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File 152702379081.png - (174.75KB , 1212x826 , Titlecard.png )
885570 No. 885570 ID: 8a947d

Previous Thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/882482.html
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No. 888968 ID: b1b4f3

Ugh, dissection of such a large body is going to be a pain. You want to do it while it's on its back so the organs don't fall out when you open the abdominal cavity. The ribcage works as a sort of container you see.

First, sketch the displacer beast as best you can in your journal. You want to capture as many important details as you can before you start cutting it up.
Once you have it on its back, start with a shallow cut down the middle then peel back the skin, nailing the skin to the table to keep it out of the way, and make notes of the muscle structure. You're going to have to cut through that to get to the organs so that information needs to be preserved. Once you have the cavity open you need to make another sketch detailing where the organs belong, then you take them out and do more detailed sketches of each one. This is an iterative, exploratory proccess. Once you're done with the abdominal cavity it's time to break out the bonesaw to get at the chest cavity. Pry that shit open, document those organs, then start peeling back the skin in general.

At some point you're going to want to cut the corpse into pieces to make it easier to take apart the limbs to get at the skeletal structure and document that. Also you're gonna want to cut open the skull to get a look at its brain.

If you don't feel like doing a detailed skeletal/muscle dissection (or don't have the stomach for it) the important bits would probably be the organs and brain. Easier to kill the thing if you can shoot the important bits. I wonder if there's an organ that controls its displacement?
No. 888972 ID: d3602f

Vol, I'm not going to kill the second unless it attacks us again. A live specimen can also be quite useful. We might need it to study a workaround for the invisibility.

This is pretty good. I also recommend getting some buckets so that we can collect it's blood, it could be useful. Specifically, I want to know how silver hurts them. Does it burn their tissue? Weaken it, allowing for better piercing? Poison their blood?

Another thing, although this may be a bit dangerous as it's kind of mixing demonic magic. Could we tan some of this demon's hide and make it into binding parchment?
No. 888973 ID: 91ee5f

>if we screw up we got an extra to poke around at.
Well.....he’s not wrong. It just feels kinda wrong to kill the second Displacer Beast when it’s not actively trying to kill you.

>So, how do ya wanna start this? Where we cuttin'?
Pretty much all of this: >>888968 .

>Also you're gonna want to cut open the skull to get a look at its brain.
Or at least what’s left of its brain, since Roland killed it with a Sliver Slug from his shotgun to the back of the Displacer Beast’s head.
No. 888974 ID: 91ee5f

>I also recommend getting some buckets so that we can collect it's blood, it could be useful.
More blood for the ward on the house.

>Specifically, I want to know how silver hurts them. Does it burn their tissue? Weaken it, allowing for better piercing? Poison their blood?
It can’t be that bad, since Vol was using silverware to eat breakfast earlier. Although, that probably means the silverware isn’t actually made out of silver.
No. 888976 ID: dbf422

Was it silverware or just flatware?

Good plan. Plus the buckets for some ward blood.
No. 888990 ID: ff0134

Begin with cutting open it’s chest and belly down the middle..
While you’re doing so ask vol if it’s possible to gain a second ability from a second demon? For example: if we tamed a displacer beast could we theoretically gain it’s ability to manipulate light through a similar but separate ritual to what vol has with us or would that cause issues?
No. 889002 ID: d3602f

He told us there is a limit to how much magic we can have inside of us, which is why we could not learn healing on top of barrier without exploding. So unless there is a way to expand that, no, we cannot have another ritual performed on us. Vol probably doesn't know any methods to expand it either, otherwise he probably would have told us.
No. 889009 ID: 3fe84f

Cut it up and take care to not get things bloody, seem's simple.
No. 889030 ID: 8a947d
File 152910822458.png - (130.97KB , 1212x826 , Dissection 2.png )

You turn the displacer beast onto it's back and use rope to tie the legs up and keep it from falling over. Vol grabs some empty buckets for the blood and places them under the table.

You get to cutting, the skin is extremely durable, you end up pushing further in than you wanted and from the feel of it you may have nicked a rib. You continue to cut down despite it and nail the skin to the table. You make an odd discovery after getting through the skin, It looks like the beast may have a large singular muscle? Past the skin there's just one large spongy muscle instead strands of it wrapping around the skeleton.

VOL: Hey Rol? I'm uh...I'm gonna step outside for a little 'kay? Just yell if ya need me!

Next you check the organs in the abdominal cavity. They seem to be normal organs like a regular animal would have: liver, spleen, intestines. Nothing special you can see from here. You grab a saw and cut open the chest cavity to look at the organs. The first thing you notice is the strange looking heart, its large and oddly shaped. you grab your journal and do a sketch of the organs and where they should be. You aren't sure you want to or now how to properly cut the body up to get a view of the entire skeletal structure so you decide to try and and examine the brain, which isn't easy seeing as you blew a large chunk of it out with a shotgun slug. There's not much to note on the brain itself, but you do notice something odd about the displacer beast's eyes. There aren't really eyes behind the sockets, it's another part of the large red muscle mass that seems connected to the brain.

You think you've gone through enough of the dissection that you can right down more in your journal.
No. 889034 ID: 8a947d
File 152910993842.png - (209.56KB , 1212x826 , Displacer Beasts 1.png )

You clean any spilled blood off of the floor, maybe next time you should get a tarp on the ground to avoid this. After a while Vol comes back into the house. You've covered the corpse with a sheet for now, you'll have to find a solution for the smell later.

VOL: Ya done? Ah god dat smells gonna take some gettin' used to...
YOU: I'm not sure if I'm completely done but I do have a good amount of information written down. I decided that I needed a sort of ranking slash organization system so I came up with this while I was cleaning up. I call it the PANIC system.
VOL: What does dat mean?

You explain how PANIC works. PANIC is going to be used to measure the physical abilities of demons you manage to examine.

Physique: Measures physical power
Aura: Measures the power of magical/aetherial abilities
Nimbleness: Measures speed and agility
Intelligence: Measures awareness and intellect
Constitution: Measures physical durability and vital force

Each stat can have minimum of 1 star(*) and a maximum of 6. For every 2 stars in a stat the demon gains a star in their overall PANIC score which dictates about how dangerous they are.

VOL: Interestin'. I guess ya done with cuttin' dat thing up for now right? Or is there more you gonna do?

>If we tamed a displacer beast could we theoretically gain it’s ability to manipulate light through a similar but separate ritual to what vol has with us or would that cause issues?
Vol explains that it wouldn't even be possible. Vol gave you magic because he knew magic, he's a demon with enough sense to learn, teach and pass on magic where as the displacer beast is the demon equivalent of an animal. Even if the displacer beast could teach you magic it wouldn't give you light displacement, the light displacement the the beast has is an innate ability of this species of demon while Caesura is a spell Vol knew. Imps do not innately know how to make barriers and heal.
No. 889036 ID: b1b4f3

What about the tentacle? Cut into the end of it and see what that's about. Are they just weapons or is there an organ in there too?
No. 889037 ID: 8a947d
File 152911229074.png - (239.36KB , 1212x826 , Dissection 3.png )

Oh yeah, you kinda got focused on the rest of the body and forgot about the tentacles. The ends of them are made out of a tough claw like material, well they were when you remember getting scratched by them. Now that the beast is dead they seem to have gotten much softer, maybe it's like a muscle they can tense up to make tougher ?

Out of curiosity you take a silver knife from the table and press it to the tentacle. The flesh begins to smoke. Vol brought you this knife without any trouble, and he didn't wear a glove or wrap it or anything. you ask him why.

VOL: Oh my skin don't get hurt from silver, silver has different effects on demons. For displacer beasts it looks like it gets past dat tough skin a' theirs. For Imps it messes wit our ability if we get stabbed wit it so it's still safe for me ta touch it.
No. 889040 ID: 91ee5f

>After a while Vol comes back into the house.
“I thought demons would be used to things like this? I’m surprised that you were the one that got squeamish and not me!”

>you'll have to find a solution for the smell later.
Speaking of solutions for later, what are you gonna do with the body when you’re done with it?

I doubt it’ll be safe to bury or leave lying around somewhere, since it might attract more demons or some kinda wildlife. Maybe you should burn the body when you’re done with it? Or ask Vol if he thinks it would be safe to eat?

Whatever you’re gonna do, make sure you finish your dissection first and then you can worry about doing something to dispose of the body before the smell gets so bad that you can’t stay in your own house!

>Displacer Beast’s flesh begins to smoke when in contact with silver.
Make a note of that and how normal pistol bullets sometimes bounce off of it.

>Oh my skin don't get hurt from silver, silver has different effects on demons. For displacer beasts it looks like it gets past dat tough skin a' theirs. For Imps it messes wit our ability if we get stabbed wit it so it's still safe for me ta touch it.
“So basically, as long as you don’t accidentally cut yourself with the silverware when you’re eating, you’ll be fine, right?”

Oh, jeez, Roland you might want to clean your clothes before the blood sets in and becomes a permanent stain that can’t be washed off! And make sure you take a shower and change your bandages!
No. 889044 ID: 61f639

Hmm, seems like silver is not that good for restraining. But, a net with silver could be deadly, trapping them and melting them from the inside.

Keep a bit of skin to see if we can use demons to make binding parchment.
No. 889053 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, theory: displacer beasts bend light using that red flesh behind their eyes. I bet if you blind them they can't displace their image anymore.
No. 889057 ID: dbf422

If they actually use sight and not some magical sense, blinding them is good in general because they'd be too clumsy. True of any creature that relies on sight.
No. 889059 ID: 91ee5f

>PANIC system
So what level of PANIC did you rank the Displacer Beast and what are its individual stats?

Also, make sure you write notes on how Displacer Beasts act.

*Prefers attacking its target from behind or the sides. If you see one charging straight at you, odds are it’s already displaced itself.

*If encountered in a well lit area, watch its shadow. It can’t displace its shadow and its shadow will be where the real Displacer Beast is.
No. 889071 ID: 8a947d
File 152914819455.png - (200.29KB , 1212x826 , Displacer Beasts Journal.png )

You ask Vol about the muscly film behind the displacer beast's head. He says the theory is unlikely as plenty of demons don't have "real" eyes. Even the mandrakes from before lacked proper eyes. The film where their eyes is connected to their brain and used for mixture of sight, sound, and smells in addition to their noes or ears.

VOL: So what'd ya rank a displacer beast ?
YOU: Well...I'm not sure how accurate this really is since I'm still getting used to it. Physical they're potentially strong enough to pick a and hold down a human being. so I gave them four in Physique.
YOU: Their magic allows them to be completely hidden and lets them ambush people easily, but on its own isn't that destructive I gave it a three
YOU: They're fast but from the look of it their invisibility gives them extra speed, on their own they're not as agile but still enough to give them four stars.
YOU: They're smart enough to open doors and they seem like they know well enough to ambush their prey, so I gave them three stars.
YOU: And finally, most of the time bullets seem to roll off of their hide. Even while dead I had a problem cutting through it's fur. It's tough but not impossible, four stars.
YOU: Overall I gave the Displacer Beast a Panic Score of 8. Almost half of the maximum amount, they're pretty dangerous. We're lucky we never had to fight them in a group. I also jotted down some extra notes about taking care of them in a fight. Also I kept the skin to see if I can make Binding Scrolls with it, it was the hardest part but this could have an interesting outcome...What should I do with the body?
VOL: Lets get Troy ta take care of it, but for now I'm just gonna wheel it out to da backyard. I don't wanna look at or smell it. There ain't nothin' else ya wanna do with it before I cart it out?
No. 889073 ID: bddb0f


Carve a steak out and cook it, see if you or Vol can eat it. Waste not, want not, eh?
No. 889074 ID: ad51b8

can we use the extra skin as something to sell to the tanner in town to make some extra spending money?
No. 889076 ID: 91ee5f

>And finally, most of the time bullets seem to roll off of their hide. Even while dead I had a problem cutting through it's fur. It's tough but not impossible, four stars.
You might want to double check that. You put 5 stars next to Constitution.

>There ain't nothin' else ya wanna do with it before I cart it out?
“You want me to help you with that?”
No. 889080 ID: 094652

Carve up the meat and organs and store for future use. Keep the skull and pelt as trophies to show off to future investors. Bury the rest so the nutrients can feed your supernatural plants.
No. 889082 ID: 575ec0

Clean and Keep the Skull.
No. 889088 ID: eeb7d9

Do you think its body parts could have some alchemical properties you could take advantage of, or sell?
And the meat could be edible too.
When you are done, clean yourself up. You must smell horrible.
No. 889248 ID: d3602f

Considering displacer sizes can vary, I think we should make the physique star vary as well. Like, maybe 3-4.
No. 889268 ID: 8a947d
File 152930013274.png - (226.80KB , 1212x826 , Displacer Steak.png )

You make adjustments and fix mistakes you've made in the journal.

>Organs and Bones
You already skinned the beast so you remove the organs as carefully as possible. Vol leaves to grab you jars and to avoid throwing up. You remove collect the bones as well, you might as well if you're going to take the organs. You'll decide what to do with the material later later Finally you take a small slice of meat and cook it as well as you can.

The resulting dish looks a little dicey, the outer layer sort of crumbles and flakes but the meat on the inside seems edible. You take a bite, it tastes funny. Not like beef or poultry, it isn't bad actually. Vol enjoys eating it too. Though you don't have any salt to preserve the corpse and it will begin to rot so unfortunately you're still going to have to get rid of the rest of it. You cook a few more strips and give them to Troy outside, might as well since it's going to go bad.

TROY: ...Why are you covered in blood?
YOU: Science. Here I brought you some food!
TROY: ...This is safe to eat right? I'm not going to get like demon sickness or anythin'?
YOU: I ate it and I'm fine. Besides demon sickness probably isn't a real thing.

Troy takes his plate and eats. Looks like he had the same reaction as you and continues eating. Vol wheel's the displacer beast's corpse outside and bury's it in the garden, hopefully it'll be good for the plants. It's getting late, and you're starting to smell yourself now.
No. 889271 ID: d3602f

Maybe we should make a demonic cookbook (like people need another reason to think we're crazy). Take a bath and get to bed.
No. 889273 ID: b1b4f3

Haha, Demon Meshi!

Wash up, maybe work on putting those parts on your skipper, then get to bed.
No. 889274 ID: e37a06

Re we sure the inedibility isn't our own horrible cooking skills? Not unheard of in quest protags...

May as well stay up for a bit and work on the skipper, and hope anything bad about the demon meat doesn't happen after digestion.
No. 889275 ID: 91ee5f

You should let him know that if it needs to come into the house for anything, food, shower, toilet, laundry, a bed/couch, etc, then he’s allowed to come inside.

>hopefully it'll be good for the plants.
And then demon plants sprout up the next morning.

>It's getting late, and you're starting to smell yourself now.
Blood is very hard to wash out of clothes. If you can somehow wash out the blood from your clothes, then get them washed. Otherwise, you’ll have to throw them away with your bloodied bandages.

>Wash up, maybe work on putting those parts on your skipper, then get to bed.
I think doing work after washing up might not be the best thing to do.

How about we install the parts first, wash up second, and then go to bed?
No. 889281 ID: 094652

Speaking of salt, ever try making a saltthrower to test the effectiveness of biological warfare on roaming demon beasts?

Buy more salt next time, because meat sells well and it's a shame you have to throw it out. Maybe you should have done that when you were in town.
No. 889284 ID: 575ec0

Hmm. Could Whittle a sick Demon Bone Knife Shank...

Also go stretch the hide out to dry in the sun. like, stake it to the ground or nail it to a wall or something, and actually scrape it clean.
No. 889285 ID: 91ee5f

You mean tan the hide? There’s a tanner in town that can do that without risking Roland accidentally ruining the hide trying to do it himself.
No. 889286 ID: eeb7d9

Time to clean yourself. Do think is wise to use a demon corpse as fertilizer?
On the other hand, we might get an interesting reaction. Try using some bone dust too.
No. 889289 ID: dbf422

Well it's not inedible, clearly. Still, it could be a little overcooked, which is something that'll be fixed with practice. Different meat takes different cooking, and maybe displacer meat is tricky.
No. 889299 ID: 8a947d
File 152936125624.png - (172.14KB , 1212x826 , Wind Down 1.png )

You've never though of making a "salt-thrower" since salt is much more valuable if you use it to preserve food. You will get more salt later.

>Skipper Parts
the upgrades are pretty easy to install, they don't take more than half an hour to get in.

You'd rather take the skin to a tanner, you don't really think you'd be able to do it yourself.

>Clean yourself
You have few more clothes to wear and one last set of bandages. Hopefully you don't ruin those next time you're out or you'll have to go without bandages. For now a bath and sleep definitely sounds good.
No. 889302 ID: 8a947d
File 152936136150.png - (2.94KB , 1212x826 , You Liked Those Dumb Dream Sequences Right.png )


???: ...Troy?


???: Troy


No. 889304 ID: 8a947d
File 152936162545.png - (76.93KB , 1212x826 , You Liked Those Dumb Dream Sequences Right 1.png )

???: TROY!
TROY: Wha! Huh...What the ?
???: Behind you buddy, how ya been?
TROY: Who the hell...Matzen?
MATZEN: In the flesh, well technically not really but you know what I mean.
No. 889307 ID: 8a947d
File 152936215707.png - (16.67KB , 1212x826 , You Liked Those Dumb Dream Sequences Right 2.png )

TROY: Ah shit, Fuck!
MATZEN: Now Troy don't worry.
TROY: How am I supposed to not worry? I know how your ability works, you can only do this if you know I'm sleeping and where I'm sleeping. That means you know where I am! and since Channing has you hunting me down-
MATZEN: I'm not hunting you down. I'm not hear to kill you or drag you back.
TROY: ...Then why are you here?
MATZEN: To warn you, you made a lot of people mad with what you did. Not mad at you but mad in general. you deserting caused a huge upheaval in the gang and now Channing is in an even worst mood than when you left.
No. 889309 ID: 8a947d
File 152936268814.png - (71.55KB , 1212x826 , You Liked Those Dumb Dream Sequences Right 3.png )

MATZEN: Channing is having patrols out looking for you.
TROY: He is? I didn't know he was that mad.
MATZEN: Yeah, he knows you can't go far. Luckily he isn't sending whole armies for you. A few operatives will be searching certain areas over and over. I was sent to check this area, but afterwards Channing will send a different person to look.
TROY: I don't get it! People have deserted before and this much shit wasn't raised.
MATZEN: Yeah, but they just left quietly in the night or something. You left after a big argument where you showed how crazy Channing could be, a lot of what you said was right and that's a problem for Channing.
MATZEN: Luckily from what I can tell you seem to have found someone who's willing to give you some shelter. That's something you were always good at Troy, making friends.
No. 889311 ID: 8a947d
File 152936320560.png - (293.76KB , 1212x826 , You Liked Those Dumb Dream Sequences Right 4.png )

MATZEN: Well...this dreams gone on for too long. Troy I'm going to do my best where I can, but I don't have a lot of power. You know I almost didn't warn you about this since Channing is good at finding out stuff like this, but you're one of the few people I respect enough to do this.
TROY: ...Thanks Matzen
MATZEN: No problem Troy. You're smarter than Channing is, and you're smarter than his lackeys. Good luck.
No. 889312 ID: 8a947d
File 152936335881.png - (186.69KB , 1212x826 , You Liked Those Dumb Dream Sequences Right 5.png )

TROY: Gah!
TROY: ...
TROY: Goddammit.

D3: Slight Return - End Episode 1
No. 889344 ID: 91ee5f

>one last set of bandages. Hopefully you don't ruin those next time you're out or you'll have to go without bandages.
That’s a problem, since your father told you not to let anyone see your tattoos. So buying more bandages sounds like it should be a priority next time you go into town!
No. 889347 ID: 5fa661

Better than bandages, what about something like a luchador mask, and maybe long gloves?
No. 889356 ID: d3602f

Then people will ask why we wear the mask. With bandages people will probably just assume we're a burn victim.

I also kind of like the bandages. I think they're cool.
No. 889359 ID: 91ee5f

No way, we’d look ridiculous and no one would take us seriously!

I agree with all of this.
No. 889365 ID: 5fa661

What about gloves though? DISPLACER-SKIN GLOVES?
No. 889366 ID: 91ee5f

I’m pretty sure using the tanned hide to make Binding Scrolls takes priority over making anything else.....for now.
No. 889367 ID: 31fc71

Assuming that the resulting leather is of a good quality. binding parchment comes first, but eventually we should totally make a hat out of a demon we've personally killed and dissected.
No. 889378 ID: eeb7d9

We could make clothes out of that hide, and since is really tough, it could provide some protection, like a light armor. The displacer skin was really resistant to bullets, so maybe we can use it in that regard.
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