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File 153075081308.png - (353.45KB , 700x700 , 6-1.png )
891196 No. 891196 ID: 7816e7

Chapter 6

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/883755.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
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No. 891197 ID: 7816e7
File 153075083757.png - (95.17KB , 700x500 , 6-2.png )

Gabe adjusts his new mantle. To anyone unfamiliar with the Sender orders, two inches of extra cloth may not seem like a lot; but the added length represents recognition of skill and service.
No. 891198 ID: 7816e7
File 153075085160.png - (145.27KB , 700x541 , 6-3.png )

He looks at himself in the mirror and brushes at his suit, the same one he wore when he first arrived in the big city. The seams creak and complain about the inches he’s grown since then. He tugs at the collar, getting a little claustrophobic wearing so much cloth. “Man, I can never get used to these things...”

“Aw, but you look so good!” Casey sits on the bed, checking out the well dressed rodent. “And your new cape looks nice! Congratulations, Sender of the fourth order!”

Gabe smirks, “Thanks. I mean, I feel like Kol did most of the hard work with helping Adrian. But I guess sending a lich counts for something.”
No. 891200 ID: a363ac

so whens the party?
No. 891202 ID: a62780

Don't worry about it Gabe, that's teamwork.

Speaking of Kol, how come he's absent at this particular moment of time?
No. 891204 ID: 91ee5f

Geez, I almost didn’t recognize Gabe with all of his clothes on!

>The seams creak and complain about the inches he’s grown since then.
Did he grow vertically or horizontally? Because one of those can’t be stopped, while the other can be controlled or reversed if necessary.

>Congratulations, Sender of the fourth order!
So, this is basically a promotion ceremony, right? Are all 3 of you getting a promotion?

>I feel like Kol did most of the hard work with helping Adrian.
True, but I don’t think anyone would react positively to him willingly sharing his body with a lich, regardless of how friendly the lich was.

Speaking of which, is that still a secret or did one of you tell someone?
No. 891210 ID: eeb7d9

Yay, promotions!
Is there an event for such occasion?
Hey, when are you going to got on a date with the lady dog?
Or did you had that one already?
No. 891211 ID: b1b4f3

He worked hard during that job too.
No. 891213 ID: d887c0

"Something," Gabe? You not only sent a lich, but managed it in a non-violent, peaceful, and outright heartwarming manner. Add to it that you put a local myth to bed and helped a selkie return to the ocean. You more than deserve a promotion, buddy.
No. 891233 ID: dbf422

As well as juggling like a dozen other portals throughout that day. With only a single tree as a victim!
No. 891392 ID: b38f01

It'll feel much more rewarding when you take them off tonight!
No. 891456 ID: 7816e7
File 153092609012.png - (145.69KB , 700x565 , 6-4.png )

“Well, you did also open a portal onto a moving boat, and brought your partner to safety. I think that deserves some recognition.” She drapes her arms around his shoulders, framing his new mantle. "We're proud of you!"

Gabe leans his head against hers, "Thanks… too bad Binders and Mediums don't use ranks; you guys deserve a promotion too."

"Eh, its implied. Anyway Binders have their own ways of organizing things; and Mediums…"

"-Are Mediums: we don't go in for that kind of stuff." Says Kol, joining them in the bedroom. "How's it going? You excited for your big night?"

"Kinda nervous but I think I'm ready."

Casey seals things with a peck on the cheek. "Better get going then."
No. 891457 ID: 7816e7
File 153092609973.png - (97.78KB , 600x700 , 6-5.png )

A few minutes later, a crack of thunder announces Gabe's arrival.

Tall grass brushes against his suit and small insects sing to one another under a cloudless starry sky. Gabe closes his eyes: if it weren't for the muted crash of the ocean, he could think he was back home taking a night walk in the orchard
No. 891471 ID: a363ac

sit in the grass and take in the smell of magic
No. 891502 ID: b38f01

Steady on, Sender. Take a breath and take one step. Then take another.
No. 891518 ID: d887c0

Alright. Just keep calm and enter the building. Don't make a big deal out of it. Say hello to whoever, shake whatever hands need to be shaken, accept the promotion, say a few words of thanks, grab a few snacks, then portal home. You'll be done before you know it.
No. 891526 ID: dbf422

You got this.
No. 891615 ID: a62780

You heard the others, you got this!
It's okay to be nervous but no more than any semi-important job event, that's all this is.
No. 891616 ID: eeb7d9

I know this might sound conterproductive, but what is that is making you nervius?
No. 891698 ID: 7816e7
File 153107788876.png - (109.61KB , 437x700 , 6-6.png )

He approaches the cottage and the front door opens, spilling warm light into the countryside. "Nice night isn't it?"
No. 891702 ID: 91ee5f

Is that Delilah?

Gabe, are you bringing her with you to your promotion ceremony? Or are you taking her out on a date? Or is it both?
No. 891703 ID: 91ee5f

Also, compliment her on how pretty she looks!
No. 891706 ID: b38f01

Now that is a sight for sore eyes. Drink that in. Arm in arm, yeah?
No. 891709 ID: dbe20a

"Not half as nice as you"
But yeah, comment on how that dress is fuckin' killer.
No. 891724 ID: dbf422

Sometimes it's nice to remember that you're a really lucky mouse. If you're nervous, why not lean on Delilah?
No. 891735 ID: a363ac

oh my goshhhhhhhh you are so pretty!
No. 891736 ID: eeb7d9

Wow, just wow. How need to be fucked by a god when you can have a date with this beauty.
No. 891752 ID: 7816e7
File 153109629556.png - (117.68KB , 500x700 , 6-7.png )

"Not half as nice as you." Gabe extends his palm and she puts a gloved hand in his. "That dress is amazing, Del." He drinks in the vision of elegant power draped in silk and satin.

"You like it? One of Miki's friends made it. That girl knows everybody and then some. I'm so excited! I never get to dress up!" she bubbles. "So, where are you taking me tonight, Mr. Sender?"

Gabe makes a gesture, opening up a blazing white tunnel. "I thought we could start-"
No. 891753 ID: 7816e7
File 153109630011.png - (164.92KB , 500x700 , 6-8.png )

"-With a little entertainment." They step through, taking them to the front of the Moot Point Opera house. Lit with a thousand shimmering lights and glowing from within, it bustles with well dressed patrons of the arts.

Despite herself, Delilah's jaw drops, "Ohhh, I've never seen it at night!"
No. 891755 ID: a363ac

wow its almost half as pretty as Delilah. go on in then
No. 891769 ID: eeb7d9

Nice thought, you have this on the bag my boy.
No. 891772 ID: d887c0

You got this on lock, boy. Show the lady a good time.
No. 891781 ID: dbf422

Arm in arm, you're going to go to your decent seats with class! And look really calm!
No. 891804 ID: b38f01

Pulling out all the stops, eh? Remember, try to focus on the music. Don't get bored in there!
No. 891895 ID: 7816e7
File 153118796075.png - (137.09KB , 500x700 , 6-9.png )

Arm in arm, the pair waltz through the entrance and take in the glittering jewel box of within. Standing under a ton of suspended glass and crystal, the walls echo with the murmured voices of the well to do. Everyone is standing around in small groups, sipping light and sparkly drinks and making intense conversation. "Hm, doesn’t look like they're seating anyone yet…" Gabe notices.
No. 891900 ID: 258b3e

Might as well converse with the other people, see what they've been up to.
No. 891916 ID: d887c0

No. 891930 ID: e7848c

Maybe pick up a drink while you wait? Do you recognize anyone the crowd?
No. 891949 ID: 05ff2f

Oh, is Mr. Ochre here or is this not his kinda thing?
No. 891952 ID: dbf422

Oh then you need sparkly drinks. And maybe you notice someone familiar? You could just talk amongst yourselves.
No. 891992 ID: 29f621

head over to the bar and get yourself and Del something suitably classy :3
No. 891995 ID: 91ee5f

If he is here, I wonder if he brought Flashing feathers, Joyous blue of the perfect sky with him? I’m also wondering if he’s gotten a shorter, easier to pronounce name.
No. 892033 ID: 7816e7
File 153126857847.png - (135.23KB , 700x500 , 6-10.png )

Gabe and Delilah acquire flutes of champagne and mingle with the crowd.

“Having fun?”

“Absolutely,” Delilah smile as she takes a sip, “I feel a little out of place though.”

“Heh, same here. But at least we can be out of place together.”

“Here’s to that.” Their glasses clink in mutual celebration. “I wonder what’s going on...” Delilah looks around, noticing a general restlessness to the crowd. Some patrons have clearly been waiting for some time and are becoming irritable.
No. 892034 ID: 7816e7
File 153126858260.png - (114.59KB , 700x500 , 6-11.png )

Before Gabe can answer, he feels a tug at the end of his mantle. He turns and, seeing no one, looks down. A small figure in a tuxedo stands nervously at attention, “Pardon me sir. I don’t mean to intrude, but may I bend your ear for a moment? “
No. 892037 ID: 4f1cbc

Well that's very forward of them. Your ears are sensitive!
No. 892038 ID: b1b4f3

What's up?
No. 892040 ID: 094652

"You have thirteen words to warn me of anything. Choose wisely."
No. 892043 ID: e7848c

If there's a champagne shortage, I can't really help with that and be in good standing with the law.
No. 892049 ID: d887c0

"If it has to do with money or religion, I'd rather not."
No. 892057 ID: dbf422

I mean, they're rather cute but you're here with someone!
No. 892080 ID: eeb7d9

How fresh of you, can you see i am taken?
Any way, what seem to be the problem, everybody looks stressed.
No. 892082 ID: 8d99f5

He recognizes you and is quit exited, he may be hoping for sexy adventures later.
I've also just realized that you have helped two separate people find love, one is Miki who knows everyone and the other is Mr.Ochre who is now in a relationship with a GOD.
I think you guys may be getting a reputation. People may start thinking that hanging out with you may lead to adventures and possible romance with mythical creatures.
No. 892155 ID: 2d1231


No, I assure you, the guttering light backstage is an old theater tradition and isn't lichfire.

Well, shouldn't be.

… Okay, so clearly there's a ghastly opera singer on the loose.
No. 892158 ID: bddb0f

Given that this is a total stranger, they must be interested in Gabe because of his Sender gear.

"Of course. You alright, sir? You seem a little flustered."
No. 892249 ID: 7816e7
File 153136320248.png - (139.18KB , 700x578 , 6-12.png )

“I mean, I’m normally into that kinda thing but I’m already here with someone...” Gabe sips his sparkling wine.

The frog stares blankly, struggling to parse the response. “Er, what?”

“Ear stuff, right? And people say I’m forward.”

“He wanted to ask you a question, Gabe.” Delilah clarifies.

“Oh! Well, sure. What’cha got?”

Feeling himself approach something closer to sanity, the frog assembles his thoughts. “I- I- ah, oh dear where to begin? Perhaps I should introduce myself: Aberdeen Auzaleus. I am- ah- the Impresario of this production of A Dream of Two Queens. I have- er- found myself in a bit of a situation regarding one of our performers...” The amphibian fidgets uncomfortably, as having to admit to an embarrassing illness.

“You need an understudy? I’m kinda busy-“

“No! Nothing like that. Its- its just that- I noticed, from your regalia, that you appear to be a member of the Spirit Guides. I was wondering if...”

“Is someone dead?” Gabe cocks an eyebrow and looks around with concern.

“No! Fates, keep your voice down!” The impresario clutches at his throat, his whole body seeming to inflate slightly. Once he seems to have regained his composure he continues, “No, I was wondering whether it might be possible for you to speak with one of our performers. She has- er- expressed concerns about tonight’s performance...”
No. 892253 ID: a363ac

I can try but you might want to hire my partner Kol Bardo for this
No. 892258 ID: bddb0f

"Aha. I'm Sender Gabe and I'd be happy to help you, Mr A! Especially if the show isn't starting until this issue gets resolved...?"

Give him a questioning look.

"Anyway, perhaps as we go backstage you could tell me why this lady would want to speak to a Spirit Guide?"

Then gesture gentlemanly at Delilah while offering her a smile.

"... and you will allow my dear companion here to come along won't you? Getting to go backstage to speak to one of the performers would be a bit of a treat, wouldn't it, Del?"
No. 892260 ID: 91ee5f

>his whole body seeming to inflate slightly.
Seeing as he’s a toad/frog, that’s not surprising.

What is surprising is the fact that his clothes don’t seem to be ripping.

All of this.
No. 892263 ID: 86eb65

Got a phantom in the opera eh?

Well I can give you a hand. And have friends that can help out if its something complicated.

Lead me to her.
No. 892266 ID: 10c408

yeah, this is the best idea. Seconding it.
No. 892281 ID: dbf422

I mean if they're worried about something I'm capable of dealing with, regardless of circumstance someone has died. At some point.

This was supposed to be a nice night with my girlfriend, but... Delilah, you okay if we go look? I guess this was inevitable, but we take care of it, and we'll be able to get this opera started.
No. 892311 ID: fe62b6

I mean, as long as your date isn't left wanting for company. What's on the docket? Pep talk? Emergency McGuffin run? .. Something sensitive?
No. 892314 ID: 1fbbcc

"I'll talk to her, at least, and do what I can. Delilah here is also very good at encouraging people, if she'd like to help as well?"
No. 892317 ID: b151ce

Gotta ask Delilah if it's ok if you check this out. This is you guys' night. Helping this performer sounds like a great idea, but you don't want to brush her off.
No. 892330 ID: eeb7d9

Guess we are going to have to fix this problem ourselves, eh?
Ready to give a spirit guide a hand again Delilah?
No. 892342 ID: d887c0

What kind of "concerns?"
No. 892585 ID: 7f0aac


Don't see why we can't, as long as Delilah is okay with it.
No. 892590 ID: f3ba9e

Phantom of the Opera, huh? Try to keep the pitchforks and torches to a minimum, sir.

An opera house? This town has everything.
No. 892610 ID: dbf422

considering this town may or may not BE everything, if it didn't have an opera house it would be lacking
No. 892644 ID: 7816e7
File 153152682664.png - (140.20KB , 500x700 , 6-13.png )

“What do you think, Delilah? This is supposed to be our night.”

“Well… It sounds like, unless we help, there's no show. It couldn’t hurt to try talking to her.” The healer shrugs.

“Yeahhhh. I mean, I'm not as good as Kol,” Gabe admits, ”-but I'll give it a shot."

The couple follows the impresario through a tucked away set of doors, down a hallway and into the tangled jungle backstage. Crates of props sit in lopsided stacks under a cats cradle of ropes and pulleys. Long, rolled up canvas backdrops are piled like lumber behind racks of exotic costumes. A dozen stagehands pass nervous cigarettes between each other before scampering off at the sight of Aberdeen.

"So why do you need a spirit guide?

Aberdeen sighs, “Its our star, Vivian: no one else has a voice like hers, we never bothered with an understudy. Without her, there’s no show! But she’s convinced that the opera house is haunted and refuses to go out on stage.”

“Well, is it?” Deliah asks peering into the spidery corners behind the curtains.

“No one is sure...” He shrugs, “We had Spirit Guides come through a few months ago and they found nothing. But... some events have happened and... I just don’t know anymore!”
No. 892645 ID: 7816e7
File 153152683136.png - (166.76KB , 700x578 , 6-14.png )

The frog approaches a door set far back from the curtain. The brick wall opposite is splashed with a starburst of fragrant liquid. Beneath it, an ancient looking stagehand sweeps up the shattered remains of a perfume bottle. He deposits the glass into a trashcan and shuffles off, grumbling something about divas. A Crane in theatrical armor knocks timidly on the door, “Vivian? Its Clarence. Come on dear, talk to me...”

A growl slips under the door in a low flat note.
No. 892646 ID: dbf422

Perfume thrown by a poltergeist? Or just an angry star? Announce yourself as a Spirit Guide through the door, maybe that'll get a reaction.
No. 892648 ID: b1b4f3

She mad. Introduce yourself through the door, ask if you can help with their haunting.
No. 892669 ID: b38f01

What do you mean, "Some events happened"? Approach the door. State who you are. You're here to help.
No. 892735 ID: d887c0

Stride up and introduce yourself all professional-like.
No. 892765 ID: a363ac

annaunce yourself as part of the Ghost fuckers Spirit Guide group here to fuck up some ghosts.
No. 892840 ID: eeb7d9

Alrighty then, start asking questions, after you introduce yourself. What caused all this commotion?
No. 892844 ID: 7816e7
File 153160691349.png - (92.43KB , 700x500 , 6-15.png )

Aberdeen takes a deep breath and walks up to the door, despite urgent hand signals from Clarence. "Vivian? Its Aberdeen."

The response hammers through the door like a wall of sound, "Oh fuck off Abe!"

"Viv, I've got someone here to talk to you-"

"I don't care, Abe!"

"Now, now! Why don't you introduce yourselves?" the impresario waves the pair closer.

"Uh… Hi?" Gabe steps forward, "I, uh, I'm Gabriel Wikk. I'm a Sender: fourth order."

"I'm Delilah Magallon. I'm a healer and, well, a lifeguard."

"A sender, huh?" There's a thoughtful silence from behind the wood. "So, what's up? Abe send you to tell me there's no ghosts or something?"
No. 892848 ID: b151ce

Actually, we're here to see what's going on. What made you think there was a ghost to start with?
No. 892849 ID: 4f1cbc

>So, what's up? Abe send you to tell me there's no ghosts or something?
Well maybe, but I only just got here. Too soon to be saying ghost or no ghost.

You think you could tell me what's been happening?
No. 892851 ID: bddb0f


"He hasn't told me much beyond that Spirit Guides had been here before to check the area. I'd appreciate it if you shared your concerns with us."
No. 892853 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you're a guest but you would earnestly like to find out what the problem is here, ghost or no ghost.
No. 892861 ID: d887c0

Tell her that's what you're here to find out. Get her side of the story, then we can get on with the investigation.
No. 892878 ID: 91ee5f

>"So, what's up? Abe send you to tell me there's no ghosts or something?"
“Actually, we came here on a date and were waiting for the show to start when he came to get us.”

“But that’s not important right now. You claimed the theater is haunted and I’m going to investigate. But first in need to ask you a few questions. May we please come in?”
No. 892882 ID: 1fbbcc

"I haven't looked, myself, though I've heard others have. I probably don't have time to, now, but how if I played spiritual bodyguard for you until the play? I'll be watching during, and during intermission and after, I could come backstage again. Call that an opening offer - I'd like to hear more from you, to fine-tune it a bit. Can I come in?"
No. 892918 ID: dbf422

Nope. We're here to look for one. Though we're also prepared for it to turn out to be a fae or something, considering our luck. But we're certainly ready to find something supernatural.
No. 892967 ID: 7816e7
File 153163427740.png - (173.11KB , 500x700 , 6-16.png )

"No. I mean, we were just here on a date. We hadn't heard anything about a ghost until a few minutes ago. Uh… can you tell us more about it?"

There's more silence. The lock clicks and a voice is heard, "Alright, come in. Just the two of you."

Gabe and Delilah share a glance and a shrug. They open the door and close it behind them, catching a worried look from Aberdeen as they do.

Vivian frowns, huffing a cloud of fragrant smoke into the tiny dressing room. "Boy, you don't look like much." She sizes up Delilah, "Your plus one, however, is A+." She grins, exposing rows of needle-like teeth. "So, you want to hear about the ghost? Fine." The kitsune leans back in her chair and takes another drag off of her hookah.

"Things didn't start until dress rehearsal. Lights would go off, backdrops would change and the curtains would open and close. At first we just thought it was just one of the newer stagehands missing his cues, but…" Vivian pauses. "Clarence had a trapdoor open up under him, fortunately it wasn’t too bad of a fall. I, on the other hand, had to dodge a sandbag from the catwalk near the end of the second act."

"And you think it was a ghost?" Gabe scratches his chin.

"No one was on the catwalk when we checked, and no one was near the trapdoor controls."
No. 892968 ID: 7816e7
File 153163428369.png - (143.40KB , 700x500 , 6-17.png )

"Could it have been something else? " Delilah shrugs.

Smoke rolls from Vivian's lips as she explains, "Not a fae. No fae is going to mess with a performance. Its like… sacrilege. 'The show must go on': that’s more then just a rule to us, its more like a law." The kitsune glares at them, "That's why I'm so worried. If I go out there, I must perform; even if it kills me. If Abe wants a show, I need some kind of guarantee of safety."
No. 892969 ID: 094652

You could have a portal halo set up at all times to catch any incoming threats, but you expect to be paid for three consecutive hours of power burning.

You accept gold and bodily fluids.
No. 892971 ID: b1b4f3

Well, you could definitely open portals to catch sandbags. If there's any way to keep your mana up, you could just straight up keep portals open under the sandbags when they're not in use. Are there any other hazards at play? You could run interference if the ghost drops all subtlety and tries to throw things around. If something gets through, Deliah could heal the resulting injury.

It sounds like whatever ghost is at play is really angry about the show for some reason. Did any critics die recently? Or did someone die in the theatre itself?
No. 892972 ID: 91ee5f

It sounds like these things have only happened on the stage. Ask Vivian if anything has happened backstage or in the dressing rooms?

Ask if the room suddenly got colder just before something happened?

>Not a fae
Could it have been an elemental? Most of the things that happened involved something that’s got controls to it and the controls run on electricity, so it might’ve been an electric elemental.

Then again, it could’ve been someone that auditioned for the role, but Vivian got picked instead of them. Meaning someone doesn’t want this show to happen because they think they should be in the show and not Vivian.
No. 892979 ID: b1b4f3

...wait, was the sandbag's rope cut?
No. 892980 ID: a363ac

hi I am a sender emergency teleportation is my game. not to mention a good strong healer to lay hands on you. and if we catch sight of the mischief maker I can take care of them
No. 892984 ID: b38f01

Well you have my portals to catch anything that might fall.. but the determined won't stop there. What else has happened?
No. 892991 ID: dbf422

Yeah, let's do some old fashioned investigation before we start making promises to be a bodyguard.

Ask her if there's any other ghosty things she can think of, or just unusual but otherwise unremarkable. Then see if we can look at the "crime scene".

Also consider sighing at being insulted seconds upon meeting her.
No. 892992 ID: 985f67

One possibility is that it couldn't be supernatural at all, rather someone mortal who just has massive hateboner against faes (maybe kitsunes in particular) for some reason or something like that.
No. 892994 ID: dbf422

Or against her in particular, given her personality. She'd have enemies no matter her race.
No. 893005 ID: a62780

Leading theories are: ghost, some kinda elemental, and angry regular person (who might be a fellow performer or former performer)

If there was time maybe it'd be a good idea to sit in on a quick rehearsal and see what happens? I imagine a ghost would interfere at every opportunity while the other options would wait for an ideal moment when not observed (and what they do then do will be telling)
No. 893007 ID: 614e35

"Could you tell us about this particular play? Maybe there's something about it that the ghost is opposed to?"
No. 893009 ID: 614e35

Adding on to this, what if it isn't the place thats haunted, maybe its the play itself? That might explain why other spirit guides could'nt find anything.
No. 893010 ID: eeb7d9

Any idea of someone trying to hurt you or ruin your performance?
Any more suspicious activity, any signs or traces of magic? Anything you can tell us can help.
No. 893204 ID: da1652

"Do you know if this play has been performed here in the past?"
No. 893274 ID: 7816e7
File 153179384689.png - (161.42KB , 700x587 , 6-18.png )

“I could use my gates to keep you safe on stage. As long as I have a good view, I should be able to catch anything unexpected.” Gabe points to his Sender mantle.

“You any good?” Vivian cocks an eyebrow.

“I dropped my crew onto a moving boat about a half-mile out.”

“That was you? The boat with the lich, right?” A modicum of respect suffuses her contralto drawl. “Innnnteresting.”

“And I’m a healer, should anything go wrong.” Delilah points out.

“I would hope it wouldn’t come to that, but good to know...” The kitsune rests her chin on interwoven fingers. “I’m liking my odds more and more.”
No. 893275 ID: 7816e7
File 153179385006.png - (126.58KB , 667x700 , 6-19.png )

“Tell me, is there anyone else that might do these kinds of things? People that want to sabotage the show? Jealous rivals? ... spurned lovers?”

She sighs, “There are, sadly, plenty of people that have problems with me, specifically. Saying I use glamour to enrapture people rather than talent.” She bristles and spits, “People who say its unfair that I can shapeshift or change my vocal range. I'm sure there's assholes who would love to steal my role, but I can't say I know anybody who'd kill for it.”

“Still, we can’t rule out a mortal saboteur.” Delilah nods.
No. 893276 ID: 7816e7
File 153179385475.png - (153.26KB , 544x700 , 6-20.png )

Gabe raises a hand. “Hey, real quick, what’s this opera about anyway?”

“You really don’t know?” Vivian chuckles like rich chocolate.

“Wasn’t covered in my training.” Gabe admits. "I just thought it'd be fun to go someplace fancy."

She shakes her head, "You know, to be honest, I think most of my audience is just here to look classy." She sighs.

A Dream of Two Queens is about two Fae queens, Magra and Morrigon, that stumble across a sleeping soldier, Claudio. Upon seeing him, they both fall in love with him at first sight and argue over who he should belong to. They enter his dreams and challenge each other to a contest of wills to find his heart and claim it for their own, traveling through memories of his life. But in the final act they find that they have fallen in love with each other and leave the soldier to wake up, thinking it was all a dream.”
No. 893278 ID: b1b4f3

I like it! Only reason I can think of for a ghost to hate the play itself is if they've got a crush on the actress playing the other fae. I wonder if she's experienced anything unusual?
No. 893281 ID: eeb7d9

Ooh, spicy!
The more reason to solve this mystery!
I really want see this play.
No. 893282 ID: d887c0

Sounds exquisite. We'll be more than happy to pull a little guard duty while they perform.
No. 893294 ID: 094652

This is what Shakespeare would write if he was trapped in a sex quest.

... Come to think of it, who wrote this play? Maybe someone just wants to sabotage it due to creative or political issues, and not a personal attack on the vulnerable lead.
No. 893300 ID: dbf422

I mean, I'd definitely like to watch the performance without playing bodyguard, but what can you do. I'd still like to look for any evidence on and behind stage before we decide to get things rolling.
No. 893307 ID: e7848c

Love the premises. Hopefully we can solve this quickly so we can enjoy the rest of the performance properly. Is there any evidence left over from the previous attempts? We can look those over. Who will be playing the other Queen?
No. 893586 ID: 7816e7
File 153197069557.png - (114.22KB , 649x700 , 6-21.png )

Delilah mulls this over, “Kind of a controversial production, isn’t it?“

The singer laughs darkly, “Of course it is. Art is meant to provoke.
Its an achronological narrative. A deconstruction of the hero’s journey that follows Claudio back to his origins and explores the toll his path has taken on him. Also the first major production written by a mortal, Edvard Shmuntz, to use a fey pentatonic scale.”

Delilah thinks for a minute, “What about your co-stars? Do you think they might be involved?”

“Rose and Clarence? I mean, some days we all want to strangle one another but that’s perfectly natural in our line of work.” She tosses her hair, “We’ve all seen each other at our worst. None of them would go this far.”
No. 893587 ID: 7816e7
File 153197070250.png - (152.88KB , 634x700 , 6-22.png )

There’s a knock at the door. Aberdeen’s voice “Um, hey I hate to break things up, but there are a number of patrons that have been drinking for quite a while and are starting to get demanding.”

Vivian stares at the door while her internal debate rages, her face a perfect mask of alabaster calm. Finally she stands and crosses to the door, throwing it open. “I want these two in a box with the best view: they need to be able to see everything. Get the pit warmed up and start seating.” She sighs, “And while you’re at it, say a little prayer to Minerva.”

“Also, we’d like to inspect the stage before everything starts.” Gabe suggests, “I want to see if there’s any clues about what’s been happening”

The impresario sags as he deflates, pressure quite literally leaving his body. “Sure, fine, just be quick about it. Th- thank you both!” He straightens up and rushes off to prepare.

Vivian turns back to her new bodyguards, “I’m counting on you two. Get me through this show alive and I’ll give you a performance people will be talking about for years.” She gives them a brilliant smile that seems to glitter with a life of its own. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get changed.”
No. 893588 ID: 7816e7
File 153197070837.png - (166.98KB , 700x700 , 6-23.png )

The couple step out of the cramped room. Waiting outside is the young crane in tin armor, Clarence, and a komodo woman glittering with rhinestone on her scales and feathers on her back.
No. 893592 ID: b1b4f3

Say hello and ask if they've been attacked too.
No. 893593 ID: b38f01

How are you two fairing? What have you seen?
No. 893594 ID: 91ee5f

Time to start asking questions.
No. 893595 ID: dbf422

Uh, hey? Do you two have anything to add to the "investigation"? Know anything Vivian wouldn't?
No. 893598 ID: eeb7d9

Hey you two, don't need to worry about your main lady, she is good to go and we will take care of her.
Say, do you have any useful information about what is going on?
No. 893723 ID: d887c0

We're in full PI mode now. Let's get to it.
Question these thespians. See what they know about these theatrical threats.
No. 893766 ID: 4f1cbc

Introduce yourself to her costars, find out what their impressions of what's going on are. (Do they Share Viv's concerns? Have they not noticed any problems and they're worried about Vivian? Or... well there's a lot of possible variations. Try not to lead them, and just see what they think, at first).
No. 893990 ID: 7816e7
File 153230008515.png - (154.35KB , 700x640 , 6-24.png )

"You're the Spirit Guides, right?" the komodo asks.

Delilah points to her date, "Just Gabe is, I'm a healer though. Are you Vivian's co-stars? What do you think about all this?"

"Yeah, I'm Rose, this is Clarence. Viv is pretty intense, but there's no denying that weird stuff has been happening." She shrugs, "I don't know what it could be though."

"So all of this just started recently?" Gabe asks.

"Once we started dress rehearsals, yeah."

"And does it only happen onstage?"

Clarence nods, "It seems so. Only when we're in costume and performing."

"Any signs of sabotage: cut ropes, broken mechanisms, stuff like that?" Delilah asks.

"You'd have to ask the stage hands but I don't think so. I never heard about any actual damage." Rose checks to see if anyone is listening and leans in, her face etched with concern. "Look, I don’t need to tell you this but; potentially, everyone on stage is in danger. Whatever this is, it isn't targeting Vivian specifically." She waves her hand, as she continues, "The thing is, we can kind of look out for ourselves and adjust if we get some warning."

Clarence points a thumb at the closed door, "But, because Viv's a fey, she has a harder time adapting. She'll hit her marks and take her cues even if the theater's on fire. Its like something inside her takes over. I guess what we're trying to say is… Like, we all appreciate what you're doing, especially Vivian."

"Even if she's not the best at showing it." Rose admits. "But yeah, we all feel a lot better with you guys watching out."
No. 893991 ID: a363ac

have you guys ever preformed a different show here maybe the ghost is haunting this performance rather then the venue?
No. 893992 ID: d887c0

It's possible that the performance itself carries some kind of curse.
Before the play begins, we should check with the stagehands and get a feel for the mechanical side of things.
No. 894002 ID: 91ee5f

>But, because Viv's a fey, she has a harder time adapting. She'll hit her marks and take her cues even if the theater's on fire. Its like something inside her takes over.
You know what? If somebody knows the script, then they would be able to know where everyone is supposed to be on stage and would know when to make an “accident” happen in order to minimize the chances of missing the person they’re targeting with the “accident”.

I think we should ask for a copy of the script so that we can have the same advantage of knowing where on stage everyone will be so that Gabe can hopefully have a better chance of using his portals to stop whatever happens. Hopefully the play won’t be too long, Gabe doesn’t have an infinite amount of magic.

.....I’ve also been thinking that maybe all of this is happening because someone literally brought bad luck to the show.

Everyone knows that’s it’s bad luck to say, “Good luck!” right before a performance, so maybe someone said, “Good luck!” and now there’s a bunch of bad luck happening to the show? If that’s the case, then we’d better start countering it by telling all the performers, “Break a leg!”
No. 894025 ID: eeb7d9

Well, we can't really diescard that, we are dealing with the supernatural here, so luck might have something to do with this.

>"Once we started dress rehearsals, yeah."
>"It seems so. Only when we're in costume and performing."
These look interesting to me, we should try and think about something that can be related to this.
No. 894026 ID: b1b4f3

...maybe one of the costumes is haunted? The spirit guides that came here before might have assumed the ghost was haunting the theater, not the props or costumes. Heck, that's what we thought at first. But if it's only when they're in costume then it's probably one of the costumes.
No. 894151 ID: 7816e7
File 153240066962.png - (137.74KB , 700x544 , 6-25.png )

“Do you think the play itself might be haunted?” Gabe posits.

“Dude, I have no idea. I mean, does it even work like that? You’re the ghost expert right?” Clarence shoots back.

Gabe shrugs, “I-unno. Just thinking out loud.”

“Maybe the costumes? You did say it only happens when you’re in costume.” Delilah suggests.

“Here,” Gabe puts up a quick spirit ward “Walk through this. If anything’s haunting your costumes it should get pulled out... or it’ll rip the clothes off your body, I’m not sure which.”

The singers side eye each other a bit before Clarence steps forward. He passes through the red light with no observable change to his clothing. Rose follows shortly after with no effect. “Well, it was worth a shot.” She admits. “Thanks for trying.”

Delilah thinks for a minute. "If we get a script, we might be able to help protect you guys better. We'd know where everyone is supposed to be."

Rose nods, "We'll get you a script. Someone can deliver it to your box."

"One more thing, has this kind of thing affected other productions? Is it just this play?"

Rose scratches her head, careful not to dislodge any rhinestones. "Not sure. The stage crew might know better. Some of them have worked here for years."
No. 894152 ID: a363ac

time to talk to them then
No. 894153 ID: eeb7d9

Let's make haste, the show will start very soon!
No. 894157 ID: 91ee5f

Thank them for their time and tell them, “Break a leg!”
No. 894171 ID: d887c0

Right. Let's check with the stage guys.
No. 894204 ID: dbf422

Let's hurry to do that.

And ask Delilah to take care of the script. If she's a page ahead, you've got a better shot. She's your spotter.
No. 894211 ID: b38f01

Walk and talk. Any stage hand supervisor we can hit up on the way to the booth?
No. 894254 ID: 4f1cbc

Let's talk to the crew quick before we have to get up to the box and play safety overwatch.
No. 894316 ID: 7816e7
File 153247942343.png - (219.05KB , 700x700 , 6-26.png )

“We were planning on checking out the stage before things started. Let’s talk with the crew.” Delilah suggests.

The singers nod and guide the way through the tangle of scenery. As the arrive center stage, they’re instructed: “Try not to get in anyone’s way, I’ll see if I can flag down the supervisor.” Rose exits, stage left, her heels clacking against the floorboards.

Gabe and Delilah stand in the eye of the storm that is opera. Various stagehands scurry from place to place, making last minute checks before the curtain rises, hissing instructions to one another in the semi-darkness. Above them, a massive “H” shaped catwalk stretches over the stage, spider-webbed with cables and hung with colored magelamps. Bits of tape are strategically positioned on the floor in mysterious calligraphy. Canvas and wood trees, villas, ships, and caves have been artfully assembled and painted to represent the scenes within Claudio’s dreamscapes.
Behind the wall of red velvet, the gentle murmur of the audience mixes with the plinks and honks of the orchestra pit warming up.
No. 894317 ID: a363ac

ask the tiny fox like person about ghosts.
No. 894318 ID: 1fbbcc

Hmm. I wonder, did they notice the strange things happening at any particular point in the play? If they did, you could maybe quickly try re-enact it yourselves with a copy of the script, while the curtain's down.
No. 894324 ID: 91ee5f

I’m looking at this picture and right between Gabe and Delilah, I can’t tell if that’s Deliliah’s tail or if that’s Gabe’s hand on Delilah’s ass. Can anyone else see that or am I imagining things?

No. 894332 ID: d887c0

This place is a hotbed of potential mayhem. If things go South, they're going South fast.
The obvious course of action is to wait for Rose to retrieve the super. However, while we're waiting, we can poke around and see if we turn anything up.
We shouldn't bother the workers while they're busy, so let's investigate the stage itself. Make sure there's nothing screwy with it magically or otherwise.
No. 894377 ID: ee2d6e

You should ask Sam if she's seen anything weird around here.
No. 894378 ID: b38f01

Apologize to D again. What a shame to be working on your date. Go on and ask if anyone has a moment to talk.
No. 894390 ID: dbf422

Thank God, Sam's here. Looks like you can take it easy Gabe.

Anyway talk to the fennec about spookiness.
No. 894422 ID: b1b4f3

It's her tail, since it's drawn with her color.
No. 894455 ID: 7816e7
File 153257040512.png - (181.22KB , 700x700 , 6-27.png )

Gabe pokes around the stage, noticing seams in the floorboards indicating the presence of trapdoors. “Sorry we got roped into all this on our date, Delilah. I was hoping for more of a special night together.” He tests his weight on one cautiously and it holds.

She chuckles, “Don’t worry about it. I know how it is; if I see someone injured, its not like I can say ‘that’s not my problem’ and ignore it.” She peers up into the darkness of the rafters, seeing no one above the stage. “Besides, we have all night, don’t we?”

Gabe’s face spreads into a big goofy grin, but before he can reply, Rose approaches with someone in tow.

The bat looks at the pair of them from over her clipboard, “So what’s this all about?” She asks.

“Bailey, these guys were going to look into the ghost situation. They wanted to know if there’ve been any other productions that have been haunted like ours.”

Bailey’s teeth peek between her lips as she thinks, “No... not since I’ve been here. I think there might have been something about a ghost a long time ago, but that was way before my time. The only person around who might know something about that would be Cliff. He’s been here for decades; mostly just does odd jobs and sweeps up. Good luck getting an answer from him though: his hearing’s so bad he mostly ignores people.”
No. 894457 ID: 094652

If you're reeeally careful, you could put a portal in his ear and scoop the earwax out.

Okay but seriously get the smelling salts, those help jog memory.
No. 894458 ID: b1b4f3

Any lead on an old ghost is a good lead. The older they are the stronger they are, after all, and this one is strong enough to stay undetected.
No. 894459 ID: a363ac

ask if you can have some paper and a pen then
No. 894478 ID: dbf422

Ask if you can borrow her clipboard. You don't have a lot of time and writing back and forth would be quickest. This could be really important information.
No. 894483 ID: d887c0

I still think we shouldn't cast aside the idea of a mundane cause for this caper. Could be some sort of copycat.
All the same, interviewing Cliff seems like a solid plan. Does anyone have a spare hearing aid or something?
No. 894484 ID: b1b4f3

Only mundane thing I can think of is if the perp has an accomplice in the staff who's covering for them. Well, that, or the attacker has some form of invisibility.
Is invisibility a thing in this universe? There seem to be other forms of magic.
No. 894487 ID: 91ee5f

Did she get you that copy of the script you asked for?
No. 894497 ID: b38f01

It's probably safe to assume that having Delilah heal the guy's ears wouldn't do anything. Pencil and paper, then? Big bold letters, yeah?
No. 894498 ID: b1b4f3

I dunno... maybe it would work?
No. 894519 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah let's go for a pen and paper. It might take time, but it will be efficient.
No. 894594 ID: 438a42

Maybe not permanently, but she might be able to temporarily give him some level of proper hearing back. Long enough to ask him questions.
No. 894596 ID: 7f0aac


My cartoon stereotype senses are tingling!!

Let's talk to the old guy. He knows something. I'm sure of it.
No. 894659 ID: dbf422

That's not healing. At least it's not any sort of healing we've seen in this universe yet.
No. 894673 ID: 7816e7
File 153280950457.png - (169.73KB , 700x700 , 6-28.png )

“Do you know where he is? We could try talking to him.” Delilah suggests.

Bailey shrugs, “I dunno, he’s around here somewhere. Sorry, we’re already behind schedule, I’m to busy making sure everyone important is in their places.”

As she speaks, movement from backstage causes heads to turn. Vivian sweeps into view, "Alright, are we doing this?" The kitsune stops center stage, her flame colored gown trailing behind her in a shimmering crimson wave.

"Vivian!" The bat squeaks, "Oh thank fates!"

Rose questions her, "Are you sure about this?"

Vivian nods, "Yeah… and, sorry." Rose puts a hand on her shoulder.

Bailey lets out a pent up sigh of relief. She turns back to Gabe and Delilah. "Look I don't really have time to find Cliff, but if I see him, I'll try and talk to him. We need to get started as soon as possible so you might want to get to your seats."

"One thing: we need a copy of the script!" Delilah insists before Bailey rushes off. The bat pulls some pages from her clipboard and hands them to the healer.

"I gotta go, but come find me during intermission!" She calls back before marching offstage, her voice dopplering as she recedes "Okay places everyone! Curtains up in five!"
No. 894674 ID: d887c0

Alright, team! Shake out those nerves and get that magic flowing! This could get crazy in a damn hurry, so be ready for anything! Take your seats and keep your eyes peeled for any shenanigans or foul play!
No. 894676 ID: 4f1cbc

Bailey's a cutie.

>what do
Hurry up and get to your box! Portal if you gotta, and start looking things over from above.
No. 894677 ID: 91ee5f

They’re gonna need all the good luck they can get, so tell the actors to, “Break a leg!”
No. 894678 ID: 3acfd3

"Not Literally!"
No. 894683 ID: b1b4f3

I got an idea: how about putting up wards around the stage? Can they be maintained for a long period of time, and not distract from the play?
No. 894742 ID: e7848c

Let's skedaddle! Hopefully the view is good.
No. 895140 ID: 7816e7
File 153299813739.png - (99.62KB , 700x614 , 6-29.png )

"Okay, well, break a leg!" Gabe smiles. Vivian raises a perfect eyebrow and Gabe hesitates, "Is- is that not a thing? I heard that’s the thing you say, right?"

She sighs, “Yeah, yeah I get it. I just… always wondered about that phrase: mortal superstitions are… odd. Thanks though; we’re counting on you.”

Gabe and Delilah race off, finding their way back to the front of the opera house. Looking around, they see Aberdeen standing by a velvet-lined staircase. “This way!”
No. 895141 ID: 7816e7
File 153299814153.png - (147.79KB , 700x442 , 6-30.png )

Following the impresario, they find themselves on the third floor. He takes them to a door positioned between a pair of golden columns and produces a small key with a brass tag: #312.

He ushers them inside, handing them the key and a pair of opera glasses. “Here, you might want these.” Slightly out of breath and points to the wall with a ribbit: a shiny silver handset sits in a cradle, “There’s a speaking tube here, if you need anything- “He waves his hands in tired surrender, “- its on the house, okay? Thanks again for all this.” Aberdeen pants for a moment, before setting his shoulders. “Alright, I’m off. Thanks again!” He disappears out the door and the pair are left to themselves in the lush, velvety confines of the private seats.

The box itself opens out onto a small balcony, containing four well-upholstered seats in a row, partially hidden by heavy wine-colored curtains. As they take their seats, Gabe and Delilah look out into the milling crowd beneath them. The great chandelier above them dims and the privileged muttering dies down as seats are taken.

“Do you think you could ward the stage?” Delilah asks as they settle in.

“I could, but everyone would notice and I don’t know if I could keep it up for the whole show.” Gabe explains. “Plus that wouldn’t stop physical objects from passing through.”

“Ahh. Just a thought.”
No. 895143 ID: a363ac

use the speaking tube get some water... and a cucumber if they have it, good for the skin
No. 895157 ID: 91ee5f

Alright, you know the plan. Use the copy of the script you got so that you can keep track of where everyone is supposed to be on the stage.

Then both you and Delilah use the opera glasses to look for any trouble that might interrupt the show. If there’s only one pair of opera glasses, then you might want to call for another pair, so that you’ll both have one.

Enjoy the show as much as you can, but don’t let it completely distract you from watching out for whatever the fuck is trying to interrupt the show!
No. 895159 ID: 1fbbcc

It probably would have been better if you'd been closer to the stage so you could see a bit into the backstage edges... oh well. Are you ok to whip out the magic from this distance onto the stage at short notice? I'm afraid you're pretty much going to have to be on edge watching the whole time, you're not really going to be able to enjoy it the way you normally would.

There's a fairy's life at stake, you know!
No. 895176 ID: dbf422

It's actually better if only one of them is looking through the glasses at once. That way one can see everything at once, and point out things for the other to focus on.

Oh right, and read the first few pages of the script to get an idea of where you should be focusing on. The person without the glasses can do that.
No. 895217 ID: 094652

Do a portal check, make sure you can create portals to specific areas if needed. Those backstage curtains might get in the way, or someone might accidentally bring an anti-magic ward as a prop.
No. 895288 ID: b38f01

A pitcher of cucumber water will go a long away when you're straining in the later acts!
No. 895646 ID: 4f1cbc

In addition to the other downsides of warding the stage, it might not agree with Vivian. Wards tend to make fae uncomfortable.

And you don't really know what's doing the haunting- that makes it hard to ward against that thing, specifically.
No. 896348 ID: 7816e7
File 153369072158.png - (107.01KB , 700x700 , 6-31.png )

There’s a movement behind the curtains and a moment later a very tired looking Aberdeen slips between them. The tiny figure projects surprisingly well as he addresses the audience: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience. We’re sorry for the delay, but as you know we’ve spent many months on this and we are now proud to present to you: A Dream of Two Queens” Applause ushers the impresario offstage as the curtain rises.

Gabe hangs up the speaking tube, “Got us some refreshments. You like cucumber?”

Delilah smiles, “Ooh, thanks!” She flips open the script, scanning ahead as the stage lights go up.
No. 896349 ID: 7816e7
File 153369073116.png - (236.27KB , 1000x615 , 6-32.png )

A Dream of Two Queens

ACT 1 scene 1

SETTING: A hill rising above a dark forest. At the top of the hill is a lone tree, gnarled and ragged. In the far distance, a pair of armies are marshaled into fighting lines, separated by a field. It is twilight on the eve of battle between the kingdom of DAGON, a vampire lord, and the EASTERN ALLIANCE of mortal nations. As the sun sets, campfires sparkle in the separate camps

AT RISE: We find CLAUDIO, a scout and soldier of the EASTERN ALLIANCE, exhausted and climbing to the top of the hill. He drops his pack at the foot of the tree. Pulling from it, a signal mirror, he shines the last of the fading sunlight towards the camp of the ALLIANCE. A moment later a light blinks back at him like a fallen star.

A duty fulfilled. A rest so hard earned. Oh blessed respite!
(CLAUDIO returns his mirror to the pack, pulling out a canteen and mug. He sits on the bundle and looks out across the field of battle.)
Are these the eyes of the fates? Casting down as the night draws its long fingers across the sky? Oh how many lights. Such brief candles which twist and flow and come together in firestorm. And from the ashes still, what sparks may burn?
(CLAUDIO begins to sing, he stands and turns to face the audience, arms spread to encompass both armies.)

Oooohhhh niiiiiiight
I see stars abooooove
And a shining galaxy reflected
In the hearts belowwwwww

on whispered wings
A voice doth speak
A fate to each and every eaaaaaar.

Young and old round
Campfire sit and ward
Away the embrace of the


Its eyes do fall upon me
Cold talons take my hand
And guide me from face to faaaaaace

Comrades in arms who
The morrow make as
Twisted snakes of spite and waaaaar

And in the morning next
Who among them stands
And carries victory onnnnnnn?


You draw me near
A lovers breath
upon my cheek

I hear you now
Speaking promises
Of dreams to come

Usher me

(CLAUDIO’s head sinks slowly as he lays upon the hill, exhaustion taking over. He lays back against the tree and falls asleep.)
No. 896350 ID: 7816e7
File 153369074196.png - (169.50KB , 700x700 , 6-33.png )

(Enter through the darkened trees, two figures: the Fae queens, MAGRA and MORRIGON. They silently climb the hill from opposite sides, meeting in the middle beneath the tree.)

MAGRA: My lady.

MORRION: My lady

(BOTH face each other and bow.)

MAGRA: Too long has it been since we last stood beneath this, the unclaimed oak.

MORRIGON: Indeed, what news then from the court of THE BLAZING VEIL?
(The pair stalk each other around the gnarled trunk. Maintaining a respectful distance, but clearly testing one another.)

MAGRA: It is on the wind and in the water. A sealing. A shift of balance.

MORRIGON: As I suspected. We have heard as much from the stones and the fire. The court of THE BROKEN WHEEL feels the strain of old alliances and the pull of the wild law. But what is it?

MAGRA: Change.


(MAGRA spreads her arms, spinning to face the camped armies.)
MAGRA: Change! Writ large across the land. Upheaval! The will of fates!

MORRIGON: What are Fates to ones such as us? We are the law. WE are the will! A thousand years we have stood upon the land, our courts built from the very bones of the hills!

(MAGRA points to the distant forces)
MAGRA: And yet, they gather under banners of mortal houses to proclaim their cause.

MORRIGON: Their cause? They churn the earth in a dance of mayhem, and pity not those crushed underneath. Who among them will speak for the land and the law?

(MAGRA pauses, noticing the sleeping soldier. She kneels beside CLAUDIO)
MAGRA: Hold now sister, perhaps an answer lies before us.

MORRIGON: Such a young face, yet so troubled. Who is he?

MAGRA: To wait beneath the unclaimed oak, he must have been sent to speak to us.

MORRIGON: Maybe so, but he is silent now. And yet, in stillness he may speak true’er words.
No. 896351 ID: 7816e7
File 153369074735.png - (235.75KB , 612x700 , 6-34.png )

(MORRIGON reaches down and places a palm against his forehead, closing her eyes. She suddenly pulls away with a start.)
MAGRA: What is it? What did you see?

(MORRIGON looks at the sleeping CLAUDIO with a deep fascination.)
MORRIGON: Passion. A passion I have not seen in mortal flesh in a thousand summers. It beats against his chest like a caged bird. A flame!

MAGRA: A flame?
(MORRIGON begins to pace, her eyes, fierce as she begins to sing)
A burning bright, spark alight
A twisting, wild, pyre threatens
To spill across the skyyyyy

And in these eyes, I see a phoenix
Flap its wings. Its talons spread
To take my heaaaaart

Blazing feathers! Drape across my
Shoulllders. Lift-ing me in to the sunnnnn!

It draws me in. He is a candle and
IIIIIIIII, a moth, spiraling closer still.

And though it may stike my sight
I cannot loook a-way from

(As she sings, a fire traces a shape in the air above them: a phoenix, which flaps its wings and rains sparks down across the stage.)
No. 896355 ID: d887c0

THAAAAAAT'S a potential hazard. Close watch on the fire bird.
No. 896367 ID: 4da431

Yeah; it's a big wooden thing hanging over someone's head. That's a real risk.
No. 896374 ID: e7848c

This is some serious Phantom of the Opera stuff. Watch for anything that could lead into a "thematic accident" gauge your range, and keep your finger on the trigger.
No. 896382 ID: 094652

"My ears! Why did he have to scream 'night' at night?! It doesn't fit the context at all!"

Oh and put a portal halo above her and the phoenix prop, it should look good and give her relative peace of mind.
No. 896388 ID: dbf422

Of course it's thematically approriate! It comes up multiple times in the song! It's a respite against the coming troubles. Obviously.

Okay don't portal too early, but get ready, Gabe. Get the distance and size worked out in advance.
No. 896389 ID: dbf422

Oh yeah, and an exit point! We should have asked about an empty room we could put anything that fell that couldn't just be moved elsewhere on the stage. Maybe just as far off the side of the stage as you can, keeping an eye out for people coming in.
No. 896392 ID: a363ac

we will have to ask about that during an intermission or something but for now we just teleport anything to the front lawn of the theater.

keep an eye on the birdie.
No. 896408 ID: 91ee5f

Wouldn’t it be better to send the fire to a body of water?
No. 896416 ID: dbf422

No, because we don't know where one is. Not to mention someone worked hard on that! We can't just ruin props without good reason.
No. 896421 ID: 91ee5f

No, not the actual phoenix prop. Just the sparks of fire that are raining down off of it. That’s what I was talking about.
No. 896463 ID: 7816e7
File 153377748702.png - (66.64KB , 285x700 , 6-35.png )

“Keep and eye on that bird Gabe...” Delilah warns.
The Sender watches through his opera glasses as the construct folds its wings and is lifted into the rafters.

As it rises there’s a clunk, and the head slides from its shoulders and starts to fall. Gabe snaps his fingers and a bright disk envelops it before it gets too far. The gate closes with a small thunderclap, but Vivian continues to sing unperturbed.

“Oh right, gates are noisy...” Gabe mutters. “I hope nobody minds." There’s slight bewilderment from the crowd followed by polite applause. It may not have made sense, but it was very operatic.
No. 896464 ID: 7816e7
File 153377749270.png - (196.27KB , 700x766 , 6-36.png )

“Nice catch” Delilah smiles. Beneath them, Rose rallies from her initial shock and picks up her part of the song.

Would you sit upon a throne of ash?
And wear a blaaaaazing crown?
As the reach of fire spreads

Let it be my hearrrrrth
Hold it to my breast and let the
Warmth beat withinnnnnn

“By the way where’d you send that head?” Delilah asks.

Gabe clears his throat nervously. “Er, close by...”
No. 896466 ID: 094652

Wait, there's an ocean nearby. Did you seriously dump a $20 burning wireframe into that expensive fountain instead? I mean, it's better for the environment but... people are going to retract their ecology grants if you show them that the spirits of nature don't give a @#$% about fine taste.

Get the next portal ready.
No. 896475 ID: 0c324b

I wonder if Vivian is causing any of this subconsciously. Fey and flair for the dramatic.

Have Delilah flip ahead to try to see if there is anything that would be made more dramatic by practical effects before the intermission. Knowing what to look for ahead of time could be important. Especially if it maybe target the others on the stage.
No. 896477 ID: b1b4f3

Well now we know it's not another Sender slicing things up. You'd hear their gates closing too. Did you see anything near the head when it fell off? ...I suppose it could have been sabotaged before the show though.

Probably gonna want to inspect that during the next intermission to see how exactly it fell. Was it a clean cut, or ragged like it just coincidentally happened to be weakened?

Also don't let your guard down. Maybe even ask Delilah to try skipping ahead in the script to see what other props they'll be using.
No. 896482 ID: d5b3fe

Ambiguous. It could be some sort of curse in the sense of magical luck manipulation, but it could also have been sabotage?

Well, things falling is the main danger, but if there's someone actively doing this then seeing what just happened might have inspired them to change their tactics. On the other hand, you basically let everyone backstage know you were around and what you could do anyway, so that seems unlikely.

There's not much that can come in from offstage that could be dangerous... Are there any trapdoors in the floor of the stage? I second asking your date to check ahead in the script while you watch.
No. 896512 ID: b38f01

Oh dang. Find out your drop points! The roof seems like a safe place for (non-burning) objects.
No. 896513 ID: dbf422

Yeah there's been trouble in the past with trapdoors. Anything to do with them, including just standing where one is, is worth paying attention to.

Unfortunately I think the only thing to do is continue checking ahead and keeping an eye out.
No. 896542 ID: eeb7d9

Hehe, nice one. Let's keep looking. Did you guys manage to see what caused the falling of the bird?
No. 896607 ID: 7816e7
File 153387409409.png - (272.64KB , 700x503 , 6-37.png )

“Did you see what happened, was it cut off?” Delilah asks.

Gabe shrugs, “I don’t know. That clunk sounded like something popped loose. Maybe it wasn’t properly secured?”

“But they’ve been double checking everything right? They wouldn’t overlook something like that would they?”

“We’ll ask during intermission, I guess. Anything else I should be looking out for?”

Delilah pages ahead a bit, “Nothing big like that, looks like there’e a scene transition and another song and then the two queens exit by trapdoor behind the tree.”

Onstage, Magra and Morrigon both declare their interest in the burning fire within the young man. They touch his forehead and the lighting shifts. Suddenly the hill they stand on is the round and wrinkled curve of Claudio’s brain. The backdrop darkens and long strands of fibrous cable flicker and glow. The young soldier stands dreamily and pulls himself to attention center stage.

The two fey circle him, looking for something.

MORRIGON: It was here! But...

MAGRA: Perhaps he sensed our presences.

MORRIGON: He hid it? How dare he! To keep such a treasure from a queen!

(MORRIGON begins to stalk away)
MAGRA: Where are you going?

MORRIGON: For a moment, I glimpsed true beauty before it fled between the trees like a startled doe. I will track it and I will make it mine.

(MORRIGON exits behind the unclaimed oak, which has taken on a decidedly dreamlike appearance inside CLAUDIO’s mind.)

One so strong willed
And yet she will tear herself apart
Hunting for a flicker of glory

(MAGRA traces a finger underneath CLAUDIO's chin)
And you, my deaaar

Are you treasure
To be claaaaaimed?
Or will you claim us instead?

What shall we fiiiind
Within layered dreams
Behind closed eyyyyyes?

Dare we hunt between
Dark boughs of thought
And mists of memory?

In dreams may I fiiiind
A heart I to make mine
A staaaar of my oooooown
To hold close to meeeee

I must maaaaaake youuuuu mine.
(MAGRA smiles and disappears behind the unclaimed oak. Curtain falls. End of scene 1)
No. 896611 ID: 094652

Set up another halo portal as the curtain falls! Keep it up long enough for her to get a helmet and some protective gear oh who am I kidding fey step.
No. 896616 ID: 91ee5f

So far so good.

But right now the curtains are closed and you can’t see what’s going on.

Since I know nothing of opera, I’ve gotta ask, does the time between acts count as the intermission? Because that would mean that now is when we go check and see what happened with the pheonix prop.

But if there’s not enough time to do that, then let’s just sit and wait for the curtains to come back up and hope nothing happened while we couldn’t see anything.
No. 896622 ID: dbf422

Depends on the length of the act, though that's common. The script would probably say, and if not Aberdeen will definitely call for intermission when it happens. The script says this is the end of Scene 1, so unless opera works differently than other theatre, it's probably not the end of the act.

Right now I'm concerned about that trapdoor. Gave can't see it from here so he can't help if it fails. Hopefully this Phantom of the Opera isn't too eager.
No. 896626 ID: 91ee5f

>The script says this is the end of Scene 1, so unless opera works differently than other theatre, it's probably not the end of the act.
Damnit, I read that as “end of Act 1”, but it’s only the end of Scene 1! Sorry, my bad!
No. 896638 ID: b38f01

Hey, can you make a portal that you can see out of? Maybe that will help you get a backstage view.
No. 896640 ID: a363ac

call down and see about a room to throw stuff in when you portal
No. 896645 ID: 91ee5f

Gabe would need to have been in that room or know exactly where it is for that to work.

But that’s a dangerous thing to do since Gabe wouldn’t be able to tell if someone is in the room when he sends stuff in, so he could unintentionally hurt someone.

Another reason that’s dangerous is because if there are anymore props that are on fire like the phoenix prop, that would end up starting a fire in that room.
No. 896656 ID: b1b4f3

These are some cool effects. I wonder how they're done? Is it just lighting, or is there magic involved? If they used these effects during practice... maybe the magic is messed up.
No. 896778 ID: 4f1cbc

One plus of dumping it the fountain rather than the ocean is it's probably easier to recover and repair.

>looks like there’e a scene transition and another song and then the two queens exit by trapdoor behind the tree
If the scene transition means moving scenery / props / backdrops around, there's the possibility some part of that could be made to fall. The trapdoor could also be made to fail so you'd have to catch someone.
No. 896890 ID: 7816e7
File 153409666485.png - (228.45KB , 700x700 , 6-38.png )

There’s a knock at the door and Delilah goes to answer it. She comes back carrying a pair of tall, icy glasses spiked with slices of cucumber. “Eh? Whatcha doing?”

Gabe holds his finger and thumb in a ring and looks through them. “Taking a peek. I don’t want to use too much mana though.” A glow fills the tiny space and he holds his hand steady as he peers through at various angles.

Beneath the tiny portal, various stagehands scuttle back and forth, moving scenery and changing props. Bailey strides purposely through them in a boiling fury. Its hard to hear from the distance but she points at the hanging phoenix frame, clearly demanding to know what happened to it.
No. 896891 ID: 094652

Hey, a clue! Grab the little knob on the scaffolding. Also, instruct the stage hands to triple check the next wireframe prop.
No. 896892 ID: eeb7d9

What is that little thing on the platform?
No. 896904 ID: 4f1cbc

There's some kind of wheel, pulley, or disk lying on the catwalk. Open a small portal close to it to get a good look and/or snag it?
No. 896907 ID: a363ac

looks like someone unscrewed whatever thing was holding the head to the body at the top of the body there and left it on the scafflding alert the bat then tell her where the head is and ask for a empty room for future reference.
No. 896916 ID: 805a46

Drop a small portal in front of Bailey and tell her that there's a knob on the catwalk that looks kind of suspicious and out of place.
No. 896917 ID: d5b3fe

There's also a bit of rope lying coiled up without being connected to where it's tied, I think. If someone shortened the rope right down, then one of those knots could slip free at some point, perhaps. If she's going up to look at the thing on the walk then maybe she could give it a double-check on the way.
No. 896920 ID: 91ee5f

>ask for a empty room for future reference.
That’s not going to work.

Gabe needs to know exactly where the room is or he needs to have been in the room.

Tossing things outside is working perfectly fine for now.

But if we need to catch a person, let’s try to set them down somewhere backstage.
No. 896931 ID: dbf422

I warned you all! Props take dozens of hours of effort plus all the pyrotechnic work and usually don't get the praise they deserve. Bailey may never forgive Gave.

Let's at least have him portal things five feet closer to the building, i.e. on the concrete pathway near the fountain but not in it.

But yeah do this.
No. 896974 ID: 10c408

Tell the stagehands to investigate the upper catwalk, there's a bit missing and the ropework looks undone.

If they ask what happened to the head, ONE LINER IT TO THROW THEM INTO CONFUSION.
No. 896978 ID: caf1de

it was ON FIRE
No. 896993 ID: dbf422

So?! It wasn't going to burn the concrete or whatever the pathway was! And it wasn't actually on fire, it was raining sparks! I mean, sure, that could've set the head itself on fire if it was unlucky, but water damage is no joke.
No. 896997 ID: 91ee5f

Fire damage is even less of a joke.
No. 896999 ID: eeb7d9

So maybe there is someone sabotaging the props?
Could it be a normal individual, or a magical entity. Any traces of magic?
No. 897002 ID: dbf422

I'd like to believe they used a non-flammable paint on it. Then again I don't know their set-up. Maybe they didn't think they'd need to worry about that. Most importantly, this is all super unimportant and dumb to argue about after the fact so I'll stop. I just had to use what I've learned with this theatre degree
No. 897079 ID: 1941c8

When it comes to the end, you'll want to be wary of those trapdoors. Someone could put something nasty under hers.
No. 897080 ID: 1941c8

When it comes to the end, you'll want to be wary of those trapdoors. Someone could put something nasty under hers.
No. 897115 ID: caf1de

i would genuinely like to know what you learn about pyrotechnics for stage plays
is having shit on fire hanging above the actors in an indoor stage even allowed
No. 897122 ID: dbf422

Yes, sometimes! Is what I'd like to say. Not like this, really. It would have to be set up so there's no chance of failure, and if there was, injury to the actors are as minimal as possible. There are serious rules in place for this.

Basically, less pyrotechnics than shown here, more rigging, and every attempt to try any other solution to achieve the same effect (like just using electric lighting sfx). There was also no need to stand directly under it. There are artistic arguments for it, but none that would matter to the audience.
No. 897190 ID: 7816e7
File 153429756722.png - (90.49KB , 700x638 , 6-39.png )

Gabe re-positions his portal and reaches through up to his elbow, he pulls out a ring shaped piece of metal with a thicker rod across the diameter.

“What is it?” Gabe fiddles with the device, finding that it twists with some resistance.

“It must have been holding the head on. You should let Bailey know.”
No. 897191 ID: 7816e7
File 153429757308.png - (85.91KB , 472x700 , 6-40.png )

“Right.” Gabe does some mental map-making and opens a small portal near the wall: well above head height so that he doesn’t cut anyone.
“Pssst, hey! Bailey!”

The bat double-takes with a start and hustles over, “Litchfire, you guys nearly gave me a heart attack! What’s up?”

Gabe drops the metal gadget through the portal and Bailey catches it on a thumb hook. “Found this on the catwalk, looks like it popped loose.”

“A lynchpin?” The stagehand turns it over incredulously. “We don’t even use these things anymore! That head should have been bolted on!”

“Sabotage?” Comes the question.

“More like idiocy. When I find out who did this, they’ll lose their head.” Bailey’s ears twitch, “By the way, please tell me we’re getting that prop back. The fire effect on that thing wasn’t cheap.”
No. 897192 ID: d887c0

Uhh, it might be a little damp, but that should be fixable. It should be in the fountain out front. Sorry. Had to make the call.
No. 897196 ID: 036c76

"So... it'd be bad if I dumped it into the ocean?"

Pause for her reaction, then grin.

"Glad I didn't do that then. It's 'just' in the fountain outside. You should probably send someone to get it before the show's over? Anyway, you said I should come find you during the intermission. Something you wanted to talk about?"
No. 897202 ID: b1b4f3

...they don't use those things anymore? Hmm. That's our first clue I think. Someone who's used to the old ways of doing things... maybe that old guy we didn't get a chance to talk to?
No. 897205 ID: 4f1cbc

It's intact, but wet. I put it down in the fountain to try and cushion the fall, and so it couldn't catch anything else on fire.
No. 897207 ID: 91ee5f

>“By the way, please tell me we’re getting that prop back. The fire effect on that thing wasn’t cheap.”
“Uhhh, about that. I didn’t know where to put it, so I kinda put it in the fountain in front of the theater so that it wouldn’t set anything on fire.”

.....I’m starting to think that if it was that guy, then it was an accident.

After all, everyone has told us that he’s really old and can’t hear very well, so maybe it was an accident and he doesn’t know he’s not supposed to use lynchpins because he didn’t hear anyone tell him that.
No. 897216 ID: eeb7d9

It's in a fountain. Intact, but without fire, sorry.
No. 897242 ID: b38f01

Er. In the lobby fountain. Might want to fish that out before one of the guests notices..

Would it be rude to boop her snoot?
No. 897244 ID: 91ee5f

There is no fountain in the lobby. There is a fountain outside in front of the building and that’s where the prop is.

>Would it be rude to boop her snoot?
Extremely rude! And very unprofessional, since we’re supposed to be on guard duty.
No. 897253 ID: dbf422

Say the things.

But if it was that guy, it wasn't a mistake. It's a hard thing to confuse a bolt with a lynchpin.

Anyway I knew it was going to be Old Man Jenkins, even if OMJ isn't actually an old man in this case. I don't personally have a suspect yet.
No. 897796 ID: 7816e7
File 153463500273.png - (151.66KB , 672x700 , 6-41.png )

“Uh- I dropped it in the fountain out front. Is that okay?”

“Yeesh...” Bailey winces, “Yeah, I guess it’ll be okay. Thanks for not launching into the ocean.”

“If that pin thing is old, do you think that old guy you were talking about did it?” Gabe asks.

“Man, I hope not. I know he’s a grump and nearly deaf, but I’d hate to think he was going senile or something. If its him doing all this... well, I don’t want to assume anything just yet. I gotta go. Thanks for the save!” Bailey waves and goes to ensure that everyone is in place for the next scene.

Gabe and Delilah settle back in their seats as the curtain rises.
No. 897797 ID: 7816e7
File 153463502358.png - (75.22KB , 423x700 , 6-42.png )

"I wonder how Gabe's doing?"
No. 897799 ID: b38f01

Hanging out?
No. 897804 ID: 10c408

He's probably enjoying himself, much like you are right now.
No. 897807 ID: a94e23

He’s investigating some phantom of the opera-esque shenanigans and finding all sorts of excuses to open a bunch of portals.
Just kidding, he’s probably just watching the play like anyone else.
No. 897809 ID: a363ac

probably getting and receiving a handy
No. 897812 ID: d887c0

Thinking about your man while balls deep in your kelpie girl? Have you no class?
No. 897813 ID: 91ee5f


Why do you ask? Are your ghost senses tingling or something? Because if you think there’s trouble, then I’m sure you and Casey can handle it without Gabe.
No. 897887 ID: eeb7d9

What ever you guys do, it always ends up with some paranatural shenanigans. So yeah, nothing out of the ordinary.
What about you two?
No. 897896 ID: 02a0f7

He's probably just stretching! Naked.
No. 897913 ID: 7cf41b

The way things have been going for you guys, he probably ran into someone who unleashed a genie who's corrupting wishes to cause trouble, or a doofus vampire who's causing shenanigans by their comical roundabout ways of avoiding standing in front of mirrors, or some loa who's been convincing a medium to let them posses them so they can try woo some prospective lover but actually the medium is in love with them and it's a big triangle thing, or something.

How are you doing? Any special reason for being naked, or is it one of the usual reasons?
No. 898007 ID: 7816e7
File 153471005041.png - (142.85KB , 612x700 , 6-43.png )

"What's the matter? Worried about him?" Kol feels a soft touch between his shoulder blades. The hum of a binding spell keeps him locked in place as fingers trace down his back. He shivers.

"Not really, I just hope their having a good time, is all." He smiles.

"I know." comes the whisper in his ear, "They're missing out on all the fun. Speaking of which, what shall I do with you?"
No. 898009 ID: 0eeebd

Ear rubs
No. 898013 ID: eeb7d9

Oh. Not what i was expecting really.
Nibble ears, that is always a great place to start.
No. 898019 ID: 7cf41b

You've got some nice big windows in the back, there. Makes me think of maybe trying some sort of publicity play? If Kol has Gabe enjoying a performance on his mind, maybe he wants to put one on himself.

If those windows face out to the sea or somewhere that it's very unlikely there'd be any onlookers who'd glance your direction, you could hang Kol in front of a window and have fun making him put on a display for an almost-certainly-imaginary audience. If it looks out somewhere busier, maybe you could arrange things so that Kol is mostly visible and would seem to be just resting and looking out the window, but certain key parts of his body are out of sight and free to be enjoyed while he tries not to react too much. Or you could just call Nixxy in and have her play the part of an audience.
No. 898029 ID: bb78f2

Why isn't your ass red it's just poking out there
C'mon paint it red
No. 898033 ID: 91ee5f

>Speaking of which, what shall I do with you?

.....hey, aren’t you supposed to think of something to do to me? Why do I have to give you ideas?
No. 898040 ID: 0c8530

Second moving in front of the window.
No. 898047 ID: 10c408

Warm up/tease him. Kol's not even erect yet.
No. 898052 ID: ee2d6e

>Speaking of which, what shall I do with you?
Bury something under his tail, of course.
No. 898094 ID: 7816e7
File 153473247095.png - (186.53KB , 700x700 , 6-44.png )

"Hmm, how about a change of scenery?" Casey waves her finger.

"Eh?" Kol feels the spell tugging him and he follows dutifully. He stumbles in front of the window and tucks his knees in slightly. "Oh… what're we doing over here?"

"I think you know…" There's a click as the lights go out behind him, "Nice view tonight?"

"Heh, er- yeah."

"Not half as good as where I'm standing…" Casey reaches in for a kiss. Kol closes his eyes as a hand slips between his thighs.
No. 898104 ID: 10c408

Oh my, quite receptive. Better give him a few test pumps before moving on.

Acquire dildo while he's distracted, then gently insert it into his backdoor.
No. 898136 ID: b38f01

Is he ticklish?
No. 898254 ID: 7816e7
File 153481652537.png - (94.80KB , 700x350 , 6-45.png )

Casey breaks away and her fingertips trace their way down Kol’s sides as she balances on her knees.

“Uh, Case... You know someone might see us?” Kol blushes a pale pink in the moonlight.

“Shhhh.” She interrupts, “You think I haven’t noticed: the way you like to put on a show?” With a finger she flicks at his erection, sending it wobbling. “Like when I found plowing Gabe back in the ruins?”

“What? I mean... “ he mutters, but trails off.

She chuckles, her hand loosely gripped around him and pumping softly. She can feel his pulse racing as his excitement edges higher.
No. 898255 ID: 7816e7
File 153481653019.png - (117.35KB , 450x700 , 6-46.png )

“Its okay, Kol, it was very cute. But now I think its my turn to show off...”
No. 898261 ID: e7848c

By the fates, give them a show.
No. 898267 ID: 4f1cbc

Blow dat boy.
No. 898276 ID: 10c408

You could go a step further. Pause while blowing kol, rotate him 90 degrees and then resume.
No. 898279 ID: b1b4f3

You could turn around and lean against the window then grind against him.
No. 898297 ID: 7cf41b

Take your time. Slowly work your way around to being more visually explicit to your imaginary onlookers. Since you are aiming for this to be more of an exhibitionist fantasy with just enough touch of reality to really sell it on a visceral level, maybe have a sneaky peek out the window while you're navigating around to give him some attention from the sides, just to make sure there really isn't anyone out there. You could also tell him to close his eyes and trust only to you telling him whether or not there is anyone. If you don't mind a little deception, you could pretend and tell him there's someone walking by outside, not looking in the right direction... yet.
No. 898304 ID: 02a0f7

Well, hey, TECHNICALLY nobody can see anything with you blocking his body with your face like that.
No. 898363 ID: 2007b6

No, no. You're already using spirit tentacles for bondage, so own that. Set some aura thing up between the floor and your shins to allow a smooth, continuous rotation, give 'em a 360 view.
No. 898499 ID: 7816e7
File 153490713021.png - (83.08KB , 380x700 , 6-47.png )

For a while the only sounds in the dark are that of soft sucks and licks as Kol moans. “Ah, Case, I-“ he warns.

“Not yet you don’t.” She commands, standing up, “I want to play with you a bit more...” Casey leans herself against the window, her tail waving languidly as she looks back with a teasing grin. “There we go. Now let’s see, what can I see? Oh, there’s Miki’s place just up the hill, I wonder what she’d say if she could see us now? The lights are still on, maybe I should give them a call?”
Her hips sway back and fourth, just out of reach as Kol stretches forward hopefully at empty air.

His cock drips with anticipation as he murmurs, “Aw come on Case...”

“What was that?” She wonders aloud, “Do you want a hand?”



“P-please, Case!” Kol finishes.

No. 898500 ID: 7816e7
File 153490713498.png - (211.15KB , 700x700 , 6-48.png )

“Well, since you asked nicely...” Casey twirls a finger and Kol feels something insinuate itself through the dark. An aura tentacle slips unseen under his tail and Kol gasps as he feels it push its way into him. He goes breathless as he’s stretched around the coil of mana, feeling it work its way deep within and wait.

Casey looks back at her lover as his insides adjust to the intrusion, “You ready?”

Kol manages a nod before the spell surges forward. The thrust lifts him off his feet, spearing him into Casey’s waiting pussy.

No. 898504 ID: e7848c

You're the captain now.
No. 898505 ID: 10c408

Move the binding on Kol's arm forward a few inches so he can focus on his assigned role while you concentrate on yours.
No. 898669 ID: 7816e7
File 153498727532.png - (170.68KB , 439x700 , 6-49.png )

Casey shifts the binding spell and Kol is pulled closer, sandwiching her against the window. She closes her eyes and spreads her legs, “Thaaats it, give it to me.” She sighs contentedly and rolls her hips; savoring the steady push and pull within her, feeling every inch growing slicker and hotter.

"Ah, C-Casey, ah Fates…" Kol's face flushes red as he tries to hang on: the steady rhythm pounding from behind and the warm embrace around him inching him closer to the edge.

Casey smiles as she feels him starting to flare inside her; a steady pulse demanding release. "That close already, Kol?"

No. 898720 ID: e7848c

Now, now.
We can't have that just yet.
Pull him back. Switch places with him.
No. 898721 ID: 10c408

Seconding this. Can't have one of them getting off without the other.
No. 898757 ID: 3bb5b9

Any way of discreetly calling Miki over to watch?
No. 898815 ID: bb78f2

edge that lord
edge that lord
No. 898820 ID: 7816e7
File 153508188319.png - (248.23KB , 700x678 , 6-50.png )

"A- AH! I can't!" Kol stammers. He struggles to keep humping as a wave of pleasure suddenly surges through him. The erratic, desperate motions cause him to slip loose painting long, pearlescent streaks across the windowpane.

Casey looks down at her semen-coated thighs, nearly invisible in the moonlight and smiles warmly. She releases her magic and Kol plants his hands on the glass, his knees buckling and short of breath. "So- sorry, Case. I couldn't- ah- so good- ah."

No. 898821 ID: 7816e7
File 153508188918.png - (157.59KB , 700x556 , 6-51.png )

She cups his chin in her palm and brings him cheek to cheek with her, "Aw, that’s okay, honey. I could tell you were pretty turned on. You okay?" The Medium nods and gets a kiss on the cheek.

"Take a minute and just relax, okay?" Casey's fingers idly trace the slickness between her legs, keeping herself warmed up, "We'll take it slow for the next round. We've got all night…"

No. 898833 ID: b38f01

Ah, that's cute. Give that boy a smooch.
No. 898870 ID: 7cf41b

Well, you don't have all night to clean that before it drips down onto the carpet/floorboards. But apart from that, yes. While Kol recovers, perhaps have a nice chat with him about comfort limits and future experiments regarding this taste for showing off he seems to have?
No. 898873 ID: 10c408

Hm, poor Kol. I guess aura tentacles just feel that good? Maybe you should try after a brief clean up.
No. 899074 ID: 02a0f7

If you're scrapped for ideas, why not add a little ice? You could put it between you two and give each other a hug.
No. 899519 ID: 7816e7
File 153559060758.png - (125.62KB , 596x700 , 6-52.png )

(Stage lights down, curtain closes)
No. 899521 ID: 7816e7
File 153559061090.png - (196.40KB , 531x700 , 6-53.png )

AT RISE: We find CLAUDIO caught in pitched battle between the EASTERN ALLIANCE and the forces of the VAMPIRE LORD. He cradles the head of his comrade DERREK, who lays mortally wounded in the melee.

CLAUDIO: MERREK! Go not so swiftly old friend! Stay with us!

DERREK: No, my time is done young sprite. For there is time enough in this mortal life to see the calling of the fates. Yet so few of us are chosen to grasp them. You, you must carry on. Seize your moment. As the stars have shown us so we too must move this Earth.

CLAUDIO: Then I shall. But I shall carry you on: your heart shall be my tabard and thy tears, my banner! You have been my guide, and your spirit shall be my compass! Farewell Brave DERREK, we shall meet again on far away seas!
No. 899522 ID: 7816e7
File 153559061660.png - (228.43KB , 700x669 , 6-54.png )

(CLAUDIO stands to charge the enemy but as he does time seems to slow. MORRIGON strides between the two armies, pushing aside glacially moving blades and stands next to the young hero.)

Is this is? The moment then?
The ignition of flame within?

A mortal kneels and
A hero stands
What was innocent
Becomes something moooore?

What say you dear child?
What are you hiding still?
Will I ever find what I seeeek?

(DERREK stands up on wobbly legs. He draws his blade and advances on the Fey queen.)

Hold now strange phantom!
As my friend has guarded me
Within his heart
I shall guard him so.

(MORRIGON spins backwards, pulling CLAUDIO’s sword from its sheath. She stands en guard facing the spirit of the soldier.)

And who are you brave fool
To make demands of a QUEEN?
No. 899524 ID: b38f01

A soul here to defend the life of a dear friend.
No. 899526 ID: 094652

And you pretend to comprehend the godsend as rip and rend when you mend as the pend to send love end



Translation: Ha! Thou art deluded to believe I, chosen by the deities, doth be a killing machine here to kill your dearest friend, when in fact it is YOU who hath deceiveth him into thinking you fight on the same side! Or is the arrow to the kidney NOT pushing itself out thanks to your undead healing? Well, I'll stop it, along with whatever keeps you from taking a dirt nap, and keeps ME from my destined love! Die for good, you wacky psycho!
No. 899534 ID: eeb7d9

Alrighty then, let's see if there is any dangerous props this time. Say, those swords are fake, right?
No. 899536 ID: 7cf41b

Gosh that is a lot of blades looming overhead. If they're not just painted on the backdrop then I hope they're all screwed on/propped up properly.

Speaking from my limited experience doing a stage fighting course, they're probably relatively "real" swords but with blunted edges, and if they fight it'll be a stage fight where they probably won't actually even touch each other. People generally check their props during pre-stage waiting jitters so it's unlikely that anything could be up with their swords, like actually being sharp or poisoned or made of cold iron or something.

I'd say those looming weapons and the trapdoor are the things to watch for.
No. 899537 ID: 0e2ebe

They checked the falling Phoenix head too. Not sure how to check it from here though. That said, you're probably right about the axes being more likely to be dangerous, because they shouldn't actually hit each other directly.
No. 899600 ID: 438a42

Not to mention the blades the actors are using may be very real, and not blunted props.
No. 899610 ID: 10c408

Hm. Here's my two cents. We can't do anything about the swords having been sabotaged. If one of them has been tampered with in a low-key, mundane manner like the head prop earlier we can't very well portal onto the stage to deal with it.

What we should do is keep an eye out for the next thing that's going to fall out of the sky or swing in from the side to hit an actor 'accidentally' or even...

...Actually, wait. that's it. One of the trapdoors is going to pop open when an actor steps on it. At best we might be looking at a sprain but at worst? Well, it's not the fall that kills you.
No. 899831 ID: 7816e7
File 153576115081.png - (168.31KB , 544x700 , 6-55.png )

Gabe raises his hands, “Uh, should I do something about this?”

“No thats all part of the script,” Delilah peers through the opera glasses at the stage, “I’m more worried about the set dressing. Keep an eye on that halberd.”

“The what now?”

“The axe thingy.” She explains.

“Ah, gotcha.”

(MORRIGON and DERRK clash, forcing each other back and forth across the stage.)

A brother? A friend?
A kindred soul
Clinging to the man he looooved!
I shall turn thy wretched claws
from his heaaart!

How dare you to deny me?
A ghost unfit to lift your head
In my embrace is where he belooongs

(DERREK’s assault surprises MORRIGON, pushing her back against the formation of pikemen)

Unfit I may beeee
But in his eyes eternal
In his heart I stand
Forever stronnng

Delilah watches the dramatic scene and catches the flash of silver as the halberd’s blade swivels loosely. “There! Look!”
No. 899834 ID: ee2d6e

Well, get ready to cut it. Morrigon can probably roll with it. Or, even better, your portals make a noise when they open and close, yeah? Open one real briefly in the direction of the halberd so they can see it and react to it themselves.
No. 899838 ID: eeb7d9

If you are going to cut that halberd, be careful not to drop it in her head. Wait for when it swings away from her, then you cut it!
No. 899839 ID: dbf422

You know what would be really fun? Portal Vivian to the other side of Derrek.
No. 899845 ID: 91ee5f

>Delilah watches the dramatic scene and catches the flash of silver as the halberd’s blade swivels loosely. “There! Look!”
Portal the top of that halberd out of there!

Why? We can react to it faster that the backstage crew can. By the time they get to it, it’ll be too late!

We can’t do that! Vivian is a fey, she has to stick to the script! We’ve been told that it’s like a fey law or something, so moving Vivian out of place could hurt her!
No. 899860 ID: 2d1231


Let's try not to damage props or potentially cause any more gate-related incidents like that one time.
No. 899862 ID: e7848c

I'm for plan cut and drop. Snip the top half of the halberd so that it falls into the portal and onto the roof or into Vivian's room. No one should be in there, right?
No. 899863 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, swiveling isn't dangerous though. I mean, it's on a shaft. The shaft would have to break for the blade to fall.

Watch carefully. Don't act rashly.
No. 899866 ID: 094652

Big portal so there's no room for error, make sure it catches ALL of the halberds near her.
No. 899887 ID: 91ee5f

>swiveling isn't dangerous though.
It actually is dangerous. If that’s not screwed on all the way, it can come loose and fall off.
No. 899892 ID: b1b4f3

The shaft is pointed up.
No. 899915 ID: 91ee5f

It’s pointed at an angle and will fall towards Vivian when it comes loose.
No. 899916 ID: 2007b6

Make a little portal, be careful to cut the shaft but not the metal part, and drop it in your own lap or somewhere else nearby so you can return it to the crew quickly and efficiently at the next break in the action. A basic wooden pole can't be *that* hard to replace, right?
No. 899918 ID: b1b4f3

Ok I'm confused here, is the halberd blade screwed onto the tip of the pole, or mounted AROUND the top of the pole?
No. 899919 ID: 91be00

If Morrigon gets too close to the pole, the blade may fall along it and harm her. Do you have an object you could poke through a tiny portal to hold the blade up?
No. 899925 ID: dbf422

Fuck I forgot about that detail. I was thinking about how improv is an essential skill to have in theatre and totally didn't consider how it's literally impossible for her.

It's a shame theatrically, but cutting off the blade off the halberd and leaving it by the fountain is the safest way to react then.
No. 900201 ID: a48264

What if you just open a small portal and hold onto the halberd until they're clear of it? It'd be less noisy than opening a portal large enough to fit the whole blade, and less noticeable too.
No. 900233 ID: caf1de

that pike turned the other way why
No. 900578 ID: 7816e7
File 153619074367.png - (95.43KB , 404x700 , 6-56.png )

Derrek and Morrigon clash dramatically and she’s pushed back against the prop again. The head of the halberd wobbles and slips off of its shaft, only to be caught halfway to the ground with a pop. The blade lands in an adjacent seat, point down. While the prop doesn’t seem especially sharp, it picked up enough velocity to embed itself a few inches into the cushion.
“Fuckin fates. Good call, Delilah!”
No. 900579 ID: 7816e7
File 153619074769.png - (159.21KB , 700x455 , 6-57.png )

Onstage the performer playing Derrek, momentarily distracted by the portal rallies and struggles to catch up with Vivian’s stage-fighting. Her blade parries a few nonexistent attacks before Derrek finds her tempo and lands a blow that knocks her over.

(DERREK raises his blade to finish the fey queen, but before he can strike, a figure slips behind him and attacks. A thin blade pierces him, and the soldier falls to his knees.)

DERREK: No! Not yet! But a moment more to remember!

(MAGRA throws her blade aside, stepping over the defeated soldier. She helps the fallen queen to her feet.)

MAGRA: Arise dear sister. For that was not the spark you seek. Was merely a shadow cast by its incandescence
No. 900588 ID: 91ee5f

Shit, that was close!

>The play continues.
Keep reading the script and watching the stage for anymore surprises.

When the curtain closes again, do another tiny portal to see backstage. Make sure you also inform Bailey, she might know who was in charge of setting up those props.
No. 900591 ID: d887c0

I hope that arrow is a part of the play.
Anyway, just keep an eye open as usual. Once the act is finished, we can check in with the actors and other stage folks.
No. 900595 ID: ee2d6e

The arrow's been in since the start
No. 900618 ID: e7848c

Make sure to remove that from the cushion before D sits down. Also explain to Bailey that catching that put a hole in the cushion. You don't want to be held responsible for that. Those cushions might be expensive.
No. 900623 ID: 79b380

How common is telekinesis? Can it only be done at close range? Is this a ghost or a saboteur?
No. 900669 ID: eeb7d9

Ok that could have well kill her, this is not just to injure her.
When the part is done, you have to show this to the bat-girl. Keep on the overwatch, you are doing great!
No. 901103 ID: 7816e7
File 153651481931.png - (137.52KB , 700x592 , 6-58.png )

Delilah pulls the blade from the cushion and inspects the collar that should have held it onto the shaft. She runs a finger around the inside edge and picks away at a crumbling substance. “Wax?” She rolls it around on her thumb and it falls to bits. “Yeah, definitely wax. Doesn’t seem very safe...”

Onstage, Magra begs Morrigon to call off her search and return to the waking world. The Kitsune declares her determination and disappears offstage. Moments later the curtain closes and an intermission is called.
No. 901104 ID: 7779cc

This would be a perfect chance to do some poking around. Maybe you can talk to more cast and crew members while they prepare the next scene, maybe uncover more information or spot potential hazards
No. 901110 ID: b1b4f3

Excellent, time to talk to the staff, and hand over the blade. So far everything can be explained by faulty gear, I wonder how long that'll keep up? I mean, they said before that they couldn't explain why things were happening. Either that was because of the backstage staff covering eachothers asses, or the perpetrator switched tactics now that we're involved.

Also let's try screening more people for possession. Specifically, the crew in charge of props.
No. 901112 ID: 17c4b9


Definitely time to talk to Bailey (I think that was the bat's name?) and tell her our findings. Both cases insofar could be sabotage or honest poor planning.

The clip in the model might have been overlooked, just like the wax could have dried out too much under the lights or come loose from repeated (mis)use of the prop.

Let's get her input on whether this is standard operations or not. But, as I believe I recall her saying that such a clip as we found was NOT normal, then it almost seems like someone has been setting up key props to fail.

If so, who is the propsmaster and why has no one noticed this before?
No. 901117 ID: 0e2ebe

Talk to Bailey about how all these "accidents" look like sabotage. Screws replaced with lynchpins and wood glue replaced with wax. Then get some help looking through props for more sabotage, as well as getting a look at the trapdoor mechanisms.
No. 901120 ID: b38f01

Another outdated method of securement.. there's a pattern developing.
No. 901143 ID: eeb7d9

Ok, this is evidence of sabotage. I would incline that a normal individual is causing all this "accidents" and no an unnatural entity. I might be wrong but that is what i think. Let's inform the bat about this.
No. 901144 ID: deec6e


This is getting excessive. Has whoever done this gone through the entire script and prepared death traps throughout the entire play in the hopes of one of them getting through?

Who has handled the props that've been meddled with so far? Who has intimate knowledge of the script? Maybe if there's an overlap we can narrow down our suspects.
No. 901146 ID: debc40

Can our fae act freely for a while during the intermission? If so, she's probably not very happy. Would it be possible to extend the intermission a bit? You'd better go backstage and check. Tell 'em to make sure everything's double-checked if they can possibly manage, especially that trap door.

Trouble is, the intermission gives our saboteur time to adapt as well. They've probably cottoned on that anything that involves something falling isn't going to work with you watching. We have to try think what else could be dangerous.
No. 901206 ID: a62780

I think we can sort of rule out ghost, the way this has played out seems to suggest a physical person.
Thus far it seems a lot like someone who knows both the cues of the play and could arrange or set up the props put outdated/weakened gear in places where Vivian, who's fey nature ensures she'll be exactly where she script demands, will be in danger.
No. 901245 ID: 7816e7
File 153662270728.png - (177.47KB , 700x581 , 5-59.png )

Gabe takes the opportunity to open a gate backstage and step through. He waves down Bailey as she gesticulates wildly, no doubt angry about the halberd.

Delilah holds out the blade and Bailey runs her delicate fingers across it, murmuring a barely audible chitter. “Looks like it was held on with just wax.” Delilah explains.

“Wax?” the stagehand sighs, “This is making less and less sense. I’ve heard that some of the props from old, old productions are held together with stuff like that, but this is insane...” She shakes her head. “I mean, I hate to say it, but Cliff is the only person who might have been around during that era and even then he’d have been just a kid...”

“Have you seen him at all yet?” Gabe asks.

“Not since I’ve talked to you. But I think he actually has an apartment in the building. Its something he was, well, grandfathered into from back in the day. From what it sounds like, some of the stagehands just built a bunch of little rooms in the attic moved in. Now they’re mostly full of junk, but I think he still lives up there.”

Delilah puts the halberd blade aside and asks, “How’s Vivian doing? Is she out of her role for the time being?”

Bailey hesitates, “Er, yeah... she came back to us... You might want to go talk to her. Last I heard, she headed back to her dressing room...”
No. 901246 ID: d887c0

Yeah. Let's go have a chat with the resident kitsune.
No. 901251 ID: b1b4f3

If talking to the old guy turns into a ghost confrontation it'd be nice to have Vivian's help. So let's talk to her first. We should have time, intermissions last a while.
No. 901273 ID: 91ee5f

So far everything has been aimed at Vivian. I hate to say it, but could it be a race thing? Someone hates Vivian because she’s a fey?

>Last I heard, she headed back to her dressing room...
Let’s go talk to Vivian.

And I’m hoping there weren’t any traps set up in her room while everyone was on stage!
No. 901298 ID: eeb7d9

All right, let's go and see the way. She might have felt or seen something while acting in the stage.
No. 901316 ID: dbf422

Also you're like, welcome. For stopping several murder attempts.

Anyway yeah, let's see how Vivian is holding up.
No. 901324 ID: debc40

Go, then. Tell them to double-check anything that's going to be near Vivian. And ask, if they send someone out to tell the audience there are some small issues - which they've all noticed by now anyway - can you extend the intermission a bit? Use the extra time to spare someone to run and find Cliff, maybe? I assume the actor playing Derrek will be free now, unless there's another part in a different costume.

It bothers me that this stuff is not only sabotaged, but that the sabotaged stuff is going off at exactly the right time. That suggests some magic, right? Maybe we're looking at a two-person job. Maybe it's even someone from outside the theater who bribed/threatened someone into setting up things they can set off with a little nudge. Or maybe there's some bad luck curse on Vivian, and that just needs someone to set up the right circumstances for an "accident" to happen and it will? Luck is a big thing in the theater world. You should ask Vivian about it.
No. 901340 ID: 7f0aac

>"But I think he still lives up there."

Weird question for Bailey, but has anyone ever been in his apartment (inb4 he died up there).
No. 901355 ID: b38f01

Check the fox. Tell her you've got a lead and you're about to follow up on it.
No. 901392 ID: 7816e7
File 153672595150.png - (146.40KB , 700x700 , 6-59.png )

“Does anybody know where his room is? Do people even go up there?” Gabe asks

Bailey thinks, “Oh! Abe should know. I think he leaves Cliff’s wages up there for him every couple of weeks.”

“We’ll check with him, thanks Bailey!” They hurry off through the backstage chaos towards the dressing rooms.

They find Clarence mooching around outside Vivian’s room, looking forlorn. He perks up “Hey guys! Great work out there! I thought we were done for with that phoenix head. Viv locked herself in again, but Rose went in to talk to her...”

He stops as a crash is heard through the door.
No. 901394 ID: 10c408

That's a bit alarming. announce you are here and coming inside to check out the noise.
No. 901406 ID: dbf422

Round 2, I guess. Just knock twice and barge in without waiting. Time to try to calm down Vivian again.
No. 901408 ID: 91ee5f

>a crash is heard through the door.
Gabe, attempt to heroically kick the door down! And then promptly be reminded of your physical strength when this happens: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ4rXeMgQNE ! XD

That’s when you attempt knocking on the door. And if you don’t hear anymore say anything, then make a portal into the room! Make sure the portal is really close to the ceiling so you can avoid cutting anybody!
No. 901410 ID: 91ee5f

if you don’t hear anyone say anything

I swear autocorrect hates me.....
No. 901416 ID: b38f01

No. 901536 ID: 7816e7
File 153679920113.png - (279.11KB , 677x700 , 6-60.png )

“Vivian?” Gabe knocks twice and puts his ear to the door, “Everything okay in there?”

He tries the handle, finding it unlocked. He peeks inside and catches a glimpse of the two singers. Their lips locked together, they grind hungrily against one another, grasping and panting with animal desire. They ignore the Sender, but as Vivian breaks away to trace her way up Rose’s neck, she flicks a hand idly at the door. Gabe squeaks and manages to pull his head back just as it slams itself closed.

He adjusts his mantle and tries to regain his composure, “Um, you know, we can come back later...”
No. 901539 ID: 02a0f7

Oh. Well... hey, at least she's not in danger!

Time to find Abe and ask about Cliff's room.
No. 901540 ID: 0e2ebe

Yeah that's a thing that could happen
No. 901543 ID: debc40

Yeah, you'd better come back later, these artistes need to burn off the tension. I suppose this adds a potential motive to the list, though. Someone who has an interest in Rose? Jealousy? Maybe?
No. 901544 ID: 094652

"Was that perfume expensive you're spilling it kay bye"

I wonder if Clarence is envious...
No. 901546 ID: afdebc

So long as they're done before their next cue and they don't mess up their costumes it's fiiiiiine.
No. 901548 ID: b1b4f3

Wow, they've got chemistry huh?

Talk to Abe.
No. 901553 ID: b1b4f3

Specifically, I think we should start by asking Abe if there's anyone who has an unrequited crush on either of the two female leads.
No. 901560 ID: eeb7d9

... Nah, yeah, we are just going to go away now.... Yeah they are fine.
I actually was sure they had something going on there, but i didn't had any proof. There it is now. Good to know i was right. So what now. Should we look for the old man?
No. 901594 ID: b38f01

Right! So, onward?
No. 901966 ID: 7816e7
File 153713480447.png - (120.04KB , 700x596 , 6-61.png )

Gabe and Delilah poke around, finding the impresario standing nervously in the wings. “Oh thank fates, its you two. How’s Vivian doing?”

“Shes...” Gabe thinks “good, yeah very good. Busy.”

Abe sighs, “You guys really saved my bacon, have you managed to find out anything?”
No. 901974 ID: b151ce

Props have been sabotaged in weirdly archaeic ways, though it's a bit unusual that they also seem to be failing at just the right moment to cause some serious harm. According to Bailey, Cliff's the only one that even would have been around back then when these techniques were used; if there's some kind of poltergeist messing things up, he might know something that could help. Either that or he's the one that did it for some reason.
No. 901975 ID: 91ee5f

Explain that both props were sabotaged by using old fashioned methods, like a lynchpin and wax, instead of using modern methods of securing props. And Cliff is the only person old enough to have been around during the times those methods were used.

Then ask if anyone has been up to his room or if they’ve seen him around anywhere? We’ve gotta at least talk to him and ask if he’s doing this before we flat out accuse him.
No. 901987 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him about the stuff you found but also ask if there's any kind of relationship drama going on around here.
No. 901993 ID: eeb7d9

This, but it would i don't think the old one did it, it would make him stand out too much. Someone else must be behind this.
No. 902013 ID: daa216

Mention that the leads are fucking in the dressing room and that the orchestra might need to play a little longer.
No. 902017 ID: dbf422

No. 902055 ID: b38f01

Looks like sabotage. We want to keep investigating. Heard there's rooms up stairs?
No. 902132 ID: 7816e7
File 153722907883.png - (120.64KB , 538x700 , 6-62.png )

Delilah explains, “Well, we’re not sure. Someone is making the props unsafe, but we don’t know why yet. It seems to have something to do with using older techniques for propmaking. If we can, we’d like to talk to Cliff. Bailey said he might know more about them. We were wondering if you could take us to his apartment.”

“Cliff? Yeah sure, I mean, calling it an apartment is a bit generous... Boy, I hope the old coot isn’t behind all this. He grumbles a bit but I never imagined he could be dangerous...“ Aberdeen motions for them to follow, taking them to a narrow door in the back of the theater.
No. 902133 ID: 7816e7
File 153722908211.png - (203.15KB , 606x700 , 6-63.png )

The narrow door leads to a narrow stairwell, which in turn leads up to a narrow corridor, made tighter by stacks of boxes and clutter. In the sparse few feet available to them, the trio shuffle down the hall, past a history lesson of costumes, props and posters. Various alcoves give way to dark and dusty rooms piled high with hoarded treasures of past productions.

“Fates, its hot up here.” Gabe feels himself starting to sweat through his suit. “People live up here?”

Aberdeen pulls at his collar as if venting steam. “The roof leads are right above us and they just soak up heat during the day. Its not what you’d call comfortable living. You know, I offered to help Cliff pay for a proper apartment in the city, but he said the opera house was the only home he’s ever known... I couldn’t just kick him out.” He stops in front of a cheap and badly hung door. “Ah, here we go.”
No. 902134 ID: d887c0

No. 902136 ID: debc40

Gosh, the way the roof is angled, that must be a tiny triangle of space in there. This is basically the attic. There aren't any trapdoor or hatch accesses around here in the floor or up to the roof or such, are there? Entrances onto the walkways above the stage or dumbwaiters for hauling stuff up and down or that sort of thing?

Anyway, give it a knock.
No. 902145 ID: 91ee5f

Remember you were told that Cliff has a hard time hearing, so you might have to knock really loud on the door in order for him to hear you!
No. 902146 ID: eeb7d9

Oh shit, did we brought something to write with?
No. 902153 ID: 0e2ebe

Have learned nothing, and do the knock and enter technique.
No. 902203 ID: 9c97bb

Should have brought some cucumber water!
No. 902289 ID: 7816e7
File 153732174782.png - (137.71KB , 700x700 , 6-64.png )

“Del, why don’t you knock?” Gabe suggests, “If he’s hard of hearing, you might be able to get his attention.”

Delilah nods and thumps her fist against the door. She only manages one knock before the hinges are ripped out and the door twists inward, hanging from its last few screws. “Oh shit, sorry.”
No. 902293 ID: 91ee5f

Judging by the amount of envelopes in front of the door, I think it’s safe to say that nobody’s lived here for a long time. Emphasis on the word “lived”.
No. 902296 ID: d887c0

I think it's less a matter of Del being swole and more a matter of that door being old and busted.
Anyway, it looks like this room might be a bit abandoned. That or its occupant went and kicked the bucket.
No. 902300 ID: 65c9b9

found a ghost probably
No. 902301 ID: 0e2ebe

I mean, just because it looks like a ghost and probably smells like one, doesn't mean it is. Investigate!
No. 902303 ID: 094652

Okaaay... Start tearing open the envelopes?
No. 902305 ID: b1b4f3

...are those his paychecks?
No. 902306 ID: 05ff2f

...Well, that's one solution to the problem of Cliff possibly not hearing you knocking. He'd have to be blind as well to miss his door getting knocked in by Delilah. Well, assuming he's even in here. He could be out right now.

Now, going by the number of letters piled on the floor behind the door, Cliff hasn't collected his mail in quite some time. He hasn't even opened the door, since it opens inward and would have swept the letters way. That means he most likely hasn't lived here for awhile.

First thought is Cliff kicked the bucket in his sleep and his spirit just kept doing his job like nothing happened. But if he had died in here, the decomp would have reeked to high heaven and definitely would have been noticed. So, second thought is he died elsewhere, nobody in the opera house was told, and his ghost wandered back here. Third thought is he didn't die but moved to another room up here that isn't quite as much of a hot box and didn't tell whoever is in charge of mail delivery.

Anyway, enough speculation. Time for investigation. Look the apartment over for Cliff or clues to where he is. Also gather up and sort the mail by date. If there's no postmarks, open the letters to look for dates. Most likely they're Cliff's paychecks, but there might be other mail in there. This'll tell you roughly when Cliff stopped getting his mail. Then check with Aberdeen if anything about Cliff changed around that time.

Oh, and better ask Aberdeen how much time is left until the intermission ends. You'll have to be back in your seats by then and ready to overwatch the next act.
No. 902330 ID: b1b4f3

One thought is the possibility Vivian killed the poor guy and he couldn't remember until recently, but also knew he couldn't prove it so he started practicing using his ghost abilities in order to try to get revenge.

That seems far too dark for a toxquest though.
No. 902352 ID: b38f01

What's air smell like in here?
No. 902432 ID: 7816e7
File 153740635176.png - (181.48KB , 640x700 , 6-65.png )

She steps over the stricken door and examines it, “Hey there’s a pile of envelopes over here.”

Aberdeen picks up a few and sputters “Th- these are his wages! I’d just been sliding them under the door for him...”

“Shouldn’t you have noticed if his paychecks weren’t being deposited?” 

“Yeah, if the guy had a bank account. I’ve always paid the guy in cash. Wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps it in a sock or something.” The impresario lets the envelopes slip from his hands and stares at the pile of unclaimed money.

Delilah stands up, “There’s probably over a year’s worth here. Not a good sign. What do you think Gabe?”

Her date fails to answer, his face ashen and his gaze locked in one corner of the room.
No. 902433 ID: 7816e7
File 153740635627.png - (107.58KB , 700x505 , 6-66.png )

Tucked in the shadows is a small, threadbare bed, upon which is curled an unmistakable shape.
No. 902435 ID: 65c9b9

get Delilah to take it off she is probably the toughest here mentally
No. 902438 ID: 0e2ebe

Gabe is the sender. He's trained to deal with the dead. He should do this.
No. 902439 ID: 10c408

Pull the covers back a couple of inches, just enough to determine if there is, in fact, a desiccated corpse concealed by the rest of the sheet.
No. 902441 ID: 094652

Get ready to cast in case he tripwired his room before... leaving.
No. 902442 ID: d887c0

Ohhhhhhhh shoot. Remove sheet.
No. 902446 ID: 17c4b9


We are either going to get pranked SO HARD, or there is going to be an awkwardly long intermission coming up.
No. 902447 ID: 17c4b9


Addendum: considering that there's no horrid reek of a year-old body decaying in the room, it's safe to say he sleeps just like the dead.

Time to give him a gentle shake and ask what's up.
No. 902450 ID: debc40

If he had died there'd have been a smell. It's possible if it gets really hot up here and it was really dry he'd have mummified, but it should be conversely cold at nights and the humidity of the rest of the building would condense up here against the roof? Doesn't explain the envelopes though.

Well, listen and watch close for breathing, if no then poke, if no then look.
No. 902451 ID: eeb7d9

Wait, didn't we saw the old guy cleaning outside Vivian's door? If this thing in the bed is what i think it is, then who or what the fuck was that guy?!
Please tell my that there is more than two ancient people here.
No. 902455 ID: b1b4f3

Pay attention. This quest is about ghosts.
No. 902461 ID: 10c408

Only some of the time, which is evidently now.
No. 902479 ID: 2007b6

Gabe, open a portal back to where Casey and Kol are, tell them to put on at least one article of clothing each and come to the opera house before this all-but-confirmed ghost manages to successfully commit negligent homicide.
No. 902487 ID: b38f01

Steel your stomach. Hold your nose. Pull the sheet.
No. 902507 ID: eeb7d9

We only saw a ghost ONCE. It can be something else. We are in a land full of magic and shit, we even saw a God, so i wouldn't be surprised if we encounter something other a than ghost.
No. 902526 ID: b151ce

Make a small portal near the head of the bed and pull open the sheets. Do not forget to wash your hands aftewards.

...You really should think about getting Gabe.
No. 902527 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, should probably ward the room, huh?
No. 902550 ID: 91ee5f

>...You really should think about getting Gabe.
Gabe is already in the room.
No. 902583 ID: 7816e7
File 153750208291.png - (127.38KB , 434x700 , 6-67.png )

Delilah twitches the sheet back slightly. Cliff’s mortal remains are easy enough to identify, having been desiccated in the hot, dry attic air. Fortunately its not the worst body she’s ever seen. “He’s definitely been here a while. Sorry, Abe. Looks like we found our ghost.”

“Awww Fates, I knew I should have been checking up on him. Poor ol’ guy...” The frog sags. “Any idea what happened?”

Delilah shrugs, “If he was as old as you say, he probably just died in his sleep. Might have been the heat. I could put you in touch with some people to take care of the remains.” She gives the frog an understanding pat as he processes this loss.
No. 902584 ID: 7816e7
File 153750208729.png - (246.90KB , 700x700 , 6-68.png )

“Hey, Gabe. You okay?”

Gabe feels a hand on his shoulder and he shudders. “Y- yeah. Sorry. I just... heh, its dumb, but I’m just not used to seeing... that.”

“What? A body? You deal with dead people all the time.”

“Yeah, ghosts and stuff. It... it usually takes a while for a ghost to form. We don’t usually have to take care of the... you know, remains and stuff.” He sighs.

“You’re telling me you got to become a ghost hunter and you never had to deal with a dead body?” She shakes her head, “You sure are something.”

He gives her a slightly nauseous smile, “Heh, I know right? Like, I’ve seen the other side... through a portal at least. You’d think I’d be better about handling it.” He fidgets with his mantle. “Kol’s better about these things.”
No. 902590 ID: b1b4f3

>it takes a while for a ghost to form
Uhhhh... why did nobody notice he was missing during that period? We know he died about a year ago, who was in charge of the crew back then?
Maybe this isn't the time to investigate the circumstances of his death though. We know he's a ghost at this point so we have to find him, ward the room, then have a polite conversation with him about the importance of moving on. Or banish him depending on how hostile he is, but that's gonna be difficult without your teammates.
I'd also like to know why the previous team didn't find him.

Is it possible that he doesn't even know he's dead, and is only subconsciously manipulating/sabotaging the props?
No. 902591 ID: 91ee5f

Well, Kol isn’t here, so you and Delilah are going to have to handle this. And I don’t think your usual method of having sex with the ghost is going to work this time.

How much time is left in the intermission? I don’t think you guys have enough time to go looking for Cliff‘s ghost, so you’d probably be better off heading back to your seats to protect the rest of the show.

But I’m wondering if we should tell everyone or not. On one hand, if we tell them, the backstage crew can keep a lookout for Cliff, but the onstage cast might be so nervous about a ghost that everyone other than Vivian will start performing badly.

On the other hand, if we don’t tell them, the backstage crew won’t know to look for Cliff, but the onstage cast will continue to perform normally, since they won’t be worrying about a ghost.
No. 902602 ID: 65c9b9

sometimes actual dead bodies aren't your thing and thats ok. now lets go look for clues in the room or get back to our seats after having a look at the next parts props.
No. 902604 ID: b1b4f3

...hang on what's that on his desk?
No. 902607 ID: ec69e1

Yeah, you don't have to be strong about everything.
No. 902638 ID: eeb7d9

Don't worry Gabe, you will get used to it. Nobody likes seeing dead bodies.
We should check the room for more clues to what happen to him to became a ghost.
No. 902670 ID: f7374f

Steady yourself, Sender. There's still work to be done.
No. 902678 ID: 10c408

Steel yourselves against the horrors, gabe. The job's not done yet. You need to find Cliff's ghost NOW and send him on his way before he gets someone killed.
No. 902681 ID: d887c0

Seeing dead people is fine, but lifeless corpses are very, very different.
Anyway, this changes things. We'll need to report this and sweep the building for ghosts. This'll most likely put the kibosh on the show, but if there's a PO'd ghost floating around and sabotaging the set, then that takes precedence.
No. 902700 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t think he’s pissed off. He’s probably just doing his job and trying to help, but doesn’t realize that he’s endangering people.
No. 902803 ID: b151ce

A mental strength-bolstering hug would not go amiss here, I think!
No. 903064 ID: 7816e7
File 153784862470.png - (162.32KB , 605x700 , 6-69.png )

“It’s okay, Gabe, no one expects you to be strong about everything. It just surprised me that Spirit Guide’s don’t get that kind of... expertise.” Delilah reassures him.

“Well, Senders don’t. They’re more concerned about us accidentally cutting someone in half and making a corpse. I dunno about the other guys. Casey knows more about the body, just from having to be in so control of her aura. -I haven’t asked Kol too about his training, but it sounded like it was pretty... intense.” Gabe admits.

“I can imagine. Training as a healer takes some serious dedication, but learning to separate from your body... that’s a whole ‘nother level.” She looks around the dingy room. “We should probably hurry: the intermission won’t last much longer.”
No. 903065 ID: 7816e7
File 153784862967.png - (132.94KB , 686x700 , 6-70.png )

They split up to pick through Cliff’s meager possessions. Delilah checks the desk and finds an open journal; its last entry scribbled in spidery handwriting over a year ago.

Word is next season we’re putting on some new production by that Shmuntz guy. They don’t put on shows like they used to. Its all illusion webbing and mage lights nowadays. It used to be so much easier. Canvas and limelight. Wigs and masks. That kinda stuff. Abe’s talking like he wants this big metal bird covered in fire, a war between two armies, and a cliff that raises itself out of the stage... I know how I’d do it, but these people...
No. 903066 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, I guess we have to look out for the rising cliff if we can't catch him beforehand. Or maybe the trap is already set and it'll be dangerous even if we don't catch him?

Anyway, with this information we can go down and ask the crew to inspect the mechanism for the cliff. Also to keep an eye out for the dead guy.
No. 903067 ID: 65c9b9

probably not a malicious ghost just a ghost moving on with its last wishes to see the good old days and do things how they used too... honestly I don't know if its even aware that its putting the actors in danger it might not be that concious of its actions and just doing things according to dying thoughts. one way to check is to call it out back stage and see if it comes forward it must feel bad about what its doing at this point and we could talk to it.
No. 903068 ID: 094652

Agreed. Theory: Ghost replaces new tech with old school props, actual killer sees an opportunity for an easy blame target, sabotages old school props to make it look like the ghost did it. If the ghost wanted to kill the target, he would have used more traps at the same time. If he was incompetent, he would have known this after decades of field experience and at least replace the props at the edge, where stuff falling off non-sequitur could cause a laugh or two.
No. 903069 ID: eeb7d9

I thought about this too. We have to locate this ghost, but we can't let the play unsuperviced. We'll have to look him later. See if we can find something else about his next move and then go to your seats and be ready for another lifesaving portal.
You are already doing a great job Gabe, keep at it!
No. 903077 ID: 0e2ebe

The problem is balancing protecting the stage and searching for the ghost. If someone trustworthy could just keep an eye on and double-check the rising cliff until it comes out, that would be perfect. But who?

Either way, checking it out now couldn't hurt.
No. 903098 ID: b38f01

Well we have a motive, but that's hardly anything. This guy's (ghost, if he even has one) is likely a patsy for the real culprit. What's that window look out to?
No. 903115 ID: a62780

poor dude, sounds like he just sorta wanted to do things like in the good ol' days.
also that he's apparently kept working even after death, I guess it makes sense nobody noticed he was gone if he's been doing his job from beyond the grave
No. 903133 ID: 91ee5f

>Abe’s talking like he wants this big metal bird covered in fire, a war between two armies, and a cliff that raises itself out of the stage...I know how I’d do it, but these people...
Aha! We’ve figured out what Cliff’s ghost’s targets are!

We’ve already dealt with the Phoenix and the war, up next should be the raising cliff! All we have to do is alert someone to check on that before it needs to be used, so that they can double check it and make sure it hasn’t been messed with!

But even after that, we shouldn’t relax during the rest of the play, just in case something else has been messed with!
No. 903204 ID: 7816e7
File 153792936732.png - (145.35KB , 700x520 , 6-71.png )

Delilah looks up from the page, “Last entry is from over a year ago, I’d say that’s roughly consistent with the condition of the body... Abe, how come nobody noticed Cliff had died?”

“Honestly?” He shrugs, “He just kept showing up for work. Every day, like clockwork. He was here before anyone else...”

“Weird...” She ponders this. “You mean he never missed a day of work?”

“Not to my knowledge...”

“But, Gabe, I thought you said it takes a while for a ghost to form, right?”

The sender looks up as he searches the stagehand’s drawers, “Yeah, usually they go hunting for a source of mana, then after a while they manifest.”

“I wonder... What if this isn’t a normal ghost? What if he’s more like a memory, or an echo of Cliff’s consciousness? Like, I bet he doesn’t even realize that he’s dead...”

“What, like a recording? You think he’s just running on automatic?” Abe scratches his chin and ribbits slightly, “That... would explain a few things. He never was a very personable guy, but after a while... you’d have to shout just to get him to look your way. We just assumed his hearing had gone.”

“So what do we do?” Gabe asks.

“It says here that he worked on the phoenix, the army, and some kind of cliff that rises out of the stage. We should check that next.”

“Oh yes, its part of the climax. Act 3 scene 6 the world fractures. We’ve got a platform under the stage that can raise it nearly 10 meters in a matter of seconds. Its all powered by clock... work...” Aberdeen’s face goes from proud and lustrous green to a pale, bloodless mask of realization in as many seconds. “Oh lichfire...”
No. 903207 ID: 094652

I guess we can just host the last scene outside then? It would be safer than the entire building exploding.
No. 903210 ID: d5442a

Well, if you can quickly figure out where he would be in his routine right now, you might find him. Failing that you need someone to figure out how the cliff raising thing would have been achieved using old methods, because the way he messes with it will be based on that if the pattern holds.

You sure there's no way to summon ghosts? Like if some necromancer could use a bit of his body and drip a bit of blood somewhere and call him up? Seems like something you should know about.
No. 903211 ID: b1b4f3

Okay how about you take an extended intermission to go over every part of the mechanism, while we go find Cliff and open a spirit portal in front of him so he just walks right through it mindlessly?
No. 903212 ID: bf650b

That sounds too complicated for a last-second save, Aberdeen. Best case scenario I portal Viv out and the play is without a star, but even then it's just not safe... Cliff wrote that he knew how he'd do it- how would he?
No. 903214 ID: eeb7d9

We need to look for al the places where he could be and work, and it's going to be fast. If we can't find him, we will have to improvise a way to save Vivi and don't ruin the play.
No. 903222 ID: b1b4f3

They could just... not use the mechanism? Vivi seems to go on autopilot though, even when things aren't normal, so how much would that screw up her performance?
No. 903324 ID: 05ff2f

There's not enough time to search the place fully and you've got enough to go on for now, so y'all hurry back downstairs. You need to talk to Bailey ASAP. Get her to get the crew in charge of the raising cliff to do a full inspection of it's mechanism immediately. Then quickly inform her of what happened to Cliff and that his spirit is very likely behind the production's unexplained incidents and accidents this last year.

It's also entirely possible Cliff has meddled with other props, set elements or mechanisms besides the raising cliff, so don't totally focus on that. Gabe should be up in the box seat at the end of intermission, ready to intercept any other potential mishaps on stage.

>We’ve got a platform under the stage that can raise it nearly 10 meters in a matter of seconds. Its all powered by clock... work...
Well, could it be raised by some other means if the clockwork is broken or is the clockwork needed for other than just motive power, like making parts of the cliff raise before others or some such? Because motive power could be handled by something as simple as dropping a counterweight 10 meters to raise the cliff, so the clockwork has to be for more than just that.

>Failing that you need someone to figure out how the cliff raising thing would have been achieved using old methods, because the way he messes with it will be based on that if the pattern holds.
It's likely that Cliff's spirit has been meddling with the raising cliff mechanism for the last year, probably leading to a fair number of failures it's had in that time. And since his spirit is "on rails" it's probable that he's been changing the mechanism in the same or similar ways every time. So find out from the crew what part of the raising cliff keeps failing or if part of it keeps getting changed without anyone's knowledge and breaking and that should be the first thing to check out.
No. 903352 ID: 10c408

Yeah, the platform has been unintentionally sabotaged. The play will have to do without it, if at all possible.
No. 903384 ID: 91ee5f

>Because motive power could be handled by something as simple as dropping a counterweight 10 meters to raise the cliff
That actually depends on how big the cliff is. Because if it’s pretty big, then we might not have enough time to gather the things necessary to act as the counterweight.....unless we can use the head of the Phoenix prop that we dropped in the fountain earlier? Again, it all depends on how big the cliff is supposed to be.

I don’t think we can continue the show without it.

Because Vivian is a fey, she has to do things in the script exactly the way it’s written. So if she has to stand on the cliff while it’s rising up, but the cliff isn’t moving, that might mess with her, maybe even physically hurt her or something. I don’t know how these fey laws work, but I’d rather not risk Vivian getting hurt from not being on that cliff while it’s moving!
No. 903388 ID: 10c408

I did say if at all possible. If we can't skip it's usage then we need to have it quickly inspected to try and prevent a fault. And if we can't even do that then bring your A-game gabe, you are going to need to rip open a gate big enough for the entire stage.
No. 903395 ID: dbf422

Yeah, figuring out his pattern is the best solution, I think. In the meantime, checking the clockwork is priority. I imagine anything else could be handled like the Phoenix head or the axe.
No. 903396 ID: 10c408

His pattern, thus far, has been to replace current safety standards with what was used back in the day. (Lynchpin replacing the bolts used for the pheonix head, wax keeping the halberd blade from falling off.)

God knows what he's even done to a clockwork cliff over the last year, but it's unlikely to be safe.
No. 903409 ID: b38f01

There probably not enough time to inspect all the clockwork. We might have to just play catcher again.
No. 903462 ID: 05ff2f

>Because if it’s pretty big, then we might not have enough time to gather the things necessary to act as the counterweight...
Ah, but we have Gabe and his Sender powers. He could portal himself pretty much anywhere in the city and a ways beyond to find a acceptably massive weight to use, then portal it into position and use a portal to feed the rope through to tie around it before it's dropped.

I think the dock would be the best place to find a counterweight, since it has both cranes and winches that could raise things up to the proper 10 meter height before dropping them and many heavy things. Once one of 'em is in the right spot all Gabe needs to do is make a portal back to the rising cliff mechanism to allow a rope through to tie to the weight held up by the crane/winch, then drop it.

>God knows what he's even done to a clockwork cliff over the last year, but it's unlikely to be safe.
It's highly unlikely that the raising cliff's mechanism hasn't been test run in the last year. At the least it almost certainly was used during the dress rehearsal, so anything wrong with it would have shown up then. So if Cliff did anything to the raising cliff clockwork that'd be a danger now, he has to have done it since the last time the cliff was raised, otherwise it would have been caught and fixed by now.
No. 903930 ID: 7816e7
File 153817076836.png - (151.92KB , 650x700 , 6-72.png )

“We need to stop them! Extend the intermission!” Aberdeen bounces on his heels. He looks down as a reverberation shudders through the building, shaking spiders and dust from the ceiling beams. The floor seems to flex as if hammered from below as the orchestra kicks into full gear, announcing the start of the third act. “Too late! They’re on!”

Delilah takes her date by the shoulders, “Gabe, can you get us downstairs?”

“Y-yeah,” He nods, but looks uncertain, “ I’ve got enough for two, maybe three more gates if I make them small.”
No. 903931 ID: de212a

D, could you give Gabe a refresher with healing?
No. 903933 ID: d5442a

Ok, there's no time. You just need to gate down into whatever crawl space is under the stage, and disable to cliff-raising mechanism entirely. The actors will be able to improvise.
No. 903940 ID: b1b4f3

It's the START of the third act. We have 6 scenes until the clockwork is engaged. We can warn them before then, surely?

Alternatively, Gabe can portal down, rush backstage, and cut the winding coil or power shaft for the clockwork so it can't do anything.
No. 903945 ID: 094652

Well, the theater is going to need some serious renovations anyway... punch a hole through the floor, be as destructive and obnoxious as you can to get the actors' attention.
No. 903946 ID: eeb7d9

I wish we had mana potions or something... Can't we recharge Gabe or something? Give him some mana from someone?
Is either that or use portals until you pass out, Gabe.
No. 903957 ID: 05ff2f

You have until the sixth scene to deal with this, so you don't need to go rushing in to break the cliff clockwork or something similarly drastic. At least, not until there's no other option.

Ask Abe how long it is 'till the sixth scene from the start of the third act. Then ask him who on the crew knows the most about the raising cliff clockwork and where they'd likely be right now. You'll want to portal everyone to where that person is, then get 'em down to the cliff clockwork ASAP, if they aren't already down there in preparation of raising the cliff.
No. 903963 ID: 2007b6

Open a two-inch-wide portal back home to top up your mana by giving Kol a BJ.
No. 904043 ID: dbf422

Fae like Vivian cannot improvise.

Except that there's bound to be small but lethal mishaps in the meantime. Taking their time runs the risk of failure.

They should split up. Gabe will portal just himself to watch the stage as Delilah handles investigations into the machinery.
No. 904079 ID: 91ee5f

Ask Delilah if her healing magic can restore your magic? Because I’ve got a feeling that you’re going to need more than “enough for two, maybe three more gates if I make them small.”!
No. 904115 ID: 05ff2f

Actually, the smartest move would probably be to use a mini-portal to call in another Sender. You're nearly spent and gambling the life and limb of those on stage that you can pull this off with only the mana you have left is foolhardy. And if you lose that bet, it'll be you that the blame falls on. Besides, you'll likely need another Sender anyway to send Cliff's spirit on its way since you'll be exhausted by the end of the play.
No. 904203 ID: 2007b6

Yeah. You've adequately confirmed that the problem is a ghost, and you're personally all but spent. Time to get SOME sort of backup involved.
No. 904613 ID: 7816e7
File 153852762242.png - (119.41KB , 700x432 , 6-73.png )

“What about your healing magic? Can you use it to transfer mana to me?”

Delilah raises her hands and feels the flow of mana through them, “I-I don’t know. I’ve never tried. I should be able to, but I doubt it would be very efficient. I might be able to give you a bit of a boost but any more than that is going to take sustained channeling.” She clenches her fists, “I don’t think we have time for that right now. Can you get us under the stage?”

“Y- yeah, but... its a blind gate; I might cut something...”

Abe waves him off, “There shouldn’t be any people down there. Its an old building, damage should be minimal.”

“Well... if you say so...” Gabe moves his hands across one another and closes his eyes in calculation.

Beneath the stage a portal winks into existence, smoothly cleaving a chunk of stone from the wall. “Crap... sorry...” Gabe sighs.

Above them, they hear Vivian and Rose engaging in a musical back and forth of sorts: Magara claiming that they’ve gone far enough.

They let their eyes adjust to the darkness, beneath center stage, lurking like a spider, is a large, complex arrangement of steel and oil. The machine strains visibly under the strain of its mainspring, ready to catapult itself skyward at a moments notice.
No. 904614 ID: 65c9b9

go through bring frogman with you just in case something is broken he knows who to get.
No. 904618 ID: eeb7d9

That looks like a bird, is that a bird? Is it our bird? Stop the bird. Bad bird! Bad ghost bird! Stop doing bad ghost things! Ghost bird things!
No. 904621 ID: b1b4f3

There's Cliff. Yell at him to stop. If he doesn't, cut that wrench in half with a tiny portal.
No. 904626 ID: 9636d9

Tell him he's dead and not good at his job.
No. 904636 ID: 094652

Well, he's dead. Just saw off his arms with a portal and call it a day.
No. 904638 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, I recognize that guy. Yeah, he’s the guy that was cleaning up a drink Vivian threw earlier: >>892645 . So that’s Cliff?

Tell the others that Cliff is messing with things and you’re going to try and stop him.
No. 904639 ID: 10c408

Oh lord, the stage is going to pancake the actors into the stage if it's been wound up past safety standards.

Stop him!
No. 904645 ID: 2007b6

Hey, Cliff, your shift's over. Get your dang hands off that wrench before the union starts breathing down my neck about owing you time-and-a-half.
No. 904651 ID: d887c0

Oi! Who dat?!
No. 904656 ID: a28433

Create another portal to saw that spring apart to remove all tension
No. 904745 ID: e7848c

Eyes forward, Gabe. There's your shade. Chuck that rock at their feet. Get their attention.
No. 904749 ID: 05ff2f

Oh, dear god, no! Do that and the mainspring will release its stored energy in the form of some combination of rapidly unwinding and flying apart. It'd lash around the room or blow apart into shrapnel!
No. 904757 ID: d5442a

"Oi! There's supposed to be no-one down here!"

Better jump through and try deal with this, but call for a technician to come down right away to make sure the machinery is ok.
No. 904768 ID: deec6e


Hop through, get Delilah to follow, you'll probably need her strength. Ensure that the wrench Cliff is holding on to doesn't suddenly move by having Delilah hold on to it as well, and then... you're not some medium, good at talking to ghosts, so make sure your actions count louder.

Pop a portal so that Cliff can see through it (be verrry careful not to hit the machinery) and show him his corpse. Make him realize himself that he's actually dead. Smile sadly.

"If all the world's a stage Mr. Cliff, I'm sorry to say your act is over. Don't worry, I'll take you to where the next show's at."

If he seems to realize, open your third and final portal to where he needs to go.
No. 904790 ID: 7816e7
File 153861080290.png - (148.49KB , 700x626 , 6-74.png )

“Cliff!” Gabe yells at the indistinct figure, struggling to be heard over the opera above, “Stop! You’re gonna get someone killed!” The old man continues to lever away at the greasy bolt, oblivious to the Sender’s voice.

Gabe clicks his tongue in frustration and swipes two fingers upwards. A hum and a flash of light later and the head of the wrench falls to the ground in a perfectly clean cut.

Cliff stops his work and examines the gleaming metal. “Will’ya look at that...” He scratches the back of his head and sighs, “Lousy, cheap metal these days...” He stands up and shuffles away aimlessly.

“Hey! Cliff! Stop!” Gabe shouts, “Cliff, wait! You’re dead! Come back here!” He looks to Delilah, his face etched with disbelief, “I’m being ignored by a ghost.”

“Uh, guys?” Abe interjects. Behind them, the twisted mass of steel creaks, its springs overburdened and squealing in pain.
No. 904798 ID: 65c9b9

open a portal to side of the machine just in case send Abe to follow the memory ghost and delilah to follow Abe for the mechanic BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS
No. 904803 ID: eeb7d9

Shit he is on automatic! Abe, try talking to him, you are- were his boss, he should listen to you!
No. 904808 ID: 10c408

Okay, we're going to have to place a portal in cliff's way to stop him from finishing the job.

Maybe sending him back to his room will jog what's left of his memory.

Meanwhile. Unless delilah has enough brawn to loosen that bolt with just the wrench head, we're going to have to portal backstage and get a spare to undo cliff's unintentional sabotage
No. 904815 ID: deec6e


Yeeep, has he been cranking that up for months? How come nobody noticed?!

The machine looks way above its tolerance and you're low on portal power, so just REMOVING it entirely is probably gonna be super risky (see: asplodin' springs). Can you and/or Delilah use what's left of the wrench to loosen the spring and safely reduce the tension? Do you have the time?

(cutting the wrench in half may not have been the best idea)

If no, can you think of anyone you could portal in at the last minute who could REALLY help with this?

... what about Casey? Could her spirit shackles hold this thing while and/or help crank back the tension?
No. 904820 ID: bad12e


How fast can we release the tension on that thing and is there an emergency release?
No. 904839 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think Cliff going to be able to do anything from here on, except possibly trigger the spring? You're gonna need a mechanic to tell you where to cut this thing to disable it safely.

That, or you can put a portal above the actors and purposefully trigger the spring so that they get shot through the portal. Just gotta make sure the portal leads somewhere safe. ...that might be difficult.
Maybe you can get them to fall through the trapdoor? If nobody's onstage then we're good. Or, depending on how entranced Vivi is, you might be able to get her to walk through a portal by simply putting one in front of her. OR, her co-star could tackle her through it. It would ruin the play but if we don't, no amount of healing will be enough.
No. 904843 ID: 10c408

The problem isn't releasing the tension quickly. The real trick is doing it properly and slowly so we don't send the damn thing through the stage floor above us.
No. 904844 ID: e7848c

This thing is overstressed and primed to blow anyone up above into a screeching metal mess. You either need to unwind it or kill it.
No. 904845 ID: ffdd5f

We can't kill it, we'd ruin the play and give the fae actresses a meltdown on stage.
No. 904861 ID: 319ac8

I don't think she can have a meltdown: isn't the danger that she has to keep performing exactly as scripted, no matter what goes wrong?
No. 904911 ID: 2007b6

Gabe, follow the ghost. Warn anybody else you encounter. Aberdeen, go find whoever's in charge of the mechanical stuff.
No. 905243 ID: 7816e7
File 153879492739.png - (152.96KB , 700x500 , 6-75.png )

Gabe clutches at his head, “Fuckin Fates! Del, what do I do?”

There’s a silken noise in the dark and Gabe finds himself holding a pair of bundled up gloves. “Hang on to these, will you? I don’t want to get grease on them...” living fire traces its way down Delilah’s shoulders and earths itself in her fingers. She exhales calmly, and draws the cool cellar air into her lungs with a hiss.

The healer walks up to the massive contraption, places her hands on the upper and lower struts and compresses them together in one smooth motion. She lets out a slightly shaky breath as she holds it in place. “Okay, get in there and see if there’s some way you can let off the tension safely.”
No. 905244 ID: 7816e7
File 153879493502.png - (150.74KB , 700x500 , 6-76.png )

“Are- are you okay?” Gabe asks.

She nods, biting her lower lip and grunting. “Just fine, don’t worry about me.”

“What am I looking for?” Gabe pokes his head between the great steel slats of the giant mouse trap.

“Dunno-“ Delilah manages, “-not an engineer. Should be a ratchet or something, something you can disconnect. That or- springs, -could use a gate- give them room to expand.”
No. 905247 ID: d5442a

Pull the lever, Kronk!!
No. 905248 ID: b38f01

Fates, what a woman.
Bisect the biggest springs you can find. There a lever to your left, see if you can pull that.
No. 905249 ID: 0d45a9

...disconnecting it would prevent the cliff from going up, and you can't give the springs more room to expand unless- can you do two portals at once, Gabe?

If you could you could effectively make more space for the mainspring to expand, you'd need to give it enough for the cliff to expand at a safe pace and for long enough for it to do so.
No. 905250 ID: 65c9b9

first move your head out before messing with things and use gates to interact. but try to switch the lever and if that doesn't work >>905243 some big springs by Delilah here that look crumpled gate them some room
No. 905260 ID: 10c408

We have no idea what we're even looking at. Make a gate to backstage and flag down a stagehand, they'll know how to fix this problem properly.
No. 905270 ID: b151ce

The only thing we know is that the springs are what'll kill someone. If you think you can safely put a portal into the springs, that should relieve the tension and render it inoperable. Apart from that, try cutting anything that doesn't look like it's keeping the stage locked in the down position. Doing so is very dangerous though; call out to see if you can get someone else here but watch your portal use.
No. 905286 ID: 2007b6

That thing in the lower left seems to be a ratchet, and it's connected to a spooled chain extending upward.
No. 905444 ID: 5b93d3

Pick the side of the spring facing away from the audience, then nick out a small notch with a small gate. The spring will buckle and snap its way out in that direction. It'll make a huge mess, but viable as an out-of-mana last resort option.
No. 905553 ID: b1b4f3

That lever wouldn't be there if it weren't safe to pull. It also doesn't make sense for it to be there if it would activate the mechanism. So it must be a release lever. Pull it!
No. 905708 ID: eeb7d9

Fates damn Deli!
Ok, maybe that lever could do something? It looks like the one thing that one could move without a tool.
No. 906046 ID: 7816e7
File 153905038317.png - (134.85KB , 700x619 , 6-77.png )

“T-there’s a lever here. I’m gonna try it. Get ready, Delilah!” Gabe pulls his head out and reaches into the maze of metal. He yanks the lever and backs off as a clunk is heard. 

There’ a rattle of unspooling chain and Delilah feels the pressure taken off her shoulders. She lets go as the steel accordion sags into an inert pile. “Whew, Normally I need a warm up for something like that.” She rolls the aches out of her shoulders and grins. “What now?”
No. 906051 ID: 86eb65

Get your arm out of there fast and back off.

Now we follow the confused ghost and stop him before he accidentally messes up the next stage piece.
No. 906054 ID: 65c9b9

Gabe what do you know of ghosts that don't have a conscious thought but are just continuing what they did before they died? if you don't know anything might be a good idea to make a communication gate to someone who does like Kol, he went to smarty pants school instead of Jock school... right?
or I would bet this ghost might be best served with an actual gate cut to let it pass on because it can't pass on through speepch
No. 906055 ID: d5442a

Hopefully the actors can adapt to the stage not rising as planned, but you could call a technician down to try quickly redo things if you don't trust to that.

More important though is to go after that ghost!
No. 906059 ID: 0d45a9

The cliff still needs to be raised. Is Delilah strong enough to raise the cliff, and does she need your help to do so?
No. 906068 ID: eeb7d9

Well, if this helped with the moving platform on the stage, we should worry about finding this elusive ghost before he causes real harm.
No. 906083 ID: b1b4f3

Now we have to tell the crew they need to rewind the springs for act six.

Oh right and banish a ghost. Just like, push him into the spirit portal I guess. If you can force him to pay attention to you first that'd be nice.
No. 906087 ID: 10c408

First, get your hand out of the clockwork mechanism.

Next, go get ye ghost.
No. 906176 ID: 1872dc

Pass word on to the crew to get cranking and start looking for a ghost I guess. Probably doing the rounds backstage, maybe with props.
No. 906189 ID: 91ee5f

Crisis averted, but that cliff still needs to be raised! Go alert the crew so that they can hopefully get the cliff to raise up in time!

I’m kinda torn of what we should do. Should we continue looking for Cliff or should we go back to our box seats to protect Vivian from anything else that might fall on her?

To be honest, I’m kinda leaning towards going back to our box seats, just in case there’s anything else that might fall on Vivian!
No. 906205 ID: 751a27

Rub her shoulders. Options include returning to the booth or hunting down the shade.
No. 906377 ID: 7816e7
File 153922138088.png - (144.20KB , 700x604 , 6-78.png )

“I hate to be a pain...” Aberdeen pipes up, “But we still need that cliff to rise, at some point...”

Delilah nods, “I’ll handle it. Gabe, you go after Cliff- -the person, not the- you know, whatever.”

Gabe nods and hustles up the stairs, looking left and right for signs of the ghost among the crowded chaos backstage. “Cliff!” he calls out, only to be shushed by a stagehand.
No. 906378 ID: b1b4f3

Ask Bailey if she's seen him. Also tell her he's a ghost and has been responsible for the mishaps.
No. 906379 ID: 65c9b9

pull bat to side and get her helping look two pairs of eyes are better then one when no one knows whats happening... or she might know what would be the next big prop that might fail so you can get there ahead of Cliff
No. 906382 ID: d5442a

Cliff was perplexed by his broken wrench when you last saw him. Ask someone to quickly tell you where someone would go to get a new one.

Only call back that he's dead and a ghost when you're leaving. Can't be distracted by questions! Talk later!
No. 906384 ID: 094652

He's siphoning his objectives from new technology, turning it into old-fashioned stuff that happens to fail-deadly. So now he's going to look for the old-fashioned version of a wrench. What is the old fashioned version of a wrench? A hammer.

Look for any stage props that could double as hammers, and stop him from testing it on a very specific fluffy nail.
No. 906408 ID: 1872dc

Tell Bailey Cliff is a ghost and needs to be found. Also something about a wrench? Ghost man first.
No. 906409 ID: 459f59

Give the status update to Bailey.
No. 906754 ID: 7816e7
File 153947204756.png - (140.27KB , 700x500 , 6-79.png )

“Bailey!” Gabe hisses.

The bat’s ears swivel and she tears her eyes away from the production, “Hey, what’s up?”

“Did you see Cliff go by just now?”

“What? No, I was watching the performance. Why?”

“He was under the stage messing with a machine down there. I think he went to go get a new wrench. Also he’s a ghost-“ He waves his hands in an effort to condense away an explanation, “Or something, like that. You know where he might have gone?”

“Probably the workbench: its around back.”

The pair scurry past the other stagehands and over to an isolated corner of the theater. There, they find a thick table scarred and stained with paint. Under a lone work lamp, the dead stagehand rummages through an open toolbox and mutters to himself, “-Wasn’t for me nothin’d get done around here...”
No. 906755 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, shouldn't be hard to keep up with him now. Go up and tap on his shoulder. Once you get his attention, break the news to him.

If you can ward the room while keeping the mana to also summon a spirit portal, do that first. Then he won't be able to run away, and you can prove that he's a ghost by telling him to just try walking through your ward.
No. 906756 ID: 65c9b9

try to get his attention by touching him and even smacking him around but don't let him leave the room. if you have to gate him to your house
No. 906759 ID: eeb7d9

>Wasn’t for me nothin’d get done around here...
You have already done too much, Cliff. Is time for you to take your well deserved rest. Please put your tools down and come with me. The play is going well, you can come and see it. Everyone is taking good care of everything. When was the last time you saw a play from the viewers perspective? Doens't that sound more appealing?
No. 906773 ID: d5442a

He's stuck in the past. You might need to get through to him using something that could plausibly have been part of his life back then? Someone who was around when he was alive would be best, but you could... I don't know, pretend to be a patron who's interested in the practical effects? He seems like the kind of dude who'd love to explain his job, or at least the parts of it he liked. Then maybe you could lead him around to talking about what was important to him and what could be holding him here.
No. 906785 ID: 094652

Careful! It's possible he's infusing his materials with power, which is why they suddenly break right after he leaves. He might be stronger than he looks.
No. 906787 ID: bad12e


Walk up, be polite, and thank him profusely before telling him he's done a great job and everything is going perfectly -- so why doesn't he take the rest of the night off? He's earned it.

Should go upstairs, rest a while, even (maybe forever).
No. 906793 ID: 10c408

I like this, but I think it'd work better if it was Aberdeen who did the talking. Someone that Ghost Cliff might actually recognize.
No. 906795 ID: 83bf07

Cliff, the play is over. It's time to turn in for the day.
No. 906829 ID: 864e49

Can't we just portal him to the afterlife? Isn't that a thing we can do?
No. 906830 ID: b1b4f3

Guys the play isn't actually over yet.
No. 906834 ID: 1872dc

They know, they're just lying to Cliff.
No. 906841 ID: b151ce

Tell him that you really need to talk to him before he does any more work. It's important.
No. 906860 ID: bad12e


Oh! Good point. Let's get frog-boy in here.
No. 907026 ID: eeb7d9

No, i think we need to convince them to go, we can't just force them, they have to willingly go through the portal.
No. 907074 ID: 7816e7
File 153965105360.png - (149.75KB , 500x700 , 6-80.png )

“You sure he’s a ghost? He looks pretty much the same as ever to me...” Bailey observes.

“Oh yeah,” A vision of Cliff’s desiccated body flashes into Gabe’s mind, “Very sure.”

“Well, what do we do? Say some magic words or something?”

“He... I don’t think he’ll listen to me. He needs someone familiar...” Gabe thinks, “Aberdeen! Bailey, go get Abe, from under the stage. Send him up here and hopefully we can stop all this. Oh, and Delilah is going to need someone to tell her when to raise the stage.”

Bailey gives him a questioning look at the end there, but scurries off regardless. A few minutes later the impresario returns, huffing with exertion, “I swear, I’m going to have a heart attack with all of the running around tonight.” He pauses to let himself deflate a little, “Okay, what’s the plan?”

Gabe points to the muttering stagehand and says, “You need to convince him that his job is done. I don’t think he’ll listen to anybody but you...”

The frog blinks as he swallows. “Me? Oh- oh dear. You know I’ve dreaded this day. Its never easy letting someone go... although this is a bit... different from what I had imagined...”

The tuxedo’ed figure nods his head along with the music for a second, and takes a deep breath. He steps under the work light and claps a hand onto the ghost’s shoulder, “Evening, Cliff...” His voice booms slightly, larger than life and fully committed to his role.

The stagehand looks up, for the first time seemingly aware of the real world, “Uh... evening, Abe. Didn’t see ya there. Somethin’ I can do for ya?”

“No, Cliff, I think its time I did something for you...” there’s a dramatic pause while he lets this sink in, and the hedgehog cocks his head as he struggles to follow. “You’ve done a lot for us here over the years, truly a lifetime of service. But, I think its time that you took a break.”

As the new information settles, Cliff drops a wrench, “You... you letting me go, sir?” He looks as though his world is upending.

“Nooooo, what kind of man would I be to put someone like you out in the cold? I’m talking retirement, Cliff. I think its time you... Moved on.” Aberdeen tucks his thumbs in his lapels and pulls at his tux in a self satisfied swagger.

“I... I... Are you sure? What’ll you do without me?” Cliff stammers.

“We’ll manage, son. You’ve left a legacy here that I daresay no one will forget. But we will... make do.”

“But- but I don’t... What’ll I do? I don’t know where to go...” Cliff’s eyes reflect a lost expression, his cheeks seem to sink inward.

“Don’t worry yourself. This young man is here to help you find... somewhere new...” Abe waves the Sender over with frantic hand signals.
No. 907075 ID: 10c408

All according to keikaku.

Gabe, be a dear and help the frog and the ghost out.
No. 907079 ID: e7848c

"It's an honor to meet you, Cliff. We can help you right this way." Que opening of the gate.
No. 907082 ID: eeb7d9

This sounds nice.
No. 907091 ID: d5442a

Poor guy. Hopefully he acknowledges you now, though you probably still have to be delicate. Maybe you should say something like: "Hello, Cliff. I hope I can just say, I've been interested in how everything works backstage here recently, and talking to the people here I've heard a bit about the things you do. If you'll forgive me asking a personal question... from what I've heard you've been really dedicated to this place for a long time, but I think people have been wondering whether you're happy, here. No-one likes the idea of you being trapped in this work or this building. Right, Mr. Auzaleus?"

I mean, just saying that he's not being tossed out isn't enough to make him not feel like he's just being tossed out. Try make it clear that there's some feeling this is what's best for him.
No. 907092 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him his new home is just on the other side of the portal. Everything he needs is already there.
No. 907137 ID: 1872dc

And that it's somewhere he can be at peace.
No. 907223 ID: 7816e7
File 153973944187.png - (136.51KB , 700x500 , 6-81.png )

Gabe steps out of the shadows and waves, “Hey. Nice to meet you, Cliff. I’m Gabe.”

The stagehand seems to register the Sender for the first time. He wipes a hand on his overalls and extends it for a quick handshake. “Uh, nice to meet you Mr. Gabe. So, wh- what happens now? Where are we going?”

“Well, I’ve talked with some of the people here and, you sound like someone uh...” The Sender stares into space for a second as he tries to think, “Uh- dedicated! And we thought, it might do you good to go somewhere where you can find some... uh purpose! Somewhere fresh!” Gabe beams.

“Uh, I suppose so... I mean I heard of what happens to guys like me when they got nothin to do. I never did want to be one o’those ol good for nothin’s.” The ghost scratches his chin. “Where’s this place you’re talking about?”

“Right through here...” Gabe claps his hands and pulls open a hole in the world, revealing the unearthly glow of the seas beyond. Onstage, the music rises to a dramatic crescendo.

“Sayyyy, that’s a neat effect...” Cliff steps into the glowing rift and admires the mana runes. “You can barely see the edge there.”

“Mmmhmm!” Gabe nods frantically, pouring his remaining mana into the portal. “Best get a move on!”

Cliff steps into the blazing glow and fades from view. As the gate to the Ghost-zone begins to shrink, Aberdeen stops the Sender, “Wait! Hold it for one second!”
No. 907224 ID: afdebc

>“Wait! Hold it for one second!”
Err... make it quick, I don't have a lot of juice left here.
No. 907225 ID: d5442a

Give him a pained expression and just say "quick!"
No. 907238 ID: eeb7d9

No. 907240 ID: 094652

No. 907241 ID: c1212a

No. 907242 ID: 7d4373

Dig into your reserves, Gabe! This guy deserves a proper send-off.

Thank you, Cliff.
No. 907244 ID: d887c0

No. 907265 ID: 1872dc

No. 907683 ID: 7816e7
File 154007747479.png - (132.44KB , 437x700 , 6-82.png )

Gabe’s eyes pop open and he rolls his head incredulously, “Abe, What?!!”

The music comes to a crash and right as the timpani roar from the orchestra pit, the impresario cues Gabe. The gate closes with a boom, and the audience gasps as the stage is hurled upwards. Long canvas cliffs unroll as it accordions upwards, forming a shattered landscape with two figures clinging to opposite sides of a deep canyon.

Morrigon reaches in vain as Magra struggles to hold on, her face twisted with regret.
“How could I have not seen?
A face so close, a heart so warm?
I sought the sun on burning wings
And eclipsed the mooooon”

Magra answers in song
“A heart so dear, I sought to find
A gleaming star to catch thine eye!
A light that blinded us to the widening circle
Across an ever darkening skyyyy
No. 907684 ID: 7816e7
File 154007747951.png - (160.16KB , 700x500 , 6-83.png )

In unison they reach for one another and, from under the stage is an audible “Huf!” As Delilah pulls the two “stone” spires closer together.

“And here upon the rift within we
Find our souls aligned.
The deepest love to bind us together
Lets mend this shattered hearrrrt
Lets find a new beginning
Away from a world torn apaaart
Should all the blades and arrows
Be turned against us
Let our fires buuurn
And forge a stronger alloy
The axel on which we’ll turrn
To you and I
A revolution, unstoppable
A union, immortalized
Crystallized, unshakable,
A constellation to outshine the heavens
Atop the moonlit skies

As the two fae continue their duet, they traverse a path hidden in the cliff face. They reach the pinnacle hand in hand; Vivian’s voice raised in an unearthly note, held beyond the measure of mortal lungs. Behind them the (headless) metal phoenix frame descends from the rafters and illuminates the stage in a rain of fire.

The curtain closes and the stage is cleared as the “cliffs” are lowered back to ground level. Vivian stands in the wings and waits for her cue; unable to fully acknowledge Gabe, but giving a nearly imperceptible nod in his direction.
No. 907685 ID: 094652

Okay Cliff got to see the finale now CLOSE IT BEFORE SOMEONE LOSES A FINGER
No. 907692 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, if only we were getting paid for this.
At least Gabe can tell the Sender's Guild or whatever about this new type of ghost. Should be some recognition there, and they might wind up revisiting previous trouble sites now that they know what to look for.

Gabe go find your date!
No. 907695 ID: 39c40f

... I guess we're just waiting?
No. 907704 ID: 91ee5f

It looks like Aberdeen wanted to time the booming sound a closing gate made to make the play more dramatic. So technically, both you and Delilah are now a part of the show!

>Behind them the (headless) metal phoenix frame descends from the rafters and illuminates the stage in a rain of fire.
Oh, uh, oops?

>Vivian stands in the wings and waits for her cue; unable to fully acknowledge Gabe, but giving a nearly imperceptible nod in his direction.
Nod back at her.

.....hey, would it be too much trouble to ask Aberdeen for 2 free tickets for the next show? Both you and Delilah didn’t get to enjoy the show, so it would be nice to be allowed to come back to properly enjoy it!
No. 907705 ID: 1872dc

Anyone want to carry Gabe and Delilah to their seats? No? Alright, then, I guess just collapse together.
No. 907712 ID: 094652

>Do we get paid
Nobody is going to recognize you saved the actors from an automated poltergeist because that would mean recognizing the previous senior team totally @#$%ed up, and they have senior credibility over you.


Ask for a slice.
No. 907752 ID: 83bf07

Collect date
Aquire cucumber water
Catch breath
No. 907759 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah! Free tickets!
No. 907762 ID: 10c408

Have a word with Abderdeen about free tickets since we were a little too busy saving the play to watch it properly.
No. 907949 ID: 985f67

Perhaps after that whole series of events, mybe invite the cast and crew to the bathhouse for some goodtimes, maybe get Kol and Casey too, have them meet your new acquaintances .

Also orgy.
No. 908034 ID: 7816e7
File 154026652802.png - (146.83KB , 700x500 , 6-84.png )

Gabe collapses on a pile of rolled up backdrops and exhales. Aberdeen sits next to him and nods silently to himself, lost in thought.

After a while he asks, “He-he’ll be alright, won’t he?”

Gabe waves a hand, “Oh yeah, Ghost-zone, he’ll be fine. Everyone goes there. Sooner or later, they come back: new body, new experiences, its all a cycle. Can”t get locked down in one building forever.”

“So that was it, huh? That was the other side?” He sits quietly for a while as the play wraps up.

Bailey comes up to take him onstage for the final bow and Delilah plops down next to Gabe.

“How’re you holding up?” Gabe’s head rotates limply.

“I’ll be pretty sore later, not too bad though. You take care of Cliff?” She rolls her head back on her shoulders.

“Yep, all squared away. Good job with the cliffs, that was incredible.”

“Heh, thanks.” They lay back for a minute, weighed down by mutual exhaustion.
No. 908035 ID: 7816e7
File 154026653409.png - (133.03KB , 500x700 , 6-85.png )

Vivian’s head pops into view. She grabs Gabe’s arm and hauls him upright, “There you are! That was amazing you two! I saw everything; I can’t believe you pulled it off! Thank you so much! Technical faults aside we fuckin killed it out there!” Vivian pulls him into a very glittery hug.

“Heh, that’s great. Didn’t get to see much of the second half to be honest.” Gabe admits.

“Oh don’t worry, you two are getting season passes. Come any time you like.” She offers a hand to Delilah and pulls her onto her feet with an uncanny lack of effort. “You guys coming to the afterparty right?”
No. 908037 ID: b1b4f3

Afterparty sure sounds like a good time.
No. 908038 ID: deec6e



"Yessssssssssss-*cough* I mean, if Delilah is up for it, it'd be an honor. Season passes would be amazing as well! I am definitely coming back to get the full experience."

Give Aberdeen a slightly concerned look.

"You okay sorting things out here, sir? I'll tell the Guides about what happened so there might be a follow-up. Don't worry, you even had a Guide team come in earlier on, so it's not like you didn't do due diligence. Nobody can blame you."

Then grin roguishly, wrap your arm around him and try to wrangle some future premiere tickets for your friends.

"... barring Vivian, of course. I expect she'll not let you live this down any time soon. Might even insist that future premieres have a dedicated Spirit Guide on hand, just in case. Incidentally, I know a couple good ones..."
No. 908039 ID: deec6e


Ah dang, Aberdeen left. Nevermind then, that stuff can be said later. Or you can propose the idea to Vivian as an added reward.
No. 908040 ID: d887c0

Afterparty? Hot dog!
No. 908047 ID: 83bf07

Look to your lady, Gabe. This night was ment for you two. Where does she want this night to end?
No. 908048 ID: 1872dc

I mean, don't hide your excitement about it, but yeah. Things turned out really differently than planned, and trying to steer back to a quiet night seems more trouble than just going with the flow.
No. 908056 ID: eeb7d9

Is up to you, Delilah. What do you want to do? Night is still yung!
No. 908060 ID: 91ee5f

>“Oh don’t worry, you two are getting season passes. Come any time you like.”
Oh, thank goodness! Now you guys can have a more proper date next time and you’ll be able to see the show!

>She offers a hand to Delilah and pulls her onto her feet with an uncanny lack of effort.
What’d you expect? Vivian is a fae, of course there’s going to be a lack of effort.

>“You guys coming to the afterparty right?”
Well, you guys are currently tired from both of you using your magic, so you might want to sit this out and relax.

.....then again, a party might be just what you guys need to get this date back on track.

Honestly, it’s up to Delilah. Ask her what she want to do?
No. 908088 ID: 7816e7
File 154034125139.png - (128.57KB , 500x700 , 6-86.png )

“Sorry we didn’t really get to enjoy the show, Del.”

“Mmm, that’s okay. It just means you’ll have to take me on another date to make up for it.”

“Heh, sure thing. Nice night though, isn’t it?”

“Its beautiful... Want to get back to the party?”
No. 908090 ID: daa216

Respond with. "Do you?" and give her a cheeky grin.
No. 908093 ID: b1b4f3

We could do that, or go somewhere more private.
No. 908094 ID: 0e2ebe

"I think we earned it."
No. 908098 ID: eeb7d9

Beat me to it.
No. 908099 ID: 91ee5f

Technically, you guys are the guests of honor. It’d be kinda rude to just up and leave the party. Let’s go back to the party.
No. 908100 ID: 2aa8db

No. 908174 ID: 7816e7
File 154043502744.png - (253.96KB , 800x500 , 6-87.png )

“I don’t know, maybe we can find somewhere a bit more private?” Gabe suggests.

Delilah looks at the room behind them, full of soft sounds and sweaty smells, “I don’t know if privacy is really an option, but maybe somewhere more comfortable...”

She pulls him back inside. The room, lined with satin and silk of the deepest red, seems to pulse from within as the partygoers move to the rhythm of their desires. They trace careful toetips over discarded clothing, winding their way into a corner of the party.
Gabe finds himself plopped onto an ornate couch next to a moaning tangle of kitsune and bat.
No. 908176 ID: 83bf07

Well, are you going to offer her a seat? Or offer to take off those gloves for her?
No. 908199 ID: daa216

Ah so post show orgy. Maybe move to a less crowded area, you dont want to accidentally knock heads.
No. 908203 ID: 1872dc

She's put in a lot of work, she should definitely take it easy.
No. 908230 ID: eeb7d9

Ohhh it was this kind of celebration. Not that i am completely surprised about it, but still, this is my kind of party!
Well, since Gabe is already the one on the couch,she can sit on him. Naked.
No. 908232 ID: 16ed45

Well, it has been a pretty stressful day. Time to relieve the tension, right enough. Delilah's the one who stressed her muscles without a warmup, though - she might have some bruising and aches tomorrow. There isn't a lot of room on that couch, so why not let her take the more relaxed position? Then you, since you've been more emotionally/mentally strained, let those stresses slide away for a while by filling your senses with her. Nothing immediately needs your attention for a while. Let your date, and any other new friends who want to join in, help you forget anything else for a while.
No. 908251 ID: 10c408

Mm, this kind of party huh. Well unless being completely mana tapped also drains you of stamina, be a gentleman gabe and help the lady disrobe before you shuck off everything.

Also don't let her do all the work, she must be somewhat worn out after manually operating the clockwork cliff.
No. 908294 ID: 7816e7
File 154052421276.png - (201.37KB , 700x661 , 6-88.png )

Gabe pats his lap and Delilah joins him on the couch, laying back across him. The mouse catches her around the waist, pulling her into a kiss that sends shivers through her toned body.

They take a breather, laying back in one another's arms as the night unfolds and their stress slips away. Its warm here; a collective body heat that urges them to shed their clothing and inhibitions. For the moment, they just relax and take in the sights. Delilah, feeling strangely comfortable watches their host, "Thanks for the invite, Vivian. Do you guys usually throw parties like this after a show?"
No. 908295 ID: 7816e7
File 154052421704.png - (155.00KB , 700x500 , 6-89.png )

Vivian smiles, her tiny, sharp teeth gleaming in the moonlight, "These are… special, I don’t let just anyone in. This is a safe place and I hold everyone here close to my heart… You two kept me safe and for that, you're both welcome here anytime you like. The night here lasts as long as you want it to, and while you're here, you're under my protection."

She lays back and spreads her legs as Bailey slips to her knees. Vivian lifts her hips so that winged fingertips can tug at satin and lace. She rolls her head back as the bat's tongue goes to work. "Faaates, I needed this. You know why I really perform? Its not the crowds, the glamor, the Fae laws… " With a hand, she urges Bailey deeper onto her shaft and the bat moans. "Its that Nothing gets me harder."
No. 908304 ID: daa216

Can you do a quick check to make sure that the bat isn't under any spell other than hormones?
No. 908305 ID: b1b4f3

Fae don't roll like that, at least not here. They cannot take what is not freely given.

Get ye to second base.
No. 908310 ID: 1872dc

I don't know. It's nice to be good at something. Really, though, it's the people you get to meet.
No. 908382 ID: 82910e

Feel up those sweet Del legs.
No. 908407 ID: 10c408

Massage Del's back muscles, work your way down.
No. 908483 ID: 7816e7
File 154066954547.png - (176.34KB , 700x586 , 6-90.png )

Gabe's fingers trail southward over soft lavender hills, his palm rolling into warm, sore muscle. Delilah arches as mousey fingertips knead themselves into her back. "Feeling better?" Asks Gabe. She nods, a small moan rumbles through her as the tension melts away. As she sinks into the Sender's lap she feels something rising up to meet her.
No. 908485 ID: 1128b3

Move mouth down, move hand up. Pincer attack.
No. 908529 ID: 10c408

Move your right hand up, give a nice squeeze while you tease her with your left hand and you kiss your way down slowly to her other breast.

If she wants to give you attention, trade places on the couch with her.
No. 908687 ID: 7816e7
File 154078712207.png - (142.32KB , 700x500 , 6-91.png )

Gabe's hand slips forward, seeking the warmth between her thighs. He's rewarded with a gasp of pleasure as they find the source and tease the thin boundary of fabric. They skillfully insinuate past he barrier and work their way in and out, drawing out her desire. The Sender dips his head, nuzzling against her breast and applying kisses as he goes. Delilah "Ahh"s with wordless appreciation under the combined delights.

No. 908688 ID: 7816e7
File 154078712772.png - (166.87KB , 700x500 , 6-92.png )

Del grins, "Come here, you…" scooping an arm beneath her she deposit Gabe into her lap. The Sender "ooh"s as a silken-gloved hand slips him loose from the urgent tightness in his pants. Delilah's
warm touch envelops him, spreading salty stains across lilac fingers.

No. 908690 ID: d887c0

Apologize for her gloves.
No. 908702 ID: 83bf07

If you make a mess, promise to make it up to her.
No. 908812 ID: 7816e7
File 154086889798.png - (146.30KB , 544x700 , 6-93.png )

"Careful, you're going to make a mess…" Gabe warns.

"Oh, its okay if its you, Gabe…" Delilah smirks as she coaxes more from him. The mouse gasps and rolls his hips into her glove. "You like that? You want to get it all over me?"

"Aah, Fates- that’s good, Del." Gabe stammers, "Oh Fates, you're so beautiful… ah!"

No. 908813 ID: 7816e7
File 154086890210.png - (168.39KB , 500x700 , 6-94.png )

"Oh, go on, dude." Gabe looks over his shoulder. Bailey squeaks as she holds onto her partner, her stubby tail bouncing in Vivian's lap. She winks at the mouse, "Give it to her- eep!" She blushes in the moonlight as Vivian guides her up and down, sliding in and out with soft rolls of her hips.
No. 908836 ID: 7d4373

Now why don't you give that dog a treat? Don't keep her waiting.
No. 908864 ID: b1b4f3

Try for a boob job.
No. 908871 ID: 05ebc7

Well, you certainly have a bone to give...but is she ready for i- yeah no she's probably ready.
No. 908891 ID: 91ee5f

Uh oh, someone is backseat sexing you! That must mean that you’re going too damn slow!

Better go ahead and get to the sex, before someone else tries to tell you what to do!
No. 908893 ID: eeb7d9

Give it to her Gabe!
No. 909207 ID: 7816e7
File 154112406535.png - (193.77KB , 700x700 , 6-95.png )

"Del, I'm-" Gabe's hips shudder and quake as her efforts push him over the edge. Pale pearls of cum lace their way across her chest and gleam in the moonlight like lewd jewelry. Delilah's tongue laps happily at the droplets cobwebbing her chin, "Fates, Gabe. That was a lot! Were you saving up for me?"

Still flushed, Gabe shrugs, "Heh, kind of… sorry, I guess that was kind of fast…"

No. 909208 ID: 7816e7
File 154112407229.png - (135.49KB , 500x700 , 6-96.png )

"Oh don't worry about that… " The Healer extends a digit brimming with aura and strokes Gabe's spent cock. "There's plenty more where that came from." He gasps as the blazing energy earths itself, bringing him ram rod straight in an instant.
No. 909215 ID: eeb7d9

Delilah, have i ever told you how much i love your ability?
No. 909217 ID: b1b4f3

Deliah is OP as fuck. And OP at fuck.

Let's get some relaxed sexings going.
No. 909218 ID: 10c408

Daaamn. Del going even more all out than we ever thought possible.

Put your restored vigor to good use, Gabe and take Delilah to the pound!
No. 909233 ID: 83bf07

Fates, what a woman.
No. 909474 ID: 7816e7
File 154130339114.png - (191.63KB , 700x466 , 6-97.png )

Feeling the vigor of healing magic surge through him, Gabe shrugs off the hated suit and kneels between her legs. Delilah lays back and makes herself comfortable as he crawls on top of her, panting with naked desire. "Go on, show me what you can do, cutie…"
Gabe nods at the encouragement and, with a quick adjustment of his hips, slips inside easily. "Ahhh, yeah…" he gasps, lost for a moment and enjoying her inner warmth. Behind them, he hears Bailey's squeaks rising in tone, punctuated by Vivian's soft grunts.

He starts with a smooth rhythm; his cock steadily pumping faster and faster. Soon Delilah can feel his hips slamming against hers in a frenzy. No longer holding back, Gabe pants and bucks, determined to find her G spot.

Suddenly, the Healer aches her back and gasps, "Ah! Yeah! Keep going!" He stops searching and thrusts again, and again, and again. Pounding away, Gabe ignores urgent warnings of his own rising orgasm as he struggles to go harder and faster.

No. 909508 ID: 83bf07

End this show with a bang.
No. 909574 ID: eeb7d9

Just a little bit more Gabe!
No. 909589 ID: 02a0f7

Kiss her, or kiss her chest or neck if you can't reach, while you do.
No. 909685 ID: 05ff2f

Del, place a couple fingers at the base of Gabe's shaft and weave your magic. Keep him from coming 'till you're satisfied, then release him and use magic to prolong his orgasm significantly. In the end, leave him a puddle of sexual bliss collapsed over you.
No. 909939 ID: 7816e7
File 154164391495.png - (251.11KB , 649x700 , 6-98.png )

"Fuck, Gabe! Don't stop" Delilah feels each of his desperate thrusts bringing her closer to the edge, building up like a roaring fire. Feeling her body respond, Gabe tries to hold out against the inevitable; his frantic movements starting to falter.

"F-Fuck!" he gasps, his body shuddering. Delilah can feel him pulsing and cresting within her, trying to keep going in a losing battle. The Healer wraps her hands around his, letting her energy flow through him and rejuvenating him. Delilah's muscles tighten as his slickness spills out of her. Even as she feels herself going over the edge she urges him further, riding the waves of pleasure with great, heaving gasps.

No. 909940 ID: 7816e7
File 154164391926.png - (91.72KB , 480x600 , 6-99.png )

Gabe comes back from somewhere distant: his body glowing with sweat and mind lost in a fog of endorphins. He's aware than his hips are still moving, and they creak to a halt. He croaks, his tongue dry and tired. All he manages is a vague "Hhnuh?"
No. 909941 ID: 7816e7
File 154164392305.png - (149.83KB , 500x700 , 6-100.png )

His head manages to droop towards Delilah. Sprawled back against the couch, the healer chuckles back at him between racing breaths. "Heh, you okay?" she looks down at his handywork, impressed by the pearly glaze, "Never- hah- tried that while someone was cumming… oh fuck…"
No. 909942 ID: 7816e7
File 154164392891.png - (163.03KB , 574x700 , 6-101.png )

From the other end of the couch Vivian mutters "Root and Stone, I've let a monster into my boudoir…" her lusty smile gleams in the moonlight.
No. 909947 ID: eeb7d9

How rude! She is not a monster, she is the most beautiful lady in the world and she is with me! Unless you were talking about me, in that case you are quite right, i am a beast.
No. 909948 ID: 10c408

"This monster needs some water."
No. 909949 ID: b1b4f3

Uh oh, looks like Deliah's gonna have to share her magic. Might be time for a break though. Also a kiss.
No. 909953 ID: 0dfaba

Well, there's a couple of hopeful admirers of creatively applied magic, for you. I'm sure they'd love to admire another monster rampage, but if you feel like that's enough for now, you can think of it as helping them look forward to your next visit. Season passes, after all.

In any case you probably both need at least a drink before anything else.
No. 909954 ID: bb78f2

Delilah takes birth control right? Her magic, especially used right then, might've made super sperm.
No. 909958 ID: 83bf07

Holy shit, Gabe. Get your pile going on your sweet Healer.
No. 910184 ID: 02a0f7

Literally every single person in the room is eminently adorable. Consider pursuing post-coital four-man cuddles.
No. 910256 ID: 7816e7
File 154191050705.png - (149.38KB , 700x500 , 6-102.png )

Exhausted, Gabe collapses into a sticky embrace. Delilah pulls him close and they share a long, breathless kiss. "You okay there, Gabe?" She asks when she gets a chance.

"Yeah… just… wow, that was amazing, Del. Oh man, I can't feel my toes…" dreamily, he looks down between them, "Faaaaates, you look amazing. "

"Heh, I think we picked up a few admirers…" Delilah points out.

"Well, it was quite a show." Vivian concedes, "But, if you two are tired, perhaps you'd like to retire somewhere a bit more… comfortable?"

No. 910257 ID: 7816e7
File 154191051490.png - (181.44KB , 700x437 , 6-103.png )

She beckons them with a twirl of her fingers and moments later the two find themselves… somewhere else.

"I knew you had a bed!" Gabe throws himself onto the voluptuous acre of silk. Even spread eagled, he manages to only occupy a small corner of the mattress. Above him, dark red curtains stretch like heartstrings, enveloping the mouse in a sense of utter comfort.

Vivian extends a hand, guiding Delilah into her embrace, "Even I have to sleep sometimes. But it always seems like such a waste to do so alone."

No. 910261 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you snuggle close to Delilah!
No. 910262 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, is it time for a partner swap? After that giant second load I don't think he'll be needing Deliah's help, so this is convenient.
No. 910268 ID: b5952d

Well now what's the worth of a big bed if you can't have a nice big pile o' pleasure pals? Snuggle up and let things proceed naturally from there, whatever direction that will be.
No. 910299 ID: eeb7d9

I have a distinctive feeling that you don't use this bed for sleeping that much, Vivian.
No. 910378 ID: 83bf07

Pile time!
No. 910528 ID: 985f67

Wonder where that crane and komodo couple are, because they should probably get in on this.
No. 910640 ID: 7816e7
File 154217245191.png - (180.15KB , 700x500 , 6-104.png )

After that, things get...
No. 910641 ID: 7816e7
File 154217245699.png - (177.43KB , 700x600 , 6-105.png )

No. 910642 ID: 7816e7
File 154217246179.png - (203.64KB , 700x700 , 6-106.png )

No. 910646 ID: daa216

Mention that you still need to see the show now that this is all done and you hope that you can stop by again once you get to see it all in full.
No. 910656 ID: 91ee5f

And then everyone collapses into a pile and sleeps the night away!

.....after a few more rounds of fucking.

They already talked about that. Vivian said that Gabe and Delilah are both getting season passes and they’re welcome to come anytime they want.
No. 910657 ID: 10c408

For our efforts at saving the show and the lives of the actors and stage hands, we got season passes and can come back at anytime.
No. 910675 ID: 83bf07

Everyone is going to sleep like Kings and Queens
No. 910679 ID: eeb7d9

I LOVE theaters.
No. 910939 ID: 7816e7
File 154242940106.png - (173.98KB , 500x700 , 6-107.png )

Eventualy, things settle down. Four sweaty, sticky shapes curl up in the dark: falling asleep in a haze of post coital sighs.
No. 910940 ID: 7816e7
File 154242940484.png - (189.02KB , 605x700 , 6-108.png )

Many restful hours later, Gabe pries his eyes open amid a tangle of sheets and limbs. Beside him, Bailey murmurs gentle batty snores; seemingly content to sleep in a group. He blinks and screws his eyes closed in protest before turning over and scowling at the strange half-light invading the bedchamber.

Squinting through a microscopic gap in his eyelids, gabe sees a tall silhouette doing stretches in front of the window. “Morning!” Delilah booms, “I thought I’d let you sleep in, I imagine you’re pretty worn out.”
No. 910946 ID: 83bf07

Not enough to turn down watching her stretch and exercise in the nude.
No. 910947 ID: d887c0

Grouse sleepily.
No. 910969 ID: fbc0a3

Maybe Gabe could do some sit-ups! Or hide under a pillow.
No. 910982 ID: 02a0f7

Hmh, Vivian get up already?
No. 910989 ID: eeb7d9

Well, at least you get to see her do her morning routines, Gabe.
No. 911004 ID: bad12e


... then why all the noise?
No. 911007 ID: a62780

Grumble a bit: "Show-off..."

But then take in the view and smile.

"-But Fates be damned if it isn't a lovely show."
No. 911040 ID: 05ff2f

"Ugh, not so loud, hun. Yeah, I feel hung over, sore, hungry and thirsty. That might be related to cumming, like, 1% of my body weight over last night." Flop over. "And it was totally worth it! We gotta do something like this again sometime, but with prep so I don't feel like I got run over come morning."

Shuffle to the edge of the bed next to Dal to sit up. "Would this battered boyfriend's beautiful, strong girlfriend care to share some sugar with him?" (Meaning a embrace and kiss.) "And then carry him in her arms to the breakfast table, please?"
No. 911124 ID: 7816e7
File 154258960421.png - (159.23KB , 500x700 , 6-109.png )

“Fuggin Muut...” Gabe grumbles at the sunlight, “What time is it?”

Delilah rolls her shoulders, “Not sure, I’ve been up about an hour. I think time is a little strange here, but I’m guessing about 7ish.”

Gabe groans, “Ughhh, its like being back on the farm again. I think I’ll just live in this bed from now on. Tell the others I love them and to go on without me....”

“Fun as that might be...” comes a voice, “I prefer not to make my guests permanent, unlike some Fey.” Vivian sashays into the room with a swish of her tails. She sets down a silver tray of glasses and a pitcher the color of liquid rubies. “But you guys are welcome any time you like...” The kitsune‘s smile reveals a line of perfect little teeth.
No. 911125 ID: 7816e7
File 154258960991.png - (141.59KB , 700x500 , 6-110.png )

Gabe disentangles himself from the sleeping bat and pours himself a cup of what turns out to be pomegranate juice. “H-how did we get here anyway? I remember the opera house and then the party, but the in-between is a little hazy...”

“With this-“ Vivian pulls a strip of silk from her sleeve, and throws it into the air. It seems to grow as it tumbles, draping itself across an unseen object until it forms a floor length curtain suspended in midair. “It’s a little different from a Gate. Instead of going to a place, it leads to here...” She taps between her breasts. “My heart. I’ve trusted you two with my life, and so I trust you with my heart. Keep it safe, will you?” 

Vivian gives them both a piece of silk and a kiss. “Whenever you’re ready to leave, the curtain will take you home. No rush though. Bailey will probably sleep for a couple more hours, so we best not disturb her, but I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted a bath and some breakfast.”
No. 911126 ID: e7848c

Now that sounds like a plan
No. 911127 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her she has a nice heart.
No. 911130 ID: eeb7d9

Wait, YOUR heart? Literally your heart? This is too much! Are you sure you want us to keep this?
No. 911131 ID: 91ee5f

A bath and breakfast sounds good.
No. 911133 ID: 2cb8b9

Aww give her a big hug. That's so sweet. And those sound great.
No. 911141 ID: 094652

Right, metaphysical space connected via quantum entanglement to a magical identity which only magic-saturated experts can build. But what happens if we do this~

Lick the bed seductively.
No. 911144 ID: afdebc

"Well now I'm going to feel guilty if I leave the place a mess!"
No. 911251 ID: 05ff2f

Put on a cheesy grin. "Y'know, you got a big heart, Miss Vivian." ...Hm. Actually, is 'Vivian' her first or last name? Her whole name? A pseudonym?

Would you be right in assuming the bath is as roomy as the bed? 'Cause then Gabe and Delilah could relax together in it for a bit and soak away, uh, mostly Gabe's aches. Maybe even take breakfast at the same time. And Del could massage Gabe once they get out.

How 'bout you two share your home addresses with Vivian? Then she can come 'round for a visit and meet your partners and friends. And she might take a liking to Delilah's bathhouse.
No. 911451 ID: 7816e7
File 154286293781.png - (77.00KB , 700x395 , 6-111.png )

Gabe shakes off the last of his sleepiness and drags himself away from the comforts of the bed. Together they adjourn to the baths: a large tiled room lined with benches and buckets and brushes, surrounding a deep, warm tub. They set about scrubbing one another in a strictly non-lewd way and rinsing off with buckets of warm water before dunking themselves into the tub. Delilah lays back with just her head above the placid surface, “Oooh, this is nice. I might have to get one of these for the bath house...”

Vivian’s ears twitch with interest, “Bath house? What bath house?”

“Del runs a place up the coast, we helped her clear our a kelpie that was making herself a pest.” Gabe explains.

“Oooh, I simply must come visit! Tell me, do you do massages?”

“For you? Absolutely.”

The kitsune blushes and sinks a little into the bath, clearly unused to being flustered.
No. 911452 ID: 7816e7
File 154286294125.png - (96.87KB , 700x500 , 6-112.png )

After a thorough soak and much toweling, Gabe helps Vivian brush her hair; a monumental task made easier with a pair of mousey hands helping. “So you said this is your heart, but its not literally your heart, right?” He watches as Delilah shakes her waterproof fur dry in seconds.

“Not as such, no. Its more like a pocket in space; one thats tied to my emotional state. If I’m depressed, it turns dark and grim, if I’m happy, its airy and light... and when I’m turned on... well you get the idea.” She sighs, “It can be a pain to control, but I daresay that having you two visit will always brighten my day.” She pats his cheek, her husky voice full of warmth. “Now, breakfast!”
No. 911469 ID: 438a42

So it's a wibbley-wobbley, moody-woody, ball of...stuff. Neat!
No. 911473 ID: 91ee5f

Yay! Food!
No. 911489 ID: eeb7d9

What are we having?
No. 911494 ID: bad12e


Clearly we shall enjoy some stuffed mouse with a side of the goodest girl.
No. 911499 ID: 83bf07

Pankanks, I hope!
No. 911794 ID: 7816e7
File 154320169129.png - (194.11KB , 700x500 , 6-113.png )

They follow Vivian to a cozy breakfast nook, and she busies herself in the adjoining kitchen. She returns bearing a platter of hot eggs and sausage with biscuits. She sets it down and Delilah digs in with gusto. The others watch with something akin to dawning horror as the healer gorges herself. The poodle swallows and grins, “What, you think all that mana I spent was free? I need my energy.” She sets back to work as Gabe and Vivian claim what they can before its gone.

“This place is amazing, Vivian. How does it work?” Gabe munches on a sausage, admiring the room. “We learned all kinds of spacial magic in the Sender Academy, but nothing like this...”

“Fey have made spaces like this for ages, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could make one yourself. I could help, if you wish. You would start small: a basically a pocket where you can store things. Over time, it will grow and allow you to construct larger, more useful rooms.” She gesticulates with a bit of egg, indicating the entirety of the extradimensional space.
No. 911796 ID: b1b4f3

Learn Fey magic? Yes please.
No. 911797 ID: 83bf07

Pocket dimension, is go!
No. 911799 ID: 91ee5f

>Delilah digs in with gusto.
Uh, if she asks for seconds, I don’t think it would be wise to say no. Especially with a job as important as a Healer. Gotta make sure she’s at her best so she can help heal people.

>Vivian offers to help Gabe create his own pocket dimension
Yes please!

Question, is there a silly rule that requires us to be wearing clothing that has pockets on it to create a pocket dimension? Because Gabe normally only wears his mantle and a pair of shorts and, from what I’ve seen in the previous threads, neither of those have pockets on them.
No. 911801 ID: d887c0

Today is the day that Casa de Gabriel was born!

Teach him your ways, fairy woman.
No. 911812 ID: 4854ef

The ability to store vital supplies for long distances would be quite useful, as would be food for recharging oneself afterwords. The idea is quite sound.. That and the educational purposes are quite fun!
No. 911813 ID: 864e49

So kinda like Delilahs stomach right now?
No. 911960 ID: df5c09

Vivian has been expanding this place for quite awhile, has she? Makes you wonder just how big ones made by the oldest living Fey are.

So, do spatial pockets take upkeep mana, and if they do what happens if Gabe runs dry? Does the pocket collapse and everything in it is destroyed? Is it all dumped out? Or does the pocket become untethered and floats off, lost? ...If it's the latter, makes you wonder if there are spatial pockets floating around in the ether like ghost ships. And then wonder if there a folks that find a loot them.
No. 911997 ID: 7816e7
File 154337256667.png - (131.07KB , 700x521 , 6-114.png )

“Woah, you mean learning real Fey magicks? Count me in! Thanks Vivian!” Gabe grins. “Casey and Kol are never going to believe all this... Thanks for such a great night, Delilah.”

She dabs a napkin against her lips and pulls him close, “More fun than I’ve had in years! Though, next time how about I pick where we go?”

“Its a date, then.”

End of Chapter 6

Gabe and Delilah gained: keys to Vivian’s heart
Gabe started learning: Pocket dimension.
No. 912014 ID: e7848c

Count your blessings, Gabe. You're one lucky mouse.
No. 912032 ID: d887c0

Lucky rodent.
No. 912046 ID: eeb7d9

Yes, he definitely is that guy.
No. 912165 ID: 7816e7

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