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File 152411229581.jpg - (139.18KB , 640x720 , TitlePage.jpg )
879456 No. 879456 ID: 2474dd

Spooky Date Quest: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/836521.html

Barry has survived the Spooky Date Quest and Nem is keeping her promise of having a date with him!

Last time we left Barry he had just removed Freddy Falcone from his life once and for all and thus removed the threat to his life.

A week has passed since then. Things are better. Nem is going to take him on a date. She and Lilly seem to have resolved their love triangle most amicably and unless you royally screw this date up you're sure to have not only one but two cute, supernatural lady steadies in your life.

Better still they seem to be mutually attracted to each other. You are living a porn dream. Thank God for the Gaelish culture of it being totally OK to have a same-sex friend-with-benefit on the side.
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No. 879457 ID: 2474dd
File 152411232138.jpg - (63.61KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise1.jpg )

What is less amazing is dealing with the remnants of your curse. While with the help of your friends you were able to stop your eyes from eating your brain and undoing Freddy's manipulation with your penis, it meant that you'd also have to pass the teeth.

It's like passing kidney stones. Except not as long a distance but more of them.

Also at Nem's request, Lilly and Clay have helped you reduce the size of your junk. Even you have to admit that it was a little intimidating and if you and Nem get serious it's probably a little much for a virgin to try to tackle.

You're still pretty generous down there, but not to the point where you're scaring Nem anymore.

You got rid of the very last tooth yesterday. It's been ice packs and one of Clay's soothing balms and you think you're OK now.

That's not really important now. What's important is:

Where are you?

A. You've just woken up at home in your apartment.
B. You've just woken up at Lilly's place.
C. You've just woken up at home in your apartment and Lilly is with you.
D. You've woken up somewhere else.
No. 879458 ID: d2e2ce

D. The teeth came back, Barry. They aren't happy about this. Not at all.
No. 879459 ID: 33cbe7

D is for Dentist.
No. 879460 ID: 094652

D) You had TEETH attached to your EYES.

The (free) surgery from one of your dates should prevent eye scarring.
No. 879465 ID: 3cb845

No. 879477 ID: 9c2d0c

What are you people ON about?
Just.. A is fine.
No. 879478 ID: d2e2ce

>What are you people ON about?
Teeth. Is that not obvious?
No. 879483 ID: 10c408

Horrifyingly so.

A, please. Let's not majority vote the scare twist option.
No. 879507 ID: 91ee5f

>Thank God for the Gaelish culture of it being totally OK to have a same-sex-friend-with-benefit on the side.
That’s why it’s called Gay-lish! XD

*ba dum tss*

A. You've just woken up at home in your apartment.

>Let's not majority vote the scare twist option.
I agree!
No. 879514 ID: 2fe26a

Is D a euphemism for the D? Pick that and find out.
No. 879519 ID: 2474dd
File 152415664632.jpg - (61.99KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise1a.jpg )


Actually Lilly and Clay agreed that they'd get to share the teeth that they helped extract. They're keeping them for scientific study; apparently there's something like 'calcified spiritual salts' in them or what have you. You didn't really understand, you were just glad to be rid of them.

You were also glad for the healing balm. You bled a bit.

The D option has nothing to do with your penile teeth.
No. 879560 ID: 2474dd
File 152418022177.jpg - (137.64KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise1b.jpg )

Resolving impassé...
Method: Context

Actually where you are now has more to do with Sadako's birthday. You baked her a little cake.
No. 879564 ID: 0f94ea

Oof, careful with the candles, all that hair might go up. But happy birthday, Sadako! It's nice to spend time with you.
No. 879566 ID: 2474dd
File 152418092305.jpg - (108.91KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise1c.jpg )

Sadako: SQUEEEE! It is a beautiful cake! You even put little rings along the side!

Sadako isn't what you consider really 'high tier' on the spooky level. Her stringy-haired ghost girl routine requires that she never talk because her voice is childishly high and completely unintimidating.

She's not even that terribly spooky *feeling* either; despite her tendency to crawl through television sets and other media she's not especially cold to the touch and once you get used to the fact that the black blood from her eyes is just something that happens when she gets excited about anything she's hardly spooky at all.

Although she *does* have this interesting trick that involves combining the fact that she can unhinge her jaw entirely with her ability to rotating her head around indefinitely. It's not especially *erotic* but it's definitely *interesting* in a good way.

When you celebrated her birthday (you're not quite sure if it's an actual birthday, a death day, or just some day she likes to make about her) she made it quite clear that you were more than welcome to spend the night.

And thus our decision gate. Did you:

A. Abstain because of your upcoming date with Nem the next day?
B. Slam the Spook?
No. 879575 ID: 0e2ebe

Ah, didn't Nem ask for monogamy and only barely accept bigamy? I'd say yes, but I wouldn't face the consequences of cheating. So don't. Probably.
No. 879576 ID: 91ee5f

No. 879577 ID: 10c408

A. You and your wang were effectively on bed rest man. No matter what sadako's opinion on your penile teeth issue, you didn't stick it in her.
No. 879582 ID: 33cbe7

Of course you did B. What better way to celebrate a birthday than in a birthday suit?
No. 879590 ID: 600f38

Your dick just finished vomiting up teeth, and balms be damned even getting an erection or pissing is going to be painful for at least a week.

Your dick is officially out of service.
No. 879593 ID: 3abd97

No. 879598 ID: 0e2ebe

He's already said that's not the case.
A, because I forgot to include that in my last post.
No. 879618 ID: 2474dd
File 152419897354.jpg - (118.18KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise2.jpg )

You explained to Sadako that you were going to be getting serious with a girl and so while you want to make sure she has a good birthday, you can't get frisky. You add a footnote regarding your penile teeth for good measure.

Sadako is disappointed initially and makes a fuss about "stupid humans and their stupid monogamy" but when you explain she's not only not human but also Nem of the Department of Change, Sadako is impressed and then huffs.

Sadako: Well shit. Yeah, I wouldn't try to fool around behind her back either.

So you went home afterwards and got lots of rest. And you've just woken up now, and realized there's someone else at the foot of your bed.

Lilly: Hoi Bear-bear!

You rub your eyes and begin to ask what she's doing here but the nurse outfit makes it obvious. You then decide to change your question to "how did you get into my apartment?" but that's also obvious.

You consider asking if she's ever heard of knocking but figure that's probably a lost cause.

Lilly: I'm here to check ya dick to make sure it's all good for ya date tonight.

You sigh.

"Can't it wait until after coffee or something, baby? I just woke up."

Lilly: It shouldn't take too long. If things aren't quite right I wanna get ya fixed up before tonight. I mean, last thing ya wanna say is "Aw sorry baby, this has nevah happened to me before," to a noivous voigin.

You consider this.

"What do you have to do?"

Lilly: Quick blow job. It's gentle, n' I'll know how ya healed by how it tastes.

"... wut?"

Lilly: Ya hoid me. Ya know I have the experience.

You shrug and lie back, telling her to go ahead. It's not like you have anything to lose, Lilly is Nem's... whatever her people call it that means it's OK for you to bang her too.

While Lilly goes to work, you close your eyes and wait to see if anything feels off or odd but everything seems to be in working order if 'slow', and she gives you a clean bill of health -- although she complains about a sore jaw.

Afterwards you ask if she'd like a cup of coffee.

Lilly: Shure. I've started t'get the hang of the stuff. Either that or ya rubb'n off on me more.

Lilly's stopped wearing her goggles around you now that the danger's past and she wants to be in a more serious relationship with you.

Lilly: So. Bear-bear. I here that there are forces that be that apparently fucked up the whole "I actually love you too, Lilly". Hell, they might still be with ya. Nem said she sent them to look after ya, so I'm guess'n that's why they pull for her so much.

Lilly takes a swig of coffee, makes a face, and adds some cinnamon, nutmeg, whipped cream, sugar and chocolate sauce to it. While she does this, she continues.

Lilly: Now here's the thing -- I'm pull'n for you n' Nem too, Bear-bear. Ya gotta make this date good, 'cause if it goes well then I have both of ya in my life. Still... I want there to be an US too.

You ask if Lilly would like to come along, but she shakes her head.

Lilly: It'd be too much for Nem. We already had a heart-to-heart sav'n your big butt. I'm just say'n to save some love for me. Not having it won't kill me Bear-bear, but I don't want to be the number one goil for Nem but just the side fuck for you, ya get me? Ya don't gotta love me best, but... ya do love me, right?

What do you tell Lilly? (one answer only; this will impact the entire quest)

A. She's a good friend but you'll never love her anywhere close to Nem. You could try to lie to spare her feelings but she's better off knowing the truth.
B. You love Lilly. Maybe not as much as Nem, but you do love her.
C. You love Lilly as much as Nem, just differently.
D. You think you might love Lilly more than Nem.
No. 879621 ID: 600f38

C, no question.

And yeah, Nem gave you mind-bending spirits. You're infected with voices that try to get you laid because they are very, very bored.
No. 879622 ID: 91ee5f

>your big butt.
“Hey! I’m not that fat am I?”

C. You love Lilly as much as Nem, just differently.
No. 879623 ID: 3abd97

No. 879629 ID: dbf422

C please
No. 879633 ID: 094652

D - You and Nem were a great match AT FIRST, but time, change, and duty are in the way of any further development. She's planning on skyrocketing her career, and you're not going to drive yourself crazy just to stay close to the afterburn. The risks she's taken, the insanity she's endured, for her career and for you - that will last a lifetime.

But what Lilly has done just to be with you? You owe her EVERYTHING. May as well enjoy the lifelong affection.
No. 879652 ID: 10c408

No. 879663 ID: 2474dd
File 152424601802.jpg - (131.30KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise3.jpg )

You reassure Lilly that you do love her, just differently from Nem. With Nem, you love how she's adorkable and complex but also so very different from you -- so straight-laced, hard-working and uptight. You share the same values in the importance of family and you can tell she's a freak like you are -- she's just not allowed herself to release. You've both had challenges to your faiths as wel.

Lilly's adorkable and complex too, but what strikes you about Lilly is how free and bold she is. You've never considered yourself brave but that's what your friends tell you. That and you have no common sense. (You tend to consider the latter) Lilly is like that but then she turns around and reveals that she's not running into things quite as blindly as you thought.

You admire them both, even though they're very different women.

Lilly smiles warmly.

Lilly: That's something Clay don't get. I'm glad you do. I've learned from my past lives. The Department gives me access to my previous lives after 16 years into the new one. One of my previous lives made some mistakes that I still feel. She coulda found love but she didn't take the chance, n' she died regrett'n it. Each cycle learns a little somethin' more, but when is it enough? I don't wanna wake up again n' then find out what I lost this life. I'm happy now, n' I know it. I don't need or want another cycle. I'm walk'n into this eyes wide open, 'cause it's worth it to have the time witcha now.

She plays with the whipped cream in her mug with her spoon.

Lilly: Anyhow. Nemmie. Our little asun. (Dat's a spicy goat dish by the way) She's mortal, n' so she's more complex than I am. You should probably figure out a little 'bout what ya want, n' then try to find out what she wants. Lot betta for your relationship to know what ya gett'n into earlier.

First off: Ya want kids? I got the feel'n Nem's gonna want at least one, probably more.

Please indicate the strength of this feeling with a rank of:
0 (indifferent)
1 (Flexible)
2 (Deal-breaker)

A. "No kids, I've seen what they do to you,"
B. "Yeah, at least one kid. I got the feeling she's gonna be a terrible brat but I'll deal,"
C. "I never got a big family, always wanted one. Being the only child was lonely,"
No. 879665 ID: 600f38

No. 879667 ID: 9c2d0c

1C, minimum 1
No. 879668 ID: 10c408

C, minimum of 2.
No. 879670 ID: 2474dd
File 152425141351.jpg - (172.04KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise3a.jpg )

Lilly: That's good, I get the feel'n our Nemmie's got a hyperactive biological clock.

So next: How much weird do y'think ya could handle when it comes to in-laws? Nem's folks are fae-touched, so they're gonna be a little weird. Speak'n of which, how important is it to you that Nem gets along with ya mom?

"Wait, what about you?"

Lilly: We both know that Nem's gonna be the "face" wife, Bear-bear. We're probably nevah gonna have children no matter what we try, an' you'll have a hellovalot easier time convincing your mom Nem's a good girl. Besides... I don't have any family left.

Quest mechanic heads-up! Barry is being woo'd as much as he's trying to woo Nem, so you will be awarding hearts to Nem as well as earning them from her! Being INDIFFERENT to a question means you can't award or lose hearts. Being FLEXIBLE means you gain a heart on match, half a heart if Nem is indifferent, and you only use half a heart if she's incompatible with something.

Please indicate the strength of this feeling with a rank of:
0 (indifferent)
1 (Flexible)
2 (Deal-breaker)

A. "Honestly, I'm hoping we only have to deal with her family on their holidays."
B. "I'd like to learn more about her family and hope we visit more than just the hols,"
C. "I want them in our life. They screwed Nem up a little but they meant well n' we'd never have met if they didn't."

And Nem?

X. "We'll try to keep Nem away from my mom, it'll be for the best,"
Y. "It'll be important for Nem & my mom to know each other, even if they fight,"
Z. "She's been there all my life for me, so Nem better learn to deal,"
No. 879671 ID: 600f38

1, B, Y.

Also, tell Lilly it'd be a shame if the two of you didn't have kids. :V
No. 879672 ID: 2474dd

Additional notes:

DEAL-BREAKER is a high-risk, high-reward item. If Nem's attitude matches yours then it awards 3 hearts; if it's a little off (A vs. B, B vs. C or similar) it may lose or gain half a heart (depending on subject matter), and if it's opposite (A vs. C, X vs. Z) it loses 2 hearts and could have problems down the line.

3 hearts is a potent pay-off.
No. 879677 ID: 3abd97

>1, B, Y.
Pretty much
No. 879731 ID: 2474dd
File 152428337157.jpg - (172.58KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise3b.jpg )

Lilly: Family's pretty important to Nem. Hope ya can adapt to vegan cook'n.

So next: Do you care where ya live? I mean, the lab ain't really set up for a family but I could fix it up.
Or ya might live on Earth. Or Nem might want ya to move back to her village -- in which case ya REALLY better be ready to adapt to vegan cook'n.

"You'll be living with us, right? What about your say?"

Lilly: Aw it ain't such a big deal for me, I can port to the lab anytime once Nemmie sets it up for me. Just don't ask how my indoor plumb'n works considering it's on a flying chunk of rotted apartment block.

Please indicate the strength of this feeling with a rank of:
0 (indifferent)
1 (Flexible)
2 (Deal-breaker)

Pick your most interested and least desirable location as well as a rank for it. You may pick multiple 'desirable' and 'undesirable' locations. These also define other characteristics, and we'll build a sort of average from it.

A. The USA where Barry lives.
B. Lilly's Lab
C. Nem's village
D. The Department's housing?
No. 879739 ID: 600f38

1: ABC
2: D
Spending any time around the DoC is bad for everybody. They're all completely miserable, and that's not a healthy environment.
No. 879744 ID: 9c2d0c

I, and presumably Barry, know nothing about Department housing or the realities of it.

Barry is an adventurous sort and could get used to a lot though. Default preference would probably be USA, but nothing here is a deal breaker. The others provide additional challenges which would need to be overcome with the power of the spooky sciences.
No. 879765 ID: 10c408

No. 879771 ID: 2474dd
File 152429911168.jpg - (170.47KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise3c.jpg )

Lilly: Eh, I hoid it's not so bad living in Department Housing. One of my previous lives used ta live in the Village for awhile, n' even hooked up Internet there. Without her woik I wouldn't have figured out how t' get Internet in my territory.

Kay, so next up is ya should think 'bout chores and finances. I've... never actually BEEN in a lov'n mortal relationship before but from all the read'n I've done it can be a really big deal.

"You seem pretty experienced for someone who's never been in a relationship,"

Lilly: Eh, there's sex n' then there's love. I mean, there's a good reason why Clay don't live with me. We like each other a lot but Clay's really anal about stuff in the not-fun anal way an' I'm a little more free-flow'n.

(Lilly rambles on a bit and you lose your focus until she realizes she's gone off track and gets back to the point)

OK, so what I mean is how ya gonna divide the chores up? Everyone says "50/50", nobody ever means it. Lotta the time, it ties into the money. Ya good with money? 'Cause I've seen that wreck some shit too.

Please indicate the strength of this feeling with a rank of:
0 (indifferent)
1 (Flexible)
2 (Deal-breaker)

On CHORES (you may pick up to 3):
A. Whoever makes the least should pick up more of the chores.
B. Whoever is home the most should pick up more of the chores.
C. Whoever is the home maker should pick up the slack on chores.
D. To be perfectly honest, you're a slob and you don't care if nobody does the chores.
E. To be perfectly honest, you get the feeling Nem's gonna do the chores whether you want her to or not.
F. To be perfectly honest, you get the feeling Nem's gonna pussywhip your ass and you'll do the bulk of the chores.
G. No, seriously -- it's gonna be a 50/50 split. Or 33/33/33, as the case may be.

On MONEY (pick one):
A. Your money is your money, Nem's money is her money, Lilly's is her own too. Maybe split even on the housing, but otherwise financially you're separate units.
B. Everyone should be able to keep half their take-home unless things are tight. If each person puts half their income in the group benefits should be good though.
C. It's all "Our money" and major expenses should be discussed by the group.
D. Honestly, whoever's the best with the money should handle it.

Just one more round and we can get to quest proper.
You may ask Lilly about her past lives or other stuff if you want; she's more than happy to answer.
No. 879778 ID: dbf422

1 B C. I think.
No. 879785 ID: 600f38

H: Whoever has the least work should pick up the most slack
I: People need to clean up their own messes, regardless of who does what chores.
J: Barry is a bit of a neat freak, and will pick up the slack when things fall through the cracks

1 B AND D - everybody pitches in, but whoever is best with money handles the pool.
No. 879800 ID: 3abd97

1, F, C

And even if we do a choose a different way of handling the money (split by person, or someone not being put in charge) not discussing major purchases is kind of a major dick move.
No. 879908 ID: 2474dd
File 152436845965.jpg - (169.97KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise3d.jpg )

Lilly: Can't really comment on the money, honey -- not that we don't use it, but I've never been in a relationship where sharing it mattered. I have hoid enough stories 'bout it souring marriages though. I mean for me, as long as it don't dampen my research I'm fine with whatevah.

"I get the feeling you're not the best with money,"

Lilly titters.

Lilly: Heh, yeah no I'm terrible with it. You don't become the kinda person I am by caring too much about material shit.

So the last couple of things you should figure out is couple's activities n' ya private space. Sex don't count. You an' me, we got our anime and our video games so we good. I think Nem's different.

Like I don't think she hates it like Red does. But she was atta real loss when we were runn'n 'round in ya soul. I don't think anime & video games are what she'll wanna do wit ya. I mean, she'll probably join just 'cause she cares but it won't be her idea of fun. What else do ya like to do with Nem that she might enjoy too?

Couples Activities

As a base, choose THREE activities. You may double-up on an activity (mark it +1) to make Barry really like it. These activities will be ones you hope Nem will match on during the date. If she matches on anything you don't choose, there's no penalty but no special gains either. You may suggest more than 3 activities if you tag one with a -1, but if Nem matches on one of those it will be detrimental to the date's progress. Please note that being a malleable character, you are giving Barry additional hobbies and interests so even if they don't match up with Nem they will continue to flesh him out.

A. Anime. Clearly Nem's just never been exposed to the right kind. As this is one of Barry's interests, you can't assign -1 to it, but you can suggest it for free.

B. Art. Nem's got a porn Tumblr, so you're pretty sure art's her thing. Even if she prefers naughty art.

C. Cooking. It's really an aspect of chemistry after all, even though she's never mentioned it to you.

D. Movies. Who doesn't like movies? This seems like a safe bet. Nem's tomboyish enough that it might not even be chick flicks.

E. Music. Hopefully she's not into stuffy classical, but everyone likes some kind of music.

F. Nature walks and hikes. Nem's talked at length about the forests she used to roam as a child and you've a feeling you're going to have to explore them with her.

G. Science. Nem's a naturally curious person and museums, lectures and such seem to be her thing.

H. The Tarot, Astrology and Forecasting. She used it during her adventures within your domain, maybe it's an interest?

I. Video games. Nem is nerdy, she's gotta like some kind of video game, right?

J. Writing. Nem has a Tumblr blog, so surely she likes to write? OK so maybe she just likes to write clumsy slash fiction, but that's still writing.

Private Space

How much do you need 'private space'? The closer you match to Nem, the better. This has the least impact overall as you're both intelligent enough to adapt -- plus there's Lilly to help. Still, it often comes up for couples so it's included because space incompatibility provides minor bitching material to make relationship more real.

W. I don't need private space.
X. I need a little private space. Like a night out with the boys on occasion.
Y. I need some private space. Like one room that's all my own.
Z. I like a little "me time" at least once a day.
No. 879927 ID: 094652

No. 879934 ID: 9c2d0c

D, G, C
Despite an apparently tenuous understanding of what the application of science actually looks like, Barry is an information sponge. He enjoys absorbing facts and esoteric knowledge about movie production, geology, European naval battles, food history, and a host of other topics. He has seen every Hammer Horror film. He has already been to half of the museums at the Smithsonian, and has plans to visit the others. Alton Brown is his favorite TV chef, be cause he doesn't just cook, he teaches. A childhood full of bullying has taught him to keep a lid on it most of the time, but he is capable of excitedly gushing about most topics to anyone who indicates an interest.

Y is a good policy, in my experience
No. 879941 ID: 22fa5d

AEFHX (assuming I understand what was meant by a free choice)
No. 879994 ID: 3abd97

No. 880139 ID: 91ee5f

>You an' me, we got our anime and our video games so we good. I think Nem's different.
>I don't think anime & video games are what she'll wanna do wit ya. I mean, she'll probably join just 'cause she cares but it won't be her idea of fun.
Tell Lilly, “Don’t worry, if you and me work together, we can convert Nem into being a nerd like us. We can bring her over to the dork side!” *insert Darth Vader breathing noises here*

No. 880148 ID: dbf422

Please no
No. 880424 ID: 2474dd
File 152455625006.jpg - (135.29KB , 640x720 , NemsPromise4.jpg )

Lilly nods at your reponses.

Lilly: I didn't know ya had an interest in nature, Bear-bear. Aw, I used t'know a way to a secret garden, too. But that was a long, long time ago an' a lotta lives in the past.

The two of you finish your coffee. Lilly gives you a clean bill of health but smirks.

Lilly: Unless ya wanna be a baby-daddy though, if ya get Nem to drop her panties you better wrap ya rascal. Analogs like her are *very* compatible with humans.

You ask Lilly what she means by "analog". You've heard the term a few times but aren't quite sure what's meant by it.

Lilly: Aw, ok. So 'analog' isn't really a scientific name but it basically it means a type of physical person that is sexually compatible wit a human, but ain't human. Analogs include Red, Nem, an' any fae-turned-mortal. The thing 'bout analogs is their shape ain't constant, an' their offpsring stays fertile as long as ya cross 'em with a human or another analog. An' human-analog pairings tend to result in pregnancies a lot more often than human-human or analog-analog. Not a lotta science done on it of course. Humanity don't publicly approve due to the mess we make sometimes. An' ya know our people get all panicky about the threat of 'falling in love with a mortal'. Ooo! If Nem agrees I wanna study the two of ya in terms of baby-mak'n. Gonna need Clay's help n'...

Lilly rambles on a bit about the logistics of making such a study. You don't follow a good bit, but some of the elements sound head-tiltingly kinky, especially Clay's involvement. You wonder what Nem will think. You wonder what Clay will think, considering that according to Lilly she's straight. However, you do learn that as far as analogs are concerned, apparently there are considerably hazards from the sperm when crossing humans with analogs and so if there is an egg ready chances are much higher that it will be fertilized. Twins are more common as well. You make sure to bring new condoms for your date -- just in case.

When she realizes she's rambled on awhile, she apologizes and then offers to help you get ready for your date.

Lilly: I wish I could help ya a bit more, but Nem won't or can't let me visit her an' she wants to date me second. I think she's afraid I'd turn her totally gay. (She winks at you; she's not serious) That or maybe it's got somethin' to do with how the "Intimate Companion" thing woiks.

Lilly pauses in thought and then asks: "Ya want me to help you with a gift?"

Interesting point. Lilly could help you obtain an especially exotic gift. Or maybe Nem would rather you bring something more personal from Earth?

What do you bring as a gift?

A. Red roses and wine. It's a classic and you think Nem would appreciate something classic.
B. A collection of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's not really anime but it's animesque and perhaps something you could use to help Nem appreciate anime more.
C. Wine and dark chocolate, paired specifically to match. Hopefully Nem won't read the ingredients and know about the milk solids.
D. Obtain an exotic scarab from Lilly. She says it's edible and certainly won't be something Nem's seen before.
E. Obtain a bottle of Lauvinn, an exotic liquor from Lilly. It is a devlish wine used to seduce mortals. She advises you be completely upfront with it.
F. Offer her a preserving vial with one of your penile teeth in it. It's certainly unique, but who knows what Nem will think of it.
No. 881426 ID: 3abd97

AC. Wine, roses, and chocolate.

They do make dairy free chocolate, you know. You're not going to get it perfectly paired to the wine if it's that dark, but you avoid freaking Nem out too.
No. 881446 ID: b5fb67


AD. At the very least the scarab is a conversation piece.
No. 881801 ID: 2474dd
File 152512862510.jpg - (266.62KB , 640x720 , Village Viewpoint.jpg )

You decide on RED ROSES and WINE as it's the only thing you know for sure Nem will like.

At the appointed time, you hear a distinctive series of knocks at your door. It's the knock Nem instructed you to listen for; she warned you ahead of time that when you open the door it will function as a portal to the Department of Change's Village, a place where various people in the department's various divisions can relax and pursue their own ideas. Some people live in the village for various reasons -- Nem doesn't, she prefers Earth.

When you open the door, a gust of fresh smelling air mixed with indistinct floral hints greets you. The doorway is on a hillside overlooking the village -- full of vary odd looking buildings. Nem smiles coyly at you.

Nem: Hi Barry! Welcome to the Village. I uh, made reservations at La Luna's. It's just a little diner but since the owner is an active agent she needs a heads-up to be open for special occasions. She likes to do American Southwest style cooking. I wanted to make sure the food was a little familiar so you'd enjoy yourself. There's still some exotic choices if you want though.

You let Nem know you got her a gift. She beams.

Nem: I got you a gift too!
No. 881803 ID: 2474dd
File 152512911434.jpg - (242.33KB , 640x720 , Village Viewpoint2.jpg )

Nem: I got you a 3DS with Pokémon Ultra Moon. It's already got the monsters from Ultra Sun on it. I hope you don't mind that it's hacked, but nobody should be able to prove it since it wasn't hacked in a conventional Earth method.

How do you rate Nem's gift? Pick one only, no half-points (that's already accounted for)
-1 : She has no idea what you like.
0 : It was a nice try.
1 : It's not anything you'd really want but it's still something you like.
2 : She knows you well.
3 : A lot of thought went into this.
4 : Perfect!!

You will -- being the smooth player that you are -- of course be polite about receiving the gift (unless of course it rates 2 or better in which case you'll be obviously thrilled).

The average score will be used. Afterwards you will present your gift and the date will continue.
No. 881804 ID: 3abd97

>hacked pokemon game with all the mons on it already
If that hack also removes the need to waste move slots on hms that is something I have wanted forever and we should marry her.

Nem done shone us up, that's a way better gift than we got her.
No. 881807 ID: 094652

Why is there a dong building.

2 - The hacking part seems... derisive. Still, it's a video game, and you can practice combat with whatever combination you want whenever you feel like it. Yay.
No. 881835 ID: dc91a0

2. Pokemon's more a nostalgia trip than a current interest, but knowing that you can play the whole game without having to do all the trading bullshit is just the push you need to actually sit down and play it.
No. 881840 ID: 91ee5f

2 : She knows you well.
No. 881844 ID: 2709e5

Monster collecting. Seems a little on the nose.
No. 881847 ID: 2474dd

Valid question. Nem explains that one of members of the Department is brilliant, somewhat deranged, gay, but altogether mostly harmless. (She uses an unfamiliar term that when she explains it sounds like he is 'fabulously gay')

She says he is from "An Impossible Division" and apparently his job is to effectively be indirectly disruptive in a mostly non-violent way. He has a talent for creating constructs and golems.

He lives in the dong-shaped building and it's dong-shaped because he wanted it to be one of the first things a new visitor would notice for "scientific reasons". She advises against mentioning it if you ever run into him -- nobody in the Village wants to encourage him.
No. 881852 ID: 600f38

3. Now she has a 3DS and a copy of Pokemon she can use to play with you.
No. 881870 ID: dbf422

That man is a hero and I love him.

Oh right, date. 2. It's an okay game and the thought is super sweet.
No. 881948 ID: 2474dd
File 152520119142.jpg - (257.70KB , 640x720 , Village Viewpoint3.jpg )

Nem loves her gift and inhales the rose's perfume deeply.

Nem: Thank-you! It's a lovely Merlot too.

You have awarded Nem one heart.
Nem awarded you one heart.

Nem: Are you hungry now? We don't have to go to La Luna's right away. It's a pretty casual place, and Mary just likes to know what days she's needed. I mean, unless there's something you were curious about.

What do you say?

A. Yes, you're hungry. Let's head over to La Luna's now.

Your "Couples Activities" answers have provided you with the following options:
B. Maybe we could do a little nature walk prior? You're curious how different the area around the Village is to Earth.
C. Is there a library or writer's cafe or something around here?
D. What do you do for movies in The Village?

The default option is A which won't impact the date immediately one way or the other and will move the date forward. The extra options can have positive or negative impacts. Extra options require a 3-point minimum vote to succeed otherwise you'll just move along to dinner.
No. 881965 ID: 9c2d0c

B. Oh boy, exploring a new place. It probably doesn't have strange alien plants undreamt of by mortal minds, but it'll be new and different, and that little hint of the unfamiliar is a thrill on top of a familiar relaxing activity. So Barry, in a nutshell.
No. 881973 ID: 91ee5f


Let’s get a tour of the area and see the sights before we go eat!
No. 882007 ID: 3abd97

Let's try B, a walk before eating would be nice.
No. 882165 ID: 0c3c2c

I like B.
No. 882176 ID: 2474dd
File 152530053356.jpg - (263.90KB , 640x720 , Village Viewpoint4.jpg )

Nem is surprised and then blushes and turns away.

Nem: I had... kinda planned on us doing a walk a little later in the evening if all goes well. When it's not as bright.

She pauses.

Nem: So I don't catch a sunburn!

You know immediately she is lying, and lying poorly. Nem does not burn, despite having milky skin. You've asked about it and she said it has something to do with her faerie bloodline.

Clearly she's got something else in mind and whatever it is, it's making her blush. You are intrigued.

What do you do?

A. Let it go and proceed to dinner, then.
B. Insist on a nature walk, just make it a short one.
C. Try to guess what Nem has planned: ________.
No. 882197 ID: 3abd97

A. Let her off the hook. A little mystery is fun.

Well it would be rude of me to derail your plans, or to abuse your complexion. Shall we, then?
No. 882200 ID: 91ee5f

No. 882202 ID: 10c408

A, no sense ruining the surprise while the date has barely begun.
No. 882215 ID: c92184

No. 882241 ID: 2474dd
File 152531906647.jpg - (198.98KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner.jpg )

You and Nem walk down the hill towards the village. Along the way you see a variety of people. You don't see anyone who seems to be the same species as Nem, but humanoids with animal features seem to be the majority, even if there's no animal majority in particular. You also see a fair number of what appears to be humans, but who knows what they are for sure.

"La Luna" looks like a diner. Nem explains that it's called "La Luna" because the owner is "Lunatic" Mary Luna, an agent from the 16th Division. She warns you that Mary is a huge woman with cat features and that she looks a little scary but she's very nice, "especially considering she's from the 16th".
No. 882254 ID: 2474dd
File 152532317589.jpg - (200.72KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner2.jpg )

Mary is a tiger-woman about 7 ft tall with massive arms but she has a warm, motherly way of talking ... oddly with a Southwestern American accent. It really doesn't seem to fit her features.

Mary: How y'all doing? So you're Nem's sweetie, huh? Heard ya had quite a little adventure. Hope ya know what ya in for, sweetie -- Nem looks the sweetie but there's a fire in her.

Nem blushes.

You reassure Mary know you're well aware of what Nem's capable of.

Mary: Naw ya don't. Not yet. All goes well you'll find out though.

She winks.

Nem: So, as promised -- you get to pick our order. I'll eat whatever you put in front of me. Even CHEESE.

Mary raises and eyebrow.

Mary: I knew ya were serious Nem, but damn. Boy, you see how sweet this girl is on ya? Just so ya know, you hurt her n' I'll tan yer hide.

Course One of Three: Appetizers

You may order alcohol.

Your choice of appetizer will impact the conversation as well as your hearts.

Please choose a maximum of 2 appetizers. The bar is fully stocked, so just name alcohol as you'd like.

A. Jalapeno poppers - jalapeño peppers that have been hollowed out, stuffed with a mixture of cheese, spices, and sometimes ground meat, breaded and deep fried.

B. Hand-Battered Jumbo Onion Rings - Buttermilk battered onion rings; served with a chipotle ranch dressing. Vegan options available.

C. Hand-Cut Chili Cheese Fries - Fries topped with homemade chili, cheddar cheese, green onions and ranch dressing.

D. Butter-grub Roll -- Fresh buttergrub wrapped in kale and then roasted until it is crisp outside. Tastes like a buttery paté.

E. White Truffle Chips -- thinly sliced potatoes with white truffle oil and herbs. Vegan friendly!

F. Firespiker Skewer -- 2 firespikers (a type of venomous stinging insect), fried in hot oil, seasoned with a hot & lively spice mixture and served on a skewer. The heat breaks down the venom, rendering it harmless for most analogs, but please avoid the poison sac (near the stinger) if you are unsure.

You can't lose any hearts -- Nem promised, after all.
No. 882255 ID: 094652

Ask Nem what she would like, you're partial to the chili-cheese fries and onion rings but might want to skip a fatty appetizer for a fat-king entree.

Do they have fried onions? Instead of using excessive batter, just cover the onion strings in flour and deep fry.

Buttergrub roll looks interesting, though. If Nem says it's good, you'll try some of that.
No. 882282 ID: 9c2d0c

No glass of milk, dang. Nem is still iffy on milk, no need to straight chug one in front of her.

That said, B, D. Buttermilk breading is BARELY a milk product, and dipping sauce is optional. Let her have some control there. Grubs wrapped in kale will do for adventure and a lactose-free option.
No. 882286 ID: 91ee5f

>What to eat?
D. Butter-grub Roll

E. White Truffle Chips

No. 882288 ID: 0c3c2c

A and F
No. 882410 ID: 3abd97

I'll support this. Onion rings and butter grubs.
No. 882417 ID: 0e2ebe

Sure. And I'm suggesting rum and coke because why not.
No. 882421 ID: 2474dd
File 152539610540.jpg - (192.08KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner3.jpg )

You're having problems deciding on a single item other than the buttergrub rolls, so you order that.

Nem is a little surprised at your choice as well as pleased.

Nem: So you're not just adventurous when it comes to your conquests, huh? Is there anything you've always wanted to do but never got the chance?

Open answers are allowed, but you only get one!

A: ______________
B: "You, but we're working on that,"
C: "Meeting your family. I think you're the only spooky girl I know with one. Well, one in a way that's familiar."
D: Sexual act. Note that Barry's already done quite a lot of stuff and Nem knows about it, so if you suggest something he's already done you'll be prompted to try again.
No. 882426 ID: e80ece

A: Making his own game. Seeing, and being so influenced by, Undertale really made him interested in trying, but he's never even started.
No. 882429 ID: 91ee5f

A: “I’ve always wanted to make my own video game. It’s just, I can never really seem find time to try and learn how to do it.”
No. 882430 ID: 600f38

B, but playfully. Then C seriously.
No. 882795 ID: 2474dd
File 152558614070.jpg - (199.38KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner4.jpg )

>A: Making his own game. Seeing, and being so influenced by, Undertale really made him interested in trying, but he's never even started.

Nem nods.

Nem: I don't play a lot of video games but Undertale was good. I liked trying to figure out the pacifist way of dealing with monsters. Although maybe I'm just biased towards the Dreemurs.

She smirks.

Nem: Are you going to write a dating sim game based on your experiences? Will I be in it?

She picks up one of the buttergrubs and lets it linger between her lips before biting into it. You're not sure if she's doing it on purpose.

How do you respond?
A. "Maybe. Depends on how good a date you are," (eyebrow waggle optional)
B. "If I were to put you in a game I'd want it to be hardcore action," (eyebrow waggle optional)
C. "Shit, good idea. I was going to do some sort of Undertale ripoff with more waifus but that's a much better idea,"
D. "I might make a dating sim but if I put you in, you'd be off limits. I don't want anyone else drooling over you. Except Lilly,"
E. "Nah, I hate dating sims. It's a waste if it's not in person, y'know?"
F. Something else?

Additional Option (requires 3 votes):
- Remove Heart for Nem
- Remove Half Heart for Nem
- Add Heart for Nem
- Add Full Heart for Nem
No. 882836 ID: 094652

E because Visual Novels are a conspiracy headed by the sick bastards of the National Association of Rearing @#$%wives (and they're led by a brain-damaged talking mouse) to get revenge on the interactive freedoms of video games that have instilled the fundamental necessities of free will, violence, and sexual exploration out of their otherwise obedient sheep-brats, by making "stereotypical househusband fantasy novel" a game genre.

... Okay I'm making stuff up, but you get the point. If you're ever forced to make a Visual Novel / Dating Sim, add an actual game in the mix. Kind of like adding sugar to your tomatoes. Or deep-frying your Brussels Sprouts.
No. 882844 ID: dbf422

A. She's flirting, so you should return in kind.
No. 882850 ID: 91ee5f

A. “Maybe. Depends on how good a date you are." (activate the optional eyebrow waggle)!

“But seriously, if I was going to make a game like that, I’d at least ask for permission first before I added you into it.”

Now that we’ve answered, let’s ask Nem the same question! “What about you? Is there anything you've always wanted to do but never got the chance?“

I agree.
No. 882855 ID: 9c2d0c

I'd give a half heart for that, sure.

F: You would not try to represent Nem in something as interpersonal as a dating sim, even disguised a bit. It's one thing to let real life inspire you, but one-to-one basing characters on people you know is dangerous territory. You'd never be able to capture every detail and reaction just right, and if it is someone you care about, you really WANT to get that right. If your clumsy attempts fail to convey what makes that person special, then you have done both them and the player a huge disservice.
No. 882903 ID: 3abd97

Add half a heart.

F: It's kinda tricky to put real people in a game. Someone like you maybe.
No. 883229 ID: 2474dd
File 152580501049.jpg - (206.75KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner_tiebreaker1.jpg )

Tiebreaker Requested!

We need a tie-breaker between two schools of thought, represented by choices A and F, as well as whether or not to award a heart to Nem. If we don't get a proper tie-breaker we'll resolve the impassé via RNG.

The two choices appeal to Barry's PLAYA and NERD sides.
The heart award is optional.


A. Playa
F. Nerd


Award Heart? (Y/N)
No. 883230 ID: 5f3f48


No. 883236 ID: 91ee5f

>Playa or Nerd?

No. 883238 ID: 2474dd
File 152581026960.jpg - (192.79KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner5.jpg )

You explain to Nem at length both your disdain for dating sims and the fact that you feel that there'd be no way to properly capture her spirit in such a traditionally shallow medium.

You sense Nem's disappointment in your reaction. Does she play dating sims? Possibly, she's sexually frustrated and has her own porn Tumblr. It could be more to do with her inexperience; maybe by not taking the flirt bait she feels rejected on some level.

At least it's offset by some amusement in her voice, that she appreciates the attempted sentiment even if it was delivered clumsily.

The drinks arrive -- rum and Coke. Nem takes a tentative sip and then pounds it back.

Nem: It's... quite a sweet drink, isn't it? I don't usually drink sweet alcohol. I have to admit, humanity makes a far superior wine than what can be found in Gaelend. But much stronger. When I first had human wine I got so drunk off m'arse. Apartment next door complained about the loud singing.

You ask Nem if there's anything she's ever wanted to do but never got the chance.

She sighs.

Nem: Well, you ARE talking to a virgin. But quite a lot, actually. Working for the Department of Change hasn't been easy. I'd like to actually visit places and NOT be feared as a harbinger of death for one. Even the United States is a little anxious around me. No thanks to the fae, devils and 16th division I'm sure but even the 13th has made it understood we are not to be trifled with. I don't do any work here though. Everyone in the 13th has a place where they don't work even if other agents in the division do. But that's just on a governmental level. For the most part I just use a glamour to make me look human and it's close to normal life.

Do you wish to order an additional appetizer or move to the main course?

A. Additional appetizer (pick from the prior menu)
B. Main Course
No. 883250 ID: 094652

B and make it a spicy meat'a ball!
No. 883307 ID: dbf422

I guess Barry wants to be weirdly negative on this date.

Well, B, anyway.
No. 883376 ID: 9c2d0c

h-hey now. Nobody said not to like dating sims. Those were the words of a nerd who has thought a LOT about dating sims and how they work.
No. 883382 ID: 2474dd

Moxy: Oh my nerdy, nerdy boys. It ain't whether or not you like dating sims. When a girl who likes you flirts with you, you flirt back. Oh, and drawing, writing about, or otherwise inserting your girl or a facsimile of her into any kinda media is a major turn-on.
No. 883383 ID: 91ee5f

>Oh, and drawing, writing about, or otherwise inserting your girl or a facsimile of her into any kinda media is a major turn-on.
For you maybe, but for other girls, it’s kinda creepy. Especially when it’s done without permission.
No. 883388 ID: 2474dd

Moxy: When you don't know each other well? Yeah that's creepy. But Nem and Barry are friends, he's declared his love for her, and she's interested in exploring that. And she was flirting. All the permissions were there, ya nerd!
No. 883398 ID: dbf422

This is a bittersweet victory for me.
No. 883479 ID: 9c2d0c

Hey, I don't mind not being right, I just want to be wrong for the reasons I intended. I'm still advocating for behaviors described here >>879934

It's about characterization, not being the suavest motherfucking at all times. If at any point they devolve into a 20 minute discussion arguing the minutia of a common interest, I have succeeded.
No. 883490 ID: dbf422

It's going to be hard to do that if he continues to rebuff her advances.
No. 883502 ID: 2474dd
File 152590762578.jpg - (427.84KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner_ChooseMain.jpg )

You decide that it's time for the main course. As promised, Nem will let you order for her and she will eat whatever you put in front of her.

You glance at the menu and five items catch your eye:

Please choose a main for you and Nem. You don't have to eat the same thing, but you each need to eat something.

1. Chicken fried Steak with cream gravy. Served with green beans and mashed potatoes.

2. Texas style chili. Served with jalapeno cornbread. It can be made with steak, firespiker, buttergrub, chicken or "Not All Texas Style Vegan Chili"

3. Baseball steak. Not really Southwestern but Mary loves a nice rare, thick piece of steak. Served with sweet potato fries and optionally vegetables.

4. Fried Firespiker and larva. Served with sticky rice, this is a dish made up of local food and devised by Remmington, a mutual friend of Nem and Mary (the owner/main cook)

5. Chicken Santa Fe. Like a chicken casserole but with a Tex-Mex spin.

You may also order additional alcohol. Nem has had one drink.
No. 883513 ID: dc91a0

Suggest sharing a 2(Steak) and 4.

Deffo get another round of drinks.

Spicy food and a little alcohol will open things back up so we can recover from this most recent misstep, and Remmington's food will spark additional conversation. Not to mention it would be a disservice to try the special in this instance.
No. 883515 ID: dbf422

Sounds like a good balance.
No. 883519 ID: dc91a0

Meant to say disservice to not try the special there.
No. 883536 ID: 6a448c

Go easy on the drinks, Nem told us not 10 minutes ago that earth wine made her tipsy.
No. 883588 ID: 2474dd

Moxy: If you're gonna order alcohol, be sure to specify what kind. Shouldn't be too hard to guess what kind she likes, unless you think you know something better. Also, Nem was talking about the first time she had human wine. You can assume she's built up more a tolerance. She's a big girl, she'll tell you when she's had enough.
No. 883605 ID: 094652

1 because I can almost TASTE it from here
No. 884213 ID: e3e99e

Family style. Order two entrees, and split them.
2 (firespiker) and 4

She enjoys steak, but enjoying it makes her uncomfortable. We don't want her feeling conflicted on the first date, so start off slow.

Pair it with wine.
No. 884300 ID: 2474dd
File 152632633023.jpg - (200.92KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner6.jpg )

You ask if you can have firespiker mixed into the chili along with steak, and get a side of the #4 Firespiker & Larva. Mary leans in with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

Mary: ... that's a lot of firespiker, hun. I mean, it will taste fine mixed into the chili n' you probably won't even know it's there.

Nem looks at her quizzically.

Nem: Is there something we should know?

Mary looks back at her, gives you a side glance and smiles mischievously.

Mary: Naw, hun. It's just that it's not something I'd expect a Yank to order.

Nem looks a bit offended.

Nem asks rather sharply: What did you call him?

Mary: Yank. Short for Yankee. Short for 'Merican. An' if you're from the South, it means a 'merican from the winning side of the civil war.

Nem looks down.

Nem: Oh.

Mary stares at her inquisitively.

Mary: Whatcha think it meant?

Nem: Nothing, Ms. Luna.

Mary thinks for a moment.

Mary: Were you think'n 'bout something dirty, Nem?

Nem sits up sharply and shakes her head.

Nem: No, no!

Mary laughs -- it's a loud, hearty laugh from deep within her massive frame.

Mary: You're a shitty liar, sweetie. I've heard of some of your boy's antics. He might be a nerd but he's not one of those 'sitting home on a Saturday night watch'n tentacle porn' kinda nerds. So when I say "Yank", I mean human from the Northern part of the US, not talk'n about his hobbies.

Mary calls back the order to the kitchen. You hear a female voice and a deep, masculine one acknowledge it.

Then you hear the feminine one laugh.

Nem looks over at you.

Nem: What's up with all that?

You shrug helplessly.

"I just wanted to try to make you comfortable by not ordering too much meat. The buttergrubs weren't bad, and you're OK with eating bugs, so it just made sense,"

Nem smiles.

"But I think we should get some wine, just in case they disagree with one of us."

Nem smiles wider.

Mary nods. She pokes her head into the kitchen and asks someone to confirm her choice of a Riesling and you hear the deep masculine voice agree.

Mary: I like food and I like to cook, but that boy really knows his stuff..

Nem: Remmington's practically a chef. You'll meet him later he's a bit busy right now. A nice man but he's got some self-worth issues like Sami did.
No. 884302 ID: 2474dd
File 152632779148.jpg - (198.66KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner7.jpg )

You dig in. Mary was right; you don't even taste anything different about the chili. It's spicy, lively and rich.

The firespiker is somewhat earthy and nutty, with a crisp, salted exterior. The larva are slightly sweeter and mildly acidic, almost like a raisin but buttery.

Nem's become a bit flushed and you wonder if it's from the wine, but she seems quite steady on her feet and she reassures you that she's built up a tolerance to human wines now.

You're feeling a little flushed too, but not in the same way alcohol might make you feel. You're more relaxed and you feel confident about yourself and this date.

*You earned a heart*
*Nem earned a heart*

Nem fans herself.

Nem: It's funny, these firespikers don't taste spicy but they're certainly warming. Guess that's why the name. That or the venom burns when they're not on a dinner plate.

You have time for some idle chit-chat while eating. You may attempt to steer the conversation towards a particular topic, or you can let Nem take the reigns of conversation.

What do you do? CHOOSE ONE ONLY

A. Does Nem have any sexual taboos or preferences?

B. Talk about children. Does Nem want a family? You know she must at least want one child due to Macha, but what about after?

C. Talk about in-laws. What is her family like? What does she want to know about yours?

D. Where does Nem want to live if you get together? Your place? Her place? Lilly's place? A new place altogether?

E. What's her job like?

F. What's next on the date?

G. Let Nem direct the conversation.
No. 884305 ID: 094652

F - This is a date, not an inquisition. Avoid asking any questions that would risk considerable stress, because even if they don't harass her, she might be disturbed at your audacity anyway.
No. 884306 ID: e3e99e

C. Nem's really family-oriented.
No. 884308 ID: dbf422

Yeah, safe bet.

I mean, that's what first dates are for.
No. 884317 ID: 5767a6

C. for sure
(for smik. Have you thought about a discord? It'd be awesome to talk with you conveniently,and it'd be nice to get notified when you post.)
No. 884396 ID: 2474dd
File 152636982266.jpg - (198.62KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner8.jpg )

You ask Nem about her family.

Nem: My parents sheltered me, my mother especially. She knew about my family's curse, but she kept it from my father. She kept a lot of things secret, and looking back I think she grew up a fearful woman. She was the one who had to take my great-grandmother's years in order to live, and she's the only one who did that, and I think it made her frightened.

She didn't want to tell me what I'd have to do. She didn't want to tell me my alternatives. She just wanted me to stick to the path and be completely ignorant about what I was doing.

You stop Nem and ask her to explain her family curse again, since you've had a lot on your mind.

Recap from Nem's Quest Follows...

Nem explains that her grandmother was stillborn and her great-grandmother, a faerie, made a deal with Death to let her live. She was originally given 16 years of free life, after which she belonged to Death. Her great-grandmother begged Death for more time, so Death told her that anyone outside of family who was left along with her daughter would perish, and a portion of their lost years given to the girl, but Death would continue to stalk her until the faerie blood debt was repaid. Part of the curse was that each girl would only ever have a single daughter and this curse would remain until the original debt was repaid and a girl went with Death.

Nem: I found out, and I chose to repay the debt and prevent any more innocents from dying in our place. Nobody ever told my mother about the debt. She just lead Death to her grandmother's house, where Death took her grandmother and thus she was safe. She wasn't told about the family curse until after her wedding.

Nem sighs.

Nem: Now I'm the one with secrets. I used to HATE how much my mother kept from me 'for my own good'. She kept me ignorant and she tried to stifle my curiosity with moral stories and fables. Always with warning and caution. Delivering something to my grandmother on my own was the first taste of real responsibility and trust I had in ages because it was the one thing she couldn't shield me from. But I can't tell her what I've become now, it will break her heart... and a lot of what I do is considered blasphemy among my people. So I just tell her I hunt monsters once a year. It frightens her and she worries, but it's better I tell her that then what I really do.

Nem takes a good swallow of wine.

Nem: My poor father is so lost. He had no idea what was going on, and all of a sudden his little girl's a half-blood monster-killer. He knew my mother was different, he just didn't know HOW different. He worries less than my mother does though, I used to want to help him with his blacksmithing and he knows I'm stronger than I look. I've brought back medicines to sooth his muscles. They don't need to work anymore, but he works anyway. I think he just tries to stay busy. At least visiting Emily is less awkward.

You ask who "Emily" is.

Nem: She was abducted as a child by faeries and I brought her back. She's married with children of her own now. Emily and her family are pretty much well my only friends left in the village outside of my own kin. Well, there's Jimmy too, but he's still a little scared of me -- but being just a little bit scared is better than everyone else, who are a lot scared.

Bitter memories are sneaking up on Nem.

Nem: I guess this is exactly what my mother was afraid of. My being ostracized. My father asks if I've met anyone when I visit but mother never does. She's feels so guilty and nothing I bring her to show her I'm fine helps.

You ask how they might react to her dating a human.

Nem snorts and downs her glass.

Nem: God only knows. Humans don't EXIST where I'm from, they're long dead myths. Although I guess so am I from your perspective. But considering my family's from a line of half-bloods it might not be as difficult as I thought. It wouldn't be the first time my line has fallen for someone from another world, after all.

She has a bite of chili and cornbread and chews thoughtfully before turning to you and asking about your mother.

Nem: I know we joked about this before, but how's your mother going to react to me?

You sigh.

"I don't know. She really doesn't trust anyone not human, and I can't blame her considering all the shit Freddy's done. Eh... Don't suppose you'd be willing to get baptized?"

Nem blinks.

Nem: What's that?

You explain it's a religious ceremony.

Nem: Oh! I don't have a problem with that, Barry. I'm really lost right now when it comes to my spirituality anyway. Would being baptized prove to her that my intentions are honorable?

You sigh.

"Baby, does holy water and stuff DO anything to spooky girls? At all?"

Nem: It's complicated, and usually not if they're mortal. Aside from her religious beliefs, what's your mother like? Do you think she'll accept me?

"Mom's got a strong faith. If you're willing to be baptized that should be enough for her. Other than that, I think she'd really like you. You're smart, you're polite, and you're super cute,"

Nem smiles and blushes.

Your reaction?

A. Award half a heart.
B. Award a full heart.
C. No award.
D. Something else.

Time for Dessert?
A. Yes. Just about everything has cream in it so Nem will just have to deal.
B. Yes. You notice Rumtopf on the menu -- fruit preserved in sugar and rum. It's potent but vegan-friendly.
C. No dessert, but it's time for coffee.

Continue Conversation?

A. Does Nem have any sexual taboos or preferences?

B. Talk about children. Does Nem want a family? You know she must at least want one child due to Macha, but what about after?

C. Where does Nem want to live if you get together? Your place? Her place? Lilly's place? A new place altogether?

D. What's her job like?

E. What's next on the date?

F. Let Nem direct the conversation.

G. Enough heavy chat, let's just enjoy each other's company.

I do have a discord account. #3605 But I'm also pretty obvious on TGChan's IRC channel.
No. 884397 ID: 094652

Your reaction? A
Time for Dessert? A
Continue Conversation? F
No. 884415 ID: 91ee5f

>Your reaction?

>Time for Dessert?

>Continue Conversation?
No. 884434 ID: dbf422

A B F for me too.
No. 884450 ID: 2474dd
File 152641217342.jpg - (202.85KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner9.jpg )

You awarded Nem a half heart. You and Nem both have enough hearts for the date to continue successfully; don't lose them.

You get a small dish of Rumtopf to share. The fruit is potent and after a few pieces Nem declares she's currently at her limit for alcohol.

Nem: Barry, what should I do? As much as I love my friends, I miss being around my own people. I understand the stories about the half-bloods and how they're so bad tempered now, it's not fun being feared all the time. It's probably why I don't spend much time at home -- everyone walks on eggshells around me. You're popular, do you do have any advice?

Now that's a funny thing; you actually AREN'T popular. Not with your fellow humans at least. After the incident with Freddy, most kids didn't mess with you but they didn't go near you either. You lost your best friend so you spent a lot of time on your own or online where people didn't know you were the kid with the killer girlfriend.

Sure, you're popular with Spooky Girls but after talking with Nem you have to wonder if you're popular because of you, or popular because they're lonely.

Now that you think about it, most of the human girls you've dated were really only interested in your celebrity infamy. Spooky Girls keep it real at least.

What do you tell Nem?

A. Tell her the truth - you're an outcast among your own people too and you dealt with it by dating outside your world and online communities.

B. Ask if she's tried going elsewhere in her own world where people don't know her.

C. Ask about "Jimmy".

D. Ask about what Emily's done -- surely she's dealing with some sort of stigma from associating with Nem if it's such a big deal?

E. Something else?
No. 884451 ID: dbf422

Ehhhh, if you're going to talk about keeping it real, then A.
She already knows half the story, so try not to embarrass her for assuming.

Maybe lead into B.
No. 884452 ID: 420ad2

Note for later in the conversation if it’d be possible to talk to our long gone best friend. Just to thank him for everything, and say we’re sorry.
No. 884457 ID: 91ee5f


“Me? Popular? Are you sure about that? .....no, really, are you sure about that? Because I don’t really consider myself popular.”
No. 884462 ID: 91ee5f

Also, is “Spooky Girls” the proper terminology for women that aren’t human or is that just something Barry calls them?
No. 884467 ID: 2474dd

"Spooky Girls" is an inoffensive slang term. Nem is perfectly OK with it since she would openly admit her job is pretty damn spooky.
No. 884523 ID: dbf422

I imagine Barry is both way too experienced with and decent to Spooky Girls™ for anyone to get mad.
No. 884836 ID: 2474dd
File 152661097362.jpg - (203.64KB , 640x720 , Location_Diner10.jpg )

You debate for a moment.

"Shit Nem... I've never been popular. I mean look at me. I'm fat, I'm nerdy... I'm just confident talking to girls. In school everyone thought I was the freak who hung out with a spook, and when people started dying they just kept their distance. A lot of the human-type people who wanted to hang with me only wanted to do so because I was an infamous B-lister celebrity. The only people besides my fam that were real were your kinda people. Have you tried moving someplace else?"

Nem sighs.

Nem: The fae are the ruling class where I come from, and they know me. I have to skulk up on them, but before I strike I am obligated (due to a bargain to protect my family) to announce my presence across their network. So I can claim one target and then the rest run. It also means that no matter where I go, I can't show my true face. My village is basically my only real safe place in my own world, and they're afraid too. Would moving away help you?

"Naw baby, I'm not bragging when I say that people know me. I have a reputation, it's not all good, and I'm pretty sure the government's still keeping tabs on me. Hell, Red's some sorta secret agent and HER people are keeping tabs on me. She also said... that I'm being watched 'in a good way'. She did't really elaborate,"

Nem smirks.

Nem: Barry. It means her boss is watching you for entertainment. Possibly watching you right now. You life is officially entertaining to others. On the bright side, Lulu protects their favourites. On the less bright side, Lulu also likes things to be interesting so you don't have so much protection that there's not drama and occasionally they will also 'spice things up' from time to time to see what you do.

"Wait, so is it bad or good?"

Nem: Good, just not always convenient or polite.


Nem smiles at you warmly.

Nem: I guess we have more in common than I first thought.

You earned a full heart from Nem.

What do you do now?

A. Move on to the next portion of the date - to the Karaoke Bar!
B. You still want to chat a little bit, and you probably won't get to do much of that once you're at the bar. Order some coffee, and SUGGEST a subject.
No. 884838 ID: 094652

KARAOKE - Hey, can we do a Mad-Libs style song where Barry sings whatever word combo we post?
No. 884841 ID: dbf422

A- move forward on a high note. I could suggest some idle chatter about various "favorites" but nothing too substantial.
No. 884851 ID: 91ee5f


Then we’ll see just how good Barry is at singing along to fae songs. Unless there happens to be a few earth songs, as well.
No. 885088 ID: 2474dd
File 152675304946.jpg - (233.16KB , 640x720 , KaraokeBar1.jpg )

Nem pays Mary with... are those gold bills? They were certainly much shinier than American currency. You couldn't make out the design. She notices you watching and smirks.

Nem: I know it's Earth tradition for the man to pay but 1. *I* am dating you, and 2. there's no way for you to get the kind of scrip we use here.

She waves good-bye and then leads you from the diner down some winding streets lined with variously oddly shaped buildings. Some seem to defy the senses of architecture, design, safety and taste. Others are surprisingly ordinary, looking like they'd be at home in any small town. Others still are so Gothic they they should be in an Addams Family production, while a few appears to be in a Googie style from the 50's -- except well maintained. They all seem to be thrown together without any planning and it makes the village resemble a giant child's toy room.

The Karaoke Bar is in a modern looking, squarish building decorated with various lights and videos. Inside it's black-lit with neon lights guiding visitors to the central stage. There are no booths; anyone daring to take the elevated stage has to deal with three spotlights and will very much be the center of attention. It's rather intimidating. Behind the would-be singers is a giant video screen.

You feel several sets of eyes upon you as you enter, and all of them belong to Junko Joromondo (the jurogumo), the hostess and proprietor of the establishment who greets you at the door.

Junko: BARRY WALLACE! Welcome! Nem, it's nice to see you!

Nem raises an eyebrow.

Nem: Nice to see you too, Junko. Considering I've been coming here for years I'm just a little surprised at your enthusiasm for a stranger.

Junko: My apologies. I've always wanted to meet your boo, and I'm hoping he'll sign my copy of his book.

Nem: I know, and you knew he was coming. Would you kindly curb your enthusiasm?

You've never known Nem to be very hostile -- she can be a little condescending and snarky and occasionally overbearing but usually only when she's stressed or tired. For some reason, Junko seems to be a competitive threat of some sort to her. Could be the low-cut cocktail dress, but it's more likely the enamored look all her pairs of eyes are giving you and that overly wide smile. You don't think Junko's really coming on to you, but your estimate is that if you weren't dating Nem you could have Junko in bed in no time.

This is the very first time you've ever seen Nem jealous.

What do you do?

A. Ignore it. Greet Junko as a fan.

B. Correct her subtly: Squeeze Nem's hand gently but firmly in a non-verbal way of letting her know her behavior is unnecessary and inappropriate.

C. Be smooth: Pull Nem in close in a way that indicates you are a couple and then politely shake Junko's hand and politely greet her as a fan.

D. Be roguish: Goose Nem while shaking Junko's hand politely.

E. Something else?
No. 885122 ID: dbf422

(props to Barry for not being a dick about paying)

C as hell.
No. 885131 ID: 91ee5f


Also, Barry wrote a book?
No. 885140 ID: 5767a6

No. 885147 ID: 094652

C because I think Freddy wrote the damn thing and now the dead &!+(# has fangirls
No. 885290 ID: af0a57

No. 885426 ID: 2474dd
File 152693961643.jpg - (257.50KB , 640x720 , KaraokeBar2.jpg )

>Also, Barry wrote a book?

Barry has written a book about his experiences as well as selling the movie rights. This is where all his finances come from and what allows him to also help support his mother who would otherwise be struggling right now. He is currently trying to become a writer on his own merits and not just due to his controversial childhood.

>I think Freddy wrote the damn thing and now the dead &!+(# has fangirls

No, it's all Barry.

You roughly pull Nem towards you and give her a squeeze. It catches her off guard and makes her blush. Then you smile at Junko and give her a fist-bump.

"Nice to know I've got fans for my book! I didn't know anyone outside of humanity cared about them!"

You have earned a heart. You have also earned a peach, whatever it is for.

Junko: I was raised by mortals from the 3rd Division. I'm interested in how humanity interacts with our people in more complex situations than my work leads to.

"Whatchu do?"

Junko: I'm in ... let's not mince words. I'm a professional break-and-enter thief, spy and on rare occasion I might assassinate someone.

"A ninja?"

Junko smiles.

Junko: I guess. I mostly do acquisitions though -- Spooky people don't use money like humanity does, they operate more on favours. Well, humanity operates on money. So we need money. Due to the Secret Wars, it's very hard for us to get it legitimately. So people like me siphon off resources from people who have a great deal of them.

"Like Robin Hood?"

Junko: No, more like ninja. I'm not giving to the poor, I'm stealing from the human rich for the spook influential. I'm flattered though.

"Also yo, what's this Secret Wars?"

Junko: Spookies are unofficially at war with the governments of humanity and their puppetmasters.

You look at Nem and she nods.

Nem: 13th Subdivision has agents who are involved with the Secret Wars too.

"Wait, so this is the real reason everybody griefs on my choice in ladies?"

Nem and Junko look at each other for confirmation and then they share a smile.

Nem: More than likely. We are extremely disruptive. It's also why the Department of Change is not appreciated by the oldest fae and why I'm feared in my own village.

Junko: I was raised by the Department so my own kind can be prickly to deal with too. That's why I've got a place in the Village even though I'm not part of the DoC, and it's why people who LIKE Spooks are so interesting to me.

What do you do now?

A. Ask Nem more about her work with the DoC.
B. Ask Junko more about her work.
C. That's enough serious talk for now, ask about what songs are available to sing.
No. 885470 ID: 094652

Well, I'm interested about this secret war, but Barry shouldn't talk about this. At all. Nem, w.y.k. send the data to the questdis?
No. 885473 ID: 5767a6

No. 885474 ID: 5767a6

A. Ask Nem more about her work with the DoC.
ignore this copy and paste mistake
No. 885480 ID: 20c889

No. 885486 ID: 91ee5f

No. 885490 ID: dbf422

A. Maybe Nem will make a friend!
No. 885940 ID: 2474dd
File 152721248369.jpg - (302.84KB , 640x720 , KaraokeBar3.jpg )

Tie-breaker requested.

Barry has made one nerd play and one smooth play.

He most recently made a smooth play.

With his ROMANTIC trait, resolving the impassé has the odds of a nerd result of 40% (asking about Nem's work at the DoC) and the Playa result (just moving on to singing) at 60%.

Update to trigger sometime tomorrow via RNG unless tie-breaker achieved prior.
No. 885980 ID: cfc0b8

I'll break it with an A then!
No. 885981 ID: dc91a0

But C tho!
Don't wanna go too slow.
No. 885990 ID: 10c408

C, it's why we came here after all.
No. 885996 ID: dbf422

A because life is about the journey or something.

Sorry for ruining the tiebreak btw
No. 885997 ID: dbf422

Nevermind I completely forgot I already voted.
No. 886046 ID: 9c2d0c

C is good I guess. lets go sing Journey.
No. 886487 ID: 2474dd
File 152744447748.jpg - (271.68KB , 640x720 , KaraokeBar4.jpg )

Despite your curiosity you suggest doing a few songs. Nem is elated and you get the feeling she really didn't want to discuss work right now.

Nem takes the stand first -- it's clear she's been wanting to break loose for awhile. She begins to belt out Flogging Molly's "Seven Deadly Sins" and the Irish elements of her usually subtle accent really being to show. She does have a good singing voice but you can hear the effects of the alcohol in her system because she's quite loud.

You notice that the Karaoke screen behind her does't show the usual garbage video but it seems to have a customized one complete with lyrics that's really set to the song.

There's not a lot of people here just yet but they seem to appreciate Nem's energetic performance all the same. As you check the crowd, you realize that there's a couple of other Spooky Girls there that seem to be checking you out.

One of the pair is short and slight, with chocolate skin, large ears and expressive deep-blue eyes without any immediately visible pupils that seem to catch the light extremely well. She is watching you intently. You wonder if there's some sort of band that plays here; she has a guitar with her.

Her companion looks somewhat Asian but with more golden skin and wild, curly hair that reminds you of Nem's except hers is green. She's watching you too but her gaze tends to switch focus to Nem frequently.

Nem is just coming back from her first song -- her step is bouncy and light which makes her breasts bob and jiggle pleasingly.

What do you do?

A. It's your turn to sing! You pick (song).
B. Ask if Nem's up for a duet. She can pick the song.
C. Ask if Nem's up for a duet, you pick (song).
D. Ask Nem about the two girls who have been watching you.
E. Compliment Nem's singing skills and give her a quick kiss.
No. 886492 ID: 8b2814

A. Don't Stop Believing. Surprise people with your ability to hit that high note.
No. 886494 ID: f22061

A. "I will survive" because you're feeling rather celebratory of that fact
No. 886509 ID: 91ee5f

Nem has been giving us hearts this entire date and look at how few we’ve given her! I say we close that gap a little by giving her a heart!

>As you check the crowd, you realize that there's a couple of other Spooky Girls there that seem to be checking you out.
Sheesh, who knew Barry was so popular with the Spooky Girls?! Sorry ladies, but Barry is taken!

>What do?
E. Compliment Nem's singing skills and give her a quick kiss.
No. 886519 ID: 10c408

E, and give a heart dammit.
No. 886572 ID: f22061

I will keep my song suggestion but if we can give a heart right now, that'd be cool.
No. 886654 ID: 2474dd
File 152754508479.jpg - (277.61KB , 640x720 , KaraokeBar5.jpg )

>Sheesh, who knew Barry was so popular with the Spooky Girls?! Sorry ladies, but Barry is taken!

Well, considering Barry banged 5 spooky chicks in short order it's a given that he knew at the very least.

But on closer inspection, the more petite of the two isn't checking you out in a romantic sense -- you get the feeling she's judging you. Could be friends of Nem's that arrived during her song. You're pretty sure you're the only true human here, but you can FEEL something heavier in her gaze than curiosity.

Nem has been awarded a heart. The small lady's stare becomes less pronounced and she relaxes slightly.

You need to decide.

A. Take your turn to sing.
B. Kiss Nem.
No. 886657 ID: dbf422

A. Doesn't look like the right time, especially with all the attention.
No. 886669 ID: 91ee5f

>Nem has been awarded a heart. The small lady's stare becomes less pronounced and she relaxes slightly.
I guess that means she can see both Barry’s and Nem’s heart totals. She was probably getting suspicious of us, since Nem has given us more hearts than we gave her hearts.

>What do?
A. Take your turn to sing.
No. 886675 ID: dbf422

Or she was worried that we looked like we didn't care for Nem as much as she does for us.

Well, actually the meta reason is quite possibly more likely.
No. 886684 ID: 870f4c

Well, those are kind of the same thing. That's what the interface represents.

If it's a choice between kissing OR singing, I support kissing the girl. I do figure we will sing eventually though, and I think I Will Survive might be a little too on-the-nose. I am especially dubious if they only have the Gloria Gaynor version. I don't expect Barry has the pipes to do that justice.
No. 886689 ID: dbf422

Well, yeah, but that doesn't necessarily mean SHE can see the interface.

And Barry nearly died in like three different ways, let him have his fun.
No. 886701 ID: 10c408

A, hit a high note to surprise nem
No. 886751 ID: 5767a6

While I agree that nem did deserve another heart, I think it’s kinda fucked up of Sami to not only spy on the actual hearts themselves, but to also bore a hole in the back of our head for how we decide to distribute hearts
No. 886793 ID: 2474dd

Moxy: Hi! Sooo... Sami can't actually *see* the interface. She's Division 20 though, and since they deal with the dead she can sense that kinda shit. Look, if she could tell you were here she woulda said something, aight? But uhh... dbf422 might be on to something there.

>A, hit a high note to surprise nem

Barry has a smooth baritone voice but no musical training and high notes are out of his vocal range. You can try though and will be allowed to decide on song if 'sing' wins, but you have no Influential Energy to help with it unless you want to try begging Moxy for assistance. Update planned for late 29th to the 30th.
No. 886833 ID: 10c408

Well unless the exact method she's using prompts her to interrupt Barry and Nem, it hopefully won't be an issue.

and as for what to sing, perhaps just start off with eye of the tiger and go from there.
No. 886946 ID: 2474dd
File 152770811394.jpg - (120.95KB , 640x720 , songselection.jpg )

You decided to take your turn to sing.

You get up to the stage and find that the song selection is based on a touch-screen application with a search function and several quick-selection under "popular" and "recent".

Your can't help but noticing what looks like the Annoying Dog as one of the items and wonder who's responsible for it.

What song shall you choose?
Your choices are largely decided by Barry's TRAITS and INTERESTS. Choices outside traits and interests require getting 3 votes.

A. Something ROMANTIC (trait).
B. Something from an ANIME (interest). Due to Barry's strong interest in anime, this selection starts with a vote automatically.
C. An OST from a MOVIE. It can't be "Dirty Dancing" yet since you've not chosen to duet with Nem. Due to Barry's strong interest this starts with one vote automatically. (interest)
D. Something SPOOKY. (trait) Due to Barry's strong Nightmare Fetish trait, this starts with one vote automatically.
E. Let's look at what song is chosen from Toby Fox.
F. Something else?
No. 887008 ID: 094652

BD - stick with what you know, because it's weird as @#$%.
No. 887015 ID: 10c408

No. 887068 ID: 575ec0


Make it Michael Jackson's Thriller.
No. 887070 ID: 33cbe7

It was the Monster Mash. It was a graveyard smash!
No. 887072 ID: dbf422

Haha that's cute. And it's something he's capable of. I'm voting for this.
No. 887270 ID: ae8ec4

Supporting. I'd assume this is spooky.
No. 888199 ID: 2474dd
File 152843461902.jpg - (207.64KB , 640x720 , SongSelection2.jpg )

You decide on the MONSTER MASH.

When you sing the line "It was a graveyard smash!" a couple of female voices playfully holler "LEEEWWD!"

Your turn sharply -- the girl is familiar. She was working at the diner where Nem took you. The smaller cat-like creature who is lounging on her head is ... also sort of familiar but you're not sure from where.
No. 888203 ID: 2474dd
File 152843601819.jpg - (239.80KB , 640x720 , SongSelection3.jpg )

Nem glares at them.

Nem: HOW RUDE! And how is that even lewd?!

The Asian girl -- she has dark blue, oddly curly hair. You wonder if she's related to the dark girl giving you that judgmental stare.

She looks up at her feline companion who returns her glance with a smirk. The dark girl smiles while shaking her head. Her companion watches curiously.

"SMASH means FUCK!" they call in unison.

Nem stares at them for a few moments in disbelief. She looks over at the dark girl who nods.


The two girls grin and reply in unison again: "SORRY NEM!"

They look over at you and sing out to help you find your place: "From my laboratory in the castle east..."

They've got good voices. You're able to quick pick up where you left off.

When you finish, you sit down next to Nem. She looks over at the pair and sighs.

Nem: That's Alison and her sister Moxy. Moxy got into some sort of trouble awhile back and they got separated for a bit. They're close, so I guess it's understandable that they've gotten drunk to celebrate. Alison is from the 16 Division, and while she's probably one of the nicer agents from it they're a very, VERY rough lot. I've worked with her once and it was an interesting experience.

She glances over to the dark girl and her companion.

Nem: Those are my friends Sami and Amy. Sami is Division 20, and Amy is her lover and assistant. Division 20 works with helping the dead find peace.

She looks at you.

Nem: Would you like me to introduce you to my friends or do you want to do another song?

What do you do?

A. You'd like to meet Nem's friends.
B. You'd like to sing another song, perhaps without being interrupted this time.
C. You'd like Nem to sing a song, she has a lovely voice.
D. You'd like to sing a duet with Nem.
No. 888205 ID: 91ee5f

D. You'd like to sing a duet with Nem.

We can always meet her friends some other time or they can come over to our table and introduce themselves. Right now, this is a date with Nem, so let’s focus on having fun with her!
No. 888211 ID: dbf422

D. And I think it'd be nice to give her half a heart for defending us up there.
No. 888218 ID: 91ee5f

>give Nem half a heart
Oh, yeah, definitely.
No. 888253 ID: 575ec0

Sure. But let's sing a Duet first.

Also, Nem Just called us her boyfriend, not her date. Just sayin.
No. 888271 ID: ae8ec4

Dohohoho she considers us her boyfriend...muy bien. Also, D and let's award her half a heart.
No. 888310 ID: e3e99e

We can sing a duet afterwards.
No. 888346 ID: 0c3c2c

D, and half a heart is fine.
No. 888482 ID: 2474dd
File 152865825802.jpg - (218.45KB , 640x720 , songselection4.jpg )

You decide to sing a duet with Nem. You squeeze her had and let her know it's time for the both of you to give this a try.

She smiles and nods.

You awarded Nem a half heart.

Once on stage, it's time to select a song. The machine has some interesting choices picked out for duets, but you can always search for one yourself. Nem isn't one to stand idly by so you'll have a chance to hear her feedback, but even first impressions might impact this date.

Please Select a Duet Song:

1. "I Had the Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing. The song is before your time so you're not real familiar with it. You do know it's pretty cheesie but also both ROMANTIC and appropriate.

Nem glances at the title and tells you she's never heard of the song or the movie but that it seems nice.

2. "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf. You're familiar with this song and are frankly a bit surprised it's up here. It's essentially a cautionary tale about the long-standing repercussions of thinking with your dick.

Nem: I like Meatloaf but I'm surprised this song is up here, especially since ... well, from what I've learned I don't know if anyone believes in having just a single sexual partner anymore.

3. "Opposites Attract" with Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat. Interesting. Oddly appropriate considering you're human and Nem isn't. Nem isn't familiar with the song but she looks at you and smirks when she reads the title.

4. "I've Got You, Babe" with Sonny and Cher. You feel the selection has appeared for its ironic value.

Nem cocks her head to the side curiously when she reads the title. She looks over at you and smirks again.

Nem: It's all right if you want to call be "Baby" now, by the way. As long as the only other girl you call "Baby" is Lilly.

5. If none of these songs are something you want to attempt, you could always run a search for another one. If 5 wins then a new vote will be held to choose between the suggested songs.
No. 888544 ID: 0c3c2c

1. I recommend this for the normal niceness, and it's one of the few songs on this list I've actually listened to.
No. 888558 ID: 575ec0

We should take the hint and go *4*.
No. 888573 ID: ae8ec4

Obviously number 4.
No. 888575 ID: 00c243

Fine, 4
No. 888577 ID: 91ee5f

4. "I've Got You, Babe" with Sonny and Cher.
No. 888583 ID: 9c2d0c

Ignorance of the choices does not exactly make a compelling argument. Let me see if I can help

1 is a slow melodic ballad that just talks about meeting someone and having a really good first date.

2 is a traditional Meatloaf power ballad about teenage sex in the car up at makeout point. It is the origin of the lyric "Will you love me forever? Let me sleep on it" It is also like 8 minutes long.

3 is a fun bouncy pop song with hip-hop influence that recites minor points of friction but declares that in the end, you work well together.

4 is a slow simple melody in the 60s style of lyrics that don't cover a lot of ground, but it is some of Sonny and Cher's best work.

I am inclined to pick #3, but I dunno how well singing a song she doesn't know at all is going to go. That seems a concern for several of these options.
No. 888612 ID: 7a129c

5 - Not Fall In Love With You by Jeff Williams

(Sry finger slipped)
No. 888798 ID: 2474dd
File 152893800942.jpg - (238.92KB , 640x720 , Duet1.jpg )

You decide on "I've Got You Babe". It's well within both your vocal ranges.

When the music begins, you hear Moxy yell out "WE SAID WE WERE SORRY ALREADY!" but the mischievous grin on her face lets you know she's not serious.

The two of you are able to do a pretty decent job of the song.

You and Nem have each gained half a heart.

What would you like to do now?

A. Meet Nem's friends.
B. Sing another Duet.
C. Sing a song solo.
D. Suggest Nem sing a song solo.
E. Something else?
No. 888834 ID: d97fa9

A We've done enough singing for now, time to mingle. Btw Barry 100% looks like a chick in this picture.
No. 888850 ID: 0c3c2c

A. And Barry does not look like a chick. His bonestructure's just more pronounced than usual.
No. 888858 ID: dbf422

Yeah, A. Nem offered to introduce us earlier so it would be weird if we just ignored them the whole time.
No. 889012 ID: ae8ec4

What time is it? Does Nem want to go do her thingy yet?
No. 889038 ID: 20c889

No. 889084 ID: 2474dd
File 152916922416.jpg - (248.59KB , 640x720 , MeetHerFriends.jpg )

You suggest it's time to meet Nem's friends and she nods.

Nem: Sami and Amy are two of my closest friends at the Department. Remmington is a good friend too but he's busy at the restaurant and Rekki is off who-knows-where on assignment. Please excuse Sami if she gives you the eye of judgement; she's from Division 20 and that's what they do. Sami and Amy are a lesbian couple. A wee bit exhibitionist, too. Sami is the Rollish one -- er... she's the shorter one with red hair and a tail. Amy is Rollish too really, but her fae side is much more pronounced.

Sami and Amy smile when they see you, although Amy seems to be rather fond of embracing Sami from behind. They're wearing matching tube-tops. Amy's hair seems to be prehensile and she whispers something to Sami just as the two of you get close.

Sami: Hi, I'm Sami.

She offers her left hand which you shake. Sami's grip is firm and confident.

Amy smiles and snakes her arm up from up underneath Sami's and offers a handshake as well. Her grip is no less confident but far more feminine. You're guessing that she's the 'bottom'.

Amy: Amy the Seamstress.

Sami: Let's really just cut the shit, shall we? Barry, we are here to grill you and make sure you're worthy of our lovely friend Nem.

Nem puts her hands on her hips glares at Sami. Sami grins at her in response.

Sami: That's what good friends do, Nem.

Nem: I'm not some stupid little girl who needs a chaperone. Barry was my FRIEND long before we decided to become more intimate.

They both give Nem a surprised, inquisitive look. Nem catches herself and blushes.

Nem: ROMANTIC. We've not been intimate.

Sami smirks.

Sami: Nem, how many men have you been with? Or dated.

Nem's face remains a rosy pink.

Nem: No human males. One ambiguous sea creature.
Couple of thrill-seekers that went nowhere fast.

Sami: I have my history, Nem. I did more than date plenty.

Amy's brow furrows.

Sami: Plenty of players like Barry here. One or two OK guys, but most were assholes. None of them compared to Amy. I just want to make sure you find your "Amy". Or Amys, as the case may be, you lucky bitch. I don't want you to have to make the same mistakes I did.

Amy relaxes.

Amy: Please don't take this the wrong way, Nem. We're a little biased for sure, but we just want to make sure Barry will be as good for you as Lilly.

You turn sharply.

"Wait -- they met Lilly first?"

Nem shuffles her feet.

Nem: Well... yes. I thought perhaps I should get experts on same-sex love.

Sami: Passed with flying colours, I should add. She's a nut, but a good nut.

Amy: She reminds me a little of my mother, especially her outlook on her mortality. It's a key sign of maturity, a sign of being truly ready for love.

Sami: We are slightly disappointed that she's going to be the one to take Nem's girl-on-girl cherry though. Nem had a standing invitation.

Amy turns a deep red.

Nem: An INAPPROPRIATE invitation! You're ...

Sami interrupts her.

Sami: Yeah-yeah, and YOU were the one person Amy was OK with a threesome with. You missed the opportunity of a lifetime but hey, it's still your life, right?

Nem nods.

Nem: Indeed. It is still my life. Barry, you don't have to just stand here and be judged. I trust you.

You catch Sami glance at you and wink.

Sami: Look. He's going to become part of our social circle, right? I don't mean to be the looming figure of Judgement, especially since I can't loom over anything taller than 4 foot. We'd honestly like to meet him.

Nem: Well you're making a very poor first impression I think.

Nem gives you a concerned glance. It's apparent she's just as concerned about your reaction to her friends as she is her friends' reaction to you.

What do you do?

A. Not only are you OK with meeting them, but they can judge you all they want.

B. Let's get to know them but maybe ease up on the judgement.

C. They made a poor first impression and you're a little insulted. Why don't they try their hand at karaoke first (so you can discuss with Nem in private).

D. Clearly the best way to get to know each other is if we do a Spice Girls song together -- obviously the choice is "Wannabe". Maybe Alison or Moxy will take up the fifth spot.

E. Yes! You have so many questions. What is Division 20? How come Amy has prehensile hair? What is Rollish? How did they meet Nem? Do they know everyone else? Crazy adventures? Most importantly, DO THEY KNOW ANIME OR VIDEO GAMES?!

F. Something else?
No. 889085 ID: 0c3c2c

I am indecisive between B and C. They have been talking as if you weren't here. That's extremely unpleasant, and smacks of a sense of superiority.
No. 889089 ID: cefedd

I feel a bit more inclined toward a mix of A and B maybe with a dash of E.

The talking about him while he's there is certainly rude but I also feel Barry is pretty comfortable with who he is and wouldn't necessarily mind the "judgement" part.

The whole thing feels a bit more playful anyway rather than too hostile or judgemental. Only my interpretation though.
No. 889091 ID: 91ee5f

A mix of both A and B sounds like the right thing to do here.

Plus, they come off like they’re playfully interrogating us, so it’s nothing too serious.
No. 889097 ID: ae8ec4

B. Let's get to know them but maybe ease up on the judgement.
No. 889130 ID: dbf422

A with the offense of C. If they honestly want to meet us and it doesn't just continue like it has been so far, we don't have anything we need to hide. But right now, what with the awkward first impression and the threesome guilt trip, I'm not too impressed.
No. 889133 ID: 575ec0

F: A goofy group Backstreet Boys or Nsync song.
No. 889171 ID: 10c408

A and E. Make it a light game. Everytime they ask a question about you, ask one about them/division 20.
No. 889172 ID: 2474dd
File 152921820502.jpg - (201.02KB , 640x720 , MeetingHerFriends2.jpg )

You confidentially tell them they can judge you all they want while you get introduced. Sami grins and nods, then suggests getting a private booth.

Sami orders a bottle of whiskey and some shot glasses. Nem abstains, saying she's had enough. Sami shrugs.

Sami: I'm over the whole "desperately trying to get drunk or high" thing. I've got Amy. This is just because I still like a nice whiskey.

As you settle in, Nem rests her head on your shoulder. Her hair smells quite nice.

Sami: So Barry, you ready to be a father? I'm sure Nem's mentioned Macha by now.

You nod.

"Yeah, she mentioned Macha. I wouldn't mind having kids, actually. Grew up an only child and it got pretty lonely,"

You hear Nem sigh happily.

Sami: And speaking of family... are you really prepared to have in-laws that aren't human? And by that, I mean is your mom prepared?

"She'll... have to just deal with it. I love my mom, she loves me, she'll understand I love Nem. I guess the question is 'How will Nem's folks react to me'?"

Nem looks up and smiles confidently.

Nem: They'll adapt. Humans might go over better than you think, you look fae by our standards.

Amy nods.

Amy: So... Barry, what do you like to do? What are your hobbies? What are your dreams? Dreams are SO important to us.

You glance at Nem and see that her brow's furrowed.

How do you reply? Pick one only.


A. You ignored the question and asked Nem what's wrong.
B. You chose an INTEREST to tell them about first.
C. You chose a DREAM to tell them about first. This dream will have to be related to one of Barry's Interests, or can be related to raising a family with Nem.
D. You told them your interests but admit you don't know what your dream is yet.
No. 889185 ID: dbf422

C. And it's the same dream we told Nem about, right? The one about being a developer.
No. 889189 ID: 4ac5c6

Stop me if I'm a little too late to the party, but I think we could easily describe our Dream as wanting to make people happy. By letting them imagine that they could do or be whatever they want to do if only for a little bit.
No. 889218 ID: 2474dd

The game developer is something you wanted to do but never got the chance to. It's not required you name it as your "dream". People can have multiple dreams. You can still suggest it if that's what you'd like to do, of course.

There's a lot of ways wanting to make people happy 'for just a short while' can be interpreted - video games, writing stories and sex would all count. They're probably looking for something more concrete.
No. 889219 ID: e3e99e

No. 889240 ID: ae8ec4

B. You chose an INTEREST to tell them about first.
Writing! A good yarn to get wrapped up in is quite fun. Even better when expressed well in visual mediums like anime or video games.
No. 889257 ID: dbf422

Oh, well, just checking. Though I would like to suggest it still.
No. 889775 ID: 2474dd
File 152973443290.jpg - (206.73KB , 640x720 , Impasse.jpg )

Impassé Resolution: Monday sometime

Obviously any additional votes will adjust the chances.
No. 889777 ID: 094652

A because 'more Nem attention' means better relationship.
No. 889778 ID: d3c582

B. She's not making a fuss about it yet.
No. 889834 ID: d97fa9

B. Nem may of just drunk too much. We should let her sober up a bit so she can pull her thoughts together.
No. 890079 ID: 2474dd
File 152995562438.jpg - (250.41KB , 640x720 , MeetingHerFriends2a.jpg )

You decided to tell them about one of your interests.

Please choose an interest:

A. Video Games
B. Writing
C. Anime
D. Movies
E. Nature
No. 890094 ID: d97fa9

B. Because it ties in with alot of the other things
No. 890110 ID: 91ee5f

B for the same reasons that >>890094 mentioned.
No. 890458 ID: ae8ec4

It sounds more mature lol.
No. 890460 ID: 2474dd
File 153024775272.jpg - (88.92KB , 640x720 , SadNem1.jpg )

You explain to Sami and Amy that you'd like to become a real author -- not just someone who's coasting on controversial and lurid tales of being seduced by a spook as a minor, but someone whose material is valued on its merits alone.

They nod appreciatively but as you explain your dream, you feel Nem shrink away.

"Baby, what's wrong?"

Nem sighs and looks at you sadly.

Nem: I don't have a dream. Someone my age is supposed to have a dream but I don't and I hate it.

You steal a quick glance at the girls to see what they think -- Sami is watching you with interest while Amy is giving Nem a sympathetic look.

What do you do? (Pick One only)

A. Try to reassure her: "It'll be fine, Baby. Sometimes dreams take time to figure out,"
B. Try to help her figure out her dream: "You like to draw, maybe that's something you should put more time into,"
C. Try to be sympathetic: "I'm sorry, Baby. You know I got your back, just let me know what I can do to help,"
D. Get her talking, maybe it could help: "Maybe it's just me but I don't understand. You're smart and adventurous and you like doing lots of stuff, what's the different between doing what you like and your dream?"
No. 890461 ID: ae8ec4

If you're happy with what you have without a dream, I don't think there is a need to pressure yourself to find one.
No. 890463 ID: 094652

I thought her goals were "move up the Department of Change until she becomes a stereotypical Busty-Hawt Director" and "raise a family of little goat girls".
No. 890471 ID: 91ee5f

I want to tell her, “If you can’t figure out a dream, then maybe you’ve already achieved your dream without realizing it?”

The only problem is, I don’t know which one of these choices will allow that!
No. 890479 ID: dbf422

That's like saying "if you can't remember, then it must not have been important" but for like, her life dream. Not in those words, but its a gamble whether or not it'll be an epiphany or taken poorly, and thus probably a smidge demoralizing.

D. Follow-up being that a dream can be as simple as an ideal career, or a happy relationship.
No. 890485 ID: 91ee5f

>Not in those words, but its a gamble whether or not it'll be an epiphany or taken poorly, and thus probably a smidge demoralizing.
Well if that’s the case, then ignore what I said.

Instead, I’ll vote for D and agree with what you said.
No. 890506 ID: dbf422

Depending on how she interprets it, yeah. She'd definitely be able to understand what you meant but I just worry she'd get hurt first.
No. 890710 ID: 2474dd
File 153047416201.jpg - (215.99KB , 640x720 , NemTalksALot.jpg )

You decide to get Nem talking, hoping it might help her work through whatever is bothering her.

"Maybe it's just me but I don't understand. You're smart and adventurous and you like doing lots of stuff, what's the different between doing what you like and your dream?"

Nem begins to explain the difference.

Nem: There's interests and then there are DREAMS, Barry. I was taught that we're born from dreams, and each of us has a special dream at our very core that our soul's whole purpose was to realize. If you don't know your Dream, then you are lost and your life is for naught. All I've been done since I turned 17 was to work towards releasing my family from their debt with Death -- which I later learned was the 13th Division.

What begins with a trickle from a crack bursts through the dam and becomes a torrent. Nem talks about her people's culture and religious beliefs and how they were torn down from her work with the 13th. She talks about her first few assignments where she got to experience first hand what happens when she puts down an immortal faerie spirit who had 'lived too long', how flawed they were, and how far they had strayed from their 'core dream'. Sometimes they were even grateful to have been put down, because it released the dream trapped inside a form more concerned with retaining life and power over purpose.

She talks at length about trying to figure out a new faith after not only being shown the flaws in her old religion but personally experiencing what it was like to destroy it.

You glance over at the girls. Amy is definitely empathetic, while Sami is still more interested in how you are reacting. She raises an eyebrow and smirks at you as if to say "Your move".

Nem is still talking.

What do you do?

A. You let her talk. Oh God, do you let her talk. But eventually the torrent subsides and she's spent. This will be something you'll just have to learn to deal with.

B. You let her talk and take her hand while she does and patiently wait for her to finish. You don't really know how to solve this but you can still provide emotional support.

C. You listen with great interest. This is stuff you've always wanted to know about spooky chicks, and you occasionally interrupt with questions.

D. You deduce that Nem's actual issue is that she is having a crisis of faith. At the first chance of a break, you bring this up.

E. You deduce that Nem's actual issue is that she is having a crisis of faith, but you're not going to say anything unless she asks you. You take her hand to lend support.
No. 890716 ID: e3e99e

She kills her gods.
Her dream was to free her family from the curse of the agency she is now working for, so by her own faith she's 'lost'.
No. 890718 ID: a78a4b


Women don't always want a solution. Sometimes they just want to share the burden. Listen and be there for her.
No. 890719 ID: 91ee5f


Because of reasons stated here: >>890718 .
No. 890735 ID: dbf422


And that's an "all people" thing.
No. 890751 ID: 094652

E - Sounds like she wants to figure this out but is stuck. Give your two bits and see how she feels about your perspective on this.
No. 890796 ID: 2474dd
File 153051597466.jpg - (199.63KB , 640x720 , Nem Relaxes again.jpg )

You say nothing and just hold her hand, but you have your answer if she asks you what you think. Her friends just let her talk, with Amy adding occasional insight but Sami keeps her mouth shut.

Eventually, Nem just sighs -- she's out of words but still pent up. Finally, she looks you in the eyes.

Nem: What's wrong with me? Why don't I have a dream?

"Baby, nothing's wrong with you. You're having a spiritual crisis 'cause what your people taught you isn't hold'n up anymore. I've been there three times now. Once when my dad walked out on us, again when I met Freddy, and again when I met you. Nothing I've been taught by school, science or church stands up to what I've been through. My atheist friends thought that once we were dead, that's it. But they're wrong...,"

Sami interrupts with a smile.

Sami: Just for the record, you can know souls exist or that there's an afterlife and still be an atheist. It's just an extra stage of existence, doesn't mean there's any gods looking out for us.

Amy sighs.

Sami: I'm not saying it disproves it, I'm just say'n it doesn't prove it either.

Amy smirks and pinches Sami.

You continue.

"Same time, nothing in church matches up to what I've experienced either. Lilly might be some sort of devil but she's a good person,"

This time Amy interrupts.

Amy: "Devil" is more an occupation, like "dragon". Lilly is politically neutral now.

"See what I mean? Church tells me that there's A Devil, but now I just found out it's just a job description,"

Nem nods.

Nem: So... what did you do? How did you make sense of it? What about your faith?

You shrug.

"Just do what my mom told me. Use my head to deal with the things I can understand, and anything beyond me I just leave in God's hands. There's no point in worrying about stuff I can't change or understand. I just trust in God's Will and do my best.
God might not save my life, but Jesus will save my soul and that's the important part,"

Sami begins to open her mouth but then stops herself.

"What's up, Sami?"

Sami: Well, I was gonna mention that Amy and I work with the dead a lot but I've never ran into anyone named Jesus on the job. The only actual souls we ever have to help tend to be ones trapped by Curse, and we don't deal with humans. But I don't want to trivialize your faith either, especially if it gives you comfort or hope. I never take hope from anyone if I can avoid it.

"I take it you're an atheist,"

Sami: All I know is the only other people that help us out are Redeemers and they're no angels. Everyone in the Department of Change that I know of is either mortal or plans to be, and we have a division that hunts down immortals. Doesn't really seem to support an idea of an all-knowing, immortal high god very well.

Amy: Unless you count the fact that the Department of Change works at all despite the fact that the leaders seem quite mad and ... we're not quite sure where the funding comes from.

Sami shrugs. You turn back to Nem.

"Like I said, Baby. Shit that's wack like that I just leave in God's hands and deal with what I know. Someone's looking out for you, when the time's right you'll figure out your dream,"

Nem thinks about this and smiles slightly. Then she leans back against you and rests her head on your shoulder. Sami nods and gives you a warm smile.

You have gained a heart.

No. 890800 ID: 094652

There's no point in worrying about stuff I can't change or understand
There's every point in worrying and preparing about stuff you might be able to eventually change or understand.

>Entire government is about neutralizing immortals
>Yet the funding is stable and comes from somewhere
I think this is all one big project and immortals inside the project screw it up in the long run, so they're dealt with before they can use their aeons-old wisdom to take control. As opposed to the immortals outside of the project who are directly controlling the whole project.
No. 890803 ID: dbf422

It says continued but I might miss it so I'm at least putting it out there that I want to match that heart. That was a lot of trust and it was well received.
No. 890809 ID: 91ee5f

No. 890811 ID: 2474dd
File 153051858479.jpg - (116.22KB , 640x720 , SamiAsksAQuestion.jpg )

Nem looks over at you and gives you an impish, secretive smile.

Nem: I want to sing a song. Solo. Do you mind?

You tell her to go right ahead.

As she goes up to the stage, Sami looks over at you and smirks.

Sami: You DID bring protection, right lover-boy?

Amy leans against Sami and then back over the couch.

Amy: Nem's giving off so many pheromones it's driving me crazy. Sami? What do you think?

Sami grins.

Sami: You're an honorable man and you genuinely adore her. I hope you two have a blast, but no offence to Macha but I don't want to meet her nine months from now. You got me?

Amy: We don't want to play the nag but my goodness that is one intense aroma.

You didn't smell anything. You get the feeling Amy's the only one who can. Any more thought is interrupted by Nem's song starting up.
No. 890814 ID: 2474dd
File 153052149958.jpg - (289.65KB , 640x720 , Nem Sings Duran Duran.jpg )

I'm on the hunt down I'm after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I'm hungry like the wolf
Stalked in the forest too close to hide

Nem is singing "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran and watching you for a reaction.

What do you do? (open)
No. 890822 ID: dbf422

Stare for awhile. But then get up, pull her into a kiss. Seems like karaoke is done.
No. 890945 ID: 9c2d0c

Fair. And song choice alone is worth at LEAST half a heart there.

>wat do
Slow grin as obvious symbolism dawns. Get into it. If she is doing anything like the original energy of the song, I am in favor of howling along. But she uh, kinda looks like she is instead doing something sultry and soul piercing in that picture. Please advise.
No. 891203 ID: a78a4b

Make sure that you brought protection.

Then sit forward, maintain eye contact as long as she keeps singing, and ask her to go for a walk with you as soon as she comes off the stage.
No. 891208 ID: 4f1cbc

>Nem is singing "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran and watching you for a reaction.
I'm pretty sure the correct reaction is a wolf whistle.
No. 891214 ID: 2474dd
File 153075687972.jpg - (334.19KB , 640x720 , Nem Takes Barry to Forrest.jpg )

You maintain eye contact and after Nem has finished her song you wolf whistle.

Nem smiles.

Nem: C'mon Barry. It's time we take that nature walk.

Nem leads you away from the karaoke bar and to the outskirts of the village where you enter the forest. The sun is setting, and the air is just beginning to cool. The smell of pine, damp earth and musk fill the air. Tiny lights dance in the fading light.

Twigs crack under your feet as you try to keep pace with Nem -- she's practically pulling you along a difficult path. She's much more nimble than you are and she has to slow down so you can navigate the twists and uneven ground without losing your balance.

"Where we going in such a hurry, Baby?"

Nem gives you a shy smile.

Nem: I just want to show you something. My wolf form. You've never seen it. Where I come from, it's terribly frightening because wolves are a sign of death. They're not the same as the pack animals of earth, which are awfully cute. I don't want to frighten anyone, but I don't think it will frighten you, will it? You have a thing for the dark, which is why I want to show you. I think you're the first person I've met who'd be interested in both my sides.

This is more or less an ongoing cutscene but you can still suggest, comment, award hearts, etc and things will be incorporated as they go within reason.
No. 891234 ID: dbf422

I mean, even vicious wolves are kinda rad and they're all super cool. Wolf away!
No. 891239 ID: 91ee5f

>My wolf form.
“Quadrupedal or anthropomorphic? Do you need to worry about your clothes getting damaged during your transformation or are your clothes magically removed?”
No. 891242 ID: 094652

Wait, are you SURE Nem has this under control? You two are going into a secluded spot in the woods, Nem is willfully letting her inner beast out - literally -

How careful is Macha going to be preventing Nem from eating your face?
No. 891245 ID: dbf422

Oh yeah, like now would be the time Barry just gives up on trusting her. Not when she was inside his mind or the years he's known her. I think he's good on this one.
No. 891257 ID: 91ee5f

Kome, don’t make me get the spray bottle!
No. 891268 ID: 10c408

As much as I loathe to say this, he has a bit of a point. We might've gotten Nem too many drinks.

So, proceed on with curious caution Barry, this is going to be an experience.
No. 891269 ID: 91ee5f

No, he doesn’t have a point.

Nem knows her limits and she stopped herself before she had too many drinks.
No. 891394 ID: a78a4b

Barry likes the horror stuff, and Nem wouldn't do something that dangerous after all the stuff she went through to save his life.

Don't worry, play along.
No. 891587 ID: 2474dd
File 153098306599.gif - (453.56KB , 640x720 , NemTransform.gif )

Nem takes a few paces away from you and then looks over her shoulder with a sultry smile.

The shadows intensify around her body. They distort and surround her and as the red in her eyes begins to become stronger until their shine becomes a glow.

She becomes mist-like for a few moments, and she draws herself inwards. In a moment, her dress flutters to the ground and a wolf-like creature made of shadow sits next to it.
No. 891594 ID: 2474dd
File 153098613748.jpg - (299.87KB , 640x720 , NemLeadsToClearing.jpg )

She picks up her dress in her maw and watches you intelligently and begins to lead you deeper into the woods.

You follow her, noticing how silent everything is now and the realization that Nem is probably considered an apex predator dawns on you as a reason for the other fauna to be so quiet.

That notion is somewhat worrying but due to Barry's nightmare fetish, more exciting than anything else.

Eventually, you come to a clearing. Nem pads up to a soft hill covered in moss and grass where she has set up a blanket and a couple of pillows. She watches you closely, probably trying to judge a reaction.
No. 891602 ID: 094652

@#$%. The. Poodle. In. The. Ass. (literally)
No. 891603 ID: 3b108e

Barry, don't be rude. When a lady strips for you, return the favor. Try and give her a nice striptease.
No. 891606 ID: 10c408

"You look so spooky and great, Nem." Rub her head if she'll let you, slowly strip.
No. 891608 ID: 91ee5f

Are we absolutely sure she wants us to strip right now?

I’m thinking that she just wants to sit and relax right now.
No. 891633 ID: 2474dd
File 153102232363.jpg - (355.87KB , 640x720 , NemMoonlight1.jpg )

As you being to approach, Nem lets go of her dress. In a moment, she is standing before you and as naked as the day she was born. Her hair is unbound and flowing -- now that she doesn't have it tied back you're a little surprised by how much she really has. She gathers a little in one hand to cover her nethers and strikes a similar pose as Aphrodite in the "Birth of Venus". The moonlight plays on her features and curves.
No. 891640 ID: 2474dd
File 153102422588.jpg - (356.32KB , 640x720 , NemMoonlight2.jpg )

As you get closer and begin to loosen your clothing, her facade of a seductress breaks down and she turns and blushes uncontrollably.

Nem: I'm sorry! This ... this is about as far as I ... planned this. I... um... you... you need to take it from here.

Barry's had lots of experience with girls but this is his first time with a virgin so he takes things very slow. He introduces her to simple kissing at first -- Nem is initially timid but then too forceful and she paws clumsily between his legs.

"Whoah now, you need to relax, Baby. There's no rush, right?"

She nods, and they try again with Barry gently explaining for her to follow his lead. He uses his hands to explore and test her, judging her sensitivities and where she is most responsive. This in turn reveals that Nem is pretty much well sensitive everywhere.

When he feels it's time, he begins to undress slowly for her. Her eyes watch with feral intensity, but after he is exposed she begins to stalk closer. Nem looks up at him as if to ask for permission.

Barry smiles.

"It's OK Baby, you can touch me,"

Note: When the narration says "Barry" over "you" it means that Barry himself is acting on his own.

Nem inches closer and gently strokes him with her fingertips while watching how he reacts with fascination. She tentatively traces her tongue across the tip before exploring him with her mouth.

She is surprisingly good at it, but almost certainly accidentally. It's more her willingness to to explore that makes it stimulating.

She pauses.

Nem: How was that? I just... I was curious to what you tasted like.

Barry smiles and kisses her more soundly before returning the favour. He might not be able to directly smell her pheromones but she is extremely wet and before long he knows it is more than time to take her.

Barry fumbles for his condom, but Nem places her hands over his gently.

Nem: ... no. I want to feel YOU.

"Baby, I've been warned that if I go in without protection we're going to be meeting Macha real soon,"

Nem: It's OK... just... pull out. I...

She looks down.

Nem whispers: ... I want you to finish on my breasts. I want to see it.

"I can still do that with a raincoat, Baby"

Nem: I just want my first time to be... as real ... as possible.

What do you do?!

A. You need to take control. Nem's not thinking clearly, you're barely thinking clearly enough to remember the condom. It's for the best.

B. Hell with it. This is her first time, make it a wonderful experience.

C. Hell with it, you're going to marry her anyway.
No. 891641 ID: e3e99e

B, but warn her that's not reliable.
No. 891642 ID: dbf422

A. If she catches Barry in a leg lock then they're not going to have a great time afterwards anyway. Plus sex with a condom isn't less real. It's not fun to say no to a request like this but sometimes you gotta be careful.
No. 891645 ID: e26fa5

No. 891672 ID: 10c408

A, ask her to trust you. This is going to be memorable enough as is even with a condom.
No. 891677 ID: 95031b

No. 891714 ID: ae8ec4

B. for BABY
No. 891715 ID: ae8ec4

I think we should award a heart for that spot of foreplay there.
No. 891719 ID: 90f3c0

A. A condom doesn't make it any less real, Baby.
No. 891746 ID: 4f1cbc

Condoms? You're thinking about this wrong. You're forgetting the main lesson of Spooky Date Quest- it's ocular protection you need to be concerned with.
No. 891749 ID: 2474dd

Depends on the type of spooky chick. Analogs like Nem and Red require regular condoms. Eye protection for gru, gorgons, and devils. Other creatures require more exotic protection.
No. 891751 ID: 094652

... @#$% it. Wear protective EVERYTHING and then hump-fondle-lots-of-plastic Nem until she squeals.
No. 891761 ID: c33493

Baby, you're putting too much pressure on your first time here. I promise, it's going to be memorable, but we have lots of time to make memories together.
Then A.
No. 891855 ID: 2474dd
File 153117320494.jpg - (272.05KB , 640x720 , NemsBigO.jpg )

You try to brush her hair away from her eyes, which works for about a second before the wild curly mass flips back into place.

"Baby, you're trying too hard to make it memorable. You gotta relax, and just trust me. And it's going to be easier to relax with a little protection."

Nem is disappointed but relents and lets Barry warms her up again. She watches with fascination as Barry puts on the condom and then lets him ease her back onto the blanket.

As he kisses her, he positions himself and guides things slowly as to not hurt her, but Nem is both extremely slick and seems to handle things quite well despite a little gasp. She feels very good -- very snug, wet, and hot. Hotter than Nikki, but not the intense heat of Lilly. Tighter than M, but still giving and without what could almost be described as a tough intensity of Red.

But her expression reminds you of someone who is counting internally while dancing instead of just going with the rhythm.

"Baby, you look like you're counting,"

Barry kisses her as she furrows her brow.

Nem: Am I doing something wrong?

"You're not relaxing,"

She pauses.

Nem: I... I just want to be your best, that's all.


Nem: You've been with lots of women before me. I want to be the best of them.

"But you are,"

Nem: I want to be sure.

"Just relax, OK?"

Nem: OK.

A few strokes later and Barry begins to chuckle.

Nem: What?!

"You're still not relaxing."

Nem: No, I am!

"I can tell by your face. You're concentrating."

Nem: ... ... I'm... just doing kegels.

"Kegel exercises?"

Nem: I did research.

Barry stares at Nem with a mixture of incredulousness and mirth.

"... research?"

Nem: And I practiced. With toys. I ... remembered how big you are so I bought a large toy so I would be ready.

Nem's brow furrows with embarassment.

Nem: I just wanted to be your best.

Barry chuckles warmly and kisses her firmly.

"Baby, you're are the only person in the world who would treat her first time like a final exam just to please her man. That alone makes you the best. You are amazing, Nem."

Nem smiles relaxes and Barry takes the opportunity to thrust, making her gasp.

"That's how you relax. I think we're going to need to do things a little different,"

Nem begins to ask Barry what he means but he begins to kiss down her neck and breasts, down to belly.

Nem: But... but I want you inside me...

"I will eventually,"

Nem: But...

"I think you need to relax first and this will help,"

As Barry moves down, Nem runs her fingers through his hair. She cooperates but then pushes him away.

"What's wrong?"

Nem: Don't let me push you away.


Nem: Fight me. I need you to take control.

She looks away, blushing again despite already being quite flushed.

Nem: ... I... brought some rope.

Barry raises an eyebrow.

What follows involves Nem's legs being trussed up and spread with the help of some nearby trees, and her arms tied carefully but firmly behind her back. Barry is a little concerned about her comfort but the look on her face is one of fire. There is none of the counting, none of the concentration, none of the clincical approach to sex. Her breathing is heavy and the moonlight dances in her eyes.

Barry makes sure to thoroughly stimulate her with digital and oral skills and as Nem's cries begin to become more frequent she begins to beg for penetration again.

Nem: I want... want you to vukk me! VUKK ME!! Please, please!!

He briefly wonders where the accent came from but feels this time Nem will be truly ready. She would later explain the slang refers to planing vulknut -- its hard seed prefers to be buried deep in the soil. Fortunately Barry was able to figure out the context enough to 'vukk her' indeed.

Nem is stronger than she looks, and despite being tied up fairly tightly, one of her leg gets free and thrashes about wildly. He manages to grab it and getting the feel for what Nem wants, he grips it tightly and forces her legs farther apart.

There's a splash and Nem lets out a long, loud but almost musical cry that makes some of the birds scatter. It's almost but not quite a wolf howl -- more like a very loud, very long, very drawn out call.

The effect is electric; seeing her feral side pushes Barry to the edge and he knows he won't be able to pull out in time and remove the condom for Nem to get her show. So instead, he just thrusts with more vigor and trusts the rubber do its job.

They lie together for several minutes, allowing themselves to calm down and the night air to cool them. Barry notes that he is drenched down to his knees in what is a combination of sweat and her juices. Nem's a squirter.

Nem impishly says at last: ... you didn't finish on my breasts.

"Sorry Baby, you were too good. I couldn't help it,"

Nem titters most pleased. She leans over, wraps her arms around him and kisses him. Barry didn't get the chance to untie her wrists; she must have gotten out on her own. Interesting.

"I wonder if they heard you in the village,"

Nem laughs. She would later find out they did and wasn't as embarrassed as you thought she might be about that fact.

Nem: ... did you wanna try to hit your mark again?

Epilogue to follow as I get the art ready but for those dying to know the outcome I will post it do Discussion now.
No. 891856 ID: 2474dd

Link for those impatient: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/116808.html#124085
No. 891876 ID: ae8ec4

>vukk me!
Oh I am laffin
No. 891991 ID: 2474dd
File 153124644933.jpg - (128.37KB , 640x720 , NemEngaged.jpg )

In the months that follow, Nem seems to be getting less assignments. She tells you that the 13th Division has had her doing more log work than anything else; writing down her experiences and advice. It frees her time up for more dating -- both with you and with Lilly. Nem is a passionate lover and her vigor on your first date is just the tip of the iceberg -- she is intensely curious about every aspect of sex and willing to try once just about anything Barry or Lilly can think of.

In the meantime, Barry begins to write a book about the power of love -- not a tawdry tale of demonic lust, but the enormous impact of love on the supernatural creatures that are now part of human soceity. How it makes them willing to give up their immortality, how it can kill them, how they desparately desire it and how they are terrified of it.

The Department of Change even invites him to use their case files and tell the stories of spooks who found love and gave everything up for it. It turns out that the hard part is finding the case themselves; the DoC's idea a filing system involves mining through a cavern of words. Almost literally.

They pay well however -- they have Barry publish the book for free (fae are quite big on the freedom of ideas) and compensate him with a considerable amount of cash and resources.

More than enough to purchase a lovely engagement ring for Nem and ask her to marry him. She says "yes" of course.

And it turns out this is the release for her contract. She is free, and her family debt is paid. While officially retired from the 13th Division, Nem is told she is welcome to take on any jobs she would like.

Nem: Pardon my vulgarity, but fuck that.

Epilogue to continue...

Note: Post-Quest discussions, including a few character design alternations and story elements that could impact future quests are waiting at https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/116808.html#124105[/b]
No. 892223 ID: 2474dd
File 153135574031.jpg - (144.64KB , 640x720 , NemMeetsBarrysMom.jpg )

Meeting Barry's Family

Barry warns Nem of his mother Martha's understandable prejudice towards spooky girls.

The very first thing she does is go on about how horrible the spooks are, how they're aligned with the devil, and how they almost killed her only son.

Nem nods and patiently lets her go on until she asks her to recite the Lord's Prayer with her. Nem agrees and she scrutinizes her as she repeats the words. She then offers her a crucifix which Nem puts on.

Then Martha grills her on how she met Barry, with Nem explaining honestly while leaving out details such as the porn blog or The Show.

Nem explains her work with the DoC and how it was her job to put down immortals who had lived too long, which was how she was able to warn Barry that he was in danger. Martha asks for more details but Nem explains that as usual, her boss was pretty vague on the details of which division knew about it -- explaining that the DoC doesn't primarily deal with mortals because their limited lifespans means that they don't cause the same problems immortals do.

She presses Nem on her intentions and Nem excitedly and rather girlishly talks about finally being able to settle down and raise a family.

Martha asks if she'll be raising the children Christian, to which Nem replies she doesn't know what that means. This results in a long and lengthy discussion about Christianity as well as Nem's shaken faith due to her occupation. Nem promises that if it means so much to her she will make sure the children will be taught the Bible and offers to bring them over to visit Grandma to do it.

After the visit, both Nem and Barry's mom speak privately to him for their impressions on the other.

Nem thinks Martha is a good, strong woman who reminds her of her father.

"Not your mom?"

Nem shakes her head.

Nem: I love my mother, and I have forgiven her for keeping me so ignorant for so long, but I have not forgotten what she did. I think my father would have been more up-front if he had known.

Barry's mother was clearly charmed by Nem.

Martha: That girl might have to work with devils, but she's clearly kept herself safe. I think she wants to be saved. Did you hear that child talk about having to kill her false gods? She's lost, she's open to the word of the Lord and I think Heaven would be happy to take her in. She seems to be one of the most honorable, well mannered long ladies I have ever met. The poor girl needs the one God she can't kill and we could introduce her to one.

Barry is respectful but internally rolling his eyes. While he believes in God, he also doesn't think Nem needs to be "saved" -- just like none of his spooky friends are devils or need to be "saved". But his mother is a little old-school and she's done so much for him he won't say a thing.

Martha: Did you hear her talk about grandchildren? Boy, you're actually gonna give me grandchildren? Little half-goat kids? Hah! I said goat kids.

"Nem's hinted she'd like quite a few children,"

Martha: Well, you were a handful all by yourself. You need some help, you call on me, OK? I can't imagine what a half-Barry, half-Nem supernatural spooky child will be like to raise.

"Nem's not really all that spooky. She sort of just works in a spooky job.
Her family is... from what I've told, she comes from a sort of faerie world where humanity is long-gone and they don't have indoor plumbing and her dad is a blacksmith. But they have a magical Internet,"

Martha stares at her son. He shrugs helplessly in response.

Martha: She adapted pretty well to Boston for a girl what grown up in some kinda faerie-tale land.

"Nem's really smart. Plus she's had four years and help from the Department of Change,"

Martha sighs and shakes her head.

Martha: Guess it was too much to hope you'd find a nice normal girl after that nasty business with that Freddy devil.

"Nem and some spooky friends helped save me from Freddy, don't forget that,"

His mom huffs.

Martha: Yeah, yeah, I know. Not ALL them spooky types are devils. What, they faeries then?

Barry thinks for a moment. He could explain that no, a 'devil' is an occupation and 'faerie' is just a catch-all for any metaphysical creature. But it'd be a lot easier to just tell her that faeries are nice and devils are bad and leave it at that.

"Yeah, basically,"

Martha: But those faeries still pose as false idols.

"But Nem's a MORTAL faerie. So's our friend who helped save me, and Red, who's like... a spooky cop or something. So as long as they're mortal, they've given up on stuff like that."

Martha: They found The Lord?

"More like they really understand love. It's going to be my new book,"

Martha pauses in thought.

Martha: I guess that's good enough. God is love, after all.

Barry internally breathes a long sigh of relief. Well, that's done. Now all he has to do is meet Nem's family. Hopefully it won't be as difficult, but they've never seen a human being before.


Also don't forget that besides suggestions for Nem's married life I'm always looking for feedback on the writing. I don't do a lot of love scenes so by all means, let me know what you think.
If you have other questions about Nem, Barry, Lilly, etc, you can ask them too. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/116808.html[/i]
No. 892734 ID: 2474dd
File 153154676916.jpg - (104.16KB , 640x720 , BarryMeetsNemMom.jpg )

Meeting Nem's Family

Despite a little awkwardness, Barry felt that the meeting went surprisingly easy. Meeting Nem's family turned out to be easier still.

While worried about the fact that Barry is human, her parents are just flatly thrilled that Nem is getting married at all. Barry is instantly welcomed to her family and by her community. The only real point of curiosity they seem to have is the size of his ears. Nem's mother Aoife (Pronounced "Ee-ffa", it's Irish) had a habit of continually playing with Barry's ears.

Aoife: They're such wee things! Such cute wee things!

When they discover that you helped release her from her contract, he is hailed as a hero.

Lilly never meets Barry's mother for obvious reasons -- Nem is one thing, but Lilly formerly being a devil is thought to be a bit much, and they have no plans on sharing their true status with her.

Since Gaelish customs allow a second, same-sex spouse (the "Unoo-us") it is expected that Lilly be introduced. Given her fae background, she has a sort of demigod status within the village and there's no troubles there either. Barry notes that Lilly's horns are apparently something sexy-flashy within the Gaelish community as Nem's not the only one who is enamored with them.

The food sucks though. Barry is a little relieved that Nem would rather live in his world, and amused that the primary reason for this decision was indoor plumbing and good toilet paper.
No. 892741 ID: 2474dd

Author note: On retrospect I got the perspective all wrong and Nem's mom looks way too young darn it. Don't draw really tired kids.
No. 892746 ID: d97fa9

cmoooon lets see lilly
No. 892805 ID: 2474dd
File 153159410041.jpg - (185.75KB , 640x720 , rough sketch sexy married life.jpg )


OK fine, just for you -- I quickly sketched up a little scene. Had to rush it because I work soon. NSFW due to subject matter.

Barry discovers he actually can't keep up with Nem and Lilly's combined sex drives. The fact that he can tag one in when tired is both fun and useful.

Remember to stay hydrated.

Lilly: Oi, Bear-bear... you gonna be much longah? My latest little experiment with Nemmie's been interesting but judging by the squirt she can't take anymore.

Nem is being "boisterous".
No. 893249 ID: 2474dd

Also if you'd like more Lilly -- NSFW -- https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124220.html#124244
No. 893337 ID: 2474dd
File 153181748096.jpg - (128.56KB , 640x720 , BabyMacha.jpg )


Barry loses a considerable amount of weight as Nem takes him exploring nature on Earth, in her world and occasionally for an adventure in some of Lilly's choice locations. At Nem's request he also grows a beard.

At Barry's request, Nem trims her Godiva-length hair down to a more manageable shoulder-length. He's never quite able to introduce Nem to ear-rings. Lilly introduces Nem to make-up but she still usually doesn't wear much beyond her usual lipstick unless they're going someplace fancy.

After the weddings, the honeymoon is arranged in Necropolis, Pepperland -- the country formerly known as North Korea. Despite the ominous name, the city is beautiful and modern if more than a little strange. Most of the stories you had heard about the place turn out to be fabrications or propaganda except for the stories of the old regime being used in some sort of questionable spooky engine. Probably the thing that takes the longest to get used to is the sheer number of 'undead' that live there -- former humans ranging from almost ordinary looking people to nightmarish individuals. From what you gathered, there's a very sparse fully human population left in the Necropolis -- most have changed. Lilly explains humanity and faeries influence each other and that the Necropolis is effectively a faerie domain now so most people who live there change under the influence.

You ask about the name. Nem explains that according to the DoC's records that the take-over started from within the political prisons and they were initially secured by a sort of undead called "Redeemers". The dead played such a large part in the take over that it just seemed appropriate for the country's new capital.

As to the country's name -- apparently the leaders liked "Yellow Submarine" and felt that restoring a miserable dystopia back to a "Pepperland" would be a good goal.

Married, With Children

It's on this honeymoon that Macha was conceived. It's not really a big surprise considering the wild nights Barry spends with Nem and Lilly. Nem keeps insisting that she's long over-due to have a child despite being only 21, but you remember how even the little girl she rescued was married with children when you visited Nem's village. That and you recall something about Macha being rather impatient to be born.

You also recall Nem warning you that Macha would be a colossal pain in the ass, which she proves to be. It's a good thing Lilly's there to help.

Despite all that, Barry's heart melts every time he watches her sleep. She is his first born, and will always be his little girl -- even if she seems to mostly just take after her mom in looks. She will be fiercely protective of her sibblings when they come along, despite how much she torments them.
No. 893338 ID: 0c3c2c

D'awwwww, she's adorable. And she's going to grow up to be some kind of hulking, amazing, heroic warrior werewolf.

Or a tiny nerd. Probably something like one of those things.
No. 893341 ID: 094652

>Necropolis, Pepperland
One man's media is another fae's manifesto.

Must... resist... urge... to... cuddle... hug... I don't want to get suplexed by a six-year old...
No. 893394 ID: 2474dd

You're safe -- Macha possesses none of her strength as a child.
No. 893411 ID: d97fa9

Aw Macha looks just like aunt Sami
No. 894475 ID: 2474dd
File 153258080264.jpg - (134.83KB , 640x720 , LillyPreg.jpg )

Married life is an adventure. Macha tries to be a pint-sized terror at times but Nem still seems to maintain a presence of authority around her.

The other children arrive. They're healthy and happy, a gift to any parent. They even manage to soften up Clay who becomes their pediatrician. She still refuses to live too close to humanity for fear of them changing her, but she seems to make exceptions for Nem's family.

Then surprisingly, Lilly gets pregnant. You would think that someone who's not supposed to be biologically compatible with Barry would be a bit more surprised at carrying his child, but Lilly just shrugs.

Lilly: Oy, well... I guess if this is my last life I might as well get the full experience, y'know? Honestly I figured it'd happen eventually n' all. You can fuck for fun all ya want, but for metaphysical types it don't matter how much rubbah you put between us, once we get serious someone's gonna have a baby.

Barry points out that he never used a condom with Lilly anyway. Lilly explains she's just stating a fact -- she figured with enough time and love, this would happen eventually anyway. The conversation does turn a bit mechanical, with Barry asking about various practices and how it could possibly result in a baby. That's when Nem and Lilly refer back to the fact that even holding hands with a spooky girl could be considered 'unprotected intimacy'.

It sends Clay into a panic, but Lilly's child is born without issue into the growing family.

One more update; family portrait and last bit of storytelling.
No. 894486 ID: 5245b2

I don't think my heart can take much more cute, Pls no Family portrait!
[spoiler]And by that I mean "make it the cutest damn thing you can muster. I am ready to die in this fashion."[/spolier]
No. 894850 ID: 2474dd
File 153290657361.jpg - (841.51KB , 1261x720 , MorriganFamilyPortrait.jpg )

It becomes readily apparent that the three of them will be raising a large family -- and with Nem retired on a fat pension, Lilly being a freelancer and the relaxed pace of Barry's successful writing career, they'll have plenty of time to make sure the kids are raised right.

Even if Lilly does still have an annoying habit of pulling a mad scientist trope or two.

Nem finally realizes that her dream is one of exploration and adventure, something her family provides -- and not just in the normal sense that raising children is an adventure, either. Macha's rebellious nature actually gives her a sense of peace -- while she still worries like any mother, she also appreciates the fact that she is free and she has so much to explore with her kindred spirits Barry and Lilly.

While Nem's Quest is finally at an end, she and her family have plenty of more adventures awaiting them!

Thank-you for Reading Spooky Date: Nem's Promise!

This now sets several canon aspects of Nem's story, even if I decide to re-write her tale to be more streamlined with the refined story mechanics. She will always eventually wind up with a chubby adventurous dark nerd named Barry, and Lilly will always show up in some form to join them.

In addition, I'll be leaving the look and gender of Lilly's first baby up to Quest. There's a great number of available mutations for a half-blood, especially a first generation with someone as freshly mortal as Lilly.

I'm also going to leave at least one of Nem's children up to Quest. Macha, Pan and Preston are already canon.

Further discussion regarding possible offspring should be taken to the Discussion thread at https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/116808.html
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