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File 152495851859.png - (69.37KB , 1200x800 , 1038.png )
881374 No. 881374 ID: bfb318

Previous Threads/Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Fen_Quest
Inventory and Other Info: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Fen_Quest_Statistics
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Lagotrope

The plans that Zall had for us appear to be plans for an unknown future date.

>"I can ask one of the others for this, Fen." says Aira. "You don't have to spar with me."
"I want to. The only thing else we've been given are jobs that don't pay well or don't mean anything."

Holly hands me a drink. It's just water.

>"You should at least spar someone good." Aira continues.
>"Hey, you." says Holly. "Quit acting down on yourself. Besides, without that excuse, Fen would just get stuck with Orjin running up and down the whole tomb system."
"No one else is around to spar with, anyway, except Sir Mopp, and he's busy. Everyone else is doing work, or... today is the 49th, right?"
>"Yes." Holly answers. "It's mail day, so anyone still around here is waiting at their camp for delivery. That's why it's so slow today, or at least now. Once the letters come in, and people get their spending money, this place will get packed."

The only worthwhile event in the past five or so days, since we came down into this new base, has been the completion of my helmet and greaves. We've been told very little.
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No. 912966 ID: c0641d

"Table. Tell Holly that a friend has returned from his trip." Put your weapon down. If weapons getting stolen is the norm, this place wouldn't be staying in business. Still, it's best not to advertise who we are.
No. 912967 ID: 298905

Have you got your emblem showing? It might get you treated a little more preferentially. Comment on how much has changed in the past few days, and ask if Holly herself is here or if she's further down.
No. 912969 ID: 470289

Don't give your weapon up. Wait until Holly confirms you.
No. 912971 ID: 91ee5f

Ask if you can speak with Holly.

Look around to see if you can spot any familiar faces.
No. 912972 ID: 6ee5db

Say as >>912966 suggests, but keep your sword until you see someone you know.
No. 912973 ID: 86eb65

Keep your stuff and ask for Holly.

If needed flash your emblem but be nice to Holly's new help.
No. 912976 ID: 0c3c2c

She has pretty eyes. Request a table.
No. 912978 ID: 91ee5f

Attempting to keep your weapon will cause trouble. Just ask her if anyone’s weapons have been stolen after handing them over or if anyone has been denied have their weapons returned to them?

You don’t want to cause trouble, you’ve just never needed to hand over your weapon during your previous visits to Holly's Counter.
No. 912980 ID: c1212a

Table, Please. Is Holly in?
No. 912991 ID: 9125e0

"Damn this place got big"

tell her that your gonna keep your weapons and if she or anyone has a problem with it bring it up with Holly.

once that's finished with go find Holly and order some ale with a blink so people wont think your drinking sissy drinks. We gotta build up your Alcohol tolerance Fen

Then ask Holly for what rumors are floating around and comment on how big the place is
. I hope you got her something even if its cheep.
No. 912992 ID: bfb318
File 154396861974.png - (37.17KB , 1200x800 , 1277.png )

"Table. I would like to see Holly. Has anyone's weapon been stolen after giving them?"
>"Not once." she says. "As for Holly, you can imagine she's very busy, but I can pass on a message if you like."
"No, I must see her specifically."

I had left my badge in my cloak for safer keeping. I pull it out to show this girl.

>"... oh! You must be Fen. Keep your weapon, but please keep it hidden. We weren't expecting you until tomorrow. Let me take you upstairs to a corner table, and I'll let Holly know you're here. If you need to ask for me for any reason, my name is Kylia."

I see a gesture from Kylia as she turns. I'm wary, although the girl that sees it simply arrives to take Kylia's spot at the door.

I'm led into the tavern. We cross by the kitchen, and I hear Elinol yelling at people. It sounds distant.

>"Anything you order here is on the house, Sir, but I understand you may be reluctant to accept food or drink from strangers. So, we won't insist, at least not until you trust us!" That last part seemed to be in a joking tone.
"Thank you. I would just like to see Holly, for now."
>"I'll let her know you're here to see her. Please have a seat."
No. 912993 ID: bfb318
File 154396863491.png - (51.27KB , 1200x800 , 1278.png )

She gestures at the table she's led me to, on the second floor that overlooks the rest of the tavern.

I sit down, and Holly comes within a moment.

>"Fen! Did you just sprint back here after the warp?"
"I jogged."
>"I wish Sir Zall did something to get you back here. Anyway, hi, welcome back! As you can see, things have changed around here."
"You've been busy. This place got big."
>"No kidding. This place is way bigger than anything I wanted to run, but one thing led to another, and, well, now there's a whole staff on board. The place runs every hour of the day, and I'm at the top of responsibility."
No. 912994 ID: 86eb65

Good. There is no one I would rather trust with that sort of responsibility.

Just to make sure you are happy with how things have turned out so far? Everything has been moving so quickly I want to make sure you are doing ok.

Have her catch you up on any news you missed. And have a nice chat with her about what her current and future plans are.
No. 912997 ID: 6ee5db

>"I wish Sir Zall did something to get you back here" This line worries me, how's the team holding up? Otherwise just say this >>912994
No. 912998 ID: b1b4f3

Give her congratulations. Also I guess you'll be staying the night here so ask for a menu.
Ask if Elinol is part of the cooking staff?
No. 913002 ID: 91ee5f

>I wish Sir Zall did something to get you back here.
“Why is that?”

You might as well get something to eat while you’re talking with Holly.

Catch up on what’s been going on around here while you were gone and ask where the others are. Then pull out whatever gift you were going to give her and hand it over.

After you’re done talking, ask where you can find Sir Zall, you’ve gotta let him know that you’re back. And absolutly do not talk about what you were doing on your trip! I’m pretty sure Sir Zall is expecting you to only tell him about what you were doing.
No. 913003 ID: eeb7d9

Where did you get the staff from? They seem really serviceable, given where they are working and the danger it implies.
What's new? How is everybody? I bought presents!
No. 913005 ID: afdebc

Well congratulations. Anything else noteworthy happen while I was away?
No. 913006 ID: deec6e


Congratulate her and present the gift you bought her. Make a bit of chit-chat with her before you move on to the big issue, if she doesn't push it herself. Ask about Elinol presence and how she managed to get on top in the cut-through business - how many more people has she had to bring on board - who should you be familiarizing yourself with as 'her' people?

Once that's done, ask why Zall should have called you back earlier and mention you're ready to make a report if he's around.
No. 913008 ID: 91ee5f

Also, now that you’re back, you’d like to have the rest of your new armor. Did we leave it with Sir Mopp? If so, ask Holly where he is.
No. 913009 ID: bfb318
File 154397544710.png - (13.38KB , 800x800 , 1279.png )

"What do you wish Sir Zall did to get me back here?"
>"Er, sorry, I meant I wish he arranged transport. Like how he supplied a cart to get you out of here. Instead of just leaving you on your own to get back."
"Oh. Alright. I brought presents. Just alcohol and warm objects."
>"We could all use better blankets and scarves, thank you!"

I hand her a blanket.

"And Holly, I wouldn't trust anyone else with the responsibility."
>"Heh, well, thank you for that, too."
"Congratulations. Are you happy with how things have turned out?"

Holly sighs.

>"No congratulations. And listen carefully and box and label what I'm going to tell you, because I am not supposed to tell you any of this. I didn't choose or want my position out of dreams of running taverns, I did it because of Sir Zall's orders. Sir Zall thought the same thing about me being good with responsibility. I thought he was the kind of knight that had a grasp of politics, but... he completely ran past my expectations. If you ask around, you'd hear that the tomb guard taxes exhorbitantly for doing business in the mausoleum walls. But in reality? It's Sir Zall. He must have gotten the tomb guard to agree, but it's him who set up the taxes. And me? I get tax breaks."
"So your business was able to spend coins on staff and food?"
>"Exactly, but it goes farther. See, to make this place look convincing, and, well, actually be a good business, I needed the best staff. Sir Zall has been letting me use his spy network, and I've sent people around the other taverns to pretend to be customers and find who had the best chefs and the best waiters and the best guards and so on. Then, again using Sir Zall's people, I could learn what they wanted out of their job, be it just money, ambition, or whatever. Then I could make them extremely generous offers, so much so that they would be suspicious. Sir Zall himself made the perfect excuse, though. If I wanted to survive the tavern competition around here, I'd need the best staff possible, at virtually any cost."
"Is Elinol part of the cooking staff?"
>"She's being trained by cooks who are... let's say, better."
"And did you find Kylia at one of the other places?"
>"No, she's a mercenary spy. Sir Zall anonymously had her show up to me to be tested, so she doesn't even know Sir Zall is involved. I was apprehensive, but she's a natural waiter. I've never seen anyone who hides 8 knives on themselves put up with so much, every day, so calmly. We have other good waiters, and I just got a batch from one of my hardest competitors. A noble just so happened to die at that place, and that doesn't happen without repercussions, especially when the murderer wasn't even caught for questioning. Needless to say, speak nothing of this to anyone. I haven't even told many in Sir Orjin's group."
No. 913010 ID: bfb318
File 154397546379.png - (13.96KB , 800x800 , 1280.png )

She takes a deep breath, and sends a couple of hand signals out. Within seconds, we have food and drinks at the table. I appreciate it, since I haven't eaten since leaving the capital.

>"But I'm telling you this because I think it's best you know why you can't speak freely in here. You see, all of this is because there are a lot of people who don't like how Sir Zall is running things, and are actively trying to sabotage his efforts and his name. So Sir Zall wanted more than just a few eyes and ears watching a tavern. He wanted the whole building to be his eyes and ears. Notice how the waiters are keen and often have big ears, and spend an awful lot of time chatting with the customers. The walls themselves are hollow, and even the inn rooms have crawlspaces for spies to listen in to people who are sure they have privacy."

She takes a drink.

>"To set up a place like that, he needed to leave someone in charge who looks like they could run a business like this, could afford a business like this, and who wasn't obviously one of Sir Zall's lackeys, but could still be trusted. It just so happens I fit all of that. Well, I couldn't actually afford all of this, but my previous tavern was successful enough that it looks like I had some amount of startup funds, especially if I say some of you invested. So if anyone asks, tell them you gave me a lot of your reward money to invest."
>"All the spies in the walls should be loyal to Sir Zall, but there's always a chance someone spying for us is actually spying for others. So don't let the walls overhear you in here. So that's why I shouldn't be congratulated. I'd never have won this legitimately."
"Hm. I think I understand. Do you have future plans after this?"
>"After the campaign is over, I can sell or abandon this place. I'm paid decently for the trouble, and even if I wasn't, I am getting a lot of experience."
"Where is Sir Zall?"
>"At his training hall. Right, I don't think you've been there. Valsano and Firzel are here, and they can show you the way tomorrow morning. Sir Mopp still has your armor, too. Oh, unless you urgently need to see Sir Zall right away? Then I can get someone to show you the way there now."
No. 913011 ID: 86eb65

Zall left me no standing orders to report back at all haste.

Enjoy a relaxing dinner and wind down a bit before we get back into the thick of things. We might not get the chance to chat with Holly very often once things get going downstairs.

Just remember that here or anywhere in the camp is not a safe place to talk out loud about any secrets. So keep stuff to yourself unless your team really needs to know.
No. 913013 ID: b1b4f3

>she needs all the best staff and got them via a spy network
Not to be rude, but why'd she take in Elinol then?
>inn rooms have crawlspaces
It occurs to me that spies are often picked just from how good they are at hiding their mana.

We might want to report to Sir Zall immediately, come to think of it. If Sir Hydril was a spy for the enemy, he'd want to be informed of that ASAP.
Current theory is that Butterknife found out Sir Zall was a spy and really didn't like that so she killed him while trying to avoid collateral damage. She didn't tell anyone because she didn't want her family to be blamed by the other families.
No. 913014 ID: afdebc

>Oh, unless you urgently need to see Sir Zall right away
I have no urgent news. Information Sir Zall requested I collect (I have no problem telling Holly about what, but she just warned us the walls have ears).
No. 913016 ID: 65c9b9

with what you learned from Cheese I would say not to bother Zall immediately normally. but reporting that Hydril was spying into the campaign is something that might effect Zall's plans in a tactical sense so reporting today is probably worth it.
No. 913018 ID: 62fa98

Offer her any help she could use.
No. 913019 ID: b1b4f3

Heh, getting to Sir Zall ASAP will also let you resume your training earlier!
If Fen decides to go there right now he should use that as an excuse rather than claim he has urgent news. Remember that he can't speak openly here.
No. 913021 ID: 298905

Well, you could give her a couple more things to listen for, if she doesn't mind adding to the list. Tell her you assume this spot is safe to talk in right now, and then tell her about Hydril giving information to some of the mutant families, and that Butterknife apparently wasn't acting on behalf of her family at all. Tell her anything else you can think of from your trip that isn't one of Cheese's big secrets.

Also... tell her that her appearance of the successful tavern owner might be enhanced if she dug into it a bit more. Play the part, look like the sort of person for whom this business is their aspiration. She looks like she's continuing to wear her usual practical clothes, which in contrast to how nice the rest of the place is, makes her look like she's kind of distancing herself from it. If she wore something a little bit more in tune with the building and the staff, people would be less likely to think twice. Obviously she shouldn't actually get comfortable here, it'll collapse as soon as the soldiers leave like the rest of the town probably will unless someone finds something to stay here for, but perhaps she should look like she is.

Part of the reason she might work so well as a spymistress is her missing leg. With the culture of the empire, looking down on people like her, they might have a subconscious tendency to dismiss her and think she's not a threat.

Anyway, nice as it would be to stay here, you probably should tell Zall about Hydril leaking information to Blood Pudding's family, and the not-very-convincing "of course not" to the idea of working with the undead. Sounds to me like Blood Pudding's family are working with the undead, Butterknife heard about it, tried to challenge Hydril to a duel to close that leak, and didn't tell her family so that it wouldn't reflect on them badly given the whole no-mutants-working-against-mutants thing.
No. 913022 ID: ced9f5

Hooo fucking boy. This is quite the complication to take in. Krix comes to mind, but I wonder which other nobles are trying to drag Zall down.

Anyways... As important as it is to ensure that Zall is aware that Hydril was leaking information, it also won't do to run ourselves ragged getting to him.

Pantomime writing a letter, assuming you don't have paper and pen on hand.

"to be honest, I think I'm done with running around today. It got exhausting towards the end and I'd much rather rest instead." wink when you say 'running', Holly should figure the rest out.
No. 913024 ID: 91ee5f

>spies in walls
>possibility one of them might not be on Sir Zall’s side
Let’s not take any chances then. Don’t tell Holly anything about your trip!

If Valsano is back, does that mean Sir Orjin came back as well? And is he one of the people that don’t like what Sir Zall is doing? Not trying to imply anything, it’s just Sir Orjin isn’t really known for liking many things and this situation feels like one of the many things that would upset him.

Ask if any of the others have been promoted while you were away? Are you the only one that hasn’t gotten the promotion yet?

Ask if we’re going to be sleeping here at her inn like we used to or do the soldiers have to sleep somewhere else now?

>Oh, unless you urgently need to see Sir Zall right away? Then I can get someone to show you the way there now.
“I wouldn’t say that it’s urgent that I go see him, but it would be for the best that I go ahead and let him know that I’ve returned.

We should go report to Sir Zall after we’re done eating. No need to wait until tomorrow.

We can pick up our armor from Sir Mopp after that.

Make sure you give Holly a few coins as a tip before you go!
No. 913025 ID: 91ee5f

>training as excuse
Yeah, that’s a good idea!
No. 913034 ID: bfb318
File 154398111064.png - (19.63KB , 800x800 , 1281.png )

Those spies must all be good at hiding their mana.

"Can I speak in this spot?"
>"Yes, this is a deaf spot, just be a little quiet when you talk if you have things that need hiding."
"Sir Zall did not give me orders to be urgent, but it may be for the best. I'd like to finish eating first. Is Elinol worth the trouble?"
>"She has a surprisingly popular audience with her... personality. I have her working the outdoor area, which is the more budget area of the tavern."
"Do you need any help around here?"
>"Keep Valsano and Firzel busy so they quit bugging all my girls!" I stare at Holly. "Don't take it so seriously! It's nothing bad, they just distract the girls when the girls have jobs to do! They're asleep now, anyway."
"Okay. Is Sir Orjin here?"
>"He's in town, but not in this place. I'm not sure what he's up to right now, actually."
"Is he happy with what's going on?"
>"You know he's never happy. But if you mean discontent, no, Sir Orjin isn't one of the ones Sir Zall built this place for."
"Okay. Also, not to speak ill of how you look, but you look like you're in your normal clothes, despite running a place as fancy as this?"
>"They're very comfy to sleep in."
"Did I wake you up?"
>"Don't fret it, I wanted to be woken up for this. But I do look a bit more energetic and dressed during normal business hours. And it's not hard, because don't get me wrong, despite that this isn't exactly the level of business I wanted to run or how I wanted to run it, I love it still. It could be so much worse than this. Now, let me get you someone who isn't busy to take you to Sir Zall."
"Okay. Thank you for the meal."

I drop a few coins for Holly. She grabs my wrist, then the coins, and puts the coins back in my hand.

>"Absolutely not."
No. 913035 ID: bfb318
File 154398113781.png - (40.11KB , 1200x800 , 1282.png )

I'm taken by a cook's assistant to Sir Zall. Once I'm spotted by one of his knights, I'm brought into his office.

>"Hello, Fen." he says, as the previous knight leaves us alone.
"Hello, Sir."
>"I'm glad I didn't have to tell you not to take your time. Now tell me about what you've learned."
"The biggest reason why I showed up to you to report at this hour was that I have learned that Sir Hydril was supplying information to outside mutant families."
>"I know, but continue."
No. 913037 ID: 65c9b9

I have high suspicions that blood Pudding's mutant family is working with the necromancers, and that Butter Knife came of her own accord to silence the leak from Sir Hydril likely of a sense of honor, and did not report this to her family because she thought it would keep them safe from the other mutants ire... it did not.
No. 913038 ID: 86eb65

So Cheese has no idea what could have motivated Butterknife. She had talked with her just weeks ago and no mention was made of any of this. Other than making Butter promise to not hurt me if I happened to run into her while in the area Cheese was shocked that she would attack Sir Hydril.

She has been out of touch with her family due to her recent drama and is now frantically writing letters to figure out what is going on.

Also while I was there a mutant paid a visit and was rather irritated with Cheese. Something about losing a good spy and that she had better get her family under control.

I know know a bit more about her family and affairs but to be honest I think that until recently she has been so busy trying to keep her head above water that she has been out of touch.

As for believing her? I trust her. She has had many opportunities to stab me in the back and has been nothing but helpful. At for the moment she is probably a horrible source of information about what is going on with the mutant recently. Until she gets back in touch with her family her knowledge on current affairs here is limited.
No. 913040 ID: eeb7d9

He knew?... Ok, fine, Tell him all that you learned from Cheese, her position, her family's and the other mutant fimilies that might be envolved with the necromancers.

Hey, i was thinking, if Holly quits this job here, maybe we could ask her to come with us. And the other guys too. We will need all the allies and friends we can get when we get to become a noble. Their abilities and loyalty will be valuable resources.
No. 913041 ID: c0641d

"Cheese is almost as confused as we are, and I'm inclined to believe it on account of seeing first-hand how this move suddenly put her family in a tight spot with the other mutants. She's still trying to send out letters and get back in touch with her family, so she wasn't able to confirm much besides..." Inform him which of the asked for mutants is still active, and how. "She's confirmed that mutant families do support certain rebellions, but not just any, and this is not one of them. If I may be permitted to speculate, I've gotten the impression over time that the mutant families tend to avoid doing anything that might put their family at risk, whether the likelihood of getting caught is high, or if the cost of getting caught is too steep. As such, supporting such a high profile and blasphemous attempt would indeed seem out of character for them as a group, which leaves Butterknife the individual. Cheese agrees that the motive was likely personal; Hydril had status but wasn't strategically important, and his death has caused nothing but chaos among the mutants. I'm not ready to accept 'wanting a duel' as the motive for sure just yet, but Cheese says that is indeed a thing among mutants."
No. 913042 ID: b1b4f3

That's not entirely unexpected. That's why he was a low value target after all. Also hmm, Sir Zall expected you to show up early without being told to. Gotta remember that kind of initiative in the future.
Alright, back up and tell him Cheese seems to be fine with killing Onion Soup, and relay the information about the siblings he asked about. Give near-exhaustive detail on what Cheese said and how she said it, and similar detail on Blood Pudding. Be unsurprised that Sir Zall thinks Cheese has a crush on you because she totally does.

You can probably leave out the "skimming funds" part. Also leave out the topic of Butterknife's secret strength. If Sir Zall calls you out on it, tell him you spoke with Cheese about it and believe that you should not elaborate on the matter. Advise him not to interrogate Butterknife on the topic if he somehow gets the chance.
No. 913043 ID: 298905

"From what I gather, and you probably already know, there are several mutant families with their own plans and agendas, linked by a loose agreement not to conflict with each other. While I visited her, Cheese was visited by an abomination called Blood Pudding who was investigating Butterknife's actions and giving warnings to members of Cheese's family. I was acting as if I was Cheese's bodyguard at the time. When she asked Blood Pudding if their family was working with the necromancers, the reply was "of course not", in an unconvincing tone. Cheese also denied her family's involvement to me personally, and was more convincing, partly because I had surprised her with my appearance and she was more emotionally vulnerable. Given the evidence of Butterknife's actions, I'm inclined to believe her, and my theory is that Butterknife acted on her own to undermine the other family while trying to work around the rule about not working against other mutants. That would explain the attempt at a personal duel. Besides that..."

And basically just narrate everything you learned and observed, until he stops you. Summarize and skip over the trivial and personal stuff where sensible, of course. He said "tell me what you learned" so that probably includes saying the things you learned about Cheese's family and so on as well, not just the tactically relevant information.
No. 913044 ID: 91ee5f

Tell him everything you’ve learned from Cheese.

Cheese said that she would send a letter and some vials of Peaches’ antidote directly to Sir Zall as a gift to show loyalty.

Speaking of which, Cheese said she’d let you read that letter she would send to Sir Zall. Did you ever read it? If so, repeat out loud to Sir Zall what Cheese wrote in her letter.

And tell him what you learned about the family members he told you to ask about.

>"I know, but continue."
A mutant named Blood Pudding showed up and accused Cheese and her family of helping the Empire because of Butter Knife killing Hydril. Blood Pudding even claimed that Hydril was giving their family the information. After they left, Cheese was convinced that Blood Pudding and their family is working with the necromancers.

From what you can tell, Butter Knight stopped Hydril from giving away any more information. Although, you don’t know if she did that on purpose or she accidentally helped us.
No. 913050 ID: 91ee5f

Also, since you’ve been gone for a week, politely ask if anything happened while you were gone?

>Holly and the others
They’ve got their own things they want to do. They’re not gonna follow Fen around.

>leave out Butter Knife’s secret strength
I’m pretty sure he already knows, seeing as he told us that we wouldn’t be able to beat her in a fight.
No. 913053 ID: b1b4f3

He knows she's extremely strong. He might not know the secret nature of that strength or that Cheese managed to get her to spill the beans. If he did, he might even decide to kidnap Cheese or one of her other family members to force them to leak the secret.

They probably tried to force Zizi to spill the beans too. That could be why he has whip marks across his back.
No. 913058 ID: c1212a

Cheese had no idea that Butterknife attacked Sir Hydril, and has no idea why, either. She's sending out letters to verify the locations of her family, which she'll mail to me soon, and she also gave descriptions for the individuals you asked- she says Onion Stew got badly injured while doing bandit things and Eggs had a falling out with his spy ring, but Yogurt, Cabbage and Tomato are still operational.

A mutant named Blood Pudding came to warn off cheese, apparently his family was the one receiving the information, and because family means responsibility, and Butterknife killed Sir Hydril he thinks Cheese's family is getting collared by the empire, his words.

Man, now I feel like we didn't ask enough questions.
No. 913061 ID: afdebc

>"I know, but continue."
Did you discover that before or after his death?

>"I know, but continue."
Tell him claims not to have known about the killing in advance, and was confused and alarmed by it, and that you believe her.

Your impression is the mutants seem to be divided over this. There's politics between the different factions or families in motion.
No. 913066 ID: b1b4f3

I'd like to clarify my reasons for wanting to withhold the info about Butterknife's strength, specifically that Cheese's family dragged it out of her:
First, I don't think it would be beneficial to Sir Zall or the empire for him to know it. It sounds like there's some extremely dangerous element to it.
Second, telling him might endanger Cheese and her family, because Sir Zall might not listen to our warning to not pursue that power by force, and might not care about Fen's friendship with Cheese. We don't know him very well.

We can, of course, tell him Butterknife's cryptic advice, and say that's all she would tell her family.
No. 913067 ID: 91ee5f

Even cryptic advice might be enough to get him curious enough to want to know more by force.
No. 913068 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think it would give him any more reason than he already does? He knows Butterknife is scary strong, and he should know it's not a mutant thing, because if you think about it that's kindof obvious.
No. 913088 ID: 298905

I'm pretty sure people like Butterknife have appeared before, Zizi was apparently one of them. If they couldn't get an answer out of him, or out of I'm sure at least a few people before him given there are two in just the kobolds currently alive that we know of, I doubt they expect more out of Butterknife. I'm certain it's been investigated before, and Zall will notice if Fen doesn't show that he at least asked.
No. 913092 ID: 91ee5f

I personally think it’s the exact same power that Dragon Knights have, only they’re better at it than Butter Knife. And since Zizi killed a rouge Dragon Knight, Zizi is better at it than them.

Although, that was a few years ago and Zizi probably hasn’t had a reason to keep training, so he might not be that good anymore.
No. 913109 ID: bfb318
File 154402598125.png - (17.51KB , 800x800 , 1283.png )

"During my stay, I was visited by Blood Pudding, who accused Cheese's family of helping the empire and told her to start getting Butterknife under control. This makes me believe that Butterknife acted on her own, as an individual. I acted as Cheese's bodyguard, and when Cheese asked Blood if it was working with the necromancers, the answer was an unconvincing 'of course not'."

I continue covering the events in more details, including what mutant family dynamics I saw, and that Cheese doesn't know what motivated Butterknife to do so. I also share the information about the rest of Cheese's family, including lesser known members besides the five that Zall direectly asked about.

I leave out the part about the spare gold in possession of the crows, and Butterknife's strength. Her strength isn't hard to leave out, nor do I feel bad, because there isn't much to leave out at all. That entire line of questioning left me with vague cryptic hints.

"Cheese has also sent a letter."

I hand it to him, and recall the letter. It's a formal word that Cheese has nothing to do with the necromancers, and she is getting in contact with the rest of her family to make sure none of them are. She's confident the answer is no, explaining why, explains a great deal of other things that were told to me anyway, and promises that he can expect at least 2 vials of antidote within the next 2 weeks.
No. 913111 ID: bfb318
File 154402610905.png - (16.38KB , 800x800 , 1284.png )

"Has anything happened within the last week?"
>"Of things that are your concern, I've made two lists. The primary list has teams that will regularly hunt down the necromancers. Then, there is the side list. The ones on this list will replace those on the primary list who become dead or missing. It also includes people with specialized skills who will be called on for specific missions. Examples of this are wizards who are exceptional at stabilizing shaky caverns to make sure they don't fall on elite teams, or scouts who are exceptional in their own respect that I want to keep back to scout specific locations as the need arises. It also includes specialty groups such as Sir Orjin's party."
"What's our specialty?"
>"Remember that when I sent Sir Orjin into the anomaly, it wasn't for the group's strength, but for the group's discipline. I'm embarrassed to say that 'following orders and objectives' counts as a specialty around here. That is how it is, so I've placed Sir Orjin's group is on the side list. Train hard, because if your group can defeat any group on the primary list in combat, then I'll consider your group invaluable."
"Thank you, I understand."

Something else also comes to my mind, so I ask it.

"If I may ask, did you learn Sir Hydril was sharing information before or after his death?"
>"Before. Now, unless you have anything else to report, you may leave. This training hall is open to you at any time, just as the underground hall was before."
No. 913112 ID: eeb7d9

Well, he won't be telling us anything else. Take tour leave and go and say hi to your friends, including Sir Orjin, it's been awhile since we last saw him. Give them their gifts. After all is done, go train, you don't have anything else to do, so you might as well get busy getting stronger.
Or, you can help Elinol with Sir Orjin. Your choise.
No. 913113 ID: 65c9b9

lets go say hi to the rest of our friends and tell Sir Orjin that we missed his lovely voice telling us to strip down and fight like real Kobolds.
No. 913114 ID: 6ee5db

Isn't it late? Sleep then do as >>913112 suggested
No. 913116 ID: 5f3f48

>I'm embarrassed to say that 'following orders and objectives' counts as a specialty around here.
So our team's speciality is fighting like soldiers instead of warriors.

Points for competence and presumably controlling what information was fed through a known spy.

Still, just context at this point. We have nothing more to report or that needs asking, it's time to go.
No. 913118 ID: 91ee5f

Since everything has been moved around, you might need some help finding where Sir Orjin’s squad is so you can go there. And you’ll also need help to find Sir Mopp to get your armor.

After picking up your armor and regrouping with your team, get some sleep, then wake up in the morning and continue training your body and your mana sensing until Sir Orjin’s squad gets called in to do something.
No. 913122 ID: 91ee5f

Also, ask about the promotions. Did the rest of your squad get promoted while you were gone? Do you need to be promoted? You can wait until a more appropriate time for the promotion, if now isn’t the right time for it.
No. 913124 ID: 86eb65

I bet that Butter's little stunt ruined his efforts to track down what Hydril was sharing and with whom he was sharing it with.

Lets get back to our group and check in. Then back to training.
No. 913126 ID: 5f3f48

We can figure that out from our allies, we don't need to pester Zall about it.
No. 913130 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I guess you’re right.
No. 913135 ID: bfb318
File 154404265469.png - (16.88KB , 800x800 , 1285.png )

I think about promotions, but realize I can ask others about it later.

>"Wait a moment, Fen. I almost forgot."

Zall tosses an emblem to me. It's a greater knight emblem.

>"If you survive this campaign to the end, you get to keep it."
"Thank you, sir."

I feel like there are other formalities I should see besides saying 'thank you', yet he tossed the emblem to me like it was a loose stone that's been taking up space in his room. And that he almost forgot about it.

I leave, and I sense Zall does the same to go back to the main training area.
No. 913137 ID: bfb318
File 154404269660.png - (21.43KB , 800x800 , 1286.png )

I want to locate the others in the group, so I go back to Holly's place. I learn that since it's so late at night, most are asleep. Aira was apparently at Sir Zall's area, but I didn't think to look there. It doesn't matter, as I can see her tomorrow anyway.

Like the previous tavern, there's an area at the back of it where Sir Orjin's group is. Sir Mopp is there, and I leave the armor with him until I'll pick it up tomorrow to train.

For now, I'm told Valsano, Firzel and Sir Orjin are still awake and in the bathhouse. I go there. Although it's open to other customers, only my squadmates are there now.

"'bout fuckin' time you got back from your vacation, barbarian!" says Orjin.
"I'm glad to see you, sir."
"Did Zall give you permission to be a sarcastic shithead, too?!"
>"I don't think barbarians know what sarcasm is, Sir!" says Valsano. "So uh, it's not 'Sir' Zall, anymore?"
"It should be for you glorified mud runners!"
>"Not even 'overdressed pawns', sir?" asks Firzel.
Not even pawns forget to say 'Sir' as much as you braindead loafs have!"
"I have gifts."
>"Now we're talking." says Firzel.
"Scarves, blankets, and so on."
>"Hell yeah." Valsano says.
"Good job, Fen, on your greatest contribution to the empire yet!"
No. 913138 ID: bfb318
File 154404270873.png - (32.66KB , 1200x800 , 1287.png )

I leave each gift with their belongings before stepping into the baths as well.

"How was the skeletorium?"

I get a weird look from Valsano.

>"Shove your face in a pile of maggots eating a corpse." he says. "That's the skeletorium experience!"
"The barbarian's probably done it before and said it was a fine meal!" says Orjin, who is lying. "So he'll be less of a coward about going back!"
>"I changed my mind!"

Firzel laughs.

>"I saw the exact moment you changed your mind, Valsano! It was when those girls were impressed by the stories you told them about your exploits down there."
>"All I needed was to be reminded that there's a good life outside of that place! I wish I knew where Holly got those girls from. When I left the Skeletorium and entered this tavern, and Holly told me I could eat and drink for free and got those girls to help me recover, I thought the only explanation was that Death Carrot murdered me and I went to soul heaven! It was too good, but then I realized I was alive and things weren't flawless when I came to this bathhouse."
"What's wrong with this bathhouse?"
>"Segregation! Who makes a tavern with a gender segregated bathhouse?!"
"There is a disease ridden orgy shack on the other side of this place!" says Orjin. "Which I forbid all of you from going into, because you all do just fine complaining all day without having diseased, shrivelling dicks!"
No. 913139 ID: 65c9b9

Ask what an orgy is.
No. 913140 ID: 6ee5db

"I feel that there are better places to have an orgy than a shack."
No. 913141 ID: b1b4f3

Is there really? Ew.
I suppose Aira and Frais are in the other bath. Or training. I've got half a mind to jump right back into training...
Ask Sir Orjin if he wants to spar later, you want to see how you match up to him now.
Also ask how tough the fighting was down there, or even up here even. Things are moving faster now by what you've heard.
No. 913142 ID: 5f3f48

Yet more conflating of bathing and sex. The Empire is weird about this stuff, it's the same problem you had at the last bath house.

Relax and chill with your pals, it's pretty much going to be training and danger from now on.
No. 913144 ID: c0641d

"Orgies are those things where many kobolds gather for sex, right? I've honestly a hard time understanding why that's necessary. Isn't one other kobold enough?" "Anyways, did you meet Death Carrot, Valsano? What was he like?"
No. 913146 ID: e1d580

“What’s an orgy, sir?”
No. 913147 ID: 91ee5f

>I wish I knew where Holly got those girls from.
“Speaking of which, I have a message from Holly to both you and Firzel. She said to stop distracting her girls when they’re trying to work.”

And remember Fen, Holly said she hasn’t told many people in Sir Orjin’s group about the tavern, so don’t tell anyone about what Holly told you!

Now that you’re face to face with Sir Orjin, you can talk to him about Elinol complaining that he’s not letting her fight when she wants to. Then comment on how if her fighting is as bad as her cooking, then it’s for the best that she doesn’t fight.
No. 913150 ID: 8269f3

The word ‘shack’ is kind of a turn-off, anyway.
Mention how you’ve heard about Valsano and Firzel making rounds at Holly’s with the waitresses, maybe poke fun at them a little. Either way just relax a while, probably gonna be the last time in a while that you can.
No. 913152 ID: eeb7d9

I am pretty sure Fen knows what a orgy is... But it would be a prefect joke, he needs to learn how to make those.

Valsano, one day, women are going to be the death of you.

I like the idea of sparing with Orjin. It's not like we have anything better to do.

Serious talk now, what did guys you faced down there? We got assassins and mutants, but not real action. Politis and boring stuff. At least for me.
No. 913154 ID: 86eb65

Whats a orgy shack and why would it shrivel your dick?
No. 913155 ID: b1b4f3

...strange, I thought Holly said Valsano and Firzel were asleep.
No. 913157 ID: 91ee5f

Also, even though you already asked Holly and Sir Zall what happened during the week you were gone, go ahead and ask the same question to Sir Orjin, Valsano, and Firzel. They might have something different to say and they might mention something that Holly and Sir Zall didn’t already tell you.
No. 913158 ID: 91ee5f

I thought that too, but when I went back and looked, she just said that they were here at the tavern, she never said they were asleep.
No. 913159 ID: 86eb65

Look to your left. Then your right.

If the first thing you see is not your sword within arms reach like Orjin's then you should smack yourself. Assassin's love killing naked people in the bath.
No. 913160 ID: b1b4f3

>"Keep Valsano and Firzel busy so they quit bugging all my girls!" I stare at Holly. "Don't take it so seriously! It's nothing bad, they just distract the girls when the girls have jobs to do! They're asleep now, anyway."

I mean, maybe she was misinformed, or maybe they just woke up, or maybe they were going to bed after this bath?
No. 913161 ID: 0c3c2c

Fen, jokingly ask what an orgy is. Then mention your promotion. It is nice to be a Greater Knight. Maybe if you do well enough in this campaign, they'll make you an actual noble.
No. 913165 ID: 10c408

"If that's the case, sir, you'll also have to ban Valisano and Firzel from harassing Holly's staff while they're working. Before she guts one of them as an example to the other."
No. 913172 ID: 298905

So, what's the story on Bolk? He always seemed to prefer to take care of lower-ranked people, so he's probably not that happy with everyone below a certain level being ejected?
No. 913174 ID: bfb318
File 154405418603.png - (21.41KB , 800x800 , 1288.png )

"Have you seen Death Carrot?" I ask Valsano.
>"Nah, just his cohorts. If you want to know more, look at my report, when I'm not around!"
"I will. I want to know what I've missed. After this bath, I am going to train in Sir Zall's hall until he sends us on a mission. Sir Orjin, if you show up there, I'll want to spar with you. Elinol has - "

Sir Orjin's head turns ominously to me.

Valsano and Firzel snap glances at me that scream 'stop talking'.

" - complained about not being able to fight. If her fighting is like her cooking, then maybe there's a - "
"You wanna spar, savage? Yeah, I'll be there tomorrow. Save some energy, because we'll spar!"
"Okay, thank you. By the way, I was promoted to greater knight."
>"Great." Valsano says. "Now it's all back to normal, 'cause Sir Orjin's a grand knight now."
"Congratulations, Sir Orj - "
"Shut your dirt collector, no one who matters gives a shit about promotions!"
"Okay. Firzel and Valsano might care that I don't know what an orgy is."
>"Somehow I'm not surprised!" says Firzel. "It's when kobolds have sex, but more than two at once."
"Oh. And sex happens in bathhouses? It seems odd, but the last one I did seemed to treat cleaning and sex as two simultaneous acts."
>"No one said anything about that!" said Firzel.
"I did!" Orjin yells.
>"Not about being in bath houses! Damnit, Fen, I just wanted to relax with girls in here and chat them up! That isn't innuendo for sex, I'd at least have sex with them back in my room!"
"I didn't ask."
>"Well you deserved the answer!"
"Speaking of girls, Holly told me to ask you and Firzel to not bug them while they're trying to work."
>"If Holly wanted that, she wouldn't have gotten the prettiest girls I've seen in my life!" says Valsano.
>"And they certainly don't act like they're being 'bugged!' Firzel backs him up.
>"How can I ignore them when they ask if there's anything I need?"
>"How can I ignore those inviting eyes?" Firzel speaks, doing so each time Valsano speaks.
>"How they can see what you want and give it to you!"
>"Those tail sways from the draconians!"
>"The tits on the fields!" says -
No. 913175 ID: bfb318
File 154405419770.png - (12.67KB , 800x800 , 1289.png )

Valsano said that.

"Valsano. I don't understand the attraction, and we are both draconian, so I don't understand why you are attracted to them, either."
>"You wanna know why I like them and you don't, huh?"
No. 913176 ID: bfb318
File 154405422180.png - (22.81KB , 800x800 , 1290.png )

He throws Firzel a glance, and like an unspoken message, Firzel scoots in and they both sing, in unison, what sounds like a line to a imperial song I've never heard before.

>"Because I'm not a fuckin' hole crawling, culturally absent, shroom munching saaavaaaage!"
>"Because I'm not a fuckin' hole crawling, culturally absent, shroom munching saaavaaaage!"

They laugh to themselves, I hear the sound of girls giggling just outside of the room, and I let this conversation die forever.
No. 913178 ID: b1b4f3

Get fuckin owned Fen.
No. 913180 ID: eeb7d9

Revenge is due.
No. 913183 ID: deec6e


Isn't it great to have friends?
No. 913186 ID: 91ee5f

>I let this conversation die forever.
You may want to let the conversation die forever, but I’ve got a feeling that Valsano and Firzel aren’t going to let it go any time soon.

In fact, they’re probably going to try and “educate” you on the attraction to tits, whether you like it or not!
No. 913187 ID: 10c408

Just for that, we should ensure that their blankets go 'missing' for a day.
No. 913195 ID: c0641d

“... You know, I’m not surprised that this sort of song exists, but the two of you... have quite a lot of gall singing such a thing to my face.” Get out of the bath. “I think I’ll need to sleep on this, and work out any lingering feelings in the training hall tomorrow.” Look back at them with the most genuinely hurt expression you can muster. “I’d appreciate it if you were to spar with me then.” Walk away, and try not to let on that you don’t actually care that much about it; you know they meant it in good fun, but someone has to teach them that their words can have an effect on people, and therefore consequences.
No. 913197 ID: 470289

Start looking into promising pawns or Lesser Knights for the Orjin group. Holly can probably help. This is one of the best times to learn leadership skills with subordinates who aren't incompetent.
No. 913198 ID: c1212a

...I'm glad you survived down there, Valsano.
No. 913203 ID: 91ee5f

I’m pretty sure Fen doesn’t give a fuck, so I don’t see any reason on why he’ll pretend to have his feelings hurt.

Also, I’m pretty sure the last thing Fen would want is for Sir Orjin to see him pretend to be hurt and start giving him new nicknames referencing how much of a crybaby he is. Because we all know that Sir Orjin can and will do that.
No. 913205 ID: 9125e0

Damn Fen they got you good,Now you gotta get em back good
No. 913210 ID: 65c9b9

Fen you must prove them wrong you are not a uncultured savage and thus must stare at tits until you understand what they mean.
No. 913213 ID: 8269f3

get to it lad
No. 913228 ID: b0354c

You're going to remember that.
No. 913234 ID: 870927

No. 913254 ID: 6ee5db

I wonder how long it will take Firzel and Valsano to think "Wait, if Fen doesn't like tits then why is he fucking Aria?" Since unless something happened while we were gone, they still probably think we're giving Aria savage dickings on the regular.
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