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File 153050252584.png - (662.62KB , 996x996 , clownquest1.png )
890756 No. 890756 ID: 40232e

this is a really bad idea
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No. 891083 ID: 40232e
File 153068596652.png - (734.45KB , 996x996 , Clownquest34.png )

No. 891084 ID: 40232e
File 153068601654.png - (151.85KB , 996x996 , clownquest35.png )


>gained: 1 Level

>Self esteem +1
>Gumption +2
>Weird Kinks +69
No. 891085 ID: dbf422

No. 891090 ID: ff0134

Fantasise about your wierd kinks despite having other things to do probably.
No. 891094 ID: 40232e
File 153069409415.png - (229.44KB , 996x996 , Clownquest36.png )

jasper is immediately besieged by a KINK GREMLIN for thinking about that garbage

this is whatcha get for being into like... vore or watersports or feet or whatever

this dude

its whatcha get boi
No. 891095 ID: a363ac

accept your kink Gremlin in a embrace
No. 891116 ID: b1b4f3

Flee in shame.
No. 891129 ID: dbf422

Flee in terror
No. 891141 ID: e7848c

Throw a tarp over them. Hope no one finds him.
No. 891147 ID: dd1c79

Kink shame him for having multiple bewbs. Or is that body shaming...?
No. 891148 ID: 40232e
File 153073820424.png - (132.35KB , 996x996 , Clownquest37.png )

a tarp is thrown over the shitty kink goblin. he flees in an appropriate mixture of shame, terror, and disgust

youll have to face the truth someday jasper

face your shame
No. 891151 ID: dd1c79

The only shame we feel is that we let some unfunny jerk steal our awesome pie.
No. 891154 ID: 40232e
File 153073886873.png - (146.87KB , 996x996 , clownquest38.png )

the.... the pie?

No. 891160 ID: 85ac17

Yeah that thing we set out to recover from the 2spooky hand... get a move on.
No. 891163 ID: 8a947d

You'd best get to stepping, that pies going to spoil if you take too long. That spooky hand thing better have a fridge or something to keep that in. From the look of it we might need a HINT.
No. 891313 ID: 40232e
File 153082975715.png - (120.79KB , 996x996 , Clownquest39.png )

onwards you absolute fucking moron

but you're our moron
No. 891314 ID: 40232e
File 153082977992.png - (162.08KB , 996x996 , Clownquest40.png )

welcome to the pie factory

smells like pie
No. 891319 ID: 3583d1

Think they will have some of that awesome BURMPLEBERRY PIE? Nah probably not, although we might be able to equip ourselves some some BANANA CREAM PIE however, the most hillarious of pies, as they are meant to be thrown at the faces of our enemies.
No. 891368 ID: b1b4f3

Check out the whole process, from beginning to end!
No. 891370 ID: dbf422

Fucking just take every pie you see.
No. 891373 ID: 094652

NO! If you steal all the pie parts this factory will never make pie for you again!

Conquer the factory so you have a steady supply of pies to throw
No. 891377 ID: 96d6e4

locate the redberry pie
No. 891380 ID: dbf422

That's just super stealing.
No. 891460 ID: 40232e
File 153092811170.png - (207.39KB , 996x996 , clownquest41.png )

after stealing and hiding the writer's tablet pen for like a day ol jasper decides to steal some pies now

like a crimester
No. 891473 ID: 4cce9d

At least leave some change or something, it’s better not to be a crimester, crimesters are unfunny. Unfunny like the 2spooky hand who stole YOUR pie..... Or a Mime....
No. 891488 ID: 094652

Satan's left hand is assisting the Playable Clownactor. Crimester is an understatement at this point.
No. 891490 ID: 4cce9d

But Satan can be funny, there’s nothing that funny about stealing pie when we’re also trying to recover stolen pie. That is unless we are stealing from MIMES... fuckin’ dicks...

Oh by the way I think that gear is watching you.
No. 891512 ID: 40232e
File 153093693426.png - (279.95KB , 996x996 , Clownquest42.png )

jasper does not think mimes are the same as spooky purple hands. or spooky purple hand monsters maybe?

mimes arent even that bad. just nature. the mimes eat the clowns, the clowns eat the pies, and the pies eat the grass, and the grass eats the whole sun

Satan's Left Hand would like to remind you that, in fact, crimes is good, and you should be total crimesters all the timesters
No. 891515 ID: 4cce9d

I never said they were the same, just that mimes can be real dicks at times. Mostly because of how unfunny they are.

But yeah leave at least some change for the pie, if it’s good pie leave more.
No. 891525 ID: dbf422

Satan knows what's up. Dawg. Also mimes are really cute. Not saying you should think thoughts about creatures that eat you.

Okay, look for signs. We must find the pie with the weird name. Probably? I mean I'm good with just cherry.
No. 891629 ID: d11392
File 153101835617.png - (188.90KB , 996x996 , clownquest43.png )


mimes are cute?

well i guess it is like theyre wearing nothing at all...

nothing at all...

nothing at all...
No. 891631 ID: e26fa5

Mimes are cute as hell but get working and stop thinking in booty, I CAN ALREDY FEEL the presence of KINK GREMLIN getting near, pick the pies and prepare for a battle.
No. 891635 ID: b1b4f3

Now that you have some pie, you EAT IT
No. 891636 ID: bd7115
File 153102400391.png - (153.75KB , 996x996 , Clownquest44.png )

of course! eating this delicious pies will distract me!
No. 891637 ID: bd7115
File 153102404337.png - (155.11KB , 996x996 , clownquest45.png )

No. 891638 ID: bd7115
File 153102406021.png - (160.18KB , 996x996 , clownquest46.png )

No. 891639 ID: a9c815

Throw pie at the wayward kink shaming goblin
No. 891646 ID: e26fa5

Call out the kink goblin for their crimes, cmon, it's obvious that his kink is kinkshaming! Get a room!
No. 891648 ID: b1b4f3

Excellent, now go find the supervisor's office and report a pie theft.
No. 891655 ID: 094652

YOU 8 A PI??!

No. 891656 ID: a9c815

Incorrect, we must regain our lost honor by giving the 2spooky hand a what for!
No. 891936 ID: 40232e
File 153120544411.png - (113.19KB , 996x996 , clownquest47.png )

yo id like to report a stolen pie and also a kink gremlin

i havent beat the game yet tho
No. 891938 ID: 40232e
File 153120551333.png - (173.16KB , 996x996 , clownquest48.png )

Biggs Largely: "Why if it isn't jasper! Have you stolen a pie from me? Did you bring a kink gremlin into my factory thinking about supple mime butts?"
No. 891939 ID: 40232e
File 153120553968.png - (107.48KB , 996x996 , clownquest49.png )

Biggs Largely: "Can't have fucking that"
No. 891941 ID: b1b4f3

Accept the assassination mission to kill the kink gremlin.
No. 891954 ID: dbf422

No. 892020 ID: d887c0

Correction, your hugeness.
As we have yet to leave the premises, and we fully intend to pay for the pie we ate, it wasn't truly theft.
Also, if you'll allow us, we'll deal with that kinky little gremlin ourselves for free.
No. 892247 ID: a363ac

some a bunch of kink grimlins to take all the bullets then shoot him with the power of clowning
No. 892614 ID: 40232e
File 153151477086.png - (110.71KB , 996x996 , Cliwnquest50.png )

i will accept this mission to assassinate the kink gremlin

also never gonna pay for that pie crimes is good
No. 892615 ID: 40232e
File 153151479742.png - (140.12KB , 996x996 , clownquest51.png )

No. 892616 ID: 40232e
File 153151481581.png - (123.45KB , 996x996 , clownquest52.png )

well that didn't go well
No. 892622 ID: dbf422

No shit he had a gun. And we know giant clowns don't kill people. Guns kill people.
No. 892624 ID: e26fa5

Summon the kink goblin here to a trap using the sole sound of hands clapping and fets stepping
No. 892706 ID: 4cce9d

Summon your girlfriend to patch you up and help take down the kink goblin.
No. 892726 ID: b1b4f3

Good thing you can't kill clowns because dying isn't funny.

Plug your holes with tissues, it'll heal up just like you cut yourself shaving, right?
No. 893484 ID: 40232e
File 153188971798.png - (152.89KB , 996x996 , clownquest53.png )

jasper plugs up his goo holes with some toilet paper or whatever

No. 893485 ID: 40232e
File 153189018982.png - (225.00KB , 996x996 , clownquest55.png )

for good measure jasper just decimates that kink gremlin as per protocol

Slowly, Gently, This is how a life is taken...
No. 893488 ID: dbf422

How's the torch, still above half? If it gets too dark, the enemies get tough.
No. 893492 ID: e26fa5

Wear the kink goblin as your armour.
No. 893500 ID: b1b4f3

Alright ask satan's hand where the pie thief is. No not you, the other one.
No. 893515 ID: 8a947d

Check the body for trinkets. Make sure your stress isn't too high.

I don't think the big pie stealer is here. Use the devils hand to get a HINT
No. 893540 ID: 40232e
File 153193196455.png - (193.41KB , 996x996 , Clownquest56.png )

clowns can't die so obviously he doesn't need to worry about stress



the devil's left hand is pointing towards the asylum

Of course! It's where like 30% of all quests start, a padded cell! the perfect hiding place.
No. 893541 ID: 40232e
File 153193198467.png - (115.12KB , 996x996 , clownquest57.png )

there's a bunch of weird rooms in here
No. 893547 ID: b1b4f3

Do some knock-knock jokes.
No. 893565 ID: 2a13fa

check for cats
No. 893575 ID: 40232e
File 153196513809.png - (165.06KB , 996x996 , Clownquest58.png )


what do I look like? mortis? weaver? Charlemagne? someone else that actually puts effort into their quests?

you will never ever see a single cat, cat person, or feline based organism in any of clownquest.
No. 893576 ID: 40232e
File 153196517255.png - (253.92KB , 996x996 , clownquest59.png )

See? No cats. These cells are super empty and devoid of any cats or catlike entities.
No. 893577 ID: d887c0

Seems legit.
No. 893579 ID: b1b4f3

b e h i n d y o u
No. 893580 ID: ff0134

*jaws theme plays on distant otamatone*
No. 893581 ID: e26fa5

Check for otamatone people.
No. 893583 ID: 40232e
File 153196908106.png - (267.04KB , 996x996 , clownquest60.png )


there's no one here

weird that you mention otomatone though cause now I can hear it too

whatever this is still a 100% cat free quest
No. 893585 ID: 79814e

No time for dilliy dally, ask the Satan's hand to point to where our pie snatcher is.
No. 893590 ID: dbf422

Cats ain't real. Get moving. Though it's starting to seem like the devil hand is just having fun with you. He seems to be leading you into wacky situations where you find nothing but disappointment.

Ask for another tip.
No. 893591 ID: b1b4f3

No. 893599 ID: 40232e
File 153197359294.png - (238.46KB , 996x996 , Clownquest61.png )

jasper leaves the non-existant cats to their nonexistant tomfoolery

The Devil's Left Hand leads jasper down into the Abyss

We are almost upon the end of this little venture, it seems.
No. 893600 ID: 40232e
File 153197409311.png - (141.52KB , 996x996 , clownquest62.png )

Beyond this door lies thine pie, according to Satan's left hand.

What shall we do?
No. 893601 ID: e26fa5

Eat/kill Satan's left hand, there must be no witness for our sins.
No. 893606 ID: 40232e
File 153197471766.png - (255.93KB , 996x996 , Clownquest63.png )

No. 893619 ID: b1b4f3

Satan's not gonna be happy...

Alright kick down the door while shouting WHERES THE PIE
No. 893620 ID: e26fa5

Shoot throught the door, THEEEEEEEEN open it.
No. 893626 ID: dbf422

Walk out of the door from the other side
No. 893630 ID: 094652

That was seven different kinds of stupid.

Now go on and Use The Stupid.
No. 893636 ID: 40232e
File 153199000918.png - (278.90KB , 996x996 , clownquest64.png )



who is this guy
No. 893637 ID: 40232e
File 153199013535.png - (341.46KB , 996x996 , Clowmn.png )

???: "Good Evening Jasper, associated watchers. I have been waiting for this moment..."

???: "This will be perhaps the first time I've successfully completed a quest in a while. Such a bad habit of mine, starting something and never finishing it. All those other quests of mine... Ah well. You're here now, yes?"

???: "For the pie?"
No. 893638 ID: e26fa5

No, the pie was a trick to kill you before you did the thing that would end our world, "Mime Quest: This is a really good ideia", perish!
No. 893639 ID: b1b4f3

Yes. For the pie.
No. 893655 ID: 094652

Unplug the plug to disable electricity to the cage

Get Pie

Kirby the Pie

Quest Over
No. 893657 ID: dbf422

It's the fucking dog, he was behind it all. He created these silent hills and he'll do it again.

Why didn't you just get the water ending
No. 893689 ID: d887c0

You doing okay? We already had a pie, so you can have this one if you want it.
No. 893701 ID: 40232e
File 153203182481.png - (389.07KB , 996x996 , clownquest66.png )

???: "I have gone by many names. Nautilus, WARDEN, Spook, now Cleun. You are only my most recent work."

the pie

CLEUN: "Nautquest, my first creation. It was fun, at first. Similar to this quest. Wholesome tomfoolery. But then I tried to incorporate things. It became complex."

the. pie.

Cleun: "SAVE was complex from the beginning. I tried to make something slightly inspired by both Mortis's Maybecats and the 'save the princess' threads that would happen from time to time. It too, was fun, but required a lot of work due to it being so complex. When things slowed down, because I was busy... well, it fell to the wayside."


Cleun: "Spookquest was my attempt to get back into things. It too, was fun. Didn't require too much effort on my part, a lot of character design, really mostly writing down interactions. ...But then my computer broke down, and I had to make all of the characters again. ......and then I got hit by a car. Spookquest fell to the wayside, hard and fast. I couldn't create with a broken arm after all."


CLEUN: "Which brings me to this one. I realized my strengths, and weaknesses. I'm pretty okay at creating jokes, mindless foolishness, things that don't hamper the questgoers but also don't leave too little for me to work with. Hence... clownquest. Entitled as 'a really bad idea' because hey. I never finish what I start here, anyway."

CLEUN: "Which leaves.


CLEUN: "Yes. Here you go."
No. 893702 ID: 40232e
File 153203185592.png - (139.05KB , 996x996 , clownquest67.png )



No. 893703 ID: 40232e
File 153203190448.png - (218.89KB , 996x996 , clownquest68.png )

No. 893704 ID: 40232e
File 153203193968.png - (245.90KB , 996x996 , clownquest69.png )


they didn't even eat it

also hey we ended on 69 (nice)
No. 893705 ID: f6d85b

So what should wee call you now? Is Cleun okay?
No. 893706 ID: 40232e

I'll be putting up a thread in the Quest-Discussions board to let everyone have a say on what my next quest should be about.

See y'all there.
No. 893709 ID: ff82d2

Well done!

Is there an achievements page?
No. 893719 ID: 96457c

No. 893720 ID: d887c0

This was goddamn madness. I loved it.
No. 893724 ID: dbf422

Neat. Still can't believe that we got the dog ending.
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