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File 152241399474.png - (138.75KB , 799x697 , dumb-title.png )
876008 No. 876008 ID: 1e95e9

What a night! What a party!
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No. 876179 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s go to the Truth.....if you can handle it!
No. 876187 ID: c688ce

He's kinda got nothin' to hide right now, doesn't he?

We seek The Truth
No. 876205 ID: 1e95e9
File 152251237988.png - (386.13KB , 1024x1024 , missing-7.png )

Feels like it's... being picked up with a glove! And carried somewhere!

Oh... I forgoooot to put on cloooothes! It's fine though. Totally fine. Yeah.

>The Truth!
I don't really remember what happened when we went to the new info broker, who also owns the Chaos Cola business. I hope we didn't make too much trouble!
:truthio:"Hahahah! YOU again, Glinp!"
:glinp:"No, it's his twin sister, Sminp. I heard he came here last night."
:truthio:"In that case, WELCOME, MORTAL, to the one place that can satisfy all of your needs for knowledge! HAHA-"
:glinp:"Uhhhg yeah ok it's me Glinp and I got a wicked headache so just tone it down..."
:truthio:"-HAHAHA! I knew I wouldn't get through the whole spiel before you admitted it. Let's get down to business, then!" Sounds like he turned down his volume setting. That works.

Wait, it's starting to come back to me... When we were here last night, we...
Got in an argument over who's the best at something, and decided to settle it by buying the info?
Bought some real juicy information, like you're supposed to do?
Played Truth or Dare, and got the broker, whose name is Truth, involved somehow?
Did something else?
No. 876206 ID: 6c401b

Maybe you should just cut your losses and accept you only have one penis now.
No. 876210 ID: a363ac

The group asked about who is the best at putting balls in holes.
bought the information about who fucked Glinp the best in his life.
the broker felt kinda sad when you started playing Truth or dare in their shop and tentatively asked to play with you because they are lonely.
and maybe you masturbated into the toilet upstairs but no one knows but truth who had to clean it up this morning.
No. 876215 ID: bad72f

Can you afford to pay Truth for the truth of your other dicks's location?
No. 876221 ID: 17c2ee

>Played Truth or Dare, and got the broker, whose name is Truth, involved somehow?
As part of a somewhat elaborate, drunken plan to convince him that it'd be a hilarious way to prank someone else.
No. 876224 ID: 02fd22

Maybe you found out who has the most need of it. Drunk logic being what it is, you probably bought the info and then just went and gave the individual your schlong.

A glove though? Can you tell if it's cloth or plastic?
No. 876227 ID: 1e95e9
File 152252890209.png - (340.16KB , 1024x1024 , missing-8.png )


Plastic glove!

Ah, right... It went kind of like this... I think. We were already truth or daring each other when we got into the shop.
:truthio:"WELCOME, MORTALs, to the one place that can satisfy all of your needs for knowledge!"
:miko2:"It's MY turn in Truth 'r Dare, an' I dare YOU mister dragon! Truth or dare!"
:truthio:"Hahaha! How quaint! Dare!"
:miko2:"I dare ya to do a magic trick!"
:roshadow2:"Haha yeah I wanna see that!"
:truthio:"Hahahahah... If it's a magic trick you want, then feast your eyes on this!" He grabbed a glowy sphere off the shelf and rolled it across his arms, over his shoulders, and started rolling it all around his body, then down his tail, and then flipped it into the air and caught it in his mouth! "But that's not all!" He swallowed it, and waved his hand over the spot he took it from, and it was there again! We clapped and he bowed.
:roshadow2:"Whoaaa.. how'd you do that, man... That's amazing..."
:miko2:"That's great mister dragomn, I like your sstuff. OK now it's yer turn, go!"
:truthio:"You slimy one! What's your name? And Truth, or DARE?"
:irib:"Irib~ And I pick dare~"
:truthio:"I dare you to - oh no, hold on a moment..." He started dropping more of those spheres all over the place, just out of his body somehow! "Oh NO! I dare you to help me put these orbs back into me! Just put them into my mouth!"
:irib:"I'm the best when it comes to putting balls in holes~" They started to collect the balls and stick 'em into Truth's mouth.
:miko2:"No way! I put balls in holes ALL the time!" She started helping too.
:glinp:"I'm so good, I put the balls in all the holes!" I also started helping!
:roshadow2:"Hey I know... Let's pay him to tell us who's the best! How much to give us that answer?"
:truthio:"Only 10 krels! What a bargain!"
:jozi:"I'll step up for that one." She gave him 10 krels.
:truthio:"It's none other than YOU, miss Tozol!"
:roshadow2:"No waaay she didn't even touch your balls hahaha"
and then uhmmm there were so many balls we got pushed out into the street... Yeah that's what happened... OK back to the present.

:glinp:"Can I afford to buy the whereabouts of my missing hemipenis?"
:truthio:"HAhahaHAaa! No!"

Damn... So uhh. What next? Should I ask him anything else?
Go to Swirl Spot, Sharp's LMOW, Quazy's Barcade?
And I haven't checked in with Ro or Irib.
No. 876228 ID: a363ac

Ask why not? also call Ro
No. 876229 ID: 56fca5

Ask him how much to know who else would know where your hemipenis is.

If nothing useful, then on to Sharp's!
No. 876231 ID: b1b4f3

Call Ro.
No. 876233 ID: f5c698

Plastic gloves are usually used by food handlers or doctors. Check with Ro and head to the swirl.
No. 876241 ID: 1e95e9
File 152253324592.png - (249.22KB , 1024x1024 , missing-9.png )

:glinp:"Can I afford to know who else would know where it is?"

I seem to remember where Ro's house is for some reason! So I warp over there and knock on the door. He opens it.
:roshadow2:"What... Why're you here..." He looks as bad as I feel!
:glinp:"I'm missing a dick! Do you have it?"
:roshadow2:"Are you askin'... about MY dicks... because I'm the wrong side of drunk for that..."

I'm havin' another remembering! I remember there was a dick-measuring contest between Ro and Irib to see who could get theirs the biggest...
Who won? Irib or Ro?
And what kinda place were we at?
No. 876243 ID: a363ac

they never finished cause you started giving them BJs.
you were on the corner of "fuck street" and "let me see your cloaca Avenue"
No. 876246 ID: 3abd97

The dick measure contest got interrupted by one of the others shoving them apart and yelling about not crossing the streams.

>"Are you askin'... about MY dicks... because I'm the wrong side of drunk for that..."
No I'm asking about my dicks they come off.
No. 876256 ID: 105d19

It wasn’t.. the barcade was it?
I think I remember she ball.
Something about seeing who really WAS the best at ball in hole.
No. 876257 ID: f5c698

Both of them could go pretty huge, one of them able to swell with water and the other I'm guessing as big as their mind will allow? After the two of them got big enough that they started blocking traffic, a peace officer came and doused them with icewater, then gave you all a stern warning about impeding transit, indecent exposure and public intoxication. It was the end of his shift, so he just let it go.

Ask Ro how many dicks he's got, or potentially could have. Can he just turn any part of his body into a dick, or does he have to resemble some sort of actual being?
No. 876262 ID: 56e50f

The winner was not able to be determined because you started sandwiching dicks over each other! Ro, Irib, Glinp, Ro, Glinp, Irib..
No. 876265 ID: 1e95e9
File 152254262055.png - (153.39KB , 1024x1024 , missing-10.png )

We were outside a brothel at the time. We weren't lookin' for prostutites, we just passed by on the way to our next location. In that neighborhood, it's legal to have your junk out, so things got silly!
:miko2:"Hey so which one'a you guys has the biggest penissses?"
:jetiro:"Mine's just, ordinary size big. I'll bet these two shapeshifters got me and Glinp beat." Oh yeah I haven't talked to Jet yet either... He was there.
:glinp:"Oh yeah mine aren't gigantohuge. I bet we got nothin' on those two!"
:roshadow2:"I can DEFINITELY get mine bigger! Tch..."
:irib:"Is that right~? Why don't you whip those bad boys out right now and we'll settle it~"
:roshadow2:"You're fuckin' ON, pal!" He unzipped and got 'em out, just like that!
:irib:"That can't be all you've got~" said Irib, growing a penis tentacle several times larger than Ro's.
:roshadow2:"No way! Check this out!" And he grew 'em bigger than Irib! They went back and forth for a while when Josie got in between 'em and shoved 'em apart!
:jozi:"This is weak! I've got you all beat by a mile."
:jetiro:"Wow, re-really?"
:jozi:"Haha, no. I'm kiddin'! Careful you don't cross the streams though!" Then Ro tried to whack her with his massive dongs and she dodged so he dented a lamppost and we ran away. Hehehe...

Back in the present, I clarify to Ro. But Miko start's lickin' me again!
:glinp:"NO I mean my dicks! They come off aa!-aand I lost one!"
:roshadow2:"Oh... Nope, go away." And then he bonks me away with his suddenly oversized shlongs!

No leads there either! But at least it narrows things down? Meanwhile whoever has my other hemi has set it down somewhere way too cold. Brr!!

Jet, Irib, Swirl Spot, Sharp's, and Quazy's are all that's left to check. I'm sure I'll find it soon!
No. 876267 ID: 56e50f

Those are probably vinyl gloves used in a food-service, so swirl spot is our best bet!
No. 876268 ID: a363ac

oh no someone is going to freeze your dick and put it in a hot dog!
No. 876274 ID: 91ee5f

Shit, someone might be trying to serve your dick as food!
No. 876277 ID: f5c698

Swirl spot. Only other option is that someone's about to get a transplant of your dick at the local hospital.
No. 876278 ID: 05ff2f

Or police forensics just picked it up from a crime scene and put it in a portable freezer for transport.
No. 876295 ID: 1e95e9
File 152254903423.png - (261.52KB , 1024x1024 , missing-11.png )

>Swirl Spot! Someone might eat that dick!?
Aaah! That would be the worst! But my warp is on cooldown, so I gotta leg it! AAAH! It IS in ice cream! Dang hypnotized employees! By the time I get there, I'm in a real pickle! Miko's edging one, and the other's freezin'!
:genericnpc:"Welcome... to Swirl Spot. How may I serve you, sir or madam?"
:glinp:"You got DICKS in that ICE CREAM??"
:genericnpc:"Somebody ordered dick in their ice cream, a few minutes ago."
:glinp:"Who-oOOoo did you seELL it to?"
:genericnpc:"I can't tell, because of the swirls in my eyes."
:glinp:"Hnguuuuh which way did they go dammit Miko! Bluaghhhh!" I fall over in a climax. The hypnotized guy is unfazed.
:genericnpc:"I don't know." Sanadabitch! I writhe for a while until Miko stops suckin'.
:glinp:"Can you think of anything that might be helpful??" I can stand, but I can't stand still, because having a dick that's freezing ain't cozy! At all!!
:genericnpc:"They might have drove a big truck."

I don't know anyone that drives a big truck! Or maybe I do, but I don't know they do! What am I gonna do!
No. 876296 ID: a363ac

Rewind back to before meeting Ro and come here instead.
No. 876297 ID: 56e50f

If you can revert, do so! You want to get here at least a few minutes earlier to intercept that dick! If you can't, head outside and listen for a big truck.
No. 876298 ID: 76e4b3

null is so cute owo
No. 876299 ID: 6c401b

Be careful you don't rewind too much and end up in the womb.
No. 876300 ID: 830fb7

If we warp here instead of Ro's place we could intercept our dong before someone comes to take it, even if we are too late we can find out who buys it and intercept them.
No. 876302 ID: f5c698

Reverting seems like the best option, run here first to get that dick- erm, which is yours anyhow. Unless they have other dicks here...?
No. 876344 ID: eaf326

This seems like a good idea.
No. 876365 ID: 4c908d

Rewind and save that pingas.
No. 876367 ID: 0373ab

wait if you orgasm from one dick, do you shoot your load from both?

in that case you could use that to your advantage, somehow
No. 876383 ID: 1e95e9
File 152259928343.png - (201.79KB , 1024x1024 , missing-12.png )

>Can revert!?
Can't revert!

My first save isn't that far back!

Already established that I don't, earlier!

Nguhhh ok I pick Sharp's!

:sharpkeep:"Hello, Glinp. You have an agitated aroma."
:glinp:"Someone stuck one of my dicks in ice cream and I can't find it! Any ideas?"
:sharpkeep:"An individual tried to get me to buy an oddly living hemi earlier, but I wouldn't."
:glinp:"WHO WAS IT?"
:sharpkeep:"A cutebold."
:glinp:"Dang crazy cutebolds! Where'd they go next?"
:sharpkeep:"I have no idea, but her clothing looked like that of a butler."

Craaap I don't even have any cutebold friends I can ask! The plot thickens!! And who the heck has a cutebold butler, anyway? On the plus side, I think my missing piece must've been taken out of the ice cream, because it's startin' to warm up again.
No. 876386 ID: b1b4f3

A cutebold butler with a big truck? What?
Wait ask Sharp if the cutebold was driving a vehicle, and what it looked like. Was he with anyone else?
No. 876387 ID: 3abd97

>And who the heck has a cutebold butler, anyway?
There can't be too many people in town with butlers, right? Maybe you need to go snoop around the rich side of town.
No. 876418 ID: fa5d01

See if you can figure out who this Driblis works for by asking one of the rich folk. I mean, she could just be an eccentric who likes walking about in a 3 piece suit.
No. 876449 ID: 1e95e9
File 152261435649.png - (284.18KB , 1024x1024 , missing-13.png )

:glinp:"Was she driving a vehicle?"
:glinp:"OK thanks Sharp!"
:sharpkeep:"You're welcome. I hope you find it!" I get outta there!

Hmmm... Rich side of town... There isn't one! But I get the impression Jet comes from money, so I hit him up.
:jetiro:"Hello, who is this?"
:glinp:"It's Glinp, and I done lost my dicks last night! I found one but now the other one's in peril somewhere and I can't find it!"
:jetiro:"Oh, no! Where are you? I'll come and help you find it!" He comes to meet me here.
"I am here!"
:glinp:"Whoa is that a custom warp?"
:jetiro:"Yes! My main deity is The Manifold Shimmer, so I get to do that sort of thing. Now, do you have any leads? If you have the other member, I can use that to find the whereabouts of the missing one!"
So we go to Miko's. She meets us outside.
:miko2:"I got the goods if you got the money..."
:miko2:"Nahhhh~" She bumps my shoulder with a fist. "Got it right here." She hands it to me. "You take better care of these fellas."
:glinp:"I will!" I say, handing it to Jet, who casts some kinda hocus pocus on it!
:jetiro:"It is there!" We can see a floating image of my missing dingaling, and who’s got it!

Who was the culprit all along??
Was it IRIB? KLEEM? A band of psycho cutebolds!? Who??
No. 876450 ID: a363ac

Josie who beat up a kobold butler.
No. 876451 ID: 3abd97

>A band of psycho cutebolds!?
Obviously. How could it be anyone else?
No. 876456 ID: 56e50f

This is right up Kleem's alley!
No. 876458 ID: f5c698

Irib could just ask, but you only know them so well. Who was the least drunk last night, has enough money to have their own butler, and would want to secretly scope out your ding dongs before deciding if they want to trade dna with you?!

If it was Josie, she might be living a little beyond her means, with the butler and everything. If it was Kleem, maybe she just wants a little bit of the action again. Maybe...

Maybe it's someone you happened to pass on your tour de fucked up last night. A third party with all the resources and no avenue to get some of that lizardfolk pingas.

None other, than John Smith!
No. 876459 ID: b1b4f3

Cutebolds and Goblins go together pretty well. It's definitely Kleem.
No. 876460 ID: ef05ab

It seems your penis is currently in the hands of the personal butler of the daughter of the cutebold royal family and/or head of a cutebold business empire.
No. 876508 ID: 1e95e9
File 152262529059.png - (465.99KB , 1024x1024 , missing-14.png )

It's all of these! And they're at an underground wrestling circuit! I get my hemipenis back from Jet, and we zip there at top speed!
:jozi:"Hey Glinp. I took it upon myself to search for your junk, and look at what I just won, from this well-dressed cutebold." The cutebold is dazed on the ground! She hands me my final missing piece.
:kleem:"It was my fault. After I picked it up, these cutebolds jumped me and I lost it! Sorry Glinp, I needed more of that dick!"
:jetiro:"It really is amazing how they seem to work at any distance!"
:johnsmith:"I'm just a spectator here, really... Nothin' else to it..."
:miko2:"Yeeeeah sure~"
:genericnpc:"Graaaah kill the intruders!" Says one of the cutebolds! They start clamorin' and gettin' ready to attack, when suddenly, Josie blurs and vanishes for a moment, and then the cutebolds all stop in their tracks!
:genericnpc:"Someone rubbed my nose..."
:genericnpc:"No way, me too! Invisible noserubber!?"
:genericnpc:"WHERE!?" Jozi blurs and disappears again and all the cutebolds gasp!
:jozi:"OK! Let's get out of here while they're distracted." We fleeeee! Wheee!
No. 876510 ID: 1e95e9
File 152262538213.png - (231.81KB , 944x1106 , glinp-dick-playa.png )

Once we're safe, we all have a good laugh and go our separate ways. Phew! What a day! Now it's time to do the obvious thing to do when you have detachable penises... What anyone would do in my situation!

No. 876518 ID: 56e50f

No. 877036 ID: eaf326

>"Someone rubbed my nose..."
>"No way, me too! Invisible noserubber!?"

I'm glad it had a happy ending
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