal for the bartender. Until now, he’s just been grabbing people off the sidewalk, crushing their windpipes so they can’t scream, and eating them behind dumpsters in alleyways. He is currently completely out of his depth.
No. 899271 ID: aedfd9

Offer to buy him a drink. But not like, in a dating way? Unless he wants it to be in a dating way? Uh? Bud lite lime? Know any fun alleyways around here?
No. 899274 ID: 0d6acf

put on the charm
No. 899278 ID: dbf422

Don't offer to buy him anything, pay for what he's already bought without asking. Then ask for whatever he's having and sit near him.

You do have money, right?
No. 899279 ID: a307f1

alright here's the gameplan. put on your sexiest charm, if you're even capable of sexy charm, and flirt this guy up. get him swooning. or at least get him horny. then propose you two go somewhere quieter together.
No. 899280 ID: 11b5c9

can you seduce him without like, opening your mouth and speaking. wiggle your eyebrows or something. make a sexy face
No. 899281 ID: bcf467

yes ricardo, seduce the guy. oh my god.
No. 899282 ID: db1396

Sit down next to him, say "hey" then shut your mouth. Order two drinks and shove one his way, then let him engage with you, nodding and gruff chuckling are acceptable, anything else is a no go.
No. 899287 ID: 4ac654

pay for his drink, definitely—assuming you have money!! then, uh, turn on the charm?? you have that, right??
No. 899293 ID: bb78f2

Is this a gay bar?
No. 899295 ID: 194b7a

seconded, no talking unless it'd b awkward 2 keep quiet! interpersonal skills aren't our strongsuit but we have a good Demeanor otherwise
No. 899296 ID: 70df1e

seduce your mark but no talking speedrun. if you buy him a drink you will clip directly into the bathroom where you can drink his blood.

but seriously dont open your mouth ricardo do not blow this for us
No. 899300 ID: a62780

Stick to fairly comfortable territory, leave the fancy seduction stuff to Pascal. Besides, you might not be the guy's type in the first place.
All you need now is the opportunity, which could be as simple as when he goes to the bathroom.
No. 899301 ID: 270774
File 153541402957.png - (138.12KB , 800x525 , 73.png )

A glance around indicates that this isn’t necessarily a gay bar, but trying to get the guy alone still seems like the best option, so it’s worth a shot. Ricardo quickly takes inventory of his past successes in the area of seduction, which are relatively sparse.

All his successes have resulted when some sexually aggressive twink overflowing with raw confidence has approached him and ended up managing to tug him along. All his failures have resulted literally any time he has tried to initiate.

Ricardo decides it’s probably best to keep his mouth shut as much as possible.
No. 899302 ID: 270774
File 153541404356.png - (92.58KB , 800x525 , 74.png )

He sits down next to the guy and waves the bartender over. Once he has her attention, he jabs his finger against the bartop, next to Jacket Guy’s drink. “I’m paying for that.” A beat, and then he retrieves his hand. “And one more. For me.”

Jacket Guy is looking at him. He figures if he’s not going to talk, he might as well make eye contact.

“Hey,” says Ricardo, as non-threateningly as he can.
No. 899303 ID: 270774
File 153541405409.png - (62.58KB , 800x525 , 75.png )

“Uh. Thanks, buddy, that’s cool of you,” says Jacket Guy.

Buddy. Oh boy. A dent appears between Ricardo’s eyebrows.

This guy is probably straight.
No. 899304 ID: 270774
File 153541407675.png - (85.24KB , 800x525 , 76.png )

There’s a familiar giggle, halfway across the room - not something Ricardo would have been able to hear if he were still human, but to a vampire, easy to pick out. He glances over his shoulder, and his similarly freaky vampiric vision picks out Pascal - the older vampire had followed him in to watch, somehow without him noticing, and is watching him over someone’s back.

Great. Excellent. Fantastic.

Pascal enthusiastically mimes a blowjob over his dance partner’s shoulder - how the hell does he already have a dance partner - and Ricardo turns away again, fuming. He can’t tell if Pascal is just making fun of him, or if that was a suggestion.
No. 899305 ID: 270774
File 153541409174.png - (61.95KB , 800x525 , 77.png )

“You’re lookin’ kind of rough there,” Jacket Guy says, bluntly. Ricardo refocuses his attention. “Long day?”

Shit. God. Talking. Communication. Ricardo, in the absence of any other idea what he should do, nods.

“Me too. Bello’s isn’t the best place to unwind, but at least it doesn’t get obnoxious in here.” Jacket Guy takes a leisurely swig of his drink. “You look like you like quiet.”

Ricardo nods. That seems to be going okay, so far.

“What do you do all day that puts you in such a bad mood, huh?”

Shit. Nodding won’t work for this. The bartender brings his drink and Ricardo drains it, to buy time while he thinks of a response.
No. 899307 ID: bb78f2

I've done a lot of things in my life, roofing, bouncing, training, today, and for the last few years I did bounty hunting. It was extremely disappointing. Today is my last day, and I'm facing an existential crisis, again. In another strange city after finding my last guy, and I just wanted to get to a bar to cool down in. I think after that I'll join a circus and do magic tricks. Just got to learn a few good ones.

I do like quiet. I like words too, not good with 'em though. You better? What do you do?
No. 899308 ID: 55dba4

Gruff laugh + 4 words "boring computer stuff, you?"

Keep it simple. This is going well.

If he notices you looking at Pascal "confess" you were hoping to make your boyfriend jealous because he's being how he is, but you get that's not happening. Maybe apply gruff laugh.
No. 899309 ID: b54723

You're a bouncer and it pisses you off.
No. 899310 ID: b54723

tell him your dick is big and you wanna go to pound town on him
No. 899312 ID: a62780

Might as well stick close to the truth, lies just complicate things, especially if he happens to have a decent bullshit detector.

Came looking for this guy who wronged you, planning to get even. You find the guy, only for it to turn out he wasn't malicious, he just fucked up and ran away. So now you've got to deal with the fact you've spent a lot of time and effort hating a person who didn't even really exist.
No. 899313 ID: 194b7a

something simple- i like the bouncer idea, you look the type. literally just say bouncer, or w/e, don't go into detail!! this is going ok so far, dont f*ck it up by talking too much lol
No. 899315 ID: 8b438a

yeah, met up with someone i haven't seen in a while. it was... interesting

cross your arms on the bar. show off your guns!!!!
No. 899316 ID: f0088f

Taxes. Other people's taxes. Just all day. Numbers numbers numbers. Haha, so much math. All those taxes I do, I could fill up a pool with 'em. Fancy a blowie?
No. 899317 ID: aedfd9

"Oh, you know."

That, OR say you just met up with a one night stand after five years and it was awkward.
No. 899318 ID: 6bed2a

come on ricardo gather your meager social skills. tell him you've been travelling all day for work (technically trying to murder pascal is work) and that you were also looking to unwind.
No. 899319 ID: 0d6acf

Something close to the truth, you don't need to say a lot. careful not to be a big downer tho
No. 899332 ID: 1d2ffa

youre doing great! relax your facial muscles and try not to look/sound like a serial killer (which, like, you technically are, but it doesnt have to show.)

say any of the other suggestions, idk, just make it sound like you really hate your job so he doesnt pursue the topic and we dont have to make more stuff up. say youre looking to unwind, let go of some tension.

youve got to show pascal you can Do Things. think about how smug you will be once youve successfully persuaded a human to go somewhere alone with you! thats like, big vampire skills, right?
No. 899364 ID: dbf422

"Got dumped, just trying to think about anything else."
No. 899386 ID: 270774
File 153546399975.png - (76.10KB , 800x525 , 78.png )

“I’m a bouncer,” Ricardo finally replies, as he sets his glass down. This actually isn't completely untrue - he's spent most of his time working odd jobs, from bartending to crowd security to construction, and standing at a club door looking scary has frequently been the paycheck of the month. He signals for another drink. “It pisses me off.”

“Well, yeah. The definition of that job is dealing with assholes.” Jacket Guy takes another sip of his drink, looking amused. “You look more than just long-workday-upset, though.”

Ricardo struggles to relax his facial muscles. He doesn't really know how. “This is just what my face looks like,” he protests.

That gets a laugh out of Jacket Guy, short and low. Ricardo hears that lilting giggle across the room again and tightens his hand on his glass.
No. 899387 ID: 270774
File 153546401593.png - (69.08KB , 800x525 , 79.png )

“See, there, look,” Jacket Guy says. He gestures loosely at Ricardo’s shoulders. “You're all worked up.”

Ricardo exhales. “Okay. Truth is I traveled all day to meet…” The guy who killed me. “...a one night stand, from a long time ago.” This drink he at least makes last two swallows, instead of one. “And he wasn't what I expected.”

“Yikes,” says Jacket Guy.

Ricardo keeps his glass between his hands, idly scooting it back and forth between his palms. “So. Trying to unwind, from that.”

“Okay, so let me review.” Jacket Guy finally finishes his drink, too, and pushes the glass away. “You’re a bouncer who comes to a club to unwind from dealing with people at clubs, and you’re disappointed by a one night stand, so you’ve come out to buy strangers drinks. You mind if I call you a little self-sabotaging?”
No. 899389 ID: 1d2ffa

yeah, we've got some issues. pity fuck?
No. 899393 ID: aedfd9

Sure seems that way. Unless you want to help me break the pattern?
No. 899395 ID: 1dd514

No. 899399 ID: 70df1e

tell him that you think by this point are both well aware that you aren't not a person who makes good or smart decisions and see if you can get him to laugh again. sometimes humor as a coping mechanism is relatable. you need to be relatable enough to pass as human, you can do this
No. 899400 ID: dbf422

That's called being consistent. And it's not like you met your disappointing date at a bar. And it's not like this guy is an asshole.
No. 899402 ID: 2ff745

Sure, but if you wanna help out with that, be my guest.
No. 899403 ID: 8c51c8

"you're not wrong. This probably isn't the best location to be, but it is the one with the alcohol." Also ask him about his story, why he's the type of guy to accept drinks from a stranger and listen to their woes
No. 899408 ID: bb78f2

It works for my brain.
I don't typically make a lot of sense, especially tonight.
No. 899409 ID: a62780

>>899403 is probably the best angle

"Hmh, maybe, but I needed booze and company. What about you?"
No. 899439 ID: 270774
File 153551353790.png - (63.42KB , 800x525 , 80.png )

“Shit,” Ricardo says. That gets Jacket Guy laughing again, at least. Ricardo sighs and leans forward, crossing his wrists against the edge of the bar. “Alright, sure. I guess I am. But this is where the drinks are.” He glances to the side, briefly. “If you wanna help break the cycle, be my guest.”

Jacket Guy’s face softens, just a little, and he echoes Ricardo’s sigh. “Hey, listen. I really appreciate the drink, man. But I don’t wanna waste your time, so I’ll tell you right off the bat that I’m not looking for anything tonight.”

Well, there goes that avenue. Ricardo thinks about asking him about himself in return, but - he doesn’t really wanna know. Not when he’s planning on spilling the guy’s guts later anyway, albeit in a completely different way. He settles for grunting in acknowledgement. Grunting, at least, is something he’s very good at.

“But, hey, don’t be discouraged!” Jacket Guy adds quickly. “Especially while you’re in town, this is, y’know, a diverse city--”

Oh, Jesus Christ, Ricardo thinks.

“--and I bet a lot of guys are into the whole brooding silent guy thing.”

“I don’t brood,” Ricardo growls.

“Yeah, okay. Listen, I’m just saying, at least give yourself two more strikes.”
No. 899440 ID: 270774
File 153551358811.png - (86.10KB , 800x525 , 81.png )

Jacket Guy gets the bartender’s attention and asks for a glass of water, and when she returns with it, he pushes it over to Ricardo. “Hey. What if I told you I have psychic powers?”

Ricardo snorts over the rim of the glass. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” He presses two fingers to his temple in mock concentration. “And my powers are telling me… that your disappointing one night stand… is in the building with us.”

Ricardo doesn’t laugh at this one.

“Because - here, look, I’m being psychic - you get here, and the guy turns out to be the spawn of satan, or whatever the problem was, and you just want to bail and go home.” Jacket Guy cracks one eye to look at him, gauging his reaction. Ricardo avoids eye contact. “But after coming all this way - what, where are you from. Not around here, right? I can’t quite place your voice.”

“West Coast,” Ricardo mutters. He’s sipping the water with extreme reluctance. “But English is my second language. You’re probably just hearing that.”

“Oh, huh. You’re crazy good, then, I thought you were a native speaker - oh, right, where was I in my clairvoyance? Right, you travel all the way from the West Coast, which, Jesus, dude - and the guy’s an asshole, and you can’t just go ‘alright, I’m gonna bail, I’m turning around and going home after being here for a half hour.’ So the two of you are gonna ‘hang out’ as ‘friends’ for the weekend, which is the last fucking thing you want to do, and now you’re at a club you don’t like in a town you’re not familiar with, and the second you got here he was already cozying up to other dudes, and now you’re over here sulking and trying to make him jealous.”

“Not jealous,” Ricardo snaps, immediately. “I’m just trying to make him-”

Jacket Guy is smirking. Ricardo does not like that.

“I’m trying to make him see,” Ricardo continues, heatedly, “that I can - do shit. Meet people.”

“Uhuh.” Jacket Guy props his chin up on his hand. “Well, I can’t help you with the mechanical side of that. But you bought me a drink, and I owe you a solid.” He grins, and Ricardo is still mostly trying not to look at him. “What if I very conspicuously went to the bathroom with you? He doesn’t have to know nothing’s happening.”
No. 899441 ID: f0088f

Sure, even if he was trying to steal your wallet, you can overpower him though you have the grace and movement of a two separate one old giraffe. Say fancy a blowie right before you leave, so that Pascal believes that that's a magical phrase of seduction, which is true.
No. 899442 ID: 05af2d


But uh, don't sound too eager. More like "hey you're a good guy I appreciate it, let's go psychic bro"
No. 899443 ID: 0d6acf

Guy seems nice! Eat him
No. 899444 ID: 8aef06

im in love with jacket guy so PLS make a big moment out of this—milk it for everything it’s worth!! show pascal you can do the sexy seducing thing too!!
No. 899445 ID: 8b438a

well the bathroom is pretty secluded. if we suggest an alley he may think we're a weirdo murderer and leave so we CAN'T murder him. i'd say take his offer?

sorry seemingly nice dude. you have a cool jacket
No. 899462 ID: aedfd9

Do it! He's offering himself up on a silver platter!

And maybe make out with him a bit too? You need the practice, and if you embarrass yourself it's a freebie since you're going to kill him anyway. You NEED practice before you attempt to kiss... anyone
No. 899464 ID: 70df1e

do it but DONT eat him. go in there, pretend something happened, and then score a real meal afterwards. show pascal you can do the sex thing (well, fake the sex thing, he doesn't have to know) AND the meal thing, and that you absolutely 100% got on just fine without him thank you very much
No. 899465 ID: 31eb45

I'm not convinced that Pascal can't hear what's being said right now, or that he won't figure out some way to tell what happens (or fails to happen) in the bathroom, considering he's explicitly observing us.
No. 899467 ID: dbf422

Hell yeah this
No. 899471 ID: 028133

chomp CHOMP
No. 899476 ID: 1d2ffa

thats such a gooood idea. making things easy for you. yes
No. 899477 ID: caa524

better hope the bathroom doesn't have a big mirror lol
No. 899478 ID: ee2d6e

This and it doesn't matter how we get the guy in private, just that we do. In fact, I'd say it's better that we didn't do it through seduction, but through what is essentially anti-seduction. Show that we're not Pascal. And just chow down on this guy. After taking his jacket.
No. 899507 ID: bb78f2

Whew, glad you're not that psychic man. WAAAAAAAAIT.
This guy is also a vampire. Goddammit.
The ONE guy with the cool jacket we want to wear is also a vampire.
Yeah, he doesn't have the vampire eyes, but shapeshifting can change that. If you can turn into a cougar anyone should be able just to change their eye color.

I think maybe YOU have to be careful with this guy.
No wonder he's playing along with you.
No. 899513 ID: 2ff745

You know what? No. Let's bid this guy a good night and go find somebody else. Ricardo's right, we have to eat, but we don't have to eat a genuinely nice and cool guy like this just because he's the first person we talked to.

I'm sure we can find somebody who's out harassing girls or just being some kind of general fuckhead. Ricardo is a monster, but he's a monster who can choose what he eats. We can at least try to be somewhat decent.
No. 899514 ID: 0e2ebe

300 homeless down is a weird place to generate a conscience. Ricardo is supposed to be eating better anyway.
No. 899515 ID: 9c8a8c

Sure, but can we maybe go outside instead of the bathroom?? Say you need fresh air, you can find an alleyway and that might be safer than a bathroom. How would we get rid of the body in a bathroom? Plus other people could walk in
No. 899546 ID: a7d201

i dont want this man to die but i know ricardo is a ruthless killing machine and it would be rude of me to deny him this sexy jacket blood
No. 899555 ID: d2e2ce

Take him as your ward, Ricardo. You have to pay your debts, a jacket for a life.
No. 899560 ID: 270774

No. 899561 ID: 270774
File 153560836299.png - (81.41KB , 800x525 , 92a.png )

There’s a brief flicker of something Ricardo hasn’t felt in a long time: reluctance. Maybe it’s just because before now, he’s never spoken to any of his prey, not a single word. There’s a tiny part of him that says to give this one up and choose someone else.

That, though, is a part of himself that he no longer needs.

“Sure,” he says. He knows that in a situation like this, he’s supposed to be smiling, but it isn’t in him. His gaze flicks back over the room, to the slowly filling dancefloor. He hasn’t heard Pascal’s laugh in a while, but he wasn’t listening for it. There’s a chance Pascal has been keeping tabs on him the entire time.

“He’s over there?” He’s jolted out of his train of thought when Jacket Guy grabs his hand. His skin practically scorches. It takes a heavy amount of personal restraint not to knock the guy’s head off on instinct. Jacket Guy tugs at him a little, eyebrows raising at Ricardo’s suddenly hostile expression. “Dude, your hands are fucking freezing.

“Yeah.” Ricardo lets himself be led along. He tries to think of the last time someone touched his hand - the last time besides frantic, weakening clawing, the last flailing of someone dying, trying to pry him off. There’s nothing.
No. 899562 ID: 270774
File 153560837733.png - (77.60KB , 800x525 , 93.png )

The bass vibrates in his throat. He reflects for a moment on the change in his hearing, not just a crank upwards in volume, but a fine-tuning that left him with a sense that wasn’t just better, but more detailed. He can hear a soft voice from three blocks away, but at the same time, loud noises at point-blank range aren’t suddenly incapacitating - and he’s thankful for that now, as they push further into the crowd and the vibration spreads to his chest.

In the strobing light Pascal looks otherworldly. For a split second Ricardo worries about his eyes - the way they’re reflecting light, inhuman, unnatural - but no one else on the floor seems to be looking as intently as he is, not even the man Pascal is dancing with.

“That’s him?”

Jacket Guy reminds Ricardo of his presence, yelling to be heard over the music, and Ricardo breaks Pascal’s gaze, but he can still feel the red eyes burning into the side of his face. Jacket Guy snorts. “God. What is he, early 20’s?”

Ten times that, Ricardo thinks, but it doesn’t matter. He nods absently.

“Well, shit, man, no wonder you were disappointed. I’m thinking about what I was like at that age, and nobody should’ve been dating me.”

“I’m not trying to date him,” Ricardo replies, immediately. Jacket Guy doesn’t hear him - he had forgotten that to be audible to a human here, he would need to shout - and it’s just as well, because Jacket Guy transfers his grip from Ricardo’s hand to his forearm, pulling him closer as they press through the crowd.

“Come on. Let’s make sure he sees us.”
No. 899563 ID: 270774
File 153560839115.png - (98.25KB , 800x525 , 94.png )

Pascal already has, of course - but when they get closer, he makes a show of turning his head again, watching them move past. His lips part, convincingly. Ricardo, in an act of herculean strength, resists flipping him the bird.

Jacket Guy grabs his arm tighter, tugs it around his waist - there’s a split second in which Pascal looks like he’s restraining laughter, probably too quick for the human eye to catch. Ricardo keeps his eyes on Pascal for as long as he can, and then they’ve pushed through the other side of the crowd.
No. 899564 ID: 270774
File 153560840674.png - (81.03KB , 800x525 , 95.png )

When they bust through the bathroom door, Jacket Guy really is laughing. Blessedly, there’s nobody inside. There’s a small mirror hung over each of the two sinks, and Ricardo’s chest hitches - not in panic, but in a kind of cold, dull apprehension - but Jacket Guy blows right past them to yank them both into the smaller stall in the corner. It takes some maneuvering to fit Ricardo in with him, then he reaches around Ricardo’s sides to slam the stall door shut and lock it.

“He looked mad,” says Jacket Guy.

He didn’t to Ricardo. Maybe the intense focus of Pascal’s eyes, so normal already to him, seems hostile to others. “I think that’s just what he looks like.”

“Both of you, huh.” Jacket Guy’s arm’s are still under each of Ricardo’s, hovering away from his sides, palms flat on the door. “You think he’ll follow us in? Should we make it convincing?”
No. 899565 ID: c1eaac

say yes, go in for a kiss, and chomp that sucker
No. 899567 ID: 70df1e

is this a one entrance/exit situation because if not, we might not want to kill him in here, actually. we should say lets make it convincing and muss up each others hair a bit and then make like youre leaving to get together somewhere thats better than a bathroom. then you can pull him into an alley or somewhere you can actually hide the body and do what you do.

if we do end up killing him in here (or at all) we should at least ask his name first. he was kind to us, and we might as well have a name to go with the jacket we're going to be wearing around.
No. 899569 ID: 99d25f

Suggest he take off his jacket and throw it on the sink, in a theoretically passionate gesture for Pascal to see. Regardless, next move is killing him by crushing his windpipe.
No. 899582 ID: 4ac654

No. 899583 ID: dbf422

No. 899584 ID: 8da8a1

How are we going to deal with the body if we kill him?
No. 899585 ID: c0905a

uh are you able to kill him before he screams or fights too much + not get any blood on his clothes. do you actually have any experience with victims that arent weak?
No. 899596 ID: ee2d6e

This seems like the winning move. Then you can spill some blood to not make another vampire while also retaining the integrity of your new jacket.
No. 899597 ID: aedfd9

YES YES MAKE IT CONVINCING oooh I'm gonna miss this guy
No. 899616 ID: 2ff745

Well . . . try to eat neatly!
No. 899662 ID: 0e2ebe

No! Very bad. Too neat and you make new vampires.
No. 899664 ID: 2ff745

Okay, okay, eat just neatly enough that you don't ruin your new set of clothes. Also the "where are we going to hide the body" concerns have a point, but let's just live in the moment!
No. 899731 ID: 031115

i mean, if we're that worried about getting out of here after giving this guy the slurp of a lifetime, we can pull a classic Make This Somebody Else's Problem technique by locking the stall and slapping an out of order sign on it once we're done.
No. 899748 ID: dbf422

That's what I was thinking. We aren't coming back here, it's not a big deal.
No. 899750 ID: 5427fe

are we missing that pascal had an entire speech about how the most dangerous thing you can do is to leave behind alarming bodies that will cause other humans to panic, which will in turn make other vampires mad at us and put a target on our backs? i know that in this specific vote, the "hide the body" people are outnumbered, so i'm not necessarily insisting we have to skip the bathroom meal, but i think it's worth thinking about in general.
No. 899751 ID: a307f1

just flush him down the toilet after you're done with him
No. 899769 ID: 0e2ebe

His examples include Elizabeth Bathory and Jack the Ripper. It's an important warning but one death in one bar isn't either of those.
No. 899795 ID: 63fafc

1) Chomp Hiom
2) whats the movie where they like..... puppeteer a dead guy around to convince people he’s still alive. ricardo can TOTALLY manage that. out the door doopsiedoo, whoops “my pal got drunk and , somehow incredibly pale also he hit his face on the bathroom stall door and got a nosebleed, look at that sPLATTER, what a wildcard am i right???”
It Is A Foolproof Plan. Genius.
No. 899811 ID: ee2d6e

What to do with the body can be considered afterwards.
No. 899881 ID: 270774
File 153577498005.png - (105.39KB , 800x525 , 96.png )

“Yeah.” Ricardo rolls his shoulders and cracks his neck, which he realizes a second too late are not really sexy gestures, but Jacket Guy doesn’t seem to mind. “Take your jacket off.”

“Sure - look, here, I’ll throw it over the top of the stall,” Jacket Guy laughs. “Increased visibility.” Ricardo’s eyes flick to follow the movement. His jacket now.

He’s brought back to attention by Jacket Guy’s hands in his hair, ruffling carelessly. “Gotta make you look like you had a good time,” he says, smiling. Ricardo looks down at him, unblinking. “Haven’t heard the door open yet, though. I don’t think there’s point in making any theatrical noises -”

“No,” Ricardo agrees, “no noises,” and his hand flashes out and hits Jacket Guy’s throat like a truckload of bricks. It’s silent, and it’s instant. Once he feels the heat of the pounding arteries beneath Jacket Guy’s skin he stops thinking.
No. 899882 ID: 270774
File 153577499619.png - (113.43KB , 800x525 , 97.png )

Well - almost. He remembers, at least, to spill blood - when he leans forward to break the skin of the man’s throat, he lets some blood escape first, one hand still tight around the base of the neck to catch it and keep it from seeping into the t-shirt. His mouth is back against the skin a moment later, and he feeds deeply.

There’s no other word for it than exquisite, and that’s not a word that crosses Ricardo’s mind often. He had never thought about his choice of prey before - blood is blood is blood, he thought, and whether the victims were thin or weak shouldn’t have mattered. He’s aware now of how wrong he was. He’s aware of a low, throaty noise, and realizes only some moments later that the noise is of his own making, involuntary and bestial. He can’t find it in himself to care.

He’s satisfied when he’s drained a little less than half of Jacket Guy’s blood - but he knows already from experience that it would have been enough to put him past the point of no return, if the crushed windpipe hadn’t already done him in. He pulls away and releases him, letting the body slump into a sitting position over the toilet.
No. 899883 ID: 270774
File 153577501994.png - (87.34KB , 800x525 , 98.png )

“Wow, very clean!” says Pascal, cheerfully. Ricardo makes a rough, shapeless noise of alarm, turning to find Pascal perched on the divider between the two bathroom stalls. “Well? You like this better than hobos?”

Ricardo wipes his mouth on the back of his hand. Blood, already slowly congealing, is starting to slide down the side of Jacket Guy’s neck, and he sets to work stripping the shirt off before it can get soaked. “I’m satisfied.”

“You downplay because you do not want to admit I’m right,” says Pascal, smugly. He swings his legs, crossed at the ankles, his heels clicking lightly against the divider. “Shall I tell you what I think of your hunt?”

Ricardo’s breath is already coming faster than before. He pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it against Jacket Guy’s inert torso, pulling on the new clothing without looking up at his sire. “You’d tell me even if I said no.”

“A human in good health, and a clean kill - these things are good. But you make two mistakes.” Pascal sets his elbows on his knees, then his chin in his palms. “One of them is so obvious I am sure you have already thought of it - now that you are finished eating, this unsightly body is left here in such a tiny room. Is not the end of the world, but you cannot do this always.”

Ricardo is yanking Jacket Guy’s belt off. “I know.”

“And yet you feed anyway! Stupid boy. You could have ask him to go outside.”

“I thought about it,” Ricardo says. God, but the guy’s pants are tight. He hesitates, partially because he doesn’t want to get stuck in them, and mostly because he doesn’t want to get stuck in them in front of Pascal. “But this is how things turned out.”

“Well, like I said, not the end of the world.” Pascal tilts his head, humming cheerfully. “And your second mistake, taking this meal. Would you like to maybe guess what it is, before I tell you?”
No. 899888 ID: 3a7b77

> mutter "condescending asshole"
No. 899889 ID: bb78f2

He's a notable around here. Or sick. Or some supernatural creature I wasn't aware of, like a changeling or something.
No. 899890 ID: d887c0

What? He belonged to another vampire or something? Don't play games, you shithead.
No. 899891 ID: 031115

'extremely obviously slinking off with the soon-to-be-dead guy'? though to be fair that was a very fun part of the sell to the mark.
No. 899894 ID: 70df1e

mistake 1: ate him without thinking of how to get rid of the body

mistake 2: people will miss him? he's already spoken for? he's also a supernatural creature and hes gonna pop up and kick our ass?

rip jacket guy we never learned your name but we will never forget you.
>put on the cool jacket
No. 899897 ID: 4ac654

rip jacket guy.... i loved u. anyway, was our mistake that we super obviously trotted off with his guy to the bathroom, where his body will be found, and witnesses will be like "oh yeah he went off with this big hot angry blond guy" aka us?
No. 899899 ID: f02343

It's the boner isn't it. The boner is the second thing. Indicate with grunts that you would really enjoy Pascal taking care of it.
No. 899922 ID: dbf422

The bartender saw his face? Or maybe Pascal saw his hesitation.
No. 899935 ID: ebd13f

murderhorny, you forgot murderhorny
No. 899956 ID: 2ff745

Normally I would say the mistake was how visible we were, walking through a crowded dance floor with the mark, but on the other hand Pascal was also very visibly spending a lot of time with his mark, so maybe that's not it. So I'm seconding a "stop playing games, shithead" vote. Either teach us or don't.

Try your best not to fixate on how tight and shiny Pascal's pants are while you tell him off.
No. 899977 ID: 1d2ffa

the mistake is that you're big horny now, and someone who supposedly went into the bathroom to hook up cant come out the bathroom with a boner
No. 899988 ID: c1ef78

the mistake was that i didn't get my dick sucked first and now my balls are about to explode, killing me instantly
No. 900017 ID: 270774
File 153585821673.png - (85.45KB , 800x525 , 99.png )

“Condescending asshole,” Ricardo mutters. Pascal, of course, hears him, and only laughs, extending one leg until he can tilt Ricardo’s chin up with the toe of his shoe.

“You don’t know?”

Ricardo meets his gaze, glaring. “Stop playing games with me, you shithead,” he growls. “Teach me or don’t.”

Pascal straightens his knee a little more, tilting Ricardo’s jaw to the side, and Ricardo finds himself involuntarily clenching his teeth. It feels like his brain is beating on the inside of his skull. “I’m trying to teach you! I’m trying to let you figure things out on your own.”

All of the freshly consumed blood working its way through Ricardo’s body seems bound and determined to flood one specific area. The aforementioned brain is completely empty. The only mistake he can currently think of is that he didn’t pick a human who would have genuinely been interested in bathroom sex. “I - That we were seen,” he finally snaps. “I was too obvious about coming here with him. Something.”
No. 900020 ID: 270774
File 153585852558.png - (144.97KB , 800x525 , 100.png )

Pascal laughs again. Ricardo is getting extremely fucking sick of his laugh, and that has something to do with the fact that so far, it’s always at his expense. “You don’t have to worry about such mundane things. No, Ricardo. Your mistake was he was too nice.”

Ricardo scoffs, violently. “Fucking spare me. You can’t tell me you’re going to try some superhero bullshit, about only preying on the wicked -”

“You misunderstand.” Pascal tilts his head. His leg pushes forward, insistent, lifting Ricardo’s chin slowly. “I don’t care about the human. I care about its network. Humans live like a spiderweb.”

There’s the vague feeling that Pascal is talking about something important, and that he should be paying attention, but at this angle Ricardo is sighting down Pascal’s slender leg like an arrow shaft and his pants are despicably tight. He swears his vision is going red. “They are all connected to each other, one way or another, and some are connected very tightly, with many threads. When you pluck one, you break the threads that connect to it, and then other humans will run to see what’s wrong.”
No. 900021 ID: 270774
File 153585853717.png - (77.89KB , 800x525 , 101.png )

Ricardo’s hand lifts to Pascal’s ankle, his grip almost desperate, and Pascal doesn’t shake him off. He’s too busy explaining the apparent issue, which Ricardo is not absorbing at all. “This is the one thing you had right, when you were eating from the garbage - to pick these forgotten humans, with no connections. But the ones too disconnected from society, these ones cannot keep themselves healthy. You have to find a balance.” His voice softens slightly, but in deliberation, not empathy. “Someone like this, who spoke so kindly and easily to a stranger, who was trusting and quick to laugh - he was probably beloved to people around him. Many friends and family. His disappearance will be noticed quickly.”

Ricardo’s breathing is slow and shallow. Pascal notices, finally, and raises his eyebrows. “Ricaaaardo. Are you listening to me.”
No. 900022 ID: 0edf1b

push his leg up so he tips over backward
No. 900024 ID: 11b5c9

knock him off the wall in the least sexy way possible
No. 900025 ID: 70df1e

pascal has a point, lets be mad about it.

do this
No. 900026 ID: 3a7b77

(: stumble backwards or scoot backwards on accident, maybe he'll step on you
No. 900027 ID: d887c0

Drink him. Just drink the little bastard. He has a vein rich area right under your nose. Clamp on and don't stop until he's a raisin.
No. 900028 ID: 4ac654

l...... lick his boot perhaps..... OR tip him over backwards, rip pascal
No. 900047 ID: d201ed

yank him off the divider
No. 900048 ID: a307f1

ricardo you cant fuck here right over a dead body. at least go to the next stall over
No. 900052 ID: 2e3701

Kiss the shoe. Then maybe try pull him down and kiss him. Or just grind on him. He really should know better than to expect you to care when you’ve just eaten.
No. 900053 ID: dbf422

Say "yes." Because yeah, don't eat likeable people, just healthy ones.

Then do this.
No. 900058 ID: a62780

Tip him backwards (he'll probably just pull a perfect mid-air cartwheel and land harmlessly, but) it'll be funny and get his foot out of your face.

Anyway 'Yeah okay I hear you, don't go for anyone too popular, don't disrupt the hunting grounds.'
No. 900064 ID: c23250

Be a rascal and tip!
No. 900120 ID: 2ff745

Why are we all talking about pushing Pascal off the divider when we should clearly be pulling him off the divider
No. 900123 ID: 53b212

i like the way you think

do this
No. 900176 ID: dbf422

Because Ricardo is tsundere and pushing off is funnier.
No. 900217 ID: 031115

give him a real good tug
No. 900534 ID: 0d6acf

Guess we wanged it a little bit there.

Answer "no" and tip the other vampire over! You're not very dignified right now, least you can do is even the playing field
No. 900546 ID: 7755b1

say "yes" and pull him down.
No. 900608 ID: 56a05b

thirded. pull him down and then pin him against the closed door before he lands. sweep him off his FEET
No. 900630 ID: 270774
File 153620989696.png - (92.89KB , 800x525 , 102.png )

Ricardo is not, in fact, listening to him, and to mask this fact he shoves his arm upwards, hoping to tip Pascal backwards off the divider. Instead, Pascal’s leg just swings up fluidly, and the display of flexibility is not helping Ricardo’s mental state.

“Ahaha! What are you doing?” Pascal shifts a little on the divider, trying to rebalance himself. “Stop, I will fall-”

Ricardo grabs his other ankle and shoves that up, too, and Pascal shrieks and slips off the divider.
No. 900631 ID: 270774
File 153620991990.png - (99.49KB , 800x525 , 103.png )

He ends up catching himself with one arm, dissolving into uncontrollable giggles as he kicks half-heartedly at Ricardo’s grip. “Stop. My god. You are so terrible!”

For some reason the sound of his fucking laughter is making Ricardo’s stomach lurch even harder, and he gives up on trying to pull Pascal all the way down, opting instead to step forward and press him against the divider. Pascal’s hysterics trail off, and he tilts his head, taking in the feral glint in Ricardo’s eyes.
No. 900632 ID: 270774
File 153620994634.png - (123.23KB , 800x525 , 104.png )

“Hey, you know.” His lips are parted, and his eyes have lidded in a way that’s becoming familiar to Ricardo already, even through the haze he’s currently in - the look he gets when he’s being serious. “When you are this young, after the feed, it can be hard to control yourself. Especially when you haven’t been taught.”

Ricardo realizes that at some point his hands found their way up Pascal’s legs to his hips, fingers digging in hard enough that on a human it would have bruised. Pascal seems unbothered, but his tone is steady in a way that seems uncharacteristic. “If you are not in your right mind - if you are thinking now like an animal, instead of a man - it would be wrong for me to help you with how you are feeling now.” Pascal cards his fingers through Ricardo’s hair, more grounding than flirtatious. “Do you understand?”
No. 900633 ID: 8aef06

k. kiss his tummy
No. 900634 ID: 70df1e

let pascal ground you by playing with your hair. he has a point about being in the right state of mind, which we definitely aren't. also there is a body right there we gotta have a little decorum, a little order!
No. 900635 ID: d887c0

You know what would be really, super awkward and terrible? If Jacket Guy's ghost suddenly appeared and started screaming at these two. Like, it'd be extra hard on Ricardo because despite his best efforts he still managed to sire a monster. Not a vampire, but another monster all the same.
No. 900636 ID: 56a05b

he's right. lean into the hair petting since it seems to help, take a few breaths, clear your head. you could compose yourself enough to spill blood while feeding, you can compose yourself now.
definitely suck his dick of course but only after you're thinking clearly again

also, detouring slightly back, if we do get up to some business in this bathroom then it's actually probably a better idea to STAY in the dead man stall because nobody will come in if they hear you goin at it / the view of the body will be blocked by ricardos huge shoulders
No. 900639 ID: af1e1e

yeah, we understand. self-control and full, conscious understanding of the situation is necessary for consent - let's take a step back both physically and mentally, and focus our attention on the extremely dead body.

pascall's probably made mistakes like this before; he'd know what to do in this situation, right? i'm guessing you guys will have to skip town, maybe after disposing of the body. let's get on that.
No. 900641 ID: bb3392

if u can talk and make sense ur not thinking like an anal and he can help out ;)
No. 900646 ID: 9d98db

that makes sense. lets have some more hair petting, then when youre feeling more like yourself you guys need to deal with the uh, corpse situation
No. 900648 ID: 5ab80e

You know what? That's legit. Just lean in and let him pet your hair.
No. 900649 ID: 2e3701

Yes, this. Kiss the tum. Maybe nuzzle it a little.
No. 900678 ID: aedfd9

LICK his tummy
No. 900680 ID: b5738e

ricardo purr. big cat. scritches nice
No. 900682 ID: f0088f

accept the hair petting for the grounding technique it is. do lick his shirt though. get lint on your TONGUE.
No. 900683 ID: 3456fa

this. also, take a moment to enjoy the feeling of hands in your hair
No. 900709 ID: 26bb5f

Huh. That's . . . surprisingly attentive, from someone like Pascal. He may be a selfish, hedonistic bastard with no regard for the consequences of his actions, but it's a pleasant surprise to find out that he has your best interests at heart in at least some subjects.

At least enjoy the touch that he's initiated, and then once you feel calmer, ask him for advice on what to do about the body.
No. 900725 ID: bb78f2

Shapeshift your face into your cougar face.
"I'm an animal ehh? How about now?"

You know, honestly, if you could fully transform into a cougar, you could rip your snack's head off with your teeth, storm out of the bathroom as a bloody cougar, hopefully not get shot, and BOOM, body dealt with, and his death story.

He got killed by a cougar in the bathroom. Human's freak out a little bit, but nothing awful really happens. Just a cougar scare. It makes no sense how a cougar got into the bathroom and why the victim has no clothes, but EVERYONE saw a cougar leave the goddamn bathroom bloody, and there's cougar teeth marks on the neck. Yeah, there's also two witnesses that went into the bathroom that are missing, but whatever, fucking random BLOODY COUGAR in the bathroom eating people. Open and shut case police, they go home. Humans rationalize everything.

I don't know what happens to your clothes when you shapeshift. I guess Pascal with have to take your new clothes home.
No. 900763 ID: bcb28c

groan. but, like, seductively
No. 900777 ID: 270774
File 153629656291.png - (81.30KB , 800x525 , 105.png )

“I’m fine,” Ricardo mutters. But his head is spinning, and there’s something vaguely (traitorously!) reassuring about the fact that Pascal is keeping it in mind. His head falls forward and he inhales the cold scent of Pascal’s skin through the opening in his shirt. Pascal’s hands keep moving through his hair, long nails gentle across his scalp, and before he realizes it there’s a low rumble humming in the back of his throat.

“What is this?” Pascal is giggling again, and Ricardo can feel his chest moving against his cheek. “What noise are you making?”

“Nothing.” As Ricardo pulls back, his lips linger against the skin peeking out from dark fabric, and without thinking much about it, he opens his mouth. His tongue drags up the smooth plane of Pascal’s abdomen, and after a short intake of breath above him, Pascal suddenly jerks away.

“Don’t bite,” he says. “It’s not polite.” As he wiggles out of Ricardo’s grasp, his hair is in his eyes, and then he turns away and busies himself with the body before Ricardo can straighten up and get a good look at him.
No. 900778 ID: 270774
File 153629658353.png - (84.93KB , 800x525 , 106.png )

“I wasn’t going to,” Ricardo says. He glances down when something hits his chest - it’s Pascal’s hand, holding Jacket Guy’s wallet.

“I don’t need this,” Pascal says cheerfully. “Hypnosis makes it easy to get what I need. So this will be useful to you instead, I think.” He releases the wallet before Ricardo’s had a chance to grasp it, and Ricardo has to scramble to catch it before it falls as Pascal turns back around and digs in Jacket Guy’s pockets some more. “Hm. This one has more than one house key. There is someone he visits frequently, so they will notice soon. You talked to him, Ricardo, but you did not find out any of the right things!”

“You sent me in blind,” Ricardo reminds him. He watches Pascal yank the guy’s phone out and then throw it on the floor with a loud clatter, without so much as a second glance. “So, here’s a teachable moment. What do we do about this body?”

“Psh. We do nothing.” Pascal leans over to dig around in the guy’s other pockets. “Of course, you should try not to do things like this. But it is like I tell you. Paradise for a vampire is a city with humans clustered together like this, because they kill each other, and we can blend.”

“What happened to all your warnings about subtlety?”

“Well, don’t be stupid,” Pascal amends. There’s nothing else interesting on Jacket Guy’s person, apparently, because he straightens back up again. “But one like this - other vampires in the area will maybe be a little on edge, but as long as you do not leave another one out so obvious like this, they will relax and leave you be. But there is nothing we can do with a finished meal like this that is not even more trouble than leaving him.”
No. 900779 ID: 270774
File 153629660331.png - (87.59KB , 800x525 , 107.png )

Ricardo raises his eyebrows, but Pascal seems confident. “Well, if you say so.” He opens the door and steps out of the stall - Pascal stays behind, closing the door again, then locking it from the inside and shimmying out underneath. Ricardo has to admit that he wouldn’t think to try busting down a bathroom door with visible feet in it, especially not in a bar, where sitting on the toilet completely wasted and contemplating life at length is not an unusual pastime. It’ll buy them the rest of the night, at least. “And what about your meal?” he asks, once Pascal has finished brushing himself off. “Didn’t work out? Or are you just a fast eater?”

“Oh, them? I was not hunting those men,” Pascal laughs. “I was dancing with them because I wanted to dance.”

They leave the bathroom together, and Pascal doesn’t have to raise his voice as they cross the dance floor again. “Besides, did you see their eyes? Like this.” He holds up the circled fingers of one hand to his eye, indicating dilated pupils. “They had taken some kind of chemical drug. I think it is sometimes younger vampires like to feed like this, for fun, but for me I become terribly ill.”

They reach a quieter corner of the club, and Pascal leans against the wall, eyes bright and alert as he scans the crowd. “I thought I will wait until you were done, and then you can watch me hunt, so you can learn.” Ricardo tries, again, to follow his gaze, and this time he’s a little more successful - Pascal doesn’t even look at anyone in a group, and his eyes bounce quickly off anyone texting on their phone or looking around as if waiting for others. He lingers on people settled alone, nursing drinks. After a few more seconds, Ricardo realizes Pascal rejects anyone that’s smiling. “Normally I hunt the lazy way,” Pascal says, absently, “with hypnosis. But I think I will avoid using it, tonight, so I can show you ways useful for you.”
No. 900783 ID: 4ac654

im gonna be real with you, chief. are we gonna get horny watching pascal hunt and feed bc 👀
No. 900789 ID: bb3392

he really does know what he's doing, huh. kinda hot if i do say so myself!
No. 900793 ID: dbf422

Fine. What should Ricardo do, though? What's a good way to subtly watch this to completion?
No. 900799 ID: 2e3701

watch pascal's butt as he does his thing.
No. 900802 ID: 70df1e

watch and learn. there's a lot about hunting we need to figure out. hell, you didnt even know vampires could get drugged up! gotta be careful!

ask if you can try to guess pascal's target for practice? if you're a quick learner he might play with your hair again. if not, well, redemption arc. we can try to convince pascal to let us catch his dinner for him practice purposes. 100% practice and not trying to look super cool in front of pascal, no sir
No. 900816 ID: f0088f

obviously watch attentively; this is someone you can learn from, but also do get a boner watching, definitely. this sitch isn't something your hog is accurately prepared for
No. 900819 ID: 2904f7

Maybe.......maybe YOU can pet HIS hair after hes done eating.....think about it
Anyway watch n learn dude
No. 900857 ID: aedfd9

Take your shirt off so that if he gets horny after hunting you're more available
No. 900876 ID: d2e2ce

Remind Pascal you still have something for him to suck. Pelvic thrust.
No. 901395 ID: 270774
File 153672736507.png - (69.02KB , 800x525 , 108.png )

Ricardo huffs noncommittally and settles back against the wall, prepared to watch and learn. He does not take his shirt off and he does not think about petting Pascal’s hair and he certainly does not think about blowjobs because he is a responsible, stable adult who is in control of himself and--

And his dick hurts. So fucking bad.
No. 901396 ID: 270774
File 153672738362.png - (121.45KB , 800x525 , 109.png )

Pascal’s already weaving back through the crowd, and it’s easy for Ricardo to follow him, even when his dark hair blends in with the rest of the thronging mass. He can’t quite describe what it is that makes him stand out from the other figures, because it’s nothing visual - a kind of sixth sense. Pascal reappears on the other side and approaches a wallflower, and Ricardo can hear them talking as if he were standing next to them.

“Hello! No dancing?” He’s not sure if he’s imagining it, but it almost seems like Pascal lets his accent thicken. He’s holding himself with a slight sway, feigning tipsiness. Hell, maybe it’s real tipsiness and he was feigning sobriety for Ricardo - he’s not sure what Pascal got up to while he was wrangling Jacket Guy.

This guy doesn’t have a jacket, so Ricardo settles for Glasses Guy. Glasses Guy seems downright startled that he’s been approached. “I, uh - No, I just--”

Pascal plops against the wall next to him, cheerful and bouncy. “Waiting for friends?”

“No. I just, uh - I normally don’t come here. I like the bar across the street.” Glasses Guy keeps glancing at the spot where his upper arm is touching Pascal’s. “I just got kind of curious, so I came in, but - it’s not really my thing--”

“I love it! I come alone too. I like to peoplewatch.” Pascal tilts his head to the side, and his hair falls in loose curls onto the guy’s shoulders. “I am roadtripping across U.S.! I try to go to as many parties as I can.”

“Oh. That sounds exciting.” Glasses Guy is relaxing, bit by bit. “All by yourself?”

“Well, I come by myself. But then I make friends! Sometimes people even come with me for a little while. It’s been so amazing.”

“Where are you from?”

Pascal grins a little wider at him, exposing his fangs, and makes playful claws at him out of his hands. “Transylvania. I’m a vampire.”

Ricardo groans under his breath, but Glasses Guy is laughing shyly. This is so fucking stupid.

“I’m a terrible vampire. I can’t even turn into a bat.” Somehow Pascal is holding the guy’s hands now, swinging them back and forth. “What are you bad at?”

“That’s a weird thing to ask,” Glasses Guy says, but he’s still laughing. “Um. I dunno. Talking to people.”

“You’re good at it now, though! You talk to me fine!”
No. 901397 ID: 270774
File 153672739632.png - (54.19KB , 800x525 , 110.png )

There’s a few more minutes of light, giggly chitchat - Pascal gives his name as Gavril, and finds out Glasses Guy’s name is Evan. Ricardo decides “Glasses Guy” is still fine. Eventually, though, Pascal has loosened him up enough that he can dip forward and lay his forehead against the crook of his neck. His voice is a croon. “Who would miss you if I steal you away with me?”

Glasses Guy’s laugh is high this time, a little nervous and bewildered. “What, like- on your roadtrip? I can’t, I- I mean, we just met--”

“But I have a good feeling about you.” Pascal turns his head, just enough to look up at him with one black-spangled eye. “What, you have some job that keeps you?”

“I mean.” That seems to make Glasses Guy vaguely embarrassed. “Not - not really. I don’t do anything important, but--”

“And who will miss you?” Pascal repeats. His voice is cloying, teasing. “Who will chase me down? I am stealing someone’s treasure, maybe?”

“...Nobody.” The guy’s voice is quiet. “I don’t… really…”
No. 901398 ID: 270774
File 153672741575.png - (47.58KB , 800x525 , 111.png )

“I make you a deal.” Pascal is pulling back, fingers grazing down the guy’s arm to reach his hand again. “One night of adventure. Let me take you on adventure for one night, and then you can decide if maybe you want to come with me.”

“I can’t just--”

“So I say one night! One night!” Pascal is bouncing, now, already tugging Glasses Guy towards the door with little hops. Glasses Guy stumbles along with him, bewildered but seemingly not truly reluctant. “And then you just go home if you get bored with me!”

Ricardo finally moves now that they’re leaving the club, tailing them at a safe distance. He’s silent, and Pascal is laughing and hanging off the guy’s arm. Whatever he’s saying is all blurring together in Ricardo’s ears - it’s all pretty nonsense, stories that may or may not be made up.

They walk for a while, until they reach the bridge that was crossed on the way to the club, and by the time they get there Glasses Guy has completely relaxed. What happens next goes so quickly that if Ricardo hadn’t already braced himself to be attentive, he would have nearly missed it.

Pascal grabs the back of the guy’s neck, hard enough that his knees buckle as he’s dragged down to Pascal’s height. His other hand goes over the guy’s mouth, and he wrenches his head backwards - not hard enough to snap his neck, from what Ricardo can tell, but just enough to expose his throat. He bites, pulls away to spit, and then bites again. Spilled blood, Ricardo guesses, but minimal waste.

Glasses Guy struggles but Pascal’s grip on his neck and face is enough to render it all futile. There’s a kind of power in the way Pascal is standing now that he doesn’t recognize from the man’s carriage any other time, just as there was a competence and economy of motion when he first struck that was similarly unfamiliar. Ricardo approaches slowly as the feed continues, the prey’s anguished twitching slowing with each of his steps.
No. 901399 ID: 270774
File 153672743577.png - (128.62KB , 800x525 , 112.png )

“Do you always eat them alive?” Ricardo puts his hands in his pockets, waiting for Pascal to finish. “I usually kill them first.”

Pascal finally pulls back, red-mouthed. He’s breathing, now, very slowly, when Ricardo had noted that he usually doesn’t. “The blood begins to thicken the second they die, stupid boy. This is better. Easier to feed, and better tasting.”

Ricardo shrugs. “They suffer.”

“All livestock suffers.” Pascal is holding Glasses Guy up by the nape of his neck as he digs through his pockets - he flips through his wallet one-handed, then tosses it to Ricardo. Ricardo pockets it silently. The phone, again, is discarded immediately, pitched over the railing. “Feh. Why do they all carry those things? Useless.” Once he’s satisfied, he draws one finger of his free hand across the throat, obscuring the fang marks by opening a wound all the way across. He hefts the body over the railing, and it tumbles into the water with a distant splash.
No. 901400 ID: 270774
File 153672744795.png - (61.00KB , 800x525 , 113.png )

Pascal is still breathing, his shoulders moving in a gentle, even pulse. Ricardo wonders how it’s possible that he’d already gotten accustomed enough to Pascal’s normal mannerisms for that to look strange to him. “You said it didn’t lessen,” Ricardo probes, tentatively. “The feelings, after a feed.”

“No.” Pascal rolls his neck, one hand moving up to sink into his own hair. “But you learn to control it.” There’s a beat, and then he glances over his shoulder, sticking the tip of his tongue out. “That one was a little anemic. I did not smell it on him because you distract me, watching me like that the whole time. It’s that terrible face you make! It is like your eyes shoot bullets.”
No. 901401 ID: c69c65

"you have performance anxiety?"
No. 901402 ID: aedfd9

"You were looking at me, too."
No. 901403 ID: c0de7a

Scowl at him. Continue not thinking about your sore dick. And Pascal's skin. And Pascal's dick in those tight pants. Or the blood on Pascal's lips. Definitely all topics to avoid.
No. 901404 ID: d9a89d

ohhhhhhhhhhh this is masterfully done, pascal
honestly, you might as well admit youre beaten.
how can you do things like that without talking to people that much, though?

...how often does he feed?
No. 901407 ID: dbf422

Killing them just makes it harder to eat and less tasty, right? It's not like the good blood/bad blood thing? Because as much as it's euphoric or whatever, it's not really the taste that matters, it's the power, for Ricardo.
No. 901413 ID: 70df1e

ask pascal how youre supposed to pull that sort of hunting off without talking to anyone? because you are bad at talking to people. surely pascal can think of something.
No. 901414 ID: 70df1e

also maybe give him a little kiss. hes got blood on the corner of his lips right there and its not good to be wasteful!
No. 901467 ID: 163d12

No. 901502 ID: bb78f2

You ever spare one, Pascal? Maybe friends enough with one for a time for a few voluntary donations? Or have you robbed a blood bank?

Just things to think about. Guilt is... mostly gone, but there is an echo. Like when I had steak or a burger as a human and I acknowledged it for a minor moment, or watched a documentary around a slaughter house. Except now I always have to notice their lifeless corpse instead of immediately getting a nicely dressed up meal.

Least humans are always free range.
But... if I could find a human I didn't have to kill, it's not like it wouldn't be nice, occasionally. Quiet the dull little remains of regret I still have. Like... having a cow that shat steaks for me or something.
No. 901526 ID: 0e2ebe

Nah tho
No. 901532 ID: 2ff745

No. 901535 ID: 90138c


No. 901567 ID: 270774
File 153681726858.png - (76.97KB , 800x525 , 114.png )

“You were looking at me, too.”

Pascal’s eyes flick upward at that, eyebrows raising. “I had to watch you! For teaching!”

“And I had to watch you to learn,” Ricardo snaps. Pascal doesn’t seem apologetic, and he sighs, settling against the railing. “Is there a way to do this without that much talking? It’s not my style.”

“Ricardo, get away from the water! You make me nervous.” Pascal steps over to him and walks him backwards, hands on his hips. “We move off the bridge. I don’t like it.”

Pascal’s hands are warm through his shirt, heated by the feed. Ricardo scowls. “I wasn’t going to fall off.”

“Hush.” Even once they’re backed away and off the bridge, Pascal doesn’t release him. “Anyway, talking is useful! You find out maybe how quickly it will be noticed, when they disappear. And you didn’t do so poorly with yours.” He tilts his head back, hair falling out of his eyes as he smiles up at Ricardo. “But, is like I said before. You’re handsome, so it should be easy, even with no talking. If you just approach someone like this -” His hands walk up Ricardo’s sides, and he sways slightly, as if dancing. He tilts his head, gaze coy and lidded. “Like your intention is so clear, and then kiss them when it seems like they want it - and then so easily you can lure them away. Anyone can understand that.”

Pascal smells incredible. Ricardo grits his teeth.

“Oh! But I forgot to tell you, earlier - Ricardo, don’t fuck your food.” He hasn’t stopped swaying, even though the cadence of his voice has slipped back towards a more serious register. “To seduce them is normal, and is an easy way to get their guard down and have them come alone, but - to actually go through with it, euhhhh - is not officially a taboo, but I find it disgusting, and many other vampires agree. To kill is okay, to fuck is okay, but to mix these two things - euhh, is like to have them under false pretense? But the false pretense is that they will survive. Ehehe.”

“Oh, so now you have morals about it, huh?” Ricardo’s the one raising his eyebrows, now. “When you were just calling them livestock.”

“They are livestock to me, yes, but they are still thinking creatures.” Pascal releases Ricardo’s hip for only a moment, to tuck his hair behind his ear - it’s quickly replaced as soon as the gesture is finished. “And yes. I know. There are so few things I think are wrong to do, so I hope you will listen when I say there is something I think very strongly about.” There’s a pause, and then Pascal wrinkles his nose. “Well, if you ask my opinion, I don’t think you should fuck humans anyway. Nothing bad will happen, but - well, it is a little disgusting. They are too warm to the touch, and they smell like food, and they are so squishy from being full of fluids! Oh, and it will end in maybe an hour, and this is at the very best, because they get tired - but sometimes even sooner, because they are so fragile, and maybe they will just die! Anyway it is not my idea of a good time, and--”

Ricardo’s voice is strained. “Can we talk about something else.”

“Oh! You have questions?”

Really, he was just desperate to switch to anything that wouldn’t force the mental image of Pascal mid-coitus, but when Pascal asks he realizes there actually are things he’s curious about. “You said some vampires keep humans as companions. Wouldn’t that be more convenient? Just keep one to feed from periodically, without killing it?”

“Oh! No, no, Ricardo, when others keep humans, it is not for food! It would not work. They really do keep them just for companionship. Maybe they feed from them, but socially. For food, you will still have to hunt.” He leans back, fingers hooked in Ricardo’s belt loops to keep himself upright - Ricardo finds himself instinctively splaying one hand across the small of his back to keep him steady. “If you feed non-fatally, you would have to have several humans. You cannot take enough from them and they will still be alright - it takes them too long to recover. Euuuh, for example, in cold weather, if I am being lazy, I will feed once every three weeks - but I am older than you! And if I try to spread this out, to a non-fatal amount, still I will need to feed every week, or every few days, and this will be too much for one human. And to find several humans, who will be satisfied to let you do this? Feh! Even with my superstar beauty, impossible. And if I use hypnosis? Pointless, because to use your affinity makes you hungry!” He pats Ricardo’s chest, satisfied that he’s made his point. “Just eat normally. Is the least amount of trouble, even when we must hide bodies and be careful. Humans who are alive are nothing but bother.”
No. 901568 ID: 270774
File 153681732665.png - (101.36KB , 800x525 , 115.png )

“You have it all figured out, huh?” Truth be told, Pascal’s words were blurring together for him again, even though whatever he was talking about sounded informative. He lifts his free hand to grip Pascal’s jaw. “Hey. You’ve still got blood here.”

“Hey, grabby. Who are you, to just grab like this?” Despite the indignance, Pascal is smiling. “Disrespectful!”

“It’s distracting.” Ricardo leans in, his fingers digging into the soft skin of Pascal’s cheek. “And wasteful.”

This close, he can see that the mark beneath Pascal’s eye is a tattoo, not a beauty mark. He’s too absorbed to dwell on it. He opens his mouth and drags his tongue over the corner of Pascal’s lips, slow and heavy. The squeal of laughter it elicits from Pascal dies off as Ricardo turns his head, sweeping his tongue over Pascal’s parted mouth. Pascal makes a soft, contented noise, opening further for him as his fingers walk playfully up Ricardo’s spine --
No. 901569 ID: 270774
File 153681734461.png - (94.01KB , 800x525 , 116.png )

And then he suddenly jerks away, tensing up. Ricardo blinks, disoriented. “What. What’s the matter-”

“Shh!” Pascal is tilting his chin up, scenting the air, and when Ricardo follows his alert gaze, he catches the smell, too: the clean, metallic scent of the undead.

Pascal presses the fingertips of one hand against Ricardo’s chest. “If I push you,” he breathes, his voice barely audible even to Ricardo’s sensitive hearing, “you will run. In the opposite direction, as fast as you can, and you will not look back at me. Then if I am able I will find you, but you should not stop running--”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Why--”

“Ricardo, hush.” Pascal’s voice is harsh enough to shut Ricardo up. There’s another moment of tense silence, but then Pascal suddenly relaxes.

“Oh! Ehehe. Never mind.” There are two figures approaching, ones that apparently smell familiar to him, and the hand that was ready to shove Ricardo away instead raises above his head to wave. “Kel! Ce faci?

“You smell fat, Pascal Cosovei.” Even before the woman is close enough to see clearly, Ricardo can hear her voice as clearly as if she had already arrived. As she gets closer, he notices that she’s enormous - taller than himself, which isn’t something he’s used to. The woman hanging off her arm, though, is even smaller and slighter than Pascal. “I thought you were a human.”
No. 901570 ID: 270774
File 153681736463.png - (109.28KB , 800x525 , 117.png )

They finally come into view. The smaller woman is glaring belligerently between the two of them, but the larger one looks entirely relaxed. “Oh, but it’s just him. Who’s the fresh one? Not even a chill on his meat yet.”

“Ehehehe.” Pascal bats distractedly at Ricardo’s chest, suddenly bashful. “Eeuuuhh, my ward, more or less…”

“Not the one you abandoned,” Kel presses, eyebrows raised.

“Well, now he's found me,” Pascal retorts, a little defensive, “and I’m teaching him, so it's all well and good.” He leans forward, dropping his voice and laughing as if telling an inside joke. “When he first was looking for me, he thought I would be the voivode.

“That’s not so impressive,” Kel snorts. “Vlad isn’t king of the world.”

Pascal gasps, in overblown offense that seems only halfway joking. “Don’t use his first name so familiar like this!”

“Why shouldn’t I?” Kel stretches, grinning - the smaller vampire attached to her side follows the movement seamlessly. “We fought in a war together. That practically makes us friends.”

“Kel,” says Pascal, exasperated, “you fought with the Ottomans. In that war you fought against us.”

“Oh, huh. Did I? Well, a couple hundred years and it all evens out to the same thing,” she laughs. “Anyway, my point is that you Balkan vampires think you’re the center of the universe. Callin’ yourselves the Cradle and all that.”

“And you Gaelic vampires have no respect for tradition or community,” Pascal replies crisply, his nose tilted up in playful snobbery. He glances to the side, and Ricardo figures he must be imagining the vague affection that colors his tone. “And the Americans are even worse.”

“See, that’s the kind of shit I’m talking about, you little idiot,” Kel says. “There were vampires in America before your sire’s sire was even whelped.” She glances over at Ricardo, giving him a quick, businesslike up and down glance. “Anyway, this one looks like good stock. Strong, if he managed a few years on his own.” She nods at Ricardo, making eye contact. “Whatcha think, Ribeye? You sick of this little brat yet?”
No. 901572 ID: aaf87b

think about how 'short' humans apparently last compared to pascal :3c
No. 901573 ID: b54723

her hair is a goddamn mess she needs to brush it its fucking everywhere
No. 901574 ID: f14764

he might be a brat but he's your brat. act accordingly.
No. 901575 ID: df3dfa

appreciate how stacked this massive beautiful woman is. consider how easily she could snap someone in half.
No. 901577 ID: aedfd9

Introduce yourself politely and pretend you weren't just about to have sex in public. This goddess seems to be friends with Pascal so try to be nice and not bitchy.
No. 901579 ID: 1dd514

"He's talked me down from trying to murder him for the moment, but no, I haven't had time to get sick of him yet."
No. 901580 ID: be2e7c

Loom protectively over Pascal. You just found him he's yours.
No. 901581 ID: b54723

He sure didn't seem sick of you just before. Hmm.
No. 901583 ID: f2eb10

"not yet." we wanna keep in kel's good books. sexy giants gotta stick together. also, it'll probably take a lot of boning before you even start to get bored of that sweet ass.

introduce yourself!
No. 901585 ID: 70df1e

you like kels style, and you SHOULD say it. unfortunately you are also very gay for pascal and not going anywhere anytime soon. ask about gaelic vampires and see if you and pascal can fuck off to ireland or something instead of the cradle, eventually. sounds better im just saying
No. 901586 ID: 8aef06

i can’t suggest properly im a lesbian and in love with kel. uh introduce urself? joke a lil with her?? address her girlfriend and ask “are they always like this”??? idk kel has my heart wrapped around her bicep
No. 901587 ID: dbf422

"He's hot but that's not everything. Too much of that snobby bullshit and I will be. Maybe. I like your take on all this, honestly."
No. 901598 ID: ee2d6e

"Didn't even take me a minute."
No. 901599 ID: c223c4

introduce yourself!!!!!!! whats her gfs name she doesnt seem to know pascal
No. 901601 ID: a62780

(oh my god I love her)

Uh, grumble noncomittaly because actually describing the weird emotional car crash that is how you feel about Pascal would change the mood somewhat. If pressed go for something like:

"I dunno, not sure it's even possible if you start at blind hatred and work backwards but we'll see what happens. Also it's been like, less than a day.
I take it you and Pascal know each other then?"
No. 901607 ID: 031115

Well, once we got done wanting to claw his lights out or die trying, we like him okay.
No. 901615 ID: e176c9

aha ha, 'yet'.
No. 901617 ID: a1a9bf

You haven't had time to get sick of him yet, and the unbrushed hair is distracting.
No. 901635 ID: 2ff745

Glare back at the smaller one. There’s only room for one vampire with resting bitch face around these parts.
No. 901636 ID: 0e2ebe

Ricardo has resting murder face, very different.
No. 901638 ID: bb78f2

I'm... in a transitionary period right now. It's not best to ask. I thought I was gonna die trying to kill him in a cool fight, but now... I don't even know. I actually want a good fight that's satisfying so...

Can we fight? Not to the death, just like, casually? I don't care if I get owned, I just... need the catharsis of getting beat up and trying to beat the other person up? There's too much between me and Pascal to really get into a casual fight.

I need my big, dumb anime fight. Stomp me into dust ma'am.
No. 901764 ID: 270774
File 153699002459.png - (109.47KB , 800x525 , 118.png )

Ricardo is gay, and so the glorious bounty of Kel’s body means nothing to him. However, he can platonically appreciate the amount of work that has clearly gone into maintaining her physique, from one beefcake to another.
No. 901765 ID: 270774
File 153699003661.png - (114.16KB , 800x525 , 119.png )

He nearly misses his cue to respond, because he’d ended up embroiled in all the implications of Pascal being disappointed by an uninterrupted hour of sex. Luckily, he tunes back in just as Kel addresses him, and his response is automatic - but that comes at the cost of being far more honest than he would have preferred. “Not yet.”

Kel barks out a harsh laugh. “Ah, well, you got all the time in the world.”

He feels like making a smart comment about her wild hair, but when she seems friendly with Pascal - and that kind of friendship is apparently in short supply, given how he reacted when he thought it could’ve been a vampire he didn’t know - Ricardo decides that picking a fight, even jokingly, would be idiotic. He instead turns his attention back to Pascal, who is leaning over to address the other vampire.

“Hello, Lamb! How lovely you are tonight! And your eyes are coming along so nicely!”

The vampire - Lamb, apparently - opens her mouth and hisses loudly. On instinct, Ricardo’s arm snaps out to grab Pascal and yank him back to a safe distance. Kel starts laughing in earnest, and Pascal joins in. Ricardo feels distinctly like he’s being made fun of, but it’s not enough to make him loosen his protective grip.

“Come on, Pascal. I thought you would’ve caught on by now,” Kel says. “She’s pretending she can’t speak English because she doesn’t wanna talk to you.” Lamb and Pascal are both giving her looks of equal indignation, but she doesn’t look apologetic in the slightest.
No. 901766 ID: 270774
File 153699005560.png - (114.37KB , 800x525 , 120.png )

“Anyway, Pascal.” Kel leans back again. “Been meaning to catch up with you, anyway. I wish you’d get a damn cell phone.”

Pascal looks up, still giggling - he wasn’t paying attention. “Mm? What? Sailboat?”

“Cell phone. Fuck’s sake.” She gives Ricardo a longsuffering look. “He’s gonna forget. Take care of that, would you, Ribeye?”

“Ricardo.” He tightens his grip on Pascal’s shoulders slightly, though there’s no reason to. “It’s Ricardo.”

“Fine, fine. Ricardo what? You’ve got two names, don’t ya?”

“...Castro.” Ricardo can’t remember the last time he said his own full name aloud. It feels foreign on his tongue. “Ricardo Castro.”

“Alright, Ricardo Castro, make sure this little moron gets a cell phone. Or at least give me yours. I could’ve told him about this days ago.” She tilts her head back, eyes catching the streetlamps like flares. “You need to get outta town, and you need to do it soon. You’re an idiot for still being here.”

Pascal’s listening now, but he rolls his eyes. “Oh, please. You worry too much. It has not even been so long since I sired him - I doubt anyone has gotten far in tracking me. And besides, is like I said! He found me, and I am teaching him now, so everything is okay.”

“I know you’re young, Pascal, but this is naive even for you,” Kel sighs. “Do you really think the way the Cradle disciplines abandonment is about justice for the wards? It’s about maintaining a hierarchy. They were talking about putting him down, too. Been feral too long, they said. Won’t be able to reintegrate into proper society, or whatever other Cradle bullshit.”

“What! What a stupid thing to say,” Pascal scoffs. “It makes no sense.”

“Yeah, see, it’s like you’ve almost made a breakthrough here. Anyway, you better raise your guard. They’re sending young ones. Less than 20 years turned. They’ve still got a sense of urgency, Pascal, not like you or me, and they’re looking for you.”
No. 901768 ID: 270774
File 153699008496.png - (76.94KB , 800x525 , 121.png )

It finally seems to be getting through to him, a little. Pascal narrows his eyes. “You spoke to them? From which houses?”

“I didn’t ask about houses. Woulda been suspicious coming from me, when they know I don’t care about that shit.” Lamb is listening, too, her eyes bright and focused. Kel speaks quickly, but her casual air never leaves. “They weren’t of Bathory, I could tell that much. But don’t worry, I didn’t give you up. Told ‘em last I saw you, you were talking about going back to New York, and that I hadn’t seen you since.”

Ricardo feels Pascal tense up underneath his hands. His voice is low. “For God’s sake, Kel. You don’t have to bring it up every time someone talks about me--”

“Will you relax?” Kel interrupts. “The basis of a convincing lie is a little seed of truth, that’s all.”

“Well, you have failed at it,” Pascal snaps, “because that isn’t true. I have not thought of it.”

“Then you won’t mind that it’ll be off limits for a while, seeing as it’ll be swarming with Cradle lackeys.” Kel exhales through her nose, as if willing herself to be more patient than Pascal is being. “Listen, I’m only sorry that I couldn’t lead them away further, but I didn’t know if you’d been sighted. If I said something completely out there, like that you went back to Europe, and they had intel that contradicted that - well. I’m not gonna put my neck out for you like that, Pascal.”

“I didn’t ask you to!”

“I told you to relax. I’m trying to help - not that you care, you little ingrate. Still, I might not respect the Cradle’s claims of authority, but I’m not stupid. They’ve overstepped their jurisdiction before, and I’ve got wards to think of.”

Pascal blows a little hair off his forehead. “You have four hundred wards. Who will contest you?”

“Cecil Babenburg is getting close,” Kel replies easily. “And he’s been arm in arm with your Marquess lately, so I’d better be careful walking in step with you. He’s practically mass producing the things, so I dunno about quality versus quantity, but I don’t wanna cross fangs with that.”

Pascal turns his head to the side, pressing his cheek against Ricardo’s arm, and his tone is still petulant. “Is not like you to avoid a fight.”

“A fight, little idiot, is when equals meet each other on the field of battle.” Kel tightens the snaps on her gloves, idly. “Every noble house in Eastern Europe showing up on my doorstep because I hid one of their toys from them is not a fight.”

Pascal doesn’t seem to have a response to that, and Kel gives Ricardo another exasperated look - one that says Do something about this.
No. 901769 ID: b54723

Kill someone. I don't know what, but someone has to die because you sure as hell aren't hiding. Though, probably in the future. Right now? Maybe you SHOULD leave the city with Pascal, if I read the exposition right.
No. 901770 ID: 728872

ROADTRIP ROADTRIP ROADTRIP!!! i mean, we should definitely heed Kel’s advice and bounce, right? plus it might be nice to be alone with Pascal in a tiny enclosed space........ 👀
No. 901771 ID: aedfd9

(God, I want to marry her.)

Welp, that's kind of a lot. And scary. But you're a young one! Is there something you can do that Kel and Pascal can't?
No. 901773 ID: c375e8

....... crank your hog?

god what do we DO. we are just a baby and this is a bunch of vampire politics, but kel is basically saying "run", so i say we get the hell out asap.

does she have any tips for us?
No. 901783 ID: dbf422

"Pascal, I don't know what growing up with the Bathorys does to your sense of priority, but it's pretty obvious that if you want to survive long enough to see your sire again, you need to leave. And I need to leave because apparently you've marked me for death. Fuck you for that, by the way.

Kel, got any ideas, a direction, anything? Or is it better you don't know, or whatever?"

Oh and don't forget to give her your number.
No. 901790 ID: 2e3701

Ask Kel for suggested locations for running to. Do you have a passport? Going somewhere completely away might be good.

Also, wrap an arm around Pascal. Him being close is nice.
No. 901801 ID: a62780

Well was there anything to tie Pascal down here?
Either way, this seems like serious business, it kind of makes sense that Pascal is now further in the Cradle's bad books over siring and abandoning Ricardo; he WAS meant to essentially be on the naughty step to think about his mistakes after all, misbehaving during that time seems like the sort of thing he'd get disciplined for.

I suppose since he knows best how these people operate, Pascal needs to decide whether it's better to wait for/look for these folk to straighten out this mess now that he's teaching Ricardo, or get on the move, feign ignorance and use the time to get Ricardo ready for any vampire society tests.

(Considering they probably only even know about this siring debacle because of the noise Ricardo made in his search, it might be a good idea to avoid travelling anywhere he's been to recently too)
No. 901810 ID: bb78f2

Good, I've been looking for a fight after my last one didn't go the way I needed it. Maybe this will put things in perspective.

Vampires that move in pairs are harder to kill than singular ones.

Pascal, I need to learn to fight vampires better too, sooner than later, if this is the baggage you're bringing onto me.
No. 901822 ID: 2ff745

Can we ask Kel for a description of the vampires who are looking for us? We might not know what houses they’re from, but knowing who to avoid would be useful. In the meantime, get Pascal to relax by pulling him closer. I think he knows that Kel is right, but he’s just being defensive.
No. 901842 ID: 94ec6a


both of these
No. 901878 ID: b54723

Ask Pascal why your eyes are yellow and why her eyes are pink. Are vampire eyes usually red? What's the difference between you two?
No. 901885 ID: acf3bb

this was explained already when ricardo was asking questions about vampirism:
young vampires’ eyes turn red over time
No. 901892 ID: 70df1e

smack pascal upside his fool head but in an affectionate way that is not meant to disconnect his head from his shoulders. you gotta mind your muscles. but seriously this stuff sounds intense so ask him to take it seriously. kel is doing him a big favor here sticking her neck out like this and you gotta treat your friends well. it doesnt sound like pascal has a whole lot of them
No. 901896 ID: 0d6acf

Well, it's not like you or he have anything keeping you here. Road trip time?
No. 901898 ID: 270774
File 153707359329.png - (118.05KB , 800x525 , 122.png )

Ricardo reaches around Pascal again and tightens his hand on his shoulder, pulling Pascal tight to his side. He tells himself it’s just to stop him from storming off - which, in fairness, he does seem almost ready to do. “Pascal. Take this seriously. If you want to survive long enough to see your sire again, you have to leave. And so do I, since apparently you’ve marked me for death, too.”

Pascal turns his head into Ricardo’s chest, grumbling half-heartedly. “Fuck you for that, by the way,” Ricardo adds.

Kel roars out another laugh, loud and open. “He’s got a fuckin mouth on him! You let your ward talk to you like that, Pascal?”

Pascal exhales sharply, leaning away from Ricardo only enough to toss his hair out of his face. “He can do whatever he likes.”

Clearly, given what Lamb and I nearly walked in on,” Kel snickers. Ricardo stiffens slightly. It hadn’t occurred to him to consider how early on Kel and Lamb had spotted them before approaching. “Speaking of that, we shouldn’t have been able to sneak up on you two like that. I’d expect it from you, Pascal, but what’s the point of having a big slab of a ward like this if he can’t protect you?” She crosses her arms, giving Pascal a look that’s almost stern. “What were you gonna do about combat training him?”

“Combat training?” Pascal blinks a few times. “Does he need it? Look, he’s so big.”

“Hell’s teeth,” Kel mutters. “You really don’t know what you’re doing at all, huh. Ricardo, gimme your phone.”
No. 901899 ID: 270774
File 153707361470.png - (124.18KB , 800x525 , 123.png )

She taps in her number with sharp, stained fingertips. “When you two find someplace to settle, you give me a call. Lamb and I have been moving around the country anyway. We’ll come set up camp by you, and Ribeye here can run some training with me and mine.”

Ricardo’s jaw twitches. “It’s Ricardo.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

She hands her phone back, and Ricardo sends her a message to complete the number exchange before looking back up at her. “Do you have any suggestions for where we should go? Would it be better to go somewhere else entirely? I have a passport.”

“Mm. You’d think further from here would be better, but I dunno about that,” Kel muses. “Definitely not Europe. The Cradle has its claws sunk in just about everywhere, but the last thing you wanna do is move closer to their center of operations. Honestly, I come to the U.S. to train my wards for a reason. It’s big, it’s varied, there’s tons of food and plenty of crime to blend with - and most importantly, American dens mind their damn business. Sure, there’s plenty of Cradle vampires here, but American vampires are too disorganized and decentralized for them to start spinning webs the way they do overseas. It’ll be easier to stay below the radar here. Just obviously stay away from places you’ve already been - you were kicking up a lotta dust looking for Pascal, y’know.”

Ricardo refuses to feel bad about that, and Kel doesn’t seem to be bringing it up for a guilt trip anyway. Every statement she makes is as blunt as the last. “Anything else? Can you describe the vampires that were looking for us?”

“Oh, them. Yeah. It was a pair - both Americans, but definitely Cradle vamps. Red-eyed, but young. There was one that was a little taller than Pascal, with skin a little darker than yours - cute, in a stupid way, kinda boyish. And the other one was white, with red hair like mine, but dyed. In a real stupid hairstyle, too. He was short, too, but well-built. The smaller one seemed smarter and more focused, but they both came off pretty tough. I wouldn’t write them off just for being young - after all, they’re older than you. And better fighters than Pascal, I’d wager, but that’s a low bar.”
No. 901900 ID: 270774
File 153707363259.png - (82.89KB , 800x525 , 124.png )

“If you’re done criticizing me,” Pascal pipes up irritably, “is that all?” He disentangles himself from Ricardo’s grasp, briskly walking past the other two. “If I have no choice but to leave, then I will, but I won’t be rushed.” He straightens his clothes, which were slightly in disarray from being yanked around, and runs his fingers through his hair to rearrange it. “I was going to drink tonight, and nobody ever stops me from drinking when I’ve set my mind to it. I say this for my pride, at least.”

Kel scoffs, and the noise is almost fond. “Yeah. I’ve at least bought you enough time with the New York gambit to allow for one night. But you leave by tomorrow evening, yeah?”

Pascal is tense again, but his voice is still even, despite the tight set of his shoulders. “Fine. There’s nothing to hold me here, anyway.”

“Pascal.” Kel turns to look at him - or at least at his back. “Let an old woman give you two more pieces of unsolicited advice.”

There’s a long pause. “If you must.”

“One, don’t raise your wards the way Constantin raised you.”

Pascal makes a shapeless, sarcastic noise of frustration. “Oh, no! I will have to scrap my plan of keeping him in my palace, where I have threescore other wards to help take care of him--”

“That’s not what I mean, and you know it.” Kel’s tone is unyielding. “When you brutalize your wards, they come out twisted.”

Ricardo watches Pascal’s still form, but it doesn’t betray anything - unless the stillness is a betrayal in itself. Kel speaks again, her voice quiet, but clear to all three of the others. “Like you did.”
No. 901901 ID: 270774
File 153707365847.png - (28.22KB , 800x525 , 125.png )

She waits. When the silence breaks again, it’s with a clear, careless laugh, Pascal’s hair bouncing as he tosses his head back. “Kel, you say such scary things! You make my house sound so terrible.” He clasps his hands behind his back, swaying idly. “There’s nothing wrong with me.”

He glances over his shoulder, his expression back to casual and coy. “Your second advice? Bars will close, Kel!”

Kel sighs, but she continues all the same. “My second piece of advice is simple.”

“Oh, good,” Pascal laughs. “This has been too much complicated talking for me anyway--”

“It’s that I’ve never seen you happier than you were at the beginning of this last century.”

Pascal’s light laughter cuts off, a clean break. His eyes lid, only visible for a split second before he turns away again. “This is not advice.”

“Yeah, it is. You’re just being difficult.”

Again, Ricardo feels very distinctly left out of the loop. He can hear Pascal swallow before he speaks.

“Kel.” He’s holding his own elbows, fingers tense. “I thank you for always looking out for me, all the time like this. But you were right. I did not ask for your advice, and I don’t want it.”


“We’ll leave tomorrow. And if you can train my ward so he can defend himself, I will be grateful for this, too, and I accept it. But that’s all. If he needs you, it is okay, but I don’t.”

He starts walking again, his steps crisp and efficient. “Ricardo. Come.”
No. 901902 ID: aedfd9

Follow him. Maybe, as you're walking, find a way to rope him into conversation. (Poor Pascal... I guess a busy schedule wasn't the only reason he didn't meet back up with his sire. From the sounds of it, our goal - other than getting stronger and staying alive - is to get Pascal back together with his sweet mobsterboyfriend. Time for a love quest!!)
No. 901903 ID: e176c9

What, no 'please'?

No. 901905 ID: 7c6ddf

Oh hell no. There is a time and a place for obeying without question but you need an explanation for that last remark, or at least a promise of an explanation at some point. Ask Kel "what the fuck"

Also feel a little resentful at Pascal pushing you off and then telling you to come. He could have just pulled you with him, ffs.
No. 901911 ID: b54723

Ask Kel what she wanted to tell Pascal. Maybe you can't pass it on to Pascal NOW but maybe, just maybe, in the future Pascal would be willing to hear it from you instead of her.
No. 901913 ID: 95c190

I assume it means that he was never happier than when he was dating that 20s gangster.
Tell Kel thank you and promise to keep in touch. Pascal is being fucking ungrateful. Thank her for the opportunities and for sticking her neck out.
Say goodbye to both her and lamb when you do go.
No. 901914 ID: dbf422

Yeah, I kinda had a feeling something was off about Pascal's situation. The whole Cradle is probably rotten.

Anyway now's not the time to bug Kel for info. She's gonna come by and train Ricardo later, maybe some time she'll talk about it. Say bye, and thanks, and that you hope you'll get a chance to talk to Lamb someday. She seems like she'd be an interesting person to know.

And then follow your sire.
No. 901916 ID: 62975e

follow pascal, but maybe trail a little behind? be nosy and text Kel real quick to see if she can elaborate on her advice to Pascal, where it can’t be heard.
No. 901919 ID: 70df1e

thank kel, follow pascal.

kel has some good points. however the cradle does things doesnt seem to have been great for pascals mental health. kel may not have the exact words to say as much but considering pascal literally wants to go back to the cradle so that his sire can kill him is pretty telling. just something to keep an eye on.

if pascal has been happier away from the cradle, maybe we can try to keep him that way.

for now lets find a bar and let pascal salvage some of his pride. tell pascal that youre going to get strong enough to protect him - because if anyone kills him, it's going to be you. its totally not because you have gay feelings for pascal. absolutely not.

as for a destination.. suggest the midwest? lot of land, not a lot of people, easy for folks to go missing. seems like a good place to lie low.
No. 901921 ID: 70df1e


a quick elaboration: when i said kel might not have the words to say as much (about pascals situation re: the cradle) i mean like, i have no idea what if any terminology vamps have regarding trauma or abuse because the whole system has been around for Awhile and the cradle especially seems kind of fucky. i think her calling pascal twisted is her way of being like 'dude the cradle fucked you up so dont treat ricardo how they treated you'

this may not have needed elaboration but there it is!
No. 901924 ID: dbf422

Unfortunately while the Midwest might be a good place for a human to hide, a vampire needs to be near a city. Especially somewhere with a lot of crime. It would be more suspicious if a lot of people died in Nowhere, Nebraska than in Los Angeles.
No. 901929 ID: 3a51a0

hm. it never actually hit me until this last update that the situation with his ward kind of was...grooming, huh. like i had some suspicions but nothing this concrete and i'm just. h
No. 901932 ID: 8af1e3


this! also, as for places to set up base - maybe the southwest, in or near a popular hiking area? it'd be easy to pick off hikers, make it look like mountain lion attacks or them just disappearing into the wilderness. they usually come in pairs, too, so pascal and ricardo would both have food.
No. 901933 ID: a62780

Well then time to follow bossman sire vamp, give Kel a nod or something as you do though, seems she's looking out for you guys.

Lotsa subtext going right over your head here, but that's a worry for later. It's easy to make assumptions from the outside given what ye just heard, but you should hold off from commenting until you know more.
Slightly worrying to hear Pascal is apparently not the best at fighting, by the standards of the other vamps from that last conversation at least (though I do get the feeling Kel's are high)
No. 901938 ID: bb78f2

Pascal's a prick, but I'll show you more appreciation when you help me. Name some favor's when I'm more capable that doesn't risk me being too out in the open for the Cradle, and I'll do it for you.

Unless you prefer Pascal's style of gratitude, than I'll follow suit.
No. 901951 ID: 2ff745

I think going behind Pascal’s back to ask about this stuff is a bad idea, but on the other hand, based on his reaction to New York being brought up, he probably won’t respond well to being asked directly about it. I still think we should try anyway, and if he doesn’t want to talk about it, then that’s that.

Remember to thank Kel and to say goodbye to both her and Lamb properly. They’re definitely going to be good allies to have on our side.
No. 902033 ID: bfc56e

i know you might not have it in you to be grateful, at this point, but given all the info you just got without even having to work it might be in your best interest to at least sound like it. especially since she did stick her neck out for the sake of you and pascal.

speaking of pascal-- i don't know how he sees what happened to him, but it kind of sounds like he's still in denial. he isn't so "twisted" that he doesn't understand consent, obviously, so maybe he just internalized it.

ricardo, tread lightly, okay? it's probably best if you fall in step, give pascal some breathing room and some space to think, but not so much that he can get mired in memories.
No. 902045 ID: 270774
File 153716263896.png - (98.30KB , 800x525 , 126.png )

Ricardo watches Pascal storm off, and he immediately turns back to Kel. “What the fuck was all that?”

Kel crosses her arms, tossing her head noncommittally. “Sorry, Ribeye, but that one’s not my story to tell.”

“Ricardo.” The correction is hissed through clenched teeth. “It sure was your story to mysteriously allude to right in front of me.”

“Listen, you’re not gonna like this, but all that - sires talking about personal stuff like their wards aren’t there? - that’s normal.”

Ricardo narrows his eyes. “You’re right. I don’t fucking like that at all.”

“Didn’t think you would. You’re in for a lot of culture shock, kid.”

Ricardo feels like complaining further about that, but it doesn’t seem wise, especially when Pascal already has the corner on the “bitching at Kel” market. “Well - whatever. Hey. Thank you.” He doesn’t know how to do shit like this, and the words come out clumsy and forced. “Pascal is a prick. But if there’s any way we can - I don’t know. Make it up to you-”

He’s cut off by Kel’s loud, unhindered laughter. “I like you, Ricardo. I think you’re the best mistake Pascal’s made in a long while. He needs somebody who’s actually got their head screwed on straight, like you. Still, no offense, but a whelp like you isn’t any use to me. Anything you can do, my wards can do better.”

Ricardo’s eyes narrow further. “Alright, then. Fuck me for offering, I guess.”

“But hey, you know what? You want a favor you can do me?” Kel tilts her head back, eyes glinting. “Get strong, and do it quick. Because I’ve been keeping an eye on that boy for over a century now, and I’ve got a real soft spot for him, and now he’s gone and bitten off more than he can chew - and since you’re part of that mouthful, you might as well be the silver lining.”

Her eyes bore into him. “And if he dies on your watch, I’m gonna feed you to my girls.”
No. 902047 ID: 270774
File 153716266125.png - (62.06KB , 800x525 , 127.png )

Ricardo meets her gaze, and he knows instinctively that to flinch away or blink would be unforgivable. “You don’t have to worry about that. I’ve got my own reasons for wanting him alive.”

As quickly as the tension had built up, it suddenly dissipates, and Kel elbows him jovially in the ribs. He feels two of them snap like chicken bones and doubles over. “Yeah, I can tell. You better be careful there, Ribeye. From what I hear, he’s a real handful in bed. You better keep yourself well fed and well rested, ‘cause he’s gonna wear you out. Gehahaha!”

Ricardo wheezes. “I don’t … think we’re on the same page here.”

Being well fed, though, does make a difference - the broken bones knit almost immediately, the pressure and pain in his chest dissolving away within moments, and he gives both Kel and Lamb a farewell wave - though Lamb turns her face away to avoid his gaze. Another gruff “Thanks” to Kel, and he turns to catch up to his sire.

As he’s walking, his curiosity stays needle-sharp in the back of his mind. He’s only walked a few paces before he pulls his phone out and taps out a message.

To: Kel 1:17 AM
Can you at least tell me what that last piece of advice was supposed to mean?

The response is instantaneous.

From: Kel 1:17 AM

Ricardo stares at his phone for a moment.

To: Kel 1:19 AM
Do you have a signature on your texts?

From: Kel 1:19 AM
No. 902048 ID: 270774
File 153716270567.png - (107.33KB , 800x525 , 128.png )

Ricardo slips his phone back into his pocket as he catches up to Pascal. “What, so it’s just ‘come’ now. No ‘please.’”

Pascal doesn’t answer him, and that’s about it for Ricardo’s patience. He grabs Pascal’s wrist, bringing him to a halt. “You’re being fucking ungrateful.”

“Ungrateful?” Pascal yanks his arm out of Ricardo’s grasp and wheels on him, and his eyes are sparking with stifled energy. “For what should I be grateful to her? Hm? For her to nag at me always, like she thinks she is my sire? For her to talk about me as if I am some stupid fragile thing? For her to pretend she knows about Cradle politics, when all the Norse-Gaels do is mindlessly land-grabbing and building pointless armies? For her to slander my house and my lord?”

Ricardo steps closer, unaffected by the outburst. “Kel was sticking her neck out for us back there.”

“I don’t ask her to!” Pascal snaps. “I don’t ask for her help or anyone’s! For the past one hundred years I do not ask for anyone’s help! And then when people do these things anyway, without asking me first, I am meant to sit politely as they scold me for their own actions? De ce pula mea!” He turns on his heel again, and Ricardo keeps step with him. “If she had not offer to train you, I would have tell her to fuck off. I don’t care how old she is. And for you, if you will keep nagging me as well, I will almost tell you to fuck off as well, but I can’t.”

“It wouldn’t work anyway,” Ricardo growls. “I’m not going anywhere.”
No. 902049 ID: 270774
File 153716271904.png - (63.51KB , 800x525 , 129.png )

Pascal’s step falters for a quarter of a second, and when he regains it he’s walking faster. “Stupid.”

“I mean it.” The night is cooling off, and he slips on the jacket - his jacket, now. “I’m training with Kel, and getting strong enough to protect you.”

Pascal turns his face away and scoffs under his breath. “Ugh. Enough. I get secondhand embarrassment, listening to you try to act cool.”

“I’m not. I’m just not going to let anyone else kill you. If you’re going to die, it’ll be at my hands.” Ricardo keeps his eyes forward. “It’s my right. I spent five years looking for you. I’m not letting anyone take that from me.”

They’re finally approaching another cluster of bars. When Ricardo glances down, Pascal still isn’t looking at him. “Hmph. Stupid,” he repeats. “You’re like a dog who growls when someone tries to take his toy.”
No. 902051 ID: 70df1e

toss an arm around pascal's shoulder and guide him to the nearest okay-looking bar. tell him that hes damn right that youll growl at anyone who looks at him sideways because hes right! you arent about to share him with anyone else let alone the cradle
No. 902059 ID: 2e3701

Roll your eyes. "Woof, woof"
No. 902060 ID: dbf422

Maybe but at least I want to see you alive. By the end of this we'll both be free of this death sentence and you'll be begging me to stay.
And Kel's an ass but she does seem to actually care about you. Even if you don't like what she said, you owe her gratefulness.
No. 902063 ID: a8aba6

"you're right, no one can take you from me."
No. 902069 ID: a94e23

But do it really shitty and halfhearted.
No. 902072 ID: aedfd9

Get up behind him real close, make a growling noise, and lick the back of his neck. Then go into the nearest bar before he turns around.
No. 902098 ID: 031115

No. 902103 ID: df3dfa

bark at him just to see the look on his face.
No. 902104 ID: 51a7ff


Ricardo's natural talent is shape shifting.
Turn into a literal dog.
No. 902115 ID: bb78f2

You have too much pride and no where to spend it. Like me. God, two hundred years undead and you're acting like a five year old. I have the right to be dumb and flip floppy, you don't.

If Kel and Lamb were those hunters after you, running would have meant nothing, the both of us would already be dead and you know it. Use your allies, Pascal, or die like you should have when you ashamed of drinking blood. Don't let just be ME be your only line of defense. You should train with me and Kel.

Tell me, 1000 years from now, and if the Cradle's been dismantled and Dracula murdered for 600, will you still be Cradle? 2000 years? You spent about 20 years alive with a family name and relatives, is your last name and where your from relevant to you today? Was it relevant to you when you were Cradle?

Marqee only made you come back once and a while to falsely remind you of where you came from, which is as false now as was your birth surname.
No. 902139 ID: a62780

Pfft, you're the only one that says anything about being cool.
Anyway, drinking sounds good right about now. And I thought I was in the deep end of vampire society bullshit before. Got any other surprises lined up?
No. 902185 ID: 0d6acf

drink, party, sleep, escape
No. 902207 ID: 2ff745

“Woof, woof. I don’t like sharing.”

Then drag him into the nearest bar. You both need to unwind before tomorrow.
No. 902311 ID: 270774
File 153732988734.png - (104.90KB , 800x525 , 130.png )

“Woof, woof,” Ricardo deadpans, rolling his eyes. And maybe Pascal’s easy physicality is already rubbing off on him, because he steps up behind him, his breath stirring the curls at the nape of Pascal’s neck. “You’re damn right. I’m not sharing you with anyone.”

Pascal starts to turn towards him, but Ricardo is already brushing past, a hand firm on Pascal’s elbow to drag him along. “Come on. You were adamant on drinks.”
No. 902312 ID: 270774
File 153732991599.png - (101.98KB , 800x525 , 131.png )

It’s a hole in the wall place, but it isn’t shitty. There’s kitsch on the walls and string lights behind the bar - it feels like the kind of place that’s fondly referred to as “my favorite spot” to friends out of town by a handful of locals. Pascal follows easily enough and hoists himself onto a barstool, and it’s quiet enough that he can get the bartender’s attention quickly. Ricardo joins him just as the bartender asks, “Is that tab gonna be open or closed?”

Pascal tilts his head, and Ricardo catches that retina flash again. “We’re not starting any tab, actually!”

This time, though, the same reddish flare is reflected in the eyes of the bartender. “Right,” he says, distractedly. “You aren’t starting a tab.”

Pascal turns back to Ricardo as the bartender wanders away to make their drinks, grinning. Ricardo rubs at his eyes tiredly. “Right. That’s … something you can do.” He props his elbow up on the bar and settles his gaze back on Pascal again. “Kel mentioned culture shock. You got any other surprises lined up for me?”

“Oh… mm, I don’t know. Teaching is hard! It’s hard to think of what is important, since to me it is all second nature already.” Pascal crosses his ankles and swings his legs, expression thoughtful. “You know, I almost wished I had taught you about duels already, because for a second I thought maybe you would pick a fight with Kel or something! And then of course she would have taken it as a duel and killed you right away, and there will have been nothing I can do about it. But then I thought you are not so stupid.”

Their drinks come - whatever Pascal’s ordered is stupid and fruity, and Ricardo watches with dead eyes as Pascal sticks his fingers into both drinks to spear the cherries out on his long nails. He chews them, cheerfully, and then spits the pulp discreetly into a napkin instead of swallowing before he speaks again. “But also it is unlikely anyone will bother with dueling us, since I have already broken the taboo, and also aren’t you tired of listening to me talk and talk already? Ehehehe.”
No. 902317 ID: 70df1e

tired of hearing pascal talk? never! it's all useful information, and his accent is extremely cute.

you know, you should probably ask him if vampires can drink alcohol without getting sick. since food is a no go and all. its probably fine if we came to a bar, but never hurts to check!
No. 902318 ID: d887c0

"We're dead, Pascal. We don't get tired."
No. 902322 ID: ce950c

I want to say we'd never get tired of hearing Pascal talk but I think we're maybe still a little too tsundere for that.

How about [gruffly] "It's fine."
No. 902323 ID: e176c9

Keep talking, I'm hoping something useful will fall out.
No. 902327 ID: 0e2ebe

Weren't you paying attention? I already said I wasn't tired yet. Anyway, maybe you won't get dueled but someone far enough down the chain of command might challenge me. It couldn't hurt to learn some basics, give Kel less work.

And drink a bit, just so Pascal isn't alone there.
No. 902338 ID: 3c801d

Shrug, and tell him you just tune out when he gets boring, but his voice is nice, and you're not averse to learning what the hell it is to be a vampire when you're going to be one for the foreseeable future.
No. 902342 ID: 7bc668

No. 902345 ID: 2491ad

Not yet.
No. 902356 ID: ded7a1

well theres still a hell of a lot to learn aaaaaand he's very cute when he's talking
No. 902359 ID: aedfd9

Duels sound neat, so does learning who to pick them with so we don't act like an idiot and instantly die.

But also, how is Ricardo's painfully hard boner doing?
No. 902364 ID: 270774
File 153737368198.png - (122.40KB , 800x525 , 132.png )

>But also, how is Ricardo's painfully hard boner doing?
Ricardo’s boner is actually doing okay, on account of spending some time talking to people he wasn’t attracted to about his own imminent death at the hands of the Vampire Cops. He’s enjoying the peace, and hoping Pascal doesn’t plan on further fucking this up for him as the evening progresses.
No. 902365 ID: 270774
File 153737370107.png - (117.06KB , 800x525 , 133.png )

“Weren’t you paying attention? I said I wasn’t tired of you yet.” Ricardo tries the drink and pulls a face. It’s all sugar. “And I’ve got five years of information to catch up on. If you start boring me, I’ll just tune you out.”

He doesn’t say that he doubts he’ll get bored, and he doesn’t say that this doubt is born from the fact that Pascal’s voice has become at least superficially pleasant to him - instead he just waves the bartender over and asks for something else, shoving the rejected cocktail over to double Pascal’s order. Pascal laughs and accepts it readily.

“Well, alright. It is important, after all. You have met Kel now, so you know there are many communities of vampires, and that we are all very different - but of course the thing that is the same for all of us is that we love to hit each other with swords! Ehehe.” There’s a second cherry trapped under the ice in Pascal’s first glass, and he’s trying to fish it out with his pinky nail as he talks. “Any vampire in the world will recognize a duel, and as long as the duel can be proven to be legitimate, no vampire - or, euh, no system of vampiric authority, like to say the Cradle - can contest the results. I guess it is the closest you can say to something being sacred in our society.”

Ricardo accepts his proper drink from the bartender and glares at Pascal over the rim of it. “And you thought I might not need to know this immediately.”

“Well, who knows! It is like I said - I already break the taboo. Why will vampires coming after us try to use a duel to force my compliance, when I have already not listened to authority?” Pascal’s first glass is empty already, but he’s still working on the cherry. “But, still. Euhhh, I am trying to think of the best way to start to explain this… what is the simplest way. Well, of course, a duel is a fight. I say swords because this is what the Cradle favors, especially in House Bathory, and it is the same for many others, but it can be anything. I have even heard of duels with no violence, but this is rare. And of course the rules of a duel are different regionally, too! These things are universal, no matter what: that a duel is not legitimate unless the challengers agree to all the terms before beginning, and that when you enter a duel you have forfeit your life on loss. Maybe your challenger will not choose to kill you if you lose, but there is nothing that can be argued if they do. Oh, and of course that the outcome of a duel and the terms outlined by the challengers are sacred, and have to be respected. Aha!” He finally impales the cherry and pops it into his mouth. “Ricardo, were you born outside of America?”

“What? Yes. Brazil. But my mother and I immigrated when I was young.” Ricardo takes another swallow of his drink, and he decides that if they’re not paying for it anyway, he might as well request top shelf for the next one. “Why does that matter?”

“I am trying to figure out which rules you can invoke.” Pascal tucks his hair behind his ears, two twin gestures, and leans forward. “I was born in Transylvania, and raised there, and my sire is of Hungary - I can only invoke duelist’s laws of the Cradle, because I have been in the Cradle always. You can invoke anything of your birthplace, your sire, or of dens you have assimilated in - probably you cannot invoke anything of Los Angeles and have it be legitimate, because while there are many dens there, you did not actually know any of them. But maybe as we travel we can find someone who knows the laws of your Brazil, and you will have the right to invoke those.”

“You’re getting ahead of yourself again,” Ricardo points out. “‘Invoke, invoke, invoke.’ What does that actually mean?”

“Oh! Well, the challenger who presents the duel is the one who can set the base rules.” Pascal starts on his second drink, still swinging his legs. “Of course, the other challenger can suggest their own rules as well, and if they are okay with you, you can accept this - and because of the rule that all challengers in a duel must agree, there is no compulsion to accept the starting challenger’s rules. But it is very deeply ingrained that a duel should be by the rules invoked by the one who offered it, and by resisting this, you will lose a lot of face. It is considered almost trying to cheat, even though it is technically allowed to negotiate. So, say you challenge me, and you say you invoke the rules of your birthplace - technically I can refuse until you agree to use my invocation instead, and you cannot force me to agree to a duel under your invocation, but I will look terrible, and no one who is observing will support me. Probably even the authorities that are meant to respect the outcome will forsake me, if it comes out in my favor.”

“Well, that’s useless to me until we figure out what the Brazilian rules are, so -”

“So you can only invoke the rules of the Cradle for now,” Pascal agrees. “A vampire who is older and well traveled can be at an advantage, because if they have lived with many dens or under many authorities, they can invoke many rules - Kel could do this, but she only ever invokes the Viking laws, which are only that every duel is a death match, ehehe. Oh, I should tell the Cradle rules to you. I have them memorized, of course, even though I do not duel - well, I have sometimes, for fun, or for petty arguments, ehehe. I only learned swordplay as something to do, out of boredom, and because it is such a Bathory pastime. But I have observed many, many duels. Euhhh, let’s see… for a duel by Cradle invocation to be legitimate… challengers must be given an opportunity to feed before the match, if they want this. If a challenger is unarmed, a weapon must be provided. There is no mercy clause, and a challenger is not obligated to stop the match for anything, even if the opponent yields. All forms of violence and torture are permissible. Euuuhh… oh, and yes, a match by Cradle invocation, with terms that affect Cradle vampires, is not legitimate unless a noble member of the Cradle, at least one title higher than the challengers, is present to officiate.”
No. 902366 ID: 270774
File 153737372160.png - (124.98KB , 800x525 , 134.png )

Ricardo narrows his eyes. “Run that last one by me again.”

“Ahaha! Did you notice already? This one is to prevent chaos.” Pascal puts a finger up against his own lips, conspiratorially. “Here is an example. By being a member of the House Bathory, I am already minor nobility, and I can officiate my own matches against anyone who is of lower status than my house. This means I can stomp about if I like and wreak all kinds of havoc on the lesser vampires, who do not matter so much to the hierarchy. I can also do whatever I like if my terms do not ‘affect’ other vampires of my status or higher - this can be interpreted many ways. But here, here, we will do our example.”

Pascal sets his drink down and reaches across to grasp Ricardo’s hands. “You are also of the House Bathory, though I know you don’t like it, but don’t complain while I explain. Let’s pretend you are not my ward, because you can do whatever you like to your ward, so it ruins the example, ehehe. And you are illegitimate anyway. Euhhh, let’s say you are just of another house, that is as eminent as the Bathorys. So this makes you the same rank as me. And I duel you, and I say, ehehehe, I say ‘Ricardo, I challenge you! If I win, you will run away from the Cradle with me.’ And you say back to me, ‘Very well, Pascal, but then if I win, you will run away from the Cradle with me!’

Pascal leans back again, still holding Ricardo’s hands, and smiles slyly. “And then in our duel, I throw myself on the ground and yell that I am defeated, or some such thing, and you graciously spare my life despite my loss, so you can collect on your terms. Now do you see? They cannot have this happen. There cannot be such a thing where, because the terms of the duel are sacred, our sires cannot protest to our leaving. And so there is this part of the invocation, that someone higher ranked than us must officiate - and if they hear the terms, and they care about their relationship with the House Bathory and other nobility, of course they will refuse, and the duel will not be legitimate.”

Pascal releases him, returning to his drink. “And I have lived in the Cradle my whole life, and I was born in the Cradle, and my sire is of the Cradle, and so these are the only terms I can invoke.”

There’s a pause, in which Pascal runs the tip of his finger idly around and around the wet rim of his glass - then he shrugs. “But many, many rules include a version of this, especially from places where there is an established vampiric authority. And anyway, even aside from this, you should not think more rules means a duel will be more fair. It is just more ways to cheat.”
No. 902367 ID: 270774
Audio brooklynden.mp3 - (1.38MB )

montenegro - nathan johnson
No. 902368 ID: 270774
File 153737376228.png - (101.13KB , 800x525 , 135.png )

He trails off for a moment, his eyes tracing the lights above the bar - and then suddenly something seems to hit him. He’s two drinks in, now, and talkative. “Oh. Oh, I could - that isn’t true. I lived in a den. I could invoke the rules of the Brooklyn den.” He laughs into his nearly empty glass, shaking his head. There’s fondness there, and derision, and Ricardo wonders if those two things are always tied for Pascal. “Stupid. They’re useless. Babyish, stupid rules - they only ever used them for settling personal fights. Agh, do I remember them? I should. They would ask for a duel for anything. Euhhh….” He drums his fingers against the bar, still laughing. “Yes. Rule one was no dueling over women, ehehe. Euhh, two was… you had to shake hands sincerely beforehand. If it seemed you were bitter about it, they would not fight. Because he always said - oh, what was it. “If you’re not man enough to shake hands, you are not man enough to be worth fighting,” or whatever stupid nonsense thing. No eye gouging, no hair pulling, no kicking each other’s dicks. No weapons, which is so unusual, but to use your affinity is okay. And that a match ended right away when someone yielded.” Another sudden burst of laughter, louder than the one before, with his fingers pressed against his lips. “And to yield you say ‘uncle!’ I don’t know why. And to keep going after someone yielded was thought to be so awful, even though everyone knows once you lose it is okay to kill you, by the universal laws.”

His voice dies off again, and he finishes off the last of his drink, the ice louder than his next statement when he sets it down on the bar again. “Ahaha. Like I said, rules for babies. They’re no good to me. What will I invoke rules like this for?”
No. 902369 ID: aedfd9

Reminds me of fighting with my cousins when I was a kid.

"'He' always said"? Who is 'he'?
No. 902370 ID: ce9b5a

pascal looks so cute and happy you Gotta notice
No. 902371 ID: c223c4

those brooklyn rules sound pretty decent, like theyre for a group of friends more than a hierarchy. HE always said? sounds like an opportunity to ask about his old boyfriend without too much prying (or telling him that you looked at his stuff)
No. 902373 ID: ce950c

Sound like pretty fair rules to me. It sounds useful to be able to settle things without killing people left and right.
No. 902377 ID: dbf422

That "torture" just slipped right by. Boy the Cradle seems so nice.

The Brooklyn rules sound like they're meant for friends, or family. People you actually care about, even when you're fighting. Also kinda chauvinist but let's move past that. The general idea of them are nice. That's what dueling rules sound like when you don't hate everyone around you.
No. 902379 ID: b45094

Casually (with as few words as possible) ask about the Brooklyn den, how big was it, is it still around, etc. don't ask about the "him" yet, that will just get Pascal clamming up. Also ask if Pascal being able to invoke those rules means you'd be able to invoke them, too. They sound like a nicer set than the ones which involve torture and keeping underlings bound.
No. 902381 ID: c1eaac

can ricardo invoke brooklyn rules if pascal can? i want to see us challenge a bunch of stuffy cradle vamps to brooklyn style duels.
No. 902382 ID: 2ff745

. . . Subtly keep the drinks coming, since that might keep the stories coming. Obviously if we get Pascal wasted we’re not getting laid tonight, but since Ricardo said he wants a break from the boner from hell that ends up being a win-win.

I agree with not immediately pouncing on that “he said,” given how defensive Pascal got just from Kel mentioning New York. He seems like he’s still willing to talk, so just ride the wave.
No. 902384 ID: a62780

Would a duel or other law even need to be invoked to actually force Pascal's compliance with the guys hunting them or does his status make him fair game, something like that?
No. 902385 ID: 70df1e

No. 902468 ID: ad4798

If preferring “no nut shots” to “all forms of torture are permissible” makes me a baby, then sure, I’m a baby.
No. 902471 ID: dbf422

Yeah, honestly, "all forms" is really scary. If it was at least limited to pain it wouldn't be half as disturbing.
No. 902508 ID: c557a9

holy shit y e s

also, those brooklyn rules are for settling fights if you care about the people involved! it's a pretty good system if you just want to win an arguement/make a decision but don't want to murder the other person. it seems like they think duels are friendly!
No. 902518 ID: bb78f2

We're really going to need the Brazil laws if we're going to face Marqee in a duel one day. Technically Brooklynn law works for challenging him, so that's also a part of our repertoire. But unfortunately that gives Marqee an out, and we need more standing in the vampire world to make it, so even IF we won by some miracle, killing him would be bad unless he wants to die.

It's either that or we'll need Dracula's backing to use Cradle rules.
So... Pascal, what are the odds of me becoming Drac's best friend?
No. 902525 ID: 4d3ec2

What are you talking about? We don’t even know what the Brazilian laws are, so we don’t know if they’re useful or not, and Ricardo can already use Cradle rules. Pascal said you can invoke the rules of your birthplace, your sire, and any communities of vampires you’ve lived with, apparently even if you lived there temporarily. I do think it’s worthwhile to find out what Brazil’s dueling laws are, just in case they do have something we can use, but that’s a task for after we get out of town.
No. 902531 ID: c557a9

not to double-post or anything but dont actually mention fighting the marquee, that's the fastest way to get pascal to shut up. he's still slavishly devoted to the cradle, probably because of all the brainwashing.
No. 902609 ID: 270774
File 153750940117.png - (88.56KB , 800x525 , 136.png )

Ricardo’s smiling. Just a little. “Reminds me of fighting with my cousins when I was a kid.”

“That’s because that’s all it ever was!” Pascal makes a vague, dismissive gesture. “Playfighting.”

“Well, I guess that’s what it’s like when you don’t hate everybody around you.” Ricardo’s nursing his drink, still on the first one. He’s seen Pascal smile plenty already, but not like this. “It sounds like they were written for friends, or family. People you still care about, even when you’re fighting.” Another measured sip, his free hand rising to flag the bartender down for another fruity monstrosity. “It also sounds like they were written by a chauvinist, but that’s none of my business.”

Pascal blinks at him, surprised, then bursts into laughter again. “Yes! Yes, they are a little chauvinist, aren’t they. I thought this was stupid about them, too - oh, thank you.” He accepts the drink Ricardo presses into his hand and stirs it idly with the plastic sword thrust between the ice. The remnants of his earlier laughter slide out on a sigh. “Well, it has been nearly eighty years since I’ve seen any of them. Maybe they’ve rewritten the rules to be a little better now, ehehe.”

“Even if they haven’t, I still like them better than the Cradle rules,” Ricardo says. “If preferring the rules that say ‘no nut shots’ to the ones that all-out endorse torture makes me a baby, then I guess I’m a baby.”

“Well, these rules are fine if you don’t intend to kill anyone, I suppose. Though anyone who isn’t an idiot would still kill you on Brooklyn terms if you lost, because the universal rule of forfeiture outweighs the - the silly ‘uncle’ one.” Pascal tilts his head, lifting his glass to his mouth almost absentmindedly. “Maybe this is a culture difference. For American vampires, it is like they think duels are fun, or a novelty. If I care about something enough to duel about it - in a sincere way, not just playing - then I want to kill. If someone offends me enough for me to request a duel, then certainly I want to hurt them. A vampire from a den, if they want to kill someone, then they just go straight to the killing. It is like they say, ‘why bother?’ Or it is like they think duel terms might get in the way of them doing it. Vampires from the Cradle, though - if we want to kill someone, we first want to make sure no one can fault us for it.”
No. 902610 ID: 270774
File 153750941970.png - (89.69KB , 800x525 , 137.png )

“And if I wanted to invoke the Brooklyn rules. Could I do that, since you can do it?” Ricardo asks. “I’d like to challenge some stuffy Cradle vamps to Brooklyn-style brawls.”

“Ha! What an idea. They would laugh at you, to hear those terms. They would laugh at you, and use the rules to make you say ‘uncle,’ and then use the universal rule of forfeiture to kill you.” Still, Pascal seems to be seriously considering it. “As you are now, no. You know nothing of them. But if I introduced you to the den, and they said something like, you know, ‘ah, yes, the ward of Pascal, we welcome you,’ then now you are assimilated through me, and you could. But…” He shrugs, his head dipping with the motion for another long pull from his glass. “Now that I think of it, I don’t know if it is possible even I could still invoke these rules. It is like I said - maybe they have changed and I don’t even know of it, which would make my invocation illegitimate. And maybe they do not even claim me anymore.”

“Is it even still around?” Ricardo keeps his eyes on his glass - he doesn’t want his questions to seem too pointed.

“Oh, certainly. Dens will change over time, but always there will be a core group who will not leave. And there is no way each of the five boroughs of New York City do not have representative dens. I’m sure they’re very prosperous now.” Pascal is stabbing the cherry at the bottom of his glass with his plastic sword, with a kind of insistent intensity.

“Uh-huh.” Ricardo watches him stab the cherry with vague interest. He knows he’s pushing his luck, but the part of him that wants to ask is in a knife fight with the part that thinks Pascal might clam up if he pries. The part that wants to ask got there first, with a bigger knife. “Who’s ‘he?’”
No. 902611 ID: 270774
File 153750943342.png - (109.28KB , 800x525 , 138.png )

Pascal stops stabbing and looks up. “What?”

“Earlier. The rules. You said ‘he’ always said. Who always said?”

“Oh.” There isn’t the tantrum he feared, or the prickly defensiveness that Kel prompted. Pascal’s gestures are loose with the sway of alcohol, and to Ricardo’s surprise, that same smile - the fond one, the one that seems so uncharacteristic - is still playing over his lips. “Just some fool. A fool who would fight over anything at all. He came up with the rules because he liked doing it so much. He’d duel for a borrowed jacket. He’d duel because you forgot his birthday, or because he wanted to pick where to hunt, or for a kiss. He was always dueling for things he could have just asked for!”

He seems to catch himself, and he rests his chin back in his hand, looking away. “Stories about him are pointless. And they make me sad. No - they put me in a bad mood.”
No. 902618 ID: e572b2

Surely not all the stories about him are sad. He sounds cool. Could you just tell us one of the fun ones? (If he responds badly to this, drop it and let him change the subject.)
No. 902620 ID: 70df1e

this man who fights over everything for funsies sounds like the sort of man we need to emulate lets do this leroy jennnkins

in all seriousness though dont make pascal talk about it if he doesnt want to. he'll open up in time probably. ask him more about the american dens! if he knows any that might let you guys stick around while those other vamps are hunting you down, it could be good to have allies. that, or a good hunting area if a den left some place awhile ago and hasnt been back since
No. 902621 ID: dbf422

You wish you could be like him, don't you?
No. 902627 ID: 2e3701

"I'd duel you for a kiss"
No. 902634 ID: aedfd9

You look pretty when you talk about him
No. 902655 ID: d60086

has ricardo gotten in any physical fights before? altercations with weirdos? maybe tell pascal a story about yourself, bring the conversation back to a comfortable place
No. 902777 ID: c1cc97

No. 902790 ID: c122c0

Are there rules for people without Dens? What about travelers? Are there special rules you can invoke if you have no den?

Also shots for the both of you. Hell, just get the bottle.
No. 902876 ID: 270774
File 153768223829.png - (103.02KB , 800x525 , 139.png )

Ricardo watches him for a moment, and he lets the brief second of tension settle by motioning the bartender over and ordering a bottle of liquor and two shot glasses for them. That done, he turns back. “You wish you could be like him, don’t you?”

“Ha!” Pascal says, a little violently. “No, thank you! If I act like him, my life would be full of more problems than it already is. So I say no thank you!”

“Huh.” Ricardo finishes off his first drink and pushes the glass away. “Well, you look-” A pause. “You look different, when you talk about him.”

Pascal raises his eyebrows at that, and sways closer, fingertips loose on the rim of his own glass. “Oh? Different how?”

He looks beautiful, unfortunately. Ricardo scowls. “Just different.”

“I have notice you looking at me,” Pascal concludes smugly. “Well! It is the healthy glow of being in a bad mood.”

The bottle comes, and Ricardo pours them each a shot. Pascal sniffs it suspiciously, then gives Ricardo a baleful look. “This is tequila?”

“It’s tequila,” Ricardo confirms grimly.

“You are trying to get me drunk,” Pascal accuses, gleefully. In the same breath, he tosses the shot back without waiting for a toast. Ricardo snorts.

“You came here trying to get yourself drunk,” he points out, which he feels effectively dodges an admission of guilt.

Pascal nods shamelessly, pouring himself another. “It’s true!”

Ricardo matches him, and he’s quickly feeling less reserved as it helps him catch up. The pry-or-leave-it knife fight in his head has turned into a one-sided massacre. “Hey. Come on. Not every story about him puts you in a bad mood, right?” Pascal holds his empty glass out, a little imperiously. Ricardo fills it. “You could just tell me one of the good ones. I don’t need the whole story, whatever it is.”

“Hmph. You are persistent, and it’s very-” Pascal wrinkles his nose. English seems to be slowly becoming a heavier burden for him as the night progresses. “It’s very uncute. It’s not cute of you, Ricardo. But - mm, well. I suppose if I can only tell you the funny and good parts.” He leans forward even further, til he’s halfway over the counter to get closer, and Ricardo doesn’t move away. “If you will then tell me a story about yourself, after.”

Ricardo clinks his shotglass lightly against Pascal’s. A little tequila sloshes out, which is fine. “Deal.”

“Well, then!” Pascal throws his shot back - is it his third? Ricardo hasn’t been paying attention - makes a face like a cat that’s about to sneeze, and then recovers. “Fine. I will tell you about how we met.”
No. 902877 ID: 270774
Audio memory1.mp3 - (7.45MB )

gangsterlove (shiny mob remix) - alice francis
No. 902878 ID: 270774
File 153768227597.png - (422.44KB , 800x525 , 140.png )

“He made such a horrible first impression. Oh, how did it go? Let’s see…” He’s got one heel braced on the crossbar of his stool and the other slender leg swings freely, in time to the soft music playing overhead. “Euuuhh, this was before you were born, so maybe you don't know about it, but at the beginning of the twentieth century, the humans all decided to have this grand war, and so everyone was all in this big uproar making preparations for it. And I had just come to America maybe ten years before and had been wasting time here and there, and in New York there were many men who were going off to the war, and so I decided to just go and see all the fuss that everyone was making, with these parades and all these things.”

Ricardo furrows his brow at the assumption that he doesn’t know what World War I is, but he doesn’t interrupt. Pascal’s gaze has already drifted somewhere past the string lights overhead. “And at the docks all these men were getting onto the boats to go away to war, and so you are seeing all these men kissing their sweethearts goodbye. And I notice one of them standing alone is a vampire, and so I accidentally make eye contact with him. And he starts talking to me, and he says-” Pascal breaks off to giggle, helplessly, making a loose gesture with his empty shot glass. “He says - I cannot do an American accent, I’ll be embarrassed. He says, ‘I don't have anyone to see me off. Kiss me?’”
No. 902879 ID: 270774
File 153768228974.png - (380.26KB , 800x525 , 141.png )

He laughs again, loud and open, and it trails off into a hum. “Of course, now, if some handsome man says to me, ‘Kiss me!’, I would say ‘yes, yes!’ Ehehehe. ‘Yes, I would love to! Thank you for the opportunity!’ Ah, but back then I was not as easygoing as I am now. My standing was still very good, and I was held in very high regard for my rank and my name, and I thought very highly of this. So I was so offended! I could not believe this vampire, who is so young his eyes are not even red, was talking to me like this, and saying this presumptuous things to me as if he does not even know who I am. My attendant wanted us to not even speak to him, and to just leave - but I was so angry that I couldn’t just walk away. So of course I tell him no! I say, no, we do not even know each other, and I do not even know where he comes from, and he cannot dare say these things to me. And do you know what he said?”

Pascal smiles into his hand. “He says this is fine, and that if that is true I should just wait for him to come back from the war. Because then we will have known each other for a long time, and when he comes back he will be expecting a kiss from me. And then he was gone.” He tilts his head back, kicking his legs a little at the memory. “I was so angry! Oh, I was so angry that I was shaking. Who is he to talk so intimately to me! But I couldn't stop thinking about him - at first it was only because I was so mad about it, and I kept thinking of it again and again, and just fuming! But then later, I keep wondering why he said these things to me, and why he is saying he is going to come back to find me when he doesn't even know who I am.”
No. 902880 ID: 270774
File 153768230352.png - (664.71KB , 800x525 , 142.png )

He sets the glass back down, tracing the rim idly with his finger. “And it's embarrassing, but before I knew it, I really was waiting. And thinking of him all the time, because - well, I shouldn't worry a vampire will die in a human war. I didn't understand why he was even getting involved anyway. Later he told me it was because he had human friends who were, euhhh - what is the word. Incorporare. I don’t know it in English. Oh, whatever - human friends who were made to join, and so he went to make sure he can keep them safe. Which, of course, I don’t understand this either! But - I kept thinking things like, oh no, what if there are also vampires on the other side, and things like this. But I didn't have to wait long, because by this time humans had gotten so good at killing each other that wars don't last long. And I felt so silly, but when soldiers started coming back, I was always looking for him.”
No. 902881 ID: 270774
File 153768231836.png - (358.42KB , 800x525 , 143.png )

Pascal doesn’t hold his glass out for more, at least not for the moment, and Ricardo doesn’t offer. They’re both absorbed in the retelling. “Back then, as I say, my standing was so much better and I was very much part of society, and a lot of these lavish parties people were having were held by vampires, to feed, and I was invited. And I go to one of these parties, and I can't believe it, but I see him there.” His voice is dreamy and distant, head tilted enough that his hair is in his eyes, and he doesn't seem to notice. “It’s like a dream. He walks over to me, and I can't believe it's him. And he asks me to kiss him. And in spite of myself, you know, I am already going to do it, but before I do, I say to him that I cannot believe he remembered - and you know what? He looks at me like I am a crazy person!”
No. 902882 ID: 270774
File 153768233322.png - (117.63KB , 800x525 , 144.png )

Pascal breaks into helpless giggles again, leaning forward until his face is pressed against the bar. “Because he doesn't know what I am talking about! Of course he wasn't being sincere on the docks, he was just trying to get me to kiss him, and teasing me! And just then he had not recognized me at all, he was just trying to find someone to have after his feed! Oh, I was so humiliated I felt like crying. And he says to me, trying to make me feel better - he calls me dollface and he says ‘At least I thought you were beautiful twice in a row!’ Oh, I found him so disrespectful! I was so upset! And so I lost my temper and I hit him across his face, except I had just fed and he had not yet, and anyway I am so much older than him - and his head came right off!”

He turns his head to the side, covering his smile with one hand. “Oh, my god. It caused such a panic among the humans that had been lured there. I ruined the whole party. But then he was picking up his head and following after me, asking me to come back, making such a scene - carrying on and saying he now he had really fallen in love with me! I was so angry and embarrassed that I really was crying, then. I didn't understand why he wouldn't just leave me alone and stop making fun of me. I thought he was the most horrible man I’d ever met, and I got a taxi cab and slammed the door in his face, and the whole time he was saying he loved me and needed to know my name. I thought he was being so cruel to me, to go so far to keep mocking me like this.” He trails off again, fingers curling slightly against his lips. Suddenly his free hand flashes out to grab the shotglass, and he slams it against the bar again, near the bottle. “The asshole!”
No. 902883 ID: d47152

pour him another shot and match it. insult his taste in men
No. 902884 ID: 728d78

s.. stroke his hair
No. 902885 ID: b54723

Wow. Wait. How DO vampires kill each other, then? If a decapitation doesn't do it, what does?
No. 902887 ID: aedfd9

"I can see why you didn't like him at all. He doesn't sound polite or respectful. ...So I guess it's my turn to tell a story now?"
No. 902888 ID: 2e3701

Oh, well now that's fucking adorable, holy shit.

Very seriously tell Pascal he sounds like a dick. Except not seriously at all. Because wow. Cute as fuck. Also brush Pascal's hair behind his ear.

Tell Pascal about one of your exes, if that would be an on par level of intimacy, if it's not who could you talk about from your life that would be? Your mother? Or perhaps a pet? He'd definitely laugh at you for that but there's no sense telling him about someone you don't care about.
No. 902891 ID: dbf422

He seems to have a thing for rebellious youngsters. Very different sort but still.

And make him pull his hair back like he used to have it, you'll love it.
No. 902894 ID: 70df1e

if rebellious younger men is pascals type youre in luck my dude

ask if the guy ever found pascal again, and if he ever did get his kiss. pascal seems happy enough that it might be okay to ask? although this could also be a good chance to segway into a story of your own, you know to keep the mood light. and if you do tell one, pick a funny one!
No. 902902 ID: 36183c

Ohhhh ask if he ever got that kiss
No. 902917 ID: 2ff745

If this guy is our competition, then maybe Ricardo’s less than charming personality isn’t actually that much of a roadblock.

You promised him a story, so hold up your end of the bargain! Something funny to keep the mood light. Pascal seems like he’s having fun now, but talking about exes while drunk can quickly veer into anti-party territory.
No. 902928 ID: 36183c

No. 902929 ID: 36183c

No wait shit thats MY suggestion I just seconded I completely fucking forgot i suggested my god im so sorry
No. 902932 ID: ded7a1

No. 903051 ID: 270774
File 153784238779.png - (91.80KB , 800x525 , 145.png )

Ricardo pours them each another shot, his brow furrowing with the immense concentration it now takes to make sure the tequila lands in the glasses instead of on the counter. “And did he ever get that kiss, in the end?”

“He got plenty!” Pascal sits up only long enough to take the shot, then slams the glass down and puts his face back down on the counter. “He got too many, if you ask me!”

“Mm.” Ricardo puts his own back with a little less aggression than Pascal. “You have shit taste in men.”

Pascal shoots him a look. Ricardo doesn’t back down. “He sounds like a jackass.”

“Well--” Pascal sounds ready to be defensive, but blanks on an actual defense. “Well! So what. Lots of people are jackasses. You are a jackass. I am a jackass.” He smears his face a little further along the bartop. “We are all jackasses.”

His hair’s all in his face. Without thinking much about it, Ricardo reaches over to push it off his forehead, his fingers sinking into the soft curls. Pascal sits up as Ricardo slides his hand further back over his head, holding his hair back, and blinks at him.

“What. What. Why are you- what is this.”

Ricardo doesn’t really have an answer for that. “You should wear it back like this,” he blurts out, instead. “It looks-” He’s suddenly extremely aware of how empty the tequila bottle is, and the kind of doom that spells for him. “Good,” he finally decides.

No. 903052 ID: 270774
File 153784241366.png - (113.69KB , 800x525 , 146.png )

Pascal squints at him for a moment, as if confused, and then dissolves into giggles. His head tips to the side, cheek pressed to Ricardo’s forearm. “You are drunk.”

”You’re drunk,” Ricardo protests.

“Is funny you like this,” Pascal continues. “Is how I used to wear my hair all the time! Because I could not get away with having it down. The beginning of the century, men had their hair cut so short, so short! I hated it! I wouldn’t cut mine, but I still had to look respectable, so always I kept it back.” One of his hands moves up to lightly touch the back of Ricardo’s. “But I will start doing it again, if it makes you compliment me.”

Ugh. Ricardo needs a subject change, and he needs it now. “Hey. Your story. You decapitated him.”

“By accident!” Pascal insists, pouting.

“Yeah, whatever.” Ricardo hasn’t removed his hand yet. Pascal’s hair is so soft, and he also feels like if he lets go he’s going to fall off the barstool. “If decapitation doesn’t kill us, what the hell does?”

“Did I not tell you this already?” Ricardo starts scratching, lightly, and Pascal’s eyelashes flutter. “I can’t remember. Well, who cares. Of course it is to destroy the heart and the head, both. One can regenerate the other - you will be helpless while it does, though, which is also why we live in pairs - but if they are both destroyed before you can regenerate, then that is the end for you.” Ricardo’s hand has migrated to the back of his head, massaging his nape absentmindedly, and he sways a little. “Even if you are just a heart in a jar, you can still think and feel. Oh, but this is why a stake in the heart will keep you as good as dead, if no one is there to pull it out. You cannot regenerate it - the wood is in the way! Still you will be able to think and feel, but not to move or help yourself, and so you can just be thrown away.”

There’s a pause, and then Pascal leans forward, huffing. “I don’t want to talk about these scary things! You promised me a story!”
No. 903053 ID: 270774
File 153784243223.png - (271.51KB , 800x525 , 147.png )

“Yeah, yeah.” Ricardo mulls it over. He doesn’t really have anything memorable to do with any of his exes, and trying to think of something funny or lighthearted is harder than he thought it would be. Still, he has to come up with something, especially if Pascal’s going to be this insistent about it being a source of entertainment. “Alright. I’ll tell you about the time my mom made me get a hobby.”

Pascal perks up, already eager and attentive.

“So, it’s like I said. My mother and I came to L.A. when I was pretty young - but old enough to miss my hometown, and the family that we had there. Old enough to be upset about having to move, too young to understand that she was doing her best for me. I didn’t click with the new neighborhood, and I ended up getting in fights a lot.”

Pascal hums, amused. “This is not surprising to me.”

“Yeah, well. It got worse when I told one of the other kids in the apartment complex that he could tell people I was his big brother - he was getting pushed around by older kids in the neighborhood - and next thing I knew, a dozen kids I’d never met before were all running around yelling ‘Ricardo’s my big brother, Ricardo’s my big brother, he’s gonna kick your ass!’ any time they mouthed off or got themselves in trouble. So I had to run around making good on all those claims, too.” Ricardo is very aware of how intently Pascal is watching his face as he speaks, and so he decides to just not look back at him, even though his hand is still moving absently in his hair. “And this ended up being my norm all through high school, til a ‘quiet day’ by my standards was one where I only got in one brawl. I started getting in really serious trouble at school, to the point where they were threatening expulsion, and my mother had fucking had it with me.”
No. 903054 ID: 270774
File 153784245738.png - (207.80KB , 800x525 , 148.png )

“Ahaha.” Pascal crosses his arms on the bar and rests his chin on them, careful to move slowly enough that he doesn’t dislodge Ricardo’s loose grip on his nape. “She has a temper like yours?”

“Worse. She worked too much to be breathing down my neck all the time, keeping me out of trouble. So she asked around and scraped up a little money.” Ricardo pours the last of the tequila between his and Pascal’s shot glasses - just enough for a half a shot each. “And she got me a used violin.”

“Ah!” Pascal lights up, eyes wide. “Now, okay, this surprises me, Ricardo.”

Ricardo decides not to address that. It surprises everyone. “She told me that after I went to school, I had to come straight home, and I wasn’t allowed out of the house til I’d practiced for an hour. She said as long as I did my practice, she didn’t care what I did, and she’d stop harping on me about it.”
No. 903056 ID: 270774
File 153784249811.png - (212.17KB , 800x525 , 149.png )

“Pffft,” says Pascal. “How will that keep you out of trouble? You can just fuck around on the violin for a little, and then you go right back to behaving badly.”

“That’s what I thought, too.” Ricardo takes his shot and sets the glass down, pushing it away. “And then I started getting pissed off at the violin.”

“You’ll get angry at anything,” Pascal says, almost fondly.

“I have big fucking hands,” Ricardo says, intensely. Pascal nods. “Did when I was a teenager, too. Figured as long as my mom was cutting me this deal, least I could do was hold up my end of the bargain for real, but it was hard. I couldn’t figure it out, and that ticked me off. So next thing I knew, my one hour of practice was turning into two a night, just because I was losing track of time trying to get it right. Then, once I started being able to actually play and improve, I realized I actually liked it. And I was getting good.”

“And then through this transformative power of music, you became a gentle boy who never hurt a fly,” Pascal supplies, a little sarcastically.

“No,” says Ricardo, “I still beat the shit out of people, on plenty of occasions.” The room is swaying pleasantly, and he counters the movement by dragging his thumb in slow circles over the first knot of Pascal’s spine. “But it was like - by the time I was good enough to enjoy it, and I spent an hour playing before I went out - it was like a bunch of that anger had just burned off. I did what I had to, when people got in my face, but I wasn’t reducing people to a pulp anymore. I’d win the fight and move on.”

The mockery fades off Pascal’s face, just a little. He sets his chin back down, eyes tracing Ricardo’s profile. “Ahaha. Music soothes the savage beast.”

“I don’t know about ‘soothes.’ Vents aggression, maybe. Let me blow off some steam.” He finally pulls his hand out of Pascal’s hair, ignoring the pout that it earns him. “Made me feel like there was something I was good at, besides violence. And there was a kind of perspective in the fact that it was something I had to work at.”

There’s a stretch of silence, and Ricardo realizes he doesn’t have anything else to say about it. “Well. That’s it. I guess that wasn’t really funny or anything. But it’s what I’ve got.”
No. 903057 ID: 270774
File 153784251257.png - (118.63KB , 800x525 , 150.png )

“Mm. I liked it anyway,” Pascal announces. “It was surprising! Surprising is almost as good as funny.”

“Incongruity is the root of all humor,” Ricardo mumbles.


“It’s - nothing.” The door of the bar opens and closes, bringing with it a burst of cool night air. Ricardo breathes it in, and it’s almost a relief, when all of him feels heated and heavy from the feed and the alcohol - and then he stiffens.

The scent that wafts in from the entryway is metallic and bloodless.
No. 903058 ID: 11b5c9

subtly take a peek just to be safe. also subtly start projecting big dick energy, also just to be safe
No. 903059 ID: aedfd9

Time to hit the road! Hey, maybe those classical music skills will impress Cradle aristocracy someday?
No. 903060 ID: de3b57

he always has big dick energy but make sure ricardo is in front of pascal jic
No. 903062 ID: be2271

If we can smell them, they can smell us. It’s probably useless to try to sneak out undetected, especially since we’re both wasted. Just try to catch a glimpse of them for now so we can do a threat assessment. Also, project big dick energy.
No. 903063 ID: 0e2ebe

Get Pascal to focus enough that you can get him to be wary about the smell. He's first, even before you check out the vampires.
No. 903073 ID: 0d6acf

yikes!!! be cool
No. 903076 ID: 5b81c4

Kiss Pascal as part of a clever ruse to pretend you're too into making out to have noticed the gross smell person.
No. 903092 ID: 70df1e

absolutely this project BDE and no one will fight you or pascal
No. 903106 ID: ce950c

Yeah, we're definitely not going to have much luck sneaking out if we can smell them. I guess just jostle Pascal's shoulder a little to let him know what's going on and get ready to defend him if it comes to that.
No. 903127 ID: 36183c

How many humans are in the bar? Nudge pascal to point out the vamps but even Cradle lackeys don't have the big dick energy to kill you in a public place bc it would rouse all the humans.
.......offer to buy them a drink? god this is bad
follow pascals lead if he has one, I guess
No. 903234 ID: 270774
File 153793641528.png - (138.41KB , 800x525 , 151.png )

“Pascal.” Ricardo nudges Pascal’s shoulder, speaking as quietly as he can. “Pascal.”

“What. What is it.” Pascal’s head sways slowly, as if barely connected to his neck, but then he smiles. “You want a kiss? Here, fine--”

“I--” Pascal’s mouth connects with his, soft and lazy and uncharacteristically warm, and Ricardo forgets what he was doing for a second. He snaps himself out of it by reminding himself that Pascal murdered him. “No. No, not a kiss. Pascal, can you smell them?”

Pascal pulls back, a little bewildered, but seems to process it quickly. “Oh.” His voice drops. “Shit.”

Now he’s just barely breathing out his words - everything he says is nearly inaudible, carried out on the ghosts of his exhales. An adaptation, surely, born of trying to hide things from people with supernatural hearing. “I can smell them. Two of them, I think. Familiar, but - I don’t know. I’ve met every person who lives here at least once. It doesn’t narrow it down.”

“It’s fine,” Ricardo mumbles. “I’ve got - I’m projecting - I’ve got big - big dick energy.”

That takes Pascal a second. “What?”

“Big dick energy,” Ricardo repeats. “I’m just - I’m beaming out - nobody’s gonna fuck with us.”

“Ricardo, what is--”

“I’ve got - it’s like --”

“I know your dick is big--”

No. 903235 ID: 270774
File 153793643469.png - (40.07KB , 800x525 , 152.png )

Ricardo cranes his neck, trying to get a glimpse of whoever just entered - but in the end, he hears them before he sees them.

“Someone’s here.”

“Yeah, I smell them - oh.” The second voice, while bubblier than the first, suddenly sounds immensely disappointed. “It’s just Pascal.”

The first voice is deeper, more measured. “Who’s that with him, though?”

“I thought it was just a human,” says the second voice.

“Can’t be. Pascal doesn’t keep humans.”

“Well, don’t look at him,” insists Vampire #2. “I don’t want it to look like we know him. He’s in such huge trouble right now.”

“I think it’s just fresh,” says Vampire #1, ignoring his companion’s concerns. “A ward.”

“Another one?! After he just scrapped one?”

“Don’t say ‘scrapped,’ it’s not nice to the ward.”

“Well, it can’t be the first one. I definitely heard he abandoned that one, and it’s been years. The thing’s dead by now.”
No. 903236 ID: 270774
File 153793644892.