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File 152164571223.png - (189.14KB , 800x799 , 1.png )
874689 No. 874689 ID: ca1cab

"Well there wasn't any petals. Or wine. Or even chains. But this was a close second. Was that as much fun for you?"

"...hey. Are you okay?"
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No. 874690 ID: ca1cab
File 152164586287.png - (135.70KB , 1280x1024 , 2.png )

:vivian:"You're acting like...oh don't tell me. Don't tell me that was your first time!"


:vivian:"Well now I just feel bad. I was just doing this to let off some steam, and I probably screwed you up. If you expect every time to be as, well, explosive as this time because of me. Sorry."
No. 874712 ID: 094652

... Sergei, this might totally ruin your moment but, uh...

Are there any records of a titan exploding? Because someone was busy activating the self-destruct sequence before we jumped.

And we'd like to fix that. Like NOW!!!
No. 874717 ID: 8b2654

"Well, if every time is going to be with you, I don't think I'll have any problems."
No. 875412 ID: ca1cab
File 152200593307.png - (127.86KB , 1280x1024 , 3.png )

Uh I don't even know what a titan is. Is that what this thing is? Pretty sure this is the only one. Unless there's more and the Empire's keeping them secret.

:sergei:"Well, if every time is going to be with you, I don't think I'll have any problems."

:vivian:"Flirt! Though I will admit, you are really good. Like really good. That tongue especially."

:sergei:"Thanks! I've been told that I'd make someone happy with that. So...gonna let me out of these restraints?"

:vivian:"Yeah about that. See I should also apologize for that. My reasons for bringing you here wasn't just for some privacy, but also because that green bauble you found gave me an idea. This machine has it's own power source, but getting it to respond to even basic commands has been a pain and a half. And I have it on good authority that a machine like this was once activated with an orb. Or at least allowed higher access."

:sergei:"I see. Actually I don't. How does this involve me being tied to this chair?"

:vivian:"Well I'm hoping you can interact with the machine. Most who have attempted didn't really, um, succeed. I'm hoping you can since the orb could give you special privileges. I think. You'll help me right?"

:sergei:"Uh I guess so? But that still doesn't explain the"

:vivian:"The process I'm told is painful and I don't want you clawing your eyes out."
No. 875427 ID: ca1cab
File 152201420423.png - (199.83KB , 1280x1024 , 4.png )

:sergei:"How painfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

:vivian:"Ungodly. Again. Sorry!"
No. 875429 ID: 86eb65

Maybe you should have been fucking me while this happened?
No. 875430 ID: b53bd0

[make sure he doesn't die]
No. 875431 ID: ad51b8

can, can we knock him out so he isn't awake for this? I mean you'd think you could have slipped him some pain killers or something before you drilled a hole into his head and stared pulling wires through his skull.
No. 875439 ID: 600f38

[Assume direct control of this machine. Failing that, take control of Vivian]
No. 875449 ID: ca1cab
File 152202648649.gif - (101.38KB , 1280x1024 , 5.gif )

Cynisis Morembro ver 870.11.89
Init CPU cores...done
Unknown USER Implement Safe Mode Interface

:vivian:"Hello? Hello? Sergei? Can you hear me? You're eyes have stopped fluttering, I'm assuming it was a success? You aren't a vegetable now are you?"

"I...I see nothing. What is this?"

:vivian:"Oh Sergei! Good, you can speak, that's a good sign. What do you mean by nothing?"

"Just a blank space. Never ending space that goes into forever."

:vivian:"I think that maybe the interface. Instructions are spotty, but try thinking of a command. Something appropriate for a machine."

"How should I know what is appropriate?!"

:vivian:"No idea, just think of something, and see what access you have."

Bad internet connection, meant to upload this sooner.

No. 875450 ID: 094652

No. 875451 ID: 33cbe7

import antigravity
No. 875464 ID: b53bd0

let's try [translate]
No. 875472 ID: 600f38

Your best bet is "Help", followed by "Commands"

I'd also try "Ver" and "Date"
No. 875483 ID: 69d4b9

Read the manual? Try "manual" or "man" and see if that helps.
No. 875691 ID: ca1cab
File 152225487324.png - (775.25KB , 1280x1024 , 6.png )

:sergei:"Okay, okay. Uh... 'ls help'? 'Commands'? Hey something happened!"

:vivian:"Oh good! What happened?"

:sergei:"I don't know, but I see a bunch of floaty folders. Uh stuff like 'Acess pnt', 'Pilot 2' 'Pilot 3' 'Engineering port 23' all kinds of stuff."

:vivian:"Can you access the weapons array?"

:sergei:"I have no idea."

:vivian:"...right. Too much to hope for. Listen, I'm going on very iffy instructions left behind, but to access the weapons system you will need this thing to recognize you as the new pilot. Too do that you need some 'authorization code' from the previous pilot, a 'registration command', a 'switch sequence to access manual control to the targeting intelligence', and a 'secondary command confirmation'."

:sergei:"The hells does that mean?"

:vivian:"No idea. But it apparently involves going through 'pilot memory points' whatever that means."
No. 875695 ID: 33cbe7

Go for the shrug emote.
No. 875698 ID: d2e2ce

You need to tell it three different passwords. At least one of them has to come from the previous pilot.
No. 875825 ID: ca1cab
File 152233880218.png - (857.77KB , 1280x1024 , 7.png )

:sergei:"Okay going for the one that looks like someone is shrugging."


:sergei:"I found...something. No idea what it is."

:Vivian:"What does it look like."

:sergei:"Uh, like floating balls of things. Like hands and stuff. Like I'm looking at stuff from another person's perspective."

:Vivian:"The texts did mention something about sifting through pilot memories...maybe they meant it in a literal sense?"
No. 875832 ID: 600f38

I'd say go for the one with nudity, then the one we're in.
Vivian threw you into this without even forewarning, so make her wait on anything useful. Lets be real here - if she had been honest about it you'd have done it anyway.
No. 875906 ID: 094652

Well, that cryo-pilot was a girl... so nudity vote.
No. 876236 ID: ca1cab
File 152253241532.gif - (28.83KB , 1280x1024 , 8.gif )

"Woah...you sure I'm allowed in here? Ain't this like top secret or somethin?"

"It's still a secret if you don't tell no one. Life as a pilot is hells all over. Jumping from warzone to warzone, never know if I'm dying in the next one, real lonely life."

"And you want me to fix that?"

"Aw you know it girl!"

No. 876238 ID: ca1cab
File 152253250047.gif - (50.05KB , 1280x1024 , 9.gif )

"Alright hun, what do we do next?"

"Well first you're gonna take off my pants and then"

No. 876239 ID: ca1cab
File 152253257507.gif - (47.69KB , 1280x1024 , 10.gif )

"Tha's it. Right there."


"No not yet I"

No. 876240 ID: ca1cab
File 152253281269.gif - (147.34KB , 1280x1024 , 11.gif )

"Oh gods, I'm gonna"

"No! Not yet hun! Lemme finish! Lemme finish!"

"You're too good I"


:sergei:"So someone else had sex in this chair. Ew someone else had sex in this chair"

:vivian:"Did you learn anything important from it though Sergei?"

:sergei:"Just something to try with my tongue later."

:vivian:"...you are so lucky I think you're cute Serg or I'd hurt you so bad for that."
No. 876248 ID: 600f38

Do you recognize her species? Does Vivian?
Check out the small orb next. If needed, we can jump back to that event and gather more information after we see it.
No. 876251 ID: 69d4b9

The memory of interaction with the reticle might be a good one too, but yeah we might as well view the one of the orb next.
No. 876310 ID: ad51b8

>you are so lucky I think you're cute Serg or I'd hurt you so bad for that.

You already did, you put him in this chair.
No. 876538 ID: ca1cab
File 152263364247.gif - (439.70KB , 1000x1000 , 0401.gif )

:sergei:"Hey what's this big red button do?"

:vivian:"Sergei no!"
No. 876563 ID: 8a55a9

No. 876573 ID: 6e59e3

No. 876576 ID: d0ac55

Next year, go for april fool prono!
No. 877269 ID: ca1cab
File 152295470554.png - (239.13KB , 1280x1024 , 12.png )

Depends on what is going on at the time

:sergei:"I am selecting the one with the blue orb thing."

Authorization accepted. Registration override.

"Mechs, lattice, networking, Injection Theory, I've had enough..."

:Mangalo:"Lord Venian!"
No. 877270 ID: ca1cab
File 152295480652.png - (89.52KB , 1280x1024 , 13.png )

:Mangalo:"I beg you, please don't do it! I cannot promise clemency but this is not the way to end it!"
No. 877271 ID: ca1cab
File 152295491341.gif - (202.91KB , 1280x1024 , 14.gif )

"Yes it is Mangalo. I've let you off the leash long enough. You and your damned friends let it go this far! Might as well take it further!"

:Mangalo:"No! What have you done?!"

Override accepted. System reset.
No. 877272 ID: ca1cab
File 152295505576.gif - (181.68KB , 1280x1024 , 15.gif )

"Time to sweep the board clean..."

Foreign entities detected in walker! Asset Denial Protocols initiating!


No. 877274 ID: ca1cab
File 152295520548.png - (857.35KB , 1280x1024 , 16.png )

:sergei:"oh shit. Okay I didn't get a passcode or any of that stuff, but I do know that sticking the orb in the desk under the thing you used can override something."

:vivian:"Does it give access to the weapons systems?"

:sergei:"Uh no, it...blows this thing up."

:vivian:"I'll put that under 'maybe'. Keep looking."

That update took a hell of a lot longer than it should have.
No. 877298 ID: 094652

... wat

lower-right file next
No. 877320 ID: b53bd0

bottom right appear to be chained hands, interrogation?
No. 877897 ID: ca1cab
File 152321606274.png - (44.59KB , 1280x1024 , 17.png )


"Graduation day. And here I am in front of the Headmaster's office again. Just couldn't let me have one day could you Messik?"

No. 877898 ID: ca1cab
File 152321618729.png - (227.54KB , 1280x1024 , 18.png )

"Kiss my ass Hala you started it."

"Because you can't shut your fucking mouth ever can you Makag?"

"Fuck you."

"You wish you could."


"Hala Rokof? Can you come in please?"
No. 877899 ID: f86d64

We have ALL the days!
No. 877900 ID: f86d64

My God, you two. Just fuck already.
No. 877901 ID: ca1cab
File 152321639830.png - (221.27KB , 1280x1024 , 19.png )

"Dammit, look Headmaster, I'm sorry I got into a fight, it won't happen-the fuck?"

"Rokof, you are in trouble for starting a fight yes, but the main reason you're here is because of your stellar performance. The Emperor himself is deciding to endorse you because you show such promise."

"Yes, I haven't seen marks like yours in years. Hala you may be the youngest ever to pilot a mech. What do you think of that?"

"Th-th-the Emprr-oh fuck. Oh fuck I said 'fuck' to the Emperor's face. I said it again shit! I mean oh...oh gods this is. Oh."

No. 877907 ID: ca1cab
File 152321668328.gif - (181.87KB , 1280x1024 , 20.gif )

"Oh dear she's fainted. My Emperor I can assure you this is the first time this has happened with her, I have no idea what's-"

"It's alright. I find I have that affect on people."


:sergei:"So. I learned the pilot's name is Hala Rokof. Does that help?"

:vivian:"Every bit of information helps Sergei, keep looking. I'll make it up to you. Promise."

:sergei:"What do you-oh! That's what you mean."
No. 877917 ID: f86d64

[User profile search: Hala Rokof]
Let's do the claw. That seems interesting.
No. 877939 ID: 69d4b9

Thinking on it, the override and reset feature could be used to prime the system to accept a new user without authorization from the previous pilot (since in the default state there would logically be no previous pilot), but it would require either acting very quickly before the asset denial protocol kicks in, or interfering with the ADP directly somehow.
No. 878021 ID: 04cff9

Isn't Hala the pilot we thawed out with mangalo?
No. 878052 ID: ca1cab
File 152330984862.png - (414.52KB , 1280x1024 , 21.png )

[User profile search: Hala Rokof]

Hala Rokof: Age 82

Current pilot of Gen 3 Guardian class Mech I Blame Society.
Current campaign: Makag-Jumps-Infinte Civil War
Co-pilot: Messik Makag(spouse)

:sergei:Aaaaaand a bunch of other stuff I don't care about.
No. 878061 ID: 33cbe7

Look up more info on the current campaign. The spouse's name might be part of the passcodes.
No. 878070 ID: af2be6

HA! They did!
Next orb - the one with blood?
No. 878093 ID: 600f38

What's the "Last update" date on that profile?
[Query Current date}
No. 878356 ID: ca1cab
File 152348955584.png - (150.54KB , 1280x1024 , 22.png )

Orb it is!


"Commander! Commander Mavri, legs are out, that last shot took out a fuel line somewhere."

"I see the source. Varlan!"

"Yes sir?"

"There's a leak in your sector, plug it up fast, we're wide open here. One mech's dead, but there's another lurking out there and I don't want to"
No. 878357 ID: ca1cab
File 152348960667.gif - (303.85KB , 1280x1024 , 23.gif )


No. 878408 ID: b53bd0

hrmmm, let's go with the leftmost one.
No. 878904 ID: ca1cab
File 152382400917.png - (104.43KB , 1280x1024 , 24.png )


"Captain. Encrypted comms incoming."

"Him again."

"Should I reject?"

"No. Transfer to me. I'll recieve."

No. 878906 ID: ca1cab
File 152382416197.png - (182.34KB , 1280x1024 , 25.png )

"Hello? Captain?" Helloooo. Better pick up, you're gonna wanna see this."

"I see you Bona. I'm still not giving you access to my mech."

No. 878908 ID: ca1cab
File 152382481335.png - (236.22KB , 1280x1024 , 26.png )

"No, I know that. And I know you were sending your lackeys to harass my boys in the neck ports. But I got new friends of my own. And see who they bought back."


"Hal, don't give them anything! Don-"

"This isn't your story little girl, this is between the adults."

"Hey Bona, this is getting kinda extreme ain't it?"

"I pay you to fight not talk."

"Yeah about that...you promised to give me what I want after I got you the girl. Soooo you gonna give it to me now or later on orrrrr"

"...let her go Bona."

"Not gonna happen captain."

"I mean it Bona. Let her go, and the mech is yours."

"No Hal! He'll kill everyone with it!"

"You don't understand cap, I don't want the mech anymore. You killed some people real close to me. Real close. So I'mma take something from you."

"This is getting a little extreme here..."
No. 878909 ID: ca1cab
File 152382501691.png - (182.47KB , 1280x1024 , 27.png )



"Woah woah! Holy shit this was not part of the deal Bon! You said interrogate! The fuck does interrogate mean on this planet?!"

"Shut. up. Be seeing you...'Hal'."

"In hell. Cut transmission."

"Yes captain. I...I'm sorry, I was listening in and I-"


No. 878910 ID: ca1cab
File 152382520863.png - (121.99KB , 1280x1024 , 28.png )

"That son of a bitch wants my mech so bad, he can have it, after I drop the core's shielding."


"The rad-burst will kill everything organic in the mech. I want you and the rest of the crew out. Emergency evac. Got it?"

"Captain we can't just-"

"That's a direct order! Evac now! Cut transmission. Console, access system manual control."

Manual Access Code required.
No. 878911 ID: ca1cab
File 152382540531.gif - (248.88KB , 1280x1024 , 29.gif )

"Kiss. My. Ass. Messik."

Override accepted. Manual access to Pilot Port 0010081

Warning. Switching off Core shielding will subject device to radiation burst. Radiation levels unsafe for organic life? Continue?

Switching off Core shielding...

No. 878913 ID: ca1cab
File 152382619849.gif - (453.20KB , 1280x1024 , 30.gif )

"Hrngh...see you soon Mess."

"Get the captain to pod 6. Pod 6!"

"...fuck sake Loram. Told you. Evac..."

"You say something cap?"


...ans concluded. Sustained damage exceed expectations. Beginning emergency integration."

"No! The shock could kill us all if the pilot rejects the mech!"

"In middle of conflict. Lack of pilot ensures survival inconclusive."


:vivian:"Well. Did you find anything?"

"Sergei? Are you alright? Tears are coming out of your eyes. Is something wrong? Do I need to disconnect?"

:sergei:"...no. I'm fine. These memories are pretty intense. I don't just see what they saw. I'm also feeling what they felt...I think I have the manual override code."

:vivian:"Oh. Okay. Um. Good. That still leaves the 'authorization code', the 'registration command', the 'secondary command confirmation'. Serg you need a break?"

:sergei:"No. I'm almost done."
No. 878932 ID: 094652

According to what we've seen, that was just before she was put into cryo. And then she woke up in Venian's time, panicked at the mixed-culture squad that could not exist in her former empire, and set off the self-destruct. And we would REALLY like to know how to override pilot access. Like say, Emperor-Authorization codes.

Pick the middle.
No. 878999 ID: 600f38

Sure, middle one. We need to see them all, so lets just plow through it.

... Although, I wonder...
[Switch to Messik prior to that transmission. Force him to fatally shoot himself instead of his hostage]
No. 879292 ID: 5b93d3

Uh, Messik WAS the hostage.
No. 879295 ID: 600f38

Whoops! You're right! Lets fix that:
[Switch to BONA prior to that transmission. Force him to fatally shoot himself instead of his hostage]

I want to know how things change when we save the original pilots. Could we get Hala Rokof AND Messik Makag shoved into pods for us to revive?
No. 879375 ID: ca1cab
File 152408454044.png - (77.48KB , 1280x1024 , 31.png )

:sergei:"Huh. I just felt something."


:sergei:"Something weird. Like a voice in the back of my head telling-no commanding something to happen."

:vivian:"What to happen?"

:sergei:"The memory. It wants the outcome to change"

:vivian:"But it's a memory. You can't really change what happens in a memory."

:sergei:"I guess not. Alright selecting another."


"This is the last time we go to Ancho's Fish House Messik. The last time."

"Oh come on it wasn't that bad."

"I have fucking food poisoning."

"Maybe you just can't handle your rotfish."

"Kiss my ass Messik."

"You think you can hold down some meds?"


"Some ganroot tea?"


"What about Tamart soup?"
No. 879376 ID: ca1cab
File 152408472220.gif - (278.26KB , 1280x1024 , 32.gif )




:sergei:"...the hells was that?"

:vivian:"What did"

:sergei:"Nothing. Useful."

:vivian:"Noted. Keep going I'm sure it's almost over."
No. 879377 ID: 094652


No. 879390 ID: 600f38

I suppose we'll have to wait until we next wind up in the past to alter history like that.

Lets do the memory on the left next.
No. 880045 ID: ca1cab
File 152443938538.png - (153.42KB , 1280x1024 , 33.png )


"Varlan...Varlan! Get up! We took a direct hit! Pilot Marvri is not responding! We're dead Mech standing1 Get up there!"

"Ugh...I'm up I'm up! I-oh gods I'm gonna puke."

"Puke later, we need someone to take control of the mech!"

"B-but I only just got my implants. I have no access to pilot control."

"I can guide you Varlan, just get up there, we just took another hit!"
No. 880046 ID: 69d4b9

Payola. This'll give you at least some of what you need to know, if it's not too badly corrupted.
No. 880050 ID: ca1cab
File 152444038276.png - (202.06KB , 1280x1024 , 34.png )

"Oh...oh gods he's dead. Yup. He's still on fire."

"Is the back of his skull on fire?"

"...no. Oh gods it smells horrible."

No. 880052 ID: ca1cab
File 152444104592.png - (115.55KB , 1280x1024 , 35.png )

"Near the back of his head, there's an implant. It will be right on top of his main feed port."

"Is it supposed to look all white and stuff?"

"That's the one. Give it a sharp pull. I mean it, this stuff gets grafted into the scalp, so you really need to rip it out."

"Oh. Ohhhh it came out, and it smells like crotch stick ewww."

"Just place it over your main feed port. You know where that is right?"

No. 880070 ID: ca1cab
File 152444296259.gif - (329.49KB , 1280x1024 , 36.gif )

"Oooh. Okay. I can see the interfaces now."

"Good. You already have all your credentials in the system. You have the implant chip that lets you see the pilot console. Pull up 'authorization code'."

"Authorization Code. Okay...what now?"

"The mech has a code generation device that sends the new code to you. If you have the implant, you can see the console and enter it in. Got it?"

"Uh...yeah. ArTseTseTse23-"



:sergei:"Okay. I think I got the last of what we need."

:vivian:"So how does it work."

:sergei: "First I need this mech to see me as the new pilot. I need to jam the blue thing into the port under the desk to override authorization.

Then, because I got these glowy things in my head now, I can open up the authorization generator. I think that's what it is. Then I enter the code it shows me to prove I'm the new pilot. Don't know why I need that, but that's what it is.

Finally I need the confirmation code when I want to switch to manual control. Then I have access to everything in here."

:vivian:"Wow, you learned that much already? All I've seen you do was shake a lot in that chair."

:sergei:"It's surreal. This thing holds not just the memories, but everything. Whatever was running through the pilot's head at the time, whatever they were feeling, what they wanted to to, what they had to do. I'll be honest. Until the memories stopped, I...I forgot I was Sergei. I really thought I was Avek Movrod, nymphomaniac. I was Varlan Makag, in over his head. I was Soldo Marvri and Hala Rokof. I was-oh fuck."


:sergei:"I was...I was Emperor Venian."


:sergei:"I was Venian. Like before he was Emperor."

:vivian:"So his majesty piloted this thing once...what was he like?"

:sergei:"Angry. Angry with so many things and so many people. I didn't know he could be that angry. The Emperor always seems so calm. To see him so-I don't even think angry is the best word for it. He just wanted everyone, and everything to die. Horribly. He wanted to end everything, destroy everything."

:vivian:"Hey Serg? Are you okay. You want to take a break? You're really trembling now."

:sergei:"Those memories. So much rage. They needed to die. For what they did to my father! Rokof! Those traitors! They-"


:sergei:"I'm! I'm Sergei. I'm Sergei...oh gods this is screwing with my head."
No. 880121 ID: 094652


FOCUS, SERGEI. Finish the activation sequence.

After that, we'll poke around in the past to prevent Venian from going off the deep end. But we need intel.
No. 880214 ID: 4d4ab0

Take a quick break, you can ask what they are even planning to do with this thing if they're not too evasive about it. Also any other plans for today, then do the last one if you are up to it.
No. 880224 ID: f4f341

"So, are you going to be the pilot?
Also, the original pilot was the one in the tube. We NEED to talk to her."

If you hand us over to her then we can smooth things out.
No. 881127 ID: ca1cab
File 152486413085.png - (159.40KB , 1280x1024 , 37.png )

Yes. I need. I need a break. Finish the activation sequence. Finish the activation sequence. I'm Sergei...Finish the activation sequence.

:sergei:"Vivian. There's...there's a canister holding a blue gem in my left pants pocket. Place that in the port you see below the table."

:vivian:"Oh! Alright. I have your...thing. What now?"

:sergei:"Kiss. My. Ass."


:sergei:"Messik. So, are you going to be the pilot?"

:vivian:"I'm afraid that's classified Sergei. I'd like to tell you, but this is a really sensitive matter. Like I told you, I'm already going to be in trouble showing this to you, but I feel the situation warrants it."
No. 881130 ID: ca1cab
File 152486454074.png - (169.06KB , 1280x1024 , 38.png )

Override accepted. Manual access to Pilot Port 0010081

:vivian:"Fuck! What was that?!"

:Sergei:"I..I opened manual access."

:vivian:"Give a girl a warning before you do that! Oh is my nose broken?"

:sergei:"Sorry. Forgot about the shaking. Back on topic. What do you mean classified? You're already in trouble so what's the harm in telling me more?"

:vivian:"Because it's above even me. That decision is up top. Like Head of Services top."

:sergei:"Right, can you at least tell me if you know anything about Hala Rokof? Is she still alive? Will she be piloting this again?"

:vivian:"...that's classified."
No. 881137 ID: 094652

>That's classified-
Bull^&*(. You're the proud new commander / mistress of the pilot of a 100-ft tall gundam that can shoot laser beams when it roars. You're at the top right now, however long that lasts.
No. 881152 ID: 600f38

"Seriously? Classified?
If you didn't want me to know state secrets then you probably should have done this yourself. Honestly, at this point I should probably be answering all your questions with 'That's above your pay grade'.

Do you know how much time I spent time inside Hala Rokof's head? How much of her life I had to live through?
I was asking if she is ok, because that is more polite than finding out for myself."

[Guardian: start scan.]
[Filter: Hala Rokof.]
[Get: location, condition.]
No. 881205 ID: b53bd0

[after completion of previous task begin repair. prioritize systems that would accelerate further repairs.]
No. 881518 ID: ca1cab
File 152502716107.png - (180.99KB , 1280x1024 , 39.png )

:sergei:"...Seriously? Classified? If you didn't want me to know state secrets then you probably should have done this yourself."

:vivian:"Now Sergei."

:sergei: "Honestly, at this point I should probably be answering all your questions with 'That's above your pay grade'."


:sergei: "Do you know how much time I spent time inside Hala Rokof's head? How much of her life I had to live through? I was asking if she is ok, because that is more polite than finding out for myself."

Beginning scan...



:vivian:"Hypothetically. Let's say an agent in Imperial Service may or may not have some knowledge about what you want to know; but the agent is being held by back compact, magic compact no less, to not tell you directly what that is without said compact forcing agent to say 'that's classified'. If however a loophole is found, like bringing you to a top secret location not to divulge secrets but under the excuse of fucking your brains out in private, said agent will NOT be conflicting with the compact to answer any possible questions. If say you were to ask this agent indirect questions like if that agent knows something or not, that agent might be able to at least hint at what that agent may or may not know; and if that agent knows, you could isolate what parts that agent knows if they reply with 'that's classified'."


:vivian:"Oh for the love of..."
No. 881521 ID: 3abd97

She can't tell you, because magic won't let her. She brought you here so you could learn things without her telling you directly.

If you're clever in asking questions, you can figure out what the magic isn't allowing her to talk about. Process of elimination.
No. 881529 ID: 094652

>Vivi is under a "my lips are sealed" compulsion but it doesn't have a killswitch
>Classified: Who will be the next pilot, where is Hala Makag
Use the invasive personal files you found to draw specific questions that a randomized set of people would know about and thus could be overlooked by the supervisors but used to make a loophole around Vivi.

Who else has had sex in this thing? Who else that is NOT a pilot has had unauthorized sex in this thing? (Narrow down the list of people who that girlfriend could be)
What is Ancho's Fish House? (Is that place still standing? Maybe the owner could give more information about legends that ate at their place. Also it sounds delicious.)
Did Hala Makag throw up in her life? (Make sure some of the memories were from Hala and not another pilot)
Do you have an idea of the next person who is going to fap/@#$% in this chair? (In other words, who else is likely to become a pilot or augmented.)
Hypothetically, when is the next time we're bound to see a [Titan Eye-Beam]-colored beam of light, and in what general direction? (When is the next time this @#$%er going to be used and WHERE.)
No. 881546 ID: 600f38

"I see. Clever.
What medical facility is the best for secretly treating VIPs with radiation poisoning?
How many VIPs have been treated for severe radiation poisoning in the past month, and what is the recovery rate?
Has anybody volunteered or been volunteered for invasive implants? What about interacting with mind-altering artifacts?
Are you, in a personal capacity, willing, capable, and/or interested in sitting in this chair yourself?
Should we get a Breeder statue mounted over this chair?"
No. 881552 ID: b53bd0

well, once we finish this we can probably run a magic purge. just null EVERYTHING in a zone and the spell will be negated.
No. 882374 ID: ca1cab
File 152538085449.png - (179.48KB , 1280x1024 , 40.png )

:sergei:"Wait wait I think I get it now. Okay, let's try. Who else has had sex in this thing?"

:vivian:"Besides me, I dunno. Why would I want to know?"

:sergei:"It was worth a try. What is Ancho's Fish House?"

:vivian:"Who's What Now?"

:sergei:"Ancho's Fish House. There has to be one on the mainland."

:vivian:"Sergei where the hells are you going with this?"

:sergei:"Just answer."

:vivian:"Nope. No business in the Imperial Trade Registry by that name."

:sergei:"But Hala got sick at that place. Was there ever an Ancho's Fish House?"

:vivian:"Again, no."

:sergei:"Which means that...no. Was Hala from the...will there be an Ancho's Fish House?"


:sergei:"What do you mean possibly? Does Service have some department of time travel or something?"

:vivian:"...that's classified."

:sergei:"Fucking hells..."

:vivian:"Next question Sergei. Trust me, you want to move on."

:sergei:"Fiiiine. Did Hala Makag throw up in her life?"

:vivian:"Service is meticulous but not that much. We don't document every shit our targets take. Come on Sergei be serious."

:sergei:"Sorry. What medical facility is the best for secretly treating VIPs with radiation poisoning?"

:vivian:"I can't name names but there are three possible locations on the mainland that deal with that."

:sergei:"How many VIPs have been treated for severe radiation poisoning in the past month, and what is the recovery rate?"

:vivian:"422...a leak in a prototype got a lot of people sick. Recovery rate is eh 50%. We're still learning how to treat."

:sergei:"Has anybody volunteered or been volunteered for invasive implants?"


:sergei:"What about interacting with mind-altering artifacts?"

:vivian:"Again, yes."


:vivian:"That's classified. I warned you Serg."

:sergei:"Damn. Are you, in a personal capacity, willing, capable, and/or interested in sitting in this chair yourself?"

:vivian:"Eh I could...maybe."

:sergei:"Hypothetically, when is the next time we're bound to see a big beam of light shooting out, and in what general direction?"

:vivian:"Predictions say soon. They don't agree what direction. Some say north, others south. Some say it will go straight into the city."

:sergei:"And these predictions are coming from..."

:vivian:"You know I can't answer that Sergei don't bother."

:sergei:"Should we get a Breeder statue mounted over this chair?"

:vivian:"Oh ha ha. I'm flattered Serg but I'm not ready to settle down with kids yet."

:sergei:"Worth a try."

:vivian:"What happened in that chair Serg? You're getting gutsier. Not that I don't like it."
No. 882377 ID: 600f38

"How many citizens are currently named Hala Rokof? Messik Makag?
How many of those are currently on a military track? Are there any Hala Rokofs attending academy with at least one Messik Makag?

What happened in this chair? I got snapshots of peoples lives dumped into my brain. Memories, emotions, personalities. If I seem overly concerned with our pilotsickle, it's probably because I remember being her during important formative moments in her life. She's a bit like a sister at this point, and I'm trying to look out for her.
I assume you didn't want to sit in this chair because you have a block against things rooting around in your mind.

So, there's a reason you brought me here. What sort of event are you supposed to be preventing? Further, what sort event are you personally interested in preventing?"

[Scan: Status]
No. 883334 ID: ca1cab
File 152583550566.png - (163.60KB , 1280x1024 , 41.png )

:sergei:"How many citizens are currently named Hala Rokof? Messik Makag?"

:vivian:"Sergei I'm a service agent not a phonebook. I don't know everyone in the Empire."

:sergei:"You sure?"


:sergei:"What happened in this chair?"

:vivian:"Hrrnnn...that's classified."

:sergei:"That's getting annoying... well let me tell you what I'm seeing. I got snapshots of peoples lives dumped into my brain. Memories, emotions, personalities. If I seem overly concerned with miss Hala, it's probably because I remember being her during important formative moments in her life. She's a bit like a sister at this point, and I'm trying to look out for her. I assume you didn't want to sit in this chair because you have a block against things rooting around in your mind."

:vivian:"Actually I was afraid improper set up would have burnt out my brain but we can go with that."

:sergei:"You aren't good at reassuring people you know that? Point is, there has to be a reason you brought me here. Besides to show me this thing and have sex. Sounds like you want to prevent something. What sort event are you personally interested in preventing?"


No. 883335 ID: ca1cab
File 152583570314.png - (185.59KB , 1280x1024 , 42.png )


:vivian:"What? Those are Hegemony ships! How did they get here so fast! What happened to the blockade?!"

:sergei:"That's Hegemony?! What are they doing so far east?"

:vivian:"Clearly it's an invasion, they're sending landing craft! No no no! There was nothing that said this was supposed to happen!"

:sergei:"What does that mean?"

:vivian:"Doesn't matter now! Give me manual access and get downstairs! Rally whatever forces you can get! GO!"
No. 883340 ID: b53bd0

[cancel scan, list current weapon systems]
once it gives you a report target the ships and tell it to use weapons on them.
No. 883341 ID: e3e99e

[Activate anti-missile system]
[Open fire on hostile craft]

If this works, then you can let her know we're not cooperating.
I don't know if this mech is supposed to be a secret, but I am reasonably sure it being a secret doesn't play to *our* advantage. We see no reason to be subtle when we're already behind the curve.
Sergei, you cooperate because it's who you are. You're risk-averse, and letting somebody else give the orders makes things easier on you. Vivian knows that.
We, however, are not risk-averse. Our nature is that, no matter where we are or what we're doing, we are a player in the game.
Her bosses can either give us more information and work with us, or accept that we can and will ruin plans with unpredictable behavior.
No. 883362 ID: e3e99e

She's a skilled pilot.
No. 883399 ID: 094652

Fire a wide beam across their bows so the ships sink. Don't destroy any of the ships, this invasion might be ignorant of their cultist masters and you don't want to commit mass slaughter if they're actually allied.
No. 883655 ID: f41f19

Ask if she knows how to handle the manual controls as the last thing you want is for her to get stuck in some undecypherabe menue system or something once you leave.

If it will be a problem see if you can set it up so that the manual control is easy for an untrained person to operate. "live weapon training mode"?
No. 884142 ID: ca1cab
File 152624717628.png - (61.87KB , 1280x1024 , 43.png )

Anti-missile defense system: OFFLINE
Laser Defense point system: OFFLINE
Plasma Anti-armor system: OFFLINE
Anti-Infantry turret system: OFFLINE
HEAT Claw Close Quarters: OFFLINE

:sergei:"Do you know how to handle the manual controls? Last thing I want is for you to get stuck i that nightmare maze of boxes and squares."

:vivian:"I'll be fine Sergei, now go!"


:sergei:"Right going! Goi-oh no not now..."
OhHhHh SeRgEi...

:vivian:"Dammit Serg...Alicia get up here..."
No. 884143 ID: ca1cab
File 152624728995.png - (403.08KB , 1280x1024 , 44.png )

Im HeRe SeRgEi...LiKe I pRoMiSeD yOu LiTtLe ShIt. ThAT iS wHaT fAtHeR cAlLs YoU yEs..?
No. 884144 ID: ca1cab
File 152624740954.png - (495.04KB , 1280x1024 , 45.png )

Im CoMiNg To BrInG yOu HoMe LiTtLe ShIt...
YoU cAn EvEn BrInG mOtHeR...It WiLl Be SuCh A nIcE FaMiLy ReUnIoN...

No. 884147 ID: ca1cab
File 152624753222.png - (184.89KB , 1280x1024 , 46.png )

"I swear if you're actually dead and I've been hauling a corpse this whole damn time...how can something so tiny be so fucking heavy?!"
No. 884160 ID: e3e99e

Sitrep, please?"
No. 884202 ID: b53bd0

psychic attack, dammit
let's try [deflect incoming mind altering energies other then from robot]
No. 884884 ID: ca1cab
File 152666996117.png - (512.24KB , 1280x1024 , 47.png )

:sergei:"GWAGH~! The hells was that for?"

"The fuck happened to you?!"


"Everything is going to hell. Those boats knocked out most of the shore defenses and their marines have already taken the docks. What happened to you up there?"
No. 884902 ID: 094652

"Viv put me in a war machine and it stuck needles and hardware in my head. I'm still reeling from the brain damage, but the new augmentations will compensate in the long run."
No. 885023 ID: e3e99e

"Viv strapped me into a war machine from outside of time that decided to copulate with my brain.
My mind was kinda fucked."
No. 885271 ID: a9f3e9

Don't forget to mention that the manual overide is working now.

We should probably work on joining back up with our forces, you're pretty isolated right now and it would be pretty worrysome to them that you are missing.
No. 885348 ID: ca1cab
File 152686246110.gif - (72.95KB , 1280x1024 , 48.gif )

:sergei:"Viv put me in a war machine and it stuck needles and hardware in my head."

"I can see that stupid! I mean what the hell was up with you? Whole time I was carrying you, you kept saying 'coming back' or some shit like that! Were you planning this?!"
No. 885357 ID: 094652

"Nope. Wow, look at Vivi go."
No. 885368 ID: e3e99e

"I appreciate the compliment, but no.

Viv's mission in life seems to be making it so I never have any idea what's going on.
She's quite good at it."
No. 886268 ID: ca1cab
File 152737425362.png - (333.40KB , 1280x1024 , 49.png )

:sergei:"Nope. Viv's mission in life seems to be making it so I never understand what's going on. She's real good at it. Wow, look at her go."

"Focus idiot! What did you mean by coming back?!"

:sergei:"I don't know what you're talking about. All I know is whatever Viv did to me up there messed with my head. I see all kinds of crazy stuff. Who're they?"

"They're basically all the militia that could get mustered for this."

:sergei:"Just 4 people? Seriously?"
No. 886283 ID: ca1cab
File 152737486277.png - (419.28KB , 1280x1024 , 50.png )

"Initiate Ko sir. Y-no sir. Rest of our unit is down there Governor s-sir. Holding 2nd street, but it's all hells out there sir. Line's are folding up all along the coast line. We can't communicate with 8th Rifles up in Jyakopo and the 12th Indentured in Iikogaha plaza is getting flattened by their artillery."

:sergei:"Well who's your commander? Why aren't they commanding a counterattack?!"

"Uh..well sir, regimental command was in ground zero of the first shot. So until we figure out who is alive, I think that makes you commander?"


"None of us are past Initiate First Class sir Governor. All new recruits sir. None of us qualify for command yet."

:sergei:"This system is stupid, I'm not an officer!"

"Yes you were Sergei remember?"

:sergei:"A peace officer! And I never even made Sergeant 1st!"

"More experience than any of these greenshirts. Get out there and start leading!"

Now would be a good time to devise how to secure the street.

No. 886404 ID: 094652

They have a serious advantage, but they also seem too focused on the battle and not their flanks.

Lay down grenades at your feet, and hunker down and retreat. detonate them when they advance, then charge in and lay waste to the ones on the road.


Get a cloaker behind enemy lines to throw grenades (detonators if we have them) and disrupt their formation.

If we have any RPGs, fire them directly at the house in the center.
No. 886422 ID: b53bd0

okay someone hand us a grenade, is a little trick we did with veni before.

[supercharge grenade]

now throw it!
No. 886600 ID: 7dde25

"Whoever trained those soldiers is an idiot.
They have buildings nearby, and I don't see any heavy weapons in the enemy's ranks.
Have them take cover in the buildings, lights out. It makes you harder to spot, gives you a height advantage, and makes it harder to track your troops movements. Nobody wants to cross open terrain when they don't know where they'll be shot at from.
Shoot and scoot, don't stand in one spot bobbing up and down like a turd in a wave. If they know where your head is going to show up they can line up a shot before they even see you.
Once they're not positioned like soldiers in a bad play, send some of them off to flank the enemy line - they're stretched thin, so we can can have our forces hit them from behind or swarm them single file."
No. 887059 ID: ca1cab
File 152779770315.png - (360.90KB , 1280x1024 , 51.png )

:sergei:"Gimmie a grenade. I-WHOA! Hot potato! Hot hot hot! Fire in the hole take cover!"
No. 887060 ID: ca1cab
File 152779773889.png - (300.74KB , 1280x1024 , 52.png )

No. 887061 ID: ca1cab
File 152779793279.png - (620.96KB , 1280x1024 , 53.png )


"Shots fired! Shots fired! They're still on the sea wall!"

:sergei:"Use the smoke for cover! Get over the wall and flank!"

"Flank where?! There's no wall left!"
No. 887138 ID: e3e99e

"Urban combat! Use buildings for cover, spread out along the street. When they regroup, encircle them from the edges to flank."
No. 887168 ID: 094652

Get some marksmen on the rooftops. Have them pick off shock troops until the next assault wave arrives, then reveal the defenders in the buildings.
No. 887450 ID: ca1cab
File 152806031527.png - (204.44KB , 1280x1024 , 54.png )

:sergei:"Urban combat! Use buildings for cover, spread out along the street. When they regroup, encircle them from the edges to flank."

"Got it boss, Orliah! Kugrov! On the roofs! Opo! Shugo! Flank! Just like in basic!"

"Hot-pa! Contact right! Contacts dead, door's reinforced. Beach house secure; and we see reinforcements coming from the beach line sirs!"

"Confirmed. Havrel, take Juil and Ilt 'round the right of the house and clear out the sea wall."


"Havrel? Havrel! The hells are you?! Havrel!"

:sergei:"What's going on?"

"Havrel isn't reporting back! Sea wall all the way up the street's unknown, and this damn dust just won't settle!"

:sergei:"Got anyone else?"

"Han Kokopo, the grikvo squad, and the snipers up on the hill. I don't know who to send. For all I know half the hegemony is coming up that side, and we still have no contact with the other divisions."
No. 888135 ID: ca1cab
File 152840685050.png - (234.77KB , 1280x1024 , 56.png )

:sergei:"Well can't you send someone after them?"

"Not now. You heard Orliah, we have incoming. Snipe, what do they have?"

"Full platoon size coming our way at least. More landing boats are touching down, but most seem to be heading north east up the coast. Two armored columns and at least a full unit of infantry. Wait. Looks like armor is diverting to us. Two transports and a tank."

:sergei:"What can we do about that?"

"You tell me sir, you're in command."
No. 888138 ID: 86eb65

I bet we can charge up bullets to.

Grab a gun and shoot those transports and we will do the rest.
No. 888200 ID: e3e99e

Mmm... That delicious clustering.
Grab a gun and aim for the center of their group.
[Enhance weapon]

(Can we use the gun to paint a target for the mech? I think hitting an infantry formation with a naval laser would cause them to rout.)
No. 888486 ID: ca1cab
File 152866280657.png - (248.23KB , 1280x1024 , 57.png )

:sergei:"You, sniper, hand me that gun, I wanna see."

"Uh, alright governor sir."

Uh...I guess I-or you- could get the robot head thing can fire it's gun thingy-whoa! Is the thing you do to guns and bombs supposed to make me feel like I've run across the whole island?

"Are you okay sir?"

:sergei:"Y-yes. I'm just winded is all."
No. 888487 ID: ca1cab
File 152866283127.png - (83.20KB , 1280x1024 , 58.png )

Alright so I take the gun, and I fire it. What now?
No. 888504 ID: 86eb65

One of two things.

We explode that bullet crazy style.

Or we use your shot to track the robots laser blast. Probably try this one first cause you are going to pass out if we use that much of your mana for the bullet.
No. 888658 ID: 094652

Let's see..

[Sonic Hack]

Outside explosion won't do much against a reinforced hull, but if we use sonic screwdriving to overload the engine, boom.
No. 888724 ID: e3e99e

[Attack marked target with laser]
No. 888961 ID: ca1cab
File 152903486590.png - (342.70KB , 1280x1024 , 59.png )

Okay screw it, do all of them.

"Ach-ka's hairy sack what the hells is that?!"
No. 888963 ID: ca1cab
File 152903521987.png - (50.14KB , 1280x1024 , 60.png )

:sergei:"That is our solution. No way they can come through this side now. Now, who else are we trying to meet up?"

"Closest sir are the 8th, and the 12th indentured. Both holding key positions, both taking a pounding. If this side's secure we can meet up with one and hopefully push the shit-shirts back to the coast long enough to meet up with the other. Your call sir."
No. 888981 ID: 094652

Send the bulk of your forces to the 8th, you go with a small squad to the 12th. See if we can keep this magic hazing up (though with smaller effects to conserve energy).
No. 889173 ID: ca1cab
File 152921906796.png - (174.90KB , 1280x1024 , 61.png )

Well I asked them to take only their best with me while the rest went to reinforce the 12th. And their best is...the sniper and the two furry bastards that look ready to eat their guns. Oh and Alicia. Well worst case, you can do that supercharge thing and I'll probably blow something else up. Gods I hope I don't collapse during all this.

We're cutting through the under-habs to save time. This place is like a network of tunnels so most folk can hide in here while hells lets loose on the surface. Doesn't look like everyone made it judging by the smell of all that...blood.

"G-governor sir!"

:Sergei:"Calm down soldier, I'm here to help reinforce the 12th. Where are they?"

"You're...you're looking at them sir. They hit us hard with heavy armor. Those guns chewed through us like Gorod through mushmeat. Medic Seriah and me are all that's left of the main force. Rest of us are scattered all over above ground, trying to pick off who we can but it ain't much."
No. 889174 ID: ca1cab
File 152921942778.png - (392.36KB , 1280x1024 , 62.png )

"See up there? They wised up to our snipers and are now moving everyone with transports. They got half the damn marines going up the highway ramp, and that's the artery to the whole damn island. At this rate they'll spread to every corner of dry land before the sun's up."

:sergei:"Got any ideas?"

"They all seem to be traveling via that ramp. Rest of the roads are too narrow to move those transports without a lot of work from the grunts to clear the way. Keep them off the ramp should slow them down a lot."

:sergei:"Well thanks Alicia, I can see that, but how do I do that?"

"You're the governor, you figure it out."

Did I say that last part out loud? That was supposed to be a thought. Oh gods I'm losing it...

Heads up I'm traveling on the road the next couple of weeks. I'll try to update consistently but I don't know if my stops will have any decent wifi. Here's hoping.

No. 889220 ID: e3e99e

Shoot the ramp to paint it a target, and we'll have the mech destroy it with a laser.

Yes, I know we're supposed to avoid property damage, but a ramp is a lot easier to replace than a city.
Also, once they realize we don't care about property damage they'll likely either start trying to fight defensively and slow themselves down, or try for a full-press and throw their own forces into disarray.

Alicia can go find out why our intelligence agencies were completely unable to give us forewarning of this attack, and have them track down the local commander.
Since we have heavy weapons on overwatch our best option is a decapitation strike.

Can we get a tactical map? If we knew the terrain we could predict their actions and get ahead of them instead of giving general advice and responding to problems as they occur.
No. 889253 ID: 830fb7

Trap them up there by waiting for them to be all up there then blowing up the supports in front and behind them collapsing the ramp and parts of the bridge. Even if it doesn’t effect the ground troops it’ll get rid of their transports.
No. 889297 ID: c750eb

Try the grenade thing again. Take all the squads' explosives, [supercharge] them, and tie them to the closest support pillar.
No. 889349 ID: 094652

You're going to burn out at this rate. This time, the enemy isn't focused on us, so let's play this smart. Charge up some C4 with smaller doses of energy, and have a team of covert ops stealth their way to the structural weak points. Boom.
No. 889514 ID: 582386
File 152953109069.png - (100.61KB , 1280x1024 , 63.png )

You're all correct. I'll need to take them out all at once, but gods does that supercharge thing take it out of me. I mean when it happens I feel great! Like I can take on the whole planet and win. Then I feels horrible and drained afterwards...

:sergei:"Round up those grenades, don't ask just do it. The I want each of you to plant your belt of grenades at the base of tye pillars like so alright? Once all or most of the transports are on the ramp I'll blow them and it ahould take out their armored support!"

"But governor sir, all our grenades couldn't take out one of those! How can-"

:sergei:"I said don't question it just do it!"


"Grenades planted sir..."

:sergei:"Good...wait for it in 3...2...1..."
No. 889515 ID: 582386
File 152953124235.png - (395.24KB , 1280x1024 , 64.png )

:sergei:" Bring on the laser fire! Yes! That's how you do it!"

"...what the hells? Our charges just can't do that. Governor...what in Di-ma's tits did you just do?"
No. 889527 ID: 094652

And you're out. Any further usage and you might burn out this power. Go to a safe zone, eat some supplements, sleep this off. Your men will vouch for your participation.
No. 889577 ID: e3e99e

"I can't tell you; it's classified.
So classified that I can't tell you because I don't even know myself.

We need to capture or kill any of their surviving armor crews while they're in disarray, and seize their tanks. Even a single working turret is enough for them to entrench if they have time to prepare."

Ok, we need to limit ourselves to marking targets for the mech. That's free.
No. 889934 ID: c95892
File 152987056986.gif - (47.27KB , 1280x1024 , 65.gif )

Yes...rest sounds good. I'll take sleep.

:sergei:"That's classified. Like so classified I don't know how it works."



No. 889935 ID: c95892
File 152987059870.gif - (129.54KB , 1280x1024 , 66.gif )

No. 889936 ID: c95892
File 152987069611.png - (170.85KB , 1280x1024 , 67.png )

"Holy hells that took out the weapon! Take cover!"

No. 889952 ID: 094652

No words
No rhetoric
No. 890004 ID: f3fe9b

Well you can't bail on your troops after making a speech like that. You've got to pull off this counterattack- you're more use down here than up there.
No. 890019 ID: e3e99e

Kome and I are in agreement for once.
Go save Viv.

If she's dead, we'll break the universe over their skulls and eat their souls over a thousand years of torment.
No. 890131 ID: e3e99e

[Save Vivian]
No. 890139 ID: c9ae4c

Don't just run away, leaving them comfused. Probably something like; "Now I have to see if anything can be done with the gunner and the wepon." and anything else important before you leave.
No. 890186 ID: e3e99e

How about "Change of plans. I've got to get overwatch back online before they get brave enough to swarm us."
No. 890720 ID: 174841
File 153048292622.png - (154.28KB , 1280x1024 , 68.png )

I told them to hold their position and keep up the fire before they can land anything else. Alicia's with me

:sergei:"Vivian? Vivian!"

"No one is here little shit. Well besides you and me."

"Who the hells is that?!"

:sergei:"I don't know but kill him!"

"First smart thing I ever heard you say!"
No. 890721 ID: 174841
File 153048315574.png - (248.35KB , 1280x1024 , 69.png )

"Now we can't have this Sergei. Is this your female? Your woman? She's feisty. Big. She can make excellent children yes?"

"Shut up you freak! What have you done to Viv?!"

"This one is so hostile Little Shit. Perhaps I can take her. Father will have so much fun with her. We may even get a new brother."
No. 890722 ID: 174841
File 153048345598.png - (236.31KB , 1280x1024 , 70.png )


"That's better. So feisty. Father likes it when they are feisty."

:sergei:"Let. Her. Go."

"Oh so she is your woman Little Shot."

:sergei:"Cut the crap. Where is Vivian?"

"I don't know who this Vivian is. Is she your woman? You already have one though. Can I have Vivian?"
No. 890752 ID: 094652

Oh I thought that was your head tumor. This is going to suck.

Careful, your little brother's a newer model; stronger combat skills, and now with 50% more sexism!

... Wait a minute. They seem... feminine.

Whatever, order all troops to ALPHA STRIKE! Shame about Alicia, but you won't let this creep have Viv or Ali!
No. 890775 ID: e3e99e

"Vivian is half-Tsang-Nagi. She was up here before the explosion.
I need to know where she is. You are irrelevant. If you can't or won't help me, then stay out of my way."
No. 891699 ID: ca1cab
File 153107897065.png - (290.06KB , 1280x1024 , 71.png )

There's no one here besides me and Alicia...and that thing. Everyone else is busy keeping the HEgemony from retaking the shore.

"Get off me you hrrngh!"

"Stay there woman. I'm speaking to family."

:sergei:"Vivian is half-Tsang-Nagi. She was up here before the explosion."

"What explosion?"

:sergei:"The one that just-nevermind. I need to know where she is. You are irrelevant. If you can't or won't help me, then stay out of my way."

"Stay out of your way? Stay out of your way! Oh ho Sergei! Father didn't say you were funny! Come now. Stop this silliness. Let's go home."
No. 891722 ID: 86eb65

Want us to try and turn him inside out? Cause we can probably do that. You just have to really want it.
No. 891726 ID: 094652

I wonder if those tentacles are a grafted augmentation or the follicles of a greater cephalopod worming its way through a skin-thick shell.

Let's find out!

Also I just remembered there's this declaration of war called "Veni Vidi Vichi" which means "Everything I saw as a tourist in your country is going to be my &!+(#" so my guess is your little sister here is named Vidian or Vichian. If she doesn't say anything about it you're calling her Vidi.
No. 891794 ID: e3e99e

[Tap Mech's power core to send this guy's head and heart ten minutes forward in time, and the rest of his body ten days forward in time]
No. 891797 ID: 094652

That gives me a better idea: fast-forward her heart while slowing her brain so the sheer pressure causes her arteries to explode!

Might not kill her, but it'll show her what she's messing with.
No. 892973 ID: ca1cab
File 153163864102.png - (319.35KB , 1280x1024 , 72.png )

Yes! Do the thing! Now!

No. 892974 ID: ca1cab
File 153163868906.png - (297.27KB , 1280x1024 , 73.png )


No. 892976 ID: ca1cab
File 153163882577.png - (161.57KB , 1280x1024 , 74.png )

:sergei:"Alicia, are you alright?"

"Of course I'm not alright, I got my ass handed to me by your demon doppleganger. Now help get this thing off me!"

:sergei:"Alright, alright, lemme-"

"That was't nice Sergei"

:sergei:"What. The. Fuck."
No. 892978 ID: ca1cab
File 153163893850.png - (161.51KB , 1280x1024 , 75.png )

"I will give it to you Little Shit. That hurt. A lot. But enough goofing off. We're going home. Now."

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Magic ball if you have something else to try, do it now please!

No. 892981 ID: 094652

... Can we do the memeular option? Oh please please PLEASE let us use the Younukes!
No. 893004 ID: e3e99e

Well, this is bad.
That head trauma means he doesn't need his brain to operate. Getting rid of him would be dicey given how drained you are.

So we're going to have to fall back to difficult but known-working strategies. Be advised, things are going to get a little weird. About 2/10 on the weird shit o meter.

[Transport Sergei and Alicia to the mech's cockpit as-of when Sergei was leaving Vivian there]

We know we can transport people through time and space, at least to times and places we have already been. This will let us get our favorite trio out of there alive and regroup. Vivian is more familiar with these cultist abominations and how to fight them normally, and taking care of her rescue from the mech in advance gives us quite a bit of flexibility.
No. 894017 ID: ca1cab
File 153231143134.png - (287.71KB , 1280x1024 , 76.png )

I don't know what the hells you're talking about but it sounds good! DO IT!
No. 894018 ID: ca1cab
File 153231165188.png - (210.69KB , 1280x1024 , 77.png )


Oh gods. I'm gonna be sick.

"The hell just happened? The fuck is going on? Is this some trick!?"

:sergei:"No, just some magic thing...I'll explain later."

I don't think it worked. I-oh fuck-I feel like I was just turned inside out. At least we're out of danger...sort of


No. 894030 ID: 094652

Good News: You are in a Titan with laser eyes.

Bad News: Your sister is an eldritch abomination, she's hellbent on bringing you back to her cult family, this thing is starting to break down, you can't aim it without causing noise, your sister can easily dodge or move out of its line of fire, and there's a thermonuclear LEAK.

Work with what you've got. I'll list current topics, see if we're missing something.

You're in a Titan. You have armor, time to do things. But it's failing. Even if it lasts through a barrage of tentacle claws, the radiation could kill you.

The titan has multiple functions: Laser attacks, broken comms, and of course the memory thing. Maybe there's an answer in the memory core.

Electronics and scrap: If you're desperate for tech, you could perform a lobotomy. But it'd be like melting down the chalice sipped by Venian on his coronation as the emperor just so you could create a semiconductor. Still, it's there, and the makers of this thing weren't shy on adding OSHA-retardant nukes, so there might be some explosive components you can use.

Alicia: She's panicked, but she's still 300 pounds of angry minotaur. She can do any heavy lifting you need.

There's you, with all your fancy police skills and your super mode that causes instant berserker. Alicia might need to huddle in the corner. If you can actually unleash the damn thing.

And finally, there's us. We can manipulate all manner of things, but you're at your limit - if we do anything, the end result should include getting you into the royal hospital. And then there's potential brain damage. Still, we might be your best option at this horrible point.

Alright, any ideas? I think we could use the laser to dig the Titan head out of the cliff it's on, causing it to tumble down and away from scary tentacle girl-you.
No. 894081 ID: e3e99e

Is Viv there? Grab her and RUN.
[Drain reactor's power and use it to kick that eldrich horror into next week. Literally. Failing that, use it to distort the flow of time so the world appears to be going in slow motion for our protagonists.]
No. 894903 ID: ca1cab
File 153291794279.png - (185.79KB , 1280x1024 , 78.png )

I know this thing is super powerful and stuff, but I don't think we can use it to break the laws of reality. If it could, we should have used this to wipe out the Hegemony fleet the moment they popped up on the horizon.

And clearly Vivian is not here! The command seat is empty, there's a radiation leak, and I'm pretty sure something beneath the display is on fire. If that means she's still alive and got out, or was vaporized by one of a dozen things installed in this wreck that I now know about for some reason, I can't say.

Maybe I can pull something off the memory like you said.


Guess not.

"The hells is this?! Where are we?!"

:sergei:"Please shut up."


:sergei:"Oh that doesn't sound good."

"Fucking hells who is that talking?! What's wrong with your eyes?!"

"I know you're still here Sergei. I can smell your heartbeat!"

I have limited functionality, got enough juice to overload the reactor and blow this thing up, the laser weapon thing can fire maybe one more time before the containment array melts...or set off the distress beacon...
No. 894922 ID: 094652

>Overload, fire laser, or send distress beacon
Use the beacon. The overload might destroy the island, the laser is too close and Vidian seems capable of surviving that. The beacon might not do much, but help is what you need right now.

After that, [Teleport To Vivian].
No. 896145 ID: ca1cab
File 153350441921.png - (168.26KB , 1280x1024 , 79.png )

Right! Launching beacon!

"Don't you feel that? That burning in the back of your mind! We have to get out of here!"

:sergei:"Wait Alicia! We need to stay close! That thing that may or may not be my sister still out-wait a minute."

Didn't you tell me you can only take me places you have been to? How do you know if this will work if Vivian is somewhere you haven't been to be-

No. 896146 ID: ca1cab
File 153350450303.gif - (1.41MB , 1280x1024 , 80.gif )

ooooooh no. Oh no! Are those my legs? Why can't I feel them? They shouldn't be going in that angle! I think my stomach is about to go in twenty different directions. And what the hells is that?!
No. 896148 ID: ca1cab
File 153350465999.png - (211.68KB , 1280x1024 , 81.png )

Oh gods! Okay! Now we know not to do that if we don't know for a fact where they...are...where am I?

Game's over Little Shit.

No. 896149 ID: ca1cab
File 153350470777.png - (240.64KB , 1280x1024 , 82.png )

I found you
No. 896161 ID: e3e99e

[Assume direct control over Sergei's sibling]
[Bring Sergei to a hospital]
No. 896266 ID: 094652

No. 896267 ID: 86eb65

He can survive it so can we.

Eat his face.
No. 896276 ID: 33ad79

If ever there was a time for you to go berserk, it's now! Bezerk mode activate!
No. 896940 ID: ca1cab
File 153412765098.gif - (27.25KB , 1280x1024 , 83.gif )

"Blood! My blood! You don't deserve my blood!"
No. 896941 ID: ca1cab
File 153412770605.gif - (129.07KB , 1280x1024 , 84.gif )

No. 896942 ID: ca1cab
File 153412773859.png - (172.28KB , 1280x1024 , 85.png )

No. 896945 ID: ca1cab
File 153412877687.gif - (71.89KB , 1280x1024 , 86.gif )

"HATRED...FADIng...where...what? What happened?"

Seriously what happened? I remember a new hole in my gut, and then black, now...I think I'm blind in my left eye. Can't see a thing.

"Ah guun, ti os revole. Wo commesse i comsuter qo tist comatus fin da extene. Wis pousa vaissment?"

That's not High Rezan I'm hearing. That's not even Low Rezan. Or Rezan Basic, or Dunwen, or any language I heard-what is that?

"Oh corront, Rezan ti boun...transielmene i wasi?"
No. 896955 ID: b84567

You don't remember? You lost your damn shit, started tearing bits of your 'brother' off with your bare hands, then got hit with another wave of green energy stuff.

You've been bandaged, and from here it looks like maybe you lost your ear, not your eye. Bad if you want to look cool, good if you like being able to see good. Also I'd recommend against sitting up quickly if none of that is the case and you actually have brain damage.

Ask if they speak the language, if not, slowly enunciate the names of the people you're looking for.
No. 896968 ID: 094652

Good news is: You kicked Vidian's ass. I don't think you lost an eye just yet, they didn't bandage your eyelid fully.
Bad news: You have a suspiciously smooth bandage around the area where your left ear should be. I think Alicia was still in the titan when it went nuclear.

So uh... would you like to cry about it?
No. 896971 ID: e3e99e

Well, we tried to drag her along with us, so she's prrrooooobably nowhen close to that explosion.

Look around, see if you can recognize any species, architecture, or symbols.

Also, see if you have a common language with your hosts.
No. 897406 ID: 1af76c
File 153445649379.png - (280.06KB , 1280x1024 , 87.png )

Well I know my ear still works. I can hear stuff through it, but everything is all muffled.

"Ti sumere mousoi?"

Alicia...I hope she's alright. Oh gods that was hectic back there.

"Guun. Ti spale Rezanti non?"

Brain damage?! No...it doesn't look like I have any-why am I naked again? I wasn't even injured down there, why do they always take my pants off?

So I recognize anything? Well my working eye is still kinda blurry but I can make out uh...oh hells. Those are Hegemony uniforms

"Wo comone ti sufficie."
No. 897424 ID: 094652

>why am I naked again
Standard hospital protocol. Even if you were germ resistant, which you aren't, the rest of the hospital isn't. Best to burn what can't be cleaned in acid and move on, lest those eldritch diseases from your sister put the hurt on the rest of the patients.

BTW I'm calling them your sister Vidian from now on regardless of actual gender. Call it an insult.

>Hegemony-Controlled Area
Okay... is that bad? I mean, you literally unmasked their leader as a cult fanatic and spammed god-like powers against their armies. They know if they tried anything after you've gotten your spell slots rested, you'd sue them with twenty pounds of legal documents AFTER you got away with butchering half their surviving regiment.
No. 897501 ID: 69d4b9

Sounds like a mish-mash of Romance languages. Let's pick it all apart.

>"Ah guun, ti os revole. Wo commesse i comsuter qo tist comatus fin da extene. Wis pousa vaissment?"

"Ah good, you are back[1]. An assistant[2] will perform a head exam[3] [of] your head before you [can] leave. Be [taking a] short break/short wait together[4]?"

[1]revole is closer in meaning to "rolled over" or "returned" in the sense of a sequence repeating but the context certainly suggests "back" or "returned [to your senses]".

[2]The word literally means assistant, but they probably mean something like nurse or doctor. Not sure.

[3]I'm unsure about comsuter, but context suggests it may be something like "head exam". This is a guess based on the root word of 'coma'.

[4]As in, "all of us here in this group", likely the polite form but I can't tell.

>"Oh corront, Rezan ti boun...transielmene i wasi?"

"Oh ???[5], Rezan you prepared 'lead through/lead across [a threshold]' to do ???[6] ?"

I believe "Ti" is the second person singular pronoun, i.e. "Ti" means "You".

[5]Unsure about the word corront. Could be something like "flow" or "current" but it could be something else entirely too. No confidence in this one yet. We gotta learn more words.

[6]Not sure what wasi means here at all.

>"Ti sumere mousoi?"

"You should take[7] ???[8]?"

[7]I recognize "sumere" from Latin as "you should take" and since the speaker is saying "Ti sumere mousoi?" he's being formal or precise, as in most languages with that kind of conjugation simply saying "Sumere mousoi?" would be sufficient since everyone involved would know who was being addressed anyway.

[8]That leaves the question of what "mousoi" is of course, but contextually it could be something like "attention." As in literally "You should take attention?" or less awkwardly "Are you paying attention?" This is a guess though, and again we need to hear more of this language to learn the words.

>"Guun. Ti spale Rezanti non?"
"Good. You [are a] split[9] Rezanti no?"

[9]Another awkward word. The sentence might be something like "You are a splinter [of] Rezanti aren't you?" or it might be "You are a half-Rezanti aren't you?" Not sure why they'd be asking about that now, except perhaps to try to confirm their suspicions.

>"Wo comone ti sufficie."
"Going to ???[10] you adequate/sufficient."

[10]Another coma-root word I can't figure out. It might be something like "head function" but I'm not sure. If it is, then he's stating "We're going to check that your head is working sufficiently."
No. 897503 ID: 69d4b9

Anyway that's clearly a military officer of some sort, probably a junior officer, and a medical attendant off to your right there. She's probably the "commesse" that'll check you for lucidity.

Try saying something like "Non boun extene." Just means, roughly and with terrible conjugation "Not ready [to] exit."
No. 897528 ID: 0b721d

To me, it sounds more like "ah, you're awake. We were commencing to think you were in coma for the long run"
No. 897550 ID: 4e48e8

Looks like you've been captured. Either the random teleporting did that or you made a mistake running from the frontlines.

Say you don't understand.
No. 897636 ID: e3e99e

Well, we probably don't want them thinking you're a Rezan. You want to adopt an accent and manner that will throw them off that line of thought.
I think we all know how to do that.
"Oi, 'm right bloody knackered ain't I?"
No. 897978 ID: ca1cab
File 153470362292.png - (362.68KB , 1600x1200 , 88.png )

:sergei:"Uh-um-Non boun extene?"



I don't think it worked. "Oi, 'm right bloody knackered? How does speaking with a northern low Rezan dialect help me? What's a 'knackered'?

"Etu tas Rezanti?"

"Non non...Wo commesse to atteyant palar Usparo."

"Ti deto da resonto atrocement."

"Ah...'allo? To-you understand me?"

:sergei:"I guess?"

"Ah! Guun! Wo-we are having myself to be your translator. Did wo say that right?"
No. 897991 ID: 094652

Ask them why they did not execute you in your sleep. Was it because
(A) They wish to trade you for an equally important VIP
(B) They need your help with something very important. Like where their commanding officer went after you ripped off her face
(C) They are scared ^&*(less of the guy who single-handedly sabotaged their entire army with archmagick

Well I hope it's C.
No. 898091 ID: 69d4b9

>I don't think it worked.
Actually it worked perfectly. It established you're coherent and trying to communicate, and that you do not know that language.

Your interpreter seems much better at this than me!

Usparo huh?

Anyway your interpreter's doing fine, mostly. "Yes, you are understandable. I take it "wo" is the plural pronoun? I was guessing, very badly, at what was being said earlier."

Oh c'mon! These are civilized people, they don't murder their prisoners of war, and Sergei's obviously important based just on all the shit he pulled.
No. 899070 ID: ca1cab
File 153525201227.png - (120.37KB , 1280x1024 , 89.png )

:sergei:"Tell me what is going on. You landed a full invasion force. Last thing you should be doing is taking prisoners."

"Oh no. No invitation! We come as ze-qi isa vorla- occupation! Yes. Occupation. Your island is for ze trade of land your empire took and occupy from us."

:sergei:"That doesn't explain why you kept me around. Is it because I was the one who last saw your commanding officer?"

"Qi? Ze Commondar iz right here. He has been speaking wis you zis 'ole time."

:sergei:"Then who was that maniac you sent after me?"

"What are you talking about? Are you fully recovered?"

:sergei:"No! Yes...I don't know. But what I want to know is why you care about me!"

"Well ze prisoners we 'ave captured speak of you as ze governor so we felt it would 'elp if you stayed around to 'elp us keep ze population under control until ze trade wis your empire is complete."

:sergei:"So we're hostages..."

"Zat is such a rough word. Zink of zis as more of ze temporary change in of management"
No. 899116 ID: 86eb65

Yeah that's not a problem. If I can make things easier for my citizens by helping out I will.

(not saying we are not going to get rid of the rest of them later if chance arises)
No. 899121 ID: 69d4b9

If you want to back out of this governor gig, tell them you're a glorified police officer, now's the time. But I think you should honor your commitment to the people here. They're all folks you've lived among and grown up with. They're your neighbors and friends and family.

Because if the occupiers don't have a cooperative governor keeping people from rioting, they'll use martial law to impose order. And these people are your people.
No. 899128 ID: 094652

"... Well, nobody @#$%ing told us. Anything. At all.

I must regretfully admit that this massacre of your army was due to lack of communication, a sabotage by cultists. The cultists want to do horrible things, and we've been fighting them vigorously. None of us realized that they simply killed all the secret messengers from the Emperor himself who would have told us to stand down and let you guys take over.

On the plus side, that occult weaponry is raaad. Did you see the explosions?"
No. 899153 ID: e3e99e

"... Wait, you actually think that will work?
No, just no. I can tell you how this is going to play out.
You hit the empire, they take it as a grave insult. They aren't going to negotiate, they're going to declare war.
They're not going to negotiate a trade, they're going to use this as an excuse to take more land from you.

You want me to keep the populace calm, in spite of knowing full well that their homes are going to be the battlefield for a bloody fight?
And you do know that if I help you it's treason and I'll be executed no matter how this turns out, don't you?

Why didn't you just buy your land back in the first place? It would have been so much cheaper."
No. 900100 ID: ca1cab
File 153591820516.png - (177.41KB , 1280x1024 , 90.png )

:sergei:"... Wait, you actually think that will work? No, just no. I can tell you how this is going to play out.

You hit the empire, they take it as a grave insult. They aren't going to negotiate, they're going to declare war."

"Silly boy, we are at war. We 'ave been at war for ze last forty years."

:sergei:"Wait really? Th-that doesn't change things! They're not going to negotiate a trade, they're going to use this as an excuse to take more land from you."

"We are aware, which is why we took zis island. If zey want to keep zeir supply line to ze front, they will want zis island back."

:sergei:"You are still saying I should keep the populace calm, in spite of the fact you are turning their homes into a bloody battlefield? They won't listen to me because of that!"

"Yes zey will. Everyone we process asks of you. It iz ze first zing zey ask. You are ze island's celebrity, zey will do whatever it takes to keep you 'appy."

:sergei:"Wow seriously?"

How come I don't know this? Was Vivian involved in this?

:sergei:"B-but you do know that if I help you it's treason; and I'll be executed no matter how th"
No. 900101 ID: ca1cab
File 153591824036.png - (184.37KB , 1280x1024 , 91.png )

No. 900102 ID: 094652

No. 900103 ID: ca1cab
File 153591885365.png - (172.47KB , 1280x1024 , 92.png )

"Wo make it clear. We 'ave zought of zis as well. If you do not accept we will replace you with ze double. Wis can do it. It just means more work for us, and you will be dead. You want to live, we want less work. Everybody is 'appy guun?"


"Nunette. Paroutti. Wis dourrons to vole."

"Commondar, wo nuun retare ti. Soson intimidans."
No. 900137 ID: 86eb65

Lets see if physical contact can let us get a look at her.

Go go mystery orb powers!
No. 900280 ID: ff82d2

Accept their proposal. Less work for them, but higher chance that you may get to backstab them at some point.

Also, ask her if she's single.
No. 901130 ID: ca1cab
File 153652838532.png - (179.67KB , 1280x1024 , 93.png )

I can't get any closer dammit! Work!

:sergei:"Okay, okay, I get what you want. I'll agree. Just take your knife away."

"Guun. Zere iz the understanding between us now and it iz guun non?"

Single? What? Do you want me to seduce her? Okay...

:sergei:"Yes it is good, it is very good. Uh...are you single?"

"Oh! Iz zat why your little friend iz up?"

:sergei:"My litte-oh! No, no, that's not why I have a-"

"It iz nozing to be ashamed of. I didn't know zis was such a turn on for you."

:sergei:"IT IS NOT!"

Fuck you guys, now I look like a perv...

No. 901132 ID: ca1cab
File 153652902562.png - (180.08KB , 1280x1024 , 94.png )

:sergei: "Look that isn't why I have this, it's because I need to use the bathroom."

"Of course it iz."

:sergei:"I'm serious! It's something all guys have, I-"

"Oh put your clothez on silly boy."

"Nunette, qi di criese?"

"Rina Commondar, soson taquonn."

"Seis guun. Commesso of him? Will he be enough to keep the people cooperative?"

"I think that is possible Commander. He is a media darling right now. I can see why, I want to protect that cute smile too."

"Focus Nunette. I want you to oversee him for the forseeable future. And...get him presentable. I want him ready to address the masses by this evening. I need to see if we can capture the last holdouts in the mountains."

"Yes Commander."

Hey, why can I understand them? Is it because I'm close to you the glowy ball thing in my pocket?

No. 901137 ID: 86eb65

Durrr you think?

Listen the ball is basically part of your body. We have no idea why but your unique heritage seems to have something to do with us? But our memory is shit lately so can not help you figure out what is going on.

You should just probably swallow us so you don't loose us. Keep pretending you don't know there language.

We need to see if we can get word to the mountain holdout troops.
No. 901138 ID: 094652

Yay, our auto-translation AI finally kicked in! This happens to other clients sometimes, now you can listen in on Hegemony speak. I think it should also work for other languages; listen and let the AI learn how to translate a different language into Alltongue. Just don't speak in multiple languages while it's learning - ever heard of frenglish? Me neither, but it's apparently what the AI thinks they should translate nagaese into.
No. 901155 ID: 69d4b9

You may complain that they think you're a pervert now, but think back on how much information Guildmaster Jenwin was able to get out of you the other day, just by pretending to be flustered and playing up the innuendo.

You're now positioned to be able to ask really pointed, even aggravating, questions and have them think you're just looking to goad them into threatening you so you can get off. If they're caught off guard and let things slip, they will not feel like they made a major mistake because they will believe you have false motives. Base motives to be sure, but that just makes it easier for them to believe the lie now.

Do not let on you understand them. When you need to speak make a conscious effort to use your native tongue.
No. 901161 ID: 4f1cbc

>Fuck you guys, now I look like a perv...
If they underestimate you now, you might be able to exploit that later. Let them think you're distracted by being a perv.

>Hey, why can I understand them? Is it because I'm close to you the glowy ball thing in my pocket?
Just remember not to react to the stuff they don't think you can understand. It's to your advantage if they talk freely in front of you.
No. 901185 ID: ff82d2

Hey! She never answered your question...

But this is fine. This works in our favor. They will definitely try to use this to their advantage, either to try to manipulate you or.. for certain other purposes. But because you know this, you should be able to make things go your way.
No. 901879 ID: ca1cab
File 153706070163.png - (202.56KB , 1280x1024 , 95.png )

Yeah, like I can swallow something as big as you-don't say it, I got it the moment I finished...

"Stay close to him Nunette, no investigating our missing soldiers."

"But sir, they were slated to land in the spot near the Governor's palace, but they've been missing since the landing. If I could-"

"No Nunette, your job is now to keep the governor alive. For now at least. Get up close to him, make him think you're his friend. You're part Rezan, use that. Sleep with him if you have to I don't care, just make sure he's happy. And when the time comes, Protocol 27-88."

"I...yes commander."

Uh. Is Protocol 27-88 some military jargon, or is that some secret Hegemony plan?

No. 901881 ID: 094652

>Protocol 27-88
Well, standard media tells us that military tends to hide their "kill kill kill war crime rape conspiracy cult ritual" orders behind protocol numbers. I mean, if you ever hear the words "Order 66", hide your mages. All of them.

So I guess the goal here is to convince Nunette to switch sides from "Loyal Hegemony Spy" to "Hegemony Defender Against Cultists"; you don't have to make her betray her country, just make her realize that the cult is more of a threat at the moment.

So, missing soldiers. Show some initiative for that before they get reconstructed into suicide bombers. Nunette might like it if you do things that her commanding officer forbids her from.
No. 901882 ID: afdebc

If I had to guess, it means "kill you when you outlive your usefulness".

Again, just remember you probably weren't supposed to be able to understand that exchange.
No. 901891 ID: e176c9

Do you feel clever often?

You know her plan to get you on her side; instead, flip the script and do it to her. She seems eager to look for soldiers MIA, if you lead & offer insight (That you gained from those teleport shenanigans) and she follows & listens, you'll get some latitude to do stuff and have her keep silent about it to her bosses.

Also you really should find Viv and your bovine battle-buddy.

Also also, don't look like a collaborator to any guerilla/resistance movements and avoid your 'brother'.
No. 901917 ID: 69d4b9

I've heard enough. Hand us over to the commander and then stand there like an idiot. Act like you're vacant in the head. We'll try to overwrite the commander's mind ourselves, make him an actual vegetable that's just taking orders from us. It's distasteful but I like you better than I like him.

If we fail, and it's rare but possible with some strong-willed individuals, he'll believe we did the same thing to you as long as you act like you're vacant in the head after you hand us over. If we succeed we'll have the commander's body countermand his recent set of orders and have you stick close to him from here on out. Then you can act like you're yourself again.

This won't be enough to stop anything by itself, but it'll buy us a lot more room to play with and ability to undermine things directly.
No. 901927 ID: c29333

>Missing soldiers
Officially we don't know about that, so no broaching the subject for now.
No. 902933 ID: ca1cab
File 153773785533.png - (176.42KB , 1280x1024 , 96.png )

But your crazy mind altering powers don't seem to work a lot. Or do they? I dunno. Do you think they'll work now?

:otherN: :otherO:

:sergei:"Did you say something?"


:sergei:"I thought you said 'no' to something."

"I said nozing to you silly. But you really have non ze time to dally. We must prepare you for ze speech you will give yes? Need to show your adoring crowd you still live~"

Huh...what was that then?

No. 902951 ID: bf650b

I think that was the voice of the powers that be saying you need to use your Au-naturale charms to woo her to your side.
No. 902952 ID: 094652

... I think your subconscious is suffering from PSI Energy drain. Normally we're deaf, but we can tell from the shaking that was @#$%ing loud.

Play the gentleman, but remember that she's an agent. I'm 95% certain she's keeping her empathy in check, so any attempt to make friends could result in a VERY false positive. Still, if you can impress her indirectly, that should make an impression.
No. 904254 ID: ca1cab
File 153834417219.png - (144.11KB , 1280x1024 , 97.png )

But...I don't got any charms. Only real time I got lucky was with Vivian, and I think she did most of the advancing. I just got drunk once and said some stupid stuff.

"Mousoi...Sergei was it? Are you feeling well? Do I need to summon ze medic again?

:sergei:"No! No, I'm fine it's that I-uh. Hey are you Rezan?"


"One quarter on my fazher's side. My 'eritage, it bozhers you?"

"I was just curious, I-I mean you don't - I mean we -as in people in general- don't see a lot of Rezans in Heggie uniform."

"Ah. Well I suppose I am ze exception to zat rule."

"Yeah. So miss officer-"

"Call me Nunette."

"I ah..."

Come on help me out here, I'm drawing a blank!

No. 904269 ID: bf650b

You're hopeless Sergei Brown, completely hopeless!

You handled yourself much better in combat situations, maybe if you remember she's an enemy that's already threatened you with a knife and not a pretty girl you'll rise to the occasion again?

Ask what happens after the speech. Whatever she says, push to make a public appearance aiding recovery efforts- You know what she wants, make her think your alleged political power and knowledge of the island befitting the governor will help her get it if she would just let you. Besides you should really find Alicia.

Stall as much as you can before you're introduced to the speech, without raising suspicion; the less time you have with it the more excuse you have to go off script. If you catch hell for it anyway claim the written Rezan was so poorly written you couldn't have read off it aloud, but don't worry about that, only your target audience speaks the language.

Oh I just remembered, I think it's possible to knock splinters off of our spherical self, and if you implant them in somebody else it'll allow us to communicate with them like we do to you. Do that and we'll be able to coordinate a resistance network, or whatever outside help it is you need, without any evidence that will be traced back to you.
No. 904289 ID: 094652

She's military. And she underestimates you. Discuss the fine points of her army and their current strategy. Expect a bulldozer of bull^&*(, but read her emotions and see where she forgot to sift out the truth.

And remember: she showed no indication of acknowledging her actual leader, your twisted sister made of tentacles and swearing. You need to find the moles and rubes the cult uses to control this army. The Hegemony shows little respect for a leader of the Rezan people; I bet they'll @#$%ing crucify any cultists you root out of their ranks.
No. 905117 ID: 93f082

Thank her for making this transition much more manageable and praise her for her hard work. Tell her that you're sorry you two couldn't meet under better circumstances and that, even tho it's unbecoming for someone as cute as her, you understand she was mandated to intimidate you back there. She's a soldier of her country/empire and that you respect that.

Tell her a little bit about yourself (don't mention anything crucial), how you used to work in law-enforcement before you became a governor and just wanted to live quietly, but how things got out of control and you inadvertently became the governor. Basically, various simple stuff about the hardships of your life that she could sympathize with.

To get closer to her, I'd want to tell her is that you'll protect her, but that would sound too fake haha. It would be better if we could demonstrate it through actions, for instance, by creating a dangerous situation and then jumping in front of her or something. Hmm. Perhaps when we're about to enter a room, [Overload] a random object and have it explode, and afterward claim that it was a bomb and act like a hero hehehe...
No. 905603 ID: ca1cab
File 153894730660.png - (276.52KB , 1280x1024 , 98.png )

Oh so you can split yourself to communicate with others huh? That would have been nice to know a couple days ago, but I won't hold a grudge about that just losingAliciaandgettingstabbedand-nope. No grudge

:sergei:"So what happens after this speech?"

"After zat? We continue calming ze populace. You travel ze island, make your speeches at all ze major citiez. 'Old out you arm. Proper gentleman for a lady. Guun."

:sergei:"Ah-hah...s-so what's your plan for this city?"

"Rebuild of course. Our soldiers need a place to rest while we wait. So we will 'elp with zny construction efforts to ensure ze island can accomodate us and your people. Of course we have many, many soldiers. It will be a momentous effort. You can imagine zat will up ze price when negotiations start."

:sergei:"And I'll be busy for most of that?"

"We 'ave a full schedule planned for you."

:sergei:"Still the speech isn't right away though right?"


:sergei:"That leaves a lot of time open for other things."

"...such as?"

:sergei:"Well I am a governor, that means I should still have a lot of pull right? There must no doubt still be people missing. Maybe we could take this time to go looking for them? I mean, what does the hegemony have working on that?"

"Two full battalions are dedicated to recovery efforts around ze landings."

:sergei:"Yes but that's recovery of the city, how much do you think is being put to looking for the people? I want to help as much as you do. I have...ways."

No. 905604 ID: ca1cab
File 153894731930.png - (276.86KB , 1280x1024 , 99.png )

"Go on."
No. 905673 ID: e3e99e

"Well, since I'm sure 'It's extremely classified to avoid a panic' means nothing to you...
I'm the product of a cult's mostly-failed breeding program that attempt to birth a vessel for eldritch horrors to inhabit so they could enter and consume this world.
The program succeeded in that it proved that the elder gods exist and that reality does indeed crumble from their presence.
The program failed because the cult met with enough success to rend the fabric of reality and let lesser horrors lose on the world, with the ones directly involved not surviving their efforts.
As far as what resources I have, I can tell you that the details would do you no good. Suffice it to say that I have... family who may be amused enough to help.

I ask that you keep this from the populace. Knowing that our antmound of a planet could be crushed at any time by the errant movement of a being who would never even notice it, and knowing that we are utterly powerless to do anything about it? It's better that people not know; it's cruelty to have them worry about things that cannot be changed."
No. 905684 ID: 094652

Yeah, too much Cassandra, not enough Caesar. If you act crazy now, they'll consider you a volatile asset and just use the double instead.

Start out by asking about her commanding officer, the one you described earlier as your little sister. She basically acted like she was in charge, what with her standing RIGHT BEHIND NUNETTE and streaming their assault charge to your phone, just to rub it into your face.

Continue onward by explaining that the main reason you were so fervent in resisting was because you assumed They were leading the Hegemony forces into action. For clarification, 'They' refers to an organization burrowed within the Rezan Empire and Hegemony and all the other superpowers, who seek to topple the empires and take over the world, blah blah blah yadda yadda standard evil plot crap. Though honestly, you don't actually know how powerful they really are or what their true goals are. They are using these bat^&*( insane cultists to do their dirty; they won't stop yapping about their employers but it's all in mad scripture. After you were done with the cultists, up comes this giant army of Hegemony soldiers, and one of them wears standard Hegemony Colonel fatigues and goes straight for you. And has your face but girlier. You overreacted.

And here, instead of suggesting you're the chosen one and the cult needs your body to house a god, which sounds made up, just say that you know how all those messed up explosions managed to sneak their way into key positions in the army, and They want the associated intel. Bad. Real bad. They have spies in their army, and they won't stop until they get the only thing worth a damn to them on this island. And you're here because you'll protect the people They plan on stomping on.

Speaking of which, [Are you a spy for Them?]
No. 905701 ID: c1212a

We can't split ourselves, someone needs to do it for us without cracking us in two. Preferably. And by 'preferably' I mean 'you better fucking not, sunshine'.

Tell her you may be new to the office but you still have some political pull. Besides, you know this town, right? Maybe you can seek out some of the more unknown places and maybe find your bodyguard Alicia or Viv?

Also, you may want to ask what happened while you were out. Were there spatial disturbances at the top of the mountain? Also, did they send a supersoldier after you? Because if the thing that calls you brother isn't with them, they're going to have to worry about that going forward.
No. 905790 ID: 48da14

As >>905684 said, that's saying too much.
Simply mention the guardian had a way to seek people, so if there's still enough left of it (dubious), it could be useful.
No. 905860 ID: 93f082

Something tells me that she's just trying to milk you for information. And she seems to be doing a good job. First we need some sort of guarantee from her that anyone found will be safe from harm. Ask her if you can see how the people are being "accommodated". Explain that your ability to help depends on this.
No. 906913 ID: ca1cab
File 153956190972.png - (175.57KB , 1280x1024 , 100.png )

>>[Are you a spy for Them?]
"I have no idea what you are talking about."
No. 906914 ID: ca1cab
File 153956201567.png - (164.33KB , 1280x1024 , 101.png )

:sergei:"I didn't say anything yet?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

:sergei:"Ah...anyway, I have some political pull. I know I'm not much right now, but I'm still governor. I have access to a lot of the island's resources, including something that might help us find the missing soldiers."

"Well zat is all well for me. What is it exactly you want?"

:sergei:"I don't know if you know, but there is someone else. Some group I think. They've been destabilizing this island, and I'm certain they have agents in your own forces."

"Zat is silly. Every member on zis operation was thoroughly screened."

:sergei:"I met one last night that tried to kill me-"

"More likely one of yours stealing an officer's uniform. I do not believe we could have what sounds like an internal Rezan power struggle. You 'ave zat all ze time non?"

:sergei:"Hey! Well, yeah we have internal disputes that turn violent, but this isn't one of them!"

"Sounds like it zough. Trying to kill you, ze governnor, and disguised as one of our soldiers to hide ze trail."

:sergei:"Y-yours? But you're Rezan! You are one of us!"

"I was born and raised in Giseuroux. Far from ze empire, I am not."

:sergei:"But you are one. How do you not be a...how? Look, that's not all I want. I also want to see how my people are being treated before I do my speech. My ability to help depends on this."

"Zat would be difficult, but at least doable. I might be able to pull a favor or two. Not like your silly Rezan politicz. I cannot 'elp wiz zat."

:sergei:"It's not-"

Of course she doesn't believe me. The universe loves to make things hard for me. I got no proof, no evidence. But if she refuses to believe this cult exists, then I'll have even less help in rooting them out! Hells I still don't get how she doesn't see this for what it is. She's fucking Rezan! How does she-I-how does?!

No. 906924 ID: c1212a

>"I have no idea what you are talking about."
Neato. [What is Protocol 27-88?]
You don't need her to consciously ascent to help you, you only need to get her to do what you need to meet your own ends- for any reason that'll make her take action. I'm not sure what has you confused man, she's an enemy occupier, fuzzy ears or no. It's not like she's some collaborator with nationalist sentiments you can tug on, she said she was born and raised elsewhere.

Tell her it's her job to help with it, lest you end up dead. Won't be your problem then.

Wanna do the stupid risky thing and hand her the orb? We can be very convincing, if you know how I mean.
No. 906946 ID: 094652

I love having Sudo commands on tap. That said, we should limit our usage or someone will notice.

A nation's citizens choose to stay its citizens. Those that believe they have no such choice are its slaves.

>Give her the orb
Risky, but plausible. It would mean giving her a line on our communications channel, though. Are you SURE you can form an alliance with the Hegemony?

>What do
Find Vivi. She's the only one you can trust with enough political experience to fix this mess for you.
No. 906985 ID: 177a0f

>Hells I still don't get how she doesn't see this for what it is. She's fucking Rezan! How does she-I-how does?!
Milk over blood, my friend. Milk over blood.
No. 906991 ID: e3e99e

"First, allow me to clarify: Rezan is both a nationality and a race. You have racially Rezan ancestors. Unless I'm mistaken, that also confers a right to Rezan citizenship by blood.

I am telling you this because that fact could make this all a lot easier or a lot harder depending on how public you, personally, are in this whole debacle, and what you decide to do.

Second, taking this island over doesn't mean the "Rezan politics" go away. It means you have made these problems your problems. Last week, an assassin dressed up in a hegemony uniform would have been a Rezan problem.
Do you know how many people were witnesses to the attack? I don't.
Do you know what the public will do if there's a rumor of Hegemony assassins? Panic, fear, and possible riots.
Couple that with the disappearances that have been going on lately, and the people are going to be thinking you've been killing people - including civilians - in the lead up to the invasion.
That will have them fearing for themselves, but more than that it would have them afraid for their families. That's how you get insurrection and skulduggery.

I can give you advice on how to keep the peace, but if you want that to happen it'll still take effort.
Now, do you want to know what kind of hole you put your foot in, or would you rather be surprised when the wasps and honey badgers start to bite?"

She didn't mention the disappearances in Rezan, and you showed no understanding of their language.
Mentioning that you've got an ongoing problem with disappearances is going to put her on edge, and doubly so considering that is what she wants to focus on.

[What is Protocol 27-88?]
No. 907010 ID: 7efe6b

I don't think that giving her the orb is a good idea. It's too early to be sharing something that important with her.
I also think that she would need a damn good reason to turn on their own. So trying to convince her with only words is just pissing in the wind.
She was ordered to get close to us, but her willingness to do favors for us still depends on her underlying affection. So I'd be a bit more careful in regard to how many annoying questions and demands we prod her with.

I think we learned enough for now and we should simply see where she takes us.
No. 907851 ID: ca1cab
File 154017683419.png - (184.43KB , 959x773 , 102.png )

>[What is Protocol 27-88?]
"I am afraid zat iz classified."

Are you doing something weird to her head? Could you...not do it too much? I think she may be one of the only reasons I'm not in a cell, and I'd like her brain to stay unbroken

:sergei:"First, allow me to clarify: Rezan is both a nationality and a race. You have racially Rezan ancestors. Unless I'm mistaken, that also confers a right to Rezan citizenship by blood.

I am telling you this because that fact could make this all a lot easier or a lot harder depending on how public you, personally, are in this whole debacle, and what you decide to do."

"Pardon, but I am still learning Rezanti, I only understood 'alf of what you said."

:sergei:"Oh...okay. Well I mean that because you are part Rezan, that makes you a Rezan citizen. Even if you don't think so, everyone else will think you are. What you think are 'Rezan politics' will drag you into it because you are one of us, even if you say you aren't."

"Well if you say it like zat..."

:sergei:"Do you know how many people were witnesses to the attack? I don't.

Do you know what the public will do if there's a rumor of Hegemony assassins? Panic, fear, and possible riots. Couple that with the disappearances that have been going on lately, and the people are going to be thinking you've been killing people - including civilians - in the lead up to the invasion.

That will have them fearing for themselves, but more than that it would have them afraid for their families. That's how you get insurrection and...criminals. "

I don't know what a skooldahgri is.

"Alright, I understand. What do you want?"
No. 907915 ID: e3e99e

"You're going to have to take control of the situation. Post guards, enforce laws, and make it clear that if you want someone dead you'd do it in plain sight - although I would strongly caution against killing anyone to make the point, as that would make them a martyr for people to hero-worship.
My role should be liaison between you and the people - I listen to the people's complaints and concerns, handle what I can, and pass anything that needs your attention off to you.
If you can clean up some of the corruption, or solve some of the problems that are afflicting the common person then they may even start to respect you more than the Rezan empire, if you feel like using this as a chance to embarrass the Rezan empire. My loyalty is to my people first; if you do right by them then I don't care what flag is flying.

Personally, I'd like to be kept as far away from you and your plans as possible. I don't want to know any secrets, I don't want to learn anything of value, and I don't want to have any role in anything your command structure is plotting. Nothing good can come of that, so if it's all the same to you I'd like to keep to just being the civil servant and figurehead I've been since I was forced into this job."
No. 908053 ID: 7efe6b

I wouldn't speak about loyalty and our people all that much. It's not like they've done us a lot of favors during our time and we've pretty much had to fend for ourselves. Even our job as a governor was basically done by someone else so I'm skeptical about our ability to suddenly correctly acting as one.

Ask her what she herself personally wants.
No. 908641 ID: ca1cab
File 154077238954.png - (213.88KB , 1400x1050 , 103.png )

:sergei:Personally, I'd like to be kept as far away from you and your plans as possible. I don't want to know any secrets, I don't want to learn anything of value, and I don't want to have any role in anything your command structure is plotting. Nothing good can come of that, so if it's all the same to you I'd like to keep to just being the civil servant and figurehead I've been since I was forced into this job."

"Ze first request is impossible. I am assigned to you, and I must stay by your side Mousoi Sergei, until zis occupation iz complete. Ze second, I am already doing. Zis cannot be what you want. You were so adamant before. Why waste so much time trying to sway me into doing what iz already my job?"

:sergei:"Uh...I-well what do you personally want?"

"My wants are ze wants of my people. Do ze mission, get 'ome alive and well. Zat is somezing everyone would want guun?"

:sergei:"Guun-I mean yes I-"

"You seem to 'ave lost whatever you were zinking of. Let me 'elp. It is true. I do not want panic or riots. It will mean more fighting, more dying. So, 'ere is what will 'appen:

You tell us ze laws, we enforce. You tell us what is missing, we will try to accommodate. If a riot or unrest 'appens, we will let you try to fix ze problem before we apply force to ze problem. I will accomodate your needs and take you where you want to go or need to go. In return, if I need you to do somezing, you do it. Do not ask why you must do it. Do it. Fair trade guun?"

:sergei:"What you want, or what the Hegemony wants."

"Does it matter?"

:sergei:"I ah...."

"Feel free to zink on it. Now, I believe you said you wanted to be somewhere..."

I get the feeling she just turned this around on me.

No. 908642 ID: ca1cab
File 154077242969.png - (226.38KB , 1400x1050 , 104.png )

:sergei:"Oh gods. Oh gods. We've stopped. Thank every god above and below."

"Are you alright back zere?"

:sergei:"Yes but whatever was in my stomach is now three miles behind us."

"I hear zat an awful lot. You said you wanted to find somezing in ze ruins. Anyzing specific? Somezing I can 'elp with?"
No. 908653 ID: 094652

"If it looks culty, I want to be the first to know."
No. 908691 ID: c1212a

>I get the feeling she just turned this around on me.
That's because you're a chump, and that's exactly what just happened. Is she really so hot that she's got you stammering over every word? Viv is going to be mad jealous, and she might do a hell of a lot worse than fiddle with your new best friends' brain you know.

Thank her for the ride; if she wants to search herself, she will. You've already shown your negotiating position is poor, don't get further in her debt by asking more from her.
No. 909191 ID: 7efe6b

>take you where you want to go
"What if I wanted to go on a date with you?"

She seems like a fun driver. Or at least reliable if we need to escape quickly... I'd make a rollercoaster analogy but I'm not sure if theme parks exist.

Tell her that you're looking for people and high tech equipment.
No. 909621 ID: ca1cab
File 154137785775.png - (218.46KB , 1400x1050 , 105.png )

:sergei:"Well I'm looking for a number of things. If it looks culty, or a complicated piece of machinery. Or..."

Actually I was hoping more clues to where I could find Viv. Or even Alicia. Fuck I'm missing Alicia.

Also no, I'm not tongue tied around her! I just don't like all this negotiating stuff! I'm used to writing reports where I know everything and I'm just explaining stuff! It's not like I find her adorable or how she would look perfect holding that gun in the centerfold of Bawdyboy's Swimsuit issue!

No. 909622 ID: ca1cab
File 154137787234.png - (824.47KB , 1400x1050 , 106.png )

But I am now...thanks a lot. I'm blaming you for this.

"Or what? What else are you looking for? What is zis 'culty' zing you say? Why are you looking at me like zat?"
No. 909646 ID: c1212a

You're hopeless Sergei Brown, completely hopeless.

When we find Vivian, we're telling her threatening you with knives will get you infatuated with her.

>Why are you looking at me like zat?
Don't blame it on us, you're the one bringing up centerfolds, you wolf you. You'd be more believable if you had trouble talking to that ginger general as well.
Tell Nunette you can't believe you just let her drive you to an isolated location in that armed technical she's now fondling after she already threatened to slice your throat.
>Actually I was hoping more clues to where I could find Viv. Or even Alicia. Fuck I'm missing Alicia.
Is that information on a need to know basis with her? Don't drop a name that might be on "her peoples" most wanted list, then she'll never let you find her. Now get to searching, loverboy.
No. 909647 ID: 094652

That's sexy, but we've seen sexier. Like, seriously, you'd throw up in disgust of the sheer mind-blowing sexiness of what we watch. Won't stop us from staring at your imagination though!

She probably realizes you're undressing her with your mind. Just act like you care, and keep asking about the soldiers missing on both sides.
No. 909786 ID: 7efe6b

Culty as in, it's got strange symbols on it. So we're looking for stuff with symbols and for any swimsuits. Survivors in swimsuits. Surviving witnesses.

Imagine yourself in place of that gun~
No. 910335 ID: ca1cab
File 154198135351.png - (175.05KB , 1024x768 , 107.png )

Oh godsDAMMIT! That's not the reason why I- look haven't you ever had to go piss like real bad when you wake up with a stiffy?! I wasn't aroused out of being terrified! I was close to pissing myself, not getting off! And don't tell me what depraved stuff you've seen, I don't need any tents in my trousers!

:Sergei:"You know, I'm surprised. I can't believe you just drive me to an isolated location in that armed technical."

"Oh I know it is dangerous. It iz why I am taking ze gun."

:Sergei:"...isn't that a heavy class machine gun?"


:Sergei:"And you're just carrying it around like a rifle?"

"Iz zat a problem?"


Okay THAT is attractive.

:Sergei:"Anyway, this is the place where a lot of crazy stuff went down. Just look for anything that has creepy symbols or writing on it."

"What about zat sign we passed? Iz zat culty?"

:Sergei:"...no that was just telling us the elevation."

"I am sorry. But your rezanti writing looks-'ow you say- creepy enough to me?"

Okay that was a dry hole, and I don't need you putting naughty thoughts in my head thank you!

:Sergei:"Well anyway, we're looking for stuff with symbols and for any swimsuits. Survivorsinswimsuits! Surviving witnesses!"

Stop that!

"Your rezanti. It was too fast for me. What did you say?"

:Sergei:"Look! For surviving witnesses! Or...or symbols that look creepier than Rezanti script."

"I don't zink anyzing is like zat..."
No. 910341 ID: 094652

>And you're just carrying it around like a rifle?
We've seen this before with Daoine, they can grab a slab of pig iron and the laws of gravity just die. It's lighter in their hands but the weight stays the same, while durability is preserved as the weapon chops through solid dragon flesh.

>"I am sorry. But your rezanti writing looks-'ow you say- creepy enough to me?"
It's made from obsessively copying a dead language with shaky precision and minimal understanding of the context, to preserve the function when applied to buried mechs. So yes.

No. 910393 ID: c1212a

>Okay THAT is attractive.
...I'd agree with you, but it also gives me the impression she has more in common with the thing that calls you 'brother' than she let on; she did shut down that line of inquiry really quickly, it makes me think she knows more about Rezan-looking super-soldiers she's telling.

Time to return to the scene of the crime.
No. 910891 ID: 7efe6b

Anything that doesn't look like rezanti writing then.

Let's begin searching. Try not to venture too far away from her.
No. 911116 ID: ca1cab
File 154258121209.png - (390.75KB , 1024x720 , 108.png )

Oh please don't even imply that. I'm going to rely on her, last thing I want to hink about is her growing claws and tentacles and trying to gut me Why is it suddenly so smoggy? I mean I get that the burning could be a reason for some of this, but it is suddenly really really smoggy.

:sergei:"Anything that doesn't look like rezanti writing then."

"Oh, zen iz zis not Rezanti?"

:sergei:"What isn't?"
No. 911117 ID: ca1cab
File 154258123954.png - (428.00KB , 1024x720 , 109.png )

:sergei:"Ooooooh. Yeah that is not Rezanti..."
No. 911142 ID: c1212a

>last thing I want to think about is her growing claws and tentacles and trying to gut me
I could poke fun at what you'd undoubtedly rather think about her doing, but I'll instead point out she didn't need claws and tentacles to try and cut you before. You probably ought not rely on her, Serg.

[analyze runes]
Is that a shadow or swirling supernatural darkness? What's it drawn on?
No. 911143 ID: 094652

Looks like a dial. Try spinning both rings.
No. 911423 ID: 7efe6b

Tell her to check if she can find out where the smoke is coming from while you play with this thing.

Spin the middle circle to the right by 90 degrees.
No. 911567 ID: e3e99e

"Yeah, this was cultists. Their runic magic system is quite distinct.
I don't recognize most of this specifically, but the primary sigil of each circle is the Ashton Elder Sign. Recursed inside another with the yellow sign flanking it, with one inverted no less.
Looks like it's warding against Hastur and Ithaqua, or perhaps invoking them?
The gutteral stop at the top means it reads counterclockwise from the top-left. The mark at the bottom is a joining, and I think the mark means it's conducting energy from the outer circle to the inner circle.
I believe the right side is a name. I have an idea on who, but I'm not familiar enough with it to read it.

As far as the inner circle, these don't seem to be functional sigils. They seem to be descriptive - nouns or verbs, or both.

The mark itself was done by a practiced hand - no splatters or stray marks, no signs of correction. They free-handed it perfectly the first time.

We'll need to call in an expert to confirm, but this could be a major break in the case.

Could you have somebody contact the governor's mansion and have them send up one of our occult specialists to look this over, record it, and properly destroy this? Quickly, please."
No. 911782 ID: ca1cab
File 154319155595.png - (505.39KB , 1024x720 , 110.png )

"And now zat we 'ave found it, what now?"

:sergei:"Now we-uh..."

Okay yeah, it's not a dial. It's a circle. And touching it made it glow

"What did you do?"

:sergei:"I didn't do anything, I just poked it!"

"Zen you did do somezing!"
No. 911783 ID: ca1cab
File 154319187720.png - (499.60KB , 1024x720 , 111.png )

:sergei:"That's not the point! Just-I don't know- shoot it, blow it up I don't care! Destroy this thing before"

"A lovely parting gift isn't it?"

:sergei:"Oh gods not again..."

"Sanze Videccio! What in the hell!?"
No. 911800 ID: e3e99e

This is why I didn't say to touch it.

Ok, emergency response time.
Do you see the tree branch in the outer circle?
Scratch that out. You just need to break the lines and it'll foul the magic.

"I did mention that we have a problem with cults, right? I'll answer questions if you survive."

Meanwhile, we can attempt to [Consume the spell's power]
No. 911803 ID: c1212a

touch it again touch it again
No. 911804 ID: 094652

Okay, the first thing that comes to mind is breaking the runes, but I think Vidian planned for that. Stab her in the head, then have Nunette barrage the &!+(#!
No. 911816 ID: 7efe6b

Ask her if she remembers what happened the last time and tell her that the same thing's going to happen if she tries anything funny. You aren't going anywhere. Ask her what she wants.
No. 911838 ID: ae8ec4

No. 911848 ID: e3e99e

Clarification: This elder sign is used to make something unnoticed or ignored. If that is broken it will draw attention, and since this isn't nearly enough to allow an Old One into this world their attention would be drawn to the other parts of the link.
This may result in minor warping of reality and a small number of lesser horrors from beyond the stars leaking into your world, but those would be far easier to handle than your brother. Meanwhile, your brother would have to contend with a pair of Great Old Ones who would be rather annoyed at his disturbance. It's a risk of routing your summoning through the outside.
It's a risk, yes, but a calculated one.

If we can drain the spell of power then it will just snap shut. He'd be cleaved in twain, so that's a bonus.

Oh, also, reality warping and lesser horrors could drive your handler mad with their presence. You'll be fine; you've got Eldritch heritage so it wouldn't affect you, and you've seen far worse without any trouble.
No. 912826 ID: ca1cab
File 154381880601.png - (205.17KB , 1280x1024 , 112.png )

Right head bashing I-

:sergei:"Where's my club? My club was in my pocket! Where's my club?!"

"All weapons were removed when you were found!"

:sergei:"Why did you do that?!"

"You were a potential enemy!"

:sergei:"Alright fuck it then! Shoot it! Shoot the circle! Just shoot everything in that direction!"

"Yes! Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it! But what will happen?"

No. 912827 ID: ca1cab
File 154381895157.png - (309.63KB , 1280x1024 , 113.png )

"Oh Sergei, you little tease! A third woman? And she is such a delicious little thing isn't she? Where were you hiding all this time? Had I known you were on the ship, I would have had so much fun with you~"

:Sergei:"Let her go!"

"Or what, you'll yell me to death little shit? Don't worry, you damaged this body too much brother, I can't bring you back to father in this."

No. 912828 ID: ca1cab
File 154381911709.png - (347.39KB , 1280x1024 , 114.png )

"Don't worry though brother. I will be back. And I'll bring your women along as well~"


:sergei:"Oh...so I guess we now know what happened to those missing soldiers..."

"Alright...alright. So let us say I believe you zat zere is more to zis situation zan ze occupation. What was zat, and how do we kill it?"

"Holy help me, I think this was private Danielsi"

No. 912832 ID: 094652

"That was one of my father's spawn. He's a cult creep who selects women to breed for their genetic markers, gets into long term relationships (possibly in parallel), and then steals the babies so he can perform sick experiments and indoctrination on them in service to his eldritch god. My mother managed to catch on and saved me from his influence.

Vidian, not so much. She's been plaguing me ever since you arrived. She even streamed me a video of you rallying your army at the beaches, I guess she didn't care to remember your face. And because of her my fiancee might be dead. So yeah, let's deprogram her if we can, and utterly incinerate her real body if we can't.

Also, if the cult gets their hands on me, they'll rip me open. Apparently my genetic code is what they need for their master plan, though they think I'm a sack of wasted potential."
No. 912833 ID: c1212a

See, you heard him, he said he was on the ship! "private Danielsi" is one of yours!

We need to find my old bodyguards, it looks like they're as in much danger as... well, I guess now either of us.
No. 912848 ID: e3e99e

She looks semi-transparent. Is she slipping the bonds of reality?
Better grab her to make sure she doesn't get pulled into the realm beyond without you.

"Well, I guess that explains where all the bodies have been going, but it's gonna be a pain to come up with a way to explain this to the public without breaking classification or causing a panic. I really don't want to have both sides of this mundane war having to bomb this island back into the ocean just to maintain the facade of containment.

Ok, so, short version?
Cultists are attempting to breed eldritch beings so they can give elder gods a way into mundus.
That's my brother. He's got a lot more control over our powers than I do, but he's both stupid and insane.
I've killed him three times, but this is the first time the remains were intact enough to figure out how he was coming back.

OFFICIALLY, I'm the governor. In reality, I'm just a puppet head of government and other people handle all the decisions. They even have somebody who impersonates me when politicking is required.

In reality? I have that title so in an emergency people will do what I tell to do without question, because my job is to deal with these sorts of problems.
If it seems like I don't know much of anything about politics, or who's at war with who, or things of that nature, it's because that's not my job.
Incidentally, that's also why I wanted as much isolation as possible and for you to just let me do my job. I really don't care whose in charge as long as they let me do my job, because my job is preventing the end of the world. I hope you see the value in my work.

Also, I would have told you, but you wouldn't have believed me.
Anyway, since you're now aware of the problem feel free to read our written records on it."
No. 912854 ID: 6bcec2

Well might as well let her know that things like this happen from time to time so if they’re planning on sticking around they should get use to it. Also no one will believe you if you say anything about unless they see it themselves and even then they might denial
No. 912887 ID: 7efe6b

Tell her it was someone you had killed before so... it's something you're wondering yourself.

Check out the circle if it's still operational.
No. 912985 ID: d53815

Wait. So is our doppelganger a guy or a girl? I can't tell.
No. 912986 ID: e3e99e

That is literally the least important thing to be concerned about.
However, to answer your question, I believe it is outside our concept of sex, and simply takes on the characteristics of the corpse it infests.
No. 913578 ID: 314c51
File 154441883227.png - (431.41KB , 1280x1024 , 115.png )

She's not disappearing the fog's coming back. Or smog. I don't care. Barely awake for two hours and already I'm exhausted.

:sergei:"Okay so the long and short of it? That's my brother. Or maybe my sister. I can't tell. It was one of my father's spawn. He's a cult creep who selects women to breed for their genetic markers, gets into long term relationships, and then steals the babies so he can perform sick experiments and indoctrination on them for his god. I don't have solid proof of this, but clues are pointing in that direction. My mother managed to catch on and saved me from this.

But Vidian here? She-"

"Zat's her name?"

:sergei:No, but they call her-nevermind. She's been plaguing me ever since you arrived. And because of her my fiancee might be dead."

"Oh...oh dear I'm sorry. You were to be wed?"

:sergei:"Um...sort of yes. I-ah. I don't exactly have it ironed out how the family will be though..."

"Ah yes, you Rezans and your many spousal family units. 'Ow do you get zose ordered?"

:sergei:"It isn't that hard once you know how-off topic! I want to try and deprogram her if we can, and utterly incinerate her real body if we can't.

Incidentally, all this is also why I wanted as much isolation as possible and for you to just let me do my job. I really don't care whose in charge as long as they let me do my job, because my job is preventing the end of the world. I hope you see the value in my work.

Also, if the cult gets their hands on me, they'll rip me open for my parts, because apparently they need it for their master plan."

"Zat sounds...what iz word-far-fetched. Yet here is Danielsi. I might believe some of your story, but ze whole world? Zat is still 'ard to swallow."

:sergei:"Well it's a start."

The circle seems inert. It's not glowing anymore, and I don't feel any heat off it. So whatever was in that is gone now.

"All zis only answers one of my questions. What do we do now?"
No. 913579 ID: 094652

We have the ritual circle stored in our logs. We can show you later so you can transcribe this stuff.

For now, get Private Danielsi in a coffin and ready for autopsy and burial. Then we look for signs of further tampering in this area - there might be a hack to hijack this portal rune but I doubt the cult would spend the resources just for your sister to troll in and say hello. This implies that she or one of the other cult agents drew / altered the rune, and did other things nearby. Find those other things.
No. 913594 ID: e3e99e

Search the site for any other anomalies.
Then make arrangements for the Private's funeral.
No. 913781 ID: b70ae2

Keep searching the area. Still need to find out what's up with the smog.
No. 914253 ID: ca1cab
File 154500511969.png - (203.08KB , 1280x1024 , 116.png )

The smog's just from the city. There's still fires burning down there. No more circles, none that we could find on our own. Nunette says we can't spend anymore time here without her command getting suspicious. She promises to help me out but...I don't know. The more I know, the less I know about what's going on, and the less control I have over my life.
No. 914254 ID: ca1cab
File 154500514312.png - (141.39KB , 1280x1024 , end.png )

I hope mom's alright.
No. 914255 ID: ca1cab
File 154500538589.png - (211.35KB , 697x873 , propagantastic.png )

Achievement: There Goes the Neighborhood

Bonus: Imperial Propaganda. Translation: This is your Leader. Protect his smile! Enlist today!

Going to do a shorter quest where I'm going to experiment with my character designs. Most prominently giving everyone a nose! Whether it's canon or not I leave to you

No. 914275 ID: ca1cab

And ready...
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