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File 153290216413.png - (201.89KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
894828 No. 894828 ID: fb3b2b

I'm okay with this. Vending machine food sometimes doesn't fall right. This happens. But unlike last time, I'm prepared now. Now I make sure I have two dollars for this one dollar food bar.
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No. 894829 ID: fb3b2b
File 153290223275.png - (214.04KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

My boss keeps telling me karma exists. If he knew about this, he'd fire me because I must be an awful, awful person.

Oh but maybe I should tell him, because then I can just not work while still not getting any candy bars. Maybe I should go back into his office right now and do that.

Or just beg for an advance payment. At this moment, I want this candybar more than anything else in life.

>"Hey, pay up again or get outta line!"

There's so many people in this town that I can't even mourn for myself for three seconds.
No. 894830 ID: 86eb65

Head butt the machine with your mighty horns.
No. 894831 ID: 3cc68c

Take this as a life lesson.

Go to the bulk food store after work and buy a 100 pack of candy bar's for 25 cents each. They are cheaper in bulk. Then bring one or two to work each day and save a small fortune.

Also let out a mighty goat bleat and then headbutt the machine.
No. 894832 ID: 363437

Headbutt the jerk behind you.
No. 894833 ID: 8c1f9b

Who the fuck's talking to you?

Put your foot through the glass, go full fight club falling down until you get your candy bar and then imidiately calm down.
No. 894834 ID: 4f1cbc

Smack the machine to try and get your snack out.

With the person behind you.
No. 894835 ID: ff82d2

Be a gentleman and let the guy take his turn. And you can deal with the machine when it's your turn again.
No. 894836 ID: ee2d6e

Be a man and introduce this impatient ass's face to the glass.
No. 894837 ID: de6d84

Ram this guy's face into the machine.
No. 894838 ID: fb3b2b
File 153290529021.png - (98.20KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

>Buy a 100 pack of candy
That's only available to people in a gang. The economy is kind of messed up. Also we don't need to eat in this kind of place, but it's healthy. Which means the people who can eat get stronger, and can get more food, and that's the cycle of life around here.

>Head butt the machine with your mighty horns.
This vending machine is in one piece, which means it's strong enough to withstand the advances of broke people.


But if there's a chance... I headbutt it!

I bleat and it isn't mighty, majestic, or really anything that isn't pain.

>"I said move it, trash!"
"I'll headbutt you next. I paid twice for this. This candybar is what I live for!"
No. 894840 ID: fb3b2b
File 153290533755.png - (200.00KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

He didn't even let me try to headbutt him.
No. 894841 ID: fb3b2b
File 153290537669.png - (184.92KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

That jerk's ignoring me now, and putting money in the machine. Maybe I should have just let him have his turn.

.... beep beep

.... clunk
.... clunk
.... clunk

Aw man he's taking all three candy bars! That's all the machine had left!
No. 894842 ID: 86eb65

There were 4 candy bars in there!

Surprise attack from behind!
No. 894844 ID: d887c0

Just give up and slink off, bum. If you have no hope or agency, then why care?
No. 894845 ID: 4f1cbc

Headbutt him directly in the butt. With your horns that are on your head.
No. 894846 ID: 3cc68c

You just going to take that crap! Attack from behind and get back those bars!
No. 894847 ID: de6d84

Well dang, I guess give up and

Nah, leap with momentum and headbutt him.
No. 894851 ID: 363437

If you ate that guy would you gain his powers?

Just checking.

Politely ask for your two candy bars. Then eat him.
No. 894854 ID: fb3b2b
File 153290707628.png - (153.91KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

Hold on, there were four bars! But I don't have any money anyways.

....That's because I spent all day saving up two dollars! I'll headbutt this guy even if it's just to be a nuisance! If I can't have my two bars, he can't enjoy them!

And he faces me and I think about that again. I don't have much agency here. My strength is like one in a thousand, at the bad end of the thousand. I shouldn't let myself care.

>"Just walk away, weakling, unless you want to get hurt for...?"

>If you ate that guy would you gain his powers?
Yeah but it's really, really hard to kill anyone. No one dies around here unless a gang leader wants them to. Or they get old. That also works.
No. 894856 ID: fb3b2b
File 153290711662.png - (236.22KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

No. 894857 ID: fb3b2b
File 153290718201.png - (188.86KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

No. 894858 ID: 86eb65

Devour him. (then have desert)
No. 894860 ID: 4f1cbc

Do a triumphant candy bar taking and eating pose as the fool cringes.
No. 894861 ID: 3cc68c

That looks like a power up if I ever saw one.

You know what you have to do. Get strong and make karma your bitch. Eat all the things.
No. 894862 ID: 363437

Eating the guy might be a bit messy but its for the best. Unless you want to keep getting pushed around forever.
No. 894863 ID: de6d84

Eat the bars while looking into his eyes.
No. 894864 ID: ff82d2

Be reasonable by telling him that 2 of those 3 bars belong to you since you paid for them. But since he was nice and got them out, you'll let him have one of your two bars.
No. 894866 ID: ff0134

Man, all you wanted was a candy bar and now you got set on fire!
Just what kind of lawless wasteland do you live in where people can’t let someone enjoy a snack.
No. 894867 ID: fb3b2b
File 153290929162.png - (166.60KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

I take one step at him and he throws the candy bar at me. I eat it. He owes me another.

>Devour him
It's more like spirit absorption or whatever, but we call it devouring anyway.


Can I? I can.

Sh... should I? Devouring people is kind of a big crime here.

Not the murder part. People resurrect if they're killed, and are reborn if they die of old age. It's the gaining power by devouring that people have issues with.
No. 894869 ID: 86eb65

The general populace would have a issue yes. But how did the gang leaders get there powers? Are they nice folk who have never sucked out a soul?

Also what just powered you up? Are you actually tough or what?

And how noticeable is the power drain? If you did it in a hidden place would anyone ever know? Or would there be signs and everyone would know you did it anyway?

Get back your second candy bar while you ponder if you are going to become a super powered vampire.
No. 894870 ID: 1fbbcc

You've apparently already got some power. That by itself is going to get you in some trouble, better not add to it.

Shake the guy down for the other bar though.
No. 894872 ID: 3cc68c

A few questions:

1. What is the punishment for devouring.
2. Do you like your current endless sad immortal existence?
3. Police?
4. What up with glowing power up?

(leaning for eating him and becoming the strongest)
No. 894873 ID: 91ee5f

Tell him to give you your other candy bar before you kick his ass.
No. 894874 ID: 4f1cbc

Your candy or your soul!
No. 894876 ID: fb3b2b
File 153291074014.png - (240.91KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

"Second candy bar please."

He throws both of the remaining ones at me.

>"Sorry, man! I didn't know you were strong!"

I don't actually know how strong I am. I just know I have a lot more energy to spare. This guy would probably just get me a month or two in jail, he doesn't seem important.

>Are there Police?
Just gang enforcers.

>Do you like your current endless sad immortal existence?
Could be worse.

>What up with glowing power up?
Probably powerup that glows because I can't contain it all.

>How did the gang leaders get there powers?
By devouring people until they were strong enough to tell other people to stop.

Oh, a megahorn on the wall makes a noise.


A stray power cluster has landed on someone. You know who you are. Report to Spire Tower. If you do not show up in 10 minutes, we will place a one million dollar bounty for your capture."

Spire Tower is the headquarters of one of the big four gangs.
No. 894877 ID: ff82d2

Tell us about these stray power clusters.
No. 894878 ID: 86eb65

You have 10 minutes to eat as many assholes as possible before you have people coming after you. That is if you need the extra power now. The stuff that just landed on you might be enough to keep safe.

Willing to bet that some gang leader wants to eat you to get that power cluster though.

So what exactly is a power cluster and how badly are you fucked?
No. 894879 ID: 4f1cbc

Blow up the megaphone and then fuck off.

Getting a bounty on you sounds like the best way to get stronger, every jerk will come to you!
No. 894881 ID: fb3b2b
File 153291303517.png - (180.68KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

I don't know what a stray power cluster is.

So I'll guess. It was the soul power that was going to be devoured by someone else, but it somehow went airborne and landed on me in a weird one in a million chance I never asked for.

... the gang leaders want to eat me for sure. I'd better test my powers to see if they're as strong as they feel.

I blow off the megaphone.

Okay. I'm fucked in this lifespan. There's no way this power cluster was comparable to the gang leaders. Either I eat or I run or I stand around.
No. 894882 ID: fb3b2b
File 153291310868.png - (258.46KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

A pack of people run to nearby payphones. Another pack flees.
No. 894883 ID: 86eb65

Eat. Might as well fight until the end.
No. 894884 ID: 4f1cbc

Now blow up that damn candy machine. That'll teach it!

The people who ran aren't idiots, good for them.

Let's run. No point eating a bunch of guys who just wanted candy bars, poor fools. Unless, you know, they're dumb enough to start something.

Dumb question, but could you kill yourself? So you ditch the power and reincarnate, instead of getting your soul eaten by a gang leader?
No. 894885 ID: de6d84

Demand any bars or food they have on them.
No. 894886 ID: d887c0

Deep six the snitches. They get what they deserve.
After that, you should see about getting out of this podunk burg. Take your show on the road, man.
No. 894887 ID: 3cc68c

Phone crowd gets ate first.

(does devouring people destroy them forever or just this life?)
No. 894890 ID: fb3b2b
File 153291602280.png - (205.77KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

Maybe it's time to kill myself.

No, no, that makes me weaker. I'd get picked on even more in my next life. It's a last resort for people who get captured or something. I'll just try to last 2 minutes.

Oh, no, the bounty wasn't until 10 minutes.

So I'll try to last 12.

"Hey you guys! Gimme your food!"
No. 894891 ID: fb3b2b
File 153291605235.png - (160.75KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

I'm starting to see why people in power are jackasses.
No. 894892 ID: fb3b2b
File 153291611741.png - (253.43KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

... heck it, even devoured people will resurrect.

I hope in my next life, they forget who I am, and that I look different.

Another spirit blast attack of this kind should kill most of them, then I should have the power to draw in their loose energy for myself.

It's working!

And it's... making me stronger! A little bit! Very little! It's both exciting and disappointing!
No. 894894 ID: fb3b2b
File 153291615740.png - (185.67KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

That explosion over there is not the same direction I attacked in.
No. 894895 ID: fb3b2b
File 153291620353.png - (243.85KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

Uh... I hear more distant megahorns talking.

"Attention citizens! There is a one million dollar bounty on the power cluster thief. We understand that he looks like a cranky goat that doesn't shave his beard."
No. 894896 ID: 4f1cbc

Sounds like it's time to skedaddle.
No. 894899 ID: 86eb65

Book it!

Also shave and get some sunglasses and look happier.

Keep sucking power as you run.
No. 894904 ID: 977456

Shaving is the worst thing. They will be expecting it and you can't come back from that. Well, sure, you could grow it with raw power, but beard growth is by far the most expensive use of power.
braid stubble
No. 894905 ID: 8e6242
File 153291897554.png - (184.18KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

>Look happier
To heck with people who keep telling me that!

I'll shave though. And get glasses. Or braid my... stubble, and get... happy looking contacts?

Okay skedaddle time. can't fly but I can sure hop a lot higher, so I jump and run over a building.
No. 894906 ID: 8e6242
File 153291901662.png - (279.02KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

No. 894908 ID: 8e6242
File 153291904243.png - (216.70KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

No. 894909 ID: 8e6242
File 153291909879.png - (244.33KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

No. 894910 ID: 86eb65

Strike a Kun Fu pose and channel your new power.

It's go time.
No. 894911 ID: 8c1f9b

Cook off all the ammo he's carrying.
No. 894912 ID: 91ee5f

Quick question: If the people in power get all the good food because they’re really strong, does this mean all the really powerful guy are really fat?

Also, prepare to fight.
No. 894913 ID: 8e6242
File 153292149382.png - (124.57KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

Martial arts helps this kind of stuff so I shoot a blast, the only thing I really know how to do, while striking a kung fu pose. I think this is a pose. Kung fu has been banned for a long time.
No. 894914 ID: 8e6242
File 153292153535.png - (180.84KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

She kicks my energy away right into some building.
No. 894916 ID: 4f1cbc

Can you tell if that's a gang leader or just a bounty hunter? If it's the latter, maybe you want to eat her.

>She kicks my energy away right into some building.
Although the fact she's better than you might make that difficult. (Sucks for the guys in that building, RIP).

Maybe try to flee, so you can ambush her around a corner or something?
No. 894917 ID: 8e6242
File 153292170930.png - (119.58KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

Energy doesn't stop bullets. That is a local gang tattoo on her arm that is probably all beefy from overeating.
No. 894918 ID: 8c1f9b

Can you heat up the ambient temperature to melt the gun or make all the ammo cook off?
No. 894919 ID: 86eb65

Yes focus on the gun and use your energy telekinesis to blow her up.
No. 894923 ID: 91ee5f

>beefy from overeating.
Then that’s even more motivation for you to beat her! Imagine how much power you’ll get if you consume her!
No. 894925 ID: 4f1cbc

Make a bowl-shaped shield out of energy so bullets go in, get turned around, and go back at her.
No. 894926 ID: 91ee5f

If energy can’t stop bullets, then I don’t think energy can redirect them either.
No. 894927 ID: de6d84

Flex your body so the bullets shoot back.
No. 894928 ID: 8e6242
File 153292518726.png - (202.90KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

I can make the temperature rise or I can die trying.

I explode my next energy blast into a few pieces. It won't do any harm on this gang member, but...

>"What're you trying to do there, weakling?! You can't think of anything, can you?!"
No. 894929 ID: 8e6242
File 153292531408.png - (202.59KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

"I'm cooking ammo!"

Oh. It worked!

I have no muscles to flex but the bullets fall out anyway.
No. 894931 ID: 8e6242
File 153292542113.png - (228.98KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

I jump up at her while she's knocked down. She's bigger up close, but that means she's even less about to dodge a point blank blast.

>"Kill me, then, but give me something to ponder for a month! What are you even trying to accomplish by fighting us?"
No. 894933 ID: 86eb65

Fighting seemed like a better option than just letting life fuck me over.

It's nothing personal.
No. 894937 ID: 4f1cbc

I'm sick of the shit vending machines in this city! *blam*
No. 894938 ID: ba5478

Not get eaten.
No. 894939 ID: d887c0

"Hey, you came swingin' at me! If you gotta blame someone, look in a friggin' mirror!"
No. 894940 ID: 4854ef

"All I wanted was a damn bar from the vending machine and then all this went down!"
No. 894941 ID: dc0f7e
File 153292773551.png - (153.17KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

"Fighting is better than dealing with the vending machines, getting eaten, and generally getting screwed by life! All I wanted was a candy bar! If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror!"
>"Eheh, you're just a mediocre soul who forgot how easy you have it here. Learn to like vending machines in your next life, and pray you knock yourself out of my memory."
No. 894943 ID: dc0f7e
File 153292783179.png - (172.07KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

No. 894944 ID: dc0f7e
File 153292789720.png - (196.52KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

Oh, wow! That is a more noticeable power boost! It's not instant, but I feel like power's coming to me at a much faster rate!

Maybe I should hide for a little while as I finish gathering this power. I can try finding a random spot, or, uh, there is someone who told me that if I ever ran into trouble, to give her a call.

She might not have made that offer if she knew it was for this. I may just drag trouble where I go for the rest of my life.

Leaving town would be a cool option, but when the fog surrounded us, no one died any more, but anyone who tried to go through it would just get turned around and drive back into town.

So, not an option at all.
No. 894947 ID: 4f1cbc

Go call that person, why should your life be the only one messed up.
No. 894954 ID: 8c1f9b

Call the person. You need somebody who'll keep you grounded before the power goes to your head.
No. 894955 ID: 91ee5f

So what’s gonna happen to you if you keep absorbing power like this? You gonna get fat or you gonna get muscles?
No. 894956 ID: 91ee5f

Also, call your friend.
No. 894965 ID: 2007b6

>Leaving town would be a cool option, but when the fog surrounded us, no one died any more, but anyone who tried to go through it would just get turned around and drive back into town.

Step one: acquire stopwatch (or other timekeeping device)
step two: attempt to leave town by an obscure route, track how much time passes between entering the fog and finding yourself back in town
step three: attempt to leave town again, moving at exactly the same pace, but stop after half that much time

You will then be as far from town as possible, and, more importantly, probably very difficult for anyone else to locate in the fog.
No. 894972 ID: ff82d2

Maybe the people trying to leave were simply too weak.

Anyway, give your mysterious phone-friend a ring, or a visit, assuming you know where she lives. Also, you should enter the nearest clothes store and obtain some cool-looking garb for middle-class citizens that you were never able to afford. Because strong people need to look cool.
No. 894990 ID: fb3b2b
File 153296106646.png - (185.81KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

I'll run to the best clothing skyscraper in town, in the Phantom's quadrant.

Also, phone.


>"It's Pillet!"
"It's Delli, is this a recor-!"
>"Oh shit it's Delli! You in trouble?"
"Yeah! Is this a bad time it sounds like you're in a gunfight?"
>"I am! 800 Roving Drive, Old town! Can you get there?"
"Probably! I - "

The phone call dies with a loud crack.
No. 894991 ID: fb3b2b
File 153296112158.png - (189.40KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

After the clothing skyscraper, I can stop at Old Town, and if Pillet doesn't have any amazing plan maybe I can try the fog? It's not like people who go into the fog are never seen again.
No. 894992 ID: fb3b2b
File 153296119856.png - (206.34KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

No. 894993 ID: fb3b2b
File 153296122352.png - (179.96KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

>"Hi that'll be 94 dollars."
No. 894995 ID: 86eb65

Toss a bunch of the candy you got from the crowd on the counter and book it.
No. 894996 ID: ff82d2

Damn. You're no match for this clerk's accounting skill!

We're not really obliged to pay but... yeah, perhaps the fact that they're out of candy would allow you make a deal with them.
Alternatively, tell her that you can't pay, but that you can offer to "dispose of" any person she wishes, provided this person is in a relatively close vicinity.
No. 894998 ID: fb3b2b
File 153296363341.png - (115.67KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

I toss candy on the counter.

"Will this do?"
>"Oh! You can pay. I mean, yes! Have a nice day."
"If this didn't work, would you have let me do work to pay it back by, I don't know, murdering someone?"
>"Oh, no, we'd have too many thieves on our payroll if that worked. I'd just sic all our security that's hiding in the clothing racks on you."
No. 895000 ID: fb3b2b
File 153296383205.png - (214.00KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

I saw some people following me, so with my cool and flawless disguise, I take the elevator down.

Old town was buried by new town. If I go straight underground, then I could lose the gangs on my way to Pillet's address, but there's a lot of weird crazy people who live underground who don't get out enough.

Above ground, there's still a lot of weird crazy people who are trying to kill me.

>"Attention, taxpayers of Sector B! The most wanted criminal is named Delli! He was last seen purchasing clothes in the Phantom's tower, running towards the elevators!"
No. 895001 ID: ff82d2

Word sure gets around fast. Well, this is awkward. Riding an elevator full of people trying to kill you.

Offer these fine people some candy. And kill those that reject. Because the ones that rejected are most likely working for the gangs.

Afterwards, apologize and then make a hole in the bottom of the elevator car and jump down. Because this elevator is taking too long.
No. 895002 ID: 3c7a63

Get ready guys! We can catch him if we move fast!

Then sneak out in the confusion.

Or just eat everyone in here.
No. 895003 ID: 5f3f48

Play it cool. It's not like any of these idiots want to wreck the elevator they're in, right?
No. 895004 ID: ae7bf7

Ah she won't really die, who gives a fuck. Certainly not you. Really the objective should be to try and have fun until someone manages to trounce you.
No. 895006 ID: fb3b2b
File 153296745256.png - (170.21KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

"If we move fast we can catch him! Until then, who wants candy?"

They all nod and murmur that yes they would. Of course they do, I know I would. They act like I'm sticking them up and forcing it on them.

Maybe I am.
No. 895007 ID: fb3b2b
File 153296751077.png - (341.19KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

The elevator door opens.

>"We want some candy too."
>"But not the candy you're holding."
>"We mean you."
>"We want to eat you."
No. 895008 ID: 90f3c0

Mash the door close button.
No. 895009 ID: ff82d2

Tsk. Dealing with all of these guys would take too long. What are our escape options?

Use one of your blast attacks and make a hole in the elevator while they're distracted. Then find a back exit to this tower building and make your way to Pillet.
No. 895010 ID: 5f3f48

No. 895011 ID: 8e47b9
File 153297041377.png - (246.70KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

>Mash the door close button.

"Don't eat people, that's rud - "

Aw heck, punched myself right in the hypocrisy.
No. 895012 ID: 8e47b9
File 153297047860.png - (179.58KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

>Make a hole in the elevator
Doing, done.

I see something down there, on the steel cable.
No. 895013 ID: 8e47b9
File 153297052468.png - (244.55KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

No. 895015 ID: 86eb65

Snip the cable and commence the eating.
No. 895016 ID: ff82d2

Could this person be stronger than you?

There's 3 ways in which you should react.
First one would be to jump down into the hole. This is to evade a possible attack coming from outside the elevator door.
The second one would be to cut the steel cable. This is to make this person lose their balance and possibly miss you with their attack. Or simply make them cancel it.
The third would be to put all of your soul power into your hands and prepare to block/deflect their attack once it comes. Or to punch the stuff they gathered away from them, together with their head.
No. 895018 ID: 8b8d01
File 153297283027.png - (115.88KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

This guy could be stronger than me. I don't know, I'm not chancing it. I cut the cable.
No. 895019 ID: 8b8d01
File 153297286836.png - (112.10KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

He falls and his gathered energy falls on him and he explodes. Ack, shoot, indirect kills like that don't let me get his energy!
No. 895021 ID: 86eb65

You should probably follow him down. You will have a crowd going any other directions.
No. 895022 ID: 8c1f9b

Apologize to everybody in the elevator, abscond down the hole. You're trying to go down, right?
No. 895024 ID: ff82d2

Crisis averted! Nah, if a simple fall killed him, then he was pretty weak.

Could the way down lead us to the underground? If not, then look for another way that doesn't involve exiting the elevator door here.
No. 895025 ID: 8b8d01
File 153297385267.png - (278.60KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

"Sorry." I tell my elevator peers, and drop down.

He crashed through the building, so I guess I'm going through the underground after all.

I drop through the shaft on top of him and explode him again, this time finishing the job and getting the energy.
No. 895026 ID: 8b8d01
File 153297394216.png - (241.12KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

It's so obvious that I fell down here that I run away right away before anyone sees where I went.

Old town looks an awful lot like if people stopped repairing new town for about 36 hours. I wonder why it was abandoned.
No. 895027 ID: 8b8d01
File 153297401823.png - (140.67KB , 800x600 , 46.png )

Huh? The wall is cracking next to me?
No. 895028 ID: 8b8d01
File 153297405353.png - (170.15KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

God damn!

>"Youuuu, you're the one that took the power! After so loooong!"
No. 895029 ID: 86eb65

We gonna fight? Or you just making conversation?

And whats the talk about so long anyways? If there is some prophecy junk might as well let me know now.
No. 895030 ID: ff82d2

Good. At least someone knows what's going on.
Talk to this person. Ask them what this power is and what are you supposed to do with it.

Also, boop the snoot.
No. 895032 ID: 8c1f9b

Grab 'em by the face and help them through the wall, then brush the rubble off them.

Ask if we know them.
No. 895034 ID: 8b8d01
File 153297885291.png - (188.73KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

"So do you wanna fight or are you just here to make conversation?"
>"Hmm... I'd kill you if I couuuld, but I can't! I choose conversation."

I grab their snoot and pull them out because wall-faces is no way to have a conversation. I definitely don't know this guy.

"What's all this about so long? May as well know about any weird prophecies."
>"Nooo, no one so far has been able to tell the future. But your power... it was cultivated. We had it."
"Wait a second, that emblem! You're a gang member."
>"No! We're the rebellion! The ones against the gang!"
"By forming a gang! You're all totally gangs!"
>"No! We want to remove the other gangs!"
"That's what all the gangs want to do!"
"Yeah you're the not-quite-as-big fifth gang, the ones who call themselves the Rebels!"
>"Ohhh I'd kill you so bad if I could, then I could get the power we made, and we could finally win!"
"What's the power for anyway?"
>"Uh killing probably? I mean what else do you do with power around here?"
No. 895036 ID: e12fdc

Power up electronics and such. Unless it’s a different power i’m thinking about
No. 895037 ID: 86eb65

Making peoples lives better? I mean that is the other option for power unless you are a jerk.

Anyways are the rebels decent? You could join and then problem would have some help.

Unless they are dicks.
No. 895038 ID: ff82d2

Ask him what he meant with "after so long". How was this power cultivated? And why wouldn't they just, you know, simply keep it properly distributed among certain rebellion members? Or keep feeding it to one member? If they "had it", why weren't they using it?

Also, how did he know you're the one with the power? No one was supposed to know you're here and your disguise it impeccable!
No. 895039 ID: 8c1f9b

I want to try and part the fog & get out of here. Maybe get EVERYONE out of here.
But right now by friend sounds like they're in a gun battle and I'd better do something about that.
No. 895040 ID: 8b8d01
File 153297992379.png - (129.89KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

"Powering electronics?"
>"Oh yeah we can do that."
"Making people's lives better?"
>"Yeah! That's what we do! Even if we blow stuff up sometimes."

I'd ask questions, but this guy doesn't sound like the sharpest rebel in the Rebels. Wait, there is one.

"I want to try getting out of the fog. Maybe even part it."
>"That! That's our biggest goal!"
"How'd you know I was the one with the power cluster?"
>"Oh I can detect power. And yours is still rising!"
"Heck it, you know what? I'll join you guys. Just for this one life of mine."
>"Really?! So you'll let me kill you?!"
"I - what the fuck."
>"The power has to be given to a trustworthy person! You'd be a new recruit, but see how many teeth I've got on my emblem? That's a lot! Then I'd run over to the leader and then they'd kill me and take it themselves."
No. 895041 ID: 86eb65

Nope I have the power so I am now the most trustworthy.

Also I am going to eat you due to you so thoughtfully suggesting it.

Anything you want me to know before I send you off? Also where is your boss so I can go eat him.
No. 895042 ID: 8c1f9b

The fact you seek to gain power instead of trust is turning me away. I'm going to use these powers to go bail out my buddy who needs help and you're going to take the time to think of a better recruiting pitch or get your boss to do it instead.
No. 895044 ID: c97248

Fuck no. You hold every chip from every table in the whole casino. He should be happy you even thought about joining.
No. 895045 ID: 8b8d01
File 153298078828.png - (148.32KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

"Actually I'm the most trustworthy since I have the most power."
>"I don't think that's how it works...."
"It does mean I can kill you."
>"That part is true! Could you.... not? I have important information I need to tell my people about."
"That maybe perhaps depends on if you tell me where your boss is."
>"What if I tell you?"
"Then there is a chance that I probably I won't kill you."
>"Good enough. It's down here, at... actually we were all supposed to meet at 800 Roving Drive after a big shootout."
No. 895049 ID: d887c0

Convenient. Take the doofus and get a move on.
No. 895054 ID: ff82d2

A planned shootout. How quaint.

He probably knows the shortest route there so... tell him to show you the way. Of course, while you carry him.
No. 895055 ID: 8c1f9b

omigod like saaame.

Pinch him on the cheek and run there, it's probably where your buddy is too.
No. 895057 ID: 8b8d01
File 153298270801.png - (152.31KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

"Okay sure whatever come with me."

We dodge a bunch of people searching through the town. I would've had a hell of a time finding the place without this guy, because barely any street signs are still up.

>"Hey, Nilestro's coming back! He's with some goat guy."
>"Oh shit, Delli!" I hear Pillet. It's all nostalgic, it's been a long time since I've seen her. "Everyone outta here, it's reunion time for me! Delli get that tail in here!"
No. 895058 ID: 8b8d01
File 153298276512.png - (196.68KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

Yep that's her.

>"Oh man! You even got me a new pair of glasses."
"Actually I got it for myself, I wanted to look cool."
>"I don't give a shit, you look like my grandpa trying to be hip with it."
No. 895059 ID: 8b8d01
File 153298282303.png - (124.13KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

>"So what's the trouble? By the way you're in our secret hideout so you're a Rebel now."
No. 895060 ID: 86eb65

Cool I got that power stuff so point me in the direction of saving the world.

No eating me though. This idiot seems to be a confused mess.
No. 895061 ID: 3cc68c

Sweep her off her feet and kiss her while holding her in your manly arms.
No. 895062 ID: 363437

Seduce the floof.
No. 895063 ID: ff82d2

Guess you really don't have a choice in this.

Ask her how was the shootout. Are those wounds on her a part of being hip? And what's the rebellion about?
Argue with her that being older has its advantages. How old are you compared to her anyway? And does it even matter if everyone's immortal?
No. 895064 ID: 90f3c0

Okay, fine. As long as no one tries to kill me for my awesome power. What are you guys planning?
No. 895066 ID: 8c1f9b

You look at least twice as scruffy as me.

Anyway I got a bunch of powers crosseye here says you guys were 'cultivating', question mark, and then I killed some gang enforcers and got their powers too. So i've like double-pissed off all the gangs and now they're all looking for me. I seem to be getting stronger all the time as well which is kinda neat.

Also sorry we were late to the shootout.
No. 895070 ID: 1fbbcc

If the bosses up top didn't want people to rebel they wouldn't be such instant jerks about anyone else getting any mojo. They're just too shy to say so directly.
No. 895072 ID: 4f1cbc

Rebels aren't the only people in rebel hideouts you know. There's also people trying to kill rebels!

...but I guess I'm a rebel yeah. Everyone else is either trying to kill me or scared shitless of me, where else am I gonna go? Also killing friends is probably rude.

(Well I guess the rebels asked to kill you but that's still a step up).
No. 895075 ID: a84765

Smooch the girl.
No. 895076 ID: 91ee5f

“Yeah, I’m here because I suddenly got a power boost out of nowhere and now everyone up there suddenly wants to kill me. And that Nilestro guy or whatever his name was, said that I somehow accidentally received the power that you guys cultivated or something weird like that. So I’m guessing you guys are the reason for everything that’s been happening to me, right?”
No. 895078 ID: bfb318
File 153298632820.png - (132.99KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

"Fine I'm a rebel, but no eating me. Also you're scruffier than me."
>"Yeah well I don't have a beard. And nah no eating you. I mean I would've if you were anyone else. Because that power is mine. Do you know how many souls we had to blend to get that much power?"
"I'll be honest, I don't really give a shit either."
>"Well I do! Ten years, soon after we parted ways and I became the leader, I've been building up power in a barrel! Then when it comes time to unleash it on me to devour, it turns out my most trustworthy ally was a gang mole! Spilled our whereabouts, turned the barrel around at herself and tried to take the cluster from me!"
>"But I shot her!" says someone from farther inside.
>"And that was the best shot I've ever fuckin' seen! But that cluster flew right through a dead body and sailed in the air into my new most trustworthy person!"
"Can I sweep you off your feet and kiss you? I'd like to spend the rest of my life doing something I'd never otherwise get to do."
>"Oh don't get all lovey dovey on me now, you have gang leaders to murder!"
>"Hey leader we have a tank coming!"
>"Speak of the devils."
>"Do we fight?"
>"No point, we got our power back, so we finished our goal! If Delli fucks this up, we regroup! Until then, I'm disbanding the rebels!"
>"Okay but what about the tank it's got a lot of people with it!"
>"... Everyone's on their own! Cheese it!"
No. 895079 ID: bfb318
File 153298636852.png - (211.62KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

We scatter like a kicked anthill.

"Where are we going?"
>"To hide, because you'll need to wait a bit before you're strong enough to take a gang leader! Normally I'd say you could easily kick their ass, but the plan was to spend another 3 years blending souls, but then that bitch of a mole gave away our location!"
"Huh. A pretty big coincidence that it landed on me."
>"No kidding, most of the souls used to make the cluster were rebels, but it landed on you!"
"Did... wait a second I got killed back like 12 years ago, was that you?! Did you kill me to make the power cluster?!"
>"Don't be a bitch about it, I died for it too and I'm not the one who got the return investment!"
No. 895081 ID: 4f1cbc

"Bitch. Well, now I'm not gonna feel bad if I get you killed in this mess."

Without rancor or anger, just kinda annoyed.

How the heck did you have enough rebels to power this thing, were you guys just killing yourselves (and your hapless friends) over and over for years?
No. 895083 ID: 8c1f9b

...In twelve years, I'm going to slap you so hard you'll have an out-of-body experience so vivid you'll swear you felt your Karma rebalancing.
No. 895084 ID: ff82d2

Wow, they're disbanding as soon as you joined them. So much for hospitality.
Ask her if killing the gang leaders is all you need to do. And after they're all dead, how will that change the town?
I still don't get it tho. Why would they keep the power hidden instead of constantly feeding it to one person? Oh, is it because that person would get detected and killed?

Keep following her until then. Maybe you can shave at the place she's taking you to.
No. 895085 ID: ff82d2

>she killed you
I guess that makes you... her ex ;)
No. 895086 ID: 91ee5f

“Well, if you want me to kill the gang leaders, then I’m gonna need to overeat a lot to get that much power. You wouldn’t happen to have any food stashed somewhere around here, would you?”
No. 895087 ID: 91ee5f

You also might want to start small and work your way up the ranks instead of going straight for the gang leaders, so that yo can build up power from consuming their underlings.
No. 895088 ID: 86eb65

Sure you did. I am here now and we can go save the world.

Now its time for a training montage!
No. 895089 ID: 3cc68c

Man its going to be boring hiding out alone in the woods.

I wonder what we could get up to to pass the time?

Wink wink nudge nudge.
No. 895090 ID: bfb318
File 153298879227.png - (217.95KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

"Bitch! Nevermind sweeping you off your feet, I'll slap you so hard your karma will realign. How'd you even get rebels? Or did you and your gang just kill yourselves for years?!"
>"Only works once per person, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with you! As for our numbers? With millions of people in this town, it's not hard to find a few hundred misfits would want to live for a cause!"
"I'm not going to feel bad if you die in this mess. Do you have food or something to speed this power up?"
>"Food? Don't even bother, that's nothing compared to the cluster I made! Look, this early on it'll feel like a bunch but you just need to wait, and soon food and random people off the street won't even add anything to your power. What you need is a training montage."
"Why'd you collect it into a cluster instead of feeding it to one person anyway?"
>"Because that's inefficient as hell. It's addition instead of exponential multiplication! It'd take millenia. Aw damnit."
"What now?"
No. 895091 ID: bfb318
File 153298879743.png - (146.00KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

>"It's Crook's righthandman, upwards of 20% of the power of Crook himself. It's a little early, but hey, you got this."
"Where are you going?!"
>"Like I came all this way just to die and miss out on seeing the fog lift."
"I don't even know how to lift it!"
>"Better keep me alive, then!"
No. 895092 ID: 86eb65

Its Shadowman!

If you use your light powers it will just strengthen his shadow stuff!

Use red light instead of white!
No. 895094 ID: 8c1f9b

Blast him and see how he reacts.
No. 895095 ID: 4f1cbc


Well blast the henchman. Probably won't work, but you gotta get this party started somehow.

I'm torn between wondering if we can feed Pillet the kill (leave the hench almost dead and have her finish it) so we're not stuck doing all the super-fighting ourselves, or deciding she's kinda crazy and untrustworthy and would just end up killing us if we trusted her with a comparable level of power.
No. 895096 ID: ff82d2

Buff up. You know how to use your buffs, right?!

Also, do some dance moves.
No. 895097 ID: bfb318
File 153299036624.png - (131.60KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

>You know how to use your buffs, right?!
I know how to...
No. 895098 ID: bfb318
File 153299037635.png - (163.02KB , 800x600 , 59.png )

"Energy blast!"
>[i]"Come on man don't name your moves or shout them out!"[i]

Hm. Maybe if I do another energy -
No. 895099 ID: bfb318
File 153299038931.png - (120.04KB , 800x600 , 60.png )

No. 895102 ID: ff82d2

Punch him back as hard as you can.
No. 895105 ID: 4f1cbc

Kick him between the... this guy has legs under the cloak, right? We can only hope.
No. 895107 ID: 86eb65

Its time to wrestle.

Headbutt him with your mighty horns.
No. 895113 ID: bfb318
File 153299438584.png - (114.90KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

I punch, miss, kick, miss, and then use my horns!

Which works for once in my life!
No. 895114 ID: bfb318
File 153299439453.png - (131.65KB , 800x600 , 62.png )

No. 895116 ID: ba5478

grab arm, get him into an armbar
No. 895117 ID: 4f1cbc

Grab that punch and suplex him!
No. 895118 ID: ff82d2

That probably only worked because he didn't expect it heh.

Tell him to stop and wait for a second. Tell him that this is your first time and ask him for some fighting tips!

If that doesn't work then... well, you're supposed to have a lot more power than him. Which means you should definitely be faster than him. Use your legs to run around him really fast, and hit him when you know that you're not in his line of sight.
No. 895121 ID: 8c1f9b

Pull his cloak thing down over his arms.
No. 895122 ID: 91ee5f

You cracked his face! Break it open to get the guy under the mask!
No. 895123 ID: 86eb65

You call that a headbutt?

Charge your horns with energy first you doof!
No. 895124 ID: bfb318
File 153299623373.png - (113.47KB , 800x600 , 63.png )

The headbutt probably only worked because he didn't think I would do it! Or that I could charge my horns with energy, which is the only way it did anything! This guy is tougher than a vending machine!

>Grab arm
Got it!

>something else
Wait, I don't know any cool martial art moves.
No. 895125 ID: bfb318
File 153299625095.png - (138.97KB , 800x600 , 64.png )

No. 895126 ID: bfb318
File 153299628449.png - (106.53KB , 800x600 , 65.png )

>Break his mask
My energy seems to weak to harm him, but maybe his mask is a weak point!
No. 895127 ID: bfb318
File 153299630846.png - (96.90KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

His face fell off to reveal an undamaged face under it.

>"Y- don't look at me!"
"Why not?"
>"You're not supposed to know who I am!"

I've never seen this person in my life. I think.
No. 895128 ID: 86eb65

Woops now I know your horrible secret.

Better be my slave forever due to that fact.
No. 895129 ID: 3cc68c

You are a cute little thing. You should not hide your face.

Still going to eat you now. Lets hang out in your next life.
No. 895131 ID: 4f1cbc

I promise not to look if you let me eat you.

No. 895132 ID: 363437

Tear the rest of his clothes off and bask in his shame.
No. 895133 ID: ff82d2

Oh! You're that one guy! I totally know you! Wow, the shameful things you did back then, I can remember everything! Dude, you should just die of shame.
No. 895134 ID: 8c1f9b

Grab him under your arm like you're going to give noogies

Take selfie

Blackmail nerd
No. 895135 ID: bfb318
File 153299772963.png - (115.44KB , 600x800 , 67.png )

"Oh, you? I won't tell anyone if you be my slave, or something."
>"W-wait, do you even know me?!"
"Uh yeah."
>"Who am I?"
"... look, I'm pretty sure I'll recognize you if I pull off the cloak to see the rest of you!"
>"Oh, no way!"

He shoots a laser up.
No. 895136 ID: 86eb65

Quick get that cloak off before its to late!
No. 895138 ID: 4f1cbc

Flying Taaaaackle
No. 895139 ID: 1fbbcc

"Ok if you're doing that to call reinforcements you know that'll increase the chance someone who knows your face will come here, right?"
No. 895142 ID: ff82d2

He seems to be distracted now, so perhaps you'll have an easier time landing your punches. Which is what you should try doing.
No. 895145 ID: a363ac

flirt with them or something call them cute they seem pretty embarrassed it might make them do something silly
No. 895146 ID: bfb318
File 153299870335.png - (129.27KB , 800x600 , 68.png )

"I'll blackmail you, nerd!"
>"What is wrong with you?! Are you trying to just embarrass me!"
"I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's worked out well so far! You called for reinforcements, right?! So more people are going to see you!"

He punches me and it hurts way less. Maybe I am getting that much stronger per minute.

>"I didn't call for reinforcements!"
"Then what was that?!"
>"The signal to fire the Apocalypse Beam-Cannon on myself!"
No. 895147 ID: bfb318
File 153299874299.png - (227.54KB , 800x600 , 69.png )

"What the heck's an Apocalypse Beam-Can-"
No. 895148 ID: bfb318
File 153299876262.png - (277.14KB , 800x600 , 70.png )

Actually, dumb question.
No. 895149 ID: 86eb65

Scream "To late saw you naked" as your body is flung free from the blast.

Make sure to use him as a shield from the beam.

(how do they have a doom canon in space with the haze?)
No. 895150 ID: a363ac

No. 895151 ID: 8c1f9b

Use him as a human shield if it isn't already too late.
No. 895152 ID: 4f1cbc

Eat the beeeeeeam
No. 895153 ID: 91ee5f

You might want to go find Pillet and get her out of there, so that she doesn’t get killed!

And if that guy is still alive, then go finish him off and take his power!
No. 895155 ID: ff82d2

Just as the beam's about to kill him, you have to be the one to finish him off.
No. 895158 ID: de6d84

Dig a hole into the ground while holding the dude above you. He'll take the full hit.
No. 895160 ID: bfb318
File 153300148394.png - (106.16KB , 800x600 , 71.png )

"I like your chest!" I say while fire and hell beams down on us. Not really sure where that came from. Either what I said or the beam. It can't be from outside of the fog.

As for the weird compliment, I probably said that because I don't want him to hate me as much as possible while I hold his body up as a shield.

I'd love to consume the beam but there's no body attached to it and it isn't whatever consumable, bodiless energy Pillet somehow had. This is just plain energy with no soul blend, and a soul is like the plate, and my soul is the spoon, and I... can't eat off the floor with a spoon or something?

Whatever. I'm alive. Neither the unmasked man nor my cool clothes survived the blast. I nearly kicked it, myself. I wasn't able to kill him myself to absorb him, there was just too much energy at that point.

I'd look for Pillet, but she's running down the crater.
No. 895161 ID: bfb318
File 153300149106.png - (168.25KB , 800x600 , 72.png )

>"Delli! Did you consume him?"
"No, I missed my chance."
>"Yeah cause you spent it getting gay with it!"
"Look... I'm not gay, but he was kind of cute."
>"Yeah well I'm not going to talk trash about you but you're a fucking dumbass. Whatever I just got a call. Splice is showing up in the matter of seconds."
"The gang leader?!"
>"Yeah he's got our trail, so to fuck with it, I'm going to regret this, but my plan takes forever. Devour me. Unless you think your one moment of action is better spent sweeping me off my feet and kissing me, you horny idiot."
No. 895162 ID: 4f1cbc

Don't you have way less energy than me? How will devouring you even help against a gang leader? I'd be better off using you as a distraction, or something.

Also yeah go for a horny kiss, why not. What have you really got to lose at this point?
No. 895163 ID: a363ac

sweep her off her feet and kiss her. then while kissing her stab her in the heart.
No. 895164 ID: ba5478

If devouring her got you enough power to fight the guy why wouldn't you just fight him together?
No. 895165 ID: 86eb65

Do that thing she said you should do.

The kissing part.
No. 895166 ID: 3cc68c

Use the power of sloppy makeouts to save the day.

Also just have her fight with you and stuff. (after the makeouts)
No. 895167 ID: ee2d6e

sweep her off her feet and kiss her, you horny idiot
No. 895169 ID: bfb318
File 153300293466.png - (139.97KB , 800x600 , 73.png )

"Don't you have way less energy than me?"
>"Way less potential energy. In 5 minutes it'll be a drop in the bucket, but right now, it'll give you a jumpstart!"
"Can't we just fight together."
>"Nope. If you had a power of 10, and I had a power of 10, we couldn't touch someone who could defend themselves against a power of 15. But if we combined and made ourselves power 20... get what I'm saying? Now shut up and eat me."

Heck it. I sweep her off her feet and go for the kiss! I think I'm more surprised she lets me do that than she is that I went for it.

... I could still kill her, but damn, I'm still not sure I could fight a gang leader, at which point I'd have killed her for no reason!
No. 895170 ID: a363ac

nah kill her better to mitigate risk at this point and just meet up later
No. 895171 ID: 86eb65

Run with her! Cute girls are worth the risk!

Keep her in your arms and use your strength to speed away and hide. Then you can charge long enough during the chase to power up!

Or you could just bone her right here and now. If you lasted long enough it would gain you time! Its against the rules to fight fucking people you know.
No. 895172 ID: 4f1cbc

Well time to fuck off then.
No. 895173 ID: 3cc68c

It is true that you can not interrupt sexy times. Use that to your advantage to hold off the last boss long enough to power up.
No. 895174 ID: ba5478

Hey why don't you just like. Make yourself invisible and hide so you can bang your waifu.
No. 895175 ID: 8c1f9b

If that dude was only 20% as powerful as what's coming, it's time to make tracks and regroup. Use your powers to fly away.
No. 895177 ID: 91ee5f

Tell her that it’s one thing to eat random guys trying to kill you, but there’s no way in hell you’d eat her! Even if she deserves it for killing you to make that power cluster.

Besides, she told you to keep her alive so that we could see the fog lift! You can’t do that if she’s dead!
No. 895178 ID: bfb318
File 153300498382.png - (171.91KB , 800x600 , 74.png )

>Its against the rules to fight fucking people you know.
They're not called 'gangs' because of their adherance to the rules.

Still, why am I just standing around?! I don't need to kill her, I'll just run! I bounce out of the crater and get our butts moving.

"Yeah no I'm not eating you, even if you deserve it! You already told me to keep you alive anyway!"
"What's so funny?!"
No. 895179 ID: bfb318
File 153300499069.png - (186.77KB , 800x600 , 75.png )

No. 895180 ID: 86eb65

People are really hard to kill remember?

Guess you should finish her off so you get the power now then. Can meet up in a month to raise the fog after you kick some ass.
No. 895181 ID: a363ac

consume her
No. 895182 ID: 4f1cbc

RIP waifu, hello creepy doll. I wonder how uncomfortable it'll make the gang leaders if you keep her around?

Can you try anything cool like cramming power in the hole in her head and turning her into a undead energy-vampire bound to your service or something? I'll bet no one has tried that, no one here cares much about life extension with respawns.

Also geeze would her power even have helped you if she couldn't even stop bullets with her face? I mean that's just basic battle goat stuff.
No. 895183 ID: 91ee5f

Can you try focusing on healing her? If you’re fast enough, you can keep her alive.....right?
No. 895186 ID: 3cc68c

People are really hard to kill here remember? A normal person could possibly survive that.

Kiss her back to life.
No. 895187 ID: bfb318
File 153300661387.png - (152.15KB , 800x600 , 76.png )

>People are hard to kill
Yeah because most people can't just shoot a laser beam from out of nowhere through someone's skull in one go. Even bullets have to be loaded with energy to get through us!

>Can you try anything cool
No, I'm a one trick energy-shooting pony here.

I'm out of options that don't involve kissing corpses, so I throw Pillet up and consume her before she goes from unconscious to dead. She was stronger than I thought after all.
No. 895188 ID: bfb318
File 153300661908.png - (169.77KB , 800x600 , 77.png )

More concerningly, the source of the laser beam just landed.

>"Yep. Drew the short stick when it was time to deal with this crap, so... you're just some random bystander hit by Pillet's shenanigans, right? You just thought what the heck, you'll fuck around with your sudden power till you die, right? That's cool."

I can't even sense power like that doof from earlier could, but I can sense this guy. Either I learned how to do that, or I'm in a bad spot right now.
No. 895190 ID: 86eb65

Headbutt her in the tits.
No. 895191 ID: a363ac

kamehameha out of your feet and move like bakugo through the sky to get away using explosions
No. 895192 ID: 8c1f9b

I want to get strong enough to lift the fog.

anything to stall for time or appeal to their apparent disaffection.
No. 895193 ID: 4f1cbc

Pretty much, yeah. Dunno if it really was random since I knew her before this mess, but it's not like I know anything about this power bullshit.

So... you're gonna need to get really lucky or run away here.
No. 895194 ID: 91ee5f

So how long do you have to wait for Pillet to come back?

Yeah, you’re gonna have to brace yourself for an attack.
No. 895195 ID: bfb318
File 153300772092.png - (82.15KB , 800x600 , 78.png )

>Headbutt her in the tits.
Pretty sure that's a guy.

Pretty sure people who eat all the food get fat after all.

>So how long do you have to wait for Pillet to come back?
A month.

"Pretty much 'cept for the part where I want to get strong enough to lift the fog."
>"Oh. Yeah you either lift the fog permanently or you don't lift it at all."
"Then lift it permanently?"
>"Good god, man, I know you probably think life sucks but why do you want to kill everyone?"
"Uh what."
>"The hell do you think resurrects us?"
"I thought that was unrelated."
>"Huh. Well it's not."
"And if you're lying?"
>"Do ya really want to take the chance? By the way I'm only gonna talk to you for 2 minutes."
No. 895196 ID: a363ac

I mean its probably true otherwise why would the gang leaders leave it up instead of opening it to go hog wild outside
No. 895197 ID: 17c2ee

"Where's all the food come from anyway?"
No. 895198 ID: 4f1cbc

Okay you only got two minutes? Time to ask for info.

Well if I've got your attention for that long, how about the two minute speech on how any of this magic stuff actually works?
No. 895199 ID: bab143

Better than living endless monotony while the strong and self entitled REAAALLY fat at the top. This isn't any different than normal life.
No. 895200 ID: d887c0

Blow his nads off immediately while his guard's down.
No. 895201 ID: bfb318
File 153300927172.png - (127.90KB , 800x600 , 79.png )

"That sorta makes sense anyway, the two seems kinda crammed with four of you gangs inside. Where's the food come from anyway?"
>"Small farm on the east side. Why do you think food's sold out constantly?"
"Oh yeah."
>"So what's it gonna be, little buddy? I can make the call to your boss right now. Along with any other requests. Give you a nice basket of food when you come back and everything."
"Want to explain to me how all this soul magic works too while you're at it?"
>"Not really."

This guy talks excruciatingly slowly. It's been about a minute since we started talking.

"It's kind of monotonous living here like this, isn't it?"
>"Better than living in monotony and then dying."
If I fight him, I have to stall as long as possible. Either I get a sneak attack in a bit early, or try and convince him to talk for another minute.

If what he is true though then a lot of people are going to die.

... also, Pillet won't come back.
No. 895202 ID: 8063ab

After you kill the gang leaders you can take all the time you want to think it over before doing something stupid.

No. 895203 ID: d887c0

This damn city is Hellish in its repetitive, mundane brutality. Death would be a release next to this travesty.
Blow his nuts off in a sneak attack and take his power. You have work to do.
No. 895204 ID: 4f1cbc

Look, just kill your way to the top and keep absorbing power. Once you're the strongest person and basically a solo gang leader, you'll be sorta safe. It'll take time for someone to pull a rebel trick like Pillet did to power up competition. You'll have time to figure out what's true, wait for your friends to revive, and decide if you actually want to lift the haze.

But first you gotta blast your way to the top!
No. 895205 ID: a363ac

nah lets ride this out its fun even if I don't take down the fog its a heck of alot more interesting then just letting you kill me easy and I am sure you think so too being on the top must get boring.
No. 895206 ID: 17c2ee

just scream super loud until you become strong enough for anything
No. 895207 ID: bfb318
File 153301028416.png - (180.83KB , 800x600 , 80.png )

Wait a second, I'm the doof now. If I blast the four gang leaders I can just wait for Pillet to come back before deciding to blow up the fog or not.

"Ahhhh!" I blast his crotch while screaming in case it makes me more powerful.

Okay he just sort of stood there and that didn't work.

>"We're doing this, huh."
No. 895208 ID: 4f1cbc

Hey it's the only shot I'll ever have, I may as well make the most of it.

No. 895209 ID: 17c2ee

Offer to play Uno instead if he prefers. But not Battleship, fuck Battleship. If that doesn't work eat his eyes.
No. 895210 ID: 8063ab

Okay blast again, but this time don't not move when you energy blast, so the blast blasts you away. It's genius. Don't think about it.
No. 895211 ID: a363ac

blast your way out of the pit and away from the death man
No. 895213 ID: 91ee5f

>"We're doing this, huh."
“You can’t blame me for trying, right? Besides, you said that it’s cool if I fuck around with the power until I died. So, yeah, since you’re here, I might as well fuck around and see how far I can get before I die and go back to my boring life. So, yeah, let’s do this!”
No. 895221 ID: bfb318
File 153301216639.png - (127.98KB , 800x600 , 81.png )

"Can't blame me for trying!"

I throw myself back with the next blast to get away.
No. 895222 ID: bfb318
File 153301217485.png - (168.34KB , 800x600 , 82.png )

No. 895223 ID: bfb318
File 153301218259.png - (118.35KB , 800x600 , 83.png )

>"Can and will. No good word to your boss, then. For someone who resurrects, you're short sighted as hell. Or... did you think you had a chance? Maybe in 4 minutes, but I'm not looking for a challenge."

Maybe I can trick him into thinking Uno only takes a minute to play.
No. 895226 ID: 91ee5f

He’s surprisingly fast for a fat guy. Then again, I guess that’s to be expected of a gang leader.

>Or...did you think you had a chance? Maybe in 4 minutes, but I'm not looking for a challenge.
Well what do you know? Apparently, you’re still getting stronger. And if you can stay alive for another 4 minuets, you’ll be on the same power level as him.

Now the only question is: How the fuck are you going to survive for another 4 minuets?!
No. 895227 ID: bab143

Oh, one last thing. Why did did your right hand boi freak out that i see his face?
No. 895229 ID: 8063ab

Blast the ground to make a difficult to draw dust cloud.
No. 895231 ID: 4f1cbc

Nah, it's long sight. Sure, I lose out on nice perks by not giving in. But what are the odds I ever have this power again? I have a lot better odds of getting nice food privileges some other way some day than I have of getting to seriously try anything like this again. So making the most of my opportunities? That is the long view.

>what do
Laser tunnel time! Down we go.
No. 895233 ID: bfb318
File 153301373013.png - (59.57KB , 800x600 , 84.png )

Okay okay, I'm just as fucked as I thought I was at the start but I don't want to give up yet.

Let me think!

Crap he's looking bored! His hand is lifting! Maybe if I hit the gr-

>"I'm gonna blow you up if you do any more energy blasting."
"Hahaha of course I'm not doing that! I mean I knew it'd go bad but worth a shot right?!"
>"Dude I was going to make your next life a lot easier if you showed yourself to be chill about this."

It's almost 2 minutes! I think he's just messing with me until then! Shit, all I can think of is to ask him about more stuff!

"Hey why did your righthandman freak out when I saw his face?!"
>"Righthandman? What're you tal - oh, no, you must be thinking of Crook. I'm Splice. But hold on. You saw his face? For real?"
>"... who was he?!"

I... really don't know...
No. 895235 ID: ba5478

"You don't know!"

"How long have you known each other? No way he didn't tell you."

"He's, well, you're not going to believe me without seeing it yourself."

etc., etc., draw it out.
No. 895236 ID: 4f1cbc

Wouldn't you like to know.~

Hehe, he really keeps it hidden from all you guys, huh?
No. 895238 ID: a363ac

a cute bear. hey if you kill me mind letting me meet him when I wake up? or better yet set him up on a date with me?
No. 895242 ID: d887c0

Shockingly young for a renowned badass. Like, late teens or early twenties thereabouts. If he wants specifics, then that's a laugh. No one keeps the same face in this city for very long.
No. 895245 ID: bddb0f

Charge your power before releasing it. Really. Think about it! That super-blast from earlier wasn't some satellite installation, I bet it's just some super-charged/powerful asshole who has the misfortunate(?) duty of hanging around in the cloudscape to look for suicide signals. If they can do it, you can too.

You're not gonna be perceived as a 'real' threat until you hit the power threshold, since you're only going to be a 'challenge' in 4 minutes. So... you've got a couple more minutes to distract her with, if you can keep the conversation going. Try that.

>Not looking for a challenge

"Meh, you'd not get much of one, either way. Even if I win it'd be just be from becoming overpowered. I mostly only throw energy around, y'know? To make this interesting for you, I'd have to defeat you before I became too strong, or else it's just a terrible wash, right?"

Release the first charged up beam, see if it does anything to her. If it doesn't, that's fine. It's just a part of keeping up the conversation, not making the mood go stale, that sort of stuff.

"Actually... if you're that bored with this you must've been doing this for a while, sounds like. Wouldn't it just be easier to stomp Pillet every time she appears, rather than let her just turning Rebel over and over? It kind of looks like that's what you've been doing, but you're PRETTY good at just finding me, so I guess you could do it to her, too. Heck, didn't you guys have a mole in her organization all along?"

Charge up another beam. Keep it charging this time, until you can't charge anymore, or until she starts trying to genuinely kill you, then release it in self-defense.

"I may not be super bright, but it kind of sounds like you guys set this up, a little. Or something. Is it to the extent that I'm being the evening's entertainment? In which case, wouldn't it be fine if the most powerful guy defeats me? If you're so bothered, just leave it to whoever's actually interested. 's not like I'm gonna tear down the fog wall until people come back, anyway."
No. 895246 ID: bddb0f


Oh. Eh.

Shockingly kuma. I mean, cute.

For a dude.
No. 895247 ID: bfb318
File 153301550956.png - (118.40KB , 800x600 , 85.png )

I'll try charging my energy. That's possible! The guy in the elevator shaft looked like he was doing it.

"You don't know?!"
>"Don't draw this out, I don't need to know that bad."
"Right right uh the problem is is that I'm not sure you'd believe me!"
>"Well what's he look like?"
"Surprisingly cute for a guy."
>"Snrk. You want me to put in a good word to him instead of your boss?"
"C... could you?"
>"No. You missed that chance."
"By the way why don't you just crush Pillet? Do you guys like snubbing out the occasional powerhouse?"
>"What? Hell no, this isn't fun, Pillet is a pain in our asses every time, and she's tough to find - wait a second, you sneaky goat, don't change the subject! Who's that right hand guy, he should be kind of famous! Talk!"
"Right well he's got bear ears or something, kind of a snubby snout... in his pretty early twenties?"
>"You don't know? Wait.. bear ears.... holy crap, it's Tino, from Spire Tower?!"
No. 895248 ID: a363ac

say HOLY SHIT THATS TINO! while getting up onto your elbows
No. 895249 ID: bddb0f

I almost think it'd be easier to baffle her and get her to talk about Tino by being a big question mark and asking "Who?"
No. 895256 ID: 8063ab

If you charge an energy blast inside of your mouth, he might not notice it.
No. 895257 ID: 8c1f9b

Who the fuck is Tino?

Let him explain
No. 895258 ID: 91ee5f

It’s working! Just a little longer and your 4 minuets of waiting will be over! Then you can fight this guy on the same power level!

Hell, if you’re still getting stronger after 4 minuets, then you can try to drag this out even longer and be stronger than him!

>baffle her
Him. Splice is a guy.
No. 895281 ID: caf1de

solar flare!
No. 895286 ID: ff82d2

Because in a city of a few million, there's only one guy that fits that description.

Spire Tower... isn't that the headquarters of one of the gangs? And if Tino was there, then the Spire Tower should be Crook's gang headquarters. But if it's not Crook's headquarters, then it would mean Tino was working as a spy. And that would be quite an interesting topic.

Ask him if it wouldn't mean that Tino was a spy then?
No. 895303 ID: 86eb65

Keep him distracted with this revelation for another 10 minutes.
No. 895304 ID: a37596

I wonder if you fire a beam into the sky if the cannon would fire on your location? You could always use your blasts as rockets and fly away.
No. 895311 ID: bfb318
File 153305240101.png - (89.55KB , 800x600 , 86.png )

I'll mess with him because... because.

>"... no one. I made it up. Wanted to see if you were bullshitting me, that's it. You're probably just stalling for time anyway. See you in a month."
No. 895312 ID: bfb318
File 153305241154.png - (106.14KB , 800x600 , 87.png )

No. 895313 ID: bfb318
File 153305242292.png - (133.29KB , 800x600 , 88.png )

"For the rebelliioooo-"
No. 895314 ID: bfb318
File 153305243302.png - (156.47KB , 800x600 , 89.png )

>"Ugh, Pillet bugs us even between her deaths. Right, time to die, little man - "
No. 895315 ID: bfb318
File 153305246041.png - (139.94KB , 800x600 , 90.png )

>Go through the floor

>"Oh, goddamnit!"

Time to use what I've charged up.
No. 895316 ID: bfb318
File 153305248997.png - (103.53KB , 600x800 , 91.png )

No. 895317 ID: bfb318
File 153305250140.png - (195.48KB , 800x600 , 92.png )

He's sticking on me harder than my own shadow!
No. 895318 ID: bfb318
File 153305252404.png - (150.21KB , 800x600 , 93.png )

I keep driving down but I got nothing!

"....This isn't fair."
>"It never was, little buddy."
No. 895319 ID: bfb318
File 153305254493.png - (122.71KB , 800x600 , 94.png )

No. 895320 ID: bfb318
File 153305255129.png - (98.14KB , 800x600 , 95.png )

>"Hahaha you got your beard knocked off."
No. 895323 ID: ff82d2

If we were dead, then we'd still have our beard. This looks like the fog.

Tell her to pinch your cheek. Or just try touching her yourself.
No. 895325 ID: 86eb65

Well if we are dead we have plenty of time for lewd activities until we come back.

Proceed with the makeouts.
No. 895328 ID: 5f3f48

No fair, why did your glasses and stuff grow back.

Also do we usually get to hang out when we're dead? I don't think I remember this before.
No. 895330 ID: 3cc68c

Well I fucked that up.

Wanna bang for the next month to pass the time?
No. 895333 ID: bfb318
File 153305572968.png - (80.35KB , 800x600 , 96.png )

I touch her. She shimmers like a pond's reflection.

>"You want to make out for a month, horngoat? Too bad. The living don't get to rest."
"Huh? I'm alive? Wait, is this the fog?"
>"Hell yeah, dummy. He knocked you right into it."
"Oh... I was wondering why you weren't pissed that I screwed this up."
>"Why would I ever be pissed? You know those cartoons where the villain can lose as many times as she wants, because she only needs to win once to end the world? That's us."
"We're the villains?"
>"Lifting the fog means we become mortal, which means mass genocide. But if that means this town will live, then we should be the worst villains this town has ever seen."
"That... nevermind. Whatever."
No. 895334 ID: bfb318
File 153305574507.png - (91.71KB , 800x600 , 97.png )

"I didn't know there was fog under the town."
>"That's 'cause you never tried tunneling out of town."
"So... I'm alive."
>"Way to keep up. You're more than alive. And since you're alive, you'll be powered up about the same time the fog spits you back into town. I'll tell you how to lift that fog - you do agree the fog should be lifted, right?"
No. 895335 ID: 4854ef

Given how everyone treats each other when they are semi-immortal.. Why not, maybe it'll get rid of the worst, make people give a damn about each other a bit more.
No. 895336 ID: 86eb65

Immortality is nice but it gets old like this.

Nothing changes and nothing will as long as we are stuck like this.

Can we even have kids?

I am waiting until you are back to lift it though. If that is a option.
No. 895338 ID: ff82d2

"I dunno. What's in it for me?" *wink wink*
No. 895339 ID: 3cc68c

I have been living a bland life fighting over candy bars. A eternity of this will get old. It already has really.

Can't live a quiet life in a nice town and have dozens of cute goat kids with you unless we escape.
No. 895340 ID: bfb318
File 153305739198.png - (105.96KB , 800x600 , 98.png )

"It's gotten old fighting for candy bars. I think most people agree."
>"That's why I gave you my number, I knew you'd see it my way."
"But before I lift it, I'm going to wait for you to come back."
>"I'm worried you even thought that was worth mentioning."
"Kinda wondering what's in it for me."
>"What do you want?"
"Can we have kids?"
>"If you don't fuck this up, sure."
"I mean it's possible?"
>"Why do you think the town's so overpopulated, dumbass?"
"Oh yeah. Give me a break, I just got blasted into near-death."
>"Yeah? I got shot in the face to real-death."
"Okay true. What are you doing?"
>"Putting my glasses on you. Since your beard's gone, you might pull off looking cool beating up gang leaders. Each of them is holding onto a key. Use the four keys to open up the chamber in the center of the union station. Destroy what you find inside. Anything else you want to say to hold me over for a month?"
No. 895341 ID: 86eb65

Kiss the girl.
No. 895343 ID: ff82d2

Ok, but I'm returning them to you once you're back. It's a promise!

Let's return.
No. 895344 ID: d887c0

Get ready for company.
No. 895346 ID: bfb318
File 153306149881.png - (83.48KB , 800x600 , 99.png )

The power in me escalates faster and faster. The more I get, the more of the power cluster I can digest. Pillet's power is just a drop in the bucket now, like she said it would be. My original power isn't even visible.

Heck it I want more kissing.
No. 895347 ID: bfb318
File 153306150695.png - (100.36KB , 800x600 , 100.png )

>"Contain your thirst and leave something to look forward to, man."
"I'm charging interest."
>"That's the spirit.."
"I should get on with it. I'll return the glasses."
No. 895348 ID: bfb318
File 153306151464.png - (312.23KB , 800x600 , 101.png )

I can also see the fog clearing up around me, no matter which direction I look in. It doesn't look like I'm going to the edge of town, the fog's going to spit me out in the middle of the park. That sometimes happens.
No. 895350 ID: bfb318
File 153306158853.png - (359.85KB , 800x600 , 102.png )

I reach the end of the power cluster's power. If it isn't enough, then I'm truly fucked.

But maybe I'm fucked anyway. I see four people jumping to the top of a building.
No. 895351 ID: bfb318
File 153306159557.png - (230.10KB , 800x600 , 103.png )

The people in the park see what I'm seeing, and run away screaming as any reasonable person would do.
No. 895352 ID: 86eb65

Strike a pose and beckon them on down.
No. 895353 ID: d887c0

"Hey, Splicer! I lived, bitch!"
No. 895354 ID: e87953

teleport behind them
No. 895356 ID: a363ac

I lived bitch! also where is my date?
No. 895357 ID: 5f3f48

Do a Jojo pose
No. 895360 ID: ff82d2

Your power probably isn't enough to take on all of them at the same time. So it depends how they react. If they all attack you at the same time, then you need to run. In fact, even if they come at you one by one, others might interrupt you when you try to kill or devour any of them. A tricky situation.

Well, let's see what happens. Point a finger at Splicer.
No. 895361 ID: bfb318
File 153306476069.png - (188.81KB , 800x600 , 104.png )

"Hey, Splicer! I lived!"
No. 895362 ID: bfb318
File 153306479032.png - (217.00KB , 800x600 , 105.png )

>"Fucker, my name's Splice."
>"Whoever you are, did you even hit him or did you just repair his clothes?"
>"Fog must've done some bulls - "
No. 895363 ID: bfb318
File 153306480162.png - (284.35KB , 800x600 , 106.png )

They're slow.
No. 895364 ID: a363ac

keep charging while dancing around them and taunting them. your too slow, I thought you guys were leaders not followers, where is the meat?
No. 895365 ID: 2a13fa

No. 895366 ID: ff82d2

Give 'em the ol' spicy energy blast
No. 895367 ID: 91ee5f

Ah, crap, you already lost Pillet's glasses.

Go ahead and attack them, then chase after Splice if he survives. Continue to call him Splicer to annoy him and taunt him by saying, “What’s the matter, Splicer? Don’t you wanna finish what you started?! I’m just getting warmed up!”
No. 895368 ID: 86eb65

Blast them and then zip back to your glasses before they fall.
No. 895369 ID: 17c2ee

Well, this can't be as simple as >>. Check around you for any ambushes.
No. 895373 ID: 8c1f9b

Narrow your beam to concentrate your energy blast on splice. now DO IT TO EM DELLI

No. 895374 ID: bfb318
File 153306726540.png - (223.82KB , 800x600 , 107.png )

"Thought you guys were leaders, not followers!"
>"Don't entertain him. He's just trying to taunt us."
>"It's workin'! Bastard's styling on us!"
No. 895375 ID: bfb318
File 153306727950.png - (188.25KB , 800x600 , 108.png )

I don't see any ambushes from any surprise 5th gang leaders, so I blast one of them point blank and catch Splicer behind that guy.

>You lost your glasses
Oh dangit! I'll pick them up before they hit the ground.
No. 895376 ID: bfb318
File 153306728783.png - (130.52KB , 800x600 , 109.png )

Got it!
No. 895377 ID: bfb318
File 153306736035.png - (185.91KB , 800x600 , 110.png )

And one of them saw me going for it, so he started blasting me.

It... doesn't hurt. It's not doing anything to me.

>"Where the hell did this guy come from?! Splice and Crook are down, you gonna help me out, Phantom?!"

The masked guy runs!
No. 895378 ID: e87953

teleport in front of him.
No. 895379 ID: a363ac

make them fight each other. point out that they are going to have to consume eachother to win. then get the runner
No. 895380 ID: ff82d2

Can you devour Splice and Crook?

Ram the guy that's blasting you.
No. 895382 ID: 91ee5f

>I blast one of them point blank and catch Splicer behind that guy.
Did you kill them and eat their power or did you just knock them down?

Also, can you still get their keys if you blasted them to pieces?

>The masked guy runs!
Don’t let him get away!

As you’re passing by the guy that’s blasting you, tell him, “Timeout. I’ll be back for you later.”
No. 895385 ID: bfb318
File 153306876910.png - (156.26KB , 800x600 , 111.png )

>"The hell do you mean you're not - ack?!"
"Hi. Hold on, I'm going to deal with your - "

>Did you kill/devour them or just knock them down?
No. 895386 ID: bfb318
File 153306879920.png - (222.01KB , 800x600 , 112.png )

Aw crud. I didn't finish them.

Phantom devoured them.
No. 895387 ID: e87953

Spear phantom through the big guy.
No. 895388 ID: a363ac

No. 895389 ID: 91ee5f

Then make sure you devour the last guy before Phantom does!
No. 895390 ID: 4f1cbc

Eat Splice
No. 895394 ID: 91ee5f

Phantom already got him.
No. 895395 ID: bfb318
File 153307096390.png - (230.57KB , 800x600 , 113.png )

The big guy puts on his best face of realizing his predicament.

>"Aw cru-"

I spear through him to try and kill Phantom, but phantom dodges and blows his face off.

We start absorbing him at once and split it. If a gang leader is worth two points, then he's beaten me 5 to 1.
No. 895396 ID: bfb318
File 153307097668.png - (178.91KB , 800x600 , 114.png )

>"To invite fear, tragedy and death into millions of lives for one's own pursuit of mortality. Pillet's selfishness was not unparalleled after all."
No. 895397 ID: d887c0

"Don't spew that hypocritical BS at me. Now, are we doing this or what?"
No. 895399 ID: e87953

Grab his mask off.
No. 895400 ID: 8c1f9b

Who the fuck's talking to you.
No. 895401 ID: b1b4f3

"Let's have a public vote then."
No. 895402 ID: a363ac

so are you cute too and thats why you are wearing a mask? or is it just to be cool?
No. 895403 ID: 86eb65

Headbutt him in his stupid mask.
No. 895404 ID: a62780

Something something bleak apathetic eternity because some are scared of dying blah blah.

Look dude, things don't quite suck YET but it's gonna start to and then never go away, I'd rather live for a bit than spend forever dying.
No. 895405 ID: 4f1cbc

"Least my face-wear is cool."

>To invite fear, tragedy and death into millions of lives for one's own pursuit of mortality
TBF, that argument hinges on the assumption that eternal purgatory isn't filled with fear and tragedy.
No. 895406 ID: 4854ef

You can easily say that because you are at the top of the food chain here.
No. 895407 ID: bfb318
File 153307278479.png - (149.40KB , 800x600 , 115.png )

"Don't spew that hypocritical BS at me."
>"Neglecting a small handful of people for millions isn't hypocritical. It's pragmatic. I wanted to understand your motives, but I don't think I ever can."
"That doesn't mean much coming from someone at the top of the food chain!"

I grab his mask, because it's creepy to just be hearing some voice without a face to it. Surprisingly, he lets me. Also, not a he.

"Are we gonna do this, or are we going to have a public vote?"
>"... that isn't a bad idea."
"Wait what I was being facetious."
>"In fact I love the idea. Not just do I think I'm on the majority side, but it can change your worldview. If I just kill you, then we'll have two Pillet's running loose in a month. I don't want that."

She's serious.

>"We don't have a good and fair way to count a vote since this was never a democracy. What we do have is equal strength, and we can use that. We can have those who wish to live forever come here to this park, where I am. You can go to the farm, where those who don't want to live forever will join you. We'll kill and absorb all of those who show up. Then we fight using the strength of the town's wishes. How does this sound?"
No. 895409 ID: 86eb65

Sure sounds good to me.

Then stab her in the chest cause this is a trick.

They control the city and can say whatever they like to the people. And you will be out on the farm waiting for a super powered person who just ate the town to come and kill you.

It would be nice to have a vote but I do not trust the situation.
No. 895411 ID: 2a13fa

Sounds like a game that'd be rigged from the start.
No. 895412 ID: a363ac

sounds boring why don't we just beat each other up and decide what to do later
No. 895413 ID: 4f1cbc


That leaves whoever wins alone with nothing to do for a month that kind of sucks.

Also don't you have a defacto majority by being the only gang leader now, no matter what happens?
No. 895414 ID: b1b4f3

This is acceptable.

What happens if she wins, though? What would she do with all that power?
No. 895415 ID: ff82d2

Her proposition is unfair due to the fact that the leaders have had the general population under their control.

However, she's right in a way that it would be kinda unfair to force mortality on those that don't wish it. Isn't there some way that the fog could be controlled?

Ask her what's in "the chamber in the center of the union station". And then ask her if there's any way that the fog could be removed temporarily, that is, for long enough that the ones that wish to leave could do so.

If there's no other way, then... how about we play a game.

A game of twister! Yes, that one game that always leads to shenanigans.
And the winner gets to decide on... the next game! We gonna be playing games all day and the one that wins the most games gets to decide on the fate of the town!
No. 895423 ID: 375461

Shoulda killed you first.
No. 895427 ID: 375461

As if that'd be fair. The people in this town are afraid of normal death even WITH respawn.
No. 895430 ID: bfb318
File 153307589504.png - (126.74KB , 800x600 , 116.png )

"Sure sounds good to - "

And then I blast her because I don't want to have a vote. She gets knocked back far, maybe I am still way stronger than -
No. 895432 ID: bfb318
File 153307594444.png - (119.30KB , 800x600 , 117.png )

Nevermind she blasts me back.
No. 895433 ID: bfb318
File 153307596936.png - (224.32KB , 800x600 , 118.png )

That hurt, but she's injured. Maybe she bluffed, and I'm stronger after all.
No. 895435 ID: bfb318
File 153307599567.png - (199.34KB , 800x600 , 119.png )

"I should've killed you first!"
>"We vote on it!" She yells at me, then puts a key in her mouth, hovering it over her teeth like she's going to bite it.
"What's in the chamber that's unlocked with these keys anyway?"
>"A snowglobe that keeps the fog in place! We vote, or I break this key! They're energy resistant, but I can break it! It won't respawn for a month, and when it does, it could take years to find it! And you aren't ready for the constant backstabbing, power plays and espionage that us gang leaders have had to do so long! Vote!"
"You'll just use your power over the population!"
>"Yeah, to get them to move their butts to a location! I'll use the megaphones in town, you can make sure I'm not ordering them to the park or anything! We can even wait in the center of town if you don't trust me! And I won't say they'll all get murdered, so their stupid fear of death won't get in the way!"
"What would you even do if you won?"
>"Take care of this town, and keep it surviving!"
No. 895436 ID: ba5478

"Breaking keys is my fetish! Do it!"
No. 895437 ID: 86eb65

Blow her up. Blow it all up.

You need a month to get your girl back anyway.

And power plays? No one will have more power than you. All you have to do is kill everyone in town and wait the month. The key will respawn before anyone else does.

That is when you have your election.
No. 895438 ID: 4f1cbc

RIP ghost shades, now double dead. Victims of dramatic escalation. Truly, the real victim here.

>I'll break the key!
Uh, if the other gang leaders were holding their keys, didn't we already fry three of them already? It seems like I'm stuck looking for keys anyways, not matter what you do.
No. 895440 ID: a363ac

Break the key you baby! I want to beat you up!
No. 895441 ID: ff82d2

Bunnies master race

Nooooo, our glasses! The promise to return them unfulfilled D: ... we'll have to buy a new identical pair now.

Actually, her proposition isn't that bad. The reasoning is like this:
First of all, even though we'd get much fewer people on your side, the strength of those people should be much greater. Why? Because the people who'd give up immortality would usually be the ones that have lived for a long time, and have amassed plenty of power.
And secondly, it's likely that some of the people who'd like to stay immortal won't show up. Why? Because they're afraid of death and they wouldn't want to risk dying for no reason if this was a scam.

So yeah, let's have a vote then.

Also, invite her to a cup of tea while we wait.
No. 895442 ID: 3cc68c

Remember the first rule of talking during a fight. Shoot first then talk.

Blast her hard. Aim for the key.

The tell her as she dies that we would not even be having this "fair" conversation if you had not got strong enough to be a threat. She kept power through murder and intimidation so does not deserve a say in this.
No. 895443 ID: 363437

If the keys can be broken so can the doors and everything else. Finish her off. We need to wait a month to get our girl back anyways.
No. 895447 ID: ff82d2

I'm pretty sure that, as an experienced gang leader, and with the help of the gangs, she can clean up the whole town 100x faster than us.
No. 895449 ID: 86eb65


Who cares. We can kill all of them again if they make trouble. They will lose most there power due to dying and be out for a month.
No. 895451 ID: 0d45a9

Who cares? If you can break the key, we can break the lock.
No. 895452 ID: 91ee5f

“We live, we die, we repeat! This isn’t living! This is just an overpopulated prison with not enough food to support everyone!”

She said the keys are energy resistant, so that means the other keys haven’t been destroyed.
No. 895453 ID: 4f1cbc

>She said the keys are energy resistant, so that means the other keys haven’t been destroyed.
Resistant is not proof, and considering the two of us are stronger than the 4 gang leaders were before, they haven't tested the keys at these levels of power.
No. 895454 ID: 214cda

Gang-leader Girl: just eat the key. Goatboy is rude. Also not really listening to you.

Then go have some risotto or find a date or something.
No. 895455 ID: bfb318
File 153307933394.png - (173.24KB , 800x600 , 120.png )

"Break the key, then! I'll beat you up anyway!"

I charge a beam and shoot it down at her.
No. 895456 ID: bfb318
File 153307934016.png - (111.75KB , 800x600 , 121.png )

I've successfully confirmed it wasn't a bluff at all.
No. 895457 ID: bfb318
File 153307934776.png - (213.05KB , 800x600 , 122.png )

I blow her through the building.

I'd think that I'd have to find the other three keys anyway, but she was right about them being energy resistant. Splice, Crook, and the big guy's corpses had all three keys intact.
No. 895458 ID: bfb318
File 153307936077.png - (185.18KB , 800x600 , 123.png )

I grab them and leap over to where Phantom landed. She's coughing.

"We're only having an even conversation now because I'm a threat. You just do murder and intimidation."
>"Save it. I was seeing if you were worth talking to. You're not, barely anyone is, that's why murder and intimidation comes first!"
"Whatever. I'm going to blow up the chamber."
>"Give it a shot! The chambers, they keys, the snowglobe, they're not made by us, it's all part of the fog system! There isn't enough power in the whole town to damage the chamber!"
"Then I'll find the key."
>"It'll come back in a random spot. And the whole town... they know what you want to do. They're against it already. They'll fight you how they can, I would know! They'll scramble and comb across the whole town to find that key first, to hide it more, to swallow it, to make sure it never ends up in your hands, because to let that happen means death to everyone! To the city! And kill everyone? You'll turn the whole town to rubble, and bury the key even deeper in! You might win battles like this, but you, Pillet... you'll never get what you two want."
No. 895459 ID: ba5478

Dude the just a key with two teeth. It's not that difficult, they're in a pattern.
No. 895460 ID: 86eb65

Whatever. Nothing you say can be trusted. See you in a month.

After killing her tell the town what is up. That if people want to vote they can. That you want to find a way for people to leave but are fine leaving the haze up.

Then check on the snowglobe situation and see if you can get inside.
No. 895461 ID: 375461

God damnit, could you at least explain to me what's even going on in this looping pointless mess. You seem to determined and not fat enough to be some entitled dick at three top cause of bullshit or luck. WHAT IS ANYTHING HERE?!
No. 895462 ID: 4f1cbc

Whatever. I'll taking wining some battles over the crappy life I had before.

We can talk in a month if you really still want to.

No. 895463 ID: ba5478

Just make another key i mean. I mistyped.
No. 895464 ID: ff82d2

Wow, what a scum we are! Beating up girls and trying to strip everyone of immortality.

Anyway, she hasn't told us any lies so far so it's more likely that what she told us right now is correct. At this point, I don't think killing is going to solve anything and if we want to get to the bottom of this, then we'll need help.

Ask her for help.
No. 895465 ID: bddb0f


Facepalm in exasperation. How stupid does he think you are?

"Fuck you. The kind of voting you were thinking of was pretty much a sham. Why would I acknowledge it as a viable option?"

Hold up your hand and count down on your fingers the reasons for why this is dumb.

"First off - you guys have killed the people who'd support me for practically forever. That's suppression of free speech and gerrymandering and stuffing the ballot and coercion and establishing social norms and media manipulation and I don't know what else. It's 'nice' to suggest this could be solved according to the town's 'true wishes', but most people will choose the status quo you've been cultivating 'cuz you've been cultivating it.

Of the ones that wouldn't you've already suppressed some or most of 'em, so I wouldn't even have gotten their power as things stood. Additionally, my side hasn't gotten to freely present its arguments for ages and I'm hardly their best representative to do so since I just joined 'em. Even if you were to give us time to talk and present our case, the Rebel side mostly consists of cray cray diehards who you couldn't suppress. They're loco or stupidly dedicated, because they have to be to oppose the strongest guys around. We don't have great politicians or anything. Maybe Pillet would count, but if you were willing to give her a platform to try to convince people to do this normally, we wouldn't have this problem in the first place.

So... my only viable option is to stomp you. And stomp you. And stomp you. And then - maybe - when I find the fourth key, stick around for a month while you idiots respawn. If I have the patience, at that point."

"... and do I look like a patient guys to you? You're gonna take responsibility and help me find that key again."
No. 895466 ID: b1b4f3


Tell her she's won this battle. You and Pillet will hold onto these three keys, and you won't even try to find the fourth one. When the town is ready to lift the fog they can give the final key to you. Until then, you will be the strongest, and protect the town's right to die.
No. 895468 ID: 8c1f9b

As opposed to killing everybody and calling it democratic? dumbshit.
No. 895470 ID: 91ee5f

“People just reincarnate back into their old crappy lives. Lifting the fog will mean that there’s a possibility that people will reincarnate into a better life.”

“Also, you’re just mad that you’re not going to be able to boss everyone around anymore.”
No. 895472 ID: 86eb65

Talking to her gives her a chance to turn the fight around. Just kill her.
No. 895473 ID: ff82d2

Whatever you do, don't fucking kill her. We already called her out on a bluff once and we got screwed. She's not bluffing now either!
No. 895474 ID: 363437

Just take her out. The longer you talk the more chance she has to turn things around. We can ponder stuff after the threat is over.
No. 895475 ID: bfb318
File 153308464571.png - (134.35KB , 800x600 , 124.png )

"As opposed to killing everyone democratically?"
>"It'd be their choice and they wouldn't need to have the whole town blown up if they gathered in one spot!"
"Right. I'm just curious about one thing. Why's all this even a thing? Who made the fog?"
>".... We don't know where the snowglobe came from or why no one dies in this place, but do you know why I know I would've won the vote by such a landslide that I would've surpassed you?"
"Because it was a sham and you've spent years killing people on my side?"
>"No! God! Because we came to this town. Not 'we' the gang leaders. You, me, anyone who wasn't born in here, we all had enough of death, enough of tragedy, and came here to put an end to it! None of us remember it, but we're the same people with the same motivations!"
"Not sure if I believe anything you say, but if it's true then I regret it. See you in a month if you still want to chat."
>"... I'd like that. You're a jerkass, but I don't want you being worse than us, so if I can offer advice on how to rule this town, you know I'd lecture you."
"Any chance you'll help me lift the fog instead?"
>"Never. Us gangs aren't good guys, but you're the villain. Goodbye."
No. 895476 ID: bfb318
File 153308465532.png - (192.58KB , 800x600 , 125.png )

She blows herself up. I forgot that was an option. It takes a minute to blow oneself up, but I have been standing here talking for awhile.

Even so... I'm the strongest without a doubt, now, even if she denied me her own power. She won't be so strong when she comes back, so no one even comes close.
No. 895477 ID: bfb318
File 153308466383.png - (82.39KB , 800x600 , 126.png )

The next day, I go to the chamber that supposedly houses the snowglobe.

I'd like to just make a two pronged key to replace Phantom's, but nothing here is ever that simple. The chamber responds to keys all magically-like. Me trying to replace Phantom's key would be like trying to make a Pillet shaped doll to replace Pillet. The keys are bodies and souls and weird stuff, which is probably why they respawn.

I read the paper and listened to the radio this morning. So far, Phantom wasn't lying. When the town realized the fog might be lifted, the result was fear, not hope. Also, I can't just blow this chamber open.

Pillet would know what to do. It might not be the right thing to do, but she'd know what it is.

She might talk about how the public didn't know what they wanted. That their fear wasn't out of logic, but out of ignorange. That people would rather hang onto a mediocre known life than a better unknown life. I don't know if that applies here. I don't know if I'm the villain.

I do know that before all of this, people used to ignore me. Now they flee just like we did with the gang leaders.

There's nothing to do for a month. I'll make the most of it. After that, everyone important will respawn. I can find out more about Pillet's thoughts, also kiss her. I can also find out how easy or hard the key is to find, and talk to Phantom to see if she has the same views even when she's no longer at the top of the food chain.

Other than that, it's just like Pillet told me.
No. 895478 ID: bfb318
File 153308467757.png - (89.67KB , 800x600 , 127.png )

We only need to win once. And until we win, we'll never die.

The End
No. 895479 ID: 86eb65

Good job Delli. You opened the floor for reasonable discussion and shook up the status quo a bit.

Give it time and maybe we will find out if those jerks were just talk.
No. 895480 ID: 4f1cbc

Needs an epilogue of dual-shades snogging
No. 895481 ID: 86eb65


Yes this.
No. 895482 ID: 3cc68c


This seems reasonable.
No. 895483 ID: d887c0

This quest did not take the direction I thought it would, but I am satisfied nonetheless.
No. 895484 ID: bddb0f

Sweet victory.
No. 895486 ID: ff82d2

I'm not quite satisfied with this ending. I feel there was a much better one we could've gotten.

Well done nonetheless.
No. 895487 ID: 91ee5f

>I can find out more about Pillet's thoughts, also kiss her.
And have kids with her! Don’t forget about that!
No. 895505 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, I think I might know what’s gonna happen!

If Phantom says that the key is in the fog and it’s going to respawn in a month, then what’s going to stop a dead person from finding it and bringing it back with them?

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if in a month, Pillet respawns and she has the key with her!
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