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File 153142533630.png - (55.45KB , 689x689 , 1.png )
892350 No. 892350 ID: b257c8

this will be a short quest i hope everyone enjoys it ;v;
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No. 894424 ID: 8baea2

It's ok naming ourselves out of order, nothing is really going to smash our head like a lemon or anything.
Well, can I ask if you have any friendship in special with any gods or any enemy?
No. 894426 ID: dbf422

I don't think so. Melody seemed to imply she's referring to the other gods by their titles, and they have personal names, too.
No. 894488 ID: 3c413f
File 153258838959.png - (123.24KB , 689x689 , 108.png )

i'll tell you what, we are going to speak about that after Michelle's revival, i promise.

there is no problem with that.
we can say..... very soon, ugh, i really dont want to go into her universe, her creations are... just wrong. She had that... thing, it had a claw on his face and it was bleeding but it moved like nothing happened to it, like it was unaware that it had a claw on his face

im a friend of almost all gods, except for Power, Sorrow and Knowledge, each one for a different reason. now "bests friends" is Luck and Silence. Sound is trying to be my best friend too, but she scares me.
No. 894489 ID: 3c413f
File 153258899474.png - (40.67KB , 427x417 , 109.png )

wait... do you guys really think i will be like her?
No. 894490 ID: b1b4f3

Only if you reject your past.
No. 894491 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, what he said.
No. 894495 ID: 8baea2

No, also, you should try to be friends with sound one day. I mean, even if she's a bit scary, I don't think she have any bad intentions.

Also, you made a really cute fish, pat it.
No. 894496 ID: 094652

You have issues. That's normal. You're also a goddess. That is quite simply the opposite of normal.

Positive times a negative equals a negative. Food for thought.
No. 894565 ID: 4fe525
File 153267005417.png - (49.52KB , 427x417 , 110.png )

>No, also, you should try to be friends with sound one day. I mean, even if she's a bit scary, I don't think she have any bad intentions.

you have no idea what you are saying, let me tell you a little story, a year ago when i was visiting her universe... how foolish i was.. i found a living being, a bull boy, it looked healthy, complete, there were no extra limbs, it was normal, and it seemed it was looking at the river.
I decided to stay hidden, i became invisible to take a closer look...
No. 894567 ID: 4fe525
File 153267011502.png - (144.37KB , 689x689 , 111.png )

his face.... that face... it was the face of pure horror, i knew that this man saw something that made him lose the fear of death.
his eyes were fixated on the river, i decided to look at the river and...
No. 894568 ID: 4fe525
File 153267015846.png - (121.48KB , 689x689 , 112.png )

... i screamed, i screamed for a long time, i was terrified!!, why, why did it had to happen to it!? who did this, when? how? and most importantly why? i wanted to know, i wanted names, i wanted answers, i flew as fast as possible looking for Sound, i had to ask her who did that...

i still regret that choice..
No. 894569 ID: 4fe525
File 153267020249.png - (109.16KB , 689x689 , 113.png )

when i found her, i told her everything that happened and i demanded answers
she asked me to calm down, that everything was ok


"ssshhh calm down, everything is fine, i'll tell you what, i know who did it!"
No. 894570 ID: 4fe525
File 153267028129.png - (70.74KB , 689x689 , 114.png )


"the answer is simple"
No. 894573 ID: 4fe525
File 153267071534.png - (88.03KB , 689x689 , 115.png )

"it was me! hahahaha"

"w-w-w-what?, w-w-w-w-hy!?"

"why not? im above the law! if a god kills a citizen who are you going to call? the police? 911? Superman? dont make me laugh! we can do anything we want and NO ONE can stop us!"

"b-b-but thats not a r-r-reason to kill innoc-cent people!"

"i have a better question for you, who says we have to follow their rules? who says that we must abide the rules their societys made? ill show them who's the boss here, i had to make a example of that bull kid! i had to let them know that if they mess with me, then not even death will save them!"

"y-y-you are c-c-c-craz-z-y!"

"im not crazy, i know who is in charge of this universe, and thats me!"
No. 894577 ID: 4fe525
File 153267111933.png - (24.95KB , 427x417 , 116.png )

after that i left her universe, i avoided all contact with her for as long as i could, that would be... 8 months...

one day she apologized and told me that she will respect the lives of her creations even though she has no reason to do it.
i told her to leave me alone, but she is determined in becoming my friend.
No. 894578 ID: d887c0

So she, THE ACTUAL GOD OF THAT ENTIRE UNIVERSE, had to off some rando just to prove that she's in charge.
She is the god of that entire universe.
The god. Of that. Entire. Uni. Verse.
She could carve her face into the moon. She could make the ocean stand up and dance the Charleston. She could rewrite the laws of physics so that 2+2=Fish.
She offed some rando. Nobody in particular. Not a head of state or some powerful figure. Just some random, unlucky schmuck.
Sound is either completely out of her divine gourd or the living embodiment of stupidity and insecurity made manifest.
When you see her again, set her ass straight. She blew her chance. You want nothing to do with her at all.
No. 894579 ID: 8baea2

She's still friendly tho. Ok, maybe a psychopath but she's still trying to be your friend after all and she said sorry.

Ask the fish what you should do.
No. 894588 ID: b1b4f3

Well naming yourself Melody certainly isn't going to convince her you don't want to be her friend. More like the opposite.
No. 894589 ID: ff82d2

Hey, maybe she's changed now. Why not give her a chance?
No. 894590 ID: 094652

You push anyone into a corner, and they forget there's more than two dimensions. Doesn't matter if they don't deserve the power they squander, they're still scared and pressured and it's supposed to be an easy fix but our egos get in the way of admitting the problem.

In Sound's case, she's trying to convince herself she's in control by murdering children and getting away with it because goddesses make the rules, or that kid did something to remind her of her past life and she overreacted to pretend that it was below her, along with him.

If we spent all day talking about a certain uncomfortable "point", you'd summon an army of horrors to terrify us so we'd shut up and obey, correct? Same thing for Sound but times twenty.

She needs a friend. Not to convince her to be good or moral, but as an outlet to remember that she can be a goddess and a relatively normal person at the same time. Being ostracized from the only people on the same power level as her and left to rule mortals that she'd rather forget she came from is only going to make this worse.
No. 894744 ID: 19e65d
File 153284633902.png - (51.20KB , 427x417 , 117.png )


guys... this is not easy for me, if i choose to become her friend i will have to help her recover her moral sense, or at least stop her from abusing her creations. however this does not guarante that she is going to stop killing. i dont know how sick her mind is.

however if i reject her friendship she may go berserk and will try to vent all her rage into her creations, this will most likely end up in her going completely insane.

this is a very tough choice, what do you guys think? should i be her friend or should tell her to leave me alone
No. 894745 ID: 094652

Keep in mind: you said that Gods. Can. Not. Die. I don't know if this is true, but I'm willing to take the idea that "gods are very^64 hard to kill, if not impossible" at face value. So if Sound goes insane, you're going to have a permanent problem.

I say make friends with the crazy cat lady. Might be fun.
No. 894746 ID: 8baea2

Be friends with her, what could go wrong?
No. 894747 ID: b1b4f3

Well, at least try then. If she's really willing to change, you need to give her the chance.
No. 894757 ID: 830fb7

You could always get her to build a dungeon in her world where she gets to play around in while unaffecting the rest of her world, basically asking her to make a space where she can vent. Makes I easier to be friends with her if she isn't going around massacring people.
No. 894779 ID: ad51b8

couldn't you get some of the other gods to help you with this? I mean you did say they are all bored off their asses so they'd have to be at least a few that would be willing to help if for no other reason then for something to do.
No. 894934 ID: 19e65d
File 153292580292.png - (79.29KB , 427x417 , 118.png )


very well i will be her friend

yes, you're right, i will need help from other gods, i will go to the rooms. the combination and regulation virus will take care of my world while im out
No. 894935 ID: 19e65d
File 153292599137.png - (38.46KB , 427x417 , 119.png )

im here, there is a castle room and the boring, uninteresting room than no one cares about
No. 894942 ID: 33cbe7

I wonder why they even bother keeping it around. Go in the castle room.
No. 894945 ID: aeb1cf

Castle room, frogs sometimes mean bad things.
No. 894948 ID: 094652


Check UNDER the road for more houses. It's a floating road.
No. 894951 ID: 91ee5f

>the boring, uninteresting room than no one cares about
That’s your room, isn’t it?
No. 894959 ID: b1b4f3

What's with the frog motif?
No. 894973 ID: ff82d2

Make a knock knock joke.
No. 894977 ID: 19e65d
File 153294557833.png - (12.52KB , 427x417 , 120.png )

No. 894978 ID: 19e65d
File 153294570278.png - (35.65KB , 427x417 , 121.png )


No. 894979 ID: 19e65d
File 153294685555.png - (74.73KB , 427x417 , 122.png )

"yes "Melody" hehehehe, what can i help you with?"

im pretty sure that Sound is getting her room or universe ready to celebrate for my new name, and i have been considering being her friend, however if im going to be her friend i want to help her recover her moral sense or at least stop her from killing her creations, and im going to need help for that.

"thats noble, it goes with your title, worrying about creations that are not yours while trying to help someone that might not be worth your time"

if she goes completely insane it will be a problem for everyone, a permanent problem.

"and there you go again, worried for our-"

are you going to help me or not?

"mmm... i dont know, Sound is more powerful than me but i will do it for the sake of peace, anything else you want?"
No. 894980 ID: ad51b8

pssst, quick question, who's this guy?
No. 894981 ID: 19e65d

(god of light)
No. 894982 ID: ff82d2

Tell him to go wake up Silence.

But no, let's go talk to Sound.
No. 894988 ID: 91ee5f

I think he’s laughing because you’re still in your swimsuit.
No. 895005 ID: aeb1cf

Ask him if he want any expecific animal in our eletric bogaloo universe, we still need a bit of deep ocean fauna... other than that giant thing.
No. 895278 ID: 90db94
File 153302233539.png - (67.15KB , 427x417 , 123.png )

>Ask him if he want any expecific animal in our eletric bogaloo universe, we still need a bit of deep ocean fauna... other than that giant thing.

do you want a animal in my universe?

"no thanks Melody, i dont want to mess with your ecosystem, now who are we looking for?"

i dont want to face Sound alone, i want at least 3 gods with me

"Silence woke up half hour ago, she can help you"

oh good, then i just need to recruit one god and i will be ready

"Earth or life can help us, but im not sure if life is on her room"
No. 895279 ID: 90db94
File 153302242166.png - (56.12KB , 611x417 , 124.png )

you know, even today i still wonder what Life tried to do with her room's appearance.
No. 895292 ID: ff82d2

Life should know a lot about... life. I say we ask her.
No. 895294 ID: ad51b8

make it look like a plant?

also anything under this road or are we clear this time? Also I guess start with life.
No. 895295 ID: 094652

What's the deal with the broken road?

Talk to Earth, because Sound has little respect for life.
No. 895324 ID: aeb1cf

Let's call our fashionless friend, life!
No. 895701 ID: 68cfa0
File 153319407202.png - (17.14KB , 427x417 , 125.png )

that was where Sorrow's room was supposed to be, he just "took" it away one day... i think he doesnt like us.



i know i said this was going to be a short quest but... damn i loved every single second that i spend making this. thanks everyone

Discussion thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124607.html
No. 895716 ID: 33cbe7

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that was Sound.
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